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There have been many over the last few months, including the man himself, who have put forward the cockamamie notion that the economic boom that is currently underway has everything to do Barry ‘O’ and absolutely nothing to do with President Trump.  And it was as recently as this past Friday that Barry once again tried to claim credit for the many economic success of President Trump.  This would be the same ex-president who mocked candidate Trump’s promises on jobs back in 2016. He taunted Trump saying, “What magic wand do you have?”

The reality is that Democrats, including Barry ‘O’, have long opposed every single policy that is responsible for our current economic boom. For instance:

Tax cuts: Democrats unanimously opposed the Republican tax cuts that Trump signed into law last year, which lowered the corporate tax rate to an internationally-competitive 21% and lowered tax rates for the middle class as well as high earners. Under Barry, Democrats tried to reverse all of the Bush tax cuts in 2012, and Republicans fought them until the very edge of the “fiscal cliff” — until the president and his party agreed to allow Bush’s tax cuts for the middle class to become permanent.

Deregulation: As soon as Trump took office, Republicans used the Congressional Review Act to toss out many regulations that Barry had neglected to notify Congress about before leaving office. The president also used executive orders to reverse or simplify many rules that Barry’s administration had implemented that were obstacles to investment and economic growth.

Obamacare fixes: Obamacare was a major drag on the economy in two ways. First, it imposed an individual mandate that forced everyone to buy health insurance — often at expensive prices. Second, it created new uncertainty in the economy, since investors anticipated that Barry’s administration would follow through on promises to regulate other industries. The GOP repealed the individual mandate — over unanimous Democrat opposition — and the Trump administration relaxed the rules on Obamacare to allow individuals to buy simpler and cheaper short-term plans rather than expensive Obamacare plans. Partly as a result, premiums are growing slowly. The Associated Press reported Friday that some people will pay less next year.

Energy: Barry quite literally tried to shut down the coal industry, tried to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, and discouraged oil and gas drilling. Yet the strongest economic growth during his tenure came from the booming oil shale industry, which created many new jobs while keeping fuel prices low for the economy as a whole. Republicans immediately reversed his policies, allowing the energy sector to grow even more — though Barry continued to target “corporate polluters” in his speech Friday.

Spending caps: Though fiscal discipline is not exactly a priority of the current Congress, Republicans forced Democrats to accept spending caps after taking the House in 2010. That restraint arguably helped restore a sense of economic stability.

Undeterred, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are running on promises to raise taxes, restore regulations, expand Obamacare into “Medicare for all,” limit fossil fuels, and spend more on government programs. A box of “magic wands.”  There can be no doubt whatsoever that the Democrat Party of 2018 is dedicated to the destruction of not only the middle-class and blue collar workers from coast to coast, but the complete destruction of America and  by any means necessary.  And if they are successful in their effort to regain control of Congress, that will be their mission.

So as we can very plainly see, as evidenced by his speech from last Friday, Barry ‘O’s narcissism and pathological lying are both still very much alive and well. Thank you Lord that we were able to survive his attempts to destroy our country and for the fact that we were allowed to dodge a sizable bullet back in 2016 with the defeat of his chosen successor, Hitlery.  Barry remains to this day a liar, a racist, and a man who cannot be trusted.  He is 100% involved in the conspiracy against Trump, just as he is a supporter of Antifa, BLM violence and is corrupt to his core.

There is no doubt that Democrats are counting on their low-information followers to not understand how a free market works. Most of these folks have come to believe that government is the heart of any economy so they are unable to comprehend how Trump’s actions would be of any benefit.  We all know that the Democrat Party is the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation and more recently wide open borders and sanctuary cities. They will never support policies of freedom and liberty for each American. They only support anti-America, tyrannical agendas.

The Democrats, led by Barry ‘O’, don’t really want to see any improvement in the economy because that would show to everyone just how well free-market capitalism works, and creates the greatest opportunity and prosperity for the greatest number of people.  These creatures of the left favor the government controlling all of the wealth the responsibility of selecting the winners and losers, and to then dole the wealth out accordingly.  Just look how well that worked for the former Soviet Union or Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua.  They’re all doing just great, right?

I remember how Hitlery once claimed that the economy “ALWAYS” does better when there is a Democrat in the White House.  But if the eight years during which we were made to endure Barry ‘O’s hardcore leftwing economic policies showed us anything it that it’s just the opposite that is so very true.  But as we have seen that hasn’t stopped them from trying to take credit for our current economic successes, and there will continue to be those Democrats who actually believe that they somehow all stem from those very same leftwing economic policies.

The Democrats seek to destroy America, such as it is, then act as if they are the great saviors to rise like the phoenix with a new government framework under socialism. While I hope I am wrong, I believe the time is coming where Americans will be forced to take up arms. Obviously the left believes this as well.  Democrats have a vested interest in high numbers of people without good jobs and dependent on government. To vote for anything that would improve the economy, especially the lot of working class American citizens, takes away votes for the socialist/progressive agenda.

Let’s face it, regardless what the Democrats, or any of their many minions, may say, a strong American economy is something that is not in their best interest.  Because the more people able to find a job means fewer will on welfare and therefore more difficult to control.  Democrats are losing their slave class, hence their panic.  And it’s odd, don’t you think, that Barry ran on a platform of “you didn’t build that” and yet wants to take credit for the economy’s current success. He spent eight years blaming Bush for the economy and now wants to take credit for Trump’s economy.



If you have been paying any amount of attention to the antics of those in the Democrat Party, as well as their many minions in the ‘fake news’ state-controlled media complex, you would have to come to the conclusion that, for the most part, they have now become completely unhinged.  And it would seem that with each passing day they become a bit more so.  It’s really quite the bizarre phenomenon, even for Democrats.  So how is it that we are to take them seriously?

It was for eight long years, and nearly on a daily basis, that we heard from Barry about what a terrible economy it was that he had inherited from George Bush.  And for those same eight years the socialist policies put in place by Barry did little more than to make our economic problems worse.  We were constantly being reminded about how some great economic recovery was underway and yet during Barry’s entire eight year reign economic growth only once got to a 2 percent annual growth rate.

And it was also during those eight long years that we had more folks out of the nation’s workforce than we did since the days of Jimmy Carter and wages actually decreased.  And we were told that what we were witnessing, economically speaking, was to be viewed as being the normal for our once vibrant economy.  That what we were seeing was going to be the best we’d ever get.  So in 2016 we had a choice to make, continue with the same failed policies, or to try something different.

And that something different has resulted in a true economic boom. Last month, for instance, the American economy added 201,000 jobs and the unemployment rate held steady at 3.9 percent.  Apparently, many of our so-called economists had forecast 191,100 new jobs and that the unemployment rate would be falling to 3.8 percent.  Now I’m not sure what it takes these days to be an economist, I can only hope that it’s at least a little more than what it takes to be called a ‘professor’.

Also last month, we saw average hourly earnings increase 2.9 percent for the month on an annualized basis, according to a Department of Labor report released Friday. That also beat expectations for 2.7 percent wage growth. In dollar terms, average hourly earnings increased 10 cents from the previous month to $27.16.  Private sector payrolls rose by 204,000. Mining added 6,000 new jobs. Construction added 23,000, bringing its total to over 300,000 for the year.

Now with all that being said, it was during a speech that Barry delivered earlier today at the University of Illinois which, oddly enough, gave him an award for “ethics in government” that Barry claimed it is he and not President Trump who deserves credit for the “economic miracle” Trump and Republicans are now touting. He said, “When you hear how great the economy’s doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started.”  Yes, the ‘real’ recovery started with President Trump!

As for Friday’s strong employment numbers Barry claimed, “Those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016.”  Of course, the kernel of truth inside Barry’s claim is that the pace of job creation has been the same over the past several years.  But what he leaves out is that the economy is doing much better by several other measures as well, including the pace of growth, the rise in household income, and the increase in opportunities at the lower end of the spectrum.

Moreover, when Barry takes credit for the economic recovery, he ignores the fact that it was the slowest recovery in the post-war era, largely due to HIS policies. The recovery began in earnest when Republicans took over the House in 2010, and put an end to any prospect of more massive stimulus bills, or more heavy regulations like Obamacare.  Today, Barry blamed the Republicans’ victory in 2010 for the fact that he failed “to reverse 40-year trends” of inequality.  Actually, it just took Trump.

So in the big scheme of things I can’t help but wonder if there are today enough Americans, at least of those who vote, who would actually prefer a return to the days of Obama-style economic policies rather than to ensure that we stay the course on which the economic policies of President Trump have put us.  I suppose that’s something that we will come to find out in a mere 59 days.   There is much uncertainty surrounding the coming election, with choices that could not be clearer.

Barry ‘O’ once joked about the so-called “Magic Wand” in terms of being able to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.  And it’s that magic wand that appears to have taken the form of President Trump, a president who, at least as much as he can, enforces our immigration laws and thus puts upward pressure on real Americans’ wages.  Also, the tax cut and regulation cutting plays a role. Thank God for President Trump and the real “Magic Wand” along with cutting regulations and taxes.

Apparently a booming economy, at least when a Republican is in the White House, causes an extraordinary meltdown among Democrats.  And while Democrats, as a party, have nothing to offer other than hating our president, the country is in the best shape, economically speaking, than it has been in decades.  And because of that the ‘Democrat-Hate-America’ agenda has now been exposed and with it their hatred of America, of average Americans, of God and of American exceptionalism!!

All Barry succeeded in doing, with his self-promoting little speech, was to remind us all of how it was that he came to preside over what was the single largest collective wipeout of Democrat Party power in modern U.S. political history.  And he also reminded us of why we chose to vote for Donald Trump and not his chosen successor, Hitlery.  The speech was crafted out nothing more than lies, half-truths, lies by omission, distortions and straw men arguments. It never changes with this guy.

Those on the receiving of our current economic boom know full well that it is President Trump who’s responsible for what is a bona fide economic recovery, not something that was essentially nothing more than a ‘recovery’ in name only, which is what we experienced during Barry’s tenure in the White House.  Barry left America no better than it was when he found it, and he offers us only excuses for why.  And it has been in a brief 18 months that President Trump has already made it better.


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Yup, Barry’s little masterplan for our economy is working just great!  And you can’t say that our ‘Fearless Leader’ isn’t some sort of economic mastermind, since what has been taking place during his tenure, economically speaking, is exactly what he intended to have take place. That being, of course, to increase the number of Americans without a job, making it far more likely that they become addicted to government assistance and therefore more likely to vote for Democrats.

So with all that being said, the net result of Barry of the socialist economic policies that Barry has implemented is that we now have a record 94,031,000 Americans who were not in the American labor force last month, which is 261,000 more than in July, and a labor force participation rate that has remained stuck at 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, for a third straight month in August.  This was reported by the Labor Department just yesterday as the nation heads into the long ‘Labor’ Day weekend.

The number of Americans not in the labor force has continued to rise practically since ‘Day 1’ of Barry’s presidency.  In August, according to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the nation’s civilian noninstitutional population, consisting of all those people who are 16 or older and who were not in the military or an institution, reached 251,096,000. Of those, 157,065,000 participated in the labor force by either holding a job or by at least actively seeking one.

So what Barry has been able to accomplish over his time in office, through a number of disastrous policies, is to have reduced to 157,065,000 the number of Americans who now participate in the nation’s labor force, a number which is equal to only 62.6 percent of the 251,096,000 civilian noninstitutional population, the same as it was in July and June. Not since October 1977, during the days of Jimmy Carter, when the participation rate dropped to 62.4, has the percentage been this low.

And now for a little historical context regarding what it is that Barry has actually been able to bring about here in 21st century America.  In January 1948 — the first year the data was recorded — 88.7 percent of men, aged 20 and older, were participating in the U.S. labor force. The rate first dipped below 80 percent in November 1975 (79.9%), spiraling steadily downward through August 2015, when 71.5 percent of men 20 and older were participating in the labor force.

It’s the opposite story for women 20 and older: In 1948, a time when one-earner incomes were generally sufficient to support the family, only 31 percent of women participated in the workforce. In May 1966, the rate climbed above 40 percent for the first time; it broke 50 percent in October 1978; and 60 percent in July 1996.  When Barry took office 60.9 percent of women were participating in the labor force, shortly after the participation rate for women started heading down. Last month, it stood at 58.2 percent.

According to yesterday’s jobs report, among the major demographic groups, the unemployment rate for whites declined to 4.4 percent in August. The rates for adult men (4.7 percent), adult women (4.7 percent), teenagers (16.9 percent), blacks (9.5 percent), Asians (3.5 percent), and Hispanics (6.6 percent) showed little change in August.  The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) held at 2.2 million in August and accounted for 27.7 percent of the unemployed.

Also, the number of Americans employed part time, for economic reasons, which is sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers, ticked up in August to 6,483,000, or 158,000 more than the 6,325,000 recorded in July. These are individuals who, more than likely, would have preferred full-time employment but instead were forced into working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job.  This is the Barry “Almighty” economy.

So what we now have after having been made to endure nearly seven years of Barry being president, is a scenario where nearly one third of this nation’s working age population, not working.  Meanwhile we now have over 40 million people on food stamps, 45 million Americans now in poverty, a 100 million are on disability, and a 100 million Americans now on some form of government assistance.  These numbers are a direct result of Barry’s socialist approach to our economic problems.