Despite the fact that it’s still a couple of years away, I can’t help but have what I can only describe as being a sense of impending doom regarding the 2020 presidential election.  And what seems to be causing me much consternation is what I have been hearing from many of those who are, politically speaking, supposed to be on my side.  Those who call themselves Republicans, even conservatives, but sadly, when you get right down to it, are really neither.  And because they’re willing to join in with those seeking nothing more than to grow the power of government they have forfeited their right to call themselves, ‘conservative.’  And apparently any act on their part to subvert the will of the people is somehow seen as justified.

And it’s all of these self-righteous, holier-than-thou, all-knowing members of our political elite who seem to have forgotten entirely that they were elected for one purpose, and one purpose only, that being, of course, to serve the will of people not to rule over the people.  And what makes them so very dangerous is how so very many of them now view themselves as being the guardians of our future when in fact they are really nothing more than the creators of a future where, if they have their way, our children will become little more than slaves to an all-powerful government.  And it will be the fault of ‘We the People’ if these elites are able to succeed in their effort to effectively destroy all that our future could have been.

And it is with each passing day that the greatest threat we face comes not from the Democrat Party, although they do represent a serious threat, but from those who could do what they have promised to do to stop them.  They call themselves Republican but what they are, are Republicans-In-Name-Only, or not so fondly referred to as RINOs.  And as such they represent a far more serious threat to our freedoms than does ANY Democrat.  And the sooner we are able to recognize that fact the sooner we will come to realize that they are not to be believed the quicker we will come to see that the best chance for our nation’s survival beyond 2020 is to vote in massive numbers for one Donald J. Trump.

And it was just this past Thursday that one of the more prominent members of that RINO faction, ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich once again bobbed to the surface.  This time around on, of all places, MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris ‘Mr. Tingles’ Matthews.  It was during an idiotic exchange that Kasich made the claim that people were “hungering for an end” to “the name calling, the chaos” when he was asked by host Chris ‘Mr. Tingles’ Matthews about President Trump’s tweets.  Contrary to what Kasich, and those like him, would have us all believe, what people are truly “hungering for an end” to is the constant stabbing in the back of this president by members of his own party.  You know, scumbags like Kasich!

And apparently all of these ‘NeverTrumpers’ are of the opinion that if they can, with the help of their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media as well as in the Democrat Party, can keep up their steady stream of attacks long enough and loud enough, then more and more people will come to be persuaded by what they are saying, and begin to see them as being something other than the backstabbing ‘swamp’ creatures that they so very obviously are.  It was another example of those attacks that is reflected in the partial transcript of a bizarre conversation that took place between two imbeciles, where one was a RINO swamp creature and the other a member of the ‘fake news’ media is as follows:

‘Mr. Tingles’: Well, among Trump’s recent Twitter activities, this beauty, a retweet of a picture showing a who’s who of Trump’s political enemies, if you will, behind bars, suggesting they should all be tried for treason. You can see there President Obama, the Clintons, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Trump’s own deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. What do you make of that? That he has to put out a retweet, the president of the United States is showing everybody he doesn’t like as treasonous behind bars?

‘Crazy Uncle John’: I think it’s terrible, Chris. I mean, look, the country’s divided enough, and people are hungering. You know, I just heard it on a call yesterday, I mean, I see it all the time, people are hungering for an end to all this, the name calling, the chaos. And, you know, when you are the president, you’re putting things out like that. Look, Chris, I’m the governor of the state, the seventh largest state in the country. I got things that make me mad, get me upset. I don’t start putting out a list of people that, you know, that are my enemies. I thought we got over that when Nixon left. You know, no more enemies lists. You’ve got to work with people sometimes even when you don’t like them. It’s a matter of fact. It’s life.

The Republican Party has been suffering from self-inflicted wounds for years.  Our so-called leadership seems to have long ago abandoned even the semblance of being conservative, as evidenced by every election since 2010, when we were little more than lied to us during each and every campaign, only to find after they were safely elected they went about their business as if promises had never been made.  And now many of these same RINOs have the nerve to take a stand against the one man who has actually done much of what he promised us he would do if we would choose to elect him as our president.  Granted, he still has much work to do but he has already done much of what he promised and what we vote for.

And I hesitate to join in with those who are saying that the time has now come for conservatives to begin a new movement, or to start a new party, because I think that would be counter-productive.  What I think we need to do, what we must do if we are to keep our country, is to be much more determined in our effort to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to weed the RINOs from our party.  President Trump is our mouth piece.  Since the election he has not been accepted by the establishment or by the ‘fake news’ media. They have been trying to ruin his presidency since day one. It is shameful that any American would hope that the president of the United States would fail at his job for the country.

For some time now more and more people have started to view Republicans as being more of a problem than Democrats.  They are viewed as weak, pathetic, as never fighting back and allowing the Democrats to walk all over them.  We elect Republicans to advance a Republican agenda, not to go along with the Democrat agenda.  When there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat then what’s the point?  Do boobs like Kasich magically and mystically think that everyone will just jump on their bandwagon and support their idiotic premise?  It’s not going to happen.  They are a waste of time.  If you cannot, and will not, be a Republican, while posing as one, then it’s pointless to even bother with them.

A primary challenge from Kasich is really not the problem. What ‘would’ be a problem is if this putz were to run as an independent, which I have no doubt is something he would do.  His intent would be to siphon off enough Republican votes in order to throw the election over to the Democrat, no matter who it might be. Which is precisely how Trump got elected president in the first place.  Because even though he had zero chance of winning, it was the petulant ego-maniac Kasich who split the vote with Ted Cruz through the primaries and refused to bow out.  He was hoping Trump wouldn’t achieve the necessary threshold and it’d have to go to convention where his fellow swamp creatures would select HIM over Cruz.

But because things didn’t exactly go according to Kasich’s plan he’s been stewing about it ever since.  And as I said, knowing this scumbag as we all do I have no doubt that he would run as an independent specifically to make sure that he splits the Republican vote allowing the Democrat to win, because that’s exactly the sort of thing he would do.  Because it’s not really about him winning, because no one really thinks any third party candidate can win.  What it’s really all about is doing everything he can to ensure President Trump loses.  So I ask you, how much of a pathetic loser must you be to want to engineer a scenario the specific purpose of which is the defeat of your party’s president?  How twisted is that?

Over the course of the next two years these sleazy RINOs will be doing all that they can to convince as many voters as they know what’s best for us, and it’s only they who can bring about the best possible outcome when it comes to what that lies ahead.   And if we are stupid enough to believe them then whatever results from having done so will be no one’s fault but our own.  Now it’s going to become increasingly imperative that we do not allow ourselves to fall for the propaganda that I can guarantee we’re going to be hearing nonstop over the course of the next two years.  So our focus must be on reducing the number of those NeverTrump voices, and replacing them those who will support our president.

There are also those now saying that Donald Trump could very well be the last Republican president we ever have, and frankly I have no way of knowing if that is in fact true, or not.  But if that truly does come to pass it will be the Republicans themselves who are to blame.  And unfortunately, the ones who are going to be made to suffer if that does in fact become a reality are those of us who are desperate to save this country for our children and THEIR children.  Look, I think we all know that the Democrats want to take this country as far to the left as they can.  And we also know that the further left we go the less freedoms we will come to enjoy.  So the question is, how far are WE willing to go to stop them?

I just don’t think enough of the America people understand just how precarious or how tenuous our current political environment really is.  Far too many seem far too hung up on personalities instead of what is actually being accomplished.  Our economy can now be accurately described as booming, our military is on the mend, and America has once again assumed her rightful leadership position in the world.  Say what you will about the president’s proclivity for using Twitter, but he has done something few Republican politicians that we have elected of late have done, which is to keep his promises.  Which I think is what really pisses off folks like Kasich more than anything that the president may decide to tweet.



Kasich 3

Anyone who remembers watching ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich during the 2016 presidential debates would have to wonder what it is that could possibly possess him to even consider running for president again.  But apparently that’s exactly what he seems to be considering.  You see it was during Sunday’s thrilling episode of ABC’s “This Week,” that ‘Crazy Uncle’ John said he is “very seriously” considering a run for president and even raised the possibility of running on a bipartisan ticket.   Yup, short of having another Democrat elected, ‘Crazy Uncle’ John is the perfect example of exactly what we most definitely do not need in a president.  He is someone who is only willing to put America last and he’s made that painfully obvious.

When asked how seriously” he is considering a 2020 run, Kasich said, “Very seriously, George. This is our earnest conversations that go on every day with some of my friends, with my family. We need different leadership. There isn’t any question about it. I’m not only just worried about the tone and the name calling and the division in our country and the partisanship, but I also worry about the policies, rising debt, inability to deal with immigration, the problems we have as America alone in the world, what I consider a rotten deal with the Saudis to look the other way. I’m worried about our country, not just in the short term. The question for me is what do I do about this?”  Oh, by all means, John, run for president in two years. NOT!

Kasich, who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination in 2016, raised the possibility that President Trump and Elizabeth ‘Faux-cahontas’ Warren are nominated by their respective parties in 2020.  He claimed that would then leave an “ocean of people” in the middle.  And he said, “Is there a legitimate opportunity for a third party, bipartisan kind of ticket to be able to score a victory or to have a profound impact on the future of American politics? … We don’t know at this point.”  He said, “No one thought a guy like Donald Trump would be elected president. No one thought we’d have electric cars.”  And he added, “This is a time of change, dynamic change. You can’t judge tomorrow on the basis of what happened yesterday.”

Kasich said he has no timetable for determining whether to run, but added that he is worried about the future of the United States.  He said, “And not just in the short-term.”  And he added, “I’m worried about our country in the long-term.”  Personally, I’d be far more worried about our country if we were to elect someone the caliber of ‘Crazy Uncle’ John or ANY Democrat.  He’s pro-mass immigration. He’s pro-‘free trade’. He supported Obamacare and still does.  He opposed measures to limit abortion in his state.  I mean, you could go down the list of planks on the Democrat party platform just a few cycles ago and this guy would be a textbook Democrat.  This swamp critter is trying to find a filthier bog to call home.

The real irony here is that aside from old Hitlery herself, it’s Kasich who’s next in line when it comes to those who are personally responsible for Trump’s Presidency in the first place.  Kasich was determined to stay in the race despite having absolutely zero chance of winning, and accomplished nothing more than to split Cruz’s vote just enough to keep Trump on top.  Kasich figured Trump wouldn’t be able to meet the voting threshold and that it’d go to a brokered convention, and of course being the quintessential swamp creature that he is, he would get handed the nomination by his fellow bog dwellers.  That was only the start of what would be a series of colossal miscalculations by the mailman’s son these last few years.

The guy is absolutely delusional; maybe even more than a little mentally disturbed.  He is loathed by a rather sizable portion of the Republican base and at this late stage of his political career, still has no concept that he’s viewed by his “friends” in the media as nothing than club that can be used to attack Republicans.  Were he to ever be the Republican nominee, the media would turn on him faster than he can open his mouth and fill too full of food to speak.  I have zero respect for someone whose only purpose in running for president has nothing whatsoever to do with trying to make the country better, and only with being part of some twisted attempt to ensure that the one man trying to do just that, is defeated.  Kasich is truly twisted!

The truth is that Kasich talks a lot about unity but he actually encourages division. Here, are the words from Jim Renacci a former House member from Ohio who would know Kasich all too well. It was he who said, “And look, when you have the loudest voice in the Ohio Republican Party dividing the country against this president, I am still very proud to stand with this president.” And he continued, “I am proud to stand with his agenda. I am proud that we were able to campaign on that agenda.”  He said, “When you have the loudest voice in Ohio who does not support the president, it causes the divisions that we’ve seen in Ohio.” And he added, “And again, that is probably the biggest issue that we need to be able to change.”

Kasich is just another ‘Establishment’ politician from the land of never-ending broken promises.  President Trump has gotten more done with both hands tied behind his back than boob Kasich ever intends to do.  If we’re going to elect a narcissist, we might as well elect one that actually gets stuff done.  I have no doubt that Kasich and Flake will challenge the president in the primaries.  These two losers have no clue how much they are despised.  These posturing pansies have always been on their knees, either waving the white flag of surrender or just going along nice and cozy with the Left for personal reasons or by actually displaying their true selves, serving the powers that are out to do the greatest amount of damage to our country.


Flake 12

You know, for a guy who apparently takes some level of pride in referring to himself as a conservative, he certainly has a seriously mucked up set of priorities.  With his exit from the senate getting nearer, it’s abundantly clear that if there is one thing that ‘The Snowflake’ most definitely is not, it’s a conservative.  It’s become painfully obvious that his pathetic temper tantrum is going to continue right up to his very last day as a U.S. Senator.  But never fear, he will be handing the baton over to someone who I know will be only too happy to continue things in ‘The Snowflake’ tradition.

And so in what was yet another attempt to embarrass the president ‘The Snowflake’ has now made it known that he intends to refuse to vote to advance or confirm ANY judicial nominees until the Senate enacts legislation protecting special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.  And of course his willingness to do so casts doubt upon the outcome of several dozen nominations Republicans hope to confirm by year’s end.  There are worthless politicians and there are those like ‘The Snowflake’.   He learned well from his mentor, that faux hero and conservative turncoat, ‘The Maverick.’

So anyway, it was during a Wednesday floor speech that, in referring to the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, ‘The Snowflake’ said, “I have informed the Majority Leader that I will not vote to advance any of the 21 judicial nominees pending in the Judiciary Committee, or vote to confirm the 32 judges awaiting a confirmation vote on the floor, until S. 2644 is brought to the full Senate for a vote.”  You know, it’s bad enough that we have to fight the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media, and then we have to contend with assholes like ‘The Snowflake’.

Though the Senate Republican caucus will grow by some measure when the new Congress is seated in January, for the moment they retain a tenuous 51-49 majority. With ‘The Snowflake’s’ announcement, the defection of one more Republican would defeat a nominee’s confirmation bid, provided all Democrats vote together, which of course they will. ‘The Snow flake’ also sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is scheduled to advance 15 nominees to the Senate floor for final confirmation on Thursday.  Republicans, for now, have an 11 to 10 majority on the panel.

And so yet again it’s unclear whether ‘The Snowflake’ will choose to vote with the Democrats to oppose, outright, the nominees, or will instead, choose to simply vote “present,” which would then result in a tie.  Judicial nominees don’t need to prevail in the committee in order to win final confirmation, the panel’s vote is merely a recommendation.  You’ll recall ‘The Snowflake’ nearly spiked Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court when he joined with Democrats and demanded an FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford’s bogus allegations of sexual misconduct.

‘The Snowflake’ has the rather nasty habit of voting against the president every time he thinks it provides him the opportunity to embarrass the president, and this latest bit of theater is really nothing more than another attempt to do just that.  Nothing that the president has said about Mueller is any worse than anything that was said by ‘Slick Willy’ or any of his cronies or those in state-controlled media about Ken Starr.  The president has said again and again that he has no intention of firing Mueller but for some reason that’s just not good enough for morons like ‘The Snowflake’.

This entire Mueller narrative is nothing more than the fakest of ‘fake news’ that the president is always addressing.  Mueller being fired is nothing more than rampant speculation based on nothing more than biased political opinions, not facts.  And ‘The Snowflake’, as always, is only too happy to throw a little gasoline on that fire, and for no other reason than because he hates the president.  He seems to have lost his mind as he has set about trying to cause as much trouble for the president as he can as he heads for the door because the folks back home grew tired of his lies.

Speaking only for myself, I think spending the last two years on an investigation into Russian collusion involving the Trump campaign that has thus far resulted in nothing but a totally bogus indictment of 12 Russians without proof is long enough, as are the millions of dollars spent, also enough.  So far all we have is a couple of guys swept up on income tax evasion and a crooked lawyer to show for our millions of dollars spent. On the other hand for some, like our friend ‘The Snowflake’, who want an endless investigations of the president until he leaves office, enough will never be enough.

If there was any interest in truly investigating Russian collusion that is pretty well documented and yet completely ignored, Mr. Mueller would be looking into all that transpired between Hitlery’s campaign and the Russians.  But since the old girl lost, and she is herself a member of the political establishment, all seems to have been forgiven.  President Trump, on the other hand, is the outsider who dared to defeat she who everyone within the political establishment had identified as being the only logical winner before the first vote had been cast. Therefore he must be made to pay.

‘The Snowflake’ is the epitome of the current self-indulgent, scumbag elitists that we have running our government.  And I guess what really annoys about ‘The Snowflake’ more than just about anything else, is the fact that he, like is buddy McCain, never has a problem volunteering whenever those in the media are in need of dragging out some ‘Republican’ to criticize the president.  Now it matters not to ‘The Snowflake’ that the American people chose Donald J. Trump to be their president.  What gives him the right to say that he knows better than they on who should be president?

Finally, the Democrats had better pray that the anarchy they are now fomenting doesn’t come back to bite them in their very pompous ass.  Because when you continue to stir the pot with violent protests and the flagrant stealing of elections, there is a very good chance that you are opening yourself up to some pretty major retribution by those who have sat silently by up to this point.  Because mark my words if this kind of crap continues there WILL come a time when those on the receiving end will reach the point where they feel they have nothing else to lose.


Flake 11

What is it about some people that seems to prevent them from being able to take a hint?  And why is it that they can never bring themselves to admit that people either no longer trust them, or no longer see them as deserving of further attention whether, as in the case of certain entertainers, because of their anti-American political views, or as in the case of politicians because people feel they’ve been lied to for no other reason than to garner votes.  And of course one such politician is none other than that soon to be ex-senator from Arizona, Jeff ‘The Snowflake’ Flake.

You see it was just this past Friday that Flake once again demonstrated why it is that the people of Arizona have grown tired of him and thus find him headed toward the exit instead of running for re-election.  It was during an appearance on the CNN’s “The Situation Room,” with Wolf Blitzer, that Flake put forward his idiotic argument how Republicans using “hate politics” and “grievance politics” is not helping Republican candidates.  Since he’s not up for re-election Flake apparently now feels free to make such remarks, caring not at all what impact they may have.

Regarding George Soros Flake said, “As you mentioned, he gives a lot of money to progressive and liberal causes. Nobody denies that. He certainly wouldn’t. But some of the conspiracy theories out there are that he somehow was standing in the way of those helping the Holocaust victims back when he was, I think, 14 years old in Hungry. Some of these are absurd on their face. But anybody who funds liberal causes or who isn’t a conservative is fair game for some conspiracy theories and things thrown out there that just doesn’t speak well for us as conservatives or Republicans.”

Flake said, “We, I think, can fight on the issues. I think on the issues on the economy and things like that, we have a lot of good things to say. But instead we delve into these conspiracy theories and hate politics, grievance politics. And it doesn’t do us well. Frankly, I think here in Arizona, it’s not helping the Republican candidates at all.”  Personally I’m not sure what “conspiracy theories” he may be talking about, but anyone who knows anything about George Soros is also well aware of how has used, and continues to use, his vast fortune to back all manner of leftist causes.

And it was during the very same interview that the Flakester said that he has long preferred former Barry ‘O’s “tone” on immigration over President Trump’s.  Blitzer asked Flake that when comparing the closing arguments as presented by Barry and President Trump, “Which one sounds like your own vision for the country?”  Flake said, “I certainly don’t like the tone that President Trump has taken with regard to blaming immigrants. Having that ad, which I thought was just sickening. And frankly, very untrue with regard to the threat that is posed by illegal immigrants.”

It was then in his own words that Flake proceeded to reveal why it is that people have grown tired of him and why he’s not seeking re-election.  It was when he said, “And the notion that Democrats have prevented any fix, the last real vote we had on substantial immigration reform was the bipartisan bill we did in 2013. Every Democrat in the Senate voted for that bill, which included about $41 billion for additional border security. That’s more than the president has even asked for on border security. So this notion that this is all the Democrats’ fault is just wrong.”

Blitzer then said, “It sounds like you’re more in line with former President Obama than you are with the current president, President Trump.”  To which our soon to be ex-senator, and potential future CNN employee, said, “Well, certainly the tone. I’ve always felt that the tone is better. I do think President Trump and Republicans have a strong hand to play with regard to the economy. The economy is doing well. The jobs report announced today was good. Boy, if I were a candidate right now, that’s what I would be running on. Not this fear mongering.”  Spoken like a true RINO!

Americans hate politicians like Flake, both Republican and Democrat, who say what is needed in order to get elected then once safely elected follow their own agenda. Flake only stood with conservatives when it helped him to get elected. President Trump has done more for this country than Barry ‘O’ did in eight years.  Yet driven by his hatred of the president he denigrates him and his supporters.  I’m glad he quit, he was a disaster as a senator. Hopefully the people of Arizona will make the RIGHT choice this time, electing someone who will stand up for the values of conservatives.

Flake is a classic example of someone who tries to be all things to all people. But nobody respects those kind of people, because ultimately they stand for nothing. Flake is a useful idiot for the radical leftists and willingly allows himself to be used because of his hatred of Trump. But make no mistake, they hate him too. Conservatives despise him because he’s a liar, and because he betrayed the people who voted for him. It’s a shame he could never bring himself to be honorable and to stand for something.  But nope, it was easier to be noncommittal on the issues.

And now instead of criticizing Republicans, Flake should be out taking to task those in the Democrat Party who are busy advocating for violence to be taken against anyone who dares to support this president and/or dares to disagree with the Democrat Party. But instead of choosing to leave with his head held high, he seems to much prefer slinking toward the exit while leaving a trail of slime behind.  He’s a modern day Benedict Arnold choosing to side with the enemy, and endangering our country in the process for no other reason than because he hates the president.

Face it, no one plays the game of grievance politics better than the Democrats.  This entire Russian collusion ‘theory’ that the Democrats cooked up against President Trump even before he took office, is pure propaganda.  Republicans don’t win elections by being nice. Republicans don’t win elections by being wishy-washy.  President Trump has been carrying feckless dolts like Flake since being sworn in.  He’s fought for the Constitution and our way of life in ways that Flake and his fellow RINOs never had the guts to do.  And the American people have been paying attention.

And it has been President Trump who has continued to stand up to the far left Democrats, as well to those in the far left ‘fake news’ media, to the degree that few in the Republican Party ever could, or have even been willing to.  And when the time came for those like Flake to lead, follow or simply get out of way he chose to take a different path.  He chose to take every opportunity presented to him to stab our president in the back, and in so doing he chose to take sides against those of us who elected this president and have continued to support him as president.

There are few things more transparent at this point than the fact that Flake has long been nothing more than a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. There is no other way to explain his continuing attacks on the president and praise of Democrats.  The name Flake is so fitting for this Traitor. Another bought-and-paid-for representative in our government.  Flake is shocked that the country has rejected him and he is about as butthurt as you can get.  What a crybaby and smear merchant.  And what’s truly funny is that this narcissist actually thinks he could be president one day.  Delusional!



What would seem to be rather fitting is the fact that RINO Jeff Flake, you know him as the guy who, because of his hatred of President Trump saw as being yet another opportunity for him to stick his finger in the eye of our president, decided to side with the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats on Friday by demanding that a seventh FBI investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be conducted, was born and raised in the small town of Snowflake, Arizona.  Think about it, can anything be seen as more fitting?

Snowflake, which is in the northern central part of Arizona, was founded in 1878 by early Mormon leaders Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake, the latter of whom is the great-great grandfather of Jeff Flake.  Flake was born in Snowflake back on Dec. 31, 1962, and he was apparently reared on the family’s cattle ranch there.  And it’s the ‘Welcome to Snowflake, Arizona’ website that states:  “Visitors to Snowflake’s historic homes and tree-lined streets are captivated by its hometown charm and inspiring location.”

Flake served six terms in the U.S. House. He became a U.S. senator in 2013 after winning the seat held by retiring Sen. Jon Kyl.  Flake has been a staunch, and very vocal, critic of President Trump since before Mr. Trump was even elected.  So much so that he once compared President Trump to genocidal dictator Joseph Stalin.  And when in August 2017 a poll showed that only 18% of Arizonans approved of his job ‘performance’ it was in the following October that he announced he would not seek reelection to the Senate.

Now I don’t know what this latest FBI investigation will show, but I do know this: if this new background check finds anything significant, then we should probably start having a different federal agency doing background checks.  After all, if a guy who was apparently known by everyone at his high school to be a serial rapist, and can still pass six FBI background checks, then FBI background checks clearly aren’t worth the paper they are written on.  Which makes all of these accusations against Judge Kavanaugh all the more unbelievable.


Flake 9

Apparently determined to continue in his effort of being one of the main Trump-hating-pains-in-the-ass right up to his bitter end, RINO Jeff Flake once again demonstrated, on Friday, why it is that he ‘chose’ not to run for re-election.  You see, while he did vote to allow process to move out of committee and onto the full Senate he did not do so before displaying what has become typical behavior for him by choosing to side with Democrats who are calling for a one-week delay in a Senate floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh in order to give the FBI time to investigate the sexual assault allegations meant to stop his nomination.

While speaking on Friday, Flake stated that the floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh should be delayed for up to a week to let the FBI investigate the allegations against the judge and that he would vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor with that understanding.  Flake said, “I think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to, but not more than, one week, in order to let the FBI continue — to do an investigation, limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there, and limited in time to no more than one week. And I will vote to advance the bill to the floor, with that understanding.”

Flake later added that he would only be comfortable moving forward with Judge Kavanaugh on the floor if there is further FBI investigation.  Does Flake really believe that when the FBI has completed its investigation, and found these allegations to be what we all already know them to be, that the Democrats will then vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh?  Because if he does then it’s a good thing he’s retiring, because anyone that stupid has no place in ANY position of power.  Ms. Ford is obviously suffering from some severe mental issues as evidenced by the fact that she recently deleted her social media accounts.  What’s she trying to hide?

And let’s face it, Flake is nothing if not just another of our everyday-run-of-the-mill Trump hating narcissistic assholes.  And he’s someone who couldn’t care less about due process, justice, or whether a good man’s life is in the process of being destroyed.  All this guy cares about is going out as being the biggest thorn in the side for a man he hates.  For Flake it’s become personal, it’s NOT about what’s best for the country and he’s trying to make it appear as if he’s having some sort of melodramatic ‘crisis of conscience’.  I can only assume he’s trying to grease the skids, so to speak, in trying to gain future employment at CNN or perhaps MSNBC.

And it is in choosing to side with the Democrats that Flake has decided to take up the cause of those who are as ruthless, vile, and despicable as they come.  Their hatred of America is the one thing they do, and do very well. And as we have seen on more than one occasion, they will lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever else it takes for them to win and they don’t let up.   They want to make sure President Trump can’t nominate anyone else before the mid-terms because which they believe will be putting them back in charge.  So if Flake and his RINO friends Susan Collins, and Murkowski vote no, they will have again sided with America’s greatest enemy.

Look, we who voted President Trump into office, possess a deep distrust of the FBI and very legitimately so.  We distrust it because it has FAR exceeded it’s mandate to investigate CRIMES within these United States and has become nothing more than a too used by the deep-state to undermine our Constitution, the very thing that they, like Flake, swore to both uphold and to protect.  Flake is an absurdity of an elected representative, as are Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and every other Democrat and RINO who values their time in front of the cameras more so than the job that they were elected to do.  They are a threat to our freedom.


Flake 2

Jeff Flake is another of those soon-to-be departing RINOs who just can’t bring himself to put on his big-boy pants and act like a man.  Instead he prefers to have what amounts to little more than a near endless temper tantrum that has now been going on since President Trump was elected.  And in a speech on the Senate floor this passed Wednesday, Flake again criticized President Trump’s, this time focusing on the president’s actions through the past week, including his supposed “insults” lobbed at Canada and praise given to North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Flake called the events of the past week “baffling” and mentioned “inexplicable attacks on our closest allies” and “appalling praise of perhaps the most brutal dictator on Earth.”  Flake said Trump’s White House is embodying “upside-down values” and that Americans must not mistake “disruption for dynamism.”  He said that Trump showed “admiration for dictators and despots” like Kim and said that attacks on Canadian and European allies are “beneath the presidency.”  All this coming from a guy who has been an abject failure as a U.S. Senator.

Flake said, “[Such behavior] projects to the world not American values but some sort of creepy nihilism.”   And he echoed his mentor, and fellow RINO, John ‘The Maverick’ McCain, by saying a “bipartisan majority” of Americans stands with those allies.  Flake called for President Trump to utilize “constructive dialogue” and not “bellicose taunts or bombastic tweets” and said that there was a stark contrast between the way the president described Kim versus the comments that he made about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Flake is retiring from the Senate this year but told NBC News last month that he has not ruled out challenging the president in 2020 on the Republican side.  However with his approval rating being the lowest of any sitting Senator, I wish him good luck in that endeavor.  An 18 percent job approval couldn’t get you elected dogcatcher, much less president.  Arizona must be so proud!  Flake embarrasses Arizona every time he opens his mouth.  He was one of the original NeverTrumpers.  This guy is a far left liberal merely pretending to be a conservative Republican.

The ONLY reason that Flake is retiring is because he knew that he had no chance of being able to win a primary in Arizona.  Flake should be used as our example in making crystal clear what we expect from those whom we chose to elect.  Either they ‘pull their own weight’ in this alliance to save our nation, or they too will be sent back into the political wilderness.  I think we can expect that there will be those who choose to get on-board, but there will be those, like Flake, who simply won’t understand that we’re serious and will be made to disappear.

And Flake really has no one to blame but himself for the fact that he now finds himself on the outside gazing longingly in wishing he had some remote chance of remaining part of the club.  His time has come and gone, and instead of choosing to admit that he made some mistakes, most important of which the fact that he chose to turn his back on those who elected him, he spews what is essentially nothing more than hate and disparaging remarks toward those who disagree with him.  All he had to do was what the people sent him to Congress to do.

And what is it about politicians when they refuse to understand that we really don’t like, nor do we trust, politicians.  For the most part President Trump walks the walk and does what he says he’s going to do.  Granted he is unconventional, but he owes no favors in the political world.  And while he tends to say exactly what we feel, there are those time when he also goes off the rails and will say things that I don’t necessarily agree with.  But the bottom line is as long as his plans match mine I will support him.  What you do is more important than what you say.

And lastly, Flake is a flake. He is vocal now only because he’s leaving office at the midterms because couldn’t win re-election.  All he had to do is what he said he would do if elected.  He said he would work to prevent Barry O’s attempts as socialism and instead, simply took a bunch of money from special interest groups, padded his bank account, and did nothing for Arizona or for the country.  He is now being sent home. But I feel quite confident in saying that he will say or do all that he can to undermine President Trump until he is fully out the door, and likely even after.