Kerry 4

Just like all of those summer reruns of our youth that we all used to hate, rumor now has it that ex-secretary of state, John Kerry-Heinz is once again making noise about challenging President Trump come 2020.  Of course you’ll remember him as the fella who spent a very brief, yet very personally rewarding, time in Vietnam where he ‘earned’ more medals in the span four months than most of his fellow shipmates were able to earn in multiple tours of duty.  And then after returning home Kerry-Heinz spent the majority of his time doing nothing more than to trash, in some of the most vile and disgusting ways, those who he left behind to do the fighting.

So anyway it was just this past Tuesday, while speaking before a gathering at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, that John Kerry-Heinz shared at length some of his idiotic ‘thoughts’ regarding all that he sees as being so wrong with America today.  One of the panelists taking part happened to mention the timing of his recently-published memoirs and asked him, “So, are you or aren’t you, and when will we know, and what are you thinking about – are you a candidate for 2020?”  In what I can only assume was an attempt at Kerry-Heinz humor, he said. “I’m thinking about how the hell to get out from under that question fast. I really am.”

And it was then in what was apparently an attempt to strike a more serious, even ominous, tone Kerry-Heinz went on to say, “You know, I said I’m not going to eliminate – I’m not going to—uh, I’m not, I’m not taking anything off the table.”  At the same time he pointed out that he has not been paying visits to “the most obvious states,” or laying groundwork for any potential bid.  And he continued, saying, “Am I going to think about it? Yeah, I’m going to think about it.”  And he said, “I’ve said that point-blank, simply because of all the things I’ve just talked about. If you care about these things, you have to think about it.”  Oh, by all means, John.

Kerry-Heinz also said that, however, he was “perfectly ready to embrace somebody that I think can win, who wants to address all the issues that I just talked about and understands them.”  And he added, “But I’m going to be very candid here – and some people who are thinking about it aren’t going to love me for it.”  He said, “I don’t see the person yet that I’m prepared to say that about.”  Kerry-Heinz then praised ‘Slow Joe’ Biden and ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg, describing ‘Slow Joe’ as “clearly qualified, clearly great – he understands all these issues” and ‘Nanny Mike’ as being “terrific” on guns, climate change and inclusivity.  Yup, that’s what we need!

Earlier in the event, Kerry-Heinz described himself “as invigorated, as energized as at any time in my life, because of what is happening and what is not happening in our country.”  He spoke about domestic and foreign policy issues, including climate change, describing his early activism in advancing the scam.  Kerry-Heinz has been a vocal ‘climate change/global warming’ zealot for decades, working very hard to convince as many Americans as he can that the bogus science behind this cockamamie theory is based on some sort of scientific fact, when in actuality it’s nothing more than a rather unconvincing work of science fiction.

Kerry-Heinz said, “I’m convinced there’s a vast majority in America that shares the values, shares the vision, wants to have multilateral engagement, wants to engage with other countries … wants common sense to apply to things that scientists tell us are happening.”  And he said, “They’ve got to vote.”  Kerry-Heinz said American “democracy right now is absolutely dysfunctional. It’s a disgrace.”  And of course Kerry-Heinz directed pointed criticism at President Trump, accusing him of what he called the “hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”  Only liberals, whether Democrats or RINOs, view Trump’s election as a hostile takeover of the party.

Kerry-Heinz said, “We have lost the ability in our country to ascertain the baseline of facts on which we are going to make decisions as a government.”  He said, “I don’t know how you define yourself as the greatest negotiator in the world and then you just pull out of things,” citing the Paris climate accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and the Iran nuclear deal.  As you may recall, it was Kerry-Heinz who was instrumental in negotiations for both the Paris accord as well as in the pathetically one-sided Iran deal.  Which easily explains much as to why it was that both of these exercises in incompetence had America taking it in the shorts.

Kerry-Heinz has been asked before about his intentions regarding 2020 but in recent months mostly called the issue a diversion and argued for everyone to focus on the midterm elections.  Last September he appeared on ABC’s “The View” to promote his memoirs and said in response to a question about 2020, “I doubt I would be running for office again.”  In a CBS interview that same month he did not directly deny having ambitions for another presidential campaign but also said that “talking about 2020 right now is a total distraction and waste of time,” saying he was “exclusively focused” on helping Democratic candidates in the midterms.

Kerry-Heinz is nothing more than an elitist low-life of the very worst kind. He left the Navy early and as a Reserve Naval Officer, and in clear violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) he traveled to Paris and met privately with the NVA and the Viet Cong.  And then upon returning home he began spewing the Soviet line about the war and then testified before Congress comparing American soldiers to the hordes of Genghis Khan. He succeeded in taking an abbreviated tour of duty in Vietnam and working it into a mediocre 18 year career as a U.S. Senator before then becoming quite possibly the worst secretary of state in this country’s history.

And so it is then, that once again John Kerry-Heinz has managed to convince himself that he is somehow a suitable candidate for president, even though anyone with an ounce of commonsense is able to recognize that he most definitely is not.  And while many accused Barry ‘O’ of being inept, he was actually more devious, even insidious, about how he went about the job of president, he did things with a specific purpose.  Kerry-Heinz, on the other hand, truly is ignorant, he has been in over his head in EVERY position he’s ever held.  He is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is.  And as president, he would be an unmitigated disaster on any number of levels.


Obama 14

As we all know it is a very rare event when everyone’s favorite EX-president doesn’t seize upon an opportunity to do that which he does best, which is to spread a little hate and discontent directed at those with whom he disagrees!  And it was just such an opportunity that presented itself on Tuesday at Rice University in Houston, Texas.  And it was then that Barry took it upon himself to deride the American nationalism of President Trump’s supporters, describing it as something somehow rooted in a “hatred” of foreigners.  Such is the typical brand of drivel long heard from the likes of Barry, and it’s really nothing new.  After all we the supporters of the president have been labeled as deplorable, the dregs of society, and Nazis, just to name a few.

It was at this event that Barry said:  “We did not adapt quickly enough to the fact that there were people being left behind [by globalization] and that frustrations were going to flare up and that all these changes were happening really quickly, and you had to address them and speak to them. In those environments, you then start getting a different kind of politics. You start getting politics that’s based on, “That person’s not like me, and it must be their fault,” and you start getting a politics based on a nationalism that’s not pride in country, but hatred for somebody on the other side of the border, and you start getting the kind of politics that does not allow for compromise because it’s based on passions and emotions and identities.”

He went on to say, “When I hear people say they don’t like identity politics, I think it’s important to remember that identity politics doesn’t just apply when it’s black people or gay people or women. The folks who really originated identity politics were the folks who said three-fifths clause and all that stuff. That was identity politics. That’s still out there. Jim Crow was identity politics. That’s where it started.”  Barry lamented the news media diversification following the rise of the Internet. He said a “common set of facts” — previously delivered b consensus via the Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS, and NBC — was lost following the arrival of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News on the news media landscape.

He said, “There are a range of reasons why [“the overlapping ideological spectrum in each party”] changed. Some of it had to do with, frankly, the shift in the media because in 1981, your news cycle was still governed by the stories that were going to be filed by AP, the Washington Post, maybe the New York Times, and the three broadcast stations. Whether it was Cronkite or Brinkley, or what have you, there was a common set of facts, a baseline around which both parties had to adapt and respond to, and by the time I take office, what you increasingly have is a media environment in which if you are a Fox News viewer, you have an entirely different reality than if you are a New York Times reader. It means the basis of each respective party [has] become more ideological.”

And I thought it hilarious when Barry claimed President Trump lacks “reverence” for the Oval Office.  He said, “When I walked into the Oval Office, there’s a reverence there for that office that is independent of you, and if you don’t feel that, then you shouldn’t be there because a lot of fights, a lot of sacrifices, a lot of bloodshed is represented in that office — not just soldiers in Iwo Jima. It’s maids in Selma, workers in a coal mine. It’s farmers in the Dust Bowl. You’re carrying that vessel, and I never lost that reverence for that office, and every day I would come, and I would say, “I’m going to make mistakes. There are going to be decisions that are compromises.”  I found it shocking that Barry was able to say such a thing with a straight face.

And then he went on to say, “Through all those ups and downs, you had to have a part of you — and the Bushes had that, and Ronald Reagan had that, and Bill Clinton had that — that sense of, “This is sacred. This is important.” And there’s a civic religion and a set of ideals and principles that we won’t get perfect, but we should strive to get perfect, and that is something I never lost throughout the time I was there.”  Odd to hear Barry speak of such “reverence” of the office when we remember frequently seeing him pictured in the Oval Office with no tie, in dungarees and with his feet up on the desk.  President Trump is never in the Oval Office without a coat and tie, respecting the office.  And we don’t need to talk about the antics of ‘Slick Willy.’

Yes, in retrospect, it’s still somewhat amazing that our Republic was actually able to survive the eight long years of having Barry ‘O’ in the Oval Office.  Because he was, in fact, someone who was, without a doubt, the most-divisive president in all of American history, in both words and deeds.  But with that said, Barry, with the help of his two Attorneys General, did manage to do significant damage to our nation, with some quite possibly being beyond repair, by their intentionally allowing hatred to fester every chance they got.  The long-term effects of that kind of self-serving promotion of hatred still remains to be seen.  I’m sure historians will come to look back at the eight years of Barry and see how little was actually accomplished.

As I have said many times before, the truly sad thing is, that as the first black president, Barry could have been a truly transformative president.  But instead he chose to simply waste his presidency being an arrogant, divisive, fool, who only sought the lime-light and to be consumed by his leftist politics.  He could have left the country with many of its racial wounds healed, but NO, he chose to inflame them in effort to score cheap political points.  He could have mended partisan divides, but NO, instead he left them totally fractured.  And he could have made it about “We the People,” but instead he made it all about himself.  Barry’s presidency was a period in our history where our country was in worse shape at the end than it was at the beginning.

And never have we had a president like Barry who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.  So now here we are, again, after eight long years of Barry’s promulgation of racial and class warfare, still having to hear this failed two-term ex-president intentionally confusing “hate” with patriotism, wanting our borders secured, and maintain our national sovereignty.



These days it’s become increasingly difficult to determine who’s the bigger moron employed by Fox News, Jerry Rivers (Geraldo) or Juan Williams.  This past Monday during an exchange on the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Jerry seemed to take the lead. It was then that Jerry claimed to be “ashamed” of the way migrants attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border are being treated.  Jerry seems totally oblivious to the fact that these people are trying to break into our house, and no matter how badly they may want to come in, the way they are currently going about it is simply not acceptable. Jerry apparently thinks our front door should be left wide open.

It was in discussing border patrol agents use of tear gas that Jerry said. “This goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated piñata on Fox News, I want to say I am ashamed. The tear gas choked me. We treat these people — these economic refugees — as if they’re zombies from ‘The Walking Dead.’ We arrested 42 people, eight of them were women with children! We have to deal with this problem humanely and with compassion. These are not invaders. Stop using these military analogies. This is absolutely painful to watch!”  Jerry seems to have forgotten entirely how it was that his hero, Barry ‘O’, had also authorized the use of tear gas, but then I digress.

Anyway, Jerry went on to add, “We are a nation of immigrants. These are desperate people. They walked 2,000 miles. Why? Because they want to rape your daughter or steal your lunch? No. Because they want a job! They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs we have in the agricultural sector. They want to wash dishes in the restaurants. They want to deliver the pizzas. For goodness sake! We suspend our humanity when it comes to this issue, and I fear that it is because they look different than the mainstream.”  Look, it doesn’t really matter why they want to come here, the bottom line is that they can’t come here simply because they WANT to.

What we have here, on Jerry’s part, is yet another example of willful ignorance. He’s simply choosing to ignore the massive imbalance of fighting aged males to ‘families’, the preponderance of stories of economic migration rather than asylum, the cynical use of the few women and children pushed to the front of the mob throwing projectiles at our cops, and most of all the criminals of all types that inhabit this ‘caravan.’  That and the fact that they are, by definition, illegal.  All we are asking for is a LEGAL way to manage this mess.  Instead, the Left demands population anarchy, and a borderless nation.  Don’t like the laws, then simply ignore them.

Jerry really isn’t fooling anyone.  And he’s either lying or simply deluding himself when he repeats the ‘agricultural’ and ‘dishwasher’ jobs nonsense as he and any number of others on the left have done for decades.  Look at where the millions who have entered the country illegally, over the course of the last 40 years, are now.  If this illegal tsunami is allowed to continue, the only thing left of the American Pie for our children and our children’s children will be but a few crumbs, and very small crumbs at that.  But you see that doesn’t really matter to folks like Jerry.  Because these illegals are far more worthy than those of us born and raised here.

And let’s be real here, contrary to all that Jerry would just love us all to believe, these are not all desperate people who walked 2000 miles. Many have been bussed from place to place, most if not all have been provided with food and water, as they move on to the border.  And then it’s once they get there that what few women and children that there are are pushed to the front as those behind throw rocks at agents, ensuring that there are plenty of pictures taken of women and children running away. This is all nothing more than a political stunt and always has been.   And let’s not forget, Jerry, that these zombies HAVE citizenship, in their OWN countries.

And they’re not refugees nor are they asylum seekers. They are illegals and they are trying to use their numbers to overwhelm our border patrol in order to gain entry into this country. They have no respect for our laws and they have no respect for the United States as a country.  And if you were to ask most of them, they would tell you they would rather live in their own country, but there are no jobs. They don’t want to be American citizens, and they have no interest whatsoever in assimilating, they just want jobs, to have their babies in this country kids, and to then worm their way into America’s wonderful, and overly generous, entitlement system.

And who but a brain dead liberal would think it acceptable for U.S. taxpayers to essentially subsidize, courtesy of increasingly higher taxes, those corporations who seek only to increase their profits by nothing more than the suppressing of wages to the point where their employees have no alternative other than to depend on what are our rather numerous public assistance programs just to be able to provide for themselves and their families?  You would think that Jerry would be ashamed of that, but nope, not even a little.  Apparently he sees absolutely nothing wrong with such crony-capitalism as long as those here illegally are allowed to stay.

Whenever you ask old Jerry, or any of his leftwing cohorts, just how many of those seeking a way in we should allow to stay, you never really get much of an answer.   Considering that there are more than a few billion ‘poor’ people on the planet who would like nothing more than to come to America, how many should we allow in?  And at what cost, and I’m not just talking about the cost in tax dollars.  The vast majority of those seeking entry are either low skill or no skill workers.  So who pays the price when these people come in and are willing to work for less, a lot less?  More often than not it’s those in our minority communities who wind up on the losing end.

Personally what I’m ashamed of is the fact that we have so many people like Jerry, who continually side with those who sneak into our country over those who have lost loved ones at the hands of someone here illegally.  It pains me to watch those interviews with those who have had their loved ones murdered by illegal scum who, even after having been deported numerous times, was still able to get back in this country long enough to take another life or rape another innocent victim.  I care nothing for these people trying to break into my country.  They don’t want to be Americans, therefore they are not welcome here.


Kasich 3

Anyone who remembers watching ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich during the 2016 presidential debates would have to wonder what it is that could possibly possess him to even consider running for president again.  But apparently that’s exactly what he seems to be considering.  You see it was during Sunday’s thrilling episode of ABC’s “This Week,” that ‘Crazy Uncle’ John said he is “very seriously” considering a run for president and even raised the possibility of running on a bipartisan ticket.   Yup, short of having another Democrat elected, ‘Crazy Uncle’ John is the perfect example of exactly what we most definitely do not need in a president.  He is someone who is only willing to put America last and he’s made that painfully obvious.

When asked how seriously” he is considering a 2020 run, Kasich said, “Very seriously, George. This is our earnest conversations that go on every day with some of my friends, with my family. We need different leadership. There isn’t any question about it. I’m not only just worried about the tone and the name calling and the division in our country and the partisanship, but I also worry about the policies, rising debt, inability to deal with immigration, the problems we have as America alone in the world, what I consider a rotten deal with the Saudis to look the other way. I’m worried about our country, not just in the short term. The question for me is what do I do about this?”  Oh, by all means, John, run for president in two years. NOT!

Kasich, who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination in 2016, raised the possibility that President Trump and Elizabeth ‘Faux-cahontas’ Warren are nominated by their respective parties in 2020.  He claimed that would then leave an “ocean of people” in the middle.  And he said, “Is there a legitimate opportunity for a third party, bipartisan kind of ticket to be able to score a victory or to have a profound impact on the future of American politics? … We don’t know at this point.”  He said, “No one thought a guy like Donald Trump would be elected president. No one thought we’d have electric cars.”  And he added, “This is a time of change, dynamic change. You can’t judge tomorrow on the basis of what happened yesterday.”

Kasich said he has no timetable for determining whether to run, but added that he is worried about the future of the United States.  He said, “And not just in the short-term.”  And he added, “I’m worried about our country in the long-term.”  Personally, I’d be far more worried about our country if we were to elect someone the caliber of ‘Crazy Uncle’ John or ANY Democrat.  He’s pro-mass immigration. He’s pro-‘free trade’. He supported Obamacare and still does.  He opposed measures to limit abortion in his state.  I mean, you could go down the list of planks on the Democrat party platform just a few cycles ago and this guy would be a textbook Democrat.  This swamp critter is trying to find a filthier bog to call home.

The real irony here is that aside from old Hitlery herself, it’s Kasich who’s next in line when it comes to those who are personally responsible for Trump’s Presidency in the first place.  Kasich was determined to stay in the race despite having absolutely zero chance of winning, and accomplished nothing more than to split Cruz’s vote just enough to keep Trump on top.  Kasich figured Trump wouldn’t be able to meet the voting threshold and that it’d go to a brokered convention, and of course being the quintessential swamp creature that he is, he would get handed the nomination by his fellow bog dwellers.  That was only the start of what would be a series of colossal miscalculations by the mailman’s son these last few years.

The guy is absolutely delusional; maybe even more than a little mentally disturbed.  He is loathed by a rather sizable portion of the Republican base and at this late stage of his political career, still has no concept that he’s viewed by his “friends” in the media as nothing than club that can be used to attack Republicans.  Were he to ever be the Republican nominee, the media would turn on him faster than he can open his mouth and fill too full of food to speak.  I have zero respect for someone whose only purpose in running for president has nothing whatsoever to do with trying to make the country better, and only with being part of some twisted attempt to ensure that the one man trying to do just that, is defeated.  Kasich is truly twisted!

The truth is that Kasich talks a lot about unity but he actually encourages division. Here, are the words from Jim Renacci a former House member from Ohio who would know Kasich all too well. It was he who said, “And look, when you have the loudest voice in the Ohio Republican Party dividing the country against this president, I am still very proud to stand with this president.” And he continued, “I am proud to stand with his agenda. I am proud that we were able to campaign on that agenda.”  He said, “When you have the loudest voice in Ohio who does not support the president, it causes the divisions that we’ve seen in Ohio.” And he added, “And again, that is probably the biggest issue that we need to be able to change.”

Kasich is just another ‘Establishment’ politician from the land of never-ending broken promises.  President Trump has gotten more done with both hands tied behind his back than boob Kasich ever intends to do.  If we’re going to elect a narcissist, we might as well elect one that actually gets stuff done.  I have no doubt that Kasich and Flake will challenge the president in the primaries.  These two losers have no clue how much they are despised.  These posturing pansies have always been on their knees, either waving the white flag of surrender or just going along nice and cozy with the Left for personal reasons or by actually displaying their true selves, serving the powers that are out to do the greatest amount of damage to our country.



Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly apparent that Democrats will support absolutely anything if they think it will, in any way, improve their chances of first gaining power, and then maintaining it.  I mean we all know the only reason they support the allowing of our country to be flooded with all manner of illegal immigrants is because these immigrants will likely be voting for them.  Now there seems to a growing number of Democrats who are favor of illegalizing marijuana because, after all, a stoned population is a compliant population that won’t notice the government taking away their rights.  It’s just all a bit unseemly, but then we are talking about Democrats here, Democrats who care about power above all else.

For instance, it was a member of that Bay State band of inbreds, Joe Kennedy III, who had opposed legislation legalizing pot in his own state, but reversed his position on Tuesday, the same day Massachusetts’ first legal pot shops opened their doors.  Kennedy expressed concerns over the drug in a Tuesday op-ed published in STAT, but ultimately called for an end to the federal ban on pot.  The Democrat had long been opposed to legalization efforts on both the state and federal levels and reiterated that opposition as recently as March.  Now, Kennedy argues that marijuana’s inclusion as a Schedule I substance alongside heroin and LSD is overkill and only serves to prevent American companies from running effective clinical trials.

And oddly enough it was in using the very same language used by Democrats when speaking out about our immigration system that he wrote, “Our federal policy on marijuana is badly broken, benefiting neither the elderly man suffering from cancer whom marijuana may help nor the young woman prone to substance use disorder whom it may harm.”  And it was from there that he went on to say, “The patchwork of inconsistent state laws compounds the dysfunction. Our federal government has ceded its responsibility — and authority — to thoughtfully regulate marijuana. This needs to change.”  So apparently he was against it before he was for it.  But then this is the sort of drivel we’ve become accustomed to hearing from Democrats.

Kennedy’s federal legalization push is also nicely timed with the ouster of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Sessions had been among the fiercest opponents of pot legalization during his time in the Senate and lead crackdowns on its use as attorney general.  And it was Sessions who had said back in February, “Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think and there’s big money involved.”  And added, “Most of you probably know I don’t think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young people start smoking pot. I believe it’s an unhealthy practice and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago.”

Democrats like Joe have zero interest in any impact the legalization of pot might have on both the lives of users and on society as a whole.  And with all the pro-medical marijuana publicity and the clamoring for the decriminalization of the drug, it can be hard to remember that marijuana is indeed damaging and addictive and causes many harmful effects. It’s quite possible we are doing a terrible disservice to our children when we are permissive about the dangers of marijuana. Though they are not usually headline news, there are serious and harmful effects associated with abusing marijuana.  Democrats, however, see no harm in joining in to take full advantage of the call for legalization, seeing as just another election tool in their toolbox.

This despite the fact that chronic marijuana use and higher dosages are found to correlate with a greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia. This point is particularly significant due to the increases in drug potency over the last two decades.  While the average potency has risen from 3% tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, a couple of decades ago to 9% now, there are some samples of weed that measure as high as 25%. Heavy abusers of marijuana were found to suffer damage to social life, work or career status and cognitive ability. Schoolwork and the achievement of goals were also found to suffer.  But so what if a few lives are ruined if we can get more than a few Democrats elected.  Right?

But just what are the effects of marijuana legalization on society in the long-term? The truth is, we really don’t know. In Colorado and other states, the experiment is still too new to judge if its fruits are sweet or sour. Preliminary results are inconclusive. Unintended consequences are a given, but as with any major shift in cultural norms, we can only speculate on the future.  Those with no previous ties to the drug market will now have casual cannabis access. Law-abiding but curious types will try it out. Social circles will mingle. Usage will surely spread as habits tend to do. Workplaces will eventually relax their drug policies to adapt to a newly THC-infused labor force. So even within professional settings, pot may be normalized.

As adult use increases, teens will surely follow suit, spurred by both greater exposure and access. Kids will raid Dad’s marijuana jars just as they once did their liquor cabinets. Those who like what they find will only be a fake ID away from fueling their habits at will.  Underage dealing will persist, and patterns of substance abuse will solidify still earlier in life.  Because the effects of marijuana are less pronounced than those of other drugs, and given the proliferation of “edible” THC products that can be consumed inconspicuously, in-school stoners will multiply.  With overall growth in marijuana use will come an increase in its aggregate negative effects on the population.  But Democrats view that simply as a necessary means to an end.

Now admittedly we probably won’t see crime waves, spikes in traffic accidents, or junkies roaming the streets, as some have speculated, because that’s not what pot does. Rather, we can expect the results of a collective decrease in motivation and ambition.  There may be higher dropout rates and lower average levels of professional and academic achievement.  Civic engagement will likely drop, both because that takes effort and because cannabis doesn’t tend to foster attachment to social institutions. Habitual smokers are too content in their own worlds to involve themselves with the larger one around them.  And we already know that those who tend not to be involved vote Democrat or simply to stay home on Election Day.

So you see, it really doesn’t take much time, nor a great deal of effort, to recognize the ulterior motive behind the likes of Joe and the increasingly vocal Democrat push for a federal legalization of pot.  We already know that Democrats thrive on low-information voters, and what better way to keep voters uninterested in the world around them to actively encourage the use of a drug that seems to accomplish just that.  It’s disgusting the level to which Democrats will stoop in their continuing effort to acquire as much political power for themselves as they possibly can.  Because power is ALL Democrats care about, they care about nothing else.  And if that requires getting an untold number of people hooked on drugs, so be it.


Obama 15

Knowing our most recent ex-president as we do, he does have a rather high opinion of himself.  And we saw that yet again just this past Tuesday when during a rather bizarre conversation he declared he is “very confident” that he would have easily won a third term had the Constitution, and his wife, allowed him to run again.  While there are those who will say that Barry was without a doubt the worst president to ever have served, he does have some competition in that regard.  For instance there was Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Wilson and, of course, more recently, Carter.  But what put’s Barry in the running is the fact that as the nation’s first black president he was something special, even unique.  He came into office possessing so much promise, promise that he simply chose to squander all in the name of politics.

And yet it was in speaking with his former adviser David ‘The Commie’ Axelrod at a live recording of the “The Axe Files” podcast at the University of Chicago, that Barry said he believes voters felt that he had “taken the job seriously, worked hard, been true to my oath, observed and hopefully strengthened the norms and the rules and the values of our democracy.”  Barry said, “I feel very confident that I was in a position—had it not been for both the Constitution and Michelle—to continue in office.”  Barry, as you may remember came into office promising to provide to us the most transparent administration in our history, unfortunately it was just the opposite that turned out to be so true.  And too, by the end of his eight year reign his was, without a doubt, the most corrupt administration in history.

Axelrod had earlier said that some people would like Barry to serve in perpetuity and even joked about some of Barry’s more ardent supporters wanting him to run for vice president.  The ex-president, though, added that he is “not sure it is a healthy thing” to serve more than two terms, pointing out that in countries without term limits, “even very good people… lose their edge and get stale and comfortable in the position.”  Barry said it is “useful to have a democracy have to continually evolve.”  Now had Barry been allowed to run for a third term, it would have been he who would have faced off against Donald Trump in 2016.  But when Axelrod asked whether Barry believed that he could defeat President Trump in 2020 in a hypothetical one-on-one matchup, Barry chose not to take the bait.

Now it is a fact that Barry perpetrated much damage upon our country during his eight years in office, to the point where even those people who tend to avoid politics started to realize it.  The race hatred, the massive amount of overspending, the blatant trashing of our military, the unwillingness to protect our borders, all of it and more.  And he remains very proud of the job he did!  And Hitlery was his designated successor, and was to be Barry’s third and possibly even fourth terms.  She was to pick up where Barry left off on the wholesale destruction of our country, taking the socialist policies that he had put in place and enlarging upon them.  But luckily there were enough people who were able to recognize that electing Hitlery would have been nothing more than putting that final nail in the coffin of our great Republic.

So, hypothetically speaking, what is it that we might have expected to see take place during a Barry third term.  Well, for one thing the nation’s debt would have likely risen to $30 Trillion.  America would have continued to ignore Kim Jong-un, the nation would have been overrun by illegal immigrants, the Supreme Court would have been packed with liberal activist judges, American companies would have continued to leave the country, the Chinese would have continued to exploit the trade system, America would have continued paying the bulk of NATO funding, no new deal would have been made between Mexico, Canada and the USA, Islam would have been promoted in America, the military would have continued to be downgraded and the list goes on.  So, aren’t we lucky it did not and could not EVER happen?

Sadly, as crazy as it may sound, Barry could very well have won again.  After all, he is a much better campaigner than is Hitlery.  And, of course, he would have had the entire ‘fake news’ media complex, including Fox News, campaigning, lying and providing all manner of cover for him, which is a very powerful tool.  And then combine that with being able to break the law, pretty much with impunity, when it benefits one during a campaign and one has what is, at least potentially, a winning recipe.  And while he does remain the greatest fraud ever to be perpetrated upon the American people, it doesn’t necessary make the worst president in history.  But that does not mean he shouldn’t be tried for his many crimes and punished accordingly.  And were he not black, and a Democrat that might well have happened.

But if we can be honest, I do think it fair to say that Barry was the first American president who genuinely hated, and still hates to this day, this country.  He came very close to successfully destroying the country as it was founded.  Barry was, and continues to be, a disgrace.  He continues to run around shooting his mouth off after what was a terrible eight years with a stagnant economy, executive order overreach because his policies were loathed, the rise of ISIS, Russia allowed to run wild annexing Crimea and moving into Eastern Ukraine and China was screwing the world on trade. His liberal social policies fly in the face of American values, he divided the country into every possible identify group.  And his signature ‘achievement’ of socialized healthcare was nothing more than complete and total disaster!!

Yet despite all that failure this smug, arrogant thug is running around telling us how great he is.  In truth Barry is a nobody with no legacy except for trying to destroy the country he was elected twice to lead. Today he resorts to being an armchair president, like a retired, old, has-been quarterback whose record was exceeded by his replacement, a man who has completely lost everything he thought he gained, a man who knows that he can no longer have a position of real power, a man who each day looks into the mirror and sees ‘FAILURE’ written all over his face, a man who can only look forward to seeing President Trump succeed.  While Carter was just plain stupid and in over his head with national and world events at the time, Barry came into office wanting to “fundamentally transform” America, and not in a good way.



Over the last several years, even going back into the Obummer years, I don’t think it has become much of a stretch to say that America now seems to be under siege by what can be described as being a rather left-leaning judiciary.  And while President Trump has done much in his attempt to rectify that situation, it has been over the course of the last couple of years that we’ve seen a rather disconcerting number of examples where a growing number of political hacks dressed in black robes have seemed to be far more interested in advancing the left’s political agenda than in following our Constitution.  It’s almost as if we are now being held hostage by a cadre of black robed anarchists, many of whom have succeeded in taking the term ‘activist judge’ to what is an entirely all new, and very dangerous level.

When it comes to the Judicial Branch of our government, there is a role for it to play ensuring the survival of our Republic but there are areas in which it has no business even attempting to get involved in.   One such area over which it has absolutely zero jurisdiction is that of national security.  There is but one individual responsible for the protecting of the nation, and that is the President of the United States.  And it was yet again that we have another rogue judge choosing to insert himself into an area that he has absolutely no business trying to insert himself but, because the area of concern, illegal immigration, is near and dear to the heart of Democrats and President Trump has a different approach, this judge, appointed by Barry, saw fit to declare the president’s actions unconstitutional.

And so by now I’m sure that all have heard about how a U.S. District Judge, Jon S. Tigar, has issued a temporary restraining order after hearing ‘arguments’ in San Francisco.  The request was made by two groups that are essentially nothing more than front groups for the Democrat Party, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Center for Constitutional Rights, which quickly sued after President Trump issued the ban this month in response to the massive caravans of migrants headed to the U.S. and that have now officially arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border.  There is nothing in the ruling that stops the hardened border enforcement and/or current expedited review and deportation program.  In essence, keep the illegal aliens out and the judicial ruling is moot, at least until defeated in higher courts.

Though it will likely frustrate Democrats, as well as their many cohorts in the left-wing ‘fake news’ media along with the many others in the open borders crowd, no court can successfully demand that the President of the United States stop all manner of border enforcement.  This is why it is critical to have a strong Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary focused on stopping illegal entry.  This ruling will obviously be appealed by the Department of Justice (DOJ); and, politically, the Democrats realize, in the big scheme of things, this ‘open-border’ narrative is not good for them.  But, at least for the short term Democrats continue to think that there is some level of political gain to be made, and so we shouldn’t expect their calls for an open border to fade away anytime soon.

On its face this ruling is ridiculous as it eliminates/undermines the legal process for asylum requests by removing the distinction of illegal or unlawful conduct in the application process.  President Trump issued a proclamation on 9 November that said anyone who crossed the southern border would be ineligible for asylum. The regulations, which will remain in place for three months absent a court order, could potentially make it harder for thousands of people who enter the U.S. to avoid deportation.  In recent years, tens of thousands of immigrants each year have shown up in the Arizona desert or on the north bank of the Rio Grande in Texas, surrendered to immigration agents and requested asylum. President Trump has rightly argued that the recent caravans pose a pretty serious threat to our national security.

Here we have another political hack in a black robe who has come totally off the rails and who has allowed himself to be convinced that he somehow possesses the authority to dictate to the president how he can carry out the duties of his office.  The issue at hand is a National Security crisis and it the president, and the president alone, who has the authority to do whatever it is that he deems necessary in dealing with it in his effort to protect American people and the sovereignty of the nation.   And in carrying out the most important duty, that of Commander in Chief, the president has the moral right to ignore this judge’s order.  These hostile mobs of insurgents declined asylum in Mexico therefore are not ‘entitled’ to asylum and must apply for immigration status in accordance with all U.S. laws, rules and regulations.

Now I may be wrong in thinking this, but I do not see what enforcement powers this judge can bring to bear, particularly since his ruling infringes on the Constitutional responsibility of the President to defend the nation’s security, starting with its borders. I would say to the judge, the case has no standing; you can rule all you want, but just try to enforce it. I also would come back at the judge with proceedings to impeach, convict, disbar, and then charge with sedition, and prosecute. When other leftist judges see what happens to one of them acting out of bounds, it should deter more than a few of them. Again, the best defense is a good offense, so I would take every one of these overreaching rulings by leftist judges as opportunities to go right at them with every hammer in the tool chest of the Executive Branch.


Obama 16

Even out of office ex-president Barry ‘O’ continues to provide us with proof, on nearly a daily basis, of why it is without a doubt that he will go down in history as being the absolute worst president the American people have ever had the misfortune to elect.  And regardless of how you may feel about President Donald Trump, he can’t hold a candle to Barry’s war on civility that took during his eight years in office and for two years after.  And while I think it’s rather obvious that President Trump has a genuine l love of this country, it is just as obvious that, courtesy of his many statements as well as his actions, Barry still maintains a very deep-seated hatred of America.

Barry recently suggested that President Trump is not solving the world’s problems because he has “racism” and “mommy issues.”  Which was a rather odd thing to hear coming from a guy who we’re told wrote an entire autobiography called ‘Dreams from My Father’ as a means to work through his own many ‘daddy’ issues, and who is certain we can solve all the world’s problems — “climate change, education, agriculture and so on” — quite easily because they are “not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.”  The “reason we don’t do it,” Barry explained, “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

It was ‘The Daily Mail’ that first reported the ex-president’s remarks made during the Obama Foundation gathering in Chicago on Monday and added that in taking yet another swipe at President Trump, Barry actually suggested the U.S. was a better place before he was sworn into office.  In a conversation with author Dave Eggers, Barry also repeated his belief that if you could choose a time and place to be born, you would choose the U.S.  But he amended that thought and said: “You’d choose now – or maybe two years ago.”  Right, the country was in a much better place after Barry’s best efforts to turn it into the equivalent of some third world hellhole.

Yet oddly enough, there’s no record of Eggers asking Barry why it would be so easy to fix the world and not the ex-president’s hometown of Chicago, where Barry spent more than a decade working as a community agitator and legislator. Democrats have enjoyed unrivaled control of that city for decades.  It’s a place where nothing is stopping them from realizing their political goals, and, as a result, Chicago has become nothing more than a bankrupt war zone.  Nor is there any record of Eggers asking Barry why he believes it’s so easy to fix the world’s problems but believes a “magic wand” is necessary to bring back manufacturing jobs to the Midwest.

Barry’s rather cynical view of humanity, his view of a pluralistic and democratic society that debates, argues, and fights for its own beliefs as something that “gets in the way” of his idea of “progress,” shows that he is still the same man who in 2008 smeared those different from him as being “bitter” and backwards, describing them as those who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”  He has changed not at all in the years since leaving office, having become even more self-absorbed than during his time in office.

I truly do believe that there will eventually come a day when even those who viewed Barry as being nothing less than the second coming will finally come to realize that in electing the first black president the American people wasted a great opportunity in that they could have done so much better than to elect Barry.  It was nothing more than a wasted effort, and a complete waste of time, and one that resulted in so very little that was good.  He left the country far worse off than it was when he found it which, I would argue, was exactly what he intended to do.  He chose to take the easy way out, consumed by his politics instead of making the country better for all.

It was in Barry that we had someone who truly could have been so very much more than what he turned out to be.  And what he turned out to be was little more than an abject failure and on so many different levels.  Rarely do we have someone coming into office with so much potential but who ultimately proves himself to be such an unmitigated disaster.  And yet he still somehow feels qualified to accuse his successor of failing to cure all of the world’s problems, those things that he only succeeded in making worse, and pretty much on purpose.   All of which makes all the more clear what it was that so many disliked about him as president, it wasn’t about race.

Barry now comes across as being a bitter broken man whose failures even he cannot deny.  His entire existence has clearly been rife with envy.  He despises America.  He campaigned on a platform to “fundamentally transform America.”  He did his best to destroy America, never anticipating someone like Trump would ever get elected. President Trump has slashed Barry’s abysmal policies and has inspired everyone to get back on track.  As a nation we are a resilient lot, all of which Barry detests.   Barry has returned to an existence mired in envy and is ‘community organizing’ his sentiments to manipulate his fan base and cover-up his failures.

Barry was out of touch and yet those who supported him still refuse to admit it.  Clearly Barry has honesty issues.  He is delusional and trying oh so hard to burnish the image of his eight year reign of error.  President Trump has boldly focused on returning America to greatness and to her rightful place in the world.  Barry was solely focused on transforming America into something unrecognizable.  While President Trump has made a growing economy a centerpiece of his presidency, Barry worked to convince Americans that their best days were over and to get used to it.  President Trump is a leader.  Barry was a leftist puppet, determined to “lead from behind”.


Geraldo 5

I often find myself being a bit confused whenever trying to determine who it is that is the bigger empty-headed progressive who routinely appears on Fox News.  It’s become far more difficult to choose in recent years as there are now far more many candidates from which to choose.  But out of all them there are two who, like turds in the toilet bowl, routinely float to the top.  And they are, of course, Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, and his fellow liberal nutjob, Juan Williams.  Adding together the IQs of these two imbeciles wouldn’t even get you out of single digits, and yet there they are on Fox News, and pretty regularly, as if anyone with half a brain gives a squat about their opinion may be on any of the more important topics of the day.

Now not to say that Williams hasn’t made some of his trademark nutty statements of late, my focus here will be on some of the more recent nonsense uttered by Jerry, aka Geraldo.  Because, you see, it was very recently that Jerry made the rather idiotic claim that President Trump is, as well as are many other Americans, simply being too harsh in their skepticism of these migrant caravans of illegals defiantly waving their own nations’ flags while doing the best that they can to stamped across our southern border.  Personally, it seems to be that that’s a gesture one would expect to see from an invading army, not the conciliatory posture one would expect to see from refugees desperate to flee their ‘oppressive’ countries.

It was during a recent appearance on ‘Fox and Friends’, one of the very few things I watch on the network these days, that the 75 year old and somewhat senile, Jerry went so far as to say, “You’re being way too harsh.”   And it was from there that he then went on to say, “These are very unsophisticated people. They are an uneducated group. They cling to some symbols of stability in their lives. All they want to do is feed their children.”  Right, but that’s just what Americans want too but without having to subsidize all of these illegals.  To me a mass horde of uneducated, poor people flooding into the United States sounds like little more than a recipe for how to destroy a first-world country and as well as our now thriving economy.

What apparently caused Jerry to slip a cog, so to speak, was President Trump’s observation that these caravans of migrants are not refugees with legitimate claims of asylum, but are, instead, merely opportunists hoping to enter the U.S. illegally so they can then proceed to scam what is our many, overly generous, public assistance programs.  And has been reported by a number of outlets is how most of these migrants refused offers of asylum and employment in Mexico, saying they want only to come to the U.S.  Oh and by the way, child smugglers, MS-13 gang members, and potential terrorists have also infiltrated these caravans.  Remember when Democrats opposed illegal immigration?  But that was then, before it was racist.

President Trump said: “They come up and they are talking about all their great fear [they feel in their own countries], all their problems with their countries — but they are all waving their countries’ flags. What is that all about?”  And he went on to ask, “If they have such fear and such problems and they hate their countries, why do we see all the flags being waved — for Guatemala, for Honduras, for El Salvador? We are seeing these flags all over the place. Why are they waving those flags?”  And while Jerry may disagree, the president correctly reasoned, “This has nothing to do with asylum. This has to do with getting into our country illegally. And we have to know who wants to come into our country.”  I could not agree more.

These days I have pretty much of a zero interest in anything that Fox’s two resident phonies have to say.  Jerry has a rather long history of being little more than a publicity whore, and to this day I’ve never quite been able to figure out why it is exactly that he continues to be taken seriously as some sort of ‘journalist.’  From his ‘discovering’ Al Capone’s lost hideout in a cave in Chicago (which showed no evidence of his claim} to his posing as a self-proclaimed “war correspondent” in Iraq (which caused our military to have him removed from the country), he has had no credibility regardless of topic.  And Williams is nothing more than a stooge for the Democrat Party who spews nothing more than the talking points provided to him.

And who is it that flies the flag of a country they are willfully leaving?  They come here with hat in hand begging to be let into a country which doesn’t have any obligation to take them in.  About 29% of all Mexicans that come to our country actually go to work.  The rest decide its far better just to depend on various welfare programs.  That’s 71% costs millions and millions of dollars per year.  Once upon a time when immigrants came to America they had to show that they had a skill and could support themselves.  But not anymore.  Most of them don’t support themselves at all.  And most see life in America as a free ride. They have zero interest in becoming American, their only interest is in living off the rest of us.

Now I don’t know about any of you, but personally, I don’t want more uneducated people in the United States.  Heaven knows our public school system is doing a pretty good job of that already.  When you have uneducated parents that don’t value education, it becomes harder to educate.  And it only makes matters worse when you add to this illegal immigrants and their children who don’t even speak English.  The only people who want this country overrun with uneducated illegals are the Democrats and those businesses who want cheap labor.  We should deny any entry done illegally, demand that immigrants come with income to support themselves (no food stamps, no free health care, no free housing) and ONLY if they speak English.

And by the way, it’s according to the U.N. that of the 20 most violent countries in the world 16 of them are located in Latin America.  Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world.  Many of the border crashers are from Honduras and most of ‘them’ are young males, the most crime prone segment of any population.  And have ever noticed how it is that the loudest advocates for open borders are those like Jerry, and his fellow leftwing buddy Juan, who live in gated communities and therefore would never be forced to contend with illegals taking up residence in their neighborhoods?  But it’s the rest of us who can’t afford to do the same who are the ones who are said to be “to harsh” because we don’t want these illegals living next door.



It seems that after each election I find myself being a little more frustrated with those in the leadership positions of my party than I was before.  Because it’s whenever presented with an opportunity to make good on their many promises that they have made in order to get themselves elected, that they choose to punt.  They come up with any number of excuses for being unable to make good on all of those things that they promised.  On the other hand, as we saw during the first two years of having Obama in the White House and the Democrats in complete control of Congress they displayed not a moment’s hesitation in seizing the moment to advance their leftist agenda as far as they could and as quickly.

And so it was in 2010 that the Republicans promised to do all that they could to rein in the socialist agenda that Obama and the Democrats had managed to implement during those first two years of Obama’s presidency, and to work just as hard as they could to do away with the debacle that remains to this day, Obamacare.  So, of course, assuming they were men, and women, of their word, Americans handed to them control of the House.  But it wasn’t long before they were saying that even that wasn’t enough, to succeed they would need control of the Senate as well.  Because, they claimed, as long as the Democrats still controlled the Senate they were helpless at being able to prevent Obama’s effort to fundamentally transform America.

And despite their inability, or their unwillingness, to keep the many promises they had made to their supporters, the Republicans were permitted to keep their majority in the House and then in 2014 they were also handed control of the Senate.  And it was even still that they claimed that without the White House whatever it was that they could come up with would not survive the veto pen of Obama.  So, in 2016, even when everything seemed to be totally against them, the Republicans were handed that which they claimed they so desperately needed in order to finally yank America back from the brink, control of Congress and the White House.  And it was then thought by many that we would finally bring some sanity back to government.

But sadly once again it was simply not to be.  Because it was then that those of us who had thought that electing more Republicans would result in getting our country back realized that for six long years we had been lied to, that the folks who we had been voting for had no intention of doing any of the things they had promised.  We had known that if there was one guy we could elect who would sign into law nearly anything presented to him by our now Republican controlled Congress, it would be President Donald J. Trump.  To our way of thinking it was going to be a time for a little payback for those first two years of Obama’s presidency.  And yet how was it that our Republicans to use this rare opportunity?  We know the answer.

And now even after losing control of the House Republicans seem oblivious as to why, making it clear they’ve learned absolutely NOTHING.  They made that very clear by once again chalking one up for the status quo when they chose Paul Ryan’s right-hand man, and Establishment RINO, Kevin McCarthy, to be the party leader in the House and by also unanimously re-electing his fellow RINO Mitch McConnell to lead the Senate.  And despite the fact that Republicans suffered the worst mid-term defeat since Watergate, McConnell and McCarthy touted a list of supposed Republican accomplishments but conveniently failed to mention the party’s failure to keep their promises, which is the primary reason why the Democrats won the midterms.

And it was in a recent opinion piece for FOX News that McConnell, and rather hysterically so, actually bragged about how the past two years of Republican leadership “will be remembered as a period of historic productivity.”  He then challenged the new Democrat majority in the House to put aside partisan politics and work with Republicans to get things done.  Apparently, the concept of irony is lost on McConnell.  Outside of the Republican’s ‘alleged’ success at saving the Supreme Court, Democrats and Republicans have always been working together, which is why they still fund Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, DACA, and sanctuary cities with massive new spending that exploded the budget deficit.

And while McConnell and McCarthy have adopted Presiden Trump’s “blame the Democrats for my failures” playbook, the sad reality is Republicans, or most of them, favor the Democrat agenda because it’s also their agenda.  And based on developments during the lame duck session, it’s going to be worse when the 116th Congress opens for business in January.  Pelosi called last week’s victory a mandate to save Obamacare and she will promote legislation designed to move America closer to a single-payer healthcare system.  And following the recent shootings in California, Pelosi announced that she would make gun control a top priority.  And there is little doubt that Republicans will go squishy rather that to oppose such an agenda.

And also comes word from the Democrats that they will work to bring back a classic of Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialists — a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour.  This despite the mountain of evidence that such action is a real economy killer.  But then Democrats have virtually no interest in taking measures that do anything other than to make our economy weaker. Because when folks can find a job they don’t need the government.  And when they don’t need the government they tend not to vote for Democrats.  And I think we can also now agree that what was the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda is now essentially on life support if not dead.  And I don’t blame the Democrats as much as I blame lying RINOs like McConnell and McCarthy.

We were repeatedly told before the election to vote Red to make sure we stopped the Democrats from being able to threaten.  But to quote Hitlery during the Benghazi hearings, the Republicans have made it painfully clear over the course of the last eight years that when it comes to themselves and the Democrats, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”  With the election of Donald Trump the Republicans were presented with what was nothing less than a golden opportunity, just as the Democrat were with the election of Obama.  But did they seize the moment as the Democrats had done, no of course not.  Republicans simply pissed it away.  And it will be we who believed them, who trusted them, who will suffer the consequences.