Flake 9

So what do you think it is, exactly, that drives RINO Jeff Flake?  And who is it that he thinks he’s really fooling here?  If nothing else Flake will be forever known as the perfect poster-boy for that cadre of liars that we routinely identify as RINOs.  He’s proven himself to be worse even than his mentor, ‘The Maverick’. The only other one who even comes close is Romney. I still can’t believe that Utah actually put that snake in the Senate. But that’s a discussion for another day.  In getting back to Flake, he continues to be suffering from what can only be delusions of grandeur as he apparently hasn’t yet ruled out making a run at President Trump come 2020.

I seriously doubt he thinks he can beat the president. Instead I think his true objective would only be to make it easier for any Democrat candidate to win.  That said, it was this past Friday evening during an interview over there at ‘fake news’ headquarters, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), that Flake said he hasn’t yet ruled out running against President Trump in 2020.  It was none other than that ‘King of Fake News’, faux journalist Jim Acosta who asked, “Let me ask you this. As you’re leaving Congress, as you’re leaving Washington, you’ve said a Republican needs to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. Is that going to be you on the Republican side, Senator?”

Flake responded, “There are others that seem more willing than I am. I’ve been doing this for 18 years now. It’s – it’s nice to look forward to a little break. But somebody does need to challenge the President.”  Which prompted Acosta to ask, “Will you think about it, do you think? Will you consider it?”  Flake said, “Like I said, I haven’t ruled it out, I’m a long way from there. But somebody needs to. I think that the country needs to be reminded what it means to be conservative, certainly on the Republican side, and what it means to be decent as well because we need a lot more of that in our politics.”  I still find it odd that Flake views himself as a conservative.

Flake has long had a rather adversarial relationship with the president. Flake has denounced him repeatedly as deviating from ‘his’ vision for the Republican Party.  As if HIS vision of the party is somehow the right one.  And since he didn’t have enough support to be elected dogcatcher, Flake opted to ‘retire’ instead of running for reelection last November. Back in August, when asked if he thought he could win a Republican primary for his seat, he said, “Not a chance today. That won’t always be the case, but it is today. This is the president’s party much to my consternation and I think the long-term detriment to the party. I hope that’s not always the case.”

At the end of the day I’m thinking that no one really cares what Flake does. And my advice to him would be to just get over himself and move on, that horse is now officially dead!  But seriously, what possible career path might he have in mind?  Perhaps a lobbyist?  Doubtful, because I just don’t think he’s that smart, and who is it, anywhere in Washington, that would want to be seen in the company of this dirt bag?  The people at MSNBC have sucked up to him for years, but they’re not going to hire him for anything other than an occasional comment, or when in need of someone to attack President Trump. He has little credibility on any important topic.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run as a Democrat or, at the very least, an Independent.  He strikes me as being another Charlie Crist of Florida or Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania.  These guys were scumbag opportunists willing to change sides whenever convenient because, after all, it was not really about standing on principle, or even about their constituents, it was only about themselves, and what it might take to keep them in power. Arlen was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, then he switched back to Democrat under ex-president Obummer.  Unprincipled turncoats, every damn one of them.

Flake accuses the president of deviating from HIS vision of the Republican Party and yet I think it’s safe to say that it’s Flake who stands at complete odds with over 90 percent of all Republicans.  Flake is a petty, petulant, adolescent, backstabbing little coward of a man, a progressive Democrat, really, claiming to be a conservative Republican.  We all watched as he chose to cave on Judge Kavanaugh after being confronted by a bunch political activists in an elevator and who also happened to be on the payroll of Democrat Sugar-Daddy, George Soros.  The man has no integrity, no spine, no leadership potential, and should now at this point just get out of the way.


tornado 2

Call me what you will, a denier or even a flat-earther, but it seems to me that the more dire the prediction about how ‘climate change’ causes everything from increasingly violent storms to rising sea levels, the rarer it is that any of these predictions ever materialize.  A case in point is how, despite dire predictions of an increase in severe weather events due to ‘climate change’, the Washington Post says 2018 is poised to become the first year on record with no violent tornadoes in the U.S.

And yet it was according to the Post’s ‘weather writer’, Ian Livingston, that while it may indeed be record-breaking, 2018 is not altogether exceptional, since “there have been downtrends in violent tornado numbers both across the entire modern period, and when looking at just the period since Doppler radar was fully implemented across the country in the mid-1990s.”  And it was that he went on to say, “A 15-year average as high as 13.7 in the mid-1970s will drop to 5.9 next year.”

And 2018 will not only set a record for zero “violent” tornadoes, or those ranked EF4 or EF5 on a 5-point scale, but will likely also set a record as well for the fewest “intense” tornadoes (F/EF3+).  With just two days to go, 2018 has seen only 12 intense tornadoes in the U.S., three fewer than the current record-holding year of 1987, which had 15.  Unsurprisingly, the number of tornado deaths in 2018 is also remarkably low at ten and could also turn out to be a record.

Now to my way of thinking, it would seem that those preaching the perils of supposed ‘climate change’ might have a bit of “splainin’ to do” when it comes to convincing the public how it was that a declining number of intense tornadoes was in fact caused by global warming.  But I’m sure they’ll come up with something.  In past years, everything from cold winters to warm summers have all been blamed on ‘climate change’ and I’m quite sure this latest phenomenon will prove to be no different.

‘Climate change’ has long been sort of a catch-all for the left. It was in 2015 that Susan Rice, you’ll remember her as being the one who busily traveled around lying about how it was that a video was solely responsible for the death of four Americans, including our ambassador, in Benghazi, suggested that ‘climate change’ was at least partially responsible for the war in Syria and Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza blamed government-imposed energy rations on ‘climate change’ as well.

And there seems to be absolutely nothing that cannot be blamed on ‘global warming’ nor the all-encompassing ‘climate change’.  It was back in 2017 that extremely cold temperatures in vineyards of western New York state were attributed to ‘climate change’, while in 2018 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration argued that “climate change” is the driving force behind the massacre of thousands of predominantly Christian farmers at the hands of Fulani herdsmen.

I remain convinced that those denying climate ‘change’ is simply that, are creating scenarios that simply don’t exist.  You’ll remember that it was climate prophet, Al Gore, who once said there would come to be no ice at the poles, and now there is more ice than ever.  And it was just this past September that Al was telling a gathering of the faithful in San Francisco that watching the nightly news “is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation” as severe climate events become a daily affair.

And not to be outdone, governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown, a well-known ‘evangelist’ for climate change, recently blamed ‘climate change’ for California wildfires, adding that climate skeptics were responsible for the deaths of California residents.  He said, “Managing all the forests in everywhere we can does not stop climate change.”  And he added, “And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years.”

So if there are severe tornadoes, that is proof of man-made ‘climate change’. And if there is an absence of severe tornadoes, that too is proof of man-made ‘climate change’. If the Earth’s temperature rises, that is proof of man-made ‘climate change’ and if the temperature falls, that’s proof of man-made ‘climate change’. Everything is proof of man-made ‘climate change’. It has to be that way because all they have is a ‘theory’ that is highly suspect based entirely on ‘science’ that is completely bogus.

It’s for very obvious reasons, I think, that this religious orthodoxy that is the belief in ‘climate change’ will never acknowledge anything that can be seen as not fitting their accepted narrative.  In truth this movement is nothing more than an obvious scam to transfer wealth and a power grab scheme. Once again we hear nothing from this very same group about what is the worsening pollution, and on a massive scale, committed by China, India and other developing nations. Why do you suppose this is?

The Left, no matter where you find it, claims that America and, to a lesser degree, Europe owe the rest of the world for all the past environmental damage they have committed.  The Left has used moral relativism to parlay a feeling of guilt into a rather handsome profit.  Third world dictators are the recipient of a wealth transfer from which they then make massive donations to Democrats. Meanwhile the middle class is gutted while dictators and their Democrat enablers get very wealthy.

So just to be perfectly clear here, the sky is most certainly not falling.  However, I do not disagree that we have ‘climate change’ taking place.  But with that said, I would argue that the climate, by changing, is only doing that which it has been doing ever since this rock we call ‘Earth’ first came into being.  Man is far too insignificant to have any effect on the climate, one way or the other.  ‘Climate change’ is a natural occurring event that takes place in cycles.  To assume anything otherwise is to make it quite obvious just how gullible you really are.



It would seem that an alliance has now been cobbled together between those who might have once been considered as unlikely bedfellows.  You see, it’s the ‘Never Trumpers’ on the ‘right’ now teaming up with the Democrats on the left in an effort to remove a duly elected president.  And it was one of the more vocal members of the ‘Never Trumper’ crowd, John Podhoretz, a contributing editor for the now-defunct ‘Never Trump’ magazine the Weekly Standard, who tweeted on Wednesday that he wondered whether the U.S. economy tanking would lead to President Trump losing enough support from Republicans in Congress that he would be removed from office.

Podhoretz is a top ‘Never Trumper’ who has spent much of his time criticizing the president as well as those who support him.  And by actually hoping for the economy to tank, it would seem that he has now officially gone ON THE RECORD as having a position that there can now be no consequence we can now be made to suffer that can be described as being too severe, as long as it results in President Trump being removed from office.  Podhoretz seems to be hoping for our economy to collapse and that that collapse would then convince those who support the president to abandon him so that we can then proceed with the truly important business of impeaching him.

And it was the day after Christmas that Podhoretz tweeted out: “How many people’s hearts sank when they saw the Dow went up 1,000 points because they really hoped Trump had plunged us into a bear market that would cause GOP legislators to turn on him and support removal after impeachment?”  And before that, on Christmas Eve, it was his trusty sidekick over there at the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, who tweeted: “A question to debate at your Christmas meal or Chinese restaurant: Has the combination of the November election results plus a bear market plus the departure of Mattis begun—at last!— to shake Republican support for Trump?”

Podhoretz’s and Kristol’s tweets came as the stock market suffered heavy losses heading into Christmas and then on Wednesday, when the market made a very significant comeback as it rallied back with a historic boom of more than thousand point in just a single day.  And it’s on the impeachment front that the presumed incoming House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, remains under significant pressure to bring forth impeachment measures against President Trump to begin once the new Congress is in place, but it’s much to the disappointment of Podhoretz, and the rest of his merry band of ‘Never Trumpers’, that for now she seems to be resisting.

It was back in mid-December during a press conference that Pelosi, when asked about impeachment, said, “Let me just say that it’s interesting that these allegations are coming from his own Justice Department. This is not Robert Mueller, this is about the Justice Department. We’ll see how they pursue it.”  And she went on to say, “But from our standpoint, what we’re interested in is meeting the needs of America’s working families.”  And it was her partner in slime, Steny Hoyer, the incoming House Majority Leader, who said that impeachment talk is “premature” for now.  But there are many other Democrats chomping at the bit when it comes to impeachment.

And let’s face it, it’s no accident that a recent move by the Fed tanked the market and wiped out much of its gains over this past year driven by President Trump’s improving economy.  ‘NeverTrump’ stooges point to the great day the market had a few days ago as an argument for the Fed, but the truth is that it happened IN SPITE of the Fed, not BECAUSE of it.  The Democrat/NeverTrump alliance now runs all across ‘The Swamp’ that is our nation’s capital, and they are willing to do ANYTHING to get rid of the president. Mueller has failed, so the Fed now seems like just another weapon in their continuing effort to sabotage the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

The ultimate goal of those now aligning themselves against the president is the eventual destruction of America.  Because as long as the United States remains the free nation it was always meant to be it will remain an impenetrable barrier to the globalist agenda. The president has put into place policies that have created jobs, raised wages, and has been working on filling the judiciary with conservative, and not liberal activist judges.  And something that you’ll hear from neither the ‘Never Trumpers’ nor the Democrats is how his approach seems to be working, and working incredibly well.  And for some bizarre reason none of that seems to matter.

The ‘Never Trumpers’ along with their many allies on the Left, now endorse the pursuing of a ‘crash the economy’ ploy in their effort to bring to an end to the Trump presidency.  It is a ‘scorched earth’ mentality that has them willing to inflict any amount of damage and pain on the American people, just to get President Trump out of the White House. And it’s not because of anything he’s done: they started working on getting his Presidency annulled even before he was inaugurated. It’s not a matter of performance in office. This is an effort to nullify an election and disregard the will of the voters just because they don’t like who the American people elected.

I only hope the American people are able to see through all of this political nonsense.  Many of those who we were once led to believe were on our side have, with the election of President Trump have now been revealed to be the frauds they have always apparently been.  How is it that ANYONE who has ever referred to themselves as a ‘conservative’ should have that much to complain about when it comes to the Trump Presidency?  Granted, ‘The Wall’ has not yet been built, but even with that I have not yet been convinced that it’s time to depart the ‘Trump Train.’  The focus should continue to be on getting rid of as many RINOs as we possibly can.


Schumer 34

What we now see coming from many in Washington, as well as in our ‘fake news’ news media, is really nothing more than another classic example of how it is that Democrats continue to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what it is that they themselves have long been so very guilty of. It was during Friday’s Democrat Weekly Address that Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, stated this week “may have been the most chaotic week of what’s undoubtedly the most chaotic presidency ever in the history of the United States.”  He said, “This may have been the most chaotic week of what’s undoubtedly the most chaotic presidency ever in the history of the United States.”

Chuckie went on to say, “The stock market is in a tumult and in decline. The secretary of defense, one of the only pairs of steady hands in our government, is resigning from the administration in protest. And the United States is pulling out of Syria, and likely Afghanistan, abandoning our coalitions, allies, and the Kurds, and surrendering the field to Putin, Iran, Hezbollah, ISIS, the Taliban, and Bashar al-Assad. The position of defense secretary, of attorney general, of ambassador to the United Nations, of interior secretary, and even…chief of staff to the president are all in flux. The institutions of our government lack steady and experienced leadership.”

And still he continued, saying, “With all of these departures, it’s about to get even more unsteady. The president is making decisions without counsel, without preparation, and even without communication between relevant departments and relevant agencies. All of this turmoil is causing chaos in the markets, chaos abroad, and it’s making the United States less prosperous and less secure. And to top it all off, President Trump has thrown a temper tantrum, and now has us careening towards a Trump shutdown over Christmas.”  However, the only ones I view as throwing a tantrum are those like Chuckie who seem to be consumed by their hatred of Trump.

So I beg to differ with the assessment of our current situation by this rabid ideologue from New York and blatant hater of America. It is not chaos that’s being created by the president, but is instead improvement. What chaos there is now taking place is, and in its entirety, being created by those the Left.  Democrat front-groups such ‘Antifa,’ ‘Black Live Matter’, the so-called ‘Resistance’, or any other group, clique, cadre or gang who calls the left ‘Home’ are the true perpetrators of any ongoing chaos.  And the only chaos in foreign affairs is in England, France and Germany, where the people haven’t yet succeeded in throwing off the yoke of globalism.

President Trump was elected by the people of the United States with the promise of securing our border and protecting Americans. Chuckie was elected by those New York, one of the great bastions of leftwing lunacy.  If you listen to Chuckie his only interest is in doing what he views as being the best for his party.  Which is to allow into this country millions of new Democrat voters in the form of illegal immigrants.  And if we don’t have the right to have a wall on our border to protect us from those who would harm us then why is that those like Chuckie and Pelosi, and every other member of the leftist elite, have a right to have a wall around their homes.

Democrats continued to obstruct and undermine President Trump at every turn. And it’s obvious that the ‘fake news’ news media hates the president as much, if not more, then the Democrats do.  Hollyweird has gone completely bonkers and continues to be in denial that President Trump won the election. The president has already done far more in two years than Barry ‘O’ did in eight. I voted for President Trump to shake up the institutions that were running us headlong into a globalist nightmare. While it would have helped to get assistance from Republicans and maybe even some Democrats, I’m really not surprised they’re fighting him tooth and nail.

Where were these same Democrats, the ‘fake news’ pukes and Hollyweird elites, while Barry ‘O’ was busy allowing the world to burn and while he did his best to “fundamentally transform” America?  And weren’t they the same ones who were hoping Hitlery would be able to finish what Barry started?  When you’re forced to repair something that wasn’t really broken in the first place, the pieces don’t always go back into place as they originally were.  We may have to add a little material here and there to fill in a few gaps but I have no doubt that when President Trump gets finished, the whole will likely be in MUCH better shape than it was before he started.

Chuckie, along with his partners in crime, is the one responsible for creating all of this chaos.  You might recall how a few years ago Chuckie was for the wall, but now that Trump is president it’s a terrible thing so he is now very much against it. He, like every other Democrat, is a fraud.  He is doing all this to spite President Trump, because Trump won and Hitlery lost. Most Americans want the wall, Republicans and even some Democrats. Why wouldn’t they?  Do they want to be overrun by all of Cental and South America?  There is an orderly form of immigration that is actually necessary, but it isn’t throwing our borders wide open. That’s nothing short of insanity.

It’s obvious that the majority of people in Washington want as many illegals as possible coming across our border unimpeded and they want us to continue to be bogged down in Middle East conflicts with no chance of resolution. And they think it’s acceptable to spy on private citizens if it advances their agenda and it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy people who they don’t like or who question the way things have always been done. They have a general contempt for the people of this country and lie to us on what has become a daily basis. These are things we have long suspected but their hatred for President Trump has now caused them to expose themselves.


Kaine 1

It’s a very rare thing when I see taking the advice of a Democrat as being something anywhere near worth pursuing.  But it was this past Friday, on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports, of all places, that Little Timmy’ Kaine, scumbag Democrat from Virginia, said senators cannot give President Trump funding for his border wall because that would be backing down to a “bully.”  Yup, that’s the best rationale this moron could come up with.  But that said, there was some truth in his bringing up the topic of bullying, because there is some bullying taking place here.

‘Little Timmy’ said, “Let me tell you what we can’t do. I have a long rule from about elementary school that you do not back down to a bully. You never back down to a bully. We had a bipartisan deal that the White House signed off on and the Senate passed unanimously less than 48 hours ago. Now the White House is backing down, and the president said, ‘Although I said that I would take the deal, I am not. Give me five billion dollars.’ Now normally, if you want to add something, you offer something.”  Now I may be wrong, but that’s not exactly how the Democrats operate.

Anyway, ‘Little Timmy’ then went on to say, “What he has offered? Get this; my offer is I will not punish 800,000 federal employees before Christmas by shutting the government down. That is a bully tactic. This president caves to bullies, and so he bows to bullies like North Korea and Russia, and Turkey and even China.”  And he added, “You are not going to see this senator and I don’t think you will see the United States Senate cave to a bully saying you give me what I want or I will punish 800,000 federal employees.”  Punish 800,000 federal employees?  Really?  What a crock!

After all, isn’t it really ‘Little Timmy’ and his fellow Democrats who are really doing all of the bullying here?  And doesn’t that seem to be straight out of the Alinsky playbook?  I watched Chuckie Schumer’s speech from there on the Senate floor. His argument is last year 1.3 billion was allocated, and the majority has not been spent. His next argument is that Trump supporters “are never happy.”  I was pretty damn happy when the Freedom Caucus rose up in defiance.  Chuckie is playing politics just as is ‘Little Timmy.’ Somehow if we don’t throw open the border we’re bullies.

But ‘Little Timmy’ is 100 percent when he says there’s bullying go on here.  But he’s being a bit more than disingenuous about who it is that’s real perpetrator of that said bullying! And that is, of course, ‘Little Timmy’ himself and his fellow Democrats.  And it is President Trump, and the nation, who now need to follow Timmy’s advice and stand up to this ‘No-Borders, No Walls’ cabal! The Democrat-Progressive-Statist-Socialists have lived in power and have refused to solve the nation’s problems. It is time to protect our rights, and our countrymen, from invasion and bankruptcy.

‘Little Timmy’ has a well-earned reputation for being little more your typical leftwing ‘loud mouth’, and was likely one who instigated the fights throughout his youth, then ran to the back of the crowd, like the little wimp that he was, and remains still, once the fists started flying!  Democrats are traitors to our country and their position on any issue is always determined by the politics of the issue.  As in which position will garner for them the most votes.  And the desire here is to create for themselves a flood new voters who will then proceed to vote for them and only for them.

What President Trump is employing here are not the tactics of a bully. As I said, if anything he’s actually the one standing up to those who are the true bullies on ALL of this. President Trump is only doing what he promised to do, that being doing all that he can in his effort to protect America from leftist bullies like ‘Little Timmy’ who resort to using bully tactics like name calling (deplorables, or “dregs of society”), intimidation (courtesy of Robert Mueller), and violence (Antifa and BLM).  President Trump is standing with America not the global elites who constantly bully America.

So you see President Trump isn’t the bully, it’s the Democrats, Mueller and the ‘fake news’ media who are the bullies. Based on what ‘Little Timmy has said, President Trump should have the Republicans pull all the funding from the bill that Democrats want, from the Mueller investigation, and from NPR/Planned Parenthood and let the negotiations begin. For every dollar the Democrats get the president should get an equal amount from them, it is only fair.  ‘Little Timmy’ and all his friends own the shut down because they voted down the funding. You can’t blame this on the president.



It’s oh so simple and yet many Republican politicians still don’t get it.  Promising to build the wall on our southern border is why Republicans won and failing to make good on that promise is why they lost, and will continue to lose.  That said, support for building a wall on our southern border has now at its highest level on record, so says a Quinnipiac University released on Tuesday.  In reporting the results of its latest poll it said, “This is the highest level of support for the wall since the independent Quinnipiac University National Poll first asked the question in November 2016.”

Forty-three percent of voters now support building the border wall, while 54% oppose it, that according to the national survey of 1,147 voters, conducted Dec. 12-17, 2018.  The record 43% support represents a five-point jump from its August 15, 2018 level of 38% and is up seven points from its year-ago level of 36% (Dec. 13, 2017). Back on April 20, 2017, only 33% of voters nationwide supported building a border wall.  By party affiliation, Republicans overwhelmingly support building the wall, Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it, and Independents are divided:

  • Republican Support: 86%
  • Democrat Opposition: 90%
  • Independents: 47% Support, 51% Oppose

And it was yet another poll, the Morning Consult poll, that revealed Republican voters view immigration reform and the building of a wall along America’s southern border as being two of their top issues.  This as Congress faces a December 21 deadline to partially fund the government.  President Trump has demanded $5 Billion in border wall funding; however, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders suggested on Tuesday that they might accept something less than $5 Billion and would then look for what she described as an ‘alternative’ means of funding the border wall.

Forty-eight percent of Republican voters said that immigration is a “top priority” for Congress, 48 percent said reducing the deficit is a top issue, and 43 percent of Republican voters said building a wall was among the highest for Congress, and 43 percent of Republican voters ranked healthcare reform as a top priority.  Entitlement reform and infrastructure spending ranked 37 percent and 35 percent, respectively, for Republican voters.  They ranked the investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump and the Russian government as their lowest priority at 11 percent.

Republicans also listed finance reform, gun control, and amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal aliens, otherwise known as “Dreamers,” amongst their lowest priorities for Congress.  All of which, along with the impeachment of President Trump, just happens to be all of the items that are right up there at the very top of the Democrats ‘To Do’ list.  By handing to the Democrats control of the House in the last election, demonstrates, I think, a willingness by the American voter to bite their collective nose to spite their face.

Look, I can see why many folks may seem ready to give up on the president over this border wall issue, trust me when I say I’m none too pleased myself.  But the Democrats, and many RINOs, DO NOT want this border wall to be either funded nor built because they see it as a way of fracturing the president’s base and therefore his support.  So while we may be frustrated with the lack of progress, perhaps we should be a bit more focused in our determining at whom that frustration should be aimed.  As I have said before President Trump has delivered on much of what he promised.

We all knew ‘The Wall’ was going to be a difficult fight.  Perhaps if President Trump were to call for a national televised address during which he could show the American people the chaos taking place at our southern border.  And he could show why that concrete bollard wall works to help agents control the border and how stupid loopholes in the asylum laws are luring this growing number of immigrants, who get sent home anyway after tremendous expense and trouble. This is a national emergency.  If the wall goes unbuilt, Trump likely will not get reelected.

He might also want to take the opportunity to explain some basic facts.  Such as how Mexico is in a state of disintegration due to drug money and corruption, how 27,000 Mexicans were murdered last year, how over 70,000 Americans have died due to opioid overdoes, the cost of medical care, incarceration, border protection and related police costs inside the U.S. and welfare costs easily exceed 25 Billion a year.  Any American or politician or foreign citizen critical of the effort to build the wall and serious rework of our immigration laws is, in short, contributing to death.

Our Republican lead Congress has had two full years to get it done only to fail, and rather spectacularly so.  And so thanks to their inability, and/or unwillingness, to make good on the promise made to the American people, and because they chose to punt on this issue, we will now have a House controlled by the Democrats and whose Speaker will now be someone who is nothing more than a rabid leftwing political ideologue whose primary purpose in life will be to construct the necessary evidence to bring about the impeachment of our current, and duly elected, president.

And just like how we had Republicans, for several years, talking about doing away with Obamacare, until we had a Republican in the White House who could have made that a reality, we have long had Democrats talking about border security until we had that same Republican in the White House who could make it happen.  But it’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ on both sides that has become the chief impediment to achieving both.  Neither the ‘Never Trumpers’ nor the Democrats seem willing to allow President Trump the ability to claim any level of accomplishment.


Trump 12

First let me start by saying that I have NEVER in my adult life agreed with anything that has come out of the mouth of our less than stellar ex-vice president ‘Slow Joe’ Biden.  BUT…with that said I’m afraid in this one instance I just might find myself in somewhat of agreement.  It was when he recently told ‘The Intercept’ that it was in his humble opinion that “anybody can beat” President Trump in 2020’s forthcoming presidential election.  ‘Slow Joe’ offered his impromptu remarks on December 5 while departing from the Lantos Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala, in Washington, DC.

It was ‘The Intercept’s’ Nicholas Ballasy who intercepted ‘Slow Joe’ as he exited the aforementioned event.  And it is a transcript of that exchange that follows below:

Ballasy: Can I ask you why you’re the most qualified person to take on President Trump?

‘Slow Joe’: No one should run for president unless they think they’re qualified

Ballasy: And why do you think you can beat President Trump? Why is this your time?

‘Slow Joe’: I think anybody can beat him.

Ballasy: Anybody? Anybody on the Democratic side?

‘Slow Joe’: Anyone from the Democrats can beat him.

It was earlier in December that ‘Slow Joe’ went so far as to describe himself as being “the most qualified person” in America to be president while speaking at the University of Montana.  It was then that he said, “I’ll be as straight with you as I can, I think I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president. The issues that we face as a country today are the issues that have been in my wheelhouse, that I’ve worked on my whole life.”  I thought it odd that he would actually make such a claim considering his rather sketchy knowledge of all things related to foreign policy.

I guess what really worries me is that if President Trump is unable to keep his promise regarding ‘The Wall’ and continues to cave to Pelosi and Schumer, perhaps he really can be beaten by just about any Democrat.  I remain a pretty solid Trump supporter.  But if he doesn’t make good on his threat to shut down the government to obtain funds for ‘The Wall,’ it may become difficult to remain so.  As I see it President Trump now has 2 options, he can keep his promise and get re-elected, or try to be friends with the Democrats and possibly end up being a one term president.

Now I know he has accomplished much for this country in what has been a relatively short period of time.  Things like rebuilding our military, our booming economy, the return of offshore drilling, the return of manufacturing jobs (without a magic wand), two conservative Supreme Court justices, trade negotiations more favorable to America, getting North Korea to the table, tax cuts, and much more.  But the American voter is a notoriously fickle creature, and elections usually tend to be more about ‘what have you done for me lately.’  And he promised to build ‘The Wall.’

And I fully realize that the president is not a King and cannot rule by fiat, although Barry ‘O’ did do a pretty good ‘King’ impersonation.  That said, border security is a winning issue and shutting down the government is not the worst thing that can happen.  The president needs to stop listening to RINOs like McConnell and the other ‘Establishment GOP’ clowns who quake in their boots whenever they hear the word “shutdown.”  And if he thinks he can waffle on this issue, he’s wrong.  And while many like me will never vote Democrat, the president could expect a primary challenge.

And I think if he fails on this last ditch effort, then we’ve wasted enough time on all of this wall business.  Frankly, it should have been done as the first thing right out of the gate.  And I am afraid that if he doesn’t shut down the government for at least a few days, then his negotiating days may be over.  Nobody will believe ‘a boy who cries wolf.’ How many times can he threaten a shutdown before people just laugh at him for it? He is making himself look weak by making grand promises of fighting back and then simply bending over instead. A shut-down for a few days hurts no one.

And as I mentioned earlier, the president has succeeded in doing a lot of good. But that was before the midterms.  And it seems that ever since November, except perhaps the recent Oval Office meeting, he has been trying to be best friends with the Democrats.  If this continues, then it wouldn’t be any different than if we had Hitlery as president. I support him, for now. But if he doesn’t carry through with his threat to shut down the government few will ever take him seriously again.  Everyone will simply laugh and ignore him and continue to do what they’ve always done.

By no means do I wish to imply that I’m ready to depart the ‘Trump Train.’  But I must say that after having been forced to deal with those who have been, and continue to be, little more than political eunuchs, it was in President Trump that I had high hopes in that we had finally elected a Republican in possession of a ‘pair.’  Democrats understand one thing and that’s to be grabbed by the short-hairs and yanked in the direction that’s best for the country and not the Democrat Party. And I thought that in Trump we finally had someone willing to do just that!

Or perhaps was it in making his comment that ‘Slow Joe’ was up to nothing more than employing that tried-and-true tactic of the left where we have the repeating of a falsehood to the point where it becomes accepted by the uninformed as being true. You see, his comment has now been echoed over all of ‘fake news,’ those who continually spew all manner of falsehood about the president to the unwashed masses to the point where they must surely be convinced by now that he colluded with the Russians, used campaign funds illegally, is a racist and therefore unfit for office.

The reality is, is if the Democrats had chosen to run almost anyone other than who they did there would now likely be a Democrat in the White House.  President Trump was handed a unique opportunity to change the nation for the better for generations to come.  But he has yet to deliver on the one issue that got him elected, ‘The Wall.’  And now we may well end up kissing the greatest country in all of human history goodbye, because the man who was provided with the opportunity to save it, in the end may not have been up to the challenge.  But I guess we’ll see! He still has time.



It was back when the FBI first began what we were all told would be a thorough investigation into Hitlery’s questionable use of a ‘private’ email server that I remember hearing from a great many highly respected folks on the right, how Comey was a standup guy, and that if there was one guy who could get to the bottom of things and follow the information wherever it led, it was him.  In looking back I can’t help but wonder if all of those folks were simply horrible judges of character, or if perhaps, and which is even scarier, they were actually in on what was really nothing but a sham investigation and knew all along that Comey would be more than willingly to provide all the cover necessary to the then Democrat nominee for president.

And it’s in fast-forwarding a full 26 months after the 2016 election that we find the House Judiciary Committee still investigating how the FBI, under Comey’s leadership, used opposition research, aka the Steele dossier, paid for by the Democrat Party and Hitlery’s campaign, to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a Trump campaign volunteer.  And remember it was also Comey who intentionally leaked confidential information with the goal of getting a special prosecutor appointed to investigate President Trump.  And then it was just last week, that Comey nonchalantly admitted that he took advantage of the Trump administration’s inexperience to send two FBI agents to the White House to interview then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

And yes it was Comey, the proven liar, who, on Monday, claimed the reputational damage his former agency has suffered has “nothing” to do with him.  And it was upon emerging from Monday’s hearing that Comey said, “So another day of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and the Steele dossier.”  He said, “This, while the president of the United States is lying about the FBI, attacking the FBI, and attacking the rule of law in this country. How does that make any sense at all?”  And he said, “Republicans used to understand that the actions of a president matter, the words of a president matter, the rule of law matters, and the truth matters. Where are those Republicans today?”  Comey’s the last guy who should be lecturing anyone on the truth.

He continued saying, “At some point, someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country, and not slink away into retirement, but stand up and speak the truth.”  And he said, “I find it frustrating to be here answering questions about things that are far less important than the values that this country is built upon.”  He went onto say, “The FBI’s reputation has taken a big hit because the President of the United States has lied about it constantly.”  And he said, “In the face of those lies, a whole lot of good people who watch your network believe that nonsense. That’s a tragedy. That will be undone eventually, but that damage has nothing to do with me.”

Comey has been telling us for two years now that he’s a politically independent law enforcement professional who would never, ever engage in partisan thought or deed.  Yet here he’s essentially telling us that the only way to “save the country” is to vote for the Democrats?  This is, quite obviously, naked partisanship. So one way or the other, this guy is a liar.  Comey is trying to trivialize his crimes, and that of the team of Barry and Hitlery, while making unsubstantiated claims of criminality against President Trump.  Comey has been on the Clinton payroll for more than 20 years going all the way back to their ‘White Water’ days.  And now he expects us all to believe that he had absolutely nothing to do with the soiling of the FBI’s reputation?

I think the first day that I truly came to understand that the FBI truly is a corrupt agency was the day that Comey, and pretty effectively I thought, laid out the case against Hitlery only to, before he was through, let her off the hook. The only thing that he accomplished that day was to highlight the fact that there is now a two tiered justice system, something the justice system denies, in this country.  The more I listen to Comey, the more frightened I become.  He’s either a certifiable loon living in denial or a Machiavellian plotter who is trying to subvert the Republic, whose laws he swore to uphold. In either case he corruptly wielded power and surrounded himself with criminal conspirators within the FBI and our other security agencies.

And it is once a reputation has become tarnished that it’s always almost impossible to regain the level of trust that has been lost. Comey and his merry band of misfits managed to ruin the FBI. And I seriously doubt if there are, today, very many American citizens who will ever again believe anything that the FBI has to say concerning any subject.  It has become pretty clear, at least at this point, that there was an active conspiracy at the very top tier of the FBI and the Justice Department to disrupt first the election of 2016 and then the presidency of Donald Trump. Some of who still remain at the DOJ. They remain a very clear threat to the survival of our Republic. Hopefully this will all come out to light in the not too distant future.

It goes without saying that Comey long ago lost any and all credibility when it comes to anything even remotely connected to the president.  That was lost when he refused to prosecute Hitlery, despite making the case that she had committed crimes.  And he’s really one of the very last people we should be listening to on the subject of American values.  He’s proven himself to be nothing more than a ‘deep state’ shill working to undermine a president.  Such actions are treasonous, yet nothing will likely come of it, as only the average Joe would ever see punishment for any of the of many daily crimes taking place in Washington.  While nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see him rot in prison, sadly he will likely be left for God to judge.


Cummings 2

Donald Trump has now been president for nearly two years, and still it’s the Democrats who have been unable, or unwilling, to accept the fact that he was able to defeat their chosen candidate.  And as far as they are concerned that remains an act that must be rectified and by any and all means necessary.  Things have now progressed to the point where one must wonder, do Democrats hate Donald Trump more than they ‘love’ America?  Now there is much doubt about how much love, if any, they actually possess regarding America, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Which brings me to this past Sunday, when, by way of the Communist News Network (CNN) and courtesy of yet another thrilling episode of “State of the Union”, hosted by fake journalist Jake Tapper, we heard that as far as that evil old racist E-LIE-JA Cummings is concerned in the next Congress it’s the House that should “definitely reconsider” if a sitting president can be indicted.  This coming from a guy who was somewhat personally involved in the eight year crime spree that was Barry ‘O’s presidency and apparently never once saw the need for Barry to be indicted.

But anyway, it was during what was really nothing more than your typically bizarre little exchange between a member of the ‘fake news’ and one of their Democrat masters, that host Tapper asked, “Your fellow Democrat, soon-to-be Chairman Adam Schiff, said the Justice Department should reconsider the guidelines that exist that say a sitting president cannot be indicted. Do you agree? Should the DOJ reconsider those guidelines?  And it was in responding that E-LIE-JA said, “I think we should always reconsider laws and regulations. This is one we should definitely reconsider.”

Now remember it was the Democrats who put an America-hating Marxist in the White House, not once but twice.  And just as bad is the fact he essentially squandered his entire time in office and is someone who will be judged by honest historians as being the worst malignancy ever to be foisted upon our Republic.  President Trump is hated because he refuses yield.  Meanwhile it’s Democrats like E-LIE-JA who continue to make it their business to malign conservatives, going so far as to refer to those who dare to disagree with them as being “deplorable” and the “dregs of society.”

While I would like to think that it’s at some point in the not too distant future there will come a day when the people of this country have finally had enough of these emotionally unhinged, politically motivated imbeciles and their idiotic arguments based on nothing more than hatred of another human being, it’s the last election that makes clear we still have a very long way to go.  And the longer we have people who have virtually no interest in searching out the truth, choosing instead to believe traitorous politicians like E-LIE-JA, the longer it will take for us to get there.

E-LIE-JA is nothing more than a bigoted, racist and intellectually deficient individual unable, and/or unwilling, to conduct business in what is the best interest of the American people and not his party.  He is a disgrace to the House.  I almost feel sorry for his constituents except for the fact that they’re the ones who continue to re-elect someone who seeks nothing more than to keep them firmly on the ‘plantation’ run by his party.  He is one of the poster children for term limits!  Most of his constituents are likely black, which easily explains how he keeps getting himself re-elected.

Democrats like racist old E-LIE-JA continue to be of the opinion that the ONLY way America can be ‘saved’ is through increasing all manner of regulations that not only serve to stifle our economy by killing off small businesses and the millions of jobs that go along with them and allow them to further control the lives of every single American citizen.  Because, you see, it is they who are best qualified to determine what is best for those us who belong to the unwashed masses, those too stupid to know what’s actually best for them, and to make important decisions on their own.

I’m so sick of these swamp rats who have continued to take part in the very thing they said we could expect to see from candidate Trump, that being the refusal to accept the outcome of the election.  It has been they, by using every possible scenario, who have worked to overturn the 2016 election first with accusations of collusion, then obstruction of justice and now campaign finance violations.  I suspect that in the end the Democrats will overplay their hand, and it is my hope that all of this lunacy will only serve to help President Trump win in a landslide come 2020.

And if the Democrats do ultimately try to impeach President Trump using what are nothing other than bogus charges, can reasonable people then assume that that might finally be the beginning of the end for the anti-America Democrat Party.  How is it that any intelligent and well-informed American is unable to recognize the dangers of electing any Democrat to higher office?  Individuals who think the way that E-LIE-JA does represent what can only be described as being a very real threat to the survival of our country and as such they should be prevented from ever holding public office.

And perhaps before we talk of indicting President Trump we should at least spend a little time talking about indicting Barry and the top members of his administration, for the numerous crimes and illegal acts committed during his eight year reign of corruption.  There was Hitlery’s secret server trafficking in classified documents and those complacent in this so-called Russia Hoax, Uranium One, or spying first on the campaign of Donald Trump and then on Trump personally.  This supposed ongoing investigation has completely ignored the true participants in any Russian collusion.

I was always under the impression that you first had to have committed some sort of a crime in order to be indicted.  But apparently in today’s political environment that only applies to members of the Democrat Party, and even then, as E-LIE-JA himself makes quite clear, one doesn’t need to worry about being held to account.  And let’s say Democrats do manage to indict our president on some bogus, ‘trumped up’ charge.  If anything would that not be clear proof that the rule of law in our country no longer exists at least when it comes to those of the ‘wrong’ political persuasion.

And just a little reminder of what sort of scumbag this guy, Cummings, really is, is the fact that he was facing a five year prison sentence for colluding with Barry ‘O’s’ corrupt IRS and Lois Lerner after she was caught trying to interfere in the conservative ‘True The Vote’ campaign’s application for tax free exempt status, just before the 2012 election.  Lucky for him that Barry’s equally corrupt DOJ let him off the hook.  And yet we have this sleazy piece of crap calling for the indictment and possible impeachment of a duly elected president with zero proof of wrongdoing.


Kerry 5

One who ranks right up there with Al Gore when it comes to championing the cause of bogus ‘climate change’ is John Kerry-Heinz, a guy who was a less than impressive U.S. senator and then a complete disaster as secretary of state.  Kerry-Heinz is another of those who, for decades, has been a very enthusiastic advocate for this science fiction that was first all about the coming ‘ice age’ back in the 1970s, and then, when that didn’t pan out, became all about ‘global warming’ because that had to be the only ‘logical’ reason why the much talked about ‘ice age’ never actually materialized.

And Kerry-Heinz efforts to spread the lie of ‘climate change’ has continued and it was in an op-ed published just this past Thursday that Kerry-Heinz took it upon himself to urge the international community to combat ‘climate change’, and also to make the claim that President Trump’s position on the issue is “profoundly dangerous” for the planet.   In was in the New York Times that Kerry-Heinz wrote, “The president ‘makes decisions often without a factual basis.’ This isn’t a mere personality quirk of the leader of the free world. It is profoundly dangerous for the entire planet.”

Kerry-Heinz argued that despite President Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the 2016 Paris Climate boondoggle, “those of us in the fight have worked to demonstrate that the American people are still in.”  He wrote, “The test is whether the nations of the world will pull out of the mutual suicide pact that we’ve all passively joined through an inadequate response to this crisis.”   Once again what we have here is another ‘climate change’ zealot spewing doom and gloom in what is nothing more than an idiotic attempt to scare people into believing in something that doesn’t exist.

Further, Kerry-Heinz warned that the legacy of today’s leaders will be defined by their efforts to find solutions to ‘climate change.’  He said, “Future generations will measure us by whether we acted on facts, not just debated or denied them. The verdict will hang on whether we put in place policies that will drive the development and deployment of clean technologies, re-energize our economies, and tackle global climate change.”  And he said, “Every day that goes by that we’re paralyzed by the Luddite in the White House is a day in the future that our grandchildren will suffer.”

In November, Kerry-Heinz claimed in an interview with the Guardian “people are going to die” due to the president’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris agreement.  It was then that he said, “My kids and my grandkids are going to face a difficult world because of what Donald Trump has done.”  Despite the move by President Trump to exit the deal, Kerry-Heinz said he feels “better than a lot of people think” about the prospects of its success because the other 194 nations who signed the deal are still working to uphold their commitments.

Kerry-Heinz’s recent op-ed comes as the one-time failed presidential candidate has been making noise about challenging President Trump for the White House in 2020. It was just last month, at Harvard, that he was heard to say, “I’ve said I’m not going to eliminate, I’m not taking anything off the table.”  And it was then that he went on to say, “But I’m not sitting around — I haven’t been running around to the most obvious states, laying any groundwork or doing anything. Am I going to think about it? Yeah, I’m going to think about it, I’ve said that point blank.”  Bring it on, Johnny!

In discussing those things considered to be “profoundly dangerous” to the planet, it’s anything that President Trump may say or do that, when compared to the risks posed by the likes of John Kerry-Heinz and his last boss, Barry ‘O’, makes global warming look like a walk in the park.  The Obummer/Kerry-Heinz foreign-policy legacy is one where they were toothless and hapless against ISIS, Bashar al-Assad, North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, and the world’s worst and most ruthless regimes.  The world was far more “profoundly dangerous” under those two than under President Trump.

We have been told by the supposed geniuses who support this cockamamie theory that it’s all based on science.  And it causes call manner of disaster, from famine to migration and from bad weather to terrorism.  And yet it is through fearmongering, and not science, that these leftist kooks work to justify the validity of their claims. The reality in science is that the planet’s temperature has increased less than 1 degree centigrade in the last 50 years. And yet we are somehow supposed to believe that it’s ‘climate change’ that will bring about the next great apocalypse.