Todd 1

It would seem that with each passing day the vast majority of those who proudly identify themselves as ‘journalists’ get just a little more caught up in what was has essentially been their primary mission for well over the last two years.  That mission being, of course, to discredit and to delegitimize first candidate Trump and then President Trump by any means necessary.  But they fail to understand that the harder they try, the less rational they sound.  Take for instance Chuck Todd who on Thursday’s thrilling episode of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” made the rather bold declaration that President Donald Trump’s word has become “increasingly meaningless.”

It was long ago that Chuck pretty much stopped making any sense whatsoever, so this latest swipe at the president comes as no surprise.  It was in trying yet again to smear President Trump that Chuckie said, “One thing we can say for certain about this White House, everything is uncertain. And we mean everything. President Trump just wrapped up a signing ceremony imposing 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum. The build-up toward today’s event began last week after an off-the-cuff announcement from the president that surprised pretty much everyone—Republicans and U.S. allies and even many in the West Wing staff.”

And Chuck went on to say, “Folks, we said it before, and we’ll say it again sometime soon, do you take this president seriously, literally, neither? One thing is for sure his word is increasingly meaningless. Today’s back and forth, will he or wouldn’t he announcement on tariffs is the Trump White House in a nutshell, it’s a near constant state of chaos and confusion.”  Our state-controlled media, of which Chuck is a proud contributing member, has now gotten so far out in left field that they’re willing to do or say just about anything in their continuing effort to regain for themselves some level of relevance.  But thus far they’ve only managed to appear unhinged.

Yet these folks like Chuck will sing, they’ll dance and debase themselves on national television just to get someone, ANYONE, to pay them any level of attention.  Look, Chuckie knows he’s full of crap, but it doesn’t matter because at least we’re paying attention to him, instead of letting him slide even further off into oblivion.  But Chuck is one to talk about one’s word being meaningless.  After all, pretty much everything we hear from the state-controlled media today is both meaningless AND irrelevant.  So much so that I don’t even pay enough attention to them anymore to know just how meaningless and irrelevant they’ve actually managed to become.

And I can’t help but wonder if Chuck’s head really is that far up his butt OR if he actually believes all of the crap that continues to come out of his mouth.  Is Chuck really one of the true believers, or does he simply play one on television?  He and his colleagues appear to be little more than propagandists under the employ of the Democrat Party, which is now how the vast majority of Americans have come to view them.  Those in media seem to have forgotten what it is exactly that’s supposed to be their purpose in life.  It’s supposed to be why one becomes a ‘journalist in the first place.  To be a watchdog over those in government, not a puppet of them.

It’s no surprise, really, that Chunk appears to be coming increasingly unhinged.  After all, when he and the rest of his many leftwing media cohorts try to drive down a president’s approval numbers on a daily basis only to have him come out unscathed, it has got to be pretty demoralizing.  The left has become consumed by their hatred of President Trump. Trump is moving the country back to greatness and he does not care what people think of him, he only cares about doing what’s right for the country.  This is the truth of why the left and those in the media hate Trump.  He is unabashedly pro-American and respects the traditions that made the country great.

But the real issue, Chuck, is that your word, and the word of you many cohorts in the state-controlled media ain’t worth squat! You and your entire industry are now seen as being nothing more than peddlers of ideology, the truth having nothing to do with what you do.  So while you make the claim the President’s “word is meaningless”, we’ve come to understand that it’s much more ‘meaningful’ than your outright deception, your narratives in the place of truth, your constant reporting on things (ice cream comes to mind) that are so juvenile.  School newspapers would be embarrassed to bring up such things, but your ‘profession’ makes them the story of the day/week.

Oh, and we’re not buying the all the claims of ‘chaos’ at the White House either. Somehow I don’t remember Barry’s White House being said to be in ‘chaos’, when various members of ‘Team Obummer’ left.  The only chaos and confusion I see on a daily basis involves those in the media and their endless attacks on the president that accomplish little more than to make them appear as spoiled children.  Nothing they say holds any weight or relevance.  Everyday there is chaos, confusion and lies.  Bashing, hating, demeaning and disrespecting our President and his family!  Their last line of defense is to call people racist, bigots, Nazis and white supremacists.

Tax reform that’s results in putting money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans, more conservative judicial appointments than any other president at this point in time in their presidency, having already created millions of jobs through deregulation and eliminating the toxic environment for company owners, repatriation of monies held overseas, inspiring companies to build, expand and give benefits. He is ACTUALLY moving our embassy to Jerusalem and establishing better relations with Israel than we’ve ever had. He’s stopped our government’s funding on worldwide abortion and we’ve just learned he’s strong armed Kim Jong-un to the table.

And President Trump has done all of this despite being forced to contend with rogue government bureaucrats under the moniker of ‘the deep state’, an obstructionist Democrat Party, RINO turncoats from within his own party, and a state-controlled media complex whose coverage of him is over 90 percent negative.  And the media’s response to the president to get things done in spite of these obstacles is to illustrate their own ignorance by saying that’s it’s all meaningless.  So still unable to come to grips with the fact that Trump is our president, those in the media continue only to make clear their biases and lack of objectivity when covering this president.



Booker 6

Without a doubt Cory Booker, Democrat from New Jersey, has to be considered as being one of the most insignificant, inconsequential and, to be perfectly honest, useless members of the U.S Senate.  And, oddly enough, despite all of that he still seems to fancy himself as being the next Barack Obama.  Here is a fella who managed to maneuver what was a very mediocre performance, at best, as mayor of Newark into a gig as a U.S. Senator.  If nothing else that would seem to prove the point that the political pickings must be pretty slim there in ‘The Garden State.’

This past Wednesday Booker was invited to appear on MSNBC’s “The Beat”, hosted by some clown by the name of Ari Melber, for what turned out to be little more than yet another mindless rant by a Democrat regarding just how ‘dangerous’ a man our current president really is.  And as is usually the case, Booker did not disappoint those who had tuned to hear him spew the latest talking points as he again made the claim that we have heard from others on his side about how President Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric” and “dangerous decisions” are causing “a crisis” in American government.

A partial transcript from this rather bizarre exchange is as follows:

Melber asked, “On the Mueller probe, last question to you. When you see the president under scrutiny for potential obstruction, the way he’s treated the DOJ and the FBI, and then you see his former aides, like this witness Sam Nunberg, openly talking about defying Muller then now saying maybe he will cooperate, do you think the president bares any responsibility for that and should publicly tell everyone to cooperate?”

To which Booker responded by saying, “The leadership really stems from the top and we have seen the way the president has been attacking the Justice Department, attacking high level officials, from firing an FBI director to attacking Jeff Sessions, who I am no apologist for, but you see how he’s treating the rule of law and important institutional norms. He’s setting the standards of his administration and a lot of the bad behavior we’re seeing is reflective of the person at the top.”

Booker went on to say, “So we’re in a crisis in American government right now, where you see very important institutions that the Founders knew about, from the attacks on the media and the First Amendment rights to the attacks on the rule of law, and this is all stemming from the dangerous rhetoric and the dangerous decisions that are being made in the White House that really have me worried about the long term institutional strength of our country.”

And he added, “Which ironically is exactly what the Russians have been attempting to do, undermining the strength of our intuitions, undermining the strength of our media, and undermining our very faith in truth, and that’s something we should all be working against.”

Booker is another of those on what has become a rather long list of many leftwing zealots who support employment based on social engineering, the concept of hiring and promoting mediocracy in the workplace.  The government is the leader of hiring non-white/non-male employees, even when many of these hires are not the best qualified applicants when compared to their white male counterparts.  And the resulting increase in errors and other workplace issues that are related to affirmative action in the workplace are hidden under the guise of employee “privacy rights.”

While Booker supports unyielding union protections and employee rights, he also rejects firing minority workers for any cause or error.  President Trump wants to change things up.  The president wants “Deplorables” hired when they are best qualified and he wants to be able to fire government workers for mediocracy or just cause.  As the former proprietor of a large privately held company, President Trump is well aware that no enterprise, public or private, can operate efficiently when those under its employ lack the required knowledge, skill, or abilities to perform their job.

And frankly I was more than little surprised that Booker actually brought up the subject of leadership as being something that comes from the top down, because as mayor of Newark this man was blatantly inept when it came to displaying anything that could even remotely be defined as leadership.  And he speaks of the president’s “dangerous rhetoric?”  What about the steady stream daily lies and verbal attacks on everything conservative by these out of control Democrats in Congress, like Booker?  They have lost all sense of reason and attack anyone who dares to question them.

Democrats have zero respect for the law and for our Constitution.  Another stellar Democrat is Adam Schiff who’s a prime leaker regarding meetings which are supposed to be secret.  You would think that the Democrat Party would be doomed as more Americans come to see the danger that it now represents to America.  And they MUST be held accountable?  Most Democrats no longer possess any credibility when it comes to those issues that are most important to the greatest number of Americans.  And while they remain able to win elections we cannot allow them to be in charge.

Despite all the rhetoric, there is no crisis in our government.  This president has accomplished more of real substance than almost any president before him. The ‘crisis’ exists for the Democrats.  They have refused to work with this president. Their main focus is to obstruct in every way that they can like a bunch of grade school bullies on the playground who didn’t get their way.  That is the crisis here.  And much to their chagrin, they may well learn that most Americans are fed up with their obstruction and the leaving the ‘people’s’ business neglected and un-done.

And I am curious as to which dangerous rhetoric Booker may be referring to.  That we should build a wall to stop those who are flooding into our country ILLEGALLY?  Or, that we should show respect for our flag?  Or, perhaps that Americans deserve to keep more of their own money?  And yes, that would include even those evil rich!  Or, that we need to get rid of Obamacare which has cost millions to lose their insurance, or prevents them from getting care because of enormous deductibles?  Or perhaps that we need to support those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us?

Many of us “Deplorables” are sick and tired of those in the Democrat Party who applaud violence and have no respect for law and order. We’re tired of being afraid in our own homes and of seeing violent criminals being protected by people like Booker and put back into our communities instead of in prison.  And we’re tired of the attempts being made to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves with a gun. And we’re tired of the assault on our pocketbooks and watching as our hard-earned money is used to entice people to vote Democrat.

Look, Democrats like this boob Booker can lie and cheat and throw their hissy fits all they want.  But come November, we ‘could’ be looking at the beginning of the end of the liberal Democrats in this nation, and I will not miss them one bit, starting with this idiot Booker.  I say we ‘could’ only because there remains in this country a great many people who would like nothing more than for politicians like Booker to have far more say over in which direction we go as a country.  But one need look no further than nearly any big city to see what it is that the Democrat Party seeks for America.

At the end of the day I think it fair to say that Booker and his Democrat Party are busy waging a war on hardworking, patriotic Americans to happen to love their country and who believe in our Constitution.  These people are tired of seeing this country’s institutions being destroyed by those who think as Booker does.  And they’re tired of those would rather burn our flag than to proudly hold it high.  In truth it’s Booker and his Democrat Party that is guilty of spewing dangerous and violent rhetoric.  They are the party of hate, and they seek only the complete destruction of our country.


biden 2

It was earlier this week that ex-vice president ‘Slow Joe’ Biden was heard to say how he’s so “angry” that some leading Democrats just “don’t get it” when it comes to understanding the dignity of work and the concerns of working-class Americans.  He made his comments while in Pennsylvania campaigning for Democrat Conor Lamb, a candidate for Congress in next week’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. ‘Slow Joe’ told the crowd that he grew up “watching aunts, uncles, friends,” and neighbors losing jobs, and that his dad told him that a job was about “dignity,” “respect,” and “and your place in your community.”

He said, “They don’t get it. Some people in my party don’t even get it anymore. It’s about our pride. It’s about our dignity. It’s about who the hell we are and what we’ve done.” And he said, “It makes me angry. It makes me angry.” ‘Slow Joe’ also slammed Republicans who are threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, telling the crowd, “You paid for it. You paid for it.”  He said, “There was a sacred promise made.”  And, he added, “You paid for it.”  Last year, ‘Slow Joe’ also whacked Democrats for not talking about the concerns of working-class Americans.  He asked then, “When was the last time you heard us talk about those people?”

I would argue that working class Americans have now become a Republican constituency.  They have been for decades, really, it just took some people longer than others to realize it.  After all, if you work for a living, the Democrat Party’s only contribution to your family consists of extracting ever larger percentages of taxes from your paycheck for the sole purpose handing it over those who are most likely to vote for them.  The Democrat Party of the 60’s and 70’s, that supported and fought for the working class, has become extinct.  The Democrats have essentially sold out the working man/woman in favor of supporting those in this country illegally.

And ‘Slow Joe’ can portray himself as having some connection with the common man until the cows come home but little Joey attended expensive private schools in Delaware and has spent nearly his entire life as a member of an elite wealthy class.  And after having lived off hardworking taxpayers now for more than 40 years, what could he possibly have in common with working class Americans?  Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nadda, that’s what!  He has no idea what he’s talking about. He puts on this phony scowl and speaks platitudes. The trouble is no one in his party listens to him and it’s unlikely the Democrat Party will nominate an elderly, wealthy white guy.

And where was ‘Slow Joe’ while Barry ‘O’ was spending his entire eight years in office wrecking the country and putting historically high numbers of the working class out of work and on welfare?  Barry was actively conspiring to destroy the economic foundations of this country yet, what did Joe Biden do?   He simply sat back and watched.  The Democrat Party has devolved into what is nothing more than a gaggle of limousine riding, champagne swilling Socialism loving global elitists. They refer to people who work 50-60 hours a week to put food on the table as a bunch of deplorable knuckle draggers.  Get with it Joe, you are so old school.

What I find to be more than just a little surprising is the fact that there are people who will still vote Democrat, in spite of their favoritism toward illegals.  But then the majority of those folks tend to be unemployed blacks living on subsidies, old hippie retired west coast/east coast whites, snowflakes who are still at home and living on their parents dime, militant socialists dressed in black, soy drinking tech nerds who censor speech, individuals with identity problems, non-citizens, dead citizens, Moslems with terror ties, sociopath mass shooters and people who just outright hate everything about our country.  So I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised after all.

And I think it fair to say that the Democrat Party of the 21st century apparently believes that most working class Americans would be quite content to be living on welfare and long for the chance to sit around and watch television all day.  That’s it!  Guilt-free freeloading and sitting around watching TV, where you will see all manner of liberal messaging so it’s a win for the Democrat Party!  And it’s a win for couch potatoes everywhere!  Barry ‘O’ thought he could push millions of Americans into welfare and then once they were on it they would see that it wasn’t so bad. And would go through the rest of their lives that way, and voting Democrat.

Look, ‘Slow Joe’ couldn’t care less about working class Americans.  In fact he’s on the side of those who continue to work against those Americans, and have been for longer than I care to think about.  What Democrats care about, and the ONLY thing they care about, is coming up with new and improved ways to garner more votes for themselves and what they see as being one of the most effective and efficient ways of doing that is the flooding of the country with illegals.  The Democrat Party has become the party of the wealthy elite globalist who want cheap labor, essentially slave labor.  They simply don’t give a crap about American workers anymore.

Democrats no longer represent the poor, they work to make people poor.  Democrats no longer honor hard work and they denigrate those who do.  They do not understand why it take two incomes for most families just to make ends meet and they seem interested only in taking actions that will decrease the number of jobs available.  And they will never tell you the truth when it comes to what they are truly all about. They are an evil group, incapable of empathy.  And so many of those determined in their efforts to keep the party alive are merely lemmings, unable to discern the real truth and facts. They are not your Daddy’s Democrats, they are Alinsky’s communists.

Democrats have become so far removed from being able to connect with everyday people. They defend completely indefensible positions and points of view simply for the sake of opposition.  I don’t want to think they’re evil or that stupid, but at some point, logically, that’s all that’s left.  After all is said and done, I can only deduce that there is a general IQ problem and lack of a properly calibrated moral compass in the liberal mindset.  Because you simply can’t reason with many of these people and most are completely unwilling to accept any position that differs from theirs, even in the slightest.  I’ve seen scenario play out thousands of times.  Sad!


Perez 3

According to Tom Perez, the foul-mouthed imbecile who’s chairman of the Democrat Party, President Trump is the “most dangerous president in American history.”  He made that rather bold declaration on Monday of this week.  Now if he were talking about ex-president Barry ‘O’ I would likely agree with him because looking back at the state of the world BEFORE Barry took the helm here at home and the mess it was in after he left, Barry was nothing short of a disaster for the entire planet.

Anyway, Perez said that Democrats have to make sure that President Trump’s tenure as president is “as short as possible,” when asked if Trump should be impeached.  It was MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt who asked Perez whether the Democrat Party should hold the official position that President Trump needs to be impeached.  To which Perez responded, “I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history.”  And he added, “Not only because of his refusal to take actions against Russia.”

He said, “I mean, the most serious threat to the integrity of elections is Russia. I think he’s the most dangerous president in American history because he’s hurting workers, because he’s dividing America.”  He added, “For me, as the head of the Democratic Party, the most important thing that I believe that I can do is to win elections.”  He said, “That’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the last year, winning elections in places like Oklahoma, Doug Jones in Alabama, elections in Virginia and elsewhere.”

It was from there that he went on to say, “I’m out here in Washington State right now because we have tremendous opportunity to pick up congressional seats. We’ve seen what happens when you take over the state Senate. Washington State just enacted a wide array of voting rights reforms to make it easier for people to vote.”   He said, “They did so because the Democrats finally took over the State Senate.  So, I feel like my role is to make sure we are electing Democrats everywhere.”

And he concluded by saying, “He’s undeniably the most dangerous president in American history and we have to make sure that his tenure is as short as possible.”  The fact that Perez can so causally overlook all of the damage left behind by the last Democrat president proves beyond all doubt that he’s little more than the worst kind of political hack.  But then, that’s what the modern day Democrat Party has evolved into, a bunch of hacks, since being taken over by the extreme left in this country.

But as someone who voted for President Trump, I guess I’m just not seeing what it is that makes the president so dangerous.  After all, he has, and in a very short period of time economically speaking, created a bona fide economic recovery.  Unemployment for all is at all-time lows, respect for America around the globe is coming back, conservative judges are being appointed, and liberals remain unhinged and still unable to move beyond the 2016 election.  What could be better than that?

But then I suppose from Tom’s point of view President Trump could be considered as being very dangerous.  He’s dangerous to Democrats and Establishment RINOs who seem to hate this country.  He has pierced the armor of the sacred ground of those who have become millionaires in some cases while earning what is no more than an upper middle class salary.  He has opened the door for real life citizens of every political persuasion to go straight to the top of the political leadership.

And I guess we could also argue that President Trump is dangerous to those who are in this country illegally, many of whom have been preying upon our citizens (as well as on each other).  And he’s dangerous to the mortal enemies of the U.S. like Iran and North Korea.  He is dangerous to the countries that have been ripping us off for decades courtesy of lopsided trade deals.  And he is dangerous to the treasonous left which, in turn, is really the greatest threat that we face as a nation.

Unfortunately we now seem to have an entire generation of Snowflakes and Femo-Nazi types who are only too eager to accept this sort of idiotic drivel that’s based on nothing but lies.  The Democrat Party is now nothing more than the party of hate, and of division. And how did we get to a point when an America hating communist is now in charge of the Democrat Party?  After all, there was a time when the Democrat Party put America first, it would appear that that time has long since passed.

Perez, and his sleazebag sidekick Keith Ellison, along with an army of hacks have nothing to run on but cartoonish fear-mongering eagerly abetted by a compliant state-controlled media complex that is less interested in providing news that it is in spreading leftwing propaganda. I keep waiting for the gulags to go up and the Trump SA to parade down Pennsylvania Avenue but I’ll be damned if I’ve seen it.  And yet most Democrats willingly swallow this toxic rhetoric that boarders on science fiction.

Perez is a complete buffoon, which I suppose is quite fitting for the man who is the face of the Democrat Party.  Let’s not forget, even though Perez would rather we did, that ex-president Barry gave $150 Billion to terrorist regime Iran, initially gave a pass to the genocidal dictator Assad, bent over backwards to aid Russia, did nothing to stop North Korea’s march toward nuclear weapons, etc.  I would say Barry ‘O’ was the most dangerous president EVER!  President Trump is merely cleaning up Barry’s MESS.



Well, so much for trying to keep politics out of yet another idiotic awards show.  This time the chosen venue for those on the left to spew their leftist drivel was ‘The Oscars’.  While the producers of this montage of insanity had put out a plea to those who would be participating to keep the politics to a minimum, but such was not the case.  But with this bunch of losers, that should have been a foregone conclusion.

Anyway it would seem that what the producers were hoping to avoid, that being a ratings disaster, is now all the more evident now that the dust has settled The 90th Oscars.  The early ratings numbers are not looking too good for ABC.  As was expected the show was heavy on criticism of conservatives and conservative causes, targeting President Trump, Vice President Pence and the NRA among any number of others.

To say that this ‘awards’ show was anything other than uneventful and very predictable, would be an understatement, which may have also contributed to historically abysmal ratings.  Early returns for the four hour telecast indicate that this may be the lowest-rated Oscars in modern history. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the broadcast suffered a ratings loss of 16 percent from last year.

But it’s not just the Oscars that’s suffering.  America has grown tired of the moral posturing of these ignorant superstars and aren’t watching other awards shows like the Golden Globes and the Grammys.  And what, pray tell, are Americans missing by not tuning in?  Things like host Jimmy Kimmel praising the emasculated Oscar award for being the “most beloved and respected man in Hollywood.”

It was in describing the coveted statue that Kimmel said, “And there’s a very good reason why: Just look at him. Keeps his hands where you can see them, never says a rude word, and most importantly, no penis at all. He is a literal statue of limitations.” At least Kimmel didn’t start crying during his opening monologue.  But hey, not to worry, no doubt he’ll back to his normal gig each night this week.

Let’s face it, the writing was on the wall for this ratings disaster.  Almost every other award show suffered massive audience erosion and there was no movie nominated for Best Picture for anyone to root for.  Seven of the nine nominees averaged just $47 million at the box office, which means only about 5 million people saw them.  And bringing Kimmel back for another round as host was simply asking for it.

Kimmel is one of the most divisive and polarizing figures in the country, a Trump-hating-kook-of-a-leftwing-Democrat who regularly lectures the rest of us about embracing socialized medicine and giving up our guns.  With Kimmel as host, what the Academy basically telling 50 percent of the country was to go watch something else. Which, apparently, many apparently including yours truly.

On top of insulting President Trump, as well as those who chose to vote for him, this Oscar telecast also promised to be a lecture in favor of gun control by a bunch of elitists protected by hundreds of armed guards and against sexual harassment by elitists who are either harassers or enablers. As the early ratings show, even Democrats were not interested in watching that kind of self-serving hypocrisy.

If Sunday night’s telecast signaled anything, though, it’s that Hollywood is going the same way as the state-controlled media, formerly known as the ‘mainstream’ media. With their ratings and credibility gone, and knowing they have lost Middle America forever, both institutions are blatantly and belligerently moving further and further to the left in the hopes of at least holding on to their base of support.

At a time when technology gives us entertainment choices beyond what anyone could have possibly imagined, the Hollyweird branch of entertainment consistently alienates one half of the U.S. population.  It represents the most idiotic move by the elites in an industry where revenue is a direct result of paying audiences.  Stupidity, arrogance and lack of intelligent judgement has never been so prevalent in any other industry.

My wife and I used to take in a movie a week and did so for years.  But these days after figuring the cost of the tickets, and the cokes-popcorn-candy it got to be about $40 bucks every time for just the two of us.  But we just got tired of all the leftwing rants a few years ago gave it up, and I’m now saving $160 a month.  So thank you Clooney, Hanks, De Niro, and all the rest!  You’ll never get another dime from me.

And you know, just where is it written that this is entertainment?  Hate, hate, hate, resist Trump, resist tax cuts, resist religion, confiscate everyone’s firearms, blah, blah, blah. The message of the left is self-destruction and I want none of it.  The truth is people do not like self-righteousness in any form, including the posturing and self-aggrandizing behavior of uneducated, self-absorbed ‘celebrities.’

Hollyweird doesn’t get it though. Quit trying to ram your politics down our throats, it is a form of intellectual and cultural rape and we are tired of it.  Sure, Americans don’t really care to watch those who “play make believe” for a living take part in what is nothing more than an orgy of self-congratulatory verbal masturbation while attacking and attempting to destroy the nation’s morals, standards, and culture.

Isn’t it ironic that while these hugely compensated stars are always in some awards show, the real heroes like our military, police, fire, and other first responders never get anywhere near these kinds of accolades.  I mean you have a group of people, these so-call celebrities, most of whom don’t even have a high school education.  And yet they somehow view themselves as being far more enlightened than the rest of us.


Gun Control 27

More often than not it’s typically a Democrat who will look you in the eye and tell you that it’s not YOUR gun that they’re wanting to take away.  But we’ve always had that little voice in the back of our mind telling us that that is all a bunch of bullshit!  And now comes a recent poll conducted by YouGov that supports what that little voice has been warning us about, well, forever.  Because it shows that Democrats largely favor taking away all guns, not just the ‘scary-looking’ ones.

In this particular survey, respondents across the political spectrum — Democrat, Republican, and Independent — were asked to show their favorability of banning semiautomatic weapons.  As was noted by HotAir in its coverage, the question was the all-inclusive “weapons,” not semiautomatic “assault rifles.”  Those answering might’ve thought this meant the latter but “weapons” would be inclusive of handguns, technically speaking.  Here are the results:


It should come as little or no surprise that is was 82 percent of Democrats who said that they favor banning “semiautomatic weapons,” with only 13 percent saying that they oppose such a move.  But what was most surprisingly is the fact that 25 percent of Republicans, or those who claimed to Republicans for the purpose of this poll, “strongly favor” banning them and 12 percent “somewhat” favor a ban.  Independents appeared to be a bit more evenly split.

The next question asked about banning all handguns, which wasn’t popular among Republicans or Independents. But Democrats seem to like the idea very much.  As you can see it was 44 percent of Democrats who said that they would be in favor of banning all handguns, proof, I guess you could say, that the party ultimately wants only the police and military to have weapons.  Now criminals will have them too, but not to worry, the police are just minutes away, right?


But even more worrisome is the question about repealing the Second Amendment, which actually sounds fantastic to 39 percent of the Democrats respondents to this poll.  All political categories strongly favored requiring mental health evaluations for gun purchases, which I too am in favor of, but what’s a stickler for me in that regard is how exactly “mental illness” might be defined.  And knowing Democrats as we all do, I worry that the definition would likely be quite broad.

A statement from YouGov said, “A majority of the public consistently has supported many gun control proposals: just over half in last week’s Economist/YouGov Polls say they want stricter gun laws in general,”  And they went on to say, “But support has not grown beyond that – until now. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, 61 percent say there should be stricter gun laws, up eight points in the last week.”  Likely because of the steady stream of anti-gun drivel from the media.

And when it comes to stricter gun laws and even repealing the Second Amendment, it seems that the youth of America are screaming louder than the adults who, sadly, know better.  And unfortunately, it seems to be working.  But should we really be all that surprised knowing as we do that our children stopped learning pretty much anything about our Constitution decades ago.  And these days it’s far more important to ‘teach’ them about ‘white privilege’ and how gay sex is ‘normal.’

It’s the gun control/confiscation elites who all live in gated communities/buildings with security that’s armed with GUNS.  They send their kids to private schools with resource officers who are again is armed with GUNS, and who would not be found cowering behind a car while children were dying inside.  And they work in buildings that also have guards armed with GUNS.  Meanwhile we little people must contend with in gun free zones and run the risk of being shot by some crazy.

Perhaps if schools were to start teaching history classes again, and not just American history, but the true history of Communism and Socialism as well, kids would have a greater respect for the rights they have and why it is that they have them. We fought wars to stop the spread of communism and then let it fester in our schools until they brainwashed all of our children into hating America, hating capitalism, hating freedom, and putting all their faith in an all-powerful government.

Take a good look at most of the people who vote Democrat. The Founding Fathers themselves would have banned their possession of weapons.  I strongly suspect that 80 percent of Democrats couldn’t tell you the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and a bazooka.  Liberal intolerance and demands do not require facts to be fully supported in our upside down society.  The left, which now controls the Democrat Party, demonizes ANYONE who dares to disagree with them.

And despite the denials of many anti-gun folks, banning has to mean confiscation. There’s no point in only preventing future firearm sales if there are 300 million firearms already in America.  We don’t need more gun laws.  All we need to do, just as in the case of our immigration laws, is to enforce the many laws already on the books.  It’s that regard that we need a lot less Democrats, as well as fewer RINOs, in Congress and we must keep that in mind come this November!

And finally, any doubt of the Democrat Party’s total lack of loyalty to America and its complete lack of patriotism was dispelled with this survey.  And anyone foolish enough to believe they will stop once they get done with the Second Amendment is dangerously naive.  The goal of the Democrat Party today is nothing short of complete dismantling of the Bill of Rights and trashing of the Constitution. These people have utter contempt for the Constitution and anyone who believes in it.


Schumer 29

You know, I’ve lost count of the number of times that I‘ve heard from those on the left about how it is that the Republicans want to turn back the clock.  Or the number of times that Democrats have accused conservatives and, more specifically, Republicans about how we’re wanting to return to slavery and other such nonsense.   But every time I turn around it’s those in Democrat Party who are the ones working so hard, and are so determined in their efforts, to turn back the clock.

It should go without saying that people, ALL people, should get jobs based solely on merit, not the color of their skin, their gender or even sexual persuasion.  But, then again, we have the Democrat Party whose members disagree with that sentiment right down to its very last member.   And nothing makes that more clear than Chuckie Schumer’s attempted justification for refusing to vote for President Trump judicial nominee Marvin Quattlebaum for no other reason than because he is white.

Said old Chuckie: “The nomination of Marvin Quattlebaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary. Quattlebaum replaces not one, but two scuttled Obama nominees who were African American.  As of February 14th, 83 percent of the President Trump’s confirmed nominees were male, 92 percent were white. That represents the lowest share of non-white candidates in three decades. It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents. Having a diversity of views and experiences on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.”

As it has been pointed out by those much more skillful than myself, race has been a bonus in other judicial nominations, such as when Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”  Isn’t justice supposed to be blind?  Colorblind seems like a pretty low bar. But then should we really be all that surprised?

But that said it was in spite of Chuckie’s best efforts that the Senate confirmed Judge Quattlebaum to the U.S. District Court in South Carolina by a vote of 69 to 28.  A fact that I’m sure that all but Chuckie and his fellow Democrats were glad to hear. Chuckie had whined about how the judge was taking the seat on a court left vacant after Republican senators halted two black nominees picked by Barry.  But as Barry was often quite fond of saying, ‘elections have consequences’.

As everyone remembers, again except the Democrats, it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said it best when he declared that a man should be judged on the content of his content of his character, the skill of his hands and the knowledge of his mind.  Democrats seem to have missed entirely the part about a person’s skin color.  So as a little reminder to them, how about this?  How about everyone just stop voting for any white Democrat.  That sounds pretty fair, right Chuckie?

Blacks make up 13 percent of our population. And according to a 2016 study by Richmond Law School, black judges (male and female) make up 12.3% of all existing federal judgeships.  And yet Chuckie somehow thinks that that is simply not sufficient.  He wants more black judges.  I thought the best man, or women, regardless of color was what’ fair.  Guess not!  Chuckie is once again caught in a lie.  But what else can sane adults expect from a Democrat ‘leader?’

Congress is 80 percent white and 80 percent male. How DARE the legislative branch be so racist and sexist!  Perhaps it’s time for white senators, like Chuckie, to step aside in the name of diversity!  And shame on both political parties that constantly place into their leadership positions white men and women, except on that rare occasion when a faux leadership position is created for the likes of ‘Little Jimmy’ Clyburn.  Chuckie is as big a phony as he is a crybaby.

Now suppose we were to apply Chuckie’s rather idiotic, and blatantly leftwing, logic to both the NBA and the NFL based on the notion that both have far too many black players.  And in using Chuckie’s logic we would start focusing more on making sure that more white players were permitted to enter into the league of their choice so that they too get an opportunity to make big bucks playing a kid’s game.  I mean it’s only fair right.  And above all else, it must be always be about what’s fair.