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If you believe Chuckie Schumer, come 2020 the Democrat Party is going to have no problem whatsoever when it comes to fielding not only one qualified candidate to face President Trump in 2020, but a number candidates any one of which will have no trouble defeating Trump as he seeks re-election.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that Chuckie, and the Democrats, are in for a rude awakening if they continue to believe that there are “lots” of Democrats who will be able to easily defeat President Trump.

It was during an interview on MSNBC just this past Friday that Chuckie was asked by MSNBC ‘journalist’ Kasie Hunt if he believed that the Democrats are going to have enough muscle to strong-arm Trump out of office in four years.  And apparently, Chuckie seems to be pretty darn confident they will.  Hunt asked Chuckie, “I would like one short answer to this question. Who in the Democratic Party can beat President Trump in 2020?”  To which Chuckie responded, “Lots of people.”

And it was then that a somewhat flabbergasted Hunt who asked, “Lots of people. One name?”  Chuckie calmly said, “I’m not going to pick a name.”  Why not?  If there are all these people than you wouldn’t think picking a name would be all that difficult, right?  I mean what about Elizabeth, well, maybe not. Or how about Keith, no, he’s a bit crazy.  Why not Andrew, no, he’s likely to be in prison.  Help me here Chuckie, because try as I might I’m just not coming up with anyone.

And when asked who the current party leader is, Chuckie again played the abundance card, which essentially means no one, since no movement survives without a leader.  He said, “We have a bunch of leaders.”  He added, “I’m the leader of the Senate and try to represent the Democratic Party, but we have a bunch of good voices. It’s much too premature to handicap 2020. But I’ll tell you this: if the president continues this way, there is even a chance we could take back the Senate.”

In a way, I almost feel sorry for the Democrats.  I said, ALMOST!  But I must admit that I am experiencing a certain level of pleasure regarding their current electoral predicament.  I mean, they have essentially gotten their collective ass handed to them in election after election, for the last 8 years, and at every level of government, and they have yet to recover from the beating they got when Hitlery was dethroned.  So where is it that Chuckie thinks all of these “leaders” will be coming from?

And you have to wonder when Chuckie’s going to run out bullshit.  Because in truth, the Democrats have NO bench.  And while I wish I could say with some level of confidence that they will not again be a threat to this country in my lifetime, if the Republicans continue to piss away the opportunity they have been given, there is a chance that Chuckie could be right and the Democrats could regain control of Congress.  Republicans must repeal Obamacare, fund the ‘Wall’, and pass tax cuts.

In truth, the Democrats have the thinnest bench in American political history. They have managed to purge all conservative and moderate voices from their ranks, and in the process have moved very sharply to the left.  Democrats like Chuckie are fond of trying to label the Republicans as being extreme, but it’s the Democrat Party that has now become the home for political extremists.  The Democrat Party does not have a bunch of leaders, it has a bunch of LOSERS!  Republicans must take advantage of that!


media 12

If you are anywhere near a reasonably intelligent person and are someone who seeks to stay as informed as possible regarding what it is that’s going on in your town, city, state, country, or the world, I think you would have to admit that doing so has come to require much more than simply watching the ’news’ or reading the local paper, especially over the last decade or so.  And I think it’s safe to say that going back at least as far as the days of the Vietnam War, the media has always had a leftist slant, and in the days when there were just three major networks, a dozen or so major newspapers and hand full of ‘news’ magazine, Americans were left to hope that the information they received was at least somewhat reliable and was also at least mostly true.  But in looking back we can now see that that really wasn’t the case.

And then came 2008, the year in which those who had once ‘appeared’ to have been a group of independent, and somewhat objective, ‘news’ organizations came to more closely resemble the ‘state-controlled media complex’ which now serves as nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And it was then that our supposed ‘news’ media appeared to come completely off the tracks, finally revealing themselves to be that which, for decades, we had long suspected they were.  It was in their pursuit to ensure the election of the first black president that they seemed to lose what little objectivity they may have once possessed.  You see, it really didn’t matter what sort of man Obama really was, what was most important, to them, was that he was black.  And it was that alone that made him worthy of being president.

And so it was then that throughout Obama’s first term, the media could be reliably counted upon to run all manner of interference for our first black president.  No matter how disastrous the policy, or how dangerous the actions, the ‘fake news’ media would work tirelessly to dress it up before then presenting it to an unsuspecting public in the very best light possible.  And those too naïve to believe they are being lied to, or too lazy to go in search of the facts in an attempt to verify that what they are being told was true, would typically swallow, hook, line and sinker, what was really nothing more than pure Democrat propaganda.  The media, by then, had officially become less a source of accurate information and more a cheerleader for the man who they were most responsible for getting elected in the first place.

And it was in 2012, when facing an opponent who, at least initially, actually had a chance of winning, that the state-controlled media once again came riding to the rescue for Obama.  And it was then courtesy of all manner of lie, rumor, innuendo and every slanderous accusation imaginable that those in the media succeeded in taking out Obama’s opponent while at the same time putting that final nail into their own coffin.  Trust in the media today is at an all-time low, in fact fewer people trust the media than trust members of Congress.  And yet the vast majority of those who identify as being a ‘journalist’ continue to argue that there is no bias in the media and that they only report the facts.  But what strikes most Americans as amazing, is that fact these supposed journalists can make such a claim with a straight face.

All of which brings me a new poll sponsored by the University of Virginia Center for Politics which finds that an overwhelming number of Trump voters agree with his statement that the press is the enemy of the American people.  The Center for Politics, founded by UVA’s Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics, Larry Sabato, recently sponsored a poll by Glen Bolger’s Public Opinion Strategies conducted between April 17 and 19 of 1,000 voters who admitted to voting for Trump in last year’s election.  The poll featured a long list of questions for participants. The president’s supporters have what the survey called a “jaundiced eye on the media.”  I’d say that’s putting things a bit mildly.  There are those whose opinions I once valued but no longer do because everything they say about Trump is negative.

Anyway, participants of this poll were asked, “When you hear the media being critical of Donald Trump, does their criticism make you question your support for him, or does it reinforce that he’s on the right track in terms of shaking things up in Washington, D.C.?”  It was a whopping 88 percent who said that the media’s attacks on President Trump actually reinforce their feeling that he is on the right track.  In contrast, it was a mere 12 percent who said that the media’s criticism makes them question their support for the president.  And it was one female Trump supporter who told the pollsters that the media is not being a “voice of the people,” while a male voter who claimed to have voted for Obama in the past said that the media spends entirely too much time “blowing things out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, it was this same poll which also found that a huge number of Trump voters either strongly or somewhat agree that the media has now become the enemy.  When the pollsters asked, “Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump’s statement that the press ‘is the enemy of the American people,’” another 88 percent said that they agree with Trump.  The 88 percent was closely split, with 42 percent saying they “strongly agree” with Trump’s heavily used stump speech claim, while 45 percent said they “somewhat agree” with the statement.  Only nine percent said they “somewhat disagree,” while a tiny four percent said they “strongly disagree” with Trump’s accusation, for a total of only 12 percent.  Frankly, you can definitely include me within that 42 percent who strongly agrees with the president.

Now just to be fair, as well as accurate, President Trump has never said that the media is the enemy.  What he has said is, “the Fake Media is the enemy”.  He has gone out of his way to make this point, since those involved in the ‘fake media’ keep claiming he said “the media”.  With that, they can then promote their other fake claim, namely, that President Trump is a fascist who wants to eliminate all sources of ‘news’ media.  Those guilty of journalistic malpractice, such as Jake Tapper and his Communist News Network (CNN), have come to take some measure of pride when it comes to pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people through their so-called ‘reporting’ of what is really nothing more than ‘fake news’.  And in that sense they truly have now become the enemy of a free and prosperous America.

Those in the media have this mantra that really equates to nothing more than, “Republicans Bad, Trump evil AND bad” and which they continue to spew ad nauseam.  President Trump doesn’t think like those who have essentially been continuously indoctrinated from kindergarten through Grad School to think that the only acceptable way to think is the Progressive/Socialist way, and then they end up as ‘journalists.’  They know next to nothing about how, or even why, America came to be founded, nor do they seem to care all that much what a bunch of “old white men” did in their effort to get our country initially off the ground.  And whether our country survives may now come to rest on the shoulders of those who know nothing of the history of their own country.  Which should really frighten everyone.

I would like to think that the Democrats have done some level of permanent injury to themselves in that it has not occurred to one them to call for nonviolence.  Left leaning now equals lawlessness and that appears to be just fine with the entire Democrat Party.  Civil discourse has become the order of the day.  Screeching, reasonless emotion is their signature response and violence, destruction, property damage and bodily injury to those who dare to oppose them are all part of their approved actions.  Left leaning equals lawless thuggery and nothing more.  Without the state-controlled media there would have been no President Obama.  In 2008 and 2012, they glossed over his deeply radical past, gave him a pass on missing records, worshiped his every utterance, and politically knee-capped his political opponents.

It’s impossible to list all of the devastation Obama inflicted upon this nation in eight short years, both domestically and globally. A few low-lights: More than doubling the size of the national debt, creating the Obamacare trainwreck that is fiendishly difficult from which to extricate ourselves, re-empowering Iran with pallets of American (borrowed) cash and a sweetheart deal, putting the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism on a glide path to nukes.  Stoking societal divisions of all kinds and using the government to shake down corporations and funnel the fines to radical leftist organizations.  The weaponizing of government agencies like DOJ, IRS, EPA as well as our intelligence agencies.  In truth, his abuses make Watergate look like child’s play.  So again I reiterate, with no state-controlled media there would have been no Obama.

Now that America has elected President Trump, and tasked him with bringing in a team of adults willing to get to work cleaning up the mess that was left behind, look who it is that now spends the vast majority of its time attacking and trying to thwart him at nearly every turn.  And so it is then that after being willfully derelict, for the last eight years, when it came to what their role truly is supposed to be, strangely it’s only now, with a Republican in the White House, that they once again view themselves as being a watchdog over what they claim is a dictatorial president.  So I’d say it’s pretty much a no-brainer, I now see the majority of America’s ‘news’ organizations as the enemy, and they represent a very clear and present danger to the freedoms and rights that we the American people have come to take for granted.

It is their refusal to accept the outcome of the 2016 elections, their refusal to acknowledge and respect the vote of the American people which led to the election of President Trump, their lies, their distortions to further Democrat propaganda, their bias, their hypocrisy, their rejection of ethics and professionalism, their continuing war on President Trump, their war on America’s police officers, their support for violence, chaos, and anarchy in America’s streets, their support for Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign during the election and their obvious support for the Democrat totalitarian police state that proves just how much the state-controlled media works to tear our nation apart and agitate against our internal security.  They most certainly have become the enemy of every law-abiding American citizen.


Ellison 05

Ok, now I know I’m just a dumb old conservative white guy, and as such is nowhere near as smart as even your dumbest liberal.  But I gotta tell you, this latest strategy now in the works by the Democrat Party as they go about trying to regain some level of political power has me a little confused.  First off, you have Tom ’Garbage-Mouth’ Perez, with Bernie Sanders in tow, out doing something that is hysterically being referred to as a “unity tour”.   And then you have his second in command, Keith Ellison, a fella who supports parties and organizations linked to the terror-outfit Hamas, who recently had the gall to accuse President Trump of conspiring with a “hostile foreign power [Russia] to destroy American democracy.”  And this is supposed to convince folks to vote Democrat how exactly?

And it was Need to Know (NTK) network that provided the clip and summary of this mind-bender: “This guy over here, he’s attacking the freedom of the Judiciary….This guy Gorsuch, he couldn’t even get any Democrats to support him, so they don’t change the nominee, they change the rules,” Ellison told the audience.  This isn’t true though as three Senate Democrats joined Senate Republicans in supporting the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch.  What makes this statement worse is that Ellison followed it by attacking the Trump administration for accusing media outlets like CNN of being “fake news.”  Ellison compared the Trump administration’s attempt to paint certain stories as “fake news” as something that a dictator would do.

“When they attack the press, they’re not just attacking CNN…They’re attacking your right to know when they attack the whole press.   Don’t make no mistake about it, it’s not about one press outlet. Every dictatorship wants to control what people learn,” Ellison told the audience.  Ellison followed that up by accusing President Trump of working with the Russian government to destroy American Democracy.  “There’s all kind of evidence coming out that [Trump] has aligned himself with a hostile foreign power to destroy American democracy in our election,” Ellison went on to tell the audience.

Yet this is the very same congressman who, in the past, has defended ‘Calypso Louie’ Farrakhan and has longstanding ties to the Hamas-linked Moslem American Society.  FrontPage Magazine laid out Ellison’s dubious ties this way:   Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has called his previous defense of Louis Farrakhan “the mistake in my past,” but those who are ready to proclaim him a “moderate” and anoint him head of the Democratic National Committee should consider carefully the fact that he is the keynote speaker for Muslim American Society (MAS)/ Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) annual convention next week. The ties to Hamas are numerous – not that Hamas ties are likely to give Democrats pause.

The Investigative Project’s John Rossomando noted that “the MAS convention Ellison will address will hear from radical speakers such as Ali Qaradaghi (alternately spelled Al-Qurra Daghi in the MAS-ICNA program), the secretary general of the pro-Hamas International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), which is one of the world’s most influential groups for Sunni Islamist clerics. It counts former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh as a member.”

Yet Ellison has longstanding ties to MAS: in 2008, he accepted $13,350 from MAS to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. It isn’t surprising that he would have no trouble sharing the MAS stage next week with Hamas supporters, in light of the fact that he has been caught on newly-released audio of Ellison speaking at a fundraiser for his 2010 Congressional reelection campaign, saying that a vote for him was a vote against Israel’s supposed control of U.S. foreign policy. “The message I want to send to you by donating to this campaign,” he declared, “is positioning me and positioning Muslims in general to help steer the ship of state in America….The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of seven million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of seven million. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right?”

I must admit that what confuses me the most is why it is that a political party which now finds itself in such sad shape, as does our current Democrat Party, would come to see any amount of wisdom in putting someone like Ellison anywhere near a position of power within the party.  Because besides being little more than a devoted Moslem supporter, the time has come for someone to educate him regarding the fact that our nation is a constitutional republic and not a democracy.  Ellison is pure evil, and should be barred from ever holding public office at any level.  And while it would be nice to think that nut-bags like himself are ensuring Republicans will be in charge for many years to come, it is of late that the Republicans are doing little to make themselves appear as being a viable alternative.

Every American that finds themselves flummoxed at what they see and hear should make the effort to become familiar with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” The Modern Left has adopted the tactic of completely avoiding any issue that requires them to take an actual position.  Rather, they rely on the “Rules” tactic of personal attacks knowing full well that no response will suffice.  What I find the most disturbing are those who are 40 years out of date yet still stick out their chin and proudly say, “My family has always voted Democrat.”  There’s no correlation between the party of JFK and the current batch of seditionists hiding behind that label.  The fascist crap they keep predicting is going to wind up being a self-fulfilling prophecy because it’s almost impossible not to see blood in the streets in the very near future.

Those who are really behind the destruction of our republic are the same ones who go about their daily lives, completely oblivious to how the left is taking over America and completely ignoring how powerless President Trump and A.G. Sessions truly are, while at the same time continuing to support the Republican Party.  We have Republicans “controlling” both chambers of Congress and the White House and yet we get nothing but more promises of great things yet to come.  What we need to do, come 2018, is NOT to elect more Democrats, God forbid, but instead to elect more conservative Republicans to replace every RINO we can in the House as well as whatever RINO we can who’s coming up for re-election in the Senate.  Then and only then will President Trump be able to achieve success in his effort to “Make America Great Again.”

And while the insanity that continues on the left may energize the Democrat base, will it have any meaningful effect on those whom the Democrat Party needs, and desperately so, to actually start winning elections again?   But perhaps the bigger question might be, what is it that the Republican Party is doing to seize upon what is really nothing less than a golden opportunity, one where we find the Democrat Party weaker than it has been in decades?  I would argue, not much!  Instead, they choose to stonewall President Trump at nearly every turn when what they should be doing is steamrolling the Democrats and clearing a path for Trump to make good on those campaign promises that got him elected.  Unfortunately Trump is being forced to combat the Democrats, the media and many Republicans.


Waters 5

Every time, she who is one of Congress’s more prolific spreaders of political bullshit, Maxine Waters, opens her big fat mouth you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that the only thing coming out of it will likely amount to little more than that which has become her trademark conspiratorial gibberish.  And it’s because of this rather peculiar habit of hers that Waters is very quickly cementing her position as the congressional Democrats’ go-to conspiracy theorist on all matters related to the much exaggerated ties between Trumpworld and the Kremlin.  And as evidenced by her TV appearance on Tuesday of this week, Ms. Waters never disappoints.

And in what I can only assume was an attempt on her part to once again prove beyond any and all doubt that she is as ignorant as we all think she is, it was in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that Waters went so far as to actually speculate that Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s recent announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2018 may actually be due to his own improper links to the Russian government.  Now for those of you who may not know, Mr. Chaffetz is a Republican which, therefore, makes him fair game for such pathetic accusations.  Waters, of course, acknowledged that she has no evidence to support that theory, but she saw fit to offer it anyway.

And it was in making her typically idiotic comments about Mr. Chaffetz that our esteemed Ms. Waters said, “There is a lot of speculation about what he’s doing.”   And then the old dingbat went on to say, “There are those who think that he, in some ways, have some connections to what is going on in the Ukraine and perhaps in Russia itself and knows something about all of this. I don’t really know. I can’t say, but he’s strange in the way that he’s conducting himself.”  However, the more conventional theory regarding Chaffetz’s departure, which Waters did also casually mention in passing, is the fact that he plans to run for Utah governor in 2020.

Chaffetz happened to be the subject of conversation because he had announced earlier on Tuesday that he had seen evidence suggesting that former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn may have broken the law.  It was then that Chaffetz had said, “As a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from Russia, Turkey or anybody else.”  And then he went on to add, “He was supposed to seek permission and receive permission from both the secretary of state and the secretary of the Army prior to traveling to Russia to not only accept that payment but to engage in that activity. I see no evidence that he actually did that.”

But Waters was determined to dig a little deeper into her reservoir of harebrained theories and offered up another possibility for why Chaffetz may have been critical of Flynn, who was fired from his job in February for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador.  She said, “Maybe [Chaffetz] thinks that if he rolls out and points to the fact that something is going on with Flynn that he did not disclose, and this is criminal, I mean he’s violated a federal law, that somehow this will raise him above maybe what connections he may have with the Kremlin.”  And she added that “we need to keep an eye on him.”

Hayes cracked a smile as he tepidly attempted to interject during Waters’ remarks.  He said, “I should say, congresswoman, I have not seen any evidence produced of that,” adding “but we’ll look for the evidence.”  Waters’ profile has risen during the Trump administration. She has repeatedly called for Trump’s impeachment for a variety of reasons, including the allegations that Trump colluded with the Russian government to influence the election.  To the point where rumor has it that many are now questioning, of not openly at least behind the scenes, her mental fitness when it comes to continuing in her present position as it may adversely affect her party.

I guess my favorite part of her idiotic little rant was when she said, “… I don’t really know. I can’t say…”  But, you know, I will anyway.  Liberals, you just gotta laugh at ‘em.  There’s nothing they won’t say in the effort to advance their rather twisted, collectivist creed.  What we have here is another instance where Waters is allowed to throw out all manner of lies and go unchallenged.  But then, I guess, why should we expect anything different.  Current ‘news’ programming has now become unwatchable.  There’s a reason imbeciles like her never go anywhere near those who might ask them to actually backup the idiotic statements that they make.

And so Democrats continue to prove to the American people that they are not an all-inclusive political party whose platform and ideas are for the benefit of all the American people. Theirs is a party of old unpopular ideas, no solutions to the big problems facing this country and makes clear their inability to actually govern this nation.  And yet, it’s always their way or the highway. They will assassinate the character of anyone who dares to oppose them and they will vehemently obstruct a sitting President because they are too sophomoric and immature to accept the harsh realities that the American people rejected their party and their leftist ideals.

And I must say, and I mean no offense to anyone, that at 65 years old, I’ve yet to see any black Democrat politician who doesn’t come across as being more than a little clueless and patently hypocritical about all that their party seems to stand for.  Obviously, commonsense and critical thinking aren’t their strong-suits.  I have always been somewhat baffled as to why black politicians support the party of slavery and of the KKK.  And it’s Democrats from Pelosi to Hoyer to Waters to Rangel who are nearly all in their 60s, 70s or even 80s with most, if not all, showing the very distinctive signs of dementia demonstrated by the mindless drivel which they continue to spew.

It’s become difficult, at least for me, to pick the #1 imbecile from this bunch of leftwing crazies.  After all we have Hank “I’m afraid Guam might tip over and capsize” Johnson, Sheila Jackson “Where is the flag the astronauts left (while VIEWING MARS) Lee”,  and we can’t forget about ‘Slow Joe’ “The number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be… a three-letter word, J-O-B-S” Biden.  And these three are but the tip of a very substantial iceberg.  All of which makes you wonder how it is that any reasonably intelligent individual could ever bring themselves to vote of any of these people?  Sometimes I think we’re just too far gone to be saved.



Ok, are there really people who choose to vote Democrat because they actually consider Democrats to be nothing short of economic geniuses?  I think we all know why it is that most people vote for Democrats, that being, of course, because it increases the odds of them getting “free stuff.”  Because when it comes to all matters economic, and that may be related to actually growing the economy, Democrats have proven time and again that they have nothing but a ‘black thumb’.  Now you may ask what proof do I have for making such a declaration.  Well, according to its report “Rich States, Poor States,” the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has concluded that states with more Democrats in control have poorer economic performance than other states under Republican control.

ALEC released the following chart showing the top ten and bottom ten states:


What follows is a breakdown of where control lies in the bottom ten states.  Data mined for the report include various taxes, minimum wage, number of public employees, etc.:

#41: Oregon (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#42: Maine (Dems split control of the legislature with Republicans)

#43: Hawaii (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#44: Illinois (Dems control the legislature)

#45: Minnesota (Dems control the governor’s office)

#46: Connecticut (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#47: California (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#48: New Jersey (Dems control the legislature)

#49: Vermont (Dems control the legislature)

#50: New York (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

And if we focus on Number 50, New York state, what we have going on there is really little more than the adding of insult to injury.  Because it’s a new report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy that reveals the effects of Gov. Andy Cuomo’s anti-pipeline stance there in his state.  The governor, who blocked a gas pipeline last year and another this month, might need to read this, because it reveals how it is that his actions are having a terrible effect on his state.  In fact, the study revealed: … the Northeast (New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) is paying more for natural gas, losing tens of thousands of jobs and emitting more greenhouse gases than necessary thanks to “self-imposed” local “pipeline constraints.”  Way to go, Andy!

And it this same report that goes on to point out: “The projected loss to the region by 2020 adds up to 78,400 jobs and nearly $7.6 billion in economic activity and “the displacement of $4.4 billion in labor income.” New York alone would see $1.6 billion less in state GDP and the loss of 17,400 jobs.”  And it further pointed out, “Already, Northeasterners shell out 29 percent more for gas than the US average and 44 percent more for electricity. Industrial customers pay twice the national gas average — and 62 percent more for power.”  So here we have another Democrat who has made nothing less than a complete a mess of his state and is still rumored to be considering a run for president come 2020.  Seriously?  What level of insanity would be required anyone to vote for this boob, Cuomo?

The reason why things are so bad there in New York is because there aren’t enough pipelines.  The high prices can be blamed on bottlenecks in the region’s limited distribution network.  Too bad there’s not a way to fix that.  Oh wait a minute, THERE IS!  It’s just that leftwing kook, Cuomo, doesn’t like it.  When he blocked the Northern Access and the Constitution pipeline, he cited water concerns.  But a New York Post Board Editorial says, “these projects would’ve been as safe as (or safer than) countless other water-crossing projects that got approval — and caused no problems — over the years.”  Look, the real reason liberals, like Cuomo, hate money and job creation is simple: they put “the wishes of environmental groups ahead of the needs and interests of their constituents.”

I was born and raised in New York and spent the first 25 years of my life there before finally leaving by way of joining the military.  And it was then that I swore I’d never go back except to visit family and friends who still live there.  After decades of Democrat and RINO Republican rule in the state, the state has become is a complete mess on nearly every level.  Of course the biggest problem the state is made to face is that, unfortunately, it’s got New York City attached to it.  My dad used to say that the best thing New York state could do would be to cut loose the city and cast it adrift out in the Atlantic.  Because the rest of the state is essentially nothing more than a life support system for a city that tends to vote a block for every Democrat governor or senator countering the votes of those who live upstate.

You know, I really have to laugh every time I see one of those commercials trying to entice folks to come to New York and bring their businesses there with them. They make the claim that there would be no taxes for new businesses for 10 years and they also imply that all manner of businesses have already made the move to New York.  But what about the businesses that are already there, are they made to make up the difference?  Also, the free college thing is being used to try to get people to stay in New York after they graduate.  And then we have New York City which is little more than an anchor that’s dragging down the rest of the state, not to mention a corrupt governor who is obviously running for the White House in the future.  New York taxpayers are paying for those commercials!

The poor folks who live in the more rural areas New York State have, for decades, been bled dry all in an effort to kept afloat those bastions of leftwing lunacy spread throughout the state from Buffalo to ‘The Big Apple’.  The state legislature has been for a century one of the most dysfunctional, and corrupt, state governments you’ll find anywhere in the country.  And it’s regardless of who it is that’s in control, the Democrats or RINO Republicans, it really doesn’t matter.  Because when RINOs like Pataki, Carey or Nelson Rockefeller ran the state it wasn’t in any better shape than it is under Cuomo.  Albany has always been little more than a cesspool of corruption, it’s just that Cuomo has now taken to a whole new level.

And then in California, Number 47, we have Gov. Moonbeam, who must have forgotten that he once promised that all taxes would first be voted on by the people, because he recently had his Democrat controlled legislature pass a new gas tax.  Meanwhile the state keeps losing its tax base as existing businesses keep moving elsewhere, and prospective new businesses are made to jump through so many hoops that few bother.  All the time the population keeps increasing despite workers moving out with their companies. So as the state loses tax payers it gains little more than welfare recipients, whether legally here or not. Americans from other states are charged substantially higher out of state fees at state universities, but Mexicans who are here illegally are charged the same amount as resident Californians.

Look, the American people are literally surrounded by all manner of evidence that the Democrat way of doing things results in nothing more than abject misery and the most costly sort of failure.  And yet we continue to see, in poll after poll, how it is that there are still, for whatever reason, a significant number of Americans who say that the Democrats are better equipped to handle the economy.  Is that not the classic definition of insanity?  Come on people, wake the f*ck up!  Our country is $20 Trillion in debt and somehow we think that the Democrats are the ones to get us out of debt?  It was Barry “Almighty” who in eight short years increased our nation’s debt by $10 Trillion.  Now who in their right mind thinks that was a good idea.  We simply can no afford the Democrat way of doing things.



If you’ve spent any amount of time lately listening to Democrats like ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, and the newly elected, and rather foul-mouthed, leader of the DNC, Tom Perez, you’re likely to have come away thinking that the Democrat Party must have an over-abundance of members, to the point where it can now afford to thin out some non-believers.  Because it’s according to these two less than stellar imbeciles that the 28 percent of Democrats who oppose abortion now have no place in the Democrat Party.  Now to be honest with you, I had no idea that anyone in the Democrat Party actually opposed abortion, so imagine my surprise when I heard that so many do.

Durbin echoed party chair Tom Perez Sunday in saying that there has become no room in the party for dissent when it comes to the abortion issue.  It was during an appearance on the Communist News Network (CNN) that Durbin said, “I am committed to women’s rights under the law, reproductive rights certainly, and our party is [committed].”  ‘Little Dick’ went on to say, “We’ve made that part of our platform and position for a long, long time. I know within the ranks of the Democratic Party there are those who see that differently on a personal basis, but when it comes to the policy position, I think we need to be clear and unequivocal.”

Apparently those who identify as Democrats and personally believe abortion is wrong can be allowed to remain in the party, but only on one condition, at least according to ‘Little Dick’.  He said they can stay but only “as long as they are prepared to back the law, Roe versus Wade, prepared to back women’s rights as we’ve defined them under the law.”  That is: all members of the Democrat Party are expected to publicly support abortion, regardless of what they may personally believe.  Perez, who has struggled to unify the moderate and far-left wings of the Democrat Party, had also demanded conformity from party members on the subject of abortion.

Because what really got things started heading in this direction was in a statement released last Friday by Perez that said, “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health.”  And this statement went on to say, “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”  Durbin and Perez’s disavowal of pro-life Democrats followed Bernie Sanders coming under fire for supporting a Democrat mayoral candidate in Nebraska who previously opposed abortion but later reversed his position after coming under some pretty significant pressure from liberal activists.

Despite Durbin and Perez’s rather ludicrous demands for ideological purity, a not-insignificant number of Democrats do seem to be pro-life.  Pew Research Center found last year that 28 percent of Democrats say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases.  Hispanic voters, a pretty reliable voting bloc for the Democrats, are deeply divided on the subject of abortion.  Pew found that 49 percent of Hispanics say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, while 48 percent say it should be legal in most or all cases.  But I’m sure when it comes right down to it, those who are against abortion, I’m sure, could be financially enticed to change their mind.

And then, oddly enough, it was just this past Sunday, while on MSNBC, that House Minority Leader Nancy ‘Botox Eats Your Brain’ Pelosi appeared to contradict both Tommy ‘Garbage Mouth’ Perez and ‘Little Dick’ Durbin.  She said, “Of course” Democrats can also be pro-life.”  But it was after making the comment that Pelosi proceeded to quickly change the subject, and she did not address whether Democrats can support pro-life policies, in addition, to personally opposing abortion.  So I’m curious, how does Ms. Pelosi really feel about this sort of dissent from within the Democrat ranks?  Does she really disagree with Perez and Durbin, or not?

But look, isn’t this the sort of thing that drove, quite literally, millions of Democrats, and Democrat leaning independents, throughout the country to vote Republican this last election, especially in the formerly Democrat industrial heartland?  Democrats have lost pretty much everything since 2010 mostly because of their rather narrow minded ideology that allows for zero dissent.  Just look at a college campuses, also look at a map by voting districts, virtually everything that they managed to win was in a few large urban centers in a couple regions of the country.  Democrats have now become a regional party with no appeal outside of specific liberal zones.

And I must admit that I get some level pleasure from watching the Democrats as they keep coming up with new and improved ways to expedite their own political demise.  And you have got to love the Nazi-like, as much as I hate to use such an analogy, intolerance and demands for conformity.  The Democrat Party now seems to be committed to a process that both encourages and endorses the ejecting of undesirables from their Party.  Those being: Straight white males, those who are not for unfettered abortion, those who believe in God (but not Allah), the working class and rural America. Eventually they will eject all who identify as whites.

But why is it, do you suppose, that these supposed ‘leaders’ of the Democrat Party are so determined to bring about this rift within their own party?  Are they so confident in their numbers that they are willing to lose the support of over a quarter of their voters because they refuse to support something that goes against their morals?  What will be the result of these leaders telling people how to think and what to believe regarding their opinion on certain issues.  Perhaps it will be that these voters who cannot side with the Republicans on so many issues, will turn to an independent candidate or simply sit on the sideline during the 2018 elections.

Now I realize that I am nowhere near a political strategist of any kind, but it would seem to me that the type of behavior we’re now seeing from the Democrat Party would seem to be more than a little foolish.  President Trump won the election with such a close vote.  And now it’s the my-way-or-the-highway crowd choosing to cast so many voters aside, risking the putting future elections even further into jeopardy.  But I must say that my comfort in a shrinking Democrat Party is somewhat tempered by my concern that the Republicans only seem to have value when they are opposing the left, and most have no intention whatsoever of ever doing the right thing.

And the perfect example of such Republican hypocrisy is Obamacare.  Because it was time after time that they pounded their collective chest as they put a repeal bill on Barry “Almighty’s” desk.  And now we find out the truth, that it was all merely for show.  Because now that we have a president who would sign it, it’s now that all of a sudden their true intent, or lack thereof, becomes all the more obvious.  So while I am glad for what we DON’T have, I have to wonder, and still have a great many reservations, about exactly what we DO have.  The time has come for the Republicans to either shit or get off the pot because 2018 now hanging in the balance.

And as much as I hate to mention Hitler in reference to what’s going on here, because the comparison is overused, I do think he would be very proud of today’s Democrat Party. He would see many similarities such as attempt at gun control, eugenics, violence to silence ‘non believers’, crony capitalism, police state tactics, informing on your neighbor, using ‘immigrants’ for jobs that ‘Germans’ won’t do, and the censoring of, or banning outright, other points of view.  And Democrats today can’t stand the Jews either.  And it would seem that the more Islam takes over the Democrat Party, the more it will be aligned with the Nazis.  But, we’re seen as being the ‘crazy’ ones.



As we enter each and every election season, whether for president or for midterms, I always find myself wondering if this will be the election when blacks finally wake up, come to their senses, and at least begin to make the journey off the Democrat plantation.  And it’s always after each and every election that I get my answer…Nope!  And it’s usually then that I begin ponder what it might actually take to convince blacks that the Democrat Party is not their friend and that it most certainly does not have their best interests at heart.  Blacks are simply seen as a source of votes for Democrats, nothing more and nothing less.  And apparently that’s enough for them.

Recently at the University of Wisconsin in Madison we had someone identified as being an ‘assistant professor’ from the University of Pittsburgh, and she had a political message to deliver to students.  The title of ‘Dr.’ Shanara Reid-Brinkley’s presentation pretty much tells you all you need to know about her: “Anti-Blackness and the Political: Millennials, Black Intellectuals, and the Re-shaping of American Politics.”  And it’s in her talks that she actually suggests that blacks have less liberty in America now that President Donald Trump has replaced Barry “Almighty” in the Oval Office.  She said, “I think that we’re all screwed because white people are in charge.”

According to ‘Professor’ Reid-Brinkley, democracy was built on anti-blackness, and therefore black people will never have the same freedoms as whites.  She also goes on to allege that white people are to blame for issues, such as global warming, genocide, and colonization and that none of these “problems” will be solved until black people — not white people — are in charge.  What do you suppose may have happened to Ms. Reid-Brinkley in her life to arouse within her such a level of intense hatred for whites?  Because that’s what she is really making very clear here, the fact that she hates white people.  And apparently most, if not ALL, white people!

I’m old enough to remember when colleges attempted to open the minds of their students by at least pretending to present different lines of thought to them. However, the left has now been seized by such hysterical anti-Trump fervor and colleges these days have become one gigantic pity party over the 2016 election. They are so blinded by their own bias that they think it’s perfectly acceptable for a professor to get up in front of students and suggest that an entire race of people is unfit for public office.  However, if Obummer showed us anything, it’s that a black man should never again be elected president.  It’s far too complicated of a job.

And what continues to puzzle me, at least to some degree, is why it is that so many parents continue to shell out big money to send their kids to what are nothing but indoctrination factories.  For instance, the cost of out-of-state tuition to the University of Pittsburgh is $29,758 and the cost of out-of-state tuition to the University of Wisconsin in Madison is $32,738.  Now as far as I’m concerned that’s money that could be much better spent.  Why is it that so many parents seem so content to willingly finance the brainwashing of their own children, with the net result being having them return home to live with mommy and daddy until they’re 40?

In truth, Ms. Reid-Brinkley is really nothing more than another of those our garden variety racists who, while she may think of herself as being intelligent, reveals herself to be, courtesy of her words and actions, anything but.  Because it is nothing short of the complete subjugation of whitey that will come to satisfy vehemently racist blacks like herself.  So here’s a suggestion for her, how about we start by immediately taking away ALL affirmative action, all welfare, all food stamps, all Obamaphones and all preferential admission to college based only on skin color.  Let’s even out the playing field for real and then see who it is that comes out on top.

And she also alleges that white people are to blame for issues, “such as global warming, genocide, and colonization and that none of these problems will be solved until black people — not white people— are in charge.”  This woman is a lunatic, but even worse is the fact that she actually believes this.  And sadly many black Americans believe it as well.  We are Balkanizing in slow motion, our country is unraveling, a process that began once we forgot about the “melting pot” and started down the road of identity politics. The only reason anyone talks about celebrating diversity is because we have no choice which doesn’t mean diversity is good.

And she goes on to make the claim that “none of these problems will be solved until black people-not white people-are in charge.”  I suppose in a way one can say she’s right.  Look how great life is in such places as Zimbabwe, Liberia, South Africa, Sudan, etc, etc.  All utopias, right?  Oh wait, that’s not the same you say?  Well then, what about Detroit, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, and a list that could go on to include nearly every big city in America.  Blacks need to take a long hard look in the mirror, they’ve caused their own problems and they should be the ones to fix them and stop blaming Whitey for their inability to live like civilized human beings!

She also makes the claim that black people are screwed under Trump?  But such a statement proves just how ignorant of the facts she really is.  Because for blacks in America Barry’s economic policies were responsible for: a 58 percent increase in food stamps, a 20 percent jump in those out of the workforce, the fact that black home ownership is 20 percent lower than the national average, the fact the black unemployment is higher than the national average, the racial wage gap being the worst in nearly 40 years, black median household income being $20,000 lower than the national average, and the poverty rate 10 percent higher than national average.

People like Ms. Reid-Brinkley all subscribe to the same twisted, and blatantly racist philosophy that is black liberation theology/critical race theory. This rise of racist black supremacism, or black nationalism is a growing problem.  These people are obsessed with race.  They are completely anti-white, racist bigots.  And don’t give me this “blacks can’t be racist because whites have the power” nonsense.  Of course they can be racist, and in fact they are racist.  They all seem to see some form or another of Marxism as being the solution.  And they seek nothing short of the complete overthrow of our current system of government based on our Constitution.

These people view our Constitution as being a racist document written by slave masters.  And therefore everything that flows from it is to be viewed as racist and illegitimate. They are organized into radical groups like BLM, OFA, Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party, and any number of others.  They are in league with far left money masters like George Soros.  Make no mistake, these people are the enemy.  And they are not going to respond to anything short of the use of force.  They will just ignore any ruling they don’t like, and any law they don’t like.  The see the rules as not applying to them, only to the rest of us.

And I guess it feels good to jump off a cliff, the rushing wind and the sense of freedom is just like flying, but at some point they are going to come to the realization that neither the world nor whitey has provided them with a soft place to land.  I find it ironic that most Whites have embraced Dr. King’s philosophies while most Blacks have rejected them in favor of Jim Crow type laws and segregation.  Democrat LBJ said that the Democrats could control blacks through the ‘war on poverty’ and gain their votes for the next 200 years.  And as the minorities fall into the trap of government welfare programs all they do is to continue to prove him right.

And so the harsh truth of it all is that the only people who are screwing blacks, are blacks themselves.  Blacks are their own worst enemy.  After all, if it weren’t for racism they would have to blame themselves for their problems and white guilters and crooked politicians would then have to find a new angle.  Personally, I believe blacks should be treated equally rather than as a protected species. That’s what caused this problem in the first place.  If they chose to use the commonsense God gave them they would recognize what they are doing to themselves and exactly who enables and finances their behavior.  But they don’t. And so the cycle continues.



So while his boss is out on what can only be described as a ‘garbage-mouth’ tour with Bernie, it was the second in command of the DNC who was out telling folks that much of the blame for his party’s electoral failures of the last several years can be place that the feet of Barack Hussein Obama.  No man, tell me it isn’t so.  So are we to assume that this nutjub-Moslem Brotherhood-supporting-Socialist-of-a-Democrat has finally come to his senses?  It was on Wednesday of this week that Ellison, at an event held at the University of Minnesota, said, “Barack Obama could have been a better party leader, and I think the fact that he wasn’t has put his legacy in jeopardy.”

It was in our last presidential contest that Ellison chose to back Bernie over Hitlery and he was also an early supporter of Barry Obummer.  But he seemed to be singing a somewhat different tune this week as he said that the former president’s failure to lead the Democrat Party led to steep losses at the national level as well as in state houses across the country.  He said, “His true legacy is in danger, and I think he can’t say that he wasn’t part of those losses. I mean, who else?”  Frankly, if there is one thing that absolutely needs to be done, and as quickly as is humanly possible, it is the complete erasure of all that is recognized as being Barry’s “true legacy”.

And something else this week that struck me as being a little confusing was how on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York Times White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush reported, “my inbox this morning’s been flooded by Democrats who are sort of saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.”  Thrush said, “[W]hat is interesting is my inbox this morning’s been flooded by Democrats who are sort of saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.”  Granted the guy is pretty far to the left, and was a big Bernie for president supporter, but the one thing he had going for him was that at least he was under 60 years of age.

Anyway this Thrush guy went on to say, “[H]e was not electric. He was more static electric. But I think, in general, that is an issue. Look, the other thing is, look how deep the bench was down there. There were a lot of people who wanted that seat. I think the larger issue that we’re dealing with here right now, is the fact that the Democrats just don’t have a lot of candidates, not just in Georgia, but around the country in general. There’s not a lot of people to kind of catch this Trump wave.”   So I’m curious, if not Ossoff, then who?  Who is it that all of the leftwing complainers might have preferred to see run as the Democrat in this particular race?

And while I have never considered myself in any way a fan of Barry, I must admit that he was responsible for getting more Republicans elected than Ronald Reagan, and he singlehandedly convinced millions of Americans to become proud gun owners.  So I guess in the big scheme of things he wasn’t all bad.  But that said, I find it rather priceless how Democrats are now all busy blaming each other and refuse to accept the very real fact that it was their progressive platform and the direction in which they insist upon taking this country that is the primary reason behind their numerous electoral failures.  This didn’t just happen with Trump.

It was Barry who gave America her first real taste of progressive socialism, and most Americans chose to spit it right back at him and his party.  The losses the Democrats have suffered over the years should make it clear to even the most devoted leftist that the socialist platform was not accepted.  Perhaps if the Democrats were to ditch the snowflakes and then attempt to rebuild their party without the free giveaways, the anti-white, anti-cop, anti-religion and anti-gun platform, the Democrats might once again meet with some level of electoral success.  But if they stick with what hasn’t worked they will continue to wander in the political wilderness.

But look, I do think that it might be more than a little unfair to put all of the blame on Barry.  After all, he did have plenty of help.  There was ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid, Chuckie Schumer, and Nancy ‘Botox Eats Your Brain’ Pelosi to name just three of his very loyal comrades. The focus of the Democrat Party was, and in some respects remains, on such things as restrooms usage, open borders and Moslem refugees, meanwhile unemployment is sky high and health care costs are going through the roof and crime is skyrocketing.  And Barry’s many scandals didn’t help either and then there are all those other issues the DNC refuses to address.

But you have to admit, if Barry was anything over the course of his presidency, it’s that at least he was consistent.  He lead the DNC with the same “You didn’t build that” administrative thinking that he did the country.  And it was this hapless boob, Ellison, who did everything he could to support the 2008 Democrat ‘vote by color’ campaign.  He can’t now run from the failure of 98% of the black electorate voting solely on the basis of color.  And shaming the other Democrats to join in with hints and accusations of racism.  They got their guy. They got the anti-American outlook they wanted.  Ellison and the rest of the DNC own the failure that that produced.

The Democrat Party attracts followers, and maintains their base, with a carrot dangled in front of numerous but separate groups of people, each with their own pet desires; free this and that, free college, gay marriage, abortion on demand etc.  They don’t openly reveal their true party platform, which is to create a true socialist government and a country with no borders.  If and when that goal is achieved they will move on to their ultimate Utopia; a single world socialist government under the control of a “benevolent”, totalitarian, non-elected and self-perpetuating board of directors.  A world stripped of all feelings of “nationalism”.

Far be it from me to offer up any advice to Mr. Ellison, but it would seem to me that if he has a legitimate beef with Obummer it would be that Obummer was perhaps a bit too quick to reveal a little too much about “The Plan” which Obummer intended to implement once he was elected.  I mean it was even before he was elected that he announced that his plan would be to “fundamentally transform the United States of America!”  And what were the first things he set about doing, with a Democrat controlled Congress right behind him?  It was to pass a bogus ‘stimulus’ bill that was nothing more than a kick back to all those who chose to support him and Obamacare.

And as for this Ossoff guy down in Georgia 6th district, I’m not quite sure why there are those who thought he was such a bad candidate.  Personally he wasn’t my cup of tea because he wanted amnesty for illegals, but then I’m not a Democrat.  That’s nothing more than a slap in the face for many immigrants who have worked and sacrificed a great deal, to follow our immigrations laws, and did things the right way. America loves immigrants, however, we love immigrants that follow our laws. Just as other countries expect us to follow their laws, we should be no different, in that aspect.  As Americans we are expected to uphold the laws of our land.

Ossoff openly said he did not mind our laws being broken, and actually favored rewarding those same law breakers by giving them amnesty.  Every government/state official, needs to understand that they serve the people.  This guy has not taken that stand.  He chose to placate his party, instead of being the servant of the people and for the people, we the American citizens.  We want our country, our traditions, our jobs, and basically, our way of life back.  And we don’t just want it for ourselves, we want it for future generations who are not embarrassed about our culture, and in being an American citizen. We want to help our President Make America Great Again!

The most worrisome part for me is the sheer number of people out there who are either not educated enough or are either unable to, or refuse to, recognize what is truly going on in this country and who actually believe every word they hear from those in our state-controlled media. Those are the folks who the Democrats and the media are really speaking to!  If only people could use a little logic and a liitle commonsense!  But nope!  You’d think people would be pretty tired and fed up with all of the negativity being thrown at them!  Or fed up with being told every day how stupid they are!  Because that is what those in the media are really doing!

For me, and I can assume for all those who voted for Trump, it gets rather tiresome hearing them tell me, ad nauseam, that the President we voted for sucks and that we were stupid for having voted for him.  And if we would only listen to them and understand what it is that they telling us, they would come to prove it to us!!  And te fact that they have to make things up and create any number of ‘fake news’ stories in their effort to convince us seems to matter very little to them.  I mean how would they like to be told, on a daily basis, that they are a racist or a misogynist or a homophobe or to be slandered in some other way?

And finally, this current state of disarray in which the Democrat Party now finds itself is not going to last for long.  And I wish I could say that the Republicans were able to recognize that fact and begin to react accordingly and to be a bit more aggressive in trying to seize what I consider as being nothing less than a golden opportunity.  An opportunity to work on consolidating their power in Washington and to work harder to move forward with the conservative agenda, but quite frankly they seem to be in nearly the same state of disarray as the Democrats.  Our country is quite literally hanging by a thread and it’s conservatism that is the only thing that will save it.



Try as they might, the Democrats keep coming up short, first in Kansas and now in Georgia.  And while the contest in Georgia has not yet been officially decided, that will come in June’s runoff election, Democrats had had some pretty high hopes to avoid that eventuality by winning it outright last night.  But such was not the case.  The upstart Democrat, Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former congressional staffer, ended up with 48.1 percent of the vote which fell below the required 50 percent plus one needed to prevent a runoff.

The progressive establishment all around the country had hoped to secure an outright victory for Ossoff in this suburban Atlanta Congressional District, one that President Trump won by only one percent back in November.  The hope among progressive activists, as well as among the liberal state-controlled media, was that an Ossoff victory in this district would be an early indicator of an impending anti-Trump tsunami that could return the House of Representatives back to Democrat control in the 2018 midterm elections.

Though Ossoff hovered at or near the majority threshold that he needed to win throughout the night, his lead begun to shrink as more precincts rolled in from across the district, a district that has been held by a Republican since Newt Gingrich was elected there back in 1978.  That means a June 20 runoff that will now pit Ossoff against the top Republican vote-getter, Karen Handel, the former Georgia Secretary of State.  So it’s that election that may be much more of an accurate harbinger of things to come in 2018.

And then in what is a rather weird turn of events, rumor now has it that Democrats are already throwing him under the bus with many saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.  They go on to claim that the bench remains pretty deep there and that there were a lot of other people who wanted that seat.  But such comments would seem to contradict the fact that the Democrats are known to not have a lot of candidates to choose from, and not just in Georgia, but around the country in general.  And fewer still under 60.

Still, I think it can safely be said that this most recent contest is a test for both parties’ strategies for the upcoming national election cycle.  National attention, already significant, intensified after last week’s closer-than-expected Republican victory in the Kansas special House election.  Trump did not perform as well as other Republicans last November in the Georgia district, an affluent, well-educated swath filled with the kind of voters Democrats need if they hope to reclaim a House majority next year.

The far left political machine raised huge amounts of money from liberal strongholds all around the country, from New York to San Francisco, and of course from Hollywood, to bankroll Ossoff’s campaign to the tune of more than $8.3 million raised in the first three months of his campaign.  But it does make one wonder when there are now some saying he was a terrible candidate what was it that convinced so many to contribute so much to his campaign?  It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.  But we are talking about Democrats.

Republican groups ran a blitz of ads trying to tie Ossoff to Pelosi; a political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan spent more than $2 million on those and other attack ads.  National Republicans say any of the four competitive GOP candidates could defeat Ossoff in a second round.  They predict conservative voters would be more energized in a Republican vs. Democrat scenario. “Republican voters are not going to sit by and let this district go to a Democrat,” Handel said at one of her final campaign stops.

The Republican establishment, initially caught flat-footed, did end up spending over $5 million in advertising against Ossoff in the last weeks of the campaign, but it never caught up in the all-important ground game.  And in retrospect, Republicans failed to recognize the unique opportunity the “jungle primary” provided Democrats who focused all their support behind one candidate.  Republican leadership could have made a similar choice from among their own eleven candidates but, for whatever the reason, chose not to do so.

And while there may be no requirement to be a resident of the district one is running to represent in Congress, it would seem to me that voters would want to choose someone from among their own.  So in that sense Ossoff was just another carpet-bagging charlatan willing to say whatever was needed to whomever would listen in order to get elected so he could then go to Washington and be a step-and-fetchit for Nancy Pelosi.  Because we know that within the Democrat Party individual thought is neither encouraged nor accepted.

And you know, back in 1994 I was hopeful that the Republicans had thoroughly exterminated Democrats, when they won almost every state and federal election.  Newt Gingrich promised a “Contract with America”, and conservatives were giddy with optimism that liberalism had been soundly defeated.  But eight years later, Democrats had overtaken us, and to this day, it seems we remain outnumbered.  Hitlery was easily the worst Democrat candidate in my lifetime, and yet she won the popular vote.

And whatever you may think of Donald Trump, he is somewhat of a rather divisive figure, so Republicans are far from being a dominant political force.  However, with that said, we still have reason for significant optimism because Republicans dominate state and local government, and all thanks to Obummer.  But let’s not spike the ball just yet.  Democrats are very much alive and kicking, and they represent a threat to our freedom.  And the number of uninformed imbeciles in this country is at an all-time high.  And it is they who the Democrats feed on.

The bottom line here is that the Democrats lost because most of Middle America has now chosen to reject their blatantly socialist agenda of offering to all, all manner of ‘free’ stuff.  The collective political message of the left has been reduced to simply ringing the dinner bell to let parasites know that it’s time to feed off of their unsuspecting middle class taxpayer hosts.  The left detests the middle class hosts but they can’t survive without them; and yet, they do everything in their power to destroy the host.

The incredible irony here is that the more parasites that are essentially created by the left, the fewer of these reviled hosts there will be left to feed them.  Eventually the parasites will reach critical mass and the whole society implodes…just like Greece and Venezuela. Incoherent logic leads to implosion and then…whoosh.  And if Trump is unsuccessful, or if we insist upon electing knuckleheads like this guy Ossoff, then the ultimate outcome for this grand experiment in human freedom will come about in only one way.



That leftwing dynamic duo comprised of the frenetic and rather foul-mouthed Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), along with that self-professed Socialist, and somewhat senile, Bernie Sanders have now apparently teamed for a nationwide tour which is really nothing more than a string of cross-country vitriolic attacks on President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  They kicked off their imbecilic little roadshow this past Monday night in Portland, Maine.  This entire exercise reeks of desperation as the Democrat Party goes about trying to reconstitute itself after eight rather disastrous years of Obama.

And it was as the night got underway that a rather wild-eyed Perez was heard yelling at those in attendance, “Those Republican leaders and President Trump don’t give a s**t about the people they were trying to hurt.”  Perez criticized Trump for his fiscal year 2018 budget proposal.  He went on to proclaim, “They call it a skinny budget. I call it a s**tty budget because you know what… budgets are moral documents.”  He seemed somewhat oblivious to the disconnect in his use of profanity while speaking of morality and the likely effect it may have among some voters in red states, whom he claims are his intended audience.

Perez went on to say, “We need to continue to cause good trouble, and that good trouble includes making sure we call out this budget.”  And then he proceeded to criticize President Trump’s stated desires to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, which he said, “has been a lifesaver, not a job killer.”  And he concluded by saying, “Our strength in our nation lies in our compassion as a nation.”  The hyperactive Perez was then followed on stage by Bernie who then proceeded to deliver what was nothing less than hardcore socialist message to the largely millennial audience in his nutty grandfatherly manner.

Bernie began his leftist spiel saying, “Our job is to bring millions of people into the political process who, today, do not vote or do not participate in any way.”  He went on to say, “Our job is to radically transform the Democratic Party into a fifty-state party and a party which does not continue to ignore half of the states in our country, including some of the poorest states in America.”  Echoing a theme from his ultimately unsuccessful presidential campaign he added, “Our job is to create a democratic Democrat party, a grassroots party where decisions are made from the bottom on up, not from the top on down.”

It was then that Bernie asked the crowd, “Can you imagine the Republican leadership wanting to give tax breaks to millionaires?”  Then he went on to make the blatantly dishonest claim that Republicans want to drop nutrition programs.  And in what I have to assume was only a rhetorical question, Bernie asked the crowd, “What kind of morals do these people have?”  Rhetorical because as we all know, politicians of Bernie’s persuasion essentially have no morals, therefore they have no right whatsoever to call into question anyone else’s morals.  These leftist nutjobs will say absolutely anything in their effort to regain their power.

Anyway, Bernie would go on to tell his many mind-numbed followers there in attendance, “It is not acceptable to me. It is not acceptable to you that we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care.”  Bernie told the crowd that was why he would soon be introducing legislation calling for a single payer Medicare-style health care system.  And Bernie concluded by saying, “You don’t drain the swamp when you include more billionaires in your cabinet than any president in the history of our country.”  No of course not, it makes much more sense to include a bunch of academia types who have never done anything their entire life!

Look, everyone is familiar with the net result of having had Obama in office for eight long years.  The Democrat Party has been essentially decimated and this nation experienced what was the most anemic period of economic growth in the history of our country.  And the effect on the DNC is that it is now rapidly approaching what can only be describes as critical mass with, oddly enough, Bernie appearing as the great white hope with his offering up a near endless stream of all manner of free stuff.  Bernie’s appeal is that he comes across as being more authentic than most on his side, but really he’s nothing more than just another dim-bulb Socialist.

The Democrat Party is starting to look like an ‘Old Folks Home.’  Yes, they are in need of an infusion of the young rioters from the liberal campuses into their leadership positions.  It is one thing to bang on a tray for ‘Made in America’ applesauce, and another thing to smear ketchup all over your young face, screaming in campus meetings about how badly minorities are treated in these EEOC-governed offices with 90% minority workforces or how bad women have it when 51 percent of managers in the U.S. are women who accommodate their fellow baby-vacationing, mom-clique employees in taking off a ton of time while maintaining their job security.

When you get right down to it ‘progressivism’ is really nothing but another name for communism.  When it comes to those on the left the nomenclature of the day really doesn’t matter.  Don’t let these communists like Bernie Sanders and deranged and vulgar Tom Perez succeed in taking away your freedoms that generations of veterans, our fathers and grandfathers, our mothers and grandmothers all fought for.  These two communists have no values, no integrity and no patriotism and definitely no love for the American people or our country.  When one chooses to vote for a Democrat what they are really doing is voting for bringing about the end to their freedoms.

And while I would like to think that the further left they go, the more support they will come to lose, sadly that tends not to be the case or there would be no Democrats in public office.  They are out there pimping a system of government that has failed in every single nation that instituted it.  This coming not long after they completely removed the word “God” from their charter, and their support for an illegal system of sanctuary cities where they openly harbor criminals and oppose law enforcement efforts to enforce the laws they swore an oath to defend and enforce.  And yet there are people who willing vote for those who support such policies.