Nothing makes me more angry than hearing from one of those whose job it once was to safeguard my country a willingness to support, and for president no less, those politicians who not only have no interest in protecting my country, but also those politicians who voice a hatred for the country I love and who would seem to be out to destroy it.  Which brings me to Colon Powell who, just this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” actually called President Donald Trump “dangerous” to our country.  This coming from a guy who voted for ‘BO,’ not once buy twice, and who now will be, and apparently proudly so, voting for ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden.

It was ‘Colon’ who said, “I never believed that the constitution was under threat until recently. I have concerns about that. We should all be attentive right now to how the rule of law is being administered in this country.”  He continued by saying, “We have a constitution. We have to follow that constitution. The president’s drifted away from it. I’m so proud of what these generals and admirals have done, and others have done.”  He went on to add, “The first thing that troubled me is the whole birther movement.”   He said, “The birthers movement had to do with the fact that the president of the United States, President Obama, was a black man.”

‘Colon’ then went on to say, “That was part of it. And then I was deeply troubled by the way in which he was going around insulting everybody, insulting gold star mothers, insulting John McCain, insulting immigrants—I’m a son of immigrants— insulting anybody who dared to speak against him. And that is dangerous for our democracy. It is dangerous for our country.”  And it was from there that Colon added, “I think what we’re seeing now, those massive protest movements I have ever seen in my life. I think this suggests the country is getting wise to this, and we’re not going to put up with it anymore.”  What a blatantly ignorant, and racist, thing to have said.

Old ‘Colon’ concluded by saying, “We’re not the country of just the president, we have a Congress, we have a Supreme Court, but most of all we have the people of the United States, the ones who vote. The ones who vote him in and the ones who vote him out. I couldn’t vote for him in 2016. I certainly cannot in any way support President Trump this year.”  It was on the subject of ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ that ‘Colon’ said, “I’m very close to Joe Biden in a social manner and political manner. I’ve worked with him for 35, 40 years, and he is now the candidate and I will be voting for him.”  They say, you can judge a man by the company he keeps.

I mean, how is it that the guy of whom it was once said has been wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue over the last four decades is now just the guy that old ‘Colon’ somehow thinks, far from representing a danger to country, is qualified to be president?  And that man is ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden.  But then, ‘Colon’ also thought that ‘BO’ too was the perfect man to be president, but then that had much more to do with the matter of skin color than it actually did with whether or not the candidate was actually qualified to be president, which he so very obviously was not.  But still ‘Colon’ felt ‘BO’ was worthy of his vote.

While I suppose it’s only appropriate to thank ‘Colon’ for his service to his country, I think we must also acknowledge the fact that were it not for affirmative action it’s highly unlikely that he would have progressed as far as he did.  And with that said who is it that cares what citizen ‘Colon’ thinks, does, or recommends?  When determining who it is that one should vote for, that candidate should be evaluated based on their record of accomplishment.  President Trump has a long list of accomplishments, all of them good for America.  And President Trump has made good on a majority of his campaign promises?  And most importantly, he loves America.

And isn’t interesting how ‘Colon’ mentions McCain and how supposedly bothered he was by what President Trump said about him.  And yet when McCain ran for president in 2008 who was it that ‘Colon’ chose to endorse?  It was in choosing skin color over what was best for the country that ‘Colon’ went with ‘BO’.  ‘Colon’ left the Republican Party a long time ago and lost whatever credibility he may have one time possessed when he chose to vote for a man for President whose only qualifications for the job was he was Black.  It matters not what ‘Colon’ thinks of President Trump, and it matter even less that he has said he intends to vote for ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe.’

‘Colon’ was a shallow self-serving opportunist who sucked up Ronald Reagan and the Bushes because it was good for his career, that’s all.  He possessed no accomplishments worthy of his position and never even held a major command.  When his career was over he revealed what he likely had been all along.  There are fighting generals and then there are political generals. And it’s very clear in which camp it is that we find old ‘Colon.’  Today ‘Colon’ is another heavy hitter who calls the deep state home and seems determined to prevent Donald Trump from being re-elected. ‘Colon’ doesn’t care about the U.S. Constitution, he supported ‘BO’. That says it all.


Romney 11

The American people may not realize it but time is rapidly running out for them to snap out of whatever stupor it is that they’re in, and have been in for quite some time.  And if they’re not careful they may soon come to hit that point of no return where we officially lose this great country that Ronald Reagan once referred to as being “the shining city on a hill,” and without a shot having ever been fired.   And it’s not only the Democrats that we need to be very concerned about.  Unfortunately, there are many on our own team who appear to be only too willing, even eager, to side with the enemy when it comes to pushing our country over the edge.

And one who has allied himself with those in the enemy camp is none other than Mitt ‘Willard’ Romney, someone who needs to give up the masquerade and simply switch parties, because he really is becoming more than an embarrassment to the Republican Party, and to his adopted state.  He, unlike the majority of Democrats who simply hate President Trump, has become blinded by his jealously of the president in that Donald Trump was able to do something that Willard failed so miserably at.  And worse he’s replaced RINOs like McCain and Flake in becoming the ‘fake news’ go-to ‘Republican’ whenever a ‘Republican’ is needed to attack the president.

Which brings to this past Thursday during an interview there at ‘fake news’ HQ,’ the Communist News Network, with CNN’s Manu Raju.  It was then that Willard said his colleague Sen. Ron Johnson’s investigation into ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s role in the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin while his ‘crack-head’ son Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma appeared “political.”  Raju asked, “Do you have concerns about the appearance that that this committee is launching into Burisma —that the subpoena that Senator Johnson wants to issue for documents related to Burisma —are you concerned about the appearance if it? ”

Willard responded by saying, “There’s no question that the appearance of looking into Burisma and Hunter Biden appears political. And I think people are tired of these kinds of political investigations. I would hope that if there is something of significance that needs to be evaluated, it would be done by perhaps the FBI or some other agency that is not as political as perhaps a committee of our body.”  Willard continued, “We also have a lot of work to do on matters that are not related to Burisma. We probably ought to focus on those things. But I’m going to get the chance today to talk with the chairman and get his perspective.”  Willard is little more than a political con man.

I’m sure you’ll remember that it was Willard who was the LONE Republican senator to vote to convict President Trump over the Democrat concocted impeachment article of abuse of power.  Think about that, old Willard was more than happy to jump onboard the Schiff crazy train, the purpose of which was to put the country through what would have been another period of senseless, divisive and hateful chaos based on a petty excuse conjured up by other Trump haters who are also ready to turn this country inside out to keep their own insider power.  And he wants to pretend that he is a moral, upstanding person who loves his country?  The man is as sick as they come.

And as we have seen, and pretty much continue to see, Willard takes every opportunity that he can to dance for the establishment press, aka the ‘fake news’ media complex, especially if it is an opportunity to take a shot at the president. They aren’t clapping for you, Willard, or your faux courage, they are clapping for themselves that they have found yet another useful idiot who is only too happy to betray his own party and the values he pretended to hold in his effort to move up the political ladder.  In the Navy we had a name for people like Willard.  There can no longer be any doubt about which team it is that Willard is now playing for.

And it’s every time that Willard opens his mouth that I find myself being ashamed of my vote for him in 2012.  It’s like a bad taste you can never get out of your mouth no matter how hard you try.  He votes to remove OUR president, and then he has the audacity to yack about what’s “political?”  I hope the people of Utah are able to recognize the error they made when they elected this turncoat when his current term is up!  But, then again, that’s why his weasel buddy, Flake, ‘retired’ from the Senate, because he knew the people of Arizona had had enough of his sh!t.  Willard needs to understand that the folks back home are no longer willing to accept his treachery.

So if we follow Willard’s rather unique logic, a crime has been committed by a Democrat politician running for higher office cannot be investigated, or at least investigated by a Republican who may come be a potential opponent in a future contest.  Thus making the perpetrator essentially immune to prosecution.  But a ‘crime’ that has absolutely no basis in actual fact MUST be investigated to the extreme if the accused happens to be a Republican.  I swear, it’s like I’m stuck in the ‘Twilight Zone.’  Willard is a pathetic fraud, and if he thinks he’s fooling anyone, he’s a moron to boot.  And sadly we have to tolerate this loser for another four years.

Willard is really little more than the Hitlery of the Republican Party.  That is, he’s a totally corrupt opportunist who should never, EVER, be trusted.  While I will admit that I did vote for him back in 2012 it remains something that I’m not particularly proud of. And when he came out against Donald Trump back in 2016, I really began to wonder how it was that I could have been so foolish as to think he would have made a good president.  When I heard he was running for Senate, I hoped the people of Utah would see through his fake claims of being a conservative, but unfortunately, they put him into office.  Now, we’ll all be forced to contend with him until 2024.

And it comes as virtually no surprise that Willard has turned out be another of those spineless RINOs, in the image of a McCain or a Flake, to name just a couple, who we continue to have far too many of in Congress.  You know the ones, those who fold every time they’re made to face even the slightest amount to push-back from Democrats.  And people are NOT tired of investigations, at least real investigations, that are conducted against bona fide wrongdoing by those in positions of power and who have betrayed the public’s trust.  What people are tired of is the kind of crap manufactured by Democrats, like impeachment, that he actually supported.

And in closing I would like to point out a rather curious chain of events that involves old Willard.  You see, it was back on April 26, 2007, that a fella by the name of Cofer Black was chosen by ‘Willard’, then a Republican candidate for president, to head his counter-terrorism policy advisory group.  And then in October 2011 Black was chosen by Willard to serve as ‘Special Adviser’ on all foreign policy issues.  In February 2017, the Burisma Group, an oil and gas corporation based in Ukraine, announced the addition of Black to the company’s board of directors.  Connect the dots and we see why Willard might want to cast anything looking into Biden/Burisma as “political.”


RINOs 30

You know, if there was a button I could push that would make every single RINO in Congress go up in a burst of flame followed by a puff of smoke I would gladly push it.  I mean just how much of a piece of shit must you be to willingly take part in what is now going on in Congress, disguised as an impeachment process but what is in reality something that has never before occurred in this country, but is something quite common in most third world countries, especially those of the ‘banana republic’ variety.  It’s nothing less than a political coup?  I find it all quite disgusting.

And chief among those much in need of going up in smoke would be none other than RINOs Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney who as recently as yesterday said that he believes it’s “important” for John Bolton to testify in the Senate impeachment trial, and Susan Collins who said that she too thinks that the leaks from Bolton’s upcoming book may tie into the case that “strengthens” the argument for calling him as a witness.  Once again these two notorious back-stabbers make it abundantly clear exactly whose side it is that they are on.  And once again it is not the side of the American people.

It was sore-loser Willard who said, “I think with the story that came out yesterday, it’s increasingly apparent it would be important to hear from John Bolton.”  And this fraud then went on to say, “I, of course, will make a final decision on witnesses after we’ve heard from not only the prosecution but also the defense. But I think at this stage it’s pretty fair to say that John Bolton has a relevant testimony to provide to those of us who are sitting in impartial justice.” I really pains me to no end to admit that I once voted for this guy.  That’s one vote I would love to have back.

Meanwhile, whereas Willard at least had the guts to face reporters, it was Collins who instead simply chose to release a statement, on Monday, in which she said that she is still in favor of witnesses at the trial. She said, in her statement, “The reports about Bolton’s book strengthen the case for witnesses and have prompted a number of conversations among my colleagues.”   Her colleagues?  By that I’m quite sure she means that she had conversations with all of her fellow RINOs there in the Senate, which, these days, seems to be more than quite a few.  A bunch of turncoats!

Willard, who is a longtime hater of President Trump, has indicated for some time now that he’s onboard with the calling of additional witnesses as part of the upper chamber’s proceedings, including Bolton.  It was earlier this month that Willard said, “I support the Clinton impeachment model, which is a vote on witnesses later. But as to which witnesses I’d want to hear from, and so forth, that’s something which I’m open to until after the opening arguments.”  And he added that Bolton is someone who “I would like to hear from, and presumably, I’d get the chance to vote for that.”

And not to be left out of this unique little band of turncoats, and also deserving of going up in smoke, are fellow RINOS Lisa Murkowski and Cory Gardner who have joined forces, so to speak, with Willard and Collins in thinking that it would be a Hell of a good idea to hear from Bolton, especially after the New York Times leaked a portion of Bolton’s yet to be released new book.  And then, of course, there’s RINO Lamar Alexander, who also appears to be compelled to want to hear from Bolton, viewing himself safe, I assume, since he won’t be running for re-election.

And it was Murkowski too who took the coward’s way out by choosing to release a statement in which she said, “I stated before that I was curious as to what John Bolton might have to say. From the outset, I’ve worked to ensure this trial would be fair and that members would have the opportunity to weigh in after its initial phase to determine if we need more info.  I’ve also said there is an appropriate time for us to evaluate whether we need additional information —that time is almost here. I look forward to the White House wrapping up presentation of its case.”

Look, both Willard and Collins, hate President Trump with every fiber of their being and both are corrupt establishment hacks!  AND, both represent everything that’s rotten within the modern Republican Party, many of whose members, as do both of these hacks, like to refer to themselves as being ‘conservatives.’  But, as they say, actions speak much louder than words and that these RINOs would even entertain joining forces with those trying to overturn an election that occurred over three years ago tells us everything we need to know about of them, and every other RINO!

And perhaps someone could convince them to shift their focus back to the case presented to them by the House, and only that case, instead of trying to expand it. Bolton isn’t even mentioned in the articles of impeachment.  He’s absolutely irrelevant.  Perhaps they should focus on the meal that’s in front of them?  This is all so ludicrous.  I mean, do they really think we’re too stupid to see what they’re doing?  Apparently not, since word now comes that we have yet another RINO in the Senate, James Lankford, declaring that the Senate needs to see Bolton’s manuscript.

So what we end up with is a case where the usual suspects are working to legitimize the illegitimate sham of an impeachment process.  And either they’re too stupid to realize that this supposed ‘leak’ was designed to do exactly what it is doing, or worse are somehow complicit in bringing it about.  Bolton releasing this tell all book at this time is beyond irresponsible.  I assume that Bolton’s got a bone to pick with President Trump, and chooses to act as cowards always do, by stabbing he who ‘offended’ him in the back instead acting like a man. I actually used to like this guy.  Stupid me!

The only “new” witnesses the Senate should even consider wanting to hear from would be those called by President Trump’s team. The Democrats made their case, as poor as it was, and had witnesses to support that case. There is no justification for new witnesses on the Democrats’ behalf at this stage of the impeachment process. On the leaks, there is a long history (3 plus years now) of highly selective edited, misleading, or fraudulent leaks made against President Trump.  Why would you give ANY anonymous leak against the president ANY credibility at this point in time?

So I’ll ask again, whose side it is that these people continue to be on?  Most certainly not our side!  This entire process has been nothing other than completely insane!  It’s as if we the people no longer even exist.  The bottom line here is that we simply cannot trust those whom we send to Washington to do anything other than what THEY want to do once they get there.  And apparently they think that we should be ok with that?  Well, we’re NOT!  But I’m a little unclear how best to get that message across to them.  Sure, we could simply vote them out, but then what?  Is it a Catch-22?


Lee 4

I’ve long been disappointed in Mike Lee, the senior Senator from Utah.  He’s always tried to sell himself as being a true Tea Party type and a stalwart conservative.  And back in the beginning, in 2011 when he first assumed his current office, that may very well have been the case.  Bust as so often happens, it would appear that the longer he’s been in office, the more he appears to be out to serve himself and not those who elected him.  Perhaps he’s been hanging out a bit too much with his fellow senator from Utah, Mitt Romney.  Whatever the reason for his continuing slid leftward, he has made it very clear that his interests lie not in “Making America Great Again!”

And he recently again made that very clear, when earlier this week he took the opportunity to again make us wonder just whose side it is that he’s really on.  It was on Wednesday, during his remarks carried by CSPAN, when he reacted to the Trump administration’s briefing to lawmakers regarding the airstrike that killed terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani.  And in so doing Lee used some rather disparaging language.  Lee complained, “The briefing lasted only 75 minutes whereupon the briefers left.”  Ok, so how long did he think it should have lasted?  I mean, he’s a pretty bright guy, right?  What was it that he thought might have been missing?

Anyway, it was from there that Lee went on to say, “This is not the biggest problem I have with the briefing, which I would add was probably the worst briefing I have seen at least on a military issue in the nine years I have served in the United States Senate. What I found so distressing about that briefing was that one of the messages we received from the briefers was do not debate, do not discuss the issue of the appropriateness of further military intervention against Iran. And that if you do, you’ll be emboldening Iran.”  I guess I’m just not seeing what it is that has his panties in such a bunch.  Is he yet another who seems to have forgotten why he is where he is?

Lee said, “The implication being that we would somehow be making America less safe by having a debate or a discussion about the appropriateness of further military involvement against the government of Iran.”  And he went on to say, “I find it insulting and demeaning. Not personally, but to the office that each of the 100 senators in this building happens to hold. I find it insulting, and I find it demeaning to the Constitution of the United States to which we’ve all sworn an oath. It is, after all, the prerogative of the legislative branch to declare war. Article I, Section 8 makes that very clear.”  Another guy who bogusly claims allegiance to the Constitution?

He said, “Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist No. 69 made clear that this was a sharp contrast from the form of government that we had prior to the revolution. A form of government in which the executive, the king, had the power to take us to war. He did not need the parliament to weigh in on it, to support it.  It is not acceptable for officials within the Executive branch of government, I don’t care whether with the CIA, with the Department of Defense or otherwise, to come in and tell us we can’t debate and discuss the appropriateness of military intervention against Iran. It’s un-American. It’s unconstitutional, and it’s wrong.”  Lee takes himself too seriously!

I’m more than a little curious about where this sniveling, arrogant, weasel was when it was Barry ‘O’ who was using drones to take out supposed bad guys, one of whom, if I remember correctly, was an American?  And I still don‘t get why anybody would ever hold this guy up as being some sort of Conservative icon.  He has been, and for some time, a corporatist shill, always for bringing in more foreign workers and issuing more H1B visas while stabbing American workers in the back.  Utah, how do you elect such losers?  The only positive thing I can think of to say about Lee is that he‘s not Mitt Romney, at least not yet!  But it would seem he’s becoming more like him every day!

Lee is rapidly becoming as hysterical as the Democrats.  You would think that such a ‘smart’ guy would obviously realize that no one was ordering him not to speak.  It sounds to me like Lee was just looking for an excuse to support the Democrats’ attempt at an amendment the purpose of which is to hinder the president, without being excoriated by the media and his voters back in Utah.  The DoD didn’t want to discuss how information was obtained in front of the traitorous Democrats attending the briefing, so they didn’t answer questions.  There are many Senators who have proven they would rather see Iran win than the president.  Might Lee be one of those?

And before I come down too hard on those who voted for this guy, Lee was once considered, until 2016, to be in the top 3 Republican Senators by almost everyone in the country.  But then, these are the very same voters who thought it would be a good idea to vote for Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney.  And the fact that Lee has only become pretty much of a turncoat since being re-elected, it can’t be blamed on Utah. DC and its circles of power and money turn good men into liars, thieves, creeps and traitors.  And there is no state that can boast having a perfect congressional delegation.  I’m from Florida and therefore have my own cross to bear with RINO Marco Rubio.

There was a time when I actually liked Lee, but these days not so much.  Because over time I’ve come to realize that he’s really little more than just another opportunistic stooge looking for a little media attention and apparently sees attacking the president as being his best way to get it.  We all need to be on the same team here and if Lee feels that he is simply not able to do that then maybe the time has come for him to either join the other side where he would likely be much more comfortable, or allow the people of Utah to elect someone who is more willing, and able, to support President Trump who is only trying to keep America safe.

And so President Trump continues, practically by default, to expose these snakes and vipers that have been hiding in the grass and disguising themselves as conservatives for years. They should not be permitted to survive another election.  President Trump is an extremely loyal American, something that cannot be said of his predecessor.  And yet it’s our current president that continues to rub so many on our side the wrong way.  Of course those would be the very same ones who favor open borders, unfettered immigration, support bogus ‘climate change,’ and any other issue the Left supports and which runs counter to what those who elected these hypocrites, support.

President Trump has made it possible for many Americans to gain entry into the middle class.  And while his number one focus has been the economy and job creation, he has already done more than his predecessor regarding our ongoing crisis at the border, eliminating those who seek to kill Americans and the strengthening of our military.  Let’s not forget that it was Barry ‘O’ who handed out taxpayer subsidized corporate welfare like candy and couldn’t create “shovel ready” jobs even with an $800+ billion dollar ‘stimulus package.’  And we know about Barry’s comment about the need for a “magic wand” to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

So voters are going to have a very important decision to make in this next election.  Who is it that best shares their personal vision of American?  Is it any one of the Democrats now running for president?  Is it any of the RINOs now in Congress who seem to be spewing the same talking points as their Democrat colleagues?  Or is it members of the Democrat Party, in Congress, who have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this president in what has been their continuing effort to impeach him?  Or, is it the vision that President Trump has for our country that most resembles their own?  I know where I stand, I stand with President Trump and I share HIS vision!



As we all know, since President Trump was sworn in as president and set to work making good on the many promises that got him elected, he has been confronted by many of those who, together, form what continues to be called the ‘resistance.’  And it is that ‘resistance’ that has as some of its star players, just about every Democrat in Congress, just about everyone involved in what has become known as the ‘fake news’ media, and of course certain members of the president’s own party, those who we commonly refer to as RINO’s and whose names we all are all very familiar with.

And it was one of those very same RINOs, and someone who has not exactly been what one might refer to as being a fan of the president, Lisa Murkowski, who mentioned just this past Tuesday how “disturbed” she was to hear how Mitch McConnell had promised President Trump that they would coordinate on the upcoming Senate ‘impeachment’ trial.  It was McConnell who had recently said that there would be “total coordination” between the Senate and White House regarding the upcoming Senate impeachment trial and this apparently “disturbed” the RINO from Alaska.

Murkowski said, “And in fairness, when I heard that I was disturbed. To me, it means that we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense, and so I heard what leader McConnell had said, I happened to think that that has further confused the process.”  Murkowski also criticized Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment as rushed saying, “Speaker Pelosi was very clear, very direct that her goal was to get this done before Christmas.”  But at the same time, she seemed not to be “disturbed” in the slightest about the way the sham impeachment was carried out in the House.

And I think it also worth noting that Murkowski was one of three Senate RINOs not to back a letter sponsored by McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, criticizing the Democrats’ closed-door and highly secretive ‘impeachment’ inquiry.  Murkowski said that she hopes to see a “full and fair process,” which could be in line with ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton’s impeachment hearings.  And she made clear that she remains very much undecided on whether she will to vote to convict President Trump or vote to acquit the president.  Of course she does.

The House passed articles of impeachment last week, contending that the president obstructed Congress and abused the office of the presidency.  And it was Murkowski who said, “For me to prejudge and say there’s nothing there or on the other hand, he should be impeached yesterday, that’s wrong, in my view, that’s wrong.”  Actually what’s wrong is that anyone would treat what has taken place regarding the effort to remove the president from office as being anything other than the bastardization of the very same Constitution that they all claim to hold in such high regard.

This ‘impeachment’ is nothing more than an exercise in infantile behavior conducted solely by Democrats, for one reason and one reason only, they hate this president.  There has been no wrongdoing on the part of the president, and compared to his last opponent, or any of the Democrats currently running to replace him, the man is an absolute Saint.  The Senate, including RINOs like Murkowski, now needs to step up and do the right thing by showing the country how due process is supposed to work.  They need to call what took place in the House exactly what it was, a complete mockery.

The intent here, on the part of Democrats and more than a few RINOs, is to somehow damage the president to the greatest extent possible before the next election.  Democrats know that they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of defeating President Trump, based solely on the issues.  And while they have sought to impeach the president since the day he was elected, their desperation to do so has now reached a fever pitch.  To the point where they now view the only hope they have of defeating him is in being able to label him as having been impeached.

Murkowski wants a ‘full and fair process’ in the Senate, when the impeachment hearings were NOT full and fair in the House.  If that isn’t being dishonest to one’s oath and hypocritical, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, she seems aghast that Republicans should line up in support of their party just as Democrats support theirs. Of course this is the historical way of Republicans, to kowtow to Democrat demands, but RINOs best move over, the Republican Party has changed. Boehner is gone, so is his lieutenant, Cantor as is Paul Ryan.  And so is, thank God, RINO John McCain.

Look, the Democrats have already made it very clear that they have no intention of letting up on their plan to pursue more baseless ‘charges’ of supposed wrongdoing in their quest to impeach President Trump.  This lunacy needs to be brought to an abrupt end, and it doesn’t help that we continue to have these supposed RINOs, like Murkowski, out there giving some level of credibility to accusations that continue to be made by those who possess zero credibility.  So not only is this insanity permitted to continue, but RINOs like Murkowski give the impression it’s to be taken seriously.

What we should all find even more disturbing, is Murkowski’s own history. Nepotism got her into the Senate, she has failed in three different elections to receive 50 percent of the vote and ran against the Republican nominee for the Senate in 2010 who defeated her for the nomination.  She’s a complete fraud, and one who, dare I say, reminds me of a female version of Romney.  And she has likely provided enough cover for other RINOS, of which there are many, to join her.  It would seem that the corrupt always rise to the top when the future of ‘The Swamp’ may be at stake.

And so the Democrats continue with their effort to impeach the president  and to be supported in their endeavor by their many allies in ‘fake news’ and, less openly, by certain RINOs like Murkowski who seem willing to go along with the Democrats’ demented concept of fairness and their use of it to continue with this scam of an impeachment.  But Murkowski is far from being the only player on what it supposed to be the president’s own team.  And while the time has come to bring an end to this Democrats inspired insanity, it would seem we still have those willing to play along.

So our Republicans in the Senate have a rather important decision to make, they can, as we have seen on far too many occasions in the past, choose to once again merely fumble the ball, like they did twice after promising to get rid of  Obamacare, once to let it pass and once to fail to repeal it.  Or they can demonstrate a little backbone for once and squash this act of treachery like it deserves to be squashed.   It’s McConnell who is a world class fumbler.  But if he chooses to fumble this one then it’s gonna be the end of the Republican Party and perhaps even the end of the Republic.


Flake 16

Any hope that I may have at one time had that this boob would just quietly fade away never to return has been proven to be little more than wishful thinking on my part.  I suppose I should have known better because it’s his type that never truly goes away until, of course, that fateful day when they finally have the good sense to die.  So it is then that we once again have Jeff Flake, faux conservative and rabid Trump hater that he is, rearing his ugly head to lecture the rest of us on his favorite topic, the president.

Flake recently called on his former colleagues to “put country over party” throughout President Trump’s impeachment trial in a new op-ed for the Washington Post.  Flake wrote, “President Trump is on trial. But in a very real sense, so are you. And so is the political party to which we belong.”   Flake actually went so far as to urge his former colleagues to undergo a “simple test,” which he posed would involve questioning how ex-president Barry ‘O’ would have been treated under the same circumstances.

I guess that’s the part that really tickled me, when Flake asked, “What if President Barack Obama had engaged in precisely the same behavior?” ‘IF’ Barry ‘O’ had been guilty of the same behavior?  Was this guy asleep during his time in Congress, during Barry’s presidency?  Anyway Flake went on to write, “You would have understood with striking clarity the threat it posed, and you would have known exactly what to do.”  What if Obama engaged in the same behavior?  Are you freaking kidding me?

Flake asks what if Barry had engaged in the same sort of behavior.  In truth Barry ‘O’ violated the Constitution more times than any president in history.  His was the most corrupt and immoral administration in history.  There was Fast and Furious, Benghazi, his unleashing of the IRS against the conservatives in our country, turning his intelligence agencies against American citizens allowing them to spy on us, NSA collecting information millions of American’s on the web and the list goes on and on.

And it was also Barry who, on videotape, promised then Russian ‘President’ Dmitry Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the election and it was Barry who shipped pallets of cash to Iran in the dead of night.  And it is Barry ‘O’ of whom it can be said headed up the most corrupt administration in history.  And instead of calling for his impeachment we had the Democrats, RINOs like Flake, along with those in the ‘fake news’ media providing him with cover.  Barry was our most corrupt president, and yet…

And it was in the very same piece that Flake, who has long been a frequent, and very vocal, critic of President Trump from there within the Republican Party, affirmed that he believes President Trump has engaged in what he called questionable behavior.  Flake stated, “But what is indefensible is echoing House Republicans who say that the president has not done anything wrong.”  And added, “He has.”  But as is always the case, he’s a bit vague when it comes to what he thinks the president has done.

And it’s according to Flake that Americans have witnessed the “appalling spectacle” where House Republicans “bend to the president’s will by attempting to shift blame with the promotion of bizarre and debunked conspiracy theories.”  Flake concluded his silly rant saying, “If there ever was a time to put country over party, it is now,” Flake concluded. “And by putting country over party, you might just save the Grand Old Party before it’s too late.”  Once again he makes clear why he’s no longer in the Senate.

I’ve never really understood his beef with President Trump.  I mean, look at what the president has accomplished in a relatively short time.  President Trump has essentially transformed the judiciary, he’s building ‘the Wall,’ he’s rebuilding the military, forced our supposed ‘allies’ to pay more in covering the cost of their own defense and got the economy booming.  All things that as a conservative you would think Flake would strongly be in favor of.  And yet ‘Little Jeffie’ remains unhappy with the president.

And President Trump has accomplished all of this in the face of what has been a continuing, as well as pretty intense, resistance that has been continuous since his very first day in office, and not only from members of the Democrat Party but also from RINOs like Flake.  Now try to visualize what more the president could have accomplished had those who have spent every waking moment obstructing his efforts been more willing to work with him where they could in order to benefit the American people.

President Trump is not guilty of anything other than defeating she who was not supposed to lose.  And for that alone he must be made to pay a price.  There is a reason so many of us refer to Flake as being a RINO.  It continues to be those like him who put party over country, not those who refuse to swallow the garbage that the Democrats are trying to sell in their ongoing effort to take down a duly elected president by accusing him of perpetrating that which the Democrats themselves are guilty of.

Flake seems to see it as being quite acceptable that the Democrats operate as if there are two sets of laws, one for them and one for the rest of us.  And squishy progressive Republicans, RINOs, averse to confrontation have reacted badly to the new Republican tactic of hitting back at the lies and innuendo coming from the left.  In the past, those like Flake would have simply rolled over and gone along with the Democrats in calling for the need to impeach the president.  But that was then and this is now.

And finally, you can always count on scum like Flake to crawl out from whatever hole it is that they are in at what I can only assume they must view as being the most opportune time to do that which they do best.  That being, of course, to backstab the president.  So it’s in closing that I would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite Mr. Flake to crawl back into that hole of his at his earliest possible convenience and to stay there until he has something relevant, and a bit more constructive, to say.


Kasich 8

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before how I’ve never really been much of a fan of John Kasich.  I’ve never seen him as being much more than a backstabbing little bitch especially when he didn’t get his way.  And nothing made that more obvious than his behavior in the 2016 presidential campaign when he appeared quite willing to act as nothing more than a spoiler.  And he has continued to behave in much the same manner going to far as to side with the Democrats in the bogus drive to impeach the president.  And there was a time, though I haven’t heard him mention it recently, that he intended to run against the president in 2020, not necessarily to win, but simply to make it easier for one of those far more ‘reasonable’ Democrats to win.

And it was this past Friday on the Communist News Network (CNN) during a broadcast of “At This Hour,” that Kasich was again seen behaving badly when he said it was “sad” that “party loyalty meant more than anything else, referring to the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. When asked about Republicans supporting Trump after the public hearings, Kasich said, “Let’s think about our country now. It’s a much different time than when I was in Congress, and I was there for 18 years, a long time. We’ve just become more tribal. You know, back in the days when I was there, and it was not when we were using candles to light the room, it wasn’t that long ago, actually, you know, the situation was you always had outliers in our party.”

Kasich went on to say, “Always there were three or four or five that would go their own way. Sometimes I might even be one of those people at times, but you don’t see much of that now. It’s odd to me. Because if you put a lot of people on an island, there’s always somebody who is an outlier. Right now we’re not seeing an outlier, and it seems as though a party affiliation, a party loyalty means more than anything else, but constituents can disrupt that and people’s consciences can disrupt that. We just have to wait and see.”  “Sometimes” he might even have been one of those people?  Let’s be clear, this little rat bastard was never shy about shoving a knife in someone’s back if in the end there came to be some benefit to him for having done so.

He went on to say, “We’ve become so tribal. At some point, people will say I’ve got to be my own person. I can’t tell you when it would happen, but I think at some point it will.”   He added, “It’s sort of like a football game. You watch Alabama and LSU, some are on one side, others on the other. Politics is reminding me more and more of that kind of a football game approach. I hate to say it and again, it makes you sad.”  Actually what makes me less sad than it does mad is how a scum bag like Kasich, and every other RINO who claims to be a conservative, is able to watch what it is that ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff & Co. are trying to pull off here and be only too happy to side against not only the president, but the 63 million folks who voted for him!

Politicians like Kasich, and there are a lot of them on our side, still seem unable to grasp the fact that THEY and those like them are the very reason that Donald Trump got elected in the first place.  And if Kasich, during his 18 years in Congress, and the others who are still there or have gotten there since he left, EVER did what it was that ‘We the People’ had elected them to do there would never have been a reason for Trump to run, let alone actually get elected!  Kasich and his ilk are completely oblivious to how human beings have acted throughout history. They lack self-awareness as well. He hates President Trump and the millions of people who support him for the exact same tribalistic reasons. We all have a tribe we are a part of.

So once again, according to this boob, it’s the Republicans who must compromise. It’s the Republicans’ fault for sticking with what they believe and want, instead of once again rolling over and giving in to the Democrats.  I have no doubt that were this little POS still in the House today that he’d be standing right there with old ‘Pencil Neck!’ And he would likely cave on every other issue that came up, just to keep the peace.  We don’t elect people to keep the peace, we elect people to do battle, politically speaking, for the causes we believe in. There are still far too many people in the Republican ‘Establishment’ who would rather side with the opposition than with their constituents. The RINOs are always a too quick to side with their Democrat brethren.

Kasich speaks of loyalty?  What about the loyalty to those who put you in office.  And I beg to differ with Kasich on one particular point.  When in public office you no longer have the luxury of being your own person. You are the ‘person’ sent to act on behalf of the people who chose to elect you.  You now owe your allegiance to them, not to some voice you’re hearing in your head. If Republicans vote to impeach President Trump, the country will become another Socialist “shithole,” of that I have no doubt. And the Republican Party, he claims to love, will simply cease to exist. What does he, Romney and every other RINO not understand about what is being perpetrated here?  There is simply no there, there.  Just as there hasn’t been for three years.


Romney 10

Frankly I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit that I ever voted for this guy.  Going into the 2012 election season I must admit that I had some pretty high hopes, but then came that second debate with O-Bummer and it was then I realized that I was going to be forced to contend with yet another four years of Barry O-Bummer.  And despite knowing it was likely to be all for naught, and knowing that I really had no other choice, I did what I saw as being my duty and marched off to the polls that Election Day in November 2012 and marked my ballot for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

And it’s in looking back that I sometimes wonder if there might actually have been some sort of divine intervention involved in bringing about Romney’s sudden wilting toward the end of the campaign.  Because had candidate Romney been just a bit more like candidate Trump, that might have actually made a difference in the outcome.  But it matters not at this point, because he wasn’t, and it didn’t.  But was his loss something that was actually meant to be?  Because without that loss I have no doubt that we would not have as our president today, President Donald J. Trump.

So we have to take the good with the bad.  And I would go so far as to say that America, in some ways, might even be better off today because of the fact that Romney did lose.  Because, like I said, it has been since his loss that he has, over time, revealed more of his true self, and to be honest, I doubt America would have looked much different after four years of Romney than it did after four more years of O-Bummer.  And, like I said, had there been a President Romney, there would never have been a President Trump.  And America would be all the worse for it.

All of which brings to a recent poll, one released just this past Sunday and that was conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.  A poll that, if we can believe it, showed how it is that Romney is viewed favorably by only 18% of Americans.  And it is according to this same poll that it has been since October of 2012 that Romney’s favorability rating has dropped from 43% to 18% in the same month of 2019. The 2012 election was Romney’s election to lose, all he had to do was to fight for it.  But instead he wilted, and came across as someone who didn’t seem to care if he won.

And it was also according to this very same poll that 2% of Americans actually view Romney “very positive” and 16% “somewhat positive.”  The other measurements included are “neutral” at 37%, “somewhat negative” with 19%, and “very negative” at 19% of respondents.  And it is in his ‘home’ state of Utah that, according to a survey taken by Utah Policy and Y2 Analytics in October, Romney has an approval rating of 46% and a disapproval rating of 51%,. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Romney was elected into office by 62% of the vote in the 2018 midterm election.

I’m sure everyone knows that Romney has been a longtime critic of President Trump.  And that he has been more than a little vocal in his opposition toward the president.  He had, at one time, been hoping to gain a position inside the administration from which he would be better positioned to carry out his treachery.  But when that failed to materialize, like so many others who the president has chosen to reject, he did the next best thing and went search for another platform from which he would be better able to lob all manner of incendiary accusations in the direction of the president.

And it was recently that Romney expressed open opposition to the president’s decision to withdraw troops from Northern Syria.  Romney tweeted out last month, “The President’s decision to abandon our Kurd allies in the face of an assault by Turkey is a betrayal.” And he went on to say, “It says that America is an unreliable ally; it facilitates ISIS resurgence; and it presages another humanitarian disaster.”  The president responded by referring to Romney as a “pompous ass” who “never knew how to win.”  Which, if you ask me, is a description that is pretty much spot on!!

Look, Romney personifies all that is wrong with so many of those who, while they refer to themselves as being ‘conservative,’ the rest of us refer to as ‘RINOs.’ Romney is a liar, a fraud and a sore loser.  Essentially the ‘father’ of Obamacare who never backed off his support of an individual mandate while at the same time pretended to be a conservative. He was a one term governor of Massachusetts and polled so badly he dared not run for reelection.  He deserved to lose, even to O-Bummer.  Hopefully the people in Utah will come to recognize the error of their ways and correct it.

If Romney truly had any class he would have, after his ‘Pierre Delecto’ fiasco, chosen to resign his seat in the Senate and skulked off somewhere safely out of sight.  But that’s not how people like him generally operate.  So come 2024 it will left up to the good people of Utah to assist him in that regard by finally, and perhaps once and for all, retiring old Mitt from ‘public service.’  I’m sure CNN would be calling on him to be a regular guest much in the same manner that they routinely call on his fellow RINO, and Trump hater, John Kasich.  These two losers make quite the NeverTrumper pair!

The time has now come for Romney to put on his big boy pants and to finally decide, once and for all, if he’s going to join with the president and be part of the solution or join with the Democrats and simply continue to be part of what has been an ongoing problem.  Either he’s going to join in the effort to ‘Make America Great Again,’  or he’s going to join with the forces who continue to be nothing more than an impediment as the president tries to secure our border, and to make America stronger both economically and militarily.  It’s time for Romney to sh!t or get off the pot.


Romney 5

Mitt Romney, aka Willard, is the definition of what it means to be a loser.  Granted, he’s wealthy, and yes he was able to get himself elected to the U.S. Senate, and after doing so has proven himself to be more than a disappointment and on so many different levels. He has continued to work against this president, despite first having sought a position in the new administration but having to settle for a seat in the U.S. Senate, even receiving the president’s endorsement for the seat he now holds.  If he so dislikes this president, or disapproves of his agenda then perhaps he should simply become a Democrat.  President Trump was, and continues to be, right about Willard.

It was on Friday that Willard apparently felt the need to announce, though it was likely that few believed him, that he is not leading any sort of NeverTrump rebellion, or coup, against President Trump from within his party.  And that can likely be considered as true if for no other reason than Willard couldn’t lead his way out of a closet.  But he is one of the leading voices from within his party among those who agree with the Democrats that our duly elected president should be removed from office.  He likely remains embarrassed for having run one of the worst campaigns in American political history and for losing to a man he should have easily beaten.

It was in an interview with Politico that Willard, who has served as a frequent, and very vocal, critic of President Trump said, “I don’t believe I’m leading a wing of the party. Because there’s no wing that’s very large that is aligned with me.”  And he went on to say, “Since I’ve been back, I have not spoken with a single senator about the impeachment process or about the implications of the process that’s going on or how I would vote.” But Willard has frequently criticized and opposed President Trump’s legislative agenda since before he even took office. And even before being sworn in Willard took to the leftist Washington Post to slam President Trump.

Willard has on multiple occasions voted against President Trump’s national emergency declaration, which allows him to secure the southern border by re-appropriating defense funds.  And he delivered a speech on the Senate floor on Thursday afternoon, issuing a sharp rebuke of the president’s move to withdraw troops from northern Syria.  Willard said the president’s decision to withdraw from Syria and to allegedly abandon the Kurds, “will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of American history.” Further, Willard attacked the “administration,” of President Trump, for speaking “cavalierly, even flippantly, even as our ally has suffered death and casualty.”

No Willard, you’re wrong again!  Because what will stand as a bloodstain on the history of the U.S. is the willful transferring of nearly all U.S. manufacturing jobs to China, for no other reason than for the sake of profit with little thought given to American workers. That had to have been one of the most irresponsible moves ever, the transferring of millions of manufacturing jobs to another country, and literally impoverishing millions American citizens.  And it would seem to be something that Willard was, and remains to this day, very much in favor of.  And yet Willard maintains that he and President Trump see “eye-to-eye” on most issues.

Willard has chosen his side, and nothing he can say can change that. As far as I’m concerned, he is now the enemy. That goes for anybody else who turns against this President.  One may not agree with every policy his administration puts forth, and I understand that.  But to virtue signal at the expense of our President or to create dissension against him is unacceptable and intolerable. This is a political cold-war and the progressives present is an existential threat to the liberty and freedoms that we have enjoyed. If the radical progressives are legitimized in this next election, the America that we have known will be forever lost.  We must not start down that path.

So yes, I believe Willard when says he’s not leading any effort from within his party to remove the president that I voted for, and will vote for again, come the next election regardless of the things said about him.  Willard is, after all, much more of a follower. He’s likely doing exactly what it is that he’s being told to by those much higher up the food chain, the ones actually running the show.  But it’s because of his current position that the claims he continues to make, however baseless and without proof, carry a certain amount of weight.  Which makes his actions all the more treacherous.  He still never misses an opportunity to attack this president.

And it was in following the example set by RINOs like John McCain and Jeff Flake, as they duped the voters of Arizona into believing they actually shared the same values as the people of Arizona, that Willard did the very same thing to the voters in Utah.  And thus they made a grievous error in judgment by trusting this man, this Willard, to be their Senator.  Willard is disgusting, and is beneath contempt. He is a liar and a fraud.  I can never forgive myself for ever voting for this man just a few years ago, when he and Paul Ryan claimed that would save America. If only I had known then what I know now, that both were then and remain today, traitors to my country.

Willard has never supported President Trump’s agenda, which is odd, because much of what the president has done and promised to do is exactly what Willard himself ran on back in 2012. But it’s today that I’m very confident in saying that Willard never intended to make good on anything that he promised, while President Trump has made good on much of what he promised.  Willard’s obsession with putting American troops into harm’s way make no sense.  And he has yet to offer any justification for doing so. It’s easy to criticize a President who has the duty of ordering the military into battle, especially since Willard will never have to do any of the bleeding.

And finally it’s in a weird sort of way we may actually owe old Willard a great debt of gratitude.  Because had Willard not simply melted into what was really little more than a puddle of goo back in 2012 and had chosen, instead, to be a bit more like candidate Trump regarding both the ‘fake news’ media as well as his opponent, he might well have ended up winning.  And had he won we would not now have Donald J. Trump as our president.  And maybe it’s that that forms the basis of his hatred of this president.  If Willard had won, we wouldn’t have been made to suffer through eight years of Barry’s devastation.  Willard’s legacy is Trump, and it as to be killing him.


RINOs 29

And so it begins.  I know everyone was curious when it would begin, and knew that it would only be a matter of time, but it would appear that that time is…NOW.  And just what is it that I’m talking about?  Well, that would be the fact that the RINOs have now decided it’s time to make their move to do what’s best for them, and NOT for the people who elected them.  And that would be to come rushing to the defense of not their president, but to one of the Democrats hoping to unseat him.  Therefore they have now begun to circle the wagons around who else but…’Crooked Joe’ Biden!

For instance, it was Mitt Romney, RINO Senator from Utah, who just this past Friday, boldly declared that President Trump’s suggestion that China and Ukraine investigate ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s dealings with those two countries is both “wrong and appalling.”  It was in taking to Twitter that Romney said, “When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.”   Really Mitt?

And Mitt then went on to say, “By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”  Romney made his remarks after President Trump said on Thursday that China should investigate ‘Crooked Joe’ and his son, Hunter, for alleged corruption.  And also after it had been pretty extensively reported that Hunter Biden’s investment firm secured a $1.5 Billion investment deal with the Bank of China shortly after traveling with dear old dad on Air Force Two to the country back in 2013.

But talk about wrong and appalling?  Has Romney done anything that wasn’t wrong or appalling for decades?  He was a terrible RINO governor of a very liberal state, he had O-Bummer beat and then went limp in 2012, begged President Trump for his endorsement for the Senate from Utah and after the president gave it Romney then proceeded to shove a knife in his back.  Romney is a nothing more than a bitter, jealous, sanctimonious loser who takes every opportunity to criticize President Trump. Romney is far closer to being a Democrat than he is even a traitorous RINO!

Meanwhile, it was over at ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network (CNN), and also on Friday, that fellow RINO John Kasich referred to it as “shocking” that President Trump had asked China to investigate 2020 Democrat presidential candidate ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden and his just as crooked son Hunter’s Ukraine business ties. Kasich said, “What’s really bothered me, this whole business of the president trying to get the Chinese to get in the middle of this and to conduct an investigation against Biden is just shocking, frankly.”  Shocking, John?  Really?

Kasich said, “And our founders warned us about foreign, you know, entanglements, and for the president to not double down has gotten me really, really disturbed, upset, and it’s forcing me to continue to think through all of this very, very carefully.”  And he said, “Then the question gets to be, as we see the president’s continuing aberrant behavior, never seen anything like this, are there guardrails? Are there limits to what we should tolerate in terms of presidential conduct, whether it’s the name-calling which he’s done all along, but the way in which he’s behaving is really concerning to me.”

He continued, “And then the question gets to be can there be some sort of bipartisan agreement that this behavior is out of control and unacceptable?”  He added, “We can’t have somebody operating completely outside the norms of presidential behavior. This has serious consequences. The investigation should continue, the inquiry should continue, the more evidence that gets gathered, that if there is more and more evidence that absolutely creates a quid pro quo, then even people who are Republicans might have to say be grudgingly, yeah, this is terrible, we need to do something. But we have a ways to go and they need to proceed carefully.”

With Romney, I truly think that it all comes down to jealously and the fact that he wanted the Secretary of State gig so he could then attack the president from the inside.  He is a gutless coward and, of course, a RINO.   He wanted a position within the Trump Administration and when he didn’t get it he then had to run off to Utah and settle for getting elected to the Senate.  Granted, it wasn’t as good as being on the inside, but it was the next best thing.  Because it still provided him with a platform from which he could continue to spew his baseless accusations at the president.

And Kasich is really nothing but a liar of the very worst kind.  He has never forgiven President Trump, essentially a novice in the world of politics, for showing him up in the 2016 debates.  Kasich said then that he would support whomever the Republican Party nominated for the Presidency in 2016 and then refused to back Trump when he was selected as the nominee.  Kasich says he is not used to this and we haven’t seen anything like this before.  True, before President Trump, corrupt politicians, like Kasich, in both parties covered for each other while stealing billions from taxpayers.

But with that said I suppose Kasich does have a point.  After all, we certainly can’t have a President who stands up for the American people and against those adversaries who are intent upon ripping us off and insist upon trying to threaten us.  And we most definitely can’t have a President who calls out corruption, lies and laziness in government wherever he sees it.  And most of all we can’t have a President who works tireless in an effort to secure our Nation.  What’s shocking is that Kasich thinks it’s shocking for the president to want to investigate Deep State corruption.

What Romney, Kasich and many others seem oblivious to, for one reason or another, is the fact that the president’s suggestion that ‘Crooked Joe’s’ actions be looked into has very little to do with politics, the fact that Biden is a candidate for president notwithstanding.  What it’s about is the fact that Biden used his position as vice president by threatening to cut off funds to a foreign government unless those involved did exactly what he was demanding that they do.  And yet both Romney and Kasich, because of their hatred of President Trump, claim it’s all about politics.

I guess the sad moral of this story is that if, and I do mean if, the Democrats and Republicans took their job seriously, doing what it was that they were elected to do, there would be no need for President Trump to even get involved.  I think we can all agree that Hitlery has continued to get away with murder! And yet where were Romney and Kasich in calling for her to be held to account?  And these two seem to be quite willing to allow ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, someone who could actually become our next president, to get away as well with what is a provable act of obvious corruption.