Anyone who is unable to recognize the fact that the Democrats actually WANT these Muslim terrorists to win, and are actually assisting them in their effort to do so, well then, you just go right ahead and stay home this November so Hitlery can waltz right into the Oval Office and pick up right where Barry leaves off.  Or worse, why don’t you go right ahead and vote for the lying bitch.

And for anyone who saw John Kerry-Heinz in Aspen recently, what you saw was yet another lying piece of shit doing his absolute best to convince the rest of us into believing that these murdering Muslims are somehow in their death throes.  Again, if you’re stupid enough to buy that nonsense, well then, I suppose you’re stupid enough to not vote for Trump.  Stupid is, as stupid does.

And I keep hearing from those who claim they are not voting for Trump because they believe there are better choices available.  That they believe in supporting the Constitution and are above party politics and the concept of winning at all costs.  How sanctimonious can one be?  That’s all well and good, but wake the f*ck up and smell the coffee, the rest of our lives may depend on it.

If there was a better choice available, that would be one thing, but there isn’t.  At least a better choice that can win, and that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it, winning.  So ok, we let Hitlery win, but in so doing you had better prepare yourself to start seeing our malls blowing up and our theaters blowing up especially as we start approaching the holiday season.  Because it’s gonna happen!

Because like I said, the Democrats and these Muslim fanatics are on the same side and against the rest of us.   So all of you who just can’t bring yourself to vote for Trump, just go ahead and lay down, because that’s exactly what they want you to do.  But I for one do not intend to lay down.  I will vote for Trump. And if he turns out to be as bad as you’ve said, then I’ll welcome your, “I told you sos!”



Hitlery 158

Whenever you ask any of Hitlery’s millions of very enthusiastic supporters what it is that they feel most qualifies her to be president, more often than not all you tend to get in the way of a response is little more than blank stare or the pathetically idiotic statement: “She’s a woman.”  So while her fans continue to have a rather difficult time identifying what they see as being her qualifications, it would seem that ‘Team Trump’ has had very little difficulty in amassing what is a very impressive list of those things which should cause one to call into question Hitlery’s fitness to hold any public office let alone the one she is now seeking.

This past Friday Trump’s campaign released a list of allegations any one of which, under normal circumstances, would make things rather difficult for someone running for public office.  And yet we have a candidate for president who’s guilty of every single one.  Each assertion the Trump campaign lists is presented with government reports and/or media reports.  Below is a list of 49 facts presented by the Trump campaign that many would say likely represents but the tip of Hitlery’s rather problematic iceberg.  Included is a brief summary of the details which were noted in the 35-page press release that can be read in more detail here:

  1. “Clinton Trade Deals ‘Are Disastrous’”: Trump’s campaign argues the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — which was enacted by President Bill Clinton — and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is currently awaiting a vote in Congress and had support from Hillary Clinton, cause mass job losses in the United States — especially in the manufacturing industry.
  2. “Clinton Lied About Her Landing In Bosnia”: In 2008, First Lady Hillary Clinton recalled a 1996 trip as First Lady to Bosnia. She was supposed to meet with families of U.S. soldier, but claimed upon landing she was under sniper fire and had to run with her head down instead of attending a greeting ceremony. An Associated Press report from 1996 detailing the eve of her arrival, however, made no mention of this incident. In fact, a CBS News video later revealed she was under no visible duress, greeted instead on the tarmac by a child who offered her a copy of a poem.
  3. “Clinton Performed Favors for Donors As Secretary Of State”: Trump argues Clinton has used the Clinton Foundation as a way to fundraise where donors can gain access to political favors. He cites Raj Fernando who donated between $1 million and $5 million and was appointed as International Security Advisor to the State Department by Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff.

He also details favors given to foreign leaders and Clinton Foundation donors such as the Sultan of Oman, Indian politician Amar Singh, and Russian’s Uranium One.

  1. “The Clintons Made Millions From Speeches To Special Interests”: Trump hit Clinton over her big money speeches to Wall Street — something her Democratic challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) also would use to criticize her during the 2016 Democratic primary, specifically for not releasing the transcripts of the secret speeches.

The Clintons made $153 million since 2011 giving speeches to special interests such as foreign governments, CEOs and lobbyists.

  1. “Clinton Supported Her Husband’s ‘Disastrous’ NAFTA Policy”: As First Lady and again in 2003, Clinton praised NAFTA in her book; however, the Economic Policy Institute blames NAFTA for a loss of 700,000 jobs as of 2010.
  2. “Clinton Supported China’s Entrance Into The WTO”: Trump’s campaign cites a television appearance on CNN in 2000 where Clinton says normalizing trade relations would allow U.S. companies to compete with China.

“I think it is in the interests of America and American workers that we provide the option for China to go into the WTO,” Clinton stated. “Right now, we are trading with China. We have a huge trade deficit with China. The agreement that has been negotiated between our two countries would open their markets to us in a way that they are not yet open, and in fact, for many large manufactured products, like automobiles, we would have the first chance to really get in and compete in that marketplace.”

  1. “Since Hillary-Backed Trade Agreements Adoped Nearly 1/3 Of Americas Manufacturing Jobs Have Disappeared”: Trump argues that because of China’s entrance into the WTO in 2001, by 2013 the trade deficit with China skyrocketed and 3.2 million U.S. jobs were lost.
  2. “The Trade Deficit With China Soared Under Clinton As Secretary Of State”: Trump says America’s trade deficit with China increased 40 percent while Clinton was Secretary of State.
  3. “China Stole Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars In Intellectual Property During Clinton Tenure At State”: Trump’s campaign points to a 2013 report by the Independent Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property, which revealed that the U.S. lost $300 billion annually from American intellectual property (IP) rights having been stolen.
  4. “Clinton Gave China Millions Of Jobs And Grew Rich In Return”: According to the Economic Policy Institute, after the U.S. normalized trade relations with China — as Clinton supported — 3.2 million U.S. jobs were displaced. Trump also points to a Washington Post article detailing how Bill Clinton received $56.3 million from speeches delivered in foreign countries including China.
  5. “The Clintons Profited From Speeches To Chinese Interests While She Was Negotiating With China”: Trump cited Breitbart News editor Peter Schweitzer’s book Clinton Cash during his speech, reading, “Here is a quote from the book, ‘at the center of U.S. Policy toward China was Hillary Clinton. At this critical time for U.S.- China relations, Bill Clinton gave a number of speeches that were underwritten by the Chinese government and its supporters. These funds were paid to the Clintons’ bank account directly, while Hillary was negotiating with China on behalf of the United States.’”
  6. “Clinton Supported TPP Which Will Destroy Jobs”: Bloomberg reports that during her time as Secretary of State, Clinton helped draft the TPP trade deal and CNN notes that she delivered at least 45 public speeches supporting the deal. The Economic Policy Institute believes the TPP — which is a trade pact involving 11 nations — will eliminate more than 2 million jobs in the United States.
  7. “Clinton Deleted The TPP Record From Her Book And 30,000 Emails”: According to the Trump campaign, in Clinton’s memoir Hard Choices, she wrote favorably in support of the TPP and about her hard work negotiating the deal during her time as Secretary of State, but according to The International Business Times, a recent paperback edition of Hard Choices omitted her earlier TPP reference.

Adding to the action of deleting information, Trump also cites Clinton’s private, personal email server where she conducted her business as Secretary of State and how she deleted, wiping the server clean, of her emails.

  1. “Clinton Will Adopt TPP”: “This is the latest Clinton cover-up and it doesn’t change anything. If she is elected president, she will adopt the Trans- Pacific Partnership and we will lose millions of jobs and our economic independence for good,” Trump challenged in his speech.
  2. “Clinton Will Betray Workers On Trade”: Trump cites Clinton’s flip flop on the TPP, the Korea Deal and the Columbia Deal to reveal her inconsistency on international trade.
  3. “Clinton’s Foreign Policy Has Cost Americans Thousands Of Lives, Trillions Of Dollars, and Unleashed ISIS Across The World”: On this assertion, Trump points to Clinton’s original vote to support the war in Iraq, but then subsequent support of President Obama’s plan to withdraw forces — citing a Reuters report that Operation Iraqi Freedom cost trillions in taxpayer dollars. Trump also questions Clinton’s decision on how to handle ISIS and her intervention into Libya.
  4. “Among Clinton’s Victims Was Ambassador Chris Stevens”: Trump blasted Clinton over the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were murdered after the State Department — under Clinton’s watch — denied numerous requests for increased security.
  5. “Clinton Was At Home Sleeping While Attacks In Benghazi Continued”: “He was left helpless to die as Hillary Clinton soundly slept in her bed. That’s right. When the phone rang, as per the commercial, at three o’clock in the morning, Hillary Clinton was sleeping,” Trump stated during his speech, pointing to a report from that revealed Clinton said she decided to leave the State Department and work from home the night of the Benghazi attack.
  6. “Ambassador Stevens And His Staff In Libya Made Hundreds Of Requests For Increased Security And Were Denied”: The State Department denied numbers of requests for additional security in Benghazi during the months leading up to the attack.
  7. “Clinton Lied About A Video Causing The Deaths Of Americans In Benghazi”: Trump cites Clintons remarks on September 12, 2012 over the deaths in Benghazi, where she blamed the attack on a YouTube video. However, the night of the attack, Clinton emailed her daughter Chelsea Clinton and said the attack came from an “Al Qaeda-Like group,” according to NBC News.

Additionally, according to a State Department release, Clinton reportedly told the Egyptian Prime Minister that the attack in Benghazi “had nothing to do with the film” but rather “was a planned attack — not a protest.”

  1. “In Four Years Clinton Managed To Single Handedly Destabilize The Middle East And Hand Over Libya To ISIS”: Trump criticized Clinton for intervening in Libya without resolving how the country would be governed after Gaddafi was removed, and points to ISIS increasing its presence in Libya following the intervention.
  2. “Iran Is Now The Dominant Islamic Power In The Middle East And Is On The Road To A Nuclear Weapon, Thanks To Clinton”: Trump expresses criticism over Clinton’s support of the Iran deal, where the U.S. is giving billions to Iran and allowing sanctions relief where its economy could revitalize.
  3. “Hillary Has Supported Regime Change In Syria, Leading To One Of The Bloodiest Civil Wars And Giving ISIS A Launching Pad To The West”: Trump argues that Clinton’s support of a regime change in Syria resulted in ISIS obtaining territory gains.
  4. “Clinton Helped Force Out A Friendly Regime In Egypt”: Trump argued, “She helped force out a friendly regime in Egypt and replace it with the radical Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian military has retaken control, but Clinton has opened the Pandora’s box of radical Islam.”
  5. “Clinton’s Announced-Timetable for Withdrawal from Iraq Allowed ISIS to Rush In and Fill The Void”: The Trump campaign lists several news headlines where the Obama administration stated their plan for withdrawal, providing dates and as a result, “American and Iraqi analysts said the Qaeda franchise is shifting its tactics and strategies – like attacking Iraqi security forces in small squads – to exploit gaps left by the departing American troops and to try to reignite sectarian violence in the country,” according to The New York Times in 2011.
  6. “Clinton Learned Nothing From Iraq”: Trump argues the lessons from Iraq were ignored by Clinton, who, once she became Secretary of State, pushed the intervention into Libya, citing French Ambassador Gerard Araud who said, “It was the same mistake you made in Iraq” in reference to Libya.
  7. “Clinton Refuses To Acknowledge The Threat Posed By Radical Islam”: Trump took a swipe at Clinton, as he has Obama, for not identifying terrorism as “radical Islam.”
  8. “Clinton Supports A 550% Increase In Syrian Refugees”: Trump points to an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, where Clinton said she thinks Obama’s plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. wasn’t enough. “Look, we’re facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II, and I think the United States has to do more, and I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in,” stated Clinton.
  9. “Hundreds Of Immigrants And Their Children Have Been Recently Charged With Terrorism”: Trump cites a Fox News report that revealed Congressional data suggests hundreds of terror plans in the U.S. were stopped since September 11, 2001, and “at least 380 were foreign-born.”
  10. “Clinton Policy Is Motivated By 1,000 Foreign Donations That Weren’t Disclosed With The State Department”: Trump points to a 2015 report by Ken Silverstein in Harper’s Magazine which notes, “The Clinton Foundation is a professionally structured money-laundering operation.”
  11. “Bill Clinton Was Paid $750,000 From A Telecom Company Facing State Department Sanctions While Hillary Was Secretary of State, And Was Subsequently Spared”: The Trump campaign cites the book Clinton Cash, detailing the Swedish Telecom Giant Ericsson that came under pressure from the United States for selling equipment to oppressive governments that would allegedly use the equipment to control their people.
  12. “Clinton’s State Department Approved The Transfer of 20% Of America’s Uranium Holdings To Russia, While Investors Funneled $145 Million To The Clinton Foundation”: Trump again references Clinton Cash, which reveals a connection between the United State’s uranium holdings with Russia’s Uranium One to $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.
  13. “Hillary Clinton Appointed A Top Donor To A Sensitive National Security Board, Despite His Having No Credentials”: Trump argues that Rajiv Fernando, who donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, was appointed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the International Security Board although he didn’t have international security credentials, according to ABC News. The Washington Examiner reported that the State Department under Clinton’s watch then rushed top secret security clearance for Fernando.
  14. “Clinton Accepted Gifts From The Government Of Brunei As Secretary Of State As Brunei Pushed Sharia Law”: “Hillary Clinton accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of Brunei when she was Secretary of State – plus millions more for her foundation. The Sultan of Brunei has pushed oppressive Sharia law, including the punishment of death by stoning for being gay. The government of Brunei also stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Hillary’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she would absolutely approve if given the chance,” Trump alleged in his speech, citing donations to the Clinton Foundation and investigative reports from The Washington Free Beacon.
  15. “Hillary Took $25 Million From Saudi Araba, Where Being LGBT Is Punishable By Death”: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated more than $10 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Homosexuals are legally stoned to death in Saudi Arabia and women in Saudi Arabia are violently discriminated against.
  16. “Hillary Took Millions From Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, And Other Countries That Abuse Women And The LGBT Community”: Trump argues that the State of Kuwait, which was cited by the State Department in 2012 for Human Rights problems, donated at least $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Both Oman and Qatar, which were also noted by the State Department for Human Rights practices against women, donated at least $1 million to the Clinton Foundation.

  1. “Clinton Illegally Used A Private Email Server While At The State Department”: Trump cites 2005 State Department regulations that prohibited the use of a private, personal email server for government business to support his allegation that Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State where she used a private email server was illegal.
  2. “Clinton’s Emails Were Easily Hacked By Foreign Governments”: In this allegation, Trump cites an Associated Press report titled, “Clinton Server’s Software Had Hacking Risk,” which notes, “Two such hacking ‘scans’ occurred in 2012 from a Serbian computer looking for accessible doors or ‘ports’ into the server.”

Fox News has reported about a Romanian hacker who claims he hacked Clinton.

  1. “Clinton Deleted 33,000 Emails”: Trump cites Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, who in an interview with The Hill, said, “She didn’t want to be held accountable for her conduct in office.” The Hill reported, “Fitton told The Hill that he expects the government will eventually review the approximately 30,000 emails that Clinton claimed to have deleted from her server because they were personal in nature.”

40.”Clinton’s Private Emails Could Be Used as A Blackmail File for Foreign Governments”: In this assertion, Trump cites Forbes’ Paul Roderick Gregory, who reported in 2016 the Russian Intelligence Community supposedly knew about Clinton’s private server since 2013.

  1. “Clinton Will Pursue An Open Borders Policy”: Trump points to Clinton’s own immigration plan on her website as well as a Vanity Fair article noting, “In short, under Clinton’s policy, if you manage to sneak across the border illegally and make it into a city, you won’t be removed. You could call that open borders, except it’s messier. It’s more like a free-for-all.”
  2. “Minorities Will Be Hurt Most From Clinton’s Policies”: Trump argues Clinton’s plan to resettle foreign refugees into the U.S. will cost billions of dollars and that increased immigration will hurt American workers’ wages. He also notes the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data that shows a record high unemployment rate for both African Americans and Hispanics.
  3. “Sergeant Mendoza Brendam Died Because Of The Immigration Policies Supported By Hillary Clinton”: Trump argues that open border policies, which Clinton supports, result in crimes such as the murder of Sergeant Mendoza Brendam by an illegal immigrant who had previously been charged with other crimes in Colorado, but was never deported.
  4. “For The Amount Of Money Hillary Clinton Wants To Spend On Refugees, We Could Rebuild Every Inner-City In America”: Trump, citing a Breitbart News article, says the cost of resettling 10,000 refugees is $6.5 billion dollars, which brings Clinton’s plans into the hundreds of billions, when taking into account lifetime benefits.
  5. “Clinton’s Immigration Agenda Will Keep Them Poor, Unemployed Americans Out Of Work, And Hurt Minorities”: Trump cites the Center for Immigration Studies, which reports immigration lowers American workers’ wages by roughly $400 billion.
  6. “Clinton Will Appoint Judges Who Will Abolish The 2nd Amendment”: Trump challenges that if elected president, Clinton will appoint liberal activist judges who would support gun control measures. He cites her previous statement that Australia’s gun ban program was “worth considering” in America.
  7. “ObamaCare Is A Job-Killing Disaster”: On this assertion, Trump cites a Joint Committee on Taxation report and the Congressional Budget Office noting that the Affordable Care Act implements $859.7 billion in taxes on small businesses and innovation, as well as investments.
  8. “Real Wages Haven’t Increased For America Workers”: Trump argues that when considering inflation, a 2014 Pew Research Center Analysis showed, “Today’s Average Hourly Wage Has Just About The Same Purchasing Power As It Did In 1979.”
  9. “Clinton’s Regime of Taxation, Regulation, And Open Borders, Will Destroy Jobs And Drive Down Wages”: Trump argues that several reviews of Clinton’s tax plan by the Tax Foundation, a tax policy and research organization, suggest her plan would lower the size of the economy and drive down income. He also argues that according to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigration lowers American workers’ wages by at least $99 billion each year.

All Trump is really trying to do here is to simply lay out the facts, something that liberals tend to have a rather difficult time dealing with.  He laid out, very matter-of-factly, a pattern which should make it obvious to all but the most feeble of liberal minds the fact that Hitlery has absolutely no business running for president. Granted, Trump will likely lose the woman vote to Hitlery, but for no other reason than because most women, like blacks, tend not to look for much in the way of actual qualifications in their candidates.  Many women will vote purely on gender, in the belief that it’s finally time for a vagina in the Oval Office.

But look, the bottom line here is that low character voters will almost always support low character candidates.  As the old adage says, “Birds of a feather will flock together.”  This is the only reason Hitlery is the nominee of the Democrat Party.  While this applies to all parties across all political spectrums, it is especially evident in the supporters of Hitlery.  I mean, who would vote for someone that continually spits directly in their face, over and over again, and relishes in the fact that those fools give her never ending support no matter how disgraceful her behavior becomes. You got it. The Democrat voter will, and gladly so.

The Democrat Party is a freaking disgrace but sadly the Republican Party is not very far behind.  And then when you add a politicized Supreme Court and a do nothing Congress into the mix what you end up with is one poisonous cocktail that would be enough to choke the life out of any nation!  Which brings me, I suppose, to the election which looms a mere 132 days from today.  A period of time that will pass by all too quickly.  We need to get our priorities in order if we are to have any hope of salvaging what’s left of our country.  And while Trump is far from the perfect candidate, Hitlery is nothing less than a nightmare candidate.

The result of the progressive movement over the last two or three generations has sought to make accountability and responsibility of the individual of no worth; to make people as dependent as possible, on the largess of the government; to make morality, integrity, character, conscience and self-reliance into something ‘evil’ and make ‘if it feels good, then do it’ into a mockery of what is right and good. The end goal of the progressive movement is to create a world in which the government “is father, is mother, is brother, is sister, is lover and more” with an ‘enlightened elite’ in charge of all and unaccountable to absolutely no one.



Well, rumor has it that it’s the Democrat senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine, who now at least appears to have the inside track when it comes to who might be tapped as Hitlery’s vice president.  And after seeing how well this guy is able to tap dance around two of the issues that have already been shown to be pretty important this election season, abortion and gun control, it’s easy to see why he’s become the guy that those who get paid to ponder such things see as being the odds on favorite for the VP slot.  For instance, it was on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that little Chuckie Todd quizzed Kaine a bit on both issues.

Todd asked Kaine how he would go about describing his position on abortion.  Kaine essentially took the easy way out by saying, “I would say people use labels all the time.  But I’m kind of a, look, traditional Catholic.  I don’t like — personally, I’m opposed to abortion, and personally, I’m opposed to the death penalty.”  It was than that this dope went on to say, “I deeply believe — and not just as a matter of politics, but even as a matter of morality, that matters about reproduction and intimacy and relationships and contraception are in the personal realm.”  So we’re to believe that politics never enters into it?

It was then that this dolt said, “They’re moral decisions for individuals to make for themselves. And the last thing we need is government intruding into those personal decisions.” And then he went on to say, “So I have taken the position, which is quite common among Catholics — I have got a personal feeling about abortion, but the right rule for government is to let women make their own decisions.”  So we’re to believe that as a traditional Catholic his is someone who apparently has virtually no qualms about the killing of defenseless babies?  So, is that what it means to be a traditional Catholic here in 2016?

Kaine also made sure to point out how today the Supreme Court was going to issue a ruling in a case which he described as one that would challenge what he described as being the “onerous regulations” Texas has imposed on abortion clinics.  He said, “We fought those off in Virginia when I was governor because you have got to let people make their own moral choices when it comes to matters of reproduction, intimacy and relationships.”  And as it turned out he was correct and I’m sure he was quite pleased with the ruling since it turned out that 5 justices said there is nothing wrong with the murdering of helpless babies.

And it was from abortion that Mr. Todd, a self-described journalist, moved on to the subject of gun control.  And it was during this part of the conversation that Kaine went on to describe how he had previously voted for an “assault weapons” ban, but that he now thinks an even better way to “go at the problem” is to pass “limitations on the size of magazines and ammunition clips.”  Todd asked him if he is in favor of an assault-weapons ban.  Kaine responded in the affirmative saying, “I have voted for it, and I would likely vote for it again.”  And he then added, “But here’s a practical problem I think you’re aware of.”

Kaine said, “As soon as you define what an assault weapon is — you can’t sell a weapon and here’s how we describe it — gun manufacturers just make one adjustment or two and they say see, this isn’t subject to the limitation, whereas if you say you can’t sell an ammunition clip or a magazine that would have more than 10 or 12 rounds…I really think that’s probably the way to tackle the problem more effectively.”  This guy Kaine is such a disgustingly sleazy character, and as such there is little doubt that he’d make the ideal running mate for someone like Hitlery.  Hitery, she who is also nothing more than a slimy socialist.

It’s on the subject of abortion that Kaine is the perfect example of how it is that Democrats see virtually no reason which should prevent the killing of an innocent baby.  So while he claims that he personally doesn’t like abortion, he asks who is he to tell someone else how to live their lives.  Which is a little like saying, “While I personally don’t like people being murdered who am I to tell people that they shouldn’t go around killing other people.” Or how about if when slavery was very legal Republicans had said, “We personally don’t like slavery but who are we to tell someone else they can’t own other people.”

I think most intelligent people actually would view abortion as being something “intrinsically evil” even if it were determined, somehow, to be a “right”.  Excuse me if I seem more than a little confused, but how is it that possessing the ability to legally murder one’s own baby, right up to the time of giving birth, has now become so important to so many women in this country. This is quite the generation of mothers that we seem to have raised. And why should it be legal for a woman to murder another human being, but not legal for me and only because I’m a man?  How is it that we have allowed ourselves to have fallen so far?

And when it comes to gun control I’m quite sure that Mr. Kaine agrees wholeheartedly with Hitlery when she says that gun makers must be held accountable for the violence perpetrated with their guns.  So according to that logic, car makers, motorcycle makers, plane makers, knife makers, swimming pool makers, bicycle makers, skateboard makers, etc., etc., etc. must also be held accountable for the injury and death they cause.  And oh yes, what about the politicians who make decisions repeatedly to send our men and women off to war to be injured and killed, without giving them the necessary tools?  Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

And lastly, let’s be honest here shall we?  Criminals couldn’t care less what politicians choose to ban. These stupid laws do nothing but to turn law abiding citizens into criminals.  What Democrat scumbags like this douche bag, Kaine, choose to ignore is that what needs to be done is not to create even more gun laws, but to simply enforce the many gun laws already on the books. But look, the ultimate goal here is to prevent individuals from owning a gun.  So the purpose behind allowing laws to go unenforced is to increase the likelihood that events will take place that can then be exploited by Democrats to make the claim that all we need is stricter gun laws.



As we all know, Liberals have a rather tough time when it comes to being able to swallow cold, hard facts especially when it concerns those things they either don’t like (guns) or are very much in favor of (climate change).  Hence the reason those on the left, whether in government or in the media, are always inclined, and can be counted upon, to apply whatever amount of ‘spin’ that is seen as being necessary. For instance, Liberals aren’t at all fond of facts about guns which are not politically motivated in nature.  It’s by design, really, because, after all, agendas can’t move forward if the correct information is actually able to reach the voters.

Mr. Andrew Cline, who writes for ‘The Federalist’, makes an excellent point when he writes, “For the average American alive today, the odds of being murdered have never been lower, even though Americans possess millions more firearms.”  And he goes on to say, “The gulf between the facts about guns and the public’s perception is immense, and was created deliberately. Anti-gun advocates invent new terms (“assault weapon”) and politicians lie to win over a skeptical public. Too often these myths are swallowed by journalists and celebrities who don’t bother to check the data and don’t know how modern firearms actually work.”

The current big push coming from the state-controlled media has to with their claim that America simply has too many guns and that’s why there are so many gun deaths.  But that’s simply not true: as gun ownership rises, gun crime falls. Yet, liberals don’t want anyone to know this and that’s why paper’s like The Boston Globe, as Cline also notes, writes things like, “The United States has been pummeled by gun violence since the assault weapons ban expired in 2004.”  Most readers will just accept this as being fact and move on without ever knowing that gun violence has been falling for over 20 years now and doing nothing to see if this is actually true.

Here’s the raw data Cline cites in his article: between 1993-2013, the number of guns per person rose from 0.94 to 1.45. At the same time, the gun homicide rate fell 49%, from 7 to 3.6 per 100,000 people. Additionally, Pew reports that during roughly those same years, non-fatal gun victimizations have fallen from 725.3 to 174.8 per 100,000 people. It’s not just homicides that are decreasing.  But you’d never know any of that if your sole source of information was our own state-run propaganda system that, oddly enough, is still referred to by many as the ‘mainstream media.” Because it’s really anything but ‘mainstream.’

And everyone is all worried about those big, bad “assault” rifles that are killing everybody. Mr. Cline pitches numbers from the FBI showing a nearly 30% increase in purchases of AR-15-style rifles between 2010-2014 yet, saw murders by those same rifles fall each year: “367 in 2010; 332 in 2011; 298 in 2012; 285 in 2013; and 248 in 2014.”  Mr. Cline states, “The data produce one inescapable conclusion.”  And he adds, “The entire premise for a new ‘assault weapons’ ban — that the proliferation of ‘assault weapons’ has led to unprecedented carnage — is completely untrue.”  But, as we all know, Democrats are not the least bit interested in the truth.

So shout it from the mountaintops: there is a lot of violence in the United States, Cline concedes, but America’s love affair with guns isn’t what’s to blame, no matter how hard the state-controlled media, as well as nearly every member of the Democrat Party continues to in their effort to push that blatantly false narrative.  And all one has to do is to spend just a little time going in search of the facts.  A little time because they’re really so easy to find because they’re, quite literally, right there in front of you.  It’s just the left is hoping they can prevent you from going looking.  But they are out there my friends, so do yourself a favor, go looking!

Don’t be like so many who so willingly accept the propaganda hook, line, and sinker, whether it be about guns or anything else!  And don’t be someone for whom the facts simply don’t matter, only the narrative the Democrats are pushing.  And don’t be one of those folks who are so righteously indignant until they go on line to prove their point only to find out how wrong they really are!  You have to understand that facts don’t matter to liberals.  Liberals always try to ban, confiscate, stop, or demonize anything that offends them or messes with their anti-American agenda. It’s been going on for a long time as it’s just another name for communism and slavery.

Democrats operate on emotion over intellect and focus only on those issues likely to move elections in their direction.  They use propaganda in an effort to control the dialogue or, in necessary will resort to telling outright LIES.  So what you won’t hear is how our murder rates and neighborhood violence is a direct result of our government’s neglect to back up our police.  So when you have an atmosphere of hatred, division, violence, and turmoil like the one created by Barry’s government and laws are not enforced and law enforcement cannot do their jobs, lawlessness, violence and murders will always increase.  Bottom line, government is the biggest problem.

Let’s face it, Barry’s approach to current gun laws is pretty much the same as is his approach to current immigration laws.  Simply leave them unenforced and hope that something really bad will happen that you can then exploit in an effort to bolster any claim that might assist in the advancement of the anti-American agenda.  There are plenty of gun laws already on the books to the point where any new ones are simply not needed.  Simply enforce those already on the books.  But Barry, our chief law-enforcement official in the land, doesn’t appear to see the need to enforce those laws when not doing so might gain for him some manner of political leverage.

And, you know, for Democrats to use their supposed concern over public safety as being what’s behind their motivation for stricter gun control does nothing but to reveal them as being the true frauds that they are.  Because if they were truly concerned about public safety what they would have been doing all along, instead of constantly whining about how there are too many guns, is to have been advocating for every single American citizen, over the age of 21, to not only go out and purchase a gun, but to also obtain a permit to concealed-carry.  But they’ll never do that because public safety isn’t their primary concern. It’s not of any concern at all.



It was earlier this week that the Democrats in the House, led by that buffoon of a racist John Lewis, once again resorted to their typically sophomoric and obviously politically motivated antics all in an effort to move the ball forward in their drive to do that which they are so desperate to achieve.  That being, of course, the preventing of law abiding citizens from being able to own a gun in order to better protect themselves in our society which, because of this same Democrat Party, is growing increasingly violent.  And it’s with the most casual perusal of these Democrat favored gun restrictions that they are working so hard to foist on we the American people that makes painfully obvious the fact that they would make no appreciable difference in reducing gun violence.

While these hypocrites claim that public safety is their sole concern, we all know there’s much more to it than that.  As ‘Slow Joe’ would say, “It’s all just a bunch of malarkey!”  For instance let’s take a look at what took place over this past Father’s Day weekend in the city of Chicago, home of some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country.  It was during the weekend that the city recorded its 300th murder and beyond for a total count of 306 homicides so far in 2016.  The city recorded its 300th homicide this weekend and went on to record six others over a 60-hour period that saw 59 people shot, 13 fatally, from Friday afternoon through early Monday morning.  So by all means, let’s use Chicago as being our example for what Democrats claim is needed for solving what they call our continuing gun problem.

This year alone roughly 1,800 people have been shot across the ‘Windy City’ and more than 200 of those wounded have died of their wounds, that is according to records kept by the Chicago Tribune.  A total of 306 people have been killed this year by shooting, stabbing or other means, Tribune records show.   The Chicago Police Department is expecting that crime would “intensify” during the summer months.  But wait how can that be?  When you have a city that, arguably, possesses the strictest gun laws in the country, why is it that it continues to be so difficult to prevent, or at least better manage, this growing level of violence?  What it is that the Democrats want to do for those in a city already controlled completely by Democrats that would make this city safer?  I’d really be interested to find out!

And it was as recently as this past May that the police in that city issued a statement saying:  “As we look toward the summer months, Superintendent Johnson has made it very clear that the violence will not be tolerated – period,” the statement said. And it went on to say, “The cause of the violence traces back decades, and everyone has a role to play in fixing it – police working with parents, judges, residents, clergy, community leaders, and others. Put simply, we need more values, fewer guns and stronger sentences against violence offenders.”  That statement was made when the murder count stood at 244.  Now whether it’s ignorance or some blind devotion to leftist policies that simply never work, the leaders refuse to acknowledge the one thing that would actually reduce crime and save lives.  Increasing legal gun ownership.

Instead it would at least appear that the violence has only continued to be tolerated as city leaders refuse to do what they must know is the only viable solution.  And please excuse my confusion, but how is it that in a city with the sort of draconian gun laws that one finds in Chicago that there be, in any way, a call for fewer guns.  Whose guns is it that they are talking about?  And I thought it more than a little odd, even bizarre, to hear from those who reside in such a bastion of liberal lunacy, as is any big city in America, any reference being made about values as well as calling for stronger prison sentences.  Because when you consider that most of the crime in Chicago is black on black, I thought Democrats routinely make the claim that we already have far too many young black men in prison.

And yet it was after has taken place that our Democrat politicians saw fit to do nothing more than play politics, sitting on their pompous, and rather sizable, behinds, burning holes in the carpet there on the House floor complaining about the recent mass gun shooting in Orlando while ignoring completely the continuing tragedy that is being allowed to play out, day after day, in big cities like Chicago.  And while I may have been educated in New York even I’m able to come to the conclusion that 306 is a much bigger number than 49.  But according to the liberal Common Core math way of thinking, it’s just the opposite that’s true, with 49 being a bigger number than 306. Perhaps is it because we had a Muslim who was the alleged perpetrator in Orlando and not some random black man, that it somehow makes a difference?

The fact is that Barry’s true legacy will not likely be the one that either he, or any other Democrat will want to spend much time talking about.  Because it will be Barry’s legacy that paints a bloody picture and makes very clear how it was that all Barry was successful in bringing about during his tenure was death, destruction, hatred and constant turmoil, to America and the world.  Barry has been responsible for more death of any American president.  Thousands are killed every year in America because of Barry, and multi-millions have been killed around the world because of Barry’s drive to diminish America’s traditional leadership role.  And while it was the Clintons who brought low morals and lack of character to America and its elected officials, Barry has managed to take politics further into the gutter.

The bottom line here, and one that I would think by now should be painfully obvious, is how the Democrat Party, for at least the better part of the last 80 years, or maybe even longer, has proven itself to be a destructive, even toxic, force here in America.  It has it been, and it continues to be, not only extremely bad for our country but also for the entire world.  Never in our history have we experienced the level of corruption we’ve seen from this president.  And global turmoil, violence and chaos as never been greater with it all able to be traced directly back to the disastrous foreign policy put forth by this country and the architect of which is Barack Hussein Obama and his incompetent cohorts Hiltery Clinton and John Kerry-Heinz.  We must rid ourselves of this political sewage come this November, or we’re ALL dead!


Obama to name Loretta Lynch as attorney general

Let me begin by once again thanking our hapless boob of a leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, for the extra effort expended on his part to make sure that yet another racist political hack, Loretta Lynch, was confirmed to replace the original racist political hack, Eric Holder, as Attorney General.  I’m not sure how we would have ever survived without her calling every police department in the country racist, allowing men to use women’s restrooms and telling us to love those who are working so hard in their attempt to kill as many of us as they can.  Thank God for Ms. Lynch!

Which brings me what our esteemed Attorney General has offered to us as being her best advice, thus far, regarding how best to respond to these murdering Islamic terrorists. You see, it’s according to Ms. Lynch that what we should do is to offer them a little love and compassion.  Love and compassion?  Meanwhile, these brutal Islamic jihadists with an end goal of global conquest are killing Christians (including beheading children) and raping Yazidi girls and burning them alive if they refuse their captors. The lives of the families of the victims of 9/11 were forever changed.

The Islamic State, you know those guys who Barry once referred to as being “the JV Team” has now called on its followers to wreak all manner of terror on America, and it was an Islamic jihadist who recently gunned down nearly 50 innocent people in Orlando.  And no matter how hard Barry and, his trusty sidekick, Ms. Lynch, try to downplay every Islamic aspect of it, it doesn’t change the fact about who and what this attack was all about.  And it’s their actions that continue to make very plain the fact that they simply refuse to take this issue seriously enough.

The number of global victims of Islamic jihad and terror is incalculable – including the murder of over 10 million of their fellow Muslims since 1948, but Loretta Lynch advises us that the best responses to terrorism is love and compassion. If members of the Islamic State rampaged through Lynch’s home with masks and weapons while shouting “Allahu akbar!”, would she greet them with love and compassion? Of course not, because, we can assume, she loves and cares about her family.  So why is it that that’s what we are told to do?

Her words of advice on how to respond to terrorism are about as unloving and uncompassionate to victims of terrorism as one could possibly get.  By my estimation, Loretta Lynch ranks in the top 5% of useful idiots.  But why should we expect any different.  This administration is literally chocked full of Muslim sympathizers and the Democrat Party as a whole has continued to demonstrate, on any number of occasions, on whose side it is in this continuing battle.  And it most certainly is NOT on the side of the potential targets, we the American people!

And it was David Rutz of ‘The Washington Free Beacon’ who wrote, just yesterday, in his piece titled,  “Lynch: Best Response to Terrorism Is Love and Compassion”:  “Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.

Lynch said the Department of Justice stood in solidarity with the LGBT community “in the light” following a Muslim terrorist’s massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub last week.

“We stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil, that our common humanity transcends our differences, and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love,” Lynch said. “We stand with you today as we grieve together, and long after the cameras are gone, we will continue to stand with you as we grow together in commitment, in solidarity, and in equality.”

Lynch, in doing her best Susan Rice impersonation, was sent out in an effort to defend the administration’s idiotic decision to redact transcripts between law enforcement and the terrorist, Omar Mateen, during his attack.  And those in the state-controlled media were only too happy, even eager, to assist her, any way they could, in that endeavor.  Because if the truth be known, the vast majority of those who fondly refer to themselves as being journalists are themselves nothing more than Muslim sympathizers willing to help in any way they can in the dismantling of America.

And let’s face it, Lynch, like Barry himself, has been accepting bribes in the form of scholarships, jobs, and promotions her entire life, while more qualified people were overlooked.  There is no doubt that this woman is a leftist idiot who follows in the footsteps of her criminal predecessor, Eric Holder in corrupting what has become over the course of the last seven years, the Department of Injustice. One more government institution that serves illegals, felons, deadbeats, and Muslims far better that is serves the American people.  She obviously has no interest in stopping the terrorists.

And let’s be honest here, Lynch simply does not possess the intellectual capacity to even attempt to grasp the most basic understanding of Islam and is simply too lazy to set about trying to educate herself.  And yet she wants, to make policy without in spite of that lack of understanding.  And how stupid do you really need to be to think that Lynch truly believes that giving unconditional love to these murdering ‘religious’ fanatics will actually help in any meaningful way?  The nonsense that she continues to spew is nothing more than politically correct drivel.

All I’m saying is, is that it’s time to wake up people. We need to do everything in our power to prevent those who wish to come to our country for no other reason that kill us.  Those who belong to this cult of Islam cannot be cured by the offering of unconditional love. They’re simply not wired up that way.  And as is the case with most Western elites, the majority of which reside on the left, Lynch is so very far out of her depth to the point where she has come to represent a danger nearly as significant as the one we’re made to face from the terrorists.

These elites spend zero time on the basic reading list of Islam: the Sira, hadiths, Koran, classical commentaries, manuals of Sharia law and books of fatwas, to say nothing of modern jihad manuals that explain and in GREAT DETAIL the motivations of these jihadists.  She cannot, and should not even attempt to, make policy without reading them.  At the end of the day there is but one way to deal with the devout followers of this supposed ‘religion of peace’.  And that would be complete annihilation.  Because the threat they represent is just that serious.


Trump 12

To all of those in the Republican Party who are now coming completely unglued over the fact that Donald J. Trump has now become our presumptive nominee and to those who continue to plot and connive in order to come up with some way, any way, to prevent him from becoming the party’s candidate this November, I have but one thing to say.  It all could have so easily been avoided.

Because it was back in 2010 only two years after Barry’s election, an election that many on the left had boldly declared, at the time, marked the end of the Republican Party as we knew it, the American people had a different idea, recognizing the direction that Barry sought to take the country was not the direction that they wished the country to go.  Much to the chagrin of those on the left.

Recognizing that displeasure in the American electorate Republicans promised those voters that if they would provide to them control of Congress they would then do all in their legislative power to prevent Barry from doing further damage to the country.  The American people believed them and handed to the Republicans control of the House while reducing the Democrat majority in the Senate.

And how was it that the American people were repaid for placing their trust in the Republican Party.  By being forced to watch as the House, led by John Boehner, proceeded to grant every single spending request Barry asked for. and refused to pull out every stop in an effort to prevent Obamacare from becoming the ugly reality that it has turned out to be.  Promises were broken, the people felt betrayed.

By the time 2012 arrived, Barry had been slowed very little. Again the Republicans came before the people and made much the same promises that were made in 2010.  But this time the voters were skeptical of all the promises being made.  And who could blame them.  And when the dust settled the Republicans still controlled House albeit with 8 fewer members and in the Senate their numbers were reduced by 2.

By 2014 Barry had demonstrated a willingness to use his phone and his pen to wreak even more havoc.  The Republicans again went to the voters and again promised that if they could be trusted with control of Congress they would do everything possible to put a crimp in Barry’s leftist agenda. The voters bought it and provided to the Republicans control of the Senate and the largest majority in the House since WW II.

And what did the Republicans do with their newfound power?  The answer to that question also provides to us with a clue as to why it is that Donald J. Trump has come to be in the position which he now finds himself.  Because never has a political party squandered so much in so short a period of time, a mere 18 months, as have the Republicans since assuming control of Congress.  It has been a continuing fiasco.

If only some of what had been promised had, at least, even been attempted then in all likelihood Mr. Trump would have long ago been forced to exist the race.  Instead, the Republicans thought it would be cute to play the voters for fools. Now their being made to face the consequences.  Trump is essentially their own creation.  And instead of whining about it they should simply accept it and move on.