The newly minted Democrat nominee for Florida governor seems to take exception to being called a ‘Socialist’ despite running on what is very obviously a Socialist platform and after receiving the very enthusiastic endorsement of that self-described Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  Wednesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democrat gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum told Chuckie Todd that President Trump was “creating fairy tales” when he calls him a socialist.

A partial transcript as follows:

Chuckie: President Trump, and I think Ron DeSantis, said the s-word when talking about your ideology or your stances—socialist. I think he used the word socialist today on Twitter. What do you make of the label? Do you accept it? Do you see it as an attack? What do you make of this socialist label that’s going to be ascribed to you a lot by your political opponents?

Gillum; Yeah, well, it shouldn’t surprise you. It doesn’t surprise me that the president is again creating fairy tales on his Twitter feed.

Chuckie: You do not ascribe to being a socialist?

Gillum: No, I’m a Democrat. I ran as a Democrat, I am a Democrat. The values that I hold are consistent with the values of the Democratic Party. In fact, I think they are the values shared by the majority of Floridians. What they don’t know, overwhelmingly, what voters don’t know too often in these elections is where we stand on those positions. I have been unapologetic in my beliefs. I have gone out and whether I’m in red areas or blue areas or purple areas of this state, I have said the same thing. My grandmother put it this way. When you tell the truth all time, you don’t have to worry about covering up for lies. So I’ve tried to be consistent every single place I’ve gone and I think that’s why we made it through this Democratic primary.

So while this guy Gillum tried to sell himself as a Democrat during this little exchange with Chuckie Todd, but that most certainly is not what he’s been selling himself as on the campaign trail.  He claims that the values of a majority of Floridians line up rather well with the values of the Democrat Party.  And yet he advocates for the giving away of all manner of ‘free’ stuff, the abolishing of ICE, and the impeaching of our president to name but a few.  Are these the values of most Floridians?

Look, I don’t think there is any doubt that the Democrat Party is moving ever closer to socialism, to the point where I doubt they can stop it.  If we grant them any level of power then what they have in store for us will be a horror story regardless what they call it.  What they, have in mind for us has virtually no chance of achieving success because it has, quite literally, failed every time and everywhere it has ever been tried.  And yet it’s something they continue to try to sell.

Communism has slowly infiltrated America over the past 50 years. Their objectives and methods are patient and focused. We are the frogs in the pot of boiling water. Little by little, our standards and morals and traditions have been attacked and ridiculed and we have allowed it. We are now faced with perhaps the most important decision of our lives, America’s Founding Principles versus Democrat Socialism.  And just like in Florida the choices could not be more stark.

When a Democrat candidate or politician says one thing, it is only to brainwash their ignorant followers. When they profess patriotism and love for America, their thoughts and actions are the exact opposite. They cannot be trusted nor believed and at this point, anyone who cannot admit President Trump is working hard for America and legal Americans, achieving successes that strengthen the economy for everyone and promote security and safety for everyone, cannot be trusted or believed as well.

Gillum is the mayor of Tallahassee, perhaps the most corrupt city in all of Florida. Crime has been described as rampant with Tallahassee being called the crime capital of Florida. Gillum has been labeled an absentee mayor by many who reside there, with many city commissioners under FBI investigation for so many crimes that for many it’s an embarrassment to live here.  Gillum IS a socialist who believes in open borders, free healthcare and education and in making Florida a sanctuary state.

For Gillum to say that he’s not a Socialist, he’s a Democrat, is like a prostitute saying that she (he) isn’t a prostitute, she (he) is a sex worker.  There is virtually no difference between Democratic or Fabian Socialism, National Socialism, and Communism. Each instance places vast amounts of power in a centralized state apparatus and in the hands of imperfect human beings. There has never been a case where Socialism has not degenerated into some perverse form of absolute tyranny.

Boys able to call themselves girls, people calling McCain a patriot, Communists calling themselves Democrats, it’s become a “crazy-upside down-anything goes” kind of world.  But that’s exactly what those on the left want and even need.  But as long as you and I hold onto a clear image in our minds of what is right and wrong and what is disgusting and despicable within the bounds of propriety, then they will be unable to manipulate as easily as they wish to do.

If Florida makes this guy governor, then Florida is screwed.  He has said nothing that will help the State, nor the country, move forward. He IS a Socialist first and a Democrat second.  He is loyal only to his party, and will do nothing to serve Floridians.  Wake-up, Florida, this Socialist/Democrat is going to lead you straight into bankruptcy, taking your Second Amendment rights along the way.  While making sure he lines his pockets with the funding from those who got him there.

He ran as an unapologetic Socialist, and without tons of money from leftist billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer he would have most assuredly lost.  So, now his handlers have to figure out some way for him to appeal to the two-thirds of Democrats who DID NOT vote for him.  Hence, “Noooo, I’m not a socialist, I’m a Democrat” claim.  Personally, I wouldn’t trust this guy any more than I trusted Barry ‘O’, which is to say no further than I could spit.

His IS a Socialist!  He’s for open borders and allowing everyone to come here from everywhere and giving free college, free housing, free food, guaranteed jobs and income for all and free abortions!  He’s for terminating the Second Amendment!  Eviscerating the Bill of Rights! Establishing the National Health Service with single payer health care and death panels! And abolishing profit, prisons, cash bail, and borders!  And he supports the redistribution of wealth!

And finally, if he truly does believe that the values possessed by a majority of Floridians are consistent with those of the Democrat Party, then I’m not sure who it is that he’s been talking to.  And he can make the claim that he’s no Socialist until the cows come home but you’d have to be blind not to see that that is exactly what he is!  And as I said earlier, if Floridians elect Gillum as their next governor, then Florida will be screwed.  Voters must see him for what he is, a threat against freedom.


media 23

Try to have a civilized discussion on the subject of leftwing bias in the media, or ‘fake news’, with just about anyone on the left and what you will most certainly be met by is nothing more than a rolling of the eyes.  And maybe, if I were they, my response would be much the same, since ALL of the ‘fake news’ would be slanted in favor of those whom I support.  But that said, it’s whenever seeking to demonstrate the degree to which our supposed “objective” news media is filled with little more than Democrat partisans, the best place to start is scandals, as in “Have you heard all about the latest Republican scandal?” versus “What Democrat scandal?”

For instance, back on August 8 it was Republican congressman Chris Collins who was indicted for insider trading and lying to the FBI.  ABC, CBS and NBC all played up this story to the hilt, with 18 minutes and 24 seconds of coverage in just the first 24 hours.  CBS devoted the most coverage, pounding away for 7 minutes and 6 seconds. ABC came in second, offering 5 minutes and 41 seconds, and NBC was right behind, with 5 minutes and 37 seconds.  Not exactly what you could call fair and balanced, but then these folks long ago stopped being interested in providing to their viewers that which continues to be anything other than pure leftwing propaganda.

And then it was on August 21 that prosecutors indicted California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter on charges of wire fraud and campaign finance violations.  The morning and evening ‘newscasts’ on ABC and CBS spent a total of 4 minutes and 44 seconds covering the story within the first 36 hours.  And it was those doing the ‘reporting’ on these two scandalous politicians who were absolutely beside themselves that these two men, Collins and Hunter, were the first congressional endorsers of Donald Trump for president.  So it should come as no surprise that that somehow multiplied the “newsworthiness” of their situation.

And why is it that that’s such a loaded, unsubstantiated conclusion?  Well, it actually isn’t!  Because what is it that happens whenever a Democrat, any Democrat, is indicted, tried, convicted, and then sentenced.  Nothing!  Consider that these same three networks, these champions of public integrity, were bored to tears by the indictment and trial of former Democrat Congressman Chaka Fattah.  During the year and a half between his 2015 indictment and 2016 conviction and sentencing for misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal, charitable and campaign funds, ABC, CBS and NBC offered up a measly 68 seconds of ‘news.’

In other words, Collins received 16 times as much coverage as Fattah in just one day. But wait. It gets worse.  Because there’s former Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida, who was sentenced to five years in prison in 2016 for using an alleged children’s charity called One Door for Education as a personal slush fund for herself and several aides. She used it for more than $300,000 in personal expenses, including tickets for NFL games and a luxury box for a Beyonce concert. “Brazen barely describes it,” the judge, Timothy Corrigan, said of Brown’s sham charity. Never heard of her? There’s a reason. And yet network coverage was Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada!

Both Fattah and Brown were members of that blatantly racist little group commonly referred to as the Congressional Black Caucus and both were defeated in 2016 primaries by other black Democrats after the national whisper of their indictments.  Both had been in Congress for two decades and faced no serious general-election opposition for most of that time.  There are other House Republican scandals the networks have taken notice of since Fattah and Brown. On Dec. 13, 2016, NBC’s ‘Today’ featured a nearly two-minute-long ‘report’ on former Republican congressman Aaron Schock’s arraignment on corruption charges in federal court.

And finally we have that resident moron at NBC, Chuck Todd, who proclaimed on this past Sunday’s episode of ‘Meet the Press’ that charges of a liberal bias in our ‘news’ media are nothing more than an old Roger Ailes tactic “not based in much fact.”  But he is far from being the only member of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media to downplay that which has now become so obvious to anyone with a brain.  Folks like him actually see themselves as being bona fide ‘journalists’ when in fact that are little more than stooges of the Democrat Party and very happy to be so.  The truth to these people is like sunlight to vampires.  It is to be avoided at all costs.


Waters 15

With, I think, most intelligent Americans now agreeing that America, after having suffered through eight long years of Barry ‘O’, is finally headed in the right direction, this November’s election becomes all the more crucial, even critical, when it comes to ensuring that we REMAIN headed in the right direction.   Especially since a growing number of Democrats have now made it abundantly clear, their only real interest seems to be in altering the current path America is on.  Their ONLY interest appears to doing all that they can to bring the Trump presidency to an end.

And if there is anyone anywhere out there who still has any doubts about what the Democrats intend to do should we are foolish enough to allow them to take control of the U.S. House, it was ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who, during another rather bizarre appearance on the even more bizarre MSNBC, just this past Monday, made it very clear she has urged fellow Democrat lawmakers to make efforts to impeach President Trump a central issue.  A partial transcript of the exchange that took place between MSNBC’s David Gura and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters follows below:

Gura said, “You’ve had a couple of days to consider what happened on Tuesday of this week, just to pivot to another subject here. That being what happened in a federal courtroom outside of Washington, D.C. in Alexandria, what happened in New York, as well.  Michael Cohen plead guilty to some campaign finance violations, among other things. I want to read a little bit from your statement you issued after those two things happened. You said, ‘This is not a witch hunt or fake news. These are real charges of criminal behavior.”

And he went on to say, “These are based on real facts, real evidence, and real testimony. In the final analysis, all of this will lead to real articles of impeachment.’ We’ll get to that last part in just a second. Let’s start with what changed this week. What happened on Tuesday, how that changes the narrative surrounding this president.”

‘Mad Maxine’ responded, “Well, I think that it has been difficult for many Americans to keep up with everything that’s been going on in this investigation. There’s so many parts to it. So many new names that are introduced almost on a daily basis, but I think what happened—have to focus people on some individuals that they had been hearing about and the charges that were being initiated. Absolutely, when this president was named as a co-conspirator, an unindicted co-conspirator in the hush money information that had been circulating for so long, I think that changed an awful lot.”

And she said, “I think that when Cohen came forward and he was able to certainly appear to be very truthful about his role and the role of this president, I think that people began to understand there’s something real about all of this. There’s some truth being told here and you have someone who’s willing to come forward and admit guilt and also name the president of the United States of America. Then we heard about all of this immunity that’s being given. This immunity is given as everybody has identified is not done lightly.”

And she added, “This immunity is only given when there’s clear evidence that the individuals have something to talk about, something to share that will be helpful in getting to the bottom of the guilty charges.”

Gura said, “I promised I’d return to that last clause in that excerpt from your statement that is ‘this will lead to real articles of impeachment.’ There’s a lot of ink being spilled right now in paper across the country about whether Democrats should run on this issue, how much they should be talking about impeachment as they campaign for office ahead of the midterm elections. What’s your perspective on that? How does what happened on Tuesday change that conversation within your party?”

‘Mad Maxine’ answered by saying, “Well, let me just say this. You know, I’ve been talking about impeachment for a long time. My party has not made this their central issue. They have insisted they need to talk about the issues that they believe are central to the concern of the American people. They wanted to make sure that the American people understand and always understood that Medicare is very important, Medicaid is very important. The Obamacare initiative that was signed into law and has been active in making sure that every human being, every citizen has the opportunity to have healthcare.”

And she said, “These are the issues that they’ve been talking about. They want to keep it at the American forefront. You know I’ve been saying we can walk and chew gum at the same time. There is no reason why we shouldn’t talk about those issues, but allow the American people to understand that we know something is going on.”

Look, I’m sorry but I feel compelled here to call things only as I see them.  And please, no accusations of racism, as I am only presenting the facts. ‘Mad Maxine’ is a 10 IQ points dumber than a lemming going over the cliff, but she’s in a very sizable group of low IQers.  Take for instance Sheila Jackson Lee, who once asked NASA if they were able to get a picture of the American flag on Mars, the wrong celestial body visited by man.  But my all-time favorite and it’s going to take a lot for some moron to top it, was Hank Johnson’s assertion that Guam was somehow going to sink.

But I can’t help but to wonder if it’s all just some kind of weird coincidence the three dumbest members of Congress all happen to be Black and racist apparently just as are their equally moronic constituents who continue to vote for them.  Put all three of these losers together with Pelosi, Ocasio Cortez and Hoyer out in front where all their brilliance can continue to shine, and you have to wonder just how stupid would WE need to be to grant them control of one or, God forbid, both houses of Congress.  Because if we really ARE that stupid then it’s all over but the cryin’.

‘Mad Maxine’s’ problem with impeachment is that she has made it a point, even before he took office, to blather on and on about impeachment. She even went so far as to claim he should be impeached for just being elected.  My only hope is that she keeps on talking about impeachment and convinces as many of her friends as possible to join her.  Because the more they talk like this, the smaller that “Blue Wave” is going to get until it’s a mere ripple.  I want to see Democrats talk so much trash, that it absolutely makes people realize what dingbats they truly are!


Durbin 9

Everyone’s favorite ‘Dick’, that would be Senator ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, one of two U.S. senators who currently represent the crime infested bastion of leftwing lunacy known as the state of Illinois, wasted precious little time in giving his best effort to exploit the recent shootings that took place in Jacksonville, Florida.  ‘Little Dick’ apparently saw no reason to wait for any of the actual facts regarding the shooting which took place on Sunday, all he needed to know was that another opportunity had suddenly presented itself to him and his party that would again allow them to first politicize a tragedy and to then use it to attack the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Three people including the shooter died in Sunday’s mass shooting in Jacksonville, which took place at a qualifying event for the Madden 19 video game tournament — another gun-free zone.  Before it was known how the shooter acquired his gun and what — if any — legislative changes would have prevented him from acquiring it, ‘Little Dick’ pointed a boney finger at the NRA.  ‘Little Dick’ wrote on Twitter, “I’m heartbroken for Jacksonville. No community should have to suffer from such senseless gun violence.”  He added, “When will Congress have the courage to stand up to the NRA and pass meaningful reforms to help prevent these shootings in America?”

And it was one of ‘Little Dick’s’ fellow Illinois Democrats , Rep. Robin Kelly, who also chose to use Sunday’s shooting as an opportunity to attack both the Republicans and the NRA.  And it was Kelly who, in her own rather imbecilic way, also went after the NRA on Twitter, saying, “This must not become routine. @SpeakerRyan and @HouseGOP take action now.”  And she went on yo say, “Reject @NRA money. Take action on gun reform legislation. Now. #NeverAgain Not. One More.”  And as many of you may recall, it was the Democratic National Committee that repeatedly fundraised off of the Parkland school shooting in February that left 17 people dead.

Meanwhile, it was also one of ‘Little Dick’s’ Democrat colleagues there in the Senate, Chris Murphy, who seized the opportunity to exploit this tragedy.  His method was by retweeting what have long been recognized as skewed numbers and to claim that the Jacksonville shooting was the 234th mass shooting thus far in 2018.  Now keep in mind here that the FBI defines a mass shooting as four or more killed in one incident, not counting the attacker. ‘Gun Violence Archive’, the leftwing organization whose numbers Murphy quoted, augmented the FBI’s definition to include “FOUR or more shot and/or killed in a single event [incident],” not counting the attacker.

So of course when a mass shooting can be four injured instead of four killed, the number of mass shootings naturally increases by including such things as drive-by shootings, gang violence, and other crimes heretofore omitted from tallies and included with actual, planned mass shootings in which four or more individuals are killed.  You see, telling the truth has never been a trait valued by those on the left.  So it’s a very rare occurrence that you will actually hear any Democrat telling the truth about any cause that is especially important to them, such as gun control.  They will say whatever they feel they need to in order to accomplish their goal.

And can we agree that had Mollie Tibbets, aka “that young woman in Iowa” as she has been referred to many on the left, been killed by some white guy using an AR-15 instead of being butchered by some illegal immigrant who had absolutely no business being in this country, Democrats, including ‘Little Dick’ and Mr. Murphy, would now be marching in the streets demanding the law be changed.  The left is nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites on steroids.  Blaming all of this on guns is like blaming destructive fires on matches, all cars for auto accident deaths, or blaming water for floods.  But it matters not to Democrats, they want what they want.

And does anyone else find it ironic that two liberal congressmen from Illinois can see fit to blame the NRA for any shooting when their city of Chicago has more shootings in a weekend than most cities have in a year?  Well done you flaming morons!  ‘Little Dick’ is just one more Democrat, on what has become a very long list of many, who represents everything wrong in this country including in the city of Chicago, home of the strictest gun laws in the country.  Maybe instead of worrying about Florida and the NRA perhaps ‘Little Dick’ should worry more about those things a bit closer to home before trying to impose his leftist agenda on the rest of the country.


Democrats 22

On Tuesday of last week, the Cato Institute released the latest edition of “Freedom in the 50 States,” which ranks states by how their public policies champion freedom: fiscally, with regulations, and in ways affecting personal freedom. The process used in reaching their conclusions was described as: “To determine the rankings, state and local government intervention was examined across a range of more than 230 policy variables — from taxation to debt, eminent domain laws to occupational licensing, and drug policy to educational choice.”

Now, according to Cato the ten best states ranked for freedom were Florida (R), New Hampshire (R), Indiana (R), Colorado (D), Nevada (R), North Dakota ( R), Tennessee (R), South Dakota (R), Arizona (R), and Kansas (R).  Now I’m not sure why Colorado was in the freedom column, it’s one of the worst states for religious rights and firearm ownership and that’s just off the top of my head.  One would think that those two things should be automatic disqualifiers, I certainly do!  But perhaps other categories were sufficient enough to outweigh those.

Meanwhile, the worst ten states were New Mexico (R), Rhode Island (D), Delaware (D), Oregon (D), Maryland (R), Vermont, New Jersey (D), California (D), Hawaii (D), and New York (D).  Now for those of us more interested in freedom than we are in ‘free’ stuff, this information can be, and should be, rather useful as we head into November’s election.  Because I think it’s worth pointing out that the one common denominator among most of those states rated as being LESS free, and sometimes very much less, is that there is a Democrat as governor.

The CATO Institute has ranked the Empire State 50th since the year 2000. Florida has ranked first every year for the last three years. And on a personal note, I was born and raised in New York and lived there up until the time I joined the Navy.  After serving for 24 years I retired to Florida deciding that New York had become even worse than it was at the time I had left.  But if there is anything that this information does show us it’s that there is a direct correlation between those in the Democrat Party and people experiencing an obvious lack of freedom.



When it comes to trying to determine who it is that’s the more ignorant liberal among those who routinely appear on Fox News, it usually always turns out to be sort of a tie between Juan Williams and other boob, Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera.  Whenever watching either of these two you can always count on them doing their best to bend themselves into pretzels as they try so hard to justify their nonsensical positions or to downplay how it is that those within the Democrat Party hate America.

The focus here, however, is going to be on Williams, who is usually the more ignorant sounding of the two, who on this past Wednesday’s edition of “The Five,” a show that I very seldom ever watch simply because I can’t stomach Williams for more than 5 minute, seemed to take issue with President Trump’s highlighting of the horrific murder of a young college student, Mollie Tibbetts, by an illegal alien in Iowa, which also just so happens to have been the lead story of Wednesday’s episode.

Williams provoked a pretty vocal reaction from the show’s other co-panelists with his highly politicized comments about the tragic story that has been making national headlines ever since Tibbetts disappeared in mid-July.  Williams argued that the reason the president drew attention to the death of the college student, whom police now strongly suspect was killed by an illegal immigrant, was to “distract” people from the legal cases involving Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.

Williams said, “What you see is that people use this for their own purpose.”  He said, “In Trump’s case, he’s using this to distract and to deceive people … in terms of the big news of the day, which is about the Michael Cohen plea deal, about Paul Manafort being convicted.”  He continued, “At this point you have the president’s personal lawyer, his campaign chairman, his national security adviser [Michael Flynn], all convicted felons — but instead we want to talk about a murder.”

Williams went to add, “There’s lots of murders in America.”  And from there he went on in a bizarre attempt to perpetuate a claim that has been repeatedly proved to be false saying, “There is a lower rate of violent crime among illegal immigrants and immigrants than there is among native-born Americans.”  Williams is obviously nothing more than a common liar, but being a liberal that should be seen as being pretty much par for the course.  With them the ends always justify the means.

And it was co-host Jesse Watters who responded to Williams’ blatantly idiotic remark, and rightfully so, by saying, “We’re going to be talking about the Cohen and Manafort cases in the B-block,” Watters said, referring to the rest of the program. “Now, we’re leading the show with this story. So it seems like you’re the one that’s trying to distract from this story.”  To which Williams responded by saying, “No, we’re leading with a story about one woman’s death—“

Watters interrupted saying “You just sounded like the professor,” referring to Dr. Christina Greer, a Fordham University professor who has since apologized for her remark on MSNBC when she called Tibbetts a “girl in Iowa” that “Fox News is talking about.”  Watters continued, saying, “Just some woman in Iowa,” virtually repeating the professor’s words but interrupted by crosstalk.  And it was another fellow co-host, Greg Gutfeld who also chimed in saying, “Just a girl in Iowa.”

Watters added, “No one died on a tax evasion case, Juan.”  To which Williams shot back saying, “But the presidency of the United States, Jesse, is imperiled by these decisions.” And Watters simply responded, “According to you!”    The argument then turned into a debate about illegal immigration and its connection to tragic stories like the Mollie Tibbetts murder case.  Williams is another of those brain-members of the left absolutely salivating over the taking down of a duly elected president.

Williams was not the only liberal ‘journalist’ to provoke heated reaction for objecting to the president’s honoring of the life of Mollie Tibbetts. AP reporter Zeke Miller drew backlash on Twitter for an insensitive remark that Mollie Tibbetts’ death was “likely coming soon to a Trump rally near you.”  Some ‘journalists’ seem to want to use every major news story to embark on relentless attacks on Trump. Everything else, even the senseless murder of a young girl, is just a “distraction.”

Personally, I would love to have the opportunity to ask Williams if he truly does believe even half of the shit that comes out of his mouth.  But you do have to admit that, like most of those on the left, he is a rather superb professional liar, very well practiced and very polished.  But he is still nothing more than a common liar and will usually prefer politically correct misrepresentations to facts, except when he needs to tell a truth in order to maintain at least some semblance of credibility.

While the show is almost always tilted in favor of the NeverTrumpers, Williams, and to lesser degree Jerry whenever he makes an appearance, remains the token liberal out of the entire bunch.  And both he and Rivera can always be counted on to deliver pure political bullshit by the ton.  Here, you see how he was again engaged in what has become his typical Alinsky-style tactics in an attempt to portray his leftist position as somehow being completely reasonable.  Tactics like:

  1. Misrepresent the facts but insert something that is actually real. When challenged on the lies, incessantly point out to the one little nugget of fact that was inserted to give the whole load credibility.
  2. If people aren’t buying your BS and you have no facts to back it up, double, and even triple, down and keep shouting to drown out any opposing view.
  3. When you have nothing else, start putting words in your opponent’s mouth. That forces him (her) to defend themselves rather than call out the load of crap that you’re trying to sell as fact.
  4. Overgeneralize whenever possible. “We all know”, “Everybody says”, “It’s been widely reported” are some of Juan’s favorite lies that cannot be easily disproven.
  5. Always build up a hypothetical straw man to make your point when reality is not kind to your view. Then you can savage that hypothetical and avoid having to face the facts.

The only reason that Williams even still has a job is to give the loony leftwing point of view to any discussion so that it can be said to be ‘fair and balanced.’  I never agree with Williams, but I suppose Fox needs a few lefties like him, Smith, and Rivera so as not to appear as one-sided in their discussions as the other networks who never provide a truly balanced view.  Williams is so hopelessly anti-Trump that one of these days his hair might just catch fire as he spews his vitriol against the president.

Williams is one of the most ignorant and patently dishonest people that you’re likely to see on any news program on any channel.  He provides absolutely nothing of any substance to any discussion, on any topic, and he habitually spews what is nothing more than the Democrat Party talking points that he’s been provided with by his friends in the party.  I guess the only question is, is he truly as stupid and obnoxious as he appears to be or is it simply all an act?  I’m thinking it’s very real!



If I had a dollar for every time I heard some leftwing-kook-of-a-Democrat or some Hollyweird entertainment-type declare how it’s highly unlikely that President Trump will complete his first term in office, I would be very wealthy man.  Here we have a president whose approval rating is higher than that of their much beloved Barry, at the same point in his presidency, a booming economy, a decreasing trade deficit, and a stronger military and yet we’re supposed to believe how it is that President Trump will not be president when the time comes for him to be re-elected.

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” we had Rob ‘Meat Head’ Reiner reacting to President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to campaign contribution violations and fraud, and Trump’s one-time campaign chairman Paul Manafort being found guilty of felony tax fraud.  Now keep in mind that ‘Meat Head’ is the same guy who managed not to be bothered in the least by what was the eight year long crime spree that was the Obama presidency.  And if EVER there was a president in need of being impeached, it was Barry ‘O’.  What saved ‘him’ was his skin color!

And it was in demonstrating what is really nothing more than wishful thinking on his part that ‘Meat Head’ said, “Remember back to Watergate, it is pretty much parallel to what you are seeing now, little tiny whispers here and there. You have got a Corker or a Flake, a couple of people talking but nobody making the move. Until the tapes came out, then you saw the flip, a complete flip and it took a long time. Took almost two years and you have got to remember that even when Nixon presented with the tapes and resigned office, he left office with about a 25%, 26% approval rating.”

He went on to add, “I think you will always see that group behind Trump. So you are never going to penetrate that. The thing that is going to get the Republicans nervous is if the Democrats take back the House and take it back in a significant way, I am talking about 40, 50, 60 seats, they are going to really start get nervous. Because then the Democrats will have subpoena power, start having hearings and a lot of these Republicans will start to move. And then Mueller’s report comes out and dollars to doughnuts, it is going to be the truck load.”

And he concluded by saying, “You think this is bad what has happened the last couple of days with Cohen and Manafort? It is child’s play compared to what is going to come at Trump and then you will see everybody jump ship. And my gut instinct is that Trump won’t make it past —make it through his first term.”  Right ‘Meat Head’, and my gut instinct is that you will likely never again have another motion picture that will come anywhere near to making a profit.  And let’s not forget that this imbecile’s gut instinct likely told him that Hitlery would be elected president.

Folks like old ‘Meat Head’ seem to be under the rather misguided impression that if they keep talking about how the president will eventually come to be forced from office, it will become a reality.  ‘Meat Head’ has become so unhinged over the fact that Trump is president that he ignores completely the fact that our country is doing better, in almost every way, than it has in decades and yet ‘Meat Head’ and his Hollyweird cronies on the left just keep on attacking him.  And in truth ‘Meat Head’ is expressing wishful thinking more than using anything close to logic or reason.

Even if Democrats win a majority of seats in the House and Senate, which is not a fait accompli, though Republicans need a MAJOR get out to vote campaign, there will not be the required two thirds vote in the Senate to impeach the president. Because what he’s being accused of is not worthy of impeachment to fair minded people in the Senate.  At least not two-thirds of them.  We have what happened in 1998 to ‘Slick Willy’ as an example. There wasn’t the required votes to impeach him the Senate.  And all talk of impeaching President Trump is an exercise in pure politics.