obama 100

Why is it that I should, today, find myself, an American citizen, being fearful of my government?  And not just the government that resides in Washington, but also the one whose home the local City Hall.  Have I suddenly, somehow and without my knowledge, been teleported through time and space having come to rest in what is nothing more than some third world banana republic or nation ruled by some second rate communist despot?  I didn’t think so, and yet why have I come to feel that way?

I mean this is still the United States of America, is it not?  I thought so, but it seems to be in name only.  It seems that every day my country becomes just that much less recognizable than it was the day before.  And the rate at which these changes are now being made to take place, it won’t be long before ‘America’ disappears completely.  We heard much talk of change back in 2007, implying change is good.  But if the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that that notion is crap.

Because while the country in which I am now living may bear the same name as the country of my youth, it has come to bear very little resemblance to that country.  Sadly, very few of the changes that have been made to take place over the years, but especially those made more recently, have actually been for the better.  And what’s worse, much of what has been lost over the years, as a result of these changes, most will likely be lost forever, unable to be recovered for future generations to enjoy.

Efforts made, over the years, by one political party in particular have been very successful in creating an environment where the American people were first divided into specific blocks so that it would then be all that much easier to create conflict or friction between them.  Of course the specific purpose behind creating this conflict and friction was for it to act as a distraction.  Because attention needed to be diverted away from what the Democrat Party was really up to.

And while it would be easy to blame the politicians, who was it that allowed them to succeed in the first place by putting up little or no resistance?  Who was it that allowed themselves to be convinced that it was somehow more personally beneficial to get into petty disagreements with one’s fellow countrymen instead of ignoring what it is was that our politicians were trying to do?  If only we had perhaps been a bit more resistant to the tactics that were being employed against us.

So we have allowed ourselves to maneuvered into thinking that it was all our idea that our government has now become better able to control so much of our daily lives.  We thought we were all being so clever, when in fact we were so very foolish.  We bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker, and all that has really been accomplished is that we have become much less free.  We have been successfully convinced to throw future generations under the proverbial bus.  And for what?

So when looking at and listening to those running, and those soon to be running, for president in 2016, is there anyone we can trust?  I think it would be rather foolish to think we can trust Hitlery Clinton, but I’m sure many do.  As for the competition, I’ve not yet decided who it is that I trust within what seems to be a rapidly growing field.  But I can tell you that I already know who it is that I don’t trust.  We need to look for that candidate whose priority is the survival of our country.