So let me just start by saying that as a ‘journalist’, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace makes a much better standup comic.  And anyone who may have happened to tune in to CBS’s “Late Show” this past Tuesday night was in for a real treat when one of the many resident Trump haters from ‘Fox News’ joined, ‘Little Stevie’ Colbert.  And it was as expected that ‘Commie Chris’ wasted precious little time in making clear why exactly it was that he had been invited onto the program as he can never resist taking jabs at the president whenever provided with any sort of an opportunity.   And he delivered!

Stevie got things started saying, “Speaking of the president and his ability or his inability to unite us, there was some talk– and this is sort of– this is reporting sort of from anonymous sources in the White House, that the president and his team had considered giving a speech last week of unity and addressing the racial divide and the use of force by police against black communities in the United States but decided against it because A) it stylistically doesn’t meet the president,’ and also they don’t have concrete proposals to go with it. Now there’s talk of that again.”

Stevie went on to say, “Is it too late, in your opinion, for him to do that? He’s already sort of put his marker down that these people are violent. These people are not real protesters. These people are terrorists.”  To which ‘Commie Chris’ responded by saying, “I certainly think that there were plenty of opportunities over the last two weeks where the president, who has come down, you know, very hard on law and order, and even earlier this week, met with law enforcement officials, you know, he hasn’t had civil rights leaders in, he hasn’t had the family of George Floyd in.”

‘Commie Chris’  said, “He would have had a lot of opportunities to make two points, both of which are valid, which is that there are some serious concerns here about policing in African American, minority communities and some of the misconduct that happens there, some of the unequal treatment. You know, you just have to look at Minneapolis, where police are seven times more likely to use force against young black men than they are against young white men. I mean, there are some stats that just indicate it. And he could have done that while espousing law and order.”

And ‘Commie Chris’ added, “And he seems— I think this is his instinct that he wanted to accentuate one and not really say very much, a little but not very much about the other.”  I would argue that it was ‘Commie Chris’ himself who, as a registered Democrat, a ‘fake news’ hack and a moron to boot, missed yet another chance to demonstrate a little honesty.  But anyone who happens to be the least bit familiar with old ‘Commie Chris’ is likely very well aware that ‘honesty’ isn’t exactly the man’s strong suit, especially when it comes to anything related to President Trump.

As just a reminder to ‘Commie Chris,’ Mr. Floyd was, in fact, killed by Democrats. And it’s at the risk of repeating myself that I will again point out how it is that Minneapolis has a Democrat Mayor as well as a Democrat Police Chief, who’s black, who allowed this officer to keep his job despite having a checkered past.  And Minnesota also has a Democrat Governor and a Democrat Attorney General who allowed Minneapolis to keep this officer with known discipline problems on the force.  Democrats represent the single greatest threat to black Americans lives, property, children and freedom.

Obviously it’s neither of these boobs, ‘Commie Chris’ nor ‘Little Stevie’, who are aware that President Trump has been busy engaging with ‘real’ leaders of the black American community, which he started doing from the first week of his administration.  The ‘fake news’ media, of course never seems to notice and most certainly never bothers to report on any of the many meetings being far more preoccupied with their never-ending mantra of how “Trump is a racist” in their ongoing effort to cast the president as being a nothing more than a leader of the KKK.

On the subject of Mr. Floyd, no right person believes he deserved to die in the manner in which he did.  But to add a little perspective here, it was Mr. Floyd’s family who brought in Farrakhan’s ‘Nation of Islam’ in to ‘guard’ the funeral, as if that was truly needed; brought in race pimp Al Sharpton to give the rant/eulogy; brought in ‘Creepy Joe’ for I’m not sure why; and hired the same lawyer that represented the families of the thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.  What was the objective, to memorialize or to exploit and why make it such a production if the intent was not to incite?

President Trump did speak with the Floyd family and has condemned the death since day one.  And with what black ‘leaders’ is President Trump expected to meet?  Sharpton? Racist ‘leaders’ of Black Lives Matter?’  The racist Mayor of Chicago who seems to have no problem allowing literally hundreds of blacks to die in her city every year at the hands of other blacks?  The racist Mayor of D.C. who would rather have the city burn rather than have law enforcement stop the looting and burning?  Hey Chris, exactly who are the bona fide “leaders” that the president should meet with?

Frankly I’m way beyond merely being tired of ‘Commie Chris’.  He is as hostile to the President as is any of those who appear regularly on either CNN or MSDNC.  When all he does is to criticize only one side he doesn’t really comes across as being objective, and it apparently doesn’t seem to really bother him.  He’s little more than another of the useful idiots that we seem to see so many of on ‘Fox News’ these days.  You know the ones, those with names like Williams, Cavuto, Napolitano, Rivera, Henry, Roberts, MacCallum to name only a few.  The ‘Fair & Balanced’ network, has become less so.

‘Commie Chris’ is as much a phony as is ‘Little Stevie’.  Colbert was, once upon a time, a fairly good political comedian who made fun of those in both parties equally. Then, for whatever reason, he became a partisan shill for the Democrat Party and essentially ceased being funny much in the same manner that ‘Commie Chris’ long ago ceased being a credible journalist.  These days all that Stevie does is to pump out propaganda for the Democrats which is pretty much what ‘Commie Chris’ does from his weekly gig at ‘Fox News.’  And I see no reason to watch either one of them.


Bubba Wallace

Speaking as someone who spent a great deal of time, in my younger days, sitting in front the television watching intently as Richard Petty (43) and David Pearson (21) duked it out on one of the many super speedways across America, I can’t help but wonder how the Hell have things have ‘progressed’ to the point they now have.  Gone are the true legends of NASCAR with them now having been replaced with what are, I’m sad to say, those who are really nothing more than a bunch of legend wannabe pussies.  I stopped watching a long time ago, even before Dale Earnhardt died.

Which brings to someone by the name of Bubba Wallace, one of the sports newer drivers, I guess.  Bubba?  Seriously?  So anyway, it was ‘Bubba’ who was recently heard complaining about he hopes NASCAR will “get rid of all confederate flags” at any races in the future and he used as his idiotic rationale for doing so, the death of George Floyd.  Now I’m not really sure what one has to do with other but apparently ‘Bubba’ does.  It was during an interview with Don La’Moan’ on CNN that ‘Bubba’ said, “My next step would be to get rid of all Confederate flags.”

‘Bubba’ then went on to add, “There should be no individual that is uncomfortable showing up to our events to have a good time with their family that feels some type of way about something they have seen, an object they have seen flying.”  Let’s face it, it’s few who show up at a NASCAR race who would be offended by seeing the Stars and Bars flying.  This is really all much ado about nothing, as is usually the case with such idiocy.  Why is that we must always be in search of something that somehow offends us. Obviously, this boob ‘Bubba’ has way too much time on his hands.

And it was at one point that ‘Bubba’ acknowledged in the past he has only been focused on the racing and explained why he plans to “encourage” NASCAR to have conversations about the flags.”  This boob really does need to get a life.  What those in charge of the sport need to be ‘encouraged ‘to do is to stand up to morons like ‘Bubba!’  It’s a flag, nothing more, nothing less and yet we have now become so sensitive that we dare not be made to look upon such things out fear of being forever impacted in some long-lasting and very traumatic way.  IT’S A FLAG, you dummy!

But ‘Bubba’ said, “Diving more into it and educating myself, people feel uncomfortable with that.”  He said, “People talk about that, that’s the first thing they bring up. So there are going to be a lot of angry people that carry those flags proudly, but it’s time for change. We have to change that, and I encourage NASCAR to have those conversations.”  By all means, “we have to change that!”  NO we don’t!  History, is history.  It’s not to erase or to rewrite but to learn from to keep certain aspects of it from ever being repeated.  People need to know from where they came.

‘Bubba’ wore a black T-shirt during last Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Folds of Honor Quicktrip 500 that read, “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe” following the death of George Floyd.  Frankly, I’m at loss why this kind of crap has to be allowed to worm its way into every aspect of our lives.  And if I had not given up on NASCAR years ago, it’s exactly this kind of bullshit that would have caused me to do so now.  Might ‘Bubba’ be looking for a way to gain some time in the spotlight because he sucks as a driver? Perhaps he fancies himself the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR.



Apparently these days even being a slightly above average ‘female’ soccer player now qualifies one to run for President.  Who knew?  You see, it was recently that soccer player Megan Rapinoe announced that she just might run for president one day, after, of course, taking a swipe at President Trump, calling him a “white nationalist.”  Which is a term that I very much doubt she even knows the actual meaning of.  After all, just how much brainpower is required to kick a ball around a large grassy field?

Anyway, it was during an interview with VICE TV’s Anand Giridharadas, which apparently aired on Wednesday, during which everyone’s favorite lesbian soccer player said, “Now, obviously, we have a white nationalist, I think, in the White House and the spewing of hate and the “othering” of the rest of the country has only led to more rift between people and more despair and more anxiety and more fear going forward. There’s been nothing to ease Donald Trump’s base, really.”

And it was from there that Rapinoe then went on to say, “There’s been nothing, it’s not like he’s given them a bunch of jobs. It’s not like he’s made life really better for them, he’s just given them this false reason why maybe they’re not happy with their lives. There’s been no sort of path forward.”  And she added, “I think we know that immigration does not cause loss of jobs. Immigration is actually good for the economy. We know that women in the workforce is good for the economy.”

And she said, “We know that equality is good for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for the economy. We know that mass incarceration is bad for society and ends up costing us more money in the long run, the war on drugs, whatever it may be. I think that that has proven to be really detrimental.” The host then asked the soccer star if she had ever thought of running for office herself and she admitted she’s “not totally shutting the door but it seems wild.”

As for what political office she might want to pursue when her soccer career is over, Rapinoe replied, “President, of course. If I’m going to do it, I want the biggest, baddest post.”  I’m sorry, while she’s qualified to kick a ball around, if her idiotic comments demonstrate anything, it all pretty much ends right there.  Perhaps it would be better for Rapinoe if she were to stick to playing soccer since it’s every time she opens her mouth that her monumental stupidity ends up shining through.

Actually though, on second thought, she’d likely be a great candidate for President, on the Democrat ticket.  She would no doubt be considered as the ideal candidate.  She does possess so many of those unique ‘qualities’ that tend to be admired by those on the left and that would seem to make her just the candidate they claim to be looking looking for.  So I’m sure they would just love to have her!  I mean the Democrats have set the bar pretty low when looking for presidential candidates.

Personally though I don’t know how it is that this ‘woman’ ever expects to be taken seriously, at least when off the soccer field, when she is constantly photographed with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.  It might be better if she started saving her money and aspire to something she could actually do once she chooses to retire from her chosen profession.  She’s another of those on the left who, and rather obviously so, has a rather inflated sense of who she thinks she is.  In fact, she’s a nobody.

Rapinoe seems desperately unhappy. She’s constantly complaining about something or someone. I guess I would be too if all I contributed to the world is kicking a ball. How useless is that?  She’s another court jester just there to entertain, and the last thing you do is interview the organ grinder’s monkey. Perhaps she should try being with a man for a change because with that kind of anger, something needs to change. Sad individual. And why is she being interviewed by someone who’s a cartoon character.

I have a very hard time trying understand how rich politicians and celebrities feel justified in telling us that our lives haven’t gotten better during the last three years. And at the very same time the majority of them act as if they’re better than us when in reality they have no clue what it’s like to be poor or middle-class and don’t seem to understand that we know when things are better for us, or not.  But liberals should have the right to vote for those who represent them and their so-called ‘values.’

She seems unable to comprehend the basic arithmetic of why women’s soccer, which nobody really watches, doesn’t pay as much as men’s soccer, yet believes she’s somehow smarter than the billionaire businessman who happens to be our President. She’s just another Dunning-Kruger effect poster child leftist. They’ve been told for so long now that just being a communist makes them morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us that these fools are now actually starting to believe it.

Finally, I’m thinking that she might need to get out more as she apparently lives in a world where she must matter to some people.  But out here in the real world, she’s just another loudmouth liberal with a huge chip on her shoulder.  This is the same gal who demanded a set contract instead of per game play.  When they would have made more per game she sued to void the contract she demanded, and lost!  While certainly not qualified to be President of the United States, she is to be President of the ‘Amalgamated Association of Morons.’



You know things have gotten pretty crazy when the guy who was likely the most corrupt individual to ever serve as Attorney General (AG), Eric ‘The Racist’ Holder, has the balls to accuse our current AG, William Barr, of being someone who is simply not up to the task.  You see it was Holder, for whatever reason, who recently saw fit to take to the Washington Post Op-ed page to deliver what was a rather idiotic and hate-filled rant directed squarely at Mr. Barr, going so far as to call him “unfit to lead,” which I found to be rather comical coming from a waste of skin like Holder.

Holder, as many of you may recall, served as ex-president Barry ‘O’s AG from 2009 to 2015.  Remember, he’s the guy who once described himself as Barry’s “wingman.” Holder attacked Mr. Barr in the aforementioned op-ed released on Wednesday of this week, for what he referred to as being “partisan” statements and actions, which was also a rather odd thing to be hear coming from someone who is as purely a partisan as they come.  I can only assume that Holder must think that people don’t remember all of his blatantly racist antics during his entire six year tenure as Barry’s AG.

And so from the Washington Post Op-ed page Holder launched his blatantly incendiary attack our current Attorney General, William Barr.  And I must admit that I had to chuckle when I heard how it was that Holder had started out his pathetic little rant in what has now become typical fashion for so many of the loons on the left, like Holder, in how he was actually “reluctant to publicly criticize” those who come after him.  Reluctant to criticize?  Is he serious?  Who does this idiot think he’s kidding?  Since when is that ever the case that any of these clowns are not wanting to criticize?

Anyway, this racist dolt went on to write, “But recently, Attorney General William P. Barr has made a series of public statements and taken actions that are so plainly ideological, so nakedly partisan and so deeply inappropriate for America’s chief law enforcement official that they demand a response from someone who held the same office.”  Is that not the most ridiculous statement you’ve EVER heard come out of this guy’s mouth?  And you know that he had to be laughing hysterically the entire time he was writing this drivel because he knew it was all nothing more than pure bullshit!

And I’m assuming that it simply wasn’t enough to accuse Mr. Barr of being “nakedly partisan” and “unfit to be attorney general,” because Holder went on to write, “I respect the office and understand just how tough the job can be. But recently, Attorney General William P. Barr has made a series of public statements and taken actions that are so plainly ideological, that they demand a response from someone who held the same office.”  He respects the office?  And statements made by Mr. Barr demand a response by someone the caliber of Holder?  You can’t make this shit up!

Holder lashed out at Mr. Barr’s recent Federalist Society speech in which he railed against rising anti-police sentiment among “the left,” claiming it was “antithetical to the most basic tenets for equality and justice.”  Holder said, “It undermines the need for understanding between law enforcement and certain communities and flies in the face of everything the Justice Department stands for.”  And Holder went on to add, “I and many other Justice veterans were hopeful that he would serve as a responsible steward of the department and a protector of the rule of law.” Right, the rule of law.

Holder concluded his rant by saying, “Virtually since the moment he took office, though, Barr’s words and actions have been fundamentally inconsistent with his duty to the Constitution. Which is why I now fear that his conduct — running political interference for an increasingly lawless president — will wreak lasting damage.”  He accuses Mr. Barr of “running political interference for an increasingly lawless president.”  But in truth, it was Holder himself who ran political interference for a president who was the absolute personification of the worst kind of lawlessness.

I must say, though, that a smear by Holder is likely the BEST endorsement Mr. Barr could ever have received regarding just how well he’s up to the task of being Attorney General. But I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Holder decided to attack Mr. Barr because he happens to be an older white guy and not a black brother like Barry ‘O’, or if because Mr. Barr is slowly but surely making progress in uncovering many of the illegal and criminal activities that were essentially sponsored and implemented by Barry’s administration and he’s afraid that they will all be exposed and prosecuted.

Holder is without question the worst AG in history. He was held in contempt for stonewalling and openly lying.  He was the worst AG working for the worst president in history and supporting the most corrupt abuse of power in our history – spying on political opponents, spying on press and even their family members, gun running to drug cartels and lying about Benghazi after leaving our Ambassador to die with three other brave Americans, and, of course, weaponizing the IRS, FBI, CIA and NSA against political opponents. Holder is scum and anything he says is just more of his lies.

So how about you and I take a little stroll down memory lane as our way to remind ourselves just how much of a worthless fraud, as well as a traitor to his own country, his racist punk, Holder, really is:

1)  Holder was the first Attorney General in history to be held in contempt by the House of Representatives!!!!

2)  Despite his any denials, considerable evidence points to Holder knowing about and perhaps even overseeing, the notorious Fast & Furious debacle, where ATF and Federal officials allowed guns to be illegally sold to drug cartels with the hope of them being traced; eventually leading up ladders of drug crime and pinpointing kingpins. It failed miserably, and several dozen deaths have been directly linked to Fast & Furious guns. Most notably, the still unprosecuted death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed by guns traced back to the Fast & Furious program. Thousands of guns are still unaccounted for.

3)  The New Black Panther cases in 2008 and 2012. Members of the New Black Panther party were accused of intimidating white voters at various polling places in Philadelphia. Despite evidence supplied by local law enforcement, witnesses and other information, Holder refused to hold the group accountable for attempting to tamper with elections by voter intimidation.

4)  AP surveillance. The Justice Department, over which Holder was responsible, obtained several months of phone records, emails and other information from various Associated Press reporters. Critics called it a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news is gathered and reported by the free press.

5)  The Fort Hood shooting massacre. Not once during the investigation and subsequent trial of Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan did Holder or the Justice Department ever mention Hasan’s Islamist ideology. It was labeled workplace violence by Justice, despite mounds of evidence to the contrary.

6)  The targeting of Fox Reporter James Rosen. Holder’s Justice Department monitored phone lines of Fox News, trying to accuse Rosen of conspiring with North Korean sources, when in reality he was just trying to obtain information on breaking news before other networks.

7)  Holder’s Opposition to Second Amendment Rights. In 2008, Holder tried to defy the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, by saying it didn’t apply to individual citizens – but only militias.

8)  Treating Terrorists as Criminal Defendants instead of Enemy Combatants. This was why Barry ‘O’ tried to have terrorists put on trial in New York City, instead of using military tribunals – which would have given terrorists much stiffer sentences.

9)  Failure to conduct a real, criminal investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative organizations and to enforce the contempt citation issued by the House of Representatives against Lois Lerner.

10) Holder was easily the most partisan and the least fit individual ever to be Attorney General in this country’s history!!!!

Maybe it’s just my own political bias, but what I know about life is the exact opposite of whatever the left regurgitates. I’m supposed to believe that the party that panders to everyone and advocates taking my money to give to those who did not earn it, is the party that is lawful and just?  The party that advocates for open borders and free healthcare for illegals, the party that is fine with mass abortion, low expectations, and immortality, is the party that has my values?  The Democrats do not have America’s best interest at heart.  They are not on our side, they are on their side.

If Holder is going to this length to try and attack Mr. Barr, you can bet that Mr. Barr is on the right track.  Holder’s attack means Mr. Barr is going to expose the corrupt Democrats. He is going to expose their foreign aid kickbacks. There was $5 billion unaccounted for in foreign aid when John Kerry-Heinz was Secretary of State.  Much of that money ended up in the friends of Kerry-Heinz, Barry ‘O’, and ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s pockets. They all know Barr is on to them so they are trying very hard to shoot the messenger before, I hope, he starts passing out the indictments.

It’s funny, but the more Democrats bark out these claims the more we see how it is they who are guilty of the same, and worse.  This is mere deflection to get the American people to look at something else other than the house that’s on fire. Impeachment is nothing but smoke and mirrors and an attempt to divert attention away from what is now slowly coming to light about the many crimes committed by the former administration and the using of law enforcement and the intelligence community to first affect the outcome of an election, and to then overturn it.


Juan 1

There’s dumb, and then there’s Juan Williams dumb. And try as I might I just cannot come up with a reason why this boob, Williams, continues to be called upon as if he possesses some great intellect or political insight, when he so very obviously possesses neither.  He’s little more than your garden variety leftwing hack who continues to support the Democrat anti-America agenda.  He’s someone who can look back at our last president and, because he was black, see a man who will go down in history as being one of the all-time great presidents despite the fact that he left the country in far worse shape, economically, fiscally and militarily than he found it.

So what we have here, in Juan Williams, is a guy who quite literally never disagreed with anything that his hero Barry ‘O’ came up with in his concerted effort to “fundamentally transform” America, and yet can come up with absolutely nothing positive to say about what President Trump has done, or continues to do, that has actually improved the lives of millions of Americans.  Which in itself reveals just how much of a know-nothing-political-hack Williams truly is.  He has zero credibility regardless of the topic he happens to be discussing at any given time.  All he knows for sure is that, “Trump bad, Obama GREAT,” end of freakin’ story!

And I also think most folks are well aware of Williams’ rather long history of being little more than a devout leftist, one who has swilled more than his fair share of ‘Kool-Aid’ and another of those unable to say anything positive about President Trump.  After being fired from NPR and then being attacked by many on the left for making a very rational comment about Moslems on planes he was then, for some idiotic reason hired on at Fox as some sort of ‘political analyst.’  And all he has done since is to continue to show himself to be a mouthpiece for every loony leftwing cause that comes along and a cheerleader for every leftwing loon who supports them.

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” it was Williams, in what was little more than a rant, who said, “The other part of the political spin is that with Trump, it seemed —and I think this is why you had the thought, I certainly had it, it looks like a photo op. Remember, he had gone to visit any war zone until last year. He was criticized for it. This is his first visit to Afghanistan, our longest war, 2,000 plus Americans dead. He had no preparation. He talked about a cease-fire, but his military people said we know nothing about any cease-fire with the Taliban, and the Taliban said they know nothing about a cease-fire.”

Williams then went on to say, “He then talked about negotiations with the Taliban, and again, his own diplomats said we know nothing about any ongoing talks with the Taliban.”  And then he added, “The president canceled talks with the Taliban last September if you’ll recall after they were engaged in a violent incident.”  Williams represents what ‘Fox News’ has now become, where it seems to have become much less interested in being “Fair and Balanced” and far more interested in assisting in perpetuating a false narrative that the president actually deserves being impeached. These days there seems very little difference between ‘CNN, MSNBC and ‘Fox News.’

Williams pretty much resembles every other Democrat/Liberal who can NEVER quite manage to bring themselves to give President Trump any sort of a victory, no matter how small or trivial. NEVER! They always overlook anything and everything good and zero in like a laser on anything they feel they can exploit to score some cheap political points. But they never seem to realize that their persistent haranguing accomplishes little more than to further reduce their already questionable credibility.  After all, how it is that you can still expect to be taken seriously when you, as a supposed objective ‘journalist,’ can NEVER say anything positive about our president?

So Williams thinks President Trump’s visit to the troops was merely a photo op?  He has apparently very conveniently forgotten, or simply chooses to ignore, how it was that Barry ‘O’s entire eight year presidency was really little more than a series of photo ops.  Now despite what Williams may think about ‘he who was our first black president,’ Barry came into office being the least qualified individual to ever hold the office of President, and it showed.   And yet, Barry could have easily been so much more than what he turned out to be, because he was black.  But for whatever the reason, or reasons, he chose to follow a path determined by his leftist politics.

As I said, with Williams it’s only, “Trump Bad,’ because it’s all those on the left know.  They don’t know why, they just know it’s true.  It doesn’t matter what President Trump does, whether it’s bringing about the lowest unemployment rate for minorities EVER, going after China for unfair trade practices or even forcing NATO ‘allies’ to pay their fair share, those like Williams will always find fault with it.  Meanwhile, Democrats have done nothing in Congress as they have made impeachment their priority.  And that will be the reason we can expect to see more tears from the left on Election Day 2020.  Congratulations, morons! You’re just making it easier for him.

And you know something that everyone needs to remember is the fact that when President Trump held the ‘Young Black Conservatives’ summit Democrats, and their media allies, like Williams, were quick to call it nothing more than a photo-op.  And when the president met with Kanye West, that too was also called a photo-op.  Just as when President Trump visited the El Paso Hospital staff and survivors and just as when President Trump met with Kim Jung Un, all were called photo-ops.  What really pisses off Williams, and those like him on the left, are not these “photo ops,” but that it’s President Trump who’s the president in them.  That’s what drives them crazy.

But let’s face it, if none of these photos had ever been taken how easy would it be for those in our hate-Trump-fake-news media to spin their stories about how he has, for the last three years, spent all of his time doing little more than playing golf and tweeting.  Case in point would be the Newsweek ‘journalist,’ Jessica Kwong, who was recently fired for preemptively lying about President Trump’s priorities during Thanksgiving Day by suggesting he would be tweeting and golfing, when, in fact he was actually visiting with our troops in Afghanistan.  This would be the kind of stuff we would be seeing 24/7/365 were it not for photographic evidence to dispute it!

We’ve apparently now gotten to the point where a Republican president is no longer permitted to spend time with the troops he sends off to do battle without a bunch of morons accusing him of using those troops for something as trivial as a photo-op.  But if our interest is in wanting to be accurate, it is far more typical for any Democrat president, since we know Democrats actually despise our troops, to use such an occasion as an opportunity to prove that somehow he, or she, really supports our troops and respects the sacrifices that they make willingly.  So again we have a moron, in this case Williams, accusing President Trump of doing what Democrats do.

Democrats, like Williams, hate the president because he’s been able to make good on many of his campaign promises, in spite of being forced to contend with a very determined resistance, and the fact that they are losing their control over low income and middle class folks, because of the many promises he has kept.  And they claim that their issue with the president really has absolutely nothing to do with politics and actually has its basis in their fear of what he is doing to our Constitution.  But if that were actually the case how many of these very same people were concerned during the reign of Barry ‘O’ when the Constitution trampled on like never before?



Demonstrating just how pervasive Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has now become, it was this past Friday, on a broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” that a self-professed ‘historian,’ Douglas Brinkley, made an appearance and proceeded to predict that President Trump will lose the support of the American people once the Democrats vote to impeach him.  Now he doesn’t say on what he bases this idiotic prediction of his, but neither is he asked to provide that information.  But like most of those on the left and suffering from TDS, it’s nothing more than wishful thinking.

It was this guy, Brinkley, who said, “When you have 50% of the country wanting you, not just impeached, but removed from office and the game hasn’t even gotten fast yet. I think once the vote is taken by Congress to impeach him and he’s wearing the ‘I’ on his chest, you’re going to see that movement grow even more. It tells you he doesn’t have a lot of friends. He’s a base politician. He doesn’t know how to turn this around. I think the charges of corruption are just deep and real.”  “Deep and real?”  Based on what, Doug?  And what evidence is there that backs up this claim?

This moron continued by saying, “Donald trump’s heading right into a 2020 election and the Democrats are going to pound Trump on being a kind of fake president, somebody who’s subpar in his behavior and has been running the most corrupt administration since Warren Harding.”  He added, “The hatred of Donald Trump in the Democratic Party is even deeper than Democratic disdain for Richard Nixon during the dark days of Watergate.”  Personally I’ve never heard of this guy, and from what I’ve been able to find out I think it’s a stretch for him to refer to himself as a ‘historian.’

Brinkley is just one more leftwing loon-of-a-Democrat who’s consumed by his hatred of the president and is someone Hell bent in his effort to convince people that, yes, the president has actually committed a crime that demands he be removed from office, asap. Brinkley’s statements exude the same arrogant, out of touch condescension typical of most leftist wishful thinkers, while so many of those in the ‘fake news’ media simply nod in agreement.  But they will likely be crying on each other’s shoulder come Nov. 3, 2020 when President Trump easily wins reelection.

And ya know, for a ‘historian’ this guy sure isn’t much of a student of history. All presidential candidates now are ‘base candidates.’  We are a country clearly divided right down the middle with one half being leftist-lunatic-socialists along with their free-loading constituents, and the other half being those forced to suffer under fascist regimes when the left is in power, enduring their nonsense and paying the bills for their vote-purchasing schemes. Go back to the previous administration and half of us would have been overjoyed to see Barry ‘O’ impeached and removed from office.

Instead, we bit our tongues and then tossed President Trump right back at ‘em in 2016 to ‘repay’ the Democrats for foisting the hyper-partisan community organizer on us for eight very long years.  President Trump is the first national Republican figure who actually ‘gets it’ regarding the obvious threat that the Democrat Party represents and the danger they pose to our cherished freedoms, our economy and the very survival of our free Republic.  And when before they were able to operate more from the shadows, President Trump has forced them into the daylight, and they’re pissed.

And I guess I would also like this supposed ‘historian’ to explain to me for what reason it is that President Trump would need to resort to being corrupt?  He used to live in mansions with gold bathroom fixtures, but took a big step down to become President. He didn’t take any money from big donors, so he doesn’t owe anybody.  All of his kids are, by all accounts, pretty smart, accomplished and successful in their own rights; he doesn’t have to cover for them or find gigs that allow them to get rich.  He gets along with his ex-wives, and doesn’t have any other relatives who are ne’er do wells.

Also, President Trump doesn’t have any addictions, doesn’t drink, smoke or harass people.  He’s never committed a crime, and if he had ever done anything even remotely unethical, you would think that the army of ‘faux journalists’ that have spent more than three years searching under every rock on the planet would have come up with something.  He’s so squeaky clean that the people who hate him are driven to make up all manner of crazy crap to accuse him of taking part in.  It’s so far beyond being ludicrous that there simply aren’t words to describe the lunacy of it all.

When one considers the sheer volume and severity of the laws broken by Hitlery, and the fact that she has yet to be prosecuted for any of them, it’s by comparison that President Trump looks like a choir-boy who is deserving of a pass.  The ‘fake news media was excusing Hitlery long before any of the facts had been presented. In fact, the media has been overtly complicit in Hitlery hiding her multitude of lies and subsequently the laws she has violated.  And yet, those in the ‘fake news media’ get upset when they are identified as being an enemy of the people.  But they are!

And America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant.  America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.  The thing that so many on the left don’t get, and it’s no surprise because it is logic based in human nature, is that we don’t follow Donald Trump, the man.  We believe in what he symbolizes.  That being freedom, a drive to drain the swamp, proud national sovereignty, etc. The further they go with impeachment, the more they create a martyr who symbolizes a just cause.

These Democrats are like delusional magicians. They think they can wave a magic wand and pull a rabbit out of a hat. Or, if they just keep saying over and over, ad nauseam, that the public wants to impeach and remove in the hope that they can convince enough people that that is in fact the case.  Granted there are some who are low information voters, or those who go through life blissfully ignorant and willing to believe anything and everything they’re told.  Those would be the same folks who were likely tuned to CNN on Friday nodding in agreement with old Doug.

It’s very likely Doug’s version of history that conveniently omits how it was that communism was the unmitigated disaster of the 20th century, and there is very little mention of that in any of today’s history books.  And there is no mention of the over 100,000,000 deaths that came as a result of Communism.  No grade school or even college graduate student knows about this.  But they are constantly bombarded with the notion that the Nazis and Hitler were somehow ‘right wing.’  Reagan and Bush defeated communism and there’s little of no mention of it in history books.

This is just another attempt by some ‘genius’ on the left to convince ‘We the People’ of what we’re ‘supposed’ to think and perpetrated by this guy, Brinkley, who is also obviously blind to how ‘We the People’ feel about our president. All this impeachment circus is accomplishing is to make support for President Trump even stronger! Democrats have proven they have nothing to offer America except tyranny, higher taxes, open borders, etc.  Doug is just another clueless academic who knows very little of what he’s talking about with his head planted firmly up his butt!

So our supposed ‘fake’ President is successfully presiding over a booming stock market, a thriving economy, record low unemployment, respect for our military and not shy about our superpower status. The American people can see these things with their own eyes, despite the Democrat media propaganda. Which Democrat clown does this idiot think we will vote for?  The senile, old, white guy?  The fake Indian?  Or perhaps the crazy, old Socialist or the little gay guy?  By all means, go ahead and believe the fake polls.  After all, they were so accurate the last time around.



Look, to not be able to recognize what it is that the Democrats, and more specifically ‘Pencil Neck’ & Co. are truly up to here, with their continuing ‘impeachment variety show,’ would require everyone watching to, in the words of Hitlery, possess that which is nothing less than a willing suspension of disbelief.  And in what was less an act of letting the cat out of the bag than it was simply a confirmation of that which we all already knew, it was on Wednesday at ‘fake news’ HQ, otherwise known as CNN, during an episode of “The Situation Room,” that leftwing pinhead Alexandria Occasional-Cortez described these public hearings on the impeachment of President Trump as being “not just about something that has occurred.”  She said it is, instead, “about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.”  And what might she be talking about?

And it was Occasional who said, “The whole point of the public hearings is to present the facts to the public and let the general public see the facts for themselves and understand why we have chosen to move forward with the impeachment inquiry. What we heard today was astounding and devastating news for the president and anyone in the administration, really partaking. Frankly, this is devastating for the country. Our national security has been compromised, our elections potentially compromised. I think right now what Republicans have to do is decide what their role is going to be in the scope of history. We will look back at this time and really truly examine the moral decisions each member of Congress decided to make.”  Right, a Democrat talking about “moral decisions,” what a joke these people are!

Anyway, Occasional continued by saying, “This call with Ambassador Sondland and President Trump is a personal call that our witnesses testified an aide was overhearing where Trump was personally invested in these investigations and add a layer of proximity. One of the ways the president could have potentially tried to get out of this situation is put several degrees of separation between him and some of this illicit activity. What we heard today was he himself was making and partaking in some of these phone calls, not just Giuliani and not just anyone else in the administration, but him. That really adds a much more disturbing degree of the involvement that he had in using the powers of government to create politically motivated investigations.”  What’s disturbing is the ‘third world’ behavior that we see coming from Democrats!

She added, “I’d like to remind everyone, one of the initial people who brought this conversation of quid pro quo into this conversation was the president. It was when these allegations first came out about Ukraine, he started tweeting and frankly raising the bar saying, ‘No quid pro quo, no quid pro quo.’ It wasn’t Democrats that set that bar, because you don’t need quid pro quo. He met it, all of that aside, we’re focused on him using the power of the United States government to engage in extortion of a foreign government in order to intervene in our elections. I think that’s our message, the fact he undermined national security, that he is trying to undermine an election, he is engaged in flagrant abuse of power should be a concern to all Americans who believe in rule of law in the United States of America.”

The ever-so-brilliant Ms. Occasional concluded by saying, “We also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections. And so this is not just about something that has occurred; this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.”  By all means the Democrats do need to move quickly, before this entire scheme of theirs blows up in their collective face, creating far more collateral damage, for them, than they can possibly imagine.  Because regardless what various polls may say, the vast majority of the American people simply are simply not buying any of what the Democrats, plus the allies in the fake news media and many RINOs are trying hard to sell.  That being, of course, that the president is somehow not worthy of being re-elected.

I am a bit curious though when it comes to who, exactly, that Ms. Occasional thinks this potential disastrous outcome is most likely to affect?  With an impeachment, and subsequent Senate acquittal, the leftwing base may likely be so outraged that they will simply decide to sit out the next election, making the odds for any Democrat to win in 2020 even more remote.  The absolute worst case scenario for them would be a 50 state landslide, leaving behind the carcass of many a rotting swamp rat in its wake.  Not that I’m expecting a 50 state sweep, but it sure is fun to fantasize about.  And in going just a bit off topic, where is it written that investigating ‘Crooked Joe’ is off limits?  As weak as he is, he is still a candidate for president, and SHOULD be thoroughly vetted.  At least it would be actual corruption being investigated.

And can we please all agree that what Occasional is really saying here, is that Democrats simply cannot trust the American people to make what THEY, the Democrats, view as being the ‘right’ choice when it comes to whom to vote for, for president, come the 2020 election.  Democrats are of the opinion that it is they who must make the choice for us.  Also, I think we can all agree that the Democrats, right down the very last one, have never accepted the result of the 2016 election, and it’s that that remains their primary motivation behind their working to undermine the 2020 election.   Their message would seem to be that elections in this country no longer have any meaning, unless it’s a Democrat who wins.  If the left will not accept a Republican president, then why should any of the rest of us accept any Democrat?

We all know that during his years in office there was a near endless, and very well documented, string of scandals.  And despite his claim that, “We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us,” there was more than sufficient evidence that Barry ‘O’ did in fact commit ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’  And yet there was zero interest, on both sides of the aisle, for pursuing impeachment.  But that was only because Barry had that special get-out-of-jail-free card.  But because President Trump doesn’t possess that same luxury, the bar for moving forward with impeachment is far lower.  And granted, while this twit, Occasional, had not yet arrived on the scene, does anyone seriously think that she too would have ignored all the evidence and accused those favoring impeachment of Barry were only doing so because he was…black.

The “potentially disastrous outcome” which Occasional refers to, may very well be that which the Democrats are trying so hard to prevent.  That of course being that President Trump does win reelection.  Occasional is admitting that, yes it’s a scam, but it’s a necessary scam perpetrated in the hope of being able to taint the president’s momentum going in to next year’s election because it’s all the Democrats have after every other attempt of theirs to bring the president down has been a bust. Every Democrat participating in this scam phony impeachment needs to be thrown out of office.  They are nothing but a bunch of power hungry hacks who have wasted America’s time and tax dollars for nothing but their own benefit.  They have shown the American citizens they are unfit to serve in government in any capacity!

So this is what the American system has now become. If you don’t like a president of the opposing party and/or you disagree with his policies, then you invoke the rarely used and never successful impeachment procedure to get him out of office rather choosing to get him out of office the old fashioned way, defeating him at the ballot box. Democrats are congenitally corrupt, tyrannical-hearted heathen. They will say or do anything to gain power and once they have it, they are genetically predisposed to abuse the power afforded to them.  They can’t help themselves. It’s second nature. Therefore, Democrats will never fail to accuse their political opponents of doing exactly what it is that they themselves are doing. Projection of their own corruption is the ONLY way they can retain power.  It never fails. Ever.


Barkley 3

Just to be clear, I have never been a fan of Charles Barkley.  As far as I’m concerned he’s always been a bit of a loudmouthed boob.  And the only difference between the Barkley of old, and the Barkley of today is roughly 150 pounds.  I love these athletes, regardless of the sport they ‘play’, and who have been made quite wealthy for doing nothing more than playing a kids game, who think by virtue of them able to dribble, to catch, to throw or to hit a ball, it’s that whichever it is that they can do somehow makes them somehow smarter than the rest of us.  But oddly enough, and I truly do hate to hurt their fragile feelings, but it’s just the opposite that is so definitely true.

It was during Thursday night’s “NBA Pregame,” on TNT that supposed ‘analyst’ Barkley, instead of doing what it is that he actually gets paid to do, chose to take the opportunity to direct some rather strong words in the direction of Vice President Mike Pence.  And what was the cause of Barkley’s ire, well apparently it was the fact that the Vice President chose to criticize both the league and Nike for caving to communist Red China after Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for the rights of protesters in Hong Kong.  Barkley said Pence “needs to shut the hell up” because “all American companies are doing business in China.”

Barkley showed his ignorance by boldly declaring, “Vice President Pence needs to shut the hell up, number one.”  And then went on to say, “All American companies are doing business in China. All American companies are doing business in China. I thought the criticism of Commissioner Silver and LeBron James was unfair.”  He continued, “Listen, Daryl Morey, who I like, … he can say whatever he wants to, but there are consequences. But I don’t understand why these holier-than-thou politicians, if they [are] so worried about China, why don’t they stop all the transactions with China?”  Frankly it’s rather a shame that Barkley is nowhere near as smart as he thinks his is.

Barkley said, “President Trump has been talking about and been arguing with tariffs for China for the last two years, but I think it’s unfair for them to do all their business in China, and just because this thing happened to try to make the NBA and our players look bad. All American companies do business in China, period.”  For one thing, not all companies do business in China.  And also it’s, for the most part, that most of those doing business with China aren’t also going out of their way to promote all of the supposed ills of America on a world stage like nothing more than dancing chimps.  Barkley should be a bit more mindful before shooting off his big fat mouth.

These NBA boobs are a perfect example of why sports should NOT be paying for their ‘education,’ especially as a ‘scholarship’ for their future careers.  You can barely find ANY of them who can form a complete and understandable sentence. The scholarships are in name only.  Spend any time listening to them and it becomes very clear very quickly that they are complete morons. So, the fact that Barkley and his many friends there in the league are unable to comprehend the significance of the China issue, is really not at all surprising. All they’re smart enough to understand is, “When do I get my check?” And that’s all those in charge of league want them to understand.

Like I said, not all American companies do business with China, and maybe the ones who do, should not.  And seriously, the Vice President can’t make these NBA boobs look any worse than they have made themselves look.  I mean how is it that one can view doing business with a country that has a history of murdering over 70 Million of its own people, still runs bona fide Concentration Camps as well as slave labor camps or continues to be the worst polluter on the planet as a positive thing.  And then of course there’s the fact that Red China is building a massive military with one goal in mind.  But none of that occurs to these geniuses, because it’s all about the money!

I think that both athletes and entertainers alike truly believe the country would be far better off if they were dictating foreign and domestic policy.  That the fact that they have achieved some level of success in their trivial endeavors means that they are also capable of dealing with those issues that affect the lives 100’s of millions of people. On the contrary, they are quite literally the very first thing our society could do without. They produce nothing that people need.  They aren’t doctors or lawyers. A good plumber is far more important to society than the entire NBA.  What if there was never another basketball game?  What if you couldn’t flush your toilet?

It should be seen as being fundamentally wrong to kiss the butts that belong to the worst human rights violators on the planet, those who make segregationists look fair-minded by comparison. Freedom of speech is Vice President Pence’s right, something you don’t have in Red China.  Believe me when I say that it would be a world order with China sitting on top that would have blacks at the bottom. Fret not though, the real fight is with traitorous white, America-hating Democrats. They already have brainwashed the black population in America, at least those who have not been aborted habitually or participate in routine violence against each other.

And while I’m quite sure that Barkley will likely not agree, it is he and any number of other mentally deficient athletes who are the ones who should shut the Hell up. They somehow feel that being famous makes every word they utter a precious gem. Unfortunately, the gems are worthless. Athletes, for the most part, should not be telling other people, with different opinions to shut up.  I’m sick of these fools who became wealthy, by playing a kids game, trying to rule the rest of us. Vice President Pence knows very well what he said was correct and that he speaks for America. Guys like Barkley and James speak only for their own benefit, and care little about the country.

Let’s face it, jocks, or at least the vast majority of them, are not known for being particularly bright.  They’re typically large framed, hefty, boneheaded and dull witted. Not exactly what you’d choose as your legal representation or your physician, or your philosophers, or your leaders.  These NBA nitwits are what my mom would’ve called “low rent people,” and by that she meant people who have no class, low morals and little initiative.  And these very rich individuals continue to prove on nearly a daily basis that wealth very rarely equates to class.  Some of the classiest people I know are nowhere near to being rich.

These basketball players with their big mouths and small brains have always had only money, “bling”, “hos”, and not much else on their minds.  Little thought is ever given to God or to perhaps spreading their great wealth around to those less fortunate. It’s more important to be remembered as being rich and famous than of being a man of God. These men are merely tools so easily used by Red China because all they care about is themselves and their status and their wealth. Their motto seems be, “Pay me and I’ll dance to whatever tune you play.”  Holding them out to our youth as heroes is akin to Miley Cyrus held up as a person your daughter should try to emulate.



Over the course of that last few years, or maybe a bit longer, there has seemed to be an increasing number of leftwing loons who have, for one reason or another, been able to attain the moniker of ‘professor.’  Now I can only assume that in order for such a thing to have occurred, the bar must now be set pretty low.  And in demonstrating just how low the bar has become, we have ‘Professors’ Marc Lamont Hill and Michael Eric Dyson.  Apparently these two boobs are of the opinion that if they use all three names it will somehow make them appear to be smarter than what they actually are.  However, unfortunately for them, it’s as soon as they open their mouth and begin to speak that it becomes noticeably apparent, and in fairly short order, that both are far from being terribly bright.

And as an example of why I say that there was a recent incident that I’m sure most have now heard about where a man in a San Antonio, Texas Whataburger stole a boy’s MAGA hat and then tossed his drink on the group of Trump-supporting teens.  “You ain’t supporting s*it, n******,” the man told the teens after he threw his drink on them.  And it was a couple of days later that ‘Professor’ Marc Lamont Hill, who is also a commentator on the Communist News Network (CNN), took to Twitter taking it upon himself to condone the attack on this 16 year-old kid.  Yup, you have to be some kind of a douche bag, which ‘Professor’ Hill most certainly is, to see the assaulting of child over something as stupid as politics as being in any way appropriate.  It makes clear the very warped mentality possessed by those on the left.

And it was after some TMZ staffer by the name of Van Lathan seemed to defend the man’s behavior in a Thursday tweet, writing, “Wish I could take the high road. But your MAGA hat reads like a swastika to me” that ‘Professor’ Hill then responded with a tweet of his own of three crying laughing emojis.  ‘Professor’ Hill claimed in a follow-up tweet on his own page that while he doesn’t “advocate throwing drinks on people,” still suggested that wearing a MAGA hat invites assault and that it’s hard to “feel sympathy” for the teen.  He said, “Yes, i think MAGA hats (deliberately) reflect a movement that conjures racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.”  He added, “So yes, it’s a little harder to feel sympathy when someone gets Coca Cola thrown on him.”  The ‘professor’, it seems, is your typical leftist.

And it was also on Thursday, on CNN’s “New Day,” and albeit on a somewhat slightly different topic, that Hill’s fellow leftwing ‘professor’ and CNN contributor, Michael Eric Dyson, got into a rather heated debate with conservative commentator Scott Jennings over a Quinnipiac poll that apparently showed that 49 percent of respondents believe that President Trump is racist.  Jennings said the poll is a “reflection of the extreme political polarization in America right now.  And he went on to say, “We are willing to ascribe all of the worst motivations to every policy view, to every action that our political opponents take.”  And he continued by saying, “In this case what the people who disapprove of Trump believe he’s a racist and everything he does must be rooted in racism.”

To which the good ‘Professor’ Dyson responded by saying, “The reality is this well, Donald Trump talks like a racist, thinks like a racist, makes statements like a racist, conjures emotions that give support to white nationalists. Yeah, he’s a racist. Racism is as racism does. So here’s the problem, Martin Luther King Jr. said it’s not the white supremacists who are the problem it’s white moderates and conservatives who are complicit by trying to dismiss it. Brother Jennings, much respect for you but what you’re doing is egregious because you’re attempting to make valid what are essentially naked raw statements of racism.”  I dare say that for a black man ‘Professor’ Dyson seems to be rather ignorant regarding what it was that Dr. Martin Luther King was all about. But I’m not surprised.

But anyway, ‘Professor’ Dyson went on to say, “This is easy stuff. This is very, very clear that it has racial animus here, and you’re trying to dismiss it as a difference of opinion. That is complicit in the racist element we’re talking about.”  Jennings responded by simply saying, “I disagree with everything you’ve said. I disagree with the motives you’ve ascribed to me and I think most Republicans and conservatives are tired of being or complicit in racism.”  Let’s be honest here, those who do the most to promote racism in this country are blacks like ‘Professors’ Dyson and Hill.  And I find it more than just a little hypocritical that they claim to see nothing wrong with someone being accused of racism for nothing more than wearing a hat, and yet they can spew all manner racist drivel and it’s ok.

Dyson said, “That a man making inflammatory remarks is not something to just be disagreed with. You should repudiate them and find cause to distance yourself from a man who can call all Mexicans rapists, Muslims who should be banned, black people who should be discriminated against, women who should be treated in a sexually predatory manner. The point is that here is a president who said things quite clearly and you as a figure can’t even say ‘Yes I find it reprehensible and he should be repudiated’ And yet you come on to say ‘I disagree with you in the past.’ That’s part of the problem we’re confronting here in America. Until white folk like you can stand up and find your spine, you will continue to be complicit in the racist animus of this country.”  “The racist animus of this country?”  Seriously?

Let’s be honest here, if anyone is being complicit here it’s racist boobs like Dyson and Hill who I’m quite sure would never agree that the vast majority of racists in this country happen to be black.  Racism still exists in this country because of people exactly like them.  Now I’m not saying that there are not racist white folks, because there are.  But there are far more blacks who are racist than whites, and they seem to base that racism on a practice the ended more than 150 years ago.  And I can’t help but wonder if either of our illustrious ‘professors’ ever found anything that was said by their hero Barry ‘O’ to be either reprehensible or something for which they felt he should have been repudiated.’  Call me silly, but somehow I doubt it.  Because that is how those on the left operate.

And I would argue that it’s racist black folk like Dyson, as well as Hill, who are the ones in rather desperate need of finding a spine, and maybe a little honesty as well.  They need to work up the necessary courage that would allow them to finally walk off the Democrat plantation, and to encourage as many others as they can to do the same.  The sad truth here is that these guys are nothing more than willing accomplices of the Democrat Party in its continuing effort to make sure blacks in this country are kept from straying.  They are little more than traitors to their race.  And they seem to be very comfortable in their role as racial overseers for the Democrat Party.  They are little more than ‘Al Sharptons’ of the academic world.  And as long as people like them are listened to very little will change.

But I do have a question for these black ‘professors,’ and all of the others like them.  If I’m such a racist for having voted for President Trump, and for intending to do so again in 2020, then what about the millions of blacks who voted for Barry ‘O’ for no other reason than because he was black?  Because to me that’s far more of an act of overt racism than is my simply choosing to vote for President Trump because of his positions on those issues that are most important to me.  And speaking of Barry ‘O’, the fact that he is black had nothing whatsoever to do with my reasons for not voting for him or for not supporting him as president.  That was because he was, and remains to this day, a devout socialist who hates the country that I love.  Just like our two previously mentioned supposed ‘professors.’


Behar 1

I know I have asked this question before, and as much as I hate to repeat myself it is for the life of me that I cannot figure out what would make any reasonably intelligent person want to willing waste however much time it is that might be involved to watch ‘The view’.  I mean this little cadre of mentally deficient bimbos seems to become just a little more unhinged with each show, the further we get into the Trump presidency.  And they have nothing to offer in the way of an intelligent discussion.

And frankly, it’s nearly impossible to determine which member of this particular little freak show is the more one in need of help than the rest, psychiatrically speaking.  But for the purpose of this particular post we’ll be focusing on the rather mentally deficient, Joy Behar.  And it is with the beginning of each and every episode of this bizarre little circus that this loon, Ms. Behar, seems to set out with a purpose to see just how ignorant she can sound over the course of the entire show.

For instance, it was just yesterday that Ms. Behar went out of her way to make her viewing audience aware of the fact that thinks President Trump is “nuts” and needed “to be taken out of office.”  And it was that this nutty bitch went on to say, “Everybody face it, he needs to be taken out of office. He needs to be impeached. He is a menace. You say Kim Jong — what do you call him — Kim Jong-yum-yum is crazy? So is he. So is he. Let’s get real. Come on. He is nuts and we’re in the middle of it.”

And in speaking about Russia, North Korea, and Trump’s alleged collusion with Vlad Putin, Behar proceeded to read a completely out-of-context quote from President Trump about using nukes before launching into another one of her blatantly insane  rages where she demanded the President be removed from office at once.  Now no offense to those who I can only assume view such antics as entertainment or who, for whatever see as being funny, how are the able to take her seriously?  Or don’t they?

She said, “The thing about Trump is, the things he has said seriously about nuclear weapons is quite frightening. I’ll give you a couple. To Chris Matthews, he asked, ‘Why do we make them, he said, if we wouldn’t use them?’  Ok. The possibility of nuclear war between Japan and North Korea: ‘It would be a terrible thing. If they do, they do.’ Good luck. Enjoy yourselves, folks. He said he was open to nuking Europe because ‘it’s a big place.’”  And I’m she herself quite clever when it fact she’s a complete moron!

Then Behar dropped the big one saying, “Why doesn’t everybody face it?  He needs to be taken out of office. He needs to be impeached. He is a menace. You say Kim Jong Yum-yum is crazy? So is he. So is he. Get real. Come on. He is nuts and we’re in the middle of it!”  Behar has also previously said she was “aroused” by socialist Bernie Sanders and called ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton’s rape accusers “tramps.”  Baher is disgusting and those who choose to agree with her idiotic rants are disgusting as well.

And Behar is someone of whom it can be said actually makes Maxine Waters look like the sane one.  Although, I suppose, not by much.  With so much hate and stress over Hitlery first collapsing and the melting down on election night, in the weeks and months that have followed I am surprised many of these leftwing loons from the state-controlled media to Hollyweird haven’t simply vapor-locked due to the fact of their near terminal stress level resulting from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Who among us on the right were thrilled when Barry “Almighty” was elected not once but twice?  Yet I don’t recall the level of vitriol we’re now witnessing being directed at Donald Trump.  Maybe it was there and I just wasn’t paying attention.  But he is president now and there’s nothing that Behar of her many friends in Hollyweird can do about it.  I hope they enjoy the coming four to eight year ride because I know I will, and even more once Gorsuch is confirmed to SCOTUS this week.

It is amazing to me how many leftists are still buying the brainwashing from all the Hollyweird elites as well as the state-controlled media. It’s sad that so many people believe what’s being said without challenging. In truth, President Trump has actually accomplished more for the good of America from November 8th 2016 up to his inauguration, than Barry did in 8 years.  And this was all before he even took office.  I think it fair to say that Trump leads by example unlike Barry who didn’t lead at all.