Those on the left are becoming more unhinged with each passing day.  To the point where they are becoming not only a threat to themselves, but to the country.  And to be honest it would be comical to watch if it weren’t so dangerous.  Dangerous because if these elected officials actually believe the absolute nonsense they spew, what might it be that their braindead supporters can be convinced of?  The Democrats have now become so consumed by their hatred of President Trump they are now incapable of behaving rationally.  It’s gotten to the point that every single thing that President Trump does is somehow said to violate the Constitution.

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal said President Donald Trump revoking former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance is an “illegal” violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of United States of America.  Blumenthal said, “This is not only an abuse of power it is illegal.”  Blumenthal, as you may or may not recall, is the very same guy who, in an attempt to bolster resume when running for the Senate, falsely claimed to have served in Vietnam.   And even after it was discovered that he had lied, the brain dead Democrat voters in his state still had no problem electing him to the Senate.

Anyway, this boob, Bluementhal went on to say, “To use this kind of punishment is a violation of the First Amendment. It is the reason we have the First Amendment. This kind of criticism is core protected speech. When the Founders of our great nation decided on the First Amendment, it was because the king of England would retaliate against critics by punishing them. So it is a clear violation in my view of the First Amendment.”  He added, “He has the authority to do a lot of things, but not in a way that violates the law.”  Punishment?  Blumenthal is either a complete idiot or simply hopes that his many retarded voters won’t bother to look up the facts.

This is nothing more than political BS designed for the consumption by your average, dumbed-down Democrat.  I’m going with the assumption that they’re all retards, because you’ve got to be pretty retarded in the first place to vote for a guy you lied about serving in Vietnam.  And since I’m not a graduate of Yale Law School and not the expert that Mr. Blumenthal is on the Constitution, I’m going to need him to point out where in the Constitution it says one has the right to possess a security clearance.  He makes up a nonexistent Constitutional right just like he made up his nonexistent service in Vietnam. Notice how the fake news calls him out on neither.

Brennan is still permitted to speak freely, without fear of being incarcerated for it. He simply no longer will have the ability to speak freely about classified information.  Why am I not surprised that a Democrat, any Democrat, has no clue what freedom of speech entails?  I’m sorry, but it should be painfully obvious even to a dishonest boob like Blumenthal that National Security trumps Brennan’s free speech and that the First Amendment does not guarantee you a security clearance especially after being fired AS a security risk.  If follow this moron’s logic, the government wouldn’t be able to revoke anyone’s security clearance.

Since this guy now thinks having a security clearance is a Constitutional right, I should not have been forced to give up my security clearance when I retired from the Navy. Such nonsense comes from the same dirtbag who thinks law-abiding citizens have no right to modern sporting rifles or standard capacity magazines, who despises the Second Amendment, who thinks illegals have the same rights as citizens and that citizens must bake the cake.  Yet the state he represents is bankrupt, crime is rampant, drug use is through the roof and businesses are fleeing, and yet he’s more concerned with Trump than with improving the lives of the folks back home.

Democrats are a soulless bunch. They try to undermine the Constitution at every opportunity that presents itself in their continuing effort to implement their Utopian agenda, yet whenever they’re cornered and exposed, they try to wrap themselves up in its protections. This is what evil looks like. They will stop at nothing to control our lives and our future.  Our First Amendment is barely hanging by a thread and the Second comes under multiple attacks every single day.  Kind of sad that we can some elected to high office who does not possess even the most basic understanding of the vary Constitution that he has sworn to protect and defend.



Democrats 47

You just gotta love the miracle of videotape and how it constantly provides to those of us out to prove just what a band of lying hypocrites the Democrats really are a method by which we expose them using their own words.  We are able to provide visual proof that Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of political opportunists willing to say absolutely in their effort to gain votes. President Trump recently took yet another opportunity to do just that when he referenced past comments made by Chuckie Schumer on the subject of illegal immigration.

And oddly enough it was earlier today that the president was presented with another opportunity to demonstrate just how dishonest Democrats truly are, taking to Twitter to point out how Chuckie Schumer once held a position on illegal immigration that differed very little from President Trump’s position that has the Democrats’ panties in a bunch.  You see, it was in 2009 that Chuckie said, “People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enters the U.S. legally.”

It was back in 2009 when Chuckie actually made some level of sense on the subject as he stated a position that was markedly similar to the president’s own language of todat.  It was then he said, “We want an immigration policy that’s fair, equitable, but going to protect our people. What the American people are pleading for is sanity and common sense in our immigration system.”   And just a mere 9 years later that not only do we hear Chuckie now singing quite the different tune, but actually attacking the president regarding the position that he himself once held.

Now I’m quite sure there will be no shortage of those on the left who will come rushing to Chuckie’s defense armed with the argument those on the left always use, that Chuckie’s has merely ‘evolved’ on the issue since 2009.  Just as Barry and Hitlery, who both expressly stated that they believed marriage was between one man and one woman, evolved.  Yet it’s that same rule which never applies to Republicans.  Republicans can NEVER permitted to evolve, instead they are ALWAYS labeled as flip-floppers.  However the Democrats are constantly EVOLVING.

I can’t help but wonder if Chuckie actually believes in the positions he takes, or if he really cares about the people whom he represents.  Personally I’m of the opinion that Chuckie doesn’t give a damn about American citizens or, for that matter, illegal aliens.  He cares about one thing and one thing only, pressing the right buttons in order to gain power.  The only constant is his willingness to say and/or do whatever it takes to keep his job and advance his political career. In short Chuckie is nothing more than just another common political whore.

Finally, all President Trump is doing here is that which any true journalist would be doing.  But instead, the vast majority of today’s ‘journalists’ occupy their time doing little more providing cover for their political masters on the left while at the same time creating false narratives to impugn Republicans.  Democrats have been getting away with these lies for more years than I care to count, all thanks to the liberal ‘fake news’ media providing them with all manner of protection.  And sadly, Republicans have always been too weak and wishy-washy to call them out.


Socialism 7

There is absolutely nothing that makes more clear just how completely ignorant Democrats have become than the results of a recent Gallup poll that shows a majority of them now have a more positive view of Socialism than they do of Capitalism.  And I say ignorant only because you don’t have to be a genius to know that socialism, as an economic and political theory, has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried.  The most recent example is Venezuela.  But we have any number of examples right here at home in a number of our major cities.  Cities that have been run by Democrats for decades and who have succeeded only in running their cities into the ground.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats now view socialism favorably, while just 47 percent have a positive view of capitalism, according to Gallup. In contrast, 71 percent of Republicans have a positive view of capitalism, while just 16 percent viewed socialism favorably.  Monday’s poll was “the first time in Gallup’s measurement over the past decade that Democrats viewed socialism more favorably than capitalism,” the polling firm noted. The landmark poll comes as socialists are ascendant in the Democrat Party.  And at least two members of the Democratic Socialists of America — a radical group rife with Marxists — could now be headed to Congress.

In 2010, it was 53 percent of Democrats who had a positive view of socialism. That bumped up to 57% in 2018.  But 53% of those Democrats also had a positive view of capitalism in 2010, and that number dropped to just 47% in 2018.  Perhaps most telling, the sharpest drop in Democrat support for capitalism is recent.  In 2016, Capitalism was viewed positively by 56% of those leaning Democrat.  In 2018, that number dropped to 47%. That is a drop of 9% of Democrats who view capitalism positively in just the last two years.  It should come as no surprise that among Republicans capitalism was viewed positively by 72% in 2010 and 71% in 2018.

Those who are Liberalism’s most devout practitioners are always very adamant when it comes to their denials that free enterprise has led to an unprecedented explosion of wealth, individual liberty and creativity.  It has been overwhelmingly successful, while socialism has been, and continues to be, little more than an abject failure that is successful at creating only two things, misery and poverty.  Whether in Venezuela, North Korea, USSR, Maoist China, Albania, East Germany, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Cuba, Argentina or nearly any big  city here in America, Socialism has been shown to be an unmitigated disaster.  And yet we have those committed to this failed system.

And am I to assume that a majority of those in today’s Democrat Party would now be quite content to relinquish 90% of their earnings to the government and, in return, trust that the same government that can’t even deliver the mail reliably can be trusted to adequately provide for all their basic necessities?  What if it determined that even though they worked harder and earned more, and their neighbor worked only part time that they were to be entitled to the exact same government benefits?  Would they feel cheated?  Would they be tempted to not work as hard?  Their neighbor sees no need to work harder since he’s already getting what he needs.

What people keep insisting upon doing is to attempt to conflate “social programs” with socialism.  They point to numerous European countries which have more generous social programs than we do here in America and say THAT is a socialist democracy when it is no such thing. They are ALL capitalist countries plain and simple.  Socialism has no leadership structure since everything is ‘owned and controlled’ by the people – and THAT is why it fails every single time. Without leadership society either collapses or someone TAKES power. But of course there will always be those who distort the clear and unequivocal evidence of history.

We’re constantly being told by its many true believers that Socialism has never actually failed, the reason being that it simply has yet to be properly executed.  They say, “It has only failed because of inefficiency and corruption!”  But they remain too ignorant to understand that that’s the very definition of Socialism.  It’s an inefficient and corrupt way in which to operate a government.  Most Democrats think socialism simply means ‘free’ stuff without considering that in the end someone is going to pay for it, the impact on the quality of it, what their level of access to it would be, and the long term viability of the system which provides it.

Capitalism is fraught with failure, that’s for sure.  But it’s because of Capitalism that 320 million independent minds are able to make choices for themselves.  And while many may fail, most will learn from those failures with the net result being that everyone’s lives improve.  In Socialism, it’s only a few elites who are charged with making choices for millions and their decisions fail every single time.   And they never learn from these failures, they simply double down on failed policies by forcing them onto those who don’t want them. There is no one size fits all without giving up freedom and prosperity.  And still we have those who advocate this twisted system.

Democrats ARE Socialists. They’ve had to remain in the closet for decades because American school kids were taught from first grade that socialism and communism were not only inferior to capitalism, but they were inherently evil. However, Marxists have since taken over public schools and, much like in Orwell’s book 1984, they have redefined what is good and what is evil, turning those definitions on their heads. As a result, old socialists like Bernie Sanders have been joined by millions of empty headed younger folks who have been indoctrinated with this crap. Now the closet door has been kicked open and I believe that America has some very dark days ahead.

And finally, a word of warning.  Republican’s had better get off their butts and out to the polls this November.  Our Nation is under attack by the left and make no mistake, this is a war, if we don’t fight to retain control of the House and Senate, our borders will be opened, Illegals will be given asylum and the right to vote, our tax cuts will be reversed and our taxes will go through the roof, President Trump will be impeached and we all go right back to losing, is that what we all really wants???  I’m hearing from those in the media that the Democrats are energized, they are once again saying it will be a Blue-Wave in November, THAT WE CANNOT ALLOW TO HAPPEN.


Democrats 69

If there is one thing that I’ve learned in my over 66 years of life here in the good old U.S. of A. it’s that those who attempt to label you a racist are, more often than not, are the ones who are the racists.  Regarding the Democrats it’s when they have no idea how to make this country better it’s then that they ALWAYS resort to calling the opposition nothing more than a bunch racists who wish nothing more than to return this country to the glory days of slavery.  Which always strikes me as being a bit odd coming from members of the party that dreamt up slavery in the first place.

Which brings me to last Sunday’s very bizarre parade of Democrats who appeared on a number of the Sunday shows.  It was on an pathetic episode of CBS’s “Face the Nation” that anyone who happened to tune in would have been subjected to failed vice-presidential candidate Timmy ‘The Commie’ Kaine as he once again demonstrated how thoroughly bankrupt the Democrat Party has become when it comes to how best to make America better, as he did nothing more than to accuse President Trump of having made a “concerted effort” to use race to divide people.

Timmy said, “What I think I’m most concerned about with this president is his pension to divide us, to attack people because they’re immigrants, to attack people because of their religion, to attack minorities, to use vulgar language to describe countries where people come who might be Latino or African. There is a concerted effort that he is been engaged in to divide people including dividing based on race. Nowhere was that more obvious, nowhere, than in the aftermath of Charlottesville.”  Right, President Trump is the one trying to divide Americans based on race.

When asked if the president is racist, Timmy said, “I don’t know him. I have no idea about who he is as a person, whether it’s a sincere feeling or whether he thinks it gets him some political edge or gain, I don’t know the answer. But I don’t know which of those two is worse. If it’s not your view, but you do it to try to get a political edge and try to stoke division, in some ways that’s every bit as morally bad as holding views that are bigoted or race.”  Let’s face it, it’s the Democrat Party that works tirelessly to divide Americans by gender, class, sexual preference and, yes, RACE!

So anyway, despite admitting that he doesn’t really know who the president is ‘as a person’ ‘Little Timmy’ still feels quite comfortable, even justified, in calling out President Trump as a racist.  And quite frankly, it’s in so doing the ‘Little Timmy’ actually tells us much more about himself, and about his entire party, that he does about the president.  Look, this is exactly the sort of stuff that Democrats ALWAYS resort to whenever they have nothing else.  And it’s as long as the American people continue to fall for this garbage, that the Democrats will continue to do it.

‘Little Timmy’ whined, “He used vulgar language to describe certain countries. He uses unfair stereotypes.  He will suggest that everybody who comes to the border is a member of MS13, give me a break. Statistics show that is not true. When somebody perpetuates a stereotype that is false, you have to ask why are they doing that? And I think he is stoking division. And it’s against folks from third world countries, folks whose skin color are different than his, folks whose religion he doesn’t approve of.”  This is all nothing more than pure political BS, and Timmy knows it!

Meanwhile, over on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” it was Nancy Pelosi again proving what a waste of skin she is when she said, “We’re going backward, and the president with all of his statements is the master of the dog whistle. Everything he has done, whether it’s taking babies out of the arms of their moms, whether it’s issues that relate to health care in our country, access to services and the rest is  — his whole thing is ‘Make America White Again.’ That’s his thing. He can say a nice thing today in a tweet, but the fact is his actions speak louder than his words.”

And then we had that well-known racist, Democrat Elijah Cummings who, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” very confidently declared that President Trump had not been a man of his word.  Cummings said, “I think it’s a low bar for the president of the United States to simply say he’s against racism. He’s got to do better than that. He’s got to address the people who are espousing racist type comments and doing racist type acts, white supremacy. Seems like he can’t say those words. But I think he can do better.”  Such comments are as ignorant as they are dangerous.

Cummings said, “It’s one thing to say things, it’s another thing when we look at the direction that you’re going and see that the very things that you say that you stand for, you undermine through your actions. For example, I believe that he is about the business of suppressing the vote. I look at the way he has dealt with health care, taking away health care for so many Americans, and I look at the way he has treated, and his administration has treated, the young immigrant children and their parents. That is horrendous. And so when I hear the words, words ring hollow with me.”

He went on to say, “I look at a person’s actions, and you can label them however you want to label them. But I do not believe that President Trump has been a man of his word. I kept going back to his inauguration speech and I ask the president right now to go back and read his inauguration speech when he talked about unity and bringing people together and how our unity will allow us to be the very best in the world. And I think he has done, through his actions, almost everything he could to take that unity and throw it away.”  Cummings is nothing more than a racist and a fraud!

So what we are now once again witnessing here are Democrats at their best, doing what it is that they feel they must in order to ensure their much heralded ‘blue wave’ continues to be a possibility.  But if President Trump is a racist wouldn’t he be like the worst racist ever?  I mean, black unemployment is now the lowest that it has been in history, wages the highest they’ve been in history and pardoning blacks wrongly accused by authorities and the legal system. President Trump’s approval rating among blacks jumps is now to 30%.  I would argue that as racists go, he kinda sucks.

At the end of the day all we really have here is nothing more than another pathetic turn in the revolving door of Liberal/’fake news’ media garbage. Don’t forget the other two fallback talking points masquerading as real news: Trump is a Russian agent and he’s mentally unstable.  The Democrats know that they can’t win a presidential election without roughly 90% of the black vote.  With more and more black Americans now believing that the president is working for their interests, the Democrats have to turn to lies about racism in an effort to get them back onto the plantation.

I think most reasonably intelligent people will agree that the ONLY people who use race in their attempt to divide us are the Democrats, and they’ve been doing it for decades. What is it that the president has done or said that divides Americans by race other than to object to over-paid thugs in the NFL who protest the National Anthem, supporting law enforcement and creating more jobs and less unemployment for black Americans? When Democrats accuse Republicans of being racists, they do so for no other reason than to encourage blacks not to vote for Republicans.

Pelosi has said President Trump wants to make America white again and it was back in 2012 that ‘Slow Joe’ Biden accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put blacks back in chains. Those statements were false and divisive and Pelosi and Biden knew that when they made them. Their intent was to cause black Americans to have negative feelings about Republicans and the long-term damage this divisive political strategy does to the nation was of no concern to them. Democrats don’t care if the nation is divided as long as it results in wins for their party on Election Day.


Pelosi 18

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that the much talked about ‘blue wave’ becomes a reality.  What is it that the American people can expect to see happen when Nancy Pelosi once again takes possession of the gavel as many seem to suggest that she will?  Despite leading her party to one of the worst defeats in congressional history back in 2010, after she ballooned the deficit and pushed Obamacare through passage she is yet again poised to become the next Speaker.  And yet, the agenda we can expect to see from Democrats differs little from the agenda we saw in 2010.

Theoretically, having Democrats lead part of a divided government could play to President Trump’s deal-making skills. Because the fact is that most of the country’s major problems, the high cost of health care; the national debt; the sinking entitlements, cannot be solved without bipartisanship.  Unfortunately, as is usually the case, Democrats are in no mood to compromise. The Democrat definition of ‘compromise’ consists of forcing Republicans to abandon their positions and simply surrender to the Democrats and grant their demands.

As we have seen in the past Pelosi has no problem with preventing Congress from getting anything done.  Instead, she will hold symbolic votes that put Republicans on the spot ahead of the 2020 elections. Her agenda is simple: impeach, tax, bail out.  And it is that agenda that the American people can expect to see playout unless the majority of them make a concerted effort to ensure that the previous mentioned ‘blue wave’ becomes little more than a ‘blue ripple.’  Because unless ‘We the People’ take it upon ourselves to stop her, Nancy will make good on her agenda of:

Impeach. Pelosi has downplayed talk of impeachment on the campaign trail, and has let it be known that she is not happy with the effort of left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer to force the issue. But most of that irritation is just for show. Pelosi’s deputy, Steny Hoyer, has already accused Trump of “treason” and said that impeachment could be discussed after Democrats take the House.

Given that Republicans are likely to maintain control of the Senate — thanks to the fact that Democrats have 25 seats at stake, versus eight for the GOP — there is little chance that President Trump would be convicted and removed from office. But Democrats will impeach the president merely to punish him for having been elected in the first place, and to placate their rabid “progressive” activists. They will also use the impeachment process and vote to make the case against Trump for the 2020 presidential election.

Tax. Pelosi infamously called the Republican tax cuts “crumbs” — then had to walk that back after companies started using their tax breaks to give their employees hefty bonuses. But she left no doubt that Democrats will raise taxes if and when they take the majority. (As she put it in May, Democrats want to “revise” the tax cuts.) Pelosi has trashed each month’s new jobs report as if America is suffering rather than prospering at 4.1% growth and record-low minority unemployment, especially among minorities.

The Senate — assuming it is still run by Republicans — will reject Pelosi’s new taxes. However, she intends to put each and every Republican senator up for re-election in 2020 — and there will be 20, versus only 11 seats at stake for Democrats — on record as supporting “tax cuts for the rich” versus whatever wonderful programs she can pretend the tax cuts would have been used to fund.

Bail Out. Obamacare cost Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel in 2010. Now it is costing American families thousands of dollars in monthly payments for high-deductible insurance policies that are often useless anyway. Republicans promised to repeal and replace it — but could not find the votes. Democrats want to keep the system afloat by bailing out insurers — though they cannot find the money. Their real goal is socialized medicine — “Medicare for All” — as conservatives had warned was Democrats’ intent from the start.

Senate Republicans should reject that — but then again, they may not. If the upper chamber remains as closely divided as it is today, Democrats would just need a few defections from swing-state Senators to impose government health care on America.

In sum, Speaker Pelosi 2.0 offers virtually nothing more than a do-nothing Congress, whose sole agenda will be to remove President Trump — by impeachment if possible or by election if necessary.  And despite Pelosi’s deep unpopularity, she WILL be the Speaker come next January, unless the American people choose to stop her.  So you see, the choice is ours.  Turnout will be paramount if we who love and wish to protect this country from the likes of Pelosi are to succeed in sending this witch back into the muck from which crawled out of those many years ago.

What she wants is very simple: Open borders for illiterate welfare wannabees and drug dealers, as well as Moslem terrorists, Barry ‘O’s – no care – health care. She wants predator men in public toilet areas to molest, and rape women and young girls. She wants less money for the military and to then shift that money to dead beat parasites who have no right to the money of taxpayers.  These and many other insane policies are what the Democrat will be attempting to use in destroying America, and pushing the U.S. towards a Socialist/Communist society like Cuba and Venezuela.

All that and a complete surrender in the so-called ‘trade wars’ and the allowing of other countries to run up even more massive trade surpluses.  That and the liberal desire to tie U.S. businesses down with burdensome and extremely costly global warming regulations, the effort to ban fracking, and the age old dream of those on the left to regulate, quite literally, every aspect of Americans’ lives.  When you put that all together you have the dream agenda of every Leftist, including Pelosi.  We MUST make clear to ALL that these are NOT the policies that we want.

Look, I would think that it would be painfully obvious by now, especially after our eight year sleigh ride to Hell under Barry ‘O’, that the Democrats have NO desire to make America better, they wish only to push their twisted agenda, no matter how screwed up it is, just to destroy Trump, regardless of how much collateral damage it may cause to the country!  Pelosi is the warning sign for every sane American not to vote for a Democrat. No matter how much they may smile or how much they promise, mark my words, Democrats will always be traitors to the United States of America.


Schumer 27

Never has there been a more intense, or long-lasting, meltdown by so many over something as routine as a political election, as what we’ve seen from the Democrats regarding the 2016 presidential election.  It has now been 18 months since they experienced a most humiliating defeat and still the Democrats continue to mourn how their ‘most qualified’ candidate lost to a complete political novice.  And in their effort to retaliate, the Democrats have now embarked on what is essentially a scorched earth campaign that has them attacking both the victor and his supporters.

It was on Thursday that Chuckie Schumer said President Trump had “done real damage to the American character.”  He said, “We all knew he had some character traits that were not very admirable, no fidelity to the truth, a bulling, an ego that is enormous and as president it’s gotten much, much worse. So lots of Republicans are very uncomfortable with Trump even if they agree with him on a bunch the issues. Because he has done real damage to the American character. We have never had a president who has behaved the way that Trump has.”  In one sense he is right.

And in what I thought was a rather odd thing to be hearing from a Democrat, Chuckie added, “He has shown such low and weak character that it has hurt America.”  Let’s face it, if there is one group of people of whom it can be said has no fidelity to the truth, and who possess no character of ANY kind, it would those like Chuckie who inhabit the Democrat Party.  And it is also regarding the Democrat Party that it can be said that there has never a been a group of individuals more focused in their effort to not only hurt this country, but to destroy it and all that it has come to stand for.

Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, Cory Booker, along with any number of other Democrats don’t want to admit that their beloved Democrat Party may now be on the ropes.  And in an attempt to energize their followers these same people disparage our president and his supporters while working to advance their Socialist agenda of identity politics, higher taxes, open borders, and more ‘free’ stuff. They are the party of Socialism/Communism who are far more concerned about illegals, refugees, and the foreign workers then they are about the American.

Look at where we are today just eighteen months into the Trump presidency.  We have decreasing unemployment, rising wages, returning manufacturing jobs, tax cuts, fewer people on food stamps, NATO actually paying their fair share, a better national defense, North Korea talks, ISIS eradicated, and more.  And yet we have Chuckie making the idiotic claim that somehow, “President Trump has done real damage to the American character.”  Let’s face it, what damage has been to the character of this nation has come at the hands of those who practice progressivism/liberalism.

The party of Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the KKK, Eugenics, Euthanasia, Fascism, Socialism/Marxism, Hate and Violence, continues to project upon Republicans all that they themselves have been, and continue to be, guilty of.  Democrats, along with their political partners-in-crime, the Deep State DC Swamp Never-Trump Republicans, are desperately trying, using their control of the state-controlled media, to politically and personally destroy President Trump, but continue to fail miserably as their attempts blow up in their collective faces!  It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

So Chuckie, is the “American character” to take a chain and bike lock to the heads of those who support the President?  Or is the “American character” burning, pillaging and trashing businesses and storefronts because you are unhappy with a court judgment?  Is the “American character” trashing American and everything she stands for and cheering illegal invaders who chant “F America”, Chuckie?  Is the “American character” about celebrating and embracing criminal illegal aliens who gluttonously take all we have to offer and then complain that it’s not enough?

Or, Chuckie, is the “American character” filthy rich, entitled athletes kneeling for the National Anthem?   Is the “American character” filth-spewing, vile, nasty women like your fat ugly niece “celebrating abortion?”  Is the “American character” about corrupting and politically weaponizing our highest law enforcement agencies in the land, the FBI and DOJ, so that America looks like a jackboot banana republic?  Is the “American character” about the FBI and DOJ spying on, intimidating and persecuting American citizens because of their political views?

Is the “American character” about the heads of the highest law enforcement agencies in our land attempting to take down a candidate because he’s an outsider? (I thought that only happened in third world s**tholes, Chuckie?  But I guess when you have eight years of a guy from a s**thole third world nation, you end up with a corrupt third world government and a deep state.)  Is the “American character” about politicians going to D.C. to serve the public and ending up multi-millionaires because they so screwed over those they were supposed to be there to serve?

And finally Chuckie, is the “American character” about MS-13, radical Moslem extremists, welfare frauds, globalists, corrupt politicians and dirty cops and crooked lawyers?  Is the “American character” about shutting down free speech and grabbing guns from the law-abiding while criminals rape, pillage and loot with impunity?  Because I gotta tell ya, Chuckie, if not it most certainly is not President Trump who has damaged “American character!”  And thus we have the many reasons that Chuckie lacks the moral authority to pass judgment on President Trump or the Republicans!

It is in fact Chuckie and his fellow Democrats who have damaged the character of American society by doing everything within their power to flood the country with illegal aliens and Moslems.  Chuckie has always been about playing the blame game.  Barry ‘O’ created the mess that America is now experiencing.  It’s outrageous that no one is investigating the Barry regime and all of his cohorts.  All that Barry did, or tried to do, to forever harm this country must be shared with the American people so they can understand just how close we came, and how it was a good thing that Hitlery lost.



Despite the constant drumbeat coming from those within the Democrat Party about the coming ‘Blue Wave’, and all of the many NeverTrumpers who are actually hoping for just such an eventuality, it would seem that the latest round of polls the purpose of which is to look at the generic ballot tend to show a rather dramatic drop for Democrats as we head into the 2018 mid-terms elections.  Of course, as we’ve seen before, you can’t always trust what polls say.

But, be that as it may, in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Democrats enjoyed a seven point advantage as recently as last week.  However, as of today, that lead has no slipped to a mere five points.  That five point lead, though, includes polls going back to mid-July, including an outlier Quinnipiac poll that gave Democrats a 12 point lead. If you look only at the four polls taken this month, the Democrat lead drops to an average of just 2 (2.25) points.

Rasmussen shows Democrats at +4 (45-41 percent) — down from +6 last week.  IBD/TIPP has both parties all tied up at 45 percent — down from +8 Democrat lead at the end of June.  Economist/YouGov has Democrats +3 (44-41 percent) — down from +4 last week.  Reuters/Ipsos has Democrats +2 (41-39 percent) — down from +6 last week.  There are a number of possible explanations for this fairly dramatic movement away from the Big ‘Blue Wave.’

To begin with, we’ve had some undeniably good economic news of late, which voters are crediting to President Trump.  Also, the president has been aggressively stumping for Republicans, holding as many as three rallies just last week.  What’s more, despite the best efforts of those in our ‘fake news’ media to hide all of the good economic news, and to protect Democrats from themselves, it’s all thanks to the alternative media, that the ‘real news’ is getting out.

Other ‘real news’ is also managing to get out.  News that makes very clear the extremism of the Pelosi left, and just how radical those on the left have now become, and the message about the reality of what a Democrat-controlled House would likely mean for the country.  Such things as endlessly ginned up scandals directed at the president, the worst kind of gridlock, bitter partisanship, and most certainly a move to impeach President Trump over nonsense.

While there is no question that Democrats are energized as we head into the 2018 midterms, as they run around praising socialism, putting illegal aliens above law-abiding American citizens, and promise to dismantle border enforcement and ICE, these are the kinds of terrifying realities that energize the rest of America and would tend to turn off reasonable Democrats.  I can’t help but wonder how possessing such an agenda forms the basis of a sound strategy.

Frankly, that the Democrats can still be said to be leading by ANY amount as we head into the next contest is beyond me.  Are there really enough folks who agree with the Democrat on everything from immigration to taxes?  Do my fellow Americans REALLY want a return to the transformative policies of Barry ‘O’?  Do they not see that a Democrat Congress will work tirelessly to halt President Trump’s agenda dead in its tracks and to impeach the president?

And how ignorant does one have to be not to see that this one sided pursuit of the President by Mr. Mueller and his band of merry men of Democrats IS a witch hunt, while the real elitist criminal, Hitlery, is allowed to escape all manner of punishment for her REAL crimes.  Do Americans REALLY want to have unequal justice and a set of rules for the elite and another set of rules for the rest of us?  I truly hope America wakes up and realizes this election IS about the future of this country.

Let’s face it, the choice has never been more clear. President Trump and the Republicans seek to make America great again economically, militarily and constitutionally, a place where the individual is trusted to make their own decisions about their lives.  And it’s the SOCIALIST Democrats who seek the return of ‘Big Brother’ and even Bigger Government, where the individual is looked down upon as being too stupid to make the PROPER decisions for themselves.

The Democrats and their voters have become literally consumed by their hatred of President Trump. They would rather destroy the country than see Trump succeed.  The Democrats and their minions in the media have one goal, destroy the president and discredit his supporters.  But, will the voters who supported President Trump turn out? Because, as we know, polls can be wrong, and sometimes deliberately so, to create a false impression or to inspire the other side.