It was during a recent interview that Pete Buttigieg’s same-sex ‘husband,’ Chasten ‘Buttigieg,’ told Linsey Davis of ABC ‘News’ that the time has come to restore “moral leadership” in the White House.  Buttigieg made this point after Davis played for him a clip of Rush Limbaugh saying: “They’ve got to be saying that despite all the great progress and despite all the great wokeness and despite all the great ground that has been covered America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage president.” Davis asked him, “What is your response to it?”

‘Buttigieg’ responded by saying “I’ve been dealing with this my whole life.” ‘Buttigieg’ went on to say, “I dealt with a multitude of Rush Limbaughs when I was walking through the hall ways of my high school.”  He said, “You saw that Pete is ready to go toe-to-toe with this president and Pete can take on the likes of Rush Limbaugh.”  And he continued by saying, “But I am more worried about the kids.”  Right, he’s worried about the kids.  Democrats are ALWAYS worried about the “kids” unless, of course, they happen to be one those “kids” in the womb.

He said, “I’m more worried about the people in this country who are watching how we treat this candidacy, treat this campaign, and the way we treat people who for so long have been attacked by people like Rush Limbaugh and this president.”  And he said, “And I think: It is time for moral leadership to be restored to the White House. So when you are ready to share that deepest truth about yourself, when you are ready to step out of the closet you step out into something hopeful and inclusive, and you look up to Washington and you see a president who cares about you and loves you.”

And so we have a practicing homosexual who now feels somehow qualified to lecture the American people on ‘morality.’  Seriously?  Morality for whom, exactly?  Homosexuals who practice immoral sexual relations are immoral–not moral–individuals who do so for their own pleasures and self-centered behaviors.  This country truly is upside down when it comes to right and wrong so is it any wonder that we have young children changing genders because of their misguided parents, people supporting infanticide, and confusion as to what is truly moral in this world.

Pete and Chasten have made it more than a little clear that they intend to be very “in your face” with this deviant lifestyle they have chosen for themselves and you will yield to their lifestyle and above all you WILL accept it.  How foolish they are, how far off base they are, when it comes to the American people. Most won’t openly express their disdain for this lifestyle because of the potential threat of harassment, but in the voting booth their true beliefs will be made.  And yet we continue to have these deviant individuals who insist upon trying to pull us all into their twisted world.

And Buttigieg is unwilling to even consider the point Rush was making.  Perhaps we don’t care at all what these two do behind closed doors, perhaps we simply don’t want to have to look at it every day ‘if’ they become the first couple. More to the point, perhaps we don’t want the son of a communist, who’s studied how to sound like Barry ‘O’, who was the failed mayor of some small town somewhere, with zero experience and who couldn’t lead an ant to a picnic, as the president of the United States. And the gay community isn’t going to bully us into accepting him.

I am a straight American male, I am married and I have a successful daughter.  A am also a military veteran and a Christian.  And it is as such that I am not about to lectured to by someone whose ‘lifestyle’ is anything but normal.  And while there are those who attempt to convince us that there is some huge gay population in this country who we must somehow be accepting of, it’s at the present time the actual percentage of those who profess to be gay in this country is roughly 3.5-4.5 percent of the population, not the nearly 25 percent thought to be by most Americans.

A doctor once wrote that there are openings in the body which are not designed for entry but for exit and that reversing this is physically damaging and can be devastating. To say nothing of dealing with fecal matter. Take away the question of morality, this is flat-out unhealthy. Many end up with colostomy bags. One man who was abused as a boy said that the physical damage to his digestive tract has been permanent.  So to in any way imply that what takes place here can in any way be described, or even thought of, as being ‘normal’ is a complete and utter fallacy.

What an idiot. He condemns what he assumes to be the bigotry of others based on his own over-estimation of his worth to the rest of us. He is just another human being, and not a terribly smart one at that.  He’s too busy playing the victim to bother listening to what Rush actually said.  Rush didn’t say that someone engaged in homosexual behavior cannot be president.  He simply analyzed the attitude of the overall population and questioned whether the entire country was ready for an openly homosexual president.  It wasn’t a slam against gays, it was an honest observation.

Democrats love ‘talking’ about morality while at the very same time they push for the slaughter of children, now that’s truly delusional.  Morality is a word Democrats always love to trot out while at the same time they are working hard behind the scene on pushing their true, and rather nefarious agenda. Morality?  I would argue that our problem is that we no longer follow longstanding moral virtues.  These day we seem to have our own answers!  Moral leadership being proposed by a gay man?  Sorry but that’s just not something I’m willing to accept.  It makes no sense to me.


Brennan 2

So it is he who should be rotting away in prison, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, who on Thursday during yet another appearance on MSDNC accused President Trump of playing to what Brenna described as being a “very debased” group of people. Discussing President Trump’s comments on Roger Stone at a prison graduation ceremony in Las Vegas, Brennan said, “He’s clearly giving every indication he wants to act like a mob boss. And he’s going to try to take care of him and his soldiers.”

He continued, “It’s outrageous he would try to make any moral equivalency between someone like Roger Stone who the judge said has trampled the law and public servants like James Comey and others who really tried their best. You can question their decisions and judgments but really were trying to carry out their duties responsibly and with integrity.” Responsibly and with integrity?  What the Hell has he been smoking, snortin’ or shootin’ up?   It must be some pretty powerful stuff!

He added, “There were people in that audience that unfortunately I did hear laughter at the things he was saying about these individuals and talking about Peter Struck and Lisa Page and others. I mean, he just plays to this very debased group of people who are listening to what he is saying in terms of just trashing good public servants and defending people like Roger Stone? I mean, give me a break.”  This guy has the balls to call out “people like Roger Stone?”  Brennan is a walkin’, talkin’ piece of sh!t!

So let’s cut to the chase, shall we?  Brennan is a devout communist and has devoted much of his life to destroying our country.  He is evil personified and is the one who is “debased.”  He is not hero, in fact he is the antithesis of what it means to be a hero. What needs to happen, what MUST happen, is for him to go to prison for what would be the rest of whatever is left of his very miserable life. His reference to President Trump supporters as “debased” is eerily reminiscent of what Hitlery called us in 2016.

I mean, here we have a guy who is essentially a communist sympathizer in that he has voted for a Communist for president, and yet was still able to get the top job at the CIA?  And he’s the same guy who claims to be somehow worried about Russia?  Wasn’t it his job to track down and then put a stop to any and all election interference?  What the Hell happened there?  Or was he just so sure that Hitlery was going to win that it didn’t really matter?  This loser should have been locked up years ago.

Brennan says deplorables are “debased,” meanwhile it’s Democrats who can’t manage to figure out their gender on and particular day.  They ponder it still. I’ll be glad when Brennan is pushing up daisies.  I wear his insults, as well as those hurled by Hitlery and every other scumbag Democrat, as a badge of honor.  My President is not perfect but I can honestly say that he is miles ahead of the last two Democrat Presidents and in every meaningful way, not the least of which is his love for this country!

There’s no question that people like Brennan, Barry ‘O’,Hitlery and now ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg think very little of us who actually believe in our Constitution as it was written. And they obviously don’t think we know anything about anything, that we’re just a bunch of rubes, too stupid to even come in out of the rain.  So stupid, in fact, that we NEED those in the Democrat Party, people like them, without whom we wouldn’t stand a chance of making it through our pathetic little lives. I beg to differ.

Without a doubt, Brennan represents ALL that is truly wrong with most of those now serving in government, you know, the kind of people that we simply don’t need in any sort of a position of power.  Government is not about having those people in positions of power who think that they are somehow better than those of us hardworking, tax paying Americans.  Those in government should focus on things like defending the homeland, providing for the truly indigent and promoting real economic growth.

Call us what you will, Mr. Brennan, but at least we love our country and are NOT traitorous scumbags such as yourself.  You have continued to make it very clear that there is no lie that you won’t tell about this president.  And yet you have the audacity to accuse true American patriots of somehow being “debased” when it is you who promotes communism and it was you who took part in an attempt to overthrow a sitting president for no other reason than because you don’t like him or his style.

Perhaps if Brennan were ever to come down from his high horse and out from what is very likely his heavily protected gated community and chose to drop his swamp elitist mentality and ventured out into the world of average Americans, he might come to understand what we have clearly come to understand, that the left IS the debased group. But I’m sure the odds of him ever doing something like that are more than a little remote.  He obviously prefers to be right where he is, looking down on us.

Those on the left, like Brennan, claim there is no longer absolute truth, they desire the unlimited murder of babies on demand, they promote, and actively engage in, all manner of sexual perversion, they believe men can be women and women can be men, they seek to eradicate the natural family, they hate God and those who believe in Him, and all manner of morally warped beliefs.  Brennan is a proud member of the left that is bent on forever altering this greatest experiment in human freedom.

So, I’m “debased”, I’m “deplorable”, I’m one of the “dregs of society” and as such my opinion is of no value.  Just consider me at the bottom of the totem pole as the person every liberal loves to hate, the straight, Christian, white male, family man, who would rather go out and work two jobs rather than take a handout from a government that seeks only to control courtesy of those very same handouts.  Sorry, but I just don’t care to go down that road.  I choose to be self-reliant.

Brennan is nothing more than another of those well entrenched, and very corrupt, ‘civil servants’ who managed to climb the ladder, courtesy of those he likely backstabbed along the way.  None of these people has ever done an honest day’s work in their life and no matter how poorly they perform their job it’s impossible to fire them and apparently it’s also impossible to revoke their security clearance.  All that matters is that they are on the right team, the team that hates this country.

Well guess what Mr. Brennan, “We the People” very much appreciate the great job President Trump is doing for our country and our families and rest assured we WILL re-elect him.  One last comment, it’s every day that I pray that you and all of your Obama administration cohorts, as well as Obama, will eventually be prosecuted for your crimes and spend the remainder of your miserable lives in federal prison.  And if all else fails may you simply die in your sleep at my earliest convenience.

I am rather disappointed in Mr. Barr.  Thus far he has allowed Comey and McCabe off the hook, and failed to prosecute anybody else.  He hasn’t even prosecuted the low hanging fruit like the perjurers involved in the Kavanaugh hearing.  And those judges appointed by Barry ‘O’ certainly aren’t going anywhere for a while.  Unless something remarkable happens, and soon, perhaps it’s time for the president to let him go and to search out someone who’s not afraid to do what we all know needs to be done.



First let me start out by saying that, no, I did not watch the Democrat debate last night despite knowing full well that the entertainment value alone would likely have been priceless.  I just couldn’t do it.  But what I did do was to spend some time this morning tuning in to watch, on the various networks, what some of the talking heads were considering as being the ‘highlights’ from the night’s festivities.  One of those ‘highlights’ that I took a certain amount of enjoyment in watching the various exchanges that took place between the ‘Billion Dollar Man’ and the ‘Socialist.’

I guess it was toward the end of what appeared to have been a rather contentious Democrat debate that things got a bit heated after a question posed by ‘moderator’ Lester Holt, and directed at Sanders, about how two-thirds of voters seem to be “uncomfortable with a socialist candidate for president.”  After seeming to question the poll’s results by pointing out his frontrunner status for the Democrat nomination, Sanders called ‘Nanny Mike’s earlier use of the word “communism” a “cheap shot,” contending his policies were more akin to “what goes on in countries like Denmark.”

And then it was after Sanders had criticized “tax breaks and subsidies” for the rich, that ‘Nanny Mike’ seemed to come to life saying, “What a wonderful country we have. The best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses.  What did I miss here?”  And it was at that point that Sanders lost his cool a bit, responding, and rather defensively so, by saying, “Well, you missed that I work in Washington, house one.”  To which ‘Nanny Mike’ quickly responded by saying, “That’s the first problem.”  But old Bernie, was not to be deterred, not by a long shot.

Because he went on to say, “Live in Burlington [Vermont], house two,” and then went on to say, “And like thousands of other Vermonters, I do have a summer camp. Forgive me for that. Where is your home? Which tax haven …”  ‘Nanny Mike’ responded to the challenge saying, “New York City, thank you very much. And I pay all my taxes. And I’m happy to do it because I get something for it.”  Well, I’m not really sure what it is that Mike may “get” for his taxes, and I thought that was a rather odd response.  Maybe in some strange way Mike thought he was making sense.

But I must say that from what I saw of last evening’s festivities it was Bernie who looked and acted like a raving lunatic, even more so than usual, and it was the ‘Billion Dollar Man,’ Nanny Mike,’ who looked more than a little stiff.  There he was, standing there, a Billionaire several times over, and having to endure the humiliation of actually having to raise his hand to try to get a word in edge-wise.  Oh the embarrassment of it all.  And I think Mike was struck by the realization that it’s going to take a bit more than merely flooding the airwaves with ads to pull this thing off.

And so it was the wooden oligarch who looked like a man not used to being questioned about anything he says or does, EVER.  Proof in the flesh, that billions of dollars can’t buy charisma or even the ability to relate to ‘normal’ people.  To the untrained eye it seemed to me as if the ‘Billion Dollar Man’ experienced a bit of a flame out.  Meanwhile it was Warren, whose campaign is now said to be dying a slow death, went completely crazy. You would have thought she would have spent more time attacking Sanders then Mike. But hey, what do I know of such things?

Bernie’s snappy comeback regarding his policies being more akin to “what goes on in countries like Denmark” was a little less than accurate.  True Socialism, which is what Bernie actually supports, has always been pure poison wherever it has been attempted as it guarantees nothing more than massive poverty and abject misery.  And if we’re being honest, it’s most Americans that are not the least bit interested in any form of Socialism, as it destroys nations right down to the their very foundation.  There’s that old adage about putting lipstick on a pig, but still ending up with a pig.

You almost have to feel sorry for the Democrats in that this is what they have to choose from in picking a candidate to go up against President Trump.  I mean the ‘Billionaire’ came across looking like the walking dead; Warren sounded absolutely insane; Bernie was like a rabid dog; ‘Crooked Joe’ appeared senile; Father Pete was, well what can I say about him; and old Amy looked like she was about to cry at one point.  America is dead for sure if it’s any of these losers end up getting elected.  But stranger things have happened, I guess.  Which makes it all more than a little scary.

When all was said and done Mike came across as being a bit of an elitist, and someone who sees himself as being better than everyone else.  So, like I said, he had better hope that flooding the airwaves with ads works for him.  However he did create a business. Bernie, on the other hand, didn’t even have a job until age 40.  That is until he latched onto a government job as a mayor. That was his turning point. Take from the taxpayers in every way you can. No question Bernie is a communist.  His ideals are pure Soviet style and he lies about Denmark being his model for socialism.

And while I am pretty far removed from being in any way qualified to do so, it was after watching some clips from last night’s ‘debate’ that I would now like to offer Mike a bit of ‘free’ advice.  Drop out NOW!  I mean does he really want to be associated with this odd assortment of losers?  Is it really worth it to him to subject himself to such lunacy.  Has he got nothing better to spend his money on?  Or does he simply dislike President Trump that much, or have some twisted allegiance to the Democrat Party where he hopes to prevent it from essentially committing suicide?

Bernie is behaving like every communist leader that came before him. Democrats are screwed this year. They’re planning to steal the nomination from Bernie again this year, alienating a lot of Democrat voters. However, the options are to run an old socialist who honeymooned in the USSR during the height of the Cold War but is worth millions and owns three houses. The guy the party wants to rig the nomination in favor of is a former Republican who has new quotes popping up daily that show his utter contempt for the average American. It’s a train wreck either way.

Bernie is every bit the lying deceiver one would expect of a Communist wannabe dictator.  He angrily touts nations with a fraction of our economy and opportunity and he despises success in the most affluent nation in the world. He claims to have done much but in his entire life he has accomplished absolutely ZERO.  Bernie is a millionaire but hates Capitalism, he had a heart attack and got immediate medical care yet under his plan he would have been buried, he wants to eliminate petroleum yet flies in private jets and he has never run or managed anything let alone a country.

While I don’t want to be seen as putting all my eggs in one basket, it’s after each one of these Democrat debates that I become all the more convinced that President Trump has got this.  But since I’m one of those who must always find something to worry about, it’s 2024 that has become the focus of that emotion.  Because, putting aside all the joking around about Trump being president forever, we really need to begin our quest now to find a suitable replacement for he who is essentially, at least as of right now, irreplaceable.  And that, my friends, is going to be no easy task.


Waters 21

As time marches on I’m becoming increasingly worried about how much longer my country will be able to survive.  I mean when you have the entire Democrat Party and, sadly, a good share of the Republican Party, now being nothing short of completely derelict when it comes to their duty of safeguarding our country, how much longer is it that we can expect to remain a free and sovereign nation?  And what does it say about our supposed leaders when our president is portrayed, by both sides, as being nothing less than the most evil and corrupt man in all of human history?  I mean where were these very same people during the eight years of the Obama presidency?

And so it was ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, that Democrat from Commiefornia, who this past Tuesday, during an appearance on MSDNC, said that not enough Americans are resisting and speaking out against President Trump.  Well why in God’s name would anyone who genuinely loves this country ever want to do something like that?  It shows you just how thoroughly demented the leaders of the Democrat Party have become.  It was the election of Donald Trump that has brought about what is a collective nervous breakdown on the left, they have been totally mad, revealing their true selves as they pull out all the stops in their effort to remove President Trump.

‘Mad Maxine’ said, “The American people should be focused on Barr. We should be joining with all of those federal prosecuting attorneys that have decided he should step down, that he should resign. We should be supporting them and backing them up. I’m anxious to see what the federal judges who have decided they can’t wait until the yearly association meeting, that they should pay attention to what is going on now and review what has happened. I’m anxious to see what they’re going to come out with.”  Personally I am focused on Mr. Barr, for what is his apparent reluctance to go after those with names like Brennan, Clapper, Comey and, yes, even Clinton.

Anyway, ‘Mad Maxine’ continued, “But the American public should get behind this if they care anything about our democracy. You know, for all of those people who say that they, you know, honor the flag and that they are in support of our democracy being strengthened, for all of those people who say that—where are you?  Can’t they see what is happening? We’re in a constitutional crisis in this country, with a president who is running amok. He is out of control. We have got to make sure that he’s not reelected. We have to speak up, we have to resist. I don’t hear enough voices.”  But the fault of any “constitutional crisis” rests solely with the Democrats!

She said, “It is not only the sycophants around him, it’s the average American who gets up every day, who is taking care of their families, who is thinking somebody else will see to it that this president is not re-elected. But, no, it has to be all of us out there working and working very hard. We have a constitutional crisis and we’ve got to deal with it. This is what democracy is all about, when you see a president out of control, when you see those who have been elected to office, who are not acting responsibly and they’re endangering our democracy, you have to speak out against them. You have got to make sure that they’re not reelected ever again.”

What this truly pathetic old dingbat fails to mention, of course, is the fact that those federal ‘prosecuting attorneys’ who have now somehow come to the conclusion that Mr. Barr needs to step down, or that he should resign, are all, for the most part, rabid left wingers.  And the fact that they are now all screaming that he needs to go has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with how he is doing his job, what it has everything to do with is the fact that he works for President Trump.  I would imagine that their primary concern is one that has them worried that Mr. Barr might actually start doing his job as those of us who support this president think that he should.

And I guess I’m going to need to be the one to inform this imbecilic old hag that it’s millions of average Americans get up every day and go to work so that they can take care of, and provide for, their families who are desperate to see President Trump re-elected and who continue to oppose those like ‘Mad Maxie’ who are so desperate in their effort to make sure that that doesn’t happen.  They don’t see a president that’s out of control, what they see is a president who is doing all that he can in an effort to keep those promises that got him elected in the first place, in spite of the concerted efforts by the Democrats, and some RINOs, to prevent him from doing so.

So the state of our “democracy” is just fine Maxine! The people voted, in accordance with our Constitution, for Donald Trump to be their President.  And the people will have the opportunity to choose again in November 2020. What Democrats fear is that they have virtually no way to counter the policies of President Trump that are so very clearly working while their prescriptions for what ails the country have been unmitigated disasters.  Why would the people want to resist a great economy, good jobs, more freedom and greater security?  It’s every day that we are hearing and watching Democrats, like ‘Mad Maxine’ disparage our nation and our Constitution.

And why is it that ‘Mad Maxine’ MIGHT think more Americans are not getting onboard the impeachment bandwagon and seem so resistant about doing so?  I mean you would think that such things as a record setting economy, record setting job numbers, record setting stock market, record unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and women, huge tax cuts, much higher retirement savings and manufacturing expanding with more companies bringing jobs back to America would be more than sufficient to have people taking to the streets demanding that the Democrats continue to do all that they can to see that President Trump is finally removed from office.  But nope!

Oh, and then of course there’s that Gallup poll released just last week that seemed to show double digit increases in race relations including black business startup’s skyrocketing to a whopping 400% increase, opportunities abound and America’s poor are taking advantage and individual satisfaction with their lives is up a whopping 40%, President Trump has also added trillions of dollars of wealth back into America’s economy and the man donates his entire paycheck every year to help Veterans.  Isn’t that all reason enough to be calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump?  So how stupid does ‘Mad Maxine’ and her cohorts in the Democrat Party think we really are?

But not to worry, Mad Maxine’, rest assured that we will all go out of our way to make sure that we show up on Election Day and I can guarantee that it will be at that time all of our voices will be heard loud and very clear.  We can’t congregate together or proudly display our flag without being called racist or white supremacists.  We can’t even wear a red hat or show support for our President without being physically attacked.  But make no mistake we are all still here and waiting ever so patiently for Election Day.  And it’s then that you will hear us, and when the dust settles it will again be you and your friends who will be in tears while the rest of us are cheering.


Obama 16

So riddle me this:  How much of a lying piece of sh!t MUST one be, and how desperate for proof that one really wasn’t an incompetent, self-serving ideologue as president, than to try to take credit for something that one had virtually nothing whatsoever to do with?  Now of course he of whom I am speaking is none other than, gone but not for forgotten, ex-president Barry ‘O’ who on Monday suggested that he, and NOT President Trump, is solely responsible for our current booming economy.  Go figure!

You see it was on Monday that Barry took to Twitter and said, “Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history,” while also sharing a picture of his $787 billion stimulus spending package that didn’t do squat other than to waste nearly $800 billion.  Don’t you remember all of those “shovel ready” jobs?  Nope, me neither!

Barry’s message on Twitter was not some a nostalgic look back on his presidency, as he specified it was his spending package that was responsible for “more than a decade” of growth, this despite his only being president for eight years.  Actually the ONLY thing that resulted from his bogus ‘stimulus’ package was the fact that the bank accounts of many of his political cronies were significantly ‘stimulated.’  There was nothing that came about that had any positive impact on stimulating the economy.

While Barry’s stimulus ‘may’ have, in some small way, helped the economy recover from a major recession, economic growth had slumped to rather anemic 1.6 percent by the time he finally left office.  It was a combination of President Trump’s tax cuts and a huge cut in regulations that proved to be the rocket fuel that prompted the American economy to take off and for record high stock markets gains, wage gains, historic unemployment rates, and an expansion that is now the longest on record.

And remember how Barry had famously said after he left the White House that he would refrain from criticizing President Trump, but that was just one more promise on what turned out to be very long list of many broken by Barry after he hit the campaign trail in 2018 to boost Democrats.  It was during a speech in Nevada back in 2018 that Barry complained, “When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now. Remember who started it. Remember who started it! C’mon!”  Right!!

I suppose the true irony here, in Barry’s patently dishonest claim, is how minorities were made to suffer more than anyone during his reign, forced to put up with low wages, high unemployment, and an overall decreasing household wealth.  President Trump succeeded in reversing that trend, and in pretty short order.  He’s gotten us to the point where we now have historically low unemployment rates for Blacks and Hispanics.  Yet, liberals still refer to President Trump as being a racist.

Democrats are indeed desperate to claim credit for themselves when they know they deserve none.  Democrats don’t create, they only know how to destroy.  Barry said it was a magic wand that would be needed to bring manufacturing jobs back. It turned out that that magic wand was killing TPP, ending NAFTA, cutting regulations, enacting tax cuts, re-negotiating trade deals and making the business environment competitive again.  Barry, too, could have done any of those things, but he simply CHOSE not to!

And it was Barry who gave us just a taste of the Socialism the full brunt of which Bernie now seeks to inflict on America.  And not until President Trump reversed all of his idiotic policies did our economy take off.  Not to mention how Barry did nothing for the black community other than stir the pot of racial tensions.  He made us all a laughing stock of the world and under his failed strategy of ‘leading from behind’ the world descended into chaos.  Barry could have been so much more than what he was.

And history, at least the honest version of it, will also show how it was that America’s first black president played a very prominent role in what was nothing other than a blatant coup attempt made against his successor.  Yet it was Barry ‘O’ who proved to be nothing less than a one man national catastrophe.  He damaged this nation more than any foreign enemy could have ever dreamt of and can easily be said to be the worst President in our history.  Somewhere Jimmy Carter is breathing a sigh of relief.

The best thing that Barry ‘O’ did was to create an environment that made it possible for Donald Trump to become president.  Because I have absolutely NO doubt that had Barry ‘O’ not been elected that we would not today have one of the greatest presidents ever to be elected.  And it was the election of Donald Trump that drove those on the left to reveal their true selves, drawing them out of the shadows from which they were far more comfortable doing their dirty work to destroy our country.

And so as we all now know, it was President Trump who was left to clean up the rather sizable mess that was left behind after the very destructive eight year reign of Barry & Co. and in so doing, in what was a very short span of time, politically speaking, restored to America her rightful place in the world.  President Trump has continued to make very clear his love for America as well as for patriotic Americans everywhere who want nothing more than to save their nation from the radicals.

So let me see if I have this right, Barry ‘O’ and his bunch of less than impressive economic advisors actually predicted that the economy would remain anemic, with continued loss of manufacturing jobs.  They also predicted that President Trump would tank the economy and also went so far as to predict that the markets would crash.  So if we fast-forward to a time after President Trump moved ahead with his policies, it would appear that Barry & Co. were, and remain, pretty much full of it.

Now had President Trump decided to keep the idiotic policies dreamt up by Barry & Co. then I suppose a case could be made that would then allow Barry ‘O’ to take some level of credit for our current booming economy.  But President Trump chose to scrap the policies that Barry ‘O’ had put in place because they weren’t working, so why keep them?  After all, those policies were created by a bunch of academics who were totally clueless about what all it actually takes to make possible a booming economy.

The fact that President Trump was able to do in three years what Barry & Co. couldn’t manage to do in eight really tells you all that you really need to know.  For eight years we had a man in the White House who came into office on a mission, a man who so hated America that he wanted nothing more than to destroy it.  And still he attempts to convince us that that was not his intent at all.  But in looking back at the time he spent in office, how is it that you can come to any other conclusion?

The debacle that was the Obama Presidency was something this country was fortunate to have survived.  But just because we managed to survive it does not mean that irreparable damage was not done.  President Trump has accomplished much, but he is just one man and his time is limited.  And Democrats continue to resist his every effort to not only “Make America Great Again,” but to “Keep America Great.”  And it’s every Democrat now in the running for president who wants America destroyed.


Donaldson 3

It would seem that old faux ‘journalists’ never seem willing to just fade away, instead they continue hang around long enough until thought of as some sort of icon.  And as proof of that I point to the likes of Tom Brokaw, Dan Blather, Ted Koppel and, of course, Sam Donaldson.   And it was Donaldson who most recently, in what was an apparent effort to somehow remain relevant, came out from under whatever rock it is that he currently resides to endorse Michael ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg for president, which was said to be his first political endorsement in his supposed 52-year ‘career.’

It was courtesy of an op-ed for the Communist News Network, aka CNN, that Donaldson said, “When I retired seven years ago, I fully expected to remain a political observer,” after hilariously noting that he had been “completely independent from the political process” throughout his over half a century career.  He went on to say, “But there is too much at stake in the next election to remain silent. So, I am speaking out now in support of the candidate I believe is most qualified to be president and most able to defeat Donald Trump. That candidate is Mike Bloomberg.”

Donaldson actually described Mayor ‘Nanny Mike’ as being an “effective leader and problem solver” and as someone who can “bring people together and unite the country.”  And he went on to write, “After a lifetime of reporting the news, now is the time for me to stand up as a private citizen and do everything in my power to help defeat Donald Trump and elect Mike Bloomberg the next president of the United States.”  In truth, what Bloomberg is is someone who feels entitled to use his great wealth to transform OUR country into one that is much more to HIS liking.

It was during Donaldson’s Friday night appearance with Andy on “Anderson Cooper 360” that he told Andy, “We are in the grip … of a sick, ignorant man.”  And Donaldson went on to say, “He’s mean. He’s corrupt, and if we don’t get this right we may lose the things that have made this country the best place to live in the world and that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan used to talk about that was the envy of the world.”  Donaldson was one of earliest pioneers of ‘fake news,’ and in that tradition refers to President Trump as corrupt but offers nothing to back up his claim.

And apparently Donaldson even did an ad for the Bloomberg campaign, which was apparently posted to Twitter on Saturday afternoon.  Of course I doubt few who will see it actually know who he is.  I haven’t seen the ad myself so I’m not sure if it bothers to explain who Donaldson is, but it likely does convey how in all of his many years in ‘journalism’ his unusual step of endorsing a candidate MUST be seen as being profound.  But I’m quite sure the ad does not go into Donaldson’s penchant for supporting all manner of left wing causes and those politicians who support them.

I do have a difficult time trying to figure out how it is that Donaldson thinks someone like ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg will be able to “bring people together and unite the country.”  Here is a man to truly believes in and aggressively supports issues that run absolutely counter to our Constitution.  Just two of the issues that ‘Nanny Mike’ supports, and very strongly so, is the complete lunacy that is the theory of manmade ‘climate change’ and very restrictive gun laws.  These are issues that a great number of Americans are never going to come together on.  It just ain’t gonna to happen.

Let’s face it, Donaldson was never a ‘journalist’ and if memory serves he wasn’t much of a reporter.  He was nothing but a Democrat operative with a press pass.  And he was absolutely gaga over ‘Slick Willy’ and Hitlery.  And to claim that he’s never endorsed anyone is BS.  He simply disguised his ‘endorsements’ of various leftists as ‘fake news.’ For those unfamiliar with this hack’s ‘career,’ he was a Washington fixture for ABC News for decades.  Remember, that was back when we were essentially held hostage by the major networks when it came to being ‘informed.’

And it was also before we had other options available to us by way cable and the internet.  And it was back when Rush Limbaugh was just beginning to go national, and when we had the likes of George Will, Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol all proudly professing themselves to be devoted Conservatives, when in fact, as we now know, they were anything but.  People only really found out how bad it was when alternate news sources started attracting audiences via other means. To put it in perspective Donaldson was little more than the ‘Jake Tapper’ of his time.

Donaldson joins his brethren in the ‘journalism’ business of today by throwing out all manner of accusation and slander of President Trump that he simply can’t back up with any actual facts.  But to ‘journalists’ of his ilk, it matters not that anything can be substantiated because in modern ‘journalism’ facts are no longer needed in any story about the president, rumor and innuendo have come to be acceptable substitutions for facts.  And I suppose one could argue that for most ‘journalists’ of today it’s when discussing President Trump that facts are no longer even relevant.

If he truly does wish to be taken seriously then perhaps old Sam should show us something more than just his typical brand of schoolyard name calling.  And if incapable of doing that then he should simply shut up and slip back under his rock!  But I very much doubt that’s going to happen.  Donaldson built a ‘career’ on being rude, he was less a ‘journalist’ than he was an obvious advocate for various leftist causes.  And as he was someone not known for being particularly impartial any ‘endorsement’ he may make should be given the amount of attention it deserves.

And when looking back over the ‘career’ of Donaldson it’s in relatively short order that one comes to realize that ‘fake news’ is not some new phenomenon, and that it has been around for decades.  It’s just that in Donaldson’s day we never really understood just how slanted the ‘news’ we were getting truly was because we had nothing to compare it to.  All of three of the major networks were essentially parroting the same thing, with little of it being true.  It was only after other options became available did we come to realize how thoroughly we had been lied to.

And I’m not at all sure how it is that anyone would actually think that an endorsement provided this ‘journalist/hack’ would be much help to the political fortunes of old ‘Nanny Mike.’  Donaldson is obviously another of those in the world of ‘fake news’ who has a rather high opinion of himself.  And when it comes to being both sick and ignorant there are few who can hold a candle to old Sam.  The entire profession of ‘journalism’ can be said to be in the toilet and by using Donaldson as being our perfect example, it has been in the toilet for what has been a very, very long time.

It’s amazing how everything the left accuses President Trump of doing is what they themselves are guilty of.   Donaldson always did like to hear himself talk.  It was screaming at Reagan as he left the podium that would become his trademark.  Then he disappeared for what we all hoped would be forever.  But no such luck as he has once again popped to the surface to remind us all of what a true bloviater he is, was and always will be.  But seriously, is there ANYONE who really cares who it is that Donaldson chooses to endorse for president?  What difference can it possibly make?

Donaldson is nothing more than another run-of-the-mill sycophant crook just like the rest of those ancient, long ago forgotten ‘anchors’ who spent entire careers drowning themselves in the crooked narrative put out by thugs who couldn’t care less about our country.  Donaldson was and is nothing but a political hack and therefore is simply unworthy of recommending anyone, and that he has selected Mike as his guy shows me that he and the others will pick on anyone to throw against President Trump.  Give me a break.  Donaldson is delusional as he has no more pull than a dead mule.

And finally, I cannot believe that the so-called party of the ‘working man’ now seems so willing to allow itself to simply be bought by ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg.  If there was any doubt about how just how much the Democrats hate our current president it’s this act alone that should leave absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind.  I think we can safely say that Democrats hate President Trump so much that today they would first endorse, and then vote for, Adolph Hitler if he were running on the Democrat ticket and there was even the remotest chance that he would win.  And that’s ok with Sam.


Bloomberg 04

So according to one who views himself as an expert on all thing involving politics, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass, it’s many Republicans who have now confided in him their concerns about how 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Michael ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg would be a tough opponent for President Trump.  But I find myself wondering what self-respecting Republican would relay such concerns to a blatant ‘fake newser’ like Wallass?  Granted I’m sure there are plenty of RINOs willing to spread all manner of rumor that ‘Commie Chris’ would be only too happy to repeat.

Anyway, it was this past Friday that Wallass said, “The war of words between the president and Michael Bloomberg is quite astonishing. President getting some advice from people who support him, don’t go after Bloomberg because you are the president so all you do by attacking him is elevating him.”  He continued, “There are a lot of Republicans, Republicans yes who think Bloomberg is the toughest guy you could face. One because he’s got an even bigger campaign war chest than you do. Number two because he’s a relative moderate.”  Bloomberg, a “relative moderate?”

Wallass then went on to say “There are some comments coming out but they are conservative comments or even potentially explosive on the right in terms of stop and frisk and redlining. Very hard to paint billionaire Michael Bloomberg as a socialist. So there is a lot of questions inside of the Republican Party. Do you really want to elevate Michael Bloomberg, because he could be a tough candidate in the fall.”  And does being the toughest guy in this crowd really mean all that much?  And it’s not how much money one has that determines if one is a socialist, it’s the policies he supports!

So let’s just say there is some level of truth to Wallass’ claim, I have absolutely no doubt that Wallass has likely been talking to those usual suspects of the ‘NeverTrump’ movement.  The Establishment Republicans and their consultants who backed Jeb, and NeverTrumpers like Kasich, Flake and Willard/Mitt/Pierre Delecto all of whom are likely jealous of President Trump’s success. What do they know?  Nothing. Disregard everything Wallass and these losers say about President Trump. That’s the best advice this Main Streeter will give you about the NeverTrumper crowd. Pathetic losers ALL.

And by the way, what exactly does it take to be a ‘journalist’ these days?  I could just as easily say that “a lot of Republicans think Chris Wallass is a political hack.”  And what the heck does “a lot of Republicans” mean?  Hundreds? 5%? 50%?  Wallass has said this only because he’s hates the president and seeks to stir the pot.  Wallass has been on the hate Trump bandwagon going back to before Donald Trump won the election.  And his hatred of the president has only seemed to intensify over time.  To the point where his bias against the president comes through in everything he says.

But Wallass is far from the only Trump hater there at ‘Fox News,’ I could list them all here but why bother, it’s far easier to just list those who are not haters of Trump and that would be Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham.  And Tucker Carlson is the only one I go out of my way to watch.  As I think I have mentioned before how over the years I’ve gone from where Fox was on my TV from the time I got home from work to the time I went to bed, but no longer. These days I spend more time watching OAN Network because Fox got to where it was sounding more and more like CNN and/or MSDNC.

Unlike ‘Commie Chris’ I’m not sure whether Bloomberg is the best hope the Democrats have to go up against President Trump or not.  But he’s certainly no dummy, but’s he’s also, in his effort to gain the nomination, revealing himself to be anything by a moderate.  He’s big on ‘climate change’ and on gutting the Second Amendment.  While I’m confident that President Trump would have little difficulty in beating him, President Trump can still not afford to become complacent and nor think he can just coast to reelection.  Never be complacent. Always be on offense.

Bloomberg has nothing but disrespect for American voters by constantly alluding to buying the Presidency by outspending everyone else and not earning it.  He did the same thing when he ran for mayor.  He comes late to the party, right on the cusp of an emerging nominee, posing as the opposite, but he is as far left as is any of those who make up the competition. He’s really no different than any of the others in that he will promise you anything just to get you to vote for him.  Bloomberg is a fraud, a wealthy fraud, but still a fraud, and he cares very little for the common people.

It doesn’t say much, really, that Bloomberg may be the best hope Democrats have, nothing says success like claiming to be the best LOSER among a group of LOSERS!  All this little anti-America piece of crap has going for him is MONEY!  His policies are horrible. He desire for control is above everyone else in this clown car. And his respect and understanding of our Constitution is the lowest of all the Democrats.  He thinks we are all just too stupid and irresponsible to determine their own lives, so he needs to be the one to decide for us because he is just that smart!

If money actually did buy elections then Hitlery would today be president and not Donald Trump because she outspent Trump by over 2 to 1.  It is clear that Bloomberg wants to buy the election for himself and all the power that he can gain from it. How do we know that?  It’s simple really, because he is using all the power that his massive wealth provides to him to quite literally buy the presidency.  We’re told that the left hates the rich and yet it would seem that in their desire to defeat the president Democrats seem willing to overlook Bloomberg’s status as an evil ‘1 percenter.’

Bloomberg is a creepy, evil figure, but with the Democrat now allowing him to buy his way into this contest, there’s really nothing to rein in his promotional machine. Especially once the media dutifully gets on board.  It’s the very definition of polishing a turd, but with enough media buy, his face will be everywhere we turn. And if there’s one thing we know about that big, critical swath of American voters called who call themselves ‘Independents’ it’s that they aren’t particularly deep thinkers. They sit back and listen to those like Wallass, nodding in agreement, uninterested in the truth.