Well it was just this past week that we saw a modern day version of “Salt and Pepa” cruising around North Carolina.  This time around it was Hitlery making her first joint campaign appearance with one of her most vocal supporters, Moochelle Obama, at a North Carolina rally to urge young people and women to vote.  ‘Salt’ praised ‘Pepa’ for standing up for the rights of girls and women worldwide, drawing a sharp contrast with Republican nominee Donald Trump.  And it was old ‘Salt’ who told the crowd, “I wish I didn’t have to say this. … But indeed, dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot in this election.”  And she went on to say, “And I want to thank our first lady for her eloquent, powerful defense of that basic value.”  Without naming Trump, it was ‘Pepa’ who then proceeded to take him to task again in North Carolina, asking the crowd which candidate they wanted to represent their daughters from the White House.

‘Pepa’ said, “We want a president who takes this job seriously, and has the temperament and maturity to do it well. Someone who is steady. Someone who we can trust with the nuclear codes.”  And she added, “I would not be here lying to you: I believe with all of my heart that Hillary Clinton will be that president.”  Although ‘Pepa’ was highly critical of Salt during the hard-fought 2008 Democrat nominating race, any trace of bitterness seems to now be behind them. The two women showed an easy rapport. They embraced and smiled. ‘Pepa’ called ‘Salt’ “my girl” and made a point of telling the crowd they were tight.  ‘Pepa’ said, “If people wonder: Yes, Hillary Clinton is my friend.”  ‘Salt’ promised to take good care of ‘Pepa’s’ White House vegetable garden if she won and also lauded ‘Pepa’s’ work for children and in what was perhaps a nod to blacks she hopes will vote for her in the state, said ‘Pepa’ had faced challenges she had not as a presidential spouse.

And it was also old ‘Salt’, and to significant applause, who said, “Let’s be real. As our first African-American first lady, she’s faced pressures I never did, and she’s handled them with pure grace.”  And although in the past she has been a less than enthusiastic campaigner, ‘Pepa’ seems to have thrown herself into the race, and ‘Salt’s’ campaign has deployed her strategically to increase support among both young people and blacks, with whom ‘Pepa’, for whatever the reason, remains especially popular.  Well, well it just goes to show low the morals of ‘Pepa’ have really sunk if she’s actually able to refer to old ‘Salt’ as being a good role model for women and young girls.  Yes, by all means, should children look up to old ‘Salt’ and emulate her.  After all, its ok to lie, cheat, steal, threaten.  Here is the list children, write it down and work on it and you will be just like ‘Salt’.

Because of her sheer ineptitude and uncanny ability to turn everything she touches into shit, how is it that so many Americans are able to view her as being in any way qualified to be theIr president?  I mean, is it just because she has promised all manner of people all manner of free stuff?  And is that what it mean to be an American in the 21st century, to allow oneself to be reduced to little more than a parasite?  Am I the only one who sees that as being more than just a little sad?  She has zero accomplishments during her tenure as either a U.S. Senator or as Secretary of State, about which she can brag.  And it is because of the level her ineptitude and her obvious lack of any diplomatic skills whatsoever that the following have not only been allowed to take place, but in a weird kinda way, have actually been encouraged to take place because the perpetrators had no fear that they would be forced to face any form of serious consequences for their despicable actions.

Here’s just a small sample of what ‘Salt’s actions, inactions and downright bad decisions have helped to bring about:  The rise of ISIS which has resulted in: Thousands of women being raped, Thousands of women, and children, being sold as sex slaves, and Thousands of women allowed to be beaten.  And it is by way of her inability to utter the words ‘Radical Islam’ that ‘Salt’ can be said to support, even if by proxy, such things a genital mutilation of millions of young girls and the killing of gays.  And because of her refusal to advocate that we take a strong stand against Muslim terrorists she can be, and should be, blamed for the creation of a terrorist group that has chopped the heads off thousands of innocent victims and the fact that millions of refugees are now free to roam the world due to wars that she helped to get started.  And let us not forget how she allowed 4 Americans in Benghazi to be butchered by, again, Radical Islamists!”

And let’s not forget how it was that old ‘Salt’ who called a pretty significant number Americans a “basket of deplorables” and losers, for no other reason than they support her opponent.  And here we have a woman who has quite literally terrorized the many women who her husband raped or sexually assaulted all in an effort to prevent them from going public with their accusations.  And as one of the controlling members of a corrupt family foundation, she assisted in the stealing of millions of dollars from the Haitian earthquake victims and allowed Millions of Haitians to die of sickness and disease.  She has lied over and over again to the American people and to Congress.  ‘Salt’ also favors a borderless world and a world government run by rich elites who will get to make all of the world’s laws.  And she wants to take away parent’s right to bring up their children and wants the State to bring up children.  And as amazing as it may sound, this is but a partial list.

Now if I was the suspicious type I’d be wondering if maybe ‘Pepa’s’ not wanting to burn any bridges here just because she too may want someday to run for president of this country!  She thinks she’s been so influential and believes that she and Barry have actually done all of these great things.  She, much like her husband, seems to be a legend in her own mind.  And reality has nothing to do with fact.  Any vote for ‘Salt’ is a vote against the proud men and women who protect this nation every single day!  These two women hate America and the people who built it. ‘Salt’ likes to declare how it is that dignity and respect for women and girls is on the ballot in this election, but meanwhile, it’s ‘Pepa’ who has hosted numerous disgusting rap ‘artists’ at the White House, to spew their vile hatred, misogyny, filthy and violent lyrics against bitches and ho’s in front of her own young daughters.  They’re both just a couple of phonies.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the Obama’s pretty much can’t stand the Clinton’s just as much as the Clinton’s hate to be in the same room as the Obama’s. That said, the desire to maintain political power often times makes for strange bedfellows.  After all, anything they can do to cling to power and protect themselves from a President who would investigate both couples scandals and crimes. Remember when it was that in making a reference to ‘Salt’ it was ‘Pepa’ who said “you can put lipstick on a pig but she’s still a pig”?   Or how about when the ‘Slickmeister’ was caught on tape furious that Barry “played the race card on me” and referred to whole lot of them as liars and thieves.  Personally, as far as I’m concerned it’s the entire Democrat Party that’s nothing more than a bunch of liars and thieves. And you can add to them all of these pathetic ‘Establishment Republicans,’ because in being against Trump they’ve shown their true colors.



If eroding Americans’ Second Amendment right is your thing, then I suppose your choice for president this election year is pretty simple.  That would be Hitlery, who, by the way, just received the backing of 20 groups who support stricter gun control.  I always find myself questioning what actually motivates someone to be in favor of forcing the citizens of this country to become utterly defenseless, not only within a society that has become increasingly dangerous, but also against a government that has grown increasingly powerful and intrusive.  And it would seem that there is a mountain of evidence available that would show that stricter gun laws have no effect on increasing public safety.  That’s just part of the continuing propaganda effort we see coming from the left.

According to Guns.com, Hitlery, who has a ‘broad package’ of gun control initiatives to harass law-abiding gun owners and do nothing to stop violent crime — oops, I mean initiatives to curb gun violence, already had the support of the Brady Campaign, former New York Mayor ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’, and former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords’ ‘Americans for Responsible Solutions’.  A coalition of 16 more smaller groups endorsed her Tuesday as well, including the Newtown Action Alliance, States United to Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, CeaseFire Pennsylvania, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and Rabbis Against Gun Violence.  I’d be more than a little curious to know from whom it is that these groups acquire their funding, from some pretty shady sources I’ll bet.

And it was someone by the name of Po Murray, described as being the head of the Newtown Action Alliance, told Guns.com via an email: “The 2016 Election is one of the most consequential for the gun violence prevention movement.  For four long years since the Sandy Hook School shooting, Congress has failed to take any action to strengthen the nation’s lax gun laws. Since that tragic day, Congressional inaction has contributed to 400,000 Americans being killed or injured by guns and increasing incidents of mass shootings that have devastated more and more communities across the nation.”  The nation’s lax gun laws?  Really?  And what is someone named Po likely to know about the state of our nation’s gun laws?  Obviously, not very much if she’d advocating for even more laws.

In addition, the Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence issued an endorsement of Hitlery on Wednesday, one that praised her platform of gun restrictions and blasted Trump in a statement also emailed to Guns.com: “Donald Trump has embraced the gun lobby’s irresponsible rhetoric and policies that contribute to our nation’s gun violence epidemic. The NRA has broken its campaign advertising record by spending at least $26 million to help elect Trump. At best, a Trump administration would simply accept the status quo on gun violence in America. At worst, Trump and the NRA would dismantle existing laws that keep guns out of dangerous hands and instigate violence.”  Well this group certainly has the propaganda spiel down.  Too bad they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about!

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Everytown has contributed $61,694 to Hitlery while Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC has donated $788,926. Second Amendment groups like the NRA and their Institute for Legislative Action have spent at least $26.8 million in support of Trump. Two other large gun rights groups, Gun Owners of America and the National Association of Gun Rights, have restricted their spending this year to congressional races.  Which, I suppose, may look like a good idea paper but I question the wisdom of such a decision.  Because over the course of the last 6 years how many times have we all been lied to by those running for either the Senate or the House?  How many times have they promised to stop Barry, and done nothing?  Hence, we have now have Trump.

Look, the founders of this nation knew that regardless of the form of government, those in power would likely become corrupt and then seek to rule as the British did by trying to disarm the populace of the colonies.  It’s not difficult to understand that a disarmed populace is a populace that is much easier to control.  Thus, the Second Amendment was proudly and boldly included in the U.S. Constitution.  And it must be preserved and safeguarded at all costs.  These idiots seem to think that the Supreme Court or some executive order illegally issued will be able to do what they cannot get done in Congress, i.e., a gun ban.  The problem with that is there are 45-50 million gun owners in America with 400 million guns. What do they plan to do if we all simply refuse to comply with their mandates?

Or are the anti-gun loons really stupid enough to think that every gun owner in America will simply fall into line because that’s what they always do?  I hate to be the one to have to tell them but most of us who do own a gun will likely be telling them to go piss up a rope!  Because most, if not all, of them have no real concept of how intensely many of us view those which are deemed to be our GOD-given rights or that living in freedom is more important than anything else.  And where is it, exactly, that these clones came up with their claim of 400,000 Americans being killed or injured by guns.  As is usually the case with these people, whatever the cause, did they just pull that number out of their collective ass and assume that it would be believed?  Do they really think that most Americans are that stupid?

So anyway, we have 20 gun control groups now endorsing Hitlery. Big f*cking deal.  These groups, along with Democrat politicians at any level, want to see the Second Amendment gutted forever. We already know when it comes of strict guns laws, these laws are not working in cities and states controlled by Democrats.  I’m still waiting for a solution to the car trunk loophole by some Democrat politician.  But I know they have none when it comes to buying a gun off of the street illegally, which is how criminals get their guns.  What is needed is not MORE gun laws, but the enforcing of those gun laws that are already on the books.  But see, if we were to actually start doing that, then there would be less violence occurring and therefore less of an apparent need for MORE, and stricter, gun laws.

The more accurate claim, as long as we’re going to be throwing numbers around, is 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms in a country the population of which is 330 million, give or take a few hundred-thousand.  Now after doing the math that’s roughly 0.0000925% of the population that die from gun related actions each and every year.  Statistically speaking, that’s relative insignificant amount!  But the part of the story that is never told is what the actual breakdown of those deaths actually are.  Which is: 65% of those deaths are by suicide which would never be prevented by gun laws, 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and justified, 17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons, and 3% are accidental discharge deaths.

So technically when taking all things into account, “gun violence” is not really 30,000 annually, but is actually 5,100.  Still too many for our anti-gun friends?  Because if so, let’s just see how those deaths are dispersed across the entire nation.  And in using the most recent data available what we would find is that there were 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago, 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore, 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit and 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years).  So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities.  All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.  So it’s simple really, gun control is about ‘people control’; nothing more, nothing less.  And that’s what we need to be focused on.



Ever since he endorsed Barry “Almighty” back in 2008, ‘Colon’ Powell’s desire to hang out with the cool kids has continued to overshadow his allegiance to the American people.  This election proves no different as he has now chosen to endorse Hitlery to be our next president, despite her obvious corruption and foreign policy blunders.  But then ‘Colon’ has never been recognized for possessing much smarts.  And frankly, I could never figure out how it was that he came to receive so much credit for the success of Operation Desert Storm, especially when it was the white guy, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who actually did ALL of the really heavy lifting.  Colon has really never been anything other than an opportunist who was able to take full advantage of being black.  But I digress.

‘Colon’ made his little announcement that he now intends to vote for Hitlery during a luncheon speech at the Long Island Association where he allegedly said she would serve with “distinction and stamina.”  Makes you kinda wonder whether or not they might have been serving cocktails at this luncheon.  Anyway, the news of Powell’s endorsement comes just on the heels of the uncovered emails revealing him insulting the Clinton clan as being more than just a little corrupt and quite sleazy.  It was revealed that ‘Colon’ wrote to a friend, “I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect.”   And went on to write, “A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home.”

More bad blood materialized between ‘Colon’ and Hitlery when she and the ‘Slickmeister’ tried to place the blame on his shoulders for her uses of a private email address and server while Secretary of State.  It was after being accused that ‘Colon’ was heard to say, “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”  And he went on to say, “HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me to it,” he wrote to a friend. “I told her staff three times not to try that gambit. I had to throw a mini tantrum at a Hampton’s [sic] party to get their attention.”  But apparently, no bad blood lasts forever.  After all what’s truly important to those on the left is the advancement of the agenda and the ruination of America.

This is the same guy who endorsed Barry back in 2008 after explaining Barry had an “intelligent curiosity”.  His ability to judge character has not changed. ‘Colon’ is a perfect example of what was wrong with the Bush presidency and a ‘Republican Establishment’ that once even considered him a possible candidate for president.  But ‘Colon’ is another one that has things to hide, not the least of which is the fact that he’s really not all that bright.  If had been born a white guy he likely would have never progressed beyond the rank of Lieutenant and been forced to get out after being unable to get promoted.  But because he was black, promotions likely came pretty easy.  I’m sure he had very little trouble sucking up to those whom it was that needed to be sucked up to, to move up.

‘Colon’ reminds of that other pathetic suck up, former Adm. John Kirby.  If you ever saw this imbecile, Kirby, either when he was a spokesmoron over at the Pentagon, or since he became a spokesmoron there at the State Department, it’s after watching this boob for the briefest of time that you’re able to recognize how it was that this he was able to get himself advanced up through the officer ranks while in the Navy.  And it’s every time that I see him that I can’t help but wonder if he actually believes any of the shit that comes out of his.  But I digress, because while I’m far from certain who it is that this dweeb is likely voting for, I’d be willing to bet it’s Hitlery.  But having said that, he’s not the guy who has endorsed her, and I doubt anyone would care, one way or the other, if he did.

But I have a dream, and that dream has Trump being able to win this thing and it’s then I get to watch as Barry proceeds to get caught up in his many lies with Hitlery falling right along behind him.  And I get to watch as that dark time in American history referred to as the ‘Obama presidency’ is all but erased.  And watch as his dream of a billion dollar payout, from what I’m sure would have been a very lucrative tour on the liberal speaking circuit I know he was counting on.  As for our pathetically corrupt FBI Director, James Comey, he would be forced to resign in disgrace as would Loretta Lynch, with both cutting deals with the new Trump Administration to out Hitlery and Barry.  I know, wishful thinking on my part, right?  But boy, how I do love the way that all sounds.

Unfortunately, the problem that we continue to have in this country is the fact that far too many of the American people have now become so dumbed down, so ill informed, so willing to be lied to, and so busy trying to scratch out a living, with many who have become downright spoiled.  Many Americans couldn’t care less when it comes to keeping track of what most, if not all, of our “so called leaders” are up to.  I don’t think any of us want the horrors that would most certainly lie ahead if we were unfortunate enough to have the globalists being able to seize total control.  And you know, it doesn’t really matter to most of us what color our president is, or even what gender.  But what we should demand of them is that they love our country and they tell us the truth.  Is that too much to ask?



The last four years we have watched as how it seemed that one presidential scandal morphed into the next in what has been nothing less than a very long string of near endless corruption.  And it’s despite what we have all seen with our own eyes that it has now been reported that Barry told those gathered at a fundraiser in California this past weekend that there has not been a single “major scandal” in his administration.  I suppose you could say that he’s technically correct in what he said, because there hasn’t been just one major scandal in his administration, there’s been so many that I’ve actually lost count.  Not that it matters, I suppose, but he made the remark while criticizing Rep. Darrell Issa, Republican, at a fundraiser for congressional candidates, including Issa’s Democrat challenger, some boob by the name of Doug Applegate.

And it was in railing against former House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa for calling his administration corrupt that Barry said, “Here’s a guy who called my administration perhaps the most corrupt in history — despite the fact that actually we have not had a major scandal in my administration.” Issa was the key figure in several investigations into the rather shadier side of Barry’s administration, including the Fast and Furious debacle with Attorney General Eric Holder, Hitlery Clinton’s failure in Benghazi, the failures in the Veterans Affairs department, as well as the IRS using its power to target conservative Tea Party groups for investigations.  And it should come as no surprise that Barry would go on to accuse Issa of wasting taxpayer money “on trumped-up investigations that have led nowhere.”

Barry said, “This guy has spent all his time simply trying to obstruct, to feed the same sentiments that resulted in Donald Trump becoming their nominee.”  Before bashing Issa, made sure to take the opportunity to single out she who he identified as being one of his “dear friends.” And of course, she who was speaking of was none other than former House Speaker Nancy ‘Too Much Botox’ Pelosi.  Barry said, “I said this before publicly…whatever success that I’ve had as president of the United States, I owe in large part to the extraordinary skill, intelligence, acumen, toughness, and loyalty of the former speaker and soon to be speaker again of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.”  Now I can think of a lot ways to describe Ms. Pelosi, and not one of them include any of the ways used by Barry.

But really folks, somebody needs to take the time to explain to Barry that just because his many friends and allies in the state-controlled media choose to do little more than ignore his many scandals, it doesn’t mean that they never happened.  Remember back, if you can, to the promise that Barry made before he ever stepped foot into the Oval Office.  You know, the one where he promised, “My administration will be the most transparent administration in history”. Oddly enough, things haven’t quite turned out that way.  Instead, Barry’s time in office has been one of the most secretive periods ever, more so even than the days of Richard Nixon.  Now looking back over his tenure as president there is only one conclusion anyone can come to, and that is his administration has been anything but “transparent.”

Let’s face it, Barry has used every Federal agency at his disposal to, and on a pretty regular basis, violate the Constitution and to skirt Congress in his continuing effort to carry out his leftist, anti-America agenda.  As an example, Barry has gone around Congress by using his EPA to initiate and carry out his continuing “war on coal”.  And it was his joke of a “Department of Justice” that overrode three different FBI field offices and then closed down the Clinton Foundation investigation.  And it has also been confirmed that Barry’s team has been altering intelligence reports so as to at least make it appear as if his supposed “war on terror”, aka the Overseas Contingency Operation”, has been more effective than it actually has been.  Let’s face it, we’ve gone from fighting the terrorists on their turf to now fighting them on ours!

One of the “Department of Justice’s” first actions was to drop the voter intimidation convictions of the Philadelphia Black Panthers.  The “Department of Justice” issued an internal policy, “There is no such thing as voter intimidation or voter fraud if it is done by people of color”.  And it was the “Fast and Furious” debacle that was conceived and executed by Eric ‘I’m a Racist’ Holder when he was the Attorney General.  And this is the very same scumbag who lied to Congress repeatedly about this very same covert operation.  And then Barry was actually allowed to get away with illegally using executive privilege to seal “Fast and Furious” records.  Barry also directed his Department of ‘Justice’ to no longer defend the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’, and to sue the state of Arizona for enforcing federal immigration laws.

And I’m sure most will remember how it was that “Obamacare” was “passed” in the dark of night by using every last act of political trickery at the disposal of a Democrat controlled House and Senate without being read, and with blank pages. It was actually put together by special interest groups with some members that had questionable resumes.  And let’s not forget how it was that Barry then proceeded to repeatedly, as well as illegally, use Executive Orders to modify Obamacare.  Add to that the massive amount of fraud involved in the implementation of Obamacare with no action taken by Barry’s corrupt team.  In November 2013 the Obamacare website was only 30 % built at a cost of over $600 million when it was budgeted for $94 Million.  Where else but by government is such massive waster allowed to occur?

And it was during Barry’s first term that there was a major expansion of the Food Stamp program with no action taken to prosecute some of the companies hired to administer the program who were actually committing fraud.  Also during Barry’s first term there was a huge expansion of the “Free Phone” program with distribution contracts going to major campaign donors and no prosecution of obvious fraud in the program. This was repeated after Barry’s re-election.  And let’s not forget how Barry illegally took over the auto industry and illegally reorganized it to take care of the unions at the expense of shareholders, secured lenders and non- union workers. And how Barry illegally terminated automobile dealerships and created illegal dealership monopolies for chosen friends and supporters.

Barry illegally spent billions of dollars on ill-conceived green energy projects that were all nothing more than massive failures, but trusted supporters were bailed out in the process.  And there was Barry who turned loose ‘his’ IRS to illegally target hundreds of Conservative groups.  And it was his trusty sidekick, Holder, who appointed a radical Barry supporter to lead the FBI investigation into the IRS targeting of Conservative groups.  And remember what Barry said in an interview with O’Reilly “there was not even a smidgen of corruption there”, before the IRS “investigation” was done?  The IRS, BATF and OSHA all illegally targeted Conservative group leaders. Remember how Barry went about installing his “shadow” government which was made up of unaccountable White House Czars?  Who else had ever done such a thing?

And how long has it been now that we’ve been forced to listen to Barry’s bragging, as well as the bragging of others in his administration, about how it was that they saved the economy?  The sad truth is that we have been in the longest “none recovery” recovery from a recession in all of American history.  And Barry, as well as any number of others in his Administration continually brag about the record low unemployment rate, while at the same time we have one of the highest percentages of Americans unemployed or underemployed since the great depression.  And what’s really dishonest is when Barry and others of his corrupt team repeatedly say, “We are reducing the deficit at the fastest rate since the end of WWII”. The fact is that the Federal debt will exceed $20 Trillion before the end of this year.

Barry has issued a record number of illegal Executive Orders.  Add to that the fact that Barry has signed a record number of Federal prisoner pardons and he still has over 5 months remaining in office.  Barry hasn’t hesitated to make numerous, and quite Illegal, recess appointments.  And it was Barry’s “Department of Justice” that used “Operation Choke Point” to target gun and other industries that Barry doesn’t like.  And it was during Barry’s first term that he worked to begin to establish a “Federal Police Force,” which has been expanded during his second term.  And Barry’s team has issued a record number of Visas with little to no follow up or enforcement by DHS.  And we know for a fact that more than 800 people were wrongly provided with U.S. citizenship.  How the Hell did that happen?

Barry enthusiastically enables, one might say even actively encourages, voter fraud by using his “Department of Justice”, to sue those states who dare to enact voter ID laws and attempt to clean up their voter registration lists.  He uses his IRS and “Department of Injustice” to illegally target Republican candidates in tight national races and then destroys the evidence. Barry has now managed to turn our Border Patrol agents into “baby sitters” while “manipulating” the deportation numbers.  Barry has viewed himself as being above the courts having ignored court orders to remove the illegal deep water drilling restrictions in the Gulf.  Instead of removing the restrictions Barry proceeded to replace them with even more restrictive orders.  Nothing, is seems, will deter Barry from completing his leftist agenda.

Barry, as well as every member of his team, refuses to use the term “Islamic Terrorist”.  Barry labeled the Fort Hood terrorist shooting as “work place violence” and has placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key Federal Government positions.  And Barry’s “Department of Justice” illegally targeted members of the media, as well as their families.  Barry signs deals with the UN and foreign Governments and then claims they were not treaties, which require Congressional approval. Barry has claimed that he has made the world is a much safer place.  And the White House and the State Department are caught illegally altering press conference tapes, while the “Department Of Justice” alters the transcripts of the 9/11 calls made by the Orlando shooter to remove references to Islam and terrorism.

Yup, Barry’s right, not one major scandal has occurred during Barry’s administration in eight years, right?  Now if you actually are stupid enough to believe that I’ve got some beautiful ocean front property in Arizona I can let you have real cheap.  And also if you are stupid enough to believe that, then I have very little doubt that you are also stupid enough to either vote for Hitlery Clinton or to allow yourself to talked into staying home on Election Day if you can’t see you way to voting for her.  Because I’m quite sure you’re also stupid enough to buy into the propaganda that Trump would somehow be worse than Hitlery.  But I’ll tell you what, even after going over all of Barry’s non-scandal scandals, if we really are stupid enough to elect her as our next president we will have seen anything yet when it comes to presidential corruption!



Initially I wasn’t going to waste my time commenting on this because if you’re not already aware of the fact that Sheila Jackson Lee is near to being the dumbest bitch on the entire planet, then I feel it’s pretty safe to say that there’s little she can say that will convince you that she is.  I can only assume that her district must be populated with what can only be the highest percentage of retards of any district not only there in the state of Texas, but in the entire country.

As most of you have likely already seen, heard, or read, it was the esteemed Ms. Jackson Lee, sporting that which closely resembled a rather sizeable head of lettuce on her left shoulder, who in making a recent appearance on MSNBC expressed her anger and frustration over Hitlery’s campaign emails that have by leaked by – wait for it – yup, you guessed it, Wikipedia.  Now who knew the free online encyclopedia, with the leftist slant, was also in the business of hacking emails?

Anyway, it was in an effort to make her displeasure known to all that this mental midget from the state of Texas said, “You know that I’m going to first of all denounce the utilization of this intrusion by Wikipedia through the Russian intrusion. This is what it’s about. Espionage just like what was said over these last couple of days. We need to be concerned about the intrusion of Russia and Putin in these elections.”  See, what’d I tell ya!  A genius, right?

Of course, what this moron meant to refer to was Wikileaks, that would be the organization led by Julian Assange that is actually behind a series of leaked emails.  While this might have been just an understandable slip of the tongue of the sort anyone who has ever appeared in the media will experience from time to time, the fact that Ms. Jackson Lee has earned for herself quite the reputation for underwhelming intelligence, indicates that this was very clearly something else entirely.

Because in the past Ms. Jackson Lee has claimed that the Constitution was 400 years old,  that Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on Mars, that Vietnam still consists of North and South (the two countries became one in 1976), and that the World Meteorological Organization should be more “inclusive of African American names” for hurricanes, offering such suggested names as “Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn.”  All rather interesting names, to say the least.

She also once asserted that, “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”  Perhaps Ms. Jackson Lee thought for a moment she was born in 1850 instead of 1950, because she was never a slave.  For those interested, information about Jackson Lee’s inveterate race-baiting, entitlement mentality, and volcanic temper, and more can check out her profile in the Freedom Center’s Discover the Networks website here.

Sadly I’m sure we haven’t yet heard the last from her, because the only people stupider than her are those who keep electing her and I’m sure they will once again send her back to Washington in resounding fashion.  And while I wish I could say that I look forward to that, for no other reason than the amusement she provides to so many of us, our country has now been put into a situation where only those serious about the nature of our predicament should be sent to fix it.



Over the course of the last year and so many months I thought I had heard, from the right and the left, every reason there was for NOT voting for Donald Trump.  But I was wrong.  And it’s only now, thanks to Tavis Smiley, that I can finally, and very safely so, declare that I have finally heard everything.  You see, it was in the form of a recent op-ed he put together for TIME magazine, that Mr. Smiley does little more than rant like a complete imbecile about his fears that blacks in America might one day return to slavery if Donald Trump wins the election.  This moron goes on to explain how he was asked by a student during a visit to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, “Do you believe that given the crisis of our democracy, we black folk could ever find ourselves enslaved again?”  The short answer, according to this genius was, “Yes.”

So it was in his little piece entitled, “Why I Fear America Could Enslave Black People Again,” and yes, the entire thing is as stupid as the headline would seem to indicate, that Smiley writes:

“When I hear Donald Trump suggest that he wants to “make America great again,” it always triggers the same three questions in my head. 

One: How is Trump defining “greatness?” Two: Since so many fellow citizens have yet to experience the true “greatness” of America for the first time, for whom are we making America great again? And, three: To what specific period of American greatness are you wanting us to “return?”

Smiley remarked that he didn’t see that question coming, nor did “the mostly white audience.” But as it turns out, it would at least seem that he was certainly prepared with an answer.  Smiley goes on to write:

“In my lifetime, I have never seen Congress so blatantly mock our Constitution. It’s especially striking that it comes from the political party that’s always lecturing us about the “rule of law”. What’s worse is that they’re getting away with it. Republicans have turned this Constitutional issue into a political football and suckered the White House, Democrats in Congress and the news media into playing the game by their rules. This is a travesty of justice, but it has all but disappeared as a news story.”

And he concludes by writing:

“So, could the Constitution be thwarted and black folk end up enslaved again? Legal scholars, of course, will find the question ludicrous and laughable. 

It wasn’t farfetched for the young student who pressed me at Lehigh that evening. And, honestly? With the hair-raising, bone-chilling, spine-breaking, nerve-wracking path we’re on right now, I shudder to think where this democracy could end up one sad day, if we don’t get off this low road and make our way to higher ground soon.”

By making such a blatantly idiotic assumption, Smiley accomplishes little more than to expose to all who chose to read his pathetic little diatribe, his complete and utter ignorance regarding all things related to our Constitution and how our government to supposed to run.  I found myself asking, is TIME really this hard-up for readership?  Do they REALLY have to bring in some hack to write the dumbest, most idiotic piece of drivel all in the hopes of convincing people to see for themselves what an over-the-top ridiculous left-wing circus this once-great news source has now been reduced to?  Because that’s the only reason I would have bothered to click on this stupid thing, that and the fact that it provided me with both material and opportunity to mock this loser Smiley by pointing out what a pathetic fraud and blatant hypocrite he really is.

Smiley’s nonsensical premise as presented in his silly little op-ed is based almost entirely on the rather bizarre liberal lie that Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” somehow means that he wants to take America back to a time when black people were slaves, women couldn’t vote, and gay people were locked in the closet.  It’s typical Democrat scare tactics, just taken up a notch.  ‘Slick Willy’ has used the same slogan.  It has been for some time now that Smiley has experienced anywhere near the kind of destitution the slaves in America were accustomed to. Having long ago earned his way into the $10 million dollar club, Smiley leads a pretty great life, which in itself would seem to prove that his theory is unfounded, at least for a proud one-percenter like himself.

The crisis in our democracy is one driven by the rise of the socialist left which advocates for whatever it can claim as “promot(ing) the common good” as an excuse to nullify individual rights.  It is a centralized, authoritarian government to which Progressives are leading us that is a danger to personal liberty.  If enslaving people is “good for society”, then the individual freedom of some will have to be sacrificed “for the greater good”.  You don’t matter to government; that’s why we have a Constitution that is supposed to guarantee an individual’s rights regardless of the will of the majority and whomever they may choose to elect. The crisis is not “of our democracy”, but rather of our individual rights.  And, seriously folks, does anyone know anyone who even knows of anyone who wants black people to be slaves?

And what appears completely lost on this boob, Smiley, either on purpose or maybe he really is that stupid, is the fact that the Democrat Party, yes the very same party to which old Tavis has apparently sold his soul, is the party of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation.  So I’m not able to make the connection here, as Smiley is apparently able to, between Donald Trump being elected president and the sudden reemergence of slavery here in America, at least of the variety which resulted in the Civil War.  However, the type of slavery which Smiley seems to be quite comfortable with is the institutional type, the specific purpose of which is to enslave large amounts of Americans, primarily minorities, to the government.  And were it not for individuals like Smiley the Democrat Party would never be able to succeed in doing so.

Sadly, the truth is that Blacks like this stooge, Smiley, are nothing more than control agents and gate keepers for the white liberal establishment. They long ago paid off this backstabber in exchange for his loyalty by keeping the low information blacks on the Democrat plantation much like the black gatekeepers the slave owners of the past had during the slavery era, to make sure the slaves did not escape.  And in exchange for their loyalty, there was a promise of a life of leisure.  What this idiot Smiley and all the other so-called black ‘leaders’ do not realize is that they are all being used in the same exact way. And yet they continue to pledge their undying loyalty to the Democrat Party and criminals like Hitlery. These people are all brainwashed puppets. Man, talk about stupid and ignorant. Welcome to the new white plantation.



Geez, ya know, you just can’t make this shit up!  It was this past Thursday while in Phoenix, AZ, campaigning for Mrs. ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton that Moochelle Obummer said, “The voters decide who wins and losses, period.  End of story. When a presidential candidate threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of this election, he is threatening the very idea of America itself. And we cannot stand for that. You do not keep American democracy in suspense. Because look, too many people have marched and protested and fought and died for this democracy. Please.”  Apparently what she was really saying is that it’s only Democrats who are allowed to contest the outcome of any election.  Because how else could Democrats possibly lose if it wasn’t because the other side had cheated?

Anyway, Moochelle then went on to suggest that perhaps it’s Trump’s life in a Manhattan tower that prevents him from seeing the humanity in people who are different from him.  And, she suggested, that’s why he speaks so harshly of African-American communities and insults Muslims, women, people with disabilities, Mexicans and more.  She said, “Maybe that’s why he calls communities like the one where I was raised, ‘hell.'”  Yes, and we all know what a terribly hard life poor little Moochelle had.  But then how tough could it have really been, after all, I can’t afford to send my daughter to Princeton and then to Harvard Law School.  And from there she went to ‘work’ for some high dollar law firm in Chicago.  Yup, these two have had a pretty rough life.  You almost gotta feel sorry for them!

As far as her idiotic comments about Trump and what he said accepting the election results.  Perhaps this perpetual dim bulb should spend a little more time consulting with Al Gore or watch as voter fraud continues to take place, and pretty rampantly, before shooting off her big fat mouth.  Let’s face it, if Americans so cherish their right vote then how come it’s only about 60 percent of them who vote in Presidential elections.  And if Americans so cherish their right to vote wouldn’t they be demanding that, to the greatest extent possible, only those eligible to vote, were allowed to vote?  Because, to be honest, when you knock out all of the deceased, all the family pets and all of the cartoon characters who also show up at the polls to cast their ballot, that 60 percent pretty quickly drops to below 50 percent.

Perhaps what has Moochelle’s panties in such a bunch is the fact that what Trump is really threatening to do, if elected, is to rebuild a country that she and her husband, as well as Hitlery and ‘Slick’, have spent so much time, and taxpayer money, trying to “fundamentally” destroy.  Remember how it was when Barry became president, how that was the first time in her life she was proud of her country?  Now we know why.  But when it comes to her rants about Trump, I think that perhaps she doth protest just a bit too much.  I mean where was she when Gore was busy contesting the 2000 election for two months?  For these people to talk about Trump potentially threatening America after the way they have run this country, and the world, into the ground for eight years is nothing short of pathetic.

But I guess we’re all simply supposed to consider everything that Barry has managed to do ‘for’ America, in just 7 years and 274 days, as being good for the country?  Despite Hitlery’s claim that Barry has reduced the debt by two/thirds, we are now $10 Trillion further in the hole than we were on that first day that Barry strutted his cool self into the Oval Office.  And as The New York Times points out Barry has become the first commander in chief in U.S. history to serve nearly two complete terms at war.  In addition there have been 10 terrorist attacks on US soil since he slithered into office.  But while he’s been busy destroying the military and cutting its budget and preparedness to levels not sense since WWII, just what is it that he has done with that $10 Trillion in brand new debt and no budget for 6 years?

Was it to create more jobs? Nope!  Was it for amore secure border? Nope!  Was it keeping ISIS on the run or contained while at the same time aiding and abetting their terrorist initiatives and providing funding to Iran enabling more terrorism and nukes and then importing these miscreants from Syria at US Tax Payers expense?  Nope!   Was it cheaper health insurance, better education, or fewer people on welfare?  Nope, nope and nope!  Was it increasing the middle class income?  Nope again!  Was it uniting “all” the people of the country or encouraging more responsibility among blacks regarding education, employment or out of wedlock birth rates and or drug use?  Nope again, and across the board.  But Barry does encourage the likes of the Black Live Matter cult to riot and loot at will!!

So what has Barry created?  The lowest labor participation since the 1970s. Nearly 95 million Americans out of the labor force. Worst economic recovery since the 1940s. Lowest home ownership rate in 50 years. Nearly 13 million more Americans on food stamps under Barry. Over 43 million Americans living in poverty. The median household income lower now than in the 1970s. 1 in 5 families without someone in the workforce.  More debt than all other president combined.  And for blacks in America Barry’s economic policies have been responsible for a 58 percent increase in food stamps and a 20 percent jump in those out of the workforce. Home ownership 20 percent lower than the national average. Unemployment higher than the national average and a median household income $20,000 lower than the national average.

I think anyone with a brain knows full well that Democrats have utilized voter fraud as an election tool for decades.  And I think most are able to see that the state-controlled media is very obviously in the tank for Hitlery, perhaps even more so than they were for Barry “Almighty” in both 2008 and 2012.  And in being from Chicago, Moochelle, I’m sure has witnessed it first hands, either that of this hapless bitch is blind.  Dead people vote, illegal aliens vote.  And until her pathetically corrupt husband came onto the scene Americans had a sense that institutions of government like the FBI, or the DOJ, or even the IRS, were non-partisan.  But Barry and his corrupt dealings have now thrown partisanship into every aspect government in a really ugly way, and it’s undermining America.

Obviously, Moochelle doesn’t know any more about how this country works than does her husband.  Because for one thing we do not live in a democracy!  What we have here is a Constitutional Republic.  Secondly, it’s the Democrat Party that has challenged election after election and for no other reason than because they lost.  And thirdly, Democrats continue to fight honesty in voting like cornered weasels.  Democrats live by voter fraud, so piss off Moochelle!!  What she should have said is: “Trump Is threatening the very idea of what Barry, myself and Hitlery have turned America into.”  Wrong Moochelle. You and your fascist husband have been stomping all over true American values for the past eight years.  And it’s on that note, that I tell you don’t let the door hit you on the way out!  YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED!

My hope is that once we have been able to finally flush these two turds into the sewer of leftist political afterlife, we won’t make the mistake of electing someone even worse in Hitlery.  Granted, Trump is far from being the perfect candidate, but I still firmly believe that his worst day in the Oval Office will be far better than Hitlery’s best day.  At least for those who still love this country.  We ‘must’ remember that it’s the People who possess the ultimate power and if history is any example, dictatorships fall when the masses rise up.  It’s beginning to happen here, but we are rapidly running out of time.  And if we let this election, this opportunity to cleanse ourselves, pass us by it may very well be our grand-children who will be presented with the next opportunity.  We must work to possess the very idea of America.

The very idea of America?  Yes, the America where people can work hard and prosper without interference from their government.  The America where people are free from regulation and can to do as they please so long as they don’t step on another person’s rights.  The America where the level of success we are able to attain is limited only by ourselves and how hard we are willing to work at it.  This coming election, now just a little over two weeks away, will be the determining factor, that will tell us whether that America still exists or is, sadly, gone forever.  The choice belongs to we the American people, and I pray each and every day that we will make the right choice.  And when Hitlery says it’s about the children she’s right, but if we wish a bright future of freedom we can not, we must not vote for her.



Never before in my lifetime has there been a more consequential election.  And it may strike some as being rather odd, but it was Hitlery Clinton herself, of all people, who accurately summed up best the importance of this election when she asked the question, “What kind of country are we going to be?”  Now having said that I think it fair to say that most Americans, even some of her most avid supporters, will admit that Hitlery is nothing if not a compulsive liar who very may well have never told the truth her entire life.  But in this particular instance she has essentially hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head.  Because his election will determine the kind of country we are will have from this point going forward, for decades. And it was in the third debate that the truly important issues finally took center stage.

The core issue came into focus with the very first question asked by Chris Wallace.  Wallace asked Hitlery and then Trump if their vision for the Supreme Court was based on the Constitution or not.  Hitlery launched into what has become her standard spiel about a Supreme Court that would stand for class warfare and gay rights. The only time she mentioned the Constitution was when she insisted that the Senate was constitutionally obligated to confirm Barry’s nominee. That is her vision of the Constitution; a document that grants her power to reshape the country without regard to the Founders or any previously existing rights or freedoms.  And so it fell to Trump, yes Trump, to speak of justices who would “interpret the Constitution the way the founders wanted it interpreted”.  And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

There should now be very little doubt that the weapons of mass distortion and distraction have now been fully deployed and continue to be strategically detonated as needed as the campaign winds down.  And they continue going off in blasts of media gunpowder whenever needed in an effort to divert our attention away from whether we will live under the Constitution or simply under Hitlery.  Will we have the rights and freedoms as guaranteed to us by our Constitution or will we descend into darkness where corruption is somehow justified by the cant about the need to defend the oppressed by giving unlimited power to the oppressors.  Because that’s where we are now.  The final debate finally focused on the issues of gun control, amnesty and open borders.  It asked what kind of country are we going to be going forward.

But are we going to be a country at all?  Or, will we throw open our borders allowing undocumented migrants to flood in destroying what’s left of our middle class as the masterminds rob the country blind while preaching piously to us about all the poor Syrians, Mexicans and LGBT youth they wish to protect?  Barry has already provided to the American people a glimpse of what Hitlery’s America would look like.  But it would become so very much worse, and in very short order with Hiltery at the helm.  And they received yet another preview of it at a final debate where Hitlery echoed Barry’s Orwellian language in which endless spending was dubbed “investing” and in which government would save the middle class by regulating and taxing it quite literally right out of existence for the greater good of the officially oppressed.

Hitlery has promised free college and cradle to grave education that would be debt free.  Americans would be the ones plummeting deeper and deeper into debt in order to pay for degrees in ‘gender studies’.  She promised viewers all manner of pie in the sky to be paid for by higher taxes on the rich.  But as Trump pointed out, and rightly so, that’s the class from which her donors come.  Are we to assume that Warren Buffett and George Soros invested all that money into her victory just so they could pay more in higher taxes?  How stupid does she think we are?  Or will Americans actually believe Hitlery’s promise that she “will not add a penny to the debt”?  The truth is that Hitlery’s plans won’t add a penny to the national debt, they will add hundreds of trillions of pennies to what has become our ballooning debt.

When Hitlery and Trump wrangled over tax hikes or tax cuts, the debate is whether crooks like Hitlery should have a massive pot of taxpayer money to “invest” into their donors.  But beneath it is the same big question; will we live under the Constitution or will we live under Hitlery?  Because in Hitlery Country, just like in Barry Country, there are always more “investments” to make and you had better pay your “fair share” or else. There is always some special identity group interests that needs more money. There are always more regulations, taxes, fines and fees.  And, let us not forget how it’s all for the children.  Everything is for the children!  The same ones that Hillary will grimace at when the cameras are on her and quickly nudge away with the point of her shoe as soon as the little red light turns off.

And can we be honest enough to admit that there is no lie that Hitlery will not tell just as there is no lie that the state-controlled media ‘fact checkers’ will not back her up on.  Barry doubled the national debt and yet it’s Hitlery who insists that, “We’re actually on the path to eliminating the national debt”.  That might be true only insofar as we’re approaching the point that no one will lend us any money. We’re headed toward a $20 Trillion national debt.  Hitlery talks of bringing “our country together” and not “pitting of people one against the other” and instead “we celebrate our diversity”. If she does half as good a job as Barry, these celebrations of diversity will climax with race riots all across America. How exactly does Hillary plan to unite with the “deplorables” of the country?

Hitlery’s entire campaign is based on the demonizing of Trump as well as his supporters. She believes that if she can convince enough voters that Trump is nothing short the devil incarnate, they may hold their noses just long enough to allow the return of the corrupt Clinton dynasty and everything that it represents. That gamble is what we are seeing in the news.  It is what we heard at the debate. Hitlery simply cannot win on her own merits.  She warned at the final debate of the “dark, unaccountable money to come into our electoral system”.  But it’s difficult to imagine a bigger source of dark, accountable money than a foundation being used as an international slush fund that seems to have been beyond unaccountable.  But it’s Hillary’s vision of government that is dark and unaccountable.

From the beginning of the last debate, she made it abundantly clear that she does not intend to be accountable to the Constitution.  Her email cover up made it painfully clear that she has no desire to be accountable to the American people, and will do everything in her power to avoid it. Instead Hillary would like everyone in the country to be accountable to her.  A mass of regulations and enforcers will force everyone to be accountable to the dark and unaccountable force in the White House.  Hitlery repeated, “It really does come down to what kind of country we are going to have.”  It does indeed. The last eight years have provided to the American people a preview of things to come should they actually be stupid enough to elect her as their next president.  What Hitlery would be is Barry on steroids!

We have to hope and pray that the Republicans (spineless, feckless non-opposition party that they are) can manage to keep control of both the House and Senate.  If they lose the latter, we can kiss SCOTUS goodbye for a generation, and the Second Amendment as originally written and understood.  Hillary’s corruption will exceed even that of the Community Agitator-in-Chief.  And can you possibly imagine a Senate that has as its leader Chuckie Schumer and a House which would once again have Nancy Pelosi running things?  Hitlery as president with a Democrat controlled Congress standing behind her would make the first two years of Barry “Almighty’s” administration seem like a picnic.  What would be ushered in would be a dark age for America that our experiment in freedom would likely never recover from.

Ronald Reagan once said, “You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.” There is a point beyond which they must not advance. This is the meaning in the phrase of Barry Goldwater’s “peace through strength.” Winston Churchill said that “the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits–not animals.” And he said, “There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.”  And he would go on to add, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”  So what is it that we will do on November 8th?



I’m getting more than a little pissed off with these RINO’s who did, and who continue to do, absolutely nothing but sit on their hands for the last 8 years and who now feel the need to go after Donald Trump like they should have been going after Barry ‘O’!  If they had done what they promised us they would do, as it relates to Barry’s continuing effort to “fundamentally transform” our country, then it’s in all likelihood that Trump would not now be our nominee.  But nope, they just couldn’t bring themselves to do what they must have known needed to be done.  So now they’re forced to contend with the result of their inaction, Trump as our nominee.  And what is their response to that?  To direct at Trump all manner of petty insult and at every opportunity as if that will somehow convince those of us who got shafted by many of these very same RINOs that we shouldn’t be voting for Trump.

And it’s still that these morons fail to grasp how it is that they came to be in their present predicament.  So when it was during the final presidential debate in Las Vegas that FOX News moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump whether he would “absolutely accept the results of this election,” thet y were absolutely aghast at his respond.  To the point where it was in pretty short order that critics of Trump took to Twitter after the debate to criticize him for choosing to respond in the manner that he did.  For those who might have missed it, Trump said, “I will look at it at the time. What I’ve seen … it is so bad. First of all, the media is so dishonest and so corrupt … it’s so dishonest and they poison the minds of the voters, but unfortunately for them I think the voters are seeing through it.”  Now while I wish I could agree, I have to wonder if enough people are able see through the media created smokescreen.

One of the very first of the elites we heard from was that limp-wristed RINO from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham who took to Twitter to say, “Like most Americans I have confidence in our democracy and election system.”  Graham also tweeted, “During this debate Mr. Trump is doing the party and country a great disservice by continuing to suggest the outcome of this election is out of his hands and ‘rigged’ against him.”  Graham concluded by saying, “If he loses, it will not be because the system is ‘rigged’ but because he is a failed candidate.”  Graham is a loser who should have long ago been sent packing by the people of South Carolina.  And then we had Graham’s fellow RINO Jeff Flake, from Arizona, who also took to Twitter and tweeted that he thought Trump’s remark was “beyond the pale.”  This guy, Flake, fancies himself as being someone worth listening to which, of course, he is not.

Trump went on to point out a 2012 Pew Research Center study that found that about 24 million voter registrations in the United States are either no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.  He said,  “If you look at your voter rolls you will see millions of people that are registered to vote, millions — this isn’t coming for me, this is coming from Pew report and other places — millions of people that are registered to vote that shouldn’t be registered to vote.”  Wallace pressed on with the question, stating that the peaceful transfer of power following an election is a “tradition in this country” and asking if Trump is “not prepared now to commit to that principle?”  To which Trump responded, “I will keep you in suspense.”  Democrats have been caught cheating in elections for decades, and have never been seriously confronted over the issue.  This is another area where Trump is not exactly your typical Republican.

And of course Hitlery reacted to his response in much the way we would have been expected her to, calling it “horrifying” and “denigrating.”  She said, “Chris, let me respond to that because that is horrifying.”  Hitlery went on to say, “This is a mindset; this is how Donald thinks … it just shows you’re not up to doing the job. And let’s be clear about what he is saying and what that means. He is denigrating. And I for one am appalled that someone, the nominee of one of our two major parties, would take that kind of position.”  Spoken like someone who is pretty confident that whatever voter fraud there is that takes place, will be in her favor.  Because let’s face it, when was the last time anyone heard about votes for some Republican candidate showing up in the trunk of someone’s car just at the exact time they were needed?  And yet that’s something that happens fairly routinely on the left.

Graham, a member of the Elite Republican Establishment, and lifelong [ahem] bachelor, knows that with Trump as President, his fixed position at the Taxpayer Trough could very well be in significant danger.  And then, of course, we have McCain’s understudy, Jeff ‘The Flake’ Flake, who’s been busy badmouthing Trump practically since day one of Trump’s campaign.  All these ‘Establishment’ whiners really tick me off.  They think that by simply mentioning Ronald Reagan every now and again they’ll be able to convince us that they are the “true conservatives” they claim to be.  But the fact is all they are really doing is to parrot that which their special interest masters command them to do.  All this faux-outrage against every little damn thing Trump says, while ignoring all of the corruption and sexual assaults on the part of The Clinton Clan, reveals who they really are.



Now I must admit that if there is one thing that the left has been very successful at doing in this country, it is to have produced a population that now consists of millions of adults who are absolutely clueless about not only how their government is supposed to work, but about who it is that they have put in charge of it.  But it gets even worse because they have also allowed themselves to have become thoroughly convinced that it is somehow in their best interest to literally vote away their freedoms and to place their government in near complete control of their lives.  Now I wouldn’t mind it if their ignorance effected only their lives and the lives of those they claim to care about, but it doesn’t.  It also effects my life and the lives of those I hold dear.  And that’s what really pisses me off.

Which brings me to Nancy Pelosi, another Democrat who is both pathetically corrupt and patently dishonest.  You see, it was decrepit old gas bag that said, “I think that many of them are supporting him for the reason that Republicans support Republicans. They don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes.”  I guess I would ask ‘old Botox’ what exactly equates to being one’s fair share when talking about the paying of taxes?   Because if we’re being honest here, the vast, and I do mean vast, majority of the Democrat Party base pays absolutely nothing in the way of income tax.  So how can paying zero in taxes be seen as being anyone’s “fair share?”  And yet, it’s these very same parasites who pay nothing but who are on the receiving end of a ‘tax refund’ each and every year.

Last month Donald Trump told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, “I would mind paying taxes a lot less if our politicians knew how to spend the money, but they don’t. They waste the money. They don’t know what they are doing with the money. Some cases they do, and they have bad motives.”  Well I would argue that our politicians know exactly what they’re doing with the money they demand from those us who are not members of one of those select groups able to escape the long reach of the ‘Tax Man.’  They are motivated solely by their desire to buy more and more votes.  There is no level of fiscal responsibility, whatsoever, in government at any level.  Spending is never to be cut, only increased.  And whenever there’s shortfall, rather than cut spending, taxpayers are forced to fork over more.

And it was in a recent interview on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), another example of how your tax dollars are wasted, that old Pelosi complained about what she called Republican obstructionism in Congress. “The American people are “really tired of obstruction in Washington.”  But what this old hag refers to as being obstruction is what I refer to as being those whom ‘I’ voted for actually doing their job to preserve what’s left of my country.  And as far as I’m concerned Republicans have done little more than cave on just about every important issue that has come before them.  But she insisted saying, “And what Republicans have said, and they’ve said it even today, that they’re prepared to obstruct. They call it checks and balances, but it’s obstruction.”  No, it’s not!

Pelosi noted that Democrats need to win 30 seats to take control of the House of Representatives.  “Right now, I think we’re at least 20, so at least 20, so we’re talking about single digits. We’re fighting it out for single digits.”  She said if people turn out in large numbers to vote for Hitlery, “The better it is for us.”  And if Democrats were to win a majority in the House, Pelosi was asked, “What’s the agenda?”  To which she responded, “Trickle-down economics versus middle-class economics, to increase the purchasing power of middle income families, consumer confidence, to inject demand into the economy, create jobs, bigger paychecks.”  If the last 8 years have shown us anything it’s that the Democrats have zero ability when it comes to anything even remotely related to economics.

Pelosi also said, “The two other things that I frankly — I tell you this, you’re my friend. You — I think we trust what I say to you. I’d rather lose the election if they said today we’ll pass a gun violence protection bill and immigration bill.”  And she added, “Those two things are very important to the safety of the American people, which we have taken an oath to protect and defend,* and also the character of America, a nation constantly invigorated by newcomers to our country. Those two things are very important.”  She said, “Now, what would be on the agenda to begin with will depend on, of course, the president of the United States.”  And God willing we will be able to dodge the Hitlery bullet that would surely finish this country off, economically, morally and internationally speaking.

Pelosi was asked why Democrats didn’t take up those two issues — guns and immigration — when they had a congressional majority in the first two years of Barry’s administration.  She said, “But the issues are so much more high profile now. President Lincoln said public sentiment is everything. We did a lot, you know, we did the Recovery Act. We did the Affordable Care Act. We did that Wall Street reform, we did repeal of Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, we ended discrimination in the workplace with — we did a large number of things.”  She added, “But in terms — and we only had 60 votes for a short period of time because Senator Specter was a Republican until like June, Senator Franken didn’t become certified until like July, Senator Kennedy died in August, end of July, August.”

She said, “So, you know, I think we could do them now. I think we would have Republican votes to do them now. I think they would pass right now if the Speaker put them on the floor. I think it would be enough Republican votes, bipartisan support for background checks for guns, no fly, no buy.”  I have no doubt there are enough RINOs to help pass gun control.  I’ve never been able to quite figure out why, just like the immigration issue, we need all manner of new laws.  We currently have more than 25,000 gun laws already on the books and yet we need more?  Why not simply enforce the ones we already have?   And what Pelosi probably means is Second Amendment repeal and gun confiscation. That’s what Hitlery plans to do by stuffing the SCOTUS with communists who will destroy the Bill of Rights.

Why do Democrats always insist upon working to pass more and ever-stricter gun control laws, as well as immigration reform, when the majority of the American people are not in favor of making such changes?  As I mentioned earlier we have laws on the books, lots of laws, all we need to do is to start enforcing them.  Why do Democrats always feel they know what’s best for us?  That’s easy, it’s because they are insufferably absorbed with the legend of themselves in their own mind.  And how is it, exactly, that they are going to increase my purchasing power when my paycheck will be less due to the tax increases needed to pay for their growing list of “free” stuff?  Whatever happened to government of the people, for the people and by the people?  We the people let it slip away, that’s what.