As strange as it may sound, there was a recent poll taken that seemed to indicate that the majority of the American have no problem with paying four dollars for a gallon of gas, nor with the fact that store shelves remain largely unfilled. And also, they apparently don’t mind in the least that inflation is now the highest it’s been in decades, that very soon they’ll be paying higher taxes, or that crime is now officially out of control. And most Americans also seem ok with the fact that our southern border no longer exists, just as they are enamored of how boys are now able to share showers and restrooms with their daughters merely by claiming to be girls themselves.

And it’s all of this that’s according to FiveThirtyEight’s recent generic congressional ballot average, done on August 10, and conducted less than four months from the midterm elections, that seems to indicate that Democrats have now somehow inched ahead of Republicans. And how is it that such a thing could happen if Americans didn’t actually support the Democrats’ agenda of destroying America? The average showed generic Democrats with an average of 44.2 percent and generic Republicans with an average of 44 percent. The average from FiveThirtyEight looks at polls from Morning Consult, Rasmussen Reports, Ipsos, Data for Progress, and YouGov.

In 2018, the Democrats took the House from the Republicans. In 2020, the Republicans succeeded only on leaving the Democrats with the slimmest majority in modern history and gave themselves the upper hand in the midterms. For Republicans, winning the majority will require a net gain of only five seats in November, and much is on the line in both the House and the Senate. For Democrats, losing either would mean they will have a more difficult time passing their agenda items before the next presidential election. And the fact that the Democrats leading this generic congressional ballot average should serve as a warning for Republicans.

Or, instead, is all of that merely what we’re supposed to believe? Is this all nothing more than an attempt by those who take these polls to alter public opinion and not so much to reflect it. They want to convince the weak-minded among us that everyone is voting Democrat and that they should too. And they want the public to think the fraudulent results are plausible, and by rigging these polls the numbers will say it’s quite possible that the Democrats are likely to win. An act that is essentially no different then how so many on the ‘fake news’ media continue in their attempt to spin the unjustified, and illegal, search of President Trump’s private residence.

Those candidates supported by President Trump won the vast majority of primary contests. We know Joey got nowhere near 81 million votes and you have to wonder what responsible individual, regardless of political affiliation, thinks it’s a good idea to vote for inflation, for higher food prices, for higher gas prices, for empty shelves, for an open border, for rising interest rates, for higher taxes, for a slowing economy or for anything that does further damage to this country? So is this a poll meant to try and sway public opinion and to set the tone for the cheating that is likely to come? That way when they squeak out those close races using these polls as ‘proof.’

Polls like this are meant to instill complacency, and we must not allow them to succeed. Despite the fact that they spew what it is a constant barrage of ‘fake news,’ we cannot afford to underestimate the hold the media still has over many Americans. Like it or not the Democrats continue to have a strangle hold on the culture. It’s like taking a captive away from a longtime kidnapper, it will take years of deprogramming to reverse the damage done by decades of Democrat control. Democrats continue to work to divide the American people, because that’s the only way they win. Sadly, too many of us refuse to see how it is that the Democrat Party seeks to destroy America,

Democrats have done nothing to deserve higher polls numbers, so there is no reason to believe these polls are accurate. The pollsters continue to rig the polls in order to make it appear that the Democrats are ahead and to make it easier to hide their upcoming fraud. Democrats seem enthused by the prospect of totalitarian socialism. I mean do you live under a rock? Democrats are literally turning America into the next Venezuela. It’s been the Democrats plan for decades to change the demographic makeup of this country by importing millions of illegals each year. We are dangerously close to the point of no return and opportunities to reverse things are running out.

The likely goal here, of polls such as this, is to prime the population into expecting a blue victory even though it’s a red one that is likely coming. So when they rig the elections in order to maintain their stranglehold over the federal government, they can claim the polls showed it for months leading up to the election. The other thing about suppression polls is that they are an effort to demoralize the opposite side and to convince them that voting is nothing more than a complete waste of time because there’s no way they can possibly win. This means fewer show up to the polls thinking their votes won’t make any difference, and the prophecy becomes self-fulfilling.

Look, it’s anyone who goes to the grocery store that is able to sees how the price of the most basic of items that they purchase has now gone up 25 to 30 percent, or how the price of gas has doubled from what it was less than two years ago, or whose job that is in any way related to the travel, restaurant, entertainment, construction, home furnishings, or new auto sales would have to be mentally impaired not to see what Joey’s policies have done to this country. Joey and the Democrats have no plan to correct any of this because they are willing to sacrifice American consumers on the altar of their green energy agenda. So they continue to try to fool us.

For me our government has now gotten so corrupt that, at this point, anything can happen. Most polls aren’t real, they just dictate what they want you to think. Try to figure out how a man who did little actually campaigning, became our *president. Do you really think he got more votes than ‘BO?’ Do you really think the Democrats are jumping up in the polls as they attack a future candidate with government entities? No one is screaming at the top of their lungs except President Trump. You can’t steal an election with honest polling. If the Republican voters sit on their butts and allow braindead Democrat voters to continue this disaster, America is truly done.


After unleashing that which was the mother of all fishing expeditions on a former president and a potential future opponent, Joey now seems to be disavowing having any knowledge of it. Meanwhile, it’s Democrats, along with several RINOs and most of those in the ‘fake news’ media, who have now spent nearly every waking moment since, trying to convince anyone willing to listen that it was somehow warranted. But it’s also many on their side who are now saying that this same fishing expedition may very well end up having just the opposite effect of that which was intended. That, of course, being the removal of Donald Trump as a candidate in 2024.  

And it was during Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s rating-challenged ‘Andy Cooper 360,’ that Scott Jennings, some relic leftover from the George W. Bush administration, who said, “If you don’t convict Donald Trump now, you have martyred Donald Trump.” Jennings said to guest host John Berman, “You have basically guaranteed him the nomination for the Republican Party in 2024, and you’re going to give him a big weapon to go after Joe Biden or, you know, whatever Democrat emerges in 2024 if they don’t convict him.” Jennings continued, “I mean, they’ve raided the guy’s house.” And he said, “One person told me there’s no going back now.”

He said, “This is total — you know, there’s no reconciliation here when you raid somebody’s house. And so because of the political implications of that, I’m curious to know about what did the White House know?” Jennings said, “I want to know if Joe Biden knew. And frankly, given the implications of this, former president, probable candidate, I think the current president ought to say whether he knew about it in advance from the attorney general because I think a lot of Americans — a lot of Republicans are going to want to know the answer to that question.” And, of course, the White House has continued to deny that they had any advance notice of the raid.

And it’s once again that these dummies demonstrate their inability to look even one step beyond their immediate action. It may seem obvious to anyone not motivated by politics but, somehow, they never anticipated that the raid might end up casting President Trump as a victim of the FBI, so now they’re left with lamely demanding that the term ‘raid’ not be used because they want President Trump to be the perpetrator of some crime and not the victim. It seems that the harder they try to bring him down, the more spectacularly they continue to fail and the more corrupt they make themselves appear. And yet they keep trying. It’s really quite amazing.

And now they’re actually expecting us to believe that the DOJ somehow acted unilaterally? No one at the White House knew anything about this? I mean, the decision for the FBI to raid the residence of a former president with three dozen FBI agents, did NOT go all the way to the top? It was just some low-level schlemiel who took it upon himself, without informing the higher-ups, that he was going to raid the residence of a former president and future candidate? That’s their story? Whether Joey knew of the raid beforehand or after, he is ultimately responsible for all the departments in his regime.  If he didn’t know about it that’s worse than if he did.

And so, what is it, exactly, that these people think he’s guilty of? Making the country prosperous and energy independent? Making the Middle East into a peaceful place? Getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? The Democrats, their RINO allies and the ‘fake news’ media tried for four years to find something, ANYTHING, to hang on him and failed rather spectacularly every time! There was the two wasted years, and a buttload of wasted money, of Bob Mueller, the great white dope, upon whom the Democrats pinned all their hopes, only to be let down when he came up with nothing. Then came the sham impeachments, even after he was no longer President.

And finally, sometimes cliches are accurate. You know, like “Evil always eats itself, The snake swallows its own tail or Give ‘em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.” Say what you will about President Trump, but his election and the insane reactions by the left resulted in the Democrat party finally being exposed for what it is…Communist lite. Only now it’s going full bore communist/fascist just as Ronald Reagan predicted over 40 years ago. They no longer even try to hide their corruption because they believe they’re untouchable since they control federal law enforcement. Hubris always results in disaster. They obviously haven’t learned that lesson.


Yes my friends, it would appear to be 1917 all over again, and instead of finding ourselves in Russia, we’re right here in America, although you’d never know it. So, what has happened to us? Well, the answer to that is a very simple one, the Democrat Party is what has happened to us. Along with those who, for whatever reason, were able to see fit to hand control of the country over to them when knowing every time we have done so they have done nothing but to inflict irreparable damage upon our country until we now find ourselves in a rather untenable position. The American people now find themselves being pushed into a corner, and if we allow that to continue, without making those taking part face any sort of repercussions, then we deserve what we get.

Because we’ve now seen the lengths to which these Democrats are willing to go in their continuing effort to maintain their grip on power, while enriching themselves personally along the way. Their actions now make quite clear the level of fear they possess for the one man who has shown an willingness to stop them. And with that they may also now be stirring something within many of us to rise up against this tyranny and that which they are trying to accomplish with this latest act of thuggery. With this recent raid on the private residence of a former President they have once again made it abundantly clear that they no longer have any interest in preserving the rule of law. It would seem that their only interest, at this point, is to make permanent their ability to rule. It’s scary how far we have allowed things to progress.


So apparently, we have another RINO who is now making noise about throwing their hat into the presidential ring come 2024, and one who apparently believes the fact that she happens to be female will somehow convince folks to forget all about the fact that she is also a backstabbing RINO. Now granted, while she may not take backstabbing to the same level as, say, Liz Cheney, she has definitely proven that she is not someone who can be trusted. And that she actually thinks that, makes clear just how detached from reality she really is. And do we really want someone like that in the White House? Haven’t we had enough of that over the last 19 months?

And so, it was during an appearance on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox News Sunday,” that former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, discussed what could happen in the 2024 presidential election. She was asked by host Mike Emanuel about President Trump’s prospects before addressing her own, saying that “sometimes it takes a woman.” Haley said, “Well, I think President Trump will decide for himself if he wants to run again.” And she said, “And the January 6 [committee] has been a biased committee from the start without anyone pushing back on any of the information they have. So it’s very hard for Americans to trust it.”

And she went on to say, “What I will tell you is, look, if there’s a place for me, I look at the craziness in the world, I look at what’s happening with this woke culture and our schools wanting our kids to decide their gender, I look at the fact that we’ve got men playing women’s sports, I look at the fact that we got our military focused on gender pronoun classes. What I will tell you is we need to snap out of it. This is absolute craziness. We’ve got enemies trying to come after us, and America has been naive, it’s been weak, and it’s been asleep at the wheel.” She continued by saying, “I’m just saying, sometimes, it takes a woman.”

Haley said, “And Margaret Thatcher said if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman. We should not take our eyes off of 2022. If we don’t win in 2022, there won’t be a 2024. So we need to stay humble, disciplined and win that. And then if there’s a place for me, I’ve never lost a race, I’m not going to start now. We’ll see what happens, and we’ll go forward. But we need to get America strong again. We need to start focusing on our foreign policy in a way we haven’t done in a while, and we’re going to need to focus on it for the next 20 years. We need to bring sanity back to our domestic policy.”

She concluded by saying, “And we need to start fighting for Americans again — fighting for their wallets, fighting for their children’s education, fighting for opportunities, and making sure we get back on track. I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen.” Her vagina is not some missing, magical ingredient. I don’t understand the logic of these people who have become so arrogant as to think their type of genitalia somehow gives them a right to rule. She’s done, her political career is over, unless, perhaps, she joins the Democrats. She’s too divisive and a bit too woke for my taste, with her silly comment. Why try to pit men and women against each other?

I can only assume that Haley must be on crack, or something similar, if she really thinks she has a snowball’s chance in Hell of gaining the Republican nomination for president. RINOs are hated as much as, if not more, than Democrats by Republican voters. If ever there was a woman right up there with Hitlery and Cheney, it’s Haley. Power-hungry, has a God complex, greedy beyond avarice, and would rule with an iron fist. No, Ms. Haley should NOT BE allowed anywhere near the levers of power unless you want a Hochul, a Whitmer or a Brown, except this loser of a tyrant would be President of the United States, not just a loser governor of a state.

And so once again for the slow kids. There is ZERO evidence that women are any better at running government at any level, and some evidence they’re worse. And please stop with the “it takes a woman” nonsense. Frankly, I am sick of hearing all this female power, women are better crap. The truth is, they are not better, in any meaningful way. And a lot of them are not very nice, are not very trustworthy, are not very intelligent and are not very experienced. I don’t recall any men ever saying “men were better than women” but women today act as if they are superior in EVERYTHING to men and because they have to say it means they are NOT.

The feminists’ ‘girl power’ message has been preached in schools, in movies and in books for decades. Politicians promote it as well. Joey said, “There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing.” It isn’t true, but it’s the message going out to boys and men. Our society is trying to ‘empower’ women. Yet masculinity has been paired up with the word, ‘toxic.’ No, masculinity is not toxic. Bad behavior is toxic, and both men and women do things that are wrong. Femininity and masculinity are both good. How many times has a more qualified man been passed over so that a less qualified woman gets promoted?

Choosing to vote for any candidate because they are of a particular sex is as outdated and as flawed as choosing to vote for someone because they are of a particular race. Frankly it’s pandering, which would seem to be Haley’s style. We need the best President, one who loves America and has the guts, knowledge and drive to get things done and to “Make America Great Again,” “Make America Safe Again,” and “Make America with Justice for All Again.” That’s President Trump. It will never be her, never be Pence, never be Kasich, or the witch from Wyoming. Globalists have no country, and they should never have any power or position in our country.

Frankly, I think it was rather arrogant of her to channel Mrs. Thatcher in saying, “if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” I don’t really trust her to do much of anything other than to sell us out just like every other RINO that immediately comes to mind. President Trump got a lot of things done despite the many roadblocks put up by both the Democrats and RINOs. There are plenty of men who may be all talk and no action, but there are plenty of women who are all talk as well. Haley should just stop it with her talk about women being voted in just because of their gender. Men and women are different. God made us that way.

What we have here are nothing more than the delusional visions of grandeur from a narcissistic globalist! Where was her voice when President Trump needed support? She was, and has continued to be, noticeably silent, and waiting in the wings praying there are people stupid enough to nominate her for president. Haley needs to be told that her 15 minutes were officially over when she jumped on the Mitt Romney Bandwagon and after her traitorous U.N. stint under President Trump. She set the women’s movement back all the way to Clinton’s bimbo eruption as far as her slogan, “It takes a woman.” I don’t vote for anybody who plays a gender, or race, card.


I cannot be the only one who finds it all a bit ironic that when President Trump brought about an economy that was the strongest in decades, you couldn’t find a Democrat anywhere who was willing to give him credit for it. And yet, now that Joey has succeeded in putting our economy back in the dumper it’s these same Democrats who are now falling all over themselves in an effort to congratulate him. And when President Trump made America energy independent it was many Democrats who pooh-poohed the accomplishment. And yet today they rave about how Joey has once again made us dependent on our enemies to meet our energy needs.

So, should we now be all that surprised to hear from another scumbag Democrat about how it is the Joey is doing such a stellar job as *president? You see, it’s according to Democrats that the economy always does better when there is a Democrat in the White House, regardless of whether, or not, that happens to be the case, which under Joey it most certainly is not. And yet, it was during an appearance on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” hosted by imbecile John King, that Democrat Sen. John Hickenlooper argued that Joey is not getting credit for his legislative accomplishments is “sort of like the economy.”

Hickenlooper said, “I think President Biden deserves credit for taking the time. Again, I have a tremendous sense of urgency around climate change. And I mean, this effort to climate rescue is long overdue. That said, he got it done, and no one else has ever been able to get it done, and in a 50/50 Senate to look at — if you look at all the things he’s done, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the PACT Act just got passed this past week, you go down all these major initiatives, some bipartisan, some not, but most of them bipartisan, this is a — in the first two years with a 50/50 majority, people — it’s sort of like the economy.”

And he went on to say, “We have the greatest job numbers and the lowest unemployment in 50 years and people are — the market’s going down and people are wringing their hands. People look at President Biden and say, well, why haven’t you done this faster?” Look, this guy can try to paint a rosy picture, because it’s what he has to do, but the unemployment rate is low for two reasons: people are dropping out of the workforce because the government has made it too easy to be a parasite and the Department of Labor is cooking the books in much the same manner as when ‘BO’ was in the White House. And, as always, our ‘fake news’ media gives them a pass.

These jobs are not new and they have not been ‘created.’ These are deadbeats now coming back to work after all of the free stuff ran out and now they can’t afford to eat or put a roof over their heads. I’ll give Joey credit where credit is due. Medical tyranny, failing economy, wide open borders, and no longer being energy independent. People are struggling to feed their families and pay their bills. Joey’s knee rests on the throat of America’s industries. With so much liquidity in the market, the U.S. GDP should have skyrocketed upwards. Nope, Joey immediately strangled America’s energy industry and paid competent, young workers to remain unemployed.

Yes, it’s a 50-50 country, and Hickenlooper’s team has made it quite clear that they want to wreck the economy in 2022 so that we meet some standard for lowering the planet’s temperature by one degree by the end of the century. It’s a planetary problem yet it’s only the EU and the U.S. that are the only ones playing. The big polluters are going to burn even more fossil fuel in the next 20 years, and we’re going green? And the overall temperature of the planet will still go up a degree because faux scientists think they’re God and are able to control nature. Half the country doesn’t want this crap, and don’t want it crammed down their throat.

Democrats are falsely using the ‘unemployment’ number to say there is not a recession. The vast number of people no longer employed are not on unemployment insurance because it ran out and they adjusted their lives to accommodate the lower income, and lower expenses overall and if you were to include them in the figure it would be well over 12 percent unemployed. And when it comes to gas prices, well, with the price now being so high, people found ways to reduce their demand. And guess what, as is always the case when supply stays the same and demand goes down, the price drops. That has not one thing to do with anything done by Joey.

Hickenlooper also chose to respond to claims by Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican, that the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ reconciliation bill is Democrats’ “using the inflation crisis” to justify “reckless government spending” by stating that the cost of not addressing the climate “far, far, far will outweigh what we’re spending to get clean wind, clean energy, and clean air.” After hearing Scott’s criticism Hickenlooper responded, “I think Sen. Scott needs only to look down the coast of Florida at the devastation that these more frequent and more intense hurricanes have caused to Florida and all around the Gulf coast and all around the world, the wildfires.”

And he went on to say, “I worry that we can’t call it a drought in the southwest anymore because it is so prevalent and it seems to be growing and continuing much longer than a traditional drought. This might be desertification; some people call it aridification. But we’re going to have less water, the cost of that, to not address that, is the type definition of insanity. The cost of not addressing it now, far, far, far will outweigh what we’re spending to get clean wind, clean energy, and clean air.” So the most powerful governments can’t stop a virus from spreading, but they want you to think they can change the climate by making you pay more taxes?

None of their ‘climate change’ predictions have ever come true. Not a one. The climate has been changing since the day I was born. The ocean was going to rise to cover the cities on the coast, and yet in 70 years the Atlantic is still right where it was the very first time I saw it! It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter! Does anyone really think that Communist China, India or Russia gives a flying fart about ‘climate change?’ You can turn out every light in America and it’s not going to make a bit of difference in ‘climate change.’ We have been too long ruled by disconnected fat cats who never worked a real job in their lives nor lived in the real world.

And despite what any of these people say, there is no credible evidence that ‘global warming,’ climate change,’ or whatever they want to call it, is occurring or is an existential threat to the planet. Anyone who is pushing ‘climate change’ is a con artist out to make a profit from the tearing down of our Capitalist system. Also, the two biggest polluters in the world, Communist China and India, are untouched by these climate accords, while the U.S. is being made to pay for everything to the brink of bankruptcy. The American people are being played for fools and yet we are ridiculed when we refuse to accept that which is so very clearly bogus ‘science.’

For the past 30 years, the U.S. has shut down many of the industries in this country and began importing much of what was once produced right here at home while celebrating ‘reduced’ CO2 emissions. Now I may not be as smart as Mr. Hickenlooper, but I can’t help wondering how shutting down steel production in her at home, and then importing the steel we used to make ourselves from Communist China, reduce CO2 emissions globally? Of course, it doesn’t. It simply moves them from the U.S. to Communist China, along with thousands of good paying jobs and a tax base that used to support road construction and repair, schools, and public safety here at home.

The ‘theory’ of ‘climate change’ is entirely bogus. Constructed by fraudulent, grant seeking, ‘scientists’ funded by those whose lust for power knows no limit and is supported by the ignorant, the gullible and those seeking a substitute for religious faith, so as to give their lives the worth of supporting a ‘noble’ cause. What a bunch of losers. Only government paid scientists believe in the global warming hoax. It is the only way they can get their grants. Independent scientists disagree that ‘climate change’ is man-made. Always remember and never forget ‘climate change’ has absolutely nothing to do with the weather, it’s all about power and control!

Finally, to be blunt, Hickenlooper, like all those of his particular political persuasion, is a liar. He’s not merely stretching the truth, telling little white lies or saying things that are ‘untrue.’ His is lying, and he knows he’s lying. But then, that’s what Democrats do, and have always done. They’ve been pushing this ‘climate change’ bullshit for so long it’s all they know how to do. They are a power-hungry bunch of leftwing zealots determined in their effort to burn America to the ground so they can then claim to be the ones responsible for raising it from the ashes in the form of their great socialist utopia. To believe them is to aid them in destroying our country.


Liz Cheney may be nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill, backstabbing RINO, but one thing is for sure, the bitch sure does have one Hell of a sense of humor. And why do I say that? Well, because Cheney made it known that she thinks herself qualified to be President of these United States. I know, hilarious, right? So anyway, it was during a recent appearance this past Thursday on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” and in what was a rather bizarre little exchange with one of CNN’s many resident bimbos, Kasie Hunt, that Cheney declared that voters in the U. S. are ready for a female president when she was asked about a possible 2024 presidential run.

A partial transcript of this bizarre exchange that follows:

Cheney: I represent every single person in this state and I believe that there are thousands and thousands of people across our state who fundamentally understand why it’s so important to have somebody who’s going to abide by their oath of office.

Hunt: There might be Democrats who would vote for a Cheney?

Cheney: Yes.

Hunt: Remarkable. You said in your Reagan Library speech men are running the world and it’s really not going all that well. Do you think voters in the U.S. are ready for a woman to run things?

Cheney: Sure. Look, I think that one of the things that has been very moving for me over the course of the last year and a half has been the reaction of women, and not just the women who have testified, although, you know, we’ve seen the incredible bravery of people like Cassidy Hutchinson and Sarah Matthews. And Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, and Carolyn Edwards. It takes real bravery to stand up and tell the truth as those women have. And I think that’s been really important.

Hunt: Based on that, do you think your — do you think your father Dick Cheney wants Liz Cheney to run for president in 2024?

Cheney: Dick Cheney is a big Liz Cheney supporter. I can say that.

Hunt: Is he encouraging you to run?

Cheney: Listen, I talk to him every day about many things, and certainly his concern — look, like, I am right now — he’s really focused on this moment and on what’s happening. Both of us have just this real sadness, frankly, about what’s happening to our party and a real despair about how could it be that so many Republicans would refuse to stand up and tell the truth. And it is a scary moment for the nation.

Hunt: Or just like the record you reflect that you did not say that Dick Cheney is not telling you to run for president in 2024. Liz Cheney, thank you very much.

But look, when you’re being run out of town on a rail, wave to the people and pretend you’re leading a parade. And just who might it be that Cheney sees as her political base? The majority of Republicans certainly won’t support her any longer and Democrats, who love her as a Republican, won’t elect her. So, with no political support, she believes Americans are ready for a woman? Time for a woman president? I hate to be the one to break it to her but right about now she’s even less popular than Hitlery, Kamala Harris, Moochelle Obama and a whole host of other females all of whom think that they would make the ideal first female president.

And let me be perfectly clear, it’s certainly not my intention to sound misogynistic, but as a point of order there are plenty of examples of women being in positions of power and running things. And can anyone conclude that things are actually any better? After all, women are in charge in places like Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco and Washington DC., just to name a few. So we know gender really isn’t the issue. Look at any one of these cities and the Hell hole that is has become. That’s the issue here. So frankly I’m sick of these narcissistic women bragging about how great they are. Cheney is a fraud, a liar and, I would argue, guilty of treason.

And with luck Cheney is about to be fired by her constituents and yet she still thinks that she could get the job of president? Liz, Americans hate you. The only reason that Democrats, or members of the ‘fake news’ media, like this twit Hunt, pay her any amount of attention is because she hates President Trump as much as they do and is only too happy to assist them in their attempt to damage him politically.  And after she has served her purpose, the Democrats will simply cast her aside, laughing as they do so. And either she’d too stupid to realize that or she simply doesn’t care, if in the end President Trump is prevented from running for re-re-election.

Cheney has to be considered as being one of the most diabolical turncoats in the modern Republican Party. She seems to relish doing the dirty work for the Democrats. She has repeatedly taken President Trump’s quotes out of context during the very bogus January 6 committee hearings. She represents everything that is wrong with our NeverTrump Republicans. And it would seem that we have an overabundance, on both sides of the aisle, of female politicians like her. And the very last thing that this country needs are any more of the unstable, hysterical, kooks and freaks running our government because the results are clearly visible to anyone living in reality.

And may I just say that a president who is a woman, is not a problem. But a woman who is president ‘because’ she’s a woman, now that is a problem. Cheney is certainly not the woman to be in charge of ‘running things.’ President Trump won just shy of 70 percent of the Wyoming vote in 2020. If Cheney believes she represents every single person in the State of Wyoming by voting to impeach President Trump and imploring the DOJ to indict him, or that a majority of Wyoming voters would want to see her in the White House instead of Donald Trump, saying she is out of touch with reality doesn’t begin to describe her diminished mental status.

This woman is clearly delusional. Those in her own state hate her, why does she think the rest of the country would likely feel any different. American voters want to be in charge of their own lives. The job of the President is not to ‘run the country,’ it is to run the Executive Branch of the government. And the first job of the government is to protect the peoples’ liberties, which means a government limited in its ability to essentially interfere in the lives of American citizens. And it’s courtesy of her hatred of President Trump that Cheney makes very clear that she is another of those who should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of real power.

Finally, Cheney is disliked by most Republicans and is seen only as a useful idiot to Democrats. I’m not sure how one gets elected president with a resume like that, but by all means, you go girl! We’re NOT ready for a female until we actually have one that doesn’t live by her emotions. And until our current women leaders set a better example, I don’t see myself voting for one. But in a way, I hope she does choose to run in 2024, if for no other reason than I want to see the trainwreck. This recent appearance on CNN is likely nothing more than attempt to portray Cheney as acceptable, or at least preferable, to any Trump endorsed candidate.


Isn’t it amazing how we’re constantly being told, granted by those who clearly hate the man, that both President Trump’s influence and his level of support is now rapidly waning? But it would seem that while they are desperate to convince us that President Trump’s time in the Sun has passed and that he represents a danger to the Republican Party’s ability survive it’s just the opposite that would seem to be true. You see, it’s at this point in the primary season that candidates backed by President Trump are now 172-10 in both statewide and federal races in 2022.

His candidates are undefeated so far in Arizona, but results are still pending in the gubernatorial race, while he also has two candidates in Washington whose races are still awaiting results. All five of President Trump’s picks in Kansas officially secured their nominations Tuesday night. Sen. Jerry Moran handily beat out his primary challenger Joan Farr, while Attorney General Derek Schmidt blew out his opponent Arlyn Briggs in the contest for the gubernatorial nomination. Reps. Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, and Ron Estes officially clinched their nominations as well.

And it was a similar story in Michigan, where all eight candidates with President Trump’s backing advanced to the general election. John Gibbs and Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon headlined the contests in the Great Lake State. Gibbs proved victorious in his race against Rep. Peter Meijer, who was one of the ten impeachment Republicans. Dixon advanced to the general after securing 40.6 percent of the vote, nearly doubling her closest competitor Kevin Rinke at 21.9 percent. And as I said, all of this while apparently possessing a dwindling level of influence.

The winning continued in Missouri, where Attorney General Eric Schmitt – one of the “ERIC[s]” Trump endorsed in the race Monday night – clinched the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Sam Graves, and Jason Smith all advanced to the general election in their reelection bids. Out in Arizona, Blake Masters, along with five other candidates, took home nominations, while three races remain undecided, though Trump-endorsed candidates lead them all. Masters ran as a populist candidate and beat out opponents including Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich.

Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has taken an over 11,000 vote lead with 80 percent of the vote reported in her contest against Karrin Taylor Robson, who is backed by Mike Pence. Similar to Arizona, results have stalled in Washington State, where Trump-backed candidates Joe Kent and Lauren Culp challenged pro-impeachment Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dan Newhouse. Kent sits in third place in the open primary race with 57 percent reporting, while Culp is also in third place with 47 percent reporting in the Fourth Congressional District.

President Trump entered the evening with an endorsement record of 147-10 following a major win in Maryland, where his candidate Dan Cox blew out Kelly Schulz, who was endorsed by RINO Gov. Larry Hogan. His endorsement record is now perfect in 26 states following Tuesday and could grow by the end of Wednesday. Moreover, President Trump’s endorsement record remains perfect in his Senate endorsements with Masters’s win in Arizona, Schmitt’s victory in Missouri, and Moran’s win in Kanas. The midterm primaries pick up again Thursday night in Tennessee.

Granted, while a 99.94 percent success is good, it’s not 100 percent. I feel President Trump is strengthening the political infrastructure for his eventual run in 2024. He is also hoping to get more senators elected who will oppose RINO Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. President Trump is the heartbeat of America, and he knows EXACTLY what the American people want and need. And yet those in the ‘fake news’ media, at the behest of their Democrat masters, have continued to run hundreds of stories with the same message, yet they wonder why it is that nothing is working.

It was back in 2016 that we had ‘A New Hope,’ and then in 2020 it was ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and it’s in 2024 that I have no doubt it will be the ‘Return of the Jedi.’ But President Trump had better watch out, the forces of the ‘Dark Side,’ the traitorous RINOs, are already busy charging up their light sabers for what will likely be some pretty serious backstabbing. And I have no doubt that they will work to do everything within their power to prevent his re-entry into the White House. You see, he wants to make America better for all, and that is simply not to be tolerated.

Those in the ‘fake news’ media will remain focused only on those endorsements made by Presidents Trump’s that weren’t a success. Just as they never chose to mention how it was that he made America energy independent, created a booming economy that benefited every demographic group and had our border more secure that it had been in decades. I’m still waiting on them to report all of his warnings that have now been made to come true and how it is that the dolt who now occupies the White House turned so many his warnings into what has become a very scary reality.


So riddle me this, in the big scheme of things, does anyone really care about the opinion of some mediocre, at best, actor when it comes to who is, or is not, fit to hold elected office? And should any endorsement made by such a person negate any, or all, of the many transgressions committed by the candidate being endorsed? And are we to assume that the recipient of such an endorsement, in this case Liz Cheney, is of the opinion that those folks within her district are stupid enough to fall for such a transparent charade? Apparently so. Which brings me to Kevin Costner, who hasn’t made a decent movie in decades, and his recent endorsement of Cheney.   

And yes, and as strange as that may sound, that would be the very same Kevin Costner who backed Pete Buttigieg during the 2020 Democrat primary and has now decided to throw his rapidly fading star power behind Cheney as she faces an increasingly uphill battle in the Republican Wyoming primary. Even with his endorsement, Cheney has a long way to go if she hopes to win the Republican primary against her opponent Harriet Hageman. But sadly, for Cheney, Costner’s endorsements have not carried much weight in the past, considering he went all in for ‘Buttboy’ Buttigieg back in 2019. Despite his best efforts Buttigieg still came up short.

And it was earlier same that same year Costner who, apparently thinking he was being clever, without mentioning President Trump by name, expressed his dismay over the current state of American politics, arguing that our selfishness has transformed the country away from its former greatness. It was in an interview with Variety that the actor said, “The political landscape is unrecognizable to me, and shame on us for being in that spot’” And added, “That could change overnight, not because of a vote, but because people say, ‘I want to try to be more than about myself.’ That’s the definition of public service.” Sorry Kevin, but that’s such a crock BS!

Costner then went on to say that the American experiment will always be great, while conceding that it will wane if politics continue down this path. He said, “This is the greatest experiment in humankind: America.” And then added, “This great idea about America still exists, it’s still here. People still want to come here, but we’re not first in hardly anything that matters and we have an inflated idea about how we are. We exaggerate about what we are. We are everything that’s great and we are everything that’s human. And our humanness and our level of selfishness is overtaking our chance to be great.” Look, trying to sound intelligent really isn’t this guy’s strong suit.

As most are likely aware, Costner produces and stars in a show called ‘Yellowstone,’ a show I have not watched one minute of. His character, John Dutton, is apparently running for governor to battle out of state big money interests that he feels will ruin his community. He believes in Wyoming values, honesty, justice, not selling out, and preserving the small farms and ranchers against ruthless out of state developers. It is kind of ironic that the good parts of his character are present in Harriet Hageman; and the arrogant, out of state, elite money and power attributes are emblematic of Liz Cheney. Costner may not see the irony, he is a Hollyweirdo after all.

Costner is nothing more than a pussy who merely plays a “real man” on television. Real men were those like Lee Marvin, wounded on Saipan, Jimmy Stewart, who flew over 20 missions, retired Brigadier General Henry Fonda, Lieutenant in the Navy, Clark Gable, Charles Bronson awarded a Purple Heart as a B-29 aerial gunner, window Gunner Audie Murphy the most decorated soldier in World War II, Ernest Borgnine 10 years in the Navy from 1935 to 45 and James Arness severely wounded in Italy during World War II just to name a few. I remember the real heroes who used to be in Hollywood, not those of which we now have so many of on Hollyweird.

Costner, much in the same manner as nutjob Bobby De Niro, is another example of the actor who, while he, or she, is absolutely nothing like the character they play, will try to make the voters think that they are, in an attempt to trick them into thinking the popular character has a particular point of view. If Costner supported, and voted for, ‘Buttboy’ Buttigieg in 2020, then he’s already shown us who he really is and what he believes in. and to be honest Cheney is even worse than Buttigieg because she pretends to be a conservative but will take our country down just like he would. She’ll just take a bit longer to accomplish the very same level of destruction.

Buttigieg and Cheney, could Costner have selected two better examples of what is wrong with the American politics in 2022? First, Buttigieg gladly accepts the important position of Secretary of Transportation, then he goes on a three-month hiatus for ‘maternity leave,’ at arguably the absolute worst time in history to do so, when there are so many ships stranded off of the west coast it looks like the Normandy landing. Then, Costner apparently idolizes Cheney, who after winning her election immediately betrays her constituents by voting with the Democrats. Costner seems to have a penchant for choosing to support losers, traitors, and sexual deviants.

But in a way I’m glad so many of these imbecilic Hollyweird Leftists, like Costner, are so eager to let me know where it is that they stand politically. I’m glad because I can add their names to what has become a rather long list of other idiots whose past, current, and future movies I can totally disregard, and never waste a second watching. Not wasting time watching the movies that these clowns are in leaves me more time to read, listen to music of great composers, and do other things that I like to do. The left has been launching TERROR attacks, but this little Hollyweird sissy chooses to blame President Trump for “the state of American politics.”

Finally, I’d like to ask such out of touch rich people, when is it selfishness to want to provide for our children? When is it selfishness to want to live in a safe neighborhood? When is it selfishness to want wage increases to maintain a decent lifestyle? When is it selfishness to want the country, and its citizens, put first, before foreigners? When is it selfishness to compete fairly? When is it selfishness to honor our veterans, and those that have died to protect our freedoms? When is it selfishness to honor our history? When is it selfishness to be told the truth and the facts? These rich people are such frauds, it’s they who to be blamed for what America has become.


Odd, don’t you think, that it’s now from the very same network that recently banished President Trump that we’re now hearing that which equates to nothing more than some very enthusiastic cheerleading about how it is that *president Joey has had a “couple of good weeks.” All while the rest of us must deal with four dollar a gallon gas, higher food prices, a wide-open border, supply ships now lining up off both coasts, police leaving their jobs every day without replacements and crime is an epidemic. And one drone strike that took out some raghead is supposed to make us forget? The country has not had a couple of good weeks, therefore, neither has Joey.

But it’s none of the boys and girls over at Fox News who want to talk about any of that. And I have no doubt that the closer we get to the midterm elections they will talk about such things even less, not wanting to make thing difficult for the Democrats. As I’ve said before, I abandoned Fox News back in 2020 when they chose to abandon me when they became less interested in being “Fair and Balanced” and more about spewing that which is nothing more than propaganda. And it’s since having done so that I have heard nothing from anyone at the network that has caused me to regret my decision. I cut the cord completely and have never looked back!

And it was NeverTrumper Bret Baier who said on Monday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” that *president Joey had had a “couple of good weeks” because military killed Al Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri. Yet over two million unvetted, illiterate, illegal aliens, and tons of illicit drugs have flowed across our southern border in 19 months, but ‘Joey’ takes out a goatherder who hasn’t posed a threat to America in a quarter century and we’re all good. A couple of good weeks? REALLY? Big fucking deal! Meanwhile Americans are suffering! We’re in a recession, we’re going broke buying gas and food, but Joey has had a couple of good weeks.

Perhaps someone should take the time to remind Baier how it was over the course of those same two weeks it’s been here on planet Earth that: The U.S. is now officially in a recession, Ukraine’s Kherson offensive failed to materialize, Iran increased its number of centrifuges, Russia cut off gas supplies to Latvia, Italy’s WEF-backed government collapsed, The Atlanta FED lowered Q3 GDP estimates from 2.1 to 1.3 percent, Tensions flared between Serbia and NATO-backed Kosovo, Unrest has started in Iraq, Nigeria, Congo, Panama and Ecuador and Communist China began sending military aid to Syria. But not to worry, because Joey had a couple of good weeks.

Baier also made sure to include how it was that Joe Manchin again showed his true colors by agreeing to a deal with Chuckie Schumer on a massive tax and climate package. Baier said, “We can confirm from two intelligence sources that al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has been killed by a CIA drone strike in Afghanistan over the weekend. And that is what President Biden will announce from the White House tonight at 7:30 Eastern Time.” And in discussing Joey’s speech about the drone strike, Baier said, “This is a huge, huge win for the U.S., and we expect to hear that and where the fight goes from here as far as taking out other terrorists.”

Co-host Jesse Watters said, “Well, obviously a great win for the United States and a clear victory over terrorism. Politically for the president, we’ve just talked about it in the A-block, how the administration and some in the media have been framing this as the resurgence of the Biden presidency and a few things about to be passed in Congress. And now this big strike announcement tonight. Do you think the president is going to look to capitalize on this momentum and head into August after being down for quite some time on the mat?” Resurgence? Momentum? Seriously? Somehow, I thought Jesse was smarter. Perhaps I’ve been giving him a little too much credit?

Regardless, Baier was quick to respond saying, “100%, Jesse. I mean, listen, you can’t take away that this has been a couple of good weeks for the president, who has been, we haven’t seen too much of, he’s been behind the scenes with COVID, but he is at least on the precipice of a couple of legislative wins. We don’t know if it’ll all line up, but it seems like it is. And obviously got the CHIPs bill now with this announcement. Again, it will be positive. You can’t look at it any other way, and it will not take away from the horrible nature in which we got out of Afghanistan. But it will enable them to make the case that they’re still fighting terrorists around the globe.”

Now isn’t this the very same Baier who, from his perch there on Fox News, called President Trump’s drone strikes “provocative”? Why yes, yes, it is. Baier has become a shrill spokesman for ‘the swamp.’ Glad I stopped watching him after the 2020 election. Baier replaced Chris Wallace as Joey’s most vocal Fox cheerleader. Joey had absolutely nothing to with the death of this Moslem terrorist. His other big “win” is a huge loss for American taxpayers and manufacturers with rapidly rising inflation and the recession getting worse. When Joey/Democrats get a win, America loses. I’m guessing we now know who Fox’s Presidential Debate moderator for 2024 will be.

Joey has been nothing more than an unmitigated disaster and killing one old terrorist scumbag is not going to obscure all of the harm that he has done to this country in a very short period of time. Baier clearly lost what little objectivity he might have once possessed about the same time that Donald Trump arrived on the political scene. This is the same kind if shit that Wallace was doing before he jumped ship into a career-ending spiral of irrelevance. I remember a few years back when ‘droning’ foreign supporters of terrorism, like Iranian Generals, was considered a ‘BAD’ thing. Weird how now, I guess it’s once again a ‘GOOD’ thing. Odd how that happens.

If by “a couple of good weeks” Baier means that Joey’s rising inflation rate hasn’t yet broken any of our 50-year records or that the number of illegal immigrants flowing across our southern border hasn’t been made to slow from the heretofore unimaginable rate of two hundred thousand per month or that the price of gasoline has held steady at more than double the price it was when Joey was inaugurated, then yeah, I suppose it can be said that Joey has had a couple of good weeks while the nation’s pain and suffering has held steady. Using the same reasoning, Putin has had a couple of good weeks, too. “Fair and balanced” reporting? I think not.

Fox News senior lap dog, suck up, and backstabber, Bret Baier is coming out of the closet more and more. With luck he’ll soon become just another ‘journalistic has-been’ like his butt-buddy Wallace, who has fallen off the face of the planet. No one sees or hears of Wallace anymore, unless they try. And let’s not forget that it was Baier who once questioned the value of President Trump’s strike that took out Iranian madman Qassem Soleimani, and yet he’s convinced that taking out a nobody like Al Zawahiri is a big win for Joey? Baier saying Joey has had a couple of good weeks is absolutely ludicrous. Joey has been missing in action for at least a week and a half.

Finally, I haven’t seen Baier this excited since he announced that Joey had ‘won’ the Presidential election in 2020. Meanwhile, Joey’s policies continue to strangle our economy. His immigration policies are causing great harm and show no sign of being reversed anytime soon. This farce was merely a publicity stunt to make him look somehow presidential. They’re trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Won’t work. Baier is such a pathetic suck up. This is but another example of why many can no longer take Fox News seriously. If it were not for a handful players, and we know who they are, the network would be no more irrelevant than CNN or MSDNC.


After having spent 70 years of life on this planet, there really isn’t much that surprises me anymore. But every once and a while someone will say something that leaves me scratching my head in disbelief. For instance, can it be that the most important issue to women in America today is for them to be conveniently able to murder their unborn baby or, as in some states, to murder it even after it has been born. More important even than being able to put food on their table or to put gas in their car? Because Democrats seem to be quite confident that that is in fact the case. And if so, then I fear America truly has now officially gone round the bend.  

You see, it was this past Sunday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘The Katie Phang Show,’ that failed Democrat candidate for president Howard Dean argued Democrats could flip up to eight seats in the U.S. Senate in November’s midterm election. He said, “The real driver for us is going to be two things. One has already happened. That was the so-called Dobbs decision when Roe v. Wade was thrown out. That has put an enormous amount of turmoil into this election. The second day something that hasn’t happened yet, but if it does happen, I think we are going to pick up seats in the House, and I think we’ll pick up the seats in the Senate in any case.”

Dean went on to say, “And that is forgiveness of student loans. The age group that favors Democrats most significantly is under 35. Those folks often sit out midterm elections and are disillusioned with President Biden. So I think the student loan stuff is essential.” He added, “People are going to be driven in droves, particularly young women, over the abortion being thrown out by the right-wing Supreme Court, so I am very optimistic about our prospects in November.” He said, “I think the intensity on the Democratic side is going to be driven by abortion. It is hard to take rights away from 50 percent of the population that they have had for 50 years.”

And Dean said, “And I think they’re going to pay a price for that. I think we can pick up three to five and possibly even eight seats in the Senate. I think Iowa is in trouble for the Republicans, places that you didn’t expect. I think Florida is in trouble for the Republicans, North Carolina in addition to the ones that really always talks about like Pennsylvania.” Now there are 13 seats currently held by Democrats that are up for election this year and apparently Dean seems to think they will win 8. If nothing else changed politically, that would make the Senate distribution by party of 55 Republican, 43 Democrat, and 2 Independents that caucus with Democrats.

Everyone buys gas for their car so they know what is going on even if they have no interest in politics. Everyone also buys food for themselves, and their family, so they know the prices have been increasing. Add to that the fact that utility bills have also gone up and that, too, is something everyone has to pay. All these things together amount to a real financial burden for working- and middle-class Americans. Compare the millions of people concerned about the rising prices of energy and consumer goods against the small number of those people wanting abortions. The main concern of most people is always the economy and how it affects them and their family.

And Dean forgets one small detail: Women can still get abortions. At worst it’s a two hour drive to another state. I assume they won’t have to make the drive on a monthly basis. If abortion was banned all over the country, then maybe it would get the vote out, but that’s not the case. And as much as Democrats, like Dean, might wish it were so, abortion isn’t driving the political discussion in America today. Not being able to put gas in the car, or food on the table, is. And I have a message for those women who are determined to murder their baby and truly believe that they no longer have the right to do so. My message is, “Please vote Democrat, prove how stupid you are!” 

And to my way of thinking there is something mentally wrong with older men who spend their time advocating for abortion for young women under 35. Most reasonable men are thinking of their grandchildren. Meanwhile, Leftist men are thinking about how important it is that these young women be able to get abortions. Dean is clearly deranged. It was after that bimbo with her ‘Steering Wheel-Gate’ garbage testified before Liz Cheney and the January 6 ‘inquisition’ that Dean was so excited he almost wet himself on CNN and MSDNC. He ranted that this was the end of Donald Trump, and that now a Grand Jury would soon be impaneled. The guy is seriously disturbed.

Young women have never, and will never, vote in droves. This generation is too busy posting selfies and counting likes on social media. Besides being a card-carrying whack job, Dean has one of the most abysmal records in American history when it comes to political predictions. But once again he seems very confident when making them. Dean is basically admitting that Democrats just buy votes.  Don’t have to pay the student loan you requested and received, and don’t have to give birth to the baby you conceived makes for the best platform the Left can come up with to convince you their election fraud is legitimate. Cancel student debt and buy off young people.

And so, instead of fixing the economy so we can feed and house our children, Democrats push abortion. Anyone who goes along with the twisted ideals of the Democrat Party should have a great reawakening if it continues another two and a half years. Especially considering the destruction of our cities due to unenforced laws and farmlands being sold to our extreme antagonists. It’s hard to believe anyone, and that includes the morons at MSDNC, would seek Dean’s opinion is an any subject. He has proven time and time again to be a total idiot. If Democrats win in November, it will prove two things, elections have no integrity and voters are too stupid to vote!

Apparently, the left is working toward a dystopian country where all U.S. citizens are equally cold in the winter when compared to third world countries, equally hot in the summer when compared to third world countries, starving, and killing babies. That is their vision for America. So forget inflation, gas prices, crime, open borders; student debt forgiveness and abortion will save the day for the Democrats. Seriously? And who is it that thinks this way? And what does it say about them, that they do? Are these really the kind of people that we need to be entrusting to be in charge of the running of our country? There is a reason the Democrat Party is called the party of death.

I love these old Democrat losers that the ‘fake news’ media continually dig up for their ‘opinion.’ Dean, like so many others, thinks this is 1976 and there’s no such thing as the internet. People do their own research. They don’t rely on media or political has-beens to get their information. Reflect, for a second, on how the legacy media itself, that Dean gushes on about, were the ones responsible for ending his nomination to a clod like John Kerry-Heinz. Seriously, they turned on him for nothing more than yelling into a microphone. It just played on an endless loop because they wanted to end him, and they did. And STILL he plays ball with these people.

The majority of Americans voters are most concerned about: 10 percent inflation, $6+ a gallon gas, illegal’s pouring across the southern border, food prices skyrocketing so that parents have to choose between a roof over their head or food on the table and the shutdown of a baby formula plant with no thought of a future shortages that it would cause. Violence and crime outside your door is so bad in Democrat run cities that you’re afraid of being the next crime statistic, your child is indoctrinated instead of educated or raped in the girls bathroom by a boy in a skirt, and with rising interest rising rates the price that home that you’ve dreamt about is now history.

Democrats, like Dean, continue to claim to be those most concerned about the less fortunate among us. And yet they refuse to accept any amount of responsibility for the hurt that they have caused, and continue to cause, low-income people and families. Not only with inflation but with the lockdowns of their children. The education that they have lost is catastrophic. The baby formula shortage is real for lots of mothers. You think they’ll forget? Student loan forgiveness will only pour more gas on the fire. All the people that busted to pay their bills will revolt on Democrats. The middle- and lower-income people have had a disastrous year and a half.