Flake 9

Everything you need to know about Jeff Flake can be summed by the man’s own words as well as his actions. Because why is it that a man who has not a snowball’s chance in hell of EVER becoming president, not only of the United States but of the local PTA, would be sounding like that is his intent.  Flake has said that he feels it’s important that President Trump be made to face a primary challenger in 2020 and the soon to be ex-senator appears to consider himself the right guy for the job.

This past Friday while in New Hampshire at the “Politics and Eggs” event, it was Flake who made the rather bold statement that in the era of President Donald Trump, the Republican Party had surrendered to a “propaganda-fueled dystopian view of conservatism.”  And I thought it a rather odd thing to hear coming from a guy who was only able to get himself elected in the first place by pretending to be something that he most definitely is not, a conservative.  Is that not a form of propaganda?

Our esteemed Mr. Flake said, “There is nothing that will be more vital then to expunge from the American record then this frenzied attack on the truth. There are few jobs that will be more difficult than putting that particular horse back in the barn. Such is the power of the president to either build or destroy. And the irony should not escape us here that someone whose name became known to us as a builder would have such a penchant for destruction.”

And he went on to say, “What does it say about conservatives that our message is so different than the words that my parents taught me, so different as to amount to a rejection of the optimistic vision of Ronald Reagan, the extraordinary decency of George H. W. Bush, the principled constitutionalism of Barry Goldwater?  What does it say that we have succumbed to what can only be described as a propaganda-fueled dystopian view of conservatism?”  This coming from he who is a faux conservative.

Flake is little more than an impostor who succeeded in infiltrating the Republican Party in much the same way that McCain, Graham, Collins and Murkowski managed to.  Flake has spent years advocating for bigger and bigger government and bigger deficits.  He never met an illegal he didn’t like and he tends to root for liberals and their causes.  He pretended to be a Tea Party type conservative, but the minute he was safely ensconced in office, he hit the ground acting like a liberal.

Go ahead Mr. Flake, run for president in 2020. To tell you the truth it might actually be fun to watch you further humiliate yourself and I’m sure it would bring more than a bit of laughter to us all.  Flake does not get it that his views and opinions are not popular and the main reason Arizona voters want him out, yet he keeps spewing his unpopular BS.  He chooses to ignore how corrupt the swamp is and fails to recognize that he’s part of the problem not part of the solution for this country.

Flake and a few other so-called Republicans have been living their own “propaganda-fueled dystopian view of conservatism”, a view completely isolated from the hopes and dreams of American workers and business.  They still can’t see that ‘free trade’ agreements and open borders have failed American workers and are discriminating against American businesses. Trump has started to address these issues despite the ‘fake news’ of powerful interest groups and for this, Americans are grateful.

What is it exactly that Flake managed to accomplish in the Senate during the last 6 years, or in the House during the 12 years prior?  Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada, that’s what.  He’s done nothing but gripe about President Trump, and seemed a big fan of Barry ‘O’.  And if memory serves, he was the only Republican who went to Cuba with Barry.  I can’t wait for this turncoat to finally leave the Senate.  My only regret is that we will still have to cover the cost of his ‘pension’ for decades.

What is funny about these NeverTrumpers is that they are so blind to their own arrogance.  They have a President who has actually accomplished more conservative goals, in a shorter period of time, than any President since Reagan. They may not like Trump’s style. So what! Patton swore like a sailor and Churchill dictated letters to his secretary from the toilet. Yet without these two “classy” guys, we would have lost WW II. What is important is how effective you are as a leader.

Trump has been very effective. As for his lying, politicians lie every time their lips move. Apparently, the NeverTrump people would have preferred the biggest serial liar on the planet, Hitlery.  So these people are either stupid or they are egomaniacs who can’t admit they were wrong.  Or, they are unprincipled DC creatures who could care less about conservative values or truth and are in it only for the money and power. What they really object to is that Trump has threatened their livelihood.



Flake 6

So, what’s a fella to do when he can’t manage to score more than an 11 percent approval rating in his re-election bid?  What else, but ‘retire’ and to start making noise about how he’s considering running for president against President Trump!  Jeff Flake has been around far too long, first as a member of the House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013, representing Arizona’s 6th District, and as a member of the Senate first elected in 2012.  It was then that he managed to defeat three challengers in the Republican primary before going on to barely defeat Democrat Richard Carmona, in a real nail-biter of a general election, 49.2% to 46.2%.

And now he seems to think that it’s time to run for president in an effort to bring down the president of his own party.  Flake appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” this past Sunday and said that President Trump should be challenged in the 2020 primary election.  Host Chuck Todd said, “[Trump] is running for re-election already. He announced that last night. Do you think he needs to be challenged from somebody who espouses your views?”  Flake responded, “Yes, I do. I do, I mean, it would be a tough go in a Republican primary. The Republican Party has–is the Trump party right now. But that’s not to say it will stay that way.”  Which would make him very happy.

I’m sure most are aware that Flake has been a longtime critic of President Trump, and he’s not shy about using over the top rhetoric to do so.  In January, Flake made headlines for attacking the way Trump treats the media, even likening him to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.  Flake said, “When a figure in power reflexively calls any press that doesn’t suit him ‘fake news,’ it is that person who should be the figure of suspicion, not the press.”  A person who should be a figure of suspicion is one who makes all manner of promises in order to get himself elected, and then once that has been accomplished sets out to do whatever it is that pleases him.  That’s Jeff Flake!

And other than the many leftwing ‘journalists’ now infesting our state-controlled media, who is it that might be even the least bit interested in Flake’s take on any coming election?  After all, Flake’s popularity is so low in Arizona right now that he wouldn’t be able to get himself elected dog-catcher.  And like that other Arizona senator, Flake made many promises at election time, and once elected promptly came down with a rather aggressive form of amnesia.  Flake chose to forsake his constituents in order to appease wealthy donors seeking cheap labor.  Now he’s just running out the clock and wondering if he’s too leftwing to join the Democrats.

And keep your eyes on the news after Jeffey finally does ‘retire.’  Because I have no doubt that he will be justly rewarded by his many billionaire buddies for both his loyalty to them and his disloyalty to both his constituents and the nation as a whole.  Flake and McCain, along with McCain’s butt-buddy Lindsey Graham, live so that the liberal media will always have someone to turn to whenever they want to create the illusion that there remains widespread opposition to President Trump from others within the Republican Party. You almost never see or hear from any other Republicans unless they’re being used in a negative way and against the president.

Like I said, Flake has been in Congress since 2001, serving first in the House (2001-13)        and then in the Senate since 2013.  And during that time he’s been a disappointment to Arizona and a failure for the Republican Party.  His calling himself a conservative does an injustice to those folks who are conservatives.  And thanks to RINO’s like him, ‘Republican’ no longer means conservative, as it once did.  Flake has become little more than yesterday’s news, a dying, and soon to be extinct, RINO dinosaur.  While he will soon no longer be an active player, no doubt he will remain a very vocal critic of President Trump, proudly wearing the moniker of ‘Former Republican Senator.’

Look, I think we can all agree that Democrats today expect very little from their elected members of Congress.  A few free government handouts and gender based identity political nonsense keeps them pretty happy.  But with President Trump in the White House Republicans now expect their members to finally make good on the many promises they’ve made.  And anyone running as a Republican in 2018, had better get behind the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda 100 percent or they’ll likely to end up as roadkill.  And that doesn’t mean one has to like President Trump the person, but MAGA support needs to be part of any campaign, today, tomorrow, and beyond.

And you know, what got Trump elected is pretty simple. The voters were sick and tired of business as usual. Business as usual was voted out of the White House. The next step is to get business as usual out of Congress. As much as I hate to say it, a ‘conservative’ majority in Congress is a joke. The Liberals never lost control of Congress.  What this country has been caught in all these years is a good old fashioned rut. One party makes all kinds of promises. When they get elected they go back to business as usual. The voters get mad and vote in the other party. Again we get business as usual. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

What we need to do is to vote every RINO up for re-election out of Congress and replace them with those who true conservatives.  There are 33 Senate seats up for grabs this year.  They are 8 Republicans, 23 Democrats and 2 independents.  All the seats in the House are essentially up for grabs.  We’re rapidly running out of time for identifying those conservative candidates who are both suitable and willing to run against the incumbents in the various primary contests.  The primary system affords us all the opportunity to vote against the incumbent without having to sacrifice party loyalty and it is our best of hope of bringing about the level of changed we need.

Considering the way the RINOs have been acting since President Trump was inaugurated, I suspect that one of two things will happen in the midterms this year. Many RINOs could lose their seats to other Republican challengers in primary contests or lose them to Democrats in the general election.  The game plan should be to get rid of them in the primaries.  Flake needs to go away but sadly we are stuck with him until next January.  So he doesn’t like President Trump, fine that’s his prerogative.  It is because of Republicans like Flake that got Trump elected in the first place. We are tired of back-stabbing Republicans. The best thing we did was to elect Trump.

Unfortunately, I think it’s becoming pretty clear what’s like to be coming in 2020.  We’re likely to have some RINO, be it Flake or some other loser, announcing that for the good of the country they’re going to do what is necessary to protect the country and run as an independent, much like Ross Perot did as a spoiler in 92, so that the Democrat candidate, whoever he or she turns out to be, can win.  Because, they will say, President Trump is simply far too dangerous of an individual to be entrusted with those powers that the voters chose to entrust to him.  In other words, because the voters were simply too stupid, he or she, will protect us from ourselves!


Flake 10

Apparently more determined than ever, in his effort to be the biggest pain in the ass imaginable as he now heads for the exit, pro-open borders, and soon to be ex- senator, Jeff Flake has committed to introducing what is his likely dead-on-arrival immigration legislation that would, if passed, result in giving amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens in exchange for three years of funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. What a deal, how could anyone say no to that?  Right?

Flake recently took pen to paper composing a Washington (Com)Post op-ed in which this avid supporter of wage-crushing, mass low-skilled immigration into the U.S., said his minor wall funding-for-amnesty plan is necessary because the nearly 800,000 illegal aliens enrolled on the ex-president Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program “represent the very best of America.”  How is it that those who are the very best of America are actually here ILLEGALLY?

Anyway, it was in his little piece that Flake wrote, “But there are teachers, students and members of the military who are DACA recipients. They are friends and colleagues who represent the very best of America — hard workers and productive members of their families and communities — and they do not have the luxury of accepting defeat and moving on to the next agenda item.”

While admitting defeat regarding his effort, and that of a few of his fellow Establishment Republican’s, to work with Democrats to pass what would be nothing short of a massive, wage-cutting amnesty plan without any reduction, whatsoever, to current legal immigration levels, whereby more than one million mostly low-skilled legal immigrants are admitted to the country annually, Flake, like the true spineless RINO that he is, placed blame for that defeat squarely on President Trump.

And Flake, in what can only be described as being true RINO fashion, made clear his true colors by choosing to be one of 14 pro-amnesty and business-first RINO senators who chose to block a President Trump-endorsed immigration plan that would have given DACA illegal aliens amnesty while eventually reducing the number of legal immigrants who enter the country every year to raise the wages and quality of life of America’s working and middle class.  Flake is nothing but a disgusting liar.

Flake went on to write, “But if I’m being candid, after what we’ve experienced over these past weeks, I can’t see this Congress agreeing with this president on a package that includes a path to citizenship for DACA participants coupled with significant changes to our legal immigration structure. That comprehensive immigration reform has proved to be beyond our grasp.”

And he added, “That is why, when the Senate reconvenes next week, the first action I will take will be to introduce a bill extending DACA protections for three years and providing $7.6 billion to fully fund the first three years of the administration’s border-security proposal. I’ll be the first to admit this “three for three” approach is far from a perfect solution, but it would provide a temporary fix by beginning the process of improving border security and ensuring DACA recipients will not face potential deportation.”

And in putting forward this plan of his, Flake makes very clear exactly which side of the immigration issue he’s on.  Because you see, his plan does not include any of the illegal immigration reforms that the Trump administration has demanded, including provisions that would close legal loopholes to more swiftly and effectively stem illegal immigration at the border.  So it should come as a surprise to no one, including Flake himself, that he’s a one term wonder being encouraged to head toward the exit.

After all, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made it abundantly clear that without closing the legal loopholes outlined by the agency in an immigration deal, a border wall would stand alone trying to deter illegal immigration without any other major reforms to keep illegal aliens from entering the country.  But such warnings always seem to fall on deaf ears when it comes to the anti-America, pro-illegal immigration crowd in the Democrat Party and to RINOs like Flake.

The entire concept of expansive amnesty is nothing short of insanity.  Because it has the potential of becoming uncontrollable and could therefore result in a stifling of recent wage increases that American workers have enjoyed due to President Trump’s “America First” immigration enforcement measures.  But such a notion seems not to bother, in the least, supporters of such a concept.  And they pretend that such a claim is nothing more than an argument made by those who are anti-immigration.

And it’s Flake’s plan that would almost immediately flood the U.S. labor market with at least an additional permanent one to 3.5 million foreign nationals who would be legalized and thus eligible to legally compete for working and middle-class jobs against Americans, as well as a flood of illegal alien workers who would likely storm the U.S.-Mexico border in the wake of an amnesty.  We must work on preventing those from entering our country illegally.  We can no longer afford not to.

And I can only assume that Flake must hate legal American citizens as much as the Democrats do.  If he views law-breaking invaders, illegal aliens, as representing the best, what other conclusion is there.  And at what point is it that these invaders no longer represent the best of America?  When they rape or murder American citizens?  Or when they get away with crimes committed in sanctuary cities and states that legal Americans would normally be sent to prison for committing?  Just sayin’.

Let’s face it, Flake and his RINO buddies are little more than traitors.  These DACA illegal aliens are nothing but a bunch of anti-American, anti-White, culturally violent, welfare dependent, spiteful and vindictive parasites who have no desire to assimilate. And why would these RINOs want millions more people who, after gaining their U.S. citizenship, would proceed to reliably vote Democrat?  I mean where’s the logic in that?  And why are they in that big of a hurry to bring about their political demise?

Why is it that so many RINOs seem so willing to take part in bringing about their own political suicide by allowing unlimited immigration?  Low labor costs can only be part of it.  Flake claims they represent the very best of America, and yet in Flake’s home state of Arizona, studies show they’re much more likely to commit crimes.  And yet we’re supposed to believe that DACA recipients are all valedictorians, soldiers or doctors.  It is much more likely that they’re high school dropouts and gang bangers.

Those of us who voted for President Trump know how exactly how this immigration problem can be, and should be, solved.  And we all remember how it was that he promised to get it solved.  It’s all quite simple, really, and we should not be willing to accept any diversions from, allowances for, or variations of, the plan regarding how we all know it needs to be implemented.  The plan is pretty basic and of course it begins with the building of a big beautiful wall.  The simple plan is as follows:

  1. Build the wall.
  2. Terminate all benefits given to illegal aliens and their family members.
  3. Enforce all immigration laws.
  4. Crack down on businesses and employers that hire illegal aliens.
  5. Deport all illegal aliens and anchor babies.
  6. Terminate all funding for sanctuary cities and states.
  7. Implement and enforce E-Verify.
  8. End chain migration.
  9. Terminate visa lottery system.
  10. Arrest all politicians and businesses that harbor illegal aliens.
  11. End the anchor baby BS. Anchor babies are not USA citizens.


Flake 9

Well, it’s these days that it’s getting increasingly difficult when trying to determine just which of congressional RINOs represents the bigger thorn in the side of conservatives.  Most, if not all, are vocal ‘NeverTrumpers’ but more recently one of the more vocal of these folks would have to be Arizona’s junior senator, Jeff Flake, who this past Sunday made another appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” during which he put forward his idiotic notion that President Trump’s claims of fake news and jokes about Democrats who did not stand for positive news at his State of the Union being treasonous gave “aid and comfort to authoritarians around the world.”

Flake said, “I think the president stops — needs to stop calling Democrats or Republicans or others who don’t stand or applaud at every line that he has, that they are un-American. He also used that term, or treasonous. Words matter, and when he talks about fake news, for example, I gave another speech where I talked about how that gives aid and comfort to authoritarians around the world who are labeling their position or dismissing real dissent as fake news.”  And this boob went on to say, “So those things matter. I don’t think it’s a joking matter to say that somebody is treasonous and he ought to stop it.”  Spoken like a true RINO snowflake.

Frankly I can’t wait for the day when we’re finally rid of this boob, Flake.  Last time I looked he had an approval rating of 11% and still he’s the very first guy that our state-controlled media shoves out front whenever they’re in need of a Republican willing to slam President Trump.  Flake is but one wrung above your basic dumbass liberal Democrat rooting for the collapse of America.  And it’s in that regard had the ever corrupt Hitlery been elected she would have, likely with support from Flake, finished the job begun by Barry ‘O’.  But instead it was President Trump who one and who now has got this nation up and running again by creating jobs for forgotten Americans.

And it’s RINOs like Flake, along with his mentor from Arizona and any number of other RINOs, who seem to be more than willing to side with the Democrats in preferring the rather anemic economic growth produced courtesy of those policies put forward by Barry ‘O’.  Flake and his Democrat allies seem unable to grasp that “We The People” are ready to defend this nation at all costs, and that we will go to whatever extremes we feel are necessary in our effort to do so.  Flake has been on the wrong side of everything. Just like his liberal friends. President Trump is not a fascist and he’s not the one shutting down free speech. That’s the domain of elitists like Flake.

Flake seems completely unable to allow a single day to go by without doing all that he can to fan the flames of Never-Trumpism.  And it is in so doing that this loser never came across a microphone he didn’t like.  But all that he says is so toxic sounding.  Sad that this is the type of behavior that we have come to expect from far too many in the Republican Party.  No wonder a growing number of conservatives have essentially chosen to distance themselves from Republicans like Flake and have become more willing to embrace the Party of Trump.  Flake is one of the better examples of all that is wrong with the Republican Party and he needs to go away.

And speaking of ‘authoritarians’, they are the ones who tell you that you must embrace an illegal invasion, and that you must embrace any attempt to turn your city or state into a sanctuary.  Oh, and you should be willing to pay, courtesy of higher taxes, for all that’s involved in doing so.  And authoritarians tell you that you must pay for a health plan that stinks and that you can’t afford, or the full force of the IRS will rain down on you.  An authoritarian can destroy evidence of wrong-doing and get off Scott-free, while you, the common peasant, would go to prison for the same offense.  Authoritarians are what we seem to have far too many of in Washington.



Flake 9

I guess you do have to kind of admire the persistence of these RINO-NEVERTRUMPERS, as they continue to ally themselves with those in the Democrat Party who, after nearly a year of his being in office are still unable to accept the fact that Donald Trump is president, continue with their attempts to delegitimize his presidency.  As you know, one of the more vocal opponents of our president is none other than soon to be ex-senator, RINO Jeff Flake.  And it was Mr. Flake who, on Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “KasieDC,” told host Kasie Hunt that he expected President Donald Trump to have a challenger for the Republican Party 2020 presidential nomination.

Hunt asked Flake if he thought Republicans had a moral obligation to oppose Trump when it comes time for him to run for re-election.  Flake responded by saying, “I don’t want to put it that way, but I think he will have a challenge.”  He added, “He’ll certainly have a challenge from somebody as an independent. But I think he’ll likely have a challenge in the Republican Party as well. I am not the only one — the only Republican who is saying, ‘You know, I’m not sure this is my party. We used to stand for limited government and free trade, free enterprise and not this kind of nationalist, protectionist kind of party.’”  That hasn’t been the GOP for a long time.

Later, she asked if Flake himself would run in 2020.  Flake said, “I won’t rule it out.” Flake said. “It’s not in my plans.  But I’m not ruling it out. I don’t think anybody should.”  And to Mr. Flake I say, “Good luck with that, butt-lick!”  President Trump has done more in one year to help average Americans than all of the presidents, and congressional dopes like Flake, have done in the last 20 years. I hope he easily breezes into a second term, it’s clear he’s feeling more comfortable in the job every day that goes by. I personally don’t see the RNC being willing to risk wasting any of its resources on a campaign against this president.  That’s simply self-defeating.

And oddly enough it was on the very same day, Sunday, during an appearance ABC’s “This Week,” that Flake went so far as to compare President Trump to Stalin, claiming the president’s attacks on the press resemble the rhetoric of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.  Flake said, “When you reflexively refer to the press as the enemy of the people or fake news, that has real damage.  It has real damage to our standing in the world.”  He added, “And I noted how bad it is for a president to take what was popularized by Joseph Stalin, the enemy of the people, to refer to the press.”  Sadly the media HAS become the enemy, and does broadcast ‘fake news.’

So here it is, yet again, that we have the man with the most appropriate name making the rounds on national news for the sole purpose of criticizing our President, and pitching a fit because Trump does not support “free trade” while he chooses to ignore the fact that the problem is China, Japan and Mexico who have all put up barriers that make “free trade” impossible.  What “free trade” Flake supports is actually corporate welfare to help multinationals move jobs overseas and President Trump is dead set against this.  So here we have someone who is not running for reelection because he knows he would lose badly, but he can’t rule out running for President?

Look, I think we’re all able to see pretty clearly what’s really going on here.  A scenario where the drones at MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS keep insisting upon interviewing this boob, Flake, and asking him about a presidential run, over and over ad nauseam.  Flake’s ego is too big for him to realize that he’s simply being played.  What’s really going on here is a slam against Trump by the media, essentially trying to show that a loser like Flake could be the president just as easily as Trump. They find a moron like Flake and then get him behave as if running for president is something anybody could do.  It’s simply head games played by the state-controlled media.

Flake is a member of a select group of clueless partisans, both Republican and Democrat, who still have no idea why President Trump won the presidency and they make no effort in trying to understand.  Flake hates Trump and he’s only floating the option of running in 2020 as a threat to Trump.  He’s saying he’ll do everything that he can to sink the president.  He’s currently doing that in the Senate and if he can, he’ll mount a run against him for the Presidency knowing full well he has no chance of actually winning.  He has no vision, no plan, and definitely no leadership skills. But he does have spite and would happily vote for any Democrat just to ensure a Trump loss.

But that’s what those who comprise ‘Establishment GOP’ have become.  That’s why America-loving conservative needs to work toward removing such people from OUR party. The Republican Party today is run by people who do not support conservatives, or their interests.  But even further, they actively oppose policies and people who support the interests of the American people.  They ran a weak candidate in 2008, they ran a weak candidate, but one who could have won until he chose to wilt in the debates, in 2012.  They wanted to run another weak candidate in 2016, but failed and Trump won.  They are a weak party lead by weak people with weak principles.

Flake puts his ignorance on full display every single time he opens his big mouth.  Like when comparing Trump to Stalin.  Seriously?  How much of a complete ignoramus must one be to compare President Trump to a man who was nothing more than a mass murderer responsible for a forced famine that lead to the death of millions of people. There was a time when such outrageous statements did not go out unchallenged but today the leftist state-controlled media loves this type of rhetoric because they know most Americans haven’t got a clue about who Stalin was.  Flake is one of those useful idiots who can be counted on for this sort of stupid, and very dangerous, rhetoric.

Even with that it’s sometimes that I think perhaps we’re missing the real story here. Flake continues to make the rounds on all of the talk shows every week and yelling sweet nothings that the Democrats are absolutely eating up with glee. Is this because he is “retiring” from politics?  Probably not. I suspect that he is doing little more than laying the ground work for a possible switch to the party that better suits him and aligns itself with his leftist ideology so that he can then perhaps run again.  But Flake has absolutely zero credibility and nothing is going to change that whether he remains a Republican or chooses to become a Democrat.  A clueless twit, is a clueless twit.

When all is said and done I can only assume that Flake is intentionally trying to burn as many bridges left behind as is humanly possible as he slowly heads for the exit.  He seems to be going well out of his way in trying to be remembered as nothing more than a total turncoat to not only his party but also his state, which doesn’t really look good on one’s resume.  It’s gotten so bad with this guy that it’s very day that he says something more idiotic than he said the day before.  My only advice to him would be to please do the rest of us a huge favor and just stop talking and leave. You have become little more than an embarrassment to Arizona and conservatives everywhere.




Regardless of the fact that the case against Judge Roy Moore, that he was, in his younger days, some sort of sexual predator, has now nearly completely disintegrated, we still seem to have more than a few RINOs who remain stubbornly against his candidacy to become a U.S. Senator from Alabama.  And it is one of those stellar individuals, RINO Susan Collins from Maine, who, during an appearance just yesterday on the Communist Broadcasting System’s, “Face the Nation,” put forth her imbecilic argument that it was actually a “mistake” that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has resumed support of Judge Moore.  Imagine that!

RINO Collins said, “I’m disappointed that the RNC has resumed the support of Roy Moore. I think that is a mistake. I would point out that I do not support Mr. Moore even prior to these allegations of sexual misconduct because I was concerned about his anti-Muslim comments, his anti-LGBT comments, most important of all he’s been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for failure to follow lawful judicial orders.”  And it was during the same interview that, and in typical ‘Establishment’ fashion, she also questioned whether the Senate should overturn the will of the people, if Alabama voters do chose to send Judge Moore to Washington.

RINO Collins also said, “I would point out that I did not support Mr. Moore even prior to these allegations of sexual misconduct because I was concerned about his anti-Muslim comments, his anti-LGBT comments.”  And she went on to say, “And also, most important of all, he’s been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for failure to follow lawful judicial orders.”  And it was the host of this pointless program, John Dickerson, who I guess thought it necessary to bring up how it was that President Trump himself was also accused of sexual harassment by, what he described as being, at least a dozen women before he was elected president.

Mr. Dickerson said, “With the president, there were these accusations.”  And he went on to add, “They were adjudicated in the election, the White House says. So the voters knew about them, and they voted for him. And now he’s president.”  He asked Collins, “Why wouldn’t that same standard apply to Roy Moore? The voters of Alabama know exactly what has been alleged. If he gets elected, what business does Senate have telling the voters they’re wrong?”  Of course, Mr. Dickerson, being the blatantly biased journalist that he is, neglected to mention how it is that the allegations made against Judge Moore have now been proven false.

But, it was in responding to Dickerson’s rather sophomoric question that RINO Collins said, “Well, I think that’s the tough question.”  And she went on to say, “If the allegations are known prior to the election, which they weren’t in the case of Al Franken, for example, then we have a very tough decision to make about whether it’s our role as senators to overturn the will of the people.”  She said, “Now, I think it’s a different situation if the allegations are not known or if they occur while the person is sitting in the Senate.”  And what is it in that little pea-brain of hers that makes her think the Senate has any business in overturning the will of the voters?

And then, of course, we also have Senate Majority Leader, and head RINO, Mitch McConnell, who at a news conference just last week said he would have no option but to swear in Moore if he’s elected, “based on a 1969 Supreme Court decision” that says the only criteria for being seated in the Senate is whether a person meets the standard set out in the Constitution.  But McConnell also said if Moore is elected, “I think he would immediately have an issue with the Ethics Committee which they would take up.”  So despite the fact that his accusers have been proven to be liars, time should still be wasted to prove what, exactly?

Now you would think that RINO Collins would realize that we support SENATOR Roy Moore precisely because of his anti-Moslem, anti LGBTQXYZ stance.  It’s RINOs like her, and her buddy McConnell, that we oppose.  And they should count it as being a reality that come 2018 there will be a great many of us, all across the country, who intend to take it upon ourselves to do us some RINO hunting.  RINOs like Collins are no better than Democrats, maybe even worse than Democrats, since at least you know where Democrats stand on immigration, abortion and taxes.  Whereas the RINOs tell us one thing and then, once elected, do whatever they please.

And I’m thinking that RINO Collins is likely upset over the fact that Judge Moore doesn’t seem to be of the opinion that businesses should be required to violate their religious beliefs (as long as those beliefs are Christian), he doesn’t think that Moslems should be allowed to use Mosques as “protected speech” zones when they are being used to recruit domestic terrorists and doesn’t find the displaying the Ten Commandments to be against the First Amendment, regardless what some leftist judge thinks.  And he is not of the opinion that abortions should be performed for any reason except in those very rare and unique circumstances.

And I don’t recall RINO Collins ever having a problem with Obummer defying numerous judicial orders.  Just as I don’t recall her ever defending a football coach for praying at the 50 yard line.  To Collins, freedom is all about ‘political correctness.’  The fight to reclaim our country’s founding principles is going to take decades.  When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, Maine is right up there with the many other bastions of leftwing lunacy.  Let’s face it’s RINO Collins who is just another one on the list of the usual suspects that includes Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi amongst whom, I’m sure, she feels right at home.

The ‘Establishment’ has committed itself in the effort to take Judge Moore out of the running.  All that remains to be seen to what degree they will be successful in doing so.  Because depending on what poll you happen to be looking at, either candidate could come out on top in this contest.  And despite all of the drivel from RINO Collins and her many fellow RINOs, if it is the Democrat who comes out on top in this race, the one big loser will be the country.  And it’s in their effort to drag their candidate across the finish that the Democrats are bringing out their not so secret weapon, the blacks by telling them that if Moore wins it’s back to the days of segregation.

Look, I am by no means proposing that the type behavior which Judge Moore has been ‘accused’ of should be viewed as acceptable, but neither should it be appropriate to blindly accept as fact every single accusation that’s made.  And we must always thoroughly investigate each and every accusation before assigning guilt.  And we should call into question why is it that our leftwing media chooses to focus primarily on the accusations made against those whose politics differ considerably from those who are responsible for ensuring that what they chose to report is the truth and not simply nothing more that “fake news.”  As is usually the case.



Judge Moore

Now while I am about as far removed from being a political strategist as you can get, it would seem to me that maybe old Mitch McConnell and his posse of ‘Establishment’ types might have been just a bit too eager to pull the trigger in their effort to sabotage Judge Roy Moore as he seeks to become the next Senator from the great state of Alabama.  They have thrown everything they could, including the kitchen sink, at him.  And their last ditch effort is to have some retired Marine Colonel casting himself as a write-in candidate, but that too may not be enough.

Because with the dust now finally beginning to settle it would appear that only one man will likely be left standing, and it ain’t McConnell!  And the good Colonel notwithstanding, I’m thinking that when all is said and done, it’s the Judge who will be heading off to do battle in the DC Swamp, while his Democrat opponent goes back to whatever he was doing before running for office and the Marine who had hoped to act as spoiler goes back to, sculpting.  The Judge will head to DC to give them what-for in the Senate and I’ll be cheering him on every step of the way.

So it’s now been weeks since any new accusers have managed to crawl out from under their respective rocks and despite all of their best efforts Judge Moore remains the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama.  And regardless of all the pleas made by so-called party ‘leaders’ in Washington, it would seem that barring any new trickery being tried, it could very well be Senator Moore in just another couple of weeks.  But I have no doubt that between ‘Team McConnell’ and the Democrats, we shouldn’t be too confident about a Moore victory just yet.

But that said, as of now, what’s left of the remaining ‘allegations’ concern entirely legal behavior: an older, single man dating young women ‘above’ the age of consent.   Moore’s many opponents in the state-controlled media treat those relationships as if they were somehow morally revolting and politically disqualifying.  The hypocrisy of that position becomes all the more apparent when compared with how those in the media treat a figure possessing a different political affiliation who is ‘guilty’ of having done the very same thing.  But then that’s just how they operate.

The only reason we’re even still talking about that issue is because the Washington Post embellished its original story on Moore, in which he was accused of molesting a 14-year-old four decades ago, both to entice the first alleged victim to come forward and to create the impression of a pattern of predatory behavior for which there is no evidence.  The rest of the mainstream media soon followed suit, with the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN) assuming the lead in what turned out to be little more than a continuing attempt to sabotage Judge Moore’s candidacy.

And then there was the New Yorker story claiming that the Judge had once been kicked out of a mall for hitting on young women.  That story too was later debunked, though it’s evidently still widely believed by many of the kooks on the left.  The stories about Moore dating young women are what lawyers call “character” evidence, and it is inadmissible in court, and for good reason.  Whatever accusations there are that remain against Moore continue to unravel despite the best efforts of those seeking to keep those accusations alive and in the headlines.

Another thing which it has been said might be working in Judge Moore’s favor is the fact that there are still many voters in Alabama who are able to remember the 1998 election, when a Republican running for lieutenant governor, Steve Windom, was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. That may be one reason why Moore is leading in new polls.  The other reason is that voters resent being shamed into submission by those they view as being the political and media elite.  Those would be the very same elites who view those folks in Alabama as being little more than rubes.