I usually find myself pretty much in agreement with Sean Hannity far more often than I disagree with him.  But I must admit there have been times when I thought that maybe he went a bit further in some of his positions than I was willing to go, and that some of his expectations were a bit less than reasonable.  It was during a recent interview that he was asked to discuss the establishment’s “nullification process” to undermine the Trump presidency.  And it was in discussing his position on that topic that Hannity said, “I think the only way to stop it is all of us and all of the people that mobilized in 2016 to get back, organized, fighting every day.”

And it was in this same interview that he went on to speak about the corruption of the “deep state,” which he defined as being “those people within the government, a sort of shadow government within the government that have been leaking,” as in the case of General Flynn.  And it was in referencing Gen. Flynn that he said, “They destroyed this man’s life.”  Hannity went through the various connections between all the players behind the scenes that have worked together to try to undermine the Trump presidency.  He said, “What we’ve now done is criminalize political differences.”  And he went on to describe it as being “a silent coup.”

Hannity also hit Republicans for their failure to repeal Obamacare, to push big ideas they led the base to think they believed in, and to provide proper oversight of the shady dealings of both Hitlery and the Obummer administration.  And while I find it difficult to disagree with his assessment, where I do tend to differ a bit is when he describes the Republican Party as being “a dead party.”  But I can certainly understand his frustration.  In speaking about the majority of our Republican politicians he said, “They are morally corrupt, they are weak. They are ineffective, they’re vision-less, and they have no identity.”  Again, who can argue with that?

Politically, Hannity said, “I do believe I’ve never changed. I do believe the Republican Party left me, and I feel it is heartbreaking to me, because so many people trusted them in 2010, 2014 – Give us the House, give us the Senate – then they get the White House and they turn on a man that’s advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail.”  Also, there is very little here that I can disagree with because I feel much the same way.  It would have been so easy for the Republicans, going all the way back 2010, to simply do what it was that they said they would do if elected.  And yet, they didn’t.

That said, what many now seem to be considering is how best to go about the creating of a ‘new’ political party.  But we don’t need a ‘new’ party, what we need to do is to take over the one that best suits our needs.  And no, it will likely not be an easy task, but even if we can only do it one congressman at a time it would be worth it.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to change out most, if not all, of the spokes.  The Republican Party once stood for true conservatism, for liberty and personal responsibility, and it can again.  We let our guard down and allowed the thieves to walk right in and steal it.  Now we need to take it back!

And to be honest it was the situation down in Alabama regarding Judge Roy Moore that ended up shining a very bright light on those faux conservatives who called on, and are still calling on, Judge Moore to drop out of the race.  And whether intended or not, they have now placed a sizable target on their backs, now we must work to expel them from our party.  And our first opportunity to shed as many of them as we can is now less than a year away.  We need to clean house and start over.  It’s totally ludicrous that these career crooks have no term limits and all they have to do is to serve five years to get a pension.  It’s a great gig if you can get it.

And you know, those of us who essentially sat idly by and allowed ourselves to be conned by these guys, and gals, must now all accept some responsibility for the abuse and injury dealt upon our great democracy.  Then we have all those who voted for Barry ‘O’ for no other reason than because of the color of his skin and it’s no wonder our democracy has slipped into disrepair.  We can only hope that it’s not too late, and that the damage that has been done is not irreparable.  But the situation in which we now find ourselves is what happens when you trust people to tell you the truth, and instead they’re telling you what they think you want to hear.

We must never forget, nor should we allow others to forget, that it’s the Democrat Party that is the official party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, racism, the Ku Klux Klan, failing union schools, political machines, crooked-socialist unions, corrupt cities failing in every regard, illegal immigration, Welfare dependence and on and on.  In short: a history loaded with failure and the worst kind of corruption.  The ‘party of slavery’ has been very good at re-writing its history.  To the point where blacks, and by an overwhelming margin, are essentially voting for those who differ very little from the slave masters of the past.  Lincoln would be disappointed.

I think it’s become painfully obvious that there now needs to be created a very clear distinction between the Republican Party as it presently exists and the Republican Party of Lincoln, Grant, Reagan, and now Trump.  And whether we like it or not, we who chose to accept at face value much of what we’ve been told over the last few years are at fault for the party’s current condition.  We failed to hold the RINOs accountable and did nothing to prevent the Democrats from remaining a force in our government.  And while the media may have acted to cloud our judgement by spewing propaganda, that’s no excuse for our lack of attentiveness.

While I would very much like to think that Hannity is wrong about the party being ‘dead’, there is one thing for sure, it is in desperate need of some fresh blood and of more than a little restructuring.  And I would also like to think that the Republican Party of Lincoln, is rising, although perhaps a bit slower than we need it to be.  Judge Moore is part of it.  And where was Hannity when the Judge needed him the most?  Crucifying him right along with others in the fake media!  All the naysayers are now crawling back into their holes knowing that the ‘Great Patriots’ of Alabama are having none of it, and will likely send Judge Moore to U.S. Senate!

In one respect I must admit that I was more than a little disappointed in Hannity because I thought he was just a little too quick in his decision to throw Judge Moore under the bus with no evidence, especially while it was at the same time appearing to be good friends with Geraldo who we now know drugged women and groped them. Fox News, with very few exceptions, is just as bad as the rest of the state-controlled media when it comes to being anti-Trump and anti-Trump agenda.  The Senate race in Alabama exposed a lot of RINOs, both in Congress and in the media.  Hannity fell down on Moore for a while, but he seems to be back.

I have never agreed with the premise of starting some new party.  Because in my eyes it would be a much simpler task to vote the RINOs out and to then fill the void left with conservatives.  To me that’s how we can take the party back, granted it’ll take a few election cycles, but it can be done.  What purpose would be served by coming up with a new party?  It would only split the votes three ways and allow the Democrats to easily ‘win’ back power.  The oldest tactic for achieving victory is to divide the enemy’s forces.  We need to concentrate on changing our party as it presently exists. Then we’ll be better prepared to go after the Democrats with all that we have.



media 14

The folks there at the old ‘Corrupt News Network’, aka CNN, continue to spend what has become an inordinate amount of time trying to convince the American people that they are a reliable source of accurate news and useful information.  But it’s also at the same time that this odd assortment of propagandists has become consumed with their hatred of President Trump to the point where they have been reduced to being little more than a smear machine, guilty of spreading all manner of false information and innuendo, becoming purveyors of all manner of cockamamie rumors.  And all at the behest of their masters in the Democrat Party.

And as another bit of proof of that I point to how it was just this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” that host Jake Tapper once again accused President Donald Trump of having a tendency to twist the truth whenever defending himself.  Tapper said, “This morning President Trump is focused squarely on discrediting the Russia investigation. He was up rather early, sending his first tweet at 6:15 Eastern about former FBI Director, James Comey, saying, ‘I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Just more fake news covering another Comey lie!’ The President, of course, is prone to twisting the truth when defending himself.”

Tapper then went on to add “Let’s be clear, Comey said in his sworn testimony, under oath, based on contemporaneous notes he took and shared with close advisers, that the President privately told him, ‘I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.’ Now, this all comes after President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.”  It has now become obvious that CNN, including Mr. Tapper, has become what is a one issue network, with that issue being, the undermining of President Trump.

The way I see it, the Jakester has been like a science experiment. When he first came on the scene, he made a little sense; he was a lefty, but his eyes didn’t spin around in circles, he didn’t drool in public, and he was moderately rational every now and again.  But you could see him move deeper and deeper into the leftist cesspool each year, to where he’s now moved so far to the left as to be completely off the charts.  If there was a bit more objectivity and interest in telling the truth and a little less bias being exhibited by Jake and his colleagues at CNN they might have a chance to become more than simply a parody of a cable news network.

So our duly elected President is guilty of twisting the truth?  What a joke!  Because it’s our old buddy Jake who not only twists the truth, he bends it, ties it in knots, throws it on the floor and stomps on it.  He is a lying sack of progressive Democrat scum who never tells the truth about anything at all and yet he has the gall to say our President twists the truth?  What a hypocrite!  Let’s not forget how Obummer lied about everything, and he failed at everything.  How much can we say he was twisting the truth as he went around busying himself by race baiting and fanning the flames of racism during his entire tenure as president?

These days the only people who still voluntarily defend CNN are either willfully delusional or so full of hate for President Trump that they literally cannot bring themselves to recognize the blatant lies and biased ‘reporting’ of CNN.  History does repeat itself.  Remember, it was the Germans of the 1930s-40s who were essentially duped into killing 6 Million Jews, and other “deplorables”, by what was a twisted ideology and an excellent propaganda machine.  Too many parallels exist for me not to think of CNN, and the many other Democrat Party propaganda peddlers, as being anything but extremely dangerous to this country.

And we have now arrived at place where most often it’s the media itself that has become the top story of the day!  Just how CNN will spin the next story about President Trump has become the next news story reported by other media!  The latest ‘twisting’ story by CNN is getting more airtime than the revision of the tax code!  More air time than the acquittal of an illegal alien murderer!  Thank God they have the good sense to stay focused on a year old election the outcome of which they still haven’t gotten over.  The media should have informed us but they were too busy trying to cover up the many criminal acts of their bosses.

Our state-controlled media is literally chock full of lying liars.  It’s something that they’ve picked up from the Democrats or perhaps it’s vice versa.  It doesn’t really matter as those in the media continue to prove time and again that they are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  It would be nice if someday in the not too distant future those who report the news could be counted on to tell us the truth.  But unfortunately, they have now been lying to us for so long that I don’t see that ever happening.  So, essentially, the only alternative we are left with it to tune them out, which many people are doing when it comes to CNN.



There is a reason why millions of Americans no longer view the Crappy News Network (CNN), as being a viable and responsible ‘news’ organization and have now come to see it as being littler more than a generator of propaganda that operates under the direction of the Democrat Party much the same way that Pravda was once the official ‘news’ source of the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union.  Tune in anytime day or night, for as long as you can stomach it, and it’s in pretty short order that you’ll come to see what I mean and, quite literally, be forced to change the channel.

One of the prime examples regarding the caliber of individuals that the network now chooses to employ is someone who they also bill as being a ‘political analyst’.  And of course it is Kirsten Powers of whom I speak.  And as you can tell, objectivity is something that seems to no longer be a trait that CNN seeks in those whom it brings onto its network under the guise of reporting the news.  It would seem that the skillset that those who do the hiring at CNN are most interested in involves ‘creative journalism’, or the ability to lie and to distort the facts convincingly.

Which brings me to San Francisco and the illegal immigrant who was recently found not guilty of what was, without a doubt, nothing less than the cold-blooded murder of an innocent young women.  Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a man who had been previously deported from this country was said to have ‘accidently’ shot this young women three times.  Now putting aside the fact that this piece of human excrement was still in this country illegally, even after having been deported five times, how it is, exactly, that one is able to ‘accidentally’ shoot someone three times?

And it was Ms. Powers who tweeted Thursday evening that the verdict in the Kate Steinle, the women that I mentioned, murder case proved that Steinle’s killing was a “tragic accident” that Donald Trump had exploited to encourage bigotry.  It was this imbecile who, after the verdict was announced, tweeted: “Jury found that the shooting was an accident. Nonetheless Trump repeatedly portrayed this as a vicious intentional murder (versus a tragic accident) in an effort to stir up bigotry against Mexicans.”  Spoken like a truly brain-dead progressive Democrat.

Ms. Steinle, 32, was murdered back on July 1, 2015 while walking with her father on San Francisco’s Pier 14.  She was struck by a single bullet fired from a stolen gun that the defendant, Zarate, just happened to be carrying.  Zarate is an illegal immigrant and seven-time convicted felon who has been deported from the United States five times. He was released from incarceration in April 2015 under San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy, which restricts local cooperation with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Such a policy is insane and purely political!

All I can say is that I am certainly glad I don’t live in San Francisco.  A place where you can find people such as those on this jury who, while they were able to convict this scum of possessing a weapon as a felon, were actually ignorant enough to accept as plausible Zarate’s lawyers’ argument that the gun fired accidentally.  Accidentally?  My hope, and I mean this with all sincerety, is that each and every one of these jury members will come to lose someone very close to them at the hands of someone just like this creep, Zarate.  They truly need to experience such a loss.

Because let’s face it, guilty or not, the “accident” that this moron, Ms. Powers, describes involved several intentional acts of lawbreaking committed by Zarate.  He entered the country illegally; he committed a drug crime that caused him to be incarcerated (after which he would have been deported if not for San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy); and he took a pistol that he allegedly “found” but which actually belonged to a federal Bureau of Land Management agent whose car had been burglarized.  He deserved, and still deserves, nothing less than to rot in prison.

As for Ms. Powers’ premise that President Trump is using the death of this young woman to stir up “bigotry,” that’s simply nothing more than the purest form of leftist drivel.  Because it was candidate Trump who made it clear throughout his presidential campaign that he was opposed to illegal aliens, not Mexicans as such.  He even visited the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, during the campaign.  And you know, I can’t help but wonder if Ms. Powers has ever spent any amount of time perusing Mexican immigration law and if she would think it too, to be unreasonable.

Our esteemed Ms. Powers is yet another one of those who can be used, and very easily so, to prove the point that liberalism truly is something of a mental disorder.  And while liberals are a danger to themselves they represent an even greater danger to the rest of us.  Leftists must never be allowed to take power in this country again.  But you see the sole motivation behind their open borders policy is that they see it as being a way for them to create new Democrat voters which will in turn make it easier for them to regain the power which was lost under Barry Obummer.

Democrats are driven by what is their sick desire to destroy this country through unlawful revolution and to then create a new form of government.  An authoritarian one which they pretend is for the greater good of the masses.  And sadly, it was Ms. Steinle, along with a whole host of others, who we can safely describe as having been sacrificed so that the Democrat Party is able to maintain some level of forward progress in this very dangerous endeavor of theirs.  Dangerous to every single American citizen who cherishes being able to live in freedom.

And while I’m sure Ms. Powers will choose to disagree, I think it has become painfully clear that the Democrats have now become every bit the enemy of the American people that the illegal immigrants and Moslem terrorists they are so determined to protect have become.  Our lives and the lives of our children are placed in an increasing amount of peril with each passing day, and it’s all thanks to those on the left like Ms. Powers.  Or in other words, those who care about nothing more than the achieving of political power.  We must fight back!  It’s that or we die.


Jame Clyburn

There are racists, and then there are racists.  And then there are men like James Clyburn, a Democrat member of the U.S. House, who was first elected in 1992.  Men who espouse some of the most vile, bigoted and disgusting views imaginable, about those whose only ‘crime’ is that they happen to have been born white.  And men who are still able to be re-elected because they possess that one most important ‘quality’ when it comes to being elected by their devoted black constituents.  The fact that they are black.  Of course, that only seems to work for black Democrats.

Now I’m pretty sure most have heard by now how it was that our esteemed Mr. Clyburn recently came rushing to the defense of his fellow member of Congress, a man described by Nancy Pelosi as being an icon, John Conyers.  Mr. Conyers has been accused of committing what can best be described as behavior that is, to say the least, rather improper toward several women that he came into close contact with.  And apparently the issue that Clyburn has with those accusations is not the behavior that was exhibited by Mr. Conyers, but the skin color of his accusers.

Clyburn actually went so far as to compare Congressman Conyers’ accusers to child murderer Susan Smith, who falsely claimed a black man had abducted her kids.  Clyburn argued that these accusations of sexual misconduct may not be credible because all of the accusations come from white women.  It was Robert Draper, a writer for the New York Times, who suggested on Wednesday of this week that the allegations of sexual assault towards Conyers are not legitimate and they mirror those of Susan Smith’s, who first falsely claimed that a black man abducted her kids.

Draper tweeted, “Also at this morning’s House Democratic caucus: James Clyburn compared Conyers’ accusers to the child murderer Susan Smith, who initially claimed a black man had abducted her kids. Clyburn said, these are all white women who’ve made these charges against Conyers.”  Thus far two separate women have accused Conyers of making unwanted sexual advances towards them.  Conyers admitted last week to reaching a $27,000 settlement with a former congressional staffer in 2015. However, the congressman denied allegations of sexual harassment.

And of course Clyburn’s office was quick to deny allegations that he had used the Susan Smith metaphor, while Draper suggests that multiple sources have told him that Clyburn used the reference on several occasions.  And Cedric Richmond, member of that unique little cadre of racists, the Congressional Black Caucus, tweeted, “This is not accurate. @Clyburn used the Smith example to illustrate the dangers of convicting people before getting all the facts. Although Smith killed her kids, she blamed an innocent person & a lot of people believed that innocent person was guilty.”

Let’s face it, Clyburn has long been little more than a racist pig who slams the White population and continues to ignore the real problems in the Black community.  Young black men between the ages of 14 and 34 make up 3.3% of the population yet commit 50% of the violent crimes while 70% of the births are to single black women.  It is not Whites that are the problem.  It’s the Black community which continues to do so much harm to themselves and to the nation.  And it’s sad that so many blacks are unable to see that they’re simply being taken advantage of by men like Clyburn.

And Conyers is obviously a guy who seems to like more than a little cream in his coffee.  Women with a white problem should just declare themselves black, end of problem.  It’s the new rage and it’s being introduced in universities and other places around the country.  If Conyers is trying to use this as a defense I think it’s great.  It serves as the perfect example of how the left doesn’t really care about women.  Especially those women who voted for President Trump and were mostly white, and who were excoriated for not voting for the liberal who, in this case, was female.

White liberals, with backup coming from racist scumbags like Clyburn, have managed to convince blacks that they were the only people ever to suffer the indignity of slavery.  Which is a lie.  Blacks didn’t build the pyramids!  And how about all those castle’s in Europe, or that big wall in China?   They were ALL built courtesy of slave labor.  Yet blacks are encouraged, by white liberals and black racists, to use slavery as THE excuse for their own inability to fix their own lives.  Black families used to stick together.  Raise their children.  And it was then that a Democrat came along.

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find an intact black family in any inner city.  Who yo’ baby Daddy?  That’s how they talk, and how they vote.  And what’s really starting to piss me off is how by simply being white I’m seen as a fool, a liar, a racist and not trustworthy.  When in truth it’s a vast majority of blacks who are racist and basically untrustworthy.  I did not own slaves and I am not responsible for their pathetic life that always seems to be blamed on whites.  Whites are not shooting blacks Chicago/Baltimore at the rate of 600, or more, per year.  Other blacks are!

And it is also not my fault that so many blacks end up in prison, since it is they who choose to do the crime and therefore it’s their fault that they’re made to do the time.  And I did not decide to have babies that I had no way of being able to support nor do I ask my government to support me and/or my children.  My life, and the lives of my family, matters just as much as someone who is black and maybe more because I actually respect the country in which I live and those who fought for that freedom including all those white folks who fought in the Civil War to end slavery.

And if I happen to get shot by a police officer, regardless of his or her color, it will be because I’m in the process of breaking the law not because I’m white, ditto with those blacks who have been shot by the police. The fact that they were either breaking the law or resisting arrest is going to be what precipitates any confrontation which results in them being on the receiving end of a bullet.  I am white and have no desire to be black.  Although, I must admit that there have been times when I’ve threatened to come back black in my nest life because there are some benefits.

I mean, it’s from racist boobs like Clyburn that we’re always hearing about something that blacks call ‘white privilege’.  But it’s not whites who can come out of high school with crappy grades and still get into a good college because of quotas that favor blacks.  And it’s not whites who are difficult to fire from a job because their employer fears being called a racist.  And it’s certainly not whites who can garner for themselves a high paying job regardless of their lack of qualifications, because they’re white.  White privilege?  Hardly!  That’s black privilege, plain and simple!


Judge Moore

Now while I am about as far removed from being a political strategist as you can get, it would seem to me that maybe old Mitch McConnell and his posse of ‘Establishment’ types might have been just a bit too eager to pull the trigger in their effort to sabotage Judge Roy Moore as he seeks to become the next Senator from the great state of Alabama.  They have thrown everything they could, including the kitchen sink, at him.  And their last ditch effort is to have some retired Marine Colonel casting himself as a write-in candidate, but that too may not be enough.

Because with the dust now finally beginning to settle it would appear that only one man will likely be left standing, and it ain’t McConnell!  And the good Colonel notwithstanding, I’m thinking that when all is said and done, it’s the Judge who will be heading off to do battle in the DC Swamp, while his Democrat opponent goes back to whatever he was doing before running for office and the Marine who had hoped to act as spoiler goes back to, sculpting.  The Judge will head to DC to give them what-for in the Senate and I’ll be cheering him on every step of the way.

So it’s now been weeks since any new accusers have managed to crawl out from under their respective rocks and despite all of their best efforts Judge Moore remains the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama.  And regardless of all the pleas made by so-called party ‘leaders’ in Washington, it would seem that barring any new trickery being tried, it could very well be Senator Moore in just another couple of weeks.  But I have no doubt that between ‘Team McConnell’ and the Democrats, we shouldn’t be too confident about a Moore victory just yet.

But that said, as of now, what’s left of the remaining ‘allegations’ concern entirely legal behavior: an older, single man dating young women ‘above’ the age of consent.   Moore’s many opponents in the state-controlled media treat those relationships as if they were somehow morally revolting and politically disqualifying.  The hypocrisy of that position becomes all the more apparent when compared with how those in the media treat a figure possessing a different political affiliation who is ‘guilty’ of having done the very same thing.  But then that’s just how they operate.

The only reason we’re even still talking about that issue is because the Washington Post embellished its original story on Moore, in which he was accused of molesting a 14-year-old four decades ago, both to entice the first alleged victim to come forward and to create the impression of a pattern of predatory behavior for which there is no evidence.  The rest of the mainstream media soon followed suit, with the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN) assuming the lead in what turned out to be little more than a continuing attempt to sabotage Judge Moore’s candidacy.

And then there was the New Yorker story claiming that the Judge had once been kicked out of a mall for hitting on young women.  That story too was later debunked, though it’s evidently still widely believed by many of the kooks on the left.  The stories about Moore dating young women are what lawyers call “character” evidence, and it is inadmissible in court, and for good reason.  Whatever accusations there are that remain against Moore continue to unravel despite the best efforts of those seeking to keep those accusations alive and in the headlines.

Another thing which it has been said might be working in Judge Moore’s favor is the fact that there are still many voters in Alabama who are able to remember the 1998 election, when a Republican running for lieutenant governor, Steve Windom, was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. That may be one reason why Moore is leading in new polls.  The other reason is that voters resent being shamed into submission by those they view as being the political and media elite.  Those would be the very same elites who view those folks in Alabama as being little more than rubes.


Tapper 3

I think we all know, or at least we should if we’ve been paying attention, how it is that President Trump feels about CNN, the network known to many of us as the ‘Crappy News Network’.  And recognizing the network as we all do, as being one of the primary purveyors of ‘fake news, the president’s opinion of both the network and those currently employed by it, should come as no surprise.  But a couple of the president’s more recent Tweets concerning his rather low opinion of the network apparently struck a nerve among some of those who work there.

Because it was during Monday’s episode of CNN’s “The Lead” that host Jake Tapper criticized President Donald Trump for his recent tweets about Jake’s network.  You see, it was over that last few days that the president had Tweeted, “Fox News is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!”  Jake apparently disagreed with that portrayal.

And then what seems to have nudged Jake a little closer to the edge was when, just a few days later, the president Tweeted, “We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”  Personally, I tend to agree with the president’s assessment of things when it comes to those who seem to take such great pleasure in spreading what they know is bogus information.

And as expected, Jake seemed to take exception to the president’s tweets saying, “That is false. The amazing journalists at CNN International bring the truth to the world. They’re carrying out important, rare and often dangerous work. They have been for decades.”  Now while I mean to offense to Jake, there are few, if any, who work for this supposed ‘news’ network who can be accurately identified as being bona fide journalists.  And sadly it’s nearly to a person that there is very little interest in presenting anything that is not ‘fake news.’

And it was after going on to detail developments regarding Michael Flynn that Jake continued his rant by saying, “Now, that I’m I am sharing these facts with you, facts the president does not care for might explain why he seeks to discredit CNN and all media organizations who report on him without fear or favor, “The Washington Post,” “the New York Times.” The president does not care for us reporting these facts and seems that he does not want you to believe these facts.”  Let’s be real, if there are two things that do not go together, it’s CNN and ‘facts.’

Anyway, it was then that the Jakester went on to say, “The president said he wanted to give an award based on which network is the most, quote, dishonest, corrupt, and/or distorted, but his problems with journalism seem to be rooted in the exact opposite. He hates that which is honest and ethical and precise. Ask yourself, why might that be.”  I guess what I found most amazing about Jake’s idiotic little tantrum was the fact that he was actually serious, and also that he was able to make it all the way through it without so much as cracking a smile.

And I gotta say, Jake truly does deserve a big pat on the back from all of his colleagues there at the old ‘fake news’ network for his effort to defend his stellar organization against that mean, old President Trump.  But let’s face it, the fact that Jake was able to lie so convincingly should be seen as a little worrisome, because if he can lie that convincingly when talking about a network that truly is little more than a spewer of endless leftist propaganda, then what else might he also be lying to us about, and just as convincingly?  It makes you wonder.

But look folks, this is far from being rocket science.  Jake is on what has become a long list of hundreds in the state-controlled media who openly advocate for wide open borders, unlimited and illegal immigration, and for every other leftist cause that’s out there.  He’s a puppet on a string willing to say exactly what Jeff Zucker pays him to say in order to protect the DC Swamp from the president.  And were it not for the efforts of the media clones like Jake, to protect members of the ‘The Swamp,’ it could likely be successfully drained in a single election cycle.

And I must admit that I do find it rather humorous that a CNN talking head feel justified in lecturing me on the subject of “honesty.”  That takes some weapons grade chutzpah if you ask me.  Propaganda is all well and good when it’s used to harass, and to indict, Trump’s campaign staff.  CNN once ruled the cable news, then they chose to pick sides, and very obviously so, by adding a significantly liberal bias to everything they did.  And it was the kiss of death.  Look at them now with not a single credible ‘journalist’ among them, and yet they wonder what happened.

But you know, they truly are some rather arrogant, and yet pretty ignorant people.  But then, doesn’t that apply to all liberals?  They’re just not the brightest bulbs in the box.  And it’s President Trump, unlike most Republican presidents who have come before him, who is willing to call them out on what they report when it is nothing more than fake news.  He’s the first one in a very long time who’s not afraid to push back when he gets pushed.  And morons like Jake aren’t used that.  Which makes them angry, which in turn makes them whine.  And nobody likes a whiner.


RINOs 05

What is it about our current cadre of congressional RINOs that has them so afraid of one guy down in Alabama?  Because even as the accusations being made against Judge Moore continue to unravel, it would seem that the number of RINOs who have become increasingly fearful of a Moore victory, and therefore more determined than ever in their effort to convince the Judge that he needs to step aside not only for the good of the party, but the good of the country, continues to grow.  And yet, we hear nary a word about the Democrat of whom we have pictures while groping a sleeping female.  Our RINOs seem to have no problem with the true perverts among them.

And again just this past weekend it was RINO John Thune, Senator from South Dakota, appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” who said he would like to see President Trump ask Alabama GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore to step aside.  Thune said, “I would like to see the president come out and support what many of us have said and that is that Roy Moore needs to step aside, allow somebody else to be write in candidate. We can win that seat.”  He continued, “If Roy Moore wins and he comes into the Senate in January there will immediately be an ethics investigation which is going to be a cloud that he will be operating in. It’s going to be a distraction to us and our agenda.”

Meanwhile, also on Sunday, it was during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” that Thune’s fellow RINO, and a guy who’s just as much of a Moore opponent as is Thune, Sen. Rob Portman, from Ohio, said it “would be better for the country” if Alabama GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore stepped aside.  Better for the country?  And it was the host of this ‘fake news’ show, the esteemed bonehead Chuck Todd, who proceeded to ask Portman, “Do you agree with the president that it is better if Alabamians elect someone accused of being a child molester over a democratic simply due to ideology?”  Nope, no bias here, let’s just move along to the lynching.

Portman responded, “Well, I stand with what I said earlier which is I think it would be best if he stepped aside. I think the president said that initially. I think that would be better for the country. The election is in a few weeks and there is a possibility for folks to do write in candidates. We will see. I think it would be best if he stepped aside.”  Todd asked, “If you were a voter in Alabama what would you do? Jeff Flake said he would vote Democrat if Roy Moore was the only other option?  And Portman agreed with his fellow RINO soon to be ex-Senator Jeff Flake, saying, “I would probably vote for a Republican but it wouldn’t be Roy Moore.”

And it was then that Todd went on to ask, “You would cast that vote knowing it probably throws the election, the more Republicans that split their vote. You are okay if a Democrat gets elected as long as it is not Roy Moore?”  And Portman said, “As you know I endorsed Luther Strange. He is my colleague now. I never endorsed Roy Moore. When the allegations came out I did say as the women went on the record I thought there was a lot of credibility in what they were saying and I didn’t find the response very credible. And that’s how I came up with my position.”  I smell fear coming from the RINO’s because they know ‘Senator’ Moore represents a serious threat to them.

Yet rumor now has it that this next election will result in what is already being described by some as a tidal wave of Democrat gains.  And if that truly does turn out to be the case, then I can only assume that the American voter is a dumber breed than even I thought.  What the game plan should be, and what it truly needs to be, is to make 2018 the year when we finally make RINOs extinct.  And certainly not by electing Democrats!  Our primary focus needs to be on wiping out Rinosaurs like Corker, Flake, and any other who doesn’t want to be embarrassed by getting defeated in a primary.  We MUST NEVER again elect another RINO or Democrat to higher office!

Because when you vote for a RINO you might as well be voting for a Democrat.  And that’s exactly why we need to primary every single RINO we can.  We need to gut the McConnell forces that seek nothing more than to drag our country to the left, albeit at a slower pace than the Democrats.  The sooner all of the McConnell supporters are voted out, the sooner we can get a real leader in charge, one whose priorities match up much better with the priorities of the American people.  Every RINO, regardless of whether they are in the House or the Senate, needs to be targeted for defeat until we are finally able to make sure that the entire species is made to be forever extinct.

Do nothing professional politicians in the Republican Senate like Thune and Portman are fearful that a man of principle, like Judge Moore, might be crashing into their exclusive little club.  The wretched RINOs squandered landslide Republican victories with their timid hearts and lack of spine.  Thune, McConnell, and the untrustworthy establishment have done great damage to America.  What’s always amazing is that once these tools as elected they immediately become experts. You name it and they’re an expert and they always know better about how you should think.  I wish they would all have a shelf life of one term and then automatically become extinct.

Democrats always love to put forward the claim that they are guardians of middle class Americans and yet the only ones they seem to go out of their way for are those who wish to come to this country illegally and once here seek to stay here, or those who can’t decide what gender they want to be.  When you vote Democrat you vote for the end of our Constitution.  But no big deal, right?  It only happens to be the one document that separates America from every other country on the planet in that it actually guarantees to us those certain unalienable Rights endowed upon us by our Creator.  Something never before achieved throughout the history of mankind.

And now we’re hearing about what I can only assume is yet another last ditch attempt to sabotage Judge Moore and to hand the Alabama election to ultra-liberal, Doug Jones.  And it comes to us in the person of retired Marine Col. Lee Busby, who told The Daily Beast, “I just don’t believe that either one of them are qualified to be in the U.S. Senate.”  He cites the sexual allegations against Moore as having “created enough distaste in my mind” to rule out support for the Republican nominee.  And he lists Democrat candidate Jones’ extreme abortion positions as disqualifying for Alabama voters.  Yet oddly enough, he does admit to attending a fundraiser for Jones.

Apparently, since retiring, Busby has been the CEO of his own business and worked as a defense consultant and investment banker.  And besides attending a Jones fundraiser, he also voted for Ohio governor, and vocal NeverTrumper, John Kasich in 2016.  If there is one thing that’s 100% guaranteed in this scenario, it’s that McConnell is behind the Colonel’s entering the race.  The RINOs depend on Moore’s not being elected, and McConnell will do whatever is necessary, including the election of a Democrat, to make certain that Moore loses.  And all I can say is that if you are an Alabama voter, please don’t fall for this crap!  Because they’re thinking that you will.

Lastly, the good Colonel notwithstanding, in my opinion there’s no need for the Judge to step aside, because from what I have seen there is not one iota of evidence that he has done anything wrong.  All we have heard are nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo started by a rag of newspaper.  Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that Judge Moore is a decent, honorable man and a perfect gentleman.  He will be a splendid Senator who will represent the interests of the people of Alabama.  The question is why are Republicans, like Thune and Portman, to name just a couple, so anxious to hand over this longtime Republican seat to an ultra-liberal Democrat?