To my way of thinking, there’s ignorant, there’s really ignorant, and then there’s John Kerry-Heinz ignorant.  Here’s a bonehead who will most certainly be joining the ranks of those recognized as being the most inept, incompetent, and most unqualified secretaries of state that this country has ever had the misfortune to have.  A notable cast of characters which includes such recent players as Cyrus Vance, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright, and of course Hitlery Clinton.  A modern day version of foreign policy ‘Keystone Kops.’

In looking back over the decades it doesn’t take one very long to recognize the fact that those secretaries of state associated with Democrat administrations have, more often than not, been absolutely abysmal in how they went about performing their jobs.  For some bizarre reason the ability to properly address foreign policy issues is so far beyond the skillset possessed by most liberals as to make them completely incapable of being able to handle the simplest requirements of the job.  To the point of being embarrassing for the rest of us.

And now comes word that John Kerry-Heinz ‘allegedly’ gave a Palestinian delegation his word that the U.S. would not impose a veto prior to the passing of a UN resolution against Israeli settlements.  This according to a “leaked transcript” of the meeting.  Kerry-Heinz, along with that other proven liar, White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice, reportedly told the Palestinians on December 12 that they wouldn’t veto the resolution as long as its wording was ‘balanced’.  That information comes by way of the Egyptian news site Al-Youm Al-Sabaa reports.

It’s this report that cites a “leaked transcript” from the meetings composed by the Palestinian delegation. The U.S. Department of State denies the existence of such a document.  And it’s no surprise that Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat described the transcripts as “fabrications” when he commented on the alleged leak Wednesday.  The document further claims that Kerry-Heinz and Rice advised the Palestinians not to make any provocative moves in the UN after President-elect Donald Trump takes office, calling him “dangerous.”

If authentic, the document justifies Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s criticism against Barry “Almighty” since the resolution passed last Friday.  It was Sunday that Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.”  And Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., said there’s “clear evidence” the Obama administration was behind the resolution that will be presented to Trump.

And in getting back to John Kerry-Heinz, the definition of traitor is a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.  And it’s based on that that one could very easily argue that Barry and Kerry-Heinz both betrayed our friend Israel, thus making them both traitors by definition.  One could also argue that they betrayed a long standing US foreign policy principle of not allowing the UN Security Council to pass anti-Israel resolutions. It’s that foreign policy principle that has been practiced by every US administration since Truman.

Of course, one could also argue that Barry and Kerry-Heinz have betrayed their own country by their many actions over the years, and more times than one can count.  Kerry-Heinz, as you know, has a rather long history of blatantly traitorous behavior.  So in that regard this recent backstabbing of Israel should come as no surprise.  It was shocking, historic, and baffling all at once.  After eight years of lame and ineffective action, we suddenly have what is by far the worst resolution and speech regarding Israel ever to come out of Barry’s administration?  And he may not be done yet!

When has an outgoing president ever unleashed such actions with less than a month before his successor takes office?  It’s baffling in the sense that there’s no way any of this can stick. The more outrageous Barry’s actions are at the end, the more likely they’ll be undone by Trump at the very beginning.  By giving the Palestinians and their enablers false hope that Israel has been diplomatically isolated, they’ll all go berserk when Trump comes in and wipes it all away.  Barry seems to be telling Trump “you can’t move the embassy like you want to, because it will result in war.”

Barry is petty, vindictive, narcissistic, and nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. He’s just continuing to blow up the Middle East and the Democrat Party as well. We the People will be fully behind Trump’s attempt to erase Barry’s legacy.  His arrogance knows no bounds. Barry the narcissist still believes himself to be the savior of the world and is trying to do anything he can to stop the “evil” Trump and his dastardly pro American supporters. How dare we not to have voted the way he instructed us to, he thinks to himself.



Kerry 19

You know what’s gonna come out of their mouths before they say a word.  Liberals have got their playbook down pat, and they’re always right on cue. After any act of savagery committed by Islamic terrorists, it’s only a matter of hours, even minutes, before our progressive elitists begin scolding us mean-spirited/bigoted troglodytes for even considering the cult of Islam is anything other than a ‘religion of peace’.

And so, in the wake of what was the deadliest Islamic terror attack in U.S. history since 9/11, we had Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz, a profile in absolute idiocy, warning us all not to be “pointing a finger” at Islam. Because to him, and every other spineless-wonder-of-a-Democrat, speaking the truth and preventing more innocents from being slaughtered is just, well, it’s just downright un-American.

It was before a meeting in Cyprus that Kerry-Heinz told reporters, “The worst thing we can do is engage in trying to point fingers at one group or one form of sectarianism or another or one religion or another.”   And he went on to say, “Those are not the values of our country.”  Actually no, Mr. Kerry-Heinz, exhibiting cravenness and willful deceit are not values of our country, but you certainly have exemplified them.

OK John, so how about we start pointing our finger at a State Department which repeatedly fails to vet the thousands of people streaming into our country. We have the FBI failing to catch terrorists until after they have killed people. We have no enforcement of immigration laws. We have an administration which can’t get enough refugees here from the Middle East. Tell me, who’s supposed to keep us safe?  YOU?

At what point will we be permitted to start blame Islam?  As the body count keeps rising and we’re constantly being told not to blame Islam, is there a magic number for the number killed by this supposed ‘religion of peace?’  Let’s face it, there is not an ounce of leadership to be found anywhere in this administration. And John Kerry-Heinz is an unrepentant moron with a microphone, and nothing more.

Kerry-Heinz has always hated America going back to when he gained infamy from attacking our vets who fought in the Vietnam War which he then used to build himself into a failed political career where he showed up to collect a pay check and never introduced any meaningful bills. He simply voted as he was told to by his pal, and fellow commie, Teddy Kennedy.  To say this guy a loser is an understatement.

Kerry-Heinz is a disgrace and another one of those ideological dimwits who actually believes that global warming scam while at the same time defending the right of Islamic terrorists to butcher and kill those viewed to be infidels.  He thinks it inappropriate for the infidels to be permitted to defend themselves or to even identify the perpetrators of the violence by their rightful name.

And the sad fact is, if the American people are going to ever want to feel safe when going out to dinner, or to a movie or even out to a club, then they may soon find themselves being forced to take matters into their own hands.  So I have to wonder just how high the body count will need to go before they will finally come to choose self-preservation over political correctness.  I hope it’s sooner rather than later.


Kerry 18

Well, it was this past Friday that John Kerry-Heinz must have thought it was the perfect time, during his commencement address at Northeastern University in Boston, to take a potshot at the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.  What seemed to be most responsible for Kerry-Heinz’s objection to Trump’s candidacy, was the border wall that Trump as proposed, as well as who it is that will be made to pay for it.  And then in what I thought was a near perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black was when Kerry-Heinz warned those graduates in attendance not to be susceptible to “soundbite salesmen” and “carnival barkers” as he argued that walls are not a cure-all for United States’ security.

Kerry-Heinz went on tell the graduates to prepare for a “complex and borderless world.”  He said, “For some people, that is all they need simply to climb under the sheets, close their eyes and push the world away.”  He went on to say, “And shockingly, we even see this attitude from some who think they ought to be entrusted with the job of managing international affairs.”  And then he added, “The future demands from us something more than a nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist in any case.”  He said, “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”  Personally, if any of these ‘graduates’ had a brain in their head such a statement should cause them a great deal of uncertainty.

Extending his implied criticism of Trump, Kerry-Heinz spoke scathingly of those who respond to today’s “complicated” world by wanting to “climb under the sheets, close their eyes, and wish the world away. And shockingly, we even see this attitude from some who think they ought to be entrusted with the job of managing international affairs.”  He said that the need to engage “with the wider world should be a threshold requirement for those in high office.”  He added, “And yet the specter of isolationism once again hovers over our nation. I thought we had learned the lessons from the 20th century when an isolationist foreign policy and a protectionist tariff policy contributed to two global wars and the Great Depression.”

Kerry-Heinz warned, “Well, the desire to turn inward and to shut out the world may be especially seductive in an era as complicated as this. But it is not a responsible choice for the most prosperous and powerful nation on the planet – which happens to also be the leader of the free world.”  At an earlier point in his speech Kerry-Heinz took a dig at Trump by name.  He told the graduate, “You are the most diverse class in Northeastern’s history.”  And then he added, “In other words, you are Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”  But then perhaps if these student’s had not already been so thoroughly brainwashed as they passed through their public education and their time in college perhaps they might have been Kerry-Heinz’s worst nightmare!

And oddly enough, Kerry-Heinz’s criticism of isolationist tendencies came just a day after publication of a new Pew Research Center poll that found what was called a growing wariness about global engagement among Americans.  Fifty-seven percent of respondents said the United States should deal with its own problems and let other countries get along as best as they can, which I think is what Trump has been saying.  Meanwhile 37 percent of those taking part in this poll said the U.S. should help other countries deal with their problems.  Forty-one percent said the U.S. does too much to solve the world’s problems; 27 percent said it does too little; 28 percent said it is doing about right.

Nearly half of all respondents, 49 percent, said U.S. involvement in the global economy was a bad thing as it lowers wages and costs jobs. Forty-four percent said it was a good thing because, since it provides the U.S. with new markets and opportunities for growth.  But apparently such things are of little consequence to someone as worldly as John Kerry-Heinz.  You see, it matters very little to him how the unwashed masses may feel about their country, or about anything else for that matter.  He’s a member of that very special club whose members don’t really need to worry about depressed wages as they are so far above the concerns of those of us who are just average folks.

And also Kerry-Heinz apparently saw this speech as being the perfect time to take a swipe at those Americans who have the nerve to question the validity of global warming/climate change.  He said, “With just a few exceptions – including, I am sad to say, an embarrassing coterie of naysayers and science-deniers here in the United States – the whole world has now, in Paris and in New York, for the first time accepted the need for a revolution in how we produce and use energy.”  And all that tells me is that many of us here in America are not yet quite as gullible as are, apparently, the vast majority of those who live in Europe who seem all too willing to buy into the continuing propaganda.

And after citing what Kerry-Heinz referred to what he called as being a series of recent record temperature setting years and months, he went on to say that “despite all the science, one of my former colleagues thought it would be persuasive to walk onto the floor of the Senate with a snowball in his hand and point to it as evidence that climate change is a hoax.”  And he went on to say, “Well, I hate to tell him it proves something, that’s for sure, but not what he intended.”  But the left’s notion that our planet is somehow being made to get ever-warmer and that the fault lies strictly with man has now been disproven more times than I care to count, and still boobs like Kerry-Heinz are out there trying to sell it!

I would be willing to bet that Mr. Kerry-Heinz has some pretty strong locks on his doors and most likely a rather substantial fence around his property as well.  But if someone truly wanted to do him harm, those precautions would likely be unable to stop a truly determined perpetrator. But the reason that he has those protective measures in place is to prevent those opportunists who would walk in and take Kerry-Heinz’s belongings or harm his family and or destroy property.  America can’t stop a major terrorist attack, but we’re not currently being harmed by those. What we are being harmed by is what is essentially, a death of a thousand cuts.

That millions of illegal immigrants continue to put a strain on our economy and our society is the greatest danger that we face, and that would be helped by making it harder to cross the border. But liberals who hate America don’t care what happens to America as long as they can remain rich and in power.  The fact is that immigrant-headed households use 41 percent more federal welfare benefits than their native-born counterparts, according to a new Center for Immigration Studies analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.  The average household headed by an immigrant (both legal and illegal) in 2012 consumed $6,234 federal in welfare benefits, while the average native-headed households consumed $4,431 in benefits.

We have already seen what can happen when a country essentially throw open its borders.  While Barry sat back and watched we have had, quite literally, thousands of people flood across our border in an illegal fashion.  Europe is also now facing the consequences that result from having open borders and even some of them are now in the process of either building fences, increasing armed guards along the border, or taking some other measures to attempt to stop illegal entry.  Yet Kerry-Heinz does not see the need to stop illegal entry to this country and yet if we do not stop it our country will not be able to survive economically.  Which I guess, from the perspective of those on the left, is the whole idea.

Really, is it any wonder why we’ve been so pathetically incompetent on the world stage when we have such pathetically inept clowns as Barry, Hitlery and Kerry-Heinz having led our foreign policy for the last seven years?  I mean what we’ve been forced to watch is nothing less than diplomacy ‘The Three Stooges-style’, only without any of the humor.  But unfortunately it’s not incompetence that’s really been taking place, with this group it’s more like willful intent.  They have seemed to take great pleasure in placing this country, and therefor it’s citizens in an ever increasingly precarious, and very dangerous, position.  And they even brag about it!

Instead of patting himself on the back what Kerry-Heinz ought to be doing is hanging his head in shame for all that he has assisted in being committed against our country. The idiot Kerry-Heinz’s answer to a crisis is a James Taylor serenade.  What a JOKE!  And while Kerry-Heinz can easily afford his own security, we the people are pretty much left to defend ourselves while at the same time Kerry-Heinz and his comrades work to remove from us our even our ability to do that.  The world has become incredibly more dangerous over the last seven years, and if we’re stupid enough to elect another Democrat as president it will only continue to get worse.



You ever wondered where all of those murdering Islamists would be without those on the left always standing at the reading to provide all manner of excuses for why it is that Muslim scum continues to commit some of the most heinous acts imaginable.  First we were told it was because these people are just so poor but then it came to light that most of the star players in the terrorist hierarchy all come from fairly wealthy families.  Then we were told it was because they didn’t have jobs and if only we would create a jobs program that would solve everything.  And then we were told it was because of climate change and now it’s because of human rights violations.

I mean where would the Left be if it couldn’t continue to make up asinine excuse after asinine excuse for why terrorists go on murderous rampages and seem to be proliferating at near record speed?  It was during the Arab Spring that Barry “Almighty” blamed the uprising on the fact that “middle class folks” were just trying to “catch a break.” Then, Sec. of State John Kerry-Heinz blamed the crisis in Syria on “climate change” and “climate refugees.” Of course the so-called “Israeli ‘occupation’ of Palestine” is a favorite among leftists who attempt to excuse the violence within Islam at all levels, regardless of where in the world that violence is committed.

So as I mentioned earlier, the latest excuse being used by the left in an effort to justify Islamic terrorism is because human rights abuses are being committed against poor defenseless Muslims. Not that they are committing these abuses against others by cutting off the heads of innocent people, raping young girls or blowing themselves up in the attempt to kill as many people as possible.  No, apparently we are said to be the perpetrators of these abuses in our effort to prevent them from killing those whose only sin is that they refuse to become members of this cult known as Islam. A cult that is based on death and violence while portrayed as a religion of peace.

But, be that as it may it’s ‘Stars and Stripes’ that reports the following:

A crackdown on dissent by authoritarian governments last year contributed to a rising tide of human rights abuses that has allowed terrorist groups to flourish, according to the State Department’s annual human rights report released Wednesday.

Although the report found human rights abuses on every continent, Secretary of State John F. Kerry singled out the Middle East.

“The most widespread and dramatic violations in 2015 were those in the Middle East, where the confluence of terrorism and the Syrian conflict caused enormous suffering,” he said.

“Given the horrors of these past five years, I cannot imagine a more powerful blow for human rights than putting a decisive end to this war, to the terror, to the repression and especially to the torture, to the indiscriminate bombing,” he said, “and therefore make possible a new beginning for the Syrian people.”[…]

Of course it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Barry “Almighty”, along with Hitlery Clinton, completely destabilized the entire Middle East by destroying partners like Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi — both of whom were cooperating with the U.S. to tamp down the radical elements within their respective countries; or that cutting and running in Iraq created the vacuums in which radicals now flourish.  It apparently also isn’t obvious to John Kerry-Heinz that there is something fundamental within Islam that fosters hatred, radicalism, and a penchant for armed jihad among no trivial number of its adherents.

Of course the simple, most obvious and truthful answer will never do for leftists, especially when it doesn’t suit their agenda.  The liberals just keep moving the target, stalling… the more time they can delay the more the evil of their policies embeds itself even deeper into our society.  You would think that burning someone alive or cutting off their head would definitely be a human rights abuse.  But apparently not.  So all that seems left to do is to use the Muslim resettlement system to move all 5 million of the terrorists into middle class white/Jewish neighborhoods in the US, give them welfare and Democrat ballots, and hope they appreciate our generosity.


Kerry 17

One who should know a great deal about being an embarrassment is none other than our Secretary of State, and failed presidential candidate, John Kerry-Heinz who recently called the U.S. presidential campaign “embarrassing”.  He recently made the comment that while being abroad he is regularly asked about the race.  And it was during his appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this past Tuesday that Kerry-Heinz said, “Every meeting I have, everywhere, people are asking what is happening with the United States, ‘What are you doing to yourselves?'”  He went on to say, “But in the end, I am confident that the American people are going to choose wisely.”

And then it was none other than Barry “Almighty” himself who recently echoed Kerry-Heinz’s rather idiotic, and blatantly political, remarks claiming foreign impressions of the election were damaging to the United States.  Barry was recently heard to say, “I’m getting questions constantly from foreign leaders about some of the wackier suggestions that are being made.”  And then he went on to say, “I have to emphasize that it’s not just (Donald) Trump’s proposals. You are also hearing concerns about (Texas Sen. Ted) Cruz’s proposals, which in some ways are just as draconian when it comes to immigration.”

And then we heard from White House spokesmoron Josh Earnest who recently said that the U.S. is now having less productive meetings with foreign leaders.  But how could we possibly have meetings that were in any way less productive than those we have already had, at least on the diplomatic front?  I mean seriously, whether we’re talking about Barry and Hitlery or Barry and Kerry-Heinz, what has taken place over the course of the last 7+ years that can actually be described, even remotely, as having been either productive of substantive? I mean in what sort of alternate universe do these clowns now reside?

But I guess in a sense they’re right in that there is much to be ashamed of, and it’s difficult to say which has been the most embarrassing. One embarrassment is that it’s taken people this long to get pissed off. Another is that the RNC still thinks that it can pull this thing out. Another is that they’re willing to openly steal the nomination and there seems to be quite a few people who don’t seem to care.  The same people who are willing to preach to the rest of us about values, morals and principles.  Stealing is stealing just as lying is lying, period. Donald Trump is a figure head. Republicans are voting against the criminal organization that calls itself the Republican Party.

So of course it’s embarrassing! Embarrassing to the American people who have been continually shut out of their government and their elections by BOTH political parties.  My advice to old Kerry-Heinz would be to shut up.  Let’s face it, he’s been an embarrassment for the better part of his entire life. He spent 4 months in Vietnam yet comes back with a chest full of bogus medals and then goes before Congress to tell nothing but lies about those with whom he served but who, like him, were unable connive their way home after 1 brief 4 month stint into a war zone.  And then he marries money because he’s too damn stupid to get rich on his own!

And it’s true, we have had three very embarrassing elections in row.  In 2004 with Kerry-Heinz as the Democrat nominee and again in 2008 and 2012 with Barry as the Democrat nominee. This year will make it four with Hitlery or Bernie representing the Democrats. Can’t get any better than that.  And look, the truth is guys like Kerry-Heinz, as are all long time Democrats/Liberals/Progressives, are way passed getting embarrassed about pretty much anything.  It’s pretty much impossible to embarrass those who can point to Hitlery or Bernie and declare, with a straight face, that they are the best the Democrat Party has to offer to the American people.


Democrats 36

It was while speaking at the official opening of a new Democrat Party branch office, aka The Washington Post’s new headquarters, just this past Thursday that Secretary of State John Kerry-Heinz said that the paper had once “proved that not even the president of the United States is above the law.”  Before making this remarks, Kerry-Heinz also made note of the fact that ‘Watergate’ reporter Bob Woodward was in attendance.  He then alluded to the movie “All the President’s Men,” which was based on the book bearing the same title that was authored by Woodward and his Watergate reporting partner, Carl Bernstein.  I’ve always wondered if these two enterprising young ‘journalists’ would have been anywhere near as energetic in their efforts if Nixon had been a Democrat.  Somehow, I think not!

Here’s a little excerpt from Kerry-Heinz’s speech:

“Now, all of you here know–I think Bob Woodward is here somewhere. I saw him. There he is, right here, Bob.

When the Post last time inaugurated its headquarters, it was 1972, and the White House was slamming this paper’s coverage of a certain third-rate burglary. And a year earlier, the Nixon administration had tried, passionately, to stop the publishing of the Pentagon Papers. And for many of us, this was a formative moment in our political lives and in our lives, period. Make no mistake, one reason that so many people in the media today are prepared to tell the truth, to stand up to powerful interests, is precisely because The Washington Post proved that not even the President of the United States is above the law.”

While such a statement may have, at one time, been considered as being true, it’s when reviewing the actions of our current president, over the course of the last seven years, that it becomes painfully clear, and in relatively short order, that that no longer seems to be the case.  And if Kerry-Heinz truly does choose to stand behind that statement then how is it that he is able to explain why the many scandals of Barry “Almighty” haven’t resulted in impeachment?  I can only assume that Kerry-Heinz sees absolutely nothing that warrants our current Democrat president actually being charged with the breaking of any laws.  But I suspect that if it were a Republican who had committed even one of the many infractions that have been committed by Barry, Kerry-Heinz would be singing a very different song.

Because Barry has, over the course of his presidency, succeeded in setting the bar  when it comes to the level of illegal activity that can originate from the Oval Office. After all Barry “Almighty”:

Breaks “the law of the land” (the ‘Constitution’) at least once a week.

Has ‘spent’ money when the congress controls the ‘purse’.

Has (literally) written law. ‘Law’ must be written by the House.

Has (literally) changed law.

Has gone around ‘Congress’ rather than work with them using executive orders to so.

Has ‘chosen’ (literally) which ‘laws’ he will demand to be enforced and that WILL NOT.

Has (literally) gifted U.S. sovereignty to every nation counter to our own best interests with treaties and just plain not enforcing the law.

Has (literally) PROVIDED weapons to drug cartels and our enemies in a 14 year old war.

Now keep in mind that this is but the ‘short’ list of Barry’s rather impressive accomplishments/offenses which have taken place in a relatively short span of time, historically speaking.  And also, let’s not forget that Barry has just shy of one more year in office.  And since Congress has proven itself to be quite derelict in its duty, as has the Supreme Court, when it comes to implementing the ‘checks and balances’ they possess to counter Barry’s many abuses of ‘power’, Barry likely isn’t through yet.  What Kerry-Heinz “IS” using here “IS” a commonly understood tactic of ‘projection’ to ‘reframe’ or ‘deflect’ the truth by playing the card up front. This “IS” classical political out maneuvering. Unfortunately, this administration has used it with such frequency that it has exposed itself for what it “IS”.  The EXACT opposite of what he’s ‘saying’.

And I find it quite amazing how it is that Kerry-Heinz can so easily, even nonchalantly, ignore the rather long list of rather diabolical scandals that have come to surround Barry “Almighty” as well as his entire administration.  From the IRS targeting, to Fast and Furious, to Hitlery’s email server and cover-up as well as all the abuses by Hitlery with her Clinton Foundation slush fund, the blatant violations of Obamacare, the VA scandal and cover up, etc, etc.  Interesting how he dwells on Watergate when there are so many scandals and abuses of the law laying right at his feet.  Scandals that so completely overshadow a second-rate burglary that would result in the resignation of a president.  And so it would seem that we have no modern day versions of Woodward and Bernstein who feel at all compelled to pursue any of them.  What a shame!


Kerry 03

Our exceptionally dimwitted secretary of state, that would be the very mentally deficient John Kerry-Heinz, has demonstrated, once again just this past Saturday, that he has no intention whatsoever of letting up on his drumbeat when it comes to how it is that he views ‘climate change’ as continuing to be the root cause of every malady imaginable currently taking place here on good old planet Earth.  This time around the claim we hear coming from this dunderhead is how ‘climate change’ is, in fact, now considered as being a contributing factor in the Syrian civil war, using as proof of his claim, some study conducted last spring which linked drought-driven urbanization to the conflict that began back in 2011.

It was in a speech at the Milan Expo 2015 in Italy that this reject from a mental ward said, “It is not a coincidence that immediately prior to the civil war in Syria, the country experienced the worst drought on record.”  And this mental-midget then went on to say, “As many as 1.5 million people migrated from Syria’s farms into Syria’s cities, and that intensified the political unrest that was beginning to brew.”  This boob went on to say, “Now, I’m not telling you that the crisis in Syria was caused by climate change. No, obviously, it wasn’t. It was caused by a brutal dictator who barrel-bombed, starved, tortured, and gassed his own people.”  But, according to Kerry-Heinz, ‘climate change’ allowed things to get so much worse.

But instead of taking any responsibility for this part of the world to have been allowed to be turned into what is not much more than a tinderbox, Kerry-Heinz instead put forth his best effort to portray ‘climate change’ as having played some critical role in making things considerably worse than they would otherwise have been.  Kerry-Heinz said, “But the devastating drought clearly made a bad situation a lot worse.”  Clearly?  How so, exactly?  And clear to whom?  Now I suppose it’s clear to someone like Kerry-Heinz who has been quite busy supporting the cockamamie global warming/climate change/climate disruption myth for decades, but to anyone with an ounce of brainpower, I’m thinking that it’s probably not quite so clear.

So in an effort to perhaps provide a little background here, unrest in Syria erupted back in March 2011, when demonstrators, evidently inspired by protest movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, began calling for political reforms, an end to five decades of emergency law, and freedom for political prisoners, which at the time were estimated to number around 4,000.  In the southern town of Dara’a, 60 miles from Damascus, security forces opened fire on protesters demanding reforms – and the release of more than a dozen school students arrested for writing anti-regime slogans on walls. Four people ended up being killed.

Protests against the Assad regime quickly spread, and over the ensuing month more than 170 people ended up being killed, the majority by live ammunition fired by what were identified as ‘security forces’.  And by early August the death toll had reached 1,600.  The unrest degenerated into a full-blown civil war, complicated by the proliferation of extremist groups and foreign support for various parties in the conflict. The U.N. estimates that more than 250,000 Syrians have died, and millions have sought refuge in neighboring countries while others seek new lives in Europe.  But somehow we’re expected to believe that without ‘climate change’ the situation would never have been anywhere near as bad.  Really?

The notion that ‘climate change’ can somehow be seen as being a contributing factor in the conflict began making headlines last March and was provided some level of legitimacy when a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlighted a severe drought in Syria and surrounding parts of the Middle East in 2007-2010 that triggered a mass migration from farms to urban centers.  The authors, from the University of California Santa Barbara, Columbia University and Columbia’s Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory, referred to the figure of 1.5 million people, which would then come to be cited by John Kerry-Heinz.

The authors of this particular study wrote, “The rapidly growing urban peripheries of Syria, marked by illegal settlements, overcrowding, poor infrastructure, unemployment, and crime, were neglected by the Assad government and became the heart of the developing unrest.”  They said that the drought – which they attributed in part to “human influences on the climate system” – exacerbated other factors that contributed to the Syrian unrest, including corruption, unemployment and inequality.  I’m not sure how ‘climate change’ can have any sort of impact on the level of corruption, unemployment or, for that matter, inequality.  But then I’m not some nutty professor residing in one our leftist institutions of ‘higher learning’.

Anyway, in his speech in Milan, Kerry-Heinz pointed to the refugee and migrant crisis besetting Europe, and said that without action on climate change, future refugee flows could be even worse.  “Here in Europe, you’re in the middle of one of the worst refugee crises in decades,” he said. “And I would underscore, unless the world meets the urgency of this moment, the horrific refugee situation that we’re facing today will pale in comparison to the mass migrations that intense droughts, sea-level rise, and other impacts of climate change are likely to bring about.”  Whoa, talk about a worst case scenario pulled right out of thin air.  The boy has quite the imagination!

Kerry-Heinz linked his appeal to the forthcoming U.N. climate conference in Paris, France, which governments and activists hope will deliver a far-reaching new global climate agreement. He said, “We need every country on the same page, all pushing for an ambitious, durable, and inclusive agreement that will finally put us on the path towards a global clean-energy future.”  What a bunch of idiotic drivel.  Idiots like Kerry-Heinz continue to pull out all the stops in their never-ending attempt to convince the rest of us that this bogus theory of theirs actually exists and is something the rest of us really need to be concerned about and is worth going broke over trying to remedy.  To buy any of what he’s saying you’d have to be a complete moron.

Our current ‘diplomatic team’, with Barry and Kerry-Heinz enthusiastically leading the charge, is constantly on the hunt for any excuse to justify what has been a chain of rather disastrous diplomatic decisions going back to even before John-Kerry-Heinz assumed his current position.  And if by chance they can, at the same time, push bogus ‘climate change’ to the forefront as somehow being to blame, all the better.  That way, perhaps, they will be able to kill two birds with one stone.  Coming up with what they see as being a viable excuse for their own failed policies while continuing with their increasingly dire scenarios regarding the coming apocalypse of ‘climate change.’  I wonder, might we soon be hearing about how it’s all the fault of ‘climate change’ that Iran has been able to acquire a nuclear weapon?