McCain 1

The ongoing process to reduce the United States into nothing more than a third rate banana republic which was first begun by ex-president Barry Obummer seems to have now been kicked into overdrive, a direct result of an alliance being formed between the Democrat Party and our ‘Establishment’ Republicans, aka RINOs, like John McCain.  The virulently anti-Trump McCain reportedly told a left-wing newspaper that he believes “American leadership” was better under Obummer than it is currently under President Trump.  This idiotic comment was but the latest in a series of pot shots that the failed 2008 presidential candidate has taken at his fellow Republican.  And according to the Guardian, McCain was “visibly irked” when asked about comments Trump made last week in the wake of the terrorist attack in London, in which he criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his response to the atrocity.  ‘Visibly irked?”  How can you tell, maybe McCain just wet himself!

And then, when asked if America’s international standing was better under Obummer, McCain reportedly responded by saying, “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.”  McCain, who lost his 2008 presidential bid against then-candidate Obummer after a campaign in which he repeatedly defended Obummer from his supporters’ criticisms, has been a rather outspoken critic of President Trump and has refused to tone it down since his fellow Republican took the White House.  And it was during a recent tour of Australia that McCain told an audience in Sydney that Trump has “unsettled” allies and Americans alike.  McCain said, “Other American allies have similar doubts these days and this is understandable.”  McCain said, “I realize that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends. They have unsettled many Americans as well.”  Only those Americans like McCain and his many Democrat friends.

And it was then that McCain also went on to urge the Australians to “keep at” the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal in the hope that one day “America will decide to join you.”  He also said in an interview with an Australian TV network that Trump makes him “nervous from time to time” and said he was bothered that Trump does not always take the advice of his national security team.  He said, “Can I tell you that he does all the time?  No. Does it bother me? Yes, it bothers me.”  For anyone questioning whether McCain has become afflicted with that special brand of Pelosi kind of nuts, take the time to listen to his very confusing, garbled questioning of Comey last week!  It was hard to keep track of who was on first but it clearly was not McCain!  And anyone who has been paying any attention at has most certainly seen how it is that McCain has been steadily drifting leftward for years.  He is NOT deserving of the moniker, ‘Hero’.  And frankly, he never has been.

McCain is quixotic to the very core of his being. The guy wanders around beating on windmills with his rusty old sword mumbling incoherently.  He differs very little from every other liberal crackpot out there.  The swamp is comprised of aging hippies from the 60’s who are now the “establishment” and who are demanding total subservience to establishment rule.  In their incoherent delusion, they fail to see that their time is long gone.  These 20th century neo-Marxists have become the very thing they allegedly revolted against, totalitarian despots.  The wheel is, yet again, turning and these horrible Mao wannabes are being relegated to the scrapheap of history and it terrifies them.  Good riddance to a corrupted genome.  I believe progressives like McCain are complicit with terrorists; terrorism is the primary totalitarian tactic of the Socialist left.  Obummer, Hitlery, McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, etc…terrorists – one and all.  These people are the BORG.

Look, no one has truly taken on the Washington elite and to change the way things are done, until now.  There is great fear among those who have set themselves up to become millionaires with all the power of government behind them to do as they wish.  They see a businessman who is working for the people and who has no interest in the playing of their “game” as being a very real threat to their livelihood and they will fight the change with everything they have at their disposal.  And despite their best efforts, his first 100 days have shown he can lead in the way he implemented good changes to regulations that were burdensome.  He has placed very capable people in place to take charge of their vast agencies and his recent trip to meet foreign leaders was a huge success in the form of diplomacy and leading.  All of this while he is pelted EVERY day with ‘fake news’ meant to bring him down and in spite of an ‘Establishment Washington’ who remains very much complicit.

And yet almost everywhere you look on the Republican side of the aisle, in Washington, you see that there continues to be very little to no support for President Trump as he leads against their way of doing business and ‘for’ the American people.  It’s called “draining the swamp”.  The “drama situations” are being desperately created out of very flimsy cloth by the Liberal Democrats to divert attention from Trump’s MAGA agenda, which, by the way, is proceeding in spite of them all.  In fact, Trump is a direct threat to all career politicians of both parties because he doesn’t “play by their rules.”  Those political playbook standards are to agree with everyone, straddle all fences and never, ever be seen as having any kind of policy that could be construed as solid.  If it takes throwing America, its people, its resources and its sovereignty under the bus then so be it if it gains power or recognition for them and their twisted global aspirations.

But I guess you could say that, in a way, McCain is correct.  Because when it comes to taking America down the road to destruction, President Trump is not “leading” the way.  He is leading where it counts, you just haven’t heard much about it.  Coal mines are once again, up and running. The Stock Market is still soaring.  Energy independence is upon us.  President Trump went to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and lectured them about terrorism.  He’s doing what he can to move America in the right direction.  But the threat against him is almost stifling.  His own party won’t do anything to back him up.  A president is not a king.  The continual attacks needing defense, is wasting our time and making us a very dangerous people, to ourselves.  Don’t believe the state-controlled media.  Whatever can be done, mostly, is being done.  The only problem I see so far is that President Trump is being forced to contend with an increasing accumulation of swamp rats.

Let’s face it, McCain has been last in his class since his academy days.  He doesn’t own up to his own limitations ever, and will sell out anybody on his own side to create a safe space for himself.  He continually sides with those who would sell out this country to transform it into their globalized image without hesitation.  McCain has been a pampered leftist since college.  His father and grandfather were admirals when he was in the military.  He’s believed to have caused the fire on the USS Forrestal and running to hide during the incident.  Daddy got him flown off the ship before sailors strung him up, he was captured and became a VC songbird, and from there became a RINO senator thwarting both Bushes and now Trump.  A member of the Keating five, the ‘Gang of Eight’ and numerous other anti-Republican groups he prevented presidents from putting conservatives on the courts.  And he never saw a war he didn’t want to get the U.S. involved in.

While there are those who are confidently declaring that the Republicans are setting themselves up for a potential bloodbath in 2018, I sincerely hope that enough of the American people are smarter than that.  Because the fact that Obamacare has yet to be repealed and replaced and work on tax cuts has yet to begin, is not the fault of the president as so many are quick to claim.  Instead, the fault lies with McCain and his fellow RINOs in Congress.  And while I think President Trump has done a pretty good job so far, he can only do so much by himself.  I agree he needs to take charge, to get rid of the special counsel, agree to no more appearances before Congress by his people, claiming Executive privilege, and, calling out Republicans who refuse to get behind the agenda that they were elected to do.  We the people, come 2018, will need to work to weed out those who believe as McCain does, and replace them with those who desire to “Make America Great Again!”

It is at the end of that day that if we the American people, regardless of our political affiliation, allow the Democrats, with those RINOs acting in concert with them, to be successful, to any measurable degree, in their effort to railroad President Trump, then we have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have abandoned all that it means to live this great nation of ours.  And we will have willingly reduced ourselves to being little more than self-serving, disgruntled, leftwing malcontents.  And you know, have you ever noticed how it is that whenever anyone in our state-controlled media is in need of a ‘Republican’ willing to stab President Trump in the back, or to attack their own party, it is always McCain, or one of the others of a rather select few, that they always seem to turn to?  I’m not saying that President Trump cannot, or should not, be criticized, all I’m asking is that the criticism be a bit more focused on those areas where it is truly warranted.


Wallace 3

Except for the hour or so in the morning that I’m able to watch ‘Fox & Friends’, and then Tucker and Hannity later on at night, I’ve pretty much given up on watching Fox News.  Most of the other programming has come to differ very little from what you’d expect to see on MS’LSD’ or the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN).  And while I wasn’t home to watch the Comey circus, and likely wouldn’t have even if I had been, Thursday on Fox News Channel’s special coverage of the much heralded testimony, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said while Comey’s testimony was good news legally for President Donald Trump, “politically” he thought it was “very damaging.”  Frankly, I’m not sure how it is that Wallace ever came to be thought of as someone worth listening to.  Granted, he’s been around a long time but since when does longevity equate to knowing even the slightest about the topic on which you are speaking?  It’s like every time he opens his mouth, shit falls out.

Anyway, it was in discussing Comey and his rather bizarre testimony that Wallace said “If I were Donald Trump’s lawyer I’d be pretty happy, because he repeatedly said up to the day he was fired, Comey said that there was no evidence that led to an investigation of Donald Trump.  He was not under investigation and on the question of obstruction of justice, while he said that was an open question, that will have to be decided by the special counsel Robert Muller. He certainly didn’t indicate that he viewed it as obstruction of justice or at least a prosecutable case. He said he had no doubt that Trump was directing him to end the investigation, but as I say, as a lawyer, I would take some solace in both of those. My guess is when Marc Kasowitz, the president’s lawyer comes out sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 today, he’s going to declare victory and say Comey cleared Trump. And in a legal sense, you could say that he did.”

Wallace then continued by saying, “Politically, I thought it was very damaging to the president. As has been pointed out by Shannon repeatedly, James Comey called the president a liar, said that he lied about the FBI was in disarray, that he defamed him and the FBI, said that the reason he kept those kinds of notes in the first place is that he thought that this was the kind of man who would lie about those kinds of things. It’s not good stuff to have said on national television. And as been noted before, I think the strongest point about Flynn and why it what was so improper what the president said about Flynn in that Oval Office meeting on February 14, as you said, why on earth would you kick out the attorney general, the vice president, and the chief of staff if it was going to be something innocent? That was a very strong evidence.”  Wallace is taking what Comey said as being some kind of recording of the actual events, which it is not.  He is a leaker and a liar.

Evidence, Chris?  Evidence of what, exactly?  That Trump took Comey out behind the woodshed?  Let’s not forget the FBI director works for the Executive Branch and Trump is the current head of the Executive Branch.  I think we can now all agree that Comey is nothing of not a liar.  The FBI can have a three hour meeting with Hitlery with, apparently, not take a single solitary note being made despite the fact that Hitlery has the reputation of being a congenital liar?   Oh, and ask the boys of Benghazi about Hitlery’s truthfulness.  And yet he feels the need to take notes during his Trump meeting because Trump might not tell the truth.  President Trump can legally fire and hire anyone he chooses and is well within his right to stop any investigation.  Yet President Trump didn’t stop the Flynn or the Russian investigations!  There is no crime and there is no obstruction of justice.  Fox seems to be increasing its liberal slant to how it presents the ‘news’ with fewer and fewer exceptions.

Look, what this was was nothing more that Comey exercising some CYA!  Wallace is another one of the ‘NeverTrumper’ crowd currently in the employ of Fox News.  He has had nothing but contempt for Trump from the very beginning and was quick to give Comey a pass.  I mean after one meeting and Comey felt that Trump would lie?  And yet he says the Trump did not try to influence or stop the investigations.  Trump said he hoped he would let it go?  Oh and by the way Trump was never under investigation.  What a fraud Comey is!  What a bunch of bull.  Wallace differs very little from those old ‘Barbie’ dolls with the little string you pulled that made them talk.  I was disgusted when listening to the Fox crowd who were generally promoting the idea that it was a total disaster for Trump and there was clearly more evidence in need of being investigated.  CNN and MSNBC were far less confident of the damage and generally they felt it a victory for Trump.

Fox News is headed down the tubes and Wallace is out front leading the way!  He ran one of the Presidential Debates and, if I remember correctly, it was a debacle!  I can only watch a couple of ‘commentators’ without wondering what the hell they’re talking about.  Wallace denigrates Trump every chance he gets, and has been, essentially, ever since Trump first announced he would be running.  But Trump is far from the only Republican that Wallace enjoys attacking.  Whenever he has any conservative guest on his Sunday show, he tries to destroy them.  When he moderated the debate he closed by asking Trump if he would accept the election results.  Why didn’t he ask Hitlery the same question?  Because he thought Hitlery was going to win in a landslide.  As it turns out it is Hitlery and her basket of deplorable followers who are refusing to accept the “peaceful transfer of power” our country has been recognized for since the very first ‘passing of the baton’ to the successor.

Wallace sprang straight out of the state-controlled media cesspool, the son of a well-known liar and master practitioner of ambush journalism, and has apparently now gotten to the point in his ‘career’ where he no longer feels the need to hide the fact that he’s little more than a left wing, Democrat Party hack.  And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear that he voted for Hitlery.  He’s the perfect example of how it is that Fox News is no longer interested in being ‘fair and balanced’.  His ‘analysis’ of Comey’s testimony only makes sense in a world where Comey would have some level of credibility.  Instead, he revealed himself to be a liar while simultaneously unmasking himself as a leaker, admitted his predispositions to the sitting president, and also displayed both his politicization and lack of understanding of his authority under two administrations.  And Wallace thinks this was damaging to the president?  Good grief.  And he calls himself an objective journalist?

As I said, Wallace is most certainly his father’s son.  He couldn’t find a tree if you parachuted him into the middle of a forest.  But he does appear to be what the ‘new’ Fox owners want as they form ‘another left-wing liberal outlet’.  It started some time ago, I no longer even watch Wallace’s Sunday show, I stopped when he had 3 of 4 very hard left liberals on his ‘panel’ with the 4th being an ‘ think I’m a conservative’.  This is just more of the same, I don’t believe Fox any longer.  Wallace is really no more than a mouthpiece for his new bosses at Fox.  He’s nothing but a tool for the ‘establishment’.  From what I’ve seen there was nothing in Comey’s testimony that was damaging to Trump.  The fact that Lynch was covering up for Hitlery is something those like Wallace in the state-controlled media don’t want to talk ablout, but the Russians?  That’s something they’re willing to report on 24/7/365!  Reminds me of the many times when the media said that Trump’s campaign was dead.

Fox News wonders why they are no longer #1 in the ratings.  Here’s a hint:

Wallace (Democrat)

Smith (Democrat)

Perino (Bush/NeverTrumper)

Williams (Democrat)

Rove (Bush/NeverTrumper)

Rivera (Democrat)

Harf (Democrat)

Emanuel (Democrat)

Vittert (Democrat)

Stirewalt (Bush/NeverTrumper)

Baier (Stealth NeverTrumper – We decide what to report so you can’t decide, unfair and unbalanced)

Cavuto (Globalist NeverTrumper)

Bartiromo (Democrat)

Krauthammer (Neo-con NeverTrumper)

NeverTrumpers, Democrats, RINOs, Neo-cons and Globalist Shills all.  They’ve lost us and they shouldn’t expect us back anytime soon.


Durbin 1

You know, Democrats just kill me.  I can only assume that they must think that none of us are paying any attention to what it is that they’re trying to do here.  Granted, those who routinely vote for this scum likely pay little attention to their never ending shenanigans, what’s most important to them is the continuing of their gravy train.  Meanwhile, the rest of us most certainly do pay attention.  Now I’m quite sure we’re all aware of how the Democrats continue to feel that their less than stellar candidate for president was somehow robbed of her richly deserved election victory that was supposed to nothing less than a cakewalk.  And when it didn’t happen it was almost immediately that a search was begun to identify how things could have gone so horribly wrong.  And they came up with only one possible explanation, RUSSIA!

So now, as Congress and our state-controlled media, both left and the right, continue to chase all manner of Russia-Trump conspiracy theories, no matter how outrageous, the people’s business is left to languish.  And then we have ‘Little Dick’ Durbin who during an appearance earlier this week on MS’LSD’s’ ‘Morning Shmoe’ actually complained about the fact that very little has been accomplished by the Senate in the first 5 months of this year.  ‘Little Dick’ said, “Just take a look, if you will, at the record of the United States Senate the first five months of this year.” And he went on to say, “With the exception of filling the Supreme Court vacancy and reaching a bipartisan agreement to fill out the budget for this year, we’ve done virtually nothing.”  And, sadly, he’s right!  But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Then ‘Little Dick’ proceeded to complain about the slow pace of nominations coming to the Senate, which has dragged its feet on most of Trump’s nominees to this point.  He said, “The Trump administration is dramatically behind previous presidents in even sending up the names of nominees to fill positions in their departments.”  He added, “We’ve not tackled a single major issue in the United States Senate.  One of my Republican Senate colleagues said the other day of his own party — we’re wasting a majority. We’re not doing anything.”  Now if that was something that was actually said, I can certainly agree.  And I place a certain amount of blame for that on our piss-poor Republican leadership, however the Democrats, including ‘Little Dick’ himself, also deserve a fair amount of the blame for nothing getting done.

Asked about the then imminent Comey hearing, ‘Little Dick’ described the former FBI director’s written statement, released Wednesday, as “basic.”  He said, “You don’t need to be a legal scholar to realize that no one, absolutely no one, including the president, should either try to stop a criminal investigation or influence the outcome of that investigation. That is what Comey says in his opening statement.” And then he went on to say, “The questions to be asked of him obviously get into detail. What did this president say?  What was the state of mind?  What were the circumstances, and can you, Comey, prove that what you said in this statement is something that would hold up in court?”  And he added, “It’s really very fundamental.”

‘Little Dick’ Durbin is just another one of Chuckie Schumer’s clowns.  And it is they who represent the bigger problem in trying to move forward from here.  Because not doing anything is exactly what he and his fellow Democrats want.  In what other job could you declare on live television that you have not done anything for months, and yet still expect to be paid.  I, for one, am glad they are not passing new laws every couple of hours as was done during Obummer.  But this cat and mouse game needs to stop and they need to let Trump get back to doing what Trump is good at. He has shown, in the limited amount of time that he’s been in office, that he can get things done.  They clearly knew there was going to nothing to find in the way of Russian collusion, and now look at all the taxpayer money that has been wasted over this.

And, that would be the fault of the Democrats!  Not to worry Durbin, the American people know full well that it’s your party that’s at fault!  Your party, is in essence, holding the country and our citizens’ hostage with your actions and threatening to burn it to the ground lest we cede control to you.  When you spend all of your time trying to bring down the president you don’t have much time left to tackle the actual important issues.  Democrats seem not to realize that the American people are aware of this and that they are essentially destroying their own party.  Pretty amazing isn’t it, and the people who support the party of Schumer, Pelosi and ‘Little Dick’ are just a bunch of low information, whinny and detached individuals who care little for the country, our kids futures, and making progress on the truly important issues.

Instead they thrive on drama, retaining their power, status and wealth.  To their constituents they promise handouts, government intrusion into their lives and basically someone to make decisions for them. They are a party of losers.  Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle we have the ‘Establishment Republicans’ either purposely trying to deny Trump any accomplishments or we have McConnell and Ryan as nothing more than totally incompetent boobs.  Either way we are facing some tough issues in the coming months, first we have the debt ceiling and then the budget not to mention Obamacare, tax cuts, and Trumps Trillion dollar infrastructure bill.  We are rapidly running out of time and yet I see no sense of urgency coming from our leadership, only speedbumps.

The fact is, Trump has gotten more done even with the Democrats blocking his every move then the traitor who took up space there for the last eight years. With eight years of Trump America will become great again.  Most Americans have now seen the true colors of the Democrat Party and the so-called polls and biased media can’t cover for them anymore.  But that said, we ‘knew’ the ‘Establishment Republicans’ would drag their feet in an effort to deny President Trump his agenda, while working behind the scenes with the Democrats to derail and if possible, terminate his administration, and resurrect their ‘uni-party government’.  Frankly, I’m somewhat surprised to see a prominent Democrat bringing it up. It’s the kind of thing they normally try to keep quiet.  Makes one wonder how Durbin got off the reservation on this one?


media 19

It would seem that I now have fewer and fewer places to go in my attempt to avoid the ‘NeverTrumpers’ in my search for both useful and accurate information.  Those diehard folks who just can’t move beyond the fact that Donald Trump is now president.  Many of the websites that I once frequently visited, but these days rarely visit at all, have become as obsessed as the Democrats in their effort to undermine President Trump, and they seem to be hoping, albeit not quite as openly as the Democrats, for his impeachment.  I used to visit such sites as Newsmax nearly every day, but these days it’s not so much.  And also, where I was once a fairly regular viewer of Fox News, from the time I got home from work 6 to when I went to bed at 11, that too has tapered off considerably.  These days with Bret Baier having become someone who seems more than a little preoccupied with Trump, Martha MacCallum who seems to have taken the anti-Trump baton from Megyn Kelly, and those boobs on ‘The Five’, watching Fox has come to differ very little from watching CNN or MSNBC.  These days I’m down to watching Tucker Carlson at 8 and Hannity at 10.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to be hearing all good news, all of the time, when it comes to President Trump.  But what I do expect to hear and to read, at least when it comes to Fox and other supposedly ‘conservative’ media, is something that more closely resembles “fair and balanced” reporting.  I am well aware of the fact that there are going to be those times when the president does something or says or Tweets something, that will be called into question, and rightfully so.  But even with that being said, there are plenty of things that he has done, and that he continues to do, that should be reported on with the same level of intensity.  And that’s what seems to be missing, and what seems to be all the more noticeable on Fox.  We’re not used to seeing such totally one sided reporting coming from Fox.  And whether that might be because the network is now under new management or is because of something else, they might want to at least try to get back to their old way of doing business before folks decide that there’s simply no reason to watch anymore.  I mean if I want one-sided ‘news’ I can watch anyone.

But Fox News is far from being the only source for news and information that has had, up until recently, a more conservative slant.  Numerous websites as well as more than a few publications that in the past were reliably conservative seem to have come off the tracks, at least to some degree, when it comes to President Trump.  Which I might add, says far more about them then it does about the president.  I mean, were all of those years spent advocating for conservatism nothing more than a way of selling subscriptions?  And regarding all those websites claiming to be conservative, were they too only ‘conservative’ as a means of generating traffic to their site?  Look, I’m not going to even attempt to make the claim that President Trump is a some lifelong conservative, but what he has said he wants to do matches up fairly closely to what I, as a conservative, would like to see get done.  And it is these various publications, websites as well as many on Fox News that seem to be doing all that they can to undermine him to the greatest extent possible, making it that much more difficult for him to get those things done.

And it’s beginning to get so frustrating.  For instance, we all know there is nothing sinister going on here as far as there being some supposed involvement of Russia in the 2016 election.  And yet, because Hitlery lost an election that so many thought she had in the bag, that’s the claim and thus the American people continue to be subjected to what is little more than a temper tantrum at the expense of saving the country.  I mean, where was the outrage when Obama meddled in the Israeli election for the sole purpose of trying to bring about the defeat of Prime Minister Netanyahu?  The Democrats, as well as so many in our media, simply cannot bring themselves to admit the fact that the real reason Hitlery lost was because she was a terrible candidate, and she was the most corrupt individual to ever run.  But instead of doing a little soul searching, as a party, the Democrats somehow see it as being in their best interest, politically speaking, to pursue this ongoing Russian nonsense.  And it would seem that the majority of our so-calling conservative media is only too happy to provide them with what appears to be a growing amount of cover.

In a way I’m kinda feeling like I’ve been somewhat abandoned here.  So, after having now been left to my own devices, I will embark on a journey the purpose of which will be to keep myself informed without having to rely upon those who seem far less interested in providing me with accurate information and far more interested in providing me with what is really nothing more than propaganda all in their effort to convince me that our duly elected president is something other than what he says he is.  Trust is a very important and valuable thing, and once it has been lost is nearly impossible to regain, ever.  And I have now come to a place where I no longer believe those who I once allowed the privilege of providing me the information on which I based a great deal of my more important decisions.  Therefore I can no longer afford to trust them.  It’s become painfully obvious that their interests are not my interests.  And it would appear that they too are part of the very same swamp that we sent Donald Trump to Washington to drain.  And they are now doing everything within their power to prevent him from doing just that.


Climate Change 26

I feel pretty confident in saying that most reasonably intelligent people have a rather difficult time buying into the nonsensical ‘theory’ of ‘global warming”, “climate change”, “climate disruption” or whatever it is that the true believers are calling it these days.  Most Americans are able to recognize what is truly going on here by simply looking at who it is that’s pushing this cockamamie theory which we’re told is based on exhaustive scientific research, when in fact there is very little actual scientific proof that supports it at all.  While supporters argue that it is now settled science that manmade “climate change” is in fact taking place, it’s roughly 80 graphs from the 58 peer-reviewed scientific papers published in 2017 that would seem to take exception to that claim.

Now before anyone comes unglued, I think we can all agree that by “global warming” these papers are not making reference to the mild warming of around 0.8 degrees Celsius that the planet has experienced since the middle of the 19th century as the world crawled out of the Little Ice Age.  Pretty much everyone, alarmists and skeptics alike, is agreed on that.  Rather, they define “global warming” in the sense that it is most commonly used today by grant-troughing scientists, and huxter politicians, and scaremongering green activists, and brainwashed state-controlled media environmental correspondents.  “Global warming” as in the scary, historically unprecedented, primarily man-made phenomenon which we must address urgently before the icecaps melt and the Pacific islands disappear.

What all of these papers argue, in their different ways, is that the alarmist version of global warming — aka Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) — is a fake artifact.  That is, all these different experts from around the world, be it from China, Russia, Canada, the U.S., Italy, or elsewhere, have been looking closely at different aspects of the global warming puzzle in various regions and on different timescales and came to the conclusion in irreproachable, peer-reviewed scientific ways that there is no evidence to support the global warming scare story.  Late 20th century and early 21st century global warming, they show, is neither dramatic, nor unusual, nor, for that matter, scary.  So I feel confident in being able to ignore such climate change alarmists as Al Gore and John Kerry-Heinz.

The intellectually corrupt and mendacious alarmist science establishment would have us believe that climate skepticism is a minority activity, the preserve of a few cranks, championed only by people who don’t do the science.  But this is just pure propaganda.  There are dozens of reputable scientists from around the world with no axe to grind collaborating on studies which all corroborate, independently and rigorously, the increasingly respectable view that “man-made global warming” just isn’t a thing.  Not that it ever was a thing, really. This debate was always about left-wing ideology, quasi-religious hysteria, and “follow the money” corruption, never about “science.”  Still, it’s always a comfort to know that “the science” is on our side as well.  And how the Greenies must hate that.

In an attempt to point out just how dishonest those on the left can be let’s all take a brief trip down memory lane and recall some of the other great lies that those on the left have been telling for decades.  For instance, do you recall how it was that Rachel Carson, courtesy of her fictional ‘masterpiece’, Silent Spring, got DDT banned?  The result being, of course, that millions of people died worldwide but we saved the mosquito.  Or how Ralph Nader got the Corvair banned because of gas tank hysteria?   And there was Jimmy Carter, remember him, he told us back in 1978 that the world would run out of oil by 1980.  Jimmy was, and remains to this day, a complete moron.  And it was Carl Sagan who once said that Saddam’s oil well fires in Kuwait would usher in an ice age, not global warming.

Then came the global warming and ‘climate change’ hysteria after which not one major hurricane has hit the U.S. in over 10 years, the longest stretch since records began being kept.  So when it became a bit more difficult to sell the notion of ‘global warming’, the nomenclature was changed to ‘climate change’, on a planet where the climate has been changing for millions of years.  So, yeah, they’re liars, and anyone who assigns any amount of credibility to these folks (say like the idiotic Supreme Court Justice Kennedy when he deemed CO2 a pollutant) is a fool.  Trees and all other foliage LOVE CO2. They eat it and emit oxygen.  Extrapolate from there and you’ll know what the solution is!!  We already have made HUGE strides in reducing pollution.  Just look at the pollution map at the World Health Org.

‘Climate change’ has become a religion.  It’s now “cool and intelligent” to be self-righteously angry at your own country, industry, people, etc.  Just don’t ask any ONE of these climate zealots to stop using any of the 6,000 items that are petroleum based because they’d have to start with their cellphones.  Or ask them to fly with the little people where they’d be packed in like sardines and have to be subjected to the TSA perverts instead of flying on their private jets.  You see, the only people who are called upon to make the ‘necessary’ sacrifices for the benefit of all are those of us who comprise that group looked upon as being the unwashed masses.  We’re far too unsophisticated, and therefore nowhere near deserving of those privileges enjoyed by society’s elites, so the brunt of the burden falls upon us.

Look, I have no problem with valid research that follows the scientific process. I do have a problem with spending trillions of dollars on an ‘alleged’ problem based on an anomaly that no one has actually proven even exists.  I have a problem with tax hungry politicians who have zero acumen in any science getting involved with the research. I have a problem with totalitarians using fictitious world-ending scenarios to scare the masses into compliance with their agenda. I have a problem with people pretending that an alleged “consensus” has any place in the scientific method. And, I have a problem when research shows the base premise of the theory under study shows the theory itself to be completely flawed; and yet, the researchers continue on their merry way and soak up tax dollars anyway.

Totalitarians have been busy trying to scare the masses since before the dawn of history.  It’s what they do.  They only do it on a larger, faster and more efficient scale now.  And in an effort to coerce those of us who are non-believers into keeping silent that we are often times referred to as being the dreaded ‘deniers’ of ‘climate change’ and as such we are to be forever shunned.  As if that really matters to any of us who refuse to be fooled into believing such nonsense.  Personally, I wear that moniker as a badge of honor just as I do when lumped in with those who are called ‘Flat Earthers’ for no other reason than they are able to understand what is really going on here.  And I know that I am far from being the only one proud to be looked down upon by these ‘climate change’ loons.

Because it was a recent Rasmussen Poll that showed 41 percent of Americans agree with President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate change agreement, because sticking with the deal would increase energy costs.  Most Americans don’t want to pay much, if anything, to fight “global warming.”  Rasmussen wrote about its poll: “President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris anti-global warming agreement last week in part because of his concern about its potential impact on the U.S. economy.”  And it was of the 41 percent who said the deal would increase energy costs for Americans that Rasmussen said, “Voters tend to agree the accord would have led to increased energy costs, and most remain unwilling to pay much, if anything, more to fight global warming.”

Rasmussen reported, “Just 20% believe the requirement would decrease the cost of energy, while 23% say it would have no impact,” and noted that 16 percent of poll takers were not sure.  Not sure?  In another Rasmussen poll, the majority of respondents, or 60 percent, said Congress should vote on any such agreement.  It was ex-president Barry Obummer who signed the Paris “executive agreement” in 2015 without the consent of Congress.  And those who were paying attention during the last presidential election are aware Hitlery made it quite clear that she too was a devout follower of the ‘climate change’ religion, to the point where she fully intended on putting coal mining companies and therefore coal miners out of business.   Maybe that too can be blamed on the Russians.  Ya think?


Swamp 1

So I’m wondering, can we now safely assume that draining “The Swamp” is proving to be a much bigger task than one man can undertake, even if that man is the President?  Because I gotta tell ya, I’m getting more than a little frustrated with those whom we now have in positions of leadership in our current Congress that is supposed to be under complete Republican control.  These days our congressional Republicans appear to be more of an opposition party than they were when Barry Obummer occupied the Oval Office.   And far from being united with their president to get things done, they seem far more interested in uniting with the Democrats in effort to make sure that absolutely nothing gets done.  And in so doing they seem to not mind at all that they are effectively cutting their own throats, politically speaking, in the process.

It is because of our ‘Establishment Republicans’ that we are now faced with the reality that President Trump is now nearly halfway through his first year as president and has yet to achieve a single legislative victory.  And I found it rather telling when RINO Senator John Cornyn, of Texas, in a radio interview during the recent recess said, “We just need to work harder.”  No ASSHOLE, what you need to do is to finally get to work doing that which you’re being paid to do!  Sadly, we’re stuck with this useless POS until 2020, and when that time comes it would be nice if the people of Texas would see the wisdom in getting rid of him.  As a member of the Senate leadership team he has proven himself, time and again, to be quite pathetic, and it’s rather disappointing that the people of Texas are unable to see that.

As of today, the Republican Party’s major agenda items remain undone, and that includes the repealing and replacing of ObamaCare and reforming taxes.  Although President Trump claimed in a recent tweet that his tax plan is ahead of schedule, critics, of which there are many Republicans, contend that it is unwritten and in dispute.  The time has come for Republican lawmakers to get moving on healthcare and tax reform as this year is quickly running out with, if you can believe it, only seven legislative weeks remaining.  Congress is planning to leave for a five-week August recess (vacation) during which they will likely lose whatever momentum that may have been gained on reform efforts and have to face frustrated constituents complaining that they have again not delivered on their many promises.

Overshadowing the Republican agenda is, of course, the ongoing, and very bogus, investigation into supposed allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and purported Russian connections with the Trump campaign.  And the ONLY reason that this lunacy has been allowed to continue and to become the distraction that it has is because of our own limp-wristed Republican leadership team that seems to be more than willing to allow it to go on if for no other reason than because it provides to them a readymade excuse for the fact that they’ve done absolutely nothing since assuming complete control of Congress!  Control they told us that if provided to them they would then use it to assist the new president in moving the country forward and far beyond the dark years known as the ‘Obama Presidency.’

These idiotic Russia investigations have masked some notable Republican accomplishments to date including overturning numerous Obummer regulations, reaching compromise in May on spending legislation for the remainder of the 2017 budget year that featured a large increase for defense, and the Senate confirmation in early April of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  And yet as far as this Russia nonsense goes, if there was actually a true desire to get to the bottom of it all there would be far more attention being focused on Hitlery’s campaign team and their Russian connections.  The fact that there isn’t simply proves that the entire matter is nothing more than a means of trying to derail Trumps presidency and that it’s both parties that are in favor of, and very actively involved in, keeping it going.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that far too many of our Republican members of Congress have very little interest in getting anything done and far too many Republicans seem quite content to continue tolerating, and even encouraging, that which is really nothing more than a distraction at best and at worst a blatant attempt to bring down a duly elected president.  And they seem unable to concentrate on anything other than this completely bogus Russian investigation.  We are not just fighting to get past the Russia thing, we are fighting for our political lives and it’s not going well!  That said, Trump has actually managed to do some really good things in spite of the opposition and protesters.  But he’s accomplished nothing significant legislatively and, I would argue, through no fault of his own.

Those in our state-controlled media continue to expend a great deal of both time and effort in their attempt to convince us that what the American people really want to know is just how it was that the Russians were able to influence the last election and to what degree they may have been successful.  Inquiring minds, or so we’re told, want to know.  But they don’t!  I just wish somebody would ask me what I want.  Because thus far I think President Trump has done a pretty good job in spite of the many road blocks that have been set up by those in his own party.  He is for the people and for the American worker.  Get off his back and get over the fact that he won and start working together and not against.  And the Russia story is all lies, get off that track already because I don’t think anybody believes it is a real story.

What we need to do is to start calling our members of Congress in both the House and the Senate, and remind them, in the strongest possible way, who it is that they work for.  This is our government, and we need to make our presence known.  We need the Republicans in the House and Senate to grow a spine and to push legislation through and the hell with the Democrats.  The Republican Party has been in disarray for so long that it’s become pretty much unworkable.  There is so much controversy within the Republican Party instigated by establishment RINOs like Graham and McCain, right along with ‘RINO Paul’ Ryan and they don’t seem to be the least bit interested in coming together for the sake of the country.  Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats march in lock-step regardless of the issue or how much damage it does to the country.

I’ve been banging that drum ever since I first saw how determined the Democrat Party, with help from more than few Republicans, were going to be in their effort to obstruct President Trump in every conceivable way.  He can’t get squat done when he’s dealing with such a recalcitrant majority.  And while there are those who could prove instrumental in turning the tide of discord more in Trump’s, and the nation’s, favor, it seems much more important to diddle away legislative resources running down every rumor, initiated by so many unnamed sources, who are the real enemies of our Republic.  We don’t need to be chasing any more rabbits down anymore holes!  What we need is to have our ‘leaders’ working on those things they’re paid to work on, instead of blaming the President for a stalemated government!

I have heard many saying that if the Republicans cannot get their act together then why should we continue to vote for them?  Would we be any worse off with the Democrats in charge?  Well then answer to that is a very resounding, YES!  What we need to do, what we MUST do, at least those of us who remain interested in getting our country out of the ditch that Barry put us in, is to focus all of our efforts on getting as many of these RINOs out of office as we can and to replace them, not with Democrats, but with conservative Republicans who share our desire to “Make America Great Again!”  And while I would certainly not expect them to simply become a rubber stamp for the president, they must possess a commitment to working with President Trump in moving forward on the agenda that got him elected.

There is this train of thought being perpetuated by many in the state-controlled media that if Trump remains unpopular and if his unpopularity drags down the reelection prospects of other Republicans, as they claim this year’s special elections have thus far suggested, even though the Republican has won both contests that have been held thus far, then conditions will be especially ripe for Republican pushback. And, at the extreme, if Trump’s presidency at some point really does look like it’s going down in flames, Republicans might sense the chance to develop a bipartisan reputation for heroism by vigorously opposing him.  The ONLY thing that the Republicans will gain for themselves by opposing Trump, is a permanent return to minority status which is something, quite frankly, I think they secretly yearn.

And if the American people, have within themselves any desire for self-preservation and love for their country, then when next they are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate that they must vote out of office as many of those as they can who have continued to place obstacle after obstacle in front of President Trump.  And if “The Swamp” is in fact winning, then we the American people have but one, and only one, option available to us.  We can allow those who comprise ‘The Swamp’ to prevail in which case America will never be great again, or we can take it upon ourselves to join forces with the president and bring down as many of those as we can, regardless of party affiliation, and replace them with those who, like us, want to make American safe again, strong again and, most importantly, Great Again!


Hitlery 12

And so it would seem that there is now a growing number of Democrats who are becoming more than a bit weary of Hitlery as their patience continues to wear a little thin when it comes to her litany of excuses for why she was unable to defeat a candidate that was supposed to be so easily dispatched.  And more than a few are becoming increasingly vocal when it comes to expressing their desire for her to step out of the limelight.  The consensus among former Hitlery aides, former Obummer aides, and Democrat strategists is that Hitlery’s remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee and others for her election loss are hurting both her image and the image of the Democrat Party.  When it comes to the image of the Democrat Party, Hitlery is far from the only one doing damage.  It was one longtime aide who recently said, “She’s apparently still really, really angry.  I mean, we all are. The election was stolen from her, and that’s how she feels.”  And this same aide went on to say, “But to go out there publicly again and again and talk about it?  And then blame the DNC? It’s not helpful to Democrats. It’s not helpful to the country, and I don’t think it’s helpful to her.”

Remember how it was back during the campaign when the Democrats and all those in the state-controlled media, were doing their damnedest to convince us all how it was that Hitlery was the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Well it would seem that the bread may have become more than just a bit moldy.  So word is that there are several Democrats who are reportedly encouraging the old girl to step out of the limelight. Which is ironic, really, since Americans representing 306 electoral votes, asked her to do just that last November.  They don’t catch on very quickly do they?  Apparently, they are only now coming to view Hitlery’s remarks blaming the DNC and others for her loss in November as damaging the image of the Democrat Party.  Actually, her excuses notwithstanding, she simply didn’t have enough loyalists able to steal it for her, like Obummer did, twice. That’s not the same thing as having the election stolen from her.  She just couldn’t get enough support to steal it from us, like her comrade. Hence, the absolute SHOCK she went through when she didn’t win. She truly thought she had it in the bag.  And that kind of confidence over something so important only comes from ‘knowing’ you’ll win, because you cheated.

Hitlery has now gone on-the-record blaming everyone from former FBI Director James Comey, to the Russians, the media, her primary and general election opponents, and even sexism for her election loss.  Some aides and strategists think the time has now come for her to retreat into the shadows and allow new ‘leaders’ in the party to step forward and into the spotlight.  In fact, it was a former Obummer aide who said, “If she is trying to come across as the leader of the angry movement of what happened in 2016, then she’s achieving it.”  And this same aide went on to say, “But part of the problem she had was she didn’t have a vision for the Democratic Party, and she needs to now take a break and let others come to the forefront.”  Despite those in the party calling on her to leave the public eye, Hitlery’s aides and advisers say she will likely remain in firmly in the public eye discussing the 2016 election as a way to promote her new book which will be released this fall.  Democrat strategist Jamal Simmons says that she should talk more about where she went wrong in the election as opposed to blaming others for her elections.  He said, “It would be nice to hear a little more about the things she did wrong, which I believe mattered more than what she has discussed.”

The time has long since passed for when both Hitlery and the Democrat Party should have been able to come to grips with the fact that the election was in no way stolen from them.  In truth I think the argument can be made that Hitlery and the party simply threw away any chance they had to win, by stubbornly choosing to allow psycho-sexual perverts into little girl’s bathrooms, the committing of numerous felonies that Hitlery was not charged with due to Lynch’s corruption, the secretly handing over of 400 Billion in cash to Iran, and enthusiastic embracing of the BLM thugs.  And all anyone had to do was to watch the rallies.  Trump would talk about defending our borders, the economy, job creating, and stopping ISIS for over an hour and 30 minutes, 3 states a day, 6 days a week.  Hitlery would have her half an hour speeches about nothing but what Trump said, how dare Trump say that, and can you believe what Trump said.  Nothing about policy, little about her plan to keep Americans safe, and no mention of ISIS or job creating.  And the only way she could come close to matching Trump’s rallies was to enlist her celebrity friends.  She was nothing but a political donor puppet.

When Obummer won the first time around, while I certainly didn’t like it, at the same time that I was neither surprised or shocked, and for any number of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that we had been stupid enough to nominate John McCain as our candidate.  But when Obummer won the second time I did feel a sickness in my stomach because after having watched him for the four years prior as he proved himself time and again to be nothing short of a disaster, I had hoped the American people would have had enough sense not to re-elect him.  But I was wrong.  Granted, once again we Republicans had managed to saddle ourselves with a less than stellar candidate in Mitt Romney, but even with that said, had Romney been a bit more aggressive, perhaps, dare I say, a bit more like Trump, I think he just might have been able to win.  And while I was less than thrilled by the outcome, I knew I had no option but to accept it.  And I certainly didn’t advocate for my favored candidate to form some sort of “resistance”, or for people to start taking to the streets calling for Obummer’s impeachment, despite the fact that it was easy to argue the point that he certainly deserved it.

In all of my 47 years as a registered voter I have never once seen the wisdom in voting for a Democrat and I feel quite confident in saying that I never will.  But to those who chose to come across the aisle and vote in support of America, I say thank you.  But then, like they say, even a crazy person will run out of a burning building.  And to those Democrats who had the courage to vote for candidate Trump, I say thank you for having principles and convictions to see through all of the garbage.  And to be able to recognize the fact that despite all their talk of tolerance and of being accepting and inclusive, Democrats are neither tolerant nor accepting.  They preach tolerance only of those things which they seek to force upon the rest of us and accept no differing opinion.  So this attempt to now try to distance themselves from Hitlery makes clear how it is that the Democrat Party has learned nothing from the stunning loss experienced by their candidate, because their problem goes much deeper than Hitlery.  And they shouldn’t count her leaving the spotlight until she’s ready to leave the spotlight.  And the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves, they alone are responsible for creating this political Frankenstein.