I think it fair to say that since he first arrived in the Oval Office, courtesy of what was clearly a fraudulent election, our *president, Joey B has consistently been viewed by what has been a majority of the American people as being something of a disaster. And it’s been over the course of at least the last 18 months that Joey’s approval numbers have, just as consistently, been in the very same basement that Joey himself spent so much time in back in 2020 when running for the job that he would come to be ‘selected’ for in November of that same year.

And it has been since day one that Joey has seemed to work very hard in returning our country to a situation that it had seen since the days of another Democrat president, none other than Jimmy Carter. Whether we’re talking inflation, the price of gas or tensions in the Middle East, Joey has proven himself to be even worse than Carter. And I believe that it was Hiltery who once boldly declared that our economy always does better when there’s a Democrat in the White House, but Joey has proven that that is most certainly not the case, just as every Democrat president before him.

And I’m sure many have noticed, just as I have, that it’s the vast majority of those who are supposed to be in the business of reporting the ‘news’ that these days have simply begun making shit up in what has clearly been a continuing effort to keep Joey propped up by endlessly trying to convince anyone stupid enough to listen that he doing a spectacular job, especially when compared to his predecessor. To the point where you almost have to wonder just what it might be that any of them are now smokin’, snortin,’ or shootin’ up. Because nothing else makes any sense.

But then along comes a guy like Joe Concha, who is a contributor to both ‘Fox News’ and ‘The Hill’ and who has graded *president Joey B’s presidency with an “F” on addressing the coronavirus pandemic, economy, and national unity. Concha evaluated Joey’s presidency in a Wednesday interview. And it was in speaking of Joey that Concha said, “On Covid-19, he did horribly in 2021.” And he went on to say, “Donald Trump in 2020 had no vaccine. [Trump] kept saying at the time that we’ll have one by the end of the year, then fact-checkers would say ‘No, that’s impossible.’”

And he said, “They somehow time-traveled into the future to show Trump was wrong in saying a vaccine wouldn’t come in 2020, and sure enough it did in December of 2020. I would know. My wife got a shot at that time. She is an ER doctor treating COVID patients on a daily basis.” He continued, “Then Biden promises he would — quote — stop and control — unquote, the virus when he got into office, which is a lot like his promise that he’s going to cure cancer. You can’t say that about something that you truly cannot control, and sure enough, what happened in 2021?”

He said, “More people died of COVID than they did in 2020, despite having vaccines, despite having monoclonal, despite having treatments that we didn’t have then because he could not stop and control it. So on that front, F.” Concha said Joey sowed seeds of political division by denigrating as “semi-fascist” the Republican theme of “Make America Great Again.” He said, “He called 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump ‘extremists, a major ‘threat‘ to this country, ‘semi-fascist‘ — which I didn’t know there was like a Diet Coke of fascism, but apparently it exists.”

Concha concluded by saying, “Even though the media refuses to admit this, we are in a recession, because the traditional definition used by Paul Krugman and everybody else in media when it happened under a Republican president was, if you had two straight quarters of the economy contracting, of negative growth, therefore, that is a recession.” He said, “We are at 8.5 percent inflation.” And he added, “That is the highest in 40 years. On that front, F, as well, and this is based on numbers, not Joe Concha’s opinion.” Unless his intention is to destroy America, then he gets an A+.

As one who’s been a fairly attentive observer of U.S. politics for 40 years, I can say with complete sincerity that Joey B is the last person I would ever have picked to be president. So it’s rather fascinating when meeting those who voted for this man, not having any idea that he has been the most unexceptional, most unaccomplished, most cartoonishly corrupt figure in national politics for the last half century. Moral of story: if you’re a clueless, ignorant rube, please don’t vote. Those who tell you high voter turnout is good for the country? They are lying. Ignore them. Stay home! Please!

But look, Joey has scored an ‘F’ his whole pathetic plagiarizing, lying, racist , perverted joke of a political career, but nobody seemed to care, until now. Because now he’s *president. Joey’s another on the list of failed U.S. presidents, most of whom have been Democrats. All he has created is chaos, a failing stock market, inflation, recession, etc. No one can name ONE thing that he’s done to help America or Americans. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Joe is an enemy of this country and its people. And you can’t help but wonder if we can survive another two years.

Now there are those who would give Joey an A+. The inner city felons adore him. They have more economic opportunity than ever. They are making up for what was taken from them during 400 years of slavery. The mentally ill, they love Joey too. Now you can be any gender you feel like and the rest of the world has to acknowledge your choice. The doctors who help reassign genders are making out like bandits. And let’s not forget the Mexican drug cartels, Joey is allowing them to make billions. And Joey B is also the No.1 proponent in trying to ‘Make China Great Again.

And finally, you don’t grade someone who has painted a target on your back and then declared war on you. That’s because it leaves the door open for someone to say they’ll do better/try harder, when they won’t!!! Some things you just can’t walk back. The kicker? Many Democrats wouldn’t have it any other way. They hate the country and live for chaos. Democrats believe any deliberate destruction of America and our Constitution under Democrat rule is still far better than any freedom and prosperity under a Republican, especially President TRUMP. That’s where we are now.


I think we all know someone who thinks they know everything, about everything. Those who think they’re so smart that we should all pay very close attention to everything they say and simply accept as gospel and never question it. No need to actually do any research on your own, just take what they tell you and run with it. And it usually a couple of times of doing just that that you learn the hard way that doing so was maybe not such a good idea after all. And before long you learn to take whatever this person says with a grain of salt. Which, of course, brings me to none other than that practitioner of journalist malpractice, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.

Since first being ‘selected’ as our *president, Joey B. as been seen by a majority of Americans as being pretty much of a disaster. But considering how it was that he came to be where he is, that really shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise. And it has been over the course of the last 18 months that Joey’s approval numbers have been in the same basement that Joey could be found during the majority of 2020 when he was running for his current job. And throughout that entire time many in our ‘state controlled fake news media’ have seen it as being their job to convince anyone stupid enough to listen to them that Joey B has been doing an absolutely stellar job!

Which, of course, brings me to ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. Wallace a well-documented liar, a prolific spewer of left-wing propaganda and presidential debate-rigger who left Fox News because he deemed it to be a hostile work environment, just debuted his brand-new CNN show to humiliating ratings. After nearly ten months with no program that he could actually call his own, absence, apparently, did not make the cable news viewers’ hearts grow any fonder for this loser. Not helping is the show’s rather bizarre title, ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.’ Perhaps a better title to have chosen by the creators of the show would have been, “Who Wants to Talk to Chris Wallace?”

Apparently, it was only around 400,000 people who bothered to tune in to find out ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.’ The show aired during primetime on Sunday night, the same time millions once tuned in to find out who ‘Commie Chris’s dad, Mike, was talking to. In the all-important 25-54 age demo, ‘Commie Chris’ attracted only 44,000 viewers. How bad is that? Well, even for CNN, that’s pretty bad. But who’s going to watch? The left demands radical, longtime woke moon bat leftists, whereas the right loathes this Trump-hating propagandist. The smattering of moderates in between are probably still watching the non-cable networks, if they watch at all.

Even more humiliating for old ‘Commie Chris’ is the fact that he secured the rare interview with a former Supreme Court Justice, in this case, Stephen Breyer. In the news biz, that’s called a “big get.” But because ‘Commie Chris’ is a “big liar,” no one really cared. Everyone knows he’s a fraud. And but for his dad, he’d be working at a car wash or mowing lawns. If you really want to know how humiliating this is for ‘Commie Chris,’ it was over at Fox that that barn-burner of a show titled ‘Sunday Night in America’ with Trey Gowdy, earned 1.3 million viewers. And I had no idea that Gowdy even had a show. Sadly, he turned out to be pretty of a fraud as well.

Normally when you hear the things that ‘Commie Chris’ says you think he’s at best just ignorant, and at worst just stupid. Meaning that he simply doesn’t know, or is incapable of knowing. But he’s at the center of the information universe, and he’s a fairly smart guy, so when he says the stupid things that he says, it isn’t out of ignorance or stupidity. It’s out of arrogance, and he thinks we’re all too ignorant and/or too stupid to catch on. And as it turns out over 400,000 people fall into that category. But that’s not enough stupidity and ignorance to support his likely very inflated salary. Goodbye Chrissy, and don’t let the door hit you in ass on the way out.

And finally, this is but another example of, ‘Like father like son.’ Mike Wallace was a leftist hardliner from the earliest days. He was a company man through and through and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Riding dad’s coattails he prostituted himself onto Fox News whereby most people were quick to see through his leftist mantra. Mike was certainly no ‘journalist’, at least not as we once defined journalism. Journalism is dead. Today it’s read the script, cough a few times and go to break, then repeat. I continue to greatly enjoy his fall from relevance. He is getting what he has deserved for many years. His reputation is being slowly dismantled.


I’ll be the first one to admit that there are lots of people in this world that are a lot smarter than I am. But with that said, I’m nowhere near as stupid as Joey B, and the rest of the Democrats, think I am, or wish I was. But neither are any of them as smart as they think they are. At least I’m smart enough to figure out why it is that gas prices remain high, why millions of illegal immigrants are being allowed to flood across our southern border, and pretty much unabated, and why the nation’s crime rate has now absolutely exploded. And try as they might to convince me otherwise, it’s none of these things that can be said to be fault of President Trump!

And just this past Monday, during a White House press briefing, it was the subject of our exploding crime rate that came up. And it was none other than Joey’s current Spokesmoron, the racist, lesbian, Affirmative Action hire Karine Jean-Pierre, who answered a question posed by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy in what has become her typical evasive fashion. Doocy questioned Joey’s Spokesmoron, Ms. Jean-Pierre, about crime during the daily press briefing, asking her whether Joey B believes that America’s major cities are safe. Jean-Pierre tried to downplay *president Joey’s responsibilities on crime, telling reporters that the problem is “complicated.”

Complicated? So how is it, in any way, complicated? Because even for a guy like myself it actually seems to be pretty simple. Because, basically, we have one group of folks that commit the majority of all the crimes, and another group of folks that enables them every step of the way. Anyway, it was in referring to a recent New York Times article on rising crime that Jean-Pierre noted “the crime is complicated and multifaceted” and pivoted to promoting Joey’s spending bills. And it was Doocy who noted murder rates in major cities were still stubbornly high, and that thefts and robberies in major cities increased by around 20 percent in the first half of 2022.

And in what has become her, as well as Joey B’s immediate response to any and all, bad ‘news,’ Jean-Pierre simply chose to blame the nation’s high crime rate on President Trump, going for far as to claim Joey “inherited a rising crime rate” when he ‘took’ office. When Doocy asked again whether Americans in major cities should feel safe, she simply replied, “It is not a yes or no question, it is very much a question of what has he done, that’s how we see the question.” Of course it’s a yes or no question!! And just what exactly is it that Joey’s that has accomplished as *president other than to actually encourage those who commit the crimes to commit more?

Doocy further pressed the questions on crime and safety, asking Jean-Pierre about comments made by her predecessor, ex-White House press secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki, and the fact she was now warning Democrats about their vulnerabilities on crime. You see, it was this past Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ that, during an interview, old ‘Circle Back’ had said, “In Pennsylvania, the Republicans have been spending millions of dollars on the air on crime ads against Fetterman because that’s where they see his vulnerability,” adding that crime was “a huge issue” in Pennsylvania. Personally, I would argue that it’s a huge issue everywhere!

But Jean-Pierre simply dismissed the comments made by her former boss, actually accusing Doocy of mischaracterizing the comments saying, “I don’t agree with your characterization of what she actually said.” Of course she doesn’t agree! What a complete moron this woman is. And you know, these people would be funny if they didn’t represent such a serious danger to this country. Everything that is wrong or negative is being blamed on President Trump. That will be true in the 2024 Presidential election. Why? Because that’s all they have and we no longer have bona fide ‘journalist’ willing to call them out on their lies, or at least very few!

When this bimbo says that the problem of crime is “complicated,” what she’s really saying is, “We cannot come up with a solution that will not offend our base and the radical wing of the Democrat Party, or would not expose us to total ridicule, or make it look like we are caving to the Republicans.” Crime is always “complicated” to those on the left. It could easily be made uncomplicated if Democrats would simply tell the truth. For by telling the truth, a long memory is no longer needed, and voila! It’s not complicated, if people are not held accountable, what’s to prevent those with a penchant for committing crimes, from carrying those crimes out? Nothing!!!

If you are raised with the notion that you’ve been held back you entire life and that others somehow owe you everything, and the people who are supposed to enforce our laws have the same mentality, how do you expect any of this to go any other way? Let’s just be honest, it’s 13 percent of our society that are allowed to act any way that they want because we can’t hurt someone’s feeling. What a bunch of drivel! The high crime rate is directly connected to lack of law enforcement and the insanity of cashless bail, and that is all the fault of Democrats. When an animal becomes a problem you either put them in a cage or you put them down. It’s just that simple!

Everything that Joey B has done has either directly, or indirectly, attributed to the current rise in crime. I have to admit that even I feel less safe. Of course, that has more to do with how Joey, and any number of other Democrats, have been calling for physical attacks on Republicans and the recent execution, by crazed left wing loon, of a young man, solely because he was Republican. It’s only complicated because we have a liberal Democrat as *president and they will hold no one accountable for their actions and continue to allow people to commit crimes without consequence. Look at every liberal run state and/or big city and you will see the exact same thing.

Perhaps a better adjective to use would be, “inconvenient.” I mean how can you claim to support the rule of law and the constitutional rights of all when the ‘rising crime’ keeps bringing attention to the fact that the Progressive agenda is about both subverting the rule of law, as well as the Constitution? If you don’t prosecute criminals and/or give them slap-on-the-wrist penalties, then they are not incentivized to alter their behavior. Other would-be criminals then see this and become emboldened to participate, therefore you end up creating even more criminals. This is not rocket science, folks. And it’s not complicated! Not by any means!

It was back in 2020 that the Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media, allowed a career criminal to essentially become a hero to the very same people who are now running amok in so many of our cities. Then Democrats told the police that they are dispensable, so now, many don’t care if your property, or your life get destroyed since they get the blame when they try to stop these feral animals. So, it’s not complicated at all. And, I truly do hope that it destroys every blue city and state. Because this is what they voted for, so this is what they deserve. Don’t try to flee to red states bringing your bad policies and your stupidity. Stay home!

Yeah, crime is complicated, just as is the border that no one is walking across, just like the recession we’re not in, just like inflation that isn’t happening, just like Joey’s amazing memory and articulation, just like the real terrorists at school board meetings, just like the election of 2020 was the most secure election in history, just like the hero transsexuals in kindergarten story times, just like the supply chain issues that are getting solved, just like gas prices that are now cheaper than ever, just like food prices that are all time lows, just like the FBI who evenly investigates and enforces the law….blah blah blah, way too complicated for all of us.


Well, it would seem that there are empty threats, and then there are truly EMPTY threats. You see it was over the weekend that Liz Cheney made what can only be described as being the mother of all empty threats. Now get this, it was Liz Cheney who has now, apparently, declared that she will leave the Republican Party if the party faithful choose as their 2024 presidential nominee, for the third time, Donald Trump. Cheney is still a Republican, who knew? Better yet, who cares? Perhaps she can convince a few other RINOs to join her. It would certainly improve the party!      

And it was this past Sunday, on CNN’s “New Day Weekend,” that the show’s political panel discussed Liz Cheney and her latest denouncement of President Trump, as well as his millions of supporters. It was the network’s ‘congressional reporter,’ Daniella Diaz, who said, “She had a lot to say to say indeed. One of them being a question being whether she would run for president in 2024 against former President Donald Trump. She, of course, dodged that question as she has continued to dodge that question since she lost the primary. She will not serve in the next Congress.”

And it was then that this dolt went on to say, “But really notable, as you all said, is that she said if Donald Trump wins the nomination in 2024, she will no longer consider herself a Republican. Take a listen.” Cheney said, “I think that Donald Trump is the only president in American history who refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power. And so the fact that my party in the months since then has refused to stand up to him I think, does tell you how sick the party is. I’m going to make sure Donald Trump is not the nominee, and if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

So all I have to say after hearing that is, “Well Liz, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!” After all, Cheney saying she’s a Republican is like Liz Warren saying she is an American Indian. Liz clearly has some mental issues that are in drastic need of being addressed. And other than being a front-runner for ‘Useful Idiot of the Decade,’ she’s just another RINO sellout. And she’s attacking 75 Million voters who she apparently believes do not have a right to participate in ‘democracy,’ or to express their grievances to those who are supposed to govern at their consent.

Odd way to “save democracy,” by silencing half the voters. Clearly, this woman is mentally not all there. She already left the party, a long time ago. Even the Wyoming state GOP disowned her. And when she decided to leave, she didn’t just pack her bags and walk out, nope, but like Lizzy Borden she took her axe to her party, and then walked out and burned the bridge leading into town. As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to vote for President Trump again, this will be icing on the cake. I’ve never seen someone so woefully unaware of their own unimportance in the world.

To me it’s illustrative of the true philosophical beliefs of, not only her but, but all those “Republicans” who ‘chose’ to desert the Republican ship when President Trump took, with OUR agenda as his flag took, the presidency. Furthermore, it’s sickening to watch all of the misuse and abuse of our “legal” system to thwart OUR agenda that seeks only to put ‘America First.’ It’s as if she would like us all to believe that it has nothing to do with President Trump and everything to do with real Americans. It seems silly to threaten to leave the party that has essentially chosen to expel you.

And what an incredibly tone-deaf thing to say. Republicans already consider Liz to be a sellout. Her whole reason to exist is to hate President Trump. It’s the height of DC hubris that these politicians say that it’s their voters who are the problem. They think they’re nothing short of royalty. They recoil at the serfs. Then they get pissed when the serfs vote them out. Cheney is a Democrat who ran for office as a conservative Republican. As a RINO, she has worked very hard to support the Democrats in their efforts to prevent Donald Trump from running for the presidency in 2024.

That’s the spirit, Lizzy! Affirm your certainty that we’re a ‘sick’ party and leave the door open to 2924, giving us all that ONE LAST CHANCE to come back to our senses and rejoin the statis fold of old Establishment Republican politics. That’s quite a threat coming from a sitting member of the U.S. House who lost her reelection bid by 37 precent in an election that was called in just over an hour. You’d think losing by such a margin would have indicated to her that she, and her opinions, don’t matter. And is she still thinking of running for President? These people are so delusional.

This woman had never tasted defeat in her entire life. Riding her daddy’s coattails all her life and actually believing that her place in the Republican Party was her birthright, as if the name ‘Cheney’ forged this party. What a fool. Most of us concluded Liz was already not a Republican. We all watched the corruption which occurred during the 2020 elections. The vast majority of red state attorney generals agreed. We saw Republican poll watchers being denied checking signatures, observing counts and so much more. And yet where was Cheney? Siding with the Democrats!

Thank God for ‘yuge’ favors. She has been part of the FAILED Republican leadership for far too long. They, and the Democrats, are no different and they have lied to us and led this country into ruin. It is time to vote as many of them out as possible come this November. We all need to VOTE IN PERSON ON ELECTION DAY and in record numbers in order to defeat the machine algorithms. That really is a small price to pay when compared to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and their families, for our liberty and freedom. We need America First candidates if our country is to survive.


I rarely ever watched ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace during his 18 year stint at Fox News, and it’s these days that I pay even less attention to him now that he’s relocated to CNN. Like none! Buy still, like every piece of shit it’s every once and a while that he floats to the surface after having said something so outrageous and so patently untrue that I simply have to hear it for myself. And it was just such an occasion during a recent appearance of his on this week’s edition of “The Axe Files” when Commie Chris made the claim that Donald Trump’s “weird” rally last weekend in Ohio shows the president is “going in a darker and more extreme direction.”

And it’s a partial transcript of the rather bizarre exchange that follows:

DAVID AXELROD: What worries me is that the more he’s held accountable for acts of corruption, the more he is insists on the, that the system is corrupt. And that becomes more and more central to what he is saying. And he’s been heading in this direction for a long time. But how do you assess him right now? What do you think is going through his mind?

WALLACE: You know, I think. Let me make it clear to social media, I’m not comparing Trump to Putin, but there are some similarities here, which, as a person gets under more and more pressure, there are a variety of ways of reacting.

You know, the old saying, when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Putin isn’t doing that. And, you know, one could argue that Trump–not comparing them to Putin. But in a kind of tactical or strategic sense, is not doing that. You know, you had that weird thing over the weekend where he started talking about the country in very dystopian terms, and they started playing this music and people were putting up one finger and it seemed, not that I’m in any kind of an expert on this, kind of heading in the QAnon direction.

And what one wonders is, and he is under tremendous pressure, you know, in terms of the January 6th investigations, in terms of the documents and in terms of what he conceivably or may have done down in Atlanta with the DA there, now you’ve got Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, on whether he committed fraud by inflating the value fraudulently of his businesses. You know, he seems to be going in a darker and more extreme direction in terms of American politics. And, you know, that would be interesting, but not particularly important, except for the fact that there are millions of people who seem to be willing to follow him in those directions.


WALLACE: And that gets very alarming, because now we’re talking about the future of American democracy.

So is it any wonder that it’s a shrinking number of Americans who have any amount of trust in what they’re being told by the likes of ‘Commie Chris’ or, for that matter, a Communist like Axelrod? I mean Joey B. does a Satanic speech complete with red lighting, and Marine mannequins in the background and it’s President Trump who ‘Commie Chris’ says is “going in a darker and more extreme direction.” Now as we all know, ‘Commie Chris’ is no big thinker so is likely only saying what he’s told to say. Which he has no trouble doing since he needs constant validation and is desperately trying to be seen as relevant by those who are America hating, leftwing Democrats.

And why is it that we’ve NEVER once bothered to send the FBI to Joey B’s, Pelosi’s, or any other corrupt Democrat’s house. That, of course, is a rhetorical question that we all know the answer to! And don’t me about any visit the FBI might have paid to Hitery, that was nothing more than a stop by for some coffee! Look, we all know what this is so very clearly about, the Democrats are absolutely terrified of President Trump. They are out to do all they can to sabotage President Trump being able to run in 2024. And old ‘Commie Chris’ is happy to do, or to say, absolutely anything to demonstrate that he’s a team player that the Democrats can always count on!

And what seems to go completely unnoticed by this supposed career ‘journalist,’ is the fact that Joey B is out there actually instigating violence around the country. He supports riots, he lies about riots, and he allows mobs to threaten the lives of our Supreme court Justices. ‘Commie Chris’ is a fraud who has no problem with Joey B saying that those who believe in restoring America’s greatness are nothing more than the worst kind of extremists. It’s always utterly laughable when Democrats slip into ‘pious mode,’ clasp their hands in fake prayer, turn their eyes heavenward, and in hushed and fake reverent tones utter the words “our democracy.”

For years I knew that Wallace was a lowlife trash dump of lies and misinformation, but now I simply see him as a bitter liar living off of a fake persona as a ‘journalist.’ Both of these twisted mudslinging hacks should just go have a couple of beers and stop trying to think beyond your basic clouded, curvy and extreme eyesight!! What’s so clear to the rest of is that it’s racism, sexual perversion of children, censorship, versus honest and decent Americans who are tired of seeing their country be destroyed by the Democrats. Not to mention the destruction of our economy, our savings, our retirements and more. It’s a fight to save our nation from these people.

So just for the record, Joey B can use law enforcement to round up his opponents, steal an election, lie to the American people about his son and his illegal deals, sniff little girl’s hair, brag that he molested a 12 year old girl when he was 30, destroy the economy, destroy the nation by shipping illegal immigrants to swing districts, use law enforcement like fascist scum to enforce his will, weaponize the FBI and intelligence agencies against his opponents, and surrender to the terrorists after a trillion dollars and thousands of dead, but not before giving them 90 Billion in U.S. military hardware, and President Trump is dark when he talks about putting America First. Got it!


It absolutely boggles the mind that there are still those people who actually view MSDNC as a credible source of information that is in any way useful. And it’s most of those on the network that are not actual ‘journalists.’ Take for instance someone employed by the network as one of its primary ‘contributors,’ a guy who is one of the most racist buffoons that you’re likely find anywhere on the planet. And I say that because it’s this very same guy who clearly has a problem with white folks, particularly those white folks, such as yours truly, who continue in their support of President Trump. And the guy of whom I speak is a guy by the name of Elie Mystal.

For those unfamiliar with this racist creep, Mystal, he bills himself as an American attorney, writer, and a political commentator. He is, of all things, the justice correspondent at the leftist rag, ‘The Nation,’ where he writes about the courts and the criminal justice system. He’s also the author of something called, ‘Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution,’ which is intended to be an “easily digestible argument about what rights we have, what rights Republicans are trying to take away, and how to stop them.” That right there should tell you all that you really need to know about racist little stooge of the left! He really is quite pathetic.

Anyway, Mystal said, this past Wednesday while on SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” that “white MAGA, bigoted Southerners” liked Georgia GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, Herschel Walker, because he is “stupid.” Obeidallah, himself a racist, said, “OK. So that Herschel Walker talking about the debate with Senator Warnock. He actually gave us the date October 14th. He like pimped the date there to make it exciting for people. So what’s the game here in our last 2 minutes? Herschel Walker really lowering the bar, guy who won the Heisman who got Pro Bowl in the NFL. You got to learn a lot of plays to do that. You got to know a lot. It’s not a game.”

Mystal said, “‘I’m just a poor country senatorial candidate who isn’t that smart and doesn’t know a lot about a lot of things. But what I do know is that I should be your senator so I can represent you in Congress, even though I don’t know stuff like a nice suit would know because apparently, suits have brains now. I don’t know a lot of stuff, but I know that I should be your senator so I can vote exactly like Mitch McConnell tells me to vote.’” Mystal went on to say, “’Because I’ve just told you I am too stupid to figure it out for myself!’ That is that is the game plan.” But apparently this loon has no issue with Walker’s opponent voting as Chuck Schumer tells him to!

And Mystal added, “And it’s doing two things right. It’s one, the obvious kind of old school, lower expectations. As long as he doesn’t drool, or even if he does drool, as long as he doesn’t trip over his own drool, he will be like, oh, Walker exceeded expectations. Right? So that is just part of his the media horse race game. But the other thing is to remind these white MAGA, bigoted Southerners that, ‘Don’t worry, they’re not electing a black man that’s going to be able to think for himself, that he is too stupid to do anything but vote in the way he is told to vote by his white superiors.’ Two things with one dumbass press conference.”

And it was less than a week earlier, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “Cross Connection,” that this same racist buffoon reacted to an interview that President Trump had with radio host Hugh Hewitt earlier in the week, warning of the reaction if he were to be indicted. Mystal said that was how “white people” reacted when they didn’t get their way in America. And it was then that he was heard to say, “Let’s start here, OK, let’s start with the problem of the fourth estate, the American media.” And he said, “Listen to that clip again – Hugh Hewitt made himself sound like Billy Bush in that clip, right? ‘What kind of problems, mister president?’”

And he went on to say, “He is threatening to unleash domestic terrorism on the country if he is held accountable for crime, and you, a media person, is sitting there saying, ‘What kind of problems might we have?’ What is that? What is that? At some point, the fourth estate is going to have to realize its complicity in allowing these white domestic terrorists to organize and attain some level of legitimacy as they threaten our democracy.” He said, “I want to table that because that is a huge part of the problem. The cause of the problem is Trump himself and his MAGA acolytes themselves and the people who are willing to do the violence in Trump’s name.”

And he continued by saying, “Again, I want to say that I’m not surprised that he is threatening this because a – he is literally doing it before, and b – this is literally what conservative white folks do when they don’t get their way. They turned violent. As a black man in this country, as a person who is aware of the black history in the new world, white people turn violent when they don’t politically get their way all the damn time in this country.” He finished up by saying, “It is what they do. And from the perspective of a black person, welcome to the world I’ve been living in America threatening to turn violence against non-black people.”

Blacks like Mystal know, deep-down, that they are the lowest form of sell-out and so he tries to get as many people as he can to follow him over the cliff. Leftists love to claim that conservatives are stupid. But only a fool would support lowering standards in education. Only a fool would support multiple genders. Only a fool would support the facade of alternative lifestyles. Only a fool would not see the self- inflicted suffering inflicted by Democrats on their own people in our big cities. Only a fool would be a socialist. Only a fool would still support the moron currently in office despite his MANY blunders. You want to talk about pot calling the kettle black?

Mystal is apparently upset that white folks express outrage when blacks rape their women, play punchout game on their grandparents, attempt to burn down their town, and steal their cars at gun point. And yet we haven’t turned violent, we expect law enforcement to do their job, but their job is becoming increasingly difficult because of policies favored by racists like Mystal. And because of that whites may need to act on our own. If we are forced to live among them, we need to meet force with force and RESPOND to their violent attacks against us with violent retaliation. Nothing else is going to make them stop. We need to stop letting ourselves be bullied by them.

Imagine for a second how different this country would look today if blacks had never been brought here in the first place. How many lives would have been spared, how many trillions of taxpayer dollars would never have had to be spent on wasteful social programs and to rebuild areas of our largest cities destroyed by blacks. Say what you will but Blacks have not been a boon to America. Say one ‘wrong’ thing and you’re a racist. Be proud of being white and you’re labelled as a white supremacist. A black kills a white person and gets a slap on the wrist, but a white who kills a black thug can count on getting the death penalty, or at the very least having their life ruined.

And what Elie either fails to grasp, or is simply too stupid to realize, is that he unwittingly does the bidding of his white masters in the Democrat Party. Just because they don’t wear those pointy white hoods anymore doesn’t make them any less racist, so no Elie, you’re very far from “thinking for yourself.” Oh, and here’s an interesting little factoid I’d like to hear this racist moron comment on: Black males between 16-35 years of age are only 2.0 percent of the population yet commit 72 percent of the vioent crime in America. And dare I say that the single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that happens to be Black.

Those like Mystal will be crying racism 200 years from now, because they have nothing else. And frankly, if I were black and living in America, I would thank my lucky stars that I was the descendant of slaves who were forcibly brought here. One look at living conditions in 99 percent of Africa is all it would take. Furthermore, anyone demanding reparations should agree to give up their American citizenship in exchange for the check and a one-way flight back to their homeland. If you really do hate this country then you should be happy to agree with such an arrangement. Imagine this frizzy-haired fuck in Africa, would he still be laughing all the way to bank if he lived there?


So riddle me this, could this country be any more divided than it is right now because our current *president who, before he was actually ‘selected,’ promised us from his basement that his main goal as president would be to bring the American people together, to unite us as one people. And just as so many of us feared, that was very much an empty promise. And now we have Democrats telling anyone foolish enough to listen to that if the Republicans are successful in taking back control of Congress this November and make good on their promise to investigate the ‘Joey B. Crime Family,’ it will only serve to divide this country even more. What a bunch of malarkey!!!

So, while the Democrats were free to conduct all manner of bogus investigations against President Trump and to ‘impeach’ him, not once but twice, on purely trumped-up charges, the Republicans are not to be afforded the same opportunity to investigate the guy who not only is purposely trying to destroy our country but is, as well, very clearly the single most corrupt individual ever elected to any political office. Does that make sense to anyone? Democrats continue to flaunt their reckless disregard for the rule of law and to demonstrate how they consider themselves as being above the law. A luxury not afforded to anyone outside their party.

So on Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “GMA3,” Steny Hoyer argued that if the Republicans take over the majority in the House of Representatives, “They’re going to investigate” President Joe Biden and are “going to try to tear him down, and our country is going to be deeply divided.” Just the type of comment one would expect to hear from a member of the party that is clearly out to destroy America. This guy must think we’re completely stupid! What have the Democrats been doing to President Trump for the past six years? It’s been one investigation after another and now come the politically motivated lawsuits that are nothing more than political hitjobs.

And it was also Hoyer who then went on to say, “[L]et me tell you what’s going to happen if the Republicans take over the House, they’ve said what they’re going to do. They’re going to investigate the President of the United States. They’re going to try to tear him down, and our country is going to be deeply divided. And very frankly, what the Republicans have done, what Donald Trump has done is deeply divide our country. Hoyer continued by saying, “And I think we Democrats, frankly, and I think Joe Biden, President Biden has worked all his life in trying to create bipartisanship. And so, we’ll pursue that, whatever happens in November.” What a pathetic liar!

And so according to Hoyer, it’s nothing that the Democrats do, or have done, that divides the country. They get more than a little testy when they think anyone else will do what they do. Unlike their attacks directed at President Trump, the charges against Joey have been very well documented. And while spying on, trying to entrap, demeaning, persecuting the entire Trump family is seen as being perfectly acceptable by those on the left, and even some on the right, such tactics are not to be employed against someone the caliber of Joey B. And even they know that Joey B. is corrupt, they circle the wagons and continue to deny that any wrongdoing has been done.

And so, it is yet again that we have the Democrats projecting upon their opposition that which they themselves are guilty of doing. And their opposition are those MAGA politicians as well as those Americans whose only crime is that they value freedom, liberty and justice. And it’s all getting so tiresome, most Americans know what’s going on. The Democrats are running scared. They know that if they don’t stop the MAGA candidates in November and President Trump in 2024, the jig will be up. All of the backdoor deals, the pay for play, the insider trade deals, as well as the fact that a weaponized IRS, FBI and/or DOJ may actually end up being used on them.

Hoyer simply doesn’t want Joey B to be put through all of the things that the Democrats put President Trump through, and continue to put him through. Because he knows that, unlike President Trump, Joey B is GUILTY of malfeasance and treason, and financially profiting from his entire time in office and so much more. The only thing President Trump is guilty of is exposing the political elites, on both sides of the aisle. President Trump came into office with the promise to “Make America Great Again.” But it turned out that many of our politicians simply wanted no part of that. There was far too much money to be made in forcing America down the toilet.

And so I ask you, just how removed from reality does one have to be before one is involuntarily locked up somewhere in a padded cell for their own safety as well as for the safety of those around them? Every time one of these Democrats open their mouths nothing but insanity, absurdity, and idiocy seems to spew forth. We have spell checkers for the dictionary challenged, grammar checkers for those with difficulty properly phrasing their thoughts; you’d think that by now Democrats would have invested in some sort of a stupidity checker. But then, they do have the ‘fake news’ media whose job, it seems, is to tell us what the Democrats ‘really’ meant.

And even if it divides the country, so what? We once had a Civil War, so what’s to prevent another split. Look, the Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution as written, so we have nothing in common with them. Therefore, we’re already divided. Look what the Democrats did to President Trump. And it was courtesy of demonic speech, in front of a demonic red background, that Joey split the country with his words when he called MAGA Americans evil. Our country is well on its way to becoming a Banana Republic. The Democrats hate all those who disagree with their mission to destroy this country. So again, we’re already divided, and they did it.

No one has done more harm to this country than Joey B? He and his handlers have been determined to destroy our nation and do damage to our citizens, since his first days after taking power. None of his Executive Orders have helped our citizens. In fact, they have done more damage than every president before him, combined. And given the fact that he has another two years in office much of the damage he does will likely be irreparable. He has already done much that may be impossible to repair. His reckless open borders policies, his idiotic energy policies, his disastrous economic policies and his outright dangerous foreign policy will be a tough fix.  

And the more favors Joey B provides to nations in return for the millions given to the Joey B Crime Family, the more difficult life will become for those who call this country home. Many countries, such as Communist Chinese, are being allowed to buy massive amounts of farmland in this country with most of what’s produced on that land going back to China, bypassing the American people. And it’s at the same time that our own government is still determined to keep valuable land out of service, even though there are dangerous shortages, that could be resolved if Americans were allowed to work it. It will never stop, as long as these Democrats remain in control.

And finally, Donald Trump was never supposed to actually win in 2016. ‘BO’ was supposed to be able to hand off the baton to Hitlery, so she could then continue the work begun by ‘BO’ and move forward with the complete dismantling of America. Such was the reason for her lackluster campaign, she thought she had it in the bag. And then to be made to suffer the embarrassment of a humiliating defeat at the hands of a political novice, well that was simply an unforgivable act that President Trump is still being punished for. So, there remains only one solution to all of this insanity, a massive Red Wave in November, and a landslide Trump victory in 2024.


To be perfectly honest before he became a candidate the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania I had never before heard of John Fetterman. And after reading up on him I came to be amazed that he was ever able to get himself elected to anything. But apparently Fetterman has served as the 34th lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania since 2019 and previously served as mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019. And the fact that he seems to be leading the Senate contest, it’s clear that the Democrats in his state will vote for absolutely anyone. And while I am no fan of Mehmet Oz, his opponent in the Senate contest, it’s compared to this dirtball Fetterman that Oz is damn saint.

And on top of everything else that we have heard about him now comes word that Fetterman once voted to free a murderer who killed someone with garden shears and hired a hitman to kill his accomplice. You see, it was some guy by the name of Charles Goldblum that was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of killing a man with a pair of garden shears in a Pittsburgh parking garage. Goldblum also then hired a hitman to kill his accomplice, a key witness to the crime. The killing, which was part of an insurance fraud coverup, occurred in 1976, when Goldblum and his accomplice Clarence Miller lured their victim, George Wilhelm, into a parking garage.

And it was once they had him in the garage that Goldblum proceeded to stab Wilhelm 26 times. And then when this creep was out on bail, Goldblum attempted to hire a hitman to kill Miller. Goldblum, who has maintained his innocence, was facing death in prison after making seven unsuccessful clemency appeals. But in 2019, against the desires of Wilhelm’s family, Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, which this scumbag Fetterman chairs, voted overwhelmingly to free Goldblum from prison. The board argued in favor of the decision, saying that the prosecutor and judge concluded that Goldblum was not the main assailant but rather an accomplice.

In 2007, however, a federal appeals court wrote “there is just too much evidence here establishing Goldblum’s guilt” when they declined a request from Goldblum for an evidentiary hearing. Meanwhile, no one has disputed that Goldblum attempted to hire a hitman. Goldblum was released from prison last year, prompting Fetterman to remark that he was “happy that he’s going to be going home to his family.” He also claimed that Goldblum was “not a threat to public safety.” The commutation of Goldblum’s sentence was one component of Fetterman’s continuing to promise to free even more prisoners and transform the state’s pardon process.

Fetterman campaign spokesman Joe Calvello has claimed that “Goldblum was wrongfully convicted and that is why John, along with every other member of the Board of Pardons, voted to recommend clemency.” When he was awaiting trial, Goldblum plotted to get Miller killed, as he was expected to testify against Goldblum. The convicted murderer agreed to pay an undercover detective $2,000 to kill Miller. But Goldblum was not the only criminal that Fetterman has voted to release upon an unsuspecting public. It was just last year that he also voted to release Wayne Covington, who pled guilty to killing a man for money so that he could buy heroin.

And we can add to all of the other reasons that Fetterman should not be elected to the Senate, the fact that he suffered a major stroke back in May. And while many of his Democrat colleagues continue to tell voters that he’s “recovering,” his stroke was months ago and he is now well beyond the typical recovery period. At this point he will never improve, and the lasting effects of the scar tissue where his brain used to be will very likely only get worse as time goes by. He will never be able to comprehend what is happening around him, much less participate meaningfully in an intellectually challenging debate, whether it be on the street or in the Senate.

His disability MUST be considered by Pennsylvania voters. He cannot understand you. He cannot communicate with you. He cannot represent you. And yet they will vote for him anyway. They’re Democrats, it’s what they do. If they voted for a brain dead *president, they will most certainly vote for Fetterman. Being a Democrat is a mental illness. They just can’t help themselves. And so, as the country goes down the toilet they just stand around and applaud it. It really is quite amazing, but also very bizarre. I’ve never understood those who vote for Democrats. Why would one vote for those who are determined to make one’s life miserable while they live high on the hog?  

But let’s be honest, it’s at this point that Fetterman is simply a shill for the Democrats. If he does win the election, he will be removed/resign for medical reasons and be replaced with someone else of their choosing. Even the Democrats know time is running out for Fetterman, but at this point it’s too late to replace him. Their strategy has been to shelter him from debates and limit public appearances in the attempt to cover up his obvious cognitive impairments long enough to push him over the finish line. Then afterwards, they’ll replace him with another Democrat to serve out his term, or at least until a special election is held to permanently fill his seat.

This one act of releasing a convicted murderer should be more than enough to make Fetterman unelectable. But I’ve learned not to underestimate the stupidity of your average low information voters, regardless of the state in which they reside. In a sane world Fetterman wouldn’t even be on the ballot, let alone in the conversation about being sent to Washington. You really do have to wonder about the people in Pennsylvania when someone the caliber of Mr. Fetterman is even being a considered for the office he seeks. It’s easy to see the rationale of the left in making him a candidate, but how did the people of Pennsylvania ever vote this guy into any office?

But what is really troubling though, is the crowds that show up to support this fool. What that tells me about the people of Pennsylvania is that they are nothing more than a bunch of ‘sheeple.’ ‘Fetterwoman’ is truly scary. But to me what is really dangerous about this whole affair is that he will very likely win. So that leads me to believe the people are too stupid, too ignorant and morally corrupt to ever actually participate in America’s Constitutional Republic and truly shows how sick our society is today. This is what is killing America. We have the lies from those on the Left and the tearing down of morals and standards that humans have held dear for thousands of years.


Just when you think you’ve heard it all from the Democrats, out pops another from under his rock to spew some of the most ridiculous drivel ever spewed by anyone in his party. Which would be funny if it weren’t so politically transparent. Because at the same time that we have Democrats taking advantage of those who they are actively encouraging to come to this country, illegally, because they think there is a political advantage to be gained by doing so, we now have Democrats accusing Republican governors, who relocate some of these illegals to places that boast of being sanctuary cities, of being “pathetic” for continuing to do so.

And it was just this past Sunday, during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by the rumored to be soon fired Chuck Todd, that ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, Democrat from Illinois, claimed that “it is pathetic” that Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis were taking advantage of helpless people by sending migrants to northern cities. And he was both serious and was able to make such an idiotic statement with a straight face.  Now let’s be clear, if there is one guy who knows a thing or two about being pathetic, it would most certainly be ‘Little Dick’ Durbin. Durbin is clearly one of the most pathetic individuals you could find anywhere here on planet Earth!

Anyway, ‘Little Dick’ said, “It is pathetic that the governors are taking advantage of these helpless people, making promises to them, and off they go to places far removed from where they’re supposed to be appearing under the requirements of our law in a matter of weeks and months. He is jeopardizing their stay here. Why is it when the Republicans want to enforce their immigration theories, it’s always the kids that end up being the victims? We saw it with kids in cages. We saw it with the forcible removal of children with their parents, some of who have never been reunited. Once against it’s the kids and families transported for political purposes.”

And he went on to say, “They have broken every basic standard of decency when is it comes to dealing with children and family. These people are, at the moment, legally in the United States. Some of them, one family I met, it’s been five months from Venezuela, literally walking to our border. They went through every possible outrage from theft, stealing their cell phones, pushing them into a jungle for a period of time with in man who didn’t think he could survive. They finally made it to the United States, only to be exploited by the governor of Texas, in their case. I don’t think when you get down to the basic rules of politics. This passes the smell test.”

So if I’m understanding ‘Little Dick’ correctly, providing transportation to sanctuary cities is now to be seen as being a bad thing for the millions of illegal aliens that ‘Joey B & Friends’ have lured into this country, with all manner of promises of getting all manner of benefits they get absolutely free, simply by showing up! So how is it Abbott’s and/or DeSantis’ fault that rich white liberals talk out of both sides of their mouth? They loudly proclaim their cities to be sanctuary cities until folks actually start showing up, and it shouldn’t really matter how it is that they show up. And as soon as Liberals are made to deal with problem they come completely unhinged.

And yet, Democrats like old ‘Little Dick’ are taking advantage of Americans who live on the border every single day. Bussing illegals into sanctuary locations and listening to these “pathetic” liberals scream is hilarious. Martha’s Vineyard pronounced themselves to be a sanctuary town that would welcome any, and all, illegals. So why is it suddenly considered to be “pathetic” for having simply taken them at their word? And why is it OK for ‘Joey B & Friends’ to ship illegals to red states in the dark of the night with nary a comment by the self-righteous ‘Little Dick’ Durbin and his ilk? And how many illegals has Illinois taken, other than the few sent to Chicago?

When Donald Trump was President he clearly understood the importance of not encouraging people to make the trip, and he took measures to prevent them from doing so. His policies made sense and, more importantly, they worked. But because they were Trump’s policies, they had to be gotten rid of when Joey got to the White House. So, it’s the Democrats who have created this problem because anything that resulted from policies put in place by President Trump, whether dealing with the economy, energy or immigration needed to be gotten rid of as expeditiously as possible. Therefore, any resulting deaths of these “helpless people” is on them.

But look, what really has old ‘Little Dick’s panties in a bunch is the fact that the Democrats don’t like the fact immigration is now back on the front burner before the midterms. It’s ‘Little Dick’s party that has created this mess, so now he wants to focus on their hardships? Give me a break. Joey B promised them a goldmine, so why should they now be surprised that we have a gold rush. And how hypocritical to demand these millions of unvetted gold rushers stay in the border states far! I’m thinking it’s only fair that governors like Abbott and DeSantis share the wealth, so to speak. Joey needs to shut down the border and send these people back home!

And it’s Democrats, of which ‘Little Dick’ is one, who have orchestrated their idea of this ‘final solution,’ That being, of course, a third world/drug cartel conquest of the United States complete with looting and the killing of U.S. citizens and the purpose of which is to essentially ‘ethnically cleanse’ whites from the political landscape. The Democrat Party is the entity taking advantage of these people, millions upon millions of them, in their effort to try to alter the political demographics of the country. They don’t care how many die, or how many women are raped, or how many children are trafficked. These aren’t people to the Democrat party; they’re a means to an end.

The ‘Emperor Has No Clothes,’ because the white liberals of Martha’s Vineyard have now shown us WHAT and WHO the Democrat Party really is. They are consummate hypocrites. The hypocrisy and tone deafness of ‘Little Dick’ is deafening. ‘Little Dick’ said nothing about Joey’s midnight flights of illegals. He said nothing when Texas cities cried out for help. He said nothing and has done nothing to help the overwhelmed Border Patrol. He’s done nothing about the fentanyl coming across our border. And now he wants to whine about how a few Republican governors refuse to go along with this insanity and are now fighting back! Good for them, I say!!!

So I guess when it’s the Democrats who “take advantage of these helpless people” it’s all well and good, and us peons simply have to suck it up and deal with it or risk being labeled as racist. It’s only when the rich white liberals get to enjoy the fruits of their “sanctuary” policies that it suddenly becomes a problem! The depth of their hypocrisy literally knows no bounds!! By the way, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. That is, if you try and make a legal case for shipping illegals around the country you best be prepared to get counter sued right back! Joey has sent millions all over our land, what these governors have sent is a merely a drop in the bucket!

And finally, let me just say that these “helpless people” do not belong here, and the way they were treated in Martha’s Vineyard was as vulgar a display of humanity run amuck as I have ever seen. But we shouldn’t be surprised, after all, because that’s how liberals typically behave. Furthermore, if Joey can ignore immigration laws by first letting these people in and then flying them all over the country, then so can these governors. These left-wing nutcases are disgruntled because they’ve finely been caught up in your own trap. They seem to think the rest of America is deserving of every scheme they can dream up, while they are special and above reproach.


Ok, so we all know that politicians will say and/or promise just about anything, aka lie, in their effort to first get elected to public office and then to get re-elected. But it would now seem that old Joey B has chosen to jack things up a bit and in so doing has taken things to a whole new level. I mean, he lies when he tells us his policies have nothing to do with our higher energy prices or our higher food prices or our higher inflation. And now he’s lying when he claims that he has taken unprecedented measures in his effort to secure our southern border. Lies, lies and even more LIES! And the whole time we’re assumed to be too stupid to know we’re being lied to.

Which brings me to Joey’s current Spokesmoron. I’m sure most folks are familiar with this bimbo, Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP). This moron is worse at lying than was her predecessor, Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki. But I digress. And so it was earlier this week at a press conference that KJP claimed Joey has taken “unprecedented action” to secure the border. She defended Joey’s record on immigration saying, “We understand that we have work to do, we understand that, and we have been doing the work to do that.” She continued, “We have taken unprecedented action over the past year and a half to secure our border and rebuild a safe and orderly processing system.”

Keep in mind, that as of the end of July 2022, 4.9 million illegal immigrants had entered our country since the start of the Joey B’s term. This figure does not include the number of illegal immigrants who have entered America in August or the first two weeks of September. And, in July 2022 alone, 2,071 pounds of fentanyl, the equivalent of 469 million lethal doses, and 12,989 pounds of methamphetamine were seized at the southern border. There was an increase of 325 percent in the number of border apprehensions in July 2022 when compared to the average number of July apprehensions during the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Now I suppose, in a way you could say this goofy bitch is correct. The Democrats and Joey have indeed taken “unprecedented” actions when it comes to the border. They have gone exactly 180 degrees from what President Trump did to slow the number of illegal border crossings to a trickle. Wouldn’t you say that that was unprecedented? And all Joey had to do was to continue those policies put in place by President Trump that had been shown to be so effective. But nope, those were Trump’s policies so, as with everything else from energy policies to economic policies, they had to be gotten rid of. And look at where our fraudulent *president has country today.

The arrogance of these people is absolutely mindboggling. To think that the American people are really that stupid. They think that all they have to do is to tell the same lies over and over again and the American people will eventually come to believe them. They think like George Costanza from Seinfeld back when he told Jerry, “Remember it’s not a lie if you believe it.” Don’t get me wrong most Democrats tend to fall for every lie they’re told. But most Republicans, and even some Independents, aren’t that stupid. They know Joey is a habitual liar and career crook. And I very much hope that we do see that predicted red wave in November.

And yes, I think it can safely be considered as “unprecedented” for any nation on the planet to throw completely open their border. And yet after inviting in everyone in the world, including the poverty stricken, the ill-educated, the unskilled, the diseased and the criminals, Joey B failed to remove hazards like rushing rivers, water-less deserts, thieves, and traffickers in poisonous drugs, woman and children. Other nations just laugh and laugh as they empty their prisons and send those released into our country because they know they can. We now have as our *president a man who never had a desire to lead, only a desire to profit, to the greatest extend possible.

The Democrats have made certain that our border patrol will not be permitted to protect or defend our homeland against these invaders. They are safe from being shot at, safe from electric fences or other physical deterrents. They are spared the inconvenience of crawling through barbed wire or having to climb an intermittent wall since there are vast open areas between segments of that structure. Once past that ‘line in the sand’ or are across the river, they are rescued, cared for, provided with food and water and temporary lodging. And many are provided with welfare forms before being shipped off in the dead of night to destinations unknown.

If there is one thing that I have never been able to tolerate, it’s a liar. And it’s become so easy to lie, nearly everyone does it. And when someone lies to you they automatically become someone who you can NEVER believe, even when they might be telling you the truth. And then they want to get all indignant when you don’t believe them. Well, what the Hell did they expect to happen? It really is quite an amazing thing! No other *president has allowed over 2 million unvetted illegal immigrants to enter into the country and to then simply turned a blind eye to what that’s doing to this country. “Unprecedented?” Definitely. Very purposely? Without a doubt!