Pelosi 08

If ever there was ever a politician that demonstrated the very clear need for ‘term limits’ it would be none other than current House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.   Now you would think that she would have long ago outlived any usefulness to her party, but apparently not.  And it’s through the ‘wisdom’ of those in her district that she has continually been sent to Washington since 1987. And it was yet again, during her press briefing just yesterday, that she left folks scratching their heads as they tried to figure out exactly what it was that she might have been talking about.

Because it was during this briefing that she said that although unemployment is down, government dependency is not–and that wages must rise.  Pelosi was asked: “The unemployment rate in May was 3.8 percent—the lowest it has been in 18 years. Is that good news?”  To which she responded:  “Well, as I said, unemployment rate is one indication. The fact is, and this has happened before, that people say: Oh my goodness, that people are saying the unemployment rate is down, why isn’t my purchasing power increasing?”  Really?  Is that what people are saying?

She then went on to say, “So, this isn’t just about the unemployment rate, it’s about wages rising in our country, so that consumer confidence is restored.”  She said,  “Because our economy will never fully reach its possibilities unless we increase the consumer confidence and that can only be increased by a better deal, better jobs, better wages, better future, and lowering costs to families–whether its prescription drugs, by really lowering the cost of prescription drugs–and that list goes on.”  I thought I had heard somewhere that consumer confidence has never been higher.

Pelosi said, “This is one unusual time and I follow it closely, where the unemployment rate is down, but the dependence on subsidies, food insecurity, housing subsidies, and the rest, has not gone down because of the wage stagnation.”  And she added, “So, in terms of the national stability of America’s working families, unless we have an increase–a very significant increase in wages–bigger paychecks, we are going to increase the frustration of America’s families because they’ll be saying: Hip, hip hooray, unemployment is down! What does that mean to me in my life? I need a bigger paycheck.’ That’s the apprehension American families have had for a while and continue to have and we must address.”

And she finally concluded by saying, “So, when we’re talking about this, it’s not increase more jobs so that we can subsidize more low-paying jobs by public investment, housing support, food support and the list goes on.”   And added, “But to have living wages for people, justice, economic justice, social justice. Justice, it’s a very important value that America has.”  And of course her little ‘it’s all about justice’ drivel is really nothing more than Democrat code for everyone needs to make $15 an hour no matter what their work level or experience happens to be.

I’m curious, does anyone remember, when unemployment was at 10 percent, how Pelosi was telling anyone who would listen that unemployment was a “good thing” because it gives you “free time” to pursue those things that your horrible job never gave you enough time to do, like learning a foreign language, taking up a musical instrument, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or spending the day with your adorable pet?  The last thing any good Socialist wants is for everyone to have a good, decent paying, job. If everyone has a good job, nobody would need socialism.

And it is in Pelosi that we have someone who has zero knowledge of how a business actually works, someone who has never contributed one iota to the betterment of our society and someone who has, quite literally, spent decades manipulating the people while enriching herself via all manner of insider deals.  We know that she and her fellow Democrats have an ulterior motive, and that motive is to put all small businesses OUT of business making it far easier to entice more Americans onto the government teat.  Because that’s what the Democrat Party is really all about.

Pelosi has long been one of the primary cheerleaders of doom and gloom. Forget all the good things and find ANYTHING to complain about.  When will the Democrats join Americans and celebrate the good that has been accomplished?  Never!  It’s in their twisted brains that Republican successes equate to Democrat failures.  Who cares if the country is better off, let’s sabotage all that we can and talk down the success even if it means damaging the nation so we can get back into power.  Democrats act more like enemies of the state than representatives of the people.

And we all know that if Barry ‘O’ were still in office Pelosi would be yelling from the mountaintops how wonderful everything is.  If these were Barry’s employment numbers she would be claiming that the Democrats were the saviors of all mankind. These days Pelosi seems to serve no other purpose for the Democrats than that of comic relief.  Sadly she will continue to get re-elected as long as she chooses to run and that’s just fine, because she’s the best thing that the Republicans have going for them.  So keep right on talking, Nancy.  You and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters.

I really do hope Pelosi continues as one of the louder voices of the Democrats into the foreseeable future. She only serves to strengthen support for Republicans every time she opens her mouth.  It’s because of her, and those like her, that that once much heralded ‘blue wave’ that was going to be sweeping Democrats back into power this November, has now all but disappeared.  I firmly believe that Democrats have now gone from having the election in the bag to once again ending up having their collective ass handed to them.  But the Republicans are still busy trying to lose.



Slick 03

Apparently it’s even the old ‘Slickmeister’, BJ Clinton, who is now beginning to have what are some pretty serious second thoughts about whether or not that much talked about ‘blue wave’ will become a reality this November.  To the point where he’s been busy cautioning those Democrats who may be taking the much heralded ‘blue wave’ in November for granted, and has reportedly said that it is now “impossible to tell” if the Democrats will actually take back control of the House.

Old ‘Slick Willy’ acknowledged during a Sunday interview with USA Today that though the so-called ‘blue wave’ had been building, factors such as the strength of President Trump’s economy as well as his progress on the North Korea negotiations have complicated matters for Democrats.  He said, “Well, it was building, big time.”  And went on to add, “It’s impossible to tell now just because there are so many other intervening narratives.”  For once I agree with old Slick.

And it’s even out in the land of the fruits, the nuts and the flakes, California, the bluest of blue states, that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom has said that he has not seen evidence of a “big blue wave.”  It was when asked about the so-called ‘blue wave’ that he said, “I don’t see evidence of that.  In California, we kind of feel like we’ve got this.”  And he went on to say, “It’s a big blue state and in some respects, I think we kind of take things for granted at times.”

I’m thinking all of this talk of a ‘blue wave’ may be nothing more than wishful thinking.  What do the Democrats really have to offer other than raising taxes, granting full amnesty for all illegals and confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens?  Their party platform is focused on illegal aliens, sexual deviants, Muslim refugees, and calling all who disagree with them, racists.  The U.S. economy is now stronger than it’s been in decades thanks to a Republican administration.

Our President is not a politician.  He’s a man with a track record of getting things done.  And that’s all the American people want.  We want action not words that even a five year old can tell is political BS.  The President is not polished, he is not politically correct and what he says doesn’t always come out perfect. But he can identify problems and ways to fix them.  He spent a lifetime doing that in the business world.  Now, he is using that ability to clean up Barry’s mess.

And while I’ll admit he still has a long way to go, he has accomplished much, more than I would have expected in this short period of time and has done so while getting attacked 24/7 by Democrats, those in our state-controlled media as well as more than just a few RINOs. Just imagine what he could do if that pack were to be thinned out some come November?  And that, my friends, is what we ALL need to be focused on when we walk into the voting booth come this November!

We need not vote for any Democrats or for that matter, any RINOs.  We need to do our part in assisting the president in draining ‘The Swamp.’  We must focus on defeating as many of the ‘Establishment’ types as we can, regardless of party.  These elitists who comprise ‘The Swamp’ want to destroy America.  And like Barry ‘O’ they hate America.  He, and they, wanted to “fundamentally transform” her.  And while he may be gone many remain who are dedicated to that mission.

Democrats are in dream land if they are seriously counting on some mythical ‘blue wave.’  Nothing they do has a positive effect on the welfare of our great nation.  Alternatively, everything Trump does have a positive effect.  Last time I voted for Trump it was an anti-establishment vote.  When I vote for him in 2020 it’ll be because he is a damn good President.  We need to vote for those willing to advance, not obstruct, the president’s agenda to ‘Make America Great Again.

So despite any misgivings that old Slick may have about whether or not this ‘blue wave’ does become a reality, we conservatives must, between now and the next election, operate as if we are at least 10 points behind.  And we dare not allow current polling trends to lull any of us into some false sense of security or allow ourselves to fall into a state of complacency.   We must continue to remain focused on one thing, and that is to prevent Pelosi from becoming Speaker.


Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Conference At The Capitol

Well, to hear Nancy Pelosi tell it, it’s pretty much all over but the cryin’, or time to turn out the lights, the Republican Party is over.  Pelosi is pretty confident that she’s going to take Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s job after the mid-term elections this November.  So much so that it was earlier this week that she told The Boston Globe, “We will win. I will run for speaker. I feel confident about it. And my members do, too.”  She said, “It’s important that it not be five white guys at the table, no offense.”  And she added, “I have no intention of walking away from that table.”

If Democrats do retake the House, Pelosi is certain to face resistance from members of her own party who want her to step aside.  It was Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton who told The Globe, “I think there’s a strong desire out there in America for new leadership in Washington, not just getting rid of Republicans but getting new leadership in the Democratic Party.”  Moulton has repeatedly called on Pelosi to quit her leadership post before November, so she doesn’t hurt Democrats’ chances in the midterms. If her interview with The Globe is any indication, Pelosi isn’t worried.

Pelosi stressed the significance of her being the only woman who holds a top position in the House, Senate and the White House, saying: “It’s important that it not be five white guys at the table, no offense. I have no intention of walking away from that table.”  One unnamed Pelosi ally was quoted by ‘The Hill’ as saying, “The problem that Pelosi complainers have is that no one can beat her. And that continues to be the case. Who’s going to beat Nancy Pelosi? There’s no one that can. So she’ll win in the Caucus, and then she’ll win on the floor.”  But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

But with all that said, it’s still a bit too early to start speculating, as the Democrats will need to turn 23 seats blue in order to win back the House.  As many on the left have hoped their voters will show up to turn the tides, an opinion piece in ‘The Hill’ said on Monday that the Democrats are “dreaming” if they expect a blue wave in the upcoming mid-terms this year.  While I am doubtful that there will be any sort of a blue wave, I do recognize the fact that history is on the side of the Democrats.  But I also feel that these are not normal times and political history may not apply.

You may, or may not, recall that it was Pelosi who served as the nation’s first female Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011.  And it was in 2010 that she led her party to what was a rather crushing defeat in the 2010 midterm elections, after forcing Obamacare through the lower chamber, infamously declaring: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” She defied expectations that she would resign after her party’s defeat, and repeatedly fought off internal challengers to retain her “iron grip” on power — in the Globe‘s words — within her caucus.

She has rejected claims that she’s too old, at 78, to lead, dismissing concerns about her mental sharpness and physical stamina by speaking on the floor of the House earlier this year for more than eight uninterrupted hours on behalf of so-called “Dreamers”.  Some Democrats are irritated at Pelosi’s efforts to intervene in primary races to push out “progressive” candidates that appeal to the party base but who are considered less likely to win in a general election.  Republicans believe that Pelosi will help their prospects in November by motivating conservatives to vote against her.

For those who get it, preventing Pelosi from once again becoming Speaker should be enough to encourage every red blooded patriotic American to the voting booth.  Democrats have already made it very clear that ‘WHEN’ they take control of the House, and perhaps the Senate as well, after this November’s election the Trump Agenda will be declared to be officially dead.  So the Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet and it’s up to the American people to now decide how best to respond.  And the question that remains to be answered is, are we up to the challenge?

And if the American people truly are stupid enough to hand back to the Democrats control of the House, or the Senate or, God forbid, both, it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have now officially thrown in the towel on our once great American Republic and are using those in the Republican Party incapable of keeping their promises as their excuse for doing do.  It’s just that simple.  That way it’s not REALLY their fault but the fault of the RINOs who have lied to them.  But I intend to neither stay home this November nor vote Democrat.  I will vote for my country.

And the goal of every freedom loving American must be to do all that they can to expedite the demise of the Democrat Party.  And if that requires the voting for a RINO this time around, so be it.  Because if the Democrat Party loses in the midterms, I have no doubt that the party may very well go into a tailspin. The Bernie wing crazies will not be contained by the wealthiest of Democrats like Pelosi. The infighting could be expansive.  Another Democrat loss could just be that final nail in the coffin of a party that has now moved so far left as to represent a serious threat to our country.



Slowly but surely the true agenda of the Democrat Party, as it relates to the Second Amendment, is beginning to leak out.  And while those Democrats considered to be more moderate may deny their goal is the repeal of the Second Amendment, what’s being said by the more prominent voices of the party would seem to indicate that that is exactly what the party is seeking.  And as was recently made clear by someone who sounds very much as if he is already a Democrat candidate for president, we had ‘Slow Joe’ Biden recent stating how, in his opinion, our Second Amendment has been very badly interpreted or to use his words, has “been so prostituted.”

And then we had some bimbo by the name Karen Carter Peterson, (having three names makes you sound more important) who is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) vice chair for ‘civic engagement and voter protection’, who was successful in unleashing the wrath of Twitter when she recently tweeted, “Repeal the Second Amendment.” The Louisiana state senator tweeted out Justice John Paul Stevens’ op-ed from last week in The New York Times calling for repealing the Second Amendment.  Her tweet got only 50 likes and just over 70 retweets, but it conjured up plenty of negative responses which would be far too numerous to try to list here.

Now while I’m not sure what sort of response this DNC moron was expecting, I feel pretty confident in saying that it wasn’t the overwhelming response that she got.  Also her tweet pulls back the curtain a bit, and allows us a glimpse of what the true position of her party really is.  And despite all of the denials about wanting to repeal the Second Amendment, make no mistake that is in fact what the Democrats will be seeking to do if they are successful in their effort to take back Congress this November.  It will be after the impeachment of our duly elected president that next on their agenda will be the wholesale gutting of the Second Amendment.

As I see it, these leftwing politicians, by calling for a ban or the repeal of the Second Amendment, are, in fact, in direct violation of their oath of office.  They swore to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, when they took office.  I see this rhetoric as being grounds for their removal from office, and being permanently barred from ever running again!  It’s sad that when tragedy does occur, our so-called leaders lose all rationale and go on some rant against the Constitution. They offer no hope or solution for the root cause of the problem. It’s like ramming a boat into an iceberg then blaming the boat for sinking, not the guy at the wheel.

The Democrat Party essentially came out of hiding during the Barry ‘O’ years in that Democrats stopped trying to hide what it is that their party stands for, and just how far to the left they have now become.  Where in the past Democrats were far more clandestine about where they stood on those specific issues viewed as being important by a majority of the American people, today it’s as if they don’t really give a crap what the people think.  They made much progress over the last eight years, to the point where they feel much more emboldened when it comes to revealing their true goals.  And while their candidate lost in 2016, that too may soon be rectified.

The Democrat Party is still forced, albeit to a much lesser degree, to depend on deceit and deception in order to garner for itself a sufficient level of both support for the causes that it endorses and enough votes for those who continue to run under the Democrat banner.  But while the truth is coming out, Democrats can thank their many minions in the state-controlled media for providing them cover.  But despite their best efforts it becomes clearer every day that the Democrats have little interest in merely banning any one type of weapon, what they essentially want to do is to ban the Second Amendment or make it into something that is totally unrecognizable.

The platform of the Democrat Party as it exists today is one that: 1) Has illegal immigrants being viewed as more important than American citizens, 2) Seeks to repeal tax cuts, 3) Seeks to allow men in women’s rest rooms, 4) Seeks the repeal of the Second Amendment, 5) Seeks to severely limit the First Amendment, 6) Allows for and even encourages, unlimited, unvetted and unfettered third world immigration into this country, 7) And seek to eliminate any real education choosing instead to focus on the creating of politically correct, mind-numbed little robots through the complete and very thorough indoctrination of our young.

Make no mistake, if given the opportunity, Democrats will confiscate guns!  The American people must not allow them to take control of Congress this November.  We need to vote FOR America, vote FOR the Constitution, and vote FOR those who will work with the president and against liberal policies.  And I can already hear the grumbling about how even after we gave the Republicans first the House, then the Senate and finally the White House we still ended up with the Democrats still seeming to run the show.  Ok, I’m not thrilled that we elected a bunch of spineless wimps either.  But we can’t turn our backs on the country we’ll be leaving to our kids.

And I can also now hear folks asking, “So where’s my incentive to vote Republican?”  Well, I guess my only answer would be that the time has now come for those of us who love this country and want to prevent it from going down the tubes entirely, to do more than simply sit back and complain about our crappy Republican leadership.  Obviously we can no longer trust them to do what’s right.  We must get much more involved in our political process.  I think we can all agree that the Democrats are in it for the long haul. And should they be able to regain control of Congress they will waste precious little time in trying to further restrict what few rights we have left.

For years those who proudly identify themselves as members of what has become an increasingly leftwing, and rather radical, Democrat Party have made the claim that nobody wants to take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights.  It’s amazing how many on the left are now admitting they want nothing less than to rip up our Constitution, which is the most unique document of its kind ever created in all of human history, because it makes clear that our rights come to us from God.  The Democrats think our rights come only from government, a government that would also be free to take those rights away.  It that truly how most Americans wish to live?

Anyone who believes in the dismantling, or the reinterpreting, of our Constitutional, or feels that the government somehow possesses the power to infringe upon those rights contained therein, should be disqualified from ever holding, or even running for, ANY public office.  Because if one does not truly believe that all of the rights we possess as free people, as they are so very clearly laid out in our Constitution, come from God, then how is it that any oath that has one swearing to protect and defend that same Constitution has any meaning?  Our Constitution is the very soul of our Republic and as such it must be protected from those who seek only to destroy it.



So according to the New York Times, not generally a reliable source of accurate information, Robert Mueller recently subpoenaed the Trump Organization for any documents related to Russia and to any other topic that he is currently ‘investigating’.  So it now appears that Mr. Mueller is apparently seeking to determine whether foreign money had any role in President Trump’s political activities.  But it would also seem that we have gotten to a place where he’s now grabbing at straws.

I think it’s safe to say there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this supposed ‘investigation’ being conducted by Mueller, and his army of Democrat hacks, the purpose of which, or so I thought, was to look into any possible collusion between the Trump and Russia, long ago came completely off the tracks.  And as much as I may have at one time held a high opinion of Jeff Sessions, the time has now come for him to grow a pair and bring all of this insanity to an end.  Either that or resign!

Because this ‘investigation’ has now moved well beyond being merely a ridiculous waste of time and an exercise in political chicanery, but it has also been a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars.  And I also think it safe to say that the ONLY ones who wish to see this madness continue are those partisan Democrat hacks, which would include the entirety of the Democrat Party, who see it as being something that they will be able to easily exploit as we head further in the midterm election cycle.

Personally, I can’t believe this circus has been allowed to go on. A “Russia Collusion” investigation based on a fraudulent “Russia Collusion” dossier paid for by Hitlery’s campaign and being used as “evidence.”  No one believes this Russian conspiracy theory any more now than they did when all this nonsense started.  For every phony Russian blogger, there are a 1000 phony Leftist bloggers spewing all manner of what was nothing more than ‘fake news’ that was then echoed by ‘phony’ journalists.

This ‘investigation’ has now essentially morphed into what is nothing more than a fishing expedition or a witch hunt on steroids, an effort to collect all sorts of information that can then be used against Trump when he runs for re-election in 2020.  As well as, I suppose, being an effort to financially bankrupt Trump and destroy his businesses.  And make no mistake here, the RINOs are just as complicit in this charade as is Mueller and the many Democrat Party operatives on his team.

Democrats are hoping that this ‘investigation’ will turn out to be a real two-fer for them, first resulting in the destroying of any and all incriminating evidence that exists against Hitlery and secondly the destroying of Trump’s businesses just as the Democrats said they would do when Trump won the election. And if those of us who voted for Trump simply sit by and watch it happen, then we’re nothing but accomplices in what is a concerted effort to bring down our duly elected president.

Meanwhile, we have Hitlery jetting around the world telling anyone who’s willing to listen to her how it was that she hated half of America even BEFORE she got her butt handed to her in the 2016 election.  We were deplorable AND irredeemable, she said. She called those who dared not to agree with her every name in the book and disparaged them/us at every opportunity. The fact is that she and those on her side DO hate America and they despise the Founding Fathers as well as our Constitution.

The mere sight of the American flag turns her stomach as she sees it as being nothing more than a symbol of “white privilege” and “oppression.”  Like all Democrats she has a far different view of America than do those who voted for Trump.  She and her party want a borderless country.  She, and her party, hates America and every single tradition and institution that NORMAL Americans respect.  This is another reason why President Trump must be destroyed, which is why Mueller remains on the job.

The Democrats have to stretch this out to at least until the mid-term elections because right now it’s all they have.  They have to keep their emotionally unstable base happy with perpetual stories of, “we almost have something that could, possibly, maybe impeach Trump.”  And then we have the Republicans who are worthless feckless wimps who whine about everything but do nothing about anything.  Mueller should have been defunded and McCabe should have been fired months ago.

Let’s face it, Mueller is not the least bit interested in finding the truth. He is only interested in getting Trump on something, anything no matter how trivial.  If this were truly about Russian collusion he has tons of evidence on Hitlery and the DNC. Trump and his associates were the victims. Where’s their justice?  Mueller is now treading into unconstitutional territory.  He is way out of line and Sessions is his enabler. Enough is enough. Shut this politically motivated witch hunt down NOW.


Hillary Clinton Attends Democratic Caucus Meeting

I guess it can be said that if Republicans have anything going for them as we head into the midterm election season, it’s that the Democrats still have the increasingly bizarre Nancy Pelosi out front.  For instance, just last week it was reported how Pelosi had attacked both the U.S. Constitution and the Trump administration when she “defended her home state Wednesday against what she called ‘the Trump Administration’s brazen aggression and intimidation tactics,’ after Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit to have California’s “sanctuary state” statutes declared unconstitutional.”

But Pelosi isn’t the only one that would at least appear to be on the Republican’s payroll.  Because it would seem that Hitlery too is doing her best to inflict as much damage to the party as Pelosi, as evidenced by recent comments she made in India criticizing those Americans who chose to vote for Donald Trump in 2016 instead of for her.  Hitlery made the claim that it was because of how those less sophisticated and diverse red state voters were drawn to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant “looking backwards” realty TV campaign” that resulted in her losing the election.

Hitlery will likely never learn her lesson. She called half the country deplorable and irredeemable.  One would think that her totally unexpected election loss might have served as a wakeup call, but it didn’t.  Then she calls folks egregious names that are false and have no basis in truth, calling half the country backwards.  And then, of course, there was when she describe the parts of the country she won as being the ones who contribute most to gross national product.  So apparently the rest of us are just deplorable, irredeemable and not well off non-contributors to society.

But look, the primary reason that Nancy and Hitlery continue to use such incendiary and inflammatory rhetoric is because there are millions of ignorant people who will believe them and could very well be swayed to vote Democrat. You have to remember a large percentage of voters in this country are low information voters. They get their political news from Facebook and celebrity tweets.  We’ve all seen the silly ‘man on the street’ interviews where the moron being interviewed is unable to name, for instance, the vice president.  I’ve seen it done and it’s downright pitiful.

Pelosi, like Hitlery, is disliked by a majority of the country.  She keeps herself immersed in a bubble where she keeps company only with those people who support her and who think the same way she does.  That’s a big part of the reason why she seems so completely out of touch with the public at large.  Hitlery’s arrogance is obvious, she tried to steal an election and it just didn’t work out!  As for all the dirt she thought would just disappear after her crowning, the Trump administration has it all!  And I wish they would use it and finally make her pay for her many crimes.

I admit that the day may finally come when I will miss Pelosi. Her natural stupidity, her frequent and quite bizarre, episodes combined with her ability to spout all manner of insanity, on very short notice and with a straight face, does give me a chuckle every now and then. Throw in her crass elitism and hatred of people who actually work for a living and you have amazing hypocrisy on display right in front of you.  But seriously, “you have to pass the bill so we can read it and see what’s in there”, that’s the stuff of comedic political history. It will be hard to replace her.

As for Hitlery, and I’m sure much to the chagrin of the Democrat Party, I feel pretty confident in saying that she won’t be riding off into quite retirement anytime soon.  Both of these aging crackpots are pretty much cut from the very same political cloth.  Hitlery will never learn because she has bought into the Alinsky rules. She thinks that she is the smartest person on earth, the rest of us are here to be dominated or obliterated.  She is so arrogant, she actually believed that the highest office in the land was OWED to her. Pelosi and the rest were just following her lead.

The frothing hatred the Democrats, and Leftists in general, have for those who don’t agree with them seems to be leaking out more and more lately as they adopt a more extreme, radical and hardcore leftwing ideology. Hitlery essentially says half the country is full of ignorant white people.  Kimmel says conservatives are too stupid to be late-night TV hosts.  Kimmel’s not in politics and Hitlery has almost no political influence anymore, so they let fly with these statements without care or concern for how it looks, but clearly that belief has lurked beneath the surface for decades.

Current Democrat politicians and activists no doubt have the same beliefs, but for the most part they don’t come right out and say them because they figure as long as they keep their more radical beliefs close to the chest they can still fool enough people into voting for them that will allow them to keep winning elections.  Don’t be fooled.  If you aren’t just like them, they hate you, they have no interest in seeing things from your point of view, and will happily go on not only pretending that you don’t exist, but actively working to make your life worse should they ever return to power.



Sadly, Americans are truly a pretty ignorant bunch.  Too many of them tend to ignore what’s taking place right before their eyes, choosing instead to believe what some Democrat is telling them.  That what they’re seeing is really nothing more than a mirage, and that what’s truly taking place is the complete opposite of what they ‘think’ they’re seeing.  Take as a for instance the ‘special election’ in Pennsylvania.   The Democrat, Lamb, besides trying to portray himself as being some sort of moderate, a breed of Democrat that long ago became extinct, was out there telling anyone who would listen, that we need to address the level rancor in our politics and he’s the guy who can do it.  Which I thought was rather odd coming from a Democrat.  Because it’s such a brand of politics that the Democrat Party has long been all about.

The Democrat Party, as a whole, has become little more than one of America’s more successful hate groups.  They hate America, they hate hard working Americans, they hate the family, they hate religion and, I would argue, they even hate life itself.  And yet for some bizarre reason they never have trouble convincing people to vote for them.  I can only assume that those voting for Democrats must hate this country as much as the candidate they are voting for does.  And what does it say about our country’s ability to survive when you have a significant percentage of its population willing to vote for those whose only mission is to destroy it.  And again in referencing the Pennsylvania election, you have one candidate who supports making America great again, and another who doesn’t, and yet the race is too close to call?

It’s like we have a significant number of Americans who have what can only be considered as being a death wish.  Why else is it that anyone would be willing to vote for a Democrat, any Democrat?  I’ve heard from many on my side, aka people who actually love this country, that the Democrat Party is out of touch with the American people.  But again, if using Pennsylvania as our example, apparently they are not so out of touch with those who would rather see their country destroyed than do what they must know needs to be done in order to prevent just such an eventuality.  With so much is riding on this November’s election, and for the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone of reasonable intelligence would ever vote Democrat.  But for whatever the reason many will, and mark my words, nothing good will come from it.