And so it is that despite the fact that roughly 70 percent the American people now think our country is now headed fully in the wrong direction, with Democrats at the helm, there are still those within the Democrat Party who remain convinced that come the midterm elections this fall it’s the Democrats who the American people will choose to remain in full control of our government. And really, why shouldn’t they? Especially when you consider the fact that Americans are now paying nearly five dollars for a gallon of gas, when just 18 months ago they were paying under two.

And add to that the fact that inflation is now higher than it’s been in over 40 years, something that Democrats continue to say is actually a good thing, and the fact that boys, who are in touch with their feminine side on any given day, are now free to compete against girls in sporting events. Oh, and how about the fact that Democrats now want to turn American’s healthcare over to the World Health Organization (WHO). It’s only Americans with some sort of a death wish who would ever choose to vote for Democrats. Either that or those suffering from some sort of mental illness.

And so, it was none other than that pathetic piece of shit, Hakeem Jeffries who, during an appearance this past Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” hosted by of the dimmest of dim bulbs in all of ‘fake news,’ Margaret Brennan, boldly stated that he was “very confident” that Democrats will be able to hold onto the majority in both the House and Senate after the midterm elections this November. And his bizarre rationale for making such and idiotic and ridiculous claim? Well because a “radical, extreme Republican Party that doesn’t appear to believe in democracy any longer.”

A partial transcript of the rather bizarre exchange that took place follows here:

BRENNAN: I want to get to you on some of this poll data that you also heard here specifically young people, Hispanics and half of Black Americans say the president has been too slow to react. His ratings on effectiveness are low. Perceptions of competence are low. A majority of Democrats now say the economy is bad. How does your party hold on to the majority?

JEFFRIES: I’m very confident that we will be able to hold on to the majority. President Biden has done a very good job under incredibly difficult circumstances. I understand that the electorate, of course, is going to be unsettled, experiencing COVID fatigue, inflationary pressures, high gas prices, a war in Ukraine, a radical, extreme Republican Party that doesn’t appear to believe in democracy any longer. And so this is a tough moment for our country but President Biden has been very decisive in his leadership, beginning with the American Rescue Plan. We rescued the economy, put shots in arms and money in pockets, Kids back in school, laid the foundation for a robust economic recovery that has led to more than 8 million good paying jobs being created and unemployment at 3.6%. That’s a tremendous start. Of course, there’s more that needs to be done.

You have to ask yourself, what the fuck is this moron even talking about? A radical extreme Republican Party? Seriously? What makes us Republicans so radical? The Fact that we don’t believe in open borders or want CRT bullshit shoved down the throats of our kids? Or maybe it’s the fact that parents who think they should have a say in the education of their children are investigated. Or, maybe we’re considered radical because we believe in two biological sexes and because we don’t believe in having drag queens teach six year old kids about transgenders. Right, we’re the radical ones.

Yes, we are all hoping and praying that the *president with the lowest approval rating ever, and his party of leftwing loons, will somehow get us all to the promise land. But then this is how Democrats and the Left roll, they continually pretend that they’re somehow the sensible center and anyone who dares to disagree with them, or choose not to fall in line are the ones who are extremist, and of course a racist. Unless they cheat again, which is a very distinct possibility, Democrats really have virtually no chance of holding either the House or the Senate after the midterm elections.

What we have here is nothing more than the old Democrat con that is decades old. It’s always, “Look we fixed what we deliberately broke!” This time around we’re hearing about the many jobs that have been ‘created’ when all we’re seeing is nothing more than folks going back to their jobs after idiotic lockdowns were lifted. Look it’s pretty simple, bank robbers don’t stop robbing because they got away, serial killers don’t stop killing because they got away, speeders don’t stop speeding because they got away, election theft won’t stop because they got away.

Can we all admit that Jeffries is nothing more than an ignorant, evil, racist, gaslighting, projecting leftwing hack of a Democrat. The absolute worst of the worst. So it comes as no surprise that this cretin would claim that it’s the Republican Party that’s too extreme. Republicans believe in traditional American values, and I guess that’s just too much for this degenerate. Jeffries is one of the Democrats’ primary propagandists. He’s one of those able to lie quite well and always with a straight face. And, of course, it helps that his lies always go unchallenged by the media.

‘Shitbag Joey’ has done a terrible job and Jeffries is a leftwing hack who cheerfully endorses all that ‘Shitbag Joey’ continues to do to America! Jeffries is an especially arrogant, yet ignorant, member of that leftist brain trust known as the Congressional Black Caucus. Sent to Congress by their black constituents in gerrymandered districts to keep themselves on the Democrat Party plantation. Fifty years of destroying the black family and creating a black underclass that is violent, uneducated, prone to criminality, and kept alive with billions of dollars in welfare spending every year.

And the Democrat always accuse the Republicans of being “extreme’ yet are never able to provide any example of that extremism. This guy is another perfect example of all that is wrong with the Democrat Party as well as with American politics. He is a racist, woe is me, blacks are taken advantage of by white people, boob! And since arriving in Congress back in 2013 this pathetic fraud has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of those in the black community? He’s another of those blacks in Congress who have improved no one’s life but their own since arriving in Washington.

Democrats never-ending quest for political power and unlimited control over the citizenry is as limitless as it is shameless! The party always comes first with these people. They are incapable of creating anything, their only talent is their ability to destroy. And that becomes all the more evident with each passing day that we are made to endure life under ‘Shitbag Joey.’ And if these Democrats weren’t able to BUY elections with our hard-earned tax dollars, offering limitless/endless entitlements, they would NEVER ever win! EVER! It’s the same old redistribution of wealth Crap!

I remember when these same clowns were attacking President Trump’s economy, that was truly exceptional, as a bad economy. Today the wheels have been made to completely fall off the leftist train and the country is mired in misery and malaise with ‘Shitbag Joey’ and his band of incompetent misfits now polling in the low 30s. And yet they, like Jeffries, are out trying to convince anyone who will listen about the great job they’re doing. And it’s all nothing more than a bunch of malarky. And you have to wonder if there is anyone actually stupid enough to buy any of it.

And finally, try to imagine just how differently things would look today if we had a bona fide honest, credible, objective, and totally unbiased ‘news’ media in this country as well as a truly conservative Republican Party comprised of those who possessed a genuine set of balls and whose leadership didn’t consist of a bunch of gutless, turncoat RINOs. If that were the case America would still be the envy of the world and not the laughingstock that Democrats, like this racist punk Jeffries, have made it into as they work to make America into another ‘Third World’ country.


When it comes to those polls reflecting how Americans feel about ‘Shitbag Joey’s job performance, I have two questions: 1) How is it that anyone who’s not a complete moron, and who is anywhere near aware of what has been made to transpire under *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ actually see any way possible to support that which he has done? And 2), Does he, or any of the many hiding behind the curtain, pulling ‘Shitbag Joey’s strings really care that the vast majority of Americans do not support him and think that the country is now, most definitely headed in the wrong direction? 

*President ‘Shitbag Joey’s approval ratings sank to what again was referred to as being a new record low in an Associated Press (AP) poll released Friday. According to the AP-NORC Center for Public Research poll, 39 percent of U.S. adults approve of the *president’s performance, as more Democrats are losing faith in his abilities to handle major issues facing America. His approval rating is down 24 points from his 63 percent rating one year ago in May 2021. I’m appalled that he has over 0 percent as an approval rating in anything. How many blind, stupid morons are there in the U.S.?

And so, for whatever the reason, even nutjob Democrats seem to be losing faith in old ‘Shitbag Joey.’ And whether that’s because he has not proven himself to be radical enough in his effort to destroy the country, or perhaps hasn’t done enough to combat nonexistent ‘climate change,’ or they have come to genuinely believe that he, and his many handlers, are actively working to bring about the end of this country, it’s only 33 percent of Democrats who now believe the country is headed in the right direction, which is down 16 points from ‘Shitbag Joey’s rating in April.

Of those questioned, just two in ten believe the U.S. is headed in the right direction. ‘Shitbag Joey’s approval rating among Democrats is also down to 73 percent, falling nine points from his lowest rating from his party in 2021. The *president also suffers low ratings for the economy, as 51 percent say his policies have done more to hurt the state of the economy than help it. But still, that fact that 73 percent of Democrats actually approve of the job that ‘Shitbag Joey’ is doing to destroy the country, should call into question the sanity of anyone who calls themselves a Democrat.

And ‘Shitbag Joey’ has only a 38 percent approval rating when it comes to immigration and a 45 percent approval rating on his handling of the relationship with Russia. And it’s only 21 percent of Americans who say they have a great deal of confidence in the *president’s ability to handle the war in Ukraine. The *president is currently on a trip to North Korea and Japan to signal solidarity with Asian democracies. But what should scare every rational adult is that 33 percent of Democrats believe the country is headed in the right direction! And that’s just nuts!!

I do find it rather amazing how ‘Shitbag Joeys’ approval has continued to hover around 39 percent for months despite the fact that things continued to get so very much worse. These pollsters keep saying “lowest approval ratings” ever and yet the number remains 39 percent. How can anyone approve of this hair-sniffing, lying, smirking, corrupt, pervert of a senile old fart? And frankly, I don’t know what is the more bogus: That ‘Shitbag Joey’ has a 39 percent approval rating or, he has the mental capacity to serve as *president, or that he legitimately won the election.

As if Democrat voters could not have foreseen all of this entirely predictable calamity and destruction to our country as they chose to vote for ‘Shitbag Joey’ with such giddy hubris and mindless out of nothing by hatred for President Trump and his supporters who clearly warned against ‘Shitbag Joey’ with ironclad and sober reason. Under the circumstances, the lifetime incompetent American voter trophy goes to each mindless knuckleheads who helped in any way to elect ‘Shitbag Joey’ in the first place. They are quite clearly at fault for putting him in the White House.

‘Shitbag Joey’ finished at the bottom of EVERY academic class he ever participated in while cheating and plagiarizing, and yet half the country still expected a good performance? The man has made a career out of being a corrupt backslapping retard and nothing more. He’s been a political disaster since he started some 40 years ago. So at what point will we have the balls to stand up and say this far and no further? When will we say enough is enough? When will we finally demand that he, and those in the Democrat Party actually start fixing problems instead of creating more?

The Democrat Party appears quite willing to sacrifice the little credibility that they have left as long as their elite big money donors are happy. It’s clear to anyone that follows politics that the left no longer cares about our institutions. They are now the agents in charge of transferring power to international organizations. The Democrats were placed in power to destroy our nation for our enemies. They were not elected to anything. Knowing this, what do we have to do to bring the deliberate destruction of our country to an end? If we wait until 2024, the damage will likely be irreparable.

‘Shitbag Joey’ is not only the worst *president in history, he’s also a disgusting human being. No rational individual could honestly approve of anything he has done thus far or that he continues to do. But I fear that the worst is yet to come, as he knows his time may be limited. The midterm elections, if they do go as many are predicting, will slow this tyrant down, but I fear it will be too late to save our republic. Our country is now very much in need of an intervention it’s either that or we simply continue to sit on our hands and watch as those on the left destroy our country.

The ‘Shitbag Joey/’BO’ plan would seem to be right on course. They could care less about polls, all they care about is collapsing the country and, make no mistake, the country is being made to collapse, by design. Their plan was to get ‘Shit Bag Joey’ into office, by any means necessary, and to then ram through as many Marxist policies as possible over the course of the next two years. They figured that having control of the White House, Senate and House was fleeting and that they needed to strike while the iron was hot. The feckless Republicans don’t operate that way, unfortunately.

What if the Democrats actually believe the garbage they continually spew? That they actually believe that Inflation is ‘good’ for the economy. Or that high gas prices really do benefit the climate, or even that LOW poll numbers are actually a positive sign. The more they control, and more they try to fix things, the worse things will get. One size fits all, does not work. That Democrats believe they are smart enough to control an economy like ours, is laughable. When capitalism works they take credit, but when their attempts at central planning fail, they blame everyone but themselves.

And if, and granted it’s a big if, Democrats really have lost faith in ‘Shitbag Joey,’ take a good look at what it took for them to finally get there! In the first16 months of their guy being in office we had rising gas prices, rapidly rising inflation, empty store shelves, police walking off the job after being labeled ‘racists’ by Democrats, rampant crime, wave after wave of illegal immigrants flooding into the country, with ‘Shitbag Joey’s help, pulling out of Afghanistan poorly, getting our people killed or left behind along with state-of-the-art weaponry, baby formula shortages and so much more!

But that’s not really even the worst of it! What we now have is an administration comprised of those who persist in accusing fully half the country of being the greatest threat this country now faces. Which is ironic in a way, especially when you consider the fact that it’s the Democrats who now pose the greatest threat to our survival. And those who continued to vote for Democrats know full well that Democrats continue to run on hatred of both America those who seek only to salvage what’s left of her. They know and it seems to matter not, because most continue to vote the same way.


There is probably no one, other than perhaps Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, more adept at blowing smoke than he who was, most likely, the most corrupt individual to ever serve as Attorney General, Eric Holder. In fact, if you were to ever take the time to Goggle ‘corrupt piece of shit,’ you would very likely be taken to a picture of Holder. But then the same goes if you were to Google ‘racist’ or perhaps even ‘wing man.’ And Holder, like so many others within his little circle of radical leftwing creeps, appears more than a little desperate in his ongoing attempts to prevent President Trump from running in 2024 and so is out telling every lie that might need to be told.

I can only assume that President Trump continued to have these folks plenty spooked, and if that is in fact the case then, by all means, President Trump is definitely the guy who we all need to vote for when next we are given the opportunity. And it was Holder who was once again provided with a platform from which to spew his idiotic drivel. It was this past Thursday during an appearance on MSDNC’s “All In,” that our less than stellar ex-Attorney General, Holder, revealed his rather bizarre pipedream when he went so far as to actually predict that there would most definitely be “high-level” prosecutions of people who were close to President Trump.

And it was when he was asked about the Department of Justice that Holder said, “After the revelations from the January 6 Committee and the great job that journalists have done in revealing a whole variety of things, I think you get a sense of the direction of this, and I think you are going to end up with high-level prosecutions of people close to Donald Trump. I think people at the Justice Department are going to be examined, certainly, people involved in the matter, people actually there on January 6, and people who directed them.” And it was from there that Holder went on to say, “The question ultimately is what happens to the ex-president.”

Holder went on to add, “My guess is going to be that they are going to have significant, substantive proof they are going to be able to show that you have the intent, and as what I said before, I have said he has to be held accountable.” Political prosecutions are the hallmark of any communist run government. However, the true insurrection that actually occurred on November 3, 2020. But anyway, Holder continued, “We cannot allow what happened on January 6 to go unpunished because it would invite something like that to happen again in the future. Future people who would consider doing something like this have to be deterred.”

Holder added, “I think a non-prosecution would divide the nation as well. And if we don’t have that deterrent impact coming out of the consideration of what happened on January the 6, we put this republic at risk in the future.” Holder is right this time, though. We cannot allow what happened on January 6, to ever happen again. The certification of a fraudulent election by a bunch of treacherous politicians committing treason against our nation. This most definitely should never happen again. People being held without due process for a year-and-a-half now. That should never happen again. Everyone in Congress who certified this election is guilty of treason.

Holder was the first sitting member of any president’s cabinet to be held in contempt of Congress in entire history of our country. He refused to hand over documents regarding his and ‘BO’s gun running scheme, ‘Fast and Furious.’ Let’s talk about that. What might it have been that he was trying to hide? Holder is nothing but a criminal, a racist and a deep state commie. He has no credibility. Holder is man of no ethics, morals or integrity. A fraud complicit in the vitriol spewed by the ‘fake news’ media and government agencies. It’s appalling that these criminals in government are immune from prosecution for their crimes or pass a law that legalize their crimes.

Personally, I’m thinking that the Democrats are now in what can only be described as being full blown panic mode. They’re terrified because 90-plus percent of those candidates endorsed by President Trump keep winning, which is proof that President Trump remains very much a major political player and maintains his support of the American people. Democrats are terrified for 2024. Hence the reason the Democrats keep on swinging, only to keep on missing. It must be very frustrating for them. Holder is nothing more than the clown prince of kangaroos and kangaroo courts. The racist Holder is very much involved in the running of this illegitimate regime.

And we mustn’t forget that Holder too has been investigated. However, that investigation was one carried out by professional investigators, not the gutless, corrupt corporate media types. And it was these investigators that found convincing evidence that Holder illegally sold weapons to members to various Mexican Drug Cartel members. Further evidence revealed that those guns were then used to murder a U.S. border guard. The House Oversight Committee, in 2010, also found that Holder regarded the family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry as little more than a “nuisance.” The question is why isn’t Holder now wearing an orange jump suit?

Democrats continue to politicize what were intended to be non-partisan officials in order to advance their ‘America Last’ agenda. There is no interest in enforcing our immigration laws that are on the books, or even exiting gun laws that are already on the books, because doing to is viewed as being counterproductive. Also, we see no prosecution of the leftists storming the homes of Supreme Court Justices. Just as we continue to see no prosecution of those who took part in the “mostly peaceful” demonstrations of 2020. All we continue to hear from the radical nutjobs on the left is how the police are somehow out of control. Insanity now reigns supreme.

Holder is a forgotten ‘no one of importance’ who has crawled out from under his rock to again make the rounds to spread his poison, hoping that perhaps he will be rewarded with a shot at the White House in 2024. What’s next, the dusting off of Jimmy Carter for a second run? After ‘Shitbag Joey’ they’ve got no one who can carry water. Holder is playing the role of respected elder AG, carrying the banner of justice and moral indignation at the thought of President Trump being free to roam the fruited plains. Don’t be misdirected, there’s no honesty in this grifter, only treachery. Remember what he said of the Right, “When they go low, we kick them.”


I’ll be the first to admit that, yes, racism does, in fact, exist here in America. Where the problems arise, however, is when those who claim to be so interested in trying to somehow rid us of it, seem interested only in lecturing whites as if we are somehow the problem. Of course, it’s these individuals who tend to be the very same people who peddle the rubbish that, for some bizarre reason, blacks are incapable of being racist. Which, of course, is pretty ironic when you stop to consider the fact that blacks tend to be far more racist toward whites, than whites are toward blacks. And say what you will, but that’s something that I have seen firsthand, so I know it’s true.

And while I can honestly say that I have never in my life uttered the N-word, I will admit that I possess neither tolerance of, nor sympathy for, those who accuse me of causing those events that happen in their life that have only come about because of choices they have made, and therefore they alone are responsible for whatever has befallen them. And if my intolerance is somehow viewed as being racist on my part, so be it, and, I couldn’t care less. We are all products of the choices we make as we travel through life, and I resent being called a racist because I refuse to accept the blame for where it is that others may end up because of their own bad choices.    

And so it was that earlier this week that we heard from Malika Henderson, some moron described as CNN’s senior political reporter, and more than likely an Affirmative Action hire, who said on “Inside Politics” that “white Americans have to come to terms with” their racism while reacting to President Joe Biden’s speech in Buffalo, NY, after the mass shooting in Tops supermarket. And it was fellow network moron, John King who asked the question, “The question is how do you sustain it in the sense that the president of the United States saying there’s a venom of hate in our politics. It cannot be the story of our time. How do you bend the arc?”

Henderson said, “You know, it has been the story of our time. It has been the story of America. The sort of twin cultures not only gun culture but also white supremacist culture as well. And gun culture, in some ways, being used to reinforce white supremacy, as we saw in this instance in Buffalo. And as we’ve seen in other instances, El Paso, in Pittsburgh, in Charleston as well, a few years ago. You know, Biden was talking about two Americas here. He talked about the ordinary African-Americans, many of whom came to Buffalo fleeing racial violence. You think about the ways in which the northern black towns came to existence.”

She said, “A lot of those folks were fleeing oppression in the south only to be met with oppression and racist violence in these northern cities. That is one America.” She added, “And the other America, the kind of racism that has coursed through the country for decades and hasn’t been denounced enough, hasn’t been rooted out enough. You know, oftentimes, it is African-Americans who talk about racism. It is really a white cultural problem that white Americans have to come to terms with, why is it that African-Americans and brown and black people are more generally are seen as the other or demonized so easily in a lot of our politics.”

And she continued, “You know we sort of talk about white supremacy, but it’s also the ways in which people talk about folks coming across the border, the demonization of it goes around about those folks, that somehow they also are a threat to Americans.” On the contrary, whites need to push back against the false accusations that we are racist. It’s the evil Democrats who are perpetually playing the race card. The ‘venom of hate’ is a vital component of liberalism, but is found nowhere in true conservatism. The vast majority of these supposed white ‘racists’ go off to work every day trying to make a decent living and support themselves and their families.

And it’s in return that they’re forced to pay more and more in taxes that the government then uses to support a majority of the 13 percent, many of whom have never done an honest day’s work in their life. Dependence on government has become generational for many, and when we complain about being made to spend more after we’ve watched trillions of dollars spent with essentially nothing to show for any of it, we’re called racist. These anti-white bigots need to come to terms with their scapegoating, stereotyping, finger-pointing, bias and envy. The proper response to fringe movements like ‘white supremacy’ is not to condemn an entire race.

Democrats, regardless of skin color, have never wanted to honestly address issues of race. They want the issue perpetuated forever so they can keep using it for political and monetary exploitation. If racism was ever to be ‘solved,’ phonies like Sharpton, Jackson and so many more like them would be unemployed. Democrats try to project their racism onto others. They have long viewed people of color as less than human, as something to be used for political gain. They compensate, monetarily, politically those blacks who willingly assist them in their brainwashing of those in the black community. Democrats project their own prejudices on their political opponents.

I’ll let the blacks obsess over ‘racism’ when, in reality, they are desperate to find excuses for their own failure to achieve. Roughly $25 Trillion has been spent on LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ programs designed to help blacks since 1965. The result? Nothing. Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nadda! The black illegitimacy rate is triple what it was in 1965. Failure to succeed in education. Failure to keep incarceration rates down. Failure in terms of life expectancy. It isn’t racism! It’s a lack of desire to succeed. They alone are responsible for their lot in life, just like the rest of us, not some imaginary oppression by those who have no influence over their culture or communities.

And make no mistake, it’s no amount of money, or government programs, that are going to ‘fix’ the many issues effecting the Black community. The only thing that will have any chance of providing a genuine fix for the black community is Blacks taking responsibility for their plight and making better choices. Such as choosing to graduate high school, not having children out of wedlock and getting a job, any job and holding it for a year. If they did this in a generation 95 percent would be fully in the middle class. Blacks need to come to terms with their own dysfunction, incompetence, crime rate, and persistent need to try to blame ‘whitey’ for all their troubles.

Democrats continue to call white Republicans, “Supremacists!” All the while it’s the Democrats who have placed abortion clinics in Black neighborhoods, killing millions of unborn black babies, since Roe v. Wade. And it’s so many in the ‘fake news’ media, like Ms. Henderson herself, who today promote the continued racial animus of the Democrat Party as they commit this atrocity against the very Black people they claim to want to protect. Democrats are the ones who cannot look at any issue without injecting ‘race’ into it, no matter what. THAT is the behavior of a true racist. But as usual, they accuse others of what they themselves are actually doing.

The never-ending charge of racism against everyday Americans is nothing more than a political attack on those who don’t subscribe to the Democrat agenda. They use blacks in an effort to gain power over us. Sure, there are those who have been treated poorly but they are most definitely not all black or brown. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time with far more whites having been subjected to slavery than blacks. The idea of paying reparations to blacks makes little sense as no one today has ever been a slave nor has anyone ever owned a black slave. The taxpayers should not be asked to pay reparations for those who have never been a slave!

I am not racist because I went to school, learned, went to work, and saved for my future. I am not rich by any means, but we lived frugally so that we might live comfortably in our old age. I am not racist because I believe that we all have similar opportunities here in America. I am not racist because I am white nor am I racist for where I live. So, the question is how can those like Malika Henderson call us racist? She only seeks to stir up controversy. Those who sadly died in Buffalo were Americans. It’s plain to see that the shooter was a racist. Racism is always identifying someone by their racial history while, in reality, we are all just Americans!


So you have to wonder just how incredibly lazy, perverted, racist and/or flat out ignorant the kooks that comprise their party’s base must be that we have now Democrats who apparently feel it’s necessary to sound increasingly unhinged in their quest to ensure those same ‘supporters’ remain in the fold, so to speak. Case in point would, of course, be none other than James Carville. Carville, a guy who I have yet to figure out why he remains someone who remains so highly sought out for his supposed keen political insight. I know, right? I mean, here is a guy who every time he opens his mouth sounds a bit more unraveled than he did the last time.   

And so, riddle me this. How is it that you can have any hope of convincing folks to come join your side, by sounding like a complete lunatic? Take for instance Mr. Carville who, just this past Tuesday, during one of his many routine visits to MSDNC, this time appearing on “The Beat,” demonstrated just how truly psychotic he is when he claimed that Republicans had become “hypersonic weird” and had to be stopped. Now from where I’m standing it’s the Democrats, and their ‘science’ that says there are 50+ genders, who think boys can become girls and girls, boys, and that men can somehow get pregnant, who seem to be operating in “hypersonic weird” mode. 

It was this during appearance that Carville said, “My thoughts go back to less than a month ago when I was on the show, and we talked about how weird the Republican Party has become. It’s now hypersonic weird. We’ve gone through this horrific leak of a Supreme Court decision. We’ve actually seen over 25% of the House Republican caucus side with a hostile foreign power, namely Russia, and against Ukraine.” And he went on to say, “We’ve seen the replacement theory, which you know as well as anybody that this is a horrific anti-Semite racist thing that’s been around historically forever, come to its enviable fruition and will continue the do this.”

He said, “We’re in a very, very difficult time with a major American political party that has just become hypersonic weird, and it has to be stopped. The only way to stop this is at the ballot box. You’re not going to stop it by going and wasting your time demonstrating in front of Justice Kavanaugh or Senator Collins’ house. What a waste of time. Get out of Washington to go to Michigan and Wisconsin and North Carolina and Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Nevada and Arizona, where all these competitive races are taking place. The whole future of the country is going to be decided in November. The faster we understand that, the better off we’re going to be.”

Look, as long as Democrats keep shouting their battle cry of, “sex before eight, else it’s too late,” they will continue to lose elections. And still they haven’t figured it out. They are so trapped in their little bubble that they think advocating for abortion up to the point of birth is widely accepted by the public and that boy’s competing in girl’s sports is what people want. Carville is old enough to know better. A sane person does not defend the criminally indefensible. And Republicans must be stopped, before they do what? Restart energy production? Seal the border? Restart the economy? Shut down the Treasury money presses? Reform a corrupt DOJ? What exactly?

And even the massive losses that have been predicted for the Democrats this November, if they do come to pass, will likely not wake them up either. And there can be no doubt that they will continue to get increasingly insane as the midterms approach. The radical left has become a danger not just to the American people, but to people the world over. The faster it is eliminated, the better off the world will be. But in order for that to happen the American people, regardless of gender, politics, religion, race and even sexual persuasion are going to need to come together and to look at the bigger picture and understand that the Democrats are not their friends.

You know, it’s so sad when once ‘interesting’ people, sort of, are unable to recognize when their time in the sun has ended and the time has come to relax, maybe ponder the damage one has done to their country, which is now fighting to undo the damage they have wrought upon her. And it’s interesting that if you’re not pro-war or you question the sending of $50 billion to Ukraine, you’re somehow a Putin lover. Typical propaganda. And as far as the replacement theory goes, it’s playing out right before our eyes and they make no secret about working for demographic change. Carville is very well aware of what the whole diversity push is all about, he just playing dumb.

And since when is loving your country and defending our constitutional republic “hypersonic weird?” You gotta love how Democrats think using phrases like “hypersonic” make them sound more intelligent than those American citizens who believe in Faith, Family and Freedom. After all, the Republican Party is not: the party that does not know the definition of a woman, the party that is confused about which bathroom to use, the party that identifies 56 different genders, the party that celebrates men winning women sporting events or the party that loves to kill babies. Nor is it the party that cheats in elections or that suppresses and censors speech.

And here we have yet another example of Carville playing the part of evil court jester. The only “hypersonic wierdos” are those who try to sexualize young children into warped lifestyles, going so far as to brainwash them into having their genitals altered before they can even decide on which pair of socks to wear. The anti-American open border zealots who are letting illegal immigrants into the U.S. who put a further strain on the social safety net system and the Marxists in the Democrat Party are the “hypersonic weirdos” that Carville is only too happy to support. He needs to crawl back under his rock and to stay there for the remainder if his miserable life.

This is another act of pure desperation by a seasoned political weasel. Carville knows the Democrats are in a boatload of trouble heading into this election and he’s likely trying to shift attention away from the dumpster fire that is the Democrat Party and their failed policies. He’s trying to project and establish a false narrative that it’s actually the Republican Party that has come off the rails, is radical, and out of control. The fact is, it’s just the opposite. The Democrats are the ones off the rails, radical and out of control. The Marxists are running the party now. It’s why they’re getting buried in the polls and it’s why they’re panicked heading into the midterms.

And finally, you can almost smell their fear, and make no mistake it’s only going to get strong the closer we get to the election. But we must never underestimate them, these cornered rats are dangerous. Look for as much civil disruption and cheating as they think they will be able to get away with. And while it would helpful if those in our ‘fake news’ media would stop providing them cover, that’s not likely to happen. And it’s the cover provided that is only going to make them bolder. So like I said, the American people are going to have to step up and ignore the efforts being made to divide us. We, the American people, are this country’s last line of defense.


I can’t be the only one who finds it a bit ironic that we now have coming from one of the most prolific spewers of racial hatred in the history of this country, none other than that stellar ‘man of God’ Al Sharpton, accusations that it’s somehow President Trump who’s to blame for the fact that we recently had some nut, a nut that was well-known to local law enforcement, go on a shooting rampage in Buffalo. Frankly, it’s odd to hear such accusations coming from a guy who has managed to incite more racial violence that I would have thought one man was capable of.

And it’s in accusing President Trump of being to blame that this racist old bigot is also accusing ALL of us who voted for President Trump and who continue our support of him. And that is something that I will neither accept nor tolerate coming from a racist piece of shit like Sharpton. And as far as I’m concerned, if you choose to believe the racist, hate-filled garbage that comes out of this guy’s mouth then you’re just as racist and just as ignorant as he is. I’m sure you’ve noticed that every time one of these tragedies occurs this slug id quick to crawl out from under his rock.

And so it was once again, just this past Monday, that Sharpton again felt the need to crawl out and to make yet another appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” hosted by one of the most ignorant bimbos in all of ‘fake news,’ Nicolle Wallace. And it was during this particular appearance that he made the idiotic claim that somehow President Trump’s rhetoric was responsible for the “mainstreaming” of hatred. You see, according to Sharpton, it “opens and broadens the whole pathway” to people like the man accused of killing 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday.

And it was in discussing *president ‘Shitbag Joey’s reaction to the shooting that Sharpton said, “If this does not make the White House say, wait a minute, we need to call in leaders from all these communities, and we need to send a signal that we are antithetical to Donald Trump’s presidency about that there is fine people on both sides when marching down  Charlottesville streets saying  Jews will not replace us. This manifesto said Jews are using blacks to kill whites. He needs to dramatically shown that this administration is against it.” Again he perpetuates a known lie.

But it’s this kind of racist crap that’s all in a day’s work for a guy like Sharpton, because it’s essentially when he gets paid to do by the Democrat Party. Sharpton went on to say, “Don’t forget when you opened up playing where President Biden then as a candidate was talking about what Donald Trump as president did. This young man was fifteen years old then, so it was not that radical when the president of the United States says there are fine people on both sides.” Sharpton’s made a pretty good living off such tragedies and it’s amazing that people still listen to him.

He said, “The mainstreaming of this hatred, the mainstreaming of we will not be replaced, this kind of mainstreaming of this opens and broadens the whole pathway to people like this young man to feel that they’re standing up for something. Why else would he be live streaming?” And he went on to say, “He didn’t do it and run and hide, and we find him a week later in a different state hiding under a bed in a motel. He live-streamed it.” Sharpton is nothing but an opportunistic snake. Now he wants to blame President Trump over a year after he left office.

Look, the only way to end this racist violence is to bring an end to racist black supremacists like Sharpton, he’s more to blame than anyone when it comes to so much of the violence we see taking place today. After all, it was Sharpton who mainstreamed racial hatred decades ago when he came into prominence for representing Tawana Brawley when she fabricated a false racial accusation against whites and even as her story broke down and was exposed as a lie, Sharpton has continued to cause racial divisions by defending her and claiming her story was true.

And let’s be honest, more blacks get shot on any given day in Chicago than in this particular incident, are we now to believe that it’s President Trump who’s responsible for those deaths as well? And how many trips to Chicago is it that Sharpton has made to decry the black-on-black violence taking place? That would be none, because that doesn’t help his pocketbook. The liberal ‘fake news’ media and the Democrat Party own every bit of this latest recent tragedy. Funny thing, the shooter was a self-described communist in high school and today identifies as a leftwing Democrat.

So do Democrats really believe that blaming all whites is their way of calming the situation that their agitation has brought about, or at least exacerbated? Sad that they don’t focus the same amount of energy on the source of the real destruction of the black community, voluntary genocide via abortion and a refusal to demand fathers become responsible. But such issues will never be adequately addressed by the Democrats or, for that matter, those in the ‘fake news’ media, and for no other reason because doing so would not further the desired leftwing narrative.

Sharpton has never found a camera he didn’t like. Furthermore, it’s been over a year now since President Trump was cheated out of his second term, when do they ever stop blaming him for everything plus the fact this stuff was happening long before Donald Trump was onto the political scene. And if black lives really did matter Sharpton would be in Chicago trying to diffuse that continuing war zone. But he’s not, because he doesn’t care. So if you’re black and you’re not able to recognize the fact that Sharpton cares only about himself, then you deserve what you get.


Who would have EVER thought that Democrats could become even more unhinged than we already knew them to be? They have now become so absolutely terrified of what many have predicted now awaits them regarding the upcoming midterm elections that they have completely abandoned what little common sense that they might have once had. They appear to have convinced themselves that Americans care far more about a mother remaining able to murder her unborn child than they are about the price of gas, the price and availability of food, a military that is slowly being made into an organization consisting of woke pussies, and so much more.

And Democrats have decided to take the recent leak regarding a potential Supreme Court decision to ‘overturn’ Roe v. Wade and to milk it for all its worth all the way to November, hoping to use it to avert the coming disaster that so many now seem to think is totally unavoidable. This decision, if it comes to pass, does not overturn Roe v. Wade, it simply returns the issue to the states to decide. And yet, the Democrats are completely wrapped around the axle. And so, I’m curious how it is that anyone with a conscience could ever bring themselves to vote for someone so determined to hold on to their power that they will say anything in their effort to keep it.   

Take for example Nancy Pelosi. It was this past Sunday during yet another appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Pelosi made the rather idiotic claim that the current Supreme Court was “dangerous” for families and freedom in America. And when asked about Roe v. Wade potentially being overturned by the Supreme Court, Pelosi said, “Who would have ever suspected that a creature like Donald Trump would become president of the United States by waving a list of judges he would appoint, therefore, getting the support of the far-right — and appointing those anti-freedom justices to the court. So, this is not about long game. We played a long game.”

And Pelosi went on to say, “We won Roe v. Wade a long time ago. We voted to protect it over time.” And there you have it! The Supreme Court doesn’t do Nancy’s business, so this institution designed to keep checks and balances on Congress and the President is now “dangerous.” She continued, “Let’s not take our eye off the ball. The ball is this court, which is dangerous to the freedoms of our country. Beware in terms of marriage equality, beware in terms of other aspects of it, and so it is. Let’s not waste our time on that. The fact is, this is a dangerous court to families, to freedom in our country. And that is why people have to mobilize.”

And Pelosi added, “My saying is we don’t agonize. We organize, we go out there and make sure people know that if they, actually elections have consequences.” Let’s be honest here, the Democrat Party, as it presently exists, led by the likes of Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and propped up by a blatantly corrupt ‘fake news’ media that’s only purpose is to serve as the party’s propaganda machine, is the greatest threat our country faces today. The ‘usual behavior’ displayed by those on the left during the lockdowns in 2020, was burning and looting small businesses, assaulting business owners and police officers, and committing numerous murders.

Pelosi, and her Democrat Party, wants ‘the State’ to determine what rights citizens have, not some old musty pieces of paper called the Bill of Rights or our Constitution. The Supreme Court stands in the way of ‘the State, and she hates that. She would be very happy if the Judicial Branch was somehow placed under the jurisdiction of the Legislative Branch, resulting in only two branches of government Executive and Legislative. Liberal Death Cult, that’s the Democrat Party platform for 2022. They’re desperate to distract from their high inflation, high gas, skyrocketing food prices, baby food insecurity, the grooming of kindergarteners and gender-bender nonsense.

This poor excuse of a human being appears to have gone totally mad. She’s now claiming that one third of our government is a danger to America? It’s impossible to imagine that a member of Congress, especially the Speaker of the House, can be so ignorant. Along with ‘Shitbag Joey’ & Co. the totally destructive manner in which Democrats have chosen to ‘govern’ should prove to everyone, liberal or conservative, willing to look at things objectively, that these Democrats are clearly on a mission, and that mission is…to destroy America. Look at the level of destruction these people have caused to this country in just two years. How much longer can we survive?

Imagine that, a Democrat talking about what’s dangerous to freedoms, now that’s rich. But the left should know, they attack every legitimate freedom there is. Pelosi has delusions of grandeur and seems to believe that the Constitution must be rewritten so as to better allow Democrats to remake America. Clearly, our Founding Fathers were a group of very wise men, men who understood the true danger of people like her and created a system of government that protected the people from would-be dictators. I’m telling you what, the day this shriveled-up America-Hating Hag leaves this world should be made a ‘National Day of Celebration!’

But the Supreme Court overturning previous decisions is nothing new, it has happened before. Other court rulings have been overturned after many years…even 58 years! Plessey v Ferguson (1896) was overturned in 1954 with Brown v Board of education. I bet Nancy, and other Democrats, were against overturning that too. That case, by the way, got rid of segregation. So is Pelosi’s argument that it shouldn’t have been overturned? It’s absolutely fascinating to watch as these Democrats morph from the excuse of using abortion because of the inconvenience and career ruining aspects of having a baby, to being insanely obsessed with being able to kill one’s baby.

Pelosi, as is every other Democrat, is a disgusting individual who only seems to worry about her party being able to remain in power. As for the Republican Party, my only worry is that several of the party’s senior leaders, in both houses of Congress, will not have the courage to take advantage of the majority that is likely about to be handed to them in November. Mitch McConnell seems unwilling to upset the standard do nothing activities in the Senate and he is knee deep in his own brand of corruption. Kevin McCarthy is not much better regarding, whether or not, he’ll do anything. Both of these men need to be removed from their leadership position going forward.

Now not being an expert myself on the subject of politics, average Americans are not going to care about abortion at election time when they’re struggling to buy food, fill up their gas tanks, heat their homes and are struggling to find formula for those babies who have managed to dodge the abortion bullet, and all while millions of illegals are allowed to continue to storm across our border! And despite not being an expert, I do seem to have a better knowledge regarding the fact that our government has three separate, but equal, branches: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. I mean, this is pretty basic stuff and yet Pelosi seems to be pretty clueless.  

But when you stop and think it about, what else have Democrats got to talk about if they’re not talking about killing babies. After all, they can’t talk about their many positive accomplishments during what have been the first two years of having complete control of our government. So they are focusing all the efforts on a draft memo from the Supreme Court about Roe v. Wade that means absolutely NOTHING as far as changing ANY existing law!!! It’s just a memo to see where all the Justice’s currently stand on an issue. And even if this decision does become a reality, abortions to not become illegal. The issue of abortion is simply being returned to the states.

And have you ever noticed how it is that whenever Democrats don’t like a particular Supreme Court ruling they start making threats against the Court and start making noise about packing the Court. And whenever they don’t like something in our Constitution, they ignore it, or work around it. And whenever they haven’t got a good candidate to run in a particular contest, they try to invent new ways of cheating to win. The lowest form of life in our country are those who profess to be progressives and/or Democrats who spend every day of their lives working on how best to destroy our country. Vote them out of office in November, we’ll be better off without them.

And finally, here’s a crazy idea. How about we NOT make this upcoming election about abortion. How about we make it about career politicians, servants of the people if you will, who have amassed great wealth at our expense. Instead, let’s make it about $5, $6, $7, and more per gallon of gas when only 15 months ago it was $1.85 per gallon. Let’s make it talk double-digit inflation, the highest in over 40 years. Let’s make it about the tens of millions who have been allowed to illegally enter this nation. And let’s make it about the tens of thousands of American women simply looking for formula to feed their babies. Let’s ALL make it all about that!


You really do have to ask yourself, just how much of a complete imbecile is John Stephens, aka John Legend? Because it’s every time this moron opens his mouth, that he is somehow able to prove, better than I could ever hope to, just how brain dead all of these uneducated entertainment types truly are. And it would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic because, believe it or not, there are those who actually believe the garbage spewed by those like Stephens. And so, needless to say, old John is at it yet again, and in so doing sounds manages to take his stupidity to a whole new level. 

And so it was that that proverbial moron, and well-known backer of ‘Shitbag Joey,’ Stephens, net worth of $100 million, used the national baby formula shortage in the United States to attack pro-life people, suggesting that those who are concerned about baby formula being sent to illegal aliens over American citizens are somehow not “pro-life.” Stephens tweeted, “These are the ‘pro life’ folks” in what was his brilliant comeback to Rep. Troy Nehls, Texas Republican, who tweeted, “Baby formula should go to Americans before illegals. This should not have to be said.”

As *president, old ‘Shitbag Joey’ has yet to address the acute shortage of baby formula all across the country, which is resulting in panic for mothers, for whom formula is a necessary supplement or substitute for breast milk. And Stephens appears to have only one issue on his very small mind, abortion. His rather bizarre attack against pro-life Americans comes after he and his fruitcake wife, disgraced former model Chrissy Teigen, announced they will be donating to NNAF Abortion Funds and Keep Our Clinics in response to a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade.

Stephens lamented, “I am outraged and dismayed that the U.S. Supreme Court appears ready to allow the government to invade women’s private health care decisions and strip them of rights the Court had upheld for 50 years.” Stephens added that the right of women to, if they so choose, murder their unborn children “is so fundamental to their humanity, so necessary for them to be full citizens and full participants in civic and professional life.” What’s he saying, that if you are not willing to let your child starve to death so some illegal can live, you’re not pro-life?

I’m sure everyone is aware by now regarding how Hollyweird celebrities, all manner of woke corporations, and kooky left-wing activists have been having what can only be described as a collective meltdown in the wake of a Supreme Court opinion overruling Roe v. Wade being leaked to the press. Moreover, these pro-abortion advocates have become increasingly hysterical over states passing laws limiting abortion, leaving leftists fretting over how poor pregnant women will be able to afford traveling out of state in order to successfully murder their unborn babies.

If nothing else, this clown, Stephens, is living proof that you don’t necessarily need talent, intelligence or even good looks to make it big in the ‘entertainment industry’ today. And is he saying that it’s somehow wrong to think that American babies are just as important as the babies of those immigrants who happen to be in our country illegally? He also seems to be saying that if you defend American living babies, you’re not pro-life, which makes absolutely no sense. There is simply no logic at all in his words or in his ‘thinking.’ But, he’s a Democrat, so what more should we expect?

Those like Stephens are a poor excuse for Americans. They use the freedoms that so many have died for to tear down our nation, and for what. They are ghouls, plain and simple, and they hate anything perceived as being innocent and pure. They have only one interest in children. And if they can’t-kill-them in the womb, they want to rape them in the cradle, or at the very least twist their minds in order to make their deviancy the new normal. They lie with every breath, to a level where conversation or real debate is impossible. They are cowards who call their perversions, ‘science.’

And it’s ludicrous comments made by a someone who donates money for no other reason than to ensure abortion factories are able to remain open and able to continue with the murdering of babies. He thinks what he has to say should be listened to. And he apparently thinks that American babies should die of starvation while we save the babies of those in this country illegally. Is that what he really thinks? What happened to taking care of your own first? Does he actually listen to the shit that comes out of his mouth? Because, I got to tell you, it’s a pretty bizarre way of looking at things.

But look, there’s really nothing new here, Stephens has always managed to be on the wrong side of any issue that has to do with making America truly a better place. Think about it, illegal immigrants didn’t make him rich, and they don’t buy his music, as crappy as it is, nor do they go to his concerts. It’s his American fans that have ensured his fame and fortune. And it’s those very same fans who should now stop spending any of their hard earned money on him. That’s really the only way to retaliate against those like Stephens, you have to hit them squarely in the wallet. Nothing else works.

And as usually the case, Stephens ignores one very important fact! Nobody invited any of these people, continuing to flood across our border, to come here in the first place unless, of course, you consider ‘Shitbag Joey’ piss-poor immigration policies as an invitation. Millions of illegal immigrants have already been released into our country and should not, in any way, be viewed as being more deserving than American citizens. And yet Stephens seems to think those at the border ARE more deserving? To my thinking, they should have thought about the downsides before making the trip.

The lefty argument seems to be that if you oppose abortion, then you must take care of every human being for the rest of their lives. How can you oppose abortion if you won’t feed a poor baby? Or pay for a poor kid’s clothes? Well, I oppose murder of adults, too. But just because I oppose the homicide of, say, a homeless drug addict sleeping on the street it does not mean that I’m obligated to support that person for the rest of his life. Like all radical left wing socialist Democrats, Stephens believes the government should put the needs of all law-abiding Americans dead last.

Stephens likely thought that his repartee about people being pro-life hypocrites if they objected to sending baby formula to the border was witty. But let me tell you, Johnny, it most certainly wasn’t. People are upset because the government refuses to protect our borders and in fact is encouraging an illegal invasion at our border at a time of economic distress in our own country. This invasion exacerbates all shortages. Another clueless Hollyweird bubble-dweller showing a lack of empathy for his fellow citizens. What exactly is it that Stephens has done for the good of humanity? Sing???

Stephens clearly supports the killing of children and, apparently, either inside or outside of the womb, just like the rest of the radical Leftist filth. And for those who think his words don’t matter or shouldn’t be discussed here, remember this, the man does commercials for large corporations. He does have a high-profile in the media and on social media. He has thousands of followers who want to hear his idiotic opinions. Those who ask, “why do we care about people like him,” need to look at the bigger picture. We need to be paying attention to what those on the left are saying.


You know, as insane as things are going right now, I have absolutely no doubt that over the course of the next five and a half months they are going to become even more insane, right up to, and including, Election Day this fall. Loons are already crawling out from under their rocks, and that too is only going to get worse. And the only reason Americans need pay attention to any of it is so that they can see for themselves just how extreme, how radical and how totally unhinged those on the left have become and how much of a threat they now pose to our freedom as a nation. We need to understand from where they’re coming and what their goal is.

And it is in politics, as well as in the ‘fake news’ media and in academia that we have those who are constantly spewing of all manner incendiary rhetoric that seems to sound even more insane with each passing day. There seems to be no lie that they will not tell, no accusation that they will not make if the intended result is to ensure that Democrats remain in power. And it matters not what shape the country is now in after a mere 16 months of total Democrat control, it only matters that the Democrats are in charge of running it. And the speed with which they have managed to destroy things is truly frightening, with much of the damage proving to be irreparable.

It’s each day that we read, or hear, about how yet another loon is claiming how it is that President Trump should be indicted, but they’re never able to provide any facts as to why he should be indicted. And it was very recently that we had another kook, this one from academia, spewing even more leftwing gibberish while appearing this past Thursday on MSDNC’s ‘Deadline.’ This time around it was Harvard Law professor emeritus Laurence Tribe making the argument that President Trump could face criminal prosecution for espionage while discussing reports that the Department of Justice is investigating President Trump’s handling of classified material.

So just who is this guy, Laurence Tribe. Briefly, Tribe is one of the co-founders of the liberal American Constitution Society, the law and policy organization formed to counter the conservative Federalist Society and is one of a number of scholars at Harvard Law School who have expressed their support for animal rights. Tribe also served as a judicial adviser to ‘BO’s 2008 presidential campaign. In December 2016, Tribe was one of three lawyers to provide pro bono legal counsel for those of the 538 members of the United States Electoral College who were considering a vote of conscience against Donald Trump in the presidential election. In other words, a kook.

Anyway, Tribe said, “When we find all of this apparent top secret information finding his way to unsecured boxes to Mar-a-Lago, it’s very encouraging that the Department of Justice isn’t simply asking who packed the boxes, but what did the president then of the United States on his way out of the Oval Office have in mind in taking that information? Did he do anything with it? Did he use it for his own benefit? That would be a serious crime of espionage.” You may remember Tribe as being the boob who actually described ‘BO’ as being the smartest student he ever had. But I digress. Listening to someone like this guy is nothing more than a waste of time.

Tribe went on to add, “So there is both a national security angle and a potentially criminal angle and the most encouraging thing to me because I’m worried about accountability so that we don’t have a repeat of all of these things in 2024 of the attempted coup and insurrection. What is most important to me is that no one should be above the law, and the attorney general and his top deputy and associate attorneys general, people like Lisa Monaco, should be taken at their word when they say they’re going to follow the evidence wherever it leads right into the Oval Office, right into the former guy, so stay tuned. I think this is an important development.”

So here we go again. While the Biden crime family evidence is right in our grills, these low IQ media shills make these nonsensical claims to distract. Just like Hitlery did with the Russia hoax because it was exactly what she was doing, ‘colluding’ with Russia and those in our ‘fake news’ media to frame President Trump. Tribe has been little more than a hired legal leftist hack his entire ‘career.’ Born in China, Communism seeped into him at an early age. When you’re 80 after such a career, with dimming wits and the accolades are a distant memory, croak something nasty about Trump, and the fascist media will flock to your bedside to hear your last gasps.

All this guy is doing is to, once again, make very clear just how freaking terrified those on the left, along with their RINO pals, are of that truth of their corruption, their sedition, and dare I say their treason, will be brought out into the full light of day. And if anything is ever done about it, they’re doomed. That’s why they went into a panic on election night 2016 and did everything they could to derail Donald Trump, to steal the election from him and to hound him with one bogus legal attack after another. If this was not true, they wouldn’t have bothered with him. And if they had won 2020 legitimately, they wouldn’t now be worried about him running again.

These radical leftwing scumbags will work to come up with every filthy lie and drummed up charge possible in their effort to stop President Trump, not only to discredit him and his support for ‘America First’ candidates, but to keep him from being seen at all. First, they spied on candidate Donald Trump and then they lied about President Trump. And it was the left that executed the coup that they speak of. ‘Shitbag Joey’ has done much worse while in office as he has supported a terrorist regime and gave them a complete military on the U.S. taxpayers’ dime while allowing them to murder our military in Afghanistan. That is treason and sedition!

It’s kind of sad, really, that those who work within our education system used to be so respected and now they no longer are. Now they’re considered as being nothing but a joke as they are no longer interested in educating, only in indoctrinating. Our public school system is just the beginning of the dumbing down of our children and the brainwashing of our young. The cherry on top are our supposed institutions of higher learner populated by leftist imbeciles like this dolt, Tribe. The liberal academia has done a great deal of damage to this country. When teachers use the phrase “for the children” watch out, something bad is about to happen for parents and taxpayers.

And when this scumbag uses words like “attempted coup and insurrection” he lets you know exactly what kind of a leftwing whack job he truly is! Now you think that this  supposed ‘law professor’ would be a bit more concerned about the criminal charges his buddy ‘Shitbag Joey’ should be facing for purposely wrecking our country rather than these silly, and clearly bogus, espionage charges against President Trump that will fail just like the two fake impeachments and the phony January 6th protest charges that no one is paying attention to. A Harvard law professor states President Trump should be prosecuted for espionage, nothing out of the ordinary here.

Once again we see how it is that President Trump still lives rent free in the heads of so many on the left. You can sense their fear regarding President Trump because they know the election was stolen and that it can now be proven and traced right back to them. These compulsively corrupt lying lefties will NEVER give up trying to get President Trump on something, ANYTHING. They just keep the train rolling, trawling for new accusations against him as they go. The truth is, based on all of the investigations, that President Trump is clearly the cleanest politician in all of DC. Easily the cleanest. Perhaps that’s only because he’s NOT a politician.

We’ve never seen anything like it before. Democrats subjected him to 24/7 harassment all through his term in office. A two year Russia, Russia, Russia investigation, two separate impeachments, and in the 15 months since he was deprived of his election win they’ve continued, unabated. Investigation after investigation, more calls to impeach him, accusations of treason, insurrection, and now “espionage?” I’m tempted to say, “you couldn’t make this shit up,” except they have. They’ve made it ALL up, and their blind and psychotic obsession to once and for all take down President Trump may ultimately end up destroying them.

Finally, one has to wonder just how many times MSDNC thinks it will be able to fool everyone by constantly having guests such as this on their network saying bad things about President Trump. So now espionage has been added to the list of Trump crimes? Let me see, we have a wide-open border causing a national security risk. Violent crime is through the roof. We can’t feed our babies. We are on the verge of an economic disaster. Putin threatens nuclear war. China is preparing to invade Taiwan. Iran is working overtime to build nukes and the three nations are getting cozy with each other because they all hate us. And all the left is worried about is…Trump?

Oh wait, how could I forget? We also have energy prices that are soaring and making everything else far more expensive. We have all the makings of the beginning of the end of our country BUT NO, it’s President Trump and his many “crimes” that’s the real news we need to know. This is nothing more than pure leftwing propaganda constantly being shoved down our throats and we’re actually expected to believe all of it because those in the leftist ‘fake news’ media think we’re all clueless when it comes to what they doing and too stupid to figure it out. What’s worse is that there are some who fall into that category, those who actually believe our leftist media.


For those in the great state of Wyoming who remain perched on that proverbial fence when it comes to choosing whether or not to support Liz Cheney in her bid for re-election there was a recent endorsement, of sorts, that might help make that decision a little easier. You see, it’s none other than Eric Holder who now seems very interested in trying to help you make up your mind. Either that or perhaps Mr. Holder is trying to convince enough Democrats to vote for her in an attempt to somehow make up for any potential shortfall in Republican votes that she might suffer because of the fact that she’s nothing more than a traitorous, Trump hating RINO.

I mean, think about it, why else would a slimy racist, like Holder, have any interest whatsoever in saying anything positive about Ms. Cheney, someone who works so very hard to convince us all that she is something she most definitely is not, a conservative Republican. But what better way to decide whether or not to vote her than on the recommendation from racist POS like Holder? And if Holder is bragging about a Republican, then we know that that Republican is not really a Republican and is instead nothing but a useful idiot. And it’s Holder’s endorsement that should only serve to solidify the treasonous nature of Cheney’s political existence.

And so it was during his recent appearance, this past Wednesday, on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” hosted by Nicolle Wallace, one the resident morons there at the network, that Holder described Cheney as having “guts,” and also made the claim that she was doing the nation a service with her work on House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol. During a congressional hearing, Cheney said, “Mr. Meadows’ testimony will bear on another key question before this committee, Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’ official proceedings to count electoral votes?”

Wallace said, “The question for you, if you’re following the evidence and you want to stay as close to the moment of the alleged crimes, how important are the voices of people like Liz Cheney who has the courage to do it in public and in full view and people like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell don’t?” Holder responded by saying, “I think it’s extremely important to the extent that we are going to keep the amount of division that a potential indictment would actually generate. Having leaders of the party do the responsible thing, what they know in their heart to be the right thing, would go a long way to keeping the nation together.”

He added, “And boy, I tell you, the words of Liz Cheney and I don’t share a world view and agree on many issues, but she’s got guts. She’s got guts. She is doing a service to this nation the likes of which I’ve not seen for some time. Adam Kinzinger, who is right there with her, these are people who need to be. Again, I don’t share political views with them, but I have to give them their due, and there need to be more people like them.” And it’s all of that that’s coming from a man who is nothing more than a treasonous bastard who should be awaiting his final sentence while rotting away in a 10 by 10 prison cell for the rest of his natural life.  

Democrats have become nothing more a malignant cancer on America. And the only thing worse are the RINO’s like Cheney who continually bend over backwards to assist the Democrats in their ongoing endeavor to destroy this country. Both Democrat and RINO are doing everything they can to distort America and our once civil society. When you earn any amount of praise from a guy like Holder, then we all know you’re a leftwing sympathizer. And if I was Cheney the last thing that I would want is any kind of an endorsement from a guy like Holder. This praise should make obvious to all the people of Wyoming that Chaney has no business on a Republican ballot.

If you want to identify a RINO turncoat just look for those ‘Republicans’ praised by Democrats like Holder. And just which country is it that she is doing a service to? Is it Communist China? Is it Iran? Or maybe Russia? Whichever country it is, it certainly is not America. And if we’re being honest she would do the nation a far BETTER service by going down in defeat. Cheney, and her trusty sidekick Kinzinger, don’t have “guts,” all they have is HATE. And it’s a pretty damn sad commentary on a man, President Trump, that did so many great things for this country, and the reason we know that is by the condition that it’s in now with ‘Shitbag Joey’ in office!

Now if I was someone trying to portray myself as being a conservative Republican, and running for re-election as such, I don’t think I’d be too quick to accept any kind of praise from a Constitution-hating, gun running racist like Holder. And just how stupid does he think the people of Wyoming are? Does he actually think that his endorsement of Cheney will in any way cause more people to see the light? All we have here is one treasonous bastard lauding another, and it’s as fake as it gets. If there was any real justice, Holder would now be in prison, and Cheney would have been recalled for failing to uphold her oath of office. But we’ll see neither taking place.

And if Cheney truly does love this country as much as she claims to, then she would simply step down and not run for re-election. She is a disgrace to all conservatives, not just those in Wyoming, that’s why she was essentially kicked to the curb. Queen of the RINOs who January 6 accusations are nothing but pure political theater. She is literally consumed by her hatred of President Trump. How much longer do we allow this charade to continue. Release the political prisoners and abandon the insurrection nonsense. The real enemy are those who murder police officers, mindlessly destroy private property and burn down our cities. All things that Holder supports!

So, Holder has jumped in the shallow end and seems to be trying to make a splash. But if you were a conservative Republican running for re-election and getting praise from likes of Holder, would that not cause you to rethink your position? I mean this guy is about as radical leftwing as you can get, and yet he’s out there doing his best to provide a supposed ‘conservative Republican’ with some positive press? Sorry, but something just doesn’t compute. When someone as corrupt as Holder endorses you, then you know you are on your way out as a Republican politician. Because if you need a racist Democrat to sing your praises, I’m afraid it’s not going to end well!