To be honest with you I’ve never really trusted either Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan, or his sleazy-little-shit-of-a-counterpart over in the Senate, Mitch McConnell.  If I had a dollar for every time these two slimy shits have lied to me I’d be a wealthy man.  Who knows, I might even have as much money as they do.  And now comes word that these two have already begun plotting against our newly elected Republican president, and how best to go about stabbing him in the back.  Because rumor now has it that there is a bit of mutiny being planned by many of our RINO members of Congress, one that is being spearheaded by those of our ‘establishment’ leadership team.

And how do we know this?  Well, it seems that a top ally of House Speaker Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan has outlined the GOP leadership’s strategy to be implemented in an effort to isolate and even block President Donald Trump’s populist campaign promises, likely to include his popular immigration reforms.  So I would argue that there may be more than enough justification on the part our newly elected president to summon these losers over to the Oval Office on day one and make it clear how he expects things to progress.  And if they can’t see their way to sign on to the Trump agenda than he may need to take things directly to those who voted for him.  Which we know he can do.

Anyway, it all started when Texas Rep. Bill Flores told an ‘inside-the-beltway’ audience back on Dec. 1, “We all agree that some of President Trump’s proposed policies are not going to line up very well with our conservative policies.”  And it was also Flores who told Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, “Let’s do the things where we agree — let’s do tax reform, let’s do Obamacare, lets replace Obamacare, let’s start dealing with border security, let’s rebuild our national security and then, on those areas where his agenda is not exactly aligned with ours … then, we’ll figure out the rest in the next six months.”

Flores also put forth the notion that if the GOP takes the lead, Trump also will be less likely to push forward with his populist agenda by changing agency policies and regulations.  According to this guy, Flores, the GOP leadership should “just tell him, ‘Hey, we’ll take the lead on this, and we will give you the legislative and constitutional support to go forward,’ and that way, he’s not inclined to use a pen, to try to follow the Obama model.”  I would argue that if anybody is going to be telling anyone anything, it needs to be President Trump telling these RINO turncoats, and in no uncertain terms, how it is that he expects to get onboard the people’s agenda.

Flores’ effort to head off regulatory changes is important, because President Trump will have the ability to implement most of his immigration policy without any aid from Congress. For example, he can reduce companies’ use of the salary-shrinking guest worker programs, he can end Barry’s catch-and-release policy, and he can restart criminal investigations of employers who hire illegals instead of Americans.  The GOP’s business donors strongly oppose Trump’s popular immigration plans, because they would reduce the massive legal and illegal immigration that transfers $500 billion a year from pay packets to corporate profits and to Wall Street.

And as to be expected, Flores’ press aides dismissed questions from various conservative outlets.  It was an email from Travis Hall that said: “Conservatives in the House are ready to work with the new administration to advance a conservative agenda that provides the American people with much needed relief after eight years of President Obama’s disastrous policies.”  Hall just happens to be the communications director at the Republican Study Committee, where Flores has served as chairman for the last two years. The email went on to say, “House leadership is best poised to answer questions about what it intends to do in the next Congress.”

And as has been pointed out by others, there’s growing evidence that Flores’ description is actually ‘RINO Ryan’s’ plan.  In a 60 Minutes interview conducted Dec. 1, ‘RINO Ryan’ outlined what he saw as being his six top priorities and something that seemed to obviously missing was implementation of Trump’s election-winning immigration reform policy.  As Ryan, himself, pointed out to CBS, the six priorities are “repealing and replacing Obamacare, fixing the regulatory state to grow jobs, reforming the tax code, rebuilding the military, securing the border, and making sure that we can address some of the infrastructure problems that we have.”

That’s a pretty close match to Flores’ priority list of tax reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare, dealing with border security and rebuilding our national security. I really don’t thinks it’s much of a secret that both Ryan and Flores would very much like to distract Trump, to the greatest extent possible with complex plans for infrastructure spending which would likely drag Trump away from pushing his election-winning immigration reforms through Congress.  But I’d like to think that these guys aren’t half as smart that they think they are, with President Trump being more than capable of beating them at their own game.

Under Barry, the federal government annually imports at least one million legal immigrants, plus almost one million temporary white-collar guest workers and blue-collar guest workers for jobs sought by Americans. Those two million new foreign workers, plus the roughly eight million illegal immigrants in jobs, compete against the four million young Americans who begin looking for jobs each year. That wage-cutting competition shifts roughly $500 billion per year from wages and salaries into company profits, boosting investors and Wall Street.  Hence the motivation for the RINOs to do all that they can to keep President Trump focused on other issues.

So here we have our very typical congressional snakes in the grass! Did they not get the memo in the form of a landslide electoral victory while being outspent by hundreds of millions of dollars?  Not sure why we should be all that surprised, these idiots never really get it!!!  I foresee much RINO bloodletting come 2018 if they pull off this crap.  If they do it may slow Trump down a bit at first, but I think he’s doing the wall and border security first.  Once done Trump will see if what’s on the RINO agenda is acceptable because I’m sure he won’t hesitate in the slightest to pull the trigger on each of those who oppose him when they come up for re-election.

Personally, I would argue that this guy Flores isn’t really a conservative. He’s a freaking RINO Establishment Republican and a globalist. I’m sorry but globalism is not conservatism, it’s about as Marxist and leftwing as it gets.  Therefore, what does this mentally handicapped loon mean that Trump’s immigration policies don’t line up with conservatism?  Give me a freaking break. Is this idiot really that stupid?  Apparently!  Heck, if they keep this kind of nonsense up, maybe it’s time to start a true conservative party that will exclude these establishment RINO faux conservatives and globalists.  None of those idiots voted for Trump anyway. Screw them.

They need to accept the reality that the American people do not subscribe to their kind of faux conservatism, which is exactly why Trump won and they were soundly defeated. If they want to support Trump only when it lines up with their globalist agenda, then we need to break up the Republican Party and start fresh with a new conservative political party that excludes those who represent only the crony Capitalists as opposed to the people who elected them, and we need to do so before the next elections. As our federal government, the last time I checked, is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

And if the Republican Party wants to be the party for the crony capitalists, let it. And conservatives can form a new political party for the people and for preserving America’s sovereignty, traditions, and values.  Who was elected president in November, anyway?  That RINO loon needs to be tarred and feathered and then ran out of Washington DC. Yeah, Trump needs to hold their leftwing globalist agenda hostage via the threat of veto, until he’s fulfilled all of his promises that he made to the American people that voted him into power, and then after he’s has our agenda fully in place, then he can start looking at those other items but not before.

And if they do try to block, or to even slow, the Trump agenda, they must understand that the American people will not stand for that, and will rain down an ungodly firestorm upon these RINO lunatics to the point where they will need to call their beloved U.N. for a freaking binding resolution in order to keep us from running them all right out of Congress.  They will be made to realize that we, the American people, will massacre them, politically speaking, if they insist upon heading down the road that they now seem so intent upon going down.  If they are unable to keep straight who works for who, then maybe we need to remind them, and forcefully.

If supporting the will of their voters is simply too difficult, that what we need to do is to get rid of guys like Flores, Ryan, McConnell as well as every other RINO!  You can’t play nice with them, Mr. Trump, those turncoats will stab you in the back every time you turn around just as they are planning to do today.  We watched them sell out America time after time for the past 8 years and if you don’t drain the swamp, they will do it for the next 8 years.  Fight back, Mr. Trump. Fight back as hard as you can.  Pretend they are “Crooked Hitlery.”  Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the agenda that won the last election is the agenda of at least the next four years.



When this process first got started I had some pretty high hopes for Rick Perry, and then when he flamed out, I must admit, I became somewhat infatuated with ‘The Donald’.  And while it’s true he’s an outsider who has not yet been tainted by having spent much time within the beltway, I must admit that with the passage of time the bloom has now, to some degree, come off the rose.  And with his mention of a ‘Deportation Force’ I think he continues to detract from his potential as a serious candidate.

And while I am not a fan of Chris Christie, his idea of fining employers who knowingly hire those in this country illegally makes much more sense.  I mean, why is it that we cannot simply enforce those immigration laws that are already on the books?  If we simply make it too difficult for those here illegally to find meaningful employment, most, but likely not all, will go back to where they came from.  But obviously, as long as Barry “Almighty” is in the White House, and if Hiterly gets elected, that ain’t gonna happen.

And I will also let it be known that I not only voted for Marco Rubio for Senator, but I also gave his campaign some money.  My only excuse being that it was more out of not wanting Charlie Crist than actually wanting Rubio.  And of course it didn’t take long for Senator Rubio to show his true colors once he arrived in Washington, as he was only too happy to ally himself with Chuck Schumer as part of the “Gang of Eight.”  And he can still be heard pushing those very same policies that this ‘gang’ came up with.

And then of course we have the blatant immigration panderers, Bush and Kasich, aka the Dupp boys, Dick and Jack.  I think we can all agree that neither of these fellas is the least bit interested in addressing our illegal immigration problem in any meaningful way.  Their solution to the problem is to simply wave their magic wand and to allow those here illegally to stay.  Presto, we have millions of new Democrats!  Now how much sense does that make?  These two just come across as rather desperate.

And now to Dr. Carson, who I respect as being a genuinely good man.  But try as I might, I simply don’t see him as president.  While he is the near perfect role model, and very clearly demonstrates just what is possible to achieve because of the opportunities this country provides to its citizens, regardless of how left laments the unfairness of ‘the system’, I fear that he may not be up to the task of dealing with the problems this country now faces, and on nearly every front, after eight years of Barry.

Which, I guess, brings me to Senator Ted Cruz.  Now granted, like Barry, his too is a one term senator.  But to be honest, I think that that is where the similarities between these two men end, and rather abruptly.  And while some may call me a bit naïve for perhaps being a little too quick to start singing his praises, as the process moves along I’ve seen Cruz move closer and closer to the top.  And while we can all agree that there is no such thing as the ‘prefect’ candidate, to me Cruz is quite acceptable.

In conclusion I’d like to mention something that I recently read about. There is currently some talk among, I guess, those who comprise the RINO faction of the party about the possibility of drafting Mitt Romney.  While this may make sense to some inside the beltway, to those of us out here in the real world it’s nothing short of ludicrous.  It would seem that the preference amongst these RINOs would be to have Hitlery win instead of a conservative.  I will say this just once, if Romney is our nominee I will stay home!


GOP 10

So now it all becomes painfully obvious why it was that John Boehner proved to be such an unmitigated disaster as Speaker.  It would seem that carrying out the people’s business in what should have been a responsible manner was seen by Boehner as being simply too hard and too much work.  So old ‘Boner’ decided to take the easier less stressful route, hence the reason that our national debt increased by nearly $4 Trillion on his watch.  Boehner made the claim in a recent interview that he came to Washington to fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government.  And yet, now that he’s finally leaving the House that still hasn’t happened.

It was just yesterday, in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, that Boehner admitted, “I began to realize over the years there is no winning this fight.”  Well shit no John, it’s damn near impossible to win fight when all you do is to choose to constantly surrender.  His as much as admitted to being an abject failure shortly after a man who is essentially his clone, Paul Ryan, took up the gavel.  The fight has been going on for over 200 years in Washington, he told Hemmer in the interview, which aired earlier today on the network’s “America’s Newsroom” program, and “it will be a constant struggle over how big should Washington be, how much should it take?”

Boehner said his biggest regret for the time he was speaker was the failure to reach the so-called “Grand Bargain,” in 2012, which would have been an agreement with Barry “Almighty” and congressional leaders to curb spending while reducing the national debt and avoiding sequestration.  Boehner said, “I sat in the Oval Office with the president of the United States and Eric Cantor, shook hands with the president and the deal was done.”  He said, “$5 trillion in deficit reductions would have meant tens of trillions of dollars over the next 20 years in terms of really fixing our entitlement programs and getting us on to a much more solid foundation.”

But instead, he said, Barry “walked away from the agreement and caused, really, the country to have a real struggle, because how are we going to raise the debt limit? How will we offset spending? The country went through a lot more than it needed to.”  But the fact that Boehner was surprised by Barry actions demonstrates better than anything else that he simply was not up to the all-important task at hand.  Let’s face it, anyone who can be outsmarted by Barry, and who is unable to recognize what it is that Barry is trying do, even after he has made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions, simply has no business being in a position of party leadership.

Still, Boehner said that he and Barry have had a good relationship, despite their disagreements about many issues.  He said, “I think it’s essential the leaders be able to work with each other, have a relationship, build some trust so we do the nation’s business.”  He went on to say, “The president called me the day I announced my retirement and we had a nice conversation. At one point he said, ‘Man, I’m going to miss you.’ I said, ‘Yes, you are, Mr. President, yes, you are.'”  What a bunch of idiotic nonsense.  Look, working together is one thing, but to purposely aid and abet a man like Barry in his effort to destroy this country is inexcusable and unconscionable.

Boehner did leave office on a high point, if you can call it that.  That being, the arranging for the first communist pope to address a joint session of Congress.  Boehner, a devout Catholic was, as he was on any number of other occasions, moved to tears while Pope Francis spoke.  Boehner resigned his office the very next day.  But he said he does not have any regrets about quitting, as “it was the right decision, the right time. And you are right, I’m ready to go.”  Well no, not really.  Actually, if we’re being honest here, the ‘right time’ would have been 3 years earlier, after making it quite clear after his first 2 years as Speaker that he just didn’t have what it took.

And now, here we go again with Paul Ryan.  This is a guy who Democrats have said, sounds remarkably like he’s one of them.  I mean here we have a guy who favors open borders, favors amnesty, and is a guy who was all in when it came to this recent ‘budget’ fiasco that was essentially snuck through in the dark of night.  What Ryan is, is Boehner 2.0. or, the new and improved version of what we have had to put up with for the last five years.  Ryan’s made a lot of noise about wiping the slate clean and making a fresh start, but it’s all nothing more than bullshit.  Because what we’re likely to experience over the coming months is nothing but more of the same.


GOP 09

Finally bringing himself to acknowledge the fact that if the party fails to regain the White House in 2016 the Republican Party’s goose will effectively have been cooked, there still seems to be no let up in the ongoing assault on those of us who are conservatives or who identify with the stated goals of the Tea Party.  The push still seems to be behind the establishment candidates, or, in other words, those guaranteed to lose.  Look at any of presidential polls and it’s those guys who are consistently in single digits.

So according to Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus, the Republican Party is “cooked” if it fails to take back the White House in 2016.  It was in a recent interview with the Washington Examiner that Priebus said, “We’re cooked as a party for quite a while if we don’t win in 2016.”  But then he quickly adds that he doesn’t anticipate a disastrous election for the GOP because “history is on our side.”  He said, “Our job as a national party is to elect Republicans, and it generally means House, Senate, presidential.”

And he went on to say, “However, I think that we have become, unfortunately, a midterm party that doesn’t lose and a presidential party that’s had a really hard time winning.  We’re seeing more and more that if you don’t hold the White House, it’s very difficult to govern in this country, especially in Washington D.C.”   Well maybe if those who won elections actually did what they promised to do it would be easier to win when presidential elections rolled around.  And why do the Democrat never have a problem driving the bus without possessing the White House?

And in a Washington Post piece published Thursday and titled “The GOP was Right to Fear Clinton,” columnist Eugene Robinson said Republicans lack a “compelling” message on many issues.  He writes, “How can government help the middle class? With a higher minimum wage? With a mandate for businesses to offer paid family leave? With assistance in paying for higher education, perhaps even free tuition at public universities? With trade and tax policies that encourage keeping jobs in the United States?”  All wonderfully socialist ideas, but would accomplish little in getting the country back on track.

Robinson goes on to write, “The Democratic candidates understand that these are the issues people care most about. [Donald] Trump gets it, too, in his own bombastic way. A party that goes into the election without a compelling message on jobs and incomes — I’m talking to you, GOP establishment — is begging to lose.”  But I would argue that the burying of our children under a mountain of debt, the economic destruction that has taken place during the last 8 years and the opening of the floodgates for illegal immigrants is a more compelling, realistic, albeit less socialist, message.

I think this election is less about the message than it is about getting people to listen.  Because what’s keeping folks from listening is the number of promises made during the 2014 campaign that were broken.  Promises to stop Barry’s insane spending, his assault on the Constitution regarding his illegal executive orders and the promises made to get rid of Obamacare. Not one promise was followed through on. Combine that with how the GOP rolled over in confirming Loretta Lynch and you come up with a lot of pissed off people who refuse to listen to what they see as the same old shit.

And to simply say you’re relying on history as the rationale for your confidence in being able to achieve electoral success is, I think, rather simplistic if not more than a bit naïve, or even foolish.  Because what has effectively taken place in this country during the time since Barry first strutted his cool self into the Oval Office is that the playing field has now been changed to the point where using election trends of the past as your guidepost is no longer applicable.  Historical trends of the past have become meaningless and to continue to rely on them is foolish.

Because the net result of having had Barry in office for what will have been eight long years by the time Election Day 2016 rolls around is that we will have millions more Americans firmly on the government dole, in some form or another, and millions of Americans who want to get their fair share and see voting Democrat as being their path to getting lots of ‘free’ stuff, so it’s hard to see any of these folks voting for Republicans who are less likely to give away ‘free’ stuff, who advocate personal responsibility and who want to get people back to work.  Hell, who wants that?


GOP 06

In 2008, Barry “Almighty” rode into the White House on what was then a wave of Democrat votes, and there were many at the time who believed it was the beginning of what would be a permanent Democrat majority.  I even seem to recall hearing from many on the left that with the election of Barry “Almighty” we would see the Republican Party being left wandering out in the far reaches of the political wilderness for what would likely be, the next 20 years.  But something odd, and totally unexpected, happened on the way to the wilderness.

Because, instead of becoming the permanent majority party for years, or perhaps decades, to come, the Democrat Party has become what has been described as, decimated as all across the country 85 of 98 state legislatures have become more Republican since 2010.  And Democrats and other liberals were so sure that the Republican Party had become a doomed party upon the ascension of Barry that many had thought that the popular liberal book, “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” had been validated.  But, apparently, such was not the case.  At least not yet.

Because while Democrats were busy slapping themselves on the back and congratulating themselves, something very odd began to take place.  Democrats out in the states, even very blue states, began to lose election after election. It has gotten so bad that even hardcore Democrat imbecile Dona Brazile recently complained that she and her party “have absolutely been devastated.”  Politico’s Jeff Grenfield agreed, saying, “no president in modern times has presided over so disastrous a stretch for his party, at almost every level of politics.”

And it was a recent article in the Washington Post which found that Democrats have “taken a drubbing” in the states.  The Post found that “the ratio of Republicans to Democrats has tilted to the right in nearly every Senate and nearly every legislature” since Barry was first elected.  “According to the NCSL data,” the Post article notes, “there were 4,082 Democrats in state senates and state houses in 2009. In 2015, there were 3,163–a decrease of 22.5 percent.”  This massive loss, the article notes, is another reason the Democrat’s bench is so weak all over the country.

But make no mistake, even with all that having been said, the fact that the demise of the Republican Party has been avoided, at least for now, it has had little to do with anything the party might have actually done.  Because the survival of the party beyond 2017 still remains very much in doubt.  We have a majority in Congress who insists upon doing nothing more than to kowtow to a president who should have long ago been impeached, and a cadre of presidential candidates who has yet to make the case that it would be nothing short of disaster if we were elect another Democrat.


GOP 06

Well, it’s according to Politico, that those like me or, in other words, those who work for a living, who actually pay taxes and who also tend to vote Republican, otherwise those known as our society’s adult population, are aging rapidly and dying off faster than are their Democrat counterparts.  And what’s worse, as we die off we’re being replaced by those who will come to make up our just as rapidly expanding parasite class which consists primarily of those folks who prefer to work as little as possible or who spend a great deal of their time looking for ways to avoid having to work altogether.  Of course few of these people also pay taxes, getting, instead, a refund every year after having paid nothing in.  Still not sure how that scam works.

But anyway, Politico states that the Republican Party’s “core is dying off by the day,” making 2016 a tough roll as more youthful voters reliably turn to the Democrat Party in the hopes, of course, of  getting their fair share of the ‘free stuff.’  Of course as more of those who actually pick up the tab for all of that ‘free stuff’, these perspective Democrat voters might be in for a rather rude awakening when there’s no one left to pay for things.  Politic says, “Since the average Republican is significantly older than the average Democrat, far more Republicans than Democrats have died since the 2012 elections. To make matters worse, or so according to Politic, the GOP is attracting fewer first-time voters.

It was Politico’s Daniel J. McGraw who wrote, “Unless the party is able to make inroads with new voters, or discover a fountain of youth, the GOP’s slow demographic slide will continue election to election.”  McGraw used census data for his look into age decline at the GOP.  What he supposedly found was that “of the 61 million who voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, about 2.75 million will be dead by the 2016 election.” By contrast, of those 66 million people who voted for Barry “Almighty”, close to 2.3 million are unlikely to live to see the 2016 election play out.  All of which lead McGraw to the conclusion that: “That leaves a big gap in between, a difference of roughly 453,000 in favor of the Democrats.”

McGraw’s voter turnout rationale, however, did draw a certain amount of ridicule from some of those who earn their living as electorate experts.  It was Brookings Institution senior fellow William Frey that told Politico, “I’ve never seen anyone doing any studies on how many dead people can’t vote.”  And he then went on to say, “I’ve seen studies on how many dead people do vote. The old Daley Administration in Chicago was very good at that.”  But even Frey allowed that, indeed, the GOP would need to do more to nab younger voters if it hoped to stay competitive in the future, and that includes staying out of the social issue debate and focusing on issues that matter to a younger generation.

Republicans do “rely too much on older and white voters, and especially in rural areas, deaths from this group can be significant,” Frey told Politico.  He said, “But millennials (born 1981 to 1997) now are larger in numbers than baby boomers (1946 to 1964), and how they vote will make the big difference.  And the data says that if Republicans focus on economic issues and stay away from social ones like gay marriage, they can make serious inroads with millennials.”  Some youth voting experts do think Republicans have a chance with the right message.  Millennials have been let down by Democrats over the past seven years and are not looking for a repeat of the same old Washington, D.C., agenda.

It is clear younger voters like change and are embracing outsider candidates.  In April, political newcomer Ben Carson led a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll of Republican primary voters under 30, The Washington Times reported.  Carson, at 10 percent, headed off rivals Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (8 percent), and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who were both chosen by 7 percent of young Republicans in the poll.  Most telling, however, was a third of those younger voters said they were undecided on a primary choice, opening a window for candidates to win their interest, as Harvard reported “no front-runner” among the crowded GOP presidential primary field.

Our country now seems to have a great deal going against it as we look off into the future.  The odds of it being able to survive much longer, at least in the form that it was intended by our Founders, become slimmer with each new generation.  And it’s quite sad, really, that fewer and fewer ‘Americans’ seem to recognize what has always been so truly unique about America.  Freedom seems to be a completely foreign commodity to a growing number of Americans.  I would appear that they would rather be completely dependent upon their government than on themselves.  Which, to me, at least, would seem to be more than a little bit risky.  Because to do so requires that one place an inordinate amount of trust in one’s government.

I think it fair to say that it has always been, and still it today, it’s conservatives in this country who act as this nation’s last line of defense.  We are the only ones who continue to support our Constitution as it was originally intended.  We see very few of the gray areas seen by many on the left.  I can honestly say that I have raised my soon-to-be 23 year old daughter to possess traditional American values.  While my family and I are not regular church goers, that has far more to do with my dislike, and distrust, of organized religion than anything else.  A dislike that goes all the way back to my childhood.  I’ve always been of the opinion that one needs not to attend church to prove one is a Christian.  What’s important is believing in Christian values.