If there is one thing that, I think that we have all learned about the Democrats, and a good many RINOs as well, over the course of the last six years, or so, is the fact that there is no lie that will be left untold in what it, and has been, their continuing effort to diminish President Trump in the eyes of his millions of supporters. And despite the fact that they have continued to fail in their attempts to do so, it hasn’t stopped them from continuing to try. They have continued to attempt to blame President Trump for all of their own politically motivated acts of sabotage against America, right up to, and including, accusing him of encouraging Vlad Putin to invade Ukraine.

And their many attempts have been nothing if not completely transparent. And even though most Americans have been able to, and very easily so, see through all of the lies, it seems not to have deferred the Democrats one iota from continuing to spew more, and increasingly outrageous, lies about President Trump. Case in point would be the most recent lie to come from none other than Chuckie Schumer himself, one where he actually accuses President Trump of having heaped all manner of praise on Vlad Putin regarding his decision to invade Ukraine. So there seems to be no limit to just how low the Democrats will go in their ongoing effort to malign President Trump.

And so it was, just this past Friday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “The Last Word,” hosted by one of the many leftist loons there are the network, Larry O’Donnell, that old Chuckie described President Trump as being “despicable” for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Now I could be wrong, but I don’t seem to recall President Trump doing any such thing. But then we are talking about old Chuckie, and since when has the truth ever mattered to this pathetic old windbag. Let’s face it, Schumer is “despicable” simply for being himself. It’s he and his fellow Democrats who are the most dangerous enemy this country has.

It was Chuckie, doing his best to talk tough, who said, “Putin will come to regret this. Look, he is a bully. He is a thug. He has a monomaniacal desire to restore the Soviet Empire. But he will ultimately fail.” Larry said, “Donald Trump says that this invasion — he said at the very outset of it — that this invasion is genius, that Vladimir Putin is a genius for doing this. Former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he respects, fully respects Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is a mass murderer tonight in Ukraine, and the previous administration still holds him in that kind of regard.” And Chuckie, in typical fashion, was again trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Chuckie said, “To hold such an immoral man, with such a vicious actions, it’s just despicable, and shows how little moral compass Donald Trump has. But also, he’s very shortsighted because, as I said, the Ukrainian resistance will be fierce. I know so many Ukrainians in New York, and they reflect that. I believe the sanctions that the president has put in will constrict Russia’s ability to function as a strong economy. It will restrict them and make them weaker and weaker. So, I don’t think these initial claims by Trump or Pompeo are going to be regarded as accurate as we move on in time.” Chuckie is simply trying to distract from the train wreck that is ‘Creepy Joe.’

Chuckie is a Democrat, period. And as such is known to have no morals, no ethics, no values, and no honor. He’s nothing more than a highly partisan Democrat who seems determined to destroy this country. I find myself wondering what his actual end game might be. He’s working constantly and desperately to disparage Trump. It’s like his full-time job. But is it really about President Trump or might it be, instead, a warning to others who might be considering a run for office for the specific reason of rocking the boat? Chuckie continuously, and knowingly, loudly bears false witness with the intent to harm others, especially Donald Trump and the people who support him.

And I find it fascinating to hear how it is that Chuckie is now somehow concerned about morality. The broken mental calculus of his mind that equates abortion at any time for any reason by anyone as being a “just and moral thing” is nothing short of disgusting. And the fact that Chuckie and Nancy, and the rest of the Democrats hierarchy, chose to ignore the lawless rioting and burning and looting and assaults in the summer of 2020 by the thugs of BLM and Antifa should haunt even Chuckie. The false accusations against police by the defund movement, which was fully endorsed by Chuckie, Nancy and the rest of the Democrats, is another sign of a mindless mob.

Praising Putin, is Chuckie serious? This falls under the category of, “Know thine enemy.” It’s not praise to acknowledge the cunning and smarts of an enemy, it is the start of defeating him. Patton praised Rommel, and then defeated him. And its 62 percent of Americans who now believe President Trump would never have allowed this invasion. Which is why Democrats are screaming about Trump. They have to throw accusations at him to deflect from the disaster that is ‘Creepy Joe.’ If anyone is despicable, it is Chuckie and every other member of the Democrat Party. It’s all nothing more than another lie being perpetuated by those on the Left.

What President Trump said was that Putin is showing strength and resolve and that’s something to be admired in a leader, unlike the weakling that we in America have right now occupying the White House. Notice, he wasn’t praising Putin. He was merely comparing the current leadership in our White House to that of Putin and pointing out the stark contrast. Right or wrong, Putin is decisive, unlike ‘Creepy Joe.’ President Trump thinks Vlad is a strategic genius for recognizing that the U.S. and NATO are all run by a bunch of feckless woke morons and the time to try and regain the Ukraine is now or never. This is the truth. If the truth hurts, then get rid of ‘Creepy Joe.’

President Trump is not saying he agrees with Putin, on the contrary, during President Trump’s four years in the White House he implemented policies that made it clear to Vlad that invading the Ukraine would prove to be a very bad idea. The left destroys everything that it touches and owns the actions that were the impetus behind the Civil War, both World Wars and this invasion of the Ukraine. When Donald Trump was President, these very same Democrats, and their allies in the media were telling anyone who would listen that President Trump would get us into war, but look who can’t wait for war, and sending 7,000 troops to NATO! Democrats are always for War!

The real problem, of course, is that we don’t have enough gay and trans soldiers in the military. If we did, and they focused solely on global warming, then Putin would become woke overnight and immediately withdraw from Ukraine. When you have an idiot who is more concerned with ‘climate change,’ gender and unequal rights in the highest office in the land, why wouldn’t a crafty dictator take advantage of that, instead of doing so when someone who they fear would not hesitate to strike back is in office? Democrats own this mess lock, stock and barrel. President Trump hasn’t been around for 13 months. I can only imagine what the next three years will bring.

We didn’t hear a peep from Vlad while Trump was president. Then ‘Creepy Joe’ is installed, and all Hell breaks loose. If not for the catastrophe of a mail order President, we would not now be watching the tragedy unfold in Ukraine. Yet, Chuckie wants to pass judgment on President Trump? Putin played ‘Creepy Joe’ because he’s a cognitively challenged, feckless do-nothing loser who has not the qualities of a strong Commander-in-Chief. So Ukraine is now on fire and where is ‘Creepy Joe?’ Where else but back in Delaware taking a nice long nap. President Trump ain’t the problem, Chuckie. Anyone with 20/20 vision should be able to see that!

As Chuck and our senile *president have set the stage for a possible WWIII they try to push propaganda to again slam President Trump for their Russia blunder. Just remember it was ‘Creepy Joe’ who gave Russia the incentive to attack Ukraine, giving them a pipeline to blackmail Europe. Taking President Trump’s words out of context to somehow blame him for their own stupidity is a classic Democrat tactic. This one is squarely on the left and no amount of deception can change that. And while Chuckie is crying about the horror of Ukraine, notice he and his party just sit and watch their country get the life choked out of it with them not lifting a finger to help.

Finally, this is likely to be the script for the foreseeable future for both the Democrats and their ‘fake news’ media lapdogs. So you might as well buckle up and get ready for what is surely to be nonstop narratives of how “Republicans are Putin’s allies.” But it’s merely cover for ‘Creepy Joe’s weakness having emboldened Putin. President Trump’s full comments were that Putin’s genius was that he waited for a weak doddering old fool to occupy the White House before invading. I would have used the word patience. The Democrats are going to have to twist themselves into pretzels explaining how Republicans love Xi when Red China invades Taiwan.


It was earlier this week that ‘BO,’ or he who is known by all, at least those with any common sense, as being the former holder of the most prestigious title of ‘Worst President in U.S. History, called upon all Americans to unite behind their abysmal failure of a fraudulently elected *president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. And since it would have been impossible for him to have made such a request while maintaining a straight face, this call for ‘unity’ came by way of a statement released to reporters. And it was this method that also afforded ‘BO’ the opportunity to avoid being asked pesky questions by reporters about why Americans would want to do that.

After all, ‘Creepy Joe’ has done such a masterful job at so thoroughly fucking up just about everything in what has been a rather remarkably short period of time. And to think that just little over a year ago our store shelves were full, we we’re paying roughly $1.60 for a gallon of gas and the world was pretty much as peace. And it was in his ‘statement’ sent to reporters defending ‘Creepy Joe’s sanctions on Russia as an attempt to put “a real price on Russia’s autocratic elites,” that ‘BO’ said, “Every American, regardless of party, should support President Biden’s efforts, in coordination with our closest allies, to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia.”

‘BO’s statement of support for ‘Creepy Joe’ follows his own failure, as president, to stop Vlad from annexing Crimea back in 2014. ‘BO’ also urged Americans to embrace any economic pain that they would suffer as a result of sanctions on Russia. ‘BO’ wrote, “There may be some economic consequences to such sanctions, given Russia’s significant role in world energy markets.” And he urged, “But that’s a price we should be willing to pay to take a stand on the side of freedom.” You go first, bro! I would like to see YOU do some economic sacrifice. ‘BO’ urged Americans to think globally and act to defend freedom for not only Ukrainians but for people around the world.

‘BO’ said, “The consequences of Russia’s reckless actions extend beyond Ukraine’s borders.” ‘BO’ also warned of the “forces of division and authoritarianism” that were taking root around the world and said Putin’s “brazen attack” should be confronted. He wrote, “This illegal invasion in the heart of Europe also threatens the foundation of the international order and security.” ‘BO’ asserted that every individual faced a choice between allowing “autocrats” to rule or allowing “free people” to choose to govern themselves with democracy. Which was a rather odd thing to be hearing from a guy who sees himself as being a bit of an “autocrat” himself.

He said, “People of conscience around the world need to loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and offer support for the Ukrainian people.” Now perhaps I would care a bit more about the Ukrainian people if those same people asking me to do so weren’t so busy trying to destroy the country that I love. Frankly, right now I don’t think I could care less about the Ukrainian people because I’m far too worried about how much is going to be left of my country to pass down to my children and grandchildren. And if ‘BO,’ or anyone else for that matter, thinks that I’m going to support those robbing my children of their future he’s out of his f*cking mind!

So again ‘BO’ slithers out into the light long enough to try and convince everyone to like the guy that he wouldn’t even endorse for President, and now says is somehow a great leader. And what an idiotic thing to hear coming from a guy who we’re constantly being told is so smart. ‘Creepy Joe’ is no more a legitimately elected president than is Vlad, so I suppose it is fair to say that we need to take care of the autocrats in this country before we start worrying about Ukraine, which is no more of a democracy than is Russia. We shouldn’t be feeling any pain at the pumps these days and wouldn’t be if not for the insane energy policies of ‘Creepy Joe.’

Instead, while we are “strangling” Russia with sanctions, we’re buying oil from them and financing their empire building, much as we are doing with Communist China. Look, ‘BO’ is the embodiment of economic pain. For eight long years we were forced to endure economic pain, and it’s now that we’re being made to suffer under the yoke of what is essentially his third term. And it would be one thing if these political elites had to suffer right along with the rest of us, but they don’t. And the same goes for all of the rich nattering nabobs on cable news, telling us that we all should suffer for the benefit of a country that we have no relationship with, in any form.

‘BO,’ ‘Creepy Joe,’ and the Democrats spent four years viciously attacking President Trump and his supporters. They impeached President Trump twice and leveled charges of treason against both him and his supporters. Now they call for those same people to support the most incompetent regime in American history. And the farther we get into ‘Creepy Joe’s presidency, the easier it is to see the truth. That Donald Trump’s presidency was an anomaly. They NEVER expected him to win. They expected to go from ‘BO’ to ‘Hitlery,’ a total of 16 straight years of oppression, by which time assimilation into Socialism would be complete. Trump interrupted all that.

‘BO,’ a man who hates this country. Why am I going to listen to him? Support and sacrifice for an idiot who currently occupies the White House? Also, a man who hates this country. The greatest threat facing this country is not Russia or China, it is people like this. I don’t unite with Leftists after all that they have done. They lied, deceived, engaged in political violence, silenced dissenting voices, engaged in corrupt election practices, pushed for Covid lockdowns, and slandered opposition throughout 2016-2020 to regain power because they lost an election. They couldn’t control themselves to be civil and wait for 2020. The Left and their supporters are on their own.

And can you imagine the degree of self-deception necessary to believe that if you just steal an election, install an inept figurehead as *president and then force your unwanted policies onto a reluctant public that the people will actually be convinced to rally behind you. The American public, at least those who still do love this country and are able to see the good in it, will not be swayed by such nonsensical rhetoric as that spewed by ‘BO.’ America has no president at the present time. It has an installed, groomed for years, demented mafia criminal communist dictator. ‘Creepy Joe’ is the Devil, he’s pure evil. God help us all, because we’re gonna need him.  

All of this chaos was planned. If we really were against this, we’d be drilling oil. We’d be protecting our borders. We’d be arresting criminals and teaching patriotism. And the news media would be reporting honestly about covid, climate and everything else. Putin getting Ukraine back has already been negotiated as part of the Great Reset. Probably China getting Taiwan too. We are going to pretend to oppose them, but ineffective. The next election is our last chance, if it already isn’t predetermined. Don’t trust Republican leadership, they have proven to be not trustworthy. The steal could not have happened without their help. Ditto the Russia hoax.

‘Creepy Joe’s election was illegitimate. It is now a well-established fact. The longer Democrats persist in their denials of the obvious the greater the damage will be for them. If the Democrat Party is to survive it is incumbent upon them to join with Republicans and remove the compromised figurehead currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘Creepy Joe’ is compromised, corrupt and weak. Our enemies know this and they will walk over the U.S. as long as he is *president. This will not be the last foreign policy debacle we’re going to suffer because of this buffoon. Taiwan is just around the corner. Stolen elections have disastrous consequences!


Ya know, you really do need to wonder what it might have been that would have caused anyone in the entire state of Utah to think that it would be, in any way, a good idea to elect this POS to Congress. Although, I must admit that maybe I’m being just a bit too harsh because I too once voted for this lying sack of shit, a fact that, sadly, to this day I am still trying to live down. But be that as it may, it’s still every time, and I do mean every single time, that he opens his mouth that Willard makes everyone within earshot aware of just how much of a backstabbing SOB he continues to be. And it was very recently that Willard once again showed his true colors.

It was when Willard actually thought that it was appropriate to blame President Trump’s policy of “America first” after Russian President Vlad Putin executed a military operation in Ukraine. It was in a statement released on social media Wednesday evening that Willard declared, “Putin’s impunity predictably follows our tepid response to his previous horrors in Georgia and Crimea, our naive efforts at a one-sided ‘reset’ and the shortsightedness of ‘America First.” Willard’s statement hinted at ‘Creepy Joe’s attempt to “reset” the relationship with Russia, but more aggressively criticized President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

Under President Trump, Putin did not make any additional significant actions against Ukraine, although he annexed Crimea in 2014 during ‘BO’s reign when ‘Creepy Joe’ was vice president. Willard said that Putin’s “tyranny” in Ukraine “falls on America as well” and predicted additional aggressive actions from Russia in the future. And he wrote, “History shows that a tyrant’s appetite for conquest is never satiated,” he wrote. Willard did not call for military action against Putin but called for “the harshest economic penalties” on Russia for their actions. He also called for “the expansion and modernization” of America’s national defense.

For sure we can always count on Willard to do the wrong thing, at the wrong time, and, most certainly, for all the wrong reasons. And he seems to mind not at all that 2022 America looks nothing like 2019 America did. And ‘America First’ foreign policy has played no role in what led up to the Ukraine situation, Democrats and RINOs have. It’s they who have total responsibility for accepting ‘Creepy Joe’s fraudulent victory and continuing weak leadership. This is another failure like the failed nation building strategy that has given us endless wars, the China trade strategy that cost us millions of jobs, and an energy strategy that gave us higher gas prices. Total failures ALL!

And I struggle to recall anything that Willard has ever said that was either profound or intelligent. Now I fully recognize that I am neither a sitting U.S. Senator, or a multi-millionaire, but for the life of me I can’t quite figure out how it was that President Trump’s policies led to Vlad annexing Georgia in 2008 or Crimea in 2014? I mean, why not say Vietnam and both World Wars were also the fault of Donald Trump, it makes just as much sense. In reality, President Trump’s policy of expanding energy dominance and exporting natural gas weakened Russia. Back then we had leverage. The EU decides to depend on Russia, what leverage do they have to stop him? Zip!

This is what happens to the entire world every single time the Democrats are allowed to be in charge. It’s clear to anyone not blinded by politics who’s really at fault here. Clearly, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who is 100 percent at fault here. Putin is taking advantage of our weak ‘leader.’ No way can you blame President Trump. When you look at how things were for the four years under President Trump, and then see how ‘Creepy Joe’ mucked it up in just one, it’s obvious. Trouble is, if ‘Creepy Joe’ resigned, we’d get Kamala, and if they both resigned at once, we’d have Nancy. There’s no good options here. I just pray that things don’t deteriorate too far between now and 2024.

Willard is a fool who sold his soul to the devil for a mess of media pottage. If he wants to start lecturing about ‘short-sightedness’ he needs only to look in the mirror because it’s much of what’s now going on that can be said to be HIS fault. He was the one who refused to mount a serious campaign against ‘BO.’ Willard is the one who’s been selling out like a fool to Red China and every other corrupt regime so he can stuff his own pockets. Now that the monsters he helped to create have come back to bite him in the ass and he wants us all to believe that HE had nothing to do with it? Instead, he thinks he con us all into believing that it’s President Trump’s doing!

And as we all know, Willard never misses an opportunity to show his leftist mindset by blaming President Trump wrongfully for everything. Unfortunately, there are many more RINOs just like him. And the Republicans are supposed to be the ones to save America. America has become a laughingstock. When a *president leaves a foreign country with no exit strategy and leaves billions of military hardware behind, when a *president can’t control his own borders, when a *president wants a mandate over shots and the people of the country refuse and quit their job, is he seen as a strong ‘leader?’ So you can only guess what it was that Vlad saw in our *president.

And, had ‘Creepy Joe’ not cancelled Keystone and stopped new domestic drilling here at home Putin would not have been in a financial position to fund this attack. And when Putin sized-up the current administration, the division in this country and the woke military he knew the odds were with him. Sorry Willard, I lay this one squarely at the feet of ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘BO.’ Just think, if the Democrats hadn’t been allowed to cheat President Trump out of a second term, we would be energy independent, things would be at the prices they were in January of 2021, shelves would be full, and the Ukraine would be safe. And, crime would be under control.

Hence the reason the Democrats had to go all in in their effort to do whatever it was they needed to do in order to ‘win’ in 2020. Things were going just ‘too good.’ Democrats could not have that, the only way they can come to power was through fear and misery. This time, they actually had to manufacture the fear and misery. Like always though, once in power, they have not a clue as to how to run things or help the economic posture of the American citizen. Carter gets elected, economic misery until Reagan had to take it over. ‘Slick Willy?’ Took us strait into recession that ended up with the Republicans taking over the House and Senate in 1994.

Finally, Willard wants to blame ‘America First?’ How about we blame this, elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. ‘Creepy Joe’ cancels our pipelines and Willard says nothing. President Trump didn’t start a war anywhere in four years. It’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and those like Willard who want this war so the military industrial complex can make a fortune over the blood shed of innocent people. So again, he can’t blame Putin, instead he wants to blame our own American people. Willard is disgusting and blatantly corrupt. And just like McCain ‘The Maverick,’ Willard is nothing more than a sell out and a disgrace to this country.


Could it become anymore pointless than it already is for us to continue to listen to any of those who now apparently see it as being their job the providing us all with what is really nothing more than what’s commonly referred to today as, ‘fake news?’ And at what point does it become nothing more than a complete waste of time? I mean these people have already proven themselves to be nothing more than leftist minions all under the employ of the Democrat Party. Because when supposed ‘journalists’ see it as being their primary function to provide all manner of political cover to their most favored of politicians, they cease being of any use to those of us who are supposed to be able to rely on them for factual information.  

And it’s those involved who continue to set the bar lower and lower. And even in what is now the current flood of propaganda and misinformation now spewing forth from those in what’s called the ‘the legacy media,’ it’s the far-left Communist Broadcasting System, more commonly known as CBS, that is already scapegoating the “Ukraine crisis” regarding ‘Creepy Joe’s mishandling of our economy. It was a recent CBS ‘news’ tweet that read, “The U.S. economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis.” You have to ask yourself, just where is it that the geniuses at CBS have been for the last 11 months? Have they not been paying attention, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Well, I guess it’s difficult to acknowledge reality when one has absolutely no interest in reality. First off, the idea that a weeks-old conflict has already rippled into our “wallets” is beyond laughable. We’re still a ways away from that. Yes, ‘Creepy Joe’s epic mismanagement of Ukraine will, of course, eventually hit us all, there’s no question about that. But even then, ‘Creepy Joe’ will still deserve the blame. The “Ukraine crisis” might not even have happened had he not abandoned Afghanistan, abandoned America’s energy independence, killed the Keystone Pipeline, and approved Nord Stream 2. And even if the Ukraine crisis did still happen, America would not be so vulnerable to the fallout had we remained energy independent.

The bottom line, though, is that our exploding gas prices, our record inflation, and our supply chain snarls were already bad and getting worse long before Ukraine became any kind of an issue. Secondly, what CBS News did here is precisely why Democrats’ and the ‘fake news’ media are so desperate to juice up a regional conflict into something much, much larger. Working together, the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ media intend to gaslight midterm voters into somehow believing that all of our economic problems are all the fault of Vlad Putin and, by extension, the fault of President Trump, because, you know, Trump is a Russian puppet or something like that. And they actually think we’re stupid enough to fall for it.

This laughably desperate ploy (which, of course, will not work) is already playing out all over the world of ‘fake news.’ And the ‘fake news’ media will continue to read this misinformation as long as the economy worsens, as gas prices, supply chain issues, and inflation all worsen. ‘Creepy Joe,’ right now, is loving this so-called crisis. It distracts from his growing number of failures as *president, allows him to pose as commander-in-chief, and will give him a scapegoat for his disastrous handling of the economy. Like I said, it won’t work. It won’t help Democrats or ‘Creepy Joe’ in the upcoming midterms. But at least Democrats and the media have a talking point now. It might be a lousy talking point, but it’s better than having no talking point.

Look, it was on his very first day in office that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden destroyed America’s energy independence that President Trump had created through deregulation and expansion of its infrastructure. For the first time in what was a very long time we were at a net positive and in a position to sell it to our European allies, to separate our interests in the Middle East’s endless conflicts, to weaken Russia and Communist China, making us the greatest super-power in all the world. And now fast-forward just 12 months and it’s now that we buy roughly 30 percent of our oil from Russia and no one in ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. gives a damn about the working class, knowing it is us that will pay the cost of their party’s narcissism for power.

And it’s absolutely no one who is either willing or able, to explain to us why it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ still chooses to ban drilling on federal lands, fracking and why he won’t deregulate despite our national security crisis. President Trump warned Germany in 2018 that they were buying more than 60 percent of their gas from Russia and making themselves dependent on a tyrant. They chose not to listen and went all in on the “Green New Deal” much to their detriment. Now we have a ‘leader’ who puts the lunatic fringe in charge of our country. He doesn’t support our brave Border Patrol and has demoralized them, and our military, beyond belief with his surrender of Afghanistan, our open borders policy and radical bail reforms.

Such nonsense from CBS rates right up there with, “MY dog ate my term paper.” ‘Creepy Joe’ and his cadre of rabid left-wingers tanked the economy all on their own without any help from any supposed crisis. After witnessing all that has taken place in just the last year it’s more and more people who are coming to realize that there is no way that we can survive three more years of this guy. Those in the ‘fake news’ media would have us all believe that ‘Creepy Joe,’ wise sage that he is, shuts down drilling, opens our borders, causes oil prices to skyrocket, sits on the supply chain backlog and allows inflation to run rampant all to prepare us for a global conflict with Russia that is all President Trump’s fault. You simply can not make this shit up!


It has been for decades now that John Kerry-Heinz has been doing his very best to sound the alarm about how the world is coming to an end because of bogus ‘climate change.’ And it has been none of his many apocalyptic predictions that have EVER materialized. Not one! But has that stopped him from making more such predictions, no. Instead, his predictions have become all the more bizarre and continue to be made despite the fact that a changing climate, even it really was taking place, has absolutely nothing to do with any of the supposed calamities that he insists upon claiming that it does. This guy has been a pathetic loser his entire life!

And so it was that once again bogus ‘climate change’ extremist John Kerry-Heinz was, just this past Monday, busily warning anyone who would listen that geopolitical tensions including floods, famine, pestilence, war and rumors of war MUST NOW all be set to one side as the time has come for yet another “urgent” climate conference to seal the fate of the world. Kerry-Heinz appealed for everyone to focus and his climate call as the U.S. and Egypt on Monday launched a joint working group to prepare for the COP27 conference in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in November. Yes, by all means, we should all focus on him and not on the mess ‘Creepy Joe’ has made.

As the man chosen by *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden to be his Special Envoy for Climate, who is about as qualified for such a post as is Tony Fauci for his, Kerry-Heinz said other world tensions, including coronavirus and the ongoing Ukraine crisis, “will not change the reality of what is happening every day with respect to our climate,” and called the issue an “international threat for all of us.” And it was during a news briefing in Cairo, with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry, that he said, “There are no politics in this. There is no ideology in this. This is not anything to do with some of the issues.” And rather remarkably he was able to say it with a straight face.  

When Kerry-Heinz was asked why he chose to fly private, he responded private jets are “the only choice for someone like me.” This moron claimed, “If you offset your carbon, it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.” Anyone with even an ounce of commonsense understands that bogus ‘climate change’ is all about power, not the environment. Just as all of the mask mandates are all about power, not public health. If all the pompous signers of the Paris Climate Accord actually gave a flying fart about the issue, they’d confront Communist China, which is in the process of building 43 coal-fired generating plants.

Think of the amount of sheer narcissism you must possess in order to think that not only can you stop Earth’s climate from changing, but you can maintain it at current levels in perpetuity. These folks know nothing about science. All the predictions of rising sea levels by 7 feet in 28 years are based on ignorance. The Earth measures time in millions and billions of years. There won’t be any sudden seven-foot rise in sea level unless there is a serious event with our sun or our planet leaves its orbit. Things don’t happen that fast in the natural world unless it is a violent change. If violent change happens, the temperature outside will be the least of our worries.

Most violent change in Earth’s history led to repeated ice ages and extinction events, of which we have had at least three. It seldom, if ever, results in hot deserts. Look, it’s an election year, which makes it time for yet another Democrat eco terror campaign. In 2020 they used the COVID bio-terror campaign, but after two years that is losing its effectiveness. Time for the Left to switch back to a tried-and-true terrorist campaign. ‘Global warming’ didn’t work, ‘climate change’ didn’t work so now it’s all about a ‘climate crisis.’ And so once again we have another Democrat trying to do what it is that Democrats do best, ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’

Bogus ‘climate change’ is the Democrats favorite go-to problem that only government can solve and thus justifies the confiscating of more taxpayer wealth. We’ve been told that ‘climate change’ is the reason for the exponential increase in homelessness – oh wait – closing people’s businesses did that. ‘Climate change’ is the reason for the uptick in violence – oh wait the lockdowns and revolving doors in our jails did that. ‘Climate change’ is the reason for the unprecedented increase in drug abuse and over-doses – oh wait the open border did that. Climate is the reason for our children wanting to commit suicide at an alarming rate. No wait mandates did that.

We don’t need ‘global warming’ in order to have famine and pestilence, it would seem that all we really need is to have a Democrat *president. And, sadly, we’ve got one, albeit by fraudulent means. And because of him, specifically, we now have much MORE important issues in need of being ‘urgently’ addressed like the economy, inflation, war, Americans left in Afghanistan, Illegals pouring in the southern border, Terrorists coming in the southern border, DRUGS coming in the southern border. And this idiot, who travels around in his private jet and on a private yacht thinks ‘climate change’ is the most important crisis in need of being addressed? It’s not even close.

The man is the epitome of all that it means to be a hypocrite, as well as an overblown pain in the ass. He’s been taking money from the taxpayers in one form or another all of his adult life. His constant shouts of alarm are clearly based on what can only be described as being some rather deeply flawed science, and the total disregard for all the false alarms raised by him and his ilk over the last 50 years. The world is now cooling, though ‘climate change’ zealots, like Kerry-Heinz and that other boob Al Gore, will do their best to ignore and obscure this process, which will likely become all the more and more evident over the course of the next several years.

John Kerry-Heinz, grifter extraordinaire! Back in the 1960s we were all told by the ‘experts’ that by the year 2000 over population was going to cause famine, pestilence, disease and war. In the 1970s those same experts had said a new ice age was on its way with total disaster by the year 2000. And in the 1980s these experts predicted financial collapse before the year 2000. More recently it was experts of a different type saying we needed 15 days to flatten the curve. It seems that the only thing these experts are actual experts on, is failed predictions. If no crisis exists there will always be the need to invent one. All an expert is, is a ‘drip under pressure!’

Kerry-Heinz is a multi-billionaire who made his money the old-fashioned way, he married it. And we can add to that the fact that he’s little more than a communist sympathizer who’s never put in a full day’s work in his entire unremarkable life. Now he says that we should ignore the Four Horsemen and hug a tree. He displays the arrogant vapidity of a career politician who has no inkling of what life is like for normal, average folks . He has his treasure laid up in all the wrong places, for sure. If you’re not rich enough to offset your carbon footprint with credits, you should just die. That’s the message of the global elite and the Democrat socialist ruling party!

Can these progressive woke snowflakes, aka Democrats, be any more stupid and dangerous? ‘Creepy Joe’ cancelled President Trump’s sanctions on the Russian-EU pipeline essentially giving Vlad Putin the ‘greenlight” to leverage and to threaten Ukraine. China owns the Biden family and is doing the same to Taiwan. North Korea has started up its missiles again. Iran’s nuclear arms program is back on track. Both Russia and China’s military have now developed indefensible hypersonic weapons, while ‘Creepy Joe’s military leadership rolls-out pronoun sensitivity training! Meanwhile, Kerry-Heinz is worried about climate change!! Are you kidding me??

Finally, all of this ‘climate’ nonsense is just another scheme to enslave and impoverish the middle and working classes. This has never been about science; it always was about power and control. Yet Kerry-Heinz continues to get on the private jet he inherited from his wife’s dearly departed former husband and fly hither and yon preaching cleanliness and science to all of us ignorant Deplorables. Kerry-Heinz is a disgrace to this country. He has a very long history of lying going all the way to he relatively brief, yet very personally rewarding, stint in Vietnam. He’s the very last guy that we should believe when it comes to any supposed apocalypse looming over the horizon.


If it’s not from the Democrats, and it’s not from the many boobs in the ‘fake news’ media and it’s not from the RINOs that we continually hear about how it is that Donald Trump is somehow an albatross around the neck of the Republican Party, then, apparently, we can be sure to hear it from those who were once considered by many to be conservatives but with the arrival of Donald Trump onto the political scene revealed themselves to be conservatives not at all. Such a person is none other than Frank Luntz, one-time conservative pollster. And if Luntz, not unlike Karl Rove, says something, you can now take it to the bank that just the opposite is true.

And it was Luntz, during an appearance just this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” who made the rather odd assessment regarding this fall’s midterm elections, saying that Republicans will win control of the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections and that it’s only former President Trump who could actually end causing them to lose. And standing in for former ‘Slick Willy’ hack, and supposed ‘journalist’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, it was guest-host Jonathan Karl who asked, “Are Republicans feeling some anxiety about tying themselves too closely to a Donald Trump where it seems to be the legal walls seem to be moving in on him?”

Of course, Karl is little more than a babbling idiot, as is Luntz himself. These two propagandists chose to use this show to bring up President Trump’s supposed “legal problems.” Russia, Russia, Russia is gone, so they can no longer beat that dead horse. So, since they no longer have that to talk about, they’re desperately trying to hang onto any negatives they can to tie to President Trump. Luntz said, “Let’s make some news. If you look at the polling data, and you do the focus groups, you talk to independents as I have done, I find it difficult to see any other conclusion than Republicans winning control of the House and winning control of the Senate.”

And this overweight dolt the went on to say, “Now a lot of stuff can change. And I know that we don’t know what’s going to happen in Ukraine. But Republicans should win both of those based on what’s happening right now and what we know is going to happen in the coming months.” He continued, “Only Donald Trump could stand in that way. Only Donald Trump, what he says, how he says it, could prevent Republicans from winning the majority. If he makes this about November of 2020 or January of 2021, it could cost Republicans the Senate.” And he added, “If he tries to make this election about himself, the Republicans could lose due to Trump.”

On the contrary, if Republicans want to take back the House and the Senate then what they really need to do is to stop listening to morons like Luntz. Because it’s Luntz, and those like him, who likely thinks that the ‘Lincoln Project’ is the key to Republicans winning the House and Senate. Luntz sold out a long time ago, he found out that he could make more money shilling for the Left. He’s another NeverTrumper that’s long past his ‘sell by’ date. And while I am certainly no ‘brilliant’ pollster, even I know that without President Trump’s support the Republicans are most certain to lose. Republican elites will lose every time to ‘American First’ Republicans!

Donald Trump is the political juggernaut he is because when he spoke to the American people each felt like he was speaking to them, but more importantly, they felt he was listening to them. He made promises to them, and he kept them, which only made people support him more. The elites believe that if they can only rid themselves of Donald Trump, all of their problems will go away with him. They just can’t admit that President Trump’s supporters are the result of decades of duplicitous treatment by ‘Establishment RINOs.’ But ridding the party of Donald Trump will also rid the party of his ‘America First’ supporters. And if that happens, the party will be forever doomed.

President Trump is the ONLY reason that the Republicans may actually have a shot at what many have predicted as a Red Wave coming this November. And without him, the Republicans are nothing but dead in the water. But still watch for the Republicans to continue their effort to ditch President Trump even if they are successful in taking control of Congress. Dumping Donald Trump and then holding an olive branch out to the Democrats with an offer to let by bygones be bygones will be the first move the RINOs will make. And all of the shenanigans perpetrated by Democrats against President Trump will merely be water under the proverbial bridge.

It’s millions of Americans who remain loyal to President Trump. And frankly there is nothing that any of these ‘fake news’ media clowns can say that is going to change anyone’s mind. They don’t want us to keep hearing about how the election was stolen by the Democrats. And, according to Luntz, if President Trump keeps harping about the election being stolen it may turn people off and cause them to vote for Democrats in the midterms. This is a faulty logic since Democrats are already losing ground due to the insane policies coming from ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. which has turned this country upside down in just over a year. This insanity has got to come to an end!

Republican Party success in the midterms, could be affected by RINO and Democrat efforts to undermine and/or remove President Trump as a candidate for 2024. Establishment Republicans think they can use President Trump’s coattails to regain control of Congress, while at the same time eliminating him as the leader of the party, and as the party’s front-runner heading into 2024. The question is, will the Republican base tolerate this? Democrats, and those like Luntz, have been lying about Donald Trump for six years now. Nothing they’ve accused him of, has stuck. The only Republicans Trump will hurt are the RINOs he speaks out against.

Establishment hacks, again like Luntz, still deny that there is any kind of an upside to President Trump’s appeal in motivating the base to come out and vote for Republicans. The Establishment’s ‘business as usual’ policies excite absolutely no one outside the beltway. The truth is just the opposite of what Luntz says. Because if the Republican Party chooses to embrace traitors like Cheney and Kinzinger it will be that that keeps Republicans at home on the Election Day, and there will be no hope for Republicans to regain control of either the House or the Senate. After all, who is it, exactly, who will be willing to vote for a party whose leaders openly despise them?

Apparently, Luntz either didn’t get the memo, or he’s simply choosing to ignore it. President Trump is now the official leader of the modern-day conservative movement. “We the People” are sick of all the phony investigations, we are sick of those like Luntz telling to just let the last election go and focus on the next one. We want to establish election integrity, we are sick of endless wars for the benefit the elites, we are sick of elites thinking they actually are smarter than “We the People,” and the majority of us think that President Trump is most qualified to carry out our wishes. Frank needs to crawl back under whatever rock he came out from under, and stay there.

Finally, here’s what Luntz and so many in the ‘fake news’ media either don’t understand or, for whatever reason, are choosing to ignore. A massive change is needed in Washington and RINOs are most definitely not the answer. We need true conservative leadership not those RINOs who only claim to be conservatives, but clearly are not. Just look at what the Left has done in the last couple of years. ‘America First’ Republicans must be willing to step up and get this country back on the right track as it was under President Trump. President Trump lifted the curtain and showed the American people the stench of DC. Corruption is rampant!

The Democrats, along with their RINO allies, are simply doing the bidding of those who are not only the enemies of America but are the enemies of freedom. They’re doing their best to bankrupt our country and it’s only true conservative leaders who will be able to stop them. Leaders who are willing to put the country above personal profit, leaders who genuinely care more about whether this country can be made to survive for future generations than they care about selling it off piece by piece in exchange for personal wealth. That is why Luntz, the ‘fake news’ media, the RINOs and the Democrats ALL hate him so much. He’s a man who cannot be bought off.


And so now it would seem that our cadre of congressional RINOs have come up with yet another tactic that can be used, and quite successfully, to stab the American people squarely in the back. And just what might that new tactic be? Apparently, it’s choosing to simply not show up to do what it is that you were elected to do, represent your constituents. So I ask you, when was the last time YOU could simply choose not to show up at your job. Just who do these assholes think they are that they can decide for themselves when they are, and are not, going to show up for work?

And so what we have here is just another example of the arrogance of these gutless wonders and how truly disconnected they have become with those folks who put them into office. Such blatant dereliction of duty is deserving of nothing less than death, politically speaking, of course. Which now brings me to those to whom I have been talking about. You see, it was four Senate RINOs who simply choose not to show up for a vote on an amendment that would have defunded *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s remaining vaccine mandates, thus ensuring its failure. Good job boys!!! Not!!!

You see, the Senate recent voted on Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment to the continuing resolution (CR), which would defund ‘Creepy Joe’s remaining vaccine mandates. The measure failed 46-47 because RINOs Mitt Romney, Jim Inhofe, Lindsey Graham, and Richard Burr chose not to show up to vote, thus depriving Senate Republicans of a potential majority to pass the amendment to the CR. Democrats Joe Manchin and Jon Tester who voted in December for a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to defund the private employer vaccine mandate, both voted no on Lee’s amendment.

The Supreme Court has blocked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration vaccine mandate for large employers; however, the federal government can still enforce the other four mandates, which include the mandates on medical workers, military personnel, federal employees, and federal contractors. Lee and Sens. Roger Marshall, Cynthia Lummis, Mike Braun, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have led the fight to defund ‘Creepy Joe’s vaccine mandates. Meanwhile, RINOs like the four previously mentioned apparently disagree and in so doing chose to stand with the Democrats.

Daniel Horowitz, a senior editor at the Blaze, said, “Imagine Burr, Inhofe, Romney and Graham thinking that they had something more important than defeating sickening mandates on human bodies. If they don’t want to be there for the most important votes they should resign.” I certainly can’t disagree with that statement. Seriously. The Democrats may be a pack of communists, but they at least know how to team up to get what they want. These RINOs are, by comparison, little more than a ship of fools. If victory looks imminent, they always seem to find a way to lose.

These ‘surrender and go along’ RINOs are always able to find a way to lose. They fumble the ball, throw an interception, or call time out just as they are about to score. We need an ‘America First’ Congress that will honestly represent the American public, not the political parties and big money donors. We got into the mess we’re in because we trusted the wrong people to run our elections. These RINOs are NOT Republicans. The four that did not show up are saboteurs to the core. They are nothing more than Democrat moles working on the inside to act as a firewall.

The power of incumbency is demonstrated again and the only antidote for such treachery is the power of term limits. This is more from the same group of ‘usual suspects.’ The same names keep coming along with Collins and Murkowski anytime anti-Republican or anti-Trump legislation comes up. Time for all of these RINOs to go. And while it could likely take 2-3 elections to complete the necessary house cleaning, we should not be deterred from moving forward in that endeavor. We must focus like a laser on the goal of getting rid of every single one of these pathetic RINOs.

It goes without saying that this RINO contingent will always work to sabotage any and all attempts by the party to return power to the people who put them in office. They are tyrants as much any Democrat, but at least in their case we all know what we’re getting! The biggest problem with the Republican Party is that they allow the party to be so easily infiltrated by frauds who, while the claim to be conservatives when running, once safely elected do nothing more than to ally themselves with the Democrats. Republican voters can no longer allow themselves to be so easily fooled.

Every single day these treasonous swine show what they think of you. And so long as they have several years left in their current term they consider themselves to be pretty much bulletproof because they’re confident in the knowledge that by the time the next election rolls around their constituents will have long ago forgotten all about their treachery and cheerfully vote for them again creating what is nothing more than a vicious cycle. RINOs are far more of a threat than even are the Democrats. Voters need to get, and remain, better informed about those for whom they vote.

And as bad as the Democrats have become in allowing the radical left to essentially seize control of their party, the far greater threat to our nation comes from these RINOs who, while they may claim to represent conservatives, continue to assist the Democrats in the destruction of our country. Lasting positive change will never happen in this country without first removing the corrupt RINOs from the Republican Party. As it has been said: Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

It’s funny how this all works when you’re in government. I’ve worked for the better part of 50 years, 24 of which were spent in the service of my country, and was expected to be on the job every day unless I was sick, on vacation, or because of a family emergency. I guess that doesn’t apply to those who believe they rule us. They don’t show up and it’s just another day on the books. They keep getting elected despite having abandoned their constituents. Perhaps it’s time to repeal the 17th Amendment and return to having the state legislators appoint senators instead of doing so by a popular vote. Just a thought.


So let me see if I have this right. So not only are we to believe that old ‘Doc’ Tony Fauci is some kind of medical ‘expert,’ but we’re also now apparently supposed to believe that he is also somehow an expert on the subject of politics as well? Personally, I’ve never viewed this guy as being much of an expert on anything, and dare I say that he has a rather long history of proving himself to be the complete opposite. What he is, however, is a narcissistic, self-serving opportunist, besides being a liar and a mass-murderer. But hey, it’s made him a very wealthy man and isn’t that what really matters anyway? That is how those on the left look at things.

And I say political expert only because it’s Tony who now wants us all to believe that the sudden rush coming from Democrats to limit, or to do away with altogether, their draconian ‘Chinese virus’ mask mandates and other pointless restrictions has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that our midterm elections are rapidly approaching and that there is a growing sense of impending doom now being felt all across the Democrat Party. And while they may outwardly appear very confident as we head into the next election season, deep down there is a fear that they’re going to get their asses handed to them in rather spectacular fashion.

And so it was old Tony who this week insisted that blue states finally moving to lift mask mandates has nothing to do with politics, asserting it simply has to do with the data, despite the fact that the science has not changed, as prominent conservative politicians have continued to point out. It was during an appearance on MSDNC, this past Monday, that Tony said, “I wouldn’t say it’s the politics. I think it’s the different evaluation of what’s right for a particular community,”, discussing the wave of Democrats who have had what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis described as an “epiphany” and began to announce the end of mask mandates across the states and in schools.

Tony said, “When you use the word politics, I’m not sure it’s that. I just think at the local level, there’s a strong feeling of needing to get back to normality,” before pointing to the “science of it.” And he went on to add, “Now, if you look at the science of it, I mean the direction is going in the right direction. Are we there yet in every single place throughout the country? I don’t believe so. But there are some places that are looking at what the trajectory is, and are saying let’s go with it.” And then he went on to insist that many blue state ‘leaders’ are simply “trying to get back to some form of normality by pulling back on restrictions.” Anyone believing that?

It’s been just over the course of the past week that Blue state governors in Illinois, New Jersey and Delaware announced plans to pull back on certain mask restrictions. But it’s been conservatives who have, and rightfully so, pointed out that the timing is of interest. It was during a press conference last week that my governor, Ron DeSantis, said, “The science has not changed one iota. We knew from the beginning, and that’s why Florida never imposed a forced masking policy on school children, and that’s why we fought to liberate the kids from the forced masking that was done on the local level because there was never a justification for it.” And he was spot on.

And he then went on to say, “So when you start to see them kind of reevaluate or say all this, just understand this. The science didn’t change. The medical science didn’t change. The political science changed. They feel the heat. They know that voters have been tired of perpetual lockdown policies.” And he added, “They know that they have basically offered no offramp and they know that they’re fixing to be whooped at the polls, so that’s causing the epiphany.” And these Democrats apparently think we’re all too stupid to see what it is that they are really up to. Now granted, most of those who tend to vote for Democrats, very likely, are actually that stupid.

I like to think of myself as a guy who likes to do his own research which, according to CNN is something considered to be highly dangerous. And it’s according to that research that it would appear that when Red states go against the dictates of old ‘Doc’ Tony, it’s considered to be political. But when Blue states do the exact same thing, it’s because of “the data”, and therefore not political. Do I have that right? But here’s the problem for old ‘Doc Tony’ now. If, according to him, the “data” has “changed,” then aren’t those Democrat states and/or cities (or schools, for that matter) that are still following the OLD “data,” then aren’t they anti-science?

The claim will, of course, be made that the data has changed, but the data has long been highly suspect. And it still remains unclear when comes to the distinction between those who died WITH Covid as opposed to those who died FROM Covid. The data has always been needed to be taken with a grain of salt. And I imagine the Democrats are now looking at how those in other countries are rising up against the totalitarian rule of their respective governments. And they’re beginning to fear what may lie ahead for them this November. So, in order to mitigate that possible scenario, they reluctantly admit defeat, but use ‘science’ as the scapegoat for their defeat.

No one with any commonsense left still cares what this traitorous little gnome has to say. He confidently claims that it has nothing to do with politics. But come this September it’s Creepy Joe and the Democrats who will likely be claiming to have cured COVID and all the mandates will be removed just in time for the November elections. It’s only now, with the prospect of a potential political annihilation, that the Democrats are ‘choosing’ to follow the ‘science.’ The very same ‘science’ that has said all along that masks don’t work to stop viral spread. The very same ‘science’ that said children don’t spread viruses in a school setting, or at home.

No doubt they were hoping their power grab would work out differently, with people being more compliant while being coerced. Then they could adjust the amplification cycles for the PCR tests, claim they saved us (from their own tyranny), end mandates, and have a winning campaign narrative. Too bad that some conservative governors, mayors, and city councils have decided not to play well with them. People need to try to understand how PCR tests are designed to work and stop getting tested. Even the designer of the PCR test said they aren’t to be used in this manner. Coincidentally, he died of pneumonia shortly before this all hit the fan.

And how many people are dead because of Tony? Lifesaving therapeutics were denied because one man questioned them. Licensed professionals turning their backs on patients, refusing to use a treatment President Trump ‘touted.’ Our children will never get their childhoods back. Businesses gone forever. And ALL of this was political, political in the purest sense. It was never about saving lives. It was another coup to oust and make President Trump appear incompetent in an election year. The lack of self-awareness by Tony, and all those who played a part in it, is a criminal, and there needs to be accountability and prosecution. But don’t hold your breath.

And finally, the truly sad part in all of this is that after all of the fear mongering, the lying, the politicization, and the conflicting information we got from the CDC, FDA and NIH, if we ever are made to face REAL bioweapon released in this country, millions will die because we are no longer able to trust those in our government ‘health’ organizations. Way to go Tony! It will likely take years to clean this rot out of our federal health organizations! This boob should have been fired after his ridiculous AIDS opinions back in the 1980s. He is but another great example of your typical government employee and the uncanny knack that all have of always ‘failing upward.’


Have you ever wondered just how ignorant, and I mean IG-NO-RANT some people can be? Well thanks to one person we now know the answer to that question and with some degree of certainty. And just who is it that was so kind enough to provide us with the answer? Well, of course, it was none other than that ‘Black Kow’ herself, Caryn Johnson, aka Whoopi Goldberg. You see it was this past Tuesday that Caryn told the rest of the herd on ABC’s “The View” that since the presidency of Donald Trump, America has been “tipping towards the way the Taliban deals with stuff.” She said, “I got to say, you know, I told you all this when you-know-who got elected.

She said, “Remember I said it feels like we could be tipping towards the way the Taliban deals with stuff. Do you remember what you said to me? ‘I would not go that far. This is America.’ And I believe that we are much stronger than people realize, certainly much stronger than the Republicans realize. Because every bad move that you-know-who made, the Constitution said, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t do that.’ So, it is always going to be a challenge.” Caryn continued, “It’s always going to be a challenge because we, those of us of a certain age, kind of thought we were handing off doing the right thing to the next generation, forgetting that we have to stay vigilant.”

And Caryn went on to say, “This is — you know, people coming for democracy do not rest and people trying to arrest our rights.” And then another member of the herd, Joy Behar, piped up and said, “Voting rights in particular.” Which caused Caryn to then add, “Those people don’t rest. They are always up there trying to get stuff, our abortion rights, all these women’s rights we have.” And Caryn concluded by saying, “When people say you’re woke, I say I was never asleep. You cannot sleep.” Look, I know I’m not a brilliant entertainer like Caryn, but I could not make a lick of sense out of anything this stone-cold moron was trying to say.

The level of incoherence espoused on the view is simultaneously hilarious, idiotic and, frankly, scary as Hell. Scary because millions of bored, ill-informed people, mostly women, and likely those men who identify as women, listen to these cretins and, for some bizarre reason, actually take what they say as gospel. The big difference between conservatives and liberals, like the herd, is that we recognize that all people are being equal, regardless of color, gender, or lifestyle preferences. It’s those on the left, again like the members of this herd, that work to divide people into their own little groups and only because they’re easier to control that way.

The entire premise of ‘The View’ is to steadily spoon-feed Democrat talking points, and narratives, to low information twits so that they can then regurgitate them to other low information twits on Twitter and Facebook. To these twits, the herd on ‘The View’ are the female ‘Intelligentsia’ so their views MUST be the prevailing view of all women of substance. What’s unfortunate is it also makes them think they are politically astute which is, actually, a major detriment to ALL of us. This of crap is why this moron is allowed to continue as a member of the herd. They need Caryn to spread more lies and to go after President Trump and his supporters.

Let us be honest for a minute, shall we? It’s the majority of all robberies, assaults, shootings and murders in this country that are committed by what group of people? IF they were being treated like the Taliban serving justice there would be a whole lot of people walking around with missing body parts, or dead! Because that is how the Taliban handle such things. Caryn knows nothing about what she speaks. It never ceases to amaze how actors and actresses, nearly all of whom would barely make it as dishwashers, think that ‘fame’ and ‘money’ somehow bestows upon them the moral and intellectual high ground, when most of them are dumber than a box of rocks.

And the duplicity of this disgusting cow is nauseating. The Left has accosted the First and Second Amendment relentlessly around the clock for decades. This woman should stay in her lane and talk about any of the few things that she is actually an expert on, like eating and being repulsive. It’s the Left that took down statues they didn’t like. It’s the Left that changes history they don’t like. It’s the Left that attempts to silence speech en masse. It’s the Left that closed churches except for Mosques. A short list to be sure but the similarities between what the Left does and what the Taliban have done are too similar in too many ways. Wokeism has become their religion.

It isn’t Trump supporters, or even President Trump himself, who has moved the country toward what she calls Taliban. It’s the leftist media, ‘Creepy Joe,’ and morons like Caryn who behave like the Taliban. The Taliban supports a theocratic dictatorship that stifles debate. Caryn, and those like her, also support the stifling of debate and want a leftist dictatorship. Who is it, and which side of the political spectrum, that’s pulling down statues, banning books and language itself because it offends their sacred beliefs? And yet, it’s those of who stand in opposition to all of these things that are portrayed by the likes of Caryn as being

And finally, Caryn is right in a weird sort of way. But she’s actually talking about the left here. After all, just look at how they’ve handled, or mishandled, the ‘Chinese virus,’ the bogus vaccines and disastrous lockdowns. Globalist and coastal elites are trying to subjugate Middle America and the middle class. Ever since President Trump was removed from office courtesy of voter fraud in several states, leftist Democrats now in charge of all three branches of government. It’s not Republicans who are “tipping towards the way the Taliban deals with stuff,” it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. by issuing edicts and bypassing any pretense of going through the legislative process.


And so, it’s once more that I’m left asking myself just whose side is it that these supposed Republicans, these RINOs, are really on. And it’s once again that the answer is the same as it was the last time. And, of course, the only answer, as it always is, that they’re on the side of those who remain so determined to destroy this country. They are traitors, pure and simple, and are far from deserving of their high office. Instead, they are far more deserving of nothing more than swinging from the end of a rope. These people are evil personified.

And as I have said before it’s these RINOs who continue to pose a far greater threat to our Republic than do the Democrats. They are clearly in it for themselves and prove it by their willingness to continually sellout their country as well as their fellow Americans. All of which brings to there most recent act of outright treachery. And don’t be fool by the fact that this time around it was only a few who, this time, joined with the Democrats because they likely offered only the number necessary to provide the façade of ‘bipartisanship.’ 

These people are disgusting and seem to be not the least bit concerned with how the folks back home may feel about how their elected ‘leaders’ are representing them. So why is it that Republican voters continue to elect, and to re-elect, these same RINO traitors? What do they think is to be gained? And by doing do they are the accomplices of their own demise. And nothing is going to change until ‘We the People’ take it upon ourselves and force change upon those who seem so confident that we never rise up against them. But rise up we must!  

And so it was that this time around it was a ‘Gang of Four’ Senate RINOs who chose to bail out Chuckie Schumer, on Monday, by choosing to vote to advance the nomination of Dr. Robert Califf as the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Senate voted to invoke cloture, or limit debate, to advance the confirmation of the head of the FDA for a second time. The chamber invoked cloture 49-45 after these turncoat RINOs handed to Chuckie and the Democrats enough votes to advance the ‘Creepy Joe’ nominee’s confirmation.

And it was this four that was comprised of those that we’ve come to view as the ‘usual suspects.’ It was Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and of course Willard Romney who voted in favor of advancing Califf’s nomination. Califf’s nomination was controversial enough for many Democrats that Senate Democrats across the political spectrum voted against Califf. The Democrats voting against this guy included Joe Manchin, Maggie Hassan and Ed Markey. And it was Manchin who said, in speaking of ‘Dr.’ Califf, “That man is horrible.”

Mike Braun, a Republican and Manchin wrote an op-ed Monday, actually urging ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden to withdraw Califf’s nomination to lead the FDA. They said Califf has failed to address the opioid crisis and has strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Braun and Manchin argued that it makes “absolutely no sense to install a candidate who has already led the FDA in its most senior position but failed to address this crisis in any meaningful way.” But such sound advice is most certainly not going to be followed by neither ‘Creepy Joe’ or these RINOs.

Braun and Manchin wrote, “We need new, dedicated leadership that understands the gravity of the drug epidemic and will fight back against the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.” And then went on to write, “We need an FDA commissioner who is suited to handle the public health challenges our entire country is facing. That is not Dr. Califf.” And yet these four RINOs are of a differing opinion, for whatever reason, and took steps to insure that this man who should have never even been considered for the job he is now much closer to having,

Blunt is retiring this year. Murkowski’s seat is up. Collins is safe from Maine and Romney comes up in ’24. They’re all likely getting rich, or is it richer, off the opioids and the open border. Never a shortage of RINOs willing to lend Chucky a hand for a win. And they continue to do it because they are allowed under the guise of political independence. I would argue that if one is going to run calling oneself a ‘conservative’ then that is how they should then be expected to vote or be made to face immediate retribution by the party leadership.

Each of these scumbags should be stripped of all responsibility before then being removed from the caucus. And in the case Romney, it’s this piece of human excrement that never misses an opportunity to poke the American people in the eye. These useless RINOs are despised by both sides. Time to make the list and check it twice. Republican voters must have clear information as to who the RINO traitors are within our ranks. We will only be able to right this ship if we are united in our resolve to purge our party of this insidious rot.

I fear that America may have finally been done in by the very ones who we ourselves have elected. So many have become nothing but mind-numbed little robots, content to have the government make life’s tough decisions for them. They’re content to be mere subjects of an out-of-control government. We currently have an administration made up of criminals and corruption in our government is now rampant. We have NO real leadership in Congress, and we have traitors who have infiltrated the Republican Party. We have been sold out.

So, where is it that we go from here? Do we admit defeat even though it may already be too late to set things right? No, if nothing else we should make those who are responsible pay for their treachery, if it’s the last thing we do. We must not rollover, we must make them pay a price that is the equivalent of that which they are desperate to steal from us. They may in the end win the war, but they must be made to fight for every inch of ground gained. Because if others see us willing to fight they too may feel sufficiently inspired to join us, and victory may yet be ours.