Jeb 3

First came his support of the stealth attempt at “leftist indoctrination” referred to as ‘Common Core’ and then came his patently idiotic statements regarding illegal immigration, saying that those who break our laws do so only out of an act of love.  And now, apparently, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush fully supports Barry “Almighty’s” move to allow transgender individuals to openly serve in the U.S. military.  And it’s this guy who’s supposed to be the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination?  Sounds to me like he’s obviously in the wrong party.

Bush reportedly said he was just “fine” with transgender persons openly wearing the uniform as long as the Pentagon determines that doing so would not undermine U.S. troop morale.  What kind of an idiotic copout is that?  So like he actually believes that a Pentagon now being run by what is nothing more than a bunch of Barry’s yes-men can be actually counted upon to even make such a determination?  How incredibly naïve is that?  So I ask you again, this is the guy who’s supposed to be our GOP frontrunner?  Under no circumstances should this guy become our candidate!

Jeb said, “If you can accommodate people who are transgendered and deal with making sure the military’s comfortable with this and making sure that the overriding principle ought to be how do we create the highest morale for the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen… and if you can accommodate those two concerns, then fine.”  Seriously?  What kind of a namby-pamby, wishy-washy, noncommittal statement is that?  And this is the guy who wants to be our Commander-in-Chief?  Personally, I’m thinking he’s just not up to the task.

Earlier this week, it was Barry’s Department of Defense (DoD) that issued two directives, bringing the Pentagon closer to rescinding its ban on open service by transgender people. Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered a 6-month review to examine the implications that allowing transgenders to serve openly in the military would have on policy and military readiness. Carter said the transgender DoD ban is “outdated.”  Actually what seems to have become outdated, here, is the importance of America being able to maintain the most powerful military on the planet.

I just love these guys who have never served not even one day in the military and yet think it’s all just fine and dandy to allow all manner of freaks, from gays to transgenders, to serve in our military.  They seem to have no concept whatsoever of just what the purpose of our military actually is.  And if I may be so bold here as to remind them, the purpose of our military is not to function as some progressive Petri Dish, the function of our military to protect the homeland against what has become our rapidly growing list of enemies!  That’s it, end of freaking story!

Jeb’s stupid comments echoed remarks made by that moron Carter shortly after taking office, saying he was “very open-minded” about transgender people serving in the military as long as they can carry out their duties.  Let me be clear, I have no intention voting for Bush in the primary.  And should he, in the end, be the one to win the nomination I’m here to tell you that there’s no way on God’s green Earth that I will vote for him come the general election.  Because, quite frankly, I see little difference between him and the likely Democrat candidate.

After the last election I had some pretty high hopes that those whom we had put in charge were actually going to make good on at least some of the promises that were made.  But once again I have been played for a fool by these RINOs, and I’m now done with them.  In this next election I’ll vote for whom I think is the most conservative in the primary and the one that I could actually bring myself to vote for in the general election.  And if he, or she, is not the one who wins the nomination then I will do what I have cussed out so many others for doing.  I will stay home on Election Day.  Sad that it has now come to that!