Can someone please explain to me how it is that Democrats continue to somehow remain immune when it comes to accusations of bona fide treason, while at the very same time it’s every concocted act of treason supposedly committed by Republicans that automatically becomes front page ‘fake news?”   Case in point would be who it was that actually paid for the very fake, yet still treated as true, Russian dossier?  And who is it that has spent over three years doing everything possible to remove from office our duly elected president?   That would, of course, be the Democrats.   

This past Sunday, on MSDNC’s “Kasie DC,” it was he who is still somehow billed as being a ‘Democrat Strategist,” James Carville, that reacted to what is yet another concocted report that supposedly claims that Russian intelligence offered Afghan militants bounties to kill U.S. soldiers.  Carville ‘demanded’ answers from the White House about what members of the administration knew.  Ok, so who is this imbecile to be demanding anything from anyone?  You know, that this washed up POS is still allowed a platform from which to spew his idiotic drivel says a lot about MSDNC!

Anyway, Carville argued that there is a “case” to be made that President Trump committed “treason” if he knew about the bounty prior to speaking to West Point soldiers at their graduation and still invited Russia President Vladimir Putin to the G7 summit.  And this boob then went on to say, “If the reporting is right and he knew about it, and he invited Putin to the G7, all right, there is a Carville case to make that this violates the treason provision in Article III of the United States Constitution, and people have to start reading Article III. Read what the definition of treason is.”

Carville said, “I’m not saying that he did it.”  And he added, “The Intelligence Committee has to call these people in and ascertain if this is right because if this is right, we could have this instance. So, we need answers. Again, Congresswoman Liz Cheney is as Republican as I am a Democrat, maybe more, wants answers, too. They’ve got to come pronto, like immediately.  Maybe he has a defense to this.  Maybe The New York Times made it all up. I doubt it, but maybe they did. Maybe it’s all fake news. But questions must be asked, and answers must be given.”

And so we continue on with what has been a competition, of sorts, to determine the most idiotic rationale that can be dreamt up for removing a sitting president from office.  And I have no doubt that there will be a direct correlation between how much time is left before the election and the level of insanity applied to those claims being hurled at this president.  And Carville has once again demonstrated a willingness to talk up whatever fake conspiracy can be dreamt up that will allow the Democrats to ‘investigate’ and cause those involved in the ‘fake news’ media to hyperventilate!

Carville, like every other Democrat, remains remarkably silent when it comes to PROVEN treasonous actions?  You know, like a political party and media colluding with Russian operatives to derail a presidential candidacy and then after the election working to destroy an administration.  And what about an outgoing administration spying on the opposition party and participating in a political smear campaign made possible by a complicit media?  But then then what are we to expect from Democrats? And it’s not like they can actually tell us all how great ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ is!

The Democrats need something to hang on to as more information manages to come out about just how far up the chain the attempts to being down the president go. They’re throwing anything they can against the wall at this point, hoping that something, ANYTHING, will stick.  God willing, there won’t be anything left of the Democrat Party after November third.  If there were justice, and if the corrupt were not so powerful and rich, Hitlery and her allies, along with a vile ‘BO’ and his mafia administration would be prosecuted and put in prison. These people are pure evil.

I am sick of this ongoing lunacy that has those who are essentially nothing more than patently corrupt establishment politicians, on both sides of the political aisle, who seem to be so determined in their effort to continually undermine our president. They, acting in concert with those in our ‘fake news’ media, form what is now the gravest threat our country is now made to face.  And just because someone has an (R) after their name does not in any way mean that they are necessarily one of the good guys or that they should automatically be believed.  Because that is not the case!   

For over four years now the Democrats, along with a certain number of RINOs, have wasted entirely too much time on what has amounted to nothing more that pure harassment of President Trump.  It has been one bogus charge after another that the Democrats have used.  There has been all manner of ‘damned-if-he-does and damned-if-he doesn’t’ scenarios used.  Carville chooses to invoke treason when it’s his own party that’s the party of treason. Countless Democrats have made deals with foreign countries and made millions by selling our military intelligence and industrial assets.

And for the sake of the deaf, dumb and blind Democrats it is my very fervent hope the party come to an end in November.  But that’s likely nothing more than wishful thinking on my part.  This is a party that is now both comprised of and lead by those who, for whatever the reason, hate America and seem to be in favor of just about anything that will bring about its ruin.  And the Democrats now have under their control a very powerful propaganda organization that operates under the guise of a supposed ‘mainstream’ news media complex which is anything but mainstream.

It’s clear that both Hitlery and ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden obviously sold their positions in the administration, as well as when in the Senate, to foreign powers at least one of which is an enemy.  That is Treason.  ‘BO’ sold his office for money stolen from shareholders and taxpayers, and that’s grand theft. He also sold his office for illegal activities against American citizens, and that’s sedition.  Pelosi sold out her office and those of her party’s members for legislative favors for the Mexican Cartels (terrorist organizations) and China, which is also treason.  And yet nary a word is said.

Look, this ‘treason’ accusation is nothing more than another example on what has become a very long list of many bogus assaults that have been perpetrated against President Trump by those who are lifetime politicians who happen to be much better at playing the political game than is the president.   And what drives them is their outright desperation to remain in power.   These people continue to put their need for political power over and above what’s best for the country and they seem quite willing to destroy this country in their effort to keep it.  It is now US against THEM!   

And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I cannot overstate how absolutely imperative it is that President Trump be reelected.  There simply is no other option.  The Democrats have now made very clear what it is they have in store for us should we actually be foolish enough to allow them any measure of electoral success.  They must not win control of the Senate, we must take back control of the House and we must keep control of the White House.   My reason for saying this is not because the Republicans have done such a stellar job, it’s ALL about the survival of our country.


I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to waste another second of my time commenting on what an obvious political hack and pusher of ‘fake news’ that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is.  But damn, I just couldn’t help myself.  ‘Commie Chris’ takes himself entirely too seriously. To listen to this boob BLM is good, Antifa is about free speech and mail-in-voting is completely safe.  He will say whatever he feels is necessary, true or not, in what appears to be a very clear effort on his part to advance the cause of the Democrat Party in its effort to successfully remove President Trump from office.

And it was this past Friday, on the Fox News Channel, that “Fox News Sunday” anchor ‘Commie Chris’ claimed that despite President Trump’s claims of fraud in mail-in voting, there “isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting.”  ‘Commie Chris’ said, “They were two points I’d think about that. One, I have considered a lot of other groups; there just isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting—fewer than 1,000 cases since 2000 with billions of votes cast. So I think it is for 500 cases and all of them very minor and the fraud doesn’t particularly advantage one party or the other.”

And ‘Commie Chris’ went on to say, “You see, in some cases, Utah couldn’t be a more red state has all mail-in voting, and it doesn’t seem when you vote that it does for one party over the other, and it doesn’t seem to be fraud in one direction or the other.”  He pointed out that the President Trump had tweeted, “Because of MAIL-IN BALLOTS, 2020 will be the most RIGGED Election in our nation’s history – unless this stupidity is ended. We voted during World War One & World War Two with no problem, but now they are using COVID in order to cheat by using Mail-Ins!”

‘Commie Chris’ said, “I guess the other point I would make, the president says we voted in World War I and we voted in World War II, yes, those were huge crises for the country, but it had nothing to do with voting. People weren’t going to get attacked by the Germans because they were voting. But there is a danger obviously of COVID and the spread of the disease with voting in person this time. So I’m not quite sure I understand the point there when it comes to people voting during world wars.”  So how is it that this guy is able to see himself as an objective and unbiased ‘journalist?’

But let’s be very clear on something.  Just because those in the ‘fake news’ media ‘choose’ not to report on something, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.  The effort being undertaken here is nothing less than a purposeful attempt to create the ‘perception’ that it doesn’t exist.  It’s these days that there is virtually nothing that those like ‘Commie Chris’ can say that should be believed.  To do so results only in falling into their trap.  Make no mistake about it, they are liars.  Their goals are not our goals.  You seek not to ‘make America great again,’ they seek just the opposite.

It’s common knowledge that Democrats are patently dishonest, obviously corrupt, and their hatred of America is very clear.  And we know that they are not above lying and cheating if doing so will advance their cause.  And Democrats are confident in the fact that there is no one in our ‘fake news’ media who will ever call them out for their ongoing dishonesty, corruption and hatred.  Imagine, for a second, if those in our ‘fake news’ media were ever to behave responsibly, and no longer permitted the Democrats to get away with telling their lies.  How different would this country be?

What ‘Commie Chris’ is doing here is his best to make out to be ‘inconsequential’ is that which is anything but.  It is very real and, going all the way back to the 1960 election, voter fraud has been an integral part in how Democrats approach each and every election.  The problem with the Democrats is that once the public has a true understanding of what their policies are likely to lead to, most intelligent people chose to either vote Republican or to not vote at all.  And therein lies the basis for why the Democrats feel the need to commit fraud rather than to compete with ideas.

Democrats are the masters at fraud and deception, and to believe that mail-in ballots would not be abused for their political gain is beyond naïve.  If people don’t care to vote, they don’t have to vote.  Democrats know there are a lot of people who do not vote, most just don’t care to vote and some don’t understand the importance and some are too spaced out and ignorant.  And the Democrats have created a method by which they are able to acquire those votes, and it involves a very elaborate scheme of fraud.  And over the years they’ve honed their skills and have been very successful.

I can only assume that ‘Commie Chris’ must think we’re all pretty stupid.  And maybe those stupid enough to listen to him are actually stupid enough to buy what he’s selling.  If, like ‘Commie Chris’ says, there is no history, then it’s only because he hasn’t been paying attention.  Let’s not forget that John Kennedy won his election with the help of the Mafia in Chicago.  While it wasn’t mail in votes that were used, it was voter fraud that enabled Kennedy to win!  In today’s atmosphere of criminal behavior, Democrats are emboldened to use any means necessary to win an election.

And lastly, I think it’s fair for those of us who love this country to use ‘Commie Chris’ as the symbol for that we all now appear to be up against.  At one time it was just the Democrat Party, but over time the Democrats and those who were once referred to as ‘journalists,’ but are today nothing more than pure propagandists, have become very obvious, and very determined, allies in the battle to bring down America.  We have now gotten to a point where anything that is said by anyone in our ‘fake news’ media complex must surely be questioned.  Nothing they say must be taken at face value.

And it’s sad but true that there is no one in our ‘fake news’ media, including ‘Commie Chris’, who can any longer be trusted to tell us the truth.  And for whatever the reason, they are now in cahoots with the Democrat Party.  They have gone from being the public’s watchdog over those in government, to being little more than the lapdog of those in positions of power, particularly those on the left.  It’s today that they are the enemy of the people.  And it’s because of this new alliance that the American people have been left on their own when trying to keep an eye on those in power.  


What is it about pathetic Hollyweird types who once they ‘retire’, never, EVER, really go away?  And not only that, but they seem to have convinced themselves that there are those outside of their little circle of leftwing lunacy who are actually interested in hearing what their opinion might be on any of the truly important issues we face today.  Not that they really know anything about those particular issues, because it’s more often than not that any of these people were even smart enough to make it through high school.  Yet they view themselves as being experts, when they’re not.  

Which brings me to Jon Leibowitz.  It was during a recent appearance on CBS’s Late Show with host Steve Colbert, that those who had tuned in were in for a real treat.  You see, it was then that they got to hear Leibowitz make his rather idiotic argument that while ex-vice president ‘Creepy, Crooked, Senile Joe’ Biden was “not my guy” during the Democrat presidential primary, he now believes that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ is exactly the right kind of leader at exactly the right time that the United States, which he claims in “terrible anguish,” is so desperately in need of.

And it’s a partial transcript of that bizarre exchange that follows:

COLBERT: Let’s talk about changing the future. We are in an election year. Who are you liking? Biden or Trump? Is it a coin toss at this point?

STEWART: It’s a toss-up, I’m going back and forth.

COLBERT: A recent poll, a New York Times poll said 14 percent of voters aren’t sure yet. I don’t know, tell me more.

STEWART: For me, I remember thinking when [Trump] came down the [escalator] and said all Mexicans are rapists, I said, “okay he’s done,” and then, “grab em’ by the pussy,” I said, “okay he’s done.” His morality has been litigated, and I didn’t expect him to be moral, but what caught me off caught was the utter incompetence. I think I’ve been somewhat surprised. You were sort of sold this idea that he was a disruptor and that the chaos was strategic and now you know that his pants are on fire. He really is just mainly concerned with credit and praise.


I think Biden’s slogan should be, “It’s enough already.”

COLBERT: Biden has literally tweeted that, just that word, “enough.”


STEWART: Biden was not my guy. He wasn’t even in the top four. I was just more of a Sanders/Warren guy… I’m not crazy about the Uncle Joe character… the “Hey, how ya doin’, I took down Corn Pop.” I don’t like that sthick… But I feel like that’s not the core of who that guy really is… We are a country in terrible anguish right now. We are in pain.

But look, it was during this exchange with the also unfunny Colbert, that Leibowitz again chose to lie and of course Colbert, a fellow sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome, allowed the lie to go unchallenged.  Donald Trump has never said all Mexicans are rapists.  What he has been is very specific regarding his criticisms of illegals from Mexico and from Central America.  What Donald Trump has said, on numerous occasions, is that there are a lot of bad dudes, including gang members and human traffickers coming across the border.  And that is a fact, a solid gold fact. 

I’m pretty sure that most folks have noticed how those on the liberal left rarely if ever choose to engage in honest conversations and/or discussions about those pesky little things known as facts.  They simply run on emotion and the smug knowledge that if they repeat the lies often enough, and the ‘fake news’ is there to reinforce them, they will come to be accepted as true.  President Trump did say that MS13 gang members were “animals.”  Since their calling card is slicing up people and making them suffer a slow, horrible, miserable death, perhaps “animals” is too good a term.

This simple inability to tell the truth is why it remains my fervent hope that the Democrats won’t receive any votes from folks considered to be sane.  Of course, they will have all the brainwashed indoctrinated college kids who don’t have a problem with the inconsistencies and lies, they’ve been fed them all their lives, and they’re now fully baked Orwellian drones.  I guess we’ll find out in November if there are more of them than us.  And Democrats will get the vast majority of the black vote because blacks are too stupid to see how it is that they’ve so easilybeen played.

Look, I know I’m likely dreaming here but I would very much like to think that NO ONE in his, or her, right mind would be able to see that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden is the RIGHT guy for the job of president in this time, or any other!  And for Leibowitz to even make such a statement should leave absolutely no doubt that, for those on the left, this election is most definitely NOT about what’s actually best for the country.  But then, if we’re being honest there has not been an election in the last 40 years that, for the Democrats, has been about anything other than destroying this country.

The far left knows because of his age and health issues old ‘Basement Biden’ is little more than a dead man walking.  So that means whomever it is that is ‘selected’ to be his running mate will, in effect, be the next president if the worst possible scenario becomes a reality. The far left wants that running mate to be a woman of color and that’s it, no other ‘qualification’ is either necessary or apparently desired.  And certainly there seems to be no need for any sort of experience.  But then that’s really nothing new when it comes to Democrats.  Qualifications are simply unnecessary.

That we have a comedian, and I use the term loosely, giving us his thoughts on who it is that we should vote for to be our next president, has got to be one of the funniest things ever. So we have this Hollyweirdo looking us dead in the eye and telling us that one of the most corrupt Washington insiders, one who essentially sold out his country to China and gave away our jobs, not to mention his penchant for fondling young children and is of a questionable mental state, is exactly the guy that America needs to vote for?  Seriously?  This is the guy who will be able to ‘unite’ ALL Americans?

I think to most intelligent people, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, as bad as his politics are, and his history as a serial sniffer, will agree that the most logical scenario is one that has ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ playing the role of ‘Trojan Horse,’ with his sole purpose now being to allow another, more to the left and perhaps even more corrupt, to enter the White House under the guise of being his vice president.  ‘Creepy Joe’ will remain as figurehead until such time as the Democrats see fit to push forward whoever is his vice president. There will be unanimity in declaring Biden unfit at that time.

Without there being some sort of an ulterior motive for doing so, why is it that any reasonably intelligent American citizen would ever vote for an obviously demented candidate to occupy a most powerful office in the world?  Even before he started showing obvious signs of Dementia, he was incompetent, and morally and criminally corrupt!  No one in America, who is in any way connected to reality, thinks ‘Creepy Joe’ is qualified! We all are completely aware that the Democrats want to replace him as soon as possible if enough Americans are stupid enough to elect this fool!

As I have said many times before, Donald Trump was not my first choice among those running for president back in 2016. While I was never a NeverTrumper, I did have my doubts about the guy.  But when faced with the alternative of a President Hitlery, I was compelled to vote for him.  But now four years later I have come to the realization that he was, and remains still, the best person for the job.  Frankly I like his willingness to do more than just take crap from the Democrats and the media.  And I love the accomplishments and the promises kept.  He is what America needs!


Once again my being ability at being a good judge of character has been called into question and, dare I say, been shown to be rather flawed.  And I say that only because there was once upon a time, and not all that long ago, that I thought if there was a woman who I could vote for for president it was Carly Fiorina.  But now, just a few years later, it’s this very same woman who has now made very clear that to have done so would have been nothing more than a horrible mistake.  And I say that only because Ms. Fiorina has now let it be known that she intends to vote for the presumptive Democrat nominee ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden in November.  Really?

It was during a podcast with The Atlantic, called “The Ticket,” that she made clear she will not vote for President Trump or a Third Party candidate.  She said, “I’ve been very clear that I can’t support Donald Trump.”  And she said, “And elections are binary choices.”  She went on to add, “As citizens, our vote is more than a check on a box. You know, it’s a statement about where we want to go, and I think what we need now actually is real leadership that can unify the country … Joe Biden is a person of humility and empathy and character.”  No, what ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden truly is, is nothing other than a disgusting pervert, who’s also quite senile.

Most will remember Ms. Fiorina as she who was briefly Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s presumptive running mate, and the woman who held the position of CEO of Hewlett-Packard prior to launching unsuccessful bids in a California Senate seat in 2010, and the White House in 2016.  And it is her decision to support ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ that marks a pretty significant change from 2016 when Fiorina then voted for Donald Trump.  This was despite the president’s rather controversial, and unflattering, comments made regarding her campaign when he remarked, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?”

It was in the interview with The Atlantic that Ms. Fiorina also expressed disapproval with more than a few other Republicans, who she argues have not spoken out enough against the president.  She said, “I’ve been public in my disappointment about how few politicians have been willing to stand up and speak on values and principles.”  And she then went on to say, “But I understand it…  If you’re in politics, as Hillary Clinton used to say, you’re in it to win it.”  Well she has really turned out to be quite the fraud.  Voting for ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ is not an option for any serious person.  And by declaring that that’s what she intends to do, proves she’s just another RINO.

So apparently Ms. Fiorina is fine with ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s penchant for fondling young girls or for parading around au naturel in front of female Secret Service agents.  Perhaps she would herself like to get a peak at a naked ‘Creepy Joe.’  Also she must be okay with the level of corruption on the part of ‘Crooked Joe’ regarding both China and Ukraine, corruption that he has all but admitted to.  Also she must be fine with how it was that last administration, of which ‘Creepy Joe’ was a part, went about spying on U.S. citizens and campaigns.  Perhaps she is unaffected because it was only Trump who was being spied on.  But was it?  ‘Creepy Joe’ is not presidential timber.

All I can say is thank God she never became President.  Her obvious lack of true conservative values and common sense shows her out for what she is. Notice how she’s another of those who cannot specify which of Donald Trump’s policies she disagrees with.  Everything that President Trump has done has been for America and the American people. She, like Willard, should simply become a Democrat. She has no future with us, but I doubt even the Democrats would ever trust her.  She so reminds me of Romney in the Senate, he who has turned his back on his party. Hopefully his career is over, since his arrival in the Senate he’s been a backstabbing RINO SOB.

Supporting ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ who is a known liar, a proven plagiarist and who is obviously demented proves that she makes really, really bad choices.  I can only assume that Ms. Fiorina has gotten tired of all the winning, and the prosperity.  But since we are still a free country, unless it’s her guy who wins, she is of course free to vote for whomever she chooses.  But she shouldn’t expect to be able to come back to us in the future claiming to be a conservative because it’s no true conservative who would ever cast the vote for someone like ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden.  Biden is no moderate, he’s just as much of left wing kook as is every other Democrat.

I only assumed that Ms. Fiorina must have had her eye on some senior position in the Trump administration and didn’t get it.  You know, you like to think of those on the right as being the adults in the room.  And yet, I’ve lost count of those who, because they didn’t get what they wanted from this president in the way of some job or position have all acted as if they were Democrats.  They have all sought revenge against this president by doing what has been nothing more than to stab him in the back.  This is the usual pablum spewed by those who really don’t seem to have a set of principles or core values and who obviously think they’re smarter than they are.


obama 4

Well, it’s official, ‘BO’ has now completed his transition, having moved on from simply being the worst president this country has ever had to now being the worst ex-president this country has ever had.  You see, it was ex-president ‘BO’ who, just yesterday, actually referred to the riots and looting that continues to take place all across the country, associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, as being some sort of a “Great Awakening.”  It was in his remarks during a fundraiser for ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden that ‘BO’ again made clear his hatred of America.

It was during this event that ‘BO’ was heard to say, “And what we have seen over the last couple of years is a White House enabled by Republicans in Congress and a media structure that supports them that has not just differed in terms of policy but has gone at the very foundations of who we are and who we should be.  That suggests facts don’t matter and science doesn’t matter.  That suggest that a deadly disease is fake news.  That sees the Justice Department as simply an extension and arm of the personal concerns of the president.  That actively promotes division.”

He said, “And considers some people in this country more as real Americans than other. That we haven’t seen out of the White House in a very long time. And the good news, what makes me optimistic is, the fact that there is a Great Awakening going on around the country particularly among younger people who are saying not only are they fed up with the shambolic disorganized mean spirited approach to governance that we’ve seen over the last couple of years but more than that are eager to take on some of the core challenges that have been facing this country for centuries.

The current wave of ‘protests’ was supposedly motivated, at least originally, by the outrage over the death of George Floyd, a 46 year old black man, while in the custody of Minneapolis, Minnesota, police.  But things have since morphed into something very different, even ominous.  What were once called protests have now degenerated into riots, looting and vandalism, with widespread destruction of historic statues and monuments.  And what we have also continued to see is how Democrat politicians at every level of government, local, state and federal, have simply chose to condone it.

I must say that I do find it as rather remarkable, to say the least, that ‘BO’ actually has the gall to claim we have in place “a media structure that supports them” when referring to the Republicans and President Trump.  What planet does he live on?  Also I found his statement about how we now have a Justice Department that is “an extension and arm of the personal concerns of the president” to be a little hypocritical.  After all, who was is it that once bragged about being ‘BO’s ‘wing man?’  If I remember correctly, it was none other than then Attorney General, Eric Holder.

As I mentioned earlier, the original ‘Great Awakening’ was an actual religious event, which is far different from what we are now witnessing.  What we’re now seeing, and what ‘BO’ dares to refer to using the same term, is something that is purely satanic in nature, and something that borders on an attempted overthrow, with ‘BO’ trying, but failing, to hide his role in it.  As audacious as this planned and coordinated chaos is, it will fail.  The majority of Americans will never allow themselves to be coerced into going along with these miscreants and they will never surrender their freedoms.

So I guess we are to understand that ‘BO’ is of the opinion that arson, murder, looting, trespassing, incitement to riot, defacing public property and other felonies are some sort of noble awakening?   Why am I not surprised by that?  ‘BO’ is the person MOST RESPONSIBLE for what is taking place today around the country.  After all, it was he who once stated that our country was in need of being “fundamentally transformed.”  Well, ‘BO’ is getting his wish and I hope that these rioting animals will take up arms so that the American people can put down the insurrection.

And it’s those who are the position to bring an end to this ongoing insanity that I would suggest had better wake up and do so.  Because I’m here to tell you that those of us who love our country, and cherish its history, are getting pretty fed up with things.  And I can say, and rather confidently so, that’s it’s our side who possesses more weapons as well as the training to use them.  And I’m beginning to think that the only thing that will convince this rampaging horde of malcontents to go back into their homes is to see a few of their comrades lying dead or dying in the street.

And if such an eventuality does actually come to pass then it will be Democrat politicians, as well as those like ‘BO’, who will be the ones with blood on their hands.  They are the ones who chose to encourage these vandals by sitting back and letting things happen and for no other reason than because they hoped that by doing so it would have an adverse effect on President Trump.  How pathetic to have essentially used these people and to permit them to inflict all manner of damage to both private and public property and for no other reason than to score some political points.

But I suppose ‘BO’ can be said to be right at least in one sense.  That being, of course, that we are witnessing a kind of ‘great awakening.’  But it’s involves the awakening of that silent majority, and others, who genuinely love this country and who have been getting an eye, and ear, full when it comes to all of the madness that has been, and continues to be, generated here in America by those on the left.  And I have no doubt that there is going to come a time when these folks determine that enough is enough, when the line has been crossed that will require them to act.

And it was kind of odd to hear ‘BO’ talking about such things as how “facts don’t matter and science doesn’t matter” when it was He and ‘Creepy Joe’ who had eight years to fix things and ended up doing absolutely nothing more than to make things considerably worse.  Now for ‘BO’ to cry the blues about how poorly minorities are treated rings more than a little hollow.  He and ‘Creepy Joe’ chose to simply ignore black poverty and crime and hopelessness for eight straight years, never moved the needle an inch.  President Trump, on the other hand, has actually moved that needle.

And what concerns me as well is the obvious lack of any serious opposition that we would have hoped to have seen by now coming from sitting Republican legislators against those taking part in the riots and the destruction public monuments.  McConnell seems to be as much of a socialist as does any Democrat.  Too many voters simply listen to Republicans without really listening to them, they don’t do the necessary research when it comes to what is actually contained in legislative bills to see for themselves if a specific bill is consistent with Constitutional principles.

There is so much riding on this coming election.  And while I know it was said of the last election about how it was to pivotal, even crucial, election.  And while it was true at the time this coming election will, I believe, determine whether or not this country actually survives.  We know what the Democrat Party has in store for us, we know this because they have been providing us, and real time, that which they wish all of America to look like.  As I have said before it’s future generations who will look back at what we choose to do this November 3.  What will they think of us?


biden 79

Now think about it, if you were a candidate running for president confident in both your ideas and in your ability to do a much better job than the current president and individual against whom you were running, wouldn’t you, as a proud individual, want to take full advantage of as many opportunities as possible to prove to the voters why it is you who are the best candidate running?  Yet oddly enough, when it comes to ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden’s campaign it’s seems that just the opposite is true.  You see, Biden’s ‘campaign’ is said to be refusing President Trump’s request to take part in more than three debates ahead of the general election in November.

It was Ms. Jen O’Malley Dillon, ‘Creepy Joe’s campaign manager, who made the announcement on Monday in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates.  In the letter, O’Malley Dillon informed the commission that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ would only take part, as is custom, in three presidential debates.  She wrote, “Joe Biden looks forward to facing Donald Trump in a multi-debate series that the American people have come to expect from their leaders; we hope that President Trump would not break that tradition or make excuses for a refusal to participate.”  Right, I’m sure the president is trying to come up with ways to avoid the debates.  NOT!!

So anyway, the announcement comes as President Trump, at least according to some recent polls, is said to have fallen considerably behind ‘Creepy Joe’ supposedly because of the ‘Chinese virus pandemic’ and the looting/rioting that continues to take place all across the country supposedly to protest the death of George Floyd, but in truth are totally unrelated.  The Trump campaign had made an aggressive push for more debates, with less formal rules.  President Trump, in particular, sought to decrease the role of moderators, allowing each candidate more time to opine on their agenda.  But as we know the more ‘Creepy Joe’ speaks the more gaffs result.

And, of course, Ms. O’Malley Dillon, in her letter to the commission, lambasted the Trump campaign’s request for more debates, choosing to label it as being nothing more than an attempt to “distract,” noting that the president had once flirted with the idea of skipping the events altogether.  She wrote, “Our position is straightforward and clear: Joe Biden will accept the Commission’s debates, on the Commission’s dates, under the Commission’s established format and the Commission’s independent choice of moderators.”   Further urging for “Donald Trump and Mike Pence should do the same.”  The “independent choice of moderators?”  Seriously?

Just as a little refresher, I believe it was back in February of this year that ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ was heard bragging to those crazy bitches of the ‘The View’ that he “could hardly wait to get Donald Trump on the debate stage”.  Apparently it’s since then that he may have come to what few of his senses he has left. Frankly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Democrats were come up with some sort of cockamamie excuse for skipping one or more of the scheduled debates.  And that is something that we simply should not stand for, but I’m sure the vast majority of those who are employed by our patently dishonest ‘fake news’ media would be only too happy to agree.

But then perhaps it isn’t so much that ‘Creepy Joe’ is afraid to debate the president as he has likely already forgotten who the heck Donald Trump actually is while at the same time wondering why on Earth they would possibly need to debate.  But I do find myself wondering what it would be like if the shoe happened to be on the other foot.  Suppose it was President Trump who was wanting to limit the number of debates.  I mean I can hear it now, how the many morons in ‘fake news’ would be asking, “What’s he so afraid of?”  And too, it would likely be Ms. O’Malley Dillon herself labelling the president being some kind of coward for refusing to face her candidate.

But if truth be told it’s very likely that ‘Creepy Joe’ himself didn’t really refuse anything.  Hell, they likely never even told him about the request for more debates. They know he is completely unfit to be president. This is the same bunch who will be running this country if they are able to steal what they know for them is a 100% for sure unwinnable election.  If the American people don’t get the picture after the first debate then I’m guessing they never will.  Most Democrats have already shown their propensity to tolerate his diminished mental condition.  They could care less they just want President Trump out, but the fact is they have no one who can beat him.

In a way I can understand the reluctance on the part ‘Creepy Joe’, and his team, when it comes to doing anymore debates than you really have to because, after all, ‘Creepy Joe’ hasn’t been made to face a serious debate opponent in a number of years.  This past year’s Democrat clown shows were not debates, together they formed a contest, of a sort, to see who could express a deeper hatred of their country and it was ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ who was declared the victor.  And the visual contrast of ‘Creepy Joe’ standing there on the same debate stage as Donald Trump will likely be more than enough for President Trump to be declared the winner.

In all honesty, ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ is a corrupt, brainless, senile old shit-fer-brains who should never again be allowed anywhere near the White house, and who has absolutely NO business being president.  The corrupt Democrats and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media continue to allow him to hide out in his basement to protect him.  And it’s seems rather obvious that they remain quite confident in their ability to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people just long enough to pull off what would be the greatest example of electoral theft in history.  And it’s only a matter of time before we will find out if their confidence has been proven to be correct.

And so it’s important for us to keep in mind that what’s really being attempted here, by the Democrats, is about much more than simply winning an election.  Because you see, ‘Creepy Joe’ is less a candidate than he is a vehicle by which, if the Democrats succeed in getting him elected, they would then engineer what they hope to be nothing less than the complete economic and social collapse of our country.  And if we, the American people, allow them to achieve that which they so desperately seek, America as we have known it for over 250 years, will simply cease to exist, and by the time the left is through it will be as if it never actually existed in the first place.

It’s time for all Americans to stand firmly behind our president and push back against what has become a very obvious attempt to destroy our country.  And while I would like nothing more than to believe the American people would never allow it to happen, the ignorance of a substantial portion of our population cannot be ignored. Nor can the level of corruption of the Democrat Party be ignored nor its willingness to cheat.  Who genuinely thinks that ‘Creepy Joe’ is capable of uniting the American people?  His position on such things as abortion, immigration, health care, on how we should deal with China, are not positions held by most of the American people.

And finally, I would like to ask all of you to please join me in saying a little prayer every night, between now and November 3, that the American people will rise to the occasion and save their country from what the Democrats most certainly have in store for it.  Future generations will look back at what we do come this November and we must make sure that they are able to look back with pride.  Otherwise they will look back at November 3, 2020 as the day that marked the beginning of the end and the day that ushered in what Ronald Reagan once described as being the 1000 years of darkness.  The fate of America is now squarely in the hands of her people.



So riddle me this, when is a “hate crime” not REALLY a “hate crime?”  The only reason I ask is because once again we have an instance where we’re supposed to believe that some evil racist, likely assumed to be a supporter of the president, slipped what we’re told was a noose into the race car of black NASCAR driver, ‘Bubba’ Wallace.  So how many of these false alarms must we be made to endure before finally being willing to see them for what they are, hoaxes.  And it should come as no surprise that ‘Bubba’ is NASCAR’s ONLY black driver, and seems none too good at his chosen profession so was likely looking for another way to gain a little attention.

So anyway, it was apparently late this past Sunday that NASCAR released a statement ‘claiming’ that a noose had been found in the garage stall of the driver ‘Bubba’ Wallace’s No. 43 race car at the Talladega Superspeedway before the start of the now-postponed GEICO 500.  The more this shit happens, the more it ends in exactly the same way.  These clowns are simply going to need to become a bit more creative if they want to have anyone other than those on the left to believe their idiotic claims.  Because it’s just been too many times that we’ve heard these folks crying wolf only to find out that there was never really a wolf in the first place.

And having once been a fan of Richard Petty, in my much younger days, it pains me to no end to have this boob being the one to now sit behind the wheel of the legendary No. 43.  To be honest, it makes me wanna puke.  You will likely remember ‘Bubba’ as being the guy who was recently outspoken regarding race issues as well as the display of the now-banned Confederate flag at NASCAR events.  But then what else is a black fella to do when he lacks the necessary skills to compete other than to complain that his inability to actually win a race MUST have something to do with the fact that he’s black.  Sorry, but it has everything to do with the fact that he’s a shitty driver.

In all honesty, it’s ‘Bubba’ who strikes me as being little more than a Colon Kaepernick wannabe.  You know, another one of those who can’t be bothered with placing his hand over his heart during the national anthem and who enjoys wearing idiotic shirts with juvenile little quips written on them as a way of gaining a little attention for himself, since his ‘skills’ as a driver are more than just a little lacking.  Granted I haven’t paid much attention to NASCAR in recent years, and maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of this guy until this started being reported on.  NASCAR is far from what it was during the days of the ‘Winston Cup.’  Now it’s the ‘Woke Cup!’

Or perhaps, instead, ‘Bubba’ should be viewed as being more like ‘Juicy’ Smollett, who was ‘attacked’ in the city of Chicago on what was the coldest night of the year. Because I do have to wonder how it is that someone could have avoided all of the cameras that must cover every square inch of the entire garage area, plant this supposed noose in ‘Bubba’s car and then make their escape totally undetected.  I mean, just how stupid does ‘Bubba’ think us racist white folks really are.  So is this now the type of behavior that we can now expect from those who possess virtually no aptitude for their chosen profession?  Why not just find something you CAN do?

Now it might just be a weird coincidence but it was about the same time that Kaepernick was proving himself to be no more than a mediocre quarterback that he started taking a knee.  He likely knew his days were numbered so he needed to come up with a new way for keeping attention on himself.  And too, it was ‘Juicy’ who apparently thought that by smearing Trump supporters he might be able to make a bit more money per episode of whatever stupid television program he was in.  And then came ‘Bubba,’ a below average stock car driver who thinks that by blaming racism for his own inadequacies he might find another way to gain some time in the spotlight.

This kind of stuff has long been a favorite trick of those on the left.  Commit some outrageous and totally heinous racist act and then, with help from your many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, blame it on the opposition.  Over the course of the last several years we have all seen the many acts of this type, committed by the left, reported on as fact only to find later that we had been hoodwinked again.  Perhaps ‘Bubba’ will pull an OJ when a video, which I’m quite sure exists, reveals that it was he who actually planted this noose, driving around in a white SUV with a friend while threatening to do himself in.  Maybe he’ll even offer a reward to find the real culprit.

But you know, regardless of which one of these losers ‘Bubba’ seems to be emulating, that anyone actually chooses to take this dolt seriously makes pretty clear just how far NASCAR has fallen from what it once was and why I no longer watch it.  Besides rooting for just the drivers it was back in the old days that there was a certain degree of brand loyalty as well. Part of the reason I was such a Petty fan was because he drove Mopar, first Plymouth and then Dodge.  My best friend was a David Pearson fan, primary because he drove a Mercury.  These days all the cars look exactly alike and most, if not all, of the drivers are just a bunch of jerks, or morons like ‘Bubba!’

NASCAR seems to have decided to go with the ‘woke’ crowd and to turn its back on those who made it what it has been for years.  NASCAR has always been conservative, celebrating family, God and country.  Now the narrative is that President Trump is somehow a racist as are all those who support him, especially whites.  It’s a shame that the Democrats are again working to divide us by using the race card.  ‘BO’ did it for eight years. President Trump has done much for the black community.  Every responsible American, regardless of color, was appalled at what we all saw happen to Mr. Floyd, but that didn’t matter.  It still became an excuse to destroy, riot and loot.



Let me start by saying that I am offended to have been labelled a “hardcore white supremacist” by an individual who, everyone knows, is herself nothing more than the very worst kind of racist.  And someone who provides further proof that the Democrat Party of today has no positive leader and, most certainly, no positive agenda.  The only thing that they have, and I do mean the ONLY thing, is their willingness to pull the race card as they continue to advocate for the complete and utter destruction of our Republic.  That has long been the most reliable tool in their toolbox, and sadly it continues to work and at the detriment of black Americans.  Just look around you.

And it was just this past Friday, right there on MSDNC, that one of the network’s ‘political commentators,’ Donna Edwards, a Democrat and former member of Congress, accused President Trump of actually having chosen Tulsa, Oklahoma as the location for his rally tonight for the specific purpose of spreading chaos among black Americans to please his “hardcore white supremacist base.”  So, am I the only one who thinks it’s rather ironic to hear a Democrat, and a black Democrat to boot, accusing ANYONE of spreading chaos among black Americans?  I mean, look around you and what is it that you are seeing?  Who is it that is actually spreading chaos?

And it was host, and fellow racist, Joy Reid who said, “It is a weird thing. The candidate creates the vibe that they want. They create what they want reflected back to them in the audience. Donald Trump seems to luxuriate in creating atmospheres of violence. That’s what he enjoys at his rallies. As somebody who has been an elected official in the South, people leave Maryland out of the South, but it’s the upper South, what kind of message do you think is being sent to black Americans by Donald Trump holding this rally a day after Juneteenth, so close to the Greenwood section in Tulsa?  What do you think he’s intending to say to us?”

Edwards responded, “Well, you know, I think it’s not a secret what Donald Trump is both intending to say to black people but also what he’s really saying to his hardcore white supremacist base, and that is that he’s willing to sow chaos and destruction even as he’s running for president and in terms of race to win this election. And so I don’t think that is a secret. It hasn’t been a secret since he descended the escalator at Trump Towers.”  She added, “It strikes me that on this Juneteenth, of course, it’s not an accident that, one, he wanted to hold it on the 19th, but that he is so near the Greenwood massacre.” Frankly I’ve never heard of ‘Juneteenth!’

Edwards then went on to say, “He pretends not to know anything about this history, but he does. And what I would say is that I think he’s trying to sow chaos on the streets, and he wants the threat of that so that he can allow his Trumpian base to come out in the worst way. And so I get worried for us that we have a president of the United States who has no regard for human life, who has no regard for our history and who is willing to go to the absolute lowest common denominator, not even a common one, in order to sow his political seeds and for his own political gain.”  Who is it really that is busily sowing the seeds of racism in order to advance their hateful agenda?

So if I have this right, the ripping down of a statue every night, the destroying and looting of private businesses and black thugs beating up whites at random is not viewed as CHAOS or sowing the seeds of hate?  BUT, President Trump choosing Tulsa is what racist elites, like Edwards and Reid, consider fly over country, is?  Democrats hold a rally and they burn down businesses, murder police and have no regard for the law.  And it’s a racist like Edwards who has the gall to accuse Republicans of having no respect for life while it’s Democrat’s, such as herself, who seem to have no problem with bands of roving black thugs taking to the streets with no masks.

Look at all the extreme and open racial hatred, aimed exclusively at whites. The party of diversity, inclusion, acceptance and unity is at it again.  Talk about systemic racism.  The left is utterly full of it, saying that if you are white and conservative then you MUST also be racist. They smear us all with their hatred because they are afraid we might actually bring this country together under a common purpose to fix all the corruption and purposeful political division that they have spent decades creating.  Their political coalition is founded on lies, ours on truth.  That’s really what’s is to be decided in November, do we want to be lied to, or be told the truth?

Democrats continually accuse President Trump of seeming “to luxuriate in creating atmospheres of violence” while it’s at the same time that we have Democrat mayors and governors who continue to allow rioting, looting, arson and even murder to go virtually unchallenged in their cities while laughingly referring to it all as being a summer of love.  They accuse President Trump for sowing the seeds of chaos at his rallies while they tell America that cops are to blame for blacks being in prison, free violent felons from prisons and incite the rioting, looting and violence.  Anyone who doesn’t see their hypocrisy either isn’t paying attention or is turning a blind eye.

The only supremacists that I see are those on the left, those like Edwards, who think they are somehow better than over 240 years of American history. Those on the left have always been somewhat mentally challenged, but the loss they suffered in 2016 seemed to remove from them, that last bit of sanity that was left.  But while they now appear to have been driven completely mad, we must keep in mind that they are also well organized, well-funded and very violent, so we must take them seriously.  Because while, for now, they may be focused on others, it won’t be long before they may be focused on you.  Democrats are the existential threat that we face.

As I mentioned earlier, the Democrat Party really does not now currently have a positive leader nor a positive agenda.  But do they actually need either?  They seem to be doing just fine with their admiration for and acceptance of all manner of violence, their total distortion of the truth, their complete disregard of our freedoms, their ability to discount reality and their love of bigotry, racism, and intolerance.  Democrats are doing just fine behaving in ways that I would not have thought possible just a decade or two ago.  What you are seeing and hearing now is what they have been hinting at for years, it is the moment they have been building towards for years.

And something that I thought I would never see in my lifetime is what now appears to be a rather significant percentage of the American people who actually seem to support calls for the total destruction of MY country. A vicious, hate-filled segment of our population comprised of thugs and punks who have never had a job, never had to support themselves, or been held accountable for anything has now essentially been handed control of our destiny.  Are we that Hell bent on our own obliteration?  Apparently so, because if we had the “support” of those we thought we did, someone would have stepped up and said “who are you to think you can determine my future?”

And I don’t think the average person understands just how powerful our ‘fake news’ media remains.  The ONLY reason that the Democrat Party remains able to so easily deceive the American people is because of those who comprise what was once referred to as our “mainstream” media which has, over time, become nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.  If those in the media ever decided to play the role intended for them, and allowed the American people to see the Democrat Party for what it truly is, they would bring about a scenario where it would be a very rare event to see a Democrat ever again elected to any public office.

They would release leaked memos or emails between Democrat collaborators detailing their sinister motives. They would release the criminal records of any people in leadership positions of the coup that is happening. They would simply decimate anyone they had to in order to get the population questioning what is going on. Within a couple of weeks they could have all these collaborators we are seeing at the protests chanting President Trump’s name, and result in the president winning in a landslide of Biblical proportions.  But don’t expect such behavior from our biased ‘fake news’ media any time soon.  It’s crazy how much power they still have.

I wish that more Americans would come to understand, I mean really understand, what it is that the modern day Democrat Party truly does stand for.  And make no mistake it is not for what’s best for the country as a whole and it’s certainly NOT for what’s best for the American people, regardless of race.  As I have said before we are witnessing in real time, and all across the country, what the Democrats are desperate to make all of America look like.  This is an instance where real life makes the perfect campaign ad for why no reasonably intelligent individual, regardless of party affiliation, skin color, gender or sexual persuasion should ever again vote Democrat.


Fauci 4

While I mean no disrespect to Dr. Fauci, I must admit that it wasn’t long after he first arrived on the scene, standing there at the podium every day and rambling on about all of the supposed dangers posed to us by the ‘Chinese virus’, that I simply saw no reason to continue listening to this guy who was, so very obviously, both thrilled by the sound of his own voice and thoroughly enjoying his time in the spotlight.  And it was with each passing day that this supposed resident expert on the subject soon became the darling of those in the ‘fake news’ media.  But the more I listened to him the more I wondered why I needed to bother to do so, as there was no there, there.

And now Dr. Fauci recently voiced his displeasure with the American people as he served up what was some pretty harsh criticism of them, asserting that the country suffers from what he described as being an “anti-science bias” problem.  You see, on Thursday during a ‘Learning Curve’ podcast, which is produced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. Fauci said, “One of the problems we face in the United States is that unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are — for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable — they just don’t believe science and they don’t believe authority.”

And then it was in referring to the White House ‘Chinese virus’ task force’s once-daily briefings that Dr. Fauci went on to say, “So when they see someone up in the White House, which has an air of authority to it, who’s talking about science, that there are some people who just don’t believe that — and that’s unfortunate because, you know, science is truth.”  Dr. Fauci continued by saying, “It’s amazing sometimes the denial there is, it’s the same thing that gets people who are anti-vaxxers, who don’t want people to get vaccinated, even though the data clearly indicate the safety of vaccines.”  And, he added, “That’s really a problem.”  But is it, really?

Dr. Fauci’s comments came after an infectious disease ‘expert’ was heard to admit that the federal government held off promoting the use of face coverings to fight the spread of the coronavirus due to widespread shortages of masks.  And it was Dr. Fauci, himself, who said health experts were “concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment were in very short supply.”  Fauci said, “We wanted to make sure that the people who were brave enough to put themselves in a harm way to take care of people and the danger of them getting infected,”

It’s people like Dr. Fauci, and of course Al Gore, who are the very ones responsible for creating this supposed “anti-science bias” courtesy of all their phony doomsday death scenarios.  It’s Gore who has been right on virtually none of his many predictions when it comes to all of his bogus ‘climate change’ drivel.  Everybody knows that Dr. Fauci has been pegged as Dr. Death. The guy is a lying, flip-flopping ‘Deep State’ weasel.  When you manipulate science and data for the sole purpose of deceiving the people, you don’t get another shot. The American people gave him the benefit of the doubt, and he abused the opportunity provided him.  He doesn’t deserve our trust.

It’s interesting that Dr. Fauci would even want to bring up “science” and “authority.”  I mean isn’t he the one who told President Trump, back in January, that the ‘Chinese virus’ posed only a very small risk.  And wasn’t it the “scientists” at the World Health Organization (WHO) who told our president that the ‘Chinese virus’ wasn’t communicable from person to person as late as in February?  And then again it was the ‘scientists’ told us “masks are unsafe” in the middle of March when they persuaded the president that the booming economy had to be shut down!  Science?   Why would any free American believe a word of what any of these people say?

But by ‘authority,’ does Dr. Fauci mean the plethora of those who comprise our ‘fake news’ media, various government agencies, along with scientists, elected leaders and so-called ‘experts’ from all across the country who have spent the majority of their time lying to us on pretty much a daily basis for the past 50 years about such things as global warming, voter suppression, illegal immigration, China, Russia collusion, terrorism, slavery, Black racism, White privilege, with pretty much every word uttered from their duplicitous mouths?   Because if that is in fact the case that I’d have to say Dr. Fauci is right.  We do no longer believe, nor do we trust, ANY of them.

But neither do most politicians believe in science, not really.  And we know this from watching as they put into place all manner draconian measures using “public safety” as their excuse.  Their stated goal, or so we were led to believe, was to flatten the ‘Chinese virus’ curve, and yet once that goal had essentially been achieved there were more than a few of our so-called ‘leaders’ who stubbornly refused to relax those same measures and not out of any great concern for their citizens, but simply because those measures had granted to them a level of political power they could have only dreamt about.  So is it any wonder that no one wants to listen to those in authority?

Dr. Fauci has no authority, and quite frankly we should be very glad that he doesn’t.  Because he strikes me as being the kind of guy who would be all too eager to actually use it. He’s just another bureaucrat who is very much enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.  And to be honest, who ever heard of him prior to this ‘Chinese virus?’   I still say look at the timeline of the impeachment farce and then the sudden emergence of the ‘Chinese virus.’  I for one haven’t believed Dr. Fauci from day one.  I mean, suddenly this ‘Doctor’ appears pretty much out of nowhere and immediately hijacks the Constitution and the economy, right after the impeachment farce.

And finally a word about the president’s upcoming rally that seems to have the panties of so many on the Left in such a bunch.  But when you stop to think about it what better gauge is there for us all to determine both how popular our president truly is as well as how serious the American people continue to take the ‘etched in Jell-O’ type of warnings that we constantly hear from Fauci & Co.?  Imagine if President Trump were to hold a rally and no one expressed any interest in showing up?  It would be the top story all over the ‘fake news’ media.  But instead, we now know that there has been at least a million requests for tickets.  So what exactly does that tell us?


Bolton 1

Once upon a time I actually thought of myself as being a pretty darn good judge of character.  But if time has shown me anything it’s in that regard my ability has been somewhat haphazard at best.  You see, I once voted for Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney and really, at the time, had no problem with doing so, given the alternative.  Now fast-forward seven or eight years and I find myself wondering what it must have been that I was thinking to have actually done such a thing.  And now I find out that another guy I used to think was a pretty smart guy, John Bolton, now appears to be yet another who was able to quite easily pull the wool over my eyes.  How embarrassing!

Apparently Bolton, who appears to be nothing more than your average disgruntled employee, is about to release a book that would seem to be nothing more than an attempt on his part to exact a little political revenge in the hopes of torpedoing the president’s chances at re-election.   Excerpts from the book, leaked earlier this week to major American media outlets, were said to expose what was described as being Bolton’s widespread criticism of the president.  Don’t get me wrong, I remain a steadfast fan of the president, but his skill in dealing with what would appear to be numerous Washington backstabbers continues to cause him much unnecessary grief.

And as expected, it was both The Washington Post and the New York Times that wasted precious little time in posting summaries of the book’s contents after the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to block the publication of the book. The 592-page book entitled, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” was initially scheduled for release next Tuesday, June 23.  It was also The Wall Street Journal that released an excerpt of the book, this one regarding conversations the president supposedly had with Chinese President Xi Jinping.   It’s a shame that Bolton waited until now to reveal his true self.  And to think I once trusted this guy.

Details were leaked from the book about how Bolton didn’t necessarily agree with President Trump’s leadership style amid his conversations with various world leaders.  It also featured conversations with other members of the Trump administration.  No doubt Bolton will work to ramp up his public media profile in the upcoming days to promote the new book.  It’s sad that the respect I once had for Bolton has now been made to completely evaporate.  He’s made himself out to be less of an American patriot and more of a ‘Deep State’ hack, another of those out to get the president simply because it’s the president who seeks to put the concerns of America, first.

In his book, Bolton has apparently accused the president of asking China for help with his election.  Bolton is a disgruntled ass who is bitter only because he couldn’t get President Trump to attack countries that Bolton apparently thought were worthy of being attacked.  And we’re also to believe that President Trump, who has been at economic war with China since day one, actually asked if they would be kind enough to help him with the upcoming election.  Now I freely admit that I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m finding such a claim to be more than a little difficult to swallow.   Bolton, I think, simply got a little carried away with himself.

As far as I’m concerned, Bolton can sell his stinking book to the entire Bush clan, Romney, Cindy and Meghan McCain and to every RINO and totalitarian Democrat in the country!  Personally, I’m ashamed of ever having actually given Bolton the benefit of the doubt.  And what a pathetic way for Bolton to end his career, but then it’s his choice! However it is rather sad that he would choose to make his exit from the gutter, but I can only guess that it was more important to him to smear the president to the greatest extent possible as he makes his way to the exit.  Might he be hoping for a position in a Biden administration, not that that is likely to happen.

Also, rumor has it that apparently Bolton has always had the reputation of being rather rough on his underlings as well as being a bit of a butt-shark.  Now he can add his reputation of being a backstabber to his resume.  While Bolton is one of those long suspected of being a member of ‘The Swamp,’ after all he’s certainly been around long enough, with this new book of his, he’s now removed any and all doubt that he is most definitely a true creature of ‘The Swamp.’  Another of those who, because of their over-inflated sense of importance along with rather sizable ego, feel they are far more capable than our president to determine what it is that’s best for America.

To say that I’m deeply disappointed by the actions of Mr. Bolton would, in fact, be an understatement.  I don’t know what’s in the book, and frankly I couldn’t care less.  But I most certainly must question the timing of it.  He surely doesn’t need the money, therefore, I can only conclude that he is trying to undermine President Trump, which only serves to expose Bolton as an establishment, ruling elite, deep state, traitor to the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If he had any class, the memoir would be released after the election, if it had ever been written at all.  And that this is how he chooses to be remembered is truly pretty sick.

If anything, Bolton simply provides us with additional proof of how there are today so very few in government who are worthy of being trusted.  Most of those involved in the running of our country seem only to be out for themselves, which should concern all of us who do still love this country.  And it’s people like Bolton who, because of their ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, tend to encourage getting the country involved in skirmishes which, while they can always come up with a rational sounding justification, we would be far better off if we avoided.  And when their advice is not taken they attempt to imply the country is now in some sort of danger.

While I would only hope that the book will be a financial disaster for its publisher, Simon and Schuster, if it’s only those on the left who decide to purchase it, it will still likely make them plenty of money.  But I can honestly say that I have no intention of buying the book despite the fact that I’m quite sure it will be available on ‘Amazon’ at what will be cut rate prices if for no other reason that to attempt to get it into as many hands as possible.  And while I’m quite sure that it will be the subject of conversation for weeks to come in the world of ‘fake news,’ I would like to think most intelligent folks will view it for what it is, the raving of a disgruntled employee.

Finally, the task President Trump chose is incredibly difficult. To get an administration moving in the right direction and staying on the desired path you need a core of dedicated people who you can trust.  And choosing those who have their own personal agenda can result in many unnecessary speed bumps being put in place. Relying on ‘Establishment’ types got the president off to a wobbly start, that’s for sure, but it was an olive branch in my estimation.  Winning re-election is what gets peoples’ attention the most in DC, so I’m looking forward to Act 2.  And it is nothing less than imperative that the president win.  A President Biden would be a disaster!