When it comes to more recent New York City politics it’s pretty obvious that the nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree.  But since he has served in both Boston and Los Angeles, Mr. Bratton’s rather leftward slant regarding gun rights, besides coming as no surprise, likely made him the ideal choice as, current communist mayor of ‘The Big Apple’, Bill de Blasio’s police commissioner.  This is his second shot at being the city’s top cop, the first time around Bratton was forced to resign while under investigation for accepting unauthorized trips from corporations as well as individuals.  Which I guess, was seen as being a resume enhancer.

Anyway, it was on Communist News Network (CNN) earlier this week that New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was discussing terrorism and Donald Trump, and after watching a clip host Don Lemon played featuring Trump saying that Americans are under threat from foreign terrorists coming in to this country, Bratton responded by saying that it’s Americans and guns that are actually the biggest problem we face.  This has become the typical mantra of many on the left as they work to increase their efforts to rip from the hands of law abiding Americans that which is something constitutionally guaranteed to them.

Frankly, it’s this kind of idiotic drivel, that Americans are somehow more of a threat to the country than are these Muslim terrorists, that is so offensive and on many fronts.  But is especially grotesque when hearing it from the top cop in the city that is now home to a somber memorial at Ground Zero. Terrorism, both domestic and foreign-born, has nothing to do with the availability of guns. The notion that the Second Amendment enables terror of any kind is demonstrably false — because that is what he is saying: not that we face a threat from criminals who use guns, but we face a threat from Americans “who have access to firearms.”

It’s all the gun’s fault, you see. It’s the EASY access.  It’s not the threat from Islamic terrorists.  A threat that is on the rise, is brutal, leaves many casualties in its wake, is frequent, and has consequences well beyond just the tragic deaths and injuries.  And too many of our leaders, mostly Democrats, seem not to be all that concerned.  And you would think that a police commissioner should know these things.  That a New York City police commissioner, especially, should live and breathe them.  What a despicable, politically correct, factually bereft rant from a committed leftist gun-control fanatic. How typical. How utterly predictable.  How dangerous.

But Chief, if guns are illegal in Chicago, what the Hell is going on there?  How many gun related deaths have already occurred there in this still very young year?  Hold on a minute, I’ll tell you:  As of yesterday (30 Mar) 128 were shot and killed, 673 were shot and wounded.  Now I would argue that if guns were legal in ‘The Windy City, both numbers would not only be lower, but would likely be significantly lower.  But then, Bill, you don’t want to hear that.  But look, this latest example is but one more reason, on what apparently is a very long list of many, why Bratton is hated by the NYPD rank and file, and basically anyone with an ounce of sense who knows him.

Bratton’s idiotic premise that “Americans with guns pose a bigger threat than terrorism” is so patently false and for any number of reasons.  Not the least of which are: 1) It is physically impossible to eliminate the 300 million guns in America; only the LEGAL ones can regulated, but it’s the ILLEGAL ones which do the most damage. 2) Firearms accidents, etc., like far more pervasive automobile accidents, are relatively constant year-by-year, whereas terrorism has demonstrated at least the potential to grow exponentially, as it has recently in Europe. 3) And then, as we saw in San Bernardino, Americans WITHOUT Guns are really nothing more than soft targets for these murdering Muslims.  Imagine if just one of those victims had actually had a gun.  How much lower would the body count have been?

And what’s scary is the fact that this imbecile is responsible for keeping New Yorkers safe.  New Yorkers should be afraid, VERY afraid!  The biggest threat to our Constitution and our way of life are people like this guy who think our ‘rights’ are the problem.  My guess is this nut believes that Mike Brown was “shot with his hands in the air”.  It’s the dumbing down of America.  It should frighten every single American that complete morons like this boob are able to get into such positions, being responsible for things that are so far beyond the capabilities or their intelligence.  We insist upon granting to these losers on the left far too much control over our lives.


obama 047

Upon the arrival of Barry “Almighty” into the Oval Office, the United States was very quick to transition away from what had been, up until that time, referred to as being, and very rightly so, the “War on Terror.”  But it was shortly thereafter that the nomenclature was made to morph into something that was kinder and more non-threatening sounding.  It was then that it became our ‘Overseas Contingency Operation.”  But even that has now been nearly completely abandoned since it has been determined that ‘climate change’ now represents a far more serious threat.

But there now comes a new report that would seem to indicate that the terrorists still represent a rather sizable threat.  This report reveals a rather rapid expansion of Islamist groups across the Middle East and Africa responsible for what is referred to as being the booming death toll of terrorism worldwide. It point to a nearly 800 percent rise since 2010, or Barry’s first year as leader of the free world.  I suppose it could all be just some strange coincidence, but I can’t help but wonder if one thing might have something to do with the other.

It was terrorism expert Steven Emerson’s nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) which found that an average of nearly 30,000 people per year have been killed by terrorists since 2010, when terrorism’s death toll was 3,284. The study identifies two troubling trends: more attacks are happening, and they are deadlier than ever.  Now, for whatever reason, it’s neither of these trends that is seen as all that problematic by Barry “Almighty” or his trusty sidekick, John Kerry-Heinz. Or for that matter either of the two Democrats running for president.

Mr. Emerson, the executive director of IPT, said, “Everyone has known that terrorist attacks have generally been increasing yearly since 9/11. But the magnitude of the increase of the attacks surprised us, especially in the past five years. Even if you look back at the annual reports issued by the most senior analysts in the top five intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies, there is not one report that predicted or forecasted that we would likely see such a massive escalation of attacks.”  Which I’m sure bothers Barry very little since he would have only had the numbers fudged anyway.

The study credits the rise in part to the fact that Islamist terror groups like Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabaab in Somalia, a resurgent Taliban, Palestinian terrorists, and Barry “Almighty’s” JV team ISIS which are now operating in more countries than ever, especially in the Middle East and Africa.  And despite the overwhelming  amount evidence starring them right in face, there is not one Democrat, from our president on down, who can bring themselves to label it as being radical Islamic terror, as they continue to claim the threat has been reduced.

IPT’s report used data collected by the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database. Looking at various intervals following the 9/11 attacks, and sorting out deaths caused by clear acts of terrorism — not simply war involving known terrorist groups — IPT found annual terror deaths have jumped 774 percent since the 2007-11 average.  The numbers are striking when you consider where the numbers were at the beginning period. I don’t think people have grasped how significant these death toll numbers are.”  Or, if like Barry, they even care what the numbers are.

According to IPT data, from 2001-2006, there was an annual average of 2,508 terror fatalities around the world, which rose to 3,284 between 2007 and 2011. During 2012-2013, that average tripled to 9,537, and, in the past two years, that number tripled again, raising the death toll to the current annual average: 28,708 per year. Emerson urged a comprehensive approach targeting the ideology of Islam itself, but it’s highly unlikely that that will happen under our current regime, or the next, if we choose to elect either Hitlery Clinton or Bernie Sanders as our president.

Emerson said, “There has never been a U.S. or allied strategy to go after radical Islam. There have been, however, strategies to go after specific groups like Al Qaeda or AQAP or ISIS. But these are all subsets of radical Islam.”  IPT expects the wave of terror to continue to grow in 2016 and beyond, particularly in Asia and Europe, thanks to the migrant crisis on the latter continent. A crisis, that I think it’s very safe to say, that the European leaders have brought upon themselves.  And a crisis that will only continue to worsen unless serious steps are taken and take soon.

Mr. Emerson went on to say, “With ISIS losing large swaths of territory as well as key commanders, its center of operational gravity definitely appears to be shifting to Europe, where it can recruit among the more than 30 million Muslims who live in Europe.”  He added, “Add to this mix the fact that thousands of mosques in Europe are controlled by Salfists, Wahabists and the Muslim Brotherhood – which indoctrinate their followers, and you have a future recipe for a massive increase in Islamist terrorist violence.”  And is Barry trying to create the same scenario here?

Well, you know, I suppose we can always look for that silver lining in what has become a very dark cloud.  After all, it could be worse, at least it’s not 1000%.  Because with Barry as our president it very well could be.  But with the approach currently being employed how could we have possibly expected anything different.  When the policy consists of turning a blind eye to, and making numerous excuses for, Islamic Terrorism, such as refusing to call it by its rightful name, we shouldn’t be surprised to see a substantial rise in Islamic terrorism around the world.

All of which causes me to wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, this is what happens when our president continues to repeat his claim that ‘climate change’ is what poses the much greater threat than does the ongoing, and increasingly deadly, threat that we’re being made to face from these crazy religious extremists.  How completely naïve is that?  And yet that is where we seem to be.  And what’s truly scary is that we seem to have a significant number of voters ready to support a continuation of that bizarre policy by electing a Democrat as our next president.


obama 052

Since day one of Barry’s first setting foot into the Oval Office we have continued to hear about how, whenever something bad is said to have happened, it’s never to be considered as being his fault.  Whether it’s running guns to Mexico, or the IRS continuing to give conservative groups a hard time, or the DOJ deciding to go after reporters, or the fact that four Americans were left to be butchered in Benghazi, or the fact that five terrorists were swapped for a deserter named Bergdahl, the list goes on and on.  And no matter how bad the screw up, nothing is ever Barry’s fault.  Somehow he finds about everything like the rest of us do, from the news.

And now we’re hearing from White House Spokesmoron Josh Earnest about how the kind of “rhetoric” now coming from “multiple candidates on the Republican side” is not only “contrary to our values,” but is also, apparently, putting Barry “Almighty” in a mighty tough spot.  Sorry, but whatever the “tough spot” that Barry might now find himself is no one’s fault but Barry’s.  It’s certainly not the fault of those who are doing nothing more than to point out the lunacy that continues to emanate from this White House.  And if anyone is spewing rhetoric that’s contrary to our values, that would Barry “Almighty”, as well as the two candidates on the Democrat side.

Earnest said, “Their (Republicans’) rhetoric is also counterproductive when it comes to protecting the American people. And that’s a significant problem, particularly when you’re the commander in chief and you are on the hook. You are the one that’s primarily responsible for the safety and security of the American people.”  He went on to say, “And the suggestion on the part of some of these Republican candidates is to marginalize certain communities in a way that could be counterproductive to our national security.”  Well, the “certain communities” being talked about here just so happen to be the very ones from which these murdering thugs spring from.

It was in his most recent stupid weekly radio address that Barry said Americans must fight Islamic terrorists, not only in the air, but through “the power of our example,” including “our openness to refugees fleeing ISIL’s violence.”  To which Republican Donald Trump responded to, on Monday, by describing Barry’s open-door policy toward refugees as catastrophic.  He said, “And it’s going to lead — I mean, you talk about downfall. This could lead to the downfall of the greatest nation on Earth.”  Now I’m no Trump supporter, but it is hard to disagree with what he says about allowing more of these people into our country.  It’s reckless to the point of being absolutely insane.

And at some point a reporter asked Earnest to respond to Trump’s criticism.  To which Earnest responded by saying, “His comments don’t actually represent the facts of the situation.”  And he went on to say, “The fact of the matter is that individuals who enter the United States through the refugee program are subjected to more intensive scrutiny than any other individual trying to enter the United States. Typically, takes between 18 and 24 months for an individual who is entering the United States for the refugee program. The reason for that, is individuals who are seeking to travel to the United States as refugees are subjected to in-person interviews.”  That’s bunk!

And according to Earnest, “They are subjected to background checks, their names are run through a variety of databases that are maintained by the U.S. military and the United States intelligence community.”  He said, “These individuals are required to submit biometrics and biographical information, so that information can also be used to vet them. All of this is critical to our national security to vet them.”  Now I could have sworn that it wasn’t very long ago that we all heard the head of the head of the FBI telling members of Congress that there was simply no way to vet all of those who Barry was allowing to enter into our country in what are huge numbers.

Earnest noted that the U.S. takes in more refugees through a United Nations program than any other country in the world, and he said Americans should be proud that their country is viewed as a safe haven.  So we should be proud of the fact that we’re allowing thousands of people into our country, most of whom possess no desire whatsoever to become one of us, and at least some of whom desire to see just how many of us they might be able to kill?  And I’m sorry, but the involvement of the United Nations only serves to make me feel far more nervous.  This is insanity in its most pure form, and is placing Americans at risk for no other reason that politics.

Earnest mentioned the State Department’s recent declaration, made under pressure, that Islamic State terrorists are committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East.  He said, “There was a hullabaloo in the Republican Party…about whether or not the State Department would conclude that genocide — acts of genocide — were being carried out by ISIL in Iraq and in Syria. Are Republican suggesting that somehow, we should turn our backs on people that we have now concluded are fleeing genocide in their own country?  Is that what they’re suggesting?”  Well, Barry is certainly turning his back on the Christians being killed!

Earnest said, “So they’re suggesting that somehow, we should be tough on ISIL, and that we should protect people who might be victims of genocide, but we shouldn’t let them in the United States even after they’ve undergone two years of intensive background checks?”  He added, “That’s not right. That certainly is not what our values entail and it’s why I continue to believe — and Secretary Kerry and the president have both commented — that the — that these kind — this kind of rhetoric from the Republican Party is counterproductive to our national security and flies in the face of the values that our country hold dear.”

But how many of those that Barry is continuing to allow into this country have undergone two years of background checks, intensive or otherwise?  I would argue that none have.  And yet they are allowed to continue to stream in.  This is one area where I am in complete agreement with Donald Trump.  There must be a moratorium on those allowed to come here from the most screwed up part of the world.  And what’s wrong with creating some sort of ‘safe haven’ right there in their own homeland, one where they can be kept safe and one that does not expose Americans to the violence that comes along with many of these same people?

Another one of the reporters present asked Earnest if Barry ever gets fired up when he hears Republicans say these things.  Earnest said, “His response, I think, is rooted in the fact that as the commander-in-chief of the United States, that his top priority is to keep the American people safe.”  What a crock of shit.  It’s obvious to anyone on the outside looking in that Barry doesn’t give a squat about keeping the American people safe.  His top priority to allow as many of these fanatics into our country as possible.  Personally I don’t care if Barry gets fired up or not, he has placed this country in even greater danger than we were in before 9/11.  AND ALL ON PURPOSE!



It was earlier this week, on Monday, that Barry “Almighty” once again bemoaned the political environment surrounding this year’s presidential elections as he also called on journalists to hold candidates and themselves to a higher standard.  Funny, he didn’t seem to feel that way either time ‘he’ was running for president.  In fact he preferred not being held accountable for anything that he might have said or done in the past, or especially when it came to the many baseless accusations he made against his political opponents.

Barry spoke at the presentation of something called the Toner Prize, which apparently is named for someone by the name of Robin Toner, who was, or so I’m told, the first woman to be national political correspondent for The New York Times. During her nearly 25 years there, Toner was said to have covered five presidential campaigns. She passed away in 2008.  Now I may be showing my ignorance here, not that I care, but I never heard of her.  Most likely because I make it a habit NEVER to read The New York Times.

And then, in sounding remarkably like John Kerry-Heinz from earlier in the week, Barry said that the number one question he gets as he travels around the world, at taxpayer expense, is “What is happening in America?” He said it’s because people abroad understand America is the place where you “can’t afford completely crazy politics,” and they care about the most powerful nation on earth functioning effectively.  So am I to assume that for that last seven years America has been seen as functioning effectively?  Who knew?

Barry said, “We are all invested in making this system work. We are all responsible for its success, and it’s not just for the United States that this matters, it matters for the planet.”  I thought this was a rather odd thing to hear coming from a man who has spent nearly every waking hour as president doing as much as he possibly can to prevent the system from working.  In fact he has demonstrated, and more times that I can count, that he doesn’t really NEED the system to work.  In fact I would argue the Barry prefers himself to the system!

Barry returned from his trip to Cuba last week and recalled the news conference he held jointly with Cuban Dictator Raul Castro. He described the event as remarkable as the two leaders were forced to answer tough questions that were televised to Cubans, and the world.  He said, “I don’t know exactly what it will mean for Cuba’s future.”  And he added, “I think it made a big difference to the Cuban people. I can’t think of a better example of why a free press is so vital to freedom.”  So is he saying that because of this one visit Cuba now has a free press?

Barry called on the broadcast networks and producers to give reporters room to follow what he referred to as being their instincts and to allow them to dig a little deeper.  Now I must admit that I find that as being a little odd, since in both 2008 and 2012 Barry seemed quite content with the fact that most reporters employed by the state-controlled media showed absolute no interest in ‘digging a little deeper’ into what was seen by many of us on the right as being his very questionable background.  We were told there was no there, there.

And Barry went on to say, “A job well done is about more than just handing someone a microphone. It’s to probe and to question and to dig deeper and to demand more.”  And he then went on to say, “The electorate would be better served if that happened. It would be better served if billions of dollars in free media came with serious accountability, especially when politicians issue unworkable plans or make promises they cannot keep.”  Perhaps if the media had dug a little deeper back in 2008 our country would be much better off today.  But nope!

Barry said he understands there are pressures “to feed the beast” with more gossipy, softer stories, but that leads to consumers failing to understand the world as well as they should, which has consequences for the country.  But we are in a time now at a time where our ‘news’ media is nothing more than a wholly own subsidiary of the Democrat Party, whose purpose is to inundate the airwaves with all manner of liberal propaganda.  Propaganda with the specific purpose of preventing consumers from understanding the world as they should!


obama 046

Be it’s a willful blindness, a conscious disregarding of the threat or perhaps some secret hope, however twisted, that they will actually be successful in their effort to topple America, Barry’s approach to dealing with the continuing threat we face from these practitioners of Islam places the life of every single American in jeopardy.  Whether here or abroad, Americans are no longer able to consider themselves as being safe.  And anyone who does, is beyond being foolish.  Either that or they are nothing but a very devoted follower of Barry “Almighty.”

So it was then, this past Saturday, on his silly little weekly radio address that Barry said, “ISIL poses a threat to the entire civilized world,” as he did his best to explain all that he has been doing to counter the threat posed by radical Islamic extremism — a phrase that he, along with everyone in his corrupt administration, so adamantly refuses to use.  In addition to ‘waging war’ and diplomacy, Barry said Americans, for their own good, must welcome Muslims into their midst.  For our own good?  Seriously?  Hold on there, Hoss!  You just might want to rethink that!

Barry did his best to convince us that he’s been doing all that he can to counter the threat posed by these thugs.  He said, “As we move forward in this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our airstrikes, our military, our counterterrorism work, and our diplomacy. And that’s the power of our example. Our openness to refugees fleeing ISIL’s violence. Our determination to win the battle against ISIL’s hateful and violent propaganda — a distorted view of Islam that aims to radicalize young Muslims to their cause.”  A distorted view of Islam?  Hardly!

He went on to say, “In that effort, our most important partners are American Muslims. That’s why we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans, and their enormous contributions to our country and our way of life.”  To which he added, “Such attempts are contrary to our character, to our values, and to our history as a nation built around the idea of religious freedom. It’s also counterproductive. It plays right into the hands of terrorists who want to turn us against one another; who need a reason to recruit more people to their hateful cause.”

He said, “I am a father. And just like any other parent, the awful images from Brussels draw my thoughts to my own children’s safety. That’s also why you should be confident that defeating ISIL remains our top military, intelligence, and national security priority.” Barry said the terrorists will fail, because “we will defeat them” with our values, our way of life, and our vision of the future.”  Is that not some of the most imbecilic drivel you’ve ever heard coming from an American president?  These terrorists want to KILL us, and Barry just doesn’t seem to get that.

And then we had our boob of a Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz who, when interviewed on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” was asked if he is worried about another terror attack in Europe.  Kerry-Heinz responded by saying, “Well, I think everybody is concerned, because for several years now, foreign fighters have been returning from Syria or from other locations and implanting themselves in the communities.”   What a brilliant statement we have coming from our nation’s chief diplomat.  This moron is in so far over his head it’s ridiculous.  He is a menace.

He said, “And this is the threat that we have all been aware of. We have been looking for additional screening. We have been engaged actually with the Belgian authorities for some period of time now trying to fill gaps that they are aware exist.” And added, “And I think everybody is now geared up to recognize that the fight is not just in Iraq and Syria, but the fight is wherever those fighters have come from.”  He said it’s part of the Islamic State’s plan to “put people in other places.” He said the attacks will happen, regardless of whether the would-be caliphate in Iraq and Syria is collapsing.

Kerry-Heinz also claimed that the rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail about Muslim immigration and torture are an embarrassment to the United States.  As world leaders watch the U.S. presidential election, Kerry-Heinz said, “I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked.”  He went on to say, “It upsets people’s sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability, and to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions the way they’re posed to me it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.”  Our steadiness and reliability?  He’s joking, right?

I’m thinking that old Kerry-Heinz might want to be a bit more careful about throwing around the E-word.  Because it’s his entire tenure as secretary of state, as well as that of his predecessor, Hitlery Clinton, that continues to be, and most certainly was, nothing more than a complete embarrassment to this country.  And if we’re being honest here, I think we can also agree that the entire presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has been nothing but a complete embarrassment to not only the people of this country, but to EVERY president who came before him!

The fact that Barry defends Islam while at the same time those who follow Islam continue to slaughter Americans and Christians says it all. Shouldn’t a president of the United States of America be defending their victims (Americans) instead?  The fact is that all Muslims desire to live under Sharia law.  Muslim terrorists are not hijacking Islamic Sharia law when they engage in jihad. They are executing it.  Nor are they twisting the foundational principles of Islam as codified in each and every authoritative Islamic source. They are exemplifying it.

Look, the fact is Barry’s convictions simply do not reflect the convictions of the nation that he was elected to lead. No intelligent person, Republican or Democrat, actually believes that allowing people into our midst who want nothing more than to kill us is a good idea.  And that is not who we want to be in spite of Barry telling us that’s who we are.  America will not come to breathe a collective sigh of relief until that day he walks out of the White house for that final time.  The exposing of America to dangers that could have so easily been prevented, that will be Barry’s legacy.

The bottom line here is that if there is going to be anyone told that they must do something for their own good it’s the millions of Muslims in this country who come here, not to assimilate, and to become “Americans”, but for another, more sinister reason entirely.  A reason that Barry, and most Democrats, seem to have no issue with.  Barry says we must use our power of example.  Power of example?  I’m quite sure Neville Chamberlain thought pretty much the same thing when he went to meet with der Fuhrer at Berchtesgaden. And we know how that ended.

But such is the mentality not only of our current president and our pathetic secretary of state, but also of a majority of those who proudly identify themselves as Democrats.  The Democrat Party has become the ‘hate America’ party, and as such its members seem to be only too willing to turn a blind eye to those entering this country with the intent to do as much harm, and to inflict as much loss of life, as they can.  And we’re told we betray American values when we demand that these people be better scrutinized, or be prevented from coming here entirely.  We only do so out of a desire for self-preservation.


obama 045

There is a question that has been asked of Barry more times than I care to count, and asked even before he was first elected president.  It’s the one which asks, ‘Is Barry “Almighty” a Socialist?’  Barry certainly has been on the receiving end of more than a few accusations of being such, or even worse, a communist, since becoming president.  But his many devoted followers, both in government and out, have always called that a stretch.  And it’s from those within the state-controlled media that Barry has received, and continues to receive, some of his most ardent defense against such accusations.  But it’s because of Barry’s own words and actions that those accusations continue to this very day, as the end of his presidency finally nears.

And has been reported it was during a question-and-answer session during the Barry’s recent trip to Argentina that he told young people there not to worry about labels or what socio-economic system might work best.  And so it was to those gathered at a town hall style meeting in Buenos Ares that Barry said, “So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate.”  He said, “Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical, and just choose from what works.”  Now mind you, never once did he suggest that they check out how history has treated each philosophy.

But Barry would go on to say, “You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works.”  Now I think we can all agree that that is a far cry from the pro-capitalist message pushed by most American politicians, both Republican and Democrat, who lived through the Cold War and the many attempts by communist regimes, specifically the Soviet Union, to spread their oppressive ideology throughout the world.  But knowing Barry as we do after having watched, and listened, to him over the course of his presidency, it really comes as no surprise.  It has always been quite obvious that Barry is no fan of the system that has made this country the most prosperous country on the planet.

You see, it’s in Barry’s world that young people, like those who were listening to him, are seen as being little more than clay, waiting to be molded by the politicians with the greatest power.  And in his world, socialists are having the greatest influence on them, especially when they can do this inside schools and away from parental influence, or by politicians who are master manipulators and invited to give speeches at such schools.  Mr. ‘No-label’ has been the king of labels as a campaigner and as a president, and he knows it.  But again, as we have seen so many times before, it is always whenever Barry is on foreign soil, it doesn’t matter where, that he always thinks he can make up anything as he goes along and get away with it.

So Barry say, “Just decide what works”?  I’d say that’s a rather overly-simplistic rationale for government intrusion, especially considering that he’s decided in advance, whether or not it actually “works”.  Which, by the way, is never the case. Now you know why Barry’s economy is an abject disaster throwing millions more into poverty, millions more off full time to part time jobs, and has doubled the national debt.  It’s all about ‘what works’. At least for a ‘community agitator’ intent on transforming America.  It’s so obvious what works and that Socialism doesn’t work. Free people engaged in the free enterprise system devoid of government control does work, and it’s without government interference that it works even better.

Socialism serves to impoverish the most people, it drags almost everyone down to the lowest common denominator. The connected rich do very, very well as they control the government.  Capitalism (as free market as you can get with government existing) pulls people out of poverty and allows most the chance to do quite well. That’s because what limits you is your own drive to become successful, not government intervention.  Social issues cannot be solved by government. That’s because government will ALWAYS stomp on the rights of the people in its attempt to affect social change.  Social issues tend to manipulated in such a way as to allow those in power to divide the populace, increasing the odds they can stay in power.

So rather than telling these young people to simply, “Decide what works,” I think it would have been far more responsible to tell them to look around, look to other countries to see which system has produced the kind of results that they wish for themselves.  To see which system it is that would provide them with the best opportunity to have the kind of life that they hope to have for themselves, and their families.  Suggest to them not to listen to the recommendations of others, like himself, but to check out how history has essentially evaluated each system and to then judge for themselves.  And that if they do that they will quickly come to understand how it is that Socialism has never worked anywhere.


obama 127

I gotta tell ya, old Barry must have gotten hold of some pretty good shit while on his recent visit down there with the Castro Boys.  I mean, how else can you possibly explain Barry’s rather idiotic claim that by refusing to consider his Supreme Court nominee the Republicans will threaten the integrity of our justice system and prove that the judicial nomination process is “beyond repair.”  Man that’s some pretty heavy shit he’s laying on us.  But it’s nothing more than a bunch of political bullshit!

Anyway, it’s in an op-ed that appeared in the Houston Chronicle that Barry makes the claim that this fight is bigger than “a single election.”  Barry argues that the election-year blockade could make it impossible for future presidents to install judges on the court.  He says that would “betray the vision of our founding.”  Really?  How one’s perspective changes when it’s a Democrat who in the White House!  I mean, everyone does remember the comments made by both Schumer and Biden, right?

And so now Barry and his Democrat allies, as well as his many minions in the state-controlled media, have been very hard at work doing their best in an attempt to cast the fight over Judge Garland as somehow being a potential Constitutional crisis.  Implicit in that argument is the threat that Democrats would likely use the same hardball tactics in the future to block Republicans appointees.  But that would seem to be a rather moot point since Democrats are already guilty of making that play.

And as far as making the claim that the actions now being taken by the Republicans in any way proves the judicial nomination process has been made “beyond repair,” does anyone remember the bizarre confirmation hearings that took place for Judge Robert Bork and the rabid, and perhaps even alcohol induced, antics that we saw coming the “liberal lion” Ted Kennedy?  Kennedy did more to damage the nomination process than anyone before or since.  So Barry can forget that idiotic argument!

Barry simply needs to get over it. He should get no more appointments to the Court. As he himself has said, elections have consequences.  The people voted Republicans into the majority of the House and then the Senate.  We don’t need any more liberal justices, activists who would only rewrite the U.S. Constitution without using the amendment process. We need more strict constructionists like Scalia on the court. Republicans need to stand their ground for a change and wait for the next president.

And if Liberals, Progressives and Democrats were as confident about winning the elections this November as they would have us all believe, then you’d think they would prefer to wait it out and perhaps get an even more liberal activist judge. I don’t like Trump but it seems he will get the nomination. He is bad but would still be better than Hitlery or Bernie. I’m not all that confident he would win against Hitlery, but the smell of fear from the left is starting to make me think that he just might.

The ONLY way that there will be irreparable damage done to the process is if old Mitch McConnell once again goes all squishy and moves forward with Barry’s pick.  And I have to tell you, I wake up every single day wondering if Mitch has once again lost his nerve and decided to just do what Barry tells him to do.  Frankly, I’m surprised that he’s held firm this long.  Of course I’m not privy to what’s likely going on behind closed doors.  And Mitch isn’t exactly known for having a spine of steel.


Climate Change 24

I can’t tell you how tired I get of being lectured to by those who are essentially nothing more than the equivalent of a bunch of high school drop outs, about how it is that somehow I’m to blame for something that according to an overwhelming amount of actual, bona fide, science is not even taking place.  And yet, they persist with their leftist drivel in an attempt to convince me to alter my lifestyle while at the same time they continue with their habit of flying around in private jets and maintaining any number of very grandiose, homes.

Yet another prime example of this hypocrisy is how Leo DiCaprio recently let it be known, while speaking to some reporters in Japan this past Wednesday, that it is in his humble opinion that the United States ‘must’ elect a president who takes ‘climate change’ science seriously.  But which science might Leo actually being talking about?  Would it be the science that actually proves that ‘climate change’ is nothing more than a myth, or the very bogus science that, through the use of heavily doctored data, claims that it is?

It was at a press conference in Tokyo promoting his rather bizarre movie, ‘The Revenant’, that Leo told those assembled, “We should not have a candidate who doesn’t believe in modern science to be leading our country.”  Leo added: “Climate change is one of the most concerning issues facing all humanity and the United States needs to do its part.”  Of his filmmaking partner Fisher Stevens, who produced the 2010 documentary The Cove, Leo said, “We’ve been traveling around the world documenting climate change.”

Leo is working on some sort of ‘climate change’ documentary which will be released before November, and he reportedly visited China, India, and the North Pole and South Pole with Stevens.  Undoubtedly, this so-called ‘documentary’ will be less a presentation of any facts and more a work of what will be nothing more than pure propaganda, as is usually the case with such ‘documentaries’ produced by those on the left.  And as proof of that we need to look no further than any of the ‘documentaries’ concocted by that other Hollywood moron, Michael Moore.

Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have both expressed their doubts about the science behind all of the wild claim being made about ‘climate change.’  Trump described the hysteria as a “very, very expensive form of tax,” adding, “A lot of people are making a lot of money.”  Trump has also tweeted about his opinion on climate change on numerous occasions in recent years. Trump contends that ‘climate change’ is a “hoax” saying, “Unless somebody can prove something to me, I believe there’s weather. I believe there’s change.”

On the campaign trail in New Hampshire earlier this year, Cruz also shared his skepticism: “John Kerry said in 2009 the polar ice caps will be entirely melted by 2013 … Has anyone noticed the polar ice caps are still there? In fact, there was an expedition that went down to Antarctica to prove that the polar ice caps were melting … (the ship) got stuck in the ice because in fact the polar ice caps have increased.”  Cruz added: “They are larger than they were. So not only was Kerry incorrect, he was spectacularly absolutely opposite the facts.”

And then there’s long shot Republican candidate ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich, who has stated that while he believes in the concept of ‘climate change’, he’s not so sure of the science behind it.  So how does one support the ‘concept’ and yet be unsure of the science that supports the concept?  That this guy is even still in the race says a lot more about the size his ego than it does about anything that he could ever possibly bring to the job of being our president.  He’s little more than a charlatan currently being paid to be nothing more than a spoiler.

Meanwhile, both Democrat candidates have taken rather ‘extreme’ positions on the issue.  Hitlery has gone so far as to actually link ‘climate change’ to the Syrian refugee crisis, while Bernie previously stated, “climate change is directly related to the rise of global terrorism.”  And then we have Attorney General Loretta Lynch who stated just this month that the U.S. Department of Justice has been considering whether people should be prosecuted for denying ‘climate change’, despite the fact that the issue is far from settled.

And at last month’s Oscars, after winning his first Academy Award, Leo, as is typically the case with these narcissistic weirdoes, used his acceptance speech to ask for international support in stopping the world’s “big polluters.”  “Climate change is real. It is happening right now,” said Leo.  He added, “It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”  Hence the reason I stopped watching these supposed ‘awards’ shows a very long time ago.

And in 2014, the Environmental Policy Alliance mocked Leo for being “just another celebrity hypocrite,” calling out the star for traveling around the world in super yachts and private jets and wasting “thousands of gallons of jet fuel to indulge his lavish tastes.”  The group also called out the actor for owning five homes.  But Leo is far from being the only hypocritical Hollywood clown calling for how everyone but them must be made to alter their lifestyle in an effort to save the planet.  You see, special people like Leo are far too important to change the manner in which they live.

The way I look at it is that when God created this marvelous planet, He designed it to be able to withstand anything that the puny mortal man would ever be able to throw at it. But to get a liberal to acknowledge that there is a superior being that is greater than them is virtually impossible.  But two reasons disprove man-made climate change: 1) We can’t measure the temperature well enough to predict 100 years out and  2) H2O, also a greenhouse gas, outweighs CO2 thousands of times more in the atmosphere, rendering CO2 essentially meaningless.

And the ‘scientists’ who back up the wild claims being made still haven’t explained away the medieval warming period that was easily as warm as it is today nor do they like incorporating the period during the late 30s to early 40s that was also nearly as warm as it is today. Couple that with reduced weather stations, cooked books, and a models that don’t incorporate all the variables and uses assumed variables to give the answers they desire, and stifling all scientific debate when science is always to be challenged, and you have a religion of nutjobs.

I find it rather difficult to believe in something that is not only nonsense, but ignores the proven fact that a number of sources from NASA on down essentially have done nothing more than to cook the books by ignoring whole centuries of data just to make it all fit.  Leo has become one of the more vocal proponents on the subject while being one of the biggest hypocrites in Hollywood. He doesn’t believe what he is saying, if he did he would be living more in the style of that leftwing lunatic, Ed Begley Jr.  But he chooses not to.


obama 018

So after having to listen to our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’ for the last 7+ years, I find myself wondering if it’s arrogance, ignorance, naiveté, or maybe something a bit more sinister that has Barry blowing off what most Americans see as being the more obvious threat coming at us, and the world, from practitioners of the cult known as Islam, in favor of something that most intelligent people view as being pretty benign.  Because it’s according to Barry that the far more serious threat which we continue to face comes not from terrorists but from ‘global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or whatever it is that those on the left are calling it these days.

As you may have heard Barry is now in Argentina, after making a brief stopover to visit his friends, the Castro Brothers.  And it was to a group of reporters in Argentina gathered for a press conference with Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, that Barry said, “Groups like ISIL can’t destroy us, they can’t defeat us.”  But, he said, “They’re not an existential threat to us.”  So there’s something that poses an even bigger threat than crazed ‘religious’ fanatics blowing themselves up?  And it would be in the next few sentences that Barry would make clear what he views as being the gravest threat we face when he described ‘climate change’ as being a “major” problem.

So it was then, on the very day when morgues and hospitals in Brussels were still trying to identify the dead and the grievously injured, with some Americans among them I might add, that Barry described the terrorists as “vicious killers and murderers who have perverted one of the world’s great religions, and their primary power, in addition to killing lives, is to strike fear in our societies, to disrupt our societies.”  But in all honesty to say that this ‘religion’ has been perverted is a stretch.  Because as we all know these murdering, bloodthirsty, fanatics are actually doing nothing more than what their scriptures tell them to do.  And that is to KILL THE INFIDELS!!

And it was in far from being a very convincing manner that Barry would go on to say that he will be “systematic and ruthless and focused” in going after the disrupters, but in the meantime, “It is very important for us to not respond with fear.”  Barry told those in attendance to remember that terrorists “do not have power over us” because they “offer nothing except death.”  Ok, so what kind of an imbecilic statement is that to be heard coming from the president of the United States?  So we’re not to respond with fear to what is the very real threat, but we do need to be very fearful of a threat for which there is no visible proof that it actually exists?  That’s just nutty.

Barry argued that it was important for Americans not to respond to the Islamic state, which did not present an “existential threat” to the United States.  He defended his strategy to destroy ISIS, arguing that he was “systematic and ruthless and focused” on the effort which was his “top priority.”  He said, “We are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working, and it will work and we’re not going to do things that are counterproductive, simply because it’s political season.”  He said. “We’re going to be steady. We’re going to be resolute. And ultimately, we’re going to be successful.”  Barry describes himself as being ruthless?  Hardly!  More like a wimp!

He encouraged more Americans to reject the fear and the hatred spread by the terrorists.  Barry said, “We defeat them in part by saying ‘You are not strong, you are weak.’”  Is that really the kind of limp-wristed advice you expect to hear from our president.  Barry either fails to understand, or willingly ignores, the fact that these Muslim animals understand one thing and one thing only.  And yet he insisted that his ideas were “working” in spite of continued terror attacks across the globe, referring to his air strikes against ISIS leadership and infrastructure, which have accomplished little, and working to share intelligence with other countries.

And as was to be expected, Barry went on to criticize the idea that he should step up military action against ISIS targets.  He said, “We don’t just go ahead and blow something up, just so that we can go back home and say we blew something up.”  And then he went on to say, “We don’t just throw some military action at it without having thought it through and making sure that it’s effective.”  Barry doesn’t even entertain the possibility of a strong show of military force. And we all know, or least we should, what a brilliant military strategist Barry “Almighty” has proven himself to be throughout what has been termed as being his ‘Overseas Contingency Operation.’

Anyway, it was from the threat of terrorist that Barry transitioned quite smoothly into talking about that which he does see as posing the greater danger to us than do those who have displayed their rather violent penchant for blowing people up all in the name of their supposed ‘religion of peace’.  Yup, you guessed it, that would be the threat from the dreaded effects of “climate change.”  But you have to ask yourself, what kind of warped mind is required for someone to look upon the death and destruction on the streets of Brussels and say, don’t worry about that, I got that all handled, what we really need to worry about is “climate change?”

Barry said, “And so it’s important for the U.S. president and the U.S. government to be able to work with people who are building and who are creating things and creating jobs and trying to solve major problems like climate change.”  And, it was at the very same news conference that Barry made sure to thank the Argentine president for supporting the idiotic, and unenforceable, Paris ‘climate change’ agreement.  But that’s just it, there is no credible science that supports any of the claims that ‘climate change’ is any kind of a problem, let alone it being a “major problem.”  Barry would rather waste time talking about a bogus threat than the real threat we face.

But look, this is nothing new for Barry “Almighty”.  Remember it was Barry himself who attended the Paris climate talks, arriving there two weeks after the November 2015 terror attacks in that city.  And how, at the time, Barry said, “We offer our condolences to the people of France for the barbaric attacks on this beautiful city.”  Adding, “And we salute the people of Paris for insisting this crucial conference go on — an act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children.”  Like the murdering terrorist give a squat about whether or not ‘climate change’ exists.  I’m sure they’re still laughing their asses off!

And remember how it was that Barry said, “Nearly 200 nations have assembled here this week — a declaration that for all the challenges we face, the growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other.”  And how it was that he hailed the moment where “we finally determined we would save our planet,” and he said the 200 nations “share a sense of urgency about this challenge.”  Sense of urgency, sounds pretty ominous.  But where’s the sense of urgency to save our planet from that which is a true global threat, one we very visibly face nearly every single day from a group of people who want only to kill us?

At the end of the day there are simply no words I can use to describe just how much it is that I despise this man who has been our president for over seven years.  He has, and nearly singlehandedly, wreaked more havoc upon on our nation and done more damage to it than I think anyone, even most liberals, would have ever thought possible. And it has all been done very deliberately!  And apparently he seems to be not quite done.  And yet, I guess those who voted for Barry will continue believing in him right up to the bitter end and likely well beyond, no matter how destructive his policies have been or will continue to be, potentially for years to come.


Ryan 6

It’s according to Paul Ryan that when it comes to American politics today, it’s easy to be “disheartened.”  And so it was, in speaking on the state of American politics and taking questions from Capitol Hill interns on Wednesday morning, that Ryan said, “It is so easy to get disheartened” about what is happening in American politics today.  Ryan delivered his remarks from the House Ways and Means Committee room where he used to serve as the chairman before replacing John ‘Spineless’ Boehner as House Speaker back in October.

And it was in referencing such things as tax reform, trade, health care, welfare reform and entitlement reform that Ryan would go on to say, “It is here in this committee that we debate some of the biggest most consequential issues.”  And he added, “We took our jobs very seriously here on this committee.”  And he recalled, “We disagreed without being disagreeable.”  That must have been with him and his fellow Republican cowering over in a corner.  Then he said, “It sounds like a scene unfamiliar to many in your generation.”

It was in making his comments to those interns in the room that Ryan said, “I see myself in each and every one of you.”  And he shared with them that he too first came to Washington, D.C. as a curious college intern.  And he went on to say, “Our political discourse, both the kind that we see on TV and the kind that we experience among each other, it did not used to be this bad. It does not have to be this way.”  And he stressed, “Instead of talking about what politics is today, I want to talk to you about what politics can be.”

“America is the only nation founded on an idea not on an identity,” he told the interns. “That idea is a beautiful idea, the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life.”  And he went on to tell them, “Instead of playing to your anxieties, we can appeal to your aspirations,” Ryan said about politicians to the voters. “We just don’t resort to scaring you…we dare to inspire you.”  Adding, “We don’t just win your support. We win the argument,” he added, explaining that this is how to have a “confident America.”

He told them, “We question each other’s ideas vigorously, but we don’t question each other’s motives.”  He went on to say, “We all know someone who we love that disagrees with us politically or votes differently,” but in a confident America we don’t shut people down, Ryan stated, referencing the division in American politics today. “We don’t insult them into agreeing with us. We try to persuade them,” he added. “We shouldn’t accept ugliness as the norm.”  He said leaders should “talk about ideas” and “not trade insults.”

But I’d be curious to know when exactly it is that the Republicans ever question anything.  More often than not all they ever do is to simply roll over and play dead!  So what the Hell was Ryan talking about?  I mean, did he and the Republicans question anything when it came to the $1.1 Trillion spending package that essentially paid for everything Barry wanted through the end of his presidency?  I don’t seem to recall many questions being asked.  Ryan was too busy giving it his rubber stamp of approval!  And now he has the nerve to whine?

So Ryan wants to talk about how ugliness in American politics has become the norm?  I’ve got news for him, the level of ugliness can be traced right back to those Republican leaders who have in charge since 2010.  Because ugly is funding the enemy Democrats to the tune of $3.8 TRILLION to enable every single progressive fad that they are able to conjure up. Ugly is betraying the GOP base to please the New World Order who continues to fund the political elite on both sides.  Ugly is having six months off every year with a six figure salary and six figure pension to boot!

And ugly is lying to the American people promising to protect us and instead you signed our sovereignty away while continuing to kill our economy via TPP. Ugly is allowing a Marxist in the White House to take down America with a stroke and a pen while our party leaders are too cowardly to put the nation first and stop him!  Ugly is to blame Trump supporters for defending themselves against the racist Black Lives Matters crowd and other left wing thug goon squads. Ugly is giving amnesty and welfare to gang members here in this country illegally.

Ugly is driving the country into bankruptcy while at the same time ripping off seniors who can no longer work and disabled Vets in order to make sure you’re able to keep funded massive welfare and food stamps programs for able bodied people who blow their taxpayer supplied money on drugs, booze and visits to the nearest tittie-bar.  Ugly is giving lower tariffs to goods that your cronies make in Red China than to goods coming in from our allies in Germany or other places, thus making a 3rd world Communist enemy country into an industrial super-power.  WTF Paul?

Ugly is letting lawyers and insurance companies rip our healthcare system, once the best in the world, to shreds in an attempt to ruin it so that it can then be taken it over at the federal level. Ugly is funding Planned Parenthood at a time when the GOP had control of both houses of Congress and could have easily shut off taxpayer money going to it.  Ugly is blowing our money trying to make Islamic countries into first world democracies with welfare spending as a way of combating Islamic terrorism while, at the same time, bringing millions of Muslims into this country.

Ugliness, Paul?  This is the real ugliness in American politics!  And I guess what you’re saying, Paul, is that as we find ourselves on the verge of going over the edge if we were all just a bit more civil everything will get better?  Well, what we, the voters, are no longer willing to accept is the business as usual that we have continued to see ever since we gave you Republicans control of Congress.  The real reason, Paul, that Americans are so pissed off is because the Republican Party has essentially become the equivalent of Chipotle, and they’re making their own customers sick.