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When trying to decide who it is, exactly, that’s the biggest empty-headed twit within the Democrat Party it has become increasingly more difficult, of late, to identify just who that might be.  But two of the leading contenders now vying for the honor would have to be that dimwit from California, Adam Schiff, in the House, who apparently thinks a Russian was hiding behind every voting booth and forcing folks to vote for Trump, and his intellectual equal over in the Senate, Chris Van Hollen from Maryland.

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” it was this boob Van Hollen who actually tried to make the argument that companies announcing they’ll give out bonuses, hire more folks, and invest more after the passage of the Republican tax bill, are doing so as, now get this, “a PR stunt.”  A PR stunt?  Just how much of a rabid ideologue, and leftwing kook, must one be in order to come to such a blatantly political conclusion as that?  Van Hollen said, “I think they are doing it as a PR stunt.”

And he went on to say, “These are some one-time bonuses, sounds very nice, but that was not what was promised. What was promised was a $4,000-a-year pay increase into the base. And that is why you see union members going to these corporations and saying, ‘Look, thanks for the one-time bonus, but that is not what was promised as part of this tax cut.’ So, at the same time, you see those one-time bonuses, in the last couple weeks, you’ve seen reported $87 billion in stock buybacks.”

And then this hapless boob added, “So, that’s money going to the shareholders. And I want to remind people that 35% of those stockholders are foreign stockholders. And so, in the year 2019, $48 billion is going to go into the pockets of foreign stockholders, coming out of the pockets of millions of middle class taxpayers.”  I think what really has this guy’s panties in a wad is the fact the Democrats have been proven to be frauds when it comes to their claim of caring for working class Americans.

Because let’s face it, Barry and Hitlery surrounded themselves with so many corporate donors that it was difficult at times to determine who was actually running things. If anything, Barry was giving tax breaks to himself and to his inner circle.  And don’t even get me started on that 2% annual GDP growth under Barry.  Moreover, any tax cuts made under Barry were completely wasted by the ridiculous premiums that he was requiring everyone to pay for under his health insurance scam.

And since President Trump’s arrival on the scene we have had 3% annual GDP growth for three consecutive quarters, we now have more Americans in the workforce than ever before and the stock market gained 5000 points in a single year for the first time in history.  Also, we heard earlier this week how several large corporations have announced expansion plans here at home and are also now giving out bonuses to their employees all thanks to the recently passed Republican tax plan.

And a $220 Million dollar PR stunt going into the pockets of their employees is one Hell of a good publicity stunt that I’m sure their employees will appreciate.  What this classless moron seems not want to talk about is the reinvestment in facilities that companies are discussing and the wage increases they are promising.  Also if a company buys back its stock from foreign investors, what it means is that more future dividends will tend to go to stockholders who are Americans rather than overseas.

Anyway, what Van Hollen insists upon spreading here is nothing more than your typical Democrat talking points the purpose of which is to exaggerate any negatives while ignoring completely all of the positives.  And it’s a lack of business acumen possessed by those on the left, and their willingness to lie about almost anything, that inhibits their understanding.  I mean what we have here is a cadre of career politicians pretending to know all that is required to run a successful business.

And what he fails to note, or chooses to ignore, is that Americans own a full 75% of all the stock listed on ALL stock exchanges throughout the world. A huge amount of stock is owned by pension funds and they prosper when the stock market goes up–which it does when companies get to keep more of the money they’ve earned. And that helps all those millions of ordinary boomers who are getting ready to retire.  So either he’s lying, or he needs to go back to school and take a course in basic economics.

And what’s really sad here is that for decades the Democrats have claimed to be the defender of working class Americans and yet it’s Democrats, like this jerk Van Hollen, who absolutely cannot stand the fact that the American worker is finally going to have a little more cash in his/her pocket next year and beyond.  And it’s not because of anything the Democrats did, but what they actually tried very hard to keep from happening.  And whether they pay a price for that is yet to be determined.



Donkey 06

I would argue that it is nowhere on the entire planet that you could find a bigger, more determined, and more dedicated bunch of liars than those politicians who operate under the banner of the Democrat Party and who continue to run roughshod over a segment of our population whose IQ, when added all together, would result in a collective IQ somewhere in the very lowest of single digits.  That segment of the population who likes to so very proudly refer to themselves as Democrats.  You know, you’ve seen them.  They would be the ones with the idiotic little bumper-sticker, on whatever rolling piece of shit they happen to drive, that says, “Proud Democrat.”

And so it was then that shortly before the Senate passed the new tax cut bill 51-48, that we were witness to what was little more than an act of pure dishonesty when we heard from one of the more devoted leftists in his party as he made what was a rather bold prediction.  You see, it was Sen. Chris Murphy, Democrat, who, in trying to pull off his best Nostradamus impersonation, actually predicted that Republicans “will probably lose the House and the Senate” in 2018 because of the Republican tax reform bill, and Murphy also said that “absolutely” the Democrats will try to overturn the tax legislation if they do regain control of Congress after the midterm elections.

It was one of MSNBC’s many resident Trump haters, Rachel Maddow, who asked Murphy  this past Tuesday night, “If your prediction is right and Democrats do take the House and Senate after the midterm elections, do you think that Democrats would try to overturn this bill?”  To which Murphy replied, “Absolutely!”  Murphy then went on to say, “We have to, given the assault that’s occurring here, especially on the East and the West Coast. I would hope that we would take a look at the entirety of the bill. Listen, the corporations in my state, they wanted a corporate tax cut, but none of them were expecting to have the corporate tax rate dropped to 20 percent.”

Murphy said, “They would have been thrilled if they got the tax rate below 30 percent. And so there is plenty of room to go back into this bill to make up some money and return it to the middle class or the working class that’s losing out here.  And went on to say, “And of course what we haven’t talked about is the repeal of the individual mandate which is going to increase everybody’s premiums by 10 percent, compounding every year. So that conveniently in year seven of this bill, your premiums will have doubled and your standard deduction will have gone back to its previous levels.”  The same sort of gibberish we always hear from those on the left.

Naturally the Republicans disagree with Murphy’s blatantly ideological assessment of the new tax bill saying that it most certainly will deliver tax cuts to the middle class, and low-income people may end up paying no tax at all.  And some higher-income earners in high-tax states who normally itemize deductions may end up paying more.  And really, I think it says far more about the Democrats than it does the Republicans in that not one Democrat was willing to vote for this bill.  Democrats want to do nothing that either makes or current president look good, or that might result in bringing our economy back to life after eight years of having a Democrat president.

And it was while speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan said skeptics have been “hit on their TV screens” by confusing media coverage saying that the tax bill will benefit only the rich.  Ryan said, “So I think when people actually see that instead of getting tax increases, they’re getting tax cuts; when they see the withholding tables changing in February and seeing more money in their paychecks; when they’re seeing the economic growth that will result from historic tax reform, I think minds are going to change, and I think people are going to change their view on this.”

If there is a change of who’s in charge of Congress next year, I disagree that this tax bill will be what brings it about.  But that’s not to say that I am confident that come January 2019 it will be the Republicans who will still be running things.  Because if the Republicans do come to lose control of Congress next year it will be because they decided to push forward in their quest for amnesty for those in this country illegally.  That’s why they could lose.  Meanwhile Murphy can make all the noise he wants to about overturning the recent tax cuts, because President Trump, who will be in office through 2020 would still have to sign it.  And I just don’t see him doing that.

Murphy is nothing if not proof that the Democrats still refuse to admit that the tax revenue acquired by the government is OUR revenue.  And it is not theirs to spend however they please.  We the people earn that money by WORKING very hard for it.  Despite all of this moron’s claims, the tax reform bill WILL come to benefit working class Americans when the economy booms as expected (and it will).  And when that happens the chances of Democrats winning much of anything will decrease.  I look forward to seeing their pitiful expressions the day after the mid-terms. The same expressions we saw from them when President Trump was declared the winner.

And while many on the left persist in making the claim that our current “booming economy” began in June 2009 during the Obummer era, that’s hardly the case.  And it only serves to make all the more clear the alternate universe that they must be living in.  How else could they be talking about an eight year stretch of time during which growth in the Gross Domestic Product never got over 2% as a “booming economy?”  Or the eight year period during which the labor force participation rate stayed at its lowest level since the Great Depression?  Or maybe the eight year period in which the Dow grew at only 3.6% per year?  Booming?  Hardly!  It was considered anemic at best.

And all of the endless doom and gloom, heard from Democrats like Murphy, regarding the new tax bill is already being proven to be nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of those very same Democrats.  We’ve already begun to witness the effects that it will have on our economy, it’s going to take off.  And when people start to see some extra money in their pay check, they will be blown away.  And that’s really what has the Democrats terrified.  They are always on the wrong side of tax reform because it peels away at their power.  Let’s face it, there has never been a Democrat who didn’t get some level of enjoyment out of spending other people’s money.

Lastly, it is becoming very clear that the Democrats now think that a very large segment of Americans are pretty stupid and actually enjoy paying taxes that are too high.  And since there is nothing that prevents one from paying more in taxes if they wish to, why is it that Democrats, or anyone on the left, never seems willing to do that?  Democrats keep working against those things that would bolster this country and its citizens out of pure hatred of our President.  People with any sense see what’s happening, the sham that Democrats are ‘working for their constituents’ has been exposed and could very well come back to bite them in their rather sizable butts.



I’m sure that many of you will remember how it was while on the campaign trail that then candidate Donald Trump asked black Americans, who have been voting solidly Democrat for decades and getting little in return for their votes, what they had to lose by voting for him.  And it was just 8% of black voters who decided to take him up on that challenge while the remainder of black voters decided to stick with the same tired, old and rather worn out horse by voting for Hitlery.

And now, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics( BLS), over the course of the last year the unemployment rate for black Americans is at the lowest it has been since the year 2000, 17 years ago.  In November, the national unemployment rate for black Americans, ages 16 and over, was 7.3%.  The last time it was 7.3% was in the year 2000, during the months September, October and November.  So might the 8 % of blacks who chose to vote for President Trump been right?

Anyway, it was back during the Bush and Barry ‘O’ years (2001-2016) that the black unemployment rate typically fluctuated somewhere between a low of 7.7% and a high of 16.8%.  And then as recently as this past September, the rate was 7.0%, a low that had not been seen since April of 2000.  Prior to that, going all the way back to 1972, the black unemployment rate never fell below 7.0% and was largely in the double digits throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

All of which, I would argue, begs the question, might this be enough for more blacks to at least consider leaving the Democrat plantation to which they seem to have become so accustomed to living on?  Barry ‘O’ told blacks that they should get used to this new normal of having no job and for being completely dependent on government.  But it was then candidate Trump who said that he wanted ALL Americans to be able to succeed be they black, white and brown.  And he’s succeeding.

Let’s face it, anyone with half a brain has to know that the Democrat Party of 2017 is nothing more than the modern day version of the plantation owners of days past.  These people have figured out how to get blacks, and other minorities, to willingly enter into that which is nothing more than a new form of slavery, but slavery just the same.  Blacks vote for those who systemically prevent them from achieving prosperity and promise them all manner of charity.  Essentially they ‘OWN’ them.

And despite the fact that it’s easy for most us to see that the Democrats have officially ditched the blacks for illegals, the black don’t yet seem to have figured that out.  Because the Democrats couldn’t get blacks to go along with gay marriage, illegals or Moslems; especially the whole gay marriage thing, they just cut them out.  And yet still the blacks remained stupid enough to vote Democrat.  So were they right about the average intelligence of blacks after all?

So why was Barry ‘O’, our first black president, unable to bring down the unemployment rate of blacks?  Well, for one thing he was pretty much focused on demonizing and punishing the wealthy and was determined not to a give a tax cut to anyone.  And either he never understood, or chose to ignore the fact, that it’s from the wealthy, that you get jobs.  Add then he compounded the entire problem by growing government, which took even more money from the job creators.

I feel pretty confident in saying that one of the scariest things for the Democrat Party is a booming economy.  Because that means there will be fewer people on welfare, fewer people eating from the hand of the Democrat power brokers, fewer people needing Democrats in their lives.  Democrats’ measure their worth by how many people are suffering, the more who suffer, the more worthy they feel.  A thriving middle-class is the biggest enemy of the Democrat Party.

Those leftists voting for more government to take care of them are quite literally trading away their independence in exchange for government dependence.  Most never come to understand the concept that what the government giveth, the government can also take away whenever it wants and for whatever reason it may chose.  You’re voting to be owned.  You can blame the masters, but when I see a leftist voter, I see someone who is enthusiastic about becoming a slave.

There are those who can’t wait to vote for politicians who will keep the people down so that they can keep promising help every 2-4 years allowing them to build and to maintain their political power. Intellectual honesty and critical thinking go a long way, but only if you’re willing to engage your brain.  Simply ask who it is that stands to benefit from a high unemployment rate and increasing dependence on the government and there’s only one answer.  The Democrat Party!

It’s a FACT that liberal policies, over the last 40–50 years, have led to a progressive breakdown in the standard of living among black Americans.  The single biggest factor in this is the steadily growing number of single-parent households (particularly among blacks – but not exclusive to them) accompanied by the lack of parental responsibility (typically by the father) as evidenced by the absence of engagement in the upbringing, and the lack of financial support, of children they have sired.

That is what feeds the “cycle of dependence” that has absolutely ravaged the black community – and liberal policies are responsible for 98% of the mess.  The short solution here is a relatively simple one.  Admittedly it’s grossly oversimplified – but undeniably true.  If you don’t intend on remaining in a relationship (e.g. marriage) AND remaining actively engaged in raising a child then either abstain from sex or take responsibility for yourself and employ birth control.

If you can’t afford to raise a child to adulthood then don’t have a child.  If you’re going to become a parent then for God’s sake, BE A PARENT.  Don’t dump your responsibilities onto the public. The government is the worst business manager in America, but it’s even worse at raising children.  President Trump’s goal is to “Make America Great Again”, and not just for the white folks.  For EVERYBODY!  Democrats want just the opposite, but for everyone but themselves.

But one of the sad truths here is that after decades of voting 95+% for Democrats, those in the black community have now effectively reduced themselves to being little more than political pawns and useful idiots.  Their inner city illiteracy rates often exceed 50%, black unemployment is two to three times surrounding communities, and Obummer’s “open borders” policy has made that much worse.  And yet we still be blacks, every election, still voting for Democrats in droves.

Add to that the fact that the Department of Justice statistics say that blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties though they made up roughly 15% of the population there.  And 64% of all police deaths on the job are caused by blacks.  Blacks have set records for government dependency, for fatherless families and high unemployment rates which all have their roots in the liberal policies of those who blacks vote for.

And now, with the rocketing upswing of shootings and deaths since Ferguson, Democrats have much more to answer for than just the consequences of a greedy and selfish political posture.  Look toward the most dysfunctional, dependent and murderous communities in the country and you will find decades of control by corrupt and self-serving Democrat Party politicians.  And it is they who serve as our best example of why we should never elect another Democrat to public office.

Obummer averaged a 1.075% GDP growth, while President Trump is already over 3%. The best thing for all of us, including those in the black community, will be continued GDP growth, jobs growth, rising wages, lower taxes, etc.  That said, blacks tend to have some of the least amount of skills needed for employment in our current economy, so it only makes sense that they would be the last to reap the benefits of overall low unemployment.  That’s where the focus needs to be.



You know, I seem to recall how, just a few years back, there was a rather substantial number of Democrats who were so euphoric when it came to the election of the first black president that they very confidently announced that his election was something so special that with it would come 40 years of solid Democrat rule all across America.  Even the candidate himself had rather boldly proclaimed to anyone who would listen that ‘He’ was the ‘One’ for whom we had all been waiting, and if the American people saw fit to elect him they would be ushering in what he described as being a “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America.

Well, thankfully, that much ballyhooed claim about 40 years of Democrat rule fell just a bit short, by about 38 years, when it was just two years later that the Republicans were handed control of the U.S. House.  Not that they chose to do all that much with their new found power.  But if nothing else it did seem to start a chain reaction, of sorts, as all across the country as the Democrat Party was tossed out of a number of governors’ mansions, lost a rather impressive number of state legislature seats, as well as more than a few U.S. House and Senate seats and finally in 2016, even the presidency.  All in a span of eight years starting with the election of the ‘One’.

All of which brings to this past Wednesday and ABC’s “Powerhouse Politics” podcast during which 2016 Democrat presidential candidate and ex-Maryland governor Marty O’Malley made the rather unusually honest statement regarding how it was that ex-president Barry Obummer’s decision to set up ‘Organizing for America’ rather than “infusing” his energy into the Democrat Party devastated the party on state and local levels like a “bad forest fire.”  And while I think blaming most, if not all, of the problems currently facing the Democrat Party on Obummer is little more than an excuse, it is also something that should come as being not much of a surprise.

It was during this same podcast that Marty said, “To put it kindly, President Obama decided to set up a separate political organization rather than infusing that energy of his candidacy and his amazing and historic victory, rather than infusing that energy into the veins of the Democratic Party and making the Democratic Party new and more energetic, instead the president and his people decided to set up a separate organization in ‘Organizing for America.’  I guess the president, perhaps and his people, thought their roles in history was to transform us, allow all of us to transcend beyond the need for political parties. ”

He continued, “So when the Republicans and their small group of very wealthy donors, who are not afraid to write big checks, saw what was happening, they immediately filled that vacuum. And in a very methodical way, fielded candidates with a whole lot of money to run for state senate, state legislators, backed candidates for governor. And they were able to wipe us out at the state level and increasingly at the local level. We’ve never gone through a period of time, at least not in modern history were the Democratic Party lost so many seats and so many governors offices even as our president was a Democratic.”

And Marty went on to say, “That was a mistake that we made. We have to learn from that mistake. And I believe what is happening now is the party is regenerating itself, almost like after a bad forest fire.”  Now granted the Democrats did recently win a couple of governorships, in New Jersey and Virginia, but those were in two states where they were pretty much expected to win.  And just they did shortly after the election of Obummer, the Democrats might once again be feeling just a bit over confident.  Because, at least at this point, I doubt that these two victories can be seen as being some sort of harbinger regarding the 2018 elections.

But Marty is far from being someone who anyone should be listening to when it comes to what’s best for his party.  After all, he was the guy who ran the city of Baltimore into the ground as mayor, before becoming Maryland’s governor.  And it was after that, that he decided to run for president, and in the primaries couldn’t even carry his home state!  We saw firsthand how the voters who knew him best wanted no part of him being their President!  He had done such a terrific job as governor that the people of Maryland elected only the ninth Republican governor in Maryland’s history to replace him.  That should tell you all you need to know about Marty.

But anyway, in getting back to Obummer, I think it’s safe to say that after his first four years many of us were able to recognize in which direction things were heading.  And why it took a full eight years for some folks to see what many of us were able to recognize much sooner, well, that’s something you’ll have to ask those who thought voting for Obummer once just wasn’t enough.  I know Trump’s message was different but in 2012 there was a choice that would have allowed for at least a “slightly” different direction than to continue down the very SAME path for another four years.  But unfortunately it was another opportunity missed.

Missed because Romney was weak and, as it turned out, someone who was nothing more than another political creature of ‘The Swamp’.  To this day I feel that he could have beat Obummer, but he was just too worried about bringing up those issues he needed to in order to win.  But even at that, I did vote for him, and as disgusting as it may sound to some, I did it because I viewed him as being the definite lesser of two evils.  I knew he wasn’t the conservative I had been hoping for, but I felt that regardless of that fact, the dams would have closed a bit in 2012 rather than having them wide open during another four years of Obummer at the helm.

And I find it all to be rather amazing that all of these sore losers, like Marty, never mention all of the extremely bad legislative and policy decisions that have resulted in the Democrats, until very recently, continuing to get their asses handed to them, electorally speaking.  There’s never any mention about unpopular Obamacare, nothing about their addiction to identity politics, nothing against those Democrats who are so vocal in the supporting of any number of anti-US groups and nothing ever about what appears to a concerted effort by the Democrats to ignore white, middle class America.  Kind of what the Democrats are continuing to promote.

And I also found it interesting that Marty failed to mention the 70+ taxes that he signed into law during his tenure as governor, taxes that put a huge burden on the people of his state, such as his absurd rain tax.  Interesting too is how he failed to mention the 72,000 Marylanders who left the state during his tenure due to the punishing taxes and the absurd liberal policies that he put forward.  And he also failed to mention the fact that his Lieutenant Governor lost the bid to succeed him as governor when Marylanders picked Republican Larry Hogan, only the second Republican in nearly 50 years, primarily because of those tax and liberal policies.

But those like Marty fail to recognize that it was NEVER about money.  It has ALWAYS been about the ideology.  Democrats lost because they allowed, and even encouraged, socialists and communists to infiltrate your party in an attempt to change the very fabric of our country.  The American people were having none of it or of our Dictator-in-Chief who came into office as a man on what was nothing less than a mission to search and destroy.  And to assist him in his endeavor he had what was a proxy army, of sorts, in the form of the state-controlled media.  And it was Hitlery who had made it clear that Obummer’s mission, would be her mission as well.

Democrats attack our economy, our police officers, our schools, our doctors, our military and even the skin color of the majority of Americans.  And then they presented Hitlery as being their candidate for president.  Hitlery’s ideology is not America first, it’s “Me First.”  Hitlery, she who has committed every crime known to mankind and is still allowed to walk free.  I just wish more folks would come to see the Democrat Party as something worthy of nothing more than to be relegated to the ash heap of political relevancy, if for no other reason than because of its near total lack of morality and a level of degeneracy seldom seen.  But I doubt many will.



Word comes that the forces of darkness may once again be on the move.  And those would, of course, be the forces who wish to put to an end to any and all effort that may actually succeed in “Making America Great Again.’  And the banners under which those forces do battle against America are none other than the banners of America’s Democrat Party.  Yes, it’s true!  And these forces have chosen as their rallying symbol, none other than our current President, Donald Trump, and for no other reason than because he loves this country and seeks nothing more than prosperity for all Americans.  The forces that he now finds himself up against have a far darker objective, one might even say sinister.  And they must not be allowed to succeed.

And it is these same forces, we are told, that were able to make what many have described as being rather substantial progress in the November elections, reclaiming numerous state and local government seats long held by Republicans.  And also, apparently, this ‘phenomenon’ is said to be due in large part to an unprecedented level of enthusiasm among Democrat voters eager to voice to their ‘opposition’, their ‘resistance’, to President Trump, the very man who wants nothing but the best for them.  But I’m wondering if this supposed ‘opposition’ to the president may be little more than a smoke screen for something to be used by those Democrat parasites who fear that they just might actually have to go to work should he succeed.

The rather incendiary nature of present day national politics aside, what is it about so many Americans today that they would prefer to live off of their neighbors than to get a job and provide for themselves?  You would think that what would be paramount in the mind of most reasonably intelligent people would be to vote for those who one believes will create the best possible environment for one to achieve the highest level of success which would then in turn allow one to better provide for one’s family.  Because voting Democrat only ensures that that process becomes all the more difficult.  Why would anyone be willing to put personality above being able to take care of one’s family in the best possible way?  But that’s what many Democrats do.

This is not a trend that we who love this country can afford to allow to continue.  Because the primary objective of the Democrat Party, and of those who support the both the party’s mission and candidates, at the local, state and federal level, is to stop at all costs anything that, however remotely, has to do with the process of making America great again.  And unfortunately, it’s not only those in the Democrat Party that we must worry about, because as we’ve seen with all of the going’s on in Alabama, there are many within our own party who would like nothing better than to thwart those whose only desire is to make it so far more people are able to once again realize the American dream.  And while that should be everyone’s goal, it’s not!

But who is it that is truly most responsible for the caustic nature of politics today?  I would argue that it is those within our state-controlled media acting at the behest of their masters within the Democrat Party, all of whom, more than a year later, still have been unable to move beyond the fact that their significantly flawed candidate got her ass beat by a complete outsider and first time politician.  According to them there is only ONE possibility that such an outcome could have come about.  So for the last 12 months there has been this steady drumbeat in an effort to convince as many Americans as possible that something which did not take place, did.  And so there is no lie, no accusation or no innuendo that will not be used to accomplish that goal.

The election coming up in 2018, much like the last few that have preceded it, will no doubt prove to be just as crucial to our ability of being able to prevent our country from slipping back into the Democrat Party created abyss.  And in so doing we can not afford to allow ourselves to be intimidated by those who continue to call us racist, homophobe, misogynist or any of their other favorite names for us.  Because we know in our hearts, that we are none of those things.  And therefore we must keep our heads held high as we work to maintain whatever forward progress we can, which, of course, includes doing all that we can at the grassroots level to keep the number of Democrats able to get elected to the absolute lowest number possible.

To be perfectly blunt here, because that’s what far too many people seem to require these days, it should be obvious that the greatest threat that our country now faces, from any direction, is that entity from within known as the Democrat Party.  And granted, as I mentioned previously, there are those within the Republican Party, those whom many identify as RINOs, or Republican In Name Only, who willingly join forces with the Democrats in the continuing effort to construct a wall, of sorts, not on our southern border where it is most needed most, but between the American people and their ability to create the kind of government that would more closely resemble that which was intended by our Founders and not the leviathan that we have today.

It has become painfully clear that we can no longer trust those in government to do what’s best for our country but, instead, what tends to be best for them.  But we do still control our own destiny, and in so doing we must always be willing to do all that is necessary so that our children are not left to deal with any unfinished business because we saw it as being too difficult.  Elections are the only way that we have to rid ourselves of those who refuse to understand that it is they who work for us.  People must understand that voting is about more than electing the candidate who promises the most in return for one’s vote.  It’s about electing the candidate who promises to assist you in making the best possible country for your children.


Democrats 47

Now the last thing I want is to be accused of raining on anyone’s parade, or for bringing someone down especially when I know there is now much celebrating going on within the Democrat Party since they finally succeeded in winning some elections after picking up the governorships in both Virginia and New Jersey.  It’s just that I remember all of the euphoria among Democrats that had as its source the election of one Barry Obummer in 2008 as president, and how it was said at the time that with his election would come 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  And I also remember all of the anger and frustration when that 40 year estimate didn’t quite pan out for them.  Mainly because Democrats tried to move us too far to the left a little too quickly.

What I’d like to do here is to focus on those recent electoral victories, the two governorships I mentioned.  You see, I would argue that Democrats are far from being able to take much credit for their victories.  And it is instead of taking credit that the Democrats should now be thanking the Republicans for their continued stubbornness when it comes to their refusing to support our Republican president and his agenda.  And not until those responsible for advancing the president’s agenda begin to do so, and more aggressively, and those running for office under the Republican banner choose to enthusiastically support our president will there be any progress made in bringing an abrupt end to the Democrats’ dreams of becoming the majority party.

But it is my little way of bringing the Democrats back to Earth that I would simply like to point to a recent poll that seems to show that the Democrat Party is at its lowest approval rating in 25 years.  This despite the never-ending, and very negative, coverage of the president by our state-controlled news media that has continued to wage, since election night 2016, a war to not only destroy Donald Trump’s presidency, but to destroy the man himself.  And it’s despite the best efforts by their media cohorts that favorable views of the Democrat Party are shockingly low, according to a new poll that was conducted for the Crappy News Network (CNN).  The party’s favorable ratings have tumbled from 44 percent to only 37 percent just since March.

According to this same poll 54 percent reported having an unfavorable view of the party. This is the party’s lowest point since the 1990s, also according to the poll.  And what may be alarmingly for the party, the numbers are falling even among the key demographics of nonwhites (48 percent) and those under 35 years of age (33 percent).  In addition, 33 percent of respondents who called themselves liberals had a negative view of the Democrat Party.  Also, 42 percent of those who said they were independents disapprove of the party.  And it would seem that the Democrats, recent electoral victories notwithstanding, may be too focused on the short term when perhaps they should be focused more on what may be their long term problem.

I’m just curious, but has anyone else ever happened to notice how it is that every time the Democrat Party flies into the deck there’s always a Clinton to be found somewhere near the controls?  It was 25 years ago that they had ‘Slick Willy’ at the top of the party, and the Republicans took the House and the Senate. Then they pulled the usual bone head move and ran Dole, because it was his turn.  This time, it was Hitlery, who purchased the DNC with Uranium One money.  Fortunately, the Republican didn’t run JEB, even though it was his turn and the people elected Trump.  But, once again, the Republicans are on the verge of squandering yet another opportunity to move the ball because of a couple of RINOs, McConnell and Ryan.

Democrats include many communists who, while they might not like the word, support the full set of communist beliefs.  Police officers across the country are still being murdered because the Democrat leaders support the murder of police officers.  The Democrat leaders of 2017 support and defend criminals and terrorists, not law-abiding citizens or police.  We who might describe ourselves as, “Reagan Republicans” must be true to America, to Americans, to the United States Constitution, and to the Rule of Law.  We, who are honest American citizens, are being viciously attacked by evil people inside America and out.  If we stay true to Trump’s campaign promises and continue to support his “Make America Great Again” agenda, the Democrats will fail.

That’s because Democrats in 2017 are very happy to support the notion that all 206 million white Americans are all racists and are somehow guilty of owning slaves and supporting slavery, even though none of their ancestors arrived here much later.  Also, if you are a Democrat, white people are not allowed to express political opinions or to even have an opinion, unless they follow the political doctrines of Communism, Islam, and anti-Americanism.  And, oddly enough, if you’re a Democrat you see all police as being criminals and all criminals as being honest.  And one party rule, as long as it’s the Democrats, with zero checks and balances, is wonderful because Democrats are perfect and free from sin and the biases that other people have.

Also, if you happen to be a Democrat, you’re likely to view the United States Constitution as being nothing more than a bunch of words written on a piece of paper and as something that doesn’t really matter.  Being “fair”, according to the subjective opinion of liberal activist judges, is the only thing that matters.  It is the responsibility of those same activist judges to essentially re-write the Constitution, whenever needed, in order to correct the mistakes made in policy and philosophy by past elected officials.  Democrats typically view themselves as being far superior in every way to those of us who are non-Democrats, especially intellectually, and they think that non-Democrats don’t even deserve to vote or to have an opinion.

Also it’s Democrats who seem to be of the opinion that five-year-old children should be encouraged to have sex-change operations and to suspend all reality regarding the biology they were born with.  Also they support the notion that women must accept men with lipstick gazing at them in the women’s restroom and that young girls must accept grown men with lipstick and testosterone-supercharged teenage boys showering with the girls and gazing at them in the locker rooms and bathrooms. Women and girls who oppose being humiliated and endangered are bad people who discriminate.  And it also seems to be a great many of those in the Democrat Party who think women must come to accept Sharia Law and the enslavement by Islam.

And it’s the vast majority of Democrats who seem to view the United States not as an independent country, but instead as a ‘sanctuary’ dumping ground with no borders and open to absolutely ANYONE who desires to come here.  And then there’s the issue of what the Democrats like to refer to as “science.”   Only in this sense, ‘science’ is whatever it is that supports the political goals held by Democrats.  Suspending reality and evidence is perfectly acceptable “science”, as long as it supports the goals of the Democrat Party or any of the many front groups that fall under the party’s umbrella. “Science” is defined by calling people with a penis “women” and by calling cooling temperatures “global warming, climate change or climate disruption”.

And if you’re a Democrat you believe that all immigrants are good, especially the illegal ones and all American citizens are, for the most part, bad.  All monuments and history that involves what white people did in North America must be erased. A new man must be created for the new Communist Utopia, absent of any memory of anything from the past, except for bad things America, Americans, or white people may have done.  Post-century convictions are acceptable, where 21st Century liberals condemn and retroactively punish people who lived hundreds of years ago, and their descendants.  And then, there’s the question of abortion.  Democrats support aborting perfectly healthy babies right up to the time of delivery and for any reason.

So there you have it, what the Democrat Party of 2017 supports and, I assume, what those who vote for Democrats must also support.  If not why, regardless of one’s skin color or ethnic background, would anyone vote for a Democrat?  If you support nothing that the Democrat Party stands for, what is it about one’s race or ethnicity that convinces one to vote for a Democrat?  Nothing!  So I can only assume that the vast majority of those in our minority communities must agree with the positions held by the Democrat Party when it comes to such things as abortion, men being allowed in women’s restroom and the continuing to allow into this country massive numbers of illegal immigrants.  Minorities have been brainwashed into hating our country.

And remember that most candidates running under the Democrat banner tend not to be very forthcoming when asked about the specifics regarding the issues that they truly do support.  Therefore it’s never a good idea for one to take at face value anything a candidate may say before an election.  Voters should always take the time to do the necessary homework, to look back at the candidate’s history and to look at exactly who their candidate has supported and at who it was that they were willing to betray and sacrifice for the sake of advancing the left’s agenda.  And while Democrats are thumping their chests this morning just because they won a couple of elections, they’re crowing about nothing more than winning a couple of liberal states.

And while I’m sure you’ll not find a Democrat anywhere who will agree, I still argue that all their party needs in order to bring about its total and complete collapse, is a just little push in the right direction.  If only those on our side had the necessary courage to do so.  But they’re far too busy spending time worrying about how they’re going to being able to keep their cushy job, than they are worrying about the survival of our country.  And it is they who need to be replaced not with Democrats, heaven forbid, but with those willing to support our president in his efforts to “Make America Great Again.”  The truth is, if you vote Democrat then you vote for Socialism.  And that will lead nowhere but to a dead end for both America and ALL of her people.


Donkey 06

Has anyone else noticed how it is that so many of those in the state-controlled ‘fake news’ media complex continue to spend so much of their time promoting the notion that the Republican Party now seems to be involved in what so many of them very enthusiastically describe as being a ‘civil war’, and yet never utter not so much as a word about how it is that Barry succeeded in essentially destroying the Democrat Party and how Hitlery, after seizing control, succeeded in driving what was left of it into the ground.  Personally, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of scumbags.  I love it when Democrats eat their own.

And I guess I’m more than a little confused about how it is that after more than a year the Democrats are just now finally willing to admit that President Trump has been right all along when he said that the Democrat Party primary process was totally rigged in Hitlery’s favor.  And it was one of Hitlery’s more vocal supporters during the 2016 campaign, Elizabeth Warren, who during Thursday’s episode of the Crappy News Network’s, “The Lead,” said that she now believes that the Democrat primary was rigged.  What the Hell took her so long?  She sure didn’t think that was the case when she was going after Trump for claiming the same thing over a year ago.

Anyway, it was old Liz who said, “Look, this is a real problem, but what we’ve got to do as Democrats now, is we’ve got to hold this party accountable. When…Tom Perez was first elected chair of the DNC, the very first conversation I had with him is to say, you have got to put together a Democratic Party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for Democrats, rather than Democrats are working for the party. And he’s being tested now. This is a test for Tom Perez.”  Anchor Jake Tapper then asked Warren, “[D]o you agree with the notion that it was rigged?”  She responded, “Yes.”  So what might have caused this new realization?

And you would think that after eight long years of having the most corrupt and lawless president ever, things were bound to come out eventually. There are still too many people who can’t see past his color and are afraid to call it as they see it for fear of being called a racist.  Good grief, his color is precisely why he was chosen by the Democrat power structure in the first place and then put on the fast-track for the presidency. They knew he would get the benefit of the doubt precisely because of his color.  And despite all that he has done to “fundamentally transform” America, what seems to have gone ignored is how drastically he changed the Democrat Party.

And this same man is STILL receiving the benefit of the doubt from far too many Americans.  It’s ridiculous.  More people need to get over their supposed white guilt!  After all, we have a country to save.  Obummer is still very much engaged in American politics and he is one sick, I mean slick, operator.  Barry didn’t simply destroy the Democrat Party, his goal was, and remains, to bring about the downfall of this Constitutional Republic.  The fact that he still is free, and even getting a nice fat pension, is bad enough but he and his financial backer, George Soros, are still working toward that goal and most American citizens don’t realize he’s still at it.

So old Liz says that “you have got to put together a Democratic Party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for Democrats.”  But oddly enough it was the same old Liz who was singing a very different tune in October of last year.  You see, it was then that she held nothing back in attacking then candidate Trump for his declaring that the election was rigged.  It was before the election that Liz tweeted, “It’s not rigged, @realDonaldTrump. You’re losing fair & square. Put on your big-boy pants because this is what accountability looks like.”  So now over a year later it’s Liz who seems to agree with President Trump’s assessment.

And it’s to Liz that I would like to pass on that I think the Democrat Party of 2017 is working just fine for the Democrats, especially as it continues to support everything that seems to matter most to those who identify as Democrats.  Such as: How many men can you get in a women’s restroom, and vice versa, the incendiary hate President Trump rhetoric heard from ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and the like, the advocating for ‘free’ stuff, amnesty for illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, the silencing of any and all dissenting opinions, and of course the supporting of violence as a means to an end.  Please don’t change a thing, continue to support your base just as you’ve been doing.

I think we can say that Democrats are furious that sunlight is finally beginning to expose what is just the tip of a rather sizable iceberg regarding their 2016 election shenanigans.  Hitlery, too, is furious that WikiLeaks exposed her lies, cheating, corruption and election fraud.  DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wizzerman Schultz was forced to resign after it was discovered that she was in cahoots with Hitlery to damage Bernie’s campaign.  Interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile was fired from the Crappy News Network and was pressured to resign as acting DNC chairwoman after it was discovered she provided Hitlery with answers to debate questions.

Hitlery is also known to have paid a couple of Democrat ‘operatives’, by the names of  Scott Foval and Robert Creamer, to instigate violence at Trump rallies on behalf of her campaign and the DNC.  Later is was discovered that Robert Creamer had visited the White House over 340 times.  Of those visits, 47 resulted in direct meetings with none other than ex-president Barry Obummer.  Hitlery also hired voter fraud activist Scott Foval, a loyal Democrat ‘activist’ who told undercover investigators that his party has been rigging elections “for 50 years” and wasn’t likely to stop now.  Foval was forced to resign after this little bit of information came to light.

And let’s not forget that it was the state-controlled media, and nearly in its entirety, that proved itself to be an instrumental member of Hitlery’s campaign because of its blatant attempt to try to influence both the primary and general elections.  But by insisting to push polls that they had to have known had no basis in really, it was in the end that they had actually succeeded in doing more damage than anything else.  And now it’s become rather curious to watch the Democrats as they wail about Russian spies using WikiLeaks to influence the election, when it’s clear the liberal state-controlled media was colluding with Hitlery & Co. nearly every step of the way.

The list of laws that were either bent considerably or broken outright all in the effort to keep Hitlery in the game, would like stretch to the Moon and back.  Had she been anyone else her candidacy would have come to screeching halt as soon as the email server story broke, but the Democrats incorrectly believed they had sufficient control of the media to be able to insulate her from the fallout of those astounding revelations.  The politicized Obummer Justice Department did Democrats no favors by staving off indictments that would have taken Hitlery out of the game, or by slow-walking the email investigation until her replacement became prohibitively difficult.

We’re now told that Hitlery seized control of the DNC’s assets and resources four months after announcing her run and then proceeded to rig the primaries.  Yet, even though she had the media providing cover for her, Twitter and Facebook both covering for her by blocking conservative trending topics and hiding critical trending hashtags, Bob Creamer and Scott Foval hiring leftists to attack Trump rallies and physically assault his supporters, and paid for a spurious dossier that tied Trump with Russian collusion, even with all of that going for her, she STILL LOST.  If that doesn’t make very clear the fact that she was a horrible candidate, nothing will.

No matter how much Democrats complain and try to distance themselves from Hitlery, the old Democrat Party has now gone the way of the dinosaur. The new Democrat Party nominated this crook to be president and for that it must never be forgiven.  But there’s no doubt that come 2020 the Democrats will again trot out yet another Communist-Socialist-One World-Multiculturalist whose mission again will be to try to destroy America with their dreams of fairness, equality and a utopia that only exists within their pea sized brains.  Biden, Warren, Harris, etc. are all lining up for 2020, and they still have Hitlery out there saying she wants to be president.

Finally, if it wasn’t for being misled the Democrats wouldn’t have any “leadership” at all. The Democrat Party used to be better than this.  But for 50+ years they have been misled and lied to by communist insurgents pretending to be Democrats.  Today’s Democrat Party is the party of hate and of anti-America sentiment.  The party has been overrun by communist sympathizers, of Islamists, of anarchists, of criminals who flaunt our legal system to get rich and those who are evil and corrupt to the core.  Show me a Democrat who is proud of America, and I’ll tell you about a creature that doesn’t exist anymore.  The Democrat Party has become the greatest threat we face.