Looking back over the last seven years perhaps the single most important thing to have happened was in how, in winning the presidency, Donald Trump prompted so many of those who had spent years, perhaps even decades, professing themselves to be true believers in the conservative agenda, to expose themselves as being the complete and utter frauds that they are. And it’s still to this day that many of these losers still persist in attacking President Trump and his millions of supporters, but also those politicians who believe in the ‘America First’ agenda. And one of the more vocal groups is a rather odd assortment of misfits that calls itself, the ‘Lincoln Project.’

And it’s the members of this group who seem to hate those who want nothing more than to prevent their country from being lost for future generations. And it was Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson who said Wednesday on MSDNC’s “The Beat” that “society” has to “strap up and decide we’re going to push back against” the dangerous Republican Party. What a remarkably childish and dishonest piece of human garbage this guy is. Wilson will say anything that gets him in the good graces of those in the ‘fake news’ media and puts money in his pocket. He cares nothing about voting rights or any other rights for that matter.  Only about lining his own pockets!

Anyway, it was guest anchor Katie Phang who said, “Election workers are increasing security around polling places before the midterms. Is this the new reality in America now where we have to have armed guards for people to exercise their right to vote?” Wilson said, “I think we may end up in that position at some point. There is an increasing movement on the far-right to intimidate voters, whether it’s on the legal side in the beginning by raising the standards and by eliminating drop boxes or early voting, eliminating absentee ballots. And they’re going to end up with the big MAGA guys from Meal Team Six standing just outside that line to intimidate people.”

Phang asked, “Some experts think this rhetoric is more symbolic, calling it a cold Civil War, measured by mistrust and intractable polarization, rather than a hot war with conflict. Is that what we’re seeing now? It already feels uncomfortable hot to me.” Wilson said, “January 6th struck me as a hot God damn day. What Stewart Rhodes said himself, we should have brought more rifles. These people are ready to go. It doesn’t matter if a tiny fraction believe this. And this moron went on to say, “It matters that the rest of the Republican establishment doesn’t care. They are silent. They will not speak out.” And he added, “They will not stand up.”

Wilson said, “When Mitch McConnell is threatened by the former president this weekend, he cowers in fear. He doesn’t stand up. They have decided that the cancer inside the party is something that they can live with long enough to seize power again. They hope the alligator will eat them last, if I may mix my metaphors. This is a dangerous party with a dangerous belief that power alone justifies any excuse to get there. And it does not. And is it going to be something where we pay the price as a country and a society unless we strap up and decide we’re going to push back against these people? It’s got to happen sooner than later.”

The Lincoln Project is another of those groups that, while it claims to be supportive of Republicans, its members are in fact nothing more than closet Democrats who have simply been pretending to be Republicans for years. And contrary to what this buffoon says, it’s easy enough to verify which party is the more violent, commits more robberies, more assaults, rapes and murders. We all witnessed the BLM riots, the looting, the public and private property destruction, the taking over of city blocks and the blocking of city streets and highways. And we saw how all of it was enthusiastically cheered on by Democrat politicians, even our current vice president.  

The Lincoln Project is operated by a group of gutless wonders and hypocritical political bigots who have absolutely no problem with our nation being turned into a global plantation with rampant corruption at every level of our government, and our population being turned into impoverished serfs. They are the very same bullies we all knew on the playground that used to steal our lunch money with threats of violence. We aren’t the diseased haters, we aren’t the violent masses, we aren’t the lawless criminals running roughshod, and we aren’t the ones who have turned our nation into an insolvent bankrupt third world nation of a Hell hole.

Back in the 1950s and early 60s, the Democrats made the claim that they were for the “workin man,” and that Republicans were the ‘elite’ fascists. Fast-forward 60 years and we find the Democrats doing everything they can to CRUSH the working man, to Crush the middle class, and it is THEY who are now our elite ‘betters.’ Almost every one of them now have no link to the average working person and just go through the motions. It’s the Democrats, as well as Republicans like those of the ‘Lincoln Project,’ that are now working feverishly to sell our country right out from under us. They are desperate to finish the task before we can elect enough allies to stop them.

And so, it’s those in the ‘Lincoln Project’ who seem to think that all those who value the founding principles of this country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are dangerous and must be stopped at all costs. So can we then conclude that the ‘Lincoln Project’ is nothing more than a bunch of radical Marxists who would rather see a Soviet/Mao’s China kind of a society here in America. And if so, we must vote accordingly in order to remove those politicians who choose to stand with groups such as this. The only reason for such ramped up rhetoric, to the point of absurdity, is that the internal polls must show a red tsunami coming in both the House and Senate.

The ‘Lincoln Project’ is nothing more than a Communist front group. Wilson is unable to cite one instance of Republicans intimidating voters. He, like Hitlery, says Republicans are “dangerous,” but never defines, specifically, what that danger is. Are Republicans going to unleash the FBI dogs on Democrats? Are they going to deny free speech and press? Mr. Wilson’s party is already doing that to this nation right now. The FBI is now a Soviet KGB. Republicans don’t do that. Are Republicans going to overthrow the Constitution and impose a single-party dictatorship? Are Republicans going to abolish individual rights? It’s your party that is doing all of that Mr. Wilson.


I must admit that I have a difficult time understanding those who are able, courtesy of their rather unique brand of sophistication, to look at what has taken place in this country over the course of the last 20 months and are still able to make the argument that the most important issue in need of being addressed is a ‘mother’s ability to murder her unborn child, right up to the moment of birth. And that also seems to be the only issue that our *president is willing to discuss. Not high gas prices, not high inflation, not the southern border, only abortion. And in so doing our *president refers to any attempts to place limits on this gruesome procedure, as a “crisis!”

Apparently Joey’s primary concern as we head in to midterm elections is not the price of gas, our open border, the economy or even the highest rate of inflation in over 40 years. What Joey is most concerned about is that there were not enough abortions allowed in the United States after the Supreme Court ‘overturned’ Roe versus Wade. Although we all know they ‘overturned’ nothing, they simply returned the issue to the states, which is what should have been done back on 1973, where it rightfully belongs! The *president warned that “extremist laws” in Republican states were limiting abortions across the country, which he complained was backward.

And in what was essentially a warning that the right to contraception would soon be questioned, Joey said, “Folks, what century are we in? I mean… How? What are we doing?” Joey met with his “Reproductive Rights Taskforce” at the White House, which we’re told was put together in order to help women find access to abortions despite bans across the country. And Joey insisted, “As I’ve said before, the court got Roe right nearly 50 years ago.” The *president met with abortion doctors to discuss their own experiences of women in Republican states begging them for abortions, praising them for serving “on the front lines of this crisis.” Begging for abortions???

And it was Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona who warned that the Supreme Court ruling was creating a culture of “fear and confusion on college campuses” warning of a “chilling” effect on universities. And it’s anyone who’s the least bit familiar with this kook that understands all too well that he should not have anything to do with the ‘educating’ of our children! He’s just more nut on the long list of misfits that comprise Joey’s cabinet. And it was a number of hand-picked ‘doctors,’ and I use the term loosely, visiting the White House who also voiced their opposition to the Supreme Court decision. In truth they are nothing more than a bunch of quacks!

And it was one quacks who said, “My colleagues and I have to think about whether we’re going to be criminalized and imprisoned, whether our licenses will be taken away, whether our livelihood will be threatened for providing compassionate evidence-based care (abortions).” One abortion doctor complained that abortion was outlawed in the state of Wisconsin, except to save the life of the mother. She said “Pregnant people don’t have a warning light when it crosses that threshold,” She added that “the effects are chilling.” And another of these physicians who identified her pronouns as “she/her,” said, “Abortion is healthcare. It is our human right.”

But to answer Joey’s question regarding what century it might be that we are in, it would seem that we have been taken back to the days of child sacrifice cults and angry mobs of males attacking ‘unwelcome’ people for refusing to submit to perversion. We’ve apparently been taken back to a century where the mental capacity of many people is clearly limited. Remember folks, God gave us a superior brain to distinguish us from the animals. Apparently, those who believe they have a superior brain (those attending college) cannot control themselves as much as some animals. But that would seem to be where have now gotten ourselves.

And isn’t it pathetic that the Democrats signature election issue is the murder of the unborn? Vote for us and you can kill your baby anytime you like, pretty sad. But, believe it or not, it’s even more sinister than that. The abortion industry is all about getting baby parts and stem cells for researchers to study, this requires the murdering of babies, and there are fetal stem cells for every organ, which is why they want to be able to abort a baby right up to delivery. It makes it all sound a little less unsavory, and a little less guilty, if these ‘physicians call it a fetus, or “just a blob of cells,” which is why they insist upon calling it anything other than an unborn baby.

Democrats continue to lie about the real reason that they continue to fight for abortion so hard by claiming that what they’re really fighting for is a “woman’s right to choose.” And it’s all nothing more than BS. Democrats care about women about as much as they care about blacks, which is zip point shit!!! What Democrats are all about is making it easier for some of their wealthy supporters to harvest fetal stem cells which in turn makes them even wealthier and often times turns into big dollar donations to the party. What century are we living in? The century where we have the technology to view the baby and listen to its heartbeat before you murder it.

Contrary to what we continue to hear from Joey, and supposed medical professionals, the true crisis in this country is the fact that over 4,000 babies are murdered every single day in our nation, that’s over 1.6 million dead babies every year! Also, it’s 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion activity that takes place solely in minority neighborhoods, mostly in Black neighborhoods. And there have been over 58,586,256 ABORTIONS in America since Roe versus Wade signed into law by President Kennedy and the Democrats 1973. And yet according to Joey, because we wish to place tighter limits on the murdering of our young, we’ve created a crisis in this country!

And let’s be honest, the vast majority of abortions are the result of irresponsible, people who insist upon having unprotected sex and who are not the least bit concerned about possible pregnancies nor their consequences. Not because of rape and/or incest! They are simply too lazy/irresponsible to get the free birth-control provided by taxpayers. Then, without any compassion, shame nor guilt, they simply allow their unprotected unborn child, a living human being just as they themselves are, to have their arms/legs torn off, their brains crushed, being murdered and carelessly discarded as if they are nothing but garbage. No personal responsibility!

Democrats don’t believe in the death penalty except where the unborn are concerned. They claim to be tough on crime, yet allow dangerous illegal, unvetted immigrants to flood into this country. They say we should house illegal immigrants, just not in their neighborhoods. And now they claim the single most important issue in this country is abortion followed closely behind by ‘climate change!’ And as Americans are faced with higher gas prices, higher food prices and with inflation rising faster than their paychecks they’re supposed to be more concerned about abortions and ‘climate change.’ The next two elections will determine the fate of our country.


So riddle me this, after decades of allowing themselves to be lead down the primrose path by the Democrats, are there an increasing number of blacks who are finally beginning to wake up to the dire consequences of having done so? And are they finally willing to do whatever it takes, even going so far as to vote Republican, to break the cycle of poverty that has essentially been forced upon by their beloved Democrat Party. And are enough of them finally beginning to realize that slavery does not always involves chains and plantations are not always about cotton? Or, is the data that would seem to indicate that, nothing more than a bunch of malarkey?

CNN’s ‘senior data reporter,’ whatever the Hell that is, Harry Enten said Monday on “New Day” that polling is showing a significant drop in support for Democrats among black voters. Anchor Brianna Keilar said, “New data is showing warning signs for Democrats ahead of the midterms. A key voting group that is considered reliably Democratic does not seem as blue as it once was was. CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten is joining us now. So Harry, as we move into the midterms, here you’re saying we’re seeing movement among a core Democratic group.” Enten said, “Yes, take a look here. This is black voters’ electoral preference in pre-election polling.”

And this clown, Enten, went on to say, “Black voters are the core part of the Democratic Party. And as you can see here in the race for Congress, they’re still getting 74 percent support in the pre-election polling right now, but compare that to the final polling for 2020 President and 2018 Congress. Back in 2020, it was 84 percent, 85 percent in 2018. So you’re clearly seeing right here there is less support for Democratic candidates for Congress among African-Americans. You can look at the Republican column as well, and you can see that 12 percent is not exactly high, but that is actually the high watermark. It was 9 percent in 2020 and 9 percent in 2018.”

And he said, “So basically, what was a 75, 76-point margin is down in the low 60s. Democrats still well ahead with African-Americans, but in a game in which you’re trying to drive up, the margin, the margin among African Americans for Democrats is clearly down.” Now don’t get me wrong here the lack of Black votes isn’t going to be what causes the Democrats to lose in November. What’s going to cause them to lose is the fact that everything they do, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE THING, hurts average Americans regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation and gender. That is what’s going to cost them in the November midterm elections!

And it would be black men who are leaving the Democrat Party, because they like President Trump. Because President Trump, by creating jobs, gave them the opportunity to prosper and a path for them to gain for themselves a little self-respect. Two things that the Democrats have worked hard to keep from them for decades. And now they’re watching how it is that the Democrats are trying to replace them with all of the illegal immigrants that are being encouraged to come to this country, and beginning to wake up and see this truth. Granted, it’s still way too early to tell if this will actually translate into support for Republicans, but it might.  

Maybe, just maybe, blacks are waking up because of how a white Gavin Newsom tried to painted black Larry Elder as a “white supremacist!” Maybe they’re waking up when the mostly white New York Times sends a reporter down to Georgia to declare that Herschel Walker is no longer part of the black community because he’s running as a Republican? Maybe they’re waking up because of Joey saying, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black!” Maybe they’re waking up to how it is that the Democrat Party is openly declaring ownership of black people and pushing policies that see blacks killed in the womb by the thousands and in the streets by the hundreds?

Maybe they’re finally waking up to the world of poverty, misery, theft, drug use, and murder that has been created especially for them by the very party that chose to fight a war to keep their fellow human beings as slaves. And now, here we are nearly 160 years later and it’s the same Democrat Party that vehemently supports black genocide through abortion, which disproportionately destroys black lives. Any black who votes for a Democrat is agreeing to be poor the rest of their life. Democrats do nothing to help blacks out of poverty, Democrats only want their votes. President Trump gave them hope and gave them the chance to stand on their own.

And I suspect that while more black men are beginning to see the light, black women are firmly entrenched in their bubble and will, in all likelihood, continue to vote in overwhelming numbers for whatever Democrat they can. But they need to consider how it continues to be the Democrat Party that prevents them from having a strong man in their lives and a dedicated father figure for their children. They need not continue to accept the government’s playing the role of ‘father’ and husband. But as long as the continue to vote for Democrats that can be the only result, because it’s the only result possible in the world created for them by the Democrats.

And blacks need to be asking themselves if after over 60 years of Democrat policies and trillions of dollars spent, how many Blacks are genuinely better off? Has all the ‘free stuff’ the Democrats have continued to provide improved even one life? What is it that the Democrats have done for blacks really? Other than to destroy black families; allow drugs to be easily accessible; reduce law enforcement in black neighborhoods, many of which need that help more than most, made everything more expensive for those who still have to pay for it instead of just taking everything they want; filled them with the self-destructive emotion of anger; and the list goes on.

And mark my words, it’s for the next 30 days we can expect nonstop racial fearmongering from the Democrats and those in our ‘fake news’ media. Blacks have saddled this country with Democrats for too long. In return for their taxpayer funded ‘freebies’ they’ve just about destroyed everything that’s decent in America.  BLM destroyed many cities and spread a toxic ideology throughout the country. Blacks must stop listening to the snake-oil salesmen who claim to have their best interests at heart and start exploring their options. At this point it’s like Donald Trump once said, “what have they got to lose” except perpetual bondage to a self-serving government.

Finally, many times in the past I have opined about how much different this country would look today if blacks had never been brought here in the first place. About how many innocent lives would have been spared, about how trillions of dollars would have never been spent, about how many of our cities wouldn’t be in the condition that they are today, and so very much more. But as the old saying goes, “What’s done, is done!” Blacks need to return to the Republican Party or be made to suffer by their own hand the ugly consequences that continuing to vote Democrat will surely bring to them. Blacks control their destiny and their future is within their control.


During ‘normal’ political times, if there is such a thing, we’re told that it’s the party of the president that always loses seats in Congress in the midterm elections. But we most certainly are not living in a time that can, by anyone’s definition, be described as normal. After all, we have a fraudulently ‘selected’ *president and his party who are desperately doing all that they can to destroy our country. And yet as we hurtle toward the next election we continue to hear how it remains a toss up regarding who it will be that controls Congress once the dust settles, despite the fact that the *president as lost the confidence of roughly one third of the American population.

You see, it’s according to a ‘new’ poll that just 39 percent of registered voters currently approve of *president Joey just 36 days away from the midterm elections. That would mean that nearly 40 percent of voters actually approve of this dumpster fire Joey B, and the Democrats have created for us! So just what is it that they approve of? Anyway, it was 52 percent of respondents who disapproved of Joey, a high number for the leader of a Democrat Party desperate to hang onto control of both the House and Senate come this November. A presidential approval rating is usually a bellwether for how the president’s party performs in the midterm elections.

And yet you may ask how can this be? After all, Joey has cured cancer, he has brought everyone out of poverty, he chooses truth over facts and let’s not forget the fact that he was the most popular *president ever ‘selected.’ Oh, and there is how he has managed to bring us all together and united us as a country. But it’s according to CNN’s ‘senior data’ reporter, Harry Enten, that Joey’s approval rating has been impacted by a drop in the level of support from black voters. Since Joey assumed office, he has lost support among black voters by 23 points, from 87 to 64 percent. And as we ALL know, Blacks make up a significant portion of the Democrat vote.

And of course, for some bizarre reason, the vast majority of blacks, 74 percent, still prefer the Democrat Party over the Republican Party. In 2020, 84 percent preferred the Democrat Party, a ten point swing and a massive amount of lost support. In 2018, 85 percent of blacks preferred the Democrat Party. Conversely, Republicans appear to have picked up three points in that timeframe from nine percent to 12 percent. Yet despite being the ones who bear the brunt of Joey’s idiotic policies on immigration, the economy and energy, the majority of black still choose to stand by their man. And, quite frankly, that says far more about them than it does Joey!!

And what’s hard to understand is why minorities still prefer the Democrats over the Republicans. It’s amazing to think that the black voters actually believe that Democrats actually care about them when the entire Democrat Party is a sham. But the black vote is not the only segment of the electorate in which Democrats are struggling. Hispanics prefer the Democrat Party less by six points, 60-54 percent, since the 2018 midterm elections. Meanwhile, Hispanics have moved toward Republicans by seven points, 26-33 percent. The total difference between Democrats and Republicans is only 21 points, down from 34 points in 2018.

We have now been taken to the very brink of economic disaster and yet there are those who continue to support the man, and the party, who are most responsible.  And so I can only assume that it is they who are actually in favor of record high inflation, records high food and fuel prices, record high taxes, the sexualization of our children, rampant crime, a corrupt FBI and an even more corrupt White House. A *president who genuinely loves his country would not insist upon putting working Americans out of work and then turn around and launch a hostile foreign invasion upon those Americans! Is it me? Am I the one looking at all wrong?

Even with all that said, I suppose the 39 percent number could be accurate. But we would need to assume that 39 percent of the country is comprised of evil people and/or idiots, which would explain a lot. Republicans often make the mistake of assuming that such a large number of people could not possibly be this deranged, but the evidence would seem to say that that is likely the case. I mean, look at our rising crime statistics and the millions of Americans who actually believe that abortion is somehow this country’s most important crisis in need of being addressed. The country seems full of illogical, brainwashed morons who think theirs is the more just cause.

Also within that 39 percent are the takers, the ‘fraudulent’ welfare recipients, and those who are always on the lookout for their pound of government cheese. But it’s seldom, if ever, that any of these scumbags are, or have ever been, considered contributors. They have no concern for the direction of this country or her demise at the hands of the Democrat Party, as long as they continue to get ‘something for nothing.’ Never doubt the power of taxpayer funded freebies given in exchange for votes. Democrats have been doing that for decades. There will always be those interested only in themselves and could care less whether the country survives.


If you’re one of those who insist upon hanging on every word uttered by that supposed political genius James Carville, then I have just three words for you, “Are you crazy?” I’ve never really understood why anyone continues to hold this guy in such high regard. After all, just what is it that this guy has ever done other than to succeed in getting his guy across the finish line in a three man race. And considering who the other contenders were, how tough of a job was that? It’s like back when everyone was so keen to hear what Bob Beckel had to say, the guy who engineered a presidential campaign that succeeded in winning only his candidate’s home state! But I digress!

So it was recently the Carville again reminded us all of just what a waste of time it is listening to anything he has to say. You see, it’s according to Carville that some wild things in American politics could be coming over the next two years. During a talk, part of Alabama-based PARCA’s Speaker Series, held at the Red Mountain Theatre in Birmingham, Carville said he did not expect President Trump nor Joey B to be on the 2024 presidential election ballot. He said, “I don’t think Trump or Biden will be on the ballot in 2024.” And he added, “I’m going to be 78 in less than a month. The country needs a generational change. I think they’re going to get it.”

And it was later in the same presentation during what was the question-and-answer portion of the program, that Carville made two more rather bizarre prognostications when asked what the future of the January 6 Committee was should the Republicans succeed in taking back control of Congress in the November 8 elections. He said, “I’m going to give y’all two predictions.” And he went on to say, “First prediction is within a year, Biden pardons Trump. [Biden] says you have to ask for it, and you have to admit guilt. I think at a point you say, you know — now, you have to talk to the Fulton County [GA] DA. That’s not part of the deal. That’s not presidential.”

And he continued by saying, “The second prediction is, the next Speaker of the House is — drumroll, please — Liz Cheney,” he continued. “It is a very possible outcome that the Republicans win the House by three seats. Y’all have got to remember something: The entire House elects the Speaker. Being Speaker is like being Pope. You don’t have to be a Catholic to be a Pope.” According to Carville, Liz Cheney could win the speakership by swaying four Republicans and all of the Democrats if the Republicans were to only win the House by a three-member majority. Talk about a hypothetical. Besides the fact that Cheney won’t be in Congress, Democrats would never go along.

As I said, Cheney won’t be in the house in 2023 and even if the RINOs win the argument that the Constitution says they can elect anyone they wish to be their officers, she would have no vote in the House, hence no utility. And anyway, good luck with getting the radical Democrats on board with such a notion. All of the Democrats in House are leftist radicals as proven by their support for the Joey B/Pelosi agenda 99.9 percent of the time. The only time they are not radical is during the four or five months leading up to the next election when they all morph into moderates and try to cast themselves as being something other than what they are.  

Carville is the perfect example of what the Democrat Party has become essentially since the election of ‘BO.’ They are so out of touch with reality that they actually believe this sort of thing. It’s why you see them continuing to get more and more radical as things don’t go their way. In the fantasy in which they live they are loved and that their policies are making everything better. And while I’m not the political genius that Carville is supposed to be, he’s gonna have to explain something to me, just what is it that President Trump has done that would warrant him in need of being pardoned? Because compared to Joey B, the man is an absolute saint!

And Carville apparently assumes that when the dust settles after the election the Republicans will have only a 2 to 3 seat majority in the House. As for Cheney at the end of her term she will have outlived her usefulness to the Democrats and her services will no longer be needed. And besides, there are those members of the Democrat caucus who would never vote for any Republican for Speaker, regardless of who it is! Carville, 78 years old and suffering from the same debilitating disease that Joey is suffering from. And yet he still gets hauled out to spew such drivel because it’s what the leftwing loons want to hear. Carville seeks only to be relevant again.

Carville is simply engaging in a little gallows humor. He knows that he’ll probably be dead, before the Democrats are able to make their way out of the hole that they’ve managed to dig for themselves. As for Cheney, she’s likely finished in politics, and will soon be forgotten and will have to be content with making her empty threats against President Trump and his supporters. She was unremarkable at best and at worst an abysmal failure as a member of Congress. Now, she’s openly detested. Carville insulted President Trump by suggesting he’d have to admit to a crime, so that Joey could pardon him. Carville’s not crazy, it’s just that he simply no longer cares.


When you get right down to it Democrat politicians, as well as those who support them, are pretty disgusting individuals. So we shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats, right down to the very last one, along with every leftwing loon in the ‘fake news’ media, again were so eager to use the victims of Hurricane Ian as fodder in their continuing effort to push their cockamamie theory of manmade ‘climate change.’ And it was those of us in Florida who pretty much expected Democrat Charlie Crist, now trailing Ron DeSantis by double digits in his quest to be Florida next governor, to jump on the bandwagon, claiming that we must do something about ‘climate change.’

Now while Charlie’s plan may work to get more nutty Democrats to the polls, I don’t think ‘climate change’ is important enough of an issue to get Republicans to vote for this political chameleon. At least, as a Republican myself, that would be my guess. Or, for that matter, to vote for that nut who wants to defund the police, Democrat Val Demings, who’s running again Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate. But in getting back to Crist, the political opportunist by which all other opportunists are measured, it was this past Thursday on MSDNC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports” that Crist said he wanted to address ‘climate change’ to reduce the size of storms like Hurricane Ian.

Crist said, “When you compare this to Hurricane Charlie, similar strengths, obviously, but the massive size of this storm, Ian is incredible. Three of the five have hit Florida. So one factor in all of this is climate change. These storms are getting bigger, they’re getting stronger, and they’re affecting many more lives as a result of it.” He added, “It is remarkable what we are witnessing, and as we get through this, hopefully, we’ll have an opportunity to make sure that we do things so we can address going forward to try to reduce the size of these massive storms that Florida has suffered from so brutally.” And he said, “And so that will be a focus as we’re moving forward.”

Crist added, “It’s going to take a lot of time to get through this because it’s touched almost every corner of the state, on its way now to the Atlantic and heading up to the Carolinas. The magnitude of this is hard to imagine, but this is what we’re facing. It’s not going to be weeks. It’s not going to be months. It’s going to be longer, and it’s going to take a relentless concerted effort by the federal, the state, local government, all hands on deck, and those who can help the private sector as well to do everything we can to not only pray for our Florida, but to do everything we can to help those affected throughout the southeastern United States.”

These ‘climate change’ alarmists scream ‘climate change’ any time there is a storm, a flood or a forest fire. Crist thinks history started when he was 12. Apparently so do a great many other Democrats. And if we don’t rid ourselves of all the BS going on in our public schools and start teaching real history and real science what we’re going to end up with is generation after generation of complete imbeciles. This ‘global warming/climate change’ narrative has had the same effect as did the fake plandemic. It will reduce our population to nothing more than mind-numbed little robots, which is exactly what rabid leftwing Democrats, like Crist, want.

Unfortunately, government sponsored science has been compromised by a lack of integrity. Which is tragic, because much of what is produced is honest work that is important. But politics has now been allowed to infect the body by those scientists with an agenda, and a healthy amount of greed. It’s absolutely amazing that people who cannot define what a woman is, who that think men can get pregnant, who think there is no difference between men and women when playing sports, who believe you can change your gender on a whim and believe every evil in the world is caused by white supremacists are now ‘expert’ climatologists simply because they say so.

There is NO consensus in the scientific community. Furthermore, there’s an organized resistance, by those in the ‘fake news’ media and political hacks, to data and scientific evidence that refutes ALL of the supposed ‘models’ and the false unscientific climate claims from what a cadre of those who are nothing more that rabid left-wing ideologues. ‘Climate Change’ has become the Left’s religion. And dare I say that it’s rather naïve to expect politicians to first learn something about a subject before they open their mouths. Crist obviously knows nothing about hurricanes and his promise to reduce the size of hurricanes exposes his ignorance.

And so Crist misses yet another opportunity to sound like a real leader and not just another political hack. Oh well, you can’t sound like something you ain’t, and can’t help sounding like what you so very obviously are. And just as I suspected, Crist is a bigger idiot than even I originally thought. The strongest hurricane that has ever come ashore in Florida, since such data first began to be recorded, was in 1926, It had 180 mph winds, the pressure was 100 mb below Ian, and the population of Florida was 1.3 million people. This is not a global climate anything but simply another year in Florida and we had a hurricane strike a heavily populated area. Remember in November!!!

Yup, vote Democrat and succeed in changing the weather. Meanwhile pay no attention to the high gas prices, the highest inflation n 40 years, a southern border that essentially no longer exists, the lunacy of there being more than two sexes and so very much more of the insanity being perpetrated on by those on the left. What a great scam the Democrat have going, the weather always changes and so Democrat voters will think that they are doing a great job! Wake up people! If only Florida was a blue state, this hurricane would never have happened, right? Now send more of your hard earned money to Washington and help to stop all this manmade weather!

And so, we must address ‘climate change’ by spending trillions more dollars that we don’t have so Democrat Party special interest groups can get even more funding which they will turn around and use to donate right back the Democrat Party. It was every government on the planet that orchestrated idiotic lockdowns and unscientific measures in a feeble attempt to thwart the spread of COVID, and failed miserably. Now we have this moron, Crist, trying to tell us that if we pay more taxes the Democrats can control the Earth’s temperature and minimize the impact of storms. It’s insane! And it’s anyone who pushes such drivel that needs to be voted out!!!

And finally, as a Floridian for the last 24 years, I want to thank Charlie Crist for the many laughs he has provided to us over the years. Watching his desperation to avoid the real world and stay in politics for decades has been most amusing. The party switches, the multiple marriages, the begging a Democrat candidate to drop out so he could win, the garbage that has been coming out of his mouth in this last desperate campaign have all been very amusing. But enough is enough. The time has now come to away, Charlie. Thanks for the laughs but it’s time for you to go. We’ve all grown tired of the antics. Things have gotten far too serious to vote for the likes of you.


I think it fair to say that since he first arrived in the Oval Office, courtesy of what was clearly a fraudulent election, our *president, Joey B has consistently been viewed by what has been a majority of the American people as being something of a disaster. And it’s been over the course of at least the last 18 months that Joey’s approval numbers have, just as consistently, been in the very same basement that Joey himself spent so much time in back in 2020 when running for the job that he would come to be ‘selected’ for in November of that same year.

And it has been since day one that Joey has seemed to work very hard in returning our country to a situation that it had seen since the days of another Democrat president, none other than Jimmy Carter. Whether we’re talking inflation, the price of gas or tensions in the Middle East, Joey has proven himself to be even worse than Carter. And I believe that it was Hiltery who once boldly declared that our economy always does better when there’s a Democrat in the White House, but Joey has proven that that is most certainly not the case, just as every Democrat president before him.

And I’m sure many have noticed, just as I have, that it’s the vast majority of those who are supposed to be in the business of reporting the ‘news’ that these days have simply begun making shit up in what has clearly been a continuing effort to keep Joey propped up by endlessly trying to convince anyone stupid enough to listen that he doing a spectacular job, especially when compared to his predecessor. To the point where you almost have to wonder just what it might be that any of them are now smokin’, snortin,’ or shootin’ up. Because nothing else makes any sense.

But then along comes a guy like Joe Concha, who is a contributor to both ‘Fox News’ and ‘The Hill’ and who has graded *president Joey B’s presidency with an “F” on addressing the coronavirus pandemic, economy, and national unity. Concha evaluated Joey’s presidency in a Wednesday interview. And it was in speaking of Joey that Concha said, “On Covid-19, he did horribly in 2021.” And he went on to say, “Donald Trump in 2020 had no vaccine. [Trump] kept saying at the time that we’ll have one by the end of the year, then fact-checkers would say ‘No, that’s impossible.’”

And he said, “They somehow time-traveled into the future to show Trump was wrong in saying a vaccine wouldn’t come in 2020, and sure enough it did in December of 2020. I would know. My wife got a shot at that time. She is an ER doctor treating COVID patients on a daily basis.” He continued, “Then Biden promises he would — quote — stop and control — unquote, the virus when he got into office, which is a lot like his promise that he’s going to cure cancer. You can’t say that about something that you truly cannot control, and sure enough, what happened in 2021?”

He said, “More people died of COVID than they did in 2020, despite having vaccines, despite having monoclonal, despite having treatments that we didn’t have then because he could not stop and control it. So on that front, F.” Concha said Joey sowed seeds of political division by denigrating as “semi-fascist” the Republican theme of “Make America Great Again.” He said, “He called 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump ‘extremists, a major ‘threat‘ to this country, ‘semi-fascist‘ — which I didn’t know there was like a Diet Coke of fascism, but apparently it exists.”

Concha concluded by saying, “Even though the media refuses to admit this, we are in a recession, because the traditional definition used by Paul Krugman and everybody else in media when it happened under a Republican president was, if you had two straight quarters of the economy contracting, of negative growth, therefore, that is a recession.” He said, “We are at 8.5 percent inflation.” And he added, “That is the highest in 40 years. On that front, F, as well, and this is based on numbers, not Joe Concha’s opinion.” Unless his intention is to destroy America, then he gets an A+.

As one who’s been a fairly attentive observer of U.S. politics for 40 years, I can say with complete sincerity that Joey B is the last person I would ever have picked to be president. So it’s rather fascinating when meeting those who voted for this man, not having any idea that he has been the most unexceptional, most unaccomplished, most cartoonishly corrupt figure in national politics for the last half century. Moral of story: if you’re a clueless, ignorant rube, please don’t vote. Those who tell you high voter turnout is good for the country? They are lying. Ignore them. Stay home! Please!

But look, Joey has scored an ‘F’ his whole pathetic plagiarizing, lying, racist , perverted joke of a political career, but nobody seemed to care, until now. Because now he’s *president. Joey’s another on the list of failed U.S. presidents, most of whom have been Democrats. All he has created is chaos, a failing stock market, inflation, recession, etc. No one can name ONE thing that he’s done to help America or Americans. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Joe is an enemy of this country and its people. And you can’t help but wonder if we can survive another two years.

Now there are those who would give Joey an A+. The inner city felons adore him. They have more economic opportunity than ever. They are making up for what was taken from them during 400 years of slavery. The mentally ill, they love Joey too. Now you can be any gender you feel like and the rest of the world has to acknowledge your choice. The doctors who help reassign genders are making out like bandits. And let’s not forget the Mexican drug cartels, Joey is allowing them to make billions. And Joey B is also the No.1 proponent in trying to ‘Make China Great Again.

And finally, you don’t grade someone who has painted a target on your back and then declared war on you. That’s because it leaves the door open for someone to say they’ll do better/try harder, when they won’t!!! Some things you just can’t walk back. The kicker? Many Democrats wouldn’t have it any other way. They hate the country and live for chaos. Democrats believe any deliberate destruction of America and our Constitution under Democrat rule is still far better than any freedom and prosperity under a Republican, especially President TRUMP. That’s where we are now.


I think we all know someone who thinks they know everything, about everything. Those who think they’re so smart that we should all pay very close attention to everything they say and simply accept as gospel and never question it. No need to actually do any research on your own, just take what they tell you and run with it. And it usually a couple of times of doing just that that you learn the hard way that doing so was maybe not such a good idea after all. And before long you learn to take whatever this person says with a grain of salt. Which, of course, brings me to none other than that practitioner of journalist malpractice, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.

Since first being ‘selected’ as our *president, Joey B. as been seen by a majority of Americans as being pretty much of a disaster. But considering how it was that he came to be where he is, that really shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise. And it has been over the course of the last 18 months that Joey’s approval numbers have been in the same basement that Joey could be found during the majority of 2020 when he was running for his current job. And throughout that entire time many in our ‘state controlled fake news media’ have seen it as being their job to convince anyone stupid enough to listen to them that Joey B has been doing an absolutely stellar job!

Which, of course, brings me to ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. Wallace a well-documented liar, a prolific spewer of left-wing propaganda and presidential debate-rigger who left Fox News because he deemed it to be a hostile work environment, just debuted his brand-new CNN show to humiliating ratings. After nearly ten months with no program that he could actually call his own, absence, apparently, did not make the cable news viewers’ hearts grow any fonder for this loser. Not helping is the show’s rather bizarre title, ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.’ Perhaps a better title to have chosen by the creators of the show would have been, “Who Wants to Talk to Chris Wallace?”

Apparently, it was only around 400,000 people who bothered to tune in to find out ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.’ The show aired during primetime on Sunday night, the same time millions once tuned in to find out who ‘Commie Chris’s dad, Mike, was talking to. In the all-important 25-54 age demo, ‘Commie Chris’ attracted only 44,000 viewers. How bad is that? Well, even for CNN, that’s pretty bad. But who’s going to watch? The left demands radical, longtime woke moon bat leftists, whereas the right loathes this Trump-hating propagandist. The smattering of moderates in between are probably still watching the non-cable networks, if they watch at all.

Even more humiliating for old ‘Commie Chris’ is the fact that he secured the rare interview with a former Supreme Court Justice, in this case, Stephen Breyer. In the news biz, that’s called a “big get.” But because ‘Commie Chris’ is a “big liar,” no one really cared. Everyone knows he’s a fraud. And but for his dad, he’d be working at a car wash or mowing lawns. If you really want to know how humiliating this is for ‘Commie Chris,’ it was over at Fox that that barn-burner of a show titled ‘Sunday Night in America’ with Trey Gowdy, earned 1.3 million viewers. And I had no idea that Gowdy even had a show. Sadly, he turned out to be pretty of a fraud as well.

Normally when you hear the things that ‘Commie Chris’ says you think he’s at best just ignorant, and at worst just stupid. Meaning that he simply doesn’t know, or is incapable of knowing. But he’s at the center of the information universe, and he’s a fairly smart guy, so when he says the stupid things that he says, it isn’t out of ignorance or stupidity. It’s out of arrogance, and he thinks we’re all too ignorant and/or too stupid to catch on. And as it turns out over 400,000 people fall into that category. But that’s not enough stupidity and ignorance to support his likely very inflated salary. Goodbye Chrissy, and don’t let the door hit you in ass on the way out.

And finally, this is but another example of, ‘Like father like son.’ Mike Wallace was a leftist hardliner from the earliest days. He was a company man through and through and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Riding dad’s coattails he prostituted himself onto Fox News whereby most people were quick to see through his leftist mantra. Mike was certainly no ‘journalist’, at least not as we once defined journalism. Journalism is dead. Today it’s read the script, cough a few times and go to break, then repeat. I continue to greatly enjoy his fall from relevance. He is getting what he has deserved for many years. His reputation is being slowly dismantled.


I’ll be the first one to admit that there are lots of people in this world that are a lot smarter than I am. But with that said, I’m nowhere near as stupid as Joey B, and the rest of the Democrats, think I am, or wish I was. But neither are any of them as smart as they think they are. At least I’m smart enough to figure out why it is that gas prices remain high, why millions of illegal immigrants are being allowed to flood across our southern border, and pretty much unabated, and why the nation’s crime rate has now absolutely exploded. And try as they might to convince me otherwise, it’s none of these things that can be said to be fault of President Trump!

And just this past Monday, during a White House press briefing, it was the subject of our exploding crime rate that came up. And it was none other than Joey’s current Spokesmoron, the racist, lesbian, Affirmative Action hire Karine Jean-Pierre, who answered a question posed by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy in what has become her typical evasive fashion. Doocy questioned Joey’s Spokesmoron, Ms. Jean-Pierre, about crime during the daily press briefing, asking her whether Joey B believes that America’s major cities are safe. Jean-Pierre tried to downplay *president Joey’s responsibilities on crime, telling reporters that the problem is “complicated.”

Complicated? So how is it, in any way, complicated? Because even for a guy like myself it actually seems to be pretty simple. Because, basically, we have one group of folks that commit the majority of all the crimes, and another group of folks that enables them every step of the way. Anyway, it was in referring to a recent New York Times article on rising crime that Jean-Pierre noted “the crime is complicated and multifaceted” and pivoted to promoting Joey’s spending bills. And it was Doocy who noted murder rates in major cities were still stubbornly high, and that thefts and robberies in major cities increased by around 20 percent in the first half of 2022.

And in what has become her, as well as Joey B’s immediate response to any and all, bad ‘news,’ Jean-Pierre simply chose to blame the nation’s high crime rate on President Trump, going for far as to claim Joey “inherited a rising crime rate” when he ‘took’ office. When Doocy asked again whether Americans in major cities should feel safe, she simply replied, “It is not a yes or no question, it is very much a question of what has he done, that’s how we see the question.” Of course it’s a yes or no question!! And just what exactly is it that Joey’s that has accomplished as *president other than to actually encourage those who commit the crimes to commit more?

Doocy further pressed the questions on crime and safety, asking Jean-Pierre about comments made by her predecessor, ex-White House press secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki, and the fact she was now warning Democrats about their vulnerabilities on crime. You see, it was this past Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ that, during an interview, old ‘Circle Back’ had said, “In Pennsylvania, the Republicans have been spending millions of dollars on the air on crime ads against Fetterman because that’s where they see his vulnerability,” adding that crime was “a huge issue” in Pennsylvania. Personally, I would argue that it’s a huge issue everywhere!

But Jean-Pierre simply dismissed the comments made by her former boss, actually accusing Doocy of mischaracterizing the comments saying, “I don’t agree with your characterization of what she actually said.” Of course she doesn’t agree! What a complete moron this woman is. And you know, these people would be funny if they didn’t represent such a serious danger to this country. Everything that is wrong or negative is being blamed on President Trump. That will be true in the 2024 Presidential election. Why? Because that’s all they have and we no longer have bona fide ‘journalist’ willing to call them out on their lies, or at least very few!

When this bimbo says that the problem of crime is “complicated,” what she’s really saying is, “We cannot come up with a solution that will not offend our base and the radical wing of the Democrat Party, or would not expose us to total ridicule, or make it look like we are caving to the Republicans.” Crime is always “complicated” to those on the left. It could easily be made uncomplicated if Democrats would simply tell the truth. For by telling the truth, a long memory is no longer needed, and voila! It’s not complicated, if people are not held accountable, what’s to prevent those with a penchant for committing crimes, from carrying those crimes out? Nothing!!!

If you are raised with the notion that you’ve been held back you entire life and that others somehow owe you everything, and the people who are supposed to enforce our laws have the same mentality, how do you expect any of this to go any other way? Let’s just be honest, it’s 13 percent of our society that are allowed to act any way that they want because we can’t hurt someone’s feeling. What a bunch of drivel! The high crime rate is directly connected to lack of law enforcement and the insanity of cashless bail, and that is all the fault of Democrats. When an animal becomes a problem you either put them in a cage or you put them down. It’s just that simple!

Everything that Joey B has done has either directly, or indirectly, attributed to the current rise in crime. I have to admit that even I feel less safe. Of course, that has more to do with how Joey, and any number of other Democrats, have been calling for physical attacks on Republicans and the recent execution, by crazed left wing loon, of a young man, solely because he was Republican. It’s only complicated because we have a liberal Democrat as *president and they will hold no one accountable for their actions and continue to allow people to commit crimes without consequence. Look at every liberal run state and/or big city and you will see the exact same thing.

Perhaps a better adjective to use would be, “inconvenient.” I mean how can you claim to support the rule of law and the constitutional rights of all when the ‘rising crime’ keeps bringing attention to the fact that the Progressive agenda is about both subverting the rule of law, as well as the Constitution? If you don’t prosecute criminals and/or give them slap-on-the-wrist penalties, then they are not incentivized to alter their behavior. Other would-be criminals then see this and become emboldened to participate, therefore you end up creating even more criminals. This is not rocket science, folks. And it’s not complicated! Not by any means!

It was back in 2020 that the Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media, allowed a career criminal to essentially become a hero to the very same people who are now running amok in so many of our cities. Then Democrats told the police that they are dispensable, so now, many don’t care if your property, or your life get destroyed since they get the blame when they try to stop these feral animals. So, it’s not complicated at all. And, I truly do hope that it destroys every blue city and state. Because this is what they voted for, so this is what they deserve. Don’t try to flee to red states bringing your bad policies and your stupidity. Stay home!

Yeah, crime is complicated, just as is the border that no one is walking across, just like the recession we’re not in, just like inflation that isn’t happening, just like Joey’s amazing memory and articulation, just like the real terrorists at school board meetings, just like the election of 2020 was the most secure election in history, just like the hero transsexuals in kindergarten story times, just like the supply chain issues that are getting solved, just like gas prices that are now cheaper than ever, just like food prices that are all time lows, just like the FBI who evenly investigates and enforces the law….blah blah blah, way too complicated for all of us.


Well, it would seem that there are empty threats, and then there are truly EMPTY threats. You see it was over the weekend that Liz Cheney made what can only be described as being the mother of all empty threats. Now get this, it was Liz Cheney who has now, apparently, declared that she will leave the Republican Party if the party faithful choose as their 2024 presidential nominee, for the third time, Donald Trump. Cheney is still a Republican, who knew? Better yet, who cares? Perhaps she can convince a few other RINOs to join her. It would certainly improve the party!      

And it was this past Sunday, on CNN’s “New Day Weekend,” that the show’s political panel discussed Liz Cheney and her latest denouncement of President Trump, as well as his millions of supporters. It was the network’s ‘congressional reporter,’ Daniella Diaz, who said, “She had a lot to say to say indeed. One of them being a question being whether she would run for president in 2024 against former President Donald Trump. She, of course, dodged that question as she has continued to dodge that question since she lost the primary. She will not serve in the next Congress.”

And it was then that this dolt went on to say, “But really notable, as you all said, is that she said if Donald Trump wins the nomination in 2024, she will no longer consider herself a Republican. Take a listen.” Cheney said, “I think that Donald Trump is the only president in American history who refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power. And so the fact that my party in the months since then has refused to stand up to him I think, does tell you how sick the party is. I’m going to make sure Donald Trump is not the nominee, and if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

So all I have to say after hearing that is, “Well Liz, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!” After all, Cheney saying she’s a Republican is like Liz Warren saying she is an American Indian. Liz clearly has some mental issues that are in drastic need of being addressed. And other than being a front-runner for ‘Useful Idiot of the Decade,’ she’s just another RINO sellout. And she’s attacking 75 Million voters who she apparently believes do not have a right to participate in ‘democracy,’ or to express their grievances to those who are supposed to govern at their consent.

Odd way to “save democracy,” by silencing half the voters. Clearly, this woman is mentally not all there. She already left the party, a long time ago. Even the Wyoming state GOP disowned her. And when she decided to leave, she didn’t just pack her bags and walk out, nope, but like Lizzy Borden she took her axe to her party, and then walked out and burned the bridge leading into town. As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to vote for President Trump again, this will be icing on the cake. I’ve never seen someone so woefully unaware of their own unimportance in the world.

To me it’s illustrative of the true philosophical beliefs of, not only her but, but all those “Republicans” who ‘chose’ to desert the Republican ship when President Trump took, with OUR agenda as his flag took, the presidency. Furthermore, it’s sickening to watch all of the misuse and abuse of our “legal” system to thwart OUR agenda that seeks only to put ‘America First.’ It’s as if she would like us all to believe that it has nothing to do with President Trump and everything to do with real Americans. It seems silly to threaten to leave the party that has essentially chosen to expel you.

And what an incredibly tone-deaf thing to say. Republicans already consider Liz to be a sellout. Her whole reason to exist is to hate President Trump. It’s the height of DC hubris that these politicians say that it’s their voters who are the problem. They think they’re nothing short of royalty. They recoil at the serfs. Then they get pissed when the serfs vote them out. Cheney is a Democrat who ran for office as a conservative Republican. As a RINO, she has worked very hard to support the Democrats in their efforts to prevent Donald Trump from running for the presidency in 2024.

That’s the spirit, Lizzy! Affirm your certainty that we’re a ‘sick’ party and leave the door open to 2924, giving us all that ONE LAST CHANCE to come back to our senses and rejoin the statis fold of old Establishment Republican politics. That’s quite a threat coming from a sitting member of the U.S. House who lost her reelection bid by 37 precent in an election that was called in just over an hour. You’d think losing by such a margin would have indicated to her that she, and her opinions, don’t matter. And is she still thinking of running for President? These people are so delusional.

This woman had never tasted defeat in her entire life. Riding her daddy’s coattails all her life and actually believing that her place in the Republican Party was her birthright, as if the name ‘Cheney’ forged this party. What a fool. Most of us concluded Liz was already not a Republican. We all watched the corruption which occurred during the 2020 elections. The vast majority of red state attorney generals agreed. We saw Republican poll watchers being denied checking signatures, observing counts and so much more. And yet where was Cheney? Siding with the Democrats!

Thank God for ‘yuge’ favors. She has been part of the FAILED Republican leadership for far too long. They, and the Democrats, are no different and they have lied to us and led this country into ruin. It is time to vote as many of them out as possible come this November. We all need to VOTE IN PERSON ON ELECTION DAY and in record numbers in order to defeat the machine algorithms. That really is a small price to pay when compared to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and their families, for our liberty and freedom. We need America First candidates if our country is to survive.