RINOs 05

As I have said before, it’s these days that I watch very little ‘Fox News’ but, having said that, I did recently catch wind of something that was said by one of the hosts of a new program on that network, one which I am very much in agreement with.  This new program is called “The Fox News Specialists”, and the host to whom I am referring is Eric Bolling.  And it was his statement calling out those who are opposing President Trump and his agenda that I very much agree with.  These individuals who like to refer to themselves as being ‘conservative’ but are, in realty, nothing of the sort.

Bolling pointed out how RINO Sen. Jeff Flake – who is up for reelection in 2018 – is now busy writing an anti-Trump book.  And he noted that Flake’s fellow RINO, Arizona senator John McCain, has also been very outspoken in his criticism of the president.  Bolling also pointed out how RINO Sen. Lindsay Graham is delivering his own brand of Russia-related “anti-Trump venom,” adding that Graham is up for reelection in 2020.  The focus of the 2018 election and every election thereafter must be to replace as many of these RINOs as possible with those who ‘are’ conservative.

Bolling said that attacking Trump might not be the best campaign strategy, because once you get out of the swamps of Washington, D.C. and New York City, you see that the American people love Trump.  Bolling said, “The DOW is 22,000, a record 153 million Americans are employed, Neil Gorsuch is on the high court and illegal immigration is falling like a rock.”  And added, “Tough to run against that.”  He said that “real conservatives” want the country to prosper, while many ‘Establishment Republicans’ egos are too bloated to admit the president is succeeding.

He suggested that the Republican Party might be better off without these “bad hombres,” and it might be time to “repeal and replace” them in Congress.  Bolling concluded, “Let’s make RINOs an endangered political species.”  And I could not agree more.  The focus, at least for those on the right, should be to act as that last line of defense between ‘The Establishment’, both right and left, as they do all that they can to prevent President Trump from doing those things that got him elected.  Our response MUST NOT be to elect more Democrats, but to elect MORE conservatives!

Sadly, our current batch of congressional Republicans are creating the impression that they have absolutely no idea how to govern.  And by doing so they are placing in jeopardy why we elected President Trump.  And it would seem that party unity is a concept that is completely foreign to them.  They are obsessed with getting favorable press, getting re-elected, enjoying their perks, and maintaining their ‘gentlemen’ status.  They pay more attention to RINO elites than they do to the people.  Republicans have apparently not gotten the message from the people who are really pissed off at Washington.

And let me make something very clear here, unless they make some rather significant changes in how they conduct the peoples’ business, I worry that this could very well be their last chance to govern for decades.  And while many Americans are saying that now may be the time for an Independent Party, one that is built on protecting the Constitution and providing for our national defense, I would argue that what we need to do instead is to use the leftists as our example and seize control the Republican Party in the same way that the left has now seized control of the Democrat Party.

Because even after the voters delivered the House in 2010 and 2012, the Senate 2014 and the White House in 2016, all of which the Republicans said they needed in order for them to make the changes demanded by the people, they have still refused to act.  Therefore the time has come for President Trump to begin to call these RINOs out by name.  He needs to go directly to the people and point out in very clear terms just how it is that these RINOs are now working arm in arm with the Democrats in the continuing attempt to prevent him from doing what we, the American people, elected him to do.

And the RINOs had better listen to the people or they will soon be made to become extinct.  With all things considered I feel that President Trump is doing a good job.  All Republicans in Congress have a choice to make, support the president or be replaced with someone who will.  Come 2018 we the voters must get rid of as many Democrats and RINOs as we can.  We must act on our disgust with Washington as we did when we picked as our leader a man from outside the beltway and tasked him with draining ‘The Swamp.’  He can’t be stopped if the American people are behind him.

Frankly at this point I’m not sure if there is anything I can say that would prevent what seems to be a growing number of my fellow conservatives from simply giving up on the Republican Party.  I would only ask that they reconsider and, if their district or state is currently sending a Democrat or RINO off to Washington, become a recruiter, or sorts, to convince potential conservative candidates to run against those currently in office.  We the People do still control our own fate, but if we are to have any chance of succeeding, we must get off the bench and onto the field.

Call me naïve, but we can’t afford to simply throw up our hands and complain about how many times we’ve been lied to by those who have told us that they believe as we do, only to find out later that they don’t.  What we must do is replace them with someone else, and if that proves too, to have been a mistake then we try again.  What we must NEVER do is surrender to those on the left, because that is exactly what they want us to do.  And who knows, in the end the left may still come to win but we must do all that we can to make them know that they have been in a fight!


Flake 2

It would seem to me that the further into the Trump presidency we get, the more vocal our RINO members of ‘The Swamp’ become in their effort to assist the Democrats in trying to undermine our duly elected president.  They continue to ratchet up their incendiary rhetoric about what a danger Trump has become to represent to the party, the nation and even to the world.  There seems to be little difference between what we’re now hearing from them and what we’ve been hearing from their Democrat colleagues for some time now.  Our cast of RINOs seem to take great offense to the fact that President Trump has been calling them out on such things as their promising for seven years to “repeal and replace’ Obamacare and yet when they have the opportunity to do just that, they don’t.  And then there’s their very obvious reluctance to secure the southern border and to construct the much needed border wall.  These RINOs are no different than the Democrats.

Which, I guess, brings me to Jeff Flake, RINO from Arizona, who has made the claim, in a recently released excerpt from his upcoming book, that his party is in “denial” about President Donald Trump.  Flake argued that the Republican Party helped to create the Trump movement and now is in complete denial over the “chaos” the Trump presidency has created in his new book “Conscience of a Conservative,” which was featured in Politico.  While Flake may view himself as being a “conservative” his actions speak much louder than his words, and his actions make it very clear that he is anything but a conservative.  And it would seem that the only ones in “denial” are those like Flake who seem to be interested in nothing more than to lie to the American people, and those who tend to vote Republican are getting pretty fed up with these establishment politicians, like Flake, who tend to ignore the wishes of those whom they work for.

It’s in this pathetic little work of fiction that Flake writes, “It was we conservatives who rightly and robustly asserted our constitutional prerogatives as a co-equal branch of government when a Democrat was in the White House but who, despite solemn vows to do the same in the event of a Trump presidency, have maintained an unnerving silence as instability has ensued.”  And he goes on to write, “To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of denial.”  Flake explained that he understood why Republicans were ignoring the issues the Trump presidency created, saying he has done the same thing. He wrote, “I’ve been sympathetic to this impulse to denial, as one doesn’t ever want to believe that the government of the United States has been made dysfunctional at the highest levels, especially by the actions of one’s own party.”  What hypocritical pabulum.

Flake said, “For a conservative, that’s an awfully bitter pill to swallow.”  Let’s be honest here, this guy is nowhere near to being a conservative, he only likes to pretend he’s a conservative whenever he appears on television.  Anyway, he went on to say that one of the few ways to stop a way-ward president is through Congress before calling on his fellow congressmen to acts as the “checks and balances” against some of Trump’s demands.  He said, “As the first branch of government (Article I), the Congress was designed expressly to assert itself at just such moments. It is what we talk about when we talk about ‘checks and balances.’ Too often, we observe the unfolding drama along with the rest of the country, passively, all but saying, ‘Someone should do something!’ without seeming to realize that that someone is us.”  Does he actually hear the crap coming out of his mouth?  Flake is up for re-election in 2018 and God willing he won’t be showing back up in January 2019.

So the good people of Arizona will soon have the opportunity to be sending off to Washington two new senators, and wouldn’t it be great if, for a change, both of them turned out to be bona fide conservatives instead of pathetic RINOs!  Will they take full advantage of it?  Although I see little reason for hope since it was just last year that they thought it appropriate to once again send John McCain back to the Senate.  But it would seem that God has since intervened and will be removing McCain by another means.  But, the people there will have a chance to redeem themselves by electing a suitable ‘conservative’ replacement for Flake, one who will hopefully make good on the promises he, or she, makes.  This guy, Flake, has been living off the taxpayers since 2003, first serving the House and then gaining a promotion for himself to the Senate in 2012.  So I fear the chances may be rather slim that the people of Arizona will finally come to their senses and send this dishonest RINO packing.

Odd that we should be hearing complaints about a dysfunctional government coming from one of those most responsible for making it so.  I would love nothing better than to see President Trump throw his weight behind whomever it might be that faces Flake in a primary and then to proceed to make an example out of him.  Flake should be made the poster-boy when it comes to all of the promises made by his fellow RINOs that were then broken as soon as the election was over.  Because when you get right down to it, it sounds like he is talking more about our many RINOs in Congress not making good on all those many promises they made when they had a Democrat as president.  Flake, like every other RINO that we’re forced to contend with, is a loser.  The people of Arizona owe the country an apology for repeatedly sending McCain off to Washington and then compounding that act of stupidity by electing Flake.  Both are nothing more than modern day Benedict Arnold’s.

Flake voted against Obummer simply because it was easy and he could bolster his record as fighting Obummer’s liberal/progressive agenda.  Remember, he’s only been in the Senate for 5 years, all under Obummer.  He was an early NeverTrumper who has supported mass immigration, both legal and illegal.  Flake is the personification of all that’s wrong with Washington. “Conservatives” like Flake are the problem.  We the People created the Trump movement, not go-along-to-get-along politicians like Flake, Rubio, McCain and Graham, to name just a few, who do whatever the spineless McConnell tells them to, while surrendering any claims to being defenders of the Constitution.  Everything Obummer did could have been stopped but instead, the Republicans became silent and indifferent enablers who are now terrified that they might be rightfully identified for what they’ve allowed to happen to our Republic.  Flake and his ilk should be dissatisfied with Mr. Trump, they’re why we elected him.

I think it’s safe to say that most Republican voters have had more than enough of the NeverTrump wing of their party.  They lost, and lost overwhelmingly.  If they cannot accept the decision of the Republican voters or at least remain silent, they have no business being in our party.  They just need to be honest and become Democrats. Going after Trump is going after those who voted for him. Any Republican who believes that that is a winning strategy will find out how far it goes in the primaries when Trump voters throw them all out.  We have had it with this garbage.  If Flake wants to do the work of a Democrat, get out of the party and become one.  After all, the stock market is up, business revenue is up, wages are up, Illegal immigration is on the way down, and consumer confidence is up.  Thank you President Trump!  Meanwhile, healthcare reform appears dead, tax cuts have not yet been acted upon and border wall funding is minuscule.  Thank you congressional Republicans!

Let’s face it, the Republicans did little more than roll over and play dead for the entire eight years that we had to tolerate Obummer being in the White House.  All we got was lip service.  And now they want to stand in opposition to Trump, a guy who’s a member of their own team?  Flake and the many other RINOs were only too happy to throw their support behind Hitlery.  Even after the base pretty much repudiated the ‘Establishment’ types in the primaries because they could not be trusted.  So here’s hoping Trump supporters can defeat Flake in 2018.  His weak poll numbers are only going to get weaker.  And these RINOs need to have their collective head examined if they think they can bring our President down and then pick up all the pieces he pulled together for his victory.  And if they do manage to bring down our President the Republican Party is through.  They will never again win another presidency and become the permanent minority party.  Which may be what they’re really after.

RINOs like Flake represent a very clear and present danger to this country.  All they’re doing, and have been doing since election night, is to throw a tantrum because it turns out that we can have immigration enforcement without comprehensive amnesty.  They kept dangling enforcement so they could double the number of illegal immigrants per year to 2 million and to legalize those already here.  Sorry, we got enforcement without letting you flood the country with cheap labor and letting you destroy the language and culture.  Yet they keep babbling on about “our broken immigration system” blah, blah, “comprehensive immigration reform,” blah, blah, “path to citizenship,” blah, blah, “illegals are better than American citizens,” blah, blah, and “xenophobia, nativism, and racism.”  There are a lot of Senators who don’t realize how much trouble they may be in.  And all the donor money in the world won’t make up for a lack of votes.  Just ask Hitlery if it worked for her.

Flake has managed to progress from being just your average run-of-the-mill backbencher to being one of the more prominent back biters in Congress.  Flake has literally never done anything throughout his entire political career.  He opposes everything conservatives want.  He’s pro-choice, pro-open borders, pro-higher taxes, and against school vouchers.  I mean who is this guy to call for Congress to block the President from his own party?  Flake and his RINO cohorts are telling America to F- off.  So the time has come to remove as many of them from office as we can and replace them with those who love their country.  So because the Republicans can get nothing done in the Senate, it’s somehow the fault of the President?  This is nonsense and he knows it.  With the election of President Trump the Republicans were handed an opportunity to do the right thing and yet they still can’t get it together.  It’s a shame and not what the American people voted for.

America was built with hard work, sweat, and a lot of blood. The two major parties are embarrassing our country.  The Democrats by pushing their social agenda issues, and the Republicans constantly afraid of offending the Far Left.  The Republican old school types have grown accustomed to kneeling in front of their Democrat betters and receiving their abuse and liking it.  Meanwhile, Trump has fought back and I look forward to watching Trump endorse those candidates who choose to run against incumbent RINOs like Flake.  “Make America Great Again” is happening and ‘The Establishment’, both right and left, just can’t handle it.  None of them thought that President Trump had a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating Hitlery, and nine months later they are still unable to accept it.  So now we see the RINOs teaming up with the Democrats in what has become a less than covert effort to topple a duly elected president.  And we the people must make it known that this is simply unacceptable.


Kasich 1

Every time ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich opens his mouth it only serves to make me all the more certain that I made exactly the right decision in choosing to vote for Donald Trump for president.  Because if by some bizarre twist of fate it had been Kasich who have been elected, it would have been nothing short of a disaster.   And I still get a chuckle every time I think about how this guy actually thought that he had a chance of being elected president.  The most recent example where ‘Crazy Uncle’ John once again proves better than anyone else ever could that as president he would have been as much of a disaster as Hitlery, had he been elected, came just this past Sunday during a sit down with Fox News’ resident Democrat stooge, Chris Wallace,  on Wallace’s silly little program, “Fox News Sunday.”  And it was during this little sit down that Kasich made the claim that after President Donald Trump’s first six months in office he was “worried about our country.”

Now those who have been paying attention over the last two years are likely aware that when it comes to President Trump, Mr. Wallace would seem to have the very same opinion as so many of his colleagues in the state-controlled media.  And he never misses an opportunity to do all that he can to portray the president as a failure.  So when ‘Crazy Uncle’ John agreed to come on his program, knowing how it is that he also feels about the president, I’m pretty sure Wallace was likely salivating over the opportunity use Kasich to belittle the president.  Because make no mistake, Wallace is about as far removed from being an actual journalist as you can get.  He comes to resemble the left wing kook that his father, Mike Wallace, was every single day.  And he’s one of the reasons that I watch Fox News much less that I used to.  He peddles himself as being some sort of political sage, but he’s really nothing more than a clueless political hack of the leftwing variety.

Anyway, Wallace started out with Kasich by asking, “Governor, let’s start with — with President Trump. When you look at the events of just recent days, the public humiliation of Jeff Sessions, the — the shocking interview by Anthony Scaramucci, the open infighting in the White House, sitting there in Columbus, Ohio, what do you think?”  To which ‘Crazy Uncle’ John responded, “Well, I’m worried about our country, obviously, Chris. And here’s the thing. You know, the White House is an amazing institution. It has great power. But when I think about the people who have been able to lend voice to amplify that power, you know I think about FDR, nothing to fear but fear itself, I think about JFK, you know, it’s not what you — what your country can do for you, what do you do for your country, or Ronald Reagan, you know, the city on a — on a — a shining city on a hill.”  Kasich, himself, falls far short of those presidents past.

Kasich went on to say, “What we need — and I think perhaps the president can get there, I sure hope so, is sort of the sense of unity, of hopefulness, not of division but of lifting. And — and I think we’re not seeing enough — we’re not seeing that right now. And so you take the powerful institution of the White House. You combine it with a voice that is power and uplifting. And that’s what people loved about Roosevelt. That’s what they loved about — about Kennedy. It’s what they loved about Ronald Reagan. And that’s what we need. That needs to be thought about.”  During his entire time in public office Kasich has demonstrated time and again that he’s nothing more than part of a continuing problem more than he’s ever been part of any solution.  Wallace then chose to follow up by asking, “And — and other than just belief and optimism about this country, what makes you think that we’re going to get that from this White House?”

Kasich responded saying, “Because I’m basically a glass half-full guy. And, you know, we’ve had six months, but we have — you know, we’ve got a long way to go. I just hope we’re going to get it. And I — I would also tell you, Chris, it’s also Congress. If we’re not going to get this direction out of the White House, then we need to get it out of the Congress. And in Congress, we need people to get along. And, you know, I listen to the leaders talk and I — I don’t actually think the answer is with the leaders in the Congress. I think the answer is with the rank-and-file, people who know that that city is now dysfunctional. And I think, furthermore, we need to realize that it’s not just the political leaders that are showing dysfunction, it’s the people in the country, the partisans, who demand certain things, as John McCain said in a very bombastic way.”  He sees himself as being a half-full kind of guy?  Really?  It would seem that most of what I hear from him says just the opposite.

It was during this very same little exchange that Kasich was actually heard to say that the collapse of the Republican healthcare bill in the U.S. Senate was a “good thing,” but was adamant the policy debate was not over.  Kasich, you may remember, was one of the first RINO governors to jump onboard the Obamacare train and expand his state’s Medicaid program.  He said, “I’m happy to say I actually think it’s a good thing for this reason.”  And then he went on to say, “I think Republicans looked over the cliff and I think they saw that there were going to be a lot of people who were going to be hurt, particularly people who don’t have much of a voice, who the machine and the system grinds down, and they pulled back.”  Kasich is another who seems to ignore all those who were harmed ‘because’ of Obamacare.  And he warned that a bipartisan effort from rank-and-file members of Congress was required to pass ‘comprehensive’ reform.

Kasich said, “They have to work on it and this is where they should call the Democrats in and they should demand Democrat participation.”  And he went on to say, “I don’t think we’re done with it yet. We can’t be done with it yet.”  He admitted he was worried about the future of our country, but said he was hopeful the White House’s personnel shake-up will be a fresh start for the Trump administration.  And he said, “What we need, and I think perhaps the president can get there, I sure hope so, is sort of the sense of unity, of hopefulness, not of division but of lifting.  And I think we’re not seeing enough, we’re not seeing that right now.”  He said. “I would also tell you, Chris, it’s also Congress. If we’re not going to get this direction out of the White House, then we need to get it out of the Congress.”  The only way there’s going to be anything done about Obamacare is to force members of Congress to contend with the same insanity that they have forced upon the American people.

Let’s face it, ‘Crazy Uncle’ John is just as bad, if not worse, than the many other RINOs we been screwed over by, like John McCain!  Personally, my biggest worry is that people like them are able to remain in power.  For some strange reason Kasich and Jeb Bush, like Hitlery, thought they were entitled to the presidency. Their obvious hatred for Trump taking that privilege away from them it’s quite evident in there constant inane blabbering.  And you know, there’s a reason that Kasich is still in Ohio and not in the Oval Office.  And I must admit that I too am worried about our country.  But President Trump is not the cause of my worry.  Kasich is such a stooge, who did less than nothing for Trump’s win in Ohio.  Because Trump kicked his teeth in, ‘Crazy Uncle’ John would have been pleased as punch for Hitlery to have won regardless of the disaster it would have been for our great nation, simply because he could have said “see, I would have beaten her.”

Kasich is failure and a traitor to our country.  People like Kasich, and Bush are surrounded by a group of elites, and they don’t associate with common working class American’s except at election time. Then they kiss a few babies, and read what their speech writer’s give them to sound like they’re conservatives.  The American voters rejected ‘Crazy Uncle’ John at the polling places and Fox News is sinking with Wallace leading the way. They are pathetic caricatures of Americans.  Kasich did his best to undermine candidate Trump at every turn and refused to help in Ohio, a state we all knew that Trump needed to beat Hitlery.  A typical Establishment type, it was after his spectacularly poor showing in the primaries that Kasich came to prefer the pro-Establishment Hitlery over the ‘Make America Great Again” Trump.  The time has now come for Kasich to just go away, but he won’t.  So until then I’ll simply change the channel every time he come on.

The ‘Establishment’, both left and right, were shocked beyond disbelief that Trump was able to make pretty short work of Jeb, Marco and Ted Cruz before then going on to defeat Hitlery in rather convincing fashion.  Shocked because no one, again on the left or the right, thought that Hitlery was anything but invincible.  And frankly, they still can’t believe that the voters picked a complete wild card over more of what they have forced upon us for decades.  They were sure that we would side with the devil we knew, and thankfully we proved them wrong.  They were obviously oblivious to just how pissed off we were and since the inauguration they have done nothing but to feed that anger by putting up road block after speed bump in front of President Trump preventing him from moving forward with the agenda that got him elected.  They have recovered some from their loss and are now focused only on resisting, through every dirty trick they can think up.



It would take very little effort, I’m sure, for us to come up with a whole host of reasons why Donald Trump is our president and ‘Crazy Uncle’ John Kasich is not.  After all, having watched Kasich throughout the last presidential campaign can anyone honestly say that among the numerous Republican candidates there was anyone who thought that they were more deserving of being elected president than Kasich?   And I would argue that he’s yet to get over the fact that there were far too few voters who ended up agreeing with him.  And whereas the other Republican candidates have since all chosen to move on, it’s only Kasich who seems to be stuck in the past right alongside Hitlery.  Hitlery, too, has yet to accept the fact that she was defeated by Donald Trump.  Kasich, like Hitlery, even after all these many months, still spends far too much time whining about what should have been instead of accepting the fact that he was not elected president.

It was just this past Sunday that Kasich took his act to ABC’s “This Week,” where, while discussing President Donald Trump tweets, he complained that the “coarseness” of those tweets were not acceptable.  Kasich said, “It’s unfortunate, and people are now begging the president not to do this. You know, he ought to stop doing it, and we’ll have to see what happens. It’s one of the few things that I think brought Republicans and Democrats together. They spend so much time fighting and then they’re all aghast, you know, and so it’s just not the way we ought to be. The coarseness is not acceptable.”  He added, “I’m going to hope he grows into this job and understands you need to be a unifier.  Any politician who is not a unifier is not somebody that I want to be for.  So I’m hoping that he’ll, you know, that his family is going to talk to him and they’ll say knock it off.”  Does he mean to imply that Obummer was a unifer?  Because if so, he truly is crazy!

Look, President Trump’s tweets are only seen as being coarse by Liberals, RINOs, and the vast majority of those in our state-controlled media because these days if you’re a Republican it has come to be politically incorrect to stand up for yourself when others lie and threaten you.  I certainly haven’t heard anyone in the fake news business condemning what have been calls for Trump’s assassination by Liberals, many of whom reside in that bastion of left wing kookdom known as Hollyweird.  It was for weeks that the president could be seen being assassinated on stage and it was a very unfunny ‘comedienne’ who could be seen holding what was supposed to be the severed head of our president, and yet it’s considered art.  But let that president poke a little fun at these very same people and it’s in pretty short order that all Hell breaks loose.  I think Kasich needs to find himself a nice safe space somewhere like all of the other snowflakes we now seem to have.

And you know, what about all of that ‘coarseness’ we’ve been witnessing from those on the left?  Is Kasich the least bit concerned about that?  And did those of us on the right ever exhibit the same level of hatred and vitriol toward Obummer that we’re now seeing from the left toward Trump?  Was there anyone holding up Obummer’s severed head?  For starters take a look at Hollyweird where some of the most hate filled predictions and hysterical warnings about President Trump have originated ever since Trump first announced his candidacy for the presidency in June 2015.  And from where the level of vitriol and violent rhetoric against now-President Trump has increased substantially in recent weeks.  Unfortunately, Kathy Griffin and the director of Julius Caesar are not anomalies in Hollyweird; actors, writers, directors, and other celebrities have all fantasized about using violence against Trump, his supporters, and other GOP lawmakers for at least the past 18 months.

Below are just a few of the examples where our celebrities have used pointed, violent rhetoric to attack the president and other Republicans.

  1. Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ Trump in Graphic Photo
  2. Madonna – “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”
  3. Snoop Dogg “Shoots” Trump in the Head in Music Video
  4. Robert De Niro: “I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face”
  5. Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to Death”
  6. Shakespeare in the Park Stabs ‘Trump’ to Death in Performance of ‘Julius Caesar’
  7. David Simon: “Pick Up a G*ddamn Brick” if Trump Fires Robert Mueller
  8. Mickey Rourke Threatens to Beat Trump with Baseball Bat: “He Can Suck My F*cking D*ck”
  9. Actress Lea DeLaria Threatens to ‘Take Out’ Republicans and Independents with Baseball Bat after Trump Win
  10. Rapper YG Threatens Trump with “F*ck Donald Trump” Song
  11. Marilyn Manson Kills ‘Trump’ in Music Video
  12. Rapper Everlast Warns Trump: “I Will Punch You in Your F*cking Face”
  13. Larry Wilmore Jokes About Suffocating Trump with ‘Pillow They Used to Kill Scalia’
  14. Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Puts Stephen Miller’s Head on a Spike
  15. Sarah Silverman Suggests Military Could Help Overthrow Trump

And still even after all of these disgusting attacks, Kasich still only sees fit to complain about the “coarseness” President Trump’s Tweets?  This in itself makes it pretty clear just why it is that this boob is not now the one sitting in the Oval Office.  Let’s face it, with one Tweet Trump proves he has more of a spine than what our Republicans in Congress have demonstrated at any time over the course of the last eight and a half years!  I really don’t see much wrong with President Trump slapping the anti-America Liberals, RINOs and media types around a little.   I am curious about how it is that the “coarseness” of his Tweets offends the dignity of the Office?  After all, isn’t this the very same Oval Office in which JFK had many a questionable rendezvous and where ‘Slick Willy’ had non-sexual-sexual relations with someone young enough to be his daughter and also where Barry and Hitlery manufactured their lies about Benghazi?  But they were all Democrats, so I guess that’s different?

Look, I think it’s becoming painfully obvious that ‘Crazy Uncle’ John, like so many others in the ‘Republican Establishment’, is rather selective in his outrage when it comes to all things related to President Trump.  Sometimes I find it difficult to determine just who it is that’s the most upset over the fact that it’s Trump sitting in the Oval Office and not Hitlery, the Democrats or RINOs like ‘Crazy Uncle’ John.  And what kind of worries me here is all the talk I’m now hearing about retribution and the 2018 midterm elections.  Because while I agree with those who make the claim that there are more than a few Republicans who are in desperate need of being replaced, I question the wisdom of making threats about replacing them with Democrats.  Because it would seem to me that to elect more Democrats would be nothing short of counter-productive if what our end goal really is, to “Make America Great Again.”  Because that’s the LAST thing Democrats want!  ALL Democrats!

So first and foremost we need keep our heads and focus our attention on those who insist upon acting as nothing more than speedbumps in the process to make America great again.  We need to identify them as potential targets in the next election and we also need to be on the lookout for suitable replacements from within our own party and resist the temptation to vote Democrat in some misguided effort to ‘protest’ vote.  Kasich is in fact a symptom of a greater problem, a problem that is in desperate need of being solved.  I think we all realize that there is now very little difference between Establishment Republicans and the Democrats.  But it would be insane to vote for Democrats as a way of sending a message to the Republicans, because by doing so we’d be falling right into their trap.  Instead, we must do all that we can to assist the president, in every way we can, in his effort to drain the swamp.  And that starts by sending home as many RINOs as we can!


McCain 1

The ongoing process to reduce the United States into nothing more than a third rate banana republic which was first begun by ex-president Barry Obummer seems to have now been kicked into overdrive, a direct result of an alliance being formed between the Democrat Party and our ‘Establishment’ Republicans, aka RINOs, like John McCain.  The virulently anti-Trump McCain reportedly told a left-wing newspaper that he believes “American leadership” was better under Obummer than it is currently under President Trump.  This idiotic comment was but the latest in a series of pot shots that the failed 2008 presidential candidate has taken at his fellow Republican.  And according to the Guardian, McCain was “visibly irked” when asked about comments Trump made last week in the wake of the terrorist attack in London, in which he criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his response to the atrocity.  ‘Visibly irked?”  How can you tell, maybe McCain just wet himself!

And then, when asked if America’s international standing was better under Obummer, McCain reportedly responded by saying, “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.”  McCain, who lost his 2008 presidential bid against then-candidate Obummer after a campaign in which he repeatedly defended Obummer from his supporters’ criticisms, has been a rather outspoken critic of President Trump and has refused to tone it down since his fellow Republican took the White House.  And it was during a recent tour of Australia that McCain told an audience in Sydney that Trump has “unsettled” allies and Americans alike.  McCain said, “Other American allies have similar doubts these days and this is understandable.”  McCain said, “I realize that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends. They have unsettled many Americans as well.”  Only those Americans like McCain and his many Democrat friends.

And it was then that McCain also went on to urge the Australians to “keep at” the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal in the hope that one day “America will decide to join you.”  He also said in an interview with an Australian TV network that Trump makes him “nervous from time to time” and said he was bothered that Trump does not always take the advice of his national security team.  He said, “Can I tell you that he does all the time?  No. Does it bother me? Yes, it bothers me.”  For anyone questioning whether McCain has become afflicted with that special brand of Pelosi kind of nuts, take the time to listen to his very confusing, garbled questioning of Comey last week!  It was hard to keep track of who was on first but it clearly was not McCain!  And anyone who has been paying any attention at has most certainly seen how it is that McCain has been steadily drifting leftward for years.  He is NOT deserving of the moniker, ‘Hero’.  And frankly, he never has been.

McCain is quixotic to the very core of his being. The guy wanders around beating on windmills with his rusty old sword mumbling incoherently.  He differs very little from every other liberal crackpot out there.  The swamp is comprised of aging hippies from the 60’s who are now the “establishment” and who are demanding total subservience to establishment rule.  In their incoherent delusion, they fail to see that their time is long gone.  These 20th century neo-Marxists have become the very thing they allegedly revolted against, totalitarian despots.  The wheel is, yet again, turning and these horrible Mao wannabes are being relegated to the scrapheap of history and it terrifies them.  Good riddance to a corrupted genome.  I believe progressives like McCain are complicit with terrorists; terrorism is the primary totalitarian tactic of the Socialist left.  Obummer, Hitlery, McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, etc…terrorists – one and all.  These people are the BORG.

Look, no one has truly taken on the Washington elite and to change the way things are done, until now.  There is great fear among those who have set themselves up to become millionaires with all the power of government behind them to do as they wish.  They see a businessman who is working for the people and who has no interest in the playing of their “game” as being a very real threat to their livelihood and they will fight the change with everything they have at their disposal.  And despite their best efforts, his first 100 days have shown he can lead in the way he implemented good changes to regulations that were burdensome.  He has placed very capable people in place to take charge of their vast agencies and his recent trip to meet foreign leaders was a huge success in the form of diplomacy and leading.  All of this while he is pelted EVERY day with ‘fake news’ meant to bring him down and in spite of an ‘Establishment Washington’ who remains very much complicit.

And yet almost everywhere you look on the Republican side of the aisle, in Washington, you see that there continues to be very little to no support for President Trump as he leads against their way of doing business and ‘for’ the American people.  It’s called “draining the swamp”.  The “drama situations” are being desperately created out of very flimsy cloth by the Liberal Democrats to divert attention from Trump’s MAGA agenda, which, by the way, is proceeding in spite of them all.  In fact, Trump is a direct threat to all career politicians of both parties because he doesn’t “play by their rules.”  Those political playbook standards are to agree with everyone, straddle all fences and never, ever be seen as having any kind of policy that could be construed as solid.  If it takes throwing America, its people, its resources and its sovereignty under the bus then so be it if it gains power or recognition for them and their twisted global aspirations.

But I guess you could say that, in a way, McCain is correct.  Because when it comes to taking America down the road to destruction, President Trump is not “leading” the way.  He is leading where it counts, you just haven’t heard much about it.  Coal mines are once again, up and running. The Stock Market is still soaring.  Energy independence is upon us.  President Trump went to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and lectured them about terrorism.  He’s doing what he can to move America in the right direction.  But the threat against him is almost stifling.  His own party won’t do anything to back him up.  A president is not a king.  The continual attacks needing defense, is wasting our time and making us a very dangerous people, to ourselves.  Don’t believe the state-controlled media.  Whatever can be done, mostly, is being done.  The only problem I see so far is that President Trump is being forced to contend with an increasing accumulation of swamp rats.

Let’s face it, McCain has been last in his class since his academy days.  He doesn’t own up to his own limitations ever, and will sell out anybody on his own side to create a safe space for himself.  He continually sides with those who would sell out this country to transform it into their globalized image without hesitation.  McCain has been a pampered leftist since college.  His father and grandfather were admirals when he was in the military.  He’s believed to have caused the fire on the USS Forrestal and running to hide during the incident.  Daddy got him flown off the ship before sailors strung him up, he was captured and became a VC songbird, and from there became a RINO senator thwarting both Bushes and now Trump.  A member of the Keating five, the ‘Gang of Eight’ and numerous other anti-Republican groups he prevented presidents from putting conservatives on the courts.  And he never saw a war he didn’t want to get the U.S. involved in.

While there are those who are confidently declaring that the Republicans are setting themselves up for a potential bloodbath in 2018, I sincerely hope that enough of the American people are smarter than that.  Because the fact that Obamacare has yet to be repealed and replaced and work on tax cuts has yet to begin, is not the fault of the president as so many are quick to claim.  Instead, the fault lies with McCain and his fellow RINOs in Congress.  And while I think President Trump has done a pretty good job so far, he can only do so much by himself.  I agree he needs to take charge, to get rid of the special counsel, agree to no more appearances before Congress by his people, claiming Executive privilege, and, calling out Republicans who refuse to get behind the agenda that they were elected to do.  We the people, come 2018, will need to work to weed out those who believe as McCain does, and replace them with those who desire to “Make America Great Again!”

It is at the end of that day that if we the American people, regardless of our political affiliation, allow the Democrats, with those RINOs acting in concert with them, to be successful, to any measurable degree, in their effort to railroad President Trump, then we have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have abandoned all that it means to live this great nation of ours.  And we will have willingly reduced ourselves to being little more than self-serving, disgruntled, leftwing malcontents.  And you know, have you ever noticed how it is that whenever anyone in our state-controlled media is in need of a ‘Republican’ willing to stab President Trump in the back, or to attack their own party, it is always McCain, or one of the others of a rather select few, that they always seem to turn to?  I’m not saying that President Trump cannot, or should not, be criticized, all I’m asking is that the criticism be a bit more focused on those areas where it is truly warranted.


McConnell 04

Can we all please come to agreement on the fact that Mitch McConnell is little more than a nutless wonder?  After all, which party is it that now has a majority in both the House and Senate?  Well, if you go by the numbers it’s the Republican Party.  And whose leaders are now acting like a couple of limp-wristed, pansy-assed, pussies?  Sadly that too would be the Republican Party, that same party which holds a majority in both houses of Congress.  But besides being a nutless wonder, McConnell is, and always has been, a NeverTrumper who has become quite comfortable there in the same ‘Swamp’ that Trump promised us that he would drain.

As proof of what I say I point to how McConnell has once again folded like a cheap suit, giving into demands coming from Democrats and the state-controlled media for a Special Counsel.  Despite, at least from what I’ve read, the fact that most of the emails released by WikiLeaks came from within the DNC.  From the same poor schmuck who died under rather curious circumstances.  Supposedly the FBI has some 44,000 emails that this guy sent to WikiLeaks, so was he too working for Vlad?  So this is all nothing more than smoke and mirrors with old Mitch only too happy to play a part as long as there’s a possibility of damaging President Trump.

And let’s face it, the Democrats have been talking about impeaching Donald Trump since before he even took office.  And it was within days after the election that the state-controlled media had taken up the refrain and it has been in the past several days that both the Washington Post and New York Times have both claimed to have “scoops” regarding the most recent topic du jour, the Comey firing.  But neither showed Trump as having done anything illegal nor was grounds for impeachment.  And now the RINOs are beginning to chime in. And they are not just attacking Trump, but also his supporters. And that they may come to regret.

And make no mistake here, Trump voters fully understand what’s really going on here.  Trump declared he would “drain the swamp” and now it’s the swamp that is fighting back.  There is NO substance to the claims against him. There is NO evidence Trump colluded with Russia. There is NO evidence he compromised national security in sharing terror intelligence with Russia as, wait for it, Obummer had done.  And the idea that he obstructed justice in talking with James Comey is demonstrably untrue.  When Trump claims, as he did on Wednesday, that no politician “has been treated worse or more unfairly,” he is absolutely correct.

Look, the state-controlled media, aka the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, is furious that Trump one, won the election, and two calls them out as being ‘fake news.’  So as a form of retaliation, shall we say, they have set out to do anything and everything they can to make sure that he would be unable to enjoy any semblance of a “honeymoon” in office.  And Democrats have continued to treat Trump as if he had executed a coup instead of winning an election, having now gone so far as to dub themselves the “Resistance” and in so doing have set about to obstruct every Trump nominee, every bill, and every policy decision.

Now to be honest Obummer complained about Republican “obstruction,” too.  But while their opposition hardened in response to the very bogus $862 Billion ‘stimulus’ bill and Obamacare, the Republicans gave him a chance to govern.   And Republicans approved most of Obummer’s Cabinet appointees pretty quickly. They told voters “elections have consequences,” and joined Democrats to confirm his early Supreme Court nominees. They never spoke of impeachment, though he had, arguably, earned it and on more than one occasion.  Trump has never been given the same chance, or for that matter any chance, to carry out his agenda.

And for months now, Trump’s supporters have watched as the state-controlled media fawned over the hysterical opposition, praising the “pussyhat” protesters and downplaying the extremists within their ranks.  But still, Trump’s supporters have not abandoned him because he has not abandoned them.  They are patient and they are very well aware of what it is that he is up against.  Their only worry is that he may choose to compromise in order to save himself.  And hopefully it is now beginning to slowly dawn on Trump that no amount of compromise will ever satisfy his critics, on either side of the political aisle.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have now succeeded in burning nearly every bridge back to political reality and civility.  But that seems to have had little effect on their twisted insistance in going down the path that they have now chosen for themselves.  And the NeverTrump faction, shamed into silence by the election results and by Trump’s nomination of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, have now re-emerged behind the shield of the ‘mainstream’ media to taunt him.  And politicians who once courted his favor now stumble over one another in their rush to the cameras to condemn him, thinking that by doing so they are somehow saving themselves.

But Trump’s voters understand this is not an attack on Trump alone. They know to be true what White House adviser Steve Bannon told CPAC back in February: “If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. Every day it is going to be a fight.”  And by spoiling for that fight, the Washington establishment is, foolishly, giving frustrated Trump supporters a new reason to go to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections.  And it’s in so doing that I hope millions will go out on Election Day and view themselves as being on a mission, a mission to get rid of every single scumbag Democrat and every RINO they can!

The Washington ‘Establishment’, that cesspool of corruption and dishonesty, whose membership consists of those from both sides of the aisle and who firmly believes that it is their right to rule the common folk.  But the only argument for having an elite in the first place is that it will not be swayed by the momentary passions of the mob.  Instead, the ‘Establishment’ has imposed a virtual state of emergency, one that threatens the very institutions that they, ‘The Establishment’ claims to be defending.  Case in point: James Comey, for all his protests about the “integrity” of the FBI, continues to use it as a political weapon.

Those, like myself, who decided to cast their votes for Mr. Trump last fall, against the advice of their “betters,” did not do so only to see their hard fought victory snatched away by a radicalized Democrat Party together with a contemptuous state-controlled media and the bunch of sore losers that comprise the NeverTrumpers.  Until now, while his supporters might have once been tempted to punish President Trump’s slow progress on some issues by staying home from the polls, it’s all of this groundless talk of “impeachment” that will be what will motivate them once again come 2018, when they will come out again, fighting for the survival of their country.

And while the RINOs, Democrats, and the majority of those in our state-controlled media are now gunning for Mr. Trump after his firing of James Comey, and the subsequent leaks from Comey associates portraying alleged conversations between the two, there are more than a few legal experts who are quite skeptical when it comes to there being a case that can be made for a charge of “obstruction of justice.”  Professor emeritus at Harvard Law School Alan Dershowitz, a guy who is himself a flaming liberal, writes in the New York Daily News that “on balance, the obstruction case against President Trump is not strong, as a matter of law.”

And it is in the New York Times that author and professor of constitutional law at Florida International University College of Law Elizabeth Price Foley makes the point that President Trump’s alleged statements to Comey do not constitute an obstruction of justice.  She says, “Indeed, if they did, virtually every communication between criminal defense lawyers and investigators would be a crime.”  And she goes on to write:

“It’s Section 1510 of Title 18 of the United States Code that addresses obstruction of criminal investigations. It is a narrow statute, criminalizing only willful acts “by means of bribery” that have the effect of obstructing the communication of information about crimes to federal investigators. Even assuming Mr. Comey’s memo is accurate, there is no indication that President Trump willfully attempted to bribe the F.B.I. director. As the Supreme Court stated in United States v. Sun-Diamond Growers of California, “for bribery there must be a quid pro quo — a specific intent to give or receive something of value in exchange for an official act.”

There is no evidence of a quid pro quo. Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that Mr. Trump intended an implied offer of continued employment in exchange for Mr. Comey’s dismissal of the Flynn investigation, it would be implausible for Mr. Comey to construe it as such.  Mr. Comey was aware that he was an at-will employee who could be fired by the president at any time, for any reason.  Indeed, when Obummer endorsed Hitlery for president in June 2016, during the height of the FBI’s investigation into her private email server, it would have been similarly implausible for Mr. Comey to construe Obummer’s pro-Hitlery remarks as an implicit offer of continued employment, in exchange for dropping the Clinton investigation. Even though Mr. Comey dropped the investigation one month later, he presumably knew that although it would please both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, it would not insulate him from being fired.

But even if one adopted an unprecedentedly broad conception of bribery, Mr. Trump’s purported statement still would not violate Section 1510. The statute is designed to preserve the free flow of information, prohibiting only acts that obstruct investigators’ access to information. Bribery of a potential witness, for example, is behavior prohibited by Section 1510. But telling the F.B.I. director that someone is a “good guy” and expressing the hope that an investigation will cease does not obstruct the free flow of information.”

As a hard working family man and a guy who just wants to live his life, I will tell you that if they attempt to impeach Trump over this type of bullshit that has no basis in fact, they had better be ready to face the consequences.  I will be happy to join the “Real Resistance”, those who love America and are against the globalists and those who are working diligently in their effort to sabotage our duly elected president.  They are trashing the Constitution and our institutions.  Our country will literally be “over” if that happens.  If that happens it will be up to those Patriots who remain to stand up and take it back, no matter what the cost.

But even with all that being said, things are not always what they appear to be.  While those of us who still support the president may be angry about the continuing attacks, I firmly believe that when all is said and done the outcome will be the complete exoneration of the president.  And while these continuing attacks may come to serve the very useful purpose of drawing out the Republican snakes from the tall grass and exposing the media and the Democrat Party as being evil and corrupt, what is most concerning to me is that these attacks accomplish exactly what the Democrats are wanting, the slowing of the Trump agenda to a crawl.

This continuing saga being perpetuated by the Democrat Party, any number of RINOs as well as an undetermined number of those in our state-controlled media proves nothing if not the fact that ‘The Swamp’ does not WANT to be drained and will not go willingly nor without a fight.  And, of course, there is nothing that those who are hip deep in the ‘Swamp’ will not say or do in their effort to make the point that there really is no need to drain the swamp.  But I would like to take the opportunity to thank the “impeach Trump” Republicans for marking themselves for us.  Now we know exactly who needs to face primary challenges next year.


Ryan 13

Ok look, now I know I may not be as smart as a member of Congress, either in the Senate or the House, but I seriously don’t understand why it is that the Republicans seem so determined to make this entire “repeal and replace” process regarding Obamacare so difficult.  I saw Paul Ryan on Fox News last night and all he kept repeating, nearly ad nauseam, was how the Republicans are keeping their promise to “repeal and replace.”  I can only assume that he thinks we’re all too stupid to recognize that what’s currently being offered is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  And I’ll tell you right now, if what we’re seeing now becomes a reality, then come 2018 Ryan will no longer be Speaker, McConnell will no longer be leading the Senate and the Republican Party will be returned to the status which they seem to be much better suited.  Now either these guys think we’re bluffing or they simply don’t care, but either way the American people will have their say.

And so here we are, seven long years later, years spent listening to these same Republicans continue to make the same promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.  And after years of waiting for them to come up with what we all hoped would be viable plan to do just that, what do we get?  We get a bill from House Speaker Paul Ryan which, for all practical purposes, is even worse than Obamacare!  Seriously?  And when you stop to think about it, it’s a rather impressive feat because, in their pursuit of a lower score from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Democrats made Obamacare just about as bad as they thought they could get away with while still calling it “universal” health care.  While many other analyses are focused on how Ryan’s American Health Care Act will make life worse for certain lower income Americans compared to Obamacare, pointing out the similarities is more important for understanding its politics.

Under Ryancare, most people will get coverage through their employer, just like with Obamacare.  And in both cases, many of the poor will get coverage through Medicaid. And with both plans, lower/middle income people without employer coverage will be encouraged to use tax credits to help buy ‘regulated’ private insurance.  Neither Obamacare nor Ryancare has any real price control measures to deal with our dramatically out-of-control healthcare prices.  Both plans leave groups of Americans without insurance they consider to be ‘affordable’.  Finally, both are heavily “financed” by a Cadillac tax on expensive employer-provided insurance that is delayed for a decade, resulting in no one expecting the tax to ever go into effect.  There are four major areas where Ryancare does differ from Obamacare, but even here, most of Ryancare’s provisions are only a bad funhouse mirror version of very similar Obamacare policies.  They are:

1) Medicaid:   The most important difference is that Ryancare will change how the Medicaid expansion works and is funded starting in 2020 by freezing enrollment and creating a per capita cap, which places funding limits on each person. Of course, that might never happen. If the GOP doesn’t feel comfortable implementing these changes now, I don’t know how they think it will be easier in the middle of a presidential election.   This Medicaid cut will cause about 4-6 million people to lose Medicaid coverage, according to S&P (which I need to cite since there is no CBO score).

2) Tax credits:  The second most important difference is that Ryancare will, in 2020, replace Obamacare’s age/regional based, means-tested, refundable tax credits to buy private insurance with age-based, sort-of-means-tested, refundable tax credits to buy private insurance.   On the plus side, the more modest means-testing design in Ryancare means the tax credits should be slightly easier for the government to administer, will make insurance more affordable for some Americans who currently make too much to qualify for Obamacare credits, and somewhat addresses the issue that means-testing created a big effective marginal tax on lower income people.   The issue is that Ryancare’s “fixes” the problem created by Obamacare only providing lower income Americans enough tax credits to make insurance affordable by basically making tax credits equally insufficient for everyone. And since they aren’t pegged to the cost of health care, the Ryancare tax credits could become less sufficient every year.

3) Individual mandate replaced by late enrollment penalty:  Ryancare gets rid of the deeply unpopular individual mandate. In its place, it imposes a late enrollment penalty that’s supposed to nudge people to buy private insurance in a timely manner. If you fail to buy coverage for awhile, you will need to pay 30 percent more when you do buy insurance.   Both systems suffer from the basic flaw that they don’t make insurance truly affordable for everyone but punish you if for some reason you feel you can’t make your premiums. Obamacare has hardship exemptions for the mandate, though.

4) Taxes repealed:  Finally, Ryancare repeals almost all of the other Obamacare taxes, meaning it probably won’t pay for itself. Repealing the Obamacare taxes on the rich will likely be viewed by many as being nothing more than just a big giveaway to the rich.

Ryancare is not a change of structure from Obamacare. It’s a change of scope.  The big similarities, and the fact that even the differences are more a matter of size than radical policy redesign, completely undermines the GOP’s ideological and political position. It’s not based around a coherent theory for what is wrong with health care, nor does it offer any big new ideas to fix our problems.  By comparison, there are intellectual theories behind how plans like the old Wyden-Bennett bill or Medicare-for-All could improve conditions with big system-wide changes.  There is no principle or story behind Ryancare to explain how, even in theory, it could make things better. There is no reason to even hope it could make things cheaper or coverage better. There is no way to look at what is really nothing other than a worse version of Obamacare and not conclude that it would have an impact similar to Obamacare.

So now Republicans are left trying to explain why they kept claiming Obamacare was such a terrible existential threat that it can be completely fixed by cutting rich people’s taxes and making it less generous to some people in need.  As a result, the ideological Republicans aren’t happy, the more pragmatic Republicans who would need to implement it aren’t happy, the non-partisan groups aren’t happy, and even the political hacks don’t know how to sell it.  The Republican PR team is honestly left pointing to the fact that Ryancare has fewer pages as being proof that it’s better.   Selling Obamacare was almost impossible for Democrats; selling what is really nothing more than an even worse version of Obamacare should prove even more difficult for the Republicans.  Frankly, I don’t understand why it is that the Republicans seem so determined to make things so much more difficult than they need to be.  A lot more difficult!

And I’ll tell ya something else, the Republicans are going to have one chance, just one, to get this thing right, and while Ryan may think he’s being pretty clever, the truth is, he’s not fooling anybody.  Personally, I think Ryan, like most politicians, is pretty lazy, hence is recent and lame justification regarding the eight day work schedule planned for the House next month.  And while Ryan may think he’s pretty cute, I think most folks realize that he’s doing little more than trying to appease his big donors in such a way that will allow him to claim he tried his best to keep things as close as possible to the original Obamacare.  At least he can say, “See I tried to keep it as the establishment wants, but that’s just not going to fly”.  His big donors can’t say he didn’t try.  I think Ryan has known all along that this rendition was never going to pass the smell test.  So now let’s move forward with a serious attempt to “repeal and replace” and leave this attempt behind.

If the GOP insists upon pushing millions of poorer Republican voters, who rely on Medicaid so they can get medical treatment and survive, off of Medicaid, the GOP will surely lose its present majority position in government and the mantra of “Make America Great Again” will be relegated to bumpersticker status in much the same way that “Hope and Change” was.  It’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face, I think.  Alternatively, we can replace Obamacare and move on to accomplish a hundred other important tasks that need to occur in order for “Make America Great Again” to become a reality.  The stars will never again align like this in our lifetime.  If Republicans blow this opportunity the “Make America Great Again” is dead and the Democrats, like the Phoenix, will rise again.  And America will go into steep socio-economic and moral decline while the borders are thrown wide open and our civilization declines.

Those who now seem to be so determined in their effort to shove through what is nothing more than a soup sandwich do so not only at their own political peril, but it also places at risk the future of our country.  Because their continuing opposition to this new Americanism will most assuredly destroy this country just as quickly as the regressive left in this country will.  Republicans need to focus on getting the job done, and done right, while keeping the promises that were made so that we can then move on to trade, taxation, immigration, and a hundred other things that are now, after eight years of Barry “Almighty”, in urgent need of being addressed!  Come on people, it’s just not that freaking complicated.  And if a simple old soul like myself is able to recognize that fact then why is it that those in positions of power seem to be so freaking mystified by the entire concept of doing what it is that they promised and in the way that they promised to do it!