We now have quite the cadre of RINOs who are running to be our next president, and it’s all of them who are busy claiming just how much they love this country and how they would be the best alternative to President Trump. But is it all nothing more than just words? Would any of them ever actually choose to put their money where their mouth is? Somehow, I doubt it, their egos are just too big. And dare I say, it’s not a one of them who loves this country half as much as the guy they hope to defeat, President Trump. But if they ever did choose to do so, they have now been provided with what can safely be described as being a golden opportunity.

With what now appears to be a growing chain of bogus indictments being made against President Trump coming from Democrats it’s all of these candidates who could prove just how much they love this country by choosing to stand with President Trump and by doing so to, effectively, show their support for the rule of law. This represents a great opportunity for the Republican Party to demonstrate that it stands for truth and justice. To turn the lights on all of these radical leftwing hypocritical roaches and stand with President Trump against these fake charges from our Gestapo government. But there’s just one big problem with that!!! It makes too much sense.

You see, sticking together is something that only the Democrats do. Meanwhile, it’s RINOs, such as the ones who have chosen to run against President Trump, who tended to agree with Democrats in their bogus attempt to impeach their own duly elected president on all manner of ‘trumped’ up charges. They’re quite content to just sit back and watch as President Trump is made to defend himself against what are very clearly politically motivated indictments in the hopes that they will be the one left as the number one choice after President Trump is marched off to prison. But I’m here to tell them, their pathetic responses thus far will win them no converts.  

And I have a little word of warning for these self-professed better alternatives to President Trump, I for one WILL NOT vote if President Trump is not on the ballot. I simply see no reason to. I’ve voted for their kind before and have absolutely nothing to show for it. They can continue to spew their drivel about how conservative they are, about how determined they will be to get our country headed back in the right direction, about how it is that they will take on the ‘deep state,’ but it’s nothing that we haven’t heard before. And if they were actually able to get themselves elected all will likely be forgotten just as if nothing had ever been said.

So, as I said, they all have a golden opportunity here, they can choose to stand with President Trump and to stand with the country, and score a goodly number of point for themselves in the process, or they cannot. But standing with President Trump is really the only viable option they have. Because if President Trump is prevented from running, millions of Americans will likely not be voting. And that will virtually guarantee that Joey, or whomever the Democrats replace him with, will coast easily to victory. And if that happens, what do they think their chances are of ever becoming president. Unless their goal is not to become president, but to ensure that Joey does.

And finally, by choosing to abandon President Trump they will bring an unceremonious end to what has been their less than impressive political careers. But hey, I have no doubt that most, if not all, of them will think the sacrifice was more than worth it. After all, their decision to run for president was just a scam anyway. It was a platform from which they could join with the Democrats in attacking President Trump under the guise of campaign rhetoric. These candidates are now in the position of having to pick a side. They can stand with the country and the rule of law, and by default stand with President Trump, or they cannot. Neither way presents them with a path to the White House.


John Kerry-Heinz, a name that will likely live in infamy, is most definitely a man who will long be remembered as being one of the most prolific liars in all of world history. Seriously, who can remember a time when this pompous asshole has ever, and I do mean EVER, actually had any actual knowledge regarding the topic that was he lecturing the rest of us about? This clown has been harping about bogus ‘climate change’ for decades even though it’s been none of his predictions that have ever come to pass. And it’s been over those same decades that his each of his predictions has become more outrageous, more dire and more ominous than the last.

And what does Kerry-Heinz’s latest rant involve? Well, that would be the fact that there are just too damn many people on the planet. You see, apparently, the world population will be nearing 10 billion people by the middle of this century and according to Kerry-Heinz that number is simply “unsustainable.” Now I’m not quite sure what it is that this genius bases that assessment on and, quite frankly, I really don’t care. Because it’s all bullshit anyway, just like every other of his idiotic predictions involving the future of the planet and bogus ‘climate change.’ Those who may be unfamiliar with this dolt, Kerry-Heinz is Joey’s ‘climate change’ Czar.

Apparently, it was this past November that the global population officially crossed the eight billion mark, more than three times where it was back in 1950. And according to U.N. projections, which makes these silly predictions not worth a grain of salt, the world’s population will balloon to 9.7 billion by the middle of the century. And it was in speaking to AFP, which is, I guess, some sort of global ‘fake news’ agency, that Kerry-Heinz who said, “I don’t think it’s sustainable personally. We need to figure out how we’re going to deal with the issue of sustainability and the numbers of people we’re trying to take care of on the planet.” Then speaks only gibberish!!

Feeding people in a sustainable way is the key, Kerry-Heinz continued, using Africa as an example of unsustainable population growth and the pressure it puts on food supply chains. Kerry Heinz said, “I’ve been to a number of African countries where they’re very proud of their increased birthrate, but the fact is, it’s unsustainable for life today, let alone when you add the future numbers.” And he went on to add, “I’m not recommending the population go down.” And the 79-year-old ‘climate’ zealot continued by saying, “I think we have the life we have on the planet. And we have to respect life and we could do it in so many better ways than we’re doing now.”

Kerry Heinz previously reassured critics that his concern for food and how it is produced does “not necessarily” mean people have to stop eating red meat due to emissions produced from intensive agriculture. But, it was during a 2021 interview that Kerry-Heinz responded, “not necessarily,” when he was asked, “Isn’t the brutal truth, Mr. Kerry, that Americans have just got to eat less meat” due to agricultural emissions? Kerry Heinz said, “There is a lot of research being done now that will change both the way meat is produced, cattle are herded and fed. Research is being done that actually reduces the amount of methane.”

Kerry-Heinz then admitted, “We don’t know some of the answers.” He said, “But I guarantee you that the United States of America is not only setting a goal but is moving rapidly on track to reduce all of our emissions, become carbon free in the power sector by 2035 and to do what other countries are doing also, Europe and elsewhere, to move as rapidly as possible to net zero.” Kerry-Heinz doesn’t know any of the answers when it comes to he pet project of his. All he knows is how to spew his nonsensical claims that are based on bogus science. If he actually knew what he was talking about at least some of his predictions might have actually materialized.

And so the world according to Kerry-Heinz has the western world importing millions upon millions of third world little breeders because their host populations are in decline and yet there are too many people in the world. Confused yet, or is it just me? How many more times must Kerry-Heinz embarrass himself before everyone sees him for the charlatan and fraud that he is? But then, Liberals are NEVER embarrassed by their stupidity. They’re living proof that you just can’t fix stupid. And in the meantime, Americans are tearing themselves apart fighting for the “right” to butcher the unborn right up to the moment of birth! I hardly recognize my country anymore.

Apparently Kerry-Heinz must believe that his wife’s money, actually her dead husband’s money, makes him important and worth listening to. His delusion is fortified by all the parasitic peons that cling to him just for his money. We have a global population that is educated according to money and privilege, aka, the caste system is alive and well. And at the same time we have government agents destroying the food supply, and now the Canadian wood supply, so inflation is here to stay and will continue to destroy and reduce the middle class even more. The next intentional release of a man-made virus will likely have Kerry-Heinz smiling from ear to ear.

The only way to ever convince the unwashed masses that the warnings regarding ‘climate change’ are true and need to be heeded is to lead by example. Demand that all modern inventions that use the electrical grid be given up. If it works on solar alone, you can keep it, if not it goes. Abandon any modern convenience that runs on any form of fossil fuel. Start making these con artists live by the same rules that they expect us to have to live by, make them practice what they preach! Otherwise, they can shove their BS where the sun don’t shine. The masses are getting restless listening to all this garbage while doing all they can just to survive in Joey’s America.

And they only preach this “too many people” garbage to whites, who are not even reproducing enough to sustain themselves. Whites are in decline, having the fewest number of children of any group. Meanwhile, blacks are having so many children they can’t feed themselves. Which is why we keep getting told we must keep importing them in by the millions or we are heartless. The Chinese are so overpopulated they make one child by family mandates. Moslems are averaging six children per family. Same for Hispanics. Yet the only ones being told to stop reproducing to save the planet are whites. And you’re a white supremacist if you point this out.

Sadly, it’s an agenda that continues to be overwhelmingly rejected by voters that is still able to be advanced by an unelected bureaucracy empowered by those who ignore our Constitution. Most of us have already managed to connect the dots completing a rather frightening picture. And after they’ve succeeded in killing off my generation, the boomers, what’s next? Mandatory sterilization of third world teenagers? Mandatory abortions? It’s a horrible world that awaits us if those like Kerry-Heinz succeed in getting their way. They’re all charlatans and the media that is supposed to provide us with unbiased reporting is in full service to them.

Kerry-Heinz is simply paraphrasing the murderous ideologies of the radical ‘environmentalist’ left. They have literally spent decade insinuating that ‘humans are responsible for global warming/climate change’ and that it’s ‘humans who are destroying the planet.’ And therefore, it’s humans who must be ‘eliminated’ if we are to have any hope of saving the planet. But, like all tyrants and elitists, they never say which segments of the human population they want to target for elimination. They only say who will be spared from their eco-apocalypse, and that’s themselves. Yes, the world will them to rule, after everyone else has been eliminated.


So I’m thinking that we can probably just go ahead and file this one under, “Who gives a f*ck?” And, of course, what I’m talking about here is the fact that that fat tub of RINO, Chris Christie, has now made it official, yes, my friends, he’s running to be our next president. Soyet another guy who hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in Hell of actually winning, has now decided to throw his hat into the ring.  And the funny thing is, he has got to know he can’t win. Which kind of makes you wonder just what it is that he truly might be up to. I mean, if he knows he can’t win, why run? And to be perfectly blunt I don’t trust this fat fuck as far as I could throw him.

Christie, once the governor of New Jersey, whom President Trump trounced back in the 2016 presidential primaries, filed paperwork on Tuesday to launch his bid for the Republican 2024 nomination. Christie joins a crowded field of eight candidates, and counting, a field size that some Republicans fear benefits President Trump. Political commentators expect a total of at least ten candidates to vie for the nomination. Christie has often tried to position himself as one of the strongest critics of President Trump, but questions remain if Christie will actually have any impact on the large gap separating President Trump and the growing list of other Republican hopefuls.

Despite the seemingly immovable gap, Christie recently claimed he is a “viable” candidate for the nomination. Christie recently claimed to the Daily Beast, “I am the viable Trump alternative.” Seriously? Christie is a vindictive, belligerent blow-hard and a Trump hating thug. He is just a front for billionaire and Mets owner, Steve Cohen, who hates Trump. He should just man up instead of hiding behind the fat man who polls at 1 percent. Christie is likely running just to split the Republican base and make it easier for the Democrat candidate to win, but with less cheating. Christie’s candidacy will face challenges, not the least of which is why is he even running?

Most folks are of the opinion that he’s simply in the race to act as an attack dog against President Trump. What a loser this guy is. Clearly, his entry into the race has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with trying to drag down President Trump. I have no doubt that he’s doing nothing more than looking for a shot at a little payback for President Trump not bringing him onboard as his Attorney General. This is all about sour grapes and nothing more. And so once again, just as we had back in 2016, we’ll have a group of RINOs versus Donald Trump. And I have no reason to believe that things are going turn out any differently than they did last time.

Christie is completely irrelevant, and he KNOWS it. He’s not even going to come close to winning and is going to garner no more than a percentage point, or two, of support if that. And anyone who would donate to him is a fool, and fools soon part with their money, unless their goal is, as well, to make it harder for President Trump to win. Christie is running because the RINO establishment wants him, and all the other losers running, to bash President Trump day and night. That’s their only goal. And he’s running because he likely needs the money. No one takes Christie seriously anymore. In his best days when he tried to run for 2016 he didn’t get above 3 percent.

I don’t know what Christie can do to tip the scales in his favor that he hasn’t already done or tried. He has zero conservative support, he betrayed both President Trump and America, he is completely out of touch with those whose vote he desperately needs, he has no self-awareness, he is a fair-weather ‘friend,’ is unbelievably stupid, and lastly, but most importantly, he is a slimy card-carrying member of ‘The Swamp.’ In short, he’s just another useless RINO who just wants to grift some of that sweet campaign cash for a ‘run’ that he knows he has no chance of winning. He’s no conservative and he has no integrity. His allegiance is for sale to the highest bidder.

Christie reminds me of Bernie Sanders at this point. They both know there’s no chance in Hell they can win. It’s all about riding on the money these campaigns will leak into their personal lives. But Christie’s in good company, as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t consider voting for him or for Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, Asa Hutchinson or Mike Pence. There’s only one person who can get us out of this mess, and it’s President Trump. All of these single digit wonders are hoping beyond all hope that the Democrats are successful in their ongoing effort to put President Trump in jail. Which, you have to admit, is a pathetic reason to be running for president.

Christie is a complete fraud. A typical blood sucking Establishment RINO politician. The political hack who says one thing and then does the opposite. An ‘Republican’ that represents nothing but stupidity and greed. The Republican Party is on very thin ice with me. They are about to lose my vote forever. When will Republicans learn? The only thing the Democrats have over the Republicans is they all stick together. It’s just too bad the Republican Party can’t unify for the good of the country. It’s absolutely stunning the number of people in this country with massive size egos. But I guess they surround themselves with people who tell them what they want to hear.

And just what is it that he can talk about in his effort to entice conservatives to support him. Can he talk about all his great successes in New Jersey including the highest property taxes in the nation, worst business climate in the U.S., massive Medicaid expansion, highest gas tax increase ever in the history of the state and more than every former governor combined and 7 credit downgrades. So comparing his record to that of President Trump why would any rational person choose Christie over President Trump. It baffles me how some of these contenders can be so full of themselves that they actually think they have a chance of becoming President.

Look, the only reason those like Christie are getting into the race, besides hoping that President Trump will be in jail, is to push Democrat talking points during the debates since it looks like the Democrats are not going to subject Joey to doing any debates. They backstabbed President Trump while he was in the White House, and they think they can now prevent his return. They all know they can’t defeat him. So the best they can possibly hope for is to attempt to inflict just enough damage that will allow Joey, or whomever the Democrats may choose to replace him with, to coast easily to the White House come 2024. It’s truly comedy hour, but nobody is laughing.


Anyone who can look at what the Democrat Party has become, in 2023, and is still able to recognize it as what it once was, is blind, stupid or has been complicit in making it into what it is today. While the party has always leaned to the left today, in 2023, the party has become what is nothing more than a bizarre collection of creeps, perverts and degenerates. The Democrat Party of 2023 embodies everything that America is not now, nor has ever been. Those still able to profess themselves to be proud Democrats are some of the most vile, disgusting and evil people on the planet!

And oddly enough, it seems to bother none of them in the least what their party has been made into. In fact, most seem to be rather proud of what their party has been made into. And I must admit that I have zero respect for any of those who can still refer to themselves as proud Democrats. And it is typical of what the Democrat Party has now become that there was a recent all ages drag show in Tempe, Arizona which was actually a political rally.  Democrats joined with a female impersonator at a public “Pride Party” to rally far-left voters for Arizona’s upcoming elections.

And one of the participants of this little freak show/political rally, was a guy by the name of Richard Stevens, who uses the “drag queen” stage name of Barbra Seville. And it was this same guy who said, “It’s not too late to register for the next election and turn the tide” against the Republicans. He said, “It’s insane. It’s insane. Over 500 laws [to curb transgenderism] have been introduced across the country … If we could just elect one more person with views and opinions and commitments to us, like some other people do, we can call the shots and we can protect LGBTQU.”

And apparently his anger was directed at Republican legislators in roughly 20 states who have enacted many policies over the last year to protect children. And so the Democrats war against normality continues. These very popular laws protect children from transgender advocates, shield them in sports from opposite-sex cheaters, and guard children from the harmful and irreversible medical procedures touted by Democrat-affiliated transgender groups. What better way to rally mainstream voters than to put on a lewd raunchy drag show, complete with a raunchy rapper?

So, the more repulsive and antithetical to true American values, the more in line with today’s Democrats’ party line. Anyone that “identifies” as Democrat is literally SCREAMING their hatred for this country. There is nothing a Democrat could do at this point that would ever make me vote for them. They aren’t trying to get new voters from the undecideds. They are just trying to shore up their deranged, vile base. For at least the last 15 years, I have accepted the premise that you cannot be a Democrat and have a conscience at the same time. They continue to confirm this day after day.

While I agree with all efforts to stop these performances in front of children, in the end it’s adults (parents) that are taking the kids there. Six year-olds aren’t taking Uber to drag shows. Anyone that exposes their children to this crap should be called out, I don’t care if it’s a friend or relative. The perpetual self-victimhood of the left is perpetually tiresome. I simply cannot imagine constantly exhausting that much energy with nothing to show for it other than another fake victim card. Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their true colors. They’re actually proud to be perverts!!

One reason for the surge of gay and trans mania now taking place is because Democrats do not believe they can be voted out. They believe they have rigged the election system so that they can’t lose. They don’t have to consider public opinion! They have most of the judges, a lot of the Prosecuting Attorneys, many of the police officials, the FBI, the DOJ, most of the federal bureaucracy, and election commissions in Democrat cities on their side. They can’t lose! We now have to restore honest elections, replace social justice with law and order, and tear down the establishment!

People will tolerate a lot, but that tolerance tends to end pretty abruptly when someone starts messing with their kids. It’s the hill that most people will choose to take a stand on and maybe even choose to die on. The Left essentially went from, “We just want to be left to the privacy of our own bedroom,” to homosexual parades, disgusting out-in-the-open celebrations, and forced acceptance of their sexual perversion in what was near record time. Those degenerates, and the parents who take their children to such events, should all be arrested for child abuse!

Democrat just never seem to know when enough is enough. They never seem to be satisfied with the current level of insanity, they always feel the need to push for more. And they never seem to learn, ever. They did the same thing with abortion. Their demands went from abortions within the first three months, to within the first 20 weeks, then up to the moment of delivery and then finally even after delivery. Until the Supreme Court was essentially forced into taking action, returning some level of sanity to the issue by returning it to the states to decide.   

There are no such things as ‘family friendly’ drag shows. Drag shows are a form of burlesque; ridicule and vulgarity are the entire point. Everything about a drag show is sexual; the clothes, the makeup, the songs, the jokes, everything. If you enjoy that sort of entertainment, fine, you’re an adult and may do as you please. But you don’t take kids into strip clubs. You don’t take kids into dive bars. And you don’t take kids to drag shows. If you can’t understand that maybe you’re an adult who shouldn’t be around kids, perhaps even your own if you would take them to such an event.

After 71 years of life I find it difficult to believe that a supposedly civil and rational people would tolerate the level of perversion that Americans are tolerating today, and worse, that one political party actually pushes it. When I was twelve, I understood how homosexuality was abnormal. As I grew older and became acquainted with queers, I thought society was wrong to look down upon and even punish homosexuals. Now I see I was wrong and that when a society essentially endorses or licenses abnormality and perversion those people will attack society to change or destroy it.

Democrats don’t care about the rights for trans to, abortion in the third trimester, normalizing Satan worship or anything else. They only care about cultivating Conservative outrage. Without angry conservatives, they have no one to call Nazis. That’s why Democrat issues are becoming more and more extreme. The best thing to do is to ‘Bud Light’ them. If a library hosts a drag show story hour for children, stop going to the library until they shutter the place. If a teacher in a school is pushing rainbows concealing campaigns about anal stimulation, run from that school.

I’ve often asked myself why it is that the Democrat Party has not yet been reduced to being a permanent minority, fringe kind of a kook political party whose members rarely, if ever, are able to get themselves elected to public office. The fact that they have been able to remain a viable party says much about the current state of our country. I really do not understand how any person of average intelligence remains able to vote for anyone who runs as a Democrat, it’s absolutely mindboggling. I voted for a Democrat once in my life, and I’ve been trying to live it down for 50 years.


I really hate to keep harping on this creep, James Comey, but when he attempts to use his former position, combined with his twisted political beliefs, in an effort to convince people to oppose Republicans and to support a guy like Joey, I feel I need to speak up. And I find it rather disgusting that he somehow feels justified in trying to talk people into voting for a guy that has no business being voted for. Someone like Comey is the very last person that anybody should be taking political advice from. And while you make think that someone would have to be a complete wacko to trust a guy like Comey, trust me when I say we have no shortage of wackos here in the U.S. of A.

You see, it was just this past Sunday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Inside with Jen Psake,’ hosted by Ms. ‘Circle Back’ herself, that Comey said that he would not vote for the Republican nominee in 2024, even if it is someone other than President Trump. Psaki said, “You said that Trump poses a near existential threat to the rule of law.” She asked, “Tell me a little bit about the specifics of what he could try to do, what do you mean by that?” Comey said, “I think about what four years of a retribution presidency might look like. He could order the investigation and prosecution of individuals who he sees as enemies. I’m sure I’m on the enemies list.”

Comey went on to say, “Because the president constitutionally does oversee the Executive Branch entirely which includes the Department of Justice, prosecutors and investigators.” If there was true justice in America, Comey would be making such statements from a prison cell. Comey isn’t concerned about retribution. He’s concerned about accountability. He knows that he is unlikely to escape accountability if it’s any competent Republican that ends up in office. And I would describe President Trump as being highly competent. So I think we can count on Comey to be pulling out all the stops in what is nothing more than an effort to save his own skin.

Big Jim Comey is so terrified of being on President Trump’s “enemies list” that he wants people to vote for Joey B, a puppet *president who can’t manage to read simple English, forgets where he is half the time and what he’s trying to say the other half, seems to have a high degree of difficulty when it comes to navigating a simple flight of stairs, and has a rather bizarre tendency to refer to Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris as “President Harris.” Yes, Comey is so terrified of President Trump that he couldn’t care less if Joey B, our village idiot, is selected as our *president for another four years. At least he’d be confident that he wouldn’t go to prison.

Anyway, Psaki said, “You are Republican most of your life, and you may still consider yourself one, but voted for Biden in 2020. Do you intend to vote for him again or is there anyone on the Republican side you might consider, if it’s not Trump?” Comey replied, “It has to be Joe Biden. And I’m glad he’s willing to serve.” He added, “It has to be somebody committed to the rule of law, committed to the values of this country. And I’m not talking about policy. People can disagree about policy. There are things above those disagreements that all of us should think about the same way. The president must be someone who abides the law and our Constitution.”

Comey went on to say, “And there’s no one else but Joe Biden.” Comey lost what little credibility he had left when he let Hitlery off ‘the hook for her hidden server and emails!! Comey was the most corrupt FBI director ever. Most likely the only reason he claims to be a supporter of old Joey is because old Joey is his stay outta jail free card. Comey continues with his obstruction and his criminal behavior. He’s just trying to stay out of prison. And we all know his heart lies within the Democrat Party. That’s really the only reason he wouldn’t vote for a Republican. Comey is merely afraid that President Trump will come after him, and he should be. And Trump should!

I find it all rather odd that Comey speaks of needing someone committed to the rule of law when Comey himself has demonstrated, on numerous occasions, that he is NOT committed to the rule of law. And what the Hell does he know about the values of this country? Those values that made this country what it is, the values that makes this country unique among all others? He knows absolutely nothing. Comey is scum!!! No true American supports the banana republic style lawsuits against political opponents. They investigated President Trump the entire time he was in office and couldn’t even get him on tax charges. President Trump is the cleanest politician in American history.

And the audacity of this guy is astounding. The Presidency, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, IRS, and even the Department of Education have all been weaponized by Democrats to go after Republicans, conservatives, and Christians. Comey chose to be a traitor to the Constitution he swore to uphold. Nobody forced him, and now he’s terrified he will be called to task. This guy should be in prison, and he knows it. He approved FISA warrants applications based on what he knew was fabricated evidence. He committed fraud on the FISA courts. Almost unbelievable except for the old saying, “There’s no inspiration, like desperation.” And Comey is sounding very desperate.

This man lied and broke law’s because he was opposed to President Trump’s policies. Yet he walks free among us telling us we need to follow the laws. And he is not the only one, this entire administration is filled with liars. Yet nothing is done. Never ever any consequences for violating the law and lying. We now know Comey and friends lied about Trump to prevent him from being elected. I’m sure there are still many like-minded people in the FBI and DOJ willing to use their power to promote their politics. Think about how inconceivable it would have been, just a few years ago, for a former FBI director to openly express a party preference in a presidential election.

Comey has essentially confirmed what so many people already suspected, that he is clearly in the pocket of the Democrat Party, and likely has been now for some time. Comey, along with many others at the top levels of the FBI should all be wearing orange for the part they played in the coup attempt of a duly elected president. That is exactly why Comey will not be supporting any Republican. He knows that if an AG with any integrity comes to power, before the clock runs out, he may be in some very serious trouble. He also knows that the Democrats would never nominate one, so that’s where his best self-interests will be found, with the corrupt Democrats.

So let me see if I have this right. Comey fears President Trump getting re-re-elected because President Trump might do what Comey and his agency did to destroy the Trump presidency. You just can’t make up this kind of self-serving hypocrisy. It sounds like Comey might actually understand the personal gravity of the 2024 election, like perhaps his very life may hang in the balance, just as it should. Treason wouldn’t be difficult to prove. The biggest hurdle is finding an incorruptible judiciary. Accomplish that feat, and Comey’s neck likely gets stretched. And who does this lying coward think he is? And who might it be that will listen to him and care what he thinks?

And finally, how is it that this man can be so blatantly corrupt and still manage to get on television where he is then allowed to tell lie after lie, and with a straight face no less. And it’s everyone who knows he’s lying. And never once does he get challenged on any of his lies by the esteemed Ms. ‘Circle Back,’ or by any other supposed ‘journalist.’ You see, a real journalist would ask him about his seditious activity and about the corruption of Joey & Son as well. But as we all know, it was long ago that those considered to be real journalists are known to have gone extinct. What we have today are nothing more than monkeys trained to read from a teleprompter.


Let me start off by saying that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a fan of Taylor Swift. Frankly, I’ve just never gotten the draw. But then why should I be, I’m a 70-year-old, straight, white guy. What drives me nuts is how every one of her songs that seems to sound exactly like the last one of her songs, that and the fact that the sound of her voice reminds me of fingernails being scraped across a chalkboard. Not-so-Swift is another of those on what has become a long list of entertainers who, while not known for being particularly bright, are never shy about letting their inner moron shine through by talking about things that they know absolutely nothing about.

And it was just this past Friday that Ms. Not-so-Swift marked the start of Pride Month by blasting what she called “harmful pieces of legislation,” a reference to the growing number of state laws protecting children from irreversible body modification, sexually explicit drag shows, and other forms of radical freakish indoctrination. Not-so-Swift was performing Friday at Chicago’s Soldier Field as part of her Eras Tour when she paused to launch into her Pride speech. She began her idiotic rant by saying, “I’m looking out tonight, and I’m seeing so many incredible, just individuals who are living authentically and beautifully, and this is a safe space for you.”

She said, “We can’t talk about pride without talking about pain.” And she added, “Right now and in recent years, there have been so many harmful pieces of legislation that have put people in the LGBTQ[QIAAP2s+] and queer community at risk. It’s painful for everyone. Every ally, every loved one, every person in these communities.” Swift, whose fan base contains a large number of gay men, has urged her fans to vote accordingly. Swift has embraced left-wing politics and woke activism in recent years. And in 2020, she officially endorsed Joey’s bid for the White House, placing her supposed star power and influencer status in service of the Democrat ticket.

And it was then that Ms. Not-so-Swift said abortion and gay rights were among her top issues when it comes to choosing who it is that she chooses to vote for. During the 2020 presidential race, Not-so-Swift also chose to lash out at President Trump on social media. It was in one of less intelligent rants that she accused him of “stoking the fires of white supremacy,” warning “we will vote you out in November.” So here we have another undereducated imbecilic entertainer who thinks that she is somehow qualified to recommend how people should vote. And is usually the case those like Ms. Not-so-Swift are the last people should be listening to when it comes to voting!

But harm and pain to whom, exactly? What a buffoon! How many people have had their lives and careers ruined due to an accusation made by someone from the queer community? How many people have found themselves next to a casket because of someone in the queer community going completely off the rails and murdering someone? It seems odd that the ones who actually have been the recipients of the bullying are not members of the queer community. The queer community that Swift so enthusiastically endorses is putting traditional family values, the foundation of a functioning society, at risk. And all for a buck. She’s such a pathetic human being.

It’s those in the queer community who are putting themselves at risk by continuing to shove this crap down the throats of normal people. Most will never accept this lifestyle, and that’s their choice. The queer community wasn’t at risk until they started messing with our kids. I couldn’t care less about the queer community, what they choose to do behind closed is none of my business. But involve a child and you make it my business. But then this is how it always is with those on the left, it’s just never enough. They have to push and push until people have had enough. And then it’s the fault of those who resist that are blamed when things go wrong.

The queer community has now gotten out way over their skis and wants to normalize their degenerate behavior. It’s not normal. Nobody cares about their bizarre lifestyle, seriously, just don’t try to force it onto the rest of us. Putting this in the public square, insisting that children need to be involved and going after people who don’t want to be part of all this will end up with a backlash which the activists won’t see coming. Stopping mentally ill people from recruiting children into their degenerate ideology doesn’t put kids at risk, it just exposes one’s fake virtue that one uses to grift off of the unlimited self-serving ‘compassion’ of low IQ robots and lost souls.

And have you noticed that it’s the more money these airheads make, the more they like telling everyone how to live. How is keeping children away from dangerous experimental treatments harming them? How is keeping freaks away from children harming them? How is keeping children, who are not legally allowed to smoke or drink in most states, from embarking on a lifelong journey of medicalization and medical complications harming those children? It’s not the freaks who are “at risk” these days. It’s the non-freaks, or the straight people, who are. Straight pride! Instill it in your children before they are groomed to be perverts by their teachers!

And what about the vastly larger ‘community’ that doesn’t want their children exposed to these values? What about OUR risk? “Equity and inclusion” don’t seem to apply to the majority of Americans. The actions/activities of the queer community is what’s putting them at “risk.” Queers belong back in the closet, not on the front page. Abnormal has become “normal” as defined by those who are not normal. Confusing isn’t it? Pregnant men, men competing and winning in women’s sports, men displacing women as women’s product spokespersons, and men staging minstrel shows viciously mocking womanhood and femininity. Stick a fork in it. Feminism is dead.

And the laws that Not-so-Swift mentions are not, as she claims, “putting the queer community at risk.” The laws are prohibiting adults from pushing sexual content onto children and from imposing mutilating surgeries and powerful drugs on children. The laws are also allowing biological women to compete against biological women instead of men who claim to be women and who have enormous genetic advantages in muscle mass, bone density, stature, lung capacity, and other characteristics that are all independent of current levels of male or female hormones in their bodies. The laws also protect the privacy spaces of biological men and women.

So if I have this correct, Ms. Not-so-Swift regards state laws protecting children from irreversible body modification, sexually explicit drag shows, and other forms of radically freakish indoctrination as being “harmful pieces of legislation.” I never realized until now just how much of a mentally unhinged sicko she is! And like all the rest of the radical mob, facts do not matter! Towing the line, regurgitating the left/woke orders is all that counts! Amazing that so many people fall in line with the idiots and lemmings. Their woke brains are stuck on stupid and they relish their power. Swift is the living embodiment of the “dumb blonde joke” without a doubt.


Sorry if I’m starting to sound like a broken record but as far as I’m concerned, it’s every one of these RINO second, and third, stringers all vying to be the Republican Party nominee for president in 2024 that can go piss up a rope. And you have to wonder just what it might be that has them believing that anyone sees them as worthy of being trusted to the point where they would have any hope of being elected president. We’ve been lied to by RINOs for decades and yet many of us still voted for Dole, the Bushes, McCain and Romney, and we’re simply not willing to take another trip down that road. Not when we have the option of voting for President Trump!

And what continues to irritate to no end is the fact that while they all claim to have so much love for this country, they’ve chosen to run for president, or will soon choose to do so, knowing full well that they have absolutely no chance of winning. So, if you know you can’t win, why run? Might there be some ulterior motive here? Or have they convinced themselves that enough American people will finally come to there senses and realize what a wonderful catch any one of them might be. Anyway, according to a recent survey from Yahoo News/YouGov President Trump is leading every potential Republican challenger not only as a group, but also head to head.

The particular survey not only showed that President Trump is leading a group of Republican challengers, Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson by 28 points, but also leading them head-to-head. President Trump leads DeSantis by 24 points in a head-to-head matchup, 55 percent to 31 percent among Republican voters. President Trump’s lead expands even more when facing Scott, who jumped into the presidential race in May. He leads with 69 percent of the vote to Scott’s 18 percent, that would be a difference of 51 percent.

Then we have Mike Pence, who is expected announce his candidacy in Iowa next week and falls far behind President Trump, garnering just 16 percent to President Trump’s 73 percent. Haley doesn’t fare much better, garnering 18 percent to President Trump’s 70 percent among Republicans. Christie who, like Pence, will announce next week that he’s running, comes in at 67 points behind President Trump, at 10 percent to President Trump’s 77 percent. So I can’t help but wonder if any of these people are running for no other reason than because it gives them a platform from which they can attack President Trump. Because it certainly isn’t because they think they can win.  

So, who is it that’s surprised by the fact that not a single one of these candidates came even remotely close to President Trump in this most recent survey. This isn’t complicated. Donald Trump was president already and it was great. We want more of that. President Trump has a proven track record having been responsible for a booming economy, American energy independence, lower taxes, the lowest unemployment in decades, especially for blacks and women, peace in the Middle East and so very much more despite having to deal with a hostile Congress even when his own party was in charge. Our country desperately needs President Trump.

Joey is an embarrassment. We’ve watched him fall flat on his face over and over again. The man is clearly mentally impaired, and anyone who’s being honest will admit that, we all can see it. We all know that President Trump is capable of turning our country around and that it’s none of these RINOs who are in any way up to the challenge, and that would include my governor, Ron DeSantis. The 2024 election is about me, about President Trump, and about cheating and about much unfinished business. And it’s every one of these supposed ‘challengers’ that can go pound sand. I’ll be voting for President Trump or I’m voting for no one! And you can take that to the bank.

And regarding my governor, Mr. DeSantis, I’m more than a little disappointed. I’m turned off by the deceit of his running for a second term, winning re-election, being inaugurated on January 3, 2023, and then less than five months later he’s essentially missing in action. Instead, he’s cavorting around the country raising money and campaigning to advance his own political career. He’s 100 percent a politician. And I’ve had my fill of politicians. We Trump supporters want what we are OWED, the second term of President Trump that was stolen from us. There is NO ONE who should be in the White House other than Donald Trump. We know it and they know it.

President Trump was made to stand alone from day one fighting against the Democrats, ‘fake news’ media and the RINOs. President Trump, the man who can’t be bought and has already gone to battle for America, is exactly what we need if we are to have any hope of stopping the Democrat Party in what has been its ongoing attempt to destroy this country. And the more the Democrats, the ‘fake news’ media and these same RINOs try to stop him, the more convinced we all should be that he is most definitely ‘The ONE.’  I have no doubt that all of these challengers are hoping that he will not be allowed to run. Which says more about them than it does about President Trump.


In an effort of full disclosure, during the 2016 presidential primary season I supported of Ted Cruz while the wife was a very enthusiastic supporter of then candidate Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I liked most all of what Trump was saying but, in the beginning, I saw him as someone who had very little chance of actually winning.  But, as the campaign progressed, candidates started dropping out while Trump remained. By the end it came down to Cruz, my guy, and Trump, my wife’s guy until Cruz finally threw in the towel. And so, since there was no way in Hell that I was going to vote for Hitlery, I voted for Trump. The one vote in my life that I have never regretted casting.

And I voted for President Trump again in 2020 and am also one of the millions of Americans who feel that that election was clearly stolen from him. And also, I am one his still millions of supports who fully intend on voting for him in 2024 because I genuinely believe that he his only candidate running, or even rumored to be about to run, that has any chance of repairing the damage done over the course of the last 30 months and saving this country from its Democrat inspired early demise. It has absolutely nothing to do with Making America Great Again, it has everything to do with keeping America from dying, which seems to be the clear intent of Democrats!  

And apparently, I am far from being alone in my opinion, because it’s according to a recent poll that a majority of Republicans also appear to believe that President Trump has a better chance to win the 2024 general election than does my current governor Ron DeSantis. The survey asked respondents, “Which of these two Republicans do you think has the best chance of winning the 2024 general election for president,” giving them the option of Trump or DeSantis. Fifty nine percent of Republicans who said that President Trump has the best chance of winning the presidential election, while 27 percent believe DeSantis has the best chance and 13 percent who remain unsure.

And a plurality of independents, 34 percent, also believe President Trump has the best chance, while 23 percent said DeSantis. A plurality of independents, 43 percent, remain unsure. But I gotta be honest, I still cannot figure out how any reasonably intelligent individual, after watching all that has been made to transpire over the course of the last 30 months can still be so unsure about who is needed to fix it, be it President Trump or someone else. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Notably, it was 35 precent of Democrats who believe DeSantis has a better chance than Trump, compared to 27 percent who believe Trump has the better chance. And 38 percent remain unsure.

President Trump had many accomplished despite having to work with a very hostile Congress even when his own party was in charge. Under President Trump America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections. Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration. The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century. The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record. Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

Much has been talked about Gov. DeSantis’s many accomplishments here in Florida, but DeSantis has had the luxury of working with a legislative body in which his party has a super majority in both houses. I simply do not believe that he would be able to accomplish much or even make much progress on what he claims to want to do when faced with having to work in what would clearly be a very adversarial environment. Donald Trump has already won the presidency twice. Joey is illegally squatting in the White House due to massive voter fraud. This has been shown to be true over and over again and yet he has been allowed to wreak all manner of havoc on this country.

This country is now in need of some major reconstruction. This requires some demolition, and the right tool for that demolition is President Trump. Don’t get me wrong, DeSantis has done many great things here in Florida, and I voted for him twice. Personally, my dream ticket is a Trump/DeSantis ticket, but I’m afraid DeSantis now has an ego that would never allow him to play second fiddle. Which is something I find both rather sad, and rather frustrating. Because if he really loved this country as much as he claims to, he would set the ego aside and join forces with President Trump and position himself to take the baton in 2028. But the ego is simply too big.


When it comes to those who think themselves a suitable replacement for President Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee in 2024, there seems to once again be no shortage of delusional wannabes. I mean, from Asa Hutchinson to Nikki Haley to Tim Scott to Ron DeSantis, to the soon to announce Christ Christie and Mike Pence, to the rumored to soon announce governor of North Dakota and mayor of Miami, whose names I can’t recall, it’s all getting pretty ridiculous. Because it’s not a one of them who stands a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning, because there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them. They know it and, of course, we know it!

So once again we may very well end up with 17 Republican candidates running, and once again we’ll get to watch as President Trump mows over every one of them. And do any of these people who have stabbed President Trump in the back really think they have any chance at national office? Remember, there are 75+ Million disenfranchised Trump voters who are all very familiar with these turncoats. And not a single solitary one is worth my vote, because not a single solitary one can be trusted to make good on anything they say. Their sole motivation here has absolutely nothing to do with saving the country, and everything with taking down President Trump.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that John Bolton, another former disgruntled employee of President Trump, may now also actually be considering throwing his hat into the presidential ring. You see, it was just this past Wednesday, during an appearance on “CNN Primetime,” that Bolton claimed that he is still considering entering the Republican presidential primary. And it was then that our esteemed ‘journalist,’ and show host, Abby Phillip who asked Bolton, “Have you ruled out running for president?” Bolton said, “No, I haven’t. Certainly the field is getting filled up. I have a different view of how this will play out over the next several months.”

He said, “I think we’re right now in a very interesting two-man race. Trump versus DeSantis. I think Trump over the next 90 days will unload on DeSantis and DeSantis will have to answer him back. I think that’s what a lot of the other candidates are waiting to see. Who survives that encounter? Maybe one does, maybe the other, maybe both are wounded. I think Chris Christie’s entry into the race is interesting. He will be going directly after Trump. And every time he makes a criticism of Trump, the news media will ask Ron DeSantis what he thinks of it. So I think for DeSantis to avoid simply commenting for the next six months on what Chris Christie is doing.”

Bolton wrapped things up by saying, “He has to have his own unique plan of action to deal with Trump and to try to take him out politically as soon as he can.” Just what this country needs, another backstabbing war monger. Clearly, those in the ‘fake news’ media love those like Bolton, in fact they never seem to tire of them or call them out on their blatant lies. And besides, he doesn’t have to rule it out, the American people already have. He has no constituency. And Bolton, by running for president, is trying to answer the question no one asked, and no one cares to hear answered. Bolton irrelevant. No one has less of a chance of winning than Bolton.

Once, in another time, I thought Bolton was a good guy and one that I could actually trust. But then once I thought DeSantis was a good guy who would never take globalist money, I put him right up there with President Trump. Once I thought a lot of things and none of them were true. The hubris of this man knows no bounds. He is a petulant child who takes his toys and goes home when he doesn’t get his way. He is a relic of the past whose arrogance is exceeded only by his irrational hatred of a rich businessman who became President and who, despite the barrage of attacks from both Democrats and Republicans alike achieved a great level of success as president.

Finally, I just don’t understand why it is that any of these people want to embarrass themselves. The nomination is clearly President Trump’s to lose with DeSantis likely ending up as runner up. The clown car just keeps getting sadder and sadder. The list of non-entities seems to swell every week. None of these folks deserve even a second of coverage and yet here they are. Got to love democracy where anyone can declare, but all any of these phony’s are doing is to reinforce the fact that President Trump will win. Bolton has about as much chance of getting elected as does an old dementia riddled patient of getting over 80 million votes. It’ll never happen.


It never ceases to amaze me the level of time and effort that continues to be expended by those on both sides of the political aisle to paint President Trump as somehow being the single greatest threat this country now faces, or has ever faced! And what I find as being quite remarkable is the fact that it’s the very same people trying to do political damage to President Trump that are also the very same ones who pose a far more serious threat to than President Trump ever could to this country’s ability to survive. All one has to do is to compare the condition of the country under President Trump to the condition it is in today under *president Joey and the Democrats.

Which brings me to James Comey, a guy of whom, strangely enough, was someone about whom I believed the things that I was told. Things like how he was a standup guy and a guy who would follow evidence no matter where it might lead him. That he was someone who could be trusted to do the right thing and who stood for the rule of law. Sadly, it wasn’t long after that that Comey would come to prove himself to be the complete opposite of everything I had been told that he was. I suppose the first big clue should have been the fact that it was ‘BO’ who had appointed him as head of the FBI. And it was under Comey that the FBI began its long downward spiral.

Anyway, it was during an appearance just this past Tuesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that Comey actually accused President Trump of being an “existential threat” to the country. And he also took the opportunity to refer to the Republican Party a cult. Cooper asked, “Given the career you have had in the FBI, when you see the former president, now the frontrunner again for the Republican nomination, how big a threat is that?” Comey said, “A very serious threat to the rule of law, almost an existential threat if he were to become president again. He has tried to take a flamethrower to the FBI, to the Department of Justice to stop them investigating.”

Cooper said, “You believe Donald Trump is an existential threat to the rule of law?” Comey said, “I do, yes. Were he to become president again, I don’t think America has ever seen and is ready for what he would try and do to the system of justice.” Personally, I would argue that there are those who believe the DOJ and the FBI are an existential threat to the USA. Comey would be behind bars if our Justice system was actually working. Anyway, Cooper went on to say, “The Justice Department has sent a very strong message about what happened on January 6 with their prosecutions, their investigations and prosecutions of some of those responsible.”

Cooper continued by asking, “When you hear the former president talking about pardoning, you hear Ron DeSantis talking about looking at pardons, what do you think?” And Comey responded by saying, “It’s disgusting. It’s an attack on the rule of law. If anything in this country people should be able to agree on, we should send a message, never again. You can’t intervene by force. You can protest, you can march, you can do what you want, but don’t you dare. That’s the message that has to be sent with those prosecutions. And the idea of undercutting that message makes no sense at all.” Odd that Comey chooses to talk about attacking the rule of law. HE is disgusting!

Cooper said, “Many in the House in Congress say that the FBI has been ‘weaponized,’ that it’s going after conservatives, that it’s politicized. Do you believe any of that is true?” Comey said, “I don’t believe any of it is true. I never would have expected it. All of us should become more familiar with the way a cult operates in the recent years. So it makes sense in the light of that phenomenon. But I never would have anticipated it years ago.” So, because I believe in God, law and order, our Constitution, I respect our Founding Fathers and possess a love for my country, our flag and our national anthem I am the one accused of being a member of a cult?

Cooper asked, “So what happens if the Republican Party, which has a long, proud history, if many of its members are talking about, you know, prosecuting the director of the FBI, defunding the FBI — some of them are talking about defunding the FBI. What does that say about the Republican Party?” Comey said, “I don’t know what the Republican Party is anymore. And I don’t know what its future. I think the American people need to hand it, especially the presidential level, a series of losses until they figure out who they want to be. Because they’re not a party that is consistent with the values of the country.” What does Comey know about the values of this country?

Comey is today nothing if not a soulless stooge who committed treason and is now prostituting himself for the Democrats. On CNN no less. Any law official who politicizes law enforcement is a traitor, plain and simple. He has no respect for the nation or its founders. Any threat posed by President Trump is infinitesimal when compared to the threat posed by Comey and the rest those on the radical left who are perverting the legal system in order to persecute those who disagree with them while shielding those on their side. They have been the tip of the spear in weaponizing the government against ‘We the People.’ Those like Comey must be locked away.

Yup, that’s me, I belong to a cult because I pay my taxes, I vote, I made a career out of the military, I raised an intelligent, responsible and self-sufficient daughter who is now grown and with children of her own. If ever there was a cult in this country, it would be none other than the Democrat Party. The Democrats are now so paranoid about the American people voting for President Trump that they’ve resorted to calling over half the country terrorists who deserve to be locked away in prison. You’d think that they must be guilty of something and therefore must stop the will of the people from being succeeding at all costs. They’re acting like cornered animals.

All this from a guy who purposely and willfully shredded our Constitution! It’s now at least half of this country that has become so contaminated with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) that they continue to live in complete denial. You know, if their way of doing things was all that wonderful then why are we not now all living in that ever-elusive progressive utopia? If it actually was all that wonderful the left would not have to force itself upon those of us who disagree with them courtesy of fraudulent elections. And this media whore, who will visit any television network that will pay him, is simply pimping a new book. He’s nothing less than a shameless scumbag.

And isn’t it interesting to see how these people react to a protest at the Capitol, as compared with how they reacted to the months of looting and burning businesses across the country during the ‘summer of love’ in 2020. Looting and burning a 7/11 is a bigger deal to me than was the ‘protest’ at the Capitol. If anyone broke the law, arrest and prosecute them according to the law. But don’t waste billions of taxpayer dollars working to fabricate ‘evidence’ then used to prosecute people who took part in a legitimate protest, while bending over backwards to not prosecute anybody who is clearly guilty looting businesses and destroying all manner of private property.

So according to Comey it’s the Republican ‘cult’ that threatens Supreme Court judges. It’s the Republican cult, and its gangs of thugs, that burn, loot, call for defunding the police, refuse to jail criminals and who weaponize federal agencies. They think we’re fools. A picture is worth a thousand words and the people of this country have a sizable batch of actual events they can recall that had nothing to do with President Trump or the Republican Party. And it was the January 6 committee that has been proven to be a complete work of fiction, one that was quite determined to tell only one side of the story, their side!  And with good reason. But the truth has come out.

We now know that there was heavy FBI involvement in the events of January 6 in an attempt to create yet another false premise that could be blamed on President. Those like Comey cannot let the lies go because it’s all they have. The definition of the word ‘cult’: ‘a term, sometimes considered pejorative, for a relatively small group which is typically led by a charismatic and self-appointed leader, who excessively controls its members, requiring unwavering devotion to a set of beliefs and practices which are considered deviant or outside the norms of society. What part of the standard accepted definition of ‘cult’ is in any way a description of President Trump.

And so finally, all that we have here on the part of Comey is nothing more than an act of pure projection spewed by a charter member of the American Left. The Justice Department has become completely untouchable by checks and balances. It now essentially answers to no one. They act only in the defense of Democrats and to preserve the intimidating power of the deep state. There is no longer any American institution worthy of our trust and admiration. They are, in fact, anti-American in every way. It will take a President, with the true support of his countrymen, to get to the bottom of all the secrets and remove the demons.