I’m beginning to wonder in which direction the Democrats now want to take us when it comes to the ‘rule of law.’ I’m sure you’ve heard the latest insanity to come from these “defund the police” lunatics? Is the intent here to get us to a place where blacks are essentially allowed free rein over the country with no fear of punishment? When it was only blacks killing other blacks I didn’t much care. But now with all of this “defund the police” craziness and calling for an outright end to all policing, things start to be far more dangerous for everyone. But it’s that sort of insanity that always results whenever we hand to Democrats complete control of our government.

Which brings me to Sheila Jackson Lee who, on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” hosted by resident bimbo Erin Burnett, reacted to fellow Democrat Rashida Tlaib’s recent call for “no more policing” by saying that Congress “is a big tent” and Tlaib “has a right to her opinion.” Lee said black people support good policing and touted the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. She said, “I think it’s important to realize that, as African Americans, we are filled with officers in our community, in our families. And we are supportive of the idea of good policing. And I think that’s the same place that vice president Harris is and president Biden is.”

Jackson Lee later responded to Tlaib’s blatantly idiotic statement by saying, “Erin, the Congress and America is a big tent. And so, the congresswoman has a right to her opinion. And there are many who are frustrated because race is a large issue in the way African Americans are treated by law enforcement. We were not shy in making that point. Race is always an element. But as we recognize race and racism and white supremacy, as we recognize that America is not where we would like her to be, but she is a country that has the ability to continue to form a more perfect union, we’ve got to work to get these problems solved.” Again Lee makes clear she’s a moron!

So what kind of worries me is how, exactly, these Democrats intend to define “good policing?” Nothing about that makes any sense. Because, frankly, if we were to look at most black males killed by the police, what would we see as being the common denominator in their deaths? Well, we would see how these supposed black victims were, for the most part, very combative, quite belligerent, and were connected to some sort of crime they had committed. In any event, they were uncooperative and forced the officers to react accordingly resulting in things turning out very badly. Had they simply done what they were told to do, they would all still be alive.

And for one to claim to support “good policing” would have to mean that they believe that there are those who are actually in favor of “bad policing.” And how stupid is that? I doubt that there is a police officer anywhere who is out there doing nothing more than looking for an opportunity to shoot some innocent black male just minding his own business. But people fighting with police or putting themselves in a position where deadly force has a high probability of being used, must accept some, of not all, of the responsibility for the likely outcome of this particular type of scenario. Not all lethal force used by the police is unjustified, most is, but certainly not all.

What is truly sad is the number of blacks who are killed every day on the streets of nearly every major city in America. Blacks who are killed via gang violence, drug deals gone wrong, etc., that gets little to no coverage outside of local network news in the cities they serve. No congressional hearings, no BLM or Antifa protests. No appearances by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Nothing but silence. But let there be a white police officer involved in any way, then we need to bring an end to all policing. And who is it that thinks this way other than some dimwit of a Democrat? This woman, Sheila Jackson Lee, is a dolt. As is that other moron, Rashida Tlaib!

The only reason race continues to be an issue anywhere is because Democrats need it to be an issue, and blacks are either simply too stupid to see their being used or are willing accomplices because they’re permitted to use those opportunities where a black man is shot by a white police officer as being some sort of shopping spree with no fear of arrest. The Democrats MUST have some cause to champion that divides people, all the while claiming they have the solution. The fact that Democrats, like Lee, ignore the black on black crime in Chicago goes to show how fake their cries of racism are. Go ahead and get rid of the police. We can take care of ourselves.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what you or I think about these politicians. It only matters what the people who elect them think. And if they agree then we know where the real problem lies. If they actually do support those calling for “no more policing” then I can only assume they’re too stupid to understand what happens when there are no police to enforce the laws that are meant to protect all of us. This latest killing was a sad outcome for all. But he CHOSE to resist! There was an outstanding warrant on this guy, he was not a good person and I’m glad that he’s dead. And the fact that he is dead is no one’s fault but his own. Those like Jackson Lee and Tlaib are pure EVIL!


In what appears to be a continuing effort, by those at ‘fake news’ HQ, to continue to use Donald Trump as a way to maintain any sort of ratings, it was CNN who again recently went to, not one but, two of their most reliable Trump-haters, in the person of John Kasich and Jeff Flake. It was this past Monday that both of these losers made an appearance on CNN’s “Situation Room,” hosted by Wolf Blitzer. And it was Kasich who said that President Trump’s “ugly” name-calling will continue to shrink the Republican Party. Meanwhile Flake claimed that President Trump’s “popularity and strength” were fleeting every day. This is pure wishful thinking on their parts.

So these two were part of a panel assembled for the specific purpose of ‘discussing’ President Trump’s comments at a recent Republican fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago. And to ‘discuss’ how it was that during this event President Trump had reportedly referred to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as being a “stone-cold loser” and had also offered up what was reported to have been some harsh criticism of both former Vice President Mike Pence and former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. Personally, knowing McConnell as we do, I can’t think of a better way to describe him. As for Pence, I will only say that I think he proved to be a great disappointment.

Anyway, it was Kasich who said, “You know, it’s amazing to me, Wolf, that they sit in this room and hear more name-calling, more divisiveness, more anger. I mean, how do you expect to sell something to voters when you’re just divisive and angry and name-calling and belittling? The party needs to move to a set of issues that will improve the lives of Americans, and so far, I haven’t heard any of what they plan to do. As far as I’m concerned, the party is going to continue to shrink and not connect.” So when he looks back at the four years that Donald Trump does he not see that the lives of Americans improved? Or, does he choose to simply ignore that fact?

And it was ‘Crazy Uncle’ John who went on to add, “This is all so nuts down there, right? They got a bunch of people that come in. They all say the same thing. It’s basically negative. It’s attack on the other side with very few answers of what we need going forward to help the American people. Donald Trump out there attacking and name-calling the leader of the Senate. It’s a mess. You know, it’s so ugly.” Look, the sad truth here is that McConnell is nothing but a spineless wimp who failed to seize the opportunity that was presented to him when Donald Trump was elected president. He is a RINO who been in his current position for far too long!

And it was then that Blitzer brought up a guy who is the very last guy that anyone in the Republican Party should be taking advice from when he said, “We’ve been hearing a lot from John Boehner, the former Republican Speaker, Senator, talking about how the Republican Party needs to get back to its roots, the party of Boehner. So you think that party still exists?” Look, the very last thing that anyone should even be considering is a return to the party of John ‘Boner’ Boehner! Just where is it that that would get us? It was as Speaker that Boehner was an abysmal failure. But, I have no doubt that Wolf would love it for the Republicans to return to the days of Boehner.  

And it was Flake, too, who seemed to be all in favor of returning to the party of Boehner. He said, “I think there are a number of Republicans, a lot of Republicans who want the get back there. John was right, what went on in Mar-a-Lago, it plays well to the base, but it’s a shrinking base. If we want to be successful in future elections, then we have to do more what John Boehner is talking about. We’ve got to appeal to a broader electorate. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out, but that is what we have to do.” We need to find out who those Republicans are who seem to be in favor of returning to the party of Boehner so we can then get rid of all of them.   

So as the country continues to be destroyed right before our very eyes, I find myself wondering just what is it that these two political has-beens might be recommending that we the American people should do? I mean, are they seriously advocating for a return to “the party of Boehner” and suggesting that we should rely on politicians who are more like them? Well that’s hardly the answer for what’s currently going on in this country. Why on Earth would any sane individual want to do that, and how could they view that as a good idea? Once again Kasich and Flake made clear why they remain CNN’s go-to Republicans whenever looking for those willing to bash President Trump.

Personally, I’m really no longer bothered by most of President Trump’s name calling. Frankly if the shoe fits, it’s all good. And it’s when looking back over the course of the Trump presidency, and at how much he was able to get accomplished, how much more could he have gotten done if he had not been forced to do battle with so many within his own party. And how frustrated must he have been in having to do battle not only with the Democrats but with members of his own party? I’m tired of squishy RINOs and I don’t care if they’re a little thin skinned when called out for what they are. These RINOs are worse than the Democrats, because they’re gutless cowards!

IF the Republican Party is shrinking it most certainly is not because of Donald Trump. Instead, it would be because we have so many RINOs who no longer represent those who elect them. President Trump, regardless of his word choices, fought for the American people and for America. Republicans, including both Kasich and Flake, haven’t done that for decades. And they pretend not to understand that most of the anger is stirred up by RINOs who care nothing for the average person. They’re just progressives, claiming to be conservatives. President Trump was the first President that I can recall that called a spade a spade, instead of being a mealy-mouthed hack.

And the party needs to ‘shrink’ in order to rid itself of RINOs, like Flake and Kasich, who have a rather unique strategy when it comes to the way to deal with a Democrat Party that gets more radical each and every day. Oh sure they talk pretty tough, but when push comes to shove they will choose to capitulate every single time. It was Donald Trump who was the first Republican in a very long time who made clear that he wasn’t, and isn’t, afraid of a fight, and who didn’t go all squishy when confronted with a little pushback regardless of who that pushback came from. These RINOs need to go about trying to form their own party and see how many votes they can get.

So here we have a couple of irrelevant morons who apparently think that harmless name calling is far more detrimental to the country than is how it is that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden continues to allow, even to encourage, those seeking illegal entry to flood across our southern border and into the country, many of whom are positive for the ‘Chinese virus.’ And it’s once again that these two boobs are provided a platform from which they can trash-talk President Trump in what is nothing more than a desperate attempt to attain for themselves some level of relevancy, and they both view attacking President Trump as being their best avenue for doing just that.

Finally, there were at least 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump, dwarfing the number ever received by any other candidate for president, except of course when you figure in the millions of fraudulent votes that ‘elected’ Creepy Joe as *president. And you can be sure that those 75 million Trump votes were legitimate, so to call the base shrinking is simply dishonest. The Republic Party of Boehner, Flake and Kasich is now in need of being abandoned by those whom it effectively no longer serves and remade into an entity that is truly conservative party, one consisting of those who support those values long viewed as being truly American values.


RINOs continue to be very determined in their effort to convince as many Americans as they can that the 2020 presidential election was not actually stolen but was totally legit. And that any attempt to convince the American people that it was, in fact, stolen is totally disingenuous if not blatantly dishonest. As I have said before, it’s the RINOs who represent a far greater threat to this country than do the Democrats. We are all able to very easily recognize that the Democrats are out to destroy the country. But so are the RINOs, they are just a bit more clandestine in how they go about it. And one of the more vocal of these RINOs is none other than Liz Cheney.

And it was Cheney who, as I’m sure most will remember, was the leader of our ‘Gang of 10’ RINOs in the House who sided with Democrats in voting to impeach President Donald Trump. Which I suppose came as being not much of a surprise to anyone the least bit familiar with her. She is clearly both a fraud and a phony. And I say that because she has continually demonstrated that she’s little more than a Democrat politician who happens to have an (R) after her name and that she is most certainly no conservative. Having chosen to vote with Democrats to impeach the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan, Cheney makes clear whose side she is on!

And it was also Cheney who again claimed just this past Sunday, during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” hosted by that rocket scientist Margaret Brennan, that the 2020 presidential election was not “stolen” from former President Trump. It was Brennan who said, “Unfortunately, last night the former president seemed to be talking in a proud way about the crowd size on January 6. He gave a speech at Mar-a-Lago. He was the keynote speaker at an RNC fundraiser. He talked about Vice President Pence not doing more to stop the election certification, according to reports in the Times and the Post. So he is the best messenger for the party?”

Cheney said, “The former president is using the same language he knows provoked violence on January 6. As a party, we need to be focused on the future. We need to be focused on embracing the Constitution, not embracing insurrection. I think it is very important for people to realize that a fundamental part of the Constitution, and of who we are as Americans, is the rule of law, the judicial process. The election wasn’t stolen. There was a judicial process in place. If you attack the judicial process and you attack the rule of law, you aren’t defending the Constitution. You’re at war with the Constitution.” President Trump is at war with the Constitution? Seriously?

Anyway, Cheney then went on to say, “We have to embrace the Constitution and put forward positive solutions. We have to be the party of hope, of aspiration, of inspiration, the party that recognizes and understands that the taxes need to be low, the government needs to be limited in size, a strong national defense, though substantive things, not the party of insurrection.” Funny that this douche can speak of embracing the Constitution when she has made it very clear that she has no interest in doing so! She’s an embarrassment to conservatives everywhere. And I can only hope that the good people of her district will do the right thing in 2022 and get rid of her!

Cheney reveals just how dangerous she truly is when she chooses to accuse President Trump of being the instigator of the violence that occurred on January 6. And in so doing Cheney ignores completely who it was that took part in the violence and who it was that provoked it. And in choosing to lecture us on the Constitution and the rule of law she proves to be no better than the same Democrats who did more in the last four years to undermine the rule of law than one would have thought possible. And it’s as long as we continue to have those like her in the Republican Party that the chances of our being successful in rescuing this country from the Democrats are slim and none.

Perhaps if Ms. Cheney would have bothered to look at the evidence regarding all of the blatant election fraud that took place, she wouldn’t be so quick to state so unequivocally that the election was legitimate. Does she not think it strange how the swing states were halting vote counts, with Trump ahead in all of them, at the same exact time? And lo and behold by morning ‘Creepy Joe’ had somehow jumped ahead in all of them? And that’s just for starters. Then there’s the chain of custody issues, votes flipped electronically etc. It’s all there with evidence to prove it. It’s those like her that makes defeating the Democrats so much more difficult than it should be.

And it’s because so many in our feckless, worthless Republican Establishment, aka the RINOs, including RINOs like Cheney, Romney, McConnell, Murkowski, Sasse and a whole host of others, who simply sat idly by with their thumbs up their butts that we now find ourselves in the position that we are. Clearly the election was stolen, and in what was plain sight. Nothing about this blatant act of theft was in any way subtle. And the Republican Establishment were willing accomplices in what was nothing more than an effort to get rid of Donald Trump. He is a threat to their control of the party, and they’d rather have Democrats in office than Republicans they can’t control.

The Democrats could never have gotten away with stealing the election, or been able to continue their cover up, without the help of the RINOs.  Yet, in spite of an absolute mountain of evidence proving electoral fraud, much of which was on videotape, we continue to have those, again like Cheney, claiming that no trickery was involved. These RINOS are obvious in their contempt of the voters and of their intelligence. And the comments we’ve heard from Cheney, and the rest, defy all logic and reason, as well as all of the legitimate evidence of voter fraud that we currently have that is absolutely verifiable. Their ineptitude is nothing more than sinister capitulation.

And for her to make the claim that Donald Trump is somehow now at war with the Constitution is nothing short of ludicrous. But one thing is for certain, he should be at war with the RINOs who seem to be running the Republican Party. If there is ever again to be a Republican Party that represents its voters and the good of the country, then the power of the party establishment, and its donors, must be broken. It’s not possible to elect a majority of good people to government while the party leadership controls, for the most part, who it is that’s allowed to run for office under the party’s banner or sabotages those who it doesn’t own or is unable to control.

And it’s strange, don’t you think, that Cheney can now make the claim the Donald Trump is at war with the Constitution while we heard nary a peep from her, nor any other RINO, at any point during the entire four years that the Democrats busily promoted the Trump-Russian hoax to cover up the many criminal acts of Hitlery and ‘BO’. Whether it was Hitlery comprising national security by exposing classified information to our adversaries or ‘BO’s spying on the Trump campaign and using the FBI and DOJ to obstruct his presidency. And she has the gall to talk about protecting the Constitution when the Democrats attempted a coup against a sitting President. Priceless!!


That people continue to watch the Communist News Network, aka ‘fake news’ HQ, known commercially as CNN, should really be no more surprising than the fact that there are people still willing to vote for Democrats. Now granted, it’s not near as many people who vote them as the Democrats would like us all to believe, but there are still those to insist upon doing so. And I think it safe to say that it’s the mental state of those currently employed by this supposed ‘news’ network that differs only very slightly from those who are Democrat politicians, and while I’m not sure if it’s for the better or worse the one thing I do know is that they’re ALL quite NUTS!!!

Take, for example, CNN anchor Don Lemon. You see it was Mr. Lemon who, this past Friday on his show “Tonight”, accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of mainstreaming “white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members.” Lemon said, “We got to talk about what’s happening over on the propaganda network, the Fox propaganda network. I don’t concern myself of what the other guys are doing. But let me tell you why I am doing this because this is the mainstreaming of white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members, and it is coming from Tucker Carlson who is promoting the so-called replacement theory.”

He went on to say, “Theory is really too good a word for it. It’s a lie. The lie that liberal elites are plotting to replace the white population with immigrants of color.” He showed video from Fox News in which Carlson said, “I know that the left and all the little gate-keepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement.’ If suggest that the Democratic Party trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots with new people, more obedient voters from the third world.” Carlson went on to say, “But they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening actually. Let’s just say it that is true.”

He said, “This matters on a bunch of different levels, but on a basic level, it is a voting rights question. In a democracy, one person equals one vote. If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there. So every time they imported new voters, I become disenfranchised as a current voter. Everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it. ‘Oh, the white replacement theory.’ No, this is a voting rights question.” He said, “I have less political power because they’re importing a brand new electorate. Why should I sit back and take that? The power that I have is an American, guaranteed that birth is one-man and one-vote, and they are diluting it. Why are we putting up with this?”

After the video Lemon said, “What is he talking about? A lot of talk about diluting the political power of the current electorate, which is mostly white people. The white votes should not be diluted. That’s what he’s saying. He’s talking about voting rights, one person, one vote. He’s twisting those concepts for his own end. What ends are those? to fuel up the audience with a false sense of grievance, grievance outrage to justify voter suppression based on anger, fears and lies and insecurity and racism.” And that Lemon can take what Carlson is saying and so blatantly mischaracterize it, makes clear, or at least it should, Lemon’s very obvious bias and willingness to lie.

It’s to anyone with a brain that Tucker makes a lot of sense, whereas Lemon keeps showing he’s nothing but a brainless, hateful racist and nowhere near a bona fide ‘journalist’! The only reason he even has a job is because he’s black, and gay! I’m very proud to be white and of my white heritage. I am, on my mother’s side a descendent of William White who came to America on the ‘Mayflower.’ And I refuse to buy into the BS that all white people are racists, that America was born in sin, that America is evil, and that it is in need of being transformed. Personally, most racism that I see taking place comes from blacks, like Mr. Lemon, and directed at whites!

And I would like to offer a little advice to Mr. Lemon. That being, if America is such an overt racist country, I’m quite sure that he has the wherewithal to relocate to a much less racist country, perhaps Africa? Good luck with that! And by the way, it’s all of this idiocy that’s about far more than votes. It’s many in the ‘fake news’ media, like Mr. Lemon, who openly gloat about Whites becoming a minority, and what we’re seeing is nothing less than a war on Whites. Whites are constantly browbeat with accusations of racism and white supremacy to keep us on the defensive as we become a minority. And once we’re the minority then the gloves will truly come off.

And here’s a rather unpleasant fact for Mr. Lemon. The vast majority of white communities tend to be civilized and law-abiding, while majority black communities tend to be much less so. In fact, the wealthiest black suburb in America has MORE violence than the poorest white community. Needless to say, it’s many in the ‘fake news’ media, again those like Mr. Lemon, who sanitize a lot of black behavior. When black females do Spring Break they riot. Just this week a pack of rabid black females attacked a postal worker over a delayed stimulus check. The reality is that whites with the most exposure to blacks in real life are the most likely to oppose diversity.

Lemon provides us with even more proof, as if we needed any, of how it is that Democrats continue with their targeting of white, male, Christian Americans! While at the same time they welcome in with open arms those seeking illegal entry into our country, along with Moslems, and Socialists, but not traditional white men. Democrats, the ‘fake news’ media and, of course, social media are attacking white men for supposedly being politically incorrect. “America First” is the best political concept! It’s not based on race or religion and it offers prosperity for everyone regardless of race! It respects traditional values, like freedom, family, and faith.

And if blacks are so wonderful how about they prove it by making Africa into something great. A few Europeans were able to create a first world nation in South Africa, something that millions of Africans still can’t do, as evidenced by the fact of what that country looks like today. Blacks have been privileged with Affirmative Action and with Trillions of dollars spent trying to integrate them. They are blessed with the “black privilege” of being to riot, loot and destroy with no fear of ever being prosecuted. They are allowed to disrespect the flag, and in return, though they’re only 13.5 percent of the population, they commit over 50 percent of violent crime.

Whites continue to get the short end of the stick in all its dealings with blacks. It’s over the course of an average 75-year lifespan that a black individual receives a net $751,200 in welfare, whereas the average white contributes a net $220,805 into the system. This is yet another reason why whites are now made to retire with less and less to pass on to their children. Blacks have shown they are incapable of running a complex society. Don’t believe me, look at any large U.S. city with a black as its Chief Executive. You know, places like Chicago or Baltimore. Blacks need us, we certainly don’t need them. Whites continue to suffer so that blacks can be accommodated.

Suppose, just suppose, America had ALWAYS been a majority Black country with whites either not here at all or here in numbers too insignificant to really matter. What would America look like today if blacks were running the show? For instance, would we have become the most prosperous nation in history? Would we, say, have won either World War? Now suppose Blacks had never been brought to this country, or what had come to this country had been limited to a very few. How much more prosperous would America be today and how many trillions of dollars would never have been wasted trying to pacify blacks and on rebuilding the damage they’ve done.

We need to understand that no amount of money, or ‘free stuff’, will ever be enough. White Americans have been made to sacrifice our national identity, mortgage our children’s future, made to elevate blacks to positions that they would never have otherwise earned their way into, only to be met with ever increasing resentment, higher crime rates, and an absolute stagnation on cultural and technological innovations. And yet it’s whites that are continually portrayed as being the villains here, when what we continue to be used as nothing more than a piggybank to cover the cost of subsidizing blacks. The time has come to bring that nonsense to an end.


I don’t suppose it would be too much to ask for someone to please do us all a yuge favor and tell this vindictive old bitch to just put a cork in it. She’s done, over, caput, only complete loons continue to listen to the idiotic drivel she continues to spew. She just needs to head back into the woods with a case of her favorite wine and never, EVER, come out. This evil woman has yet to accept the fact that the voters rejected her and her cockamamie ideas twice at the ballot box. Yet, she still thinks people want to hear her opinions. Personally, I don’t give a damn what she thinks or says.

And yet the old girl persists. You see, it was just this past Thursday that everyone’s favorite two-time loser of the presidential sweepstakes issued what was a bit of an ultimatum, even though she’s really in no position to do such a thing. Anyway, it was then that she boldly stated that Congress must now choose between preserving the filibuster or protecting voting rights for those poor unfortunate minorities. But doing both, she suggested, is an impossibility. She said, “We can preserve the filibuster, or we can preserve the voting rights of people of color. But we can’t do both.”

Hitlery even provided a graphic, furnished to her by CNN, of the United States which identified bills “aiming to curb voting rights introduced in almost every state.” Her idiotic remark followed what has been a wave of leftist outrage stemming from Georgia’s recently signed election integrity law, which, despite popular belief, expands voting in some areas. Members of the radical left quickly dismissed the legislation as suppressive, prompting Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to pull its All-Star Game and draft from Atlanta, a city with a sizeable minority population.

Oddly enough, MLB decided to move the events to Colorado, a state which has fewer early voting days than Georgia, as well as ID requirements. Nevertheless, Democrats have continued to falsely describe the Peach State law as suppressive, even though poll after poll shows that a majority of likely voters, including black and Latino voters, support basic election integrity measures such as voter ID. All the while, Democrats have continued to push for the end of the filibuster as a means to advance their radical agenda. Their desperation is becoming increasingly obvious.

And it’s the genius who is now the White House Press Secretary, Jen ‘Sake’, who went as far as to describe the filibuster as “allowing for systematic racism in the country,” this despite the fact that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ defended the filibuster back in 2005. You must admit that it’s quite a stretch to connect the filibuster to any form of racism. But these days, at least according to Democrats, racism can be connected to just about everything, even highways. And as long as you’ve got a significant number of blacks who buy this kind of garbage, it’s a ploy Democrats will continue to use.

Contrary to the claims made by Democrats election integrity laws, like the one in Georgia, serve to help protect the rights of voters, voters from every background. Which explains why Democrats are so desperate to portray these voter ID laws as something they most definitely are not. Here in Florida I need to show ID when I show up to vote, and I never see anyone complaining about having to do the same. I mean it only makes sense, which, I suppose, is why Democrats are so vehemently opposed to it. Anything that makes it more difficult for them to cheat they naturally oppose.

Look, it’s all really pretty simply. Republicans want one person, one vote, but it’s under those rather ‘restrictive’ rules that Democrats would never again win ANY election. But how is it, exactly, that trying to enforce such laws is in any way an attempt to oppress minorities? Show me one case of voter suppression in any of the states requiring an ID to vote, just one. If someone was legally eligible and denied their opportunity to vote it would headline news. It’s a completely bogus argument. But can anyone point to any argument ever made by Democrats that isn’t bogus?

Hitlery offers us a false dichotomy. There is absolutely nothing about the filibuster that denies minorities rights, and both parties have used it for decades. Hitlery and *president ‘Creepy Joe’ share something in common, the fact they are both consistently wrong about everything. The longest filibuster in history lasted 75 days, and it was when the DEMOCRATS filibustered the Civil Rights Act in 1964. That’s a fact, and it is indisputable. But that, of course, is something that Hitlery likely doesn’t really want to talk about that, because it reveals what’s really going on here.

What’s really behind the piece of Democrat legislation, H.R.1 in the House, and S. 1 in the Senate, is NOT minority voting rights. What it is, is a blatant attempt at a federal takeover of national elections. It renders the states’ power moot, because the state’s no longer control their elections, Washington does. It’s an anti-constitutional move dedicated to destroying our constitutional form of governance. It’s being pushed by the radical left, because if they are successful there will never be another National election the left does not win. This is their big grab for total and complete power.

This will lead to the disenfranchisement of conservative voters throughout this country and that will lead to future problems. Really bad problems, because right now, even with the amount of fraud these Democrats used in those key states to get their puppet in, there is still a hope that we can have a fair and free election where we take back the House and Senate at the very least. H.R. 1 ends that hope. Many conservatives choose to try and work within the system to make change, but H.R. 1 makes that impossible, and will force the radicalization of the conservative ideology.

No longer will they work within a system that they understand is set up to deny them any chance to gain power and implement their policies. This will lead to an actual insurrection eventually. The American people cannot, they must not, sit idly by and allow radical Democrats to undermine our Constitution and strip their constitutional rights from them. There must be a major pushback if the left is successful at getting this abomination passed into law. Think of your children and grand children and the kind of future they will have if we, today, fail to do what we know must be done!

Not that long ago, there was one Election Day and absentee ballots for the infirm, elderly, and those in the military. If you can’t be bothered with getting to the polls to vote, if you do not value your privilege to vote enough to make that effort then maybe your vote should NOT count. Those who wouldn’t go to the polls but can check a box and drop it in the mail probably check the boxes for the Democrats and they are probably the lowest of the low information voter. The election process has been slowly but effectively bastardized by the Democrats to their advantage.

And it’s in beating the proverbial dead horse that I will say that Americans of every color still need to provide positive identification to drive, buy alcohol and cigarettes, buy a home or rent an apartment, fly on an airline, etc. Hitlery and her cronies keep putting black Americans in a box and make them look helpless when it comes to voting. Voter ID is the only way to prevent massive cheating, which both she and her liberal friends have gotten very good at. She can issue ultimatums all she wants, but she is still a two-time loser and nothing that she does or says will change that.


Just when you thought you had heard it all from Juan Williams, that there is absolutely nothing else he could possibly say to prove just how absolutely clueless he is regarding any important topic, dang if he doesn’t prove you wrong. And I truly do believe that if he were EVER to speak the truth he’d simply disappear in a flash and a puff of smoke. But that said, he is one of the more reliable mouthpieces in the employ of the Democrat Party because there is absolutely nothing he will not say while on television no matter how patently untrue or so very easy to disprove.

And it was anyone who, for whatever reason, may have happened to tune into ‘The Five’ this past Wednesday, that witnessed yet another of Williams’ frequent trips off into the ‘Twilight Zone’ when he actually defended comparisons between Georgia’s election integrity law and Jim Crow laws.  Williams argued that while he believed some of *president ‘Creepy Joe’s comments about the Georgia law rose to the level of hyperbole, the idea that white citizens could change the balance of power in elections without any black input was worth comparing to Jim Crow.

And it was Cohost Pete Hegseth, who I am also not particularly fond of, who began with a clip of *president Biden doubling down on his comparison, saying again that Georgia’s law amounted to “the new Jim Crow.” Hegseth asked, “Does this hyperbole — which everyone is recognizing is patently false, they are not Jim Crow laws. Does it insult the real legacy of Jim Crow and isn’t, wasn’t he Mr. Unity?” And then he went on to ask, “Isn’t it damaging to our country to mischaracterize something?” Williams replied, “Well, I agree with you, Pete, I think it’s hyperbole.”

Williams noted the legacy of Jim Crow included violence, lynchings and burning people’s homes. He said, “That’s part of that legacy of how you demoralize and take political power and scare people to death.” Of course, as is always the case with those like Williams, there was absolutely no mention of the fact that it was the Democrats who were the main players when it comes to Jim Crow and the violence, lynching and burning of people’s homes mentioned by Williams. And again, he’s simply another of those on the left desperate to rewrite the history of their party.

Williams then pivoted to explain how he believed the comparison might be accurate. He said, “If you want to say that a group of white citizens want to take control of elections and determine outcomes, want to strip the secretary of state of power over elections, take, you know, have the arbitrary ability to take power from local election boards, that’s what the Georgia legislature, Republican majority, without any black input, just did.” You know, you have to wonder if Williams has even read the law or if, as usual, he’s simply regurgitating talking points given to him earlier in the day.

Anyway, Williams concluded his idiotic little diatribe by saying, “Now, I think they thought they could sneak this by, but in the aftermath of January 6th and the aftermath of Trump saying the election was stolen, I think corporations are very aware of what’s going on and nothing is getting, you know, pushed by them as if they can look the other way.” The comparison is entirely bogus and the dishonest Williams knows it. The Georgia legislature is NOT composed entirely of white people, nor were those in it elected entirely by whites. So it’s once again that Williams make no sense.

So casting this as being some sort of a ‘white takeover’ is disingenuous. Georgia is 57.8% white and 37.1% black. And as such is, just as America itself, majority white. So is Williams arguing that the majority has no right to outvote the minority and that minority blacks should somehow be able to determine elections and their outcomes? And by virtue of what, their race?  But it gets worse. Like many states, Georgia’s elections are largely administered at the county level, meaning that Fulton County, the state’s most populous, run by blacks and representing a black majority there.

It’s interesting that it is precisely in Fulton County where there were so many voting irregularities that a judge has now ordered mail-in ballots unsealed to determine whether, or not, they were properly handled and counted.  There is little doubt that parts of the new law are aimed at making sure there is no repeat of that nonsense so yes, if counties, whether white or black majority, can’t seem to get it right, the state will step in, as it should and guarantee that the law is followed. And that Williams can in any way associate this law with Jim Crow proves yet again he’s a complete moron.

And I’m not sure what it is about this new law that is so difficult for Williams to comprehend. What those of who want free and fair elections want is really pretty simple. We only want those who chose to vote to be a citizen of the United States, to vote within their specific state, and specific district, to be breathing, and legally able to vote. No more, no less. We will then happily identify as the winner the one with the most votes in any election with those rules whether they are Black, White, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, or any other category one may choose to identify as.

It’s the constant spewing of this kind of idiotic drivel that caused me to stop watching ‘Fox News’ altogether. I haven’t watched since election night. I don’t even watch Tucker anymore. Because when morons like Williams, Rivera and Wallace, to name but a few, who are kept on while those like Lou Dobbs are handed their walking papers, I’m done. It’s become rather obvious that they’re no longer interested in being ‘Fair and Balanced’ only in being another CNN and MSDNC. And I’ve read that even Ingraham who had come a bit off the tracks. So now I watch OAN or Newsmax!

To be perfectly honest, Williams has become little more than just another of the many Democrat Party’s house overseers, those willing to tell what ever lie their told to tell to those that the Democrat Party is desperate to keep on the plantation. And it’s obvious that it’s a status that he’s become very comfortable with. And while I’m quite sure he sees himself as being very knowledgeable, it’s every time he opens his mouth that he makes very clear the fact that he is anything but knowledgeable. Why he continues to be kept around I have no idea, unless it’s to serve as comic relief.  

Oddly enough, Williams seems to have no problem whatsoever when it comes to ‘Creepy Joe’, Pelosi and Schumer, who are all white by the way, robbing from the states their constitutional role in our elections. Williams has no credibility, he’s simply a mouthpiece for the radical Democrats. He’s gone full ‘left wing conspiracy nutjob!’ If anything, we’re seeing a system being established that gives special rights and MORE privileges to non-whites. Jim Crow is so far in the rearview mirror that it’s laughable. The only people who are being discriminated against have white skin tone.

Williams, like many other blacks, especially when it comes to subjects such as this, is rather ignorant and more than a little uninformed. I can only assume that Williams is yet another of those in favor of the minority, or blacks, being able to dictate to the majority, or whites, in Georgia and likely everywhere else. And he’s another who is quick to deny that there are far more black racists than white. And as one always eager to sound the alarm regarding so-called ‘white privilege’ he remains strangely quiet on the subject of the existence of the far more common, black privilege.


So what is it about those who live in any of the many Democrat hellholes that can be found in every state in our country, that makes the residents of these particular locales totally unwilling to take any action that would substantially improve their living conditions? And why is it that those who live in these places continue to elect and then re-elect politicians who have absolutely no interest, whatsoever, in actually working to improve the conditions in their not so fair cities. Which leads me to ask, who among us is it than is able to look at any large city anywhere in this country and see it as being the ideal place in which one could raise their family? 

And we now have yet another sterling example of how city dwellers seem to have some sort of a death wish. Because, it was the city of St. Louis, Missouri, that, just this past Tuesday, elected its first black female mayor, Democrat Tishaura Jones. She will be sworn in on April 20 and faces the dual challenges presented by a declining population and one of the worst murder rates in the nation. And it was in her victory speech that she said, “St. Louis: This is an opportunity for us to rise.” And she said, “I told you when I was running that we aren’t done avoiding tough conversations. We are done ignoring the racism that has held our city and our region back.”

Jones, 49, is a former state representative who has been treasurer since 2013. She will replace incumbent Mayor Lyda Krewson, who announced back in November that she would be stepping down. Krewson, 67, is the city’s first woman mayor. Police statistics show 262 people were killed in St. Louis last year, which was five fewer than the record of 267 set in 1993. But because the city’s population has declined considerably since 1993, the per capita homicide rate was actually much higher in 2020. The city shot to national prominence last year when two local homeowners took up arms to defend their property against those taking part in riots.

And it’s already that 2021 is shaping up to be even worse. The city has recorded 46 killings through Tuesday, about 10 ahead of last year’s dangerously high pace. Jones has pledged to bring in more social workers, mental health counselors and substance abuse counselors. She sees social aid as an alternative to adding more uniformed officers while her victory speech focused largely on overcoming racism and bigotry. She said, “I will not stay silent when I spot racism.” And she said, “I will not stay silent when I spot homophobia or transphobia. I will not stay silent when I spot religious intolerance. I will not stay silent when I spot any injustice.”

Translation, if you happen to be a white family that currently lives in St. Louis you might want to consider getting out just as quickly as can. And why might that be? Well, because you are now about to have a mayor who does not have many police to protect you and intends to have even fewer, replacing them with more social workers, more mental health counselors and more substance abuse counselors. Now I ask you, does that, in any way, sound like a good idea in a city that has what can easily be described as a skyrocketing crime rate? She has made it clear that she is going to allow criminals to run rampant, because racism is the much bigger problem.

Now no offense to Ms. Jones, but can anyone name me a city that has elected itself a black female mayor that is not horrible? And knowing the recent history of her city I’m tempted to say that this is most likely the very last thing that the city of St. Louis needs. Obviously, what we have here is yet another incompetent, female racist mayor, giving the same old speech. She’s going to save the world, just like the bumbling backsides in Baltimore and Chicago. And those who live in St Louis have seen all of the horrors taking place in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, with black women mayors and they still elect another one. Is that not the definition of insanity?

And so it’s in Ms. Jones that we have yet another happy “I am a victim” black political hack. And I could be wrong, but something tells me she’ll likely stay silent when it comes to racism against whites. And if she’s like the other black female Democrat mayors that we have then I suspect that it will be in no time at all that she will take St. Louis to all manner of new higher highs and lower lows. Such as higher crime rates, high dropout rates and higher flames and even lower employment, lower police morale, lower street drug prices due to police apathy, and lower standardized test scores. So go ahead and prove me wrong, Ms. Jones! Like that’s going to happen.

She very boldly states, “We are done ignoring the racism that has held our city and our region back.” ‘Racism’ is the collision of the rules, standards, and customs that allow First World Western, i.e. White, Civilization to function and the faults, limitations, pathological behaviors of blacks that can only create Third World African conditions. See South Africa both before and after the end of White rule for this principle in action. What does it matter that her city is nothing but a third world country because of Democrats? Now she can just go ahead and finally finish it off. It would be the perfect location for Major League Baseball to have their All-Star game.

And really, the issue here is not whether she is black or a woman. The problem is that she is a moronic leftist who wants to dismantle law and order and promote lunacy. You can name all sorts of screwed up white male leftist mayors that are equally as bad. Can anyone say de Blasio? But that said, when did stating the obvious become racist? Blacks think too much about skin color. This person was elected for no other reason than because she’s Black. Blacks don’t care if she is qualified, just that she’s black. Now that’s racist. Can someone name for me a black female Democrat mayor who has been successful? One that hasn’t been caught up in corruption?

Sadly, we all know she will do an injustice to the whole city by ignoring the real problem, which sure as hell isn’t “racism.” No, like with most Democrats, she will ignore all truths and facts about who does the killings and just keep her race/victim card handy. So while she likes to blame racism it’s the most devastating problems faced by blacks in America that are entirely self-inflicted. Those things such as a high out-of-wedlock birth rate, family breakdown and unsafe communities. These problems have little to do with civil rights. But as long as blacks buy into the notion that white racism is the source of their problems, the solutions will be forever elusive.

Democrats have this strange relationship with reality in that how awful a place is to live in, is often in direct relation to how long it has been that Democrats have been in power there. Take all the places where Democrats have been in power for 50 or 60 years and it’s still during every election that Republican’s get blamed for the mess. Never in the history of the world has one political party been able to do so little for its supporters, continued to blame others for its inability to do anything but enrich themselves, and then ride to election victory after election victory on the backs of the people they literally do nothing for. It’s truly an amazing thing to watch.

Black Americans and liberal whites in the cities like St Louis and Chicago and Baltimore continue to put people like this woman in positions of power. There is an old saying that when you find yourself in a hole, the best thing you can do is to stop digging. But every time one of these race baiting opportunists get elected, the hole they live in just gets deeper. Racism, as a slogan, is not the answer to the problem. Our moral advocates like religious leaders, teachers, politicians, and above all, parents, all have a part to play in the healing of a broken society. Respect for others, and implementing the ‘Golden Rule’ would go far in restoring St Louis.


It doesn’t take a genius, or at least it shouldn’t, to state what is so blatantly obvious to everyone except those who must be living under a rock. You see, it was the current Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Jaime Harrison who recently made the rather bold observation that the Democrat Party has some work to do regarding its image with working America. And it is Harrison who is now calling on Democrats to “battle the damage to the Democratic brand.” Look, it’s safe to say that whatever “damage” it is that’s been done to the Democrat brand has all been self-inflicted. Democrats have allowed their lunatic fringe to control the direction of the party.

The days of those Democrat politicians who were truly ‘moderate’ in their political beliefs ended years, if not decades ago. There were once those Democrats who I was able to accept as being reasonable people even though there were few issues on which we actually agreed. Remember those like Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson and Sam Nunn? And if either were around today, I would argue that both would have a very difficult time trying to get themselves elected as Democrats today in 2021. And while we continue to have those Democrats described as being ‘moderate,’ the truth is that there is no longer any such thing, as the ‘moderate Democrat’ long ago went extinct.

Anyway, while appearing on an episode of the Daily Beast’s podcast ‘The New Abnormal,’ it was Harrison who claimed that the party is having trouble with its image regarding “some of the folks who are core at the base of our party.” He said, “It’s not even just with Republicans.” He added, “The Democrat brand with some of the folks who are core at the base of our party is not the greatest.” Harrison actually claimed to have been the victim of mischaracterization in his bid against Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and went so far as to accuse the incumbent and “his crew of dark money” falsely labeling him as a proponent of defunding the police. Seriously?

And he said, “My grandfather on my stepfather’s side was in the Detroit police department for 40 years. So I don’t believe in that.” Whether that’s true or not, I’m sure he was, and still is, quite aware of the many outspoken leftists in his party who do profoundly support such a dangerous initiative. Nonetheless, he is calling Democrats to “battle the damage to the Democratic brand.” He said, “We have to take credit and claim the things that we will have gotten done over the course of this next two years. We’re going to do a lot for rural America.” He then went on to tout the “American Rescue Plan,” which he said will do “so much” for rural communities.

Harrison said “Those communities are also just as diverse as urban communities. We also need to make sure that we’re listening to them.” He emphasized the importance of delivering for rural America, which he said will grow the Democrat base and “persuade a few other folks to take a look at us.” Democrats have been trying to strike a balance as radical left members of the party work to advance their proposals with the White House of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. And Biden has been very receptive, even accommodating, by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, rejoining the Paris Agreement, and rolling back many of President Trump’s key immigration policies.

And it was yet another Democrat, Abigail Spanberger who, after the election was heard telling her Democrat colleagues, “We have to commit to not saying the words ‘defund the police’ ever again.” Her remarks were, I’m sure, prompted by the fact that Republicans picked up several seats in the narrowly Democrat-led House. She added, “We need to not ever use the words socialist or socialism ever again. It does matter, and we have lost good members because of that.” Translation, “We must deceive more people and con them into voting for us and make them believe what we say and not believe their lying eyes when they see what we truly believe.”

So, at least to me, it sounds like what Harrison is really saying is that the Democrat Party doesn’t so much need to adjust its policy positions as it needs to adjust its messaging so that voters become much less aware of what their policy positions truly are. How very ‘progressive’ of them. Perhaps they need to have a sit down with their social media wing and inform them of what’s at stake if they don’t fix this for them. But that may be harder than it sounds in that the radicals in the party, especially since the arrival of ‘BO,’ have become quite used to operating out in the full light of day, whereas in the past the party kept their wackos pretty much in the shadows. 

Meanwhile, *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has continued to court the far-left wing of the party. White House chief of staff Ron Klain has engaged with leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and far-left members of the “Squad” in recent weeks as they aim to push their radical leftwing agenda items, including such things as ending the filibuster and enacting a $15 minimum wage, among their many other so-called ‘priorities.’ Now while I am certainly in no way a political ‘expert’ that doesn’t really sound like much of a strategy if your intent is to win over the hearts and minds of many rural folks. But like I said, I’m no expert, so I could be wrong.

So this genius, Harrison, has come to the conclusion that the Democrats have a “brand” problem. And he’s just realizing that now? Personally, it’s whenever I think of Democrats, what immediately comes to mind is their rather long history of racism, eugenics, abortion, political violence, a hapless FDR before 1940, ‘Slick Willy’s Oval Office BJs, and their rapid move in the direction of Socialism. That and what has been their very determined effort to do all that they can to bring about an increasingly violent end to the country that I love. Obviously, for anyone who has been paying attention, the Democrat Party has had an image problem for quite some time.

But in the big scheme of things this guy Harrison does have a point. After all, the Democrat brand has now gotten so BAD that they must now resort to rigging elections on a massive scale in order to win elections. The Democrat brand, in a nutshell is comprised of support for: socialism, open borders and illegal immigration, sanctuary states and cities, slaughtering the unborn, abortion on demand up to the moment of delivery, multiple genders and boys claiming to be girls. Also it’s the same Democrat Party that has become anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. And so, the beat goes on and on. And such is what the Democrat ‘brand’ has now come to represent.

For someone in his position, Harrison seems to be oblivious to the fact that white working-class Americans vote not just on economic issues, but on social issues as well. And it’s as long as the Democrat Party remains anti-traditional religion, anti-life, anti-traditional marriage, anti-police, anti-law and order, anti-fair trade, anti-traditional family and anti-white male, that the Democrats can attempt whatever ‘rebranding’ they want but they will likely continue to lose the votes of these people. Harrison would rather overlook all of these issues because doing anything else will get him in trouble with the far-left radicals who are now effectively in charge of his party.

And how do you garner more votes than any other presidential candidate in history with a damaged brand? A candidate who campaigned from his basement, was, and is, a man unable to string two coherent sentences together and whose running mate could only muster the support of 3 percent of Democrats in the primaries. Oh, and the same candidate who could never manage to attract more than a hundred folks at any of his rallies and was caught on videotape boasting of the very same thing that his party repeatedly attempted to impeach President Trump for, aka quid-pro-quo? Come on man! Nothing about this entire scam comes anywhere near passing the smell test!

There was NO mandate to fundamentally transform America. Nor is the rush to destroy everything President Trump accomplished by those who refuse to accept the fact that he did good things for the country. In times past, when the political balance of Congress was close to even, elected officials felt compelled to work together to get things done. This work, for the good of the country, involved COMPROMISE. The knowledge of history seems to be lost by the Democrats, who not very many years ago got ‘shellacked’ in the 2010 Congressional elections after working without Republicans to force Obamacare down the throat of the American people.

Modern day Democrats really have very little, if anything, in common with rural America. Those who reside in fly-over America love their country, love their God, and are hardworking. Those are totally foreign concepts to just about anyone who calls themselves a Democrat. For the last four years Democrats have waged what can only be referred to as all-out war against everything that America stands for and have tried to erase everything that is good about this country! They don’t want to use the words “socialism” or “defund the police,” yet they still support those ideas. They just don’t want to use those words. What the Democrats really want to do is up the spin.


To say that Barack Hussein Obama is little more than one of the most vile, despicable, corrupt and, dare I say, EVIL human beings to have ever walked on American soil would likely be seen by many as a gross understatement. After all, ‘BO’ has done more to divide this country than any other person, living or dead, in the history of our country. He continues to be one of the worst things to have ever happened to this country. And now, yet again, he is trying to run our country into the ground! After all, no one really thinks that senile ‘Creepy Joe’ is actually running things. He’s lucky if he can find his way to the bathroom, which had better be on the first floor.

And so it was that our ex-president, ‘BO’, on Saturday celebrated Major League Baseball (MLB) for its politically motivated decision to move the All-Star game out of Atlanta after the Georgia legislature dared to pass legislation the subject of which was election integrity. ‘BO’ tweeted, “Congratulations to the MLB for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens. There’s no better way for American’s pastime to honor the great Hank Aaron, who always led by example.” Now as I am not the racist asshole that he so very obviously is, ‘BO’ is going to have explain to me exactly how moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, in any way, honors Aaron.

Granted, besides being a baseball player Aaron was also pretty well-known for his outspokenness against racism in the MLB, and he broke racial barriers throughout his entire career. And I’d like to think that Aaron would have agreed with the goal of this legislation which, as I said, was aimed at strengthening election integrity. MLB issued a press release announcing the move Friday. They have yet to identify where they will move it to. In the press release they said, “Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” But I’m just not making the connection here between Aaron and this new law.

It was MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred who said “Over the last week, we have engaged in thoughtful conversations with Clubs, former and current players, the Players Association, and The Players Alliance, among others, to listen to their views.” And then it was this same imbecile who then went on to say, “I have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year’s All-Star Game and MLB Draft.” This move by MLB actually takes hypocrisy to a whole new level. And I say that because MLB teams still require fans to show a photo ID in order to pick up their tickets from the ‘Will Call’ booth. So what’s up with that?

But, of course, it should come as a surprise to no one that the biggest racist around would want to chip in his two cents. Anything involving racial division and he’s more than happy to stoke the flames. Needing an ID to vote makes perfect sense and is in no way racist! And it’s no one who’s saying that it’s ONLY blacks who need to show an ID when voting, but that EVERYONE needs to! Just like when any of us buy liquor or a pack of cigarettes. What this is really all about is making it harder for Democrats to cheat. And ‘BO’ wants to somehow “honor” Aaron by speaking out against a bill that does nothing more than to help to protect the integrity of Georgia’s voting laws.

And it is the very same ‘BO’ who once sat with Cuba’s dictator at a baseball game that now cheers moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta. He is truly a degenerate. Congratulations to ‘BO’ for seeking to dividing Americans further, I would expect nothing less from him. Has there ever been an ex-president who worked harder to destroy the country that he supposedly loves? ‘BO’ again lives up to his legacy as a race baiter. And the fact that his popularity continues is indicative of the ignorance of the American people, those people of color in particular. ‘BO’ is turning us all into something horrible that no one decent even recognizes anymore.

And should we expect anything less from an American Hating Marxist. It’s no secret ‘BO’ is living through ‘Creepy Joe,’ and is trying to finish the job he started, that of ruining our country. Remember his “America is not an exceptional country” speech? And our best days are behind us, speech? ‘BO’ was, and is, our worst president ever! ‘Creepy Joe’ is just the blame taker, without a clue. It’s minority business owners and workers in Atlanta who will suffer from all this virtue signaling while it doesn’t cost ‘BO’ a dime. The media always referred to ‘BO’ as the great unifier, but he destroyed race relations and divided the country more so than any other President in history.

You can call me a conspiracy nut if you wish but it seems that it’s the very same people now calling for some form of ID that one will need to produce in order to prove they are vaccinated, who are protesting ID for voting. The Democrats are crooks who do not want their ability to cheat in elections to be limited in any way! You need identification for just about anything you do in today’s world, but liberals don’t want you to have an ID to vote. No other ex-president has ever sought to destroy America so openly while out of office. And that there is even one American who still cheers this black dirt bag tells us much about the current state of mental health in America.

And I can think of no better way to dishonor Hank Aaron, and the hardworking faithful black patriots in Georgia, than to spread what are outright lies and falsehoods that paint the black community as being too ignorant to be able to obtain and to use an ID to vote. Those who vote Democrat seem much more committed to their party than are Republicans. Democrats, as a whole, have no problem with their party’s effort to destroy their country, their jobs and their cities as long as Democrats win, even if they have to cheat to do it. It’s understandable that the crowd that believes it’s ok to loot stores and burn cities is the same crowd that believes dishonest elections are ok.

Racism in America would be dead by now were it not for Democrats who keep giving it CPR for political expediency. Like I said, it’s no one who’s saying that it’s ONLY black folks who would need to show ID before voting, it’s EVERYBODY who needs to show an ID before voting. So how is that in any way racist? And whether or not Aaron was somehow a supporter of voter fraud I have no idea. I’d like to think that he wasn’t. But I suspect that ‘BO,’ as he has a rather long history of doing, is lying. And choosing to use a man like Aaron who is no longer around to call ‘BO’ out for his lying, is yet another example of ‘BO’s complete lack of morals as well as his lack of character.


Not being a Catholic myself I’ve never really cared when it came to whom, exactly, the pope was at any particular time. Of course, I’m sure anyone old enough to remember will remember Pope John Paul II, and very fondly so. He was a man who was an inspiration to freedom loving people everywhere, whether they were Catholic or not. But it’s in the current pope, Pope Francis, that we now have a man who is everything that Pope John Paul II most certainly was not. It’s in THIS man that we have someone who cares less about freedom than he does about advancing every leftwing cockamamie scam from bogus ‘climate change’ to illegal immigration!

For instance, it was as recently as this past week that our self-serving ‘Commie’ Pope Francis declared, and rather boldly so, that our current “climate crisis” actually has its roots in the Industrial Revolution, but for many years “it remained imperceptible except to a very few clairvoyants.” And it was in the preface to a Vatican booklet titled “Pastoral Orientations on Climate Displaced People,” that the ‘Commie Pope’ argued that the disastrous effects of bogus ‘climate change’ should be evident to everyone. He even went so far as to assert, “We are engulfed by news and images of whole peoples uprooted by cataclysmic changes in our climate, forced to migrate.”

And it was the ‘Commie Pope’ who stated, “When people are driven out because their local environment has become uninhabitable, it might look like a process of nature, something inevitable.” And he said, “Yet the deteriorating climate is very often the result of poor choices and destructive activity, of selfishness and neglect, that set humankind at odds with creation, our common home.” And that which should come as no surprise, it was, as he has done on numerous other occasions, once again that our ‘Commie Pope’ chose to compare global warming to the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic, insisting, however, that humanity should have seen the climate ‘crisis’ brewing.

He declared, “Unlike the pandemic, which came on us suddenly, without warning, almost everywhere, and impacting everyone at once, the climate crisis has been unfolding since the Industrial Revolution.” He said, “For a long time it developed so slowly that it remained imperceptible except to a very few clairvoyants.” He asserted, “Even now it is uneven in its impact: climate change happens everywhere, but the greatest pain is felt by those who have contributed the least to it.” He claimed the “huge and increasing numbers displaced by climate crises” are fast becoming “a great emergency of our age and demanding global responses.”

And then, it was in choosing to reference the Bible, that the ‘Commie Pope’ went so far as to warn of future disasters if humanity fails to act. He said, “If you are ready to listen, we can still have a great future. But if you refuse to listen and to act, you will be devoured by the heat and the pollution, by droughts here and rising waters there.” And it was along with his many other rather dire predictions regarding bogus ‘climate change’ that the ‘Commie Pope’ then turned to another favorite topic of his, and others on the left: immigration. He claimed, “Those driven from their homes by the climate crisis need to be welcomed, protected, promoted and integrated.”

And in, I guess, what was his attempt to portray those seeking entry into our country illegally in the best light possible he said, “They want to start over. To create a new future for their children, they need to be allowed to do so, and to be helped.” And he went on to say, “This is the work the Lord asks now of us.” He said, “We are not going to get out of crises like climate or COVID-19 by hunkering down in individualism but only by ‘being many together,’ by encounter and dialogue and cooperation.” What a bunch of leftwing drivel. And I can’t help but wonder if advancing any of this leftwing lunacy is in any way part his current job description. Because I kind of doubt it!

Now I’m not a real religious guy, but the ‘Commie Pope’ is supposed to be, right? And it’s as such that I would have thought that his Holiness would have chosen to speak on our Lord’s passion and sacrifice during this Holy Week. But apparently such is not the case. Because instead, all we got more ‘fake news’ about ‘climate change.’ Before the Industrial Revolution the average life span was, I think, somewhere around 35 years, houses were heated with coal and/wood, lit with candles and all of diseases were rampant. So are we to assume that this is the type of world that our ‘Commie Pope’ wishes a return to excluding, of course, himself and the other elites?

So it’s in our ‘Commie Pope’ that we have a biblical ‘expert’ who now presumes to know what Jesus would think of those issues that didn’t actually exist when Jesus walked this Earth. Tell me, oh wise one, who is it that knows everything there is to know about the mind of our Savior? What would Jesus think about the ‘Commie Pope’s attempt to base his leftwing philosophy on the Bible? And is he deliberately trying to sabotage the faith which he professes to lead by meddling in issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with religion? Or, is he intent on promoting ‘climate change’ to where it holds the religious status which so many on the left already treat it?

It remains incomprehensible to me that the ‘Commie Pope’ can truly be this uninformed. It’s far more likely that he simply chooses to ignore the true data. Add to that the fact that he has absolutely no business expressing any opinion on anything other than spiritual ones. I get that he’s a Communist, but this goes way beyond that! Shouldn’t he be focusing on pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the loss of faith around the world or the push to eradicate Christianity currently underway all across the globe? This ‘Woke’ pope is nothing short of evil. If he isn’t the false prophet spoken of in Revelation, then he is most certainly paving the way for whoever it may be!

Look, ‘climate change,’ in one form or another, has been occurring ever since the beginning of time, NOT just since the industrial revolution. Is the ‘Commie Pope’ REALLY wanting us all to go back to the 1700s? If so, just how does he intend to feed, clothe, give healthcare to the billions now living on earth? Or, might a few of those billions be terminated in some way? The Industrial Revolution, for all its faults, provided a better life for most all of humanity. His hatred of anything that sounds like capitalism is unprecedent in the church. ‘Rome is burning’ and our ‘Commie Pope’ is distracted by ‘fake news.’ The ‘Commie Pope’ really should stick to theology.

Apparently, it’s all of us who are now said to be at fault. We should have all stayed dumb, ignorant and huddled around campfires in our caves, except for those like this pope who would have continued on to enjoy living in a degree of luxury that only they deserved. We should now all flagellate ourselves for our ruination of the planet. The ‘Commie Pope’ would rather we all go back to the horse and buggy days while he flies first class. This guy is the ultimate Marxist fraud. If the Catholic Church wants to go full blown political that’s fine, but it first needs to surrender its tax-free status on the billions that it has in real estate worldwide and on all the money it makes.

Break it, so you can remake it! The Democrats, encouraged by those like the ‘Commie Pope,’ are intentionally working very hard, every day, to bankrupt America by simply  ‘overwhelming the system’ so that they can then claim free enterprise (the correct term for ‘capitalism,’ which is a term coined by Communists), no longer works allowing them to then ‘remake’ the country, and the Constitution, based on what the government says what you can do and, what you can’t do. And they are succeeding. No one even talks about debt anymore. Actually, they won long ago, most just don’t notice, care, or can’t figure it out. It’s all now only a matter of time before it ends.