It should come as no surprise that several members of our illustrious state-controlled ‘fake news’ media were determined to blame President Trump for a shooter who killed five ‘journalists’ on Thursday at a newspaper in Maryland.  And the fact that this shooter had a longstanding dispute with the newspaper dating back to before Trump even declared his candidacy for the Oval Office was apparently not worthy of being mentioned.  And it was Brian Karem, a Communist News Network (CNN) contributor and the White House correspondent for Playboy, and CNN’s Don Lemon who suggested on the same day as this shooting that being a ‘journalist’ has now become far more dangerous than being in a war zone.

It was Lemon who began what was a rather silly exchange by saying, “Well, it shows you the dangers of this job.”  Lemon went onto say, “So many people throw out terms about journalists and say really derogatory things about journalists, but our jobs are very dangerous and many times we go into a war zone.”  And he said, “This turned into a war zone today without anyone having to go overseas and put on flak jackets.”  Karem then chimed in saying, “I’ve served in a war zone and it didn’t feel like this. I got a couple of of threats today after the shooting. People saying I don’t deserve to breathe air and that — why am I alive.”  Does this stooge really expect us to believe that there is someone out there sending death threats?

And this boob then continued saying, “And they send it to our newspaper and they send them to other newspapers. And that’s the new reality in which we live.”  Karem then compared journalism in the United States to “the ranks of Russia and third world nations where reporters lives aren’t safe.”  Personally, I’m of the opinion that most of us would be rather hard-pressed to come up with any sort of a list of any bona fide journalists that we might have these days.  Because while clowns like Lemon may view themselves as being ‘journalists’, they are, in reality, nothing of the kind.  Not even close.  What they are are paid propagandists.  They are paid to do one thing and one thing only…Lie to the American people at the behest of Democrats!

What a slap in the face to our brave, honorable military personnel actually serving in war zones, past and present.  And what an idiotic claim to make.  A war zone?  These boneheads, whether or not they can bring themselves to admit it, are protected everyday by soldiers who willingly put themselves in harm’s way, and give their lives if necessary, in order to protect the life of every American citizen. These self-important douche bags need to be slapped upside their head for thinking that what they do is in any way considered dangerous!  Let’s face it, a day in the life of these so-called journalists consists of sitting at a computer and typing ‘fake news’ for their next column of broadcast. Their lives are just so dangerous.

It would seem that those involved in our state-controlled media complex are experiencing increasingly twisted panties.  The Left has a real projection problem. When Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter and an undeniably conservative hater who was incited by the media, they said nothing to see here…Move on.  In fact they were downright content and, dare I say, glad that it had happened.  I firmly believe that they actually thought those who got shot were getting what they truly deserved.  Because that has become the mentality of those who present to you, on a daily basis, what is supposed to be usable ‘news and information’ but that is in reality, nothing of the sort.

And I find it difficult to believe that any of these pathetic losers are on the receiving end of any credible death threats.  If so, they need to be providing some kind of proof that they have.  Show us the emails, the texts, or the letters they’ve received. Or, show us the police reports that were prepared when they notified the police of the threat.  If I received a credible threat, the second thing I would do is contact the police.  The first would be to make sure one is in the chamber.  But as is usually the case with such claims made by those on the left, these supposed threats were either never made in the first place, or were made by someone known by the person supposedly being threatened.  In other words, they’re bogus.

And let’s be honest, these self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ long ago lost any comprehension of what it takes to be a bona fide ‘journalist’, or what the job of those in the press is supposed to be.  And I know this to be true because a real ‘journalist’ does not behave as if they are an agent of a particular political party, nor does he, or she, collaborate with that party to spread a false narrative for the specific purpose of bolstering the party’s position on a specific issue.  There is a reason that so much of what we hear from supposed ‘mainstream news’ sources is described as being little more than ‘fake news.’ Because that’s what it is!  Which is why those in the media are trusted even less than those in Congress to tell the truth.

And I can’t help wondering if those involved in the creating of all this ‘fake news’ genuinely think that the majority of Americans are really that stupid.  Because, personally, I’m pretty pissed off to think that these morons see me as being stupid enough to believe whatever they tell me.  Over that last decade or so, and to some degree even before, it’s become increasingly difficult to see any of these self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ as being anything other than a parody and the nightly news programming as anything other than a bad SNL skit.  And yet, they keep peddling the same crap night after night, week after week and year after year.  They just don’t get that a growing number of people no longer believe them.

Words and actions matter. Truth matters.  And yet it’s the truth that most often tends to be the first thing sacrificed and all in the effort to get the story out.  And if the president throws the ‘fake news’ flag, via Twitter or by some other means, all of these faux ‘journalists’ have a cow.  If they don’t want to be accused of spreading ‘fake news’ then they shouldn’t spread ‘fake news.’  It’s pretty simple.  But the sad fact is that they hate this president to such a degree that there is nothing to which they will not stoop in what has been, and continues to be, their effort to bring down our duly elected president.  As I said, words and actions matter, but it’s the truth that now no longer seems to matter to these people.

And the fact that they continue to appear as being totally unhinged doesn’t really help their cause or encourage us to believe anything that they have to say.  It would seem that they’ve become desperate to have us believe them.  And when we don’t, instead of toning down their rhetoric, and trying to sound a bit more sane, they tend to only ratchet things up to the point where they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  You can’t convince someone that your argument is worthy of being listened to when you come across as a raving lunatic.  President Trump is not a Nazi. Nor are those of us who support him, Nazis.  And yet every single day that’s what we are accused of being.  It’s a lie and it’s nothing short of crazy!  And yet…


Democrats 68

I’m beginning to think that the Democrat Party is coming to see itself less as a political party and more as a mob. Violence against Republicans and conservatives is on the rise and Democrats and their state-controlled media allies are now actively encouraging it.  And while they insist upon using President Trump as their motivation for doing so, it’s more out of convenience that anything else. Trump’s only crime is that he defeated she who was the most qualified person ever to run for president.  What’s truly behind this escalation in violence is pure fear on the part of the Democrat Party.  Fear of becoming permanently out of power.

And the toxic rhetoric isn’t limited to crazed tweets and rambling columns. It’s resulting in real-world confrontations.  A recent string of incidents should make every American pause and reflect on the direction that the Democrat Party is pushing this country.  In a broader threat, Wikileaks released, and Antifa promoted the names and contact information of at least 9,000 ICE agents over the weekend, putting those public servants and their families at risk.  And we can’t forget when Republican congressmen were shot by a left-wing activist as they played baseball last year, with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise nearly dying from his gunshot wounds.

Now if these threats and confrontations were coming from the grassroots of leftist activists alone, that would be bad enough.  But, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case as they are now getting marching orders from some of the highest-ranking, and far leftwing, Democrat officials in the country.  Democrats such as ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters have been working to intensify this climate of intimidation and violence.  And it was ‘Mad Maxine’ who told supporters this past weekend that if they “see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them.”

Hollyweird too is doing its part to incite this violent reality. Last week, Peter Fonda tweeted, “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will stand up against the giant a–hole she is married to.”  Democrat leaders are trying to distance themselves from the likes of ‘Mad Maxine’ and Fonda, but this poisonous left-wing rhetoric is nothing new.  Since day one, President Trump, his administration and supporters have been compared to Nazis. In January, Democrat Yvette Clarke stood outside New York’s ICE headquarters and called it the “Gestapo of the United States of America.”

And there was MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough who said on Monday that a tweet Mike Huckabee sent — which merely called out Nancy Pelosi for being soft on MS-13 — “parallels to the 1930s in Germany” or “let’s say David Duke, if that makes you feel more comfortable.”  The same day, popular Hollyweird director Judd Apatow tweeted that President Trump is a Nazi.  This irresponsible hyperbole is putting people’s lives in danger. Democrats and their leftwing media allies have succeeded in convincing many liberal activists that they live in a fascist dystopia. Their campaign of misinformation and violent rhetoric is creating this toxic environment.

The Democrat Party goes to great pains to paint itself as being the party of tolerance, but in its desperation to resist President Trump, it has now become the party of violence.  It is clear that the left will accept no dissent and tolerate no conservative heresy. Yet, the only way the confrontations and the threat of violence will subside is the same way we got here — for Democrat leaders to issue marching orders to disarm and engage in peaceful discourse only. If they don’t, Republican lives are surely at stake.  But with that said, if the left truly thinks that they can succeed in their attempt to intimidate us, then I’m afraid they’re in for a very rude awakening.

Let’s face it, all of this hostility coming from the Democrats is really nothing new. It’s how they’ve been operating for some time now, with it becoming much worse during the Barry ‘O’ years.  What the Democrat Party has long been, is the party of hate, the party of death, the party of racism, and the party of intolerance, so it should come as a surprise to no one that it has also now become the party of violence.  For someone to identify themselves as a Democrat requires a level of unimaginable ignorance.  The Democrats have always had an affinity to violence. Anytime the Democrats are told “no,” they think that then provides to them a license to riot.

Seriously, who wants the party of bullies at the helm of our nation, except maybe other bullies?  They threaten to destroy the nation lest we cede control to them.  Democrats are in constant need of being reminded that there is more than one political party in this country and that they are not somehow entitled to win every election.  Nor can they change the outcome of an election with bullying, threats, and physical violence.  And they must be made to understand, by whatever means necessary, that we will not give in to their demands to change existing laws in a manner that will improve their chances in future elections.

The Democrat Party has now gone so far left, and moving even further, that I think it safe to say that they have now gone quite mad. And it should be obvious that insane people cannot be trusted, reasoned with, or ignored. They should be allowed nowhere near the reins of power.  Therefore they desire what they most certainly should never have.  They seem not to understand reality. If they get violent we have the right to defend ourselves.  These progressives, after having sold what little was left of their souls, are now starting to exhibit the effects of being soulless.  More and more they seem to be openly advocating the tearing apart of America.

Those on the left whether in the media, in entertainment, or in politics seem to become a bit more unhinged every day.  They continually try to one up each other as their vitriol has becomes even more incendiary.  Just look around at how absurd the progressives have become.  In light of all of their ploys failing, they have resorted to just making up fake news with made up sources and name calling as well as threats. The other tactic they’ve begun using is to not report or barely mention the successes of the Republicans.  Just sit back and watch them continue to “crack up” when they realize that all they have done is to make themselves look crazy.


Hitlery 28

Nearly two years after Hitlery lost her second attempt be become president, the former first lady, former Senator and Barry O’s secretary of state still can’t let go of the fact that she actually lost. So it was then that repeat presidential candidate Hitlery spent much of her speech given at England’s University of Oxford this past Monday heaping a bit more criticism on America’s Electoral College. Hitlery, as you may recall, lost the 2016 presidential campaign with 232 electoral votes to President Trump’s 306, and has previously called for scrapping America’s system of electing presidents, instead relying on a direct one-person, one-vote election.

She has recently traveled to many other foreign countries since the election for the purpose of dumping on the Electoral College and other great American ideas, probably because her American audiences is essentially done listening to her complain in their own country.  And it was during her speech at Oxford that Hitlery said, “Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. Now, there are many other lessons like this. Louise mentioned my personal experience with winning three million more votes but still losing.”  And she then went on to add, “And we will leave discussions of American Electoral College for another day.”

But the sad fact is that Hitlery had 90 percent of the media promoting her and tearing down your opponent. She had nearly all of Hollyweird in her corner as well as most of academia. And she effectively owned the DNC. And still she couldn’t manage a win. She lost because most people didn’t believe her to be trustworthy and she confirmed their distrust by keeping a private email server and then lying about why she had it. She lost because she called 50 percent of the voting public “deplorable.” She lost because she’s a hypocrite, championing women’s rights and then trashing/threatening the women your husband harassed and abused.

She lost because her political positions shift with the wind. She lost because she offered no compelling reason for people to vote for her, other than “it’s my turn.” But most of all, she lost because, while Donald Trump was talking about the economy and jobs, she was talking about nothing more than Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for those of us who still love this country, “He’s worse than me” proved not to be an effective campaign strategy.  And so she will continue on her tour telling anyone who will listen how it was that she was cheated out of what was rightfully hers and about how she deserved to be president.

Hitlery was lamenting the power of populism when the subject of the Electoral College came up.  She said, “Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. Now, there are many other lessons like this. Louise mentioned my personal experience with winning 3 million more votes, but still losing. And we will leave discussions of American Electoral College for another day, but Mounk concludes by saying, ‘Turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites, both inside the country and around the world, persistently underestimate the threat which these kinds of leaders pose to the survival of democratic institutions.’”

Hitlery also suggested American citizens, under President Trump, may come to lose their rights to due process.  She said, “Today, the American president tweeted there should be no judicial process, there should be no due process for anyone who crosses the border.”  And she went on to say, “I can’t help but think, if you strip immigrants and asylum seekers of due process and judicial review, who is next?” Hitlery said President Trump’s immigration policies have brought about a “dark hour in America.”  On the contrary, it has become obvious that we finally have a president who seems to see the value in ensuring that America remains a sovereign nation.

Hitlery said, “Fundamental rights, civic virtue, even facts and reason are under assault. And as we have been painfully reminded in my own country, the consequences are severe. Over the past few weeks, Americans from every political background, ideology, religion and walk of life have watched heartbroken and outraged as immigrant families are ripped apart.”  She added, “Children as young as infants, three months, eight months, babies one and two years, toddlers are treated cruelly as political pawns. Yet even in this dark hour in America, we are witnessing an outpouring of moral conviction, civic engagement, a commitment to standing up for the most vulnerable among us.”

So, having said all that, let us all take just a moment to be thankful that it was she who lost the election and Donald Trump who won! This woman is so dishonest. The founders put in the Electoral College for good reason, each state gets a say in the election, not just the highly populated ones. Does anyone really want the idiots in California and New York to be deciding every election? Would the candidates ever bother visiting voters in Iowa? The irony is that the Democrats want to switch to simple one-man/one-vote national election scheme. And yet, they screamed about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.

It is the simple popular vote that is more easily corrupted: fowl the election system in one (or several) relatively large populous states, like California, New York or Illinois and the legitimacy of the election outcome can be compromised. The Electoral College, as Barry himself stated, makes it virtually impossible to affect election outcome. Yes, predictably the Democrats would wish to move to a system where the outcome could be more easily compromised, even manipulated.  There is always an ulterior motive for everything the Democrats come up with, and can you think of anything from which there would be more dire consequences?

The case for keeping the Electoral College can be very easily made by using a football analogy.  During the game we have one team that marches down the field 8 times for 540 yards, but doesn’t score each time. The other team gets good field position on a few punts, throws long passes for three touchdowns and a total of 320 yards. Final score – 21-0. But the team that couldn’t score demands the win because they gained more yards during the game. The Electoral College worked as advertised. It exists PRECISELY for the purpose of removing the natural advantage of urban population centers giving “Flyover America” a more equal footing in the exercise of power.

Let’s be honest, Barry NEEDED Hitlery to win so his corruption and treasonous acts against America would never be discovered and would remained covered up until such time they had long been forgotten. But she lost and all the treasonous acts and concocted stories about Russian collusion on the part of the Trump campaign are being seen for what they are: lies and Democrat corruption with the help of the FBI and DOJ. Spies within these organizations have continued with their attempts to get President Trump impeached but it hasn’t work and hopefully all who took part in this corruption will soon be in jail and goes as far up as Barry himself.

Hitlery has no shame, and displays her mental illness publicly over and over. The genius Founding Fathers didn’t want less than a few densely populated coastal states with a different culture than the rest of the 45 states to dictate to the overwhelming majority of states the leader of the country. Most of her votes came from millions of illegals immigrants in California who would be dependent on the state and vote for the state handouts. The Left seeks to replace the American electorate with them. But keep it up. Hitlery, Pelosi and Mad Maxine are the quintessential representatives of the failed in debt, rabidly violent Democrat Party.

Hopefully, what should naturally be huge Congressional gains in November for the party out of power, will be a rare mid-term victory for the party in the White House. And if so we’ll have those like Hitlery, Pelosi, Cryin Chuck, Mad Maxine and Warren to thank. I’ve always believed (and still do) that any U.S. politician who goes to another country and complains about the U.S. or about our system of government is a coward. If he or she has something critical or constructive to say, it should be said here and dealt with here. Going abroad and complaining about life at home demonstrates both a lack of courage and an absence of character.


Democrats 67

It was a recent CBS “battleground” poll, that oddly enough was +8% Democrat, which succeeds in making it all the more clear just how thoroughly out of touch the Democrat Party has now become with a majority of the American.  Because it is this poll that shows it is now that a solid 63% of Americans who favor illegal immigrants being arrested or sent back to their home country.  Only 21% (hardliner Democrats and open border lobby) want the illegals to be released and trusted to show up for their court hearing.

What this poll clearly shows is that in spite of what has been, and continues to be, a full court press by not only those in the Democrat Party, the state-controlled media, Hollyweird celebrities and many of this country’s leftist activists/anarchists, the American people simply refuse to buy all of the hype.  Not that abject rejection will stop those who have become so very obviously unhinged. They will continue to find a way to rationalize that these poll results do nothing less than to indicate that they are somehow still winning.

Look at these so-called ‘children’, coming into our country.  If indeed 63% of Americans do agree that we should arrest and deport those in this country illegally, then it proves the American people simply are not buying the constant propaganda from the left and they realize what’s underway here is nothing more than a Democrat sponsored invasion. I hope President Trump sticks with that theme because it is an invasion, asylum seekers are supposed to stop at the first country they hit, but they don’t, they come to America.

And Mexico continues to allow them free passage through the country, even assisting them as they pass through on their way to America. The leaders of Mexico are complacent, and very willingly so, in this ongoing invasion. Mexico is in no way a friend of the United States.  Efforts needs to be made to punish Mexico. No more trade until they secure their side of the border and stop helping these people. Even for those welfare recipients, more illegal immigrants represent a threat. They are competition for government resources.

No American citizen or immigrant benefits from illegals, except those business owners seeking cheap labor instead of hiring American workers. Not even current illegals already here, benefit from more illegals coming. Properly explained to the public, it is a huge losing issue for the left. I didn’t expect them to try to be so overt about what they want. I suppose the need to fill the news with other information to hide the new facts showing that the Mueller investigation was started as a result of political motives, requires a distraction.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, all their cards are on the table! The Marxist left and their globalist brethren are showing who they really are. If we choose to ignore them we could just lose our country. But if we spread the truth and counter all of the propaganda we can save our Republic. What these individuals are attempting is nothing less than a coup. So we must stand united and fight these traitors with everything we have. Either that or we watch our freedom, economy, and children’s futures die as their agenda is allowed to spread.


Democrats 54

First we had Nancy Pelosi declaring the fact that illegal immigrants actually depress wages for American workers, is simply NOT the point.  And then it was earlier this week that we heard from Chuckie Schumer who essentially said the same thing when he made it very clear that the Democrats now have zero interest in doing anything to resolve on ongoing illegal immigration problem.  It was just this past Tuesday that Chuckie declared that Democrats would reject ANY piece of legislation the purpose of which would be to address the crisis at the U.S-Mexico border, where children have been separated from adults after crossing illegally.

Chuckie said, “There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense.   This America-hating SOB went on to say, “Legislation is not the way to go here when it’s so easy for the president to sign it.” Chuckie’s statements seem to indicate that a bill he co-sponsors, the Keep Families Together Act, is largely for show. That bill, introduced by Dianne Feinstein, is officially co-sponsored by every Senate Democrat and would prevent government agencies from removing an illegal alien child from a parent or legal guardian within 100 miles of the U.S. border or any port of entry.

Chuckie’s attempt to shift responsibility to President Trump suggests that not even Democrat proposals will come to the floor. Chuckie can obstruct Republican proposals, too, of which there are several, including a bill by RINO Mitch McConnell, by whipping his party to use the power of the filibuster to prevent any vote.  Democrats continue to accuse President Trump of keeping the children at the border “hostage” to his policy. For his part, President Trump said on Tuesday that Democrats were more interested in “potential voters” than in helping illegal immigrants and their children.  They seek only to regain control of Congress.

Democrats need an issue to run on for the midterms so of course they’ll reject anything that fixes a problem they can continually whine about.  It’s obvious that the Democrats have been taking acting lessons from their Hollyweird friends because it wasn’t all that long ago, politically speaking, that many very prominent Democrats, including Chuckie, were saying many of the very same things, when it comes to ‘children’ as the president has been saying. Democrats have mastered the ‘Art of Feigned Outrage’ to encourage ILLEGAL invaders to enter our country, and are using innocent children to do it. In reality, they couldn’t care less about what happens to these children. They are ruthless, vile, and blatantly dishonest.

Chuckie favors the president using Executive Order because, as we have seen, that can easily be undone. However, once there is a law enacted by Congress that becomes much more difficult to undo. Chuckie is counting on Democrats winning the next presidential election or impeaching Trump and is refusing to put up any obstacles that could prevent, or impede, their Third World Socialist agenda. What Chuckie, in essence, is really saying here is that the Democrats are now refusing to do their job and seem in favor of choosing to defer their law-making powers to the President when it comes to the issue of immigration. These people are certifiably insane.

As I said, the Democrats have NO platform for the elections and are desperately in search of an issue and now seem to think they have found one. Chuckie, as well as EVERY other Democrat, couldn’t care less about these children, they are, as always, merely props for the Democrats.  Trump is doing what he promised and turning off the tap of cheap labor and Democrat voters. Democrats don’t give a damn about these kids. Democrats as mining for voters and in the process they are trying to replace our population with poor, uneducated people who tend to vote for those socialist policies that now seem to be favored by the Democrat Party.

The immigration act of 1965, a little creation by Teddy ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy, feminism and the destruction of the family has brought us to where we are today in this country. They can’t enact their policies if men and women form strong family units. They can’t enact socialism if children are not brainwashed by liberals in the public school system. This is a grand experiment and the closing chapter is starting now. They thought Hitlery would win and they are now livid the America middle class stood up and stopped them. Wake up! You are being replaced by people because you won’t work for minimum wage or vote for Socialists.

The Democrats are coming out of the closet finally and showing all their true stripes.  It is as a party that Democrats favor: Open Borders, Total amnesty for illegal immigrants, Amnesty and voting rights for felons and total support for lawlessness over law and order. Any vote for ANY Democrat politician is now a vote for the destruction of America and of our Constitution. The remedy, my friends, is at the ballot box.  We MUST vote to obtain a super majority of conservatives in the Senate and to increase, or least maintain, our majority in the House, and for President Trump in 2020.  There is still hope for our country but the stakes are high.

With each passing day it becomes all the more clear that Democrats have no interest in solving the immigration problem. If so, they could have easily solved it in 2009 and 2010 when they had control of both houses of Congress. Immigration is all about ‘Fundamentally Changing America’ and is NOT about the betterment of America! They want a bunch of uneducated, illiterate foreigners coming here so that Democrats can offer them trinkets in order to garner their support and VOTE.  Open borders would mean the demise of America as we know it. It would hand the keys of government to the Democrats for next 100 Years.

This is all nothing more than another example of orchestrated outrage because Democrats have absolutely nothing to run on in November.  Democrats, the party of treason, slavery, segregation, internment, eugenics, abortion, and lawless criminality are using open border chaos and massive ILLEGAL ‘immigration’ as a means to reacquire political power at the expense of the survival of America and the lives of American citizens and LEGAL immigrants. Traitors like them deserve to be driven from office at the earliest opportunity for they are the enemy within that rots the nation.  We the American people MUST take our country back!


Pelosi 10

Nancy Pelosi has now made official the Democrat position as it relates to the millions of those who are in this country ILLEGALLY.  She said that whether or not illegal aliens suppress the wages of U.S. workers is really “not the point” and that using language like “illegal aliens” was not constructive.  It was during a press conference on Thursday that Pelosi was asked, “Yesterday you outlined your plan to get a better deal for American workers. Does permitting illegal aliens to enter the United States and work here suppress the wages of American workers?”

And it was in responding that Pelosi said, “That’s not the point. Using terminology like ‘illegal aliens’ and ‘illegally entering the country’ is just not viewed as constructive. The fact is that we have, we must protect our borders, that is our responsibility.”  She said, “We also must protect our values, that’s our responsibility as well.”  And added, “And we do believe that there can be a bipartisan way for us to come together to honor the values of our country and recognize that newcomers to our country are frequently the constant reinvigoration of America.”

She continued, “Bringing their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations, their optimism, their courage, their determination, to make the future better for their families are American traits, and in doing so these newcomers make America more American.”  And she said, “Should we, we must protect our borders, yes.”  She concluded by saying, “But what we’re talking about here, though, are asylum seekers and that has nothing to do with legal entry into the country.”  Actually, we’re not.  What we’re talking about is creating a fresh pool of Democrat voters.

Pelosi and her band of House Democrats released a plan earlier in the week which, or so they claim, will provide a better deal for American workers, is really nothing more than what we have heard from them before and on any number of different occasions. Supposedly, their plan is said to be aimed addressing inequality by giving “workers freedom to join unions and negotiate collectively.”  In addition, the plan hopes to pave the way for Americans to “higher wages, better health care, safer working conditions and stronger retirement security.”

So what we really have here is more of the same sort of bizarre Liberal logic that we’re accustomed to hearing from Pelosi: Seeking asylum has nothing to do with legal entry. Illegals driving down American worker’s wages is not the point because the Liberals are protecting American values. Protecting our borders means leaving them open. Open borders makes America more American by flooding it with foreigners. Freedom means joining a union and giving them part of your paycheck. Who thinks like this other than some America-Hating-Leftwing-Kook?

And should we be surprised to hear that Pelosi is simply not all that concerned about depressing wages by hiring illegals? Old Nancy is a MILLIONAIRE several times over and a government worker to boot, whose pay is set by law.  Which is a great gig if you can get it!  Let’s get her out into the private sector and see how she does. I would LOVE to see the old girl try her hand at a non-government job where you have to show up on time, and actually produce in order to get a paycheck.  Let’s see her in Macys as a salesperson, or at a McDonalds flipping burgers.  But I digress.

Yes, Ms. Pelosi, suppressing wages in this country is EXACTLY the point and when the labor unions finally wake up and see that illegals are flooding the market, driving wages down, the unions will realize that they are beginning to lose billions of dollars—and it will get worse.  The immigrants of yesteryear who came in search of the ‘American Dream’ knew that it could only be achieved through their own ingenuity and hard work. They didn’t come looking to be supported by others, they came here to start a new life and to actually become Americans.

Thanks to Democrats, the ‘American Dream’ has now come to be defined as cradle to grave generational support at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers. The version of the “American Dream” of these illegals and so called refugees a.k.a. economic migrants is one in which their “American Dreams” are financed by the American people via welfare, food stamps, free health care, free educations, free housing, Obamaphones, and on and on it goes until I want to puke.  It’s a never-ending nightmare unless you happen to be on the receiving end.

As a little side note here I’d like to mention Democrat ‘Dick’ Blumenthal’s suggestion on the same topic of illegal aliens.  You remember Dick, he’s the lying piece of shit who claimed to have spent time in Vietnam when in reality he had never been anywhere near the place.  It was during a recent press conference on Capitol Hill that this loser was heard to say, “We should be very blunt: The biggest tool we have is shame.”   He said, “We need to shame this administration into changing an inhumane, un-American policy because it is totally unprecedented.”  Really, Dick?

You may not know it but Dick is an Ivy League graduate with an estimated net worth of $85 Million. He has an expensive home in Greenwich, Connecticut.   His idiotic statement came as he and other Democrat pond scum declined to answer questions from more conservative members of the press regarding the economic impact of migrant workers on Americans’ salaries.  Obviously this boob is of the same opinion as Pelosi in that the effect illegals have on depressing wages for Americans simply isn’t the point and is something that needs no further discussion.

But it’s corrupt politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, that treat the U.S. taxpayers as nothing more than a cornucopia of never-ending wealth as they seek to peddle influence/beneficial legislation to line their own pockets.  Then of course, those who seek them out to provide a source cheap labor have no problem foisting the cost of doing so onto the American taxpayer.  After all, where else would the money come from to house, clothe, feed, educate and to provide health care for all of those here illegally since our government produces nothing of value?

My point here, and I know I’ve said it before, is to stress that this coming election is so very important, may be even crucial.  And I guess what worries me the most is that we now have ‘The Swamp’ busy pulling out all the stops in an effort to sabotage whatever chance the Republicans may still have of being able to maintain their majorities in Congress.  And if we allow ourselves to fall for their shenanigans and hand control of Congress back to the Democrats, then we will be doing exactly what it is that ‘The Swamp’ is wanting us to do.  DON’T DO IT!!!



I’m sure everyone has heard the term ‘nose blind’, but apparently over there at the Communist News Network’, aka CNN, there is also something going around that can only be seen as being ‘news blind.’  And the reason I say that is because it was earlier this week that CNN host Wolf Blitzer, in responding to President Trump referring to CNN as “fake news” in a tweet, argued that his network is “not the enemy of the American people.”  Yup, old Wolf has become ‘news blind.’

Blitzer said, “It’s one thing not to like the media.”  And it was from there that Blitzer went on to say, “Everybody’s always criticizing us and not happy with our coverage, whether it was President Clinton or President Bush or President O — they’re all criticized.”  He later added, “A lot of [Trump] supporters believe that we are the enemy of the American people, and that is really, really an awful situation. We are not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people.”

Hey Wolf, did you guys “love Americans” while your network was busy assisting the DNC in their effort to rig the primaries for Hitlery?  Or when your network then tried to cover all that up by blaming it on ‘Russia’ rather than admit that it was actually the DNC and Hitlery who were involved in trying to rig the election?  Or any of the rather numerous other examples of false or inaccurate ‘reporting’ that took place during the entire campaign and has only escalated since Trump was sworn in?

Right, the ONLY reason that CNN constantly spews nothing but pure propaganda, misleads the American people and undercuts the country is because they “love the American people.”  It has nothing to do with the fact that everyone there at CNN has got a severe case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ and are desperate to cover up their involvement in all of the blatantly false reporting and as well as the attempts to overthrow a duly elected President using any and all form of false information.

Yes, CNN just “loves the American people.”  Except, of course, for those who happen to be conservative, or Christian, or a white male, or a traditionalist, or pro-life, or, God forbid, a Trump voter, or any of the other ‘Deplorables’ who reside there in flyover country.  Oh, and they are also none too fond of black conservatives or gay conservatives, but yeah, otherwise, CNN loves ‘ALL’ Americans.  Just how stupid is it that old Wolf thinks we are?  They lie to us all the time.

Look, CNN, as a network, long ago stopped providing us with useful news. These days they do little more than push the various narratives advocated by the left in this country, with the top ones being: 1) America is a dangerous and racist nation run by a white supremacist, 2) Barry ‘O’ was, and remains, the second coming, 3) Republicans are bad, Democrats are good 4) Russia stole the election from Hitley, and 5) Trump colluded with Russia and should be removed from office. All ‘Fake News!’

Those at CNN, including Wolf, see the future of America as an economically depressed, yet ‘diverse’, slum where on any given day you can choose to be any sex you want to be, but you can’t be permitted to defend yourself.  A place where you can’t wear a Christian cross out in public yet is a place where you can shoot up, urinate and defecate in public and vandalize private property with no fear of arrest. That’s the America that those at CNN tend to support.

And folks at CNN: want amnesty, which will depress wages for Americans, wanted TPP ratified, which would have depressed wages for Americans, are against tariffs, since without tariffs employment opportunities for Americans would decrease, remain  against the tax cuts since without the tax cuts Americans would have less take home pay, still support Obamacare, since it forces Americans to pay through the teeth or healthcare and they were for Hitlery, who despises average Americans.

Wolf and his colleagues are for everything that hurts the American worker and his or her family, and that makes CNN an enemy of the American people.  But few people are able to be fooled anymore.  We know the media in this country, including CNN, is not a force for good, but instead is a force for evil. They are merely an extension of the Democrat party.  They are the Praetorian Guard, the attack dogs and propagandists for a political party that is not your father’s Democrat Party.

It’s today’s Democrat Party that is the party whose specific goal seems to be nothing less than the outright destruction of America and of western civilization.  And it is those involved in what was once referred to as the ‘mainstream’ media who now act as nothing more than the official propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, and have no problem whatsoever in doing so.  They view as being their top priority the indoctrinating of the American people regarding the benefits of the left.

The job of the media is to hold ALL presidents to task, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.  They need to be truthful and unbiased in their reporting and they need to objective.  But when you have CNN spending about 60 seconds a month talking about Trump’s accomplishments, and 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes spreading nothing more than gossip, innuendo, propaganda, unverifiable and often misleading stories based on ‘unnamed sources’, or outright lies, people don’t see that as “love.”


Flake 2

Jeff Flake is another of those soon-to-be departing RINOs who just can’t bring himself to put on his big-boy pants and act like a man.  Instead he prefers to have what amounts to little more than a near endless temper tantrum that has now been going on since President Trump was elected.  And in a speech on the Senate floor this passed Wednesday, Flake again criticized President Trump’s, this time focusing on the president’s actions through the past week, including his supposed “insults” lobbed at Canada and praise given to North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Flake called the events of the past week “baffling” and mentioned “inexplicable attacks on our closest allies” and “appalling praise of perhaps the most brutal dictator on Earth.”  Flake said Trump’s White House is embodying “upside-down values” and that Americans must not mistake “disruption for dynamism.”  He said that Trump showed “admiration for dictators and despots” like Kim and said that attacks on Canadian and European allies are “beneath the presidency.”  All this coming from a guy who has been an abject failure as a U.S. Senator.

Flake said, “[Such behavior] projects to the world not American values but some sort of creepy nihilism.”   And he echoed his mentor, and fellow RINO, John ‘The Maverick’ McCain, by saying a “bipartisan majority” of Americans stands with those allies.  Flake called for President Trump to utilize “constructive dialogue” and not “bellicose taunts or bombastic tweets” and said that there was a stark contrast between the way the president described Kim versus the comments that he made about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Flake is retiring from the Senate this year but told NBC News last month that he has not ruled out challenging the president in 2020 on the Republican side.  However with his approval rating being the lowest of any sitting Senator, I wish him good luck in that endeavor.  An 18 percent job approval couldn’t get you elected dogcatcher, much less president.  Arizona must be so proud!  Flake embarrasses Arizona every time he opens his mouth.  He was one of the original NeverTrumpers.  This guy is a far left liberal merely pretending to be a conservative Republican.

The ONLY reason that Flake is retiring is because he knew that he had no chance of being able to win a primary in Arizona.  Flake should be used as our example in making crystal clear what we expect from those whom we chose to elect.  Either they ‘pull their own weight’ in this alliance to save our nation, or they too will be sent back into the political wilderness.  I think we can expect that there will be those who choose to get on-board, but there will be those, like Flake, who simply won’t understand that we’re serious and will be made to disappear.

And Flake really has no one to blame but himself for the fact that he now finds himself on the outside gazing longingly in wishing he had some remote chance of remaining part of the club.  His time has come and gone, and instead of choosing to admit that he made some mistakes, most important of which the fact that he chose to turn his back on those who elected him, he spews what is essentially nothing more than hate and disparaging remarks toward those who disagree with him.  All he had to do was what the people sent him to Congress to do.

And what is it about politicians when they refuse to understand that we really don’t like, nor do we trust, politicians.  For the most part President Trump walks the walk and does what he says he’s going to do.  Granted he is unconventional, but he owes no favors in the political world.  And while he tends to say exactly what we feel, there are those time when he also goes off the rails and will say things that I don’t necessarily agree with.  But the bottom line is as long as his plans match mine I will support him.  What you do is more important than what you say.

And lastly, Flake is a flake. He is vocal now only because he’s leaving office at the midterms because couldn’t win re-election.  All he had to do is what he said he would do if elected.  He said he would work to prevent Barry O’s attempts as socialism and instead, simply took a bunch of money from special interest groups, padded his bank account, and did nothing for Arizona or for the country.  He is now being sent home. But I feel quite confident in saying that he will say or do all that he can to undermine President Trump until he is fully out the door, and likely even after.


Smith 2

It was back in the very early days of Fox News, during a time which I watched those on the network far more than I watch any of them now, that I would typically make sure that I was home in time to catch Shepard Smith’s nightly program.  But it has been since then that Shep has, gradually over time, seemed to be move increasingly further to left to the point where, once he came out of the closet, he had come to more closely resemble any of the loons that we now see on MSNBC as well as CNN.

And apparently he has continued his slide into leftwing kookdom as evidenced by his very recent, and somewhat scathing, assessment of the results from the historic summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  Smith began his rant by saying, “The United States made concessions in exchange for no hard promises.”  Adding, “Stopping joint military exercises with South Korea while North Korea makes a vague commitment to work together towards denuclearization.”

He went on to say, “The agreement the leaders signed are very short on specifics.” He continued, “The talk happened, hands shaken, photos taken, and during a private meeting, promises were apparently made.”  He said, “But who wanted what? Well, America demanded complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. C.V.I.D. Complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization.”  And he said, “There is no guarantee of that.”  He complained, “Not even words to that effect!”

And Smith said, “And we may not know for years whether we’re actually now on that road, or left in the potholes of paths past.”  He declared, “Kim Jong Un got it all!” He said, “But Kim Jong Un? He wanted the photos.”  He continued saying, “The seat at the table. He wanted the legitimacy that came with the event. The handshake with America’s president. And he wanted those military exercises with the Americans and the South Koreans that happen every year to stop.”

“Kim Jong Un got it all,” Smith said, “for actually doing nothing.”  And he said, “Plus he got a promise, lacking specifics, granted, of security for the North Korean regime,” he added. “A regime that has an estimated 120,000 political prisoners across the nation. A regime that tortures and murders its own citizens, imprisons children for the actions of parents and grandparents, and a leader who has committed crimes against humanity.” And he repeated, “No specifics!”  By this time he was nearly apoplectic.

Smith criticized the promise of “denuclearization” from the North Koreans, saying there were no guarantees in the agreement. “No specifics of how to do it,” he said. “No timeline on getting it done. No verification. No inspection. No nothing else, just generalities.”  Adding, “President Trump says he trusts Chairman Kim, and that he’s ready to start a new chapter with North Korea. What will the president’s special bond with Kim Jong Un mean for the U.S. and its allies?  No specifics.”

Smith has what can only be described as being a rather severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  He has now joined the ranks of those who will always find a negative side to anything that President Trump accomplishes.  And yet, despite the media only reporting negatives and ignoring the positives, and a hateful bunch of congressmen aligned against him, the president continues to accomplish great things, which only serves to cause those like Smith to become even more unhinged.

And what is it, exactly, that Liberals and these NeverTrumpers seem to have in common? Pure Political Madness.  First, they all screamed, ”Trumps hard rhetoric towards Kim Jon Un, calling him Rocket Man and saying our nuclear button works, etc…, is going to get us into a Nuclear War!!!!! Trump is losing against Kim Jon Un!!!!” Now they’re screaming, ”Trump is being too nice to Kim Jon Un, he ended the military drills!!!! Oh my God!!!! Trump is losing to Kim Jon Un!”

Besides suffering from this political Madness, those who are proud to call themselves Liberals also have some sort of mental disorder that causes them to believe, and they truly do believe, that you can identify as any sex, any race, any ethnicity, Hell, that you can even identify as a hippopotamus on any given day and be something else tomorrow, but by God, don’t wear a Chinese dress to the Prom or you are a racist and a cultural appropriationist.  Can’t you Liberals see just how truly mental that is?

Smith is just one of the many reasons that I cut back on how much I watch FOX. I don’t know all the details of this deal and anyone who claims they do is a liar. If Smith said this deal needs time to come to fruition before we give Trump credit, I would agree, but he’s like the rest of the leftists, bash President Trump at all costs.  If Trump cured cancer tomorrow, he and the rest of the left would first claim he didn’t do it. Then they would say well, maybe he did, but the cure takes too long.

Then they would simply claim it was actually Barry ‘O’ who had actually cured the deadly disease and that President Trump had had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Here is what I do know about this deal. President Trump led from the front not the rear.  There were no plane load of cash used to buy his acceptance of the deal, but the left will never give credit where credit is due.  What we’ve got to remember is that the Left does not want the same things that the rest of us do.

Those on the left have openly expressed their disgust at American values and their love of, and respect for, Socialism/Communism.  They have openly wished for all kinds of hardships to befall the American public, so they can then blame it on their political opponents.  Our State-controlled media no longer employs reporters, not even pundits who express their own opinions, but pure propagandists. I doubt if Smith, or any of them in the media have the spine to be real, bona fide, journalists.


Sen. Bernie Sanders And DNC Chair Tom Perez Hold Rally In Miami

Now suppose, just for the sake of argument, that you are the head of an organization whose sole source of revenue, or so we are constantly being told, comes from ‘donations’ from individuals as well as from certain groups and corporations.  And it’s a well-known fact that the organization which you head up is broke.  Would you then, as the responsible head of your organization, refuse to take any amount of money from anyone who is both legally able, and quite willing, to donate to you?  Of course you wouldn’t!  Because such a thing makes no sense.

And yet it has recently come to light in what is, I guess, an effort to highlight its environmental platform, that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is now no longer accepting campaign contributions from those companies involved in the production, and/or sale, of ‘fossil fuels.’  Executive members of the DNC have now voted to ban all contributions from corporate political action committees related to the oil, gas and coal industries.  The resolution was originally proposed by Christine Pelosi, a member of the DNC and daughter of Nancy Pelosi.

It was this past Sunday that Christine Pelosi said, “Today we can act — in harmony with the millions of Americans demanding that we clean up our planet and our politics and join the hundreds of individual Democratic political candidates for office across the country who have pledged not to take money from the fossil fuel industry.”  By golly, the left wing nut certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree.  And apparently the DNC is also said to be considering a second resolution to ban all contributions over $200 from any individual who works in the fossil fuel sector.

It was not immediately clear how this new rule will come to affect the Democrat Party.  Fossil fuel companies have long favored Republican candidates and already do not donate all that much to Democrat candidates, comparatively speaking.  According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the DNC received $2.6 million from mining firms and fossil fuel producers during the 2016 election. This figure pales in comparison to the $56.1 million in contributions that the real estate and finance industries gave to Democrats during the same election cycle.

Now I suppose it could be argued why is it that any company involved in the ‘fossil fuel’ industry would choose to donate to a political party whose only interest seems to be in driving them out of business?  But, I must say, stranger things have happened.  Granted, in the big scheme of things it really isn’t all that much money that’s collected in the first place from those companies in the oil and gas business.  Which makes this recent declaration from the Democrats, about refusing their money, nothing more than the BS we typically get from Democrats.

In 2016 1.1 million employees worked in traditional coal, oil, and gas. The DNC is broke yet the plan is to give up ALL contributions from those folks in a show of virtue?  I love how the Democrats remain adrift in an ocean of hypocrisy. They keep throwing all manner of crap against the wall.  What are they expecting to have happen, that people will suddenly flock to them?  And given the amount regulations the Democrats seek to pile on energy producers why would they expect donations in the first place.  That’s akin to Muslims refusing donations from pork producers.

Perhaps those companies involved in producing America’s gas, oil and coal, along with their retail outlets, should decide that it has become in their best interest to not sell ANY of their products to those who are in any way affiliated with the Democrat Party for use in their vehicles or homes.  We know Democrats will immediately seek to outlaw use of fossil fuels if they ever again regain the power to do so.  These Democrats are so courageous.   Might we expect to see the Republican Party counter by announcing a ban on donations from MS-13? (sarcasm added)