Juan Williams

These days there is absolutely nothing that this moron can say that surprises me.  And what never ceases to amaze me is how he constantly goes well out of his way to say some of the most outlandish things, things that prove just how much of a leftwing nut he truly is.  For instance Tuesday on Fox News’ “The Five,” co-host Juan Williams said in light of President Trump apologizing to Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his swearing-in ceremony, he should also apologize to Christine Blasey Ford for the controversy during then Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Williams said, “There was a different tone for Sotomayor swearing-in versus last night. Last night was revenge of the Republicans. Republicans in the end zone doing a dance. So to me, the apology—out of line totally. Remember, the poll we showed a moment ago, gosh, we didn’t show you but guess what, most Americans disapproved of the way Republicans handled it as well.”  So here again we have a man of the left, perhaps the most revenge driven group of crackpots you’ll find anywhere on the planet, trying to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what Democrat do

Anyway, Williams continued by saying, “The bottom line is 51 percent of Americans did not approve of this man’s confirmation. In addition, a majority of Americans believed Professor Ford, not Justice Kavanaugh. This is going to go on for some time, and if you want to get into women, wow American women are overwhelming in their disapproval of Kavanaugh. When you hear people say ‘Oh, my gosh, what we see here is President Trump basically having a campaign ad at the White House and throwing it in people’s faces.’ That’s what it felt like.”  What a bunch of silly drivel.

And it was co-host Greg Gutfeld who then said, “He was apologizing to a family whose lives were ruined.”  With Juan Williams then asking, “Why didn’t he apologize to Ms. Ford?”  And it was rightfully so that Gutfeld shot back, “He doesn’t owe her an apology.”  Let’s face it, if it is anyone who owes Ms. Ford a heartfelt apology, it would be Juan’s buddies in the Democrat Party, as well as in the state-controlled media, who saw nothing wrong with using a troubled women to accomplish a political end, the destruction of one Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  But don’t hold your breath.

Williams is another of those blacks who seem not the least bit shy about repeating whatever garbage it is that his Democrat masters tell him to.  And that would apply to most other black ‘journalists’ in America all of which are only too happy to be the slaves of the modern day Democrat Party.  Despite there being men like Jim Brown, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and Sheriff David Clarke, men who have had the courage to leave the Democrat Plantation, those like Williams seems quite comfortable to remain there on planation.

Once upon a time I actually thought Williams possessed a brain, and there were even those rare occasions when he even made some sense.  But that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  And I have now come to the conclusion that one of the main reasons that Williams continues to have a job anywhere in journalism is because he’s black, he’s another Affirmative Action hire.  There is no way that a white person as dumb as he is could ever get a job as a journalist, let alone keep it.  But then there all of those white folks over there on CNN, so maybe I’m wrong.

And I’m so tired of him.  I mean, while I suppose they need a liberal point of view in ‘The Five’, Williams has become so predictable.  And every time he says, “You guys all…” I want Gutfeld to cut him off and tell him he’s fired right there on the spot.  Ms. Ford was given a full and fair hearing. Yes, some idiots apparently threatened her and so forth… that’s inexcusable. But the people who owe her an apology are the Democrats who chose to leak her name, when she asked that it be kept out of the record. THEY are the ones who brought her front and center for all to see.

And let’s be honest, apologizing for lies told about your nominee and yourself is the action of a fool, a coward, and a RINO, which, sadly for hypocritical dopes like Williams, President Trump is not.  And when might we expect to see Hitlery apologize for the actual rape, abuse, exposure, groping, and sexual intimidation that her predator husband took part in over the many decades of his public life?  Is that something that Williams would like to see?  Doubtful, because Williams’ friends on the left are permitted to say anything and are NEVER asked to apologize.

Williams is just plain NUTS!  And as I said, it’s the Democrats who he should now be asking to apologize to Ms. Ford for the despicable way they used her.  But then to Williams they did nothing wrong.  The Republicans went above and beyond to be fair to her, while Williams’ cohorts in the media were pretty ruthless in the way they treated the Kavanaugh family.  Someday I would love to have the opportunity to ask this hapless dolt just how much of what comes out of his mouth does he actually believe?  Because if he truly does feel this way he is truly very sick.


Juan Williams 1

While I’m not exactly sure what his credentials are as a journalist, he constantly demonstrates his credentials as a rabid, card-carrying, left-wing propagandist.  The most recent of what is his blind devotion to the leftist cause came on July 17, the day after which Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, obviously a radical Muslim, opened fire on a recruiting center and then a reserve center, gunning down four US Marines and a Sailor.  It was then that Williams actually said he was “baffled” by the push to end gun free zones in military recruiting centers.  Baffled?  Really Juan?

In seeming to ignore completely that we’re talking about military members, Williams said the center which was targeted is in a “strip mall” and that changing the gun-free policy would mean people would be walking around with guns, which could lead to “workplace violence.”  He also suggested it could create a situation where a simple “dispute in the parking lot” could escalate into armed confrontation.  Fox News’ Martha MacCallum countered Williams by pointing out that this was a military recruiting center–regardless of where it was located–and that it why it was targeted.

But Williams was not be deterred from the insanity of his pathetic argument. He responded by saying, “What we’re talking about Martha is, you’d be in favor of sort of the wild, wild west. Everybody has a gun on them as they’re walking around the mall? Not in my mall, I don’t want it.”  MacCallum then continued to express her concern over the fact that our military personnel and their families are increasingly targeted and that military gun free zones make them sitting ducks, a fact that seemed to have been missed entirely, or simply ignored, by Williams as it is with most leftists.

Williams said, “Martha, you can pander to fear, anxiety, anger over what happened [in Chattanooga], but it is not a substantial policy to say, where we have military police–who do have guns–where we have situations where we say, ‘We don’t want everybody carrying guns’–that somehow that’s illogical or bad policy or blame President Clinton.”  There was nothing said that would indicate that anyone is advocating everyone carrying guns.  Again, what we’re talking about here are military members, and Williams knows that, but doesn’t want to talk about it.

Williams as you know, or should know by now, has devoted much of his time over the course of the last seven years being one of the more vocal Obama-apologists.  To Juan, Barry can do absolutely no wrong.  And why do you suppose that is?  Well, there is but one reason.  It’s because like Juan, Barry is black.  Oh, and is determined in his efforts to destroy this country.  Whenever invited to discuss a topic, hopefully as an adult, Williams comes to any discussion woefully ignorant.  His arguments rarely make sense and, more often than not, consist of little more that leftwing talking points.