Schumer 12

The disaster that has come to be known as Obamacare, aka the government seizure of our healthcare system that was ‘passed’ in the dark of night courtesy of every political trick in the book, continues to spiral out of control.  And no matter how much ‘lipstick’ the Democrats may seek to apply to it, it’s at the end of the day that it will still be a pig.  And the latest attempt to make it appear as something other than what it is came from none other than Chuckie Schumer and from right there on the floor of the Senate.  Chuckie said, “Medicaid has always benefitted the poor. That’s a good thing. But I remind my colleagues that it has increasingly become a middle-class program.”  I question his claim that it has benefitted anyone and as a middle class kinda guy, it’s the very last insurance I would ever want for myself.

Chuckie was of course doing that which he does best, that being, of course, to constantly criticize of President Trump.  This time the point of his idiotic rant was the president’s Fiscal 2018 budget blueprint, which was expected to be released today.  And as you can guess, Chuckie is not much in favor of the president’s budget proposal.  Anyway, it was in quoting recent press reports regarding the plan that Chuckie claimed that the plan will cut more than $600 Billion from Medicaid.  Chuckie said, “Recent reports say that the president’s budget will target Medicaid for significant cuts.”  Chuckie in his attempt to cast the president as a threat to the poor claimed that Medicaid provides benefits for 60 percent of Americans in nursing homes, and he asked what will happen to middle class families if Medicaid is cut.

Chuckie said, “What about a 40 or 50-year-old trying to raise their kids, saving for college and has a parent who needs to be in a nursing home? Right now, Medicaid pays for it. What are they going to do when that’s cut?  They have two choices: shell a huge amount of money out of their own pocket, which they can’t afford, or maybe bring mom or dad back home, where there may be no room at home for them. What a horrible choice. What a horrible choice. Well, that’s what the President is proposing to do when he dramatically slashes Medicaid.”  If it’s Chuckie’s claim that the middle class is now on Medicaid, then I would argue that they are not middle class at all.  Because they are are part of the dependent class.  That class of people that Chuckie and the Democrats have not only worked hard to create, but to expand!

Chuckie then proceeded to lay it on pretty thick, pulling out all the stops as he then went on to describe how Medicaid cuts would hurt Americans suffering from opioid addiction, disabled people and, of course, the children.  By all means, we mustn’t forget the children, those whom the Democrats are always so concerned about unless, of course, they are unfortunate enough to still be in the womb.  In that case they aren’t really children at all they just globs of tissue.  Anyway, Chuckie went on to say, “So if the reporting is accurate, the cuts to Medicaid in the president’s budget carries a staggering human cost.”  And that’s a pretty big ‘if’.  The fact is that it’s more often than not that those in the state-controlled media, who Chuckie seems to rely on for his facts, simply pull numbers out of thin air, it’s all ‘fake news.’

It’s important to keep in mind here that it was under Obamacare that 31 states chose to expand their Medicaid rolls, allowing able-bodied, working-age adults to sign up, based on their low incomes alone.  And it’s the recently House-passed health care bill that would roll back the Obamacare expansion and block grant Medicaid to the states. That alone would cut more than $800 billion from Medicaid, according to an estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.  Granted, not the most reliable source, but there is no doubt that there will be substantial cuts made.  But then substantial cuts ‘need to be made.  And the press reports on Tuesday, that Chuckie was basing his claims on, said Trump’s FY2018 budget would cut another $610 billion from Medicaid.  Medicaid needs to be made to revert back to its intended purpose.

And let’s be real here, the ONLY reason Medicaid has become a middle class program is because the damn Democrats keep expanding it.  It should be eliminated entirely except for those who are truly disabled. Everybody else should be signed up for Obamacare since coverage for everybody was what the Democrats’ plan was.  Yes Chuckie, your progressive dream of government control and dependence of the people on the government has been gaining ground, especially over the course of the last eight years.  Increasing Medicare and Medicaid has come at a staggering human cost, the loss of freedom, liberty, and independence.  Americans were once very proudly self-reliant, self-sufficient, and capable of overcoming adversity.  But somewhere along the line things came entirely off the tracks.

Over the course of time, progressives have been permitted to advance their agenda of increased government control and more government power with the idea being that government is better equipped to take care of us and solve all of our problems.  Now, we see more and more who succumb to dependency and fall behind, need more ‘help’ and seem incapable of helping themselves or their neighbors.  Yes, Chuckie, your dream of all being in poverty, equally, is coming true.  But you will not sit in the palace as we collapse, you will sink with everyone else.  Liberalism IS Barry getting credit for the fourth worst economy in US recorded history!  Liberalism is saying you care about the poor and the middle class while at the same time your economic policies favor only the rich and create more poor and less middle class folks.

Dope addicts? Chuckie wants us to feel sorry for the people who support the cartels? An addiction is not a disability and should never have been treated as such, the users are not victims nor are they ‘sick’. They are people who made a choice, a very bad choice.  As for seniors in nursing homes, what makes this liberal manipulator think they will be the ones cut off?  The ones who need to be cut are those able bodied parasites that support Chuckie and his fellow scumbag Democrats.  We all know who they are, the people who can afford their tattoos, Starbucks, smart phones, cable, smokes and beer but not their health care, shelter or food for their kids or themselves. The ones who have more cash in their pockets than most working folks.  We need to cut these things now or just wait for the collapse when everything will simply be gone.


Waters 1

It’s these days that more and more members of the Democrat Party seem to have little time for anything other than trying to cope with what are their increasingly intense symptoms of their mind-numbing affliction of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD).  Because the Democrat Party platform, at least at this particular moment in time, is all anti-Trump, all the time, and that seems to be fine with ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who remains out in front leading the charge to impeach Trump.  During her appearance on MSNBC last Friday, ‘Mad Maxine’ struggled to give a coherent explanation of what her party stands for besides being against the president.  What’s even more surprising was that leftist host Katy Tur seemed to be more than a little frustrated and unsatisfied that her party is so hyper-focused on ousting Trump.

You see, it Ms. Tur who asked, “Congresswoman, what do the Democrats stand for other than being against Donald Trump?”  And then added, “What do you stand for other than trying to get Donald Trump impeached?”  Maybe someone should have briefed her that one should never ask such a question if one isn’t fully prepared to hear the answer.  And it was in so doing that she came dangerously close to what could be considered by some as actual journalism.  Waters’ answer rambled on but could be perfectly summed up as simply, “Umm.”   Waters reminded Tur that she is the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee.  She said, “We pushed back on the Republicans, we fight against them.”   But that wasn’t exactly Tur’s point.  She wanted to know, “Are Democrats focusing enough on their ideas?”

But ‘Mad Maxine’ wasn’t having any of it and talked over Tur about her senior status in the government peppered with some general talking points about the socialist ideals of the Democrat Party.  Waters barked, “Now, what else would you like to know?”  Ms. Tur responded, “Well, I personally wanted to know if you think Democrats are getting out there and giving their message enough?  If they’re saying what they want to do to fix things like the economy, like you said, to make sure the government is working for them instead of coming out and reacting to Donald Trump day in and day out?”  Wow, you go girl!  But you best tread lightly, because you just might end up without a job or, worse, like Seth Rich!  Members of the state-controlled media complex are not to hold Democrats to account for anything.

Waters rambled on, rather incoherently, saying, “I think people understand that we are fighting and that we are working on the issues of health care and housing and transportation and all those issues that are very dear to us.”  And then went on to say, “I think that’s very clear.”  Clear to who, exactly?  Obviously if you have some lefty ‘journalist’ who feels that it’s now become necessary to ask what it is that the party she very likely supports stands for, then it’s not clear to her.  And that was the second time in roughly 24 hours that MSNBC wasn’t buying Waters’ line of crap.  Weird huh?  Which brings to light what is perhaps a much larger question, “Is something in the water, or now not in the water, over there?”  Because I’m sure that when Waters walked into the place, the last thing she was likely expecting was to be challenged.

One can only assume that Waters must realize that whenever she walks into any room she automatically becomes the most ignorant person in the room.  What must it be like to go through life, realizing what an imbecile you truly are?   Struggling to keep up with the conversation, noticing everyone can reach the proper conclusion hours before you’re able to come up with it.  Not really understanding what’s going on, while everyone else is having the “ah-ha” moment.  How frustrating it must be to be dumber than your average 7 year old.  But, apparently, none of that matters to those who have continued to vote her into elected office, regardless of the position she has sought, for her entire political career.  And as long as that continues she can simply pretend that she really can’t be as stupid as everyone says she is.

Waters can’t explain what the Democrat Party stands for the very simple reason that they don’t really stand for anything other than being against Trump.  It’s all they have now, and it’s essentially all Hitlery had as being a reason for Americans to vote for her.  And I’m guessing they figure it’ll be enough to convince the American people to vote Democrat in the next election.  But let’s be real here, the Democrats have nothing.  Nothing but the same, old tired and worn out socialist bullcrap plans that do nothing more than to run up the debt while doing absolutely nothing to help anyone but themselves.  Oh but I forgot, they do have one idea?  And that would be to allow into our country millions of Moslems from Islamic hellholes all over the Middle East to assist them in their continuing endeavor to destroy America.

Now in my own little attempt at being bipartisan let me see if I can help ‘Mad Maxine’ out a little, if I can.  Here are just a few of the things that many Americans now view the Democrat Party as being fully supportive of: Racism, Hate, Socialism, Lying, all manner of Hypocrisy, aborting unborn children at nearly any stage of pregnancy, letting criminals free from prison and to freely roam our streets, and letting criminals take over our country politically, holding America hostage, violence against anyone, or any group, that does not agree with them, Christian bashing, cop hating and the list goes on.  I’m sure you all get my drift and I have no doubt that among those now reading this there will be those who can easily fill in the blank when it comes to all of the crap that the Democrat Party has come to stand for.

The modern Democrat Party is composed almost entirely of utterly worthless career apparatchiks who have never worked a single minute in the private sector at a substantive job the purpose of which is to produce goods or services of actual value.  The vast majority of these hypocritical scumbags are nothing more than egomaniacal, vain, shiftless and lazy losers with what is an extremely high opinion of themselves and who possess no practical job skills, save the political skills of self-promotion, gilded tongues and a sort of breezy arrogance that masquerades as confidence and self-styled notions of competence.  We all know who they are, people like Comrade Sanders, Barry Obummer,  Fauxcahontas Warren, Chuckie Schumer, ‘Stretch’ Pelosi, the bloviating twit crone, Maxine Waters, to name but a few.

But in getting back to MSNBC, I can’t help but wonder if maybe the LSD in the old watercooler hasn’t run out because it’s so unlike anyone associated with that ‘news’ organization to ask such a pointed question of a Democrat.  Usually such questions are reserved only for Republicans.  It was a great, and likely totally unexpected, question posed by Ms. Tur, and I was quite impressed.  The Democrats, specifically ‘Mad Maxine’, have become particularly obsessed with their hatred of President Trump!  I really enjoy saying that, PRESIDENT TRUMP!  And I hope it sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to ‘Mad Maxine’ and her ilk every time it’s said!  They have no ideas, no plans for spending or tax cuts, no reduction in the insane number of regulations and no cure for the disaster of Obamacare.  Nothing but their hatred of Trump!

And still ‘Mad’ Maxine, as well as just about every other member of the Democrat Party, continues to sit down ever so carefully due to the significant butt-hurt they still experience over the fact that there was no coronation for ‘Queen Hitlery’ last November.  And the continuing stream of ‘fake news’ regarding possible collusion on the part of the Trump campaign and Vlad Putin has begun to fall on an increasing number of deaf ears.  If there was any collusion that took place during the campaign it was on the part of a now deceased DNC employee and WikeLeaks.  How many more ways can the claims being made by Waters and her comrades in the Democrat Party be discredited?  And yet McConnell was still happy to hand Democrats yet another unearned victory by allowing a ‘Special Counsel’ to be assigned to the case.

And far from driving those who voted for Trump into the waiting arms of the Democrats, what should be seriously considered is how the unwillingness of our Republicans in Congress to support their president could actually incentivize those voters to rid themselves of as many of these RINOs as they can and replace them with those who will work with President Trump to turn his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again’ into a reality.  Because if that is what a majority of the American people truly do want, voting for Democrats will do nothing to accomplish that end.  And as things continue to progress what has become painfully obvious is how there seems be collusion, of a sort, between the Democrats and RINOs like McCain and Sasse.  And it is that which should now be the focus our outrage!


Pelosi 04

It was very recently that Nancy Pelosi must have thought that it would be a good idea to take her act, that which we typically only get to see coming from the floor of the House, on the road allowing people to see firsthand just how much of political crackpot she truly is.  And so it was then that on this past Monday we heard Pelosi tell those gathered at a Communist News Network (CNN) sponsored town hall that it’s simply too soon to be talking about impeaching President Donald Trump, even though some of her Democrat colleagues have been heard to be frequently using the word.  She said, “It’s a reflection of what they’re hearing in their own constituencies.”  And making her comment she mentioned a couple of her fellow Democrats, ‘Bonehead Al’ Green and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, and said, “But they know I don’t subscribe to that.”

And then in making even less than her typical amount of sense, Pelosi continued, “If you’re talking about impeachment, you’re talking about, what are the facts? Not, I don’t like him and I don’t like his hair and — you know, I think, what are the facts? I don’t like what he said about this. What are the facts that you would make a case on? What are the rules that he may have violated? If you don’t have that case, you’re just participating in more hearsay.”  She said, “And that’s not the basis of — and we owe the American people the — I mean, just some stability in all of this. This is the time where he is supposed to be having his honeymoon. What a marriage. The honeymoon — the honeymoon of — so we watch and see what he’s going to do, what is his vision, how is he going to implement it, and the rest. And it’s been sloppy.”

Now, of course, Pelosi certainly is free to accuse the president, and his administration of being sloppy, but she might want to remember that old adage about people and glass houses.  Because there came a point at this same town hall gathering that she might have wished to have been a bit more prepared.  Because the highlight of the night came when Jake Lee, a small business owner from West Hollywood, Calif., stood up to ask a question.  Mr. Lee asked, “Good evening, madam leader. Before the election on November 8, your side of the aisle were asking for the former head of the FBI to resign.”  And it was then that he went on to ask, “Now that he has been let go, why the sudden and selective outrage from your side of the aisle?”  It would seem to be perfectly reasonable question, worthy of a reasonable and honest answer.

And yet, as is usually the case, our esteemed Ms. Pelosi seemed to be have been caught off guard and became a bit befuddled.  “Some people were asking to be let go,” she said rather inexplicably (presumably she meant asking that former FBI Director James Comey be let go).  But she went on, her hands flailing about wildly and her eyes growing wide as saucers.  She went on to say, “I said I thought that it wasn’t a good — well suit — he wasn’t well suited to the heat that comes with the job, but I never said that he should be fired.”  Now while that may be technically true, her comments made back on Nov. 2 require a liberal interpretation.  On CNN that day, she said, “Maybe he’s not in the right job.”  She went on to add, “I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way.”

Now if that’s not a veiled threat, then I guess I don’t know what is.  And many people in her party were already calling for Comey to be canned.  But I digress.  It was then that Pelosi said, “And for the president of the United States to fire with his own self-admission that he didn’t like — he was tired of the Russia-Trump probe, is, uh, is, uh, uh, distressing. It’s distressing. We believe in the FBI as being an independent law enforcement agency, to be respected, and not to be fired by president because he’s tired of an investigation they’re doing.”  Then the former House speaker proceeded to launch into her old talking points about how Trump is a danger and a menace to the world, about how great Obamacare is, and yadda, yadda, yadda.  She once again made very little sense, but isn’t that really what we’ve come to expect from her?

But look, as much as the Democrats might wish there to be, there are simply no facts to support impeachment or the charge of obstruction of justice.  And if we’re going to use Obummer as our gauge in determining what behavior does, or does not, constitute an impeachable offense then there’s really very little Trump can do to earn him the same honor that has only bestowed on to two men, with both being Democrats.  But that said, such charges could be applied to Mr. Comey.  There was a ten month investigation (so far) over allegations of collusion with the Russians with no crime and no evidence to support any criminal charge.  Yet, Trump is never declared vindicated by our state-controlled media or those in the Democrat Party.  Meanwhile, the never ending criminal conduct from within the deep state continues uninvestigated.

Democrats and their many cohorts out in the state-controlled media have been so busy pushing their phony Trump colluding with Russia story that they seem to have forgotten to cover-up how it was that America hating Obummer changed NSA rules allowing classified intercepted info to be, unmasked and then distributed to lackeys who leaked it to the left wing media who then printed it all to undermine Trump.  Meanwhile it was Hitlery who colluded with the Obummer White House, the DNC as well as with the state-controlled media.  And it was John Podesta who likely violated federal law when he failed to disclose his stock holdings in a Kremlin-funded company while the Clintons received large sums of money directly and indirectly from Russian officials while Hitlery was Secretary of State….and the left couldn’t care less.

It is obviously a given that the district that spawned Ms. Pelosi is far from being the only district in the country that would seem to be populated by those who insist upon, for whatever the reason, electing those who are more interested in their own career than they are the folks back him.  I mean the list of examples reads like a who’s who of the Democrat Party with more than a few RINOs tossed in for good measure.  It would easy to list the names here, but we’re all too familiar with who they are, and doing so would really be nothing more than a complete waste of space.  And over in the Senate things are no better, with conservatives in the definite minority.  And sadly, it’s as long as a ‘bigly’ segment of the electorate remains ignorant that people like Pelosi will continue to be allowed to worm their way into positions of power.

And it’s in closing that I would like to offer up a little food for thought.  Now we all know, or should know, that those whom we send off to Washington are pretty grossly overpaid while also being seriously underworked.  And it’s even after they leave office that they continue to be the receiving end of a ‘pension’ that most of us can only dream about.  Our country is broke, so why is it that we, the taxpayers, should be forced to pay these individuals who have used their time in office as nothing more than an opportunity to get rich?  So with that being the case should it be unreasonable for us to expect that once they have left public office they should no longer receive any taxpayer money.  Few go to Washington to serve, and fewer still can be trusted to do what’s best for the country.  Sadly, most are like Ms. Pelosi.


Democrats 49

It would now seem that with each passing day the Democrat Party, as a whole, seems to edge ever closer to where they may all soon be required to wear straitjackets.  As proof that this condition, now known as Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD), is spreading like some toxic contagion, it was just last week, while on the Communist News Network, aka CNN, with Anderson “Light in the Loafers” Cooper, that we heard ‘Little Dick’ Blumenthal, you’ll remember him as the guy who lied about being in Vietnam, make a rather bold statement in that President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey “is a looming constitutional crisis” that may lead to impeachment.  Blumenthal said, “It is a looming constitutional crisis because it involves a potential confrontation as did Watergate between the president and other branches of government…It may well produce impeachment proceedings although we’re very far from that possibility, and right now the president has not been charged, and there is an investigation under way, which should be given the kind of integrity and independence that it deserves.”

This genius, Blumenthal, went on to say that he had criticized some of Comey’s actions regarding the Hiltery probe, and said, “But still, as critical as I was, I did not consider it a reason to fire him then, and ten months afterward, Donald Trump actually expressed his faith in director Comey.”  And, he added, “So the timing and the time line make no sense here. What makes more sense is that he saw the investigation ongoing and even expanding with a request for more resources.”  He said the question is, “Why now? Why this firing? What is behind it? And that’s what we need to know in the Senate of the United States, and that’s why I’ve called for a special prosecutor to make sure that this investigation is above politics, no one is above the law.”   Blumenthal said no congressional committee has enough resources to conduct this “broad, wide-ranging investigation.”  Democrats all whined about the amount of money “wasted” on hearings regarding Benghazi, the IRS, ‘Fast and Furious’ and every other bona fide Barry ‘scandal’.  But hey, apparently we got money to burn on this non-scandal, scandal as long as it involves Trump.

And in what was, I guess, an effort on his part to create a little political drama, it was then that Blumenthal said, “Here we have a massive attack on our democratic institutions by the Russians and the possibility — I don’t want to overstate it — that Trump associates were colluding or involved in it. And that is a crime that must be investigated, the Russian attack and hacking into our system. And that’s why Director Comey apparently went for more resources. The resources are essential.”  He doesn’t want to overstate it, and he does just that.  Look, this latest attempt by the Russians, if it in fact took place, is really far from being anything new.  And Russia is far from being the only guilty party when it comes to countries who interfere in the elections that take place in other countries.  Hey Mr. Blumenthal, how about this.  How about we spend a little money on investigating how it was that Barry took it upon himself to interfere, using taxpayer money, in the Israeli election and for no other reason than because he didn’t like Prime Minister Netanyahu.  I mean, after all, if it’s illegal for Russia to do it, shouldn’t it also be considered illegal for Barry to do it?

And then it’s over in the House that we have Elijah Cummings.  A man who, oddly enough, was an active participant in the IRS scandal, but who was somehow able to successfully dodge that bullet.  It was while on MSNBC, yet another source of “fake news”, that this moron, in discussing the firing of Comey and the investigation into Russia’s potential interference in the 2016 presidential election, called that investigation “a fight for the soul of our democracy.”  Cummings, always one with a flare for being dramatically misleading, said, “We are going to do everything in our power, if there is a tape, to get that tape. This whole situation with regard to this conversation is very significant with regard to the investigation, with regard to Russia, to collusion and things of that nature. So we need to know and we need to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.”  Cummings is another Democrat who continually turned a blind eye to all of the lying that repeatedly came out of the Barry White House, and who now has the gall to slander a sitting president for no other reason than because his party’s candidate lost the election.

And then when asked if any of his Republican colleagues have expressed outrage, Cummings continued to spew little more than what has become his trademark leftwing drivel.  He said, “I think there is some outrage, but I think there are two things happening. One, many of them are afraid that Trump will run somebody from their right against them and they will lose their seats. The others think that this thing will just blow over and is not such a big deal. But I told them over and over again that this is a fight for the soul of our democracy. And, so, I even told Jason Chaffetz, I said, ‘Chaffetz the question is going to become when all of this is over, what kind of country are we going to have.’ And that is a good question.”  What kind of country are we going to have?  Is he serious?  He did nothing more than to sit on his hands for the last eight years as Barry set about to do all that he could to systematically dismantle our republic and to “fundamentally transform” our country and it’s only now that this clown is fearful over what sort of country we’re going have.  There is a special place in Hell for pathetic assholes like Cummings.

And then upon hearing the news that President Trump has requested the resignations of 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by ex-president Obummer it was that leftist rag Politico, which took it upon itself to create a little “fake news” of its own.  Because the publication then proceeded to slap President Trump with a headline screaming how it is that the president was about to unceremoniously “oust” Barry’s appointees.  But oddly enough, it was back in 2009 that Politico had a much different view of things, choosing to run a much less sensational headline when reporting on the fact that Obummer had fired all of the Bush-era U.S. attorneys.  And in its article on 10 March regarding the Trump administration’s decision to ask for resignation letters from 46 of Barry-appointed U.S. attorneys — an action fully within Trump’s legal right and one that many other presidents have also executed — Politico chose to create what can only be viewed as ‘fake news” by using a headline, the very clear purpose of which was, to cast Trump’s actions in a negative light.  And it was Politico reporter Josh Gerstein’s piece reporting on the president’s move was sharply titled, “Trump team ousts Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys.”

This guy, Gerstein opened his little hit piece by insisting that the Trump administration’s action was “a seemingly abrupt move that surprised many.”  And the writer went on to cast it as untoward and “politically fraught,” giving voice to several people critical of Trump’s move.  But Politico was not nearly as antagonistic about presidents replacing a past chief executive’s U.S. attorneys back in 2009 when Barry “Almighty” did the very same thing Trump just did.  In 2009, Politico’s article on Obama’s decision to begin firing Bush-era attorneys was blandly entitled, “Obama to replace U.S. Attorneys.”  Noticeably missing was the negative “oust” thrown at Trump.  Instead, a milder “replace” was used to describe Barry’s actions.  And the 2009 article contained no negative connotations, no finger wagging, and no voices of opposition. In fact, the closest Politico got to negativity in 2009 was to say that Barry’s order “began to resolve the questions” over whether Barry would fire Bush’s attorneys in light of the trouble Bush got into from the left when he fired some of ‘Slicks’s’ appointees back in 2006.

And to put an even finer point on the bias exhibited between these two articles, the writer of the 2009 piece was none other than Josh Gerstein, the very same writer responsible for the attack on Trump’s resignation request today.  But why should we be surprised to hear that.  That’s how these people operate, and proves beyond any doubt that they long ago ceased being ‘journalists’, choosing instead to become little more than propagandists in the employ of the Democrat Party.  And this clown Gerstein is far from being the only one, he simply serves as being little more than the ‘Poster Child’ for the level of journalistic malpractice that we now see being committed on pretty much a daily basis.  Look, I think we are now at a place where for one to consider there is any longer any amount of truth contained in what is now referred to as ‘news’ one must be naïve to the point of being a complete imbecile.  And whenever there is any sort of reference made to President Trump in what is being reported in either broadcast or print ‘news’, you can pretty much take to the bank that nothing will be said that puts Trump in a positive light.

And it is within the near endless stream of “fake news” stories that we’ve been forced to contend with regarding the ‘horror’ over Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to ask for the resignation of those Obummer-appointed U.S. Attorneys, that yet another ‘inconvenient’ fact has also now surfaced.  You see, Jeff Sessions himself was fired by a then newly elected president in 1993 when ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton won his first term in office.  What you will never hear from any of those in the either the Democrat Party or the state-controlled media is that the Attorney General’s actions are not uncommon.  Many past presidents and their AGs have asked for the resignations of U.S. attorneys they were tasked with overseeing.  In 2006 George W. Bush was attacked by liberals for firing seven U.S. attorneys.  And yet he was hardly the first.  Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan fired a list of attorneys when they came into office.  And Barry Obummer also proceeded to clean house, albeit at a somewhat slower pace, replacing many of the 94 U.S. attorneys one at a time instead of starting with a mass firing.

The level, as well as the intensity, of the insanity now being exhibited by those in the Democrat Party seems to be increasing exponentially.  Their claims just get more outrageous with each passing hour.  And it’s now gotten to the point where you would think that even THEY would have a difficult time taking themselves seriously.  And whenever you watch any of the ‘fake news’ programs all you have is crazy leftwing politicians feeding off crazy leftwing ‘journalists’ and it’s in pretty short order that things become a parody of  ‘Abbott and Costello’ doing their “Who’s on first, What’s on second and I Dunno is on Third” skit.  And it would be funny if it wasn’t so reckless.  And can this really be about Hitlery getting beat by Trump?  Can that really be what driving this sleigh ride to Hell the Democrat have currently embarked upon?  Are they really that desperate to get back into power?  And if so, what does such behavior signal to the American people wanting to save our country?  Because as far as I’m concerned, what it tells me is that these Democrats should be the last ones ever to be entrusted with control over which direction our country goes.


Democrats 54

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to Democrats, at any level of government anywhere in the country, it has become increasingly difficult to determine what they hate more, America or the fact that Trump is president.  Now that’s not to say that we don’t have those in the Republican Party who, though they don’t hate America, would have much preferred a Hitlery win, because we most certainly do.  Those would, of course, be the ones whom we commonly refer to as being RINOs.  But the focus of my attention here will be on the Democrats, especially those who, not all that long ago, were screaming for James Comey’s head to be served up on a platter, and once that had been done, they all began screaming bloody murder that some perceived injustice had somehow been committed by the president for having done so.

And in trying to prove my point about how so many now appear to be so desperate in their attempts to go after President Trump, all of which is driven by the fact that they still haven’t managed to come to grips with the fact that they lost the last election, I point to Exhibit A, who in this case would be the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff.  And it was this boob who, just last week, lambasted former FBI Director Comey’s judgment, but then who on Thursday of this week kind of switched gears, going so far as to actually write an op-ed questioning why President Trump fired him.  Things have now progressed to the point where you would think that it is becoming increasingly impossible for anyone with even half a brain to take any of these Democrats seriously.

So it was then that this moron, Schiff, wrote earlier this week in the Washington Post, saying, “In the wake of President Trump’s brazen interference with the independence of the FBI and the Justice Department, the country faces a crisis of confidence in the administration of justice not seen in more than four decades, and disturbing questions that demand immediate answers.”  He also said by firing Comey, Trump caused the public to wonder:  “By firing Comey, Trump again has caused the public to wonder whether there is more here than meets the eye. To the long list of questions about his former national security adviser, his attorney general’s flawed testimony before the Senate and his campaign’s contacts with Russia, we must now add one more: Why, really, did the president fire James Comey?”

And like I said it was as recently as just last week that Schiff had blasted Comey, after the former FBI director defended his decision to announce the FBI was reopening the investigation into Hitlery’s emails. Schiff told the Communist News Network (CNN) last Wednesday that Comey’s decision was “colossally poor exercise of his judgment that has had really significant consequences.”  He said, “Consequences on how the country now views the FBI, how it views the Justice Department, I think it has cast a lot of doubt on the impartiality – the apolitical nature of the FBI, and he did the very same damage to the bureau that I think he was hoping to avoid.”  He added, “I think it was a very bad judgment that had a very substantial and adverse consequence.”  I guess he was for Comey before he was against him?

All of this idiotic nonsense leads us to only one possible conclusion.  That being, of course, that the liberal “brain” is missing, what can only be, some pretty vital components.  This moron, Schiff, sounds like a lobotomy recipient.  He’s little more than the Al Franken of the House without the prior ‘comedy’ career.  All one has to do to confirm what a bunch of numbskulls these Democrats are is to watch any of a whole host of examples: Schiff, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, Nancy Pelosi, ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ Warren, ‘Chuckie the Clown’ Schumer, nearly any east or west coast liberal politician, or any liberal professor.  Tin-foil hat wearers all.  Not to mention any number of Hollyweirdos and ‘journalists’.  All they know how to do is how to find a microphone and gibber what have become the left’s standard talking points.

It was when Comey investigated Hitlery that Maxine Waters thought he had lost all credibility.  Rep. Jerrold Nadler and former Sen. ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid both thought he should simply vacate his office.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer found his actions revolting, but stopped short of recommending his termination or resignation.  At the end of the day, these liberals, at one time or another, thought James Comey was a terrible FBI director.  But what happens when Trump actually gets around to firing him?  They can’t stand it.  Trump had plenty of just cause, whether it was Comey’s potential interference in the 2016 election, his recent flub regarding Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop, or the fact that he was simply incompetent.  And they’re whining about the timing of it?  What’s it matter?

And you know, how is it that anyone can now look at any of these Democrat kooks, or media morons, and not come away thinking that liberals have not now gone completely round the bend.  And what we continue to see exhibited by these boobs is the nothing but the most cynical display of erratic, bipolar, schizoid type of behavior imaginable where, first they were blaming Comey for Hitlery’s loss, and demanding his firing, and then once he was fired they then turned around and denounced it!  Democrats know that thousands of undocumented illegal aliens voted Democrat in 2016 and chose to refuse to investigate it.  Democrats refuse to build ‘The Wall’ in collusion with those who want open borders.  And yet they are fixated on a fictional Russian conspiracy while possessing absolutely zero proof.

Look, while the Democrats may have their panties in a wad, the public does not question President Trump’s decision to fire Mr. Comey.  Nor do we question the timing of it.  We also know there was never any collusion between Trump and Russia.  What we do question is what drives hacks like Schiff to try everything under the sun to discredit, undermine, and impede the people’s choice for president.  We are fully aware that President Trump represents the people, and wants to do what’s best for this country.  We citizens also know the Democrats, and some RINOs, are working very hard against the president and the citizens of this country.  We are not fooled by anything that these treasonous left wingers are trying to do, and why.  And when they have pushed us too far they will pay a steep price for your treason.

And it’s in closing that I would like to issue a reminder, which you can feel free to take any way you want or simply leave alone.  Keep in mind that when Barry came into office, he did so on a mission to “fundamentally transform” America.  And I would argue that he was able to achieve a great deal of success in doing just that because few chose to stand in his way.  Many even cheered him on.  When President Trump came into office his mission was to “drain the swamp!”  And it has it been in his attempt to do so that I think you must admit that he has been made to face a great deal of adversaries, many in his own party.  There are also, of course, the Democrats and nearly 100 percent of our state-controlled media.  So it’s important to keep in mind that we can afford to believe ‘nothing’ that any of them say.


Trump 30

When it comes to what we commonly refer to today as our ‘state-controlled media’ I think most reasonably intelligent people are able to agree that this group of various organizations who while they may all like to call themselves ‘news’ organizations are in truth nothing more that creators of fiction, or “fake news”, that is always, or nearly always, focused solely in the direction of one political party.  And it’s many of these organizations, some of which have been around for a very long time, that have over time come to much more closely resemble purveyors of what is little more than pure political propaganda.  And as such they have essentially abandoned the American people who have now been left with an ever shrinking number of reliable sources willing to provide to them accurate and useful information.  As proof of that I would only ask if anyone genuinely believes that Barack Obama, the color of his skin notwithstanding, would have ever been elected president if those in our supposed ‘mainstream media’ had actually done their job and reported accurately when it came to exactly who this man was at the time.

And in reviewing the events that took place over the course of our most recent presidential campaign, who can deny the fact that it was this very same group of ‘news’ organizations that attempted to do everything within its ‘power’ to sway voter opinion and to create the false impression that the candidate they were so obviously supporting was nothing more invincible and her election was inevitable.  It would seem that their game plan was, through the use of bogus polls and patently false ‘news’ stories, to advance the notion that there was simply no way she could possibly lose and doing so in the hope that they would be able to convince enough of those who supported her opponent that theirs was a lost cause and that they might just as well stay home on Election Day.  They were determined to let nothing stand in the way of their effort to convince voters that she was without a doubt the most qualified person to ever run for president, and certainly more qualified than was her opponent who they portrayed as a mere novice when it came to such important matters as international relations, national defense and terrorism.

But as we all saw on Election Day, all of their hard work was, thankfully, all for naught because their favored candidate, the one they had tried so very hard to get elected, the one they had tried so hard to convince the American people was the best person for the job, came up short.  And while they persist, to this day, in their claim that she did win the ‘popular vote’ it’s always that they very conveniently leave out of their argument that the ‘only’ reason she was even able to accomplish that feat was all because of one state, California.  So once the loss of their candidate was confirmed it was almost immediately after that that the search to come up with what could then be used as a plausible excuse for the loss was launched.  Because there had to some sinister, some clandestine reason, some sort of foul play involved, to explain why their perfect candidate somehow came up short.  Because there could be no other reason that could possibly explain her loss.  They honestly wondered who it was that could not bring themselves to vote for such an highlyly qualified candidate.  Yet, millions of Americans did not!

So immediately after their candidate was declared the loser it became necessary, I guess, for those who felt that they had somehow been robbed of a victory because of some sort of shenanigans, was to come up with some sort retaliatory measures, or a Plan ‘B’ so to speak, that could then be implemented against the new president in order to undermine, to the greatest extent possible, his ability to properly execute the duties of his job.  Once the plan was properly formulated, it didn’t take long for all the players to get onboard.  So there now continues what can only be described as a very coordinated effort between members of the Democrat Party and their many minions in the ‘state-controlled’ media to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.  And it would seem to matter very little to them that despite having no facts or evidence to support any of their wild claims they continue to spew all manner of accusations the purpose of which is to destroy our president.  And it is out of some genuine concern for our country that they seek to remove our president?  No, it’s all about revenge, and nothing more.

Which brings to what I’m quite sure everyone is by now very familiar with as being the latest dustup involving the president and his decision to fire the Director of the FBI.  And as part of the ongoing campaign to unseat our duly elected president it was just this week that we had the Washington Post and the New York Times acting as partners in crime as they each published new versions of the story of how former FBI director James Comey came to be fired.  Each of the articles, published late Wednesday, seeks to explain more details about how President Trump arrived at his decision, and each aims to catch the White House in alleged contradictions between its official account of how the decision was made, and how it actually happened.  Now as is usually the case whenever dealing with any of these promotors of “fake news”, a certain degree of trepidation is always required.  One should always take anything that they may say with a significant grain of salt.  Truth is something that seems to be in very short supply whenever you’re dealing with anyone in either the Democrat Party or the ‘state-controlled. Media.

Anyway, it was the Post story that characterized Trump’s decision as a “sudden” one, driven by “anger and impatience,” and by a desire to stop the FBI’s investigation into supposed connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Post says that President Trump initiated a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein — not the other way around. It portrays them as anxious to fulfill “the boss’s orders,” and suggests that Trump felt events were “spiraling out of his control.” Perhaps the most startling claim is that Rosenstein threatened to resign after the narrative emerging from the White House on Tuesday evening cast him as a prime mover of the decision to fire Comey.” The Post relies on a single source — “a person close to the White House” for that rather sensational claim. Interestingly, the Post story also portrays the testimony of former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday as damaging to the White House — although there were no new details revealed about the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, the Times story is a bit more circumspect, saying Trump’s decision on Comey had less to do with fear of the Russia investigation and more with irritation at Comey’s political grandstanding. The article claims, “He was particularly irked when Mr. Comey said he was ‘mildly nauseous’ to think that his handling of the email case had influenced the election, which Mr. Trump took to demean his own role in history.”  Curiously, the Times story claims that White House adviser Steve Bannon was a dissenting voice — which contradicted earlier speculation by a Times reporter. The Times does not go as far as the Post in concluding that Trump initiated the Department of Justice review that led to Comey’s firing, leaving the order of events a bit more vague and including the White House’s explanation.  The two accounts agree that there was near-unanimity in the White House about firing Comey, and that the White House was surprised by the public backlash. Neither suggests an imminent FBI breakthrough on the Russia probe.

Operating under the Watergate template, and salivating over the prospects of a similar conclusion, those in our state-controlled media will likely endeavor to suggest that “the cover-up was worse than the crime”, even though there has been no cover-up, and no evidence of any crime.  What these leftwing zealots fail to grasp is that ”We the People” now pay very little attention to them and that we now consider them as being little more than the propaganda arm if the Democrat Party.  And of course what I’m referring to is anyone once referred to as the ‘mainstream media’.  But as most of us are now aware, sadly there is very little about abut modern day media complex that can, in any way, be described as “mainstream.”  They keep trying to tell us what to think not realizing we’ve moved beyond them.  There’s no direct evidence that Trump has any ties to Russia, yet the media has a hysterical obsession.  Yet there are stacks of evidence that Hitlery committed numerous felonies with respect to her email and secret information which the media couldn’t care less about.  And yet, there isn’t any bias, and no, they aren’t ‘fake news.’

Our ‘fake news’ organizations have spent more time on this non-scandal scandal than they spent on all of Barry’s bona fide scandals combined.  Remember the Benghazi massacre where four Americans dead, including the US Ambassador, Obama’s War in Libya WITHOUT Congressional approval, the great “stimulus” “shovel-ready” heist, Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress, the IRS Targeting Scandal with the destruction and wiping of servers and Lois Lerner’s testimony, ‘Fast and Furious’, the GSA scandal, the lies and deceit of ObamaCare, the Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment, the EPA Cover-up of the pollution of the Colorado River, the VA death-list scandal, Barry’s “Red Line” in the sand to Syria, and refusal to back it up which helped destroy US credibility, Hitlery’s e-mail’s and her Secret, Unsecured Server, Hitlery’s RUSSIAN Uranium deal, ‘Slick’ and Hitlery’s Foundation – Pay for Play, ‘Slick’s’ meeting Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix Tarmac days before Comey reveals his findings and conclusions about the Hitlery e-mail scandal, Barry holdovers illegally leaking the names of Trump associates to the press, and the list goes on!

So here we are seven months into the Trump presidency and still ZERO evidence of any collusion with Russia.  Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nadda!  We know that Trump didn’t collude with Russia, because if any evidence had been found our supposed ‘news’ would have wasted no time in making sure that it became a big problem for the president.  And yet nothing but silence and admissions that they have nothing.  Still I can’t understand how anyone would ever think that Russia would rather have someone like Trump over someone like Hitlery, on whom they likely possess all manner of blackmail ammunition.  So I find myself wondering how many of my fellow Americans remain able to take seriously any of these politicians and ‘journalists’ who are so very obviously suffering from what is a most severe case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.  These people have now allowed themselves to become so consumed by such a level of hatred they come across as sounding completely insane.  And how does their bizarre behavior convince those who may disagree with them that what they’re claiming is anything other than some crazy leftwing conspiracy?


Warren 3

Melting down into a puddle of toxic goo quicker than did the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’  after Dorothy doused her with a bucket water, Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren let her feelings be known about the ‘supposed’ repeal of Obamacare that was officially begun in the House yesterday.  And in offering up no evidence whatsoever to support her idiotic claims, Warren said the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill that passed the House on Thursday will cause millions of Americans to die.  It was via a rather bizarre series of tweets on Thursday, following passage of the bill, that she warned, “Families will go bankrupt. People will die!”  Meanwhile, it was the non-partisan Manhattan Institute that did a little fact-checking about the claims that repealing Obamacare will kill Americans, a favorite accusation made by many Democrats, and found it unsupported by any evidence.

It was Oren Cass, a senior fellow at the institute who wrote, “The best statistical estimate for the number of lives saved each year by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is zero.”  And, he added, “Certainly, there are individuals who have benefited from various of its provisions. But attempts to claim broader effects on public health or thousands of lives saved rely upon extrapolation from past studies that focus on the value of private health insurance. The ACA, however, has expanded coverage through Medicaid, a public program that, according to several studies, has failed to improve health outcomes for recipients. In fact, public health trends since the implementation of the ACA have worsened, with 80,000 more deaths in 2015 than had mortality continued declining during 2014–15 at the rate achieved during 2000–2013.”  So there you have it.  Proof that what we get from folks like Warren, is just smoke and mirrors.

And so now I eagerly await to see how those purveyors of what has now become commonly referred to as “fake news”, such as those supposed ‘journalists’ at the Communist News Network (CNN), will go about the ‘reporting’ of Warren’s unsubstantiated, as well as blatantly dishonest, statement.  Reports which, I am quite sure, will be premised with qualifiers like “falsely”, “wrongly”, and “without any evidence.”  You know, just like they always do when they’re talking about President Trump.  Like that’s gonna happen.  Sadly, folks in our state-controlled media long ago lost any interest whatsoever in being viewed as a source of accurate and unbiased information.  These days they are proud to consider themselves as being part of the Democrat Party’s propaganda squad. Especially whenever an opportunity, real or imagined, to bash President Trump may present itself.  Or even if one doesn’t.

So Ms. Warren, how many people are dead because of Obamacare and for no other reason than because they were forced to sign up and then could afford to meet neither the rising premiums nor the high deductibles, deciding to forego treatment?  And remember folks, Hitlery was supposed to win and it was then that after a couple of years having her in the White House, Obamacare would have then morphed into the single payer healthcare system that Democrats have long been seeking.  Or as it is called in Canada, Britain, Australia, and everywhere else it’s been implemented, Socialized medicine.  Obamacare was a train wreck right out of the gate.  Remember how we were told if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor and how if we liked our insurance, we could keep our insurance?  It was all bullshit, and the folks telling us this, including our then president, KNEW it was bullshit!

And isn’t it interesting how it’s the exact same number of Americans, 24 million, that the CBO once claimed would be covered by Obamacare, that liberals are now using as the number of those who will lose their insurance even though the report didn’t mention anything about 24 million?   As is usually the case might they simply be parroting Nancy “We must pass it before we’re able to see what’s in it” Pelosi?  And why is it that on the same day it would be Time Magazine saying that only 14 million would lose coverage?  Is it because 24 million sounds so much more dramatic than 14 million?  Does the CBO report use the word “could” or “would” in their report?  Did the same CBO score Obamacare accurately in 2010?  Unlikely.  Is it true that only half as many people signed up for Obamacare for 2017 than the CBO projected?  And when was the last time the CBO score anything accurately?

Yes, maybe there will be people who may die because they don’t have Obamacare.  He folks, news flash!  There were millions of people who lost their insurance under Obamacare.  And, sadly, many of them died.  And many more, who will never be born, were not given the chance to live.  The CBO, the Democrats, and the ‘Man in the Moon’ can throw out any number they like and there are people who will gobble it up as ‘FACT’.  The real truth, here, is that no one can predict the future and what it will bring, but one thing is for sure.  Obamacare was a disaster that did nothing but try to collect more taxes from the ones who could least afford it and picked the insurance companies that the Democrats wanted to see succeed. They failed at that too.  The “non-partisan” CBO?  The same CBO that has been wrong on just about everything else over at least the last 8 years?

Obamacare was supposed to help anywhere from 20 million to 60 million Americans, depending on who was rolling out the numbers.  Except that, because there was an “opt out” plan in it by paying the tax, the numbers never materialized.  And somewhere along the line 20 to 30 million Americans lost their coverage because they had “sub-par” policies.  They could only get new policies by paying higher premiums, taking higher deductibles and submitting to the “one size fits all” policies, with coverage they would never need or use.  The dirty little secret is that liberals, including old Pocahontas, don’t care if people die.  Government programs like health care are merely a means to an end for the left.  Power and wealth is all they want.  They support the murder of hundreds of thousands of babies annually, but want you to believe they care about everyone else.

After decades of liberal policies being shoved down the throats of the people, nothing is as they claimed it would be.  Democrats still pretend they are the champion of poor people, while doing everything they can to create more of them.  Imagine how many people would die if the government was in complete control of our healthcare, especially the elderly.  My mom will be 86 years old this year and she tells me all the time how she thinks that the government doesn’t want all the old people around.  And with all her complaining on the subject, Warren, along with most of her liberal colleagues, have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of Obamacare and couldn’t care less about the impact it has come to have on millions of people. They didn’t even bother to read the bill before they shoved it down the throats of unsuspecting Americans. They’ve never been on Obamacare.

Obamacare is yet another government program designed in such a way as to actually discourage its use through excessive premiums and exorbitant deductibles.  And in what has become typical government fashion it sounds really good to say that you now have more people with insurance, but what good is having insurance when you can’t afford to use it.  Unless, of course, you’re some scum-sucking parasite, aka a Democrat voter, who ends up getting their shit for ‘free’!  This is maddening, and I seriously doubt that the legislation referred to as a “repeal” of Obamacare that was passed in the House this past Thursday will accomplish very much, if anything at all, in getting us back to allowing the American people access to quality healthcare for a ‘reasonable’ price.  And by ‘reasonable’ I mean less than what it now costs under Obamacare because of premiums and deductibles.