I have no doubt that Kathy Hochul, Democrat, is now breathing a very heavy sigh of relief now that one hit wonder Mark Ruffalo has come to help in her battle to get elected governor of New York. Let’s face it, Ruffalo’s only claim to fame is playing a green cartoon superhero in ‘The Avengers’ movies. Ruffalo is nothing more than a Hollyweirdo who thinks those of us living out here in the real-world care about what he thinks. We don’t! I mean the guy is a nut, a 100 percent, certifiable fruitcake, yet he thinks he can convince people to vote for Hochul who is just as nutty as he is.  

The ‘climate change’ loon, and well-known anti-fossil fuel zealot, warned Republican candidate for New York governor, Lee Zeldin, to get out of the way of Democrat ‘incumbent’ Kathy Hochul. He based his support on Hochul’s declared opposition to fracking and the construction of new gas power plants, urging Democrats to get the vote out in her name while calling Zeldin “a far-right extremist wacko.” Ruffalo’s imbecilic endorsement of Hochul is, in fact, nothing more than an unwitting endorsement for Zeldin when it comes to those who care about the country.

Hochul has served as 57th governor of New York since August 24, 2021 gaining her exalted position, essentially by default, when Andy Cuomo got himself entangled in by his unsavory behavior regarding numerous women. It was Cuomo who had permanently banned fracking in New York, and Hochul who continued the ban. Ruffalo wrote Friday on Twitter: “New Yorkers, join me in telling Republican candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin to #FrackOff! Let’s get out the vote for Democratic Gov. @KathyHochul! She will protect New York’s fracking ban & lead on climate action.”

Zeldin has been pressing for a reversal of New York’s ban on the natural gas extraction process, one that supporters have argued would bring much-needed jobs and people to parts of upstate New York. Ending a ban on hydrofracking, put in place administratively in 2014 by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and into law by the Democrat controlled Legislature last year, would also do much to help alleviate high energy prices now dominating across the country because of the policies of *president Joey B. But such things are of little consequence to leftist loons like Ruffalo AND Hochul!

This is not the first time Ruffalo has gone public with his opposition to fracking. It was back 2016 that he wrote an editorial for tinsel town’s Variety blasting then President ‘BO’ for supporting fracking and announcing the release of his film, ‘Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now.’ Ruffalo is another of those who has no formal education beyond high school yet views himself as being a font of wisdom. He is just as ignorant as every other Hollywood moron who confuses celebrity status with intelligence. He’s an actor because he lacks the intelligence to do anything else.

Ruffalo claimed in 2010, while living with his family of five on an “idyllic” 50 acre estate in southern New York’s Sullivan County near the Pennsylvania border, he heard about fracking “coming to our town.” And this genius then went on to add that he discovered “Drinking water had been poisoned, the air was polluted with toxins, and families described health impacts including skin lesions, clumps of hair falling out, projectile vomiting, terrible migraines and digestive problems. In some cases, tap water was so full of methane gas that you could light it on fire.”

In real life Ruffalo is an anti-hero and his superpower is naivety. He uses his celebrity status to promote idealist causes, without regard for their destructive consequences. It is an occupational hazard of being an actor to forget how to actually think. And it’s in his indorsement of Hochul that Ruffalo fails to mention how it is that Hochul is doing a rather stellar job at reducing the population of her state courtesy of a significant increase in crime coupled with even higher taxes, more business regulation and a higher cost of living. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a leftwing utopia?

So sure, by all means, let’s keep Hochul in her job, so the increase in crime continues to get worse due to her support of the NO BAIL, NO JAIL laws. Sure, let’s keep Hochul, and continue with the liberal left-wing New York politicians with their continuing foolishness of preventing fracking in upstate New York. Sure, let’s keep Hochul and continue to lose out on tens of millions of new income into the state. Sure, keep Hochul, and continue with NOT bringing prosperity, with great paying fracking jobs to New York. If Hochul wins I think we can all kiss New York goodbye.

Actors, like Ruffalo, have never been known for their intelligence. Hochul would likely prefer that this guy not be yapping about her anti-fracking anti-oil policies right now. So shout away Ruffalo. Kathy Hochul is for HIGH prices of everything that trickles down from high oil prices, like outrageous heating bills that many New Yorkers may now be facing with winter rapidly approaching. These climate cultists should be made to give up everything they own this is made by petroleum. The whole climate cult is one big lie, even the part where oil is called fossil fuel. A fairy tale for morons.

And so here we have yet another actor who can afford anything in the world telling us what we should afford. Half of his character is even more pretend than it is animated. The way to handle these leftist nuts is that when they tell you not to pollute, use less gas, or cut down on your carbon, do just the opposite as openly as is legally possible. Use more gas, pollute more, use more carbon. When you give an inch, they demand more. Do the opposite. Personally, I’m out to make the biggest damn carbon footprint I possibly can! And there’s nothing that clowns like Ruffalo can do about it!

And sadly, Ruffalo is really doing nothing more than to root for the demise of both New York and America. You know, I wish there was a way that we could give these “environmentalist wackos” exactly what they want and somehow have it confined specifically to THEM and only them! Put them all in an “isolated environmentally friendly zone” with no fossil fuels, no nuclear power and none of the products that have fossil fuels as their source! These people possess nothing more than a bumper sticker mentality, so far removed from realities of economics, resources and science.

And just why is it, do you suppose, that these wealthy actors continue to be trotted out to spew that which is nothing more than untrue nonsense, pure unmitigated drivel, and to go against the working class people of New York? Union guys are brainwashed Democrats who possess a misplaced sense of loyalty to a party that has changed dramatically from what it was in the past. The party of working class is the Republican Party, minus the remaining RINOs, and the Democrats are the party for the elites like Ruffalo and against the worker, their livelihood, and their values.

Personally, I love it when these elitist Hollyweirdos stump for Democrats! Frankly, I wish more of them would. There is nothing that will drive people away from the Democrat candidates than this. These people are arrogant and not all that bright! Hochul is doing a great job if you like crime, high gas prices, high food prices, high rent, high taxes, economic decline, savings being wiped out, kids exploited at their schools by teachers, child genital mutilations at the recommendations and hands of strangers, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and mass prison releases.

It is the nature of Democrats, as well as those who support them and who vote for them, to destroy all that they are unable to control. It’s also in their nature to attack people who dare to disagree with them and to then accuse those same people of being the aggressors. Leftists cannot live with any other group in peace, they will seek to absorb and/or eliminate all but their own, this is what they do, and in the process many people end up being hurt or dead. These people truly are mentally ill. They have no sense of right and wrong, only that they are never to be seen as wrong.


Now I’m pretty sure that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere on the planet a more arrogant, a more conceited, a more self-centered, more transparent, more useless or more narcissistic ASSHOLE than Barack Obama who, from here on out will be referred to as ‘BO’. And it’s every time that he opens his mouth that he proves all of that to be true. Here’s a guy who was president for eight years and in those eight years accomplished not one positive thing for the country he was ‘elected’ to lead. And it was in many respects that he made things very much worse.   

And you see it was this past Friday that ‘BO’ criticized Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker for being a “celebrity” during a campaign rally in Georgia for Democrats. And in what I can only assume was a jab at President Trump, He said, “It seems to me he’s a celebrity who wants to be a politician. And we’ve seen how that goes!” Yup by golly we have, energy independence, a booming economy, real wage growth, a rebuilt military, peace in the Middle East, yup, I say America was in pretty darn good shape. Definitely better that what had proceeded during the eight years prior, when it was this ASSHOLE who was in the White House. But I digress.

Anyway, ‘BO’ made his idiotic remarks when speaking at a rally for Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams. ‘BO’ continued by saying, “Some of you may not remember, but Herschel Walker was a heck of a football player,” calling him “one of the best running backs of all time.” Then he asked, “But here’s a question, does that make him the best person to represent you in the US Senate?” ‘BO’ said, “Does that make him equipped to weigh in on the critical decisions about our economy and our foreign policy and our future?” Ok, so it’s important to make sure that Mr. Walker is well equipped to deal with such issues, but not the stroke victim in Pennsylvania?  

‘BO’ then proceeded to cast doubt on whether Walker was intelligent or experienced enough to serve as a senator. ‘BO’ said, “There is very little evidence that he has taken any interest, bothered to learn anything about, or displayed any kind of inclination toward public service or volunteer work or helping people in any way.” And then went on to say, “At least we don’t really know about it and that does make you suspect.” ‘BO’s appearance in Georgia comes as Democrats are increasingly worried about their chances in Georgia since recent polls now show that Walker is pulling even or slightly ahead of Warnock. So, of course, in swoops ‘BO’.

‘BO’ argued that Republicans did not fight for issues that Georgia voters cared about. He said, “Too many Republicans are interested in two things: Owning the libs and getting Donald Trump’s approval.” And he said, “They’re not interested in solving problems they’re interested in making you angry and finding somebody to blame.” He also criticized Republicans for always trying to cut more taxes. ‘BO’ said, “If there was an asteroid headed toward Earth, they would all get in a room and say, ‘You know what we need? Tax cuts for the wealthy.” ‘BO’ was sounding like nothing more than the same old broken record repeating the same old garbage over and over again.

‘BO’ acknowledged that crime was up around the country but said that Democrats were better on the issue than Republicans. He claimed, “Who will fight to keep you and your family safe?” And he asked, “The Republican politicians who want to flood our streets with more guns?” And, of course, ‘BO’ also spent a moment acknowledging the attack on Paul Pelosi early Friday morning, criticizing political violence. He said, “Some in office, or aspire to office, work to stir up a division to make folks as angry and afraid of each other for their own advantage.” And he went on to say, “And all of this has been amped up, hyped up 24/7 on social media.”

I found it pretty amazing that ‘BO’ told Georgia voters that they should vote for Democrats because Republicans, “are not interested in solving problems.” Georgians should consider how many of the problems they face today are a direct result of Democrat policies over the last two years. Policies affecting what’s going on in their schools, their daughters’ athletics, policies affecting their grocery bills, their gas and energy costs, to the borders their Nation used to have to protect their children’s future and jobs, to taking away the Second Amendment rights promised to every sing American. Polls would seem to indicate that Georgians is not falling for Democrat BS!!

‘BO’ comments reveal, even more than anything that he has said previously, that he is nothing more than a very small, petty man. It seems to me that Herschel Walker means what he says, admits his mistakes and is acting with good intentions. In contrast everything that ‘BO’ does, has done, or will likely continue to do, is a triangulated cynical maneuver designed to benefit no one but ‘’BO’. Ok, so maybe ‘BO’ is right, and Walker isn’t a politician, and maybe that isn’t as terrible a thing that ‘BO’ implies it is. Mr. Walker does come across as being someone I can trust. And he is definitely the guy I would be voting for if I was to live in Georgia.

And ‘BO’ speaks of Walker being a “celebrity” as if it’s a bad thing and yet it’s he who seems to take great pleasure in hanging out with stupid, empty-headed celebrities. But then perhaps it’s only those celebrities who are only too happy to throw a lot of their money in the direction of Democrats and their radical leftwing policies, and are not running for office trying to prevent Democrats from destroying our country. And lest we forget, it was ‘BO’ who turned his back on Chicago and it’s minority communities, uttering not a word on the slaughters every weekend. He was nothing but a two-bit soapbox orator now living large on his millions in Martha’s Vineyard.

What a small pathetic POS this weakling was as president. He embarrassed this country by bowing to dictators and apologizing for Americas success all over the world. This huckster started the divisive tone in politics. He had his hit list like all leftists do and proceeded to use government agencies against those enemies, real or imagined. Herschel Walker is more of a man than is loser ‘BO’. What has ‘BO’ done to help or serve anyone since he left office? That would, of course, be nothing. He’s been far too busy ‘writing’ books and making crappy shows for Netflix. Oh, and of course hitting the campaign trail for candidates the likes of Warnock and Abrams.


Like a turd in the bowl, Liz Cheney’s inner Democrat recently came bobbing to the surface. Most of us have long known that Cheney was only a Republican on the outside, possessing nothing more than a toxic Democrat puss-filled center. And she once again demonstrated how that remains to be the case when, this past Thursday she announced that she would be endorsing Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin, a Democrat, who is running in one of the most competitive House districts in the country. And in so doing Cheney was only doing what comes natural. She has long had a reputation for thinking herself smarter than the folks back home, the ones who voted for her.

And it was in a statement released to the Associated Press that Cheney said, “I have come to know Elissa as a good and honorable public servant.” She said, “While Elissa and I have our policy disagreements, at a time when our nation is facing threats at home and abroad, we need serious, responsible, substantive members like Elissa in Congress.” Cheney, as many will cheerfully recall, lost her primary to Harriet Hageman back in August, said in early October she would vote for Democrats Katie Hobbs and Adrian Fontes in Arizona’s gubernatorial and secretary of state races if she was eligible to do so. She did not, however, formally endorse either candidate.

Cheney had previously praised Slotkin to the New York Times, saying, “I would much rather serve with Mikie Sherrill and Chrissy Houlahan and Elissa Slotkin than Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, even though on substance certainly I have big disagreements with the Democratic women I just mentioned.” In a notable contrast with Slotkin, who has refused to outline any restrictions on abortion that she would accept, Cheney has described herself as “strongly pro-life.” And while I’m no political genius here, I can’t help but wonder if an endorsement from someone who lost their primary contest by 30 points can be seen as being worth all that much.

Slotkin, a two-term representative, has continued to face questions throughout her campaign regarding her place of residence. The congresswoman moved into the home of a lobbyist in May so she could live in Michigan’s Seventh District, where she is running for ‘reelection.’ Slotkin, who is in a new district, is residing in the home of one of her supporters rather than living on the family farm in her old district. And this same lobbyist, Jerry Hollister, has donated $2,900 to Slotkin’s campaigns since 2018, and it was in returning the favor that Slotkin promoted a program to the Department of Energy through which his company received $28 million.

But it’s none of that really seems to matter to Cheney, because she has long been working the same sort of scam from her seat, former seat, in the U.S. House. And add that the fact that Slotkin has voted in lock-step to advance Joey’s America Last agenda, which also seems just fine with Liz. Cheney clearly has an objective here, and it’s plain to see that it has nothing whatsoever to do with what’s best for the country that she professes to hold so much love for, or for the American people. She is, and always has been, nothing more than a fraud of the very highest order. I have no doubt that in a few weeks we’ll be seeing a lot of her either on CNN or MSDNC.

Slotkin’s challenger, Tom Barrett, is one of those dangerous supporters of President Trump. Barrett was among a group of Michigan Republican state lawmakers who met with President Trump in Washington after the 2020 election and later signed a letter asking the joint session of Congress to delay certifying the results. And as we all know, Cheney has recently spoken out against Republican candidates who subscribe to President Trump’s claim that he was denied a second term as the result of widespread voter fraud. She’s another RINO who, when the ‘wrong’ candidate wins seems to have no problem with turning a blind eye to obvious voter fraud.

You may also recall that it was Cheney who accused Arizona Republican nominee for governor, Kari Lake, of posing “a huge risk for democracy” in light of the candidate’s statement that she would refuse to certify election results she opposes. Cheney has become literally consumed by her hatred of Donald Trump. And frankly I’m surprised that we haven’t heard how it that she will be supporting the Democrat now vying for her soon to be old seat. Or maybe that has already been reported and I just missed it. What a disappointment this woman has been, and continues to be. And to think that I actually once thought she was someone who could be trusted. Well I feel sheepish!

Cheney has apparently decided to burn all the bridges she can as she makes her way to the exit. But it matters not, it’s unlikely that, in the big scheme of things, these endorsements will matter all that much, if at all. Cheney exudes arrogance over substance, self-righteousness over accomplishments and stubbornness over reality. Even Democrat voters aren’t stupid enough not to realize why it is that she’s choosing to endorse a Democrat. So, therefore, is such an endorsement actually worth anything to the person being endorsed. So what we very likely have here, is a loser that lost endorsing another loser who will also very likely lose. Politics, you gotta love it!

Clearly Cheney possesses an over-inflated sense of importance if she genuinely thinks that there is anyone who will choose to act on her endorsement of any candidate, regardless of political party. Cheney long ago shot herself in the foot to the point where she no longer has any credibility with voters on either side of political aisle yet. And yet, she continues to act as if she does. Cheney is very obviously suffering from some pretty delusions of grandeur. Cheney continues to suffer the consequences of her own actions, of having allowed herself to be blinded by her hatred of Donald Trump. And yet she persists with this insanity, making noise and accomplishing nothing.


Yup, by golly, old Joey B says he feels our pain and he’s working just as hard as he can to make things a little less painful for us. And, of course, if it hadn’t been for “that last guy” we would all be very much better off today. At this point in time, it’s anyone who any longer buys anything that this guy, or anyone in the Democrat Party, is selling, is beyond being your average moron. They’re a whole species of moron. Because everything that has happened over the course of the last 22 months has been made to happen by Joey B and the Democrats, making everything their fault!

And so it was that *President Joey held another event focused on the economy this past Wednesday, as he continues to struggle with low approval ratings on that very same issue. And it was after acknowledging the American public was suffering from inflation that Joey said, “I’m optimistic. It’s gonna take some time, and I appreciate the frustration of the American people.” He’s optimistic? It took Joey less than two years to DESTROY a once vibrant economy and to piss away our energy independence. But somehow you can be sure that it’s somehow all President Trump’s fault!

And I’m assuming that when he says, “I appreciate the frustration of the American people,” what he’s really saying is that he rather enjoys seeing the American people struggling with a disastrous inflation that was intentionally brought about, and that he keeps making worse very much on purpose. Joey is a liar, plain and simple. If he had any appreciation for the economic suffering he has caused the American people, he would reverse his Executive Odors on energy companies. Joey has caused all of this, and with the support of every single Democrat in Congress, every single one!

Joey delivered his remarks at the White House and it was at the end of his speech that he closed his notes and tried to empathize with the American people amid their frustrations with the economy. And it was in pointing to the disruption of oil and grain markets that Joey said, “One of the things that I think frustrates the American people is they know the world’s in a bit of disarray, they know Putin’s war has imposed a lot of strains on Europe and the rest of the world and the United States.” And Joey went on to say, “They want to know what we’re doing.” So again Joey blames Putin?

Joey B has been spending time doing all that he can to warn voters that Republicans will seek to “crash the economy” if they are able to take control of Congress, despite the ongoing surge in inflation and two consecutive quarters of economic contraction that took place in the first half of this year. And Joey has also tried to claim the economy is “strong as hell” despite 78 percent of Americans saying the economy is fair to poor, according to a recent Economist/YouGov poll. Yet Joey insisted, “There’s a lot going on that we’re doin’ and it adds up.” Right, but it adds up to zero!

Joey also tried to connect to the reporters in the room on an emotional level. It was in referring to lower and middle class families that he said, “I say to the press here, a lot of you come from backgrounds that I came from.” Joey said most people were thinking about whether or not they could afford to visit family during the Thanksgiving holiday. He asked, “What’s the charge if they’re going to come home from school?” He said, “I mean there’s a lot of money, these are billions of dollars that doesn’t add up to billions from the individual but it adds up to 3-400 bucks for average families.”

Look, let’s be clear, old Joey B has no sympathy for those he, and the Democrats, have forced into having to deal with the fiasco that he has made of the economy he was handed. Let’s face it, he hasn’t had to worry about inflation, or gas prices, or food prices, or anything else for that matter, since he was first elected to office nearly half a century ago. If only leftists were willing to admit their policies simply don’t work. Unfortunately, they have a mental disorder that doesn’t allow them to take responsibility for anything or even admit they’re wrong about anything.

And old Joey doesn’t need to worry about being able to stay nice and toasty warm this winter, and all at our expense while many Americans will likely face the prospect of not being able to afford heating fuel, even if they can even get it. Still think Joey cares? And to be perfectly blunt, Joey’s has proven himself to be a bigger fuck up than even I ever thought possible. Joey and his fellow Democrats have destroyed everything that President Trump built, but your average Democrat on the street is simply too stupid to see that. They go purely off emotions and never the facts.

Joey has stated openly that he will not allow the middle class to have “an increased standard of living.” After all, it’s easier to control poor people with bread and empty promises. Statist partnerships like they have in Communist China is the ultimate goal. Kill the mom and pop. Put downward pressure on the American family. Teach kids in college to have a dog and cohabitate but never get married, and never have kids because of ‘climate change.’ This is all taking place right in front of our eyes, and Mitch McConnell is defunding any candidates supported by President Trump.

Can we all just share a moment of clarity and admit that Joey doesn’t care one iota about the American people? Joey, as does every other Democrat, despises the American people. And it’s in whatever lucid moment that he still has that Joey cares only about himself, his personal power, his corrupt political criminal actions to rake in millions of dollars to the Biden Crime Family from foreign countries and businesses and about his extreme radical left anti-America, anti-fossil fuel and pro ‘climate change’ agenda, his immoral degenerate woke policies, and on and on and on.

This is what happens when criminal Democrats are allowed to acquire political power courtesy of a fraudulent election, thereby usurping the will of the American people, and illegitimately installing a demented career political criminal in the White House who is, along with the radical Left, intent upon destroying America, our economy, gutting our energy industry, encouraging open borders, doing nothing about a crime wave that is being allowed to spread like a virus all across the country and bringing about the highest rate of inflation in decades. And yet Joey feels our pain?

And finally, on a bit of a side note I guess, it’s Democrats everywhere that are just going to have to excuse my ignorance and explain to me how it is that rapidly rising gas and food prices, a skyrocketing crime rate that has essentially engulfed the entire nation, and inflation rate that is the highest in 40 years and a wide open southern border are somehow trumped by the need to ensure a woman as the ‘right’ to murder her own baby. There is something inherently wrong with sucking a baby from the womb before then pulling it apart and selling it off in parts. That’s sick! But then we are, after all, talking about Democrats.


So, riddle me this, when might it be that we can expect the Democrats to finally rid themselves of the albatross around their neck, aka Hitlery, and finally quit all the whining about how the 2016 election was stolen from her when it’s so very clear she did very little to win it, choosing instead to think that it was hers simply by virtue of who she was. And Hitlery has again raised her ugly head ranting about how it’s radical right wing extremists who are already plotting to steal the 2024 presidential election. Now it would seem to me that recent history indicates that the only ones we need to worry about carrying out such an endeavor would of course be, the Democrats.

Now the first thing that popped into my head upon hearing her make such a ludicrous accusation was that perhaps she had again slipped off the wagon. You see, it was earlier in the week that the two-time loser of the presidential sweepstakes urged her supporters to pay more attention to political races in state legislatures, warning the very future of the 2024 presidential election was at stake. She warned, “Right wing extremists already have a plan to steal the next presidential election and they’re not making a secret of it,” and warned the “right wing controlled Supreme Court” would ultimately grant state legislatures the power to overturn presidential elections.

And Hitlery warned, “If that happens the 2024 presidential election will not be decided not by the popular vote or even by the anachronistic electoral collage but by state legislatures,” adding that many of the state legislatures were under “Republican control.” She urged supporters to donate to the “crush the coup” campaign, which would help defend democracy. She said, “This could not be more important or more urgent.” Personally, it’s when we start hearing politicians talking about crushing those who disagree with them that red flags should be going off everybody, those on the left and the right. But most on the left simply except the ravings of this loon.

And while Hitlery has stated that she will never run for president again, I can’t quite bring myself to believe her. And as long as there are still those in her party that would love to see her run again, it can never be ruled out. But be that as it may, she continues to portray herself as a champion for democracy, as ridiculous as that sounds. Back in September, in an interview with CBS, Hitlery said, “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we have a president that respects our democracy and the rule of law and upholds our institutions.” In other words, we already know that President Trump is going to win in 2024, so we need to try to steal the election.

Look, it’s now every Democrat candidate who is accusing their Republican opponent of being “election deniers”. Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats who are denying the results of an election that hasn’t even taken place yet. They’re proactive election deniers. But it gets them in the news and there are voters gullible enough to swallow such nonsense or they wouldn’t be doing it. I’m sure they have some sort of polling data that justifies them spewing such drivel. And, of course, the Democrats have their stable of faux ‘journalists’ all across cable news standing the ready to perpetuate a narrative that it’s those evil Republicans that we all need to keep an eye on.

To be perfectly frank, Hitlery is nothing more than a bitter old corrupt politician. Hitlery is nothing if not a serial projectionist. Whatever dirty tricks she’s planning, she will accuse Republicans of doing them first. For example it was Hitlery who was shouting Russia, Russia, Russia, all the while, she herself was colluding with the Russians on the fake Steele dossier. And how many times has she spoken about President Trump’s ‘classified’ documents, when it was she, who had classified documents on an illegal server? So, if Hitlery says Republicans are planning to steal the 2024 election, you can bet the farm that she is already planning such a theft.

Always remember, and never forget, that this was the person who the Democrats wanted to run the country in 2016. Thank God Trump won the presidency. To say we dodged a bullet would be an understatement. The Trump victory rescued the nation from a fate far worse than what we knew at the time. She is the despised, incredibly incompetent, contemptible, arrogant bitch, whose every accomplishment was a complete disaster for the country. The dishonest, unindicted traitor and criminal. The political prostitute who has gotten away with lying to Congress, destroying subpoenaed emails, mobile devices and an illegal nongovernment mail server.

Hitlery, the delusional, self-absorbed, two time sore loser of presidential campaigns who feels no shame or guilt regarding the damage that she has done to our country. The despicable power hungry, political profiteer and constant complainer. The ill-tempered, discourteous, deluded, sour, shameless, uncharismatic, man hating harpy. The corrupt, condescending, disapproving, shrew who does not have a conscience, a code of ethics or any sense of morality. The antisocial, ruthless, vile, obnoxious grandstander badly in need of Detox, a nasty, doddering old crone who lacks values and has contempt for anything traditionally American and lies about everything.

Hitlery, the mentally unstable individual, distinguished for her failures with an inability to accept reality. Zero positive accomplishments. Zero. And now we can add delusional to this. She sounds so deranged. Always blaming some Republican conspiracy for everything. She makes up imaginary problems, like the threat to democracy. and then blames the non-existing threat to democracy on the Republican conspiracy that also doesn’t exist. She lives in a nightmare of her own creation. It was remarkable that she could say that the right wing is going to steal the election with a straight face. This washed-up old cow is the WORST this country has to offer.

We’re told that questioning the validity of elections is exclusively a problem with ‘sore losers’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ on the right, but Hitlery’s unsupported claim is just the latest in a long list of leftist attempts to discredit elections, both before and after the actual election. And it’s been forgotten by those on the left that before the 2020 election leftist groups were promising to shut down the entire country, if President Trump won the election. Authorities and business owners in major blue cities were preparing for it. Why? Because after the BLM rioting just a few months earlier, the ability and willingness of the left to use violence was crystal clear.

And finally, looking back to 2008 presidential election it was ‘BO,’ the great campaigner and very charismatic individual who got 69 million popular votes for president, and in 2012 the same charismatic person got 65 million votes for president. And it was Hitlery who did nothing but alienate voters when she did go out to actually campaign in 2016 who also got 65 million popular votes for president. Meanwhile, it was Joey B. who never left his basement, was shielded from the public by his handlers, who still managed to receive 81 million votes. So I guess my question to Hitlery would be, just who is that we should think is messing with our elections?


I must admit that there are those times when I don’t really blame blacks for what has long been their blind devotion to the Democrat Party. After all, it has been for decades that there have been a great many blacks in our ‘fake news’ media who, for the right price, have been only too happy to sell out their fellow blacks. They have willfully and, often times purposely, lied to a group of people attempting to convince them to vote for those politicians who mean them nothing but harm. And if that were not enough, to vote against those under whom they would have a much greater chance to prosper. And that they do so merely for a buck, is pretty disgusting.

And it’s MSDNC that seems to attract so many of these blacks, much in the same manner that sh!t attracts flies. One of those blacks is guy by the name of Jason Johnson who is pretty much a regular on the network, especially when the network is need of someone to bash whitey. Now make no mistake Johnson is in no way a journalist of any kind, instead he’s billed as being an American political scientist, commentator and writer. And it was Johnson who, this past Monday during another appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline” said Republicans want to “imprison women” and “don’t think black people should have a right to do anything but play sports.”

Discussing a poll on the issues likely voters are prioritizing in the midterm elections, Johnson said, “The problem that I see with polls that talk about people fearing about threats of democracy unless your polling is sophisticated, you’re catching multiple people in that. Because you have election deniers who will say the same thing and they’re liars and disturbed, right? In addition you have regular Americans who are saying, ‘Hey, I went to vote in Georgia and found out that someone who has never met me, seen me, can launch a voter challenge against me early voting just based on my zip code and demographics.’” The problem I see is that he hasn’t got a clue!

And he went on to say, “Those are two people who can say my number one concern is the protection of American democracy but they’re coming from it from completely opposite ends. That’s part of the problem we have sometimes in our discussion of these issues. You have one side, which is the majority of the American people who just want to go to work, eat dinner, stay safe, pay less in gas prices and know that they have their same medical rights that they woke up with earlier this year.” He said, “And then you have another group of people who are essentially fascists and they want an authoritarian government.” Right, and that would be the Democrats!

Johnson added, “We have to stop pretending that we’re talking about friends and neighbors. You’re talking about people who want to basically imprison women in their bodies and make them completely subjected to men. You’re talking about people who don’t think black people should have a right to do anything but play sports. You’re talking about a group of people who on a regular basis attack everybody of a different religion.” Johnson comes across as nothing more than a racist and a Democrat who, while devoid of any actual facts to back them up, feels free to make all manner of outlandish and untrue accusations. Which is why he’s essentially on retainer.

Fear of the bloodbath, politically speaking, that has been predicted to be awaiting them in November has those like Johnson absolutely frothing at the mouth with hysteria. I can’t believe the length these people are willing to go in their effort to spread absolute bullshit the only purpose of which is to rile up the ignorant. But hey, it’s what they get paid to do by their masters back on the plantation. It’s just all in a day’s work for scumbags like Johnson. And it’s never once that you hear one of the supposed ‘journalists’ on the network ask people like Johnson, “What the Hell are you even talking about?” That would be because they’re get paid not to, or they agree.  

Before Johnson goes about trying to figure out who is racist, perhaps he should spend some time working on trying to figure out the difference between a man and a woman. And might I also mention the fact that Republicans didn’t burn down their neighbors business and didn’t create nationwide destruction to the tune of over 2 billion dollars for a violent criminal scumbag who deserves everything he got, and more. Johnson is a hate filled fool who associates with only other hate filled fools. And another thing, in order to comment as much as he does, he would have to be a grade A loser with no life outside his silly media manufactured hate.

And I would also like to point out that it’s Johnson’s own beloved Democrat Party that is solely responsible the rapid rise in inflation now underway, the endless riots in our cities and the skyrocketing crime rate taking place all across the country. Not to mention an imminent WW3, the gutting of our energy industry and then gutting our strategic oil reserves to cover up the fraud, our open borders which is destroying jobs, drug and human trafficking, terrorist infiltration and gutting our military. President Trump gave blacks their lowest unemployment in history and opportunity zones to start businesses. Joey gave them crackpipes. Johnson is nothing, if not a complete moron!

These racist propagandists are forever trying to put words into the mouths of those they hate, words which were never spoken. MSDNC has demonstrated that it has a real knack for hiring some of the most extreme and intellectually challenged hosts and guests of any network. The result is terrible ratings because they cater to a small group of imbeciles who, for whatever reason, continue to watch their shows. And despite the fact the network is essentially a ratings nightmare, nothing ever seems to change. I can only assume that the network is being subsidized by some outside entity, how else would it be able to exist with fewer and fewer people watching?

Let me just say that as a Republican, I firmly believe that every American, regardless of race, gender, faith or sexual persuasion should have the absolute freedom to pursue any goal they choose so long as they operate within the laws of the United States. I also firmly believe that the United States government should have no laws that favor one American over another. I believe that all charity in America should flow from individuals and private organizations, with no charity being driven from the federal government. Finally, on a personal level, I believe that MSDNC and its staff of propagandists, is absolutely the most racist ‘news’ organization in the country.


It’s like watching a dog with its favorite bone, when it comes to Liz Cheney who, even after essentially being thrown out of office because of her one-track fanaticism with respect to President Trump, continues to be stuck on stupid to the point where she actually thinks herself capable of preventing President Trump from being re-re-elected simply by running for president herself. How sad it must be for her that the only way she can justify her pathetic existence is to try to prevent the best president this country has had in decades from being re-re-elected, should he choose to run. And just what might be her true motivation for this bizarre preoccupation of hers?

You see, it was during a strange appearance this past Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by that well-known ‘journalistic’ dipshit Chuck Todd, that Cheney made the rather bold claim that she will do whatever it takes, including running for president herself, if need be, to stop Donald Trump from becoming president again. Now realistically speaking, just what is it that this political has-been expects to be able to do in her effort to either prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination, but if or when he has accomplished that, the only option left to Cheney to prevent him from getting re-re-elected would be to run as a third party candidate.  

Anyway, Todd said, “Donald Trump ends up the nominee in 2024. You’ve said you won’t be a Republican anymore, so it implies you think the party can be saved.” Cheney said, “I think the party has to come back from where we are right now, which is a dangerous and toxic place, or the party will splinter, and there will be a new conservative party that rises if Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party, the party will shatter, and there will be a conservative party that the party will shatter, and there will be a conservative party that rises in its place.” Todd asked, “What would it take for you to run for president?” Cheney said, “I’m going to be focused on all the things we’ve been talking about.”

Cheney said, “I care deeply, as I know you do, as millions of people do about this nation and about the blessings we have as a constitutional republic. So whether that means helping other candidates, helping to educate people around the country, I have been on a number of college campuses, very inspired by the young people, but I’m focused on what we have to do to save the country from this very dangerous moment we’re in, not right now on whether I’m going to be a candidate or not.” Todd then said, “Some people suggest if he would be a third-party candidate it will be enough to stop Trump.”  Cheney said, “Well we’ll so whatever it takes as I said.”

Cheney ended her idiotic little rant by boldly claiming, “He will not be president again.” She claims to care deeply about this nation and yet she seems very determined to prevent the man who proved himself to be the best president this country has had since Ronald Reagan from becoming president again. So at a time when even the establishment polls are showing a Republican blowout in next month’s election, we have a top political ‘journalist,’ Chuck Todd, and a political has-been Cheney, who went down in defeat in her primary in historic fashion, pondering whether, or not, the Republican Party can be saved. You can’t make this shit up.

This is all just too funny. She has no base to call on for support, and she is probably now the most disliked woman in all of the Republican Party. And yet she possesses delusions of grandeur as to her importance, but most Americans neither like nor respect her. She’d be better off running as a Democrat, but once a traitor always a traitor, I doubt that even the Democrats would accept her. And if she cared about this country half as much as she claims, then why is it Donald Trump that she is so desperate to stop from becoming president and not Joey? That right there should tell you everything you need to know about her. There truly is something wrong with her.

And as I said, all this tells me is just how truly stuck on stupid this spiteful woman remains. Like Democrats who feel they are the smartest people in the room and can NEVER admit to being wrong. It’s blatantly obvious that this isn’t now, nor has it ever been about somehow saving the country from President Trump. President Trump was a boon to this country. It is, as it has always been, about her. She seems to get some sick pleasure out of being the darling of the DEMOCRATS, especially those in the media. But that will last but for a very short time. It’s pathetic what some people will stoop to in their effort to remain relevant, even if only in a very small way.

She speaks of a new conservative party that will rise if Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party. She says that would cause the party to shatter, and there will be a conservative party that rises in its place. But just who is it that will represent this new conservative party? Will it be people like her? People who have claimed to be supporters of the conservative cause for decades but who, instead, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that that cause was, and continues to be, stymied at every turn? Stymied until Donald Trump was elected? It’s the Republican Party that will be the conservative once it rids itself of those like Cheney.

Cheney herself clearly possesses none of the attributes necessary for the job of president. She possesses zero integrity, is of limited intelligence and lacks honesty, veracity and honor. And it’s her words, as well as her actions, that also makes it very clear that she possesses nothing in the way of true patriotism. A good politician knows when the time has come to leave and retire to quiet seclusion. She’s a train wreck as a Congress woman and a failure as a human being. But even with that said this woman who claims to care so deeply for this country continues to be of some of use to the Democrats and she will continue to be a useful idiot right up until election day.

And what exactly does Cheney mean when she says that the party has to come back from where it is? Does she mean that the party must now return to its prior ‘go along to get along party,’ a party whose members are interested only in maintaining their lofty positions at the expense of the citizens of this country? The party of America last? The party that is still nothing but Democrat lite? The folks of Wyoming showed her the door, she got a whopping 30 some percent of the vote even with Wyoming Democrats voting for her. Cheney has proven she is not a Conservative, she is nothing but a self-serving political fraud who puts the people of America last, dead last.

Cheney declares, “Whatever it takes he will not be president again!” If Donald Trump had said that about Hitlery, or ‘BO’, or Joey, or about ANY Democrat, the Democrats would have immediately deemed that statement to be a threat and called upon the FBI and the Department of Justice to take action against him. And yet when directed at President Trump such statements are seen as being perfectly acceptable. And Cheney is joined be any number of Democrats who have made similar threatening statements about President Trump, and we’ve seen how those statements were followed up by illegal and, dare I say, unconstitutional actions taken against him.

Statements made by Democrats make very clear that these aggressors, these anti-American, anti-republic and treasonous scum, who bring in millions upon millions of illegal immigrants, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and in violation of numerous immigration laws are all part of Joey’s war on the sovereignty of this nation, which is actual treason. And then these traitors hand over our national security, our national treasure, our social welfare, our natural resources, our political power, and grant them the benefit of amnesty that the American taxpayer will then be forced to pay to this foreign army of people who violated our laws to enter our nation.

And yet, is it somehow President Trump who we must ensure is never again permitted anywhere near the levers of power in this country. The one guy who once again demonstrated all that America truly could be. President Trump, the guy who promised to secure our southern border, and did, the guy who promised to make America energy independent, and did, the man who promised to create a booming economy, and did, the man who promised to rebuild our military after ‘BO’ decimated it, and did, as well as being the guy who promised to wipeout ISIS, and did that too! This is the guy that Cheney is so adamantly opposed to ever again being our president. Why?


It never ceases to amaze me how a guy who is so very obviously missing more and just one or two marbles thinks he’s just oh so much smarter than the American people. Now clearly is smarter than a few, for instance those who insist upon voting for Democrats, but when compared to the vast majority of Americans it’s Joey who’s dumb as a post. And yet he keeps trying to convince us that because of that he has ‘accomplished’ we should have no reason to complain. In the half century of being in government the only thing that Joey B has ever done is to continually screw over the American taxpayer. He has never done one positive thing for this country.

It was during an interview on MSDNC this past Friday with some clown by the name of Jonathan Capehart that *president Joey B responded to polling data showing people trust Republicans on the economy by stating he’s not sure how accurate polls are and “a lot of what we’ve done and we’ve passed has not kicked in yet.” This guy Capehart is another of the many faux ‘journalists,’ that the network. Married to his ‘husband Nick, Capehart is billed as being a journalist and television commentator and writes for The Washington Post’s PostPartisan blog. I only mention this as a way to point out that he’s another boob on MSDNC who very clearly has an agenda of his own.

And it was during this ‘interview’ that Capehart asked, “[H]ere’s a problem, I think, for you and Democrats, despite all the good economic news, low unemployment, record job creation, wage increases, Social Security cost of living adjustment to 8.7%, the highest in 40 years. And yet, poll after poll shows that the American people trust Republicans on the economy and think that Republicans should control Congress. How do you break through that?” Joey said, “I’m not sure about the polls. Because the way people conduct polls today, it’s hard. 90% of it is you get on the telephone where you have to call seven times to get somebody to answer the phone, number one.”

Joey went on to say, “Number two, a lot of what we’ve done and we’ve passed has not kicked in yet. For example, we have all this money to rebuild the highways, bridges, Internet, etc., but it’s going to take time. It’s not all happening overnight. It’s not like we passed a law and all of a sudden the highways and bridges are all functioning. And it’s not like we’re in a position where we’re saying no senior — which we do — is going to have to pay more than $2,000 a year for their drug costs…it hasn’t kicked in yet. It doesn’t kick in until next year.” God help us when, “A lot of what we have done on the economy hasn’t even kicked in yet,” does kick in!

Oddly enough, it’s not a single soul on MSDNC, including this dolt Capehart, that has any interest in keeping count of the lies told by this senile old fuck or by any Democrat. But I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh regarding Mr. Capehart, he’s simply doing what everyone else in the ‘fake news’ media is doing. They’re all ignoring the lies along with the many idiotic remarks and blatant exaggerations. They continue to try to present this guy as being anything other than what he is, a doddering old man who has absolutely no business being *president and who, if we’re being truly honest, isn’t. You will never convince me that 81 million Americans voted for this loser.

But then, what else should we expect from a truck-driving-college-professor who whooped ‘Corn Pop’s ass? His life is so incredibly dull that he has to make stuff up so it sounds even a tiny bit interesting. After all, corrupt politicians aren’t the least bit unique in Washington. Quite the contrary, they abound! Personally, I think they get some sort of perverted pleasure in making people suffer. I mean how else can you explain what they do? And members of the media, like this moron Capehart, see absolutely nothing wrong with what’s going on, to the point where they go out of there way to never challenge any Democrat even when presented with an opportunity to do so.

Joey claims that a lot of what he’s done has not kicked in yet. Meanwhile, the economy is collapsing around us, political prisoners are rotting in jail, the FBI is making political arrests and old Joey’s continues to do everything within your power to destroy the fossil fuel industry. Add to that the fact that he repeatedly lied his way through the ‘Chinese virus’ mess, he appears to be running a very dangerous proxy war in Ukraine, he has spent us into the poorhouse, has botched everything he has touched since Day 1, and anybody who dares to disagrees with him is declared an enemy democracy. What else do we have to look forward to that has yet to kick in.

Finally, there continues to be this symbiotic relationship between the left, and the Democrats in particular, and those in the ‘fake news’ media that has proven itself to be very detrimental to the country. Imagine how differently things would look in this country, and even the world, if those in the media, like Mr. Capehart, had a genuine interest in presenting the truth to the people and not some fabricated fairytale that anyone with brain knows to be a lie. Those in the media would be doing themselves a yuge favor, and would give their credibility a yuge boost, if they simply resorted to telling the truth and forced those politicians they interview to do the same.


So what do you suppose it is that keeps Joey up at night? Is it that there are Americans who may be faced with being unable to heat their homes this winter because of a shortage of heating oil? Or, is that more Americas fear leaving the safety of their homes out of fear that they may be assaulted, or worse, if they venture our? Or it is that many Americans are now finding themselves in the position of deciding between putting gas in their car or food on their table. No, actually it’s none of those. What keeps Joey up at night is the fear that his party, the party that is at the root of all these fears, might lose their ability to continue to be, come this November.    

It was on Friday of this week that Joey acknowledged that polls were swinging toward Republicans as he issued a last-minute economic warning to Americans if they took power. Joey delivered a speech at the White House warning Americans that if Republicans won power in Congress, they would stop his multi-trillion dollar spending spree and push for tax cuts and spending cuts. Joey said, “If you’re worried about the economy, you need to know this. Republican leadership in congress has made it clear.” And it was from there that Joey went on to say, “They will crash the economy next year by threatening the full faith and credit of the United States.”

Joey said, “It’s MEGA MAGA trickle down.” And he said, “The kind of policies that have failed the country before and will fail again.” The *president appeared unsettled by reports that the polls are increasingly shifting toward Republicans, pointing to the likelihood of a “red wave” in November. He said, “It’s back and forth and the polls have been all over the place.” And he added, “I think we are going to see one more shift back to our side in the closing days.” Joey stressed that more Americans would ultimately realize that he was doing well on the economy and give him and the Democrats more credit. Which Americans might he be talking about?

And in referencing the masterful job he’s doing on the economy, not, he claimed, “We’re moving in the right direction, there’s more to come.” And it was in clearly ignoring the fact that he is responsible for inflation already being at a 40 year high, that Joey warned that inflation would only increase if Republicans took power. He asked, “They talk about inflation?” And then said, “Everything they are proposing will make inflation worse.” Frankly, I find it all rather amazing that he can look at where this country is today compared to where it was on the day he ‘took’ office and can actually think that we’d be worse off with Republicans in charge of Congress.

In less than two years Joey B has managed to do more damage to our country than anyone would have thought was humanly possible. The entire time this pathological liar has occupied the White House he has done nothing but lie about everything that his pathetic administration has done. Most Americans aren’t stupid, they’ve picked up on this, and that have also realized that most of the ‘fake news’  media is acting as nothing more than the DNC’s ‘Ministry of Propaganda.’ Every time Joey B opens his mouth, if you can understand what he’s saying, he drives even more out of the Democrat Party, running to get away from the catastrophe that they’ve become.

Call me crazy, but I’m one of those willing to take my chances with the trickle down of Mega-Maga, of buying gas for under two dollars a gallon, of low inflation, of low unemployment, of truly secure borders and of not having to bow to the religion of bogus ‘climate change.’ Joey thinks Americans need to give both him and the Democrats a lot more credit for the job they’re doing on the economy. But when the Democrats get credit for is the raising of prices on absolutely everything. It’s only brain dead, useful idiots who can possibly think that Joey B. is doing anything other than causing major damage to our country, economically and otherwise.

And I have no doubt that Joey knows that he has set the economy on a course to epic failure and is merely attempting to set up Republicans to get the blame. Democrats are pretty good at this, and it seems to continue to work over and over again on those who are our low-information voters. And it’s Joey himself who essentially created that which he now fears the most, and it didn’t have to be this way. Joey billed himself as a uniter and a moderate, yet as soon as he had the chance he systematically tore apart our national safeguards and labeled anyone who opposed him as semi-fascists. He has no one to blame if this red tidal wave hits!!


And so it was the Nostradamus of American politics, Howie Dean, who was, after having studied much of the recent polling data, able to come up with a totally different conclusion than have so many others in terms of predicting the outcome of this November’s midterm elections. You see, it’s Howie who is now very confidently predicting, not a red wave, but a rather impressive BLUE wave come this November. Now granted, Howie’s record when it comes to making such predictions has been far from stellar. But that appears to mean very little to the folks there at MSDNC.

Personally, I’m not one who understands why it is that anyone to fancies themselves a serious journalist would waste the time that it would first take to track this moron down, and second to listen to anything he has to say. I mean, just who is it that’s going to believe old Howie anyway? But be that as it may, it was Dean who claimed Thursday on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by that dweeb Ari Melber who’s billed as being the network’s legal correspondent, that the Democrats will increase their majorities in both the U.S Senate and House in November’s midterm election.

Dean said, “I’ll make this prediction right now we’ll pick up two to three in the Senate and pick up House. We will pick up seats in the House and not lose them. I think we will take two more than we have today n the House. It’s just because when you see these early turnout figures, and you better be one of them if you’re watching this, that is a very good thing for people who are angry, and people who are really angry right now are the Democrats.” Melber asked, “You are saying the early surge you think is a product of Democratic galvanization and mobilization?”

Dean said, “Obviously, young people and women are incredibly engaged in this election, and we’ve got to get the young people to the polls because they’re the group that’s most reluctant to go.” Dean added, “But I think a lot of this is about Trump. Every time Trump opens his mouth that helps us. You’ve got people like J.D. Vance, who’s a pretty bright guy, but he sounds like Trump. The numbers in Ohio are incredible. Last poll, I saw Ryan was ahead.” But then, if a man can now be a woman, then I suppose losers can now be winners and lost seats can now be gained seats.

So, the people who are really angry right now are Democrats, which means what? That Republicans aren’t? NO. That Democrats are blaming Republicans for all that is wrong? NO. So this means a huge Democrat turnout to save their country from Republicans and get more of the same as they have been getting because things are just great with Democrats being in control? NO. Perhaps it means that Democrats will turn out in huge numbers only on paper rather than in warm, breathing bodies or it could mean that Howard Dean is a reprobate and a moron at the same time.

Look, of course the Democrats will pick up seats and increase their majority in both houses of Congress! Why wouldn’t they? I mean, does anyone REALLY believe that people are worried about the DIRE state of our economy, about surging crime figures, or the millions of illegal immigrants now streaming across our non-existent southern border. Are folks really all that concerned when it comes to unaffordable gas prices, food shortages, and the billions of dollars in taxpayers money being shoveled into the Ukraine in the biggest money laundering scam on earth? Seriously?

And the American people don’t really care, or worry, about going hungry, or sitting in the cold and dark during the coming winter, nor do they worry about being brutally attacked when simply waling down the street. The REAL issue facing everyone today is women AND men (who can apparently both get pregnant) losing the right to butcher babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth. So, there you have it. The unquestionable, and unvarnished truth! Now get out there and vote, and hand to the Democrats even more power to totally fuck up the life of every single American.

Finally, on a more serious note, it’s every time, and I do mean every single time, that the Democrats are placed in control of our government that the American people are made to regret it. To the point where one has to wonder just what’s it going to take to make them understand the importance of never again electing a Democrat to any political position no matter how trivial or insignificant that position is thought to be. Americans need to understand that Democrats excel at only one thing, destruction. They create nothing but poverty, misery and pain. And they survive solely on hate.