I think we’re all very well aware of the fact that we have in Congress today, a rather unique little clique of politicians, a specific group of individuals, none of whom that are known for being very bright and all of which who have a reputation for being blatantly corrupt and possess a rather long history of being overtly racist. And it’s each of these people that have a few other things in common. Firstly, they are all black, secondly, they are all members of the Democrat Party and thirdly all are members of something called the ‘Congressional Black Caucus,’ (CBC). And I’m sure most people are very aware that all of these folks hate America as it presently exists.

And it’s one of more vocal members of this special little group, as well as one of its more prominent spewers of most vitriolic sort of rhetoric, that is none other than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters. And it was Waters who, during an appearance this past Saturday on MSDNC’s “Ayman,” claimed that some of the so-called right-wing conservatives in the House of Representatives were “domestic terrorists.” it was host Ayman Mohyeldin who asked, “I know that politicians tried to sound optimistic as much as they can but right now, with the leadership that we see in the House, is there any path forward for police reform in Congress after this later on tragic killing?”

‘Mad Maxine’ said, “It is the Marjorie Taylor Greene Republican caucus. You heard what McCarthy said. He said that he just loves her and that he is going to do everything he can to protect her and that she is saying in so many ways that I owe him. So I don’t expect anything from them. We are going to try to do everything that we possibly can. But I think that the average American person can see what is going on.” And this racist old dolt said, “We have these right-wing conservatives who are, you know, we have domestic terrorists in the House of Representatives.” And our supposed ‘journalist,’ Mr. Mohyeldin simply sat there and nodded in agreement. 

She went on to say, “These people are extremists, so I am not optimistic that that is the way that it is going to happen until the people of this country really decide that they do not want it, and they are not going to elect people who act in the way that they act.” “Act the way that ‘they’ act?” What the Hell is this hypocritical old bitch even talking about? Wasn’t she the one who told people to get in the faces of her opponents in restaurants and intimidate them, and to let them know that they aren’t welcome here! Talk about terrorism… she was inciting events that could have easily developed into violence against elected officials. This is what those like Waters do!

And the fact that this imbecile continues to get reelected says far more about those in her district, in which ‘Mad Maxine’ does not even reside, than it says about Waters herself. She has accomplished nothing more in Congress than to make herself incredibly wealthy and to have successfully avoid more than a few ethics investigations. But she is black which is what’s most important to most black voters. Honesty and integrity seem to be traits that are simply not important to those who routinely vote for those who are black and are Democrats. Waters supports BLM and Antifa, and yet feels justified in referring to Republicans as “domestic terrorists.” 

And if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about domestic terrorists, it’s ‘Mad Maxine.’ Many may not remember, or may have chosen to forget, one of the black thugs who attacked Reginald Denny, smashing a cinder block on his head during the Rotney King riots, and who got sentenced to prison for doing it. And that it was ‘Mad Maxine’ who then pulled some strings, got this thug released and even arranged a government ‘job’ job for him paid for by taxpayers. But where is that we find that vert same black thug today? Well that’s easy, he’s doing life for murdering a fellow crack dealer just a year later. And it was ‘Mad Maxine’ who made it all possible.

Remember, when Democrats make such accusations against the Republicans it’s only because they are engaging in the very actions that they are accusing the Republicans of engaging in. Waters needs to explain how this man’s murder is a federal crime. What makes this a federal case and not just another case of the police brutality? All the parties have been arrested. Have her explain why this case, in particular, deserves to be a beacon for federal takeover of all policing in the country especially in light of how federal law enforcement has now been weaponized by the Democrats for use against their political rivals and anyone who dares to disagree with them.

‘Mad Maxine’ is a horrible politician and an even worse human being. She takes every opportunity to dehumanize, defame, and destroy anyone who dares to disagree, or go along, with her and those in her beloved Democrat Party. When was the last time that ‘Mad Maxine’ was called to task for her disgusting, hateful, call-to-violence comments? Which one of our social media site(s) have chosen to shut down her accounts? I would argue that she is deserving of yet another ethics committee investigation, but with the House this closely divided, that will never happen. ‘Mad Maxine’ is clearly one of the most disgusting individuals to ever hold public office.


If you’ve spent any amount of time listening to just about anyone in the world of ‘fake news,’ or to Joey, or to just about any Democrat, discussing the death of Tyre Nichols, you would likely no have no doubt that the cops involved are all White. After all, the narrative being built around all of this is that it’s another example of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.” Rarely do any of these creeps mention the fact that all of the cops responsible happen to be…black. There was not a white guy anywhere in sight. So another young black dies at the hands of police and once again hands to blacks all across the country another excuse to go on some rampage.

So apparently, it’s once again that we have a young black man who, when stopped by police, had he done what the police told him to do, made the decision to do just the opposite. Because what I’ve read about the incident is that it was after he was stopped, as usually the case in this type of scenario, a confrontation ensued that resulted in Nichols trying to flee on foot. He was then apprehended again by the five officers resulting in yet a second confrontation. Now understand that I am in no way trying to justify the apparently excessive forced used by these officers, all I’m saying is that Mr. Nichols would be alive today were it not for his own behavior.

But oddly enough, again as is usually the case, the ‘victims’ in these cases never possess any of the blame for how things turn out. It’s always the fault of the police. And once again we have heard that that is the case in this most recent incident as well. You see, it was someone by the name of Redditt Hudson, who is black and a former police offer and co-founder of something called the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers For Justice Reform and Accountability, that said during an appearance on MSDNC’s “All In” that he believes the death of Tyre Nichols shows that black officers can adopt the police culture, which “is rooted in white supremacy.”

Hudson said, “I’ve been on this show now for some years covering these kinds of incidents. Accountability is the best training that police officers can never get when it comes to these kinds of situations. Seeing someone held accountable, prosecuted and convicted it this does become the blueprint. It becomes a stop of what we have seen. I do know for sure that the reaction in similar situations we have seen Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Mike Brown when white officers are involved with egregious conduct that we have seen, the response is very different.” He added, “It gets me to another point that I want to make while I was on with you tonight.”

He said, “Because so much ground has been covered effectively by the people that you have head-on. But these black officers, this is what it looks like when black officers internalize and align themselves with police culture, which itself is rooted in white supremacy. When I had, and all black officers have a real opportunity to address it from the inside, what makes this so sad to see is the failed opportunity to address the culture that they adopted but takes a man’s life right in front of us again it’s a sad commentary on those officers ‘ professionalism, on their ability to discern what their role should be versus what historically police role in our community has been.”

And so it’s once again that we have those on the left falling back to their typical default position: Always blame the white man. And I gotta tell you it’s really getting old. Here’s a suggestion, how about taking responsibility for your failures, because there are many. And how is it, exactly, that we have not gotten to a place where white supremacism is somehow nonwhite cops killing nonwhite people. Seriously? I’m so sick of this crap. Even when no whites can be found anywhere near a situation such as this, it’s still somehow our fault. Democrats want total anarchy. When they get it, they can offer “law and order” with a price. And that price will be your freedom!

So, you have got to ask yourself, just how fu*king hard is it to have your I.D., to keep your hands in view, and to cooperate. Do so and you’re on your way. Millions of people do it every day. And had Mr. Nichols done so, he would be with his family today. An amazing thing happens when you comply, no one gets hurt or dies. But thanks to the media and the activists this sort of thins continues to happen. Our life is a chain of choices, make good ones and good things tend to happen, make bad ones and you can wind up dead. It’s really pretty simple, and yet we still have people who insist upon making bad decisions that are always said to be the fault of others.

Most American adults have had an interaction with police in some way or another. What part of being respectful and cooperating do blacks not understand. The stop is the first part. If a policeman is rude, offensive, or violates your rights there is more than enough procedures to lodge your complaint in the system. Most policeman are just like us, they don’t want to go to court as they also must defend their actions. They are not there to lower the boom on you for some minor infraction. Now if you have outstanding warrants or invalid driver’s license, you are likely in the system. DO WHAT THEY SAY. I do have empathy for this guy and his family, but I wasn’t there.

These hateful white hating racists want us all dead. Whites continued to get blamed for everything from climate change to illegal immigration. This has everything to do with bad policing and nothing to do race. And if police culture is “white supremacy” can we then argue that the obvious implication is that non-white culture is based on crime. So you have to ask yourself, is that really where the left wants to go with this? And at what point will minorities finally admit they can act badly without being prompted to by whites? There can no longer be any doubt that MSDNC is the biggest collective of morons, imbeciles, and idiots to be found anywhere in the media today.

And finally, simply put, we have white supremacy, because for 2500 years we, whites, have produced the best minds on the planet, the greatest flourishing of the arts and sciences ever seen, the most complex and organized societies. We have white supremacy, whatever exactly it may be, because we have been the earth’s most successful race. No other has come close. We put probes on Mars and invented the thousands of technologies needed to do it. We invented the airplane, the computer, the internet, and tennis shoes. Putting it compactly, we invented the modern world. A degree of privilege, however you may conceive it, goes with the territory.


You know, when it comes to Democrats, and more specifically Adam Schiff, and the folks over at MSDNC, and again more specifically Larry O’Donnell, you simply cannot make this shit up. Because it’s every time these two get together, and I do mean every single time, that you are guaranteed to hear theories and accusations that are more bizarre than you would have thought was humanly possible. The only uncertainty regarding their little collaborations is the depth they will sink in trying to blame all that is wrong with this country on the Republicans while at the same time claiming that it’s the Democrats who are working to preserve our “democracy.”  

And it was just this past Thursday that these two once again got together when Schiff appeared on MSDNC’s “The Last Word,” which is hosted by thzt perennial doofus, O’Donnell. You see, it was then that Schiff made the claim that President Trump and the House Republicans who voted against certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election are the “principal threat to our country.” O’Donnell said, “I know it’s very premature, and I’ve never asked that candidate at this stage in the campaign this question before, but if you make it United States Senate, would you ask Chuck Schumer for an assignment on the Senate Intelligence Committee?”

Schiff said, “I would certainly be interested in continuing my service on the Intelligence Committee, but more than that, I am determined to do everything I can to defend this country. One of the sad realizations for me over the past few years is that the principal threat to our country now comes from within. It comes from a demagogue like Donald Trump. It comes from the 140 Republicans in the House of Representatives voting to overturn the presidential election because their ambition for office was greater than their devotion to the Constitution.” Right, once again we have a scumbag Democrat speaking of a “devotion to the Constitution.”

Anyway, Schiff then went on to say, “In any capacity, whether it is on the Intelligence Committee or the Judiciary Committee or any other, I intend to fight for California, to fight for American democracy, to fight for an economy that works for everyone. Because at the end of the day, and I have had this conversation with President Biden, if the economy is not delivering, if a democracy isn’t delivering, people start to consider alternatives. There really is no alternative to our form of representative government. I want that legacy passed on to my kids and grandkids.” And yet, he and his party are determined to destroy that which they claim to be fighting for.

This is the guy whose political party counts among its members those who have openly expressed a desire to both shred the Constitution and burn America to the ground. The existential threat that America faces today are the Democrats who are actually nothing more than communists who seem to be no longer interested in even trying to hide that fact. It’s rather difficult, don’t you think, to have a country without borders, no national identity and people encouraged to hate one another. It’s in Schiff that we have an out-of-control power-hungry liar, one of the most prolific liars ever to grace the halls of Congress. It’s he, and those like him, who pose the threat!

And I ask you, how are those Republicans who voted against certifying the results of the 2020 election any different than the Democrats, like Hakeem Jefferies, who voted not to certify the 2016 election? These people did nothing that the Democrats have not done, and on more than one occasion! And as is usually the case, we have a supposed ‘journalist’ nodding in agreement as Schiff spews his nonsensical drivel and never once asks for any proof for his insane accusations. Politicians not following their oath to uphold the Constitution are far more of a threat. Schiff used his position on the House Intelligence committee to lie to the country for four years. He’s a traitor!

Schiff, as do most all other Democrats, lacks even a shred of integrity. Schiff has continued to demonstrate throughout his political ‘career’ a desire to be applauded, even worshipped, for his supposed intelligence and expertise. And those in the ‘fake news’ media, like Larry, are only too happy to oblige. Schiff has such a high opinion of himself that he seems not to see, or understand, that many Americans actually loathe him. In a perfect world he would be thoroughly investigated and given the requisite punishments not limited to removal from office. His punishment would also include the recouping of any taxpayer wealth he may have amassed courtesy of his actions.

Schiff’s sole message seems to be one that says, “We’re taking your freedoms away and your abilities to express your individual self. You will do what we say, when we say it or be made to face the consequences the level of which can only be administered by an all-powerful government.” And these consequences are guaranteed not to be pretty. Schiff is, as is every other Democrat, incapable of being honest. He clearly hates this country and cannot stand open debate on any issue. And, again, like every other Democrat, Schiff is nothing more than a delusional power- hungry narcissist. And now he seeks to be a U.S. Senator? That’s just plain nuts!

TRUMP 2024???

So we’ve been told by all manner of RINOs, and leftwing loon across the entire spectrum of cable news, that Donald Trump is NOT going to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024. And we’ve all learned over time to take most polls with a grain of salt as they can be made to say anything you want them to say. Now taking these two things into account, it’s Donald Trump who appears to have a commanding lead over those who could be potential rivals heading into 2024. So, are we looking at faulty polling data, or are people tuning out the RINOs, and the media, who continue to come out against President Trump? Or is it a combination of both?  

But be that as it may, if a recent poll can be believed, President Trump apparently holds a 35-point lead over the rest of the potential 2024 Republican primary field. The Premise Data poll conducted between January 19-23 found that 59 percent of participants who view themselves as Republicans back President Trump in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, more than doubling the support of his nearest competitor, Ron DeSantis, at 24 percent. No other potential candidate reached double-digit support. RINO Mike Pence landed in third place at eight percent, followed by RINOs Liz Cheney and Nikki Haley with two percent each.

Premise Data also gauged a hypothetical general match-up between President Trump and *president Joey B. among 2,288 U.S. adults, and, oddly enough, found they are in essentially a dead heat at 50 percent of support apiece. And a Joey versus DeSantis general also yielded a 50-50 split among the same sample. Which does make one wonder about the current mental state of the American public. And it was another survey released by Emerson College Polling this pasy Tuesday that also showed President Trump dominating the Republican primary field and holding a three-point lead over Joey among registered voters at 44 percent to 41 percent.

This current poll from Premise data also examined what a Democrat primary field would look like if the 80-year-old Joey, whose approval rating registered at 35 percent, does not seek a second term. Kamala Harris leads the pack in that scenario, with 33 percent of support among the 987 U.S. adults who said they were Democrats. Hitlery sits behind Harris with 19 percent of the support, Gavin Newsom at nine percent. Eight percent of respondents say they would support Pete Buttigieg, seven percent report they would for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, five percent would back Elizabeth Warren, and another five percent are behind Stacey Abrams.

So, the question that remains to be answered is, have the Republicans learned anything? They left President Trump, a member of their own party, twisting in a whirlwind. After that experience Trump is the new Teflon Don. But in order for anything he accomplishes to endure he needs the entire Republican Party on board and fighting with him. Call me cynical but I just don’t think the Republicans have any fight in them, they are self-preservationists, opportunists raking in campaign cash with their prose to the base, while delivering promises to their globalist masters. Would a second term be a carbon copy of the first? We can dare to hope that it’s not.

Of course, President Trump will be greatly received by the American people because they do not want four more years of lies and destruction of our society by those in the Democrat Party. The Democrats continue to promise us everything from health, to happiness, to wealth and to security, but they deliver nothing more than high crime, corruption and self-serving politicians. MAGA is the ‘great reset’ for our nation’s future. The comparison of President Trump’s accomplishments with those of ‘BO’ prove that we made the right choice in 2016. And now we currently have ‘BO’ 2.0 and the horrible consequences of leftist lunacy so once more it’s into the breach!

It took 48 years and two unsuccessful attempts at the presidency and finally Silicon Valley acting in concert with the ‘Deep State’ to install Joey as *president, versus one attempt by an outsider to clinch the highest office and to then survive four years of endless, unfounded, attacks by many of the same people who now support throwing Joey overboard. As for me, I am good with this news of a President Trump lead, but we know that those in ‘fake news,’ from Fox News, to CNN, to MSDNC and everywhere in between, are going to be pulling out all the stops with lying polls showing President Trump losing ground. None of these people can be trusted, none of them. Not one.

Anyone with a brain understands that President Trump possesses a desire for America to be great again, and to NOT relinquish our national sovereignty to the great global government dystopian nightmare. In the first two years of his first term (prior to the false flag Covid lock-down and take-down of the entire economies of the west), President Trump had the economy in the best condition in 80 years. His policies made possible the lowest unemployment for blacks, Latinos, and women by simply doing what any real U.S. president should be doing. He got rid of restrictive regulations and freed up our industrial base, and made the U.S. energy independent.

And President Trump made the southern border more secure than it had been in over 50 years. President Trump accomplished all of this because he DIDN’T act like the previous four presidents, or the current boob in the White House, who all worked, and are still working, against the American people and for the managed decline of our country. And he accomplished all of this while the entire Democrat Party, along with many within his own party, the entire corporate owned enemy media, the entire Deep State entrenched and unelected government agencies, worked 24/7 to do all that they could to thwart, and to destroy, him and his supporters.

And finally, I do have a rather difficult time trying to understand those who actually seem to prefer the way America looks today, with its high crime, high energy prices, high food prices, a nonexistent southern border and so much more, compared to the way America looked just a little over two years ago. I mean how much of a mental midget must one be to ignore completely just how far this country has been purposely  made to fall in a very short span of time, politically speaking. How idiotic is it to put your hatred of a single man above being able to provide for your family. Is your hatred of the man that important to you? If so, you must be one miserable human being.


Is it me or does it seem more than a little ironic that the very politicians who support such things as defunding the police and replacing them with social workers, who promote no bail initiatives and who seem to be doing all that they can to keep criminals on the street, also seem to be the loudest proponents for stricter gun control laws. So we have the very same people who refuse to enforce those gun laws currently on the books in the hopes of bringing about a sufficient level of gun violence that will then allow them to convince the American people that all we need are stricter gun laws. Why else refuse to enforce the gun laws we already have?

Democrats claim to be motivated by the need for improved public safety, but nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats couldn’t care less about whether or not Americans die because of gun violence. The Democrats seek nothing more than a disarmed American public that they could then run roughshod over. Democrats continually portray the opposition as being the guilty party when it comes to Americans living or dying by the gun. And we saw another example of this on Tuesday when Democrat Cory Booker appeared on MSDNC’s “Morning Joe” and claimed Republicans’ refusal to pass “common sense gun safety” was a “dereliction of duty.”

Booker said, “There are common sense gun safety things that we can do in this country that majority of Americans agree on, like universal background checks, gun safety locks. There are things we agree on. The problem in America is that we have a major political party that is not willing to do the common sense things that would make us safer.” And it was co-host Joe Scarborough, and one time Republican, who said, “We showed a poll that is very consistent with every poll I’ve seen over the past decade regarding universal background checks for every gun purchased. Post-Sandy Hook, that number shot up to 9 out of 10 Americans.”

Scarborough said, “The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows 89% of Americans support background checks for all gun buyers. Only 8% oppose and only 11% of Republicans oppose it. So my question is, how in the world can 8% of Americans hold all of Congress and Washington D.C. hostage politically?” And Booker said, “It’s this belief that right-wing advocacy groups like the NRA and the money that they have somehow is a formidable political block that makes folks unable to do what is right for the safety of their country. One of the number one reasons, if you turn to the founders, that this nation was formed was for the common defense.”

Booker said, “Now we have more people in America in my short lifetime died to gun violence than in every single one of our wars, from the Civil War and the Revolutionary War to the wars in the Middle East combined. This is a dereliction of duty. This is a surrender to violence. This is not doing your constitutional duty. This is not protecting the nation from threats foreign and domestic.” This is all pretty rich coming from one of those Democrats who supports having the police defunded and replaced with unarmed social workers. You just know the criminals have to be laughing their asses off at the abject stupidity of these people.

It’s odd, don’t you think, to hear a Democrat speaking of duty, when the only duty they seem compelled to adhere to is the duty they feel they have to destroy this country. If you want to see what true dereliction of duty looks like simply take a trip down to our southern border, take another look at how we chose to exit Afghanistan, visit your local gas station or grocery or stroll through nearly any one of our many big cities that are under the control of those in Booker’s party. Democrat DAs who refuse to lock up criminals for violent crimes because they’re minorities, is a dereliction of duty. Sanctuary cities are a dereliction of duty. The list goes on and on.

Democrats had majorities in both houses and the presidency, twice. Under ‘BO’ and under Joey, and they did not pass any such legislation. They don’t want a solution, they want a campaign issue. You’ll likely remember that during the first two years of ‘BO’s presidency when they held by the House the Senate AND the Presidency the priority at the time was to rob from the American people the ability to control their own healthcare. Under Joey the priority was to undo, to the greatest extent possible, all that President Trump had accomplished, from securing the southern border to creating a booming economy.  Now Booker wants to point fingers at the Republicans?

Booker is clearly not in search of solutions, only petty political soundbites. If Booker was truly serious about saving lives, he would support building the Wall on the southern border. He would support classifying drug gangs as terrorist organizations. He would support executions for trafficking fentanyl. Many things could be done, that do NOT infringe on our constitutional rights! Criminals don’t obey laws you idiots!!! No matter what you ban or what law you pass a criminal will still break that ban or that law. Personally, I would rather live in a neighborhood where EVERY family owned an AR-15 than in a neighborhood with single mothers raising sons.

When a Democrat like Booker uses a term like “common sense” when referring to laws of any sort including firearms, or forms of speech, what he and every other Democrat means is they want to take away that freedom from the average citizen! We already have gun laws and background checks! And more laws inhibiting law-abiding gun owners will do nothing about criminals who don’t buy their guns legally and who don’t go through any sort of a background checks! Booker is so predictable; the dereliction of duty is his failure to realize that criminals will have guns long after they have been taken away from we who are law-abiding citizens.

Once again reality is opposite of what a Democrat says. Booker is such a hypocritical jackass. He wants to empty out our prisons and stop prosecuting blacks altogether. Democrats will never pursue a tough line on crime because it will offend their minority base, they’ll lose votes, and they’ll be called racists. Any move by Democrats to get tough on crime will naturally mean getting tough on blacks, and that just ain’t gonna happen. Clearly the Left doesn’t care as much about the guns, and the violence, as they do disarming the law-abiding among us. Those of us who are essentially the last line of defense against the tyranny Democrats wish to bring about.

You have to wonder if any of these genuinely listen to the words contained in the oath of office that they all took to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. When I look at any of these people all I see is someone trying to undermine our Constitution. Democrats don’t just want to control guns, Democrats want to ban guns, period. The only ones to have guns are various government entities and, of course, the criminals. Booker is stupid, if you want to help end the crisis then pass and force the states to pass mandatory prison sentences. If you want to reduce gun violence then you punish the people who use guns to commit crimes.

Finally, the American people must understand that Democrats could not care less about how many of them end up dying because of gum violence, especially, if in the end, it helps them to achieve that which they so desperately desire. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are hoping for a substantial body count, something they themselves have said would be helpful to them in their ongoing effort to disarm the American people. But you do, I think, have to wonder about the mental status of those who are able to so casually put their political agenda above the lives of innocent Americans. These are truly some of the sickest among us, as are the ones who vote for them.


The more any of those in the ‘fake news’ media say, the less they should be taken seriously because it has now gotten to the point where there is no lie they will not tell, no accusation they will not make and no exaggeration they will not claim. It’s as if they watch events taking place in the country, and even the world, and then make up their own politically inspired narrative that has virtually no connection to reality, or to the truth. It’s all nothing more than one insane rant after another. Take for instance how it was that one of these ‘fake news’ geniuses recently described the House Republicans as being nothing more than a “terrorist organization.”

As a lifelong Republican I’m now apparently being accusing of having voted for terrorists, something I can say with a great deal of confidence that I have never done. I have never voted for anyone who could be considered a terrorist by anyone’s definition. And, after all, isn’t that what Democrats are known for. Which brings me to MSDNC and one of the network’s regulars, and one we have spoken of before, Jason Johnson. You see, it was Johnson who, during an appearance this past Monday on MSDNC’s, “The 11th Hour,” claimed that House Republicans were a “terrorist organization” led by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has “no love for this country.”

And it was the show’s host, Stephanie Ruhle, who said, “‘I will never leave that woman.’ Jason that is not a quote from Kevin Costner in the major motion picture The Bodyguard. That is Kevin McCarthy talking about a colleague. What do we do with that?” Johnson said, “It’s one thing to say, that’s my work wife. Right? And it’s something else when you have Stockholm Syndrome. That’s what we have here.” And Johnson went on to argue that, “This guy’s been beat down by the far-right and his own party for so wrong that he’s convinced himself that he’s in love with Marjorie Taylor Greene.” What this guy lacks in credibility he tries to make up in gossip.

Anyway, Johnson said, “Now, look, I make no judgment on who people line up with, but if you want to be in love with the terrorist sympathizer, that speaks volumes about whether or not you should be equipped to be potentially third in line to leave this country and case of a tragedy.” He added, “I don’t really care objectively if the best friends, if their BFFs if they’re in their top five, I don’t care. What concerns me is any degree to which people who have committed themselves to the violent overthrow of our government are in any shape, way, or form normalized by the elected leadership of our government.”

He said, “I don’t care if that’s Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, or hundreds of other Republicans who voted to not verify the 2020 election. So whether or not McCarthy has a particularly special relationship with Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to the fact that I have been saying for years that you don’t have a Republican Party. You have a dime-store front for a terrorist organization.” He went on to add, “And this is just the public attempt to watch that relationship and pretend that they’re running a party under the guise of this brand-new BFF love relationship that they have because McCarthy has no spine and no love for this country.”

So, this from a member of the party who has consistently turned a blind eye and gives tacit approval to BLM and Antifa when burning down our cities. Atlanta comes to mind. In the years since all of that has been happening I have yet to hear even one Democrat come out against the violence. Johnson is little more than an entertainment fiction writer for a very unique demographic of individuals. His performance generates revenue. His stories are presented in a tabloid TV setting akin to UFOs. He’s become such a leftwing partisan that he has sacrificed his core responsibility as a ‘journalist’ and no longer seems to understand or adhere to the definitions of words.

And considering the fact that it’s the Democrats who have a reputation for inciting violence, who routinely call for violence to be committed and the opposition, who are known for supporting Antifa and BLM terrorism, even bailing them out of jail, who seek tyranny and despotism to impose their views upon the people, it is almost laughable when they start trying to claim that others are the “terrorists.” Especially when those who the Democrats hate are actually standing up for the Constitution. Yes, almost laughable, however it is not funny, because it is so serious and dangerous. The left is the great threat to the Republic, and to freedom and liberty as well.

Frankly, I’m getting more than a little tired of left-wing news nuts regurgitating the same caliber of political BS heard from the likes of Hitlery. Anyone who disagrees with them is a terrorist. Their only strategy is to demonize their opponents. If McCarthy’s a terrorist then Pelosi is a blood-sucking Vampire and Hitlery is a flesh-eating ghoul. This guy talks about the “Stockholm Syndrome” while at the same time being a very proud supporter of the very same party that once enslaved blacks and did everything they could in trying to prevent blacks from ever being able to vote. These talking heads have no filter and make false statements that only further divide us.

While I am certainly no fan of McCarthy, calling the House Republicans a “terrorist organization,” is idiotic at best. This comes from a guy who supports the party of lying, cheating, murdering, and every other form of evil possible. And what should make clear to all is that the news media is truly dead is the fact that people who say such things are never directly confronted and/or challenged to show some kind of proof or evidence to back up their claims. It’s always those on the other side of the microphone that simply stare off into space and nod in agreement. And it’s not just on MSDNC, it the same on every other supposed news network, including Fox News!

As much as clowns like this guy Johnson would have us believe, there was no violent attempt to overthrow our government on January 6. Not one weapon was possessed and virtually no damage was done. January 6 is the most overrated prosecution in American history. It was 100 percent political. The true threat to democracy was when BLM and Antifa were allowed, even encouraged, to burn, to loot and to take innocent life in so many of our nation’s cities, and all in the name of social justice. Violence was condoned by Democrats at every level of government, condoned because its purpose was to sway public opinion in favor of the candidate.

All we have here is more of that openly incendiary, violent rhetoric the left is always blaring while at the same time claiming benign slogans like “Make America Great Again” and “All Lives Matter” are somehow endangering people’s lives. We live a deeply divided nation in which the Democrats, and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, continue to portray any political opposition as a “terrorist” action. And yet over the last two years Democrats have inflation through the roof, gas prices high, food double and triple the prices, illegals taking American Jobs, crime way up, and so much more. So which party is it, exactly, that is the party of terrorists?

And finally, one doesn’t have to be a genius to be able to recognize who it is that are the true terrorists among us. One needs nothing more than 20/20 vision and be of at least average intelligence. Because there is nothing that any of those who comprise today’s ‘journalistic goon squad’ can say that will be able to alter what people are able to see with their own two eyes. And yet, that certainly hasn’t kept them from trying. Because they actually believe if they can repeat the lie enough times there are those who they will be able to convince to ignore what they’re seeing and to believe only them. But to all but the most ignorant among us, it’s all nothing but noise.


The excuses regarding Joey’s ongoing classified documents debacle continue to pour in from many of the very same Democrats who were calling for, and to continue to call for, President Trump to be all but tar and feathered before then being run out of town on a rail for what was a far less serious offense than that committed by Joey. But then, isn’t that always the way it is with these leftist creeps. It’s time and time again that they demonstrate how it is that they seem to think that, because they are somehow so special, the rules were never intended to apply to them.

Take for instance Chris Coons, Democrat from Delaware. It was this past Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” that Coons made the idiotic claim that the discovery of classified documents in *president Joey’s private residence and office was not “an issue that’s keeping Americans up at night.” And it was ever the faux ‘journalist,’ Martha Raddatz who said, “President Biden said this week that there’s no there, there, and he has no regrets in how this was handled. Twenty-four hours later, federal investigators searched his home and found six more classified documents.”

Coons started out by saying, “It’s important that President Biden is someone who respects the rule of law and the importance of classified documents, and this was a consensual search. The Department of Justice was invited to come to his home and to search every nook and cranny, top to bottom, to find anything they possibly could. And he went on to add, “I think that’s in fairly sharp contrast to the other president, former President Trump, who has also had a real challenge with the Department of Justice because he refused a consensual search.”

He said, “As this plays out, the two special counsels who have been appointed, appropriately, by Attorney General Garland to get to the bottom of this will show us a fairly sharp difference in intent and in response. I’m confident that President Biden has said truthfully that there’s no there there, and in the end, we’ll see this was just an inadvertently matter of filing, in sharp contrast to his predecessor. I also don’t think this is an issue that’s keeping Americans up at night. I think they’re worried about much more day-to-day things, like inflation, prescription drug prices.”

Raddatz asked, “You don’t think there will be any political fallout from this?” Coons said, “Well, I think the fallout is right now. We’re talking about this instead of President Biden’s leadership on confronting Russian aggression in Ukraine or talking about something I do think is on people’s minds, the potential of a debt ceiling fight and a default. The political fallout is that it’s going to take focus and attention.” Coons is an idiot and a leftwing sycophant. A moron. Actually, it’s Joey himself who is keeping some Americans up at night. The man is a complete and utter disaster.

Yup, Joey is so concerned about the importance of classified documents that he’s totally unaware that any were in his possession. How seriously can you treat documents in your possession when you don’t even know you have them? Negligence consists of not doing something one is obliged to do. Joey failed to abide by laws that imposed obligations upon him concerning the handling of classified documents. He failed those obligations through his negligence. That’s a crime. The damage that can be caused by failing to secure classified documents isn’t dependent upon intent.

The bottom line here is that doesn’t really matter whether, or not, the American people care about these classified documents. It only matters that Joey most certainly broke the law and therefore deserves the requisite punishments. We are nation of laws. what the masses care bout doesn’t mean a thing. President Trump’s papers at Mar-a-Lago didn’t keep me awake at night either. It was all of the incessant screaming heard from Democrats, like Coons, that kept me awake. Them, and their many allies in the media, just couldn’t bring themselves to shut up about it!!!

And as long as we’re on the subject of being kept up at night, it’s Coons who, for perhaps the first time in his life, might actually be right about something. It isn’t “classified documents” that keep people awake at night. What actually keeps people awake at night is the fact that useless, non-productive, amoral degenerates keep electing liars, charlatans, and scumbags like Coons to be their ‘leaders.’ It’s mealy-mouthed little pissants like himself who are getting rich while figuratively pissing on this nation and its foundation that keeps any thinking American awake at night.

Joey is purposely being allowed, by those in his party like Mr. Coons, to keep right on destroying America. His clear crimes pertaining to these documents are just another indication of how utterly corrupt he is. President Trump’s documents were all in the same place, under lock and key, and guarded by members of the Secret Service. President Trump had the ability to declassify them and have them. Joey had no such privileges. And with these documents, there was no chain of custody. No one knows how many times they may have been moved, no one knows who else has seen them.

And what is actually keeping many Americans up at is having to choose between filling the gas tank, heating the home or feeding the family because Joey has destroyed the economy. And Joey’s little document scandal is revealing what a lying old scumbag Joey is. Joey has clearly committed multiple felonies ranging from stealing classified documents, to gross negligence handling them to selling influence for political favors for China, Russia and the Ukraine. And yet those like Coon continue to portray it as being no big deal and of little concern to the majority of the American people.

What keeps me up at night is the fact that if we continue to elect those like Coons there will be little hope for this country. Joey should be prosecuted in the same manner that any citizen would be for taking documents that he was not allowed to have. But those like Coons can be counted on to all that they can to prevent that from ever happening. Democrats will pull out all the stops in their effort to make sure that Joey is allowed to walk away from this entire ‘scandal’ smelling like a rose. On the bright side, it was one more chance to “get Trump” that slipped through their fingers.

President Trump, love him, or hate him it just doesn’t matter. Although the swamp kept him at bay for four years, he was able to keep many of the promises he made to the American people. Plus he was able to punch holes in the levee that allowed more and more of the corruption occurring in Washington leak out into the sun. I love how they ALL keep trying to keep the focus on the difference between President Trump and Joey’s “handling” of these documents. That has absolutely no relevancy to the facts. As one ex-Democrat senator said. “There goes our chance to get Trump.”


Is it not ironic that the very politicians accusing the opposition of being the arsonists are themselves the ones who seem so determined in their efforts to burn the country to the ground? And it’s none other than many of those in our ‘fake news’ media who seem to be quite willing to assist in that endeavor by continuing to provide a platform from which these insane accusations can be made. Supposed ‘journalists’ who claim to be unbiased, uncompromising and objective have been nothing more than willing accomplices in what has been, and continues to be, an effort to destroy this country.

And so it was that once again, just this past Thursday on MSDNC’s “All In” that we heard it said that it’s House Republicans who are behaving like “arsonists who are intent on burning everything” while discussing the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations. And once again we had a supposed ‘journalist’ providing to one of the guilty party an opportunity to spew his lies when Chris Hayes asked, “How do you think of being the minority this year – like what your job is?” And it was Democrat Ritchie Torres who said, “I think our job is to resist the excesses for the Republican Party.” Excesses?

And it was Torres who went on to say, “And my greatest concern is the debt limit brinksmanship. If we were to default on America’s debt, it would do irreparable damage to the American economy.” He added, “No one should underestimate the obstructionism of the House Republican majority.” I find it all rather odd that we would have a Democrat wanting to being the subject of “obstructionism.” I mean, ask yourself, when was the last time anyone can remember that the Democrats demonstrated a desire to do what was best for the country? That would, never.  

Torres said, “House Republicans are willing to engineer a historic humiliation of their own leader, Kevin McCarthy. And I they’re willing to derail the full faith, and credit, of the United States.” Hayes said, “Which, perversely, gives them more negotiating leverage. Isn’t that part of the problem? They want us – everyone, you – to think that they’re going to do it. They’ll pull the trigger.” Torres said, “But I actually think they will. I think they’re arsonists who are intent on burning everything around them, including their own leadership and the full faith and credit of the United States.”

I think most intelligent people will agree that the real ‘arsonists’ here, are the Democrats, those like this Torres himself, who are working overtime to burn our Constitution, to eliminate and/or bury our values and our virtues, to erase or to rewrite our true history, to promote racism and to continue their tax and spend philosophy in order to bankrupt us. Democrats are clearly the ones doing everything they can to burn the house down. And what’s scary is the fact that the Democrat Party seems to have no shortage of those who think like this leftist punk, Torres.

And isn’t an interesting analogy posed by this punk. I mean who was it that were the arsonists during the ‘summer of love’ in 2020. Was it not the militant arm of the Democrat Party itself that took part in the rampaging, looting and all manner of violence, and even death, that took place in so many of our largest cities? Cities that, just so happened, had been under Democrat control for what had been decades. These hoodlums were allowed to run wild, allowed to destroy private property, allowed to take over entire city blocks all in the name of social justice.  

When you have no answers, what you do is to throw around terms like “arson,” and “racism.” This clown sounds like he still has checks in his checkbook, he represents the party that believes the United States can go on spending an unlimited amount of money. This guy is another example of ignorant, incompetent, members of Congress, the number of whom seems to increase with every election. But that said, I would only say that if being an arsonist is the only lever to pull to end the Democrat agenda to end America as it exists then, so be it, by all means, pull it with all your might!

So, Republicans are now accused of being arsonists by leftwing fascists like Torres. The very ones who are intent upon ignoring and destroying the Constitution, laundering money through Ukraine to enrich themselves, medically discriminate against our service members and federal contractors, and protect *president Joey B. from prosecution for his many high crimes and misdemeanors. All that Democrats claim their opposition is doing, they are doing! Clearly the primary objective of the Democrat Party is the bringing down of America. To believe otherwise is to be a fool!


Riddle me this…Is there a more dishonest, more incompetent, more hypocritical, and more useless individual in all of the U.S. Congress than James Clyburn> And the reason I ask is because you’ll remember that it was Clyburn who wanted to essentially lock up President Trump and throw away the key regarding his possessing supposed ‘classified; documents but when it’s his boy Joey who gets busted for having classified documents , in three separate unsecured locations, all Jimmy has to say is, “these things happen.” “THESE THINGS HAPPEN?” Jimmy talks as if these documents accidently stuck to the bottom of Joey’s shoes and fell off at his house.  

You see, it was this past Wednesday that Clyburn stopped by Fox News to pay a little visit to one of the network’s many NeverTrumpers, Neil Cavuto, and appeared on FNC’s “Your World.” And it was during this particular appearance that Clyburn made his claim that “these things happen” when he was questioned about *president Joey’s mishandling of classified documents. Funny I don’t ever recall any of these political hacks, or anyone in the ‘fake news’ media for that matter, being quite so dismissive or matter of fact when “investigating” President Trump for six years straight. Was I simply not paying attention? Did I miss something? Somehow, I don’t think so.  

Clyburn said, “I think all of us are concerned about this. The president has expressed concern about the handling of this as well. I don’t think that anyone of us believe that he packed up his boxes himself to move out of his office. As you know, I just let my Whip office a lot of boxes were packed up. I think I may have packed one of them. So you have no idea who may have put what in what boxes. And these things were self-reported. It wasn’t archives looking for stuff, issuing subpoenas trying to get stuff. He never claimed they were his to own. These things sometimes happen, and we don’t always respond appropriately because there’s always hindsight being 20/20.”

He continued, “I would have hoped all of the searches would have been made at one time and issue all of the documents found at once, but they found something Monday and kept looking and find something else Wednesday. These things happen.” Clyburn added, “The investigations are taking place. We will find out in the final analysis what happened, when it happened, who made it happen, how it happened. These kinds of things, that’s in every investigation.” This just goes to show you how ignorant and partisan Clyburn truly is. But he also knows that many of today’s voters, especially those who vote Democrat, have the memory and processing ability of a goldfish.

Ah, yes, these things happen all the time. It’s just when they happen to someone like President Trump that the Democrats send out their goons to raid his home. But when these things happen to someone like Joey it’s really no big deal because, as we all know, shit happens. Yes, these things to do happen, and people are punished. People lose their jobs, are fined and go to jail for far less irresponsible and illegal behavior than Joey’s. Joey should be charged with the crimes he has committed, impeached and removed from office. But he won’t be, because the law is not applied equally, those in the Democrat Party have a forever get out of jail free card.

A Democrat having double standards? What a shocker! Just the facts that the former vice president never had authority to change the status of those documents, means he had no business taking those papers anywhere. But a President, ANY President, has the authority to change documents to unclassified, or whatever, and be able to put them in their library. I am not saying it is smart, or in this case if any of it was done properly. That’s a discussion for another time. But one being a Democrat and the other being a Republican seems to be what’s making the major difference in the way these cases are being handled. That is what needs to be settled.

As someone who spent 24 years in the Navy and during most of those years had a Secret clearance, it was hammered into your head from day one, through initial and ongoing trainings, how classified material (at all levels) should be handled, maintained, destroyed, and not shared. It was also clear where this material could be kept and who could access it as well as the consequences of not maintaining it properly. There is ZERO reason that any of this material should have been in a box in a garage. And this was anyone other than some politician. they would already be in federal prison somewhere. These things are not supposed to happen…EVER!

Clyburn is just one more example of why it is that this country is in decline. I’m past these Democrat and the blind-to-obvious-fact daily drivel they continually spew along with their sympathetic allies in the ‘fake news’ media. Clyburn once again proves himself to be a man who is nothing more than the most dangerous sort of hypocrite. President Trump, a political foe, needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Meanwhile, for Joey, who shares Clyburn’s politics, it’s no big deal, really. And there is certainly no need to be blowing things out of proportion. This is but another example of how Democrats see themselves as being above the law.


How wonderful it must be to be a Democrat, to never have to worry about being expected to tell the truth, and comfortable in the knowledge that there is virtually no one in all of ‘fake news’ media who will ever take it upon themselves to challenge you on what they know to be the lies that you are telling them. And we see that every day, some Democrat invited on and provided a platform from which to spew their political BS and never once asked to provide any sort of evidence, or proof to back up any of their typically outrageous claims. All you ever see is some resident faux ‘journalist’ just sitting there looking all serious and simply nodding in agreement.

And it was this past Tuesday that we once again saw just such a scenario play out. You see, it was then that ex-U.S. Senator, and now MSDNC contributor, Claire McCaskill, paid a visit to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to explain that the discovery of classified documents at *president Joey B’s home and office now make it “very difficult” to hold President Trump criminally liable for the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. So apparently the only thing this old cow is concerned about is not that Joey, at least potentially, exposed classified documents to foreign enemies, but only in that doing he makes it “very difficult” for Democrats to nail President Trump.  

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said, “When it comes to these documents, politically, they cancel each other out, which happened before with another candidate, which we can talk about. But at the same time, there are huge differences here. And the difference is that Donald Trump took the documents and refused to give them back.” McCaskill answered, “Those of us who understand that Donald Trump is a fraud and a liar are grasping tightly to those differences, and I get it. I get it that what Donald Trump did is totally different than what Joe Biden did.” So on what, exactly, does this pathetic old cow base her claim that President Trump is a “fraud” or a “liar?”

Anyway, McCaskill then went on to say, “But as a prosecutor, I will tell you, we need to have a sober moment because when a jury is trying to figure out whether someone should be held criminally responsible, that’s going to be in their head. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The easiest case for the special counsel prosecutor to make against Donald Trump were the documents at Mar-a-Lago before this. Now it is no longer as easy. It is probably very difficult because the whataboutism is going to be rampant in that jury room. I think it’s important for us to recognize it may not be fair, it may not be right, but that’s the reality of where we are.”

She added, “I think we all need to be really cold-eyed about this and realize this is not good news for holding Donald Trump criminally liable for all of his misdeeds, including the documents at Mar-a-Lago.” Clearly the pathetic old cow knows that Joey B. will never be prosecuted for any of this, and she is lamenting the fact that it guarantees President Trump won’t be either, not that he would have been anyway. It would be very difficult to hold someone criminally liable when they were allowed to have the files. Presidents have the authority to declassify and vice presidents clearly do not. This is about “getting Trump” so he can’t run for office, and nothing else.

Everything is about how to get President Trump. Joey’s decades of corruption is only an impediment to getting Trump even though he is probably by now the cleanest politician and political figure we have. This is just SICK! Totally deranged. He really does scare them, and for good reason. He can’t be bought and is only interested in doing good for our country. Maybe they should join MAGA instead of constantly tilting at the wind. This is an admission they intend to harm President Trump and want to protect Joey. What makes it difficult to apply the law equitably? A vice president was not supposed to possess secret documents and had no authority to declassify them.

Furthermore, the Penn Biden Center didn’t open until 2018, this was more than a year after Joey left office. Somehow, classified documents that Joey should not have possessed, in the first place, made it there. The classified documents had to have been kept somewhere else for a year before being transported to the Penn Biden Center and left there. There doesn’t seem to be a record of when they moved at the time Joey left office, or when they were stored for more than a year at some other location or when they were transported to the Penn Biden Center or when they were left at the unsecured Penn Biden Center. Now tell me again how Joey is so innocent.

President Trump let everybody know that he had the documents and let the proper agencies examine what he had and worked with them on the proper way to secure them. It all got politicized, but there was nothing secret and unknown going on. The same cannot be said for Joey. But that too seems to matter not to this old cow! Considering President Trump had the authority to take the documents in question, the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was NOT about said documents. It’s my belief they were instructed to search for damning evidence regarding the January 6 demonstration, with the “Classified Documents” as a pretense, a ruse, to be searching his home.

And I have no doubt that McCaskill has no problem with that. However, if the shoe were somehow on the other foot, I have no doubt that she would be squealing like the proverbial stuck pig. Clearly the raid was nothing more a fishing expedition for other potential ‘crimes,’ especially January 6 material. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like a two-fer if they can get a partisan Special Counsel and partisan DC jury to try to put President Trump in jail on the classified document charges. They want to ensure that he never returns to Washington and to use their treatment of him as an example for others who might want to try to drain the corrupt swamp.

Not to mention the sick pleasure they take from causing him great expense and to attempt to strip him of every item related to his time in office and to erase him from history. But now Democrats find themselves in the position where their *president is a liar and a crook. They thought they had a clear field to attack President Trump for all kinds of nonsense. The scary thing is, if the Republicans had not taken back the House, all of Joey’s many crimes would have merely been swept under the rug. President Trump committed the unpardonable sin of defeating Hitlery and Joey committed the unpardonable sin of screwing up the left’s effort to get Trump.

Democrats seem desperate to draw some sort parallel between President Trump and Joey regarding the possessing of classified documents, but there’s just no way. President Trump has not committed any crime. The National Archives knew he had documents because he had declared that he had them, and the FBI had removed much of the material from the locked room in the basement of the private residence that was guarded by the Secret Service. Meanwhile, Joey had no security for documents reported to be classified ‘TOP SECRET’ and they were in a box in the garage where they had been for over five years. There’s simply no comparison at all.

Joey’s alleged illegal activities should be investigated on their own merits and not in comparison with President Trump. The problem Democrats now have is that in trying to pin another so-called scandal on President Trump they once again come across looking like hypocrites when their guy allegedly does something far worse. Both should be aired out without the consideration of the other but, of course, politics won’t allow that to happen. It was always very difficult to hold President Trump criminally liable for this, because there was no crime. Joey left classified documents scattered in multiple unsecure locations and turning them in doesn’t change that.