De Niro 8

Ya know, the more I hear from those dingbats out in Hollyweird, the less inclined I am to fork over what it costs today to go see one of their stupid movies.  As it is I can’t honestly remember the last time I did see a movie.  Just like I can’t remember any time in my nearly 66 years of life that I ever once took any advice, especially political advice, from some hapless nitwit who wasn’t smart enough to make it through high school and was qualified for no other source of employment than that of reading words someone else has written while pretending to be someone other than who they are.  And yes it’s that moron Robert De Niro, aka Bob De Nitwit, of whom I speak.

Apparently there was recent a gala, of sorts, that took place allowing those in Bob’s chosen profession to come together and tell each other just how great they all are.  It was something called the Tribeca Film Festival and oddly enough there have now been 17 of these silly little get-togethers.  Bob kicked off the festivities in what has become typical fashion for him, with a idiotic speech in which he applauded reporters as “saviors” and called President Trump a “madman.”  After watching a video of his rant, a better description would be a rabid diatribe bordering on psychotic and coming from someone suffering from a pretty serious mental disorder.

“Look at all the Fake News writers here today,” Bob joked in front of a crowd of reporters at the Thalassa Restaurant.  Bob went on to say, “The country has had a bad year, and you — the press – have taken a lot of hits. America is being run by a madman who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came inside a bucket of his beloved Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken.”  Bob said, “When he doesn’t like what he hears, he dismisses it by saying it’s un-American and damning it as ‘fake news.’ But we know the truth. All thinking people do.”  So Bob views all of those who support the president as non-thinking people?  Coming from a moron like Bob that’s hilarious.

Anyway, Bob went on to say, “Your job is difficult enough without being attacked by our Lowlife-in-Chief. The press has done an admirable job this past year.”  And he added, “We’re looking at journalists as our saviors, in the same way we used to look at our political leaders.”  As many already know, old Bob has long-derided President Trump, describing him, nearly two years ago, as being “totally nuts.” The Hollyweird veteran ramped up his anti-Trump talk just a few months later, announcing in a celebrity voter registration PSA that he’d like to punch Trump in the face.  After Trump’s election, Bob said it made him “feel like I did after 9/11.”

Like I said, Bob is nothing more than a high school dropout who has made his fortune being paid to be someone that he isn’t.  He’s surrounded by Hollyweird elitists most of whom ‘think’ as he does. He lives in a bubble where the only people he ever comes into contact with are his fellow Trump haters.  When he gives hate speeches about the president, and the crowd roars its approval, he’s under the impression that the applause represents the feeling of the entire country.  What it really represents is a tiny sliver of the electorate, the sliver inhabited by the Hollyweirdos. Bob’s been living in a make-believe world for 60 years and it would appear that he still is.

And besides being of very limited talent, as evidenced by the fact that most every part he plays is essentially a knock-off of himself, Bob seems to be a rather extremely insecure individual.  And let’s be honest, it was movie industry marketing experts that turned Bob into the ‘legend’ that he seems to be in the minds of many Americans.  And Bob looks a bit more unhinged every time I see him. I think it’s fair to say that before long he’ll be ready for a nice safe padded room.  Let’s face it, Hollyweird has become little more than a Communist enclave.  Most there long ago sold their soul to the Devil in exchange for fame and fortune. That’s why they behave the way they do.

And I can only assume that this latest rant may have something to do with the fact that Bob may again be experiencing a feeling of being irrelevant.  Like all of us, time is passing us by and where some of us are better able to cope with that fact, narcissists like Bob always have a difficult time dealing with it.  They’ve become addicted to being in the spotlight, and in an effort to keep it trained on them for as long as possible, many, such as Bob, will resort to almost anything.  I’d be curious to know who it was that might have recommended to Bob that trashing the president would do wonders for his career.  But then I guess any publicity is good publicity.

It’s a little sad really that these has-beens like Bob don’t realize just how unimportant they really are.  And you almost want to ask Bob, where was it that these sudden morals might have come from.  He has worked in what is one of the most perverse industries for decades and never once opened his mouth and suddenly he thinks he’s somehow entitled to tell the masses what is holy and good.  He has been a willing accomplice and an enthusiastic enabler of Hollyweird’s known sickos, hanging out with them and calling them people worthy of respect.  Yet he dares to open his mouth to not only slam our president, but all of those who voted for him as well.

Meanwhile, it’s our modern-day Hitler who set the job market on fire using two proven accelerants, tax breaks and deregulation, got North Korea to realize we are dead serious about ending their nuclear dreams, got better trade deals with China, Japan, and the EU, got the U.N. to start paying their fair share, made stronger connections with our allies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and is attempting to reverse the damage illegal aliens and dangerous drugs are doing and would be much further along in the process of sealing our border with a wall if not for brain dead individuals like Bob.  It’s from idiots like Bob that we must protect our Republic.

And it’s only as a side note that I want to say a little something regarding this November’s midterm elections.  I read somewhere today about how it’s going to be a blood bath for the Republicans with them likely losing control of both the House and the Senate.  And while I know there is a significant level of frustration out there with our current batch of congressional leaders, I maintain that our focus MUST remain on ensuring that that does not happen. Schumer and Pelosi running Congress is the true nightmare scenario.  And let’s keep in mind here that if the Democrats win it’s people like Bob and his many Hollyweird friends who also win.  That MUST not happen!



Holder 1

Have you ever noticed, and I’m sure you have, that whenever confronted with any of the many inconvenient truths regarding themselves and/or their rather checkered past, Democrats simply rewrite any history of their involvement in such unsavory acts as slavery, segregation or the allowing into our country all manner of individuals who have no business here so as to make it appear that that involvement never really took place.  And the degree to which they have been successful in having done so is legendary, and rarely are Democrats challenged regarding their version of history.

Which brings to Tuesday’s thrilling broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” during which ex-Attorney General Eric Holder accused President Trump of not believing in the rule of law and for taking what Holder said is a “situational” approach where he wants to treat his supporters better than everyone else.  Now to me the man he is describing sounds much more like Holder’s old boss than our current president, but maybe that’s just me.  Holder himself has quite the reputation for being someone who is not a big supporter of the rule of law.  His tenure as AG is full of examples of just that.

Holder said the president “believes in situational law and order. And there is no way that I think you can resolve the tension that you have you just described [Trump’s comments on former White House staffer Rob Porter and the Cohen raid, compared with his stances on executing drug dealers and immigration]. He is not a believer in, at base, in the rule of law. He wants to make sure that those people who he likes, the people who support him are treated in one way, and those other people, whoever those other people are, are treated in a different way.”

Holder is such a kidder.  After all, here we have a guy who ran guns to the drug cartels, who then lied to Congress about it, and who remains complicit in the murders of two U.S. law enforcement agents, and hundreds of Mexican citizens.  And now he’s helping leftists in California break federal immigration law.  He should be in prison, not mouthing off about anyone else’s respect for the rule of law.  But this is the modus operandi for scum like Holder, accuse others of what you are guilty of to make yourself appear innocent while discrediting your ‘enemy’ at the same time.

Look, I think we all recognize the fact that laws are routinely broken by Democrats, especially if doing so gets them what they want.  But, shame on anyone else who doesn’t follow the law to the letter!  Democrats use the law to get power over others and to hurt people, not by inflicting pain but by placing burdens of people that do nothing but restrict our freedoms.  Laws are never obeyed by Democrats if doing so, prevents them from meeting the objectives they have set for themselves.  Democrats require societal chaos and consequences of it in order to advance their agenda.

Holder should have been in prison when he and his Communist comrades, the Black Panthers, took over a government military building at Colombia University at gun point in the 1980’s and held it for three days.  He should have been thrown in prison again when he and his buddy Barry ‘O’ came up with a scheme to sell guns to the drug cartels and then blamed the hundreds of killings in Mexico committed with those same guns on American gun shows and gun shops and screamed for more gun control. He and Barry both should be in prison for those murders they caused in Mexico.

Like so many on the left, and more than a few on the right as well, Holder is projecting. Hitlery has skated for decades when it comes to the many crimes that she has committed. And Holder is just as bad.  Fast and Furious was his creation that allowed thousands of weapons to end up in the hands of drug lords, and used to kill border agents. That’s nothing short of treason. Justice would be seeing, live on your television screen, Holder being perp walked, out of a federal courthouse near you in chains followed closely behind by Hitlery, as well as Barry ‘O’ himself.

And let’s not forget that this was the guy responsible for the slap-on-the-wrist to those involved in the Black Panther voter harassment case, because the victims were white, and, the defendants, black.  Holder himself testified to Congress that he didn’t think the conduct of the black militants who dressed in military garb and brandished truncheons outside a polling place was as bad as what blacks experienced during the Civil Rights era, so, in his mind, full penalties and enforcement of federal voting rights law wasn’t warranted in the case.  Following the rule of law?

So, Holder basically admitted, and in live testimony no less, that his personal standard for enforcing federal civil rights law was whether the conduct complained-of rose to a level similar to what blacks experienced in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Holder is a vile hypocrite of the very worst kind. He has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to having a rational, and serious, discussion regarding race-neutral federal law enforcement.  Because he is black his view is that blacks can do no wrong as long as whatever is being perpetrated is being perpetrated against whites.  Pretty pathetic.


Juan Williams

Juan Williams is another one of those guys, much like Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo, who every time I see on television I can’t help but wonder why?  After all, here’s a guy who quite literally does nothing but spew what are the accepted-as-fact Democrat talking points.  I would love the opportunity to ask him if he genuinely believes the shit that comes out of his mouth.   He’s the primary reason I never watch that stupid little show on Fox News, ‘The Five.’  He’s actually billed as being one of the co-hosts of this bizarre little menagerie, at least half of whom are ‘NeverTrumpers.’

Anyway, it was on this past Monday’s telecast that this genius, Williams, inquired about why it might be that fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity didn’t disclose his relationship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.  As with most of those of his particular political persuasion, there must always be something nefarious afoot.  Yet this is the very same boob who NEVER saw anything the least bit questionable when it came to the many shady associations of Barry ‘O’.  Williams is simply doing what those on the left always do, accuse others of doing what they themselves do and then whine.

Williams said, “[T]he question for me is why Sean didn’t disclose this earlier. Because, in the previous — Sean says there’s no third parties, obviously referring to the idea that Cohen was setting up payments to women for Trump and for Elliot Brody, the guy who’s the RNC donor. And we just — I don’t think there’s any evidence of anything like that with Sean Hannity. But, why, when Sean was on the air, strongly an advocate for President Trump, not saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got a relationship with the lawyer,’ I think that’s a question –.”  A question for whom, exactly?

It’s pretty obvious that Williams long ago lost all ability to think for himself.  The man hasn’t come up with an original thought in years.  He’s a robot who does little more than spout the talking points that have been provided to him by his kooky leftwing friends.  I wonder, does Williams have any issue with George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos who routinely identifies himself as being a ‘journalist’ but rarely ever mentions that he was one of the primary stooges of ‘Slick Willy’s’ presidency, and is a big supporter of Hitlery.  Likely not, since both Stephy and Williams are birds of a political feather.

Or are we to assume that Williams is perhaps only play-acting, pretending to take the opposing position, and going all out to sound like a moron in an attempt to mock those on the left.  No, I’m thinking there is nothing fraudulent about Williams appearing to be a moron.  On those few occasions when I have watched him, it oftentimes becomes rather painful to watch as he tries very hard to make his idiotic point sound rational.  Even NPR got tired of him.  He should thank God every day that Fox puts up with his limited brain and unlimited spewing of Democrat gibberish.

And are we also supposed to believe that Williams has never had any conversations, no matter how innocent they may have been, with anyone at the senior levels of his beloved Democrat Party?  Conversations that would likely reveal that he’s really nothing but a political hack and conversations that I’m sure he would much prefer to keep just between him and the ‘party.’  But let’s face it, few in today’s ‘fake news’ media have virtually no ties to someone within the Democrat Party.  Williams is but another example of how ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has become so prevalent.

And finally, anyone who has spent any amount of time watching, or listening to, Sean Hannity is able to recognize the fact that he is not a ‘reporter’ and has NEVER claimed to be either a ‘reporter’ or a ‘journalist.’  Everyone knows that he likes President Trump, just as everyone knows that Williams absolutely LOVED Barry ’O’ and was pretty partial to Hitlery.  Hell, he made enough excuses for their pathetically corrupt behavior.  Hannity’s show, whether we’re talking radio or television, is an opinion show, plain and simple.  Williams needs to get his head outta his ass.



It would seem that MSNBC is now the network of choice for every leftwing crackpot who might be looking for a platform from which they can spew their nonsense.  Just this past Sunday we had ‘Slow Joe’ Biden showing up to tell Al Sharpton about how Republicans don’t want blacks or working class Americans to vote, and on the same network we also had ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters going off on yet another of her psychotic rants about how President Trump continues to be the “most despicable, the most deplorable human being” that she has ever encountered in her too long of a life.

For the life of me I can’t quite figure out who in their right mind would ever take seriously any discussion between buffoons like Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton and ‘Slow Joe’ Biden that has as its topic race relations and politics in this country.  But apparently someone over there at MSNBC thought there was a sufficient number of inquiring minds dying to know, since just such a discussion took place this past Sunday when these two boobs got together on Sharpton’s MSNBC program, “PoliticsNation.”  It was then that Biden told Sharpton that Republicans don’t want blacks to vote.

A partial transcript of that bizarre little discussion is as follows:

‘Bull Horn’: Let me ask you about voting rights. That was another thing the Obama-Biden administration was heavy on under attorney general well as Lynch going in with lawsuits against voter ID and doing in to deal with voter suppression. They have said that foreigners are voting.

‘Slow Joe’:  “It’s a lie. It’s a flat lie. The assertion the president made from the beginning is a flat lie. Every study, every program -every commission that looked at it said it’s simply not true. It’s part of the big lie. You realize just in past year, in 24 states, the administration’s allies have introduced 60 pieces of legislation, or maybe 70 pieces of legislation, to curtail the franchise. It’s what these guys are all about, man. These Republicans don’t want working-class people voting. They don’t want black folks voting. Look what we are doing now.”

“There’s a movement. You have George Will making the argument that felons should have their—after serving their time—their right restored to vote. What is the one thing we want people getting out of prison to do? We want them to engage in society again. What’s the most significant thing you can do to engage? Get in and vote. These guys, you’re talking about 1.5 million people who have served their time who are unable to vote. Of those there are 30% or more that are African American. We should have like other countries have, automatic registration.”

“You turn 18, you go to any government agency, Department of Motor Vehicle, get your Social Security number clarified and you are automatically registered to vote in your district. We should be be engaged. That’s the one thing that keeps people focused on what’s going on in their country. It’s totally crazy.”  Actually, what’s totally crazy is the fact that there still people who view Sharpton as being some sort of ‘civil rights’ leader, and ‘Slow Joe’ as being anything other than a creepy old pervert with a penchant for little girls.  But hey, that’s Democrats for ya!

Meanwhile, also on MSNBC, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters said, “The president calling Comey a liar is laughable. The president is the biggest liar in the universe. The president accusing Comey of having leaked classified information — well, look what the president has done. He gave classified information to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister right in the White House, and it certainly made our ally, Israel, very upset that he had done that. So the president trying to defend himself against Comey and trying to make someone believe that he’s telling the truth really does not fly.”

She went on to say, “I think that our special counsel, Mueller, has been doing a great job. I do think that this president should be forced to testify. All of this business about him not wanting to interview, what is he hiding? If he’s not guilty of anything, why is he resisting so hard, you know, coming forward and interviewing and telling his side of the story? I believe that the president of the United States is perhaps the most despicable, the most deplorable human being that I’ve ever encountered in my life. He does not deserve to be president of the United States. I want him impeached.”

And then, essentially confirming what we already know, that should the Democrats be permitted to seize control of Congress, courtesy of this November’s midterm election, their number one priority will be the impeachment of President Trump, she said, “I don’t want to wait until 2020. I think this country deserves better. He has no respect for our democracy.”  Speaking of having no respect for our Democracy, where was this moron during the eight years we on the right were forced to contend with Barry ‘O’.  Oh wait a minute, HE was a Democrat so everything was cool then.

Regarding ‘Slow Joe’ Biden’s incendiary comments, Democrats have now so overused the playing of the race-card that it has now become pretty much meaningless.  As we all know it’s typically the first accusation that gets thrown around whenever the accuser has nothing else to offer. Yet, Democrats like old ‘Slow Joe’ continue to toss it out as if it actually means something.  By the way, I think it was plainly evident that candidate Trump worked tirelessly to lure the vote of the working class, and it was obvious that the working class responded vaulting him to President Trump.

So ‘Slow Joe’ Biden is either a blatant, and chronic, liar or more than the oblivious bumbling idiot that we all think he is.  And for this old dolt to deny that voter fraud is rampant and has been very well documented, is simply dishonest.  But then we are talking about ‘Slow Joe.’  Asking someone to produce an ID is not suppression, it’s nothing more than an attempt to make sure everyone’s vote counts.  And yet the Democrats despise ID? Very telling, don’t you think?  Shouldn’t everyone want to make sure elections are legitimate?  Why do they oppose this sovereign process?

And when it comes to ‘Mad Maxine’s’ imbecilic comments, there’s nothing that comes out her mouth anymore that surprises me in the least.  She’s what most reasonably intelligent people identify as being nothing more than a race baiting pimp who intentionally keeps the people in her district poor and uneducated.  She votes for illegals to take their jobs and against carry laws that would allow the people of your district the right to defend themselves.  She’s against school choice that would allow children a better future.  ‘Mad Maxine’ is everything that’s wrong with America.

And in the eyes of a leftist dullard like Waters, anyone attacking Barry ‘O’s legacy is a racist, just as any police officer who pulls a black driver over is a racist.  They’re so angry and full of hatred that they want to see black people basically go through their lives unencumbered by the laws and realities under which the rest of us live.  Not being afforded that elitist privilege, they will scream racism every time. Their visceral hatred of President Trump is entirely predictable, as no one has done more to un-do the damage done to America by eight years of Barry ‘O’.

‘Mad Maxine’ is nothing if not one of the most racist individuals you would ever have the misfortune of coming across.  She represents everything that’s wrong with race relations today.  And there can never be a true discussion about race relations as long as individuals such as herself have access to a microphone. And let’s be honest here, if she wasn’t black, a woman and a Democrat, she would have long ago been put behind bars instead of simply getting a slap on the wrist for all of her too many yo list here crooked deeds.  That she has the nerve to attack the president

So am I therefore to assume that if Republicans, especially those who call themselves conservatives, are nothing but a bunch of racists who want neither blacks nor working class Americans to vote and our current duly elected president has no respect for our Democracy that all hope for saving our Republic will be completely lost unless the American people come to lose their collective mind and all decide to vote for the likes of Biden or Waters?  How insane would that be?  Do Democrats really think that people are that stupid?  Granted many are, but hopefully not yet enough.


Behar 2

While I cannot say, with any degree of certainty, how many of those women with whom I come into contact on a daily basis watch this particular example of leftwing lunacy, aka ABC’s ’The View’, what I can say, and very confidently so, is that very few, if any, of them would EVER actually admit it!  And it’s become increasingly difficult to distinguish which of those women who share the hosting duties of this silly show has now become the more unhinged.  But if you were to ask me as recently as yesterday the answer would have to be the esteemed Ms. Joy Behar.

And that would be because it was on Thursday’s rather nauseating episode of ‘The View,’ that Ms. Behar went so far as to actually suggest that President Trump is not as sane as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un or Russian President Vladimir Putin.  It was while the ‘panel’ was discussing potential U.S. military action in Syria, as if any one of these losers possesses sufficient brainpower to do so, that Ms. Behar came out with her rather idiotic assessment of the president’s sanity, comparing it to two of the most cold blooded killers on the planet.

Behar said, “We have gotten to a point in the world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong Un and Putin over the president of the United States. That’s where we’re at.”

Co-host Meghan McCain, although far from being what one could call a supporter of President Trump, came back, saying, “My issue is the moral relativism between Putin and Kim Jong Un and President Trump. I think it’s easy to sort of sit here and say that.”

Behar asked, “Why do you think Kim Jong Un is less moral than Trump? Do you?”

McCain said, “Oh my God!”

Behar asked, “On what topic?”

McCain said, “Chemical gassing of children. Last time I checked, America isn’t doing that to anyone.”  Behar replied, “Wait a second. Kim Jong Un doesn’t do that. I don’t know are you talking about?”  McCain said, “Joy, I’m trying—I’m really trying right now, and I know there is frustration about the way we’re communicating about this, and I completely understand it. But I will say it’s hard for me to sit here with moral relativism about Trump. If you think Putin and Bashar al-Assad and President Trump are the exact same thing, it’s when you lose all arguments with me in every way.”

Behar said, “Let me clarify what I said. What I’m saying is I see the two of them with backing off of war, and I see President Trump provoking war. That is what I see.”

McCain shot back, “If there is any understanding of history on this, Assad would not have the power he has right now if it weren’t for Putin amping him up, giving him military, bombing hospitals. Putin did that, and Trump didn’t do that.”

Behar is obviously suffering from one of the worst cases of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder, aka TARD, ever to be diagnosed.  That, of course, being a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8, 2016, and increasing in severity with passing time.  Those suffering from TARD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of intense rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme sadness.  And the only treatment known to be effective is exposure intense therapy.

And the ONLY hope one has for reaching any sort of a permanent cure for this rampant psychotic condition, or to at least successfully gain some level of remission for her condition for the next six years, calls for the patient to be repeatedly exposed to politically reality over gradually longer periods of time, and to be made to wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, in the color of their choice, as long as they are able to tolerate it, until they are eventually able to wear it 24/7.  Together we can beat this Scourge, and finally “Make America Great Again!”

Or, am I just way over-thinking what it is that might be affecting Ms. Behar’s mental state?  After all, there could be another much simpler explanation for her increasingly bizarre behavior and one that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump.  That being, of course, that fact that she’s simply crazy as a shithouse rat and in need of a nice comfortable padded cell somewhere safely out of sight.  Because at the end of the day she’s contributing to the confirmation that the vast majority of Democrats are truly insane and pretty far removed from reality.

And I now find myself wondering if there are any Democrats who are not raving leftwing kooks.  They were all just so certain that Hitlery was going to win, and then when she didn’t something within them seemed to snap.  Frankly, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  Granted, over the last 30+ years there has always been some level of meltdown every time a Republican president has been elected.  Starting when Reagan won, a little more so when Bush 41 won, considerably more when Bush 43 won and then when Trump won the level of meltdown went off the charts.

One thing I suppose you could say that the Republicans have in their favor is the fact that we have loony, disgusting people like Behar continuing to say some of the most vile and outrageous things about the man who many of us voted for.  The people across America have been watching and listening and it would be nice to think that there will be some form of a price to pay.  America is largely a nation of good people who believe in fairness and there is nothing fair in what the liberals are doing or saying about anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their radically leftwing beliefs.

And ya know, I can’t help but wonder just how sad and miserable one’s life must be for someone to take however much time is needed out of every day, time which they will never get back, and waste it by watching these pathetic, know-nothing imbeciles who never have anything intelligent to say.  I can only assume that their audience is made up primarily of Democrats.  After all, who else would bother watching this kind of tripe?  Personally, I would sooner shove a sharp stick in my eye, but that’s just me.  Life is far too short to waste even a second of it on such foolishness.

Come on people, really?  The country is hanging by a thread and the fact that anyone is wasting any amount of time listening to this little cadre of such bimbos is a sin.  Sadly, far too many of us seem to have forgotten what it means to be ‘American.’  There was a time when to be ‘American’ was something truly unique.  But now not so much.  And one of the reasons for that is far too many of us spend our time listening to people like these boobs.  Boobs who see nothing special about being American.  We need to ignore those who say America is just another country, because it’s not.



Apparently what I would refer to as being the forces of darkness, aka those who comprise ‘The Resistance’, are said to be gathering.   And it is these forces that consist of hundreds of progressive candidates, most running in state and municipal elections this fall, who are all streaming into Washington this week.  These folks make up the Democrat Party’s hardcore leftwing and are coming together in an effort to formulate a plan that they hope will better enable them to ‘seize’ control of Congress, statehouses and local governments all across the country.

They are excited and as is usually the case with liberals, they are angry, very, very angry. And too, they are also literally consumed by a rather scary level of HATE, the source of which seems to be little more than their rather intense level of opposition to President Trump, one that borders on being more than just a little psychotic.  And we are told they are ready to fight any calls to moderate their liberal ‘passions.’  And make no mistake they are ready to pull out all the stops and are desperate in their attempt to make significant gains in this November’s midterm elections.

Take, for instance, a fella by the name of Greg Edwards, one of a half dozen or so Democrats running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th district, who said, “We’re at a moment when we need to be unapologetic.”  So here we have a guy who was, apparently, an “ardent” supporter of old Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election, and who claims to be unapologetic for now wanting a single-payer health care system, universal preschool, “debt-free” college and a $15-per-hour minimum wage.  But then isn’t this always how those on the left go trolling for votes?

And it was also this same guy who knocked those he describes as “centrists” within his own party who may be willing to compromise their progressive “values” just to get elected.  As if in today’s Democrat Party you could find anyone who might still be anywhere near the center.  And, apparently, he’s not alone.  There is said to be roughly 450 like-minded Democrats will be gathering in Washington today for a four-day conference that offers a new window into intraparty tensions over how to capitalize on the surge in grassroots enthusiasm in this the age of Trump.

So this odd assortment of angry leftists, described as “resistance warriors” by organizers, is now convinced that their party will lose this fall unless it chooses to embrace a broad slate of uncompromising progressive candidates who deliver “an Elizabeth Warren-style economic populist message.”  At least that’s according to Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which coordinated this bizarre little shindig.  Green said, “Not only can you run on your values and win, but it is necessary to do so in some of these red districts.”

Sanders and Warren will be the headliners of this leftist get together the purpose of which is to give lesser-known Democrat candidates at all levels a crash course on winning in the Trump era.  It’s not enough to simply oppose Trump, organizers say.  Participants will learn how to look good on television, find donors, design websites and, perhaps most importantly, develop a message around progressive economic priorities.  Several of the progressive movement’s most aggressive allies will also be on hand: groups such as Indivisible, Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO.

Privately, some Democrats appear rather reluctant to embrace a strategy that appeals most to the party’s more ‘liberal’ side, particularly when many of the most competitive races this fall will take place in regions where President Trump won.  Jesse Ferguson, a Democrat strategist who worked for Hitlery’s campaign said, “Competitive primaries help organize and help fuel the enthusiasm that’ll help us take control.” And added, “Candidates don’t need to move all to the left or all to the center. They need to come across as running for what they genuinely believe.”

Republicans, albeit rather prematurely I think, are cheering these latest Democrat efforts to move even further to the left, certain that candidates who emulate Sanders and Warren will end up alienating the moderate voters and disaffected Trump supporters who might otherwise back Democrats this fall or sit out the midterm elections altogether.  Doug Deason, a prominent Republican donor said, “It’ll be tough to fight that winning message that Elizabeth Warren sends out to the world: socialism.”  And he went on to say, “That’s great. That’s what they should embrace.”

To be honest I am a little concerned about what November’s midterms may bring.  The Republicans seem to have purposely shot themselves in both feet, and over what? Because Trump was elected president?  How completely idiotic is that?  And because they just could not bring themselves to assist President Trump to do what the American people elected him to do we now find ourselves in a mess of their making because of what, the fact they think they know better than those of us who voted for Trump?  Hell, it’s because of them that we voted for Trump in the first place!

And what I hope to see happen come November is not some ‘blue wave’ that so many are now so confidently predicting, but with a red tide.  If we were serious about wanting to drain ‘The Swamp’ when we elected President Trump, then what we must be focused on is replacing every RINO we can, and not with leftwing kooks.  Instead, they must be replaced with bona fide conservatives, or at least with those who are far more concerned about being able move forward with the Trump agenda than were their RINO predecessors.  In a world of snowflakes, WE MUST be the heat!



I think I would be correct in saying that if the election of Donald J. Trump has shown us anything, it’s that we are abundantly aware of just how deeply entrenched ‘The Swamp” truly is.  And I have to be honest, I find it all more than just a little frightening.  And ‘The Swamp’s’ chief henchman, Robert Mueller, seems to be able to do pretty much as he pleases as long as it’s President Trump who remains his intended target.  And both the volume, and intensity, of the threats that are now being directed at the president regarding any decision to possibly fire Mr. Mueller, from both sides of the aisle, makes pretty clear the determination of those mired in ‘The Swamp’ to make sure that this attempt to railroad this president arrives at the proper conclusion.  That conclusion being, of course, his impeachment.

Personally, if I were an advisor to the president, I would be encouraging him to fire this hack, Mueller.  This supposed ‘investigation’ that was initially set in motion to ‘investigate’ any potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Vlad Putin has now come so completely off the rails as to make it appear, even to the most casual of observers, as nothing more than a political witch-hunt of the worst kind.  And a witch-hunt that were it being perpetrated against a Democrat would have ended as soon as it had left the rails.  But since it’s being carried out against a Republican it must be allowed to reach what many see as the ‘right’ conclusion.  Let’s face it, since the search for collusion came to dead end, new issues worthy of impeachment need to be found, and thus the search for such issues continues very enthusiastically.

Let’s face it, if Mueller was truly interested in getting to the bottom of any Russian involvement in our election, and not behaving as some sort of political hatchet man, he would be investigating ALL suspects of any potential collusion including the very obvious collusion that took place between the Hiterly Clinton campaign and…wait for it… the RUSSIANS.  But since that’s not the case, it just makes this entire exercise appear to be more than just a little unsavory.  And it’s behind the scenes that we know many of our spineless RINOs are working right alongside Democrats in what is nothing more than an effort to undo an election that occurred nearly 18 months ago, all the while laughing at Trump voters.  These are ‘The Swamp’ creatures that we must get rid of as they represent the greatest threat to our freedom.

To anyone with even an ounce of intelligence, it should be painfully clear what’s underway here.  And it’s something considered to be far more common in some banana republic than in the country one referred to as being the beacon of freedom.  So we now know that the draining of ‘The Swamp’ will prove to be beyond the capabilities of one man, even if that man is Donald Trump.  So what are we, the freedom loving people who still remain in this country, to do?  Well for one thing it’s not to take the opportunity that this November’s election will present to us, to elect more Democrats to Congress.  Doing that accomplishes little more than to enlarge an already too large and too deep swamp.  The focus must be on electing as many as we possibly can of those willing to assist the president in draining ‘The Swamp!’

And at the risk of sounding overly melodramatic, I would argue that this November’s election is truly one of the most pivotal and crucial elections that we the American people have ever been made to face.  And I also think that it was our three previous elections that essentially brought us to be where we now find ourselves.  In a way, it ALL comes down to this November.  And it is everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, that hinges on what we decide to do, or not to do.  That said, the decision to be made is far from being a complicated one.  Actually, it’s very simple, do we side with ‘The Swamp’ and allow this lynch mob mentality to continue, or do we elect more anti-swamp individuals who will then go to Washington and join forces with the president in addressing what has now become more of a sewer than a swamp.

And what I find to be somewhat worrisome is the fact that there are some Republicans in Congress, who because of their hatred of President Trump are willing to “take out the President” through impeachment if he fires Mueller.  They see this as being retribution, of a sort, for what they fear will be the loss of their congressional majorities in the House and Senate come this November’s elections.  It’s a curious take on things by those Congressmen.  Because if anything is depressing Republican voters it’s the failure of the Republican Congress to enact the Trump agenda. Obamacare is still the law of the land, spending remains out of control, the wall is not funded and, in fact, Congress voted to stop Trump from building the wall or doing much of anything to secure the border and fix the immigration system.

Also Congress has failed to stop the ‘Deep State’ war on Trump and the Senate is stonewalling Trump’s appointments to the courts and his administration.  And now we hear about how some ‘bipartisan’ group of four senators, just yesterday, introduced a bill that would specifically prevent President Trump from firing Mueller.  The bill would, among other things, “ensure that the Special Counsel can only be fired for good cause by a senior Justice Department official, and the reason must be provided in writing.” RINO Chuck Grassley, according to some lawmakers, plans to advance the bill in the Judiciary Committee on Thursday.  If the measure wins the approval of a majority of the panel, which is possible since all Democrats will likely back it, RINO Mitch McConnell will decide whether to bring it to the Senate floor for a vote.

While McConnell still has to sign off on it there’s really no longer any reason to bother with the formalities, the knives are out and unfortunately for President Trump, not one Republican has his back.  So what do you call a system of government in which a man elected to the presidency by legitimate means, and who got 63 million votes, can have his election erased so easily?  It sure as Hell doesn’t fall under either a Democracy or a Republic.  So in the end it’s going to once again come down to ‘We the People’ to make things right.  And at the end of the day either we decide to simply rollover and join forces with the enemies of freedom or we decide to take matters into our own hands and embark on a mission that will result in the kicking to the curb as many of those same enemies of freedom as we possibly can.