So riddle me this…why is it, exactly, that those on the left now appear so desperate for all of us to get one of these ‘vaccines?’ And I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s many of these very same people who should be the last ones, and I do mean the very last ones, that any of us should be lectured by especially when it comes to matters of our health. Because while they are busy chastising us regarding our ‘need’ to wear masks and to get vaccinated, they continue to see absolutely nothing wrong with allowing 1000s of unvaccinated, and untested, illegals to flood across our southern border every single day. So, do they really think we’re all that stupid? Apparently so!

But seriously, if there’s nothing that that quack Fauci can say to convince me that any of these vaccines are in any way safe, what makes any of these other loons think they can somehow coerce me into taking one? And then along comes some creep like Don Lemon who thinks that by simply calling us names he can shame us into getting vaccinated, but I’m afraid Don is barking up the wrong tree. You see it was Lemon who, on Thursday when handing his show over to Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, actually said that it was time to blame the “selfish” and “ignorant” unvaccinated for the coronavirus Delta variant surge. If Lemon is an expert on anything, it’s being ignorant.

In voicing his displeasure, Lemon said, “I don’t know if we can get this under control. We had the opportunity. None of this had to happen. Children didn’t have to get sick. If we didn’t let the virus to mutate and this variant to catch on, we could have had this under control. We were well on our way, and the only people you can blame, the only people you can blame — this isn’t shaming— the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated people have put us in the position we’re in now. And it is not a good place.” And it was then Cuomo who pipped and said, “We showed the numbers tonight. 37 percent of the unvaccinated are white Republicans. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

And it Lemon who continued by saying, “You have to be more direct. More concerted effort to say get vaccinated. You’re not just killing yourself. You’re going to kill other people. That’s what you have to start telling people. If you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t come into this office or this place of business. If you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t come into this gym. If you don’t get vaccinated, you can’t get on to this airplane. That has nothing to do with freedom. It has nothing to do with liberty. You don’t have the freedom and the liberty to put other people in jeopardy. You don’t have that. You have to drive the speed limit. You have to obey the rules.”

He added, “You have to have certain rules in society if we all are going to continue to live and keep each other alive. You cannot be that selfish and frankly, that ignorant.” Now I will admit that when it comes to knowing a thing or two about being ignorant few know as much about that subject than do either Lemon or Fredo. I have come to the conclusion that there is highly unlikely that there is a fully functioning braincell between them. Why else would they continue to spew the idiotic drivel that comes out of their mouths night after night after night? It is a very rare event when either one of them makes even a lick of sense. Just like they didn’t on Thursday night.

So there are two points that I would like to try to make here: First this ‘Chinese virus’ is far less than 1 percent lethal. The lockdowns and masks are simply meant to terrorize, to divide and to demoralize the population. They are WORTHLESS for any other reason, those who continue to demand that they be worn know it. Anyone who can read between the lines or has memories from the last year can very easily figure that out. Secondly, one of the reasons to continue to insist just how ‘deadly’ the ‘Chinese virus’ is, is to make it easier for Democrats to pull off what they did in the 2020 presidential election. Yes my friends, it all about politics, not public health.

And it’s Mr. Lemon who says, “You don’t have the freedom and the liberty to put other people in jeopardy. You don’t have that. You have to drive the speed limit. You have to obey the rules.” And he adds, “You have to have certain rules in society if we all are going to continue to live and keep each other alive. You cannot be that selfish and frankly, that ignorant.” I think it’s very important that these words be made to haunt Mr. Lemon the next time groups of rampaging Marxists are allowed to cause over one billion dollars in property damage and over 30 deaths courtesy of what will likely once again be described as “peacefully protesting.”

Also it’s ‘Fredo’ who tells us that, “We showed the numbers tonight. 37 percent of the unvaccinated are white Republicans. It doesn’t have to be like that.” Now I will be the first that math has never been my strong suit. But if 37 percent of the unvaccinated are white Republicans that’s not a majority of the unvaccinated. Who is it exactly that makes up the other 67 percent? Why do these pathetic little creeps keep blaming Republicans? I’d guess most of those unvaccinated are like myself who have had the virus and therefore have natural antibodies from having already had COVID. This crowd is nothing more than a bunch of sanctimonious whiners.

Odd that Lemon now seems so concerned about this virus, but too bad he wasn’t interested in telling the truth on his show in the early days of the virus. He could have supported President Trump when he wanted to close the border off to international travel or put some heat on Dr. Fauci when word started coming out about the lab origin. Or he could have even promoted the possible less costly and more effective treatments for the ‘Chinese virus’ that he and his colleagues in the ‘fake news’ media were so dead-set against. Lemon adamantly opposed the use of Hydroxychloroquine simply because, (God forbid!), President Trump suggested it’s use.

Lemon says face diapers for everyone and blame those who are skeptical about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines. And nothing stops a virus as effectively as calling people names and shaming them without knowing their circumstances. So how about this Don. There are roughly 35,000 new aids cases each year in the U.S. and almost all are gay men. So it’s obvious these gay men don’t care about their fellow humans or the they wouldn’t spread this disease. So perhaps the time has come for having all Aids carriers tattooed with a sign to warn the rest of us. They should not be allowed on planes, in schools or to work. What do you think Don? You freaking idiot!

As for myself I would like to see some form of proof that those elected officials and media types who claim to have gotten the vaccine actually did get it, and not just a jab of saline. Neither the federal nor state governments have the authority to order people what to put into their body or on their face. This is tyranny pure and simple, ordering people to inject poison into their bodies and to deny them their livelihoods, their basic human rights, and access to businesses. The vaccines and masks do not work. People are dying, developing all kinds of permanent side effects from injecting these ‘vaccines.’ And those on the left refuse to even address the side effects.


Let’s face it, we’re going to have very little chance of success when it comes to being able to salvage what’s left of our country if we’re going to be forced to contend with those on the inside who seem determined to work against us. Those who continue to willingly join forces with the enemy in an effort to do as much damage to the country as they possibly can, as quickly as it can be done. Of course, what I’m talking about here are the RINOs among us. Those that comprise the rather insidious and, dare I say, sinister sect of characters who tell us one thing when asking for our vote only to turn around and stab us in the back once they’ve been safely elected into office.

These same individuals gladly work with Democrats to advance what is nothing more than an ‘America Last’ agenda whenever the opportunity presents itself because it’s they who, just like the Democrats, hate this country. And it was once again that we recently had 18 Senate RINOs who sold out to Senate Democrats, with 17 of them voting Wednesday night to advance a $1.2 trillion Democrat “infrastructure” bill and another signaling that he would. The Senate voted to advance this legislation with a vote that featured RINO and Democrat support for the bill. The Senate voted 67-32 to invoke cloture on the bill, with seventeen RINOs voting in favor of advancing the bill.

The Senate RINOs who voted for this monstrosity included many familiar names and many of the usual suspects. And in so doing they once again that they turned their backs on the American people and voted for this Democrat $1.2 Trillion debacle. Those who took part in this travesty were: Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Shelley Moore Capito, Bill Cassidy, Mike Crapo, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Jim Risch, Mitt Romney, Thom Tillis, Todd Young, Chuck Grassley, John Hoeven, Kevin Cramer and last but not least, Susan Collins. And it was Mike Rounds who was absent but signaled that he would have voted yes to advance the legislation.

So am I now to understand that we now have a new, and somewhat unusual, way of doing the people’s business, one that we have members of both parties now choosing to vote to advance a piece of legislation that has not yet even been written? That’s just plain nuts! Although the $1.2 trillion bill will apparently contain provisions that would revitalize America’s roads and bridges, it will apparently also contain line items that will serve as leftist victories totaling over $220 Billion. And ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s White House has also claimed that the bill would help tackle “the climate crisis, and growing the economy sustainably and equitably for decades to come.”

President Trump also trashed Senate Republicans for dealing with the “so-called bipartisan” bill, saying, “Hard to believe our Senate Republicans are dealing with the Radical Left Democrats in making a so-called bipartisan bill on “infrastructure,” with our negotiators headed up by SUPER RINO Mitt Romney. This will be a victory for the Biden Administration and Democrats, and will be heavily used in the 2022 election. It is a loser for the USA, a terrible deal, and makes the Republicans look weak, foolish, and dumb. It shouldn’t be done. It sets an easy glidepath for Dems to then get beyond what anyone thought was possible in future legislation.”

And he went on to say, “It will be a continued destruction of our Country. Our Borders are horrible, crime is at an all-time high, taxes and inflation are going way up, the economy is going way down, and now this.” So you have to ask yourself just what is that would possess these RINOs to support a piece of legislation that has yet to be written? Worse than the Democrats are these RINOs because they pretend to be on your side right up until they betray you. The Democrats are able to do enough damage on their own without any help, and yet we continue to have those who are supposed to be on our side offering them aid and comfort. How insane is that?

It’s every election that we always hear the same lunacy, about how it’s better to vote for any Republican over any Democrat, and how many of us have continued to fall for that over the years. And where has THAT gotten us? Absolutely nowhere! We simply end up with a bunch of spineless wimps who continually sell our country down the river because they want to appear bi-partisan so that the ‘fake news’ media will like them. Never vote Democrat for any reason, but darn it, Republicans need to back more ‘America First’ candidates. We need term limits in the worst way. Especially for these dinosaurs who have spent a good part of their lives ruling over the rest of us.

Every last one of them should be immediately removed from office for defrauding the United States, lying under oath, lying during a campaign, and putting the country further into debt against the will of the vast majority of Americans, while continuing to deny what it is that we can plainly see taking place right in front of us. You think inflation is bad now? Allow these morons to pass this nightmare legislation. It’s time for the voters in the states that these RINOs call home to take action. They too must now grow a spine and stand up to these fraudulent conservatives and kick them to the curb in favor of those who will put America, and her people, above all else.  

As I mentioned earlier, what these dolts voted on is precisely, nothing. They can’t write it in later. What they wrote [nothing] is what they voted on [nothing], legally speaking. Unless Republicans propose the Trump budget of 2016 for infrastructure, they are deliberately defrauding their voters, and they are, quite literally, destroying our Constitution and our democratic process. And the sad thing is, they know it. Because that is why they have done everything they have been doing, for decades. If we are to have any hope for our country to survive for future generations, we the American people must now take matters into our won hands. This cannot continue!

These RINOs represent a serious threat to our freedoms and to our sovereignty. Voting to advance a non-existent piece of legislation? That’s crazy! And while I suppose it’s great that these RINOS have now unmasked themselves, there are still many more still hiding in the shadows, pretending to be something they are not. Most of whom need money and votes for 2022. They will unmask once they have secured re-election. I wish more people understood that very few Republicans are who they claim to be. With luck there will come a day when they will all be exposed. As I’ve said before the RINOs represent a far greater threat to this country than do even the Democrats.


When it comes to Liz Cheney, it has been since the first day she first arrived in Congress, back in 2017, that several things should have by now become painfully obvious, even to the folks back home. First and foremost is the fact that she is very clearly another of those who we commonly referred to as a Republican-In-Name-Only, otherwise known as a RINO. And as such it is also now very obvious that she is in up to her neck in ‘The Swamp.’ And it has always been very clear that she has some sort of vendetta against the man who, as president, demonstrated a great love for his country and a desire to make it a better place for ALL who live here.

During an appearance on Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” hosted by Jake Tapper, it was Cheney who said she believed Republicans denying the severity of the January 6 Capitol riot and former President Trump’s responsibility in it were “shameful.” Tapper said, “One of the things I find so troubling about all of this is you and Adam Kinzinger, and others are saying that they tried to steal the election, these MAGA forces tried to steal the election once, and they’re going to try again. And we don’t hear Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise say, ‘no, no, no, we would never do that again.’ There is zero attempts at reassuring people that what you are suggesting is not true.”

Cheney said, “Look, in some ways, I think it’s actually even worse than that, Jake. I think that we’re in a situation where the people that you mentioned seem to view this as some sort of a partisan political game. And as every American who watched saw this morning, this is really deadly serious. And as the chairman said, we didn’t have a peaceful transfer of power. We had an insurrection. Today you had Republican members of Congress actually protesting in front of the Justice Department on behalf of the people who were here and who had been arrested because they participated in the riot and in the insurrection. That’s a stunning and indefensible turn of events.”

Tapper said, “That was going on, on one end of Washington. On the other end on Capitol Hill, the strategy from House Republican leaders McCarthy, Scalise, Stefanik was to counter the committee hearing with their press conference where their basic message was Speaker Pelosi is to blame.” And after playing a video from the press conference, Tapper asked, “What’s your reaction when you hear them try to blame Pelosi for an insurrection incited and inspired and even directed in some ways by Donald Trump?” Cheney said, “If I were saying the things that you just played, I’d be deeply ashamed of myself. What happened is absolutely clear.”

Cheney then went on to say, “We had, as we heard this morning, just intolerable cruelty, a mob that was assembled by President Trump, was provoked by him. He lit the flame for what happened. We’ve seen that not just in the speech on the ellipse but throughout. What this committee needs to understand is exactly what the details were of the planning and the financing. But for anybody to be suggesting that somehow he wasn’t responsible, I think it’s shameful.” And then she added, “I think Leader McCarthy is continuing to demonstrate that he views this as some sort of a political game. It’s not a game, and it’s deadly serious.”

Cheney concluded, “If we accept what happened on January 6th, if we accept what people, my colleagues are saying that we should somehow look at this as a bunch of tourists, they are trying to whitewash it, ignore it. If we go down that path, then we really are abandoning the rule of law, and we are abandoning what is one of the most fundamental elements of our republic, which is the peaceful transfer of power. I know that there are millions of people around this country who won’t let that happen, who will stand up and do what’s right and reaffirm our commitment to our constitution.” So are we to believe she’s committed to our Constitution? Seriously?

First elected in 2016 it was nearly right out of the gate that Cheney made it known that she was not much of a fan of the new Republican President and it was soon after that that things only proceeded to go further downhill from there. To the point where she has recently been called out as being nothing more than a ‘Pelosi Republican,’ a moniker that she both rightly deserves and is rather fitting. And it was just yesterday that I’m quite sure that Cheney made the folks back more than a little proud when she chose to once again get on her little soapbox in typical Liz Cheney fashion and left absolutely no doubt about which side it is that she’s truly on.

You see it was on the same day that Cheney appeared with Tapper, that she essentially dropped all pretense of who, and what, she really is by choosing to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Democrats and against the American people. She did so by issuing what was a rather nauseating rant from her seat there on Pelosi’s hastily assembled ‘bipartisan’ kangaroo court, the purpose of which, or so we are told, is to ‘investigate’ the events of January 6. Personally, to me it sounded much more like she was perhaps auditioning for a gig on either CNN or perhaps MSDNC. This woman is worse than any Democrat. She is nothing more than a backstabbing traitor.

For Pete’s sake, cry me a river. Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media, but I repeat myself, only call it insurrection when it goes against their interests. When Minneapolis was burning, when Portland was hosting riots for 100 straight nights, when police officers were getting attacked all over the country last summer, Democrats and the media called it “mostly peaceful” and chalked it up to justifiable outrage over the George Floyd killing. So I think it’s hilarious that the dainty Democrats and their RINO and media allies suddenly decided to care about rowdy citizen protests when it was their own election fraud on the line and their own ivory towers getting shook.

So go for it, kiddies. Take your best shot. But out here in real America, nobody gives a flying fart about your latest pathetic attempt to sling mud at President Trump and the millions of us who continue to support him and will gladly vote for him again 2024. Look, ANY Republican who will attack other Republicans is going to be pretty popular on CNN, MSNDC or anywhere else out in the world of ‘fake news.’ We are all quite familiar with who they are. Folks with names Kasich, Romney, Portman, Cassidy to name just a few of those RINOs who are routinely welcomed on any leftist ‘news’ show whenever in need of a ‘Republican’ eager to slam his, or her, own party.

First, this was not an insurrection, because no government business was actually taking place. The ‘certification’ of the Electoral College vote is a ceremonial function. You can’t grab the vote box and run out screaming, “I’m in charge now!” Second, when 30,000 members of the teacher’s union and their associated useful idiots descended on the state house in Madison, Wisconsin blocking legislators from doing their job Democrats were totally fine with that. Apparently, that’s not an insurrection. And when BLM riots killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars in damages what did the Democrats do other than to give these people a pass?

Look, the Democrats, those in the ‘fake news’ business and those who choose to support both, can continue to pretend, until the cows come home, these protesters on January 6 were there for an insurrection but, in reality, the logic just doesn’t support their many claims. But Cheney and the Democrats have no interest in logic, but in portraying the events of January 6 as only they saw them. And they have convinced themselves that if they can only repeat the lie long enough and with the support of their many friends in the ‘fake news’ media they will eventually succeed in convincing enough Americans that their version of events is the correct one.


It would seem that the many on the left in this country, whether in government, the ‘fake news’ media, academia or anywhere else, are now very desperate in their effort to acquire more and more control over what is taking place in this country. Take for instance some bimbo by the name of Margaret Hoover who, during an appearance on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” this past Sunday, actually called for the government to require patients receiving public health care, including Veterans Affairs care, to be vaccinated for coronavirus. She used that example to show how the government should make life “almost impossible” for the unvaccinated.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this flaming nutjob, Hoover hosts ‘Firing Line’ on taxpayer subsidized Public Broadcast System (PBS). She also said, “If you are going to get government-provided health care, if you’re getting VA treatment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, anything, and Social Security, obviously, isn’t health care, you should be getting the vaccine, OK, because you’re going to have to — we’re — we are going to have to take care of you on the backend. So there are a lot of things we can do without calling it a mandate but to just make it almost impossible for people to — to live their lives without being protected and protecting the rest of us.”

Now, she didn’t bother to explain what would happen to unvaccinated patients who required emergency care in public health systems, nor did she bring up how illegal aliens are entering this country with NO examinations. And, of course, Hoover’s comment was seconded by Rahm ‘Never Let A Good Crisis To Waste’ Emanuel. And I’m sure you’ll remember that it was Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel Emanuel, who was one of the main architects of Obamacare, and championed the individual mandate, forcing Americans to buy health insurance. And it was also Ezekiel Emmanuel who once said that no one over the age of 75 should receive any sort of healthcare.

Emanuel added that just as children have to show proof of immunization for common childhood diseases upon entering school, Americans should now have to show such proof in order to gain access to public services including healthcare. He admitted that “30 percent of the medical profession not vaccinated,” calling it “an unbelievable wrong example.” When did panelists on a second-rate ‘news’ show become health experts qualified to say who should be vaccinated? I’ll ask the question again, has anyone ever see a vaccine program rolled out like this? Where ‘Democrats-only’ work to punish those individuals who wish to choose for their own body? I sure haven’t.

But it has been in all of my nearly 70 years of life that I have never seen any vaccine program weaponized for ‘political use’ in this manner. These folks don’t give a damn about your health or public safety. Only about ‘obedience.’ The general messaging coming out of Washington, the ‘fake news’ media, academia, and an uncomfortable number of private businesses across the country, is that a disease with a 99.97% recovery rate for otherwise healthy people under 50-years-old must now influence every action that we take in our lives. Are compulsory vaccines that are totally untested, totally unnecessary and totally dangerous, now coming to America?

And suddenly, just like that, non-medical news ‘analysts and on-air personalities’ on corporate-led American ‘news’ outlets are giving medical advice. That after real doctors and the rest of us have been silenced or censored. And with very little push-back. Have Americans been trained like performing circus seals or what? So much for ‘my body, my choice,’ I will never take the jab. By the way, Medicare is mandated by the government at age 65, and we have no choice on that since insurance companies are banned from selling health insurance policies to anyone that is 65 or older. ABC’s communistic panelist Margaret Hoover can take her Totalitarianism and shove it.

These big government and nanny state types, like this moron Hoover and leftist loon Emanuel, have absolutely NO qualms whatsoever when it comes lying to us regarding anything to do with this fake scamdemic, fake virus, and fake ‘vaccines.’ So it only makes sense to lie right back to them. If anyone asks you if you’ve been vaccinated, you just smile and say, “Yup!”  My personal healthcare is nobodies’ business. Next they will take our hard-earned social security away from us that we contributed to all our lives, unless we agree to take that dangerous experimental jab that has now killed 45,000 people. So, Ms. Hoover needs to peddle her crap elsewhere.

There were 80,000 deaths from the flu in 2017 yet no one suggested withholding benefits from anyone who didn’t get a flu shot. Every statistic available shows U.S. COVID deaths to be .1% of those who become infected. Why are people going so absolutely crazy over this? When it was once suggested that people receiving benefits like food stamps, welfare, SNAP, Medicare, or subsidized housing take regular drug testing to prove they are not taking illegal drugs, those like Ms. Hoover went completely apoplectic. Social Security is not a benefit; I gave the government an interest-free loan and am finally getting the money returned that is owed to me.

Also, military retirement pay and healthcare is not a benefit; I gave 24 years of my life in support and defense of this country. So what’s next, does this bitch also support military retirement pensions be withheld if a retiree declines the vaccine? Where does this socialist insanity end? And VA medical care is something that was earned, but if it can be suspended, why not suspend retirement pay until a retiree complies? What about IRS tax refunds? Does she also support suspending them as well until the unvaccinated capitulate? Just where is it that these fascists are willing to draw the line, or is there simply no line to be drawn? As I said, this is insanity!

And unless we rein in this insanity how long might it be before they will be coming after lifestyle choices? They have been doing it for decades to a limited degree. Seatbelt laws, helmet laws, anti-smoking campaigns and laws and taxing sugary drinks. When we agreed to these, we opened the door for it all. And it’s strange, don’t you think, how those receiving Social Security benefits and VA healthcare should be forced to get the jab but there’s no mention of those who refuse to work because they make more money on the scamdemics enhanced unemployment benefits or those who continue to be welfare or those on food stamps also get in line for the jab.

And just why is it that the government is so anxious to get the vaccine into everyone’s body? It certainly is NOT due to any overwhelming concern for public health. Despite the hysteria generated by those in the ‘fake new’ media, the Democrat Party as well as those in the entertainment business, it’s important to remember that they all have an ulterior motive. And the BS is getting pretty deep and all we continue to hear is the very same ‘talking points’ coming from multiple sources. That means it is all a coordinated propaganda campaign. And not wanting to sound like a conspiracy nut but it makes me suspect that there is a more sinister reason for pushing these vaccines.

Believing any of the nonsense about the ‘Chinese virus’ coming from anyone on the left gives being simply naïve a whole new meaning. All of this hysteria has virtually nothing to do with concerns over public health. And if you’re one of those who thinks this is about something other than trying to control the masses, then you’re a moron. And the closer we get to the next election I guarantee that it will be loons like this Hoover bimbo who will be screeching all that much louder and doing their best ‘Chicken Little’ impersonations regarding how we’re all going to die and it’s all the fault of those who refuse to surrender themselves and take this shot. But I refuse!


At what point, exactly, does anyone think that it will finally dawn on ‘Dr.’ Fauci that anyone with a brain is simply no longer listening to a single thing that he says? Apparently, he has yet to grasp the fact that it’s with those folks that he no longer has even a lick of credibility. And, in truth, he really has no one but himself to blame for that. I mean, seriously, we’ve been listening to this guy for over a year and a half and how many times, during that same period of time, has his story changed? But that hasn’t hindered his continued appearances on the LOL ‘news’ networks where he’s invited on to spew his nonsense that’s now ignored by a majority of Americans.

And it was yet again, just today, that Fauci appeared yet again on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by Jake ‘Mr. Fake News’ Tapper, where he said that mask mandates for vaccinated Americans was “under active consideration.” Tapper said, “Sources are telling CNN that top health officials are weighing whether to revise mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans. Are you part of those conversations? If so, what are you advising? Do you think masks should be brought back for vaccinated Americans? Fauci answered saying, “You know, Jake, this is under active consideration. If you’re asking, am I part of the discussion? Yes, I am.”

And we went on to say, “But I think what you are seeing, even though as of our conversation at this moment, the CDC still says and recommends that if you are vaccinated fully, that you do not need to wear a mask indoors. However, if you look at what’s going on locally in the trenches, in places like L.A. County, the local officials have the discretion, and the CDC agrees with that ability and discretion capability to say, you know, you’re in a situation where we’re having a lot of dynamics of infection. Even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask.” I mean, isn’t that like admitting that taking the vaccine is pretty much pointless?  

Anyway, Fauci continued by saying, “That’s a local decision that’s not incompatible with the CDC’s overall recommendations that give a lot of discretion to the locals.” And he went on toad, “And we’re going to seeing that in L.A. We’re seeing it in Chicago. We’re seeing that in New Orleans because the officials there, many of them are saying even if you’re vaccinated, it’s prudent to wear a mask indoors. That’s a local decision.” There’s so very little that this guy says that actually makes any sense. It’s in one breath that he demands that we adhere to the ‘science, and it’s the very next breath that he seems to abandon that very same ‘science.’

So yes, by all means, we MUST keep the hoax alive, after all, there’s a midterm election rapidly approaching. You see, the Democrats need the excuse of a ‘pandemic resurgence’ to explain why the ‘Biden Economic Miracle’ has been such a disaster. Sadly, you would have to be a complete moron to think that this is any longer about public health or the saving of humans. It’s become painfully obvious that this is all about control, discipline and punishment, and it always has been. The vaccine has only succeeded in making it worse, the virus reinvents itself. We would have been far better off with natural herd immunity. Sure people died, but that happens every day.

Fauci is a narcissist, with a textbook case of ‘Little Man’ syndrome with a touch of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ I think Fauci is clearly angry over the fact that Sen. Rand Paul had the audacity to challenge him and his flip-flop approach to dealing with a virus with a survivability rate in excess of 98%. If the vaccines are so great then the FDA would approve them and we wouldn’t need to be frog marched to the needle. You wanna be a lab rat, go ahead, as for me, my body my choice. And remember it was the Democrats who were warning people not to take any of the vaccines that President Trump was involved with. The same vaccines we’re told we need today.

And honestly, if ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. was genuinely interested in controlling this virus wouldn’t they be stopping those at the border bringing it in? But they have not, and they did not MANDATE the vaccine as part of any entry. And there’s a REASON for that. And can anyone who supports the nonsense that Fauci continues to peddle explain to me how it helps the American people to be forced to mask up and lock down when our current regime in Washington DC is allowing hundreds of thousands of maskless, uneducated, unskilled, disease ridden illegal migrants to steadily flow into our country before then bussing, and/or flying, them all across the country.

One million non-vaccinated people coming across the border this year and none are tested before being sent out to cities all across the nation, no wonder Covid is on the rise. And yet I’m the one who poses a threat to the vaccinated because I refuse to take the shot? Seriously? If the Democrats want to jab people so badly then let them start with these illegal invaders, before then sending them back. Either the ‘science’ applies to everyone equally or it applies to no one, just as equally. ‘Science’ isn’t selective, it applies to all, or it applies to no one. And it is on that that those like Fauci need to decide before anything that the say can, or should, be taken seriously.

And ask yourself this, why push a vaccination that so very clearly doesn’t work? I mean, if the thing worked, then you wouldn’t have to mask up again, right? In fact, if it worked, a vaccinated person wouldn’t have to care whether anyone else in the room was vaccinated or not. Unless, of course, Fauci and the other leftists have an agenda that has nothing to do with the ‘Chinese virus.’ There is no ‘science’ or logic to any of this. The ‘Delta variant’ that we’re now supposed to be so terrified of is conferring herd immunity on India. It causes mild, if any symptoms. The ‘Covidian’ fascists like Fauci only serve to invite violence with their endless war on freedom.

Fauci said, “You know, Jake, this is under active consideration. If you’re asking, am I part of the discussion? Yes, I am part of the discussion.” But unless he’s come up with a shred of credible evidence that refutes the overwhelming body of credible evidence that says masks do more harm than good, then there shouldn’t be ANY discussion. He knows it, and millions of us know damn well that he knows it. So once again, he’s gaslighting fools and enabling tyrants with pseudoscientific nonsense. And you should also know that the clown ‘misinformation’ projections emanating from DC aren’t fooling anyone with an ounce of critical thinking skills. Just a friendly reminder.

It’s now very clear that Fauci collaborated with the Communist Chinese in Wuhan to create the COVID virus, and he even funded them to the tune of roughly six million dollars. He was complicit in the creation of this virus, he’s not trying to cure it. What he’s so desperately trying to do now is to cover up his own involvement. Hence the reaction we saw from him when questioned by Sen. Paul last week. Bioweapons development is illegal in the U.S. per international treaty, which is why Fauci carried out his research in Communist China. And the Chinese were all too happy to go along with it and accept U.S. dollars. And now four million people are dead from COVID-19.

And on a more personal level, I will start taking this so-called pandemic seriously when the current administration decides that it too will take it seriously. As I mentioned earlier, if they were serious about it they would shut down the border to illegal aliens who have not been vaccinated and who are Covid positive instead of taking them in and shipping them to points all across the country. And I dare anyone to say that this administration is taking the pandemic seriously while they continue to allow this to happen. Who in their right mind can actually be surprised that Los Angeles and Los Angeles County are seeing a rise in Covid infections?

And finally, you’ll notice how this control never seems to end. That’s only because it’s intentional and has nothing to do with public health. People in the U.S. and globally, are being corralled, manipulated, controlled and experimentally vaccinated by those bent on making people surrender their own personal freedoms and God-given rights, like no other time in history. This is shear globalist madness at work and MUST NOW be stopped in its tracks before we as citizens become nothing more than ‘subjects’ of oppressive totalitarian governments presently being put together to rule over us. RESIST THEM! RESIST THEM WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!!


As I have said before, the greatest obstacle blacks in America face in being able to live the American dream are…black Democrat politicians. These people are black racists, pure and simple. They lie, they incite hate, they work to build false narratives and then parrot them until the other black racists believe their racist nonsense. It is black, racist, Socialist Democrats, along with those in the ‘fake news’ media and an ‘educational’ system that has become nothing more than an efficient brainwashing apparatus that are destroying OUR Republic and is actively trying to kill us, us being white people. I’m done with this crap, the time has come to call a Spade a Spade.

Which brings me to Friday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by that racist dolt, Joy Reid. You see, it was then that Rep. Hank Johnson made the argument that “these folks are trying to kill us right now as far as our right to vote. They’re trying to kill our democracy,” and this moron then proceeded to urge people “confront this evil that is right there in front of our face and is ready to choke us to death unless we can show that we’re not going to lay down and let it happen, we’re actually going to seize control. This is our country. We built this country.” This is the same sort of drivel that Johnson has become quite famous for spewing.

And Johnson then went on to say, “I remain hopeful that this administration, Joe Biden, President, will come to his senses, get away from the sentimentalism of the past of how the Senate used to work and how the members used to consort with each other and work things out over a drink and a cigar. Those days are long over. You know, these folks are trying to kill us right now as far as our right to vote. They’re trying to kill our democracy, and no amount of organizing can overcome the wrongfulness of suppressing votes in a democracy.” To say Johnson is absolutely clueless would be an understatement, but we shouldn’t be surprised.

And he said, “We either have a democracy or we don’t, and if everyone can’t vote in this country, if some can’t vote because of their race, then this is not a true democracy. So, we’re actually in a fight, Tiffany, for democracy. It’s being attacked by those who would take away our vote and it’s wrong, and we can’t stand for it.” He added, “I don’t know if enough people understand the danger that we are in. Your last segment about abortion and how the only people who will, in a new medieval society that they seek to impose upon us, the only people who will be able to have freedom over their bodies are white women because they have money.”

And he continued by saying, “Any time only people who are light-skinned, white, are able to vote in this country, I mean, these are — these subjects are the immediate threats to us, I mean, to everyone. And if everyone does not start feeling a sense of urgency about taking some action, and that’s why I’m so happy to be with LaTosha today. Because she’s a woman of action. She takes action. Yesterday, I was able to take some action to come out of my comfort zone, but it’s going to take more than Hank Johnson and LaTosha Brown and Joyce Beatty and others to come out of their comfort zones and to confront this evil that is right there in front of our face.”

And he claimed that this same evil “is ready to choke us to death unless we can show that we’re not going to lay down and let it happen, we’re actually going to seize control. This is our country. We built this country. And so, nobody has a claim to it bigger and better than us. And so, it’s up to us now to save this country, if not just for ourselves, but for our fellow man.” It’s important to keep in mind that Johnson is the same idiot who once asked if Guam would capsize. What’s truly sad is that he said that 10 years ago and so has been re-elected five times since, which doesn’t say much for the intelligence of those folks who reside there in his congressional district.

This guy may very well qualify as one of the dumbest ever politicians. Johnson is also the same idiot that still supports abortion and the 20 million brown babies that were thrown into the garbage before they were born, or were sold off in parts. Not only that, but of those 20 million fetuses, of which 10 million would’ve been female, could have produced three humans each over the span of two generations since their brainwashed self-induced slaughter that began in the 1970s. That’s 60 more million on top of the 20 million that were aborted–and he still supports that but is worried that it’s the Republicans who are trying to terminate his ‘kind.’

Democrats still can’t produce one single name of any eligible voter that can’t vote due to voter suppression, not one. It simply doesn’t exist. But then suppression for Democrats means not being allowed to vote more than once. So we again have black folks on a panel talking about how racist and suppressed they are. You need an ID to do anything in this country and voting should be at the top of that list! And they want to seize control, really? They stole an election with the help of whitey. Thank God for the first Republican President, no telling where black folks would be today were it not for him! But that’s all ancient history, no need to bring any of that up. No way!!!

Democrats are the ones pushing for an authoritarian government and working as hard as they can to strip from us our constitutional rights. And it has become remarkably clear just how much they hate this country and working-class Americans. They are also white hating racists who are doing everything possible to further divide Americans by skin color and wealth in their effort for total and complete control of the population. They want the power to arbitrarily arrest people at will. The Democrats are not on our side and those who think they are safe because they are registered Democrats and vote Democrat aren’t any safer than the rest of us.

There’s never any discussion about how it’s the evil white man who’s always left as being the one made to pay for rebuilding their shitholes, only to have them burn it down again and again every ten years, or so. They’re like spoiled children, everything you give them they destroy and never appreciate. Nothing is ever good enough, give me more and more and more and for no other reason than because I’m black. There is much talk from these same clowns about the myth of “white privilege,” something as a 69 year-old white guy I’ve yet to experience. I’ve had to work for everything I’ve gotten over the course of my life. Most Blacks aren’t willing to work for anything.

Johnson, who has the IQ of a grape, sounds more than just a bit ‘incendiary’ to me. I hope he’s on a few domestic intelligence agencies’ watchlists. Who “seizes control” of a country? Democratic citizens? I hate to tell him but the 16 percent will not control the other 65 percent of us. They want you to think that, but it’s all just another Jedi mind trick. But wouldn’t it be great if they seized control of their own welfare communities and decided to finally clean up the gun violence, stopped having illegitimate children, put fathers back in the home and took pride in working. Most seem to take some level of pride in the fact they’ve never had a job in their life.

And notice how it is that the corrupt communist Democrat fraud machine was nowhere near as concerned about our Constitutional Republic during the entire eight years that ‘BO’ was in the White House. He was elected TWICE on a fake ‘racism guilt trip’ because most Americans were simply too afraid to NOT vote for he who would go on to become the nation’s first black president. And now we’re seeing the consequences of giving these corrupt communist con artists any sort of authority in the running of our country. We have allowed the enemy inside our own home to burn and steal our stuff while pretending we’re the ones violating THEM.

It’s the communist Democrat Party that wants us to believe the Constitution that was ratified by in 1788 is no longer applicable 233 years later. And that, as such, it is failed document because it prevents THEM from seizing power and taking possession of everyone’s personal lives. I’m beginning to wonder if most Democrat voters even realize they’re communists themselves, let alone the evil fraud their own party is attempting to perpetrate essentially WITH their permission. Look, if you’re not smart enough to get a driver license and cannot afford the price of a free state ID, then you truly are too stupid to be voting or being let out of your home by yourself.

Johnson says this is OUR country! WE built this country! WE will seize control! As opposed to this country belonging to us all. As opposed to everyone who has actually worked hard and honestly to provide for their families and obey the law to build the American Dream? As opposed to everyone who only voted ONCE and provided an ID to prove who they are and that they were an eligible voter? Just what control does this idiot plan on seizing? Did he just let the proverbial “cat out of the bag” on what Democrats plan to do? Is this really the kind of politician that the Democrats should be hanging their hats on? What a FREAK SHOW we now live in.

And it’s not a single one of these hacks that can explain exactly how they won’t be able to vote. Johnson says this country belongs to us, and the so called ‘journalist’ says we built this country for free. Excuse me, but my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and they shed blood, sweat and tears to make a foothold on this land. Johnson and those like him are delusional and severely lacking in their knowledge of our history. What you have here is RACE BAITING in what is it’s purest form. Stir the pot and stir up the uneducated into a frenzy. But then this is now the stock-in-trade of today’s Democrat Party, as well as of the ‘fake news’ media that supports them.


Is there anyone, other than myself, who’s not really all that surprised that it was only about 1.5 million, out of the 81 million we’re constantly being told voted for him, that bothered to tune in to watch ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s recent little town hall get together brought to you by CNN, aka the LOL news network. But to be honest, I don’t suppose that that really matters in the big scheme of things, after all the Democrats achieved what had been their goal since Election Day 2016. That being the removal of Donald Trump as President. And while Democrats were not able to get Hitlery into the White House, they were able to cheat old ‘Creepy Joe’ into the Oval Office.

And just how did they do that? Well, it was courtesy of the most massive exercise in electoral cheating ever carried out in this country. And so what the Democrats now have is free rein to kick their effort to destroy this country into warp drive. So what we’re seeing here is yet another example of how, for the Democrats, the end always justifies the means. The Democrats couldn’t care less about how many people tuned in to watch. If we’re being honest, the Democrats are likely quite happy that more people didn’t watch. Because according to what I read about the event *president ‘Creepy Joe’ spent nearly the entire time with his foot firmly in his mouth.

So as I mentioned earlier, the town hall put on by CNN with *president ‘Creepy Joe’ failed to shake up cable ratings on Wednesday night as the LOL network sat in the shadows of both Fox News and MSNBC for primetime hours. The town hall, which was moderated by resident CNN doofus Don Lemon and garnered just a little more than half the amount of the total viewers Fox News had at the same time, finishing third in ratings for Wednesday night, falling just behind MSNBC. According to Deadline, which reported on the latest ratings from Nielsen, CNN’s town hall drew in 1.46 million viewers between 8:00 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. as ‘Creepy Joe’ spoke in Cincinnati.

During that same 74-minute time frame on Wednesday, Fox News received an average of 2.76 million viewers for Tucker Carlson Tonight and a portion of Hannity, which was putting on a town hall event with Florida Republicans, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar to discuss the Cuban protests. MSNBC, with a slight edge over CNN, saw an average of 1.47 million viewers for ‘All In’ with Chris Hayes and the first part of The Rachel Maddow Show. For primetime viewership on Wednesday, Fox News dominated across the board with an average of 2.36 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.63 million and CNN’s 1.28 million.

If there was ever a president that should have the 25th Amendment, section 3 invoked it is ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. For crying out, his cognitive equivalency is roughly the equivalent of a cadaver, with the cadaver coming out on top. Unreal!! Our country is doomed with him at the wheel. ‘Creepy Joe’ is clearly experiencing significant mental decline. This isn’t really anything to be happy about. I want every person to watch this idiot and to at least try to understand him. He talked about secret police. Taking away the First and Second Amendments. Who wants to watch a catatonic, drooling doddering old man who can’t even string together a coherent sentence?

And since so few witnessed this spectacle of a doddering, demented old fool on full display, few will demand that ‘Creepy Joe’ be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. But look, ignorant Democrats couldn’t care less that ‘Creepy Joe’ is a bumbling boob. They love that he’s an empty vessel and can fill him up with whatever it is that they want. And few care about what the old fool says because few actually voted for him. Let’s not misunderstand the apparent dismal ratings: the majority of ‘Creepy Joe’s voters, responsible for his unprecedented victory, didn’t participate in the ratings because they don’t have a television, because they’re dead!

Nobody wants to listen to the sad random mutterings of a guy losing his marbles further by the day. Yet they want us to believe that ‘Creepy Joe’ won the presidency. Out of the millions of eligible voters in this country, not even 2 million could be bothered to watch. And why would anyone want to tune into a ‘news’ program that actively lies. They’ve become the primary propaganda outlet for the Democrats. Then they bring on our demented “liar-in-chief” who lectures us on the democracy and the Constitution and how to be good Americans all the while he continues to sell out our country to the highest bidder. The American people must wake up, and soon!

And normally, consistently poor ratings brings about a reshuffling of the deck or at worst, the bad performing shows gets canned. This is clearly not the case for these leftwing news outlets, despite the fact that people are showing they are clearly not interested in what it is that they are selling. Those who are bankrolling these shows are apparently not concerned by these dismal numbers either. But then I suppose when the objective is nothing more than to keep attacking President Trump and to continually blame him and his millions of supporters for anything and everything, they are quite happy to lose money. Again, the end always justified the means.

Haters of President Trump don’t care. It’s just the cost of getting him out of office, the country be damned. What worries me is how much more they might be willing to let the country suffer in order to keep the Democrats in power. People are getting killed and the middleclass is being destroyed all because voters who should have known better, couldn’t pull their petty heads out of their asses long enough to figure out what would happen if ‘Creepy Joe was to get elected. They just can’t bring themselves to conflate the misery we are experiencing with how they voted, so they really aren’t looking too closely at ‘Creepy Joe’s utter disaster of a presidency.

And yes, we all agree that ‘Creepy Joe’ was installed courtesy of well-organized and massive fraud in several states. But at the same time where were our supposed Republican leaders and why did they run from calling out what it was that actually occurred in the 2020 election. Where are our supposed Republican Senators and Representatives? There have been some grandstanding by a few when in front of the camera, but once out of range of the nearest camera or microphone it’s something entirely different. This is why we are In deep trouble, our elected leaders have failed and/or frauded us. No money to the GOP, no support for “their” candidates.


There’s line in the 1999 movie, ‘The Mummy’ in which Evie tells Beni, “You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.” And I’m thinking that it’s that very same line that would now seem to be very appropriate whenever discussing that nasty little fellow, Anthony Fauci. I mean it certainly didn’t take very long, after having his ass chewed by Senator Rand Paul, for old Tony to scurry off with his tail between his legs as he desperately went in search for a friendlier venue, and more sympathetic ear, to argue how it is that someone of his importance should never be subjected to the “slanderous” accusations directed at him by Senator Rand Paul.  

And exactly where was it, you might ask, that Fauci’s search for the aforementioned friendlier venue took him? Why, where else but to MSDNC. And it was this past Wednesday during an appearance on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by Ari Melber, that old ‘Doc’ Tony took the opportunity to complain that Senator Paul was nothing less than “slanderous” when asked about their rather heated exchange during a Tuesday Senate hearing. Host Ari Melber said, “We saw your clash with Senator Paul. For those of us who covered you and listened to you, a major contrast to most of your public speaking. What was so important or concerned you about that?

And it was then that Melber then went on to ask, “Do you think people listened to what Dr. Rand Paul or what Tucker Carlson was saying and act on it? They may be increasing their risk of getting COVID or getting hurt?” Fauci responded by saying, “My response is, you know, I don’t any take great pleasure, Ari, in clashing with the senator. I have a great deal of respect for the institution of the Senate of the United States. But he was completely out of line. He totally distorted reality. And he made some inflammatory, and I believe, slanderous remarks about lying under oath, which is completely nonsense.” “Completely nonsense!” says the liar Fauci.

And Fauci added, “I mean, and some of the things he says are so distorted, and out of tune with reality, I had to call him on that. I didn’t enjoy it, but I had to do that because he was completely out of line. Totally inappropriate.” This is exactly the type of doublespeak we’ve come to expect from political operatives. And make no mistake that’s all Fauci really is. And yet it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media, like this clown Melber, who continue to tout Fauci as being some great scientific mind without whom we would have never survived the ‘scamdemic’ and if we are to have any hoping of making it out alive we must take heed of everything he tells us to do.

But I do have a question for our esteemed Dr. Fauci. If he truly does feel that Senator Paul “slandered” him, then he should sue. But I think even he realizes that his case would likely get laughed out of court, and in what would likely be pretty short order. But look, he has no intention of suing anyone if for no other reason than because more of what he’s so desperate to keep hidden would all be made to come out. It really is disgusting how these people, who are absolute criminals, continue to get away with their crimes against humanity and against our children, but then when the inmates are the ones in charge of running the asylum can we expect anything else?

I think we can all agree that Fauci, who is now 80 years old, should have retired 20 years ago, so why didn’t he? My personal belief is he is a narcissistic control freak with a God complex. Fauci should be in prison for mass murder and his finances should be scrutinized with a fine-tooth comb for any improprieties, especially for any connections to the Chinese Communist Party. But such things as that are reserved for President Trump. The truth of the matter is that Fauci is simply practicing that age old leftwing tactic of projection. That being, of course, where you accuse the other guy of doing exactly what you’re actually doing. Which in this case, is lying.

And it comes in handy when you’ve got all of the ‘fake news’ propaganda news shows putting on a loop, the video segment you calling Senator Rand Paul a liar and nothing else. It’s all nothing more than political theater focused on hiding the fact that Fauci helped fund the lab, and the research, that created this virus in the first place. Fauci is scared, you can see it. Whenever these Democrats get caught, they start squealing and pointing fingers to try to divert attention away from themselves. He knows he’s getting pinned down with all this, that it’s all pointing right at him. And if there’s anything they hate, it’s losing their ‘wiggle room.’ But it’s too late.

Fauci lied, Americans died. This little troll of a man has never been challenged, and when he finally was, he couldn’t handle it. His was incensed that anyone would DARE to question him. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong in bureaucratic ‘medicine.’ He should be criminally charged for Covid deaths. What we have heard, and continue to hear, from Fauci is exactly the type of doublespeak we’ve come to expect from political operatives such as himself. Fauci alone destroyed his credibility. He has been proven to be a liar with his many dictates regarding how best to deal with this virus having no basis in science. This guy is a complete fraud.

Fauci is only angry because Senator Paul called him out on all of his little conflicts of interest, and his many stunts that were not so cunning after all. Senator Paul let Fauci know that he’s able to see right through the lies and deceit aimed at enslaving people, with a fear factor of shutdowns and lockdowns over what they now call a ‘variant,’ but is the same old virus they have not been able to prove even exists! Fauci should be seen as a complete embarrassment to the medical profession. I think it’s safe to say that Senator Paul has Fauci’s number and Fauci knows it. Hence all of the finger wagging and accusations rather than any sort of civil, viable defense.

And what sort of alternate reality does Fauci live in? He had his ass handed to him because as the director of the NIH he has been funneling taxpayer money to continue very dangerous research against the rules and regulations that ban the practice. At this point nobody is saying the research he funded directly correlates to the covid pandemic but it is within the realm of possibility and that’s why this slimeball is so triggered by the suggestion. He knows what he did. And another thing, Fauci applied for three patents for Covid cures before this thing hit in late 2019 and was turned down on all three. What did he know and when did he know it?

Finally, it’s all of this nonsense that only serves to further convince me that this entire pandemic was nothing other than a planned PLANNED exercise. When we have scientific evidence that drugs like IVERMECTIN and Hydroxychloroquine along with anti-inflammatories are a cure for the ‘Chinese virus.’ And yet our government does everything within its power to suppress the truth. The only possible conclusion is that they want the pandemic to continue. Is it to control people? Is it to use the potentially deadly vaccines to reduce the world population? I don’t know the answer. But I do know that the pandemic was largely fueled by FDA and CDC inaction and that is a crime.


I have watched not one minute of ‘Fox News’ since election night 2020, not one. And, I might add, it has been since that time that they have done nothing that would cause me to change my mind about that. On the contrary, they only continue to reinforce my rationale for keeping them off of my TV. Granted Tucker has not yet moved to the dark side but even he is not enough to bring me back to ‘Fox News.’ He is severely outnumbered by others on the network, those who leave no doubt as to where their allegiance lies. There is now quite the cast of characters, those with names like Baier, Wallace, Rivera, Williams, Roberts and Cavuto, to name only a few.

So the network that I once spent most of my waking hours watching has now been lumped in the rest of those who now comprise our ‘fake news’ media after having essentially reduced itself to what is nothing more than a carbon copy of CNN and/or MSDNC. And it was as recently as this past Tuesday that that was again made very clear. You see, it was then that Neil Cavuto chose to defend the indefensible when he chose to defend one of the biggest frauds the medical field has ever managed to produce when he chose to defend Tony Fauci on his show “Your World.” Cavuto went so far as to describe Fauci as being a good man at his core.

And it was referencing a heated exchange between Fauci and Senator Rand Paul earlier in the day during a Senate hearing, Cavuto said, “I’m not going to replay the bites from earlier today. I think it turned to a circus.” Cavuto went on to say, “But this pile-on on Dr. Fauci, what he knew, when he knew it, whether he had sinister plans and was putting a hoodwink on us. I thought he was thinking in real-time. Didn’t have a handle on stuff. Following it as you were at the time, others. Do you think this pile-on is fair?” And it was another apparent cheerleader of Fauci, Dr. Bob Lahita, who said, “No, I don’t, Neil. I don’t think the pile-on is fair.” Of course not.

And it was Lahita who then went on to say, “Because I know Dr. Fauci is a very professional man.  He’s been the director of the NIAID for years and years and years.”  And he said, “I used to work at the NIH reviewing grants, and I remember Dr. Fauci’s guidance. He’s been around since Moses parted the Red Sea. He is a very ethical, prudent individual. So I trust him.” Cavuto, in trying to be funny, I guess, said, “I think he was providing medical advice for Moses.” Lahita said, “Probably so.” Cavuto said, “I kid there, but the bigger point, he has been vilified to the point that you’d think he was Lex Luthor. I don’t know how productive that is.”

Cavuto added, “What might have been missed and the source of all of this, I get that. But to make him the target of attacks, I think that a lot of this has to go back to his departure from former President Donald Trump at the time. But whatever is behind it, I don’t see it being constructive.” Lahita said, “I agree with you. I remember Tony Fauci back when George H.W. Bush was president. I believe that was Bush 41. He was a point of light in the country. Remember Bush’s thousand points of light? Tony was very, very prominent at that time and very good leader in the biomedical research community. He’s an excellent individual, an excellent doctor.”

Lahita ended his nauseating little rant by saying, “I have known him as a physician for, I guess, it’s been about 40 years or more. And so I think it’s unfortunate that we have to attack an individual who has such an important role in our society.” Let’s be honest, the only thing that Fauci is good at is lying. And he doesn’t do it all that well either. No doctor in his right mind would tell people to wear two masks. What a fraud. The whole ‘scamdemic’ has been a fraud. But that didn’t prevent Cavuto from coming to the aid of Fauci and making his idiotic claim that, “At his core, he’s a good man, a good doctor. We all have to step back, take the chill down.”

So Cavuto thinks the man who lied about his involvement in the killing of millions across the globe, denied many the ability to work and to socialize, kept people from spending time with their loved ones in hospitals and homes for the aged, caused weddings to be delayed, or funerals that saw no way for loved ones to grieve together, caused those with diseases to be denied treatment and lost their lives, caused children to have their education seriously curtailed, and so much more, is somehow a good person “at his core.” Cavuto’s comment only serve to further convince me that ‘Fox News’ is now fully in the tank for the Democrats.

“A good man” does not shift funds to another country when a controversial, and unethical, line of scientific enquiry is shut down in his own country. There is no question that he funded a lab doing experiments that he knew were banned in the US. A good man does not attempt to obscure the truth or divert government funds. He may be “a good man at his core,” but we are judging his actions, and lying to the American people, to Congress, giving hundreds if thousands of dollars to advance gain of function research at a lab with a history of serious safety breaches, and then trying to cover it up. His actions decides being despicable, and are also likely criminal.

Ask the many dead people, first from the AIDS epidemic and now with the ‘Chinese virus’, who were denied the ability to use drugs that might help and were, instead, forced to use medications and methods that killed them if Fauci is “a good doctor.” He is not a practicing physician, what he is is a megalomaniac. If Fauci is what Cavuto calls “a good doctor,” then what would be an example of a bad doctor? This guy participated in a Chinese bioweapons program that produced COVID-19. A good doctor? Fauci has been an administrator for so long, I wouldn’t trust him to put a band-aid on right. A graduate from medical school does not a doctor make!

Fauci has been nothing more than a very well-paid government bureaucrat since the day he left medical school. There is no way he can be considered a bona fide MD and is even less of a scientist. He’s been nothing more than a glorified paper-pusher for the last 40 years. And yet he continues to be portrayed as being the resident expert, the go-to guy on everything related, no matter how remotely, to the ‘Chinese virus.’ He knows what he’s saying is false yet he keeps pushing mass masking because he is now vulnerable as a result of his idiotic ‘virus research’ funding decisions and his collaboration with the Communist Chinese Party. He is therefore a crook.

For hundreds of years, medical professionals have followed a Hippocratic Oath that says, “Do no harm.” Fauci helped promote the development of a virus that killed millions of people. Then he lied to the American people and even lied to Congress in order to help left-wingers and outright Marxists destroy the economy. This little twerp compels free Americans to cover their faces with masks. Far from being heralded as some medica genius, Fauci belongs in prison. As for Cavuto, he has been a rabid NeverTrumper since forever. Like his buddy Chris Wallace, he gets irritated and talks over any guest who tries to say anything positive about President Trump.

The question here is why is Cavuto working to hard to defend the obvious fraud, Fauci? Because Fauci is a good honest man? What kind of a commentary is that? Fauci knows much more than he is willing to openly discuss. And it was during hearing referenced by Cavuto that there was nothing said by Senator Paul that was not true. And yet Fauci claimed Senator Paul didn’t know what know what he was talking about. Seriously? Fauci deflected questions and made this a personal issue about Senator Paul rather than about the origin of the virus. Classic deflection. Cavuto is doing the same. At His Core, Cavuto IS NOT a Good Man. He’s a sellout!


So you have to ask yourself, at what point will the Democrats be seen by a majority of the American people as being too unhinged to be entrusted with playing any part in the leadership of our country? These crazies are doing the equivalent of racing our country, at breakneck speed, down a road to nowhere. And it’s every time one of these clowns open their mouths that they succeed in making it all that much more obvious that they have virtually no business playing any part in the leadership of this country. None of these people have even the slightest interest in ‘leading.’

And no one better proves that than, Bernie Sanders. It was Sanders who declared just this past Monday that the Republican Party “cannot be allowed to prevail,” calling it a gang of conspiracy theorists who seek to suppress votes and engage in “anti-science vaccine rejection.” Sanders said, “Here is what the modern Republican Party is all about: cult-like devotion to Trump, big lies and conspiracy theories, voter suppression, climate denial and anti-science vaccine rejection.” He continued, “For the sake of our kids and future generations, they cannot be allowed to prevail.”

Now of course Sanders didn’t bother to specifically say how he believes Republicans are engaging in “anti-science vaccine rejection,” although ABC ‘legal analyst’ Sunny Hostin expressed similar thinking on Monday, accusing Fox News of playing a “key role in disseminating anti-vaccine propaganda.” And it continues to remain unclear what, specifically, prompted Sanders’ wide-ranging, accusatory remarks, but it comes amid the battle over the radical left’s attempt to pass a long list of Democrat Party agenda items in a reconciliation bill alongside the ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill.

And it was just last week that Chuckie Schumer went as far as scheduling an infrastructure vote despite the fact that lawmakers have not yet seen the text of any bill. That aside, Democrats are also vying to pass radical agenda items, including amnesty and Green New Deal proposals, in a companion reconciliation bill. It was in explaining what the Democrats are really up to that Joni Ernst, Republican, said, “Americans want to see infrastructure like roads, bridges, [and] waterways. They don’t want to see all the extraneous things Democrats are trying to throw at us.”

And it was Ernst who went on to further explain, “What they are planning to do, even if the bipartisan infrastructure bill gets done, what they are planning to do is what they are now calling ‘human infrastructure.’ Really what that means? A bunch of socialized programs that will expand what we think of as, you know, like caring for people. They call it the war on poverty, basically.” She said, “But simply making people comfortable in poverty doesn’t defeat poverty, but that’s what they’re planning to do is to get people comfortable living with less.”

And it was also Ernst who made it very clear that the goal here is nothing more than to get more people heavily “reliant upon the government, and then it’s really hard to undo those social welfare programs.” And she said, “This is an expansion of not only those social welfare programs, but also, as you pointed out, things like the Green New Deal, entirely focusing on electric vehicles rather than continuing to work with the vehicles we have now, expanding that infrastructure, paying for, you know, the grid and updating so we can support those electric vehicles.”

Ernst continued, noting Democrats plan to “jam through” a massive $3.5 Trillion spending bill through reconciliation “with absolutely no Republicans supporting it.” Ernst said Democrats are engaging in quite a bit of “policy gymnastics” to fit their radical agenda items into a reconciliation package. And she added, “These are policy issues that we need to have debates on, we need to have discussions on.” And went on to say, “It needs to be done in open and transparent manners. They can’t just flip it into a bill, ram it through reconciliation when it is policy.”

And as is usually the case with these America-hating, increasingly unhinged, left wing loons, Sanders has not been the only one calling on the Democrat caucus to pursue this long list of radical leftwing agenda items through the reconciliation process. It was Nancy Pelosi who, just last month, said, “Let me be really clear on this: we will not take up a bill in the House until the Senate passes the bipartisan bill and a reconciliation bill.” And in so doing Pelosi earned approval from one of the most blatant nutjob in all of Congress, none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Oddly, isn’t it Bernie’s so-called ‘party of science’ that believes there are more than two genders, that thinks carbon dioxide (plant food) needs to be eliminated, that thinks masks are good even though ‘science’ has proven them to be bacteria incubators, that thinks lockdowns actually do work, that thinks shutting down an economy is wise and that continues to perpetrate unscientific hoaxes on a regular basis? Perhaps it’s time for Bernie to retire and to take all of his ill-gotten gain and retire to someplace like the Socialist paradise of, Cuba.

And while it’s we who are anti-science, it’s the Democrats who believe a man can become a woman, who believe a man can have a period and insists upon causing panic over a virus that has a 99.93% survival rate. And it’s they who also enthusiastically deny the science that says only women can give birth or the science that says there are actual physical differences between males and females, and that one can’t turn into the other, or the science that says $100 Trillion in ‘climate change’ efforts won’t do a single thing to impact the Earth’s climate? And yet we’re the crazy ones?

And ask yourself something else while you’re at it, just what is it that Bernie and his many Democrat comrades, have actually accomplished for the good of our Republic? Of course, that would be Zip, Zero Zilch, Nada. And why is that exactly? Well because he and his ilk always seek to accomplish the exact opposite of their stated intent. They live in some feel good, alternate universe, covering themselves with a phony veneer, living in a bankrupt fairyland without substance or reality. Yes, by golly, we have a bright future under the ‘leadership’ of ‘Bernie and the boys!’

Most Americans wants law and order. They want to be able to choose the school their children go to. They want to be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. And they know that the climate has been changing for billions and billions of years and there is no proof that the amount of carbon dioxide produced by humans, which is less than volcanoes and forest fires, is responsible for ‘climate change.’ And yet we’re supposed to believe that we face some existential threat of our own making, when nothing could be further from the truth.

This is standard rhetoric for the totalitarian Left. They view themselves as being the only true moral people, and as such, there are no tactics that are to be considered off-limits when destroying opposition. Just look at how fast they trip all over themselves to silence anyone who dares to oppose them. Sanders is nothing more than a radical leftwing Socialist who has never held a job in the private sector in his nearly 80 years of life, but instead has suckled at the government teat his entire adult life. Americans would be doing themselves a favor by ignoring his gibberish.

And who else has noticed the convenient timing of this new ‘strain’ of the ‘Chinese virus.’ Liberals across the board are losing the argument over masks as people are finally coming to their senses. Now, all of a sudden, a new CDC dictate is issued and is then pushed by Fauci. And am I to understand that every time some leftwing kook says “boo,” I’m supposed to cower and listen to them ramble on about those things that they know absolutely nothing about? And if I don’t adhere to their warning, their natural response is to climb on their perch and screech “follow the science?”

What we need to do is to judge Sanders, and the rest of his kind, on their accomplishments, which are absolutely zero. All these people do is to work on devising new and improved ways to divide us. The Democrats are stoking the flames of hatred and division. These are supposedly our leaders and as such should be thoughtful and rational. On the contrary, these fools are running around like a bunch of lunatics screaming their heads off, spewing all manner of vile and verifiable lies, essentially trying to foment a civil war. This is not a normal government.

And finally, the danger to America is not those like Bernie but is, instead, a citizenry capable of electing such individuals to positions of power. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Sanders than to restore the necessary commonsense and good judgment to an electorate able to vote for such a man. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Sanders, who is a mere symptom of all that ails America. Blaming a prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Sanders, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools who vote for such people.