Pelosi 10

Nancy Pelosi has now made official the Democrat position as it relates to the millions of those who are in this country ILLEGALLY.  She said that whether or not illegal aliens suppress the wages of U.S. workers is really “not the point” and that using language like “illegal aliens” was not constructive.  It was during a press conference on Thursday that Pelosi was asked, “Yesterday you outlined your plan to get a better deal for American workers. Does permitting illegal aliens to enter the United States and work here suppress the wages of American workers?”

And it was in responding that Pelosi said, “That’s not the point. Using terminology like ‘illegal aliens’ and ‘illegally entering the country’ is just not viewed as constructive. The fact is that we have, we must protect our borders, that is our responsibility.”  She said, “We also must protect our values, that’s our responsibility as well.”  And added, “And we do believe that there can be a bipartisan way for us to come together to honor the values of our country and recognize that newcomers to our country are frequently the constant reinvigoration of America.”

She continued, “Bringing their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations, their optimism, their courage, their determination, to make the future better for their families are American traits, and in doing so these newcomers make America more American.”  And she said, “Should we, we must protect our borders, yes.”  She concluded by saying, “But what we’re talking about here, though, are asylum seekers and that has nothing to do with legal entry into the country.”  Actually, we’re not.  What we’re talking about is creating a fresh pool of Democrat voters.

Pelosi and her band of House Democrats released a plan earlier in the week which, or so they claim, will provide a better deal for American workers, is really nothing more than what we have heard from them before and on any number of different occasions. Supposedly, their plan is said to be aimed addressing inequality by giving “workers freedom to join unions and negotiate collectively.”  In addition, the plan hopes to pave the way for Americans to “higher wages, better health care, safer working conditions and stronger retirement security.”

So what we really have here is more of the same sort of bizarre Liberal logic that we’re accustomed to hearing from Pelosi: Seeking asylum has nothing to do with legal entry. Illegals driving down American worker’s wages is not the point because the Liberals are protecting American values. Protecting our borders means leaving them open. Open borders makes America more American by flooding it with foreigners. Freedom means joining a union and giving them part of your paycheck. Who thinks like this other than some America-Hating-Leftwing-Kook?

And should we be surprised to hear that Pelosi is simply not all that concerned about depressing wages by hiring illegals? Old Nancy is a MILLIONAIRE several times over and a government worker to boot, whose pay is set by law.  Which is a great gig if you can get it!  Let’s get her out into the private sector and see how she does. I would LOVE to see the old girl try her hand at a non-government job where you have to show up on time, and actually produce in order to get a paycheck.  Let’s see her in Macys as a salesperson, or at a McDonalds flipping burgers.  But I digress.

Yes, Ms. Pelosi, suppressing wages in this country is EXACTLY the point and when the labor unions finally wake up and see that illegals are flooding the market, driving wages down, the unions will realize that they are beginning to lose billions of dollars—and it will get worse.  The immigrants of yesteryear who came in search of the ‘American Dream’ knew that it could only be achieved through their own ingenuity and hard work. They didn’t come looking to be supported by others, they came here to start a new life and to actually become Americans.

Thanks to Democrats, the ‘American Dream’ has now come to be defined as cradle to grave generational support at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers. The version of the “American Dream” of these illegals and so called refugees a.k.a. economic migrants is one in which their “American Dreams” are financed by the American people via welfare, food stamps, free health care, free educations, free housing, Obamaphones, and on and on it goes until I want to puke.  It’s a never-ending nightmare unless you happen to be on the receiving end.

As a little side note here I’d like to mention Democrat ‘Dick’ Blumenthal’s suggestion on the same topic of illegal aliens.  You remember Dick, he’s the lying piece of shit who claimed to have spent time in Vietnam when in reality he had never been anywhere near the place.  It was during a recent press conference on Capitol Hill that this loser was heard to say, “We should be very blunt: The biggest tool we have is shame.”   He said, “We need to shame this administration into changing an inhumane, un-American policy because it is totally unprecedented.”  Really, Dick?

You may not know it but Dick is an Ivy League graduate with an estimated net worth of $85 Million. He has an expensive home in Greenwich, Connecticut.   His idiotic statement came as he and other Democrat pond scum declined to answer questions from more conservative members of the press regarding the economic impact of migrant workers on Americans’ salaries.  Obviously this boob is of the same opinion as Pelosi in that the effect illegals have on depressing wages for Americans simply isn’t the point and is something that needs no further discussion.

But it’s corrupt politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, that treat the U.S. taxpayers as nothing more than a cornucopia of never-ending wealth as they seek to peddle influence/beneficial legislation to line their own pockets.  Then of course, those who seek them out to provide a source cheap labor have no problem foisting the cost of doing so onto the American taxpayer.  After all, where else would the money come from to house, clothe, feed, educate and to provide health care for all of those here illegally since our government produces nothing of value?

My point here, and I know I’ve said it before, is to stress that this coming election is so very important, may be even crucial.  And I guess what worries me the most is that we now have ‘The Swamp’ busy pulling out all the stops in an effort to sabotage whatever chance the Republicans may still have of being able to maintain their majorities in Congress.  And if we allow ourselves to fall for their shenanigans and hand control of Congress back to the Democrats, then we will be doing exactly what it is that ‘The Swamp’ is wanting us to do.  DON’T DO IT!!!



Sen. Bernie Sanders And DNC Chair Tom Perez Hold Rally In Miami

Now suppose, just for the sake of argument, that you are the head of an organization whose sole source of revenue, or so we are constantly being told, comes from ‘donations’ from individuals as well as from certain groups and corporations.  And it’s a well-known fact that the organization which you head up is broke.  Would you then, as the responsible head of your organization, refuse to take any amount of money from anyone who is both legally able, and quite willing, to donate to you?  Of course you wouldn’t!  Because such a thing makes no sense.

And yet it has recently come to light in what is, I guess, an effort to highlight its environmental platform, that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is now no longer accepting campaign contributions from those companies involved in the production, and/or sale, of ‘fossil fuels.’  Executive members of the DNC have now voted to ban all contributions from corporate political action committees related to the oil, gas and coal industries.  The resolution was originally proposed by Christine Pelosi, a member of the DNC and daughter of Nancy Pelosi.

It was this past Sunday that Christine Pelosi said, “Today we can act — in harmony with the millions of Americans demanding that we clean up our planet and our politics and join the hundreds of individual Democratic political candidates for office across the country who have pledged not to take money from the fossil fuel industry.”  By golly, the left wing nut certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree.  And apparently the DNC is also said to be considering a second resolution to ban all contributions over $200 from any individual who works in the fossil fuel sector.

It was not immediately clear how this new rule will come to affect the Democrat Party.  Fossil fuel companies have long favored Republican candidates and already do not donate all that much to Democrat candidates, comparatively speaking.  According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the DNC received $2.6 million from mining firms and fossil fuel producers during the 2016 election. This figure pales in comparison to the $56.1 million in contributions that the real estate and finance industries gave to Democrats during the same election cycle.

Now I suppose it could be argued why is it that any company involved in the ‘fossil fuel’ industry would choose to donate to a political party whose only interest seems to be in driving them out of business?  But, I must say, stranger things have happened.  Granted, in the big scheme of things it really isn’t all that much money that’s collected in the first place from those companies in the oil and gas business.  Which makes this recent declaration from the Democrats, about refusing their money, nothing more than the BS we typically get from Democrats.

In 2016 1.1 million employees worked in traditional coal, oil, and gas. The DNC is broke yet the plan is to give up ALL contributions from those folks in a show of virtue?  I love how the Democrats remain adrift in an ocean of hypocrisy. They keep throwing all manner of crap against the wall.  What are they expecting to have happen, that people will suddenly flock to them?  And given the amount regulations the Democrats seek to pile on energy producers why would they expect donations in the first place.  That’s akin to Muslims refusing donations from pork producers.

Perhaps those companies involved in producing America’s gas, oil and coal, along with their retail outlets, should decide that it has become in their best interest to not sell ANY of their products to those who are in any way affiliated with the Democrat Party for use in their vehicles or homes.  We know Democrats will immediately seek to outlaw use of fossil fuels if they ever again regain the power to do so.  These Democrats are so courageous.   Might we expect to see the Republican Party counter by announcing a ban on donations from MS-13? (sarcasm added)


Obama 13

Earlier this week we heard Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, from the floor of Senate, give a speech which, in my humble opinion, would have been much better suited, and far more appropriate, had it been given anytime during the years 2009 to 2016.  It was a speech which, I assume, was intended to portray Chuckie as being some grand defender of our Republic, which he most certainly is not.  It was during this speech, which was more of a rant, really, that he declared that our current president is “not a king!”  And while his rant was directed at President Trump, it would have been far more accurate, in every way, had it instead been directed at Barry ‘O’ at any time during his tenure as president.  But then Barry was a Democrat, Trump is not.

Anyway, it was during his speech/rant that Chuckie said, “The president himself tweeted yesterday that he had the absolute right to pardon himself and that the appointment of the special counsel was unconstitutional, despite the fact that he regularly called for a special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.”  Chuckie continued by saying, “The two-facedness, the hypocrisy of saying Hillary should have it but, now, it is unconstitutional that it applies to him—how can the American people tolerate that kind of thinking in a president?”   And it was then that Chuckie directed his remarks at Trump, telling him: “You are not a king!”  I can’t help but wonder if Chuckie himself actually believes what comes out of his mouth.

And as if he actually knows anything about them, Chuckie then went on to speak about our Founding Fathers, saying, “The Founding Fathers didn’t set out to create a monarchy; they set out to construct a system of government entirely distinct from the monarchies of their time. That is why they installed checks and balances and devolved power between three branches to ensure the liberty of the people and guard against the encroachment of tyranny.”  He went on to say, “That was their great gift to us, and their ideas have kept American democracy alive for two and a half centuries and the admiration of the world for an equal period of time. Trump is besmirching all of that with his recent activities. “  Seriously?  Besmirching?

Now my thing is that if Chuckie had chosen to use ‘Obama’ in every instance that he used ‘Trump’ this idiotic rant of his from the floor of the Senate would have been spot on in every way.  Because unlike Barry ‘O’, Trump does not behave, nor has he ever behaved, as if he thinks of himself as royalty.  Chuckie needs to move on and start acting like a man and do something constructive for the country for once.  The president is doing exactly what 70 percent of America wants him to do.  Drivel such as Chuckie’s is what got President Trump elected in the first place.  Yet the Democrats, for some reason, keep right on doing the same thing over and over again as they continue to expect some sort of different outcome.  It’s really quite bizarre.

Because not once did Chuckie EVER show any concern about Barry’s threat to use his pen and his phone.  And President Trump has the authority to “fire at will” as the only thing this ongoing ‘investigation’ has thus far managed to uncover is that Barry was running a thoroughly corrupt operation out of the Oval Office.  And yes, we have a Constitution which Chuckie and the Democrats are constantly trying to reinterpret!  And lest we forget, it was just three years ago, that Democrats were advocating for Hitlery to pardon herself should she win the presidency.  So again the typical double standard rears its ugly head, making it crystal clear once again how the Democrat Party is nothing more than a perverted, and blatantly dishonest, bunch of hypocrites.


biden 7

Let’s face it, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the strange little habit that the Democrat Party has for choosing perverts as candidates for higher office.  And just as difficult to ignore is ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s rather bizarre penchant for little girls or his equally bizarre, and even creepier, habit of skinny-dipping in front of female Secret Service agents.  Yet, apparently, there are many within his Democrat Party who are now of the opinion that this disgusting old pervert is the ideal candidate to represent the party against President Donald Trump in 2020.

And so now once again we have ex-vice president, and many-time candidate for president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden teasing yet another run for the White House, this time telling reporters that he will have a decision regarding 2020 by the end of the year.  And in what I can only assume is something being used a test run, of sorts, for what would be his third ‘official’ run for the White House, on top of the many times he “explored” the idea, ‘Creepy Joe’ has embarked on a growing list of appearances as he stumps for Democrat candidates in the 2018 midterms.

‘Creepy Joe’ recently told those in the media who care about such things, that he would not make any decision about throwing his very well-worn hat into the ring for the Democrat nomination in 2020 until after the 2018 elections are over.  But he has not ruled out another try for the White House.  ‘Creepy Joe’ ran what many have referred to as a disastrous campaign back in 1988 when he was derailed and bowed out early after confronting a series of plagiarism charges, not only in his campaign speeches but also in papers written when he was in law school.

Realistically, ‘Creepy Joe’ has floated himself as a candidate for president, or actually started a campaign, in nearly every presidential election since 1988.  He launched a second serious bid in 2008, facing down then-Sen. Barry ‘O’, but bowed out early again when he was not able to win enough primary voters to knock Barry out of the race. ‘Creepy Joe’ garnered only one percent in the Iowa caucuses in 2008, and in all his attempts to run for the White House, he has never come close to winning the Democrat primaries.  He must think that now is his time.

If he were to be elected in 2020, he would be 78 years old and would be the oldest president on inauguration day in U.S. history.  ‘Creepy Joe’s’ possible candidacy comes on the heels of evidence that he and his son, Hunter Biden, struck a billion-dollar deal with the Chinese government in an arrangement author Peter Schweizer calls a corrupt attempt at influence peddling.  So besides being quite the pervert, ‘Creepy Joe’ has a pretty corrupt side too, in trying to use his position to enrich him and others in his family.  Ah, the PERFECT Democrat candidate!

Actually I’m thinking that ‘Creepy’ just likes the attention, I doubt he’d go through with it.  He reminds me of how Mario Cuomo used to act in the late eighties.  Larry King had a show on CNN then, and would slobber over Cuomo, to convince him to run.  But in the end he never would.  Can’t wait to see the primaries as ‘Creepy Joe’ faces off against Harris, Booker, Warren, Gillibrand, Waters, and Hitlery.  Each will lean the ship further to the portside until the vessel capsizes with all aboard.  Then Sanders enters the race with a rowboat and a yellow, rubber-ducky life vest.

I remember ‘Creepy Joe’ a dozen years ago sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee going on one of his longwinded rambles questioning the fitness of Samuel Alito to be on the Supreme Court.  It was a tossup who was the worst on that committee, ‘Creepy Joe’, Ted ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy, or Patrick ‘Leaky’ Leahy.  He was an ass then, and over time he’s only managed to become a bigger ass.  He nothing more than a creature of ‘The Swamp’ that should have long ago been retired.  But the morons there in Delaware just kept sending him back to the Senate.

The Democrats don’t have anyone who’s even close to being a reputable candidate to run. After all, only a hardcore leftwing kook would run on that party’s platform, and if ‘Creepy Joe’ is the best they’ve got they’re not scraping the bottom of the barrel, they’ve gone through the bottom of it.  It’s difficult to imagine a Democrat candidate for president that anyone who is not a card-carrying left wing kook would respect enough to vote for.  They had Jim Webb, a decent enough guy, and state-controlled media made sure to marginalize him on Hitlery’s behalf.

At this point, it’s pick your flavor of commie. Their ideas didn’t work, so America opted for know-how and Americans first, and elected Donald Trump. Moderate Democrats, if they have even an ounce of commonsense, will gravitate toward President Trump for economic opportunity and to avoid open borders.  What’s left for the commies is violent revolution.  The Party that pushes minorities and women, all the while ascribing KKK-levels of white racism and male domination to the GOP, is likely to see two old white guys vying for its nomination.

And you know, if the Democrats actually do choose to go with ‘Creepy Joe’ as their man in 2020, it would speak volumes about exactly where the party is today, in that a nearly 80 year old pervert is the best individual they could come up, as a party, to run as their candidate for president.  Granted, most Democrats don’t really give a squat about who their candidate is, they’ll vote for whoever it is, regardless.  They’ve proven that more times than I care to count.  But for them to resort to a guy like this creep, would prove just how far gone they are as a party.


Donkey 06

Apparently lost in amongst all of the talk of a pending ‘blue wave’ said to be headed in our direction this November and the 99 percent negative ‘news’ coverage that President Trump has been made to endure since he was inaugurated, is who it is that most folks see as being the ‘head’ of the Democrat Party.  Because it’s according to a recent poll that such information that seems to escape a pretty significant number of voters.  But does it even really matter that no one can identify a supposed leader of the Democrat Party?  Is the party’s hatred of President Trump enough to win?

You see, just five months out from this November’s midterm elections, voters in competitive battleground districts essentially have no idea who it is that can be said to be leading the Democrat Party.  According to a CBS/YouGov poll released just this past Sunday, when voters in key districts were asked to name the party’s leader, the most popular answer was, “There isn’t one.”  It was 45 percent of midterm voters who seem to think that the Democrats are leaderless.  And voters who said the Democrat Party actually does have a leader, couldn’t agree on who that leader is.

Because, apparently, 16 percent of those asked said Senate Democrat Chuckie Schumer is the leader of the party, 15 percent said Nancy Pelosi, and even 13 percent said Bernie Sanders.  Also it was 7 percent who actually named ex-secretary of state and two time presidential loser, Hitlery as being the leader of the party, while another four percent listed someone else.  And, it was this same poll that found that that the midterm battle for control of the House is currently seen as being pretty much of a toss-up.  So the much heralded ‘blue wave’ seems to have dissipated.

This should come as a surprise to virtually no one.  Before Rosanne Barr made that tweet about Valarie Jarret, you could have asked any number of Democrat voters who Valarie Jarret was and most would have had no idea, nor that she was a major player in Barry’s little crime family.  Some folks vote Democrat, or Republican, just for the sake of voting for a particular party.  Those voters are the ones who keep folks like McCain, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer along with any number of others in office, therefore extending the problems we’ve with our government for decades.

The sad thing is that rank and file Democrats don’t seem bothered by their party’s lack of leadership, or the lack of any real message other than hatred of President Trump.  That said, we dare not underestimate the sleazy Democrats for they are a sinister bunch chock full of ways to advance their destructive liberal agenda.  And they have an army of propagandists disguised as our media that is always standing at the ready to assist in any way they can.   Bottom line: those who comprise this cadre of toxic liberals are most dangerous when they feel the most threatened.

The S.O.P. for any Democrat who’s glommed onto power is to systematically destroy anyone who might even consider replacing them, out of fear that they might.  This generation of Democrats is little more than a bunch of ‘snowflakes’ who have no idea of what they’re complaining about.  The Democrat Party has now become entirely dependent on the stupidity of its voters.  And the Democrat propaganda media machine has been so obsessed with destroying President Trump that they seem to have fallen down on the job a bit in the effort to promote their most favored party.

And what a great message we have from the Democrat Party. After all, nothing screams “Vote for us!” quite like a leaderless mob that wants only to raise your taxes so they can then use that money to give more ‘free stuff’ to those who will agree to vote for them!  And remember, Democrats also pretty much own our state-controlled media, run most of our institutions of ‘higher learning’, and have lots of very wealthy friends, like George Soros and the Koch brothers, who have never been the least bit shy when it comes to helping the Democrats advance their corrupt agenda.

And finally, I have no doubt that the majority of those who identify as Democrats have absolutely NO concept of what a true ‘leader’ is, and therefore most of those taking part in this poll were likely dumbfounded by the question.  All those who vote Democrat are interested in is how much ‘free stuff’ they can acquire in exchange for their vote that someone else, and not they, will be required to pay for.  That’s really what the modern day Democrat Party has become, nothing more than a bunch of parasites willing to hand over their vote to whoever is the highest bidder.  Sad.


Donkey 03

I’m sure we all remember how the election of Barry ‘O’ was touted as being the beginning of what was to be 40 years of solid Democrat rule, and how quickly, politically speaking, things turned out to be just the opposite from what so many in the party had predicted.  By the end of Barry’s reign the Republican Party would come to hold more Governors Mansions, more Statehouses, and more legislative seats than they had in over 100 years!  Meanwhile, the Democrat Party was having trouble fundraising, and while the Democrats may own half of the nation’s votes, the vast majority of those voters live in a few dozen metropolitan areas along our coastlines.

And while this was indeed bad news for the Democrat Party, there were also signs pointing to further troubles looming for the party.  Now we have proof that the Democrat Party has lost its ever-loving mind and may now be on its way to becoming officially finished as a viable political party in these United States.  And just what is it that I use as proof to back up my rather bold claim?  Well, how about the fact that the Party just spent the last couple of weeks defending the most violent and dangerous street gang in the world today?   Why would the Democrats spend so much time defending the murderous thugs of MS-13?  For only one reason, politics.

President Trump, I think, has made it his personal mission to destroy MS-13 and he’s using every available resource at his disposal in order to do so.  He’s charged Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the DOJ, and Homeland Security to all focus their efforts on eliminating the gang as a threat in the United States (and wherever else we can hit them). And instead of joining with the President in the fight against MS-13, the Democrats have instead decided to treat them more like Saints.  The Democrats have humanized them, have coddled them, and have become the de facto party of MS-13, and all because they hate Donald Trump. It’s sheer madness.

Hopefully there are enough people paying attention to just how unraveled the Democrats have now become, as a party, and will decide to force them into regretting their rather insane decision to give aid and comfort to such an evil organization as MS-13.  But as we have seen in the past, and on more than a few occasions, those same American people are a rather fickle bunch, especially when it comes to voting.  To the point where you find yourself wondering just what it was they might have been thinking when they cast their vote.  So for that reason I am nowhere near ready to make the call that the Democrat Party is officially finished.


Democrats 47

You know, I kinda almost feel sorry for the Democrats.  Almost.  And while I don’t want to get too cocky, they were all just so sure that this November’s midterm elections were going to be rushing in on some massive ‘blue wave’.  But a funny thing happened on the way to November.  Republicans are outperforming Democrats in fundraising and polls amid a week of defending both MS-13 and Hamas.

It was Nancy Pelosi who defended members of gang MS-13 on Thursday, claiming they are not “animals” at all, but are, instead, “God’s children.”  MS-13 has a reputation for all manner of heinous and violent behavior, like stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death, stabbing a man over a hundred times and decapitated him, and following the motto “kill, rape, control” to intimidate communities.  God’s Children?

Pelosi’s comment was in response to President Trump’s claim that the MS-13 members who enter the country illegally are “animals.”  The president stood his ground after Pelosi’s response, saying that the former speaker was “radical” at the Susan B. Anthony List gala Tuesday night.  He said, “She wants them to be treated with respect, as do other Democrats. That’s not going to be happening.”

Meanwhile it was Senator, and failed presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders who said the State of Israel was not justified in “firing on unarmed protesters” at the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14.  Of course, what Sanders failed to mention was that the “unarmed” protesters were part of and led by Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group whose charter specifically calls for the killing of Jews.

And it was Bernie along with 12 other prominent, and very leftwing, Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren and Dianne Feinstein, proposed that the U.S. should resume funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) back on May 16.  UNRWA money, as you may or may not know, helps fund Hamas-run schools that teach anti-Semitic propaganda to children.

Democrat leaders are a bunch of left-wing kooks, egged on by left-wing kooks in the left-wing media. They’re making the same mistakes they made in the last four elections and are too ensconced in their little bubble to see any other way.  For whatever reason they remain truly convinced that far-left extremism is their ticket to victory.  This despite the fact that it hasn’t worked for them in the last eight years.

And what should cause them pause is that recently, and for the first time in 2018, we now find that the Republicans leading Democrats in a newly released Reuters midterm poll. And to add insult to injury the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is also taking a major hit in money raised.  It only managed to raise $7.9 million in April compared to the Republican National Committee taking in $13 million.

Now most rational individuals would likely tend to take a step back to maybe reevaluate their strategy going forward while there’s still time.  But while your average Democrat politician can be called many things, rational isn’t one of them.  There is a reason the symbol of their party is a jackass.  But then that’s the one thing I tend to like about them, because it tends to typically benefit my side.