So according to the New York Times, not generally a reliable source of accurate information, Robert Mueller recently subpoenaed the Trump Organization for any documents related to Russia and to any other topic that he is currently ‘investigating’.  So it now appears that Mr. Mueller is apparently seeking to determine whether foreign money had any role in President Trump’s political activities.  But it would also seem that we have gotten to a place where he’s now grabbing at straws.

I think it’s safe to say there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this supposed ‘investigation’ being conducted by Mueller, and his army of Democrat hacks, the purpose of which, or so I thought, was to look into any possible collusion between the Trump and Russia, long ago came completely off the tracks.  And as much as I may have at one time held a high opinion of Jeff Sessions, the time has now come for him to grow a pair and bring all of this insanity to an end.  Either that or resign!

Because this ‘investigation’ has now moved well beyond being merely a ridiculous waste of time and an exercise in political chicanery, but it has also been a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars.  And I also think it safe to say that the ONLY ones who wish to see this madness continue are those partisan Democrat hacks, which would include the entirety of the Democrat Party, who see it as being something that they will be able to easily exploit as we head further in the midterm election cycle.

Personally, I can’t believe this circus has been allowed to go on. A “Russia Collusion” investigation based on a fraudulent “Russia Collusion” dossier paid for by Hitlery’s campaign and being used as “evidence.”  No one believes this Russian conspiracy theory any more now than they did when all this nonsense started.  For every phony Russian blogger, there are a 1000 phony Leftist bloggers spewing all manner of what was nothing more than ‘fake news’ that was then echoed by ‘phony’ journalists.

This ‘investigation’ has now essentially morphed into what is nothing more than a fishing expedition or a witch hunt on steroids, an effort to collect all sorts of information that can then be used against Trump when he runs for re-election in 2020.  As well as, I suppose, being an effort to financially bankrupt Trump and destroy his businesses.  And make no mistake here, the RINOs are just as complicit in this charade as is Mueller and the many Democrat Party operatives on his team.

Democrats are hoping that this ‘investigation’ will turn out to be a real two-fer for them, first resulting in the destroying of any and all incriminating evidence that exists against Hitlery and secondly the destroying of Trump’s businesses just as the Democrats said they would do when Trump won the election. And if those of us who voted for Trump simply sit by and watch it happen, then we’re nothing but accomplices in what is a concerted effort to bring down our duly elected president.

Meanwhile, we have Hitlery jetting around the world telling anyone who’s willing to listen to her how it was that she hated half of America even BEFORE she got her butt handed to her in the 2016 election.  We were deplorable AND irredeemable, she said. She called those who dared not to agree with her every name in the book and disparaged them/us at every opportunity. The fact is that she and those on her side DO hate America and they despise the Founding Fathers as well as our Constitution.

The mere sight of the American flag turns her stomach as she sees it as being nothing more than a symbol of “white privilege” and “oppression.”  Like all Democrats she has a far different view of America than do those who voted for Trump.  She and her party want a borderless country.  She, and her party, hates America and every single tradition and institution that NORMAL Americans respect.  This is another reason why President Trump must be destroyed, which is why Mueller remains on the job.

The Democrats have to stretch this out to at least until the mid-term elections because right now it’s all they have.  They have to keep their emotionally unstable base happy with perpetual stories of, “we almost have something that could, possibly, maybe impeach Trump.”  And then we have the Republicans who are worthless feckless wimps who whine about everything but do nothing about anything.  Mueller should have been defunded and McCabe should have been fired months ago.

Let’s face it, Mueller is not the least bit interested in finding the truth. He is only interested in getting Trump on something, anything no matter how trivial.  If this were truly about Russian collusion he has tons of evidence on Hitlery and the DNC. Trump and his associates were the victims. Where’s their justice?  Mueller is now treading into unconstitutional territory.  He is way out of line and Sessions is his enabler. Enough is enough. Shut this politically motivated witch hunt down NOW.



Hillary Clinton Attends Democratic Caucus Meeting

I guess it can be said that if Republicans have anything going for them as we head into the midterm election season, it’s that the Democrats still have the increasingly bizarre Nancy Pelosi out front.  For instance, just last week it was reported how Pelosi had attacked both the U.S. Constitution and the Trump administration when she “defended her home state Wednesday against what she called ‘the Trump Administration’s brazen aggression and intimidation tactics,’ after Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit to have California’s “sanctuary state” statutes declared unconstitutional.”

But Pelosi isn’t the only one that would at least appear to be on the Republican’s payroll.  Because it would seem that Hitlery too is doing her best to inflict as much damage to the party as Pelosi, as evidenced by recent comments she made in India criticizing those Americans who chose to vote for Donald Trump in 2016 instead of for her.  Hitlery made the claim that it was because of how those less sophisticated and diverse red state voters were drawn to Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant “looking backwards” realty TV campaign” that resulted in her losing the election.

Hitlery will likely never learn her lesson. She called half the country deplorable and irredeemable.  One would think that her totally unexpected election loss might have served as a wakeup call, but it didn’t.  Then she calls folks egregious names that are false and have no basis in truth, calling half the country backwards.  And then, of course, there was when she describe the parts of the country she won as being the ones who contribute most to gross national product.  So apparently the rest of us are just deplorable, irredeemable and not well off non-contributors to society.

But look, the primary reason that Nancy and Hitlery continue to use such incendiary and inflammatory rhetoric is because there are millions of ignorant people who will believe them and could very well be swayed to vote Democrat. You have to remember a large percentage of voters in this country are low information voters. They get their political news from Facebook and celebrity tweets.  We’ve all seen the silly ‘man on the street’ interviews where the moron being interviewed is unable to name, for instance, the vice president.  I’ve seen it done and it’s downright pitiful.

Pelosi, like Hitlery, is disliked by a majority of the country.  She keeps herself immersed in a bubble where she keeps company only with those people who support her and who think the same way she does.  That’s a big part of the reason why she seems so completely out of touch with the public at large.  Hitlery’s arrogance is obvious, she tried to steal an election and it just didn’t work out!  As for all the dirt she thought would just disappear after her crowning, the Trump administration has it all!  And I wish they would use it and finally make her pay for her many crimes.

I admit that the day may finally come when I will miss Pelosi. Her natural stupidity, her frequent and quite bizarre, episodes combined with her ability to spout all manner of insanity, on very short notice and with a straight face, does give me a chuckle every now and then. Throw in her crass elitism and hatred of people who actually work for a living and you have amazing hypocrisy on display right in front of you.  But seriously, “you have to pass the bill so we can read it and see what’s in there”, that’s the stuff of comedic political history. It will be hard to replace her.

As for Hitlery, and I’m sure much to the chagrin of the Democrat Party, I feel pretty confident in saying that she won’t be riding off into quite retirement anytime soon.  Both of these aging crackpots are pretty much cut from the very same political cloth.  Hitlery will never learn because she has bought into the Alinsky rules. She thinks that she is the smartest person on earth, the rest of us are here to be dominated or obliterated.  She is so arrogant, she actually believed that the highest office in the land was OWED to her. Pelosi and the rest were just following her lead.

The frothing hatred the Democrats, and Leftists in general, have for those who don’t agree with them seems to be leaking out more and more lately as they adopt a more extreme, radical and hardcore leftwing ideology. Hitlery essentially says half the country is full of ignorant white people.  Kimmel says conservatives are too stupid to be late-night TV hosts.  Kimmel’s not in politics and Hitlery has almost no political influence anymore, so they let fly with these statements without care or concern for how it looks, but clearly that belief has lurked beneath the surface for decades.

Current Democrat politicians and activists no doubt have the same beliefs, but for the most part they don’t come right out and say them because they figure as long as they keep their more radical beliefs close to the chest they can still fool enough people into voting for them that will allow them to keep winning elections.  Don’t be fooled.  If you aren’t just like them, they hate you, they have no interest in seeing things from your point of view, and will happily go on not only pretending that you don’t exist, but actively working to make your life worse should they ever return to power.



Sadly, Americans are truly a pretty ignorant bunch.  Too many of them tend to ignore what’s taking place right before their eyes, choosing instead to believe what some Democrat is telling them.  That what they’re seeing is really nothing more than a mirage, and that what’s truly taking place is the complete opposite of what they ‘think’ they’re seeing.  Take as a for instance the ‘special election’ in Pennsylvania.   The Democrat, Lamb, besides trying to portray himself as being some sort of moderate, a breed of Democrat that long ago became extinct, was out there telling anyone who would listen, that we need to address the level rancor in our politics and he’s the guy who can do it.  Which I thought was rather odd coming from a Democrat.  Because it’s such a brand of politics that the Democrat Party has long been all about.

The Democrat Party, as a whole, has become little more than one of America’s more successful hate groups.  They hate America, they hate hard working Americans, they hate the family, they hate religion and, I would argue, they even hate life itself.  And yet for some bizarre reason they never have trouble convincing people to vote for them.  I can only assume that those voting for Democrats must hate this country as much as the candidate they are voting for does.  And what does it say about our country’s ability to survive when you have a significant percentage of its population willing to vote for those whose only mission is to destroy it.  And again in referencing the Pennsylvania election, you have one candidate who supports making America great again, and another who doesn’t, and yet the race is too close to call?

It’s like we have a significant number of Americans who have what can only be considered as being a death wish.  Why else is it that anyone would be willing to vote for a Democrat, any Democrat?  I’ve heard from many on my side, aka people who actually love this country, that the Democrat Party is out of touch with the American people.  But again, if using Pennsylvania as our example, apparently they are not so out of touch with those who would rather see their country destroyed than do what they must know needs to be done in order to prevent just such an eventuality.  With so much is riding on this November’s election, and for the life of me I cannot fathom why anyone of reasonable intelligence would ever vote Democrat.  But for whatever the reason many will, and mark my words, nothing good will come from it.



Perez 3

According to Tom Perez, the foul-mouthed imbecile who’s chairman of the Democrat Party, President Trump is the “most dangerous president in American history.”  He made that rather bold declaration on Monday of this week.  Now if he were talking about ex-president Barry ‘O’ I would likely agree with him because looking back at the state of the world BEFORE Barry took the helm here at home and the mess it was in after he left, Barry was nothing short of a disaster for the entire planet.

Anyway, Perez said that Democrats have to make sure that President Trump’s tenure as president is “as short as possible,” when asked if Trump should be impeached.  It was MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt who asked Perez whether the Democrat Party should hold the official position that President Trump needs to be impeached.  To which Perez responded, “I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history.”  And he added, “Not only because of his refusal to take actions against Russia.”

He said, “I mean, the most serious threat to the integrity of elections is Russia. I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history because he’s hurting workers, because he’s dividing America.”  He added, “For me, as the head of the Democratic Party, the most important thing that I believe that I can do is to win elections.”  He said, “That’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the last year, winning elections in places like Oklahoma, Doug Jones in Alabama, elections in Virginia and elsewhere.”

It was from there that he went on to say, “I’m out here in Washington State right now because we have tremendous opportunity to pick up congressional seats. We’ve seen what happens when you take over the state Senate. Washington State just enacted a wide array of voting rights reforms to make it easier for people to vote.”   He said, “They did so because the Democrats finally took over the State Senate.  So, I feel like my role is to make sure we are electing Democrats everywhere.”

And he concluded by saying, “He’s undeniably the most dangerous president in American history and we have to make sure that his tenure is as short as possible.”  The fact that Perez can so causally overlook all of the damage left behind by the last Democrat president proves beyond all doubt that he’s little more than the worst kind of political hack.  But then, that’s what the modern day Democrat Party has evolved into, a bunch of hacks, since being taken over by the extreme left in this country.

But as someone who voted for President Trump, I guess I’m just not seeing what it is that makes the president so dangerous.  After all, he has, and in a very short period of time economically speaking, created a bona fide economic recovery.  Unemployment for all is at all-time lows, respect for America around the globe is coming back, conservative judges are being appointed, and liberals remain unhinged and still unable to move beyond the 2016 election.  What could be better than that?

But then I suppose from Tom’s point of view President Trump could be considered as being very dangerous.  He’s dangerous to Democrats and Establishment RINOs who seem to hate this country.  He has pierced the armor of the sacred ground of those who have become millionaires in some cases while earning what is no more than an upper middle class salary.  He has opened the door for real life citizens of every political persuasion to go straight to the top of the political leadership.

And I guess we could also argue that President Trump is dangerous to those who are in this country illegally, many of whom have been preying upon our citizens (as well as on each other).  And he’s dangerous to the mortal enemies of the U.S. like Iran and North Korea.  He is dangerous to the countries that have been ripping us off for decades courtesy of lopsided trade deals.  And he is dangerous to the treasonous left which, in turn, is really the greatest threat that we face as a nation.

Unfortunately we now seem to have an entire generation of Snowflakes and Femo-Nazi types who are only too eager to accept this sort of idiotic drivel that’s based on nothing but lies.  The Democrat Party is now nothing more than the party of hate, and of division. And how did we get to a point when an America hating communist is now in charge of the Democrat Party?  After all, there was a time when the Democrat Party put America first, it would appear that that time has long since passed.

Perez, and his sleazebag sidekick Keith Ellison, along with an army of hacks have nothing to run on but cartoonish fear-mongering eagerly abetted by a compliant state-controlled media complex that is less interested in providing news that it is in spreading leftwing propaganda. I keep waiting for the gulags to go up and the Trump SA to parade down Pennsylvania Avenue but I’ll be damned if I’ve seen it.  And yet most Democrats willingly swallow this toxic rhetoric that boarders on science fiction.

Perez is a complete buffoon, which I suppose is quite fitting for the man who is the face of the Democrat Party.  Let’s not forget, even though Perez would rather we did, that ex-president Barry gave $150 Billion to terrorist regime Iran, initially gave a pass to the genocidal dictator Assad, bent over backwards to aid Russia, did nothing to stop North Korea’s march toward nuclear weapons, etc.  I would say Barry ‘O’ was the most dangerous president EVER!  President Trump is merely cleaning up Barry’s MESS.



Gun Control 27

More often than not it’s typically a Democrat who will look you in the eye and tell you that it’s not YOUR gun that they’re wanting to take away.  But we’ve always had that little voice in the back of our mind telling us that that is all a bunch of bullshit!  And now comes a recent poll conducted by YouGov that supports what that little voice has been warning us about, well, forever.  Because it shows that Democrats largely favor taking away all guns, not just the ‘scary-looking’ ones.

In this particular survey, respondents across the political spectrum — Democrat, Republican, and Independent — were asked to show their favorability of banning semiautomatic weapons.  As was noted by HotAir in its coverage, the question was the all-inclusive “weapons,” not semiautomatic “assault rifles.”  Those answering might’ve thought this meant the latter but “weapons” would be inclusive of handguns, technically speaking.  Here are the results:


It should come as little or no surprise that is was 82 percent of Democrats who said that they favor banning “semiautomatic weapons,” with only 13 percent saying that they oppose such a move.  But what was most surprisingly is the fact that 25 percent of Republicans, or those who claimed to Republicans for the purpose of this poll, “strongly favor” banning them and 12 percent “somewhat” favor a ban.  Independents appeared to be a bit more evenly split.

The next question asked about banning all handguns, which wasn’t popular among Republicans or Independents. But Democrats seem to like the idea very much.  As you can see it was 44 percent of Democrats who said that they would be in favor of banning all handguns, proof, I guess you could say, that the party ultimately wants only the police and military to have weapons.  Now criminals will have them too, but not to worry, the police are just minutes away, right?


But even more worrisome is the question about repealing the Second Amendment, which actually sounds fantastic to 39 percent of the Democrats respondents to this poll.  All political categories strongly favored requiring mental health evaluations for gun purchases, which I too am in favor of, but what’s a stickler for me in that regard is how exactly “mental illness” might be defined.  And knowing Democrats as we all do, I worry that the definition would likely be quite broad.

A statement from YouGov said, “A majority of the public consistently has supported many gun control proposals: just over half in last week’s Economist/YouGov Polls say they want stricter gun laws in general,”  And they went on to say, “But support has not grown beyond that – until now. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, 61 percent say there should be stricter gun laws, up eight points in the last week.”  Likely because of the steady stream of anti-gun drivel from the media.

And when it comes to stricter gun laws and even repealing the Second Amendment, it seems that the youth of America are screaming louder than the adults who, sadly, know better.  And unfortunately, it seems to be working.  But should we really be all that surprised knowing as we do that our children stopped learning pretty much anything about our Constitution decades ago.  And these days it’s far more important to ‘teach’ them about ‘white privilege’ and how gay sex is ‘normal.’

It’s the gun control/confiscation elites who all live in gated communities/buildings with security that’s armed with GUNS.  They send their kids to private schools with resource officers who are again is armed with GUNS, and who would not be found cowering behind a car while children were dying inside.  And they work in buildings that also have guards armed with GUNS.  Meanwhile we little people must contend with in gun free zones and run the risk of being shot by some crazy.

Perhaps if schools were to start teaching history classes again, and not just American history, but the true history of Communism and Socialism as well, kids would have a greater respect for the rights they have and why it is that they have them. We fought wars to stop the spread of communism and then let it fester in our schools until they brainwashed all of our children into hating America, hating capitalism, hating freedom, and putting all their faith in an all-powerful government.

Take a good look at most of the people who vote Democrat. The Founding Fathers themselves would have banned their possession of weapons.  I strongly suspect that 80 percent of Democrats couldn’t tell you the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and a bazooka.  Liberal intolerance and demands do not require facts to be fully supported in our upside down society.  The left, which now controls the Democrat Party, demonizes ANYONE who dares to disagree with them.

And despite the denials of many anti-gun folks, banning has to mean confiscation. There’s no point in only preventing future firearm sales if there are 300 million firearms already in America.  We don’t need more gun laws.  All we need to do, just as in the case of our immigration laws, is to enforce the many laws already on the books.  It’s that regard that we need a lot less Democrats, as well as fewer RINOs, in Congress and we must keep that in mind come this November!

And finally, any doubt of the Democrat Party’s total lack of loyalty to America and its complete lack of patriotism was dispelled with this survey.  And anyone foolish enough to believe they will stop once they get done with the Second Amendment is dangerously naive.  The goal of the Democrat Party today is nothing short of complete dismantling of the Bill of Rights and trashing of the Constitution. These people have utter contempt for the Constitution and anyone who believes in it.




I keep hearing about how the Democrats are now once again poised to regain control of Congress this November, while at the same time I’m hearing Nancy Pelosi babbling on and on about how the recent tax cuts benefit only the rich and how bonuses up to $2000 are mere “crumbs”, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters leading chants of, “Impeach 45, Impeach 45, Impeach 45”, and I wonder how is it that such a thing could be even remotely possible.  Now granted, the Republicans have done themselves few favors over the course of, especially, the last year, but to hand control of Congress back to these Democrats would be the ultimate act of stupidity by the American people.

And now we have yet another Democrat dolt, this time from the liberal cesspool of Illinois, by the name of Danny Davis who seems to think that it’s acceptable for only wealthy individuals to have access firearms if a 50 percent federal tax on all guns and ammunition were to become law.  This boob said, “So if rich people can only get firearms then only rich people would be able to pay the price and if that could prevent some people from getting them, I’d want to prevent all people from getting them.”  And he added, “But if rich people were willing and would continue to pay the high price, then I’d be happy that we kept the other group from getting them.”

This imbecile, Davis, introduced a bill Tuesday called The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act, which would increase federal excise taxes on shells and cartridges from 11 percent to 50 percent.  Additionally, the legislation hikes taxes on pistols and revolvers from 10 percent to 20 percent.  He said, “Well I think the whole idea is to make it a little bit more difficult for individuals who are going to use these weapons if they’re going to use them then at least they could pay more to do so, and it would actually generate money that could be used for you know violence prevention efforts or some other kind of programs or even for trauma treatment.”

When asked if his bill would give wealthy folks exclusive access to firearms while the financially lower classes would be shut out from such sales he replied, “Well I’d be just as pleased if neither group would be able to get them, so it doesn’t pose an issue for me because I would like to outlaw them altogether.”  He continued, “I’m saying I’d like to make it where nobody except military personnel would ever have access to these weapons. So it wouldn’t bother me that one category of people couldn’t get them even if the other one was willing to pay the high price for them. Then we use that money for services that are needed then people could make use of it.”

This same guy, Davis, introduced a similar bill in 2015 with 12 co-sponsors, all of whom were, of course, Democrats.  The group Americans for Tax Reform opposes the new bill.  And it was Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, who said, “Democrats are seeking to tax guns out of existence.”  And he added, “Now that the GOP tax cut has benefited 90 percent of Americans, the one danger facing the Republican Congress is the ‘intensity gap.’ The Democrats have decided to solve this problem for Republicans by targeting gun owners and taxpayers in the same futile gesture: a threatened tax on guns.”  Something Hitlery too once favored.

This guy is nothing more than just another black ‘lawmaker’ spewing what is nothing more than Democrat Party nonsense.  So much for the falsehood regarding the Democrats being the protectors of the poor and downtrodden.  Where do they find these buffoons?  You can’t tell me that somewhere in the district that he represents there isn’t someone a little brighter. Funny isn’t it that Democrats don’t want the right to vote protected because IDs would discriminate against the poor who couldn’t afford to get them, but the right to defend oneself is now to be denied to those who cannot afford to pay the tax on guns?  What a bunch of pathetic hypocrites.

Davis is yet another example, as if we really need one, of why the state of Illinois is now so far into the toilet that it’s just one flush away from heading down into the sewer.  And this is what we’ve come to expect from Democrats; ridiculous proposals with no way of accomplishing anything sensible.  So is this boob Davis now okay with the Jim Crow-like laws that will essentially prevent blacks from owning firearms?  Where will the tax end, when a $500 firearm has a $100k tax?  And where exactly would the criminals pay this tax?  And when Davis says “only the military” should have firearms, does he not realize that he’s advocating that we live in a police state?

So once again the Democrat agenda has been put out there for all to see.  We need to keep in mind here that every concession we make on gun control is allowing them to inch closer to full disarmament and even confiscation.  We need to take a stand and show them it will not be tolerated, we are not giving them anymore of a foothold to attack our right to defend ourselves.  And it’s this guy Davis who is a perfect example of all that’s wrong with our government.  This is what we get for electing stupid people like him to Congress. If he took the time to listen to what he said, he still wouldn’t see anything wrong with it. The rising tide of color continues on.

Davis once again proves that our Congressional Black Caucus is quite the collective of intellectuals.  NOT!  The best thing any of these people could ever do is to keep their big mouths shut.  Because every time they open their mouth, and I mean EVERY single time, they only succeed in removing pretty much any and all doubt that they are nothing but a bunch of complete morons.  And they clearly demonstrate that were it not for the fact that most of them likely live in predominantly black districts there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that any of them would have ever been elected in the first place.  But then I suppose that’s a rant that should be saved for another day.




Anyone who believes that ANY of the many Democrats who have thus far expressed their ‘outrage’ regarding the tragedy that recently took place at a Florida high school are doing so out of their deep ‘concern’ for public safety, is, without a doubt, among the most gullible individuals to be found anywhere on the planet.  I mean the bodies weren’t even cold before we had a number of these pathetic, scum-sucking hypocritical Democrats, including ex-president Barry ‘O’, crawling out from under their collective rock and doing their best to capitalize on this tragedy.  Hell, some of these creeps were even fund raising off of it.  If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the modern day Democrat Party, you must be a Democrat.

Following comments made by his leftist colleagues from Connecticut just the day before, it was Democrat Bill Nelson who took to the Senate floor yesterday to take his turn at trying to score points from the high school shooting in Parkland, FL that resulted in 17 deaths and multiple injuries.  After a moment of silence, Nelson said, “At some point, we’ve got to say enough is enough. At some point we, as a society, have to come together and put a stop to this.”  It was from there that this refugee from a burn unit continued by saying, “To those who say now that it’s not the time to talk about gun violence because it’s too soon, we don’t want to politicize right after a tragedy. That’s what is said over and over. Then I would ask, when is the time?”

And it was then that this leftwing crackpot went on to ask, “How many more times do we have to do this? How many more folks have to die? When is enough going to be enough? So let’s don’t hide from it. Let’s have the conversation about this right now – not just about mental illness, and that’s part of it, not just about protection at our schools, and that’s part of it – let’s get to the root cause, let’s come together and help end this violence. Let’s talk about that 19 year old carrying an AR-15. Let’s do what needs to be done. And let’s get these assault weapons off our streets.”  I can only assume that Nelson must have been pretty confident that most of those likely to hear his idiotic rant, made from the Senate floor, were likely to be pretty stupid!

Nelson added, “Let’s just not talk about it. Let’s do something about it. Let’s make what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School a pivotal moment in this country’s history, not because it was one of the largest mass shootings – but, hopefully, because it was the last.”  But I guess what worries me is what, exactly, that old Bill might be in favor of doing.  I mean we’ve had an “assault weapons’ ban before and it accomplished absolutely nothing, evidenced by the fact that it was allowed to die.  So what is that old Bill might have in mind this time around?  Because it’s usually when you have a guy like Nelson telling you you don’t need a gun, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s time you best start looking to purchase one.

But you know it’s just like Democrats to take full advantage of the ignorance of those who are so totally clueless when it comes to firearms by using completely bogus nomenclature whenever describing the AR-15 rifle or weapons like it.  They simply lie to the American people by calling it an assault rifle when it’s really nothing more than a semi-automatic rifle used for hunting or target shooting.  I have come to hate politicians like this creep Nelson with a passion for what they are doing to my country courtesy of the lies.  Democrat see it as appropriate to punish millions of law abiding gun owners because of the actions of one nut.  Ow about telling someone who has lost a family member to a drunk driver that liquor should now no longer be sold?

In truth, it’s progressive policies enacted into law by leftwing zealots like Nelson that are behind the breakdown, moral, social and even fiscal, of our society as well as of the disintegration of nuclear family. Incentivizing people who are incapable of caring for kids to have kids plus incentivizing men to not take responsibility for their kids and family are but the tip of the iceberg.  All of this culminates in some doughy kid shooting up a school.  It’s not rocket science. But to liberal Democrats looking for fake answers, I guess it is.  Once again I ask of these idiot Senators, define an ‘assault weapon.’  My definition of an assault weapon is one that can fire on full automatic and those have been banned since the 1930’s.  And that’s not what was used here.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge that guns are not the problem here.  In large part this is a mental health issue and one that the bleeding heart liberals are essentially responsible for creating.  It’s been a societal trend where we fail to first identify and then to treat people who exhibit extreme antisocial behavior.  Even in a case such as this where an individual has made overt threats, there appears to have no attempt to intervene either as a community or through some agency to make contact with the individual.  Don’t blame the police though. Now I’m not trying to be sarcastic or trite, but until a person has broken some law there’s very little that the police can do. Could the police have paid the individual a visit based on the YouTube threats, actually yes, but realistically that’s as far as that would go.

Let’s face it, if politicians like Nelson were being honest they would simply come out and say what they’d really like to see happen here, which is nothing short of confiscation.  And because the only way to get those guns is to go door to door, what we’re taking about is the turning of ordinary, law abiding citizens into lawbreakers over nothing more than owning guns that were once legal.  Because there are simply way too many people with legally purchased weapons who would refuse to give them up.  And something else few on the left want to talk about is that gun laws don’t matter to criminals who are already accustomed to breaking laws.  Guns will always be available.  Anybody remember Chicago during the prohibition?

Democrats are on a mission, they have a hidden agenda the focus of which is to change the racial demographics in this country, so that they can then secure for themselves a reelection proof government.  And make no mistake, once Democrats achieve that goal, they will be in position to nationalize major corporations, repeal the Bill of Rights and force whites to pay reparations to blacks, as well as every other grieving group. Democrats also understand that once we realize that it’s going to be impossible to kick them out of office by democratic means, freedom loving people will revolt. That is why they desperate to disarm us now, so that we’ll be unable to oppose them in the future.  These school shootings are just a pretense.