Carter 01

Jimmy Carter has once again proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you just can’t keep a good traitor down, and has demonstrated yet again just how determined he is not to lose his title as “Worst American Ex-President Still Alive.”  After having now lost his crown as ‘The Worst American of All Time” to Barry, Jimmy sought to gain favor by providing an interview with the George Soros-funded “policy studies” nonprofit Aspen Institute.  And of course as the former “Worst President of the United States”, Carter did what he has always done best: criticize America.

And for that, of course, he was rewarded with frequent applause from those in attendance, a crowd who very obviously shared his revulsion for this the greatest country in the history of humankind. When asked about Barry’s rather obvious inability to “establish relationships with other countries,” Carter replied that “I think the historical trend is for the United States to relinquish its unquestioned domination of the world’s politics and economy and cultural influence.”  Spoken like the insidious, senile, shriveled up prick that he is!  Nothing ever changes with this guy.

Carter’s notion that we are relinquishing our economic, cultural, and political influence to China, Russia, India, and others, actually brought applause.  It’s mission accomplished for progressives.  And I’m not sure if that’s because they’re actually naïve enough to think that that’s a good idea, or if they simply hate America so much that they have become willing to turn the whole shooting match over to an ideology responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of innocent men, women and children.  And how demented must one be in order to think like that?

It might also be worth noting that there really is no such thing as an “historical trend” independent of human agency.  History isn’t like the weather.  It is shaped, for good or ill, by the will of world leaders, or in Carter’s case, the rather purposeful lack of will.  So there is no such thing as an historical “inevitability,” as Carter put it, that America will relinquish its superpower preeminence.  That our nation is in decline is not because that is the historical “trend” or that it is “inevitable,” but because our leaders have taken it upon themselves to steer us in that direction.

Carter continued, musing on how the United States can fit into this Brave New World. He said, “I think the American superpower goal should be to be the champion of peace, and to be the champion of human rights, and to be the champion of the environment and to be the most generous nation on Earth.”  Applause followed every clause of that sentence.  Of course, we’re talking about the Aspen Institute, which operates from the belief that the United States is a nation whose history is an unbroken narrative of injustice and deep-seated “structural racism.”

But I have news for every self-righteous, self-loathing, progressive idiot in that audience, and for Jimmy Carter, our Ambassador of Anti-Americanism.  The fact is that historically, America has been the champion of peace, the champion of human rights, the most generous nation on Earth, and even the champion of the environment. What other nation on earth can claim to have filled any of those roles, much less all of them? Russia? China? India? Saudi Arabia? Great Britain? France? Venezuela? Cuba? Pakistan?  Or Carter’s personal favorite, “Palestine”?

No. Only the United States of America. And America continues to be all of those things.  But Carter wasn’t done yet, far from it. He went on to declare that “We are the most warlike country on Earth.”  What a blatantly offensive lie.  But this is the kind of drivel that Carter, the elder statesman of the Democrat Party, has been known ever since first leaving office.  And you rarely hear anyone on the left disagreeing with anything that the obviously demented Carter ever says.  That would only be, of course, because they are in total agreement with him.

The truth is that Carter and his ilk at the Aspen Institute and in the White House are actively seeking to dismantle the greatest national force for good in the world that has ever existed. They believe that if only America would demilitarize itself and let the world up from beneath the heels of its jackboots, then peace would reign supreme and world cultures would hold hands and sing in perfect harmony like a 1970s Coke commercial.  However, the reality of these progressive utopians will be not paradise, but hell on earth forced upon future generations.

Let’s face it, whether anyone on the left cares to admit it or not, Carter has only one lasting legacy as president, and it coincides rather nicely with all that this rather pathetic scumbag has ever stood for.  That being, of course, the modern era of continuing Islam terrorism which he played a crucial role in igniting.  Carter, as you may recall, forced the Shah of Iran, who was then an important ally of America, to leave his country which then allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini to return from ‘exile’ and to then overthrow what was the sovereign government of Iran.

That one act is what can be said to have been the flashpoint that first created the issue that we are still made to face today and that Barry simply refuses to deal with.  What appears to be taking place today, and what may be what Carter had in mind all those many years ago, is an alliance of sorts between these Muslim extremists and the American left.  After all, both hate this country and both seem to hate Christians.  Granted, the left is not cutting off heads, but that does not mean a war on religion is not going on in this country.  So an alliance only serves to make perfect sense.