If you spend any amount of time listening to just about anyone in either our ‘fake news’ media or in the Democrat Party you likely could not help but come to the conclusion that every police force in the country, regardless of its size, has now declared open season on black males.  However, if one were to take the time to look a little deeper it would soon become very obvious that such is not the case.  Because in fact there were 15 shooting deaths by police of unarmed black men in the United States in all of 2018, and it’s that information that comes to us by way of official data compiled by The Washington Post.   Which is not exactly a publication known for being either conservative or friendly to those in law enforcement.

These figures come despite what has become a growing and rather widespread public outcry that has characterized police shootings of blacks as being the single most critical issue facing the black community today.  And yet, it’s year after year that the numbers simply do not backup the claims.  Democrats, as well as their allies in ‘fake news’, continue to work very hard in their effort to advance a narrative that has both the police, and the country, as being racist, and doing so by touting numbers that are completely bogus.  And in their effort to get their base worked up, they choose to ignore what has become the real crisis in the black community, the fact the thousands of blacks who are shot every year by those who are not police.

Just as a for instance, it was the Baltimore Sun that reported that there were 217 blacks in Baltimore killed in shootings, while The Los Angeles Times said that 124 black victims were shot and killed in Los Angeles in 2018, and the Chicago Tribune reported that 279 blacks were killed last year.  So in three of our largest cities there was a total of 620 blacks murdered with nary a word coming from ANYONE on the left. So where’s the outrage?  Does anyone remember hearing anything from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?  It’s precisely this lack of attention to the biggest problem concerning violence in black communities that leads many to suspect that, at least for Democrats, black lives don’t really matter, just black votes.

And it is rarely, if ever, that you hear from any Democrat politician, any of their many allies employed by the ‘fake news’ media or any of the many Democrat Party advocates right there within the black community speak about what has become the number one issue in the black community.  And that is the issue of blacks killing blacks and in increasing numbers.  And why do you suppose that is?  Well the answer is very simple really, politics.  Yup!  You see blacks killing blacks simply doesn’t fit the proper narrative, especially when it comes to the left’s continuing mission against law enforcement and their desire to create the impression that there is need for greater gun control.  To Democrats, blacks, even dead ones, are just pawns.

It is data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which showed that in 2017, there were 2,627 murders of blacks that were committed by other blacks in America.  And this is happening every year and all across the country there within the black community.  And in choosing to focusing on the issue of black on black violence is not meant to in any way to excuse those legitimate cases of police brutality. In such cases, the officers involved should be (and often are) charged and convicted.  It’s simply an honest effort to put things into their proper perspective.  And not to diminish the fact that there were 15 deaths at the hands of police, it’s a far cry from the 2600 who died at the hands of other blacks.

So, just 0.01 percent of all murders committed against blacks in the United States are a result of officer-involved shootings.  Or to state this a bit more clearly, 99.99 percent of all murders of blacks in the United States are non-police related.   So it should be pretty clear, even to Democrats, that America’s black communities certainly do have a problem with shootings, it just so happens that it’s not the police who are the ones pulling most of the triggers.  And the sad thing here is that until those on the left, which would most certainly include the Democrat Party, makes this much more of a priority, precious little is really going the change.  Democrats are far more interested in politics than in preventing violence in the black community.

And until blacks finally wake up to the fact that Democrats aren’t really their friends, not much regarding their fate is going to change.  I mean how many black deaths is it every year that can be traced directly back to Democrat policies?  For example, if you take the number of deaths resulting from the archaic gun laws in so many of our Democrat controlled cities and add that to the number of black babies aborted every year, the number is absolutely staggering. And yet blacks continue to vote for those whose only interest appears to be in killing them.  Blacks are being sold down the river by the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, to name only two, by being convinced that it’s those evil Republicans who wish to return them to the days of lynching. It’s a lie!



State Of Union

The presidents ‘off again, on again’ State of the Union address apparently is back on, at least for now.  But it’s these days whenever dealing with all things having to with Washington, the only thing that’s certain, is that nothing is.  The Democrats continue to be consumed by the fact that President Trump won an election that was now over two years ago.  And their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ seems to be making them do things that are weird even for them.  But on we go with there being no end in sight for the continuing insanity, because as is always the case it’s their way or the highway.

It was during a recent interview with one of Fox News’ resident NeverTrumpers, Brett Baier, that perennial Democrat gas-bag, Steny Hoyer, took the opportunity to walk back a bit his recent remarks in which he stated President Trump’s State of the Union address had been effectively canceled.  Hoyer told Baier that the planned speech was, in fact, not “officially off.”  So once again we’re seeing what we’re very much used to seeing from the Democrats, that being little more than yet another Abbott and Costello, ‘Who’s on first, what’s on second and I dunno’s on third’, moment.

A partial transcript of the exchange follows:

BAIER: First of all, is the State of the Union officially off?

HOYER: No, I don’t think it’s officially off we — I had not seen the speaker’s letter. What she suggests is a real security problem, unless we’ve opened up the government. Uh So — and we haven’t gotten a reply from the president and his thoughts. So, it’s not officially off, no.

BAIER: So, the Homeland Security Secretary tweeted out the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Secret Service are fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union. We thank the service for their mission, focus, and dedication and for all they do each day and secure our homeland. They suggest there’s not an issue here.

HOYER: Well, I’ve heard that and we’ll see what the president has to say. But, obviously, the speaker is absolutely correct. This is a very high-security event, as you well know. You have all the Supreme Court, you have all the Cabinet, you have the vice president and the president, and the Speaker of the House and the majority leader and minority leaders of the United States Senate. So, it’s a very high-security issue. But, the other thing from my perspective, Bret, is we ought not to be doing business as usual with a government shutdown that has 800,000 of its people not getting paid, including everyone one of secret service agents that there would be assigned.

Now, it’s tough to believe that they’re on highest security alert when they’re concerned about whether they’re going to get a paycheck and be able to pay their mortgage. So, from that standpoint, I think the speaker’s point was well taken and our position has been we ought to open up this government and then proceed with the business of government while it’s operating, not while its shutdown.

And Hoyer apparently assumes that all of those responsible for maintaining security must be Democrats, because who else but a Democrat would be doing a half-assed job unless getting paid?  Most Democrats do a half-assed job even when they ARE getting paid. And the Speaker’s point is NOT well taken, she’s acting like a spoiled brat, in other words she’s exhibiting the behavior we always see from ANY Democrat who is not getting their way.  There’s a reason that I routinely refer to Hoyer as being a gas-bag, because every time he opens his mouth he proves he’s full of hot air.

And what I think might really be behind this sudden change of heart is the fact that the Democrats are coming to realize that their idiotic kneejerk reaction may have been a rather significant tactical error.  And personally, if I were the president I don’t think I’d be in any hurry to let them off the hook.  Perhaps President Trump should start a NEW tradition. Rather than address the Establishment snobs and the various elites there in Washington, perhaps he should address directly those who are supposed to be in charge in the first place, that being of course, ‘We the People’.

The aging members of the old Democrat Party are already dead, they just don’t know it yet.  They’re slowly but surely being nudged out by a younger, more radical breed of ‘Democrat.’  And in their effort to delay what everyone knows is inevitable, instead of choosing to stand with the American people, they are turning their back on them in favor of continuing to work to provide to those in this country illegally.  What in the world has happened to the Democrat Party that has caused its members to hate this country and in so doing has turned them into the number one enemy of freedom?


media 19

Whether those in our ‘fake news’ media really believe what they say, or choose to repeat something that they know to be false, I find it all rather odd that they continue to lie about something that remains so very easy to fact check.  I’m talking about how it is that those on the left continue with their propaganda when it comes to how the Democrat Party has somehow always been the great protector of blacks in America.  But to be honest, that they have been allowed to continue getting away with making such patently untrue claims actually rests with the very same blacks that the Democrat Party has long sought to keep on one form of plantation or another.

A case in point would be MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and how she recently claimed on her show that there is not today, nor has there ever been, a single “strain” of racism within the Democrat Party.  She made that rather bold, yet blatantly dishonest, claim while discussing the backlash Republican Steve King has faced after asking questions about white supremacy.  What took place here was nothing more than yet another exercise in ‘fake news’.  And the entire ‘discussion’ was based on, of all things, an interview in the New York Times that took entirely out of context comments made by Mr. King during the interview.  Again we Republicans are simply a bunch of racists!

Wallace said, “In the same way that the “Access Hollywood” tape, grab them by the bleep, set Republicans back a generation with women, I think Republicans are back twice that. I mean, you look at the images of the incoming, you know, I don’t know that there are many, but the incoming members of Congress on the Republican side, all white, all men. You look at just the incoming members on the Democratic side — they look like America. What is the Republican Party?”  It just never ends with these people.  They’ve become so consumed with their hatred of the president they don’t realize that they’re speaking to what has become an increasingly smaller audience.

Ms. Wallace was joined there on the panel by Rick Stengel and Elise Jordon.  And it was fellow panelist Stengel who said, “When did saying white nationalism or white supremacy become a bad word? I mean, the problem is there are voters who are thinking that, too, like, what is wrong with that? And that’s the problem with the Republican Party.”  And he went on to say, “That those people have nowhere else to go and they have a president who seems to endorse those views which are un-American.”  So here we have yet again, when they have nothing else they resort to referring to the president and his millions of supporters as being the racists here.

And it was then Elise Jordon who then piped up saying, “And it has been particularly empowered under Donald Trump. You were working for President Bush when Trent Lott made his statement that Strom Thurmond, how much better off would we have been if he had become president, and George W. Bush said this is unacceptable, no, and he resigned.”  It’s all bit disheartening how these supposed journalistic professionals can continue to look into the eyes of the American people and spew what they know to be false and is little more than pure political drivel. And yet they always seem offended when accused of being nothing more than propagandists.

And then it was in doing her best impersonation of what I assume she must think a journalist is that Ms. Wallace said, “Part of the problem is we think — this does not have a parallel on the left. There just — it doesn’t. There isn’t. There isn’t a strain of racism on the left. I don’t — so I think that this gets brushed under the rug. People sort of tolerate — it’s been normalized.”  And it was this same genius who then went on to say, “Like you just said, they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they attach to the Republican Party. The Republican Party doesn’t have to let them. How — how do — how do Republicans sort of get back to doing something decent?”

Now while I may hate to disagree (NOT), with our esteemed purveyor of ‘fake news’ Ms. Wallace, as is usually the case with these ‘media’ types she appears to be more than a little ignorant when it comes to the history of what I’m quite sure is HER party of choice.  She is either ignorant, or willfully blind, regarding the fact that it was the Democrat Party that singlehandedly destroyed the black community in America and turned many of our inner cities into what are little more than killing fields.  And it’s the Democrat Party that essentially sanctions the death of hundreds of thousands of black babies every single year courtesy of their rather committed support of abortion.

But the Democrat treatment of minorities goes well beyond what has been their continuing, and century’s long, mistreatment of blacks.  Because they also seem to be only too happy to use Central American immigrants as pawns to bamboozle and to indoctrinate, and to bribe with sanctuary in many of our cities all in exchange for their votes and loyalty. And then work to encourage many of those here illegally to take advantage of countless government entitlement programs while we, the taxpayers foot the bill.  And never mind how Democrats then work to convert them into racists against whites just like they continue to do in the black community.

And then of course there’s the fact that Democrats are racist against Asians so they try to inhibit their success and chances for a good education.  And finally their jihad on white men and married white women is off the chain. It’s the Democrat Party that the majority of racists in America call home.  I mean let’s be honest, something that Ms. Wallace has more than a little difficulty doing. It was her Democrat Party that fought for slavery, can be said to have assassinated Abraham Lincoln, created the Ku Klux Klan, lynched blacks by the hundreds, created Jim Crow laws, created Poll Taxes, gave birth to segregation and on and on the list goes.

And there are plenty of women and minorities on the Republican side, but liberals like Ms. Wallace simply choose to ignore them much the same way they choose to ignore the racist rhetoric of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jessie Jackson, Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and others.  Democrats think that because there are many blacks in their party, theirs is somehow the party of fairness.  But all of those black racists who reside so comfortably on the Democrat side are ok because, well, because they’re black.  Democrats have succeeded in fooling minorities for so long because they’ve been assisted by those in the media who proudly repeat what they know to be lies.

And I really don’t see the point in trying to educate this woman about how her party is the one with the racist history, especially when she likely knows far better than I do just how racist her Democrat Party has been, and continues to be to this day.  And if she truly is ignorant of the facts then she has absolutely no business whatsoever in accusing the president and/or his millions of supporters of being either racist or white supremacists.  And she demonstrates her ignorance, when puts forward her idiotic argument that the Democrat Party is somehow guiltless when it comes to matters of racism especially with what it continues to perpetrate against blacks in America.

Wallace ignores completely that it was the Democrats who voted against both the Civil Rights Act in 1964, which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  And that it was Democrats who crafted what was comically referred to as the ‘Great Society’, a set of domestic programs the stated goal of which was the total elimination of poverty and racial injustice. However, in reality, it was really nothing more than a way for Democrats to enslave blacks and to, as LBJ himself was once quoted, keep blacks voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

If those in the media are tired of being called ‘fake news’ then there is a really easy, and dare I say obvious, solution.  All they have to do is to stop the lying, stop the fabricating of stories, and start doing what it is that has long been the supposed mission of the press, that being to act as the public’s watchdog over government corruption and malfeasance, regardless of which party may be the offender, and to start providing to the American people with what is useful, and honest, information.  It’s really not that difficult.  But I really don’t see things changing anytime soon, these people have grown far too comfortable in the telling of lies.


kasich 4

So riddle me this, what is it that a good RINO, and a fervent NeverTrumper, who couldn’t get elected dogcatcher on a good day, is supposed to do?  What else but to sign on with Fake News & Co., aka the Communist News Network (CNN) and serve as the resident RINO Trump Hater and spewer of all manner political nonsense. And of course it’s ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich of whom I speak and who will joining the ‘fake news’ crew at CNN with his official title being that of ‘political commentator.’

And it was ‘Crazy Uncle’ John’s very first appearance as this supposed ‘commentator’ on the network that took place this very night on “Cuomo Prime Time.”  Sorry, I didn’t watch.   Kasich has long been one of the more vocal anti-Trump members of the Republican Party and he has repeatedly criticized Republicans for not taking a harder stance against the president.  Last week, CNN also signed fellow NeverTrumper Mia Love, who was mocked by President Trump for losing her re-election bid.

‘Crazy Uncle John’ was looking to join a major news network after finishing his second term as governor of Ohio, but had apparently ruled out Fox News Channel, despite previously hosting a show on the network in the early 2000s.  And it was a spokesmoron for Kasich who made it clear that signing on with a cable news channel would in no way affect whether or not he decides to launch a primary challenge or a third-party run against President Trump in 2020.  No big surprise there.

Kasich’s main problem is that he has thus far been unable to move beyond the fact that he was defeated by a political outsider for a job he feels he’s far more qualified for. He was the last dingle-berry to drop out after it became clear that Trump was going to be the nominee.   But unlike Cruz, Rubio, Christie and Paul, who have buried the hatchet and are trying to work with the president, this bitter old fool sold his soul to the highest bidder among the cable networks most devoted to destroying Trump.

And I’m confident that Little Johnny Kasich, your basic gun hating, baby hating, Christian hating and heterosexual hating RINO SOB, will have absolutely no trouble fitting in quite comfortably there at ‘Fake News’ Headquarters.  I’m sure he will be welcomed in with open arms by all of the many other Trump haters already employed by what has become a faux ‘news’ organization.   And I can only assume that there will be no shortage of those in Ohio who are very glad to see him finally gone.

So for whatever reason this rabid NeverTrumper has finally shown his true colors.  It’s been pretty obvious for years, but something about President Trump has caused him, like so many other Establishment RINOs, to reveal their liberal leanings. I mean, really, who in their right (conservative) mind would ever want to work for an organization that does absolutely nothing but to lie to the American people?  The man as no pride.  All he has left is to try to take down the man who beat him.

And Kasich’s is not a fighter, frankly he never has been.  He has no interest whatsoever in fighting for the conservative position on any number of the important issues of the day.  In truth because he’s far too interested in always wanting to be seen as ‘the good guy.’  The man is nothing more than just one more of those on a very long list of many spineless RINOs who would much rather cave to the Democrats than to do what’s right for the American people.  He would be a terrible president.

And don’t expect to hear Kasich speak from the conservative point of view on any issue because in truth he’s simply not a conservative.  And sadly, Kasich is either too stupid to understand, or he simply doesn’t care, that CNN wants him for no other reason than to be their token ‘Republican’ stooge to be brought on to discuss whatever topic or issue.  Kasich seems to have fooled a lot of people for a very long time. But now that he is openly colluding with the leftist enemy media.



I continue to be more than a little perplexed at how it is that anyone in the Democrat Party, even those you consider themselves life-long members of the party, can in anyway be accepting of the party’s agenda when it comes to our current, and growing illegal immigration problem.  And make no mistake it is a problem, and one of the more serious problems that we face, and will continue to face until we have  politicians willing to act in a responsible, and not a political, manner.  After all, we now have Democrats openly advocating that those in this country illegally are actually entitled to free health care and should also be permitted to vote in local elections.

While many of us on the outside looking in see this as running completely counter to how things are supposed to operate, according to our Constitution, a growing number of Democrat politicians seem to be getting onboard with it.  But I do have to wonder if the rank and file actually agree with this trend of very dangerous thinking?  Because how is it that ANYONE in this country illegally should benefit from any taxpayer funded program and should be permitted to vote in ANY election.  To me that’s nothing short of insane, and more than anything should make very clear that the Democrats are more concerned with obtaining power than with anything else.

And I’m always a bit surprised whenever I see a car with a bumper sticker that says, “Proud Democrat,” and I try to figure out why it is exactly that they are so proud to be a member of a party that appears to be so determined in its efforts to destroy this country.  I mean, do they too hate this country?  Are they not the least bit concerned about where the party that they are so proud to be a member of stands on such things as immigration, taxes and the military.  And do these proud Democrats also believe that it is Socialism that offers to the American people a better way of life despite the mountain of evidence that shows it has never worked anywhere it has ever been tried?

And I also think that you would be very justified in saying that it’s also the Democrat Party that is most responsible for our ongoing, and very deadly, war on law enforcement.  Democrats incite people by claiming that police officers are somehow nothing more than a bunch of over-zealous racists who are just chomping at the bit for an opportunity to kill some unsuspecting, and totally innocent, black male.  And then when yet another of a growing number of our police officers is killed in the line of duty they claim to have no responsibility or to have played virtually any role in the death of the officer.  That’s more than a bit disingenuous, it’s a blatant lie!

And how is it that anyone with even an ounce of commonsense remains unable to recognize how the Democrats, along with their many friends in the ‘fake news’ media, will latch onto some word or phrase and repeat it in concert and yet somehow we’re all supposed to believe that all of these ‘brilliant’ people just spontaneously came up with the very same word or phrase.  Do they really think we’re that stupid?  Which is not to say that there are not in fact a great many people out there who really are that stupid.  And to prove that we need only to look at the number of those morons who still continue to vote Democrat in every single election.

And it would seem that even the most devoted Democrat, if they’re being honest with themselves, would have to call into question the blatant unreasonableness of the demands now being made by the leaders of their party on the matter of illegal immigration, and not just as it pertains to the wall.  Especially when the position taken today by Democrats, who call a border wall immoral, is 180 degrees out from what these same Democrats were saying not 40 of 50 years ago, but less than 10 years ago.  It would seem that such hypocritical behavior would make blatantly obvious the naked politics regarding the issue today.  But it seems not to matter to so many.

I’ve never been one capable of understanding how it is that anyone who genuinely loves this country could ever come to support any politician of the Democrat persuasion.  My confusion in this regard has only become more pronounced especially as the party has continued with what has been, over the course of the last 10 years, or so, its less than gradual shift to the left.  And when it comes to those who claim to have a rather long family history of being Democrats I would think even they could see that the Democrat Party of today in no way whatsoever resembles the party that was likely to be supported by their grandfather or even their father.

And lastly, are there really that many proud Democrats who, more than two years later, still have yet to move beyond the fact that, yes, Hitlery lost the 2016 election?  And who refuse to accept the fact that she lost not because of some mythical involvement by the Russians, but rather because, and only because, she was a horrible candidate who was under the misguided notion that there were enough people who would vote for her because they would see it as being her turn.  If that is in fact the case then the Democrat Party of Andrew Jackson through John Kennedy truly is dead and there is now quite literally no hope of ever bringing it back.


hoyer 3

While it has been some time now since our last episode of ‘The Gasbag Chronicles, starring Steny Hoyer,’ I knew it be only a matter of time before this raging leftwing kook would again let fly with idiotic drivel worthy of another episode.  And by golly he didn’t let us down.  You see it was just this past Friday that he took to a couple of ‘fake news’ outlets to spew what has become nothing more than leftwing talking points that we have continued to hear with increasing frequency as our Democrat sponsored shutdown is made to continue.  What we are seeing on the part of the Democrats is nothing less than a petty, childish and narcissistic power grab.

It was during an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” that Steny said shutting down the government was an “immoral, stupid policy.”  He said, “Our position is we have to stop using the shutdown of the people’s government as a strategy to obtain our objectives.”  Steny went on to say, “The problem with using government as a lever, as a tool and taking hostages—not only the 800,000 federal employees but taking all the millions and millions of people who are served by government every day hostage is—that is very, very debilitating to our country — essentially taking our country hostage.”  A strange thing to hearing from one of the Democrat hostage takers!

Steny also said, “So what we’re saying is, Mr. President, we need to negotiate. It could be hard; you can veto some of our bills, but don’t shut down government in the process. So this is a bigger issue than just the wall or education or the Affordable Care Act, it’s an issue of whether or not we’re going to use as a continuing policy shutting down the government of the United States and undermining the confidence of our employees, the confidence of people who deal with the government, and the confidence of the international community looking to see whether the United States of America can act in a rational, responsible way.”  A Democrat talking about being responsible?

When asked why Democrats are not negotiating with the president, Hoyer said, “What happens next time when the president says, ‘do as I say, and if you don’t I’ll shut down the government.’ or the next time after that, or the next time after that? This is a policy that is an immoral, stupid policy, shutting down the government of the United States to achieve an objective.”  And yet I don’t seem to recall ever hearing Steny sounding the alarm when Barry ‘O’ was saying ‘do as I say because I won’, and his saying ‘elections have consequences.’  Oh shame on me, why would Steny have said anything then, Barry was a Democrat so it was no harm, no foul.

And it was while there at ‘fake news’ headquarters, CNN, appearing on “New Day,” that Steny said Republicans have used government shutdowns to get their way and “That’s not democracy. That’s dictatorship.”  He said, “[T]he real problem here is, the president is using what Republicans have done before. They did it for the Affordable Care Act. They did it under Bill Clinton when he refused to cut education as much as they wanted to. They’ve used shutting down government, taking government employees hostage, and taking people who rely on government on a daily basis hostage to get their way. That’s not democracy. That’s dictatorship.”

Democrats love to talk about a manufactured crisis.  But how is it that an invasion of illegals into this country is NOT to be considered a crisis?  Ask the many families who have lost loved ones because of criminal illegals. Ask the families that have been terrorized by members of MS-13. Ask the families who have lost loved ones to drugs coming in from Mexico.  Under the Constitution the president’s most important job is the national defense of this country.  And like it or not he has the power to declare a national emergency and use the powers the Constitution provides to him.  Steny is just another member of the Democrat crime syndicate that hates America.

Isn’t it funny how Congressional Democrats have such short memories, or is it perhaps simply selective memory loss? I seem to recall that ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid used to hold up the government whenever he wanted something and the Democrats went all out to support him.  But now when the shoe happens to be on the other foot, Democrats are crying like a bunch of school girls about how Republicans don’t play fair.  Not having a secure border is stupid policy.  Steny, and his party, is why we have border crisis in the first place.  The mission of the Democrat Party is to for anyone who wishes to come into the country be allowed to do so.  Hence the government shutdown!

Americans tuning into the dueling addresses the other night heard two diametrically opposed messages on border security.  President Trump stands for the safety of our nation, while the Democrats, do not.  And the so-called rebuttal ‘address’ delivered by Pelosi and Schumer accomplished nothing more than to show us just how radical the Democrat Party has now become.  The Democrat Party that once cared about border security and cracking down on illegal immigration has now morphed into a party that wants to abolish ICE, believes a wall on our southern border to be “immoral,” and seeks only to placate their radical open-borders base for political reasons.

During his address, President Trump noted the humanitarian aspect of securing the border for people on both sides, referring to the conflict at the southern border as a “crisis of the heart and the crisis of the soul.”  Schumer countered that “we can secure our border without an expensive, ineffective wall,” while Pelosi added that “President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage” and “must stop manufacturing a crisis.”  Such rhetoric is a far cry from what Democrats were saying when they were confident that the Democrat in the White House would never to anything other than veto ANY legislation the purpose of which was to build a wall.

You see, it is a video from 2009 that shows Schumer actually advocating for a fence along the southern border because it will be a “far more secure” means to creating a “significant barrier to illegal immigration.”  And it was at the time he also added, “The American people will never accept immigration reform unless they truly believe that their government is committed to ending future illegal immigration.”  And Kirsten Gillibrand, on her campaign page in 2008, stated she too is “a firm opponent of any proposal that would give amnesty to illegal aliens” and believed the “federal government must provide the necessary resources to secure our borders.”

And it was two time presidential loser Hitler who bragged back in November of 2015 that, “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in … and I do think that you have to control your borders.”  And it was in 2013 that Liz ‘Pocahontas’ Warren  spoke at Boston City Hall regarding immigration reform, claiming the that she actually supported legislation that “upholds our existing laws” and “maintains border security.”  Even ex-president Obummer praised legislation known as the Secure Fence Act of 2006.  So what has now changed?  Why is border security now a bad idea?

Maybe someone needs to remind Steny what a dictatorship truly looks like.  He’s comparing our president to the scum now in charge of Cuba, Venezuela, China and Iran, as well as those who once ran the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  He’s merely lying to deceive the less intelligent and uninformed Democrat masses who continue to vote Democrat.  It is the Democrats in Congress who are holding people hostage and preventing them from getting paid. To date, it’s Steny and his phony, lying, fellow Democrats who have NOT sent any bill for the president to sign, that would get government workers paid.  Instead he, and they LIE to their supporters.

The majority of Americans favor a border wall. President Trump was elected largely on the platform of building a border wall. By refusing to fund the construction of the wall, it’s Steny, his fellow Democrats, and a handful of RINOs who are the ones behaving like dictators. Democrats have lost the debate, and are now behaving like petulant, spoiled children.  This isn’t about President Trump getting funding to build another Trump tower, this is about securing the nation’s border. The only people crying over the shutdown are the same people that don’t care about protecting the country’s borders and its citizens, and that is Steny and his Democrat Party.


pelosi 08

Let me start out by saying that I am very well aware of the fact that the Republicans gave voters very few reasons to vote ‘for’ them in the last election.  But that said, we were forewarned about what was going to happen if voters were actually foolish enough to hand back to the Democrats control of any portion of our government.  And the Democrats are now proving to be true virtually everything about which we were warned.  So we should not now be surprised to find ourselves where we are.

And so it was in speaking to reporters gathered there on Capitol Hill just this past Thursday that Nancy Pelosi actually complained about how President Trump’s border barrier proposal somehow “discriminates” against those entering our country illegally. Say it isn’t so!  She said, “Quite frankly when the president talks about this being a national security issue, it really isn’t. It’s about a policy that is discriminatory about where people are coming into this country.”  And she said it with a straight face.

And it was in the very same breath that Ms. Pelosi claimed that the Democrats really do care about border security.  She said, “We all support border security. We take an oath to protect and defend the American people.”  And she then went on to say, “There’s a better way. A more effective way to secure our borders and that is what the debate should be about.”  As a reminder, Pelosi cares so much about border security that she has described MS-13 gang members as being children of God.

Meanwhile, when asked about whether she would be willing to strike a deal over President Trump’s $5.7 billion barrier request in exchange for DACA, she said the issue has yet to be discussed.  President Trump was in McAllen, Texas yesterday hearing from Border Patrol agents there on the ground.  He met with Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer at the White House on Wednesday.  President Trump offered to open the government in exchange for border barrier support to which Pelosi said no.

But I do find myself wondering just how it is that an inanimate object can be said to “discriminate” against those trying to come into our country illegally!  What ‘rights’ do these people suddenly gain for themselves by doing nothing more than to sneak across our border?  And it’s now every day that Democrats continue to demonstrate how it is that they care far more about these illegals than they do American citizens. These people, these illegal immigrants, have NO rights compared to ‘We the People.’

We ‘discriminate’ against robbers and thieves, rapists, drug dealers, cop killers, plain old murders, drunk drivers, and oh yes we discriminate against illegals who break our laws by sneaking into our country.  Politicians, especially Democrats, need to focus more on creating laws that do more than favor those who they assume will end up voting for them.  Either that or retire to their nice cushy homes behind their high walls and armed security guards who keep them safe from law breakers.

Now personally, I believe that just as we are able to train animals to accept fences as borders of confinement, eventually, if we remain determined in our efforts, we can do the same with those seeking to come here illegally, and they too will come to accept the fact that they are to be confined to south of the border unless, of course, they have been granted permission to enter into our country. They will no longer be allowed admission into this country simply because they want in.

The sad state of our immigration in this country is our own fault. We should have demanded that our elected officials finish the barrier on the southern border when it was promised to President Reagan back in the 1980’s. But the Democrats lied then just as they do now and didn’t follow through once they were given what they wanted.  Democrats lie, cheat and steal, and possess a rather reckless disregard for the rule of law, which only serves to encourage those seeking to come to this country illegally.

It’s laughable that a Democrat ‘leader’ can be so insane and still be taken seriously by ‘fake news’ media when declaring that these illegals have as much right to be in this country as U.S. citizens have.  And it’s according to Democrats that the killing of American citizens by these illegals is simply nothing more than the price Americans must learn to tolerate as being the cost of allowing these illegals sanctuary, which Democrats justify as being something that we somehow owe to these people.

Never has so much blatant stupidity and incompetence been so openly displayed and yet completely disregarded by the masses, utterly proving the lack of moral judgment of Democrats. The liberal agenda, win at all costs and the ends justifies the means, means exactly that for the immoral masses of liberals who endlessly exact their double standard of judgment, always demanding that conservatives or Republicans be held to higher standards that they themselves are exempted from.

Nancy talks about working ‘with’ Republicans and yet makes all manner of demands on the president for those things that she wants with absolutely no willingness to compromise. She wants her way and doesn’t care one way or the other about the Republicans. She has made it very clear that the Democrats control Congress and will make all of the decisions, not the Republicans. But Democrats control only the House, Republicans still control the Senate so some sort of compromise will be required.

The Democrats seem Hell bent on protecting criminal illegal aliens. They are unashamed and unrelenting in their sanctuary policies that cost Americans their lives every single day at the hands of these illegals. The citizens of this country need to demand protection from the criminal elements of this country.  We must quit allowing them entry. We must discourage people who continue to hire them and we must make prevent criminal illegals from getting into this country.  We must build ‘The Wall.’