Dean 2

Democrats most certainly do have a rather high opinion of themselves.  And too, they apparently believe that without them, we, the poor unwashed masses, would simply be wondering helplessly through our mundane little lives, totally unable of being able to take care of ourselves.   But in truth, you will not find a more corrupt, dishonest and power-hungry group of individuals anywhere on the planet than those in the Democrat Party.  A group of people who are capable of looking you dead in the eye while telling you the most outrageous lies imaginable.  They truly are a disgusting bunch, and there are no words to express just how much I hate them!

Democrats, or so it would seem, are interested in nothing more than wasting time in what has been their continuing effort to come up with some sort of crime for which they could then justify their desire to impeach our current president.  That has become of far more importance to them than is the finding of common ground and working with this president in trying to improve the lives of all Americans.  Democrats are a rather useless bunch, who remain far more interested in achieving political power than working for the benefit of those people they claim to care so much about.  They are liars, they are frauds and above all else they are very dangerous.

Which brings me to Howard Dean, well-known left wing loon, and a very enthusiastic supporter of impeaching Donald Trump.  And it was in proving that very point that just this past Monday, during an appearance on MSNBC’s “All In,” that he made a most bizarre comment about how Nancy Pelosi is brilliantly using “strategic patience” to let the momentum build toward the impeachment of President Trump.  Dean said, “I’m one of the few people who was actually around when Nixon was impeached. This is exactly what happened. They were very careful. They were very deliberate. They didn’t go beyond the facts that were known, and the groundswell grew.”

Now I’m not sure what he might have been talking about because when it comes to the actual facts of the case, Democrats have simply chosen to ignore them while at the same time trying to create some of their own.  The Mueller ‘investigation’, if you wish to call it that, was, despite spending roughly $30 Million, nothing short of a complete bust for Democrats.  And perhaps someone needs to remind this boob, since he claims to remember so much, that President Nixon was not actually impeached.  Instead, he did the honorable thing and in putting the country above himself he chose to resign.   So say what you will about the man, he was still better than a Democrat.

Anyway, Dean continued by saying “I think what Pelosi’s doing is brilliant, actually. She’s letting the momentum build. I don’t think she’s resisting it as much as you said she was.” He added, “I think it’s strategic patience. Look, Pelosi has not missed a step. She’s the one person who has got Donald Trump’s number in Washington. She hasn’t missed a step yet. I think it’s great that people are calling for impeachment in the House. I don’t think that’s a problem. I think Pelosi’s playing her hand exactly right.”  So I’m curious, where is it, exactly, that this theoretical momentum can said to be building?  Certainly not among those of us who support the president.

And what is it about a political party whose members can be so recklessly haphazard when labeling certain of its people as brilliant when it’s so obviously the case that they are not.  Remember how it was that we were told how Hitlery was supposed to be the smartest person ever to run for president.  And yet she ran a campaign that allowed her to be beaten by someone who was a complete political novice.  And it has been ever since that all she has been able to do is to make excuse upon excuse and to claim that the ONLY reason she lost is because her opponent was somehow able to cheat.  Does that sound like someone who’s really all that smart?

Face it, Dean is has-been, a political relic searching for relevance and he obviously figures the best way to do that is to go after the president. Just another fool who sold out early in life, like so many others who have succeeded in doing little more than to completely bastardize the American political landscape.  The purpose of this continuing charade is to impeach a duly elected president whose only crime seems to be that he won an election that he actually wasn’t supposed to.  And frankly, if you listen to some of the crazier voices in the Democrat Party, they seem to have moved beyond simply wanting to remove him from office, they want to destroy him.

As for Pelosi, she has to know that impeachment is a dead end for Democrats, but at least for now she’s satisfied to let her minions rant and rave and ‘investigate’ to their little heart’s content, but it remains doubtful that she will actually allow a floor vote on ‘Articles of Impeachment’.  There is little ‘momentum’ for impeachment in spite of what loons like Dean may say. There’s NO majority, not even in the Democrat Party, to vote on impeachment.  And let’s face it, the threat of impeachment has essentially been in the air ever since the very night that ‘President’ Trump was elected. There was no case then for impeachment and there is not one now.

I have no doubt that what’s really underway here, on the part of these Democrats, is to drag this nonsense out all the way to late summer and early fall of 2020. They would like nothing more than to have the president under impeachment on Election Day.  Somehow, they seem to think that that will really ‘get their base out’ and to the polls.  Unfortunately, that may be a bit of a double edged sword in that it will also likely serve to ‘get out the vote’ for President Trump’s supporters who are from all walks of life.  The Democrats are gambling big time, but I only hope they end up once again falling flat on their collective face.  But we’ll just have to wait and see.



Pelosi 28

Every now and then, albeit typically by accident, a Democrat will say something that actually does have a ring of truth to it.   Granted, it is a very rare occasion.  And it was just recently that just such a thing occurred, and it was from Nancy Pelosi that we heard it.  And while what she said was intended to be just another derogatory comment directed at, of course, President Trump, I would argue that it might have had just the opposite effect.  Because what she said, and rather confidently so, was that President Trump did not have “shared values” with the Congress.

Let’s face it, the Democrat Party has always tended to lean pretty far to the left regarding its governing philosophy.  But the modern day Democrat Party has now been taken over by the radical left, who have succeeded in moving the party to the point where it now chooses to support what are some pretty extreme positions on everything from abortion, and ‘climate change’ to healthcare.  So I have no problem with the fact that the president I voted for does not share the same values of these leftwing fanatics.  What’s important to me is that the president shares ‘MY’ values!

So it was during an interview this past Sunday with one of CNN’s many resident ‘Trump Haters’, Fareed Zakaria, that Pelosi said President Trump did not have “shared values,” with Congress.  And I would only ask Nancy, “So what?” Personally I, as well as everyone else who voted for him, prefer that he doesn’t!  Because what’s important to those of us who voted for him and who continue to support him is whether or not he shares the same ‘values’ that we do.  Because neither do WE share what Nancy refers to as being the ‘values’ of most members of Congress.

And so it was Trump-Hater Zakaria who said, “Let me ask you, though, about presidential power. Is there a kind of usurpation of congressional authority? Since 1976, when Congress declared a National Emergency Act, Gerald Ford signed it, there have been fifty, the presidents have declared 59 emergencies. 32 are still in place. We still have national emergencies in place about Macedonia, about Lebanon, about the Iran hostage crisis. Is it time for Congress to start much more seriously overseeing these kind of executive usurpations of power?”  Spoken like a true hater of Trump!

Naturally Pelosi said, “Yeah. I think Congress were accomplices in some of these things, but were dealing with presidents with whom we had shared values and to give the president the facility to do what he needed —or hopefully one day, she needed to do. But it has gone too far. And if it’s a national emergency, it’s one thing but if it’s to declare a national emergency that doesn’t exist, isn’t —is an exploitation of an opportunity that shouldn’t be taking place.”  The more this moron speaks, the less sense makes.  And rarely when talking about the president does she ever make sense.

But might not it have been better, and even a bit more accurate, for Pelosi to have said that it’s the majority of those in Congress who actually don’t share the values of the president or his supporters?  But that’s only because he, and they, don’t share the Democrats’ penchant for murdering the unborn, for open borders and all of the drugs, crime, welfare costs, disease and violence that comes with it. Nor does he, or they, share the Democrats’ lunatic green deal policies or what has become their rampant antisemitism in favor of the Moslems who want only to destroy America.

And because President Trump chooses not to share the values of Democrats, he has been able to turn the economy around and created an environment that has made possible record employment, record low unemployment, and the highest consumer confidence and business optimism in decades.  He is rebuilding the military, and sending a very clear message to the Chinese regarding trade, is strong on the border and illegal immigration (but needs Congressional support), and more.  In other words President Trump is for EVERYTHING that the anti-America Democrats are against.

Now you’d have to be a complete moron, and we are talking about Nancy Pelosi, not to understand that President Trump, the outsider non-politician, was elected largely because he did NOT share the values of those in Congress.  And if you want to talk about usurpation of Congressional authority, what about the rampant offloading of congressional authority, and responsibility, to what has essentially become the fourth branch of government, one made up of legions of unelected, like-minded big government bureaucrats who retain power no matter who’s in the White House?

It’s the supposed ‘values’ to which Pelosi refers that forms the basis for the position of the Democrat Party on any number of issues.  For instance, it is their ‘values’ that apparently allows for the imprisonment of political opponents, the offering of all manner of ‘free’ stuff, such as free college, free student loans, free doctors as well as free medical treatment, all of which will, of course, actually be paid for by taxpayers, and also the call for reparations for slavery which officially ended over 150 years ago.  So why is it that President Trump should agree with Democrat values?

Listen, it is at the center of every new proposal that we see coming from the Democrats that we find the beating heart of Socialism.  That governing and economic philosophy that has failed everywhere and every time it has been attempted and yet continues to have strong support amongst those within the Democrat Party.   So again I find myself wondering why it is that Pelosi expresses such shock regarding the fact that our president has no interest in sharing those ‘values’ that now seem to be shared by a pretty sizable majority of those who identify themselves as Democrats!

So finally, knowing this president as we all now do, and what the Democrat Party, which has now moved, or been moved, so far to the left now stands for, Pelosi still seems to feel justified in accusing the president of not seeming to be on the same page as the Democrats when it comes to the subject of ‘values.’  And at a time when nearly every Democrat now running for president speaks very favorably of Socialism, it was at his last State of the Union address that the president made quite clear, America will NEVER be a Socialist country.  So don’t talk to me about values!


Trump 43

Apparently the Democrats, along with many of their friends and cohorts within the ‘fake news’ media, have now become so consumed by their effort to take down this president, that they have moved well beyond being able to recognize when they’re obviously being played by the man.  And part of that, I think, has to do with the fact that they’ve never before been confronted with someone who is quite like this president and so have never found themselves in this position, so they really have no idea of how they’re supposed to react.  And what adds to the ease with which they are played is the fact that their affliction of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, or TDS, has now moved many of them to the very brink of insanity.  It really is quite amazing.

And so it was almost immediately after President Trump’s recent interview with former Clinton hack and faux, wannabe journalist, George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, that we had Democrats all over the country falling right into the trap that had been so skillfully set by the president and had them, quite literally, coming completely unglued.  Chief among those was Nancy Pelosi who immediately raced before the nearest TV camera to claim how it was that President Donald Trump had once again demonstrated that he doesn’t know “right from wrong” with his comments made to ABC’s Stephanopolous, in saying there’s nothing wrong with listening to opposition research from a foreign government and that he would want to hear it.

And so it was during her weekly little get together on Capitol Hill with those who represent the ‘fake news’ outlets that Pelosi said, “Yesterday, the president gave us once again evidence that he does not know right from wrong. It’s a very sad thing, very sad thing that he does not know right from wrong. I believe that he has been involved in a criminal cover-up. I’ve said that before, and our investigation is demonstrating that.”  She said, “The Mueller report showed obstruction of justice in 10 – at least 10 – perhaps 11 places, but for the president to be so cavalier to disregard, to be indifferent to wrong and any sense of ethics about who we are as a country to say he would invite foreign intervention … that’s an assault on our democracy.”

And it was from there that she then went on to say, “This president says it’s a hoax. He takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but I guess it doesn’t include him in terms of being … held accountable to obey the law.”  Pelosi said the Democrats are putting forth legislation that requires “a duty to report” when someone from a foreign entity offers opposition research on another political campaign. She described a time when someone from Al Gore’s campaign received opposition research during the debate prep with George W. Bush.  She said, “He picked it up and sent it to the FBI. This isn’t even foreign governments… that’s what you do.”  Right, because as we all know Democrats are saints and as such are as pure as the wind driven snow.

Pelosi proceeded to go so far as to say, “Everybody in the country should be totally appalled by what the president said last night — should be totally appalled. He has a habit of making appalling statements. This one borders on so totally unethical, but he doesn’t even realize it.”  She continued, “It’s in about investigating, it’s about litigating, it’s about getting the truth to hold everyone accountable, and no one is above the law.” She added, “What is it about the Republicans in Congress? How much more can they bear of the president’s unethical behavior? That they think they’re honoring their oath of office. I believe these are all connected. I think it’s all about money. Connect the dots in all of this. It’s all about money.”

Pelosi said Trump’s comments to Stephanopolous “shows clearly once again, over and over again that he does not know the difference between right and wrong, and that’s probably the nicest thing I can say about him.”  And she went on to say, “If he doesn’t know the difference, it could explain some of his ridiculous behavior, and now to invite further involvement of foreign governments into our election. There was an assault on our democracy, an assault on our country by the Russians. That has been clearly documented by the intelligence community, and the president of the United States has said…it’s a hoax.”  And yet nowhere was there any mention of how Hitlery’s campaign had paid for the ‘dirty dossier’ used against President Trump.

‘Chuckie’ Schumer also had to demonstrate how he too was suitably outraged by the president’s comments, calling it, “undemocratic, un-American, disgraceful.”  And yet it’s really never any of those things when we have Democrats doing it.  Why is that?  Chuckie said, “The president’s comments suggest winning an election is more important than the integrity of the election.”  He said, “It’s one small step away from dictators and autocrats who manipulate the results of an election because they care more about staying in power than they care about democratic principles.”  Chuckie said, “It’s simple. When a foreign power tries to give campaign information on an opponent, that is foreign interference in our elections.”  What a lying hypocrite!

So what Nancy and Chuckie were both referring to, and what has now sent all of these Democrat heads spinning at near ‘Warp Speed’ is the afore mentioned Oval Office interview during which Stephy asked President Trump, “Your campaign, this time around. Foreigners — if Russia, if China, someone else, offers you information on an opponent, should they accept it or should they call the FBI?”  The president responded by saying, “I think maybe do both.”  He said, “I think you might want to listen. There’s nothing wrong with listening.  If someone called from a country — Norway — we have information on your opponent – Oh. I think I’d want to hear it.”  Again, how is that in any way different than what’s done by Democrats?

‘Stephy’ then went on to ask, “You want that kind of interference in our elections?”  The president answered saying, “It’s not an interference.”  And the president went on to say, “They have information. I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI — if I thought there was something wrong.”  “But when somebody comes up with oppo research, right — they come up with oppo research — oh, let’s call the FBI. The FBI doesn’t have enough agents to take care of it. But you go and talk honestly to congressmen — they all do it, they always have. That’s the way it is. It’s called oppo research.”  Exactly!  So why is it that only one side, the Democrat side, in any campaign should be permitted to possess such information?

The hypocrisy of the left continues to be nothing short of staggering.  I mean let’s face it, if it weren’t for the Democrats the smear merchants whom they have come to rely on every election cycle, to dig up on dirt on their opponents would be left to receive some other sort of government assistance.   Seriously folks, it was Hitlery’s campaign that paid for the entire Russian smear campaign.  Of the two candidates involved in the 2016 election, the only one for which we have definitive proof of collusion is Hitlery.  And yet, for whatever reason, it is all of that irrefutable evidence that remains ignored while the effort continues to somehow manufacture evidence that there was some level of wrong doing on the part of the Trump campaign.

Frankly what every rational American should now find appalling is all of that which continues to be nothing more than a complete lack of self-control regarding the loss of an election that occurred nearly three years ago.  I mean all of the incessant whining about how the only reason their candidate lost was because Donald Trump supposedly cheated is getting to be rather hysterical.  Hitlery went into the 2016 campaign thinking she had it all but wrapped up and could therefore simply coast to an easy, and unearned, victory.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the election.  Things didn’t quite work out as she had thought and Democrats have been working feverishly ever since to obtain what is nothing but a little revenge.

And you know all of this constant complaining about the president and supposed dirt gathered by foreign sources seems to ignore completely our own meddling in a foreign election and at the direction of a Democrat president.  It involved the Israeli election and an effort to topple Benjamin Netanyahu for no other reason than because our then president, Barry ‘O’, didn’t particularly like Prime Minister Netanyahu.  But I guess such behavior, as long as it comes from a Democrat president and not a Republican, is seen as being completely acceptable by Democrats like Pelosi and Chuckie.  So do these people really think we’re that stupid, or that we’re incapable of understanding what it is that they are really up to?  Because we’re not!

And suppose President Trump actually does win reelection, what then?  Can we expect yet another four years of the Democrats throwing yet another temper tantrum?  And is that really something that would actually bode very well for the overall survivability of their party?  Now I know that many Democrats are already touting polls showing President Trump to be in trouble, but it’s many of those same polls that also told us Hitlery was going to win without even having to break a sweat.  And we all know how that turned out. Personally people would need to be completely nuts to vote for ANY Democrat, to do so is nothing less than suicidal.  And yet I’m sure there are more than a few who, for whatever reason, cannot vote for Donald Trump.


biden 32

‘Creepy Joe’ Biden recently let fly with what has to one of the most blatant lies yet told, by him or any other Democrat, in the ongoing march to determine who will take on President Trump in 2020.  And in so doing he demonstrated how it is that he must think that the majority of Americans are pretty stupid.  What ‘Creepy Joe’ did was to claim that during the entire eight year reign of Barry ‘O’ and himself there was not “one single hint of a scandal or lie.”  Now you have to wonder, what was it that possessed him to say such a thing?  Is he, perhaps, senile or simply demented?  Or, is he simply a liar?  Either way, he has no business being our president.

It was during a speech in Iowa this past Wednesday that ‘Creepy’ made his rather bold claim.  ‘Creepy’ asked those present, “Know what I was most proud of?”  He then proceeded to answer his own question by saying, “For eight years, there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or a lie.”  And I guess what I found even more shocking here was the fact that there were members of the audience who actually applauded.  Which would seem to indicate that many of those who had shown up to hear ‘Creepy’ speak were likely just as demented as old ‘Creepy Joe’ seems to be.  Either that or they were living under a rock from 2009-2017, which I suppose IS possible.

Now of course it was in making his claim that ‘Creepy’ very conveniently ignored some pretty significant facts, such as the failure to protect Americans at the consulate in Benghazi, Attorney General Eric ‘I’m A Racist’ Holder’s role in covering up the Fast and Furious scandal, or the IRS persecution of Tea Party groups.  ‘Creepy’ also failed to bring up Barry’s former Secretary of State, Hitlery, who used a private email server to conduct government business and deleted 30,000 of those emails to hide illegal behavior and avoid questions about donations to the Clinton Foundation after she approved the sale of American Uranium to Russia companies.

Now you would think that even ‘Creepy Joe’ would have been able to recognize the fact that he was telling what was a pretty sizable whopper in making a claim that was so easily disprovable.  Because it’s in looking back at those very dark years that were the Obama presidency that we can plainly see a president doing the very same thing that the Democrats of today are now accusing President Trump of having done.  Which is pretty ironic, as well as hypocritical, when you stop to think about it.  But this is what the modern day Democrat Party has become.  That being, of course, a pack of liars who feel justified in saying anything no matter how untrue.

And you know, I could list all of the many lies and misdeeds committed by the obviously corrupt duo of Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’, but those who care about such things already know of the many crimes committed and lies told, and those who don’t care, quite frankly, never will.  Those who are bothered little by such antics, I would argue, care only about whatever ‘free’ they may be in line for. But with that said I have chosen to include a brief synopsis of the lies told during the eight years this country spent living under the man who should go down in history as being one of the most corrupt presidents this country ever had the misfortune to elect.

Remember when:

  1. Obama encroached, repeatedly, on congressional powers. Once Obamacare was the law of the land, the Obama White House kept re-writing it without congressional authorization. The Obama administration even spent money to reimburse health insurance companies. It had no right to do so, and the House successfully challenged Obama in court. So, too, did the Senate, when Obama unilaterally declared it in recess; he was slapped down 9-0 by the Supreme Court.
  2. Obama usurped the legislative powers of Congress entirely on immigration. Rather than negotiate with Congress, Obama enacted the so-called “Dream Act” by fiat in 2012 when he announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. After Democrats lost the Senate in 2014, Obama added the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program. Both were unconstitutional and DAPA has been struck down by the courts.
  3. Obama defied the Senate’s powers to ratify foreign treaties. Obama knew that the Iran nuclear deal was a failure. So instead of presenting it to the Senate for ratification, he took it to the U.N. Security Council. Democrats backed up his unconstitutional maneuver by quashing an attempt by the Senate to vote on a review of the deal. Obama repeated his unconstitutional tactics in negotiating the Paris Climate Accords, which were written to avoid the Senate.
  4. Obama administration officials repeatedly lied to Congress. Whether it was Attorney General Eric ‘I’m A Racist’ Holder lying to Congress about the administration’s pursuit of journalists, or National Intelligence Director James Clapper (later a main instigator of the Russia collusion hoax) lying to Congress about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying, Obama’s senior officials showed their contempt for congressional oversight by covering up the truth, over and over.
  5. Obama administration officials abused their power to target opponents. Under Obama, the Internal Revenue Service wrongfully pursued conservative non-profit organizations, effectively knocking them out of the crucial 2012 election. Then, ahead of the 2016 election, Obama’s law enforcement appointees let Hillary Clinton off the hook while spying on the Trump campaign in pursuit of bogus Russian collusion, one of the worst abuses of power in U.S. history.
  6. Obama frequently ignored court decisions he did not like. When a federal judge blocked Obama’s attempt to impose a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the administration simply ignored it, leading the judge to hold the administration in contempt. Similarly, a federal judge threatened the administration with contempt after it ignored an injunction limiting work permits for illegal aliens. Obama also scolded the Supreme Court in front of the entire nation over its decision in the Citizens United case, and later publicly attacked the Court’s power of judicial review itself.
  7. Obama attempted to use “executive action” to implement gun control. In a frontal assault on the Second Amendment, President Obama vowed to use his executive powers to implement gun control policies — even though none of them would have likely made any difference in stopping school shootings or radical Islamic terror attacks.
  8. Obama, and rather famously so, lied and in the process upturned millions of lives. Without his lies, it’s doubtful Obamacare, which is perhaps the only wholly partisan national reform effort in American history, would ever have passed. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” was only one of an array of demonstrably false statements fed to the public in order to provide long ago extinct ‘moderate’ Democrats with some manner of cover. You might remember one of Obamacare’s architects, Jonathan Gruber, explaining how this “lack of transparency” compounded by “the stupidity of the American voter” was a huge political advantage for the administration. Or maybe you don’t.

But I suppose in a weird sort of way ‘Creepy Joe’ might be right when he says that “for eight years there wasn’t one single ‘hint’ of a scandal or a lie.”  But that’s only because the lawlessness that occurred under the Barry and Creepy duo took place right in front of our eyes.  There were obvious lies, acts of obvious collusion, obstruction and malfeasance.  There was funding of Islamic terrorism, enabling of Communist regimes enabling and corruption at essentially every level of the Executive Branch of our government and in every department.  Leftists like ‘Creepy Joe’ enjoy playing these little word games in order to appear truthful.  But they are not!

And so ‘Creepy Joe’ would have us all believe that Barry ‘O’ treated the presidency with respect.  That he didn’t use the office to enrich himself, that he didn’t embrace dictators and repeatedly trash our allies.  The he was supposedly above insulting people, calling them names and would never choose to bully anyone.  Also he would have us all believe that Barry didn’t play golf every weekend and didn’t expect his Attorney General to act as his ‘wingman.”  And above all else that he respected Congress’ right of oversight.  And ‘Creepy Joe’ would have all believe that Barry was someone actually quite intelligent.  But that too is nothing but a lie.

If historians are in any way honest, that which was known as the Obama presidency will be properly documented as being one of the most, if not ‘the’ most, corrupt presidencies in all of American history.  After all, despite the idiotic claim put forward by ‘Creepy Joe’, there is more than sufficient evidence to prove that that is the case.  For instance, can anyone name any other administration that used its full power, via various government agencies, and sought assistance from multiple foreign governments to both spy on and to then attempt to destroy political opponents?  I think one would be hard-pressed to find any president who went as far as Barry.


biden 30

It was earlier this week, on Tuesday night, at a campaign stop in Iowa, that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden gave a speech that provided an image of how he apparently views America under the leadership of President Trump, one that, at least for most commonsense Americans, would at least seem to indicate that ‘Creepy’ chooses not to see America as it actually is but, for some bizarre reason, as he and the Democrats wish it to be.  Also it was this same speech that would seem to call into question whether ‘Creepy’ is actually up to rigors demanded by the office that he is now seeking, and not just mentally, but perhaps physically as well. ‘Creepy’ just appears too old and too tired.

Anyway, it was throughout his speech that ‘Creepy’ seemed to make sure to keep his focus on President Trump, and not on how he would improve things as president. He called the president, among other things, a climate change denier.  ‘Creepy’ said, “If he was just another rich guy sitting in his gold-plated apartment in Manhattan tweeting about how those pointy-headed scientists don’t know anything, it wouldn’t matter. But he’s president.”  ‘Creepy’ warned that eight years of a Trump presidency will “forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”  But wouldn’t the unchecked illegal immigration favored by Democrats be what accomplishes that?

‘Creepy’ explained how it is that he feels President Trump poses a “fundamental threat.”  And of course, and something that should come as no surprise, ‘Creepy’ again resorted to thoroughly debunked nonsense, and something he knows to be a lie, when he said, “First, to our core values. What we stand for. What we believe. We saw it in Charlottesville….”  And it was from one lie that ‘Creepy’ moved on to yet another when he spoke of the humanitarian crisis at the border, and how he said President Trump has taken “kids from their mothers and fathers, putting them literally in the equivalent of cages, thousands of them – what does that say?”

And just as a little reminder here it was the Barry ‘O’-‘Creepy Joe’ administration that also “detained large numbers of unaccompanied children inside chain link fences in 2014,” as was reported by the Associated Press.  And it was images that circulated online of children in cages during the height of President Trump’s family separations controversy that were actually from 2014 when Barry ‘O’ was in office.  But as we have seen countless times telling the truth is something that Democrats have no real interest in.  They are very comfortable in lying because they know they won’t ever be called on it by their many friends in the ‘fake news’ media.

Anyway, ‘Creepy’ went on to say, “Everywhere we turn, it’s clear that Trump is shredding what we believe in most. I believe we have to restore those basic values.”  ‘Creepy’ criticized the president for his treatment of U.S. allies and for being the only American president who has ever threatened to leave NATO.  And of course ‘Creepy’ praised Barry ‘O’ as a “president of extraordinary character and decency,” saying he was a president our kids could look up to…And if you don’t think we miss him, Trump just reminded us that we do.”  Frankly I thought it a rather amazing thing that he was able to get through the saying of such a ridiculous thing with a straight face.

And ‘Creepy’ also made sure to make time to ‘slam’ what he called the president’s ‘insults’, which are usually delivered courtesy of Twitter. ‘Creepy’ said, “Look, Donald Trump a threat to the United States. Attacking private citizens using language like ‘total loser.’ Barack Obama would not do that. No president would do that. Most teenagers wouldn’t do that. You know, he’s setting a standard, the standard of crude language and embarrassing behavior that is burrowing into our culture for real. It’s in our culture. It will take time to get rid of it, but we must. We must.  It is not who we are.”  No, who we are, are butchers of the unborn, right ‘Creepy’?

‘Creepy’ also accused President Trump of what he described as “tearing down the guardrails of democracy.”  ‘Creepy’ said, “Tearing down the things that prevent the abuse of power.”  ‘Creepy’ said, “‘Fake news,’ ‘Enemy of the people,’ these aren’t words to be laughed at or dismissed. Just look at what’s happening around the world. Think of the dictators and tyrants using Trump’s words to justify their own abuses of power in their countries…Trump’s goal is simple — discredit the news, discredit the free press — and run over the American people…roughshod.”  But it’s in that regard that perhaps ‘Creepy’ should be more concerned with those within his own party.

Because for whatever reason, ‘Creepy’ doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least by those Democrats, such as his old boss Barry ‘O’, or the worst secretary of state in modern history, John Kerry-Heinz, just to name just a couple, who repeatedly disparage this country whenever on foreign soil.  And it’s this kind behavior that provides to those very same dictators and tyrants that ‘Creepy’ speaks of, the perfect sound bites that can then be used to justify the mistreatment of their own citizens by allowing them to point to such idiotic comments as a way of showing that what they are doing is no worse than what’s taking place right here in America.

‘Creepy’ also accused President Trump of attacking the independence of the courts and “completely ignoring the legitimate authority of the Congress.”  Although he was more than a little unclear, as is usually the case with this clown, about how it was that the president is actually accomplishing that.  Perhaps it’s because President Trump has focused more on appointing those judges who actually believe in the Constitution and who tend to not behave like the leftist clowns nominated by Democrats and who seek not to enforce the Constitution but instead to assist those on the left in what has become their continuing mission to shred our Constitution.

And so, what is it that Creepy Joe’ would do better, as president?  According to the text of his prepared remarks he, “will look to work with the Congress. I will work across the aisle. I will seek to find consensus.”  But ‘Creepy’ didn’t utter those things out loud on Tuesday night.  Instead, ‘Creepy’ made it clear that he would work to undo everything President Trump has accomplished, including tax cuts (“gone,” ‘Creepy’ said). ‘Creepy’ would also, of course, rejoin the international climate-change chorus; and he would seek to protect Obamacare.  Those two items alone should disqualify ‘Creepy’ from being considered for the highest office in the land.

‘Creepy’ concluded his idiotic remarks by saying, “The only thing that can tear America apart is America itself.”  ‘Creepy’ said, “Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. No, I’m not joking, even the people who support him, they have no illusions about who he is and his character….We have to let them know who we Democrats are. What we stand for. We have to let them know that we choose hope over fear. Unity over division. Truth over lies. And science over fiction.  “It’s time for us to pick our heads up and remember who we are. This is United States of America. There’s not a single thing — not a single thing — is beyond our capacity to do — together.”

I am curious though, when is it that the Democrats have EVER been in favor of “unity over division, truth over lies, and science over fiction.”  After all, it’s their work to divide the American people by race, by sexual orientation, by financial standing or by whatever else they can, that has for decades allowed the Democrat Party to remain a viable political party.  And the party as a whole, working in concert with their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, will peddle any lie they can if made against this president.  And it’s these believers in science who ignore completely the science that tells us life begins at conception.  So ‘Creepy’ can peddle that BS to somebody else!

And by the way, President Trump also spoke in Iowa on Tuesday night and sounded much more upbeat than did ‘Creepy.’  Trump told his crowd: “We put America first, we’re putting America first again, folks. And this is truly an extraordinary time for our nation. America is thriving, optimism is booming, our people are prospering and our country is winning again. Winning, winning, winning, winning again, we are winning like never before and doing great and respected again all over the world — they respect us again. They weren’t so respectful for a long number of years, but they respect us again as a country. America’s economy is now the envy of the world.”  Nuff said!


Democrats 91

So I’ve been listening to the gaggle of Democrats all of whom are now competing against one another to become the nominee of their party to take on President Trump in our next presidential contest which is now looming just over the horizon.  Now keep in mind it’s as we rapidly approach the next election that these very same Democrats remain unable to accept the outcome of the last election.  And so, what is it that these ‘candidates’ now seem so very determined to run on?  Is it the advancing of those ideas that if put into action will improve the lives of all Americans?  Hardly!

All of these candidates, all 23 of them if my count is right, seem to be running on the very same things, not the least of which is their hatred of our current president.   Now I realize the majority of those who tend to vote Democrat likely don’t need to hear much more than how any of these prospective nominees feel about President Trump, but as we all know, if they are to have any hope of actually winning they’re going to need those voters who, or so we can only hope, are looking for a bit more than the degree to which the Democrat candidate may hate President Trump.

Now of course, there is more to the Democrat Party’s platform than just hatred of the president.  There’s the reinstating of thousands of regulations that serve only to strangle our economy, there’s the total elimination of any sort of impediment at our southern border, the complete reversing of an energy policy that has, for the first time in decades, made this country energy independent, the instituting of a single-payer healthcare system and the doing away with the Trump tax cuts.  These are but a sampling of what the Democrats will be running on against President Trump in 2020.

But still, what you hear most of these presidential hopefuls talking about is the danger that President Trump somehow represents to this country.  Of course that may likely have much to do with the fact that he’s the guy who recently ‘convinced’ the Mexican government to be a bit more ‘helpful’ in detaining those seeking illegal entry into our country, he’s responsible for putting in place those policies that assisted this country becoming energy independent, and he was the one who did a little arm twisting in getting tax cuts through Congress.  Hence the reason for their hate!

And in what is more than a little reminiscent of 2016, and that can be said to be an example of déjà vu all over again, is that we’re now hearing about polls which are showing the president in trouble, and trailing, rather badly, he who has been identified as the ONLY guy who can defeat the president, none other than ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Personally, after the polling debacle of 2016, it’s pretty rare that I pay much attention to any of these polls, you don’t really know who’s behind them or how they may have been slanted the questions in order to obtain the desired result.

So I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I fully intend to for him again in 2020.  Because even by leaving the various personalities out of the decision making process, why is it that any rational human being would EVER want to vote for a candidate advocating those things the Democrats have now made very clear that they wish to inflict upon this country.  It simply makes no sense.  Hate is simply not a good reason to vote for anybody, nor are any of those policies that the Democrat Party wish to advance that would be extremely detrimental to this country being able to survive.




Of all the Democrats now vying to be the one to go up against President Trump in 2020, the one who I, as a non-Democrat, have the most difficulty taking seriously is that dipshit from Texas, ‘Bea-Toe’ O’Rourke.  And his most recent campaign promise that he intends to prosecute the president, if elected, makes him even more difficult to takes seriously.  And so, if I have this right, despite the fact that this idiot, along with and 99% of ALL Democrats, still cannot pinpoint exactly what ‘crime’ it is that the president has committed, he is still somehow deserving of being prosecuted?

And why is it, do you suppose, that the loss of a single election, one that was nearly three years ago, has succeeded in driving those in the Democrat Party completely insane?  And has their continued reaction to that loss revealed something about themselves, something that they had long been able to keep very well hidden, and yet something that most rational people have known for a long time?  That would of course be the fact that Democrats are not what they have long professed themselves to be.  They are not the protectors of weak, sadly, they are just the opposite.

And so it was this past Sunday that we had presidential wannabe ‘Bea-Toe’, making it very clear just how completely bonkers his party has now become over the fact that she who had an election all but won, lost.  And then it was right there on national television, for all to see, or at least the few who were likely tuned in, that we had potential presidential candidate ‘Bea-Toe’ accusing President Trump of having committed all manner of supposed crimes and then boldly declaring that, if elected, he will prosecute President Trump.   Although for what, he wasn’t exactly clear.

And where, and to whom, was it that ‘Bea-Toe’ made this rather bold declaration?  Well, where else but on ABC’s “This Week,” and to that former Clinton hack and now wannabe ‘journalist’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos.  I’m not quite sure what ‘Bea-Toe’ might have been hoping to accomplish here, after all, he’s gone nowhere but down in the polls ever since he declared himself in the running to be the Democrat to take on President Trump in 2020.  But apparently this is now the new standard within the Democrat Party, running on nothing but their hatred of the president.

Anyway, it is a partial transcript of this bizarre little exchange that follows:

Stephy: We heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say this week, she wants to see the president in prison. Do you think the president committed crimes that could be prosecuted?

Bea-Toe: He did. I think that’s clear from what we have learned from the Mueller report. But I think those crimes might extend beyond what we have seen in the Mueller report; using public office for personal gain, for himself and for his family, the relationship that he has with Vladimir Putin, which has never been properly explained from the invitation as a candidate to have Russia involve itself in our election, his efforts to obstruct justice, the fact that he called Vladimir Putin after the Mueller report was released, called it a hoax, thereby giving him a green light to further participate in our democracy and our elections. If with don’t hold the president accountable we’ll set the precedent that some people in this country, because of their position of power, are in fact above the law. And if we do that, we’ll lose this democracy forever. Regardless of the popularity of the idea or what the polling shows us, we must proceed with impeachment so we get the facts and the truth and at end of the day there’s justice for what was done to our democracy in 2016.

Stephy: Even if the House impeaches, the Senate isn’t going to convict the president. If you win in 2020, would you the Justice Department to pursue charges against President Trump?

Bea-Toe: I would want my Justice Department, any future administration’s Justice Department to follow the facts and the truth and to make sure at the end of the day there’s accountability and justice, without this, without that, this idea, this experiment of American democracy comes to a close. We were attacked unlike any other time in our 243-year history and we have a president who yet to acknowledge it and a president who has yet to be brought to justice. Yes, no matter who that is.

Look, anyone can accuse anyone of a crime, and there has been no shortage of accusations being made against this president, practically since election night 2016.  But Democrats seem to have hit a rather substantial roadblock in their attempt to actually prove, although not from a lack of trying, that anything even remotely resembling a crime actually took place.  After all, it is not yet a crime in this country for a Republican to win an election, no matter how unlikely that victory may have been.  So with such a thing not yet against the law, Democrats enacted their Plan B.

Now for a guy seeking to become the highest law enforcement official in the land, ‘Bea-Toe’ seems to be more than just a little confused regarding how it is that this system of justice we have is supposed to work.  That the accused is not required to prove he did not commit the crime in question.  Also, our man ‘Bea-Toe’ seems to have no clue regarding the responsibilities of the office that he is so desperately seeking.  His presidential campaign is ‘elect me president and I will prosecute Trump!’  What a lofty goal to possess when seeking the presidency.

We’re constantly being told by the Democrats that they possess all manner of evidence proving that our president is an agent of Russia, and how he has worked very hard in trying to cover that up.  For instance he helped destroy Russia’s economy by helping to make the U.S. a net exporter of natural gas and oil which cripples Russia’s economy. Then he forced Europe to pour billions more into NATO, and helped Russia get control of major uranium resources in exchange for millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Oops, wait, that was Hitlery. Yup, it all makes sense now!

I think it safe to say that ‘if’ Hitlery was supposed to have been the most qualified person to ever run for president, ‘Bea-Toe’ is most definitely the least unqualified person ever. Rarely has there been a candidate, in either party, who is as dumb as he is dangerous. He would throw open the borders, but has no idea what that would do to the country. He says things without properly thinking through their consequences.  And now he would prosecute President Trump for no identifiable crime, and based on nothing more than pure speculation that eventually a crime will be ‘found.’

Ok folks, let’s go over everything one more time. Defeating Hitlery was not a crime. Nor was overturning Barry ‘O’s unconstitutional Executive Orders, a crime. Also, being falsely accused of doing exactly what Hitlery did, which was to collude with Russia, is not a crime. Firing people who are employed “at the pleasure of the President,” nope, not a crime.  In fact, not one of these Democrats who claim President Trump lied and committed crimes have been able to cite one single instance where the president has done either. Those that try, cite rumor and hearsay, not facts.

So with ‘Bea-Toe’s promise to prosecute the president, the Democrat platform going into 2020 is one that calls reinstating onerous regulations that hamstring business’s, tearing down the wall on our southern border and inviting in the entire world, to immediately reverse our energy plan and make us once again energy dependent, raise taxes, institute a single payer health system and remove millions of people from the plans they currently have, make education free and balance the budget.  So I ask you, how is it that President Trump will have any hope of winning against that platform?