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The beginning of the end for that which we were once able to call our “mainstream media” was officially kicked into high gear back in 2007-08 when every effort imaginable was undertaken to ensure that Barack Obummer was elected president.  And it would seem that the death spiral has only managed to increase in both rate of descent as well as velocity as the media’s reputation for accuracy plummets toward the deck.  And it would seem that with each passing day of the Trump administration those in what has now morphed into our ‘state-controlled media complex’ reveal themselves to be a bit more unhinged and in so doing lose more of what little credibility they have remaining.  They insist upon focusing on those issues that most Americans simply have little or no interest in.

So there’s apparently a new Bloomberg poll out that shows that while healthcare is the top issue for the majority of Americans, the network newscasts have spent the vast majority of their time doing little more than to continue to relentlessly hammer their viewers with coverage of Democrats’ accusations about Russia and President Donald Trump collusion.  The Bloomberg National Poll reveals that 35 percent of Americans say “Health Care” is the top issue today – nearly three times the 13 percent who cite “Unemployment/Jobs.”  Only six percent cited “Relationship with Russia” as the most important issue.  And I’d be willing to be bet that the majority of that six prevent are, more than likely, brain dead Democrats.  Because they just love ‘fake news’, especially when it’s about President Trump.

A recent analysis our ‘friends’ in the media and what it came to show was that network news programs spend far more time covering Russia-Trump than they do on any of top issues that the American people actually care about or see as being the most important.  In the five weeks following the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller (May 17-June 20), networks devoted 353 minutes of their total 640 minutes of airtime (55%) to the Russia-Trump probe.  Thus, even though nearly six times more Americans cited “Health Care” as being their top issue, networks devoted more than 20 times more coverage to Russia. The other issues in Americans’ top five were cited roughly twice as often as Russia – yet, networks devoted up to 71 times as many minutes to covering Russia.

Here are the top five “most important” issues cited by Americans in the Bloomberg poll, followed by the relative amount of time networks spend covering them, compared to their Russia-Trump coverage.

1 – Health Care 35%:

  • 5.8 times more people cited Health Care than Russia (35%-6%),
  • Networks devoted 20.8 times more coverage to Russia than to Health Care (353-17 minutes)

2 – Unemployment/Jobs 13%:

  • 2.2 times more people cited Unemployment/Jobs than Russia (13%-6%),
  • Networks gave 70.6 times more coverage to Russia than to Unemployment/Jobs (353-5 minutes)

3 – Terrorism 11%:

  • 1.8 times more people said Terrorism than Russia (11%-6%),
  • Networks spent 12.2 times more time on Russia than on Terrorism (353-29 minutes)

4 – Immigration 10%:

  • 1.7 times as many people cited Immigration as cited Russia (10%-6%),
  • Networks spent 70.6 times as many minutes covering Russia as they did covering Immigration (353-5 minutes)

5 – Climate Change 10%:

  • 1.7 times more people cited Climate Change than cited Russia (10%-6%),
  • Networks devoted 7.5 times more coverage to Russia than to Climate Change (353-47 minutes)

It’s upon closer examination that one discovers that there is more than just a slight disconnect between what the American people want covered and what the networks, both cable and broadcast, see as being far more important and therefore spend the majority of their time reporting on.  And it explains why public trust of those in the media has continued to decline due to what is a very obvious leftwing media bias.  The media’s obsession with the Russia investigation flies in the face of what the public says it actually cares the most about. According to a Harvard-Harris poll, ‘a majority of voters believe the Russia investigations are damaging to the country and are eager to see Congress shift its focus to healthcare, terrorism, national security, the economy and jobs.’”  Yet both the Democrat and their media partners persist.

The media/propaganda wing of the Democrat Party has obviously decided that convincing the people that President Trump somehow colluded with the Russians is far more important than anything else that it could be doing and is therefore headed full steam ahead in that direction despite having no evidence that such collusion exists. They have committed themselves to that proposition and have stubbornly stuck by their claims that such collusion does exist.  And doing so in the stark absence of any actual proof has accomplished nothing more than to cause people to question their motivation.  Given the disconnect, it should be no surprise that half of all voters see the media as biased against Trump, compared to only four percent who think the media are pro-Trump, that according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

In recent months, even hardcore leftists like Diane Feinstein and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters have said there has been no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and Comey said, three times, that Trump wasn’t under investigation. Even a Crappy News Network (CNN) exec got caught recently saying the story was a “nothingburger” but they keep running the stories anyway.  It is interesting to note as well that a year ago Obummer was aware of possible interference from Russia and yet chose to do nothing about it because everyone was so sure the old Hag, Hitlery, was going to win the election.  And today the only ones still buying this collusion nonsense are the most very simple-minded.  They claim concerns about Russian interference, yet are wholly misleading with the propaganda they spew.  The media truly has become our enemy.



I providing evidence that the complete mental breakdown of the Democrat Party continues unabated, it was a group of House Democrats who announced earlier this week a “No Confidence in Donald J. Trump” resolution at a press conference on Capitol Hill.  Rep Steve Cohen, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee’s subpanel on the Constitution, sponsored the resolution rebuking President Donald Trump, explaining that measure was introduced to serve as “an attempt at a political intervention.”  Cohen said, “We have now had six months of Donald Trump as president. That is a sufficient time to be a probationary period and, as a result of that, 23 of my colleagues have joined me in introducing today a resolution of no confidence in the job of Donald J. Trump.”  And it was this very same moron who went on to say, “We have, as part of that resolution, 12 pages thoroughly annotated of what we believe are misdeeds and actions that give people a lack of confidence in him and the direction he is taking our country.”  Is there ever going to come a point where Democrats finally stop their whining and simply focus on the needs of the American people instead of their own?

The resolution points to the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials, Trump’s comments on women, the firing of FBI director James Comey, and the president’s decision to keep his tax returns private as reasons why they view him as being unfit for the Oval Office.  And it was Rep. Judy Chu, Democrat from California,  who was next to speak up in support of this idiotic ‘resolution’ by saying, “We have a president who actively undermines the very principles of our government and a Republican congress that makes excuses for him as though his behavior is normal. It is not normal.”  And she went on to say, “Trump’s behavior is cruel, unethical and it’s driving people’s faith in the government to dangerously low levels.”  And then came everyone’s favorite imbecile Sheila Jackson Lee who also criticized Trump, saying, “This is not the behavior of the leader of the free world.”  It would seem that the resolution, although backed by 23 representatives, has no chance of moving through the Republican-led House.  And while Nancy Pelosi did not sign on to the resolution, Cohen says she isn’t in opposition of the measure.  No, I’m sure the old hag isn’t!  She’s happy to go along with just about anything.

Democrats really do need to come up with some sort of a plan that involves more than just the hating of President Trump.  And by the way, rumor has it that they may actually be on the verge of announcing just that.  You see, on next Monday, or so I am told, congressional Democrats — in the Senate and the House together — will roll out a legislative policy agenda, their de facto 2018 campaign platform.  The details, after months of haggling, could yet disappoint but the broad outlines as described by those ‘in the know’ are said to be just what the doctor ordered.  Sounding eerily like a pizza commercial their grand plan is entitled “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages” and it is expected to have many Democrat staples — tax increases on the rich, affordable (aka free) college, infrastructure spending, higher wages, job training, paid family leave and the like — and a few new ones.  In other words more of the very same ‘progressive’ crap that we had during the eight years of Obummer that resulted in nothing more than fewer people in the workforce and more people in the government dole.  And as a voter, how ignorant do you have to be willing to see this kind of crap, time after time, as being something that will make your life better in ANY meaningful way?

Anyway, since I am in no way a political strategist, I can only assume here that the goal of the Democrats who were responsible for crafting this little piece of progressive handy-work is to avoid repeating what they see as having been Hitlery’s biggest problem in 2016.  Other than, of course, her corruption issue.  That being, the fact that she had so many proposals, and she scratched the itches of so many Democrat constituencies, that she lacked anything that actually resembled a coherent economic message.  And I’m also guessing that the hope is, on the part of these Democrats, that a full-throated populist agenda will also make it harder for President Trump to claim that he is the only one fighting special interests, which he did to great effect against Hitlery.  Look, all that I’m seeing from this supposed grand scheme of a plan for 2018 is the typical Democrat plan to give away ‘free’ stuff in exchange for votes.  And while that may work with those who are intellectually challenged, hopefully for those who are a higher on the evolutionary scale it will have very little impact.  Nothing ever changes with the Democrats, it’s always the same ‘free-stuff-in-exchange-for-votes’ game plan.

Am I the only one who’s seeing the irony here that these “let’s flush America down the tubes” Democrats dare to whine about having “no confidence” in the President?  News flash, losers!  And that would, of course, be the fact that I have literally ‘zero confidence’ in any Democrat breathing!  Because, as we all know, if a Democrat is breathing, then they’re likely taking part in something shady that only helps themselves and ends up doing irreparable damage to the country.  Why don’t they step up to the plate and be more like statesmen than like crybabies?  They need to be doing their job for America instead of working on their next election.  Democrats don’t do anything if it doesn’t have something to do with increasing their voter base.  A base that consists primarily of those in this country illegally, or dead, and every group of people with their hand out.  Democrats are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.  The other problem is that we have to contend with a substantial number of RINOs who, in many respects, differ very little from the Democrats.  We have complete control of Congress as well as the White House and yet continue to have their asses handed to them by these pathetic people who can’t stop crying.

For eight long years there were many of us had NO confidence in Obummer.  That’s why Democrats were voted out of office in the numbers they were.  Now, the hateful, selfish alt-Left has turned violent and aligned themselves with terrorists.  Is anyone surprised?  As disgusting as the Democrats are, it’s only because they indoctrinate our children from the very beginning that allows them to create easily led, dimwitted dolts willing to believe whatever imbecilic drivel they’re being spoon fed.  I have NO confidence in Democrats, RINOs, elites of any kind, Congress, or the state-controlled media.  But I do have confidence in the American people and I believe, with every fiber of my being, that the people will speak loudly in 2018 and will let their vote be heard.  And for the current crop of political critters it ain’t gonna be pretty.  Also I believe that Election Day in 2018 will come to be known as Trump’s Revenge.  It’s day after day that these loons think of new reasons to hate America.  It is astounding the new ways they can come up with. They have lost election after election yet they don’t pause for a moment to think of how they could help the nation or improve their party’s chance of winning.



Frankly, I’m getting more than a little tired of hearing about how it is that President Trump has yet to make good on any of his campaign promises.  And yes I know he claimed numerous times during the campaign to be the ultimate dealmaker.  However, I think what he failed to realize is that making deals in the business world is very different than making deals in the world of politics.  Politicians are a sleazy bunch, and more often than not the potential cost of any deal can end up being rather prohibitive. And it can be rather difficult to make deals with people who have absolutely no interest in making a deal.  Because what’s become far more important to the RINOs and their Democrat friends in Congress than making any kind of a deal, is working to slow the Trump agenda to the greatest extent possible.

So it would seem only appropriate that Senate Republicans, and not President Trump, should now find themselves in the crosshairs.  Some center-right media commentators blamed the moderates, others blamed the conservatives, and some blamed both.  “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade singled out both the left and right members of the party, addressing Sens. Paul, Portman and Collins. He said, “These people are being true to their school.”  And added, “Just not true to their party, and maybe not true to their country.”  Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham singled out only conservative members Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul in a tweet, asking “Q[uestion] for @SenMikeLee & @RandPaul: Why is keeping Obamacare preferable to any alt[ernative] that could get 50 GOP votes in the Senate?”

And it was another conservative talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, who directed his dissatisfaction at moderate GOP Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada for opposing the bill, questioning his intelligence (“he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer”) and lamenting the damage he has done to the Republican Party.  Heller is perhaps one of the most vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents up for re-election in 2018.  And Rush Limbaugh hammered “establishment” Republicans for being too afraid of the bill’s unpopularity: “You gotta know where to take the battle and fight, and I’m sorry — investing in the Republican leadership to carry your water? Who ever thought that would work?”  The Trump agenda will be going nowhere as long as our current leadership teams in both houses remain in place.  Thus, they need to go.

And then it was Senate Conservative Fund President Ken Cuccinelli who said in a statement that his group will “seek to identify, recruit, and fund conservative challengers against Republican senators who vote against repeal. If they won’t keep their word and if they can’t find the courage to repeal a liberal takeover of our health care system that has hurt so many American families, they should be replaced by someone who will.”  The GOP’s failure to repeal Obamacare, and the time spent doing so, jeopardizes Republican lawmakers’ ability to grapple with tax reform as well as the likelihood of passing legislation on infrastructure this year.  This could leave Trump and the Republican with no meaningful legislative victories in his first year as president all thanks to our spineless congressional leaders.

So say what you will about the president, but this latest fiasco rests 100% on Congress.  They campaigned on the promise to repeal Obamacare for straight 7 years.  They never developed an alternative plan in all that time.  Trump cannot introduce or vote on legislation, that’s Congress’ job.  And I would like to think that many of these do-nothings will never get re-elected after this mess, but I also worry that our rather ignorant electorate will make the mistake of replacing them with Democrats, and the only result from doing that would be the complete grinding to a halt of the president’s agenda. This latest fiasco should make clear that the Republicans want 1) to keep Obamacare and 2) so see Trump to fail.  And I think little doubt remains that the RINO’s would have preferred to have Hitlery win the election.

In 2015 members of Congress passed a repeal of Obamacare and sent it to Obummer’s desk, who then promptly vetoed it.  This same exact bill was again offered to these same members of the Congress and they refused to back it because they never expected Trump to be the President and were waiting to help Hitlery implement single-payer healthcare. They all need to be retired at the earliest possible date, which would be 2018.  And it this is not just about the Healthcare vote.  Republicans are spineless wimps in the face of the Democrat opposition, even when it comes to the president’s appointees. The Democrats are in the minority yet you sure can’t tell that from the spineless action of the majority.  Republicans need to be doing what the Democrats would be doing, ramming our agenda down their throats.

As I have said before, the primary focus of the 2018 midterm elections must be the exorcising from our party as many of these pathetic RINOs as possible.  That and doing all that we can to further reduce the number of Democrats in BOTH houses of Congress.  Only then can we move forward.  What I wish we could do is elect a whole new batch of Republicans who can work together for the betterment of the country.  These nefarious ego driven congressmen/women live as if they and only they know the answers to what the country needs.  If you can’t come to a consensus after sorting out ideas then you don’t belong in the group.  My take is Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Susan Collins and many others would like nothing more than “to see Trump fail”.   But they should be the ones who are made to fail.



When it comes to draining ‘The Swamp’ I think we’re all beginning to realize that it’s something that just may turn out to be more than just a one man job, even if that man is President Trump.  And since ‘The Swamp’ has been increasing in both size and toxicity for decades we must also realize that it’s not something we’re going to able to drain overnight.  But that doesn’t mean that we should allow ourselves to be dissuaded from doing so, nor should abandon the president if we perceive the process to be moving too slow.  Unfortunately, part of the problem, a big problem, is that it’s a rather sizable portion of ‘The Swamp’ that’s comprised of those folks whom you would at least like to think of as being the good guys.  While of them have may entered ‘The Swamp’ with the best of intentions, over time they became corrupted.

Now I’m sure many folks are as frustrated as I am regarding our Republican members of Congress and their continuing inability, or unwillingness, to get anything accomplished, especially, or so it would seem, if it has anything to do with the Trump agenda.  To the point where I keep hearing threats coming from all directions about how the party will go down to defeat in 2018.  Now make no mistake, I am in no way pleased about what little has been accomplished in the last six months, but at the same time I am certainly in no hurry to put Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi back in charge of Congress.  That would be the ultimate act of biting of one’s nose to spite one’s face.   And it would be one of the most irresponsible acts the American people, at least those serious about saving our country for our children, could EVER commit.

So how about we step back a bit, take a deep breath and reassess just what it might be that should be our best course of action going forward from this point and over the next 17 months.  First and foremost we’re morons if we do anything other than ignore everything that comes out of the mouth of any Democrat or ANYONE who’s part of the state-controlled media complex.  Because what it comes to anyone in either of these organizations it’s safe to say that if their lips are moving, they’re lying to us.  If there is anyone less deserving of being listened to than someone who proudly identifies themselves as being a Democrat, it’s someone who refers to themselves as a ‘journalist’.  Unfortunately when it comes to deciding what’s best regarding the truly important issues, we have now, apparently, been left to our own devices.

That said, we must never allow ourselves to be talked into voting for someone when we know in our heart it’s a mistake.  And there is also NEVER any reason for staying home on Election Day.  Now as I have said before, if our current batch of congressional Republicans are simply not up to the task of doing what even we the people are smart enough to know needs to be done, then our option, our ONLY option, is not to vote for Democrats but, instead, vote for Republicans whom we feel we can trust, at least until they give us a reason not to.  And if they too prove not to be up to the task as hand, then they too should be replaced.  We know from the get-go that we can never trust anyone in the Democrat Party, so why would we EVER want to elect any of them into a position of power?  That’s insane!

I think we can all agree that the latest attempt to repeal and replace of Obamacare failed because of one very simple fact.  We have far too many RINOs in our midst and far too few conservatives.  So can anyone please explain to me the rationale for wanting to replace these RINOs with Democrats?  Where’s the logic in putting the control of Congress back into the hands of those who created Obamacare in the first place?  Haven’t we learned anything from the last time we did that?  Now I’ve heard some make the claim that doing so would teach those Republicans a lesson, but while that may sound fine in theory, it really accomplishes nothing if our long term goal truly is to “Make America Great Again.”  Because choosing to put more Democrats in Congress serves as nothing more than a sizable speed bump in that process.

Reason must come to prevail here.  Look, we know who the RINOs are, they’ve become pretty easy to spot.  Unfortunately, those in the Senate who conned themselves into re-election in 2016, we’re stuck with.  So we’ll need to look very closely at those Senate Republicans up for re-election in 2018 and if deemed necessary search out the most suitable Republican replacements and force a primary election.  And remember, it’s every single House member, including every single RINO and every single Democrat, who will be up for re-election.  So in that respect in the House it should be a much easier task to remove a significant number of RINOs, chief among them being Paul Ryan.  But we should also take the opportunity to reduce, to the greatest extent possible, the number of Democrats.

There is no doubt that over the coming months there will be a growing number of voices from the left, including many coming from our state-controlled media, that will be doing their very best to convince us that the Republican Party no longer deserves the confidence of the American people when it comes to its ability, and willingness, to govern.  As for myself, I am not yet ready to condemn the entire Republican Party, instead I intend to focus my attention on those specific individuals who, while they may refer to themselves as being Republican have repeatedly proven such a claim is nothing more than a charade.  These people are frauds of the very worst kind, they willingly say one thing to American people and then something entirely different once they get behind closed doors with their Democrat friends.

With the election of Donald Trump as president we who love our country were provided with a much needed opportunity, one that just doesn’t come along all that often.  We were handed control of Congress and the White House.  An opportunity viewed by many on the left as being one that must be squashed at all costs and one that has effectively reduced those in the Democrat Party to little more than a bunch of unhinged lunatics.  Over the course of the last six months the Democrats have pulled out all the stops in their continuing effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.  As we have seen, and heard, there is absolutely nothing they will not do or say about the man, his family or anyone who is associated with him or his administration as they persist in continuing as the party of obstruction.

Meanwhile the many serious problems in desperate need of being addressed go ignored.  Whether we like it or not it would appear that much of the task for getting our country headed back in the right direction has now been left to us.  Now we can either act like spoiled children by perpetrating some level of retribution upon the party that we feel may have abandoned us, or we can be a bit more surgical in how we go about our only form of retaliation, the ballot box.  And again, what I mean by that is that we must focus our attention on those in Congress who have continually refused to keep the many promises they’ve made to us in the past and replace them not with Democrats, God forbid, but with the ‘most’ conservative Republicans that we can find and can then convince to run.  That should be our top priority!

And just one final note, to those who would wish to take all of their frustration and anger out on the Republican Party by either staying home on Election Day or, worse, voting for some Democrat, I would only ask if it is really a return to the Obummer years that you are seeking?   And how is it that that would in any way be a good thing for anyone or, for that matter, the country?  Wouldn’t it be far better to focus our attention on punishing the bad apples within the party by seeking out replacements and to then provide them with an opportunity to prove themselves in the effort to get our country back on track?  The dangers of putting the Democrats back in charge are simply too great and, suffice it to say, would be without a doubt the worst possible thing we could possibly do.


Carville 1

I’m having a rather difficult time trying to figure out exactly what Democrat sleazebag James Carville might be up to.  And that’s only because it would seem to be Jimmy’s opinion that the Democrats face an uphill battle if they want to win back control of the Senate in 2018.  He said so just this past Saturday.  Now I am in no way someone one could ever consider a political genius but I gotta tell ya I’m thinking that Jimmy might be trying a little reverse psychology here.  Because unless there is a change in Republican behavior, that would have to be near Biblical proportions, there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that come January 2019 that McConnell will still be the Senate’s majority leader.  So I’m not sure if Jimmy is just messing with McConnell’s head, or if he actually believes what he’s saying.

Jimmy told John Catsimatidis on AM 970 in New York, “I think right now most Democrats are trying to focus on the 2018 elections and trying to recruit people and keep incumbents, and you know I would say we have a pretty good chance of taking the House back.  The Senate is very, very difficult.”  Jimmy went on to say, “The problem in the Senate is we have a large number of seats we have to hold in states that Donald Trump carried. Indiana, Missouri, you know, places like that we have to hold seats.”  Jimmy remained doubtful that Democrats would be able to pick up new seats typically in Republican strongholds.  Now again, while I am no political genius, the Republican majority has been nothing more than a great disappointment to those of us who believed the promises and put them in charge.

And yet Jimmy said, “The only places where we have an opportunity for pick up are, you know, Nevada is pretty good. After that Arizona is less good, then you’re down to Texas and Alabama, and for Democrats to win the Senate back, they have to pick up three seats.” Jimmy’s comments come as Senate Republicans prepare to deliver a healthcare bill that they ‘claim’ will replace Obamacare, in keeping with what they promised their constituents.  But rumors abound that it does no such thing, not even close.  President Trump said that “we are very, very close” to dismantling Obamacare in his weekly address Friday, but the Senate will not vote on the bill until next week after Sen. John ‘The RINO’ McCain recovers from his recent surgery.

And on the subject of Obamacare, Jimmy also seems to think that the Senate Republican plan to replace it will only backfire on them.  He said, “Anybody that moves to change healthcare loses.”  Actually what’s going to backfire on the Republicans is if they decide to put the needs of those in search of free healthcare, or those who don’t vote for them, above the needs of those getting ripped off courtesy of exorbitant deductibles and skyrocketing premiums.  These folks do tend to vote for them.  Republicans have been promising for the last seven years that they would repeal this ‘obamanation’.  Now it would seem that they are bending over backwards to do everything but to repeal it.  If the current batch of Republicans refuse to repeal it, then maybe we need to elect a new batch who will!

And on the subject of who it is that is now leading the party, it was when Jimmy was asked to name a standout leader in the Democrat Party that the veteran political hack responded by saying that there is currently “no one” who is leading the party.  He said, “If a party is out of power and we don’t have a presidential candidate, there is no one going to be in charge until sometime in 2020 when we choose a presidential candidate.”  So I guess we’re expected to believe that for the next two years, or so, the Democrat Party will essentially have no one in charge of the party?  It would seem to me that that might create a vacuum, of sorts, which could result in the party being dragged even further to the radical left.  But hey, what do I know?

And it would also seem to me, as someone looking from the outside in, that perhaps if the Democrat Party were to put a bit more of their energy behind things the voters actually cared about instead of refusing to move beyond the last election and promoting an idiotic hoax, they wouldn’t be struggling like they are .  But even with that said, when you factor in RINOS like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Collins, Barrasso, Blunt, Cornyn and Thune, I think you could safely make the point that the Democrats already have a majority in the Senate and a fairly strong one!  This is the REAL reason Trump can’t get a repeal bill out of the Senate, OR, for that matter, any other Trump inspired campaign promise!  What difference does party affiliation make when you defer to the Democrats anyway?

Beyond that, I must say that I’m a bit baffled by how it is that Jimmy thinks that the Democrats may have “a pretty good chance of taking the House back?”  The current breakdown is 240-194, with one vacancy (Chaffetz’s).  And given the Democrats’ current losing streak with regard to special elections, does he really expect the Democrats to be able to flip 47 seats?  Now it would seem to me that spending money in the attempt to get Democrats elected seems to pretty closely resemble pouring millions of dollars into an empty well, then dropping a napalm bomb down the hole.  Look at how much they spent in the last 4 special election efforts without getting anyone elected.  And the very best part is, they have absolutely no idea what went wrong.  Amazing!

And what I find so frustrating is the fact that whether or not the Democrats actually have control of the Senate, or the House for that matter, going strictly by the numbers, it’s seems that they are always able to move things in the direction they wish them to go.  Because there are always more than enough RINOs who can continually be counted upon to do everything within their power to provide the necessary support the Democrats need.   And it’s these RINOs who seem to have no problem whatsoever with the Democrats current efforts to try to tarnish the Republican brand so that when Democrats once again assume control, they will likely remain in control for perhaps decades.  And that’s, apparently, just fine with these RINOs.

So it’s the voters who are likely going to be required to take matters into their own hands if the Republicans refuse to follow through on their promises they made for 7 years to repeal Obamacare, voting to do so dozens of times when they knew that Obummer would sign it, or their promises to end Obummer’s amnesty for illegals or to secure the border or to building ‘The Wall.’  And the fault for not having yet repealed Obamacare or not yet begun construction on ‘The Wall’, must not lie with President Trump, but with the RINOs in Congress who insist upon allying themselves with the likes of Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.  In other words, those are the ones who we must focus on replacing come 2018!  And not with Democrats!

It has been said that if the Republicans continue to refuse to follow through with the promises that resulted in them now having control of the House, the Senate and the White House, they will see a bloodbath in the 2018 and 2020 elections.  However if voters were smart, which we all know, and with some degree of certainty, is most certainly not the case, what they would seek to do is to replace every single RINO they can, not with a Democrat but with another more conservative Republican.  And then whatever Republican failed to live up to the promises made, then the next time around he or she would be replaced with yet another Republican until we got it right.  We should NEVER elect another Democrat to any public office, especially at the federal level.

In order to make any progress, the Democrats would have to admit that they’ve gotten so many things, so very wrong.  But there is not a single leading Democrat with the courage or to take that step or to own up to the mistakes that lost them the working class vote.  It is simply not going to happen; such an admission would be met with screeching outrage from the fringe elements that now control the party.  The Democrats are in purgatory; and it is indeed an uphill battle to escape it.  Meanwhile on the other end of the political spectrum, the ‘NeverTrumper’ Republicans need to consider how they will adjust their politics to effectively deliver, and to embrace this gift that they have been given. The GOP has been graced with the heart and soul of mainstream working America, business and the poor. They can do it, but will they?

And if this was a perfect world our two political parties would be competing for better ways to uphold the Constitution, or how best to defend our country from foreign invasion, or to protect property rights and competing to defend the God given rights of the sovereign individual. Period.  Sadly, the Democrat Party has morphed into the party of nihilists, communists and the confused gender.  They have arrived at the edge of the cliff and still won’t knowledge their true name:  The anti-America party.  And yet the Republicans refuse to take advantage of their current majorities and to give the Democrats that final nudge over the edge.  The opportunity that was presented to the Republicans may be a long time on coming again.  And yet they behave like a bunch of gutless wonders.

The simple truth is that there are too many liberals and progressives in the Republican Party, these are the RINOs. The Democrats will take us as far to the left as they think they can, and sadly there are far too many Republicans who tend to be even further to the left than some of the Democrats.  Only 86 out of 292 republicans can be called conservative with a “C” (70%) or better at  The rest are too liberal to pass legislation to repeal the Obamacare disaster.  McConnell isn’t a strong enough leader, actually he’s not much of a leader at all, and is unwilling to do anything close to what he promised he would do.  McConnell, like Ryan and Boehner before him, has been nothing short of a complete disaster.

So remember, 2018 is coming, if your congressperson is more of a liberal than he or she is a conservative then find a conservative to run against them in a primary contest.  Do that instead of supporting the Democrat in any eventual contest!  The goal here should always be the formation of a conservative majority NOT to simply give up and stay home on Election Day or, worse, to start supporting the Democrats.  And if at first we don’t succeed, then we look toward the next election and keep trying until we get it right.  That’s really the only option we have if we’re serious about wanting to save our country for our kids.  It has taken a long time to get us into this position, due primarily to neglect, but we can still work our way out of this mess by voting for the right representation.


U.S. Representative Lewis speaks before he helps unveiling the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp at its dedication ceremony at the White House in Washington

I swear, it’s becoming more and more difficult to take Democrats seriously.  In their effort to delegitimize President Trump’s election first the Democrat sought recounts, then attempted to convince Electoral College electors to vote for Hitlery and then claimed there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to steal the election, claims that continue to this day eight months after the election.  And now we have Democrat Rep. John “The Racist” Lewis coming up with something new.  You see it was during an interview which aired on Friday’s edition of CNN’s “Axe Files” that Lewis stated that he believes the 2016 presidential election was rigged in Republican nominee Donald Trump’s favor.  Yep, you heard me right!

Clinton News Network (CNN) Senior Political Commentator and Director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics David ‘My Mommy Was A Commie’ Axelrod asked Lewis, “So, despite the fact that he got the requisite number of electoral votes, you — he [President Trump] often uses the word ‘rigged.’ You think the election was rigged in his favor?”  Lewis answered saying, “I truly believe to this day, that this election was rigged in his favor.”  He can’t be serious.  This guy is dumb as a box of rocks if he actually believes this and blatantly lying if he knows better.  Are there any Democrats in Congress who AREN’T braindead buffoons?  Because I gotta tell you, I’m really beginning to doubt it.

For the love of God!  How is it that someone like Mr. Lewis can continue to get elected to represent his district in Congress?  He represents what has come to be the ROT from within.  He is a “group thinker”, meaning he doesn’t really THINK at all, nor is he capable of thinking!  He depends on DNC provided talking points to tell him what to think.  And I gotta say, until the Democrats start electing and keeping smarter people, they will continue losing despite their having raised cheating to an art form.  And by the way, isn’t this the same whacked out dummy who said slavery altered the ecology of the ocean forever because so many slaves were tossed overboard that the sharks permanently migrated to the shipping lanes?  I think so.

Lewis is yet another perfect representation of “diversity” which mandates all government offices must be staffed with members who are the most ignorant, incompetent, paranoid schizophrenics to ever wear a suit.  Lewis has made this kind of ludicrous statements for decades, and gotten away with it.  He hides behind his reputation as a supposed civil rights leader back in the 1960s.  Now that more people are beginning to pay attention they’re starting to realize just how daffy he is, except to his constituents who seem more interested in free Obummer phones.  His district is 60.45% black, so there’s nothing special about this brand of stupid, he’s just run-of-the-mill stupid.  So among his low IQ constituents Lewis likely appears a genius.

Lewis seems to ignore completely the fact that Hitlery had the entire Establishment behind her as well as donors who gave her billions, the corrupt state-controlled media providing her with all manner of cover, her many liberal Hollyweird friends and she STILL lost!  Mr. Lewis, keep it going, because you’re only embarrassing yourself.  And it’s only gonna help President Trump for 2020.  Look, in truth Hitlery could not have done a worse job at trying to get herself elected if she had tried. She had to remake herself several times and still few seemed interested.  So if the election was rigged in ANYONE’s favor the truth is, is that the election was totally rigged in Hitlery’s favor, in every conceivable way and yet she STILL lost.

Lewis also seems quite content to ignore how it was that the DNC colluded to get rid of Bernie Sanders, and got caught doing so, and how Hitlery then hired the mastermind behind that collusion, Debbie Wizzerman Schultz, to work for her campaign.  And how the then acting DNC head, Donna Brazile, straight from CNN, slipped questions for the upcoming debate with Sanders to Hitlery’s campaign.  And again Hitlery STILL lost.  And that’s what the leftists can’t stand.  That’s why they have so completely lost their minds.  They thought they had made it impossible for Hiltery to lose.  But even with everything they did, they ignored the obvious, that Hitlery was an absolutely horrendous candidate.

All of these Democrats who continue to mouth off about the President, and who continue to declare their refusal to work with him, like crazy ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, ‘Crazy Al’ Green, Sheila Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings, look at their districts and what do you see?  More often than not it’s nothing more than abandoned buildings, drug dens, filthy public housing, NO jobs and high crime rates.  These people make themselves rich at the expense of the poor black voters who vote for them election after election and get nothing in return.  I would love to see President Trump visit their districts with a camera crew in tow and show the public just how pathetic these people truly are, and how they only care about themselves.

So I guess we’re expected to believe that in over 3,000 counties the elections were rigged?  Is that what this boob expects to believe?   There are 3,141 counties in the United States and Trump won 3,084 of them, Hitlery only 57.  And, there are 62 counties in New York State, Trump on 46 of them and Hitlery won 16.  So who’s buying the argument that anyone would have the ability to somehow rig the elections in these 3,084 counties that President Trump won and somehow not be able pull off the same feat in the 57 counties won by Hitlery?  Am I the only one who views such a claim as being insane?  I think we can safely say that in making such an idiotic claim the Democrats have now officially run out of excuses.


Democrats 57

Well, it would seem to me that with each passing day the unraveling of the Democrat Party becomes a bit more complete.  To the point where the party could very well be on the verge of becoming completely irrelevant.  But instead of giving them that final nudge over the edge, what is it that our Republicans in Congress are doing?  Well oddly enough, not really much of anything.  Because, instead helping the Democrat Party along the way to irrelevancy, our RINO Establishment seems far more interested in throwing the Democrats a life line, of sorts, by allowing the likes of Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to assume near total control over both the speed and direction of what’s getting done.  Do the Republicans really prefer being in the minority?  Has governing become simply too hard?

So in the presence of what appears to be very little serious pushback from the party in charge, at least one Democrat took it upon himself to swing for the fence this past Wednesday as he became the first U.S. lawmaker to formally file an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump.  This despite the fact that the effort is likely to stall in the Republican-controlled Congress, although with this group of RINOs one can never be too sure.  Democrat Brad Sherman of California followed through on a threat that he made last month to seek the removal of President Trump from office, filing a four-page resolution aimed at “impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.”  One look at this boob and his actions come as no surprise.

Sherman in a statement said Trump’s apparent effort to quash a probe into his campaign’s ties to Russia and an investigation of a senior aide amounted to obstruction of justice.  He said, “Recent disclosures by Donald Trump Jr. indicate that Trump’s campaign was eager to receive assistance from Russia.”  And then went on to say, “It now seems likely that the president had something to hide when he tried to curtail the investigation of (now-fired) National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the wider Russian probe.”  And he added, “I believe his conversations with, and subsequent firing of, FBI Director James Comey constitute obstruction of justice.”  Now imagine the firestorm Republicans would have faced from the Democrats, and the media, had they tried to pull such a stunt against Barry.

The White House reacted with disdain when a reporter asked for reaction to Sherman’s move.  White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “I think that is utterly and completely ridiculous and a political game at its worst.”  Sherman said his effort used language similar to that of the first article of impeachment issued against Richard Nixon, which passed the House Judiciary Committee on July 27, 1974. Nixon resigned from office 13 days later.  So far a single lawmaker, Sherman’s fellow Democrat Al Green, has signed on to the resolution.  While a number of RINOs have rebuked Trump or expressed concern for what they term as his various stumbles, there is no signal from either the House or the Senate that their Republican leaders are prepared to begin impeachment proceedings.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if the pathetically impotent John Boehner and the rest of the RINO Republicans had put forth this much effort into at least trying to impeach Obummer at the height of his trying to ‘fundamentally transform’ our country and for actual crimes that make the claims against President Trump look silly.  This nonsense of impeaching President Trump makes me sick!!  Here we have a real President working to fix our country and to bring it back from the brink of total ruin, and two Democrat scumbags pull a stunt like this.  And yet they must think that there’s something to be gained from such insanity.  While I can only assume that there must be a method to their madness, since my mind doesn’t work in the same way as does that of a Democrat, their rationale escapes me.

Then again, when you stop to think about it, maybe President Trump SHOULD be impeached!  You know, for doing things like driving down unemployment while driving the stock market thru the roof, opening up our energy fields and becoming an exporter of energy, for cutting down illegal immigration by 60%, for attempting to provide affordable healthcare and cut taxes for the middle class.  And for essentially undoing Obummer’s horrendous legacy.  What Democrat wouldn’t be driven to demand his impeachment.  After all, Democrats are the party of absolute moronic fools.  How dare President Trump work to make good on his promise to “Make America Great Again!”  After all, it’s the Democrats who have done pretty much everything within their power to destroy this country.

As per Alinsky’s book, if you say “Russia” and “impeachment” enough, eventually it just becomes fact.  This boob knows he can’t and won’t get this through, but that’s not the point, he just wants a headline saying “Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Trump”, then he can go home for several more weeks and congratulate himself and receive the accolades from the left’s kook fringe.  And so, with no evidence of any kind, they want Trump impeached.  Hitlery has broken all manner of laws and the Democrats couldn’t care less.  Her crimes are out in the open, and have been for years, it’s just no one in the Democrat Party cared enough to look.  And just what is it that Trump has supposedly done, other than to win an election that so many thought he would lose.  So how about we just let him govern.

And this moron actually thinks he’s accomplished something.  The fatal problem with all this “impeachment narrative” is that it actually persuades people that results don’t really matter.  This impeachment nonsense will go nowhere.  It’s more of an embarrassment to the Democrats than to President Trump, because the failure of this article of impeachment will only show people how insane, inane and irrelevant the Democrats have really become.  It’s a fantastic campaign ad for every Republican candidate running in 2018. Just point to this idiot and Nancy Pelosi both trying to impeach the President and tie it to EVERY Democrat trying to unseat a current Republican.  Some will protest that they aren’t trying to impeach, but the stain from the Democrat playbook must be made to cover them all.