Hitlery 19

So everyone’s favorite two time loser of the presidential sweepstakes, Hitlery Clinton, has now once again made it abundantly clear that she has no intention of straying from the political stage.  She said that she’s not going to go away or stop talking about her concerns regarding President Trump, despite the noise coming from critics who want her off the public stage.  It was during a paid speech, albeit for 90 percent less than usual, at Rutgers University that Hitlery was asked by the moderator to respond to the critics who want her to “get off the public stage and shut up.”

She responded by saying, “They never said that to any man who wasn’t elected.”  To which those gathered in the audience applauded.  And of course she accused those in the media of leading the charge of asking that question, pointing out that it was, of course, sexist.  She pointed out that Al Gore continued talking about climate change after he lost the election and John Kerry-Heinz became Secretary of State and RINO John McCain returned to the Senate after he lost to Barry ‘O’.  But all of those ‘men’ were able to, at least to some degree, move on beyond their loss.

Hitlery said that she was committed to speaking out and having a voice in the modern political debate, despite losing to President Donald Trump.  But speaking out is one thing, but her constantly making excuses for and her endless whining about her loss to President Trump is something else entirely.  She said, “You won’t be surprised to hear me say that I have some concerns.”  And, she added, “I think we need to all be talking about it, not just me but every one of us needs to be speaking up and taking part.”  Her ONLY concern has been, and continues to be, the fact that she lost.

She said, “I have often thought that I am a kind of a Rorschach test for people who are trying to make sense, not just of me personally, but of women’s roles and women’s expanded opportunities, in not only America but around the world.”  Hitlery expressed disappointment that she is no longer seen as an individual because she has been in the public spotlight for 25 years.  She pointed out that she was “the first woman of my generation” as First Lady who had a law degree before going to the White House with her husband, which brought about “assumptions and caricatures.”

Hitlery also pointed to her “monumental” role in working for health care reform as First Lady.  She said, “I would hope that people would spend a little bit of time actually looking behind the image or the picture, and that is I think is what we hope for all of us, we want to be known as who we are and judged positively and negatively based on what we actually do and not by what people said we did.”  Now when you stop and consider what she’s saying here, this is exactly why most people feel the way they do about Hitlery, they’re judging her on what she’s actually done.

She also warned the audience that they should be prepared to experience people who want to pull back opportunities and progress for women.  She said, “You have to understand that’s part of breaking through glass ceilings and moving forward and bringing others with you.”  And she went on to say, “You cannot allow yourselves to get discouraged about that because it’s going to happen.”  That is simply just so much BS.  Hitlery was not not elected because she is a women, she was not elected because there were enough people who were not in favor of her socialist approach.

And then it was at one point that the moderator invoked Nazism when talking about what “could happen” in America.  Hitlery’s long-winded response touched on a number of things, including the “absolutely essential role of the press.”  She said, “Well, I am fundamentally optimistic and hopeful, but I don’t think that optimism and hope is warranted unless we do what we’re supposed to do as citizens.”  She added, “And so, I worry about the degradation of institutions, the dismissing of norms and values–because remember, a democracy is fundamentally held together by trust.”

Hitlery said she’s worried “about whether our Constitution is going to be honored, whether we will see the rule of law protected, whether we will have the predictability and stability we need in the foreign affairs.”  All of which was, I thought, rather odd coming from someone whose political party wants to limit free speech like the Nazis did, wants to Nationalize Health Care like the Nazis did, wants to disarm the populace like the Nazis did and who sent thugs to disrupt the rallies of their political rivals, like the Nazis did!  So what’s she talking about here?

Finally, the failed presidential candidate addressed the question.  She said, “So I’m hoping that the worst, the kind of question you asked me, Ruth, is just never even approached, we never get to that.  But, it will require people turning up and voting in these midterm elections, and it will require a lot of Republicans to take back their party and to put their country back into the equation, for the Republican Party going forward. And it will not be easy.”  In other words we Republicans, at least according to Hitlery, need to see the error of our ways and elect fewer conservatives.

But seriously folks, I kinda like Hitlery being on stage and not shutting up.  I enjoy all of those slip and fall moments, and how her mind tends to wander when she’s trying to answer the simplest of questions.  Poor liberals with their heads exploding because she won’t shut up.  I still like to think that she’ll be convicted of something, but I’m just not going to hold my breath.  Hopefully as more things come to light in the search for collusion between Trump and Russians something will be found that seals HER fate.  It would be nice to see her in a one piece orange prison jump suit.

Hitlery really has no idea how vile people, outside of her circle of supporters, think she is.  On a side note, I was watching Tucker Carlson earlier this week and he had one of her die hard supporters, Jennifer Palmieri, on his show to discuss primarily the issue of gun control as it relates to the Democrat Party.  And as is always the case with someone like Palmieri when the subject of Hitlery this dolt Palmieri argued how Hitlery is seen by so many as being such an accomplished women yet she still lost the election because…wait for it… she’s a woman.  Which caused Tucker to chuckle.

But anyway, in getting back on topic, Hitlery would probably claim that men don’t have to be likable so why should she have to, completely ignoring the fact that hubby Slick Willy’s ability to charm people was the real key to his success.  Slick told people the things they wanted to hear, meanwhile Hitlery forces people to listen to what she wants to say.  She wants to blame her gender for her failure, but the blame rests on her lack of authenticity and her general disdain for so many Americans.  Remember all us ‘Deplorables?’  How we’re all just a bunch of racist, misogynistic homophobes?

Hitlery’s rather sizable ego, second only to that of Barry ‘O’, insures that she remains tone deaf to the political realities of her own party.  Even the most far left moonbats are smart enough to know that she’s hurting their warped cause by hanging around whining about why she lost an election that occurred over 17 months ago.  She’s an embarrassment to a party that is usually unable to recognize when they’ve been embarrassed, and that’s saying something!  And, she should be an embarrassment to every intelligent woman who views herself as being responsible and self-reliant.

Hitlery’s the gift that keeps on giving.  The Democrats will have to be the ones to bring out the hook to yank her off the stage and I’m not sure that even now there is anyone willing to do that.  So as long as she keeps talking and injects herself onto political scene I think it’s a positive for our side.  It’s the same with gun control, let the Democrats and their ‘surrogates’ continue to make it their position that the Second Amendment should be repealed and that confiscation is their ultimate goal.  Because it does little more than to harden the position against them.



So it would seem that this kid, Hogg, is working on making the absolute most of his 15 minutes of fame, trying to stretch it just as far as he possibly can.  And apparently he doesn’t mind in the least that he’s being used by so many on the left in his effort to do so.  Which only tells me that kid has no class, no brains, no self-respect and apparently no bring-‘em-ups.  Yes I’m quite sure mommy and daddy are very proud of the offspring their union produced.  Obviously this kid gives some level of credence to that old adage that says, ‘Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.’

And it’s in the process of his allowing himself to be used by those on the left, in its continuing effort to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, that the young Mr. Hogg’s ego seems to be growing at a rather incredible rate evidenced by how he takes himself far too seriously.  Apparently this little creep is now leading a boycott campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham after she knocked him for complaining about colleges that rejected his applications.  He apparently took offense at that and has now called on his ‘followers’ to put pressure on her advertisers.

You see, it was this past Wednesday morning that Ingraham wrote on Twitter, “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” and she linked a Daily Wire article that referenced a TMZ article titled, “I’m Changing the World …BUT UC SCHOOLS STILL REJECTED ME.”  Anyway, Hogg responded by tweeting out a list of Ingraham’s 12 biggest advertisers and called on his ‘followers’ to pressure the companies into boycotting Ingraham’s show over her tweet.  And it was much to my surprise that Ingraham has now apologized, which only adds fuel to the fire.

Hogg was interviewed on TMZ this past Monday and it was during that interview that he lamented a number of college rejections he has received.  He said he was not surprised by the rejections because “I think there’s a lot of amazing people that don’t get to college, not only that do things like I do but because their voices just aren’t heard in the tsunami of people that apply every year to colleges in such an economic impacted school system here which we have here in America where people have to go into massive amounts of debt just to go to college and get an education.”

Look, this useful idiot really is nothing more than a butt-hurt little dweeb. If he’s going to up against the big guns, then he shouldn’t be surprise to get a little blowback and he should take it like man.  But when those on our side cower before threats made by little weasels like this Hogg character, all that does is to encourage more bad behavior and gives new life to their pathetic antics.  And the longer the left feels that they have something to gain from milking this kid for all he’s worth, the longer we can expect to see him being held up as some sort of symbol for their cause.

But mark my words there will come a time when those on the left now very loudly singing his praises will become fewer and fewer in number until finally there is simply no one left but Mr. Hogg himself.  Because let there be no doubt that when you get right down to it, the young Mr. Hogg means absolutely nothing to them, he is simply someone to be used in the name of advancing their anti-gun cause.  And as soon as they tire of him, or as soon as he becomes no longer useful to them, they will kick his worthless butt to the curb.  And before long it will be, David who?

And while this boob has no problem whatsoever with wanting to take away from millions of Americans their Second Amendment right, he cries foul, or he whines, whenever he thinks his First Amendment right is being infringed upon.  Really?   The left has sure done a pretty good job turning him into what is really nothing more than a good little Marxist. Unfortunately this is what we tend to get by sending our children to public school.  And they are doing the same thing to a lot of our kids in our public schools. This shooting was just an opportunity to step on the accelerator.

This is nothing that we haven’t seen before coming from those on the left.  They get their hooks into some impression, sometimes young, stooge who quickly becomes addicted to all of the attention and who then willingly allows himself, or herself, to be used like some puppet on a string.  And then when they finally snap out of their little trance, they realize that all of those who were once so enamored with them have now moved on and found themselves some new little stooge to make dance on the end of their string.  This kid is doing nothing more than making a fool of himself.


Carter 03

I’m pretty sure that it won’t come as much of a surprise that the fella who, were it not for Barack Hussein Obama would have continued wearing the moniker of ‘Worst President in American History’, is another of those corrupt politicians who denies knowing why it is that the Second Amendment exists.  Which is, of course, as that last line of defense against a tyrannical government.  And while our all-knowing and all seeing federal government has yet to reach that point, those paying attention see it as moving ever closer with each passing day. Thank the Founding Fathers for having had the wisdom to provide the citizens with the Right to safeguard their freedom.

And so it was on this past Tuesday on the Communist Broadcasting System, aka CBS, that ex-president Jimmy Carter claimed during an interview “CBS This Morning,” that the National Rifle Association (NRA) represents the interests of gun manufactures and sellers, not gun owners.  And talking about student gun control activists, Jimmy said, “I just hope and pray they will be persistent in their commitment and they will continue to use their influence on adults that who have reached voting age already, and when they reach voting age they will be willing to turn out of office the people who have abjectly submitted themselves to the domination of the NRA.”

And Jimmy added, “The NRA basically represents gun manufacturers and sellers instead of the average hunters and people who use guns for their own defense. I think the distortion of the Second Amendment has been a mistake. There is no threat to the Second Amendment among the side of young people to have good background checks before you can buy a weapon and you can do away with the rapid-fire military weapons that we have authorized.”  Once again it’s Jimmy who seems to go out of his way to make sure we all remember just how dishonest he truly is.  Like any of us who were around during his presidency would ever really forget.  Not hardly!

Look, there is but one reason that this bonehead was ever elected president in the first place, and that’s because he was simply in the right place at the right time, politically speaking.  Watergate was still very fresh in the minds of the American people and many were upset with the fact that President Ford pardoned Nixon.  That and Jimmy didn’t ‘appear’ as some crazy left wing bomb-throwing-dictator-wannabe.  And of course we didn’t have Fox News or the Internet to give us both sides.  And there was the media running in lock step with no push back as there was NO talk radio because the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ was still very much in effect!

Let’s face it, Jimmy has always had a rather difficult relationship with the truth.  Now, according to Jimmy, we are not only controlled by guns, we are controlled by their manufacturers as well.  It seems that guns have their own type of derangement syndrome.  Guns, guns and more guns, it’s all about guns, or is it?  Because what it’s really all about is banning the private ownership of guns, which, by the way, would be enforced by people WITH guns, so that we the disarmed masses would have no way of protecting ourselves against their intended, and highly desired, brand of tyranny.  They are fine with well-armed storm troopers just not a well-armed citizenry.

If the government were to tell you tomorrow that you no longer had freedom of speech, and that if you were to say something considered by that same government to be ‘the wrong thing’ and for that offense you would be jailed, how would you be able to resist?   Despite the claims made by Jimmy and his leftist cohorts it’s the Second Amendment that protects all the rest of your rights by providing you a means of resisting tyranny!  It’s not about hunting or target shooting, it’s about providing ‘We the People’ with the ultimate means of resistance!  Resistance from what it is that Jimmy and his friends on the left dream about inflicting upon this country.

Why is it that when it comes to this most recent shooting in Florida and this silly made-for-TV ‘March for our Lives’, that none of the players mention how it was that we had a Sheriff’s Deputy standing outside while the shooting took place, how the County Sheriff set up a parameter instead of rushing in to save lives, or why the police, after 38 visits to this kid’s house, had no idea there was an issue, OR why the FBI, after receiving a tip that there was a threat that he was going to blow, did not take the time to go to check out the tip?  None of these things are talked about, because it’s easier to blame the gun or the NRA, than say government screwed up!

Can we all agree that Jimmy is nothing more than a pathological liar? The NRA has millions of members and we are not gun manufacturers.  What we are, are folks who love our country, our freedom and our Constitution, unlike Jimmy and the rest of his Godless Democrats.  His lies are believed only by those who call the Democrat Party home.  He makes the argument for wanting to take our guns using the false premise that by doing so we can prevent loss of life, while it’s the same time that Jimmy and his friends actively advocate for the wholesale butchering of over a million defenseless baby’s every single year through abortion for both convenience and profit.

The long term goal of the left is to make it so we are all as defenseless as those over 60 million babies that they’ve had no problem whatsoever with killing since Roe versus Wade.  This quest of the left to seize our guns has nothing whatsoever to with children, or cutting the level of gun violence or even with public safety.  It, as had been said so many times before, has EVERYTHING to do with control and about power.  Control of, and power over, the people.  And Jimmy’s idiotic rant about how the NRA somehow only supporting gun manufactures proves just how ignorant and blatantly dishonest he truly his.  But then this is how those on the left operate.


biden 3

If there was ever any doubt remaining among those on the right that the number one priority for the Democrats, should they be permitted to regain control of Congress this November, will be the impeachment of President Trump, old ‘Slow Joe’ Biden essentially removed all such doubt in a speech he gave last week. Ex-vice president ‘Slow Joe’ warned House Democrats that President Donald Trump ‘will’ win a second term if the Democrats do not take back the House this November.

Biden reportedly warned those members gathered for something called the House Democrats’ Blue Collar Caucus last week by saying, “If we don’t win the House, Trump is there for eight years.” Biden reportedly added: “I’m serious. So, no pressure.”  Members were said to have been ‘stunned.’  Now knowing Democrats as we all do, what we really heard coming from ‘Slow Joe’ was nothing more than a call to arms, an order to get to work on a plan for massive Democrat voter fraud.

I think it safe to say that the Democrats are now clearly salivating over the possibility of regaining control of Congress and therefore having subpoena power allowing them to go about endlessly investigating the Trump administration.  Some Democrats, like ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, are hoping that they can take back the House to start impeachment proceedings even though Waters’ critics on the left think the party could overplay its hand and turn off crucial swing voters if they pursue impeachment.

And while many on the left think taking back the House by way of some “blue wave” is pretty much of a given, a new Brennan Center report found that to do so, Democrats “would need to win the national popular vote in 2018 by the biggest margin in a midterm since 1982.”  The report found, “Because of maps designed to favor Republicans, Democrats would need to win by a nearly unprecedented nationwide margin in 2018 to gain control of the House of Representatives.”

And this same report went on to say, “To attain a bare majority, Democrats would likely have to win the national popular vote by nearly 11 points. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have won by such an overwhelming margin in decades. Even a strong blue wave would crash against a wall of gerrymandered maps.”  Rumor has it that ‘Slow Joe’s’ advisers are reportedly planning for a 2020 presidential run, and oddly enough he is considered by many to be the party’s early frontrunner.

But the ex-vice president, whose first presidential campaign was derailed by a plagiarism scandal, would likely be forced to contend with his rather creepy reputation for fondling young women and his penchant for exposing himself to female Secret Service agents.  Frankly it’s this kind of behavior that would seem to make him the ideal Democrat candidate for president.  But he’s thus far said that the “jury’s still out” on whether or not he will seek to challenge President Trump.

While the Democrats are desperate to win come this November so they can then begin work on impeaching Trump, it’s still going to be up to the voters.  And if voters want to go back to the last lousy eight years of a stagnant economy and decimated military, then they’ll likely choose Democrats.  The economy is getting better. We just have to get rid of the RINOs and as many Democrats as possible.  Ryan and McConnell must be replaced with leaders who truly care about our country.

Democrats depend on a constant, renewable source of low information, low IQ and government dependent voters.  That’s the primary reason they so aggressively encourage illegal immigration, form sanctuary cities and states, and legal support for illegal immigrants.  That’s why they are in favor of open, porous borders and why they even refuse to make English the national language.  Their causes are funded by left-wing donors whose intent is clear, that being the destruction of America.

Hopefully there will still be enough of us voting this November who remember well what it was like during the two years (2009-2010) that had the Democrats running the House and Senate with Barry ‘O’ in the White House.  Together they made life very difficult for those who work for a living.  Come this November working-class Americans must go to the polls focused on denying the Democrats control of the House and Senate, and on throwing out as many of their RINO brethren as we can.

The mid-term elections will be decided by responsible Republican, Conservative and Independent voters who go to the polls.  Granted, our congressional Republicans have done precious little to encourage them to vote Republican.  Yet it will be they who must ensure that both houses of Congress remain firmly under Republican control.  Now if these folks decide to sit this one out and Democrats, living and dead, do turn out in large numbers then I fear for the future of our country.

Commonsense should tell us that despite whatever disagreements we may have with the president we must make sure that it’s the Republicans who keep control of Congress.  And because Democrats appear to be somewhat energized, they will be dredging up every illegal, low-life and deceased vote they can find.  And by allowing the Democrats to take control of Congress we become little more than accomplices in what will surely become their determined effort to impeach the president.

While the Republicans would likely fare much better without the likes of McConnell, Ryan, Graham and McCain, to name but a few, hanging around their neck, we go into every election with the party that we have, not with the party that we wish we had.  And while Democrats would do much to help their cause by slapping a muzzle on Hitlery, Pelosi, Waters, and any number of other of their more radical kooks within their party, that’s not likely to happen.  Which in turn provides ammo to our side.

Trump is struggling against Democrat opposition to everything he does, and the rules of the Senate which allow this level of pure obstructionism.  If he found a cure for cancer they would likely oppose it.  The media, the majority of the super wealthy, the Democrat stacked courts, and opposition within his own party have more than a little to do with his inability to fulfill some of his campaign promises.  That should enter into one’s assessment of President Trump’s performance.  Don’t you think?

Look, you can be the best ‘deal maker’ on the planet, but it still takes two to make a deal.  And the Democrats have no intention of making any sort of a deal on any issue unless said deal is strictly in their favor.  And in that scenario it’s not really a deal, it capitulation.   Now I was far from happy when the president chose not to veto the recent spending bill.  But that said, I’ve not yet moved into the camp of those willing to allow the Democrats to simply walk to victory come this November.


MItch McConnell

Ok, so we all know that Mitch McConnell’s official job title is ‘Majority Leader of the United States Senate.’  But it’s upon closer inspection that it becomes rather obvious that that’s not exactly an accurate description of the role that McConnell has come to play in Congress.  And nothing makes that clearer than how it was that the recent, and horrendous $1.3 Trillion boondoggle of a spending bill came to be passed.  Because it’s a careful review of the crucial Senate reveals that it was Democrat members, not Republicans, who actually passed the bill.

And also I find it rather revealing that it was his own Republican caucus that opposed the very bill that he negotiated.  The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 65 to 32 (with three abstentions).  Of the 65 ‘Yay’ votes, 39 Democrat senators supported the bill with only 25 Republicans signing on.  Now keep in mind that it’s the Republicans who control the Senate, at least for now, with 51 seats.  Of the 32 ‘Nay’ votes, 23 were Republicans, including stalwart conservatives such as Ted Cruz, James Lankford, Cory Gardner, Rand Paul, Tom Cotton and Mike Lee.

Democrats were absolutely giddy about the bill’s passage, so much so they could not contain their glee.  Chuckie Schumer was practically beside himself, saying, “We Democrats feel very good because so many of our priorities for the middle class were included.”  Chuckie was especially happy because chief among his priorities was the funding for a $30 Billion the infrastructure project in New York known as the Gateway program. Gateway includes a rail tunnel under the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York. The Senate approved $540 Million for the tunnel.

Meanwhile, conservatives lamented that not one dollar went for construction of the wall along the Mexican border, a project President Trump has championed since his inauguration and promised throughout his campaign.  Republicans dismay about the final bill was perhaps best voiced by Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina.  He said, “It is troubling when we get a tunnel and we don’t get a wall.”  He added, “The last time I checked, the president didn’t make any promises about getting a tunnel in any of his campaign stops, at least not in North Carolina.”

This bill is what you get when you allow four members of the establishment to ‘negotiate’ the future of America.  Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are, perhaps, the most ineffectual leaders the Republican Party as ever had.  For this entire year these two have been outsmarted and outwitted at every turn. The question in my mind is are these two so anti-Trump that they would sell their country and their party down the river just to get rid of him?  Apparently so.  Unless these two are replaced this country and Republican Party are doomed for many years to come.

Look, we all know who the Republicans in Democrat clothing are. This country is going down in flames and these corrupt senators and representatives only care about what they are going to get out of it, not what will work to make this country great again. They want to essentially do away with our borders and allow anyone to come into this country who wants to.  If they are allowed to have their way it will be in fairly short order that our country will be made into just another Third World sh*thole. I feel sorry for my grandkids as they are the ones who will pay the biggest price.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is, in any way, an attempt by me to provide President Trump with an excuse for signing this abomination into law.  And I believe that his choosing to sign it will likely come to have a very significant impact on this coming November’s midterm election.  All of which could have been so easily avoided had he simply chosen to veto it.  Instead, by signing it into law he comes across as appearing more like McConnell than those hundreds of thousands of regular folks who attended his rallies during the campaign and who show up still.

I’m thinking that the only thing President Trump accomplished by this one act is to ensure he becomes a one-term president.  There will likely be many people staying home in November allowing the Democrats to first easily retake Congress and then to impeach him.  Or, at the very least to bring NOTHING of his agenda up for vote.  Trump’s presidency is effectively over because of this.  He will get NOTHING done from here on out.  And he can thank the RINOS and himself for that. He should’ve never signed it and I still can’t believe that he actually did it.



Ya know, it was really a very simple task that President Trump had laying before him back on January 20, 2017.  To keep the promises that he had made to the American people who chose to support him and who voted for him.  What could be easier than that?  But once again those of us on the right have been made to deal with yet another disappointment.  Promises made should be promises kept, but I guess that’s simply too much to expect from a politician, even one new to the ‘profession.’

And the source of my most recent bout of frustration comes by way of this latest spending boondoggle, this RINO/Democrat collaboration that does absolutely nothing to make good on the promises made to those who voted for Trump.  But it does provide funding for Planned Parenthood and blocks penalties for Sanctuary Cities. This pork-riddled bill forks over half a billion dollars to build a tunnel for Chuckie Schumer yet fails to provide one dollar for a border wall along our porous southern border.

And it is this same bill that also does NOT include the necessary language that would allow for carrying concealed weapons across state lines, which was yet another promise made but apparently not worthy of being kept.  And hidden deep in the over 2,000 pages of this monstrosity is buried a little section on school safety which actually prohibits money from being used for guns and gun training.  In other words, there are zero funds allotted for arming teachers or school resource officers.

So when all was said and done it’s the Democrats who got nearly EVERYTHING that they were wanting while those of us who supported, and have continued to support, President Trump got next to nothing.  And while I held out hope that the president would veto this abomination, even he too took the easy way out.  So, so much for running the country like a business, which is what I thought I was voting for.  Once again, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

This bill should be seen as being completely unacceptable and conservatives should be outraged.  It’s nothing more than a continuation of the status quo that has infuriated conservative voters all across the country and for longer than I care to remember.  Republicans in Congress should be championing tax reform, cutting stifling regulations and getting the federal government out of the way of job creators.  Instead, they seem interested only in coming up with more effective ways to lose in November.

We’ve all heard the many excuses regarding why this bill came out the way it did.  You know, how it’s all because the Republicans hold just the slimmest of majorities in both houses of Congress and how the Republicans had to give a little in order to get a little.  And that would be fine if they had only given a little.  As I have said before, it’s almost as if the Republicans are doing all that they can to ensure that come this November they will lose, and in rather spectacular fashion, to the Democrats.

So where do we conservatives go from here?  Do we just suck it up and deal with it like we’ve been forced to do so many times before?  If I suck it up anymore my bellybutton will pop out my backside.  I had such high hopes for President Trump.  I thought finally here was a presidential candidate who thinks the way I do.  And yet I find myself feeling more than a little betrayed.  I, like millions of others, listened to candidate Trump.  What we heard, or thought we heard, was a man who cared.

And I think that there is now very high probability that this bill will turn out to be somewhat of a unifying force that may result in keeping conservatives, like myself, home this November.  And who can blame them?  Since first being able to vote, I have NEVER not voted.  But I too am beginning to wonder, what’s the point?  Conservatives are tired of getting screwed just as they are tired of voting for Republicans and getting Democrats and tired of being lied to by those whom they elect.

Year after year these RINOs run for office promising to stand with the people, then, once elected they continually vote with the Democrats.  I remember the promises of “give us the majority in Congress and we will get rid of Obamacare and stop the flood of illegals.”  Well, we gave them the House and got nothing.  Then we gave them the House and the Senate, and we still got nothing.  And then we gave them the House, the Senate and the White House and here we are, still with a whole lot of nothing.

In all likelihood it’s too late to do anything regarding the next election.  ‘The Swamp’ has been very successful in essentially running out the clock.  To the point where the election is now less than eight months away and our chances of being able to come up with viable conservative primary candidates gets just that much slimmer with each passing day.  I envision the Democrats taking back control of Congress come this November with impeachment hearings beginning by the end of January.

And President Trump could have so very easily averted all of this by simply choosing to veto this horrible bill.  And though he did threaten to veto it, in the end he did what I’m sure he intended to do all along, and that was to sign the bill.  And he only proceeded to make matters worse when he tried to justify the act.  People were expecting a fighter when they elected Trump, but a fighter would have vetoed the bill and sent it right back to Congress so fast RINO heads would have been spinning.


Hitlery 24

I’m quite sure that by now most have heard the latest bit of hypocrisy to come out of Hitlery regarding the fella that humiliated her at the polls.  It was last week on the Dutch public broadcasting’s KRO-NCRV, Hitlery went so far as to accuse President Trump of undermining the office of the presidency to “enrich himself and his family.”  And I’m thinking the most amazing thing about her making this statement was the fact she was able to get through the entire thing with a straight face.

Hitlery said, “He has undermined the office and used it to enrich himself and his family. Disregarded laws, ethical standards, has been undermining the institutions from the free press to the judiciary.”  She added, “He’s crossed into a territory of behavior and actions that are unpredictable, that are erratic, that are undermining the stability of the global order.”  So it is once again that we see another Democrat accusing someone else of doing that which she herself is guilty of.

And what Hitlery means by “global order” is that every Third World cretin on the planet who wants a piece of America should be allowed in and given all manner of ‘free’ stuff, and be put ahead of American citizens when it comes to jobs.  In Hitlery’s global order, these cretins and their plentiful spawn should be allowed to congest our cities, clog our roads, overrun our public schools and emergency rooms, and overwhelm the safety nets that American tax payers have paid for.

It says a lot about the old girl, that she actually thinks she’s never done anything wrong.  Whether it’s all of her many lies, the email laws that she thought did not apply to her, Benghazi, or the personal enrichment from bribes for pay to play.  She has a dysfunctional moral compass to say the least. It’s the only explanation as to why she is struggling so hard with being a sore loser.  She thinks something had to happen because there is no way that Americans would not vote for her?

But look, what she’s exhibiting here is really nothing different than the very same mental illness that afflicts most of her political persuasion.  We see it everywhere, from Washington to Hollyweird and all parts in between.  Their minds have convinced them that they are always the smartest person in whatever room they happen to be in and that people genuinely care what they think.  When in fact they suffer from extremely low IQs along with just a touch of mental retardation.

Donald Trump came to the Presidency having already accumulated some level of personal wealth.  The Clinton’s came to Presidency with almost nothing and the proceeded to use their position to amass what eventually became hundreds of millions dollars.  So when she starts rambling on about how it was that President Trump, during the relatively short time that he has been in office, let alone been involved in politics, the claim rings more than just a bit hollow and disingenuous.

The time for calling into question Hitlery’s mental status is long overdue.  After all, the whole reason why she had her home made server was to keep the prying eyes of those in government, as well as of the American people, away from knowing exactly what she was up to and the degree to which she was selling her office in order to pad her pockets and the pockets of her family.  She needs to be placed in a straitjacket and hauled off to some mental institution and never be seen again.

After all, here we have one of the greediest, most self-serving and criminally dishonest politicians ever to appear on the political scene accusing President Trump of working to enrich his family?  Perhaps she’d like to explain to us how it is that her no-talent daughter is able to afford an $11 million condo in Manhattan!  There is some serious brain damage here.  Does she actually expect people who have been watching her over the years to believe her claim that Trump wants to ‘enrich his family?’

Someone needs to bring her back to reality.  As Secretary of State, she brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to her Clinton Foundation.  She then took hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees, which, while it may not have been illegal, was at least unethical since she knew she was going to run for President.  She and her family are the greediest, and most power and money-obsessed family in this country.  And she simply cannot stop talking, much to chagrin of many in her party.

Hitlery touting law and ethics, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so nauseating.  As for enriching herself and her family, Hitlery is an expert with her experience as Secretary of State using a private server to circumvent government monitoring, record retention and FIOA requests.  Then destroying subpoena emails that probably showed evidence of her dealings with the Clinton Foundation and foreign government officials during her tenure. This woman is an embarrassment every time she opens her mouth.

Just like Barry ‘O’ made endless excuses and blamed everyone else for his failures, Hitlery continues to play the very same blame game. Here’s what she’s really saying: “Dammit! I pulled off one of the biggest scams in history. I cheated and lied and had the votes of millions of illegals. I had the purse strings of the DNC and and the media in my corner.  I had questions given to me in advance and he still beat me! He MUST have cheated!”  That’s pretty much the gist of what she is saying.



It is once again that those of us trying so desperately to prevent our country from being taken over by the dark forces of the left may now be faced with a scenario that very few of us likely saw coming.  That being, unfortunately, the fact that our Republican leaders in Congress no longer wish to have our party in control of Congress.  It’s beginning to look as if they actually prefer being the minority party if for no other reason than because governing is simply too hard.  Now while I’d like to say this isn’t true, all of the evidence would seem to say that it is.

So now, once again, in order to prevent the Democrats from seizing control, we the voters may be forced into taking matters into our own hands.  But with that said, we seem to have very few options.  We can choose to vote for those who many of us, as conservatives, long ago lost confidence, and the trust in, however distasteful that may be, or we work to gather together suitable primary candidates who would be willing to challenge those who are nothing more the Democrats in Republican clothing.  If we choose to go the primary route, we need to hurry.

Or we do nothing.  We simply roll over and allow what has become a radically leftwing Democrat Party assume complete control of Congress.  And it should be obvious what happens from there.  The primary focus of this new Democrat majority would be one thing and one thing only.  And that would, of course, be the impeachment of our duly elected president, Donald Trump.  In other words, we would be allowing ‘The Swamp’ to simply rewrite history and make it appear as if the 2016 election never even happened. Is that what we REALLY want?

And then we have that soon to be ex-senator Jeff Flake, who just last week told a New Hampshire audience that maybe the Republican Party does not deserve to lead.  But Flake doesn’t seem to be the only one to hold that opinion.  Republican ‘leaders’, and I use the term loosely, including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, have frequently lectured Republican President Donald Trump on his words and actions.  And now we have word that Ryan is set to pass the second largest spending bill in U.S. history, one that is second only to Barry’s Trillion dollar stimulus debacle.

This ‘Ryan budget’ funds all of the Democrat priorities but leaves out any funding the Trump border wall.  The bill will also funnel billions of dollars to Obamacare markets. Is this what Republicans who are interested in maintaining their majorities would do? This feckless, gutless bunch of RINO’s are apparently tired of being in charge.  As the minority, they can campaign as conservatives without ever having to deliver. As the majority, they’re expected to deliver, but WON’T, because they’re NOT really conservatives and are really no different than the Democrats.

And I’m thinking that losing in November has now become the Republican plan.  They want the Democrats to regain control so ‘they’ can then begin work on impeaching President Trump. That way they can get rid of Trump without leaving any fingerprints behind.  It’s a win/win for them.  Democrats impeach Trump and stop all of the committee investigations into ‘The Swamp.’  And once Trump is gone next they’ll be coming for our guns and erasing our tax cuts.  In other words, the returning of things back to the way they were before President Trump.

And it seems to become a little more obvious with each passing day that the Republicans are less and less interested in remaining the majority.  And we all know that once the Democrats return to power it will be in very short order that they get back to their agenda of destroying this country just as quickly, and as completely, as they can. Republicans will never again have the opportunity to be in control of any branch of government.  But then I don’t suppose it really matters, because they give the Democrats everything they want anyway.

Republicans have done nothing that indicates they want to win.  Despite record tax revenue, falling crime rates, rising stock markets and myriad other signs of successes, they always come back to how “President Trump is mean.”  So like I said, it’s going to be up to those who genuinely love this country if we are going to have any hope of keeping control of both the House and Senate.  And if we succeed then we must DEMAND new leadership with zero RINO’s at the helm.  Either we work to ‘Make American Great Again’, or allow the Democrats to destroy it.

I’m confident that most Republicans realize that McConnell and Ryan are traitors, it’s just the folks back home who seem to be a bit myopic in that regard.  Neither of these guys have any intention of trying to hold onto the House or the Senate, because they are not loyal to any party, nor to the Constitution. Their gravy train was nearly derailed by President Trump, and they want to get it moving again.  And while they can’t impeach him, what they can do is to allow the Democrats to take control of Congress so THEY can then impeach President Trump.

And so it would seem that election becomes all the more the consequential than the one before regarding the country we love.  And it’s not just the Democrat Party that we are now being forced to contend with, but it also seems to be a growing number of those in the Republican Party.  And while the effort to safeguard our country from the forces of darkness may seem overwhelming at times and more than a little daunting, we should never allow ourselves to even consider the possibility of defeat.  If anything, we should now be more determined than ever.


Booker 14

Any of the regular viewers of ABC’s “The View,” tuning in on this past Monday heard what I’m sure was music to their ears as Cory Booker made the claim that President Trump’s “vile, vulgar” Twitter attacks on the intelligence community were bringing down the “dialogue in our democracy” to a “venial, sort of guttural level.”  I’m not sure where Cory was going with that since the definition of “guttural” is: “Of or relating to the throat, harsh throaty, pertaining to or characterized by a sound articulated in the back of the mouth”.  It has absolutely no relationship to the word “gutter” which is what this ignorant, presidential “wannabe” was trying to imply.

But I feel pretty confident in saying that if you’re ignorant enough to be a regular viewer of this type of idiotic programming, then you likely don’t really care that this guy, Booker, is dumber than post.  Because what’s far more important to you is the fact that he supports your supposed ‘right’ to murder your baby right up to the time, and even a short time thereafter, of delivery.  And also, if you’re someone who tends to tune in on what can be considered a regular basis to watch these geniuses at work, I think it’s pretty fair to say that you probably didn’t vote for President Trump, so it’s throughout the program that you probably nod your head in agreement.

Anyway, what follows here is a partial transcript of the exchange that took place between Booker and Meghan McCain regarding his rather low opinion of our president:

McCain: Senator, Bob Mueller is a long-time Republican but Trump tweeted that 13 out of the 17 members were registered Democrats. Six of them donated to Hillary Clinton. Don’t you think the optics are difficult?

Booker: I haven’t fact checked that this morning. I heard “The New York Times” question that fact. I’ve never seen this in any—in business, when I was the mayor. You just don’t see executives heckling and maligning law enforcement the way that this president seems to be comfortable to do. And so for him to be active, this is part of a larger pattern of Donald Trump going after the intelligence agencies, the FBI. This is unacceptable in America.

McCain: You don’t think it’s fair game if there are Democrats that donated to Hillary?

Booker: I don’t think it’s fair game for him to be doing what he’s doing, which is trying to undermine the integrity of agencies by doing all this picking at them. This is so un-presidential of him, but more importantly, it’s exactly what the Russians want, us to be going after our sacred institutions, whether they’re the press or the public. What we see right now is a president going after continuously, in a vile, vulgar way, institutions in our country and people who are trying to serve our nation and keep us safe.

McCain:  Does it concern you if they’re leaking though? That’s the accusation right now and even for people like me, obviously I’ve always had the upmost respect for the CIA and FBI, but if there’s leaking that’s a problem.

Booker: There’s an inspector general report that he could have waited for, let the authorities of the process, let the due process happen. Why is he always on Twitter tormenting people, bullying people in ways that we tell children not to do? It’s the worst type of behavior, and it’s having a consequence on even the dialogue in our democracy He really brings it down to a venial, sort of guttural level. You saw this with Bush, John McCain is somebody who does this all the time, people elevating the dialogue in our country, talking in a more honorable way. This is a guy that for the year-plus he’s been in office and even before that, he’s demeaning and degrading people, heckling folks and really showing the worst, in my opinion, of American conversation and not trying to bring it up to a higher level.

First off, I’m guessing that someone should take the time to explain to this genius that we are not a democracy, we are a Representative Republic.  And if he doesn’t even understand the type of government we have, then why should anyone bother to listen to anything he has to say, least of all about how he views our president.  Second, Booker mentions “our sacred institutions.”  But I’d be curious to know just which of these institutions it is that, as a radical leftwing Democrat, he might consider as being “sacred.”  Likely not the ones most conservatives do.  Let’s face it, Booker is nothing more than a whining socialist/fascist who hates President Trump.

And it’s because of his hatred of President Trump that this political lowlife will do anything, and I mean absolutely anything, to denigrate Trump, no matter what the damage he may end up doing to the country.  That’s what’s so pathetic, Democrats possess so much hate they will gladly risk damaging the country in their effort to do all that they can to damage President Trump.  Democrats, and especially scum like Booker, are disgusting anti-America fascists.  Booker was part of Obama & Co. and as such was all in for in for the shameless and the blatantly Crooked, Crazy, Creepy, Corrupt, Traitorous Benghazi Liar and Hate-America First Progressive, Hitlery.

Yes, as we all know how the Democrats are famous for having elevated the dialogue for some time now.  NOT!  They speak only in vile lies, complete distortions, feigned outrage, false equivalencies, references to perverse sexual activities while championing sexual freedoms, using fake statistics, mocking people of faith, knowingly confusing correlation with causation, spewing vitriol and hate as Comedy, championing abortion without any understanding of Human embryology and using terms like “fetal goo” and “clump of cells.”  Yet if you ask any one of them to define “Liberalism” as a philosophy of governance they will not even attempt it.

Booker’s yet another example on what has become a rather long list of examples of the hate-America crowd, aka Democrats, who must be purged from every level of government, local, state and federal, and then cast into what is nothing less than the everlasting darkness of political oblivion, especially if we are to ever have any hope of surviving as a sovereign nation.  Clearly, they are nothing but a menace, a plague, an infestation and a scourge of the deadliest sort.  They are clearly as dangerous as they are hazardous to the well-being of our nation.  And to elect more them, besides being an act of rabid stupidity, only serves to reduce our survivability as a nation.

You know, in a way I hope this clown does end up being the Democrat candidate for President, because I’d like to think it would be a cakewalk for President Trump if he does.  But then there are a lot of ‘sheeple’ out there who will vote Democrat if for no other reason than it increases their odds of getting more ‘free’ stuff.  But if a Democrat, regardless of who it is, does actually win in 2020 everything that President Trump will have accomplished by then will be destroyed.  Taxes will again be made to go through the roof, we will become a sanctuary country and far from building a wall the borders will be thrown wide open.  And that we simply cannot allow to happen.


Durbin 6

I always get hit with a wave of nausea whenever I hear some scumbag Democrat working so hard to convince pretty much anyone who will listen that it’s those evil Republicans who must always be watched ever so closely because it’s they who are guilty of behaving like their favorite third world depot.  It’s never the Democrats that anyone needs to be worried about because, as everyone should know, they are as pure as the wind-driven snow and possess only the very best of intentions.

For instance, it was during this past weekend’s less than thrilling episode of “Fox News Sunday,” with that less than impressive, and obviously left-leaning, host Chris Wallace, that we heard ‘Little Dick’ Durbin claim that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer John Dowd’s suggesting special counsel Robert Muller’s probe should end in light of the ouster of FBI Director Andrew McCabe was part of a pattern of “desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate” law enforcement.

‘Little Dick’ said, “If the president reaches out and stops this investigation, that is a constitutional crisis in this country. That’s been said by Democrats and Republicans alike. What it means is: It would be incumbent on Congress on a bipartisan basis to use the tools at its disposal.”  Nowhere at all does ‘Little Dick’ mention the level of intimidation of law enforcement that occurred during the entire eight years that Barry ‘O’ was in office.  The level of hypocrisy taking place here boggles the mind.

Anyway, ‘Little Dick went on to say, “There are two bills before the Senate Judiciary Committee — which has been absent without leave on this issue — two bills before the committee, bipartisan bills to protect the special counsel.”  And he went on to add, “We should pass those bills now. This president is engaged in desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate his law enforcement agencies of this country and to try and stop the special counsel. That is unacceptable in a democracy.”

I guess ‘Little Dick’ thinks we’ve all forgotten the “desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate” law enforcement that occurred during the Barry ‘O’ administration.  Let’s face it, you’d have to be blind not to recognize how much time was spent by Barry in his effort to portray police officers as being nothing more than a bunch of trigger happy, out of control racists just waiting for their next opportunity to shoot an unarmed black guy.  Yet ‘Little Dick’ remains, one of Barry’s most ardent defenders.

Never have I witnessed such a concerted effort to undermine a duly elected president for doing nothing more than keeping those promises he made when running for election.  And ‘The Swamp’ is now pulling out all the stops in its effort to effectively take down this president.  And what’s now being undertaken involves those on both sides of the Isle.  We don’t have two parties, just controlled opposition. The President is doing what he can, but he is seriously hamstrung without support.

And ‘Little Dick’ is guilty of his own “desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate” law enforcement, as he himself has often referred to the police as being Stormtroopers and, that old Democrat favorite, Nazis.  None of us must ever allow ourselves to ignore the fact that it is the Democrat Party that represents the gravest threat that we face as a nation and it consists of those who are a very clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic and American way of life.

‘Little Dick’ is desperate to hide the crimes his party has committed and is reckless in his choosing to support treasonous actions by bureaucrats and Democrat politicians.  How much longer are we going to allow this behavior to go on before we start fighting back against these traitorous hypocrites?  They lie, they cheat, they distort and yet members of the press continue to turn a blind eye because they’re far more interested in the ramblings of porn star or spewing baseless Democrat talking points.

And should not the fact that ‘Little Dick’ continues to claim that the most important thing his party can do is to stand tall and fight for those in this country illegally, and do whatever it takes, including shutting down the government, to make sure that these illegals get more favoritism, more special treatment, and more opportunities than those who came to America legally get, or even more than the legal U.S. citizens get, be considered as conduct that is both “desperate and reckless?”

It is neither desperate nor is it reckless to call out a law enforcement agency that became so corrupt under its former Director as to become totally dysfunctional.  Those involved deliberately put their desire to bring down a duly elected president over the reputation of their agency.  Conspiring to overthrow the government of the United States because you don’t agree with the people’s choice must surely be a treasonous act.  Comey and his FBI cabal must be outed and brought to justice.

‘Little Dick’ is one of the most polished liars in a city that overflows with them. “Desperate and reckless conduct?”  Does he mean a politicized and weaponized intelligence community taking sides in a presidential election, paying millions of dollars for a political, and blatantly fictitious, smear document, then having his friends at the FBI sell it to a FISA court as if it was legitimate intelligence, then leaking all of it to any number of those in the state-controlled news media?

That must be what ‘Little Dick’ means by “desperate and reckless conduct.” And when the duly elected President (the only clean player in the entire episode) dares to defend himself, the blame is all put on him?  The effort to remove our president will continue by those in ‘The Swamp’, using as their model for doing so your typical third world banana republic. Those who voted for him, regardless of our party affiliation, must remain behind him, to do otherwise would be to allow ‘The Swamp’ to win.