Apparently what I would refer to as being the forces of darkness, aka those who comprise ‘The Resistance’, are said to be gathering.   And it is these forces that consist of hundreds of progressive candidates, most running in state and municipal elections this fall, who are all streaming into Washington this week.  These folks make up the Democrat Party’s hardcore leftwing and are coming together in an effort to formulate a plan that they hope will better enable them to ‘seize’ control of Congress, statehouses and local governments all across the country.

They are excited and as is usually the case with liberals, they are angry, very, very angry. And too, they are also literally consumed by a rather scary level of HATE, the source of which seems to be little more than their rather intense level of opposition to President Trump, one that borders on being more than just a little psychotic.  And we are told they are ready to fight any calls to moderate their liberal ‘passions.’  And make no mistake they are ready to pull out all the stops and are desperate in their attempt to make significant gains in this November’s midterm elections.

Take, for instance, a fella by the name of Greg Edwards, one of a half dozen or so Democrats running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th district, who said, “We’re at a moment when we need to be unapologetic.”  So here we have a guy who was, apparently, an “ardent” supporter of old Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election, and who claims to be unapologetic for now wanting a single-payer health care system, universal preschool, “debt-free” college and a $15-per-hour minimum wage.  But then isn’t this always how those on the left go trolling for votes?

And it was also this same guy who knocked those he describes as “centrists” within his own party who may be willing to compromise their progressive “values” just to get elected.  As if in today’s Democrat Party you could find anyone who might still be anywhere near the center.  And, apparently, he’s not alone.  There is said to be roughly 450 like-minded Democrats will be gathering in Washington today for a four-day conference that offers a new window into intraparty tensions over how to capitalize on the surge in grassroots enthusiasm in this the age of Trump.

So this odd assortment of angry leftists, described as “resistance warriors” by organizers, is now convinced that their party will lose this fall unless it chooses to embrace a broad slate of uncompromising progressive candidates who deliver “an Elizabeth Warren-style economic populist message.”  At least that’s according to Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which coordinated this bizarre little shindig.  Green said, “Not only can you run on your values and win, but it is necessary to do so in some of these red districts.”

Sanders and Warren will be the headliners of this leftist get together the purpose of which is to give lesser-known Democrat candidates at all levels a crash course on winning in the Trump era.  It’s not enough to simply oppose Trump, organizers say.  Participants will learn how to look good on television, find donors, design websites and, perhaps most importantly, develop a message around progressive economic priorities.  Several of the progressive movement’s most aggressive allies will also be on hand: groups such as Indivisible, Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO.

Privately, some Democrats appear rather reluctant to embrace a strategy that appeals most to the party’s more ‘liberal’ side, particularly when many of the most competitive races this fall will take place in regions where President Trump won.  Jesse Ferguson, a Democrat strategist who worked for Hitlery’s campaign said, “Competitive primaries help organize and help fuel the enthusiasm that’ll help us take control.” And added, “Candidates don’t need to move all to the left or all to the center. They need to come across as running for what they genuinely believe.”

Republicans, albeit rather prematurely I think, are cheering these latest Democrat efforts to move even further to the left, certain that candidates who emulate Sanders and Warren will end up alienating the moderate voters and disaffected Trump supporters who might otherwise back Democrats this fall or sit out the midterm elections altogether.  Doug Deason, a prominent Republican donor said, “It’ll be tough to fight that winning message that Elizabeth Warren sends out to the world: socialism.”  And he went on to say, “That’s great. That’s what they should embrace.”

To be honest I am a little concerned about what November’s midterms may bring.  The Republicans seem to have purposely shot themselves in both feet, and over what? Because Trump was elected president?  How completely idiotic is that?  And because they just could not bring themselves to assist President Trump to do what the American people elected him to do we now find ourselves in a mess of their making because of what, the fact they think they know better than those of us who voted for Trump?  Hell, it’s because of them that we voted for Trump in the first place!

And what I hope to see happen come November is not some ‘blue wave’ that so many are now so confidently predicting, but with a red tide.  If we were serious about wanting to drain ‘The Swamp’ when we elected President Trump, then what we must be focused on is replacing every RINO we can, and not with leftwing kooks.  Instead, they must be replaced with bona fide conservatives, or at least with those who are far more concerned about being able move forward with the Trump agenda than were their RINO predecessors.  In a world of snowflakes, WE MUST be the heat!



I admit it, when I was a kid, all those many years ago, my family and I did spend some amount of time eating at McDonald’s.  But that had a lot more to do with the fact that my Dad liked the taste of their fries than it did with anything else.  But today, whether it’s because more Americans have become more health conscious, or because of an increase in competition, it would seem that the fast-food chain has seen a significant decrease in its sales of late.  So what’s a corporation to do?

Now I’m certainly no business expert, but it seems to me that it wouldn’t make much sense, at least from a business standpoint, to bring in someone that has no experience in business.  But be that as it may, Robert Gibbs, of Barry press secretary fame, has been hired on to build McDonalds into the nation’s first ‘modern, progressive burger company.’  Things will, most likely, go from bad to worse and in pretty short order.  How is it that anyone could think this is anywhere near being a good idea?

So the former Barry Spokesmoron, Robert Gibbs, has now been hired on by McDonalds as the new Executive Vice President and Global Chief Communications Officer.  Quite the fancy title that Bobby has managed to acquire for himself.  Connections work wonders.  Gibbs, as you may recall, served as Barry’s communications director during the Barry’s time in the Senate as well as his 2008 campaign, and was the first press secretary for his administration, before finally departing in 2011.

McDonald’s President and CEO Steve Easterbrook released a statement that said in part: “Robert and Silvia [Lagnado] are both highly-respected, talented leaders who will bring a wealth of experience and outside perspective to McDonald’s as we build a more modern, progressive burger company.”  I can see it now, McDonald’s veggie burgers and zucchini fries.  Yum, Yum!  How better to guarantee that your sales will continue to plummet, at a highly accelerated rate, than to bring in a boob like Gibbs?

Easterbrook added that Gibbs would help restore “excitement to our business proposition” and “turnaround plan.”  After having spent years watching this guy in action, I’m just not getting why it is that someone might think that he would be the ideal choice for such a position.  Personally, I just never thought Bobby came across as being all that bright.  Perhaps now might be just the right time to at least start thinking about buying some stock in either Burger King or Wendy’s, or both.

Now I could be wrong here, but it would seem to me that if I were the head of some multi-million dollar corporation, looking to stem the bleeding from my bottom line, I just don’t see myself turning to someone like Robert Gibbs, expecting him to be my savior.  It just doesn’t compute.  And would you even want your company to be associated with such an unsavory and dishonest character as Gibbs?  I wouldn’t!  And what’s that say about the moron who decided to hire him?

And you have to ask yourself, what on God’s green Earth does a guy who has associated himself with the most anti-capitalism president in our history know about the inner workings of a business of any size, let alone one the size of McDonald’s?  And has he ever spent any amount of time, of any duration, working in the private sector?  Or does he possess some special qualifications or unique connections that I don’t know about that would somehow explain this rather bizarre hire?