I for one am not sorry to see 2022 finally come to an end, it has been a year that has seen America become another year older and made more than a little more poorer, as well as a little less free, all courtesy of Joey B. and the Democrats. And we really don’t have much to show for it other than the fact that we had another million, or so, illegals that allowed to flood into the country, having the country put trillions of dollars further into debt and the Democrats’ continuing with political vendetta against President Trump. And it was a year that saw the American people essentially take a pass when provided with an opportunity to reel in some of the insanity being forced upon them by a fraudulent *president and a corrupt Congress.

The high point of the year for me was the birth of my granddaughter, but there was some sadness even in that when thinking about how it is that both she, and her two year old brother, will be growing up in an America that will be far different from the one their grandfather grew up in. I fear they will never get to enjoy the same level of freedom that I enjoyed and the level of freedom that so many Americans now seem to have forgotten. Far too many Americans continue to take their freedom for granted, and willingly exchange it for some government ‘freebie.’ And most seem far too content with allowing their government to run roughshod over their lives. Which makes me worry even more about the future that lies ahead for my grandchildren.

And there is already much talk going on about the coming year that is far from encouraging with predictions of higher inflation, a recession, higher energy prices, and even more illegal immigrants being allowed to enter our country. So I have no doubt that things will get much worse before they get any better. And it’s all being done with a purpose, as well as on purpose, by the very ones that we ourselves have elected. And it’s far too many Americans who seem not to care. When you stop to think about where this country was just two short years ago, it’s nothing short of tragic to see where we are today. And it’s clear that our politicians have no interest in making things better, so it’s going to be up to the American people. But they must first want to.


Forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but what is it with so many Americans and their apparent fondness for living in what is nothing more than abject fear, misery and hardship, under the thumb of those who have succeeded in beating most, if not all, of the fun out of life, and taking great pleasure from having done so. And there is nothing that proves that to be true better than taking a mere cursory glance at any of this nation’s largest cities, all of which are firmly under, and have been for decades, the control of Democrats. And it’s those who choose to remain, or are unable to escape from, these Democrats inspired cesspools that are made to live in fear.  

I’m sure most have noticed that 2022 brought with it a very significant rise in crime of every sort, especially violent crime. And as ‘Exhibit’ A I submit the city of Chicago and it’s brain dead mayor, Lori Lightfoot. This moron, Lightfoot, makes someone like Sheila Jackson Lee look like a flipping genius. This boob is clearly another that could be the poster child for all that is wrong with the modern day Democrat Party and why it’s no one who should ever, EVER vote for ANY Democrat. It’s Lightfoot’s city of Chicago that sits at 723 homicides for the year. Also, motor vehicle theft in Chicago was up 95 percent in 2022, when contrasted with motor vehicle theft in 2021.

Also, theft was up 50 percent, burglary was up ten percent, and robbery was up ten percent. And while 2022 showed a slight decline from the nearly 800, 797, homicides that took place in 2021, Chicago clearly remains one of the most dangerous places on the entire planet. And it was some city leaders who, desperate for a silver lining, acted as if the 723 homicides for 2022, down from 2021 numbers, was somehow a positive. Okay, so what if crime is up, violence is up, murder is up, all under Lightfoot’s policies. After all, Lightfoot says that she cares, and isn’t that really what’s more important than the effects her policies have on the people of her city?

But never fear, there is a bright side to all of this, because apparently the laws in Illinois, and especially Chicago, will be changing on 1 January with the new ‘SAFE-T’ provisions, meaning there will no bail requirements for most crimes! Now that will surely help to improve things, right? Progressivism! Yaaayyy!!! It’s obvious that the elected leaders there have little care about the results of their leadership in this culture. That is a major corollary of the culture in those communities. Hey, blaming me is not the answer to saving lives there, think about why you elect these scam artists to be the leaders of your city. God Bless the children there – my prayer.

For Chicagoans perhaps the best place for them to start in an attempt to bring just a little normalcy back to their once proud city would be to elect someone for reasons other than because they are black, a lesbian and a Democrat. Just sayin’! Because until they can bring themselves to do that not much is really going to change in their city. But that said, it was also the people of Chicago who voted for this, and so it’s some who would argue that they deserve to live in the cesspool they created. I mean, it really is hard to have sympathy for those who bring this sort of violence upon themselves. And when you stop to think about it, the fix is a relatively simple one.

And the sad truth here, is the fact that blacks have ruined just about every large city in America, and neither the Democrats, nor those in the ‘fake news’ media, seem to give a sh!t! All they want to talk about is white supremacists. But it ain’t white supremacists who have destroyed, and are destroying, so many of our once great cities. Chicago has these outrageous murder and gun violence rates despite having some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the entire country. And yet we’re constantly being told that stricter gun laws are the answer. Democrats refuse to admit that criminals don’t purchase their weapons of choice at the local gun shop.

And finally, Chicago’s decline is the direct result of Democrats having been in charge since 1931. Law-abiding citizens have long been lulled into a false sense of trust in their leaders to live up to their oaths of office, allowing working-class folks to keep shoulders to the grindstone of life trusting the governing body to “do its job honestly and reasonably well.” For some reason, Democrat-run cities have chosen to sacrifice the law-abiding citizens on the altar of criminal-worship, job protection for the lawless and those in-country illegally. While I’m not sure of the motivation, it is clear that the citizen and the law-abiding are no longer favored by the officials they put into office.


You know, I’ve often wondered just what it’s going to take to finally get through the thick skulls of those sick creeps in Hollyweird that no one out here in the real world gives a flying f*ck about what they think, regardless of the issue. And what makes them so sure that we care, when we so obviously do not! Their lives are so very far removed from the lives of average Americans, and yet we’re still expected to believe them when they claim to feel our pain, the same pain that is, more often than not, inflicted by the very ones that the majority of these people vote for. And yet they persist in trying to convince us that they only have our best interest at heart.

All of which brings to yet another of these hypocritical Hollyweirdos, none other than the esteemed James Cameron. It was in a recent interview with Esquire Middle East that Cameron bragged about how he had cut a whole ten minutes, out of what is a three hour movie, of gun action from the new Avatar sequel, saying “what’s happening with guns in our society turns my stomach.” Cameron also took the opportunity to speak about gun culture in his adopted country of New Zealand. He told the magazine, “I’m happy to be living in New Zealand where they just banned all assault rifles two weeks after that horrific mosque shooting a couple of years ago.”

Cameron also explained why he had cut the scenes from Avatar: The Way of Water. He said, “I actually cut about 10 minutes of the movie targeting gunplay action.” And he added, “I wanted to get rid of some of the ugliness, to find a balance between light and dark. You have to have conflict, of course. Violence and action are the same thing, depending on how you look at it. This is the dilemma of every action filmmaker, and I’m known as an action filmmaker.” Perhaps the self-righteous Mr. Cameron should give back all the money he’s made depicting gun violence in all of his movies. But I’m pretty sure he’s not that eager to prove his point.

Cameron expressed some regret about the portrayal of guns in his Terminator movies. He said, “I look back on some films that I’ve made, and I don’t know if I would want to make that film now.” And he went on to say, “I don’t know if I would want to fetishize the gun, like I did on a couple of Terminator movies 30-plus years ago, in our current world. What’s happening with guns in our society turns my stomach.” Cameron has produced movies using dozens of guns, many of which were machine guns and submachine guns, before denouncing firearms and bragging about cutting scenes with them in his underperforming sequel Avatar: The Way of Water.

All totaled, five of Cameron’s films–The Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, True Lies, and Avatar–featured approximately 100 firearms and other weapons, and yet he boasts about cutting ten minutes of gun action from Avatar 2. So what we have in Cameron is nothing more than your typical out-of-touch woke pampered elite who likes to talk about how bad guns are but never bothers to mention about the violent people who use guns. The gun does nothing unless someone picks it up and uses it. Also he made no mention of the woke equity mentality in our cities that allows violent people to go free after they commit a violent crime with a gun.

The bigger problem is how criminals are immediately released without bail. Our borders are non-existent, thanks to the Democrat Party, and all the elements of crime are being shipped in right under our noses. Democrats started the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. Criminals can get guns while those like Cameron seek to make it increasingly difficult for the law-abiding to protect themselves. I find it interesting when Hollyweird elitist socialists need to lecture law-abiding citizens on crime that they then feed in too. Make movies, that’s what you’re good at, dream worlds. The real world is where I live and I don’t want, or need, your stupid leftist opinions!

As for myself, what’s first and foremost on my list of things that turn my stomach are those arrogant and egotistical assholes like Mr. Cameron. Cameron is another of those who, because he makes movies, seems to think that he is somehow much more enlightened than are the ‘poor’ working class schmucks who pay to see his movies. Other things included on that list of things that turn my stomach is the fact that our *president has virtually no interest in securing our southern border. Also, the fact that we have those who now claim men are actually able to get pregnant, turns my stomach. The fact that we have men competing in women’s sports, turns my stomach.

And also on that list is the fact that a woman should be able to murder he baby right up to moment it’s about to be born, turns my stomach. The fact that we have crossdressing weirdos performing in front of our children, turns my stomach. That we have the most corrupt president in our history, turns my stomach. And what turns my stomach is people like Cameron who refuse to allow people to protect themselves from criminals. People like Cameron who make film after film of nonstop shoot ‘em ups and make a huge amount of money promoting guns and then complain about them. They glorify guns and gun violence in their movies and then condemn guns in public.

There isn’t a gun problem, what there is is a morality problem. It wasn’t all that long ago that you could have a gun hanging in the back window of your pickup truck. You could park in on the street with no fear that someone would try to steal it, and nobody used it except for its intended purpose, hunting. Now days they do not enforce gun laws which guess what, encourages more gun crime. These morons in charge ‘want’ things to get so bad that the people’ will clamor for gun control. Then they will be able to rule over us with impunity, even worse than what they are doing now. Cameron is a useful idiot who will never feel the effects of such laws.

And have you ever noticed who it is that makes up the loudest voices calling for more “gun control?” That would those ‘elites’ who are rich enough to afford gun-toting private security, and anyone else they can sucker into believing that a disarmed populace is a ‘safe’ populace, when it’s just the opposite that’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with wealthy folks having private security if they so choose. What I have a problem with is them then seeking to deny others the same right to protection that they enjoy. The average person can’t afford to employ 24/7 private security, but a lot of average folks can afford to buy a gun to protect themselves.

Always remember, and never forget, our ‘elites’ have a very obvious ulterior motive when it comes to ‘gun control.’ You see, it’s less about the ‘gun’ than it is about the ‘control.’ And don’t think that if the U.S. up and banned all guns tomorrow, there wouldn’t be carve outs made for private security to carry guns when protecting people like Cameron. And on a bit of a sidenote, it was New Zealand that was one of the most authoritarian nations in the western world during the height of the “plandemic”. But with a net worth of $700 Million, Cameron will never feel the authoritarian crush of the “state” when it rears it’s ugly head again, and it will.


Squealing like stuck pigs, unhinged Democrats everywhere continue to aim the unhinge’ment’ at Texas Governor Greg Abbott regarding his choosing to bus some of those in this country illegally to those cities that have long identified themselves as ‘sanctuary cities.’ And why is it that Democrats are so pissed off? Well, that would be because Democrats have a rather unique perspective when it comes to how they view the world. You see, they continue to claim to be the ones more compassionate, more accepting and more tolerant but when push comes to shove and they’re forced to back up those claims all they do is howl about the unfairness of it all.   

Meanwhile, this howling that comes as Joey B. & Co. has now released over a million border crossers and illegal immigrants into the U.S. since taking office. From February 2021 to October 2022, estimates indicate that Joey has released some 1.4 million border crossers and illegals in American towns and cities leaving them to deal with the immense social, economic, and cultural costs of illegal immigration. Recently published data reveals that border crossers and illegal immigrants, released into the U.S. interior by Joey, have arrived in all 50 states over the last nearly two years. And yet it’s Abbott who’s the bad guy? Such is another perfect example of liberal logic.

Actually, what’s a cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt is allowing an invasion of America with third world immigrants for political gain. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough busses being used to send them to Democrat cities who endorse these policies. And still not a word from Joey about all those poor illegals sleeping in the freezing cold in El Paso. Yup, they’re all so very concerned about human rights. What a joke. They’re only concerned that they’re being shipped to Blue sanctuaries, and how they are being made to deal with the mess that they’ve help to create. And just how many times has Joey or ‘Headboard Harris’ paid a visit to the boarder? Zero!!

Meanwhile, Joey flies illegal immigrants all over the country in the dead of night but I guess there’s nothing political about that. It’s only when Republicans do it that it becomes considered to be a stunt for political purposed because those in the ‘fake news’ media choose to report on it. Democrats do it all day long and the media says nary a word. If Joey B. & Co. weren’t out breaking many of the immigration laws already on the books, Abbott wouldn’t have to share the burden. And these sanctuary cities and states are sanctuaries for whom, exactly, if not for these immigrants? They must surely be welcome in any such locale. What difference does a bus make?

Democrats have been doing what they complain about Gov. Abbott of doing from the moment they assumed control of our government. Just as they played politics with the Chinese virus, abortions, the homeless, inflation, the nation’s energy supply, January 6 and the attempted insurrection against President Trump. It’s absolutely hilarious to hear these people come so unhinged and making accusations about anyone playing games with people’s lives. And what about the thousands of Americans murdered by these illegals or killed in car wrecks involving these illegals? Democrats just want to bring in more Democrat voters, so who’s really playing with people’s lives??

Democrats are letting millions of illegal immigrants into the country in order to broaden the voting base of the Democrat {arty. They are ‘shipping’ these illegals en masse to every Red State and community in the country. Then they turn around and cry, “Republicans are playing politics with people’s lives,” when Red state governors ship these illegals to cities who have long claimed to be sanctuaries for these people, places where the residents, mayors and governors then cry loudly they need more federal money to relieve the burden of support for these illegal aliens. My response? “Suck it up folks! Time to put your big boy, or big girl pants on and deal with it!”

And it’s not Texas that is encouraging an illegal immigrant invasion into border states, it’s our ‘leaders’ in Washington, along with a handful of blue states that deem themselves sanctuaries. It is perfectly moral and reasonable to redistribute those illegal immigrants to those states that are encouraging an invasion of the border states. Yet here they are, moaning about how terrible it is for Texas to bus a tiny proportion of what that state is being flooded with on a daily basis. The hypocrisy of the left is stunning. Telegraphing to all point south that our southern border is open is what’s costing the lives of both of illegal immigrants as well of U.S. citizens.

And finally, if Joey is not going to prosecute and deport these illegal immigrants, and that the ENTIRE country, not just Texas and Arizona, should be made to bear the financial burden of allowing them to remain in this country, then it becomes the duty of every Red state that is the recipient of these illegals to ship them off to Washington, to New York, to Baltimore, to Chicago and to Martha’s Vineyard every single day. Send them to every “sanctuary city or county or state” every single day. Liberal should be made to welcome these Illegals and criminal border crossers to their neighborhoods, the voted for or endorsed this policy, let them live with it every day!


It was in once again sounding like the proverbial broken record that we recently had leftist loon, and member of the U.S. House, Jamie Raskin out spreading his own unique brand of Christmas cheer and doing what it is that he does best, talking down the country. But for a guy who supposedly spent 25 years teaching college kids about the Constitution you would think that he would have at least a basic understanding of it. And what I find to be more than just a little scary is the fact that we had someone like him ‘teaching’ our young about one of this country’s most, if not ‘the’ most, important founding documents. Frankly I just don’t see him being qualified to do so!

And it was this past Sunday, on Christmas, that Raskin paid another visit to CBS’s “Face the Nation,” hosted by Margaret Brennan, and it was during this particular visit the Raskin argued how it is that the Electoral College “has become a danger not just to democracy, but to the American people.” Now that’s really a pretty broad statement, and at no time during this particular appearance does he, nor is he actually asked to, provide any evidence that would, in any way, back up such an absolutely ludicrous claim. But then should we really be surprised by that? Raskin is a lying hack of a Democrat politician and Brennan is nothing but a leftist bimbo!

Anyway, it is a partial transcript of the bizarre exchange that follows:

Margaret Brennan: This is an incredible body of work, all coming to this conclusion now, what do you think Americans at home need to know?

Raskin: It’s a story of some real villainy and some real danger to democracy, but also of real heroism and commitment to American democratic freedom. And with democracy under attack all over the world, like with Putin invading Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people standing up for their democratic freedom, and tyrants and autocrats on the march everywhere, it’s good to know that we have a strong resurgent democratic spirit in America.

Brennan: The institution’s held. But at the conclusion of this, because you’ve spent almost two years investigating, what happens next for you? Are there pieces of this that in the new Congress, even under Republican control, need to be further investigated or somehow legislated around?

Raskin: Well, when you say the institution’s held, they did hold just barely. The truth is that we need to continually be renovating and improving our institutions.

Brennan: How so? What do you mean?

Raskin: Well, I think that the Electoral College now, which has given us five popular vote losers as president in our history, twice in this century alone, has become a danger not just to democracy, but to the American people. It was a danger on January 6th, there are so many curving byways and nooks and crannies in the Electoral College, that there are opportunities for a lot of strategic mischief. We should elect the president, the way we elect governors, senators, mayors, representatives, everybody else, whoever gets the most votes wins.

Brennan: So, you don’t think that this reforming of the Electoral Count Act, which is really just making clear that the Vice President’s role is just ceremonial with the electors, you don’t think that solves the issue?

Raskin: It doesn’t solve the fundamental problem. I’m for that, and that’s the very least we can do and we must do. It’s necessary, but it’s not remotely sufficient. You know, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year exporting American democracy to other countries, and the one thing they never come back to us with is the idea that, ‘Oh, that Electoral College that you have, that’s so great, we think we will adopt that too.’ You know, Thomas Jefferson said that he deplored the sanctimonious reverence with which some people look at the original handiwork of the framers when they should be looking to their own experience. He said the framers were great and they were patriots, but they didn’t have the benefit of the experience that we’ve lived and we know that the Electoral College doesn’t fit anymore, which is why I’m a big supporter of the national popular vote interstate compact, where it’s bubbling up from below, but there are now 15 or 16 states and the District of Columbia, who’ve said we’re going to cast our electors for the winner of the national vote once we get 270 electors in our coalition.

And so there you have it, the communist doesn’t like our system of voting? Imagine that. But who’s really surprised to hear that. So I wonder, what kind of elections this communist would prefer? I’m sure he’s been really happy with this one party rule that we have now. The Electoral College is only a problem for the Democrats and the Marxists. Our system has served this country very well for over 200 years. Raskin, and his many communist colleagues, can just suck it up and deal with it! I really do hate these people. I hate them for what they have done to the American system, and I hate them for what they have done, are doing, and will do to the American people.

A Republic attempts to disperse power as closely to the people as possible through state and local control. Nothing could be more tolerant than a nation that recognizes the need for free speech and the ability to seek out like-minded jurisdictions that respect the right to agree to disagree. A pure democracy tries to consolidate power, money and control to a few insiders who decide who to help and who to hurt through one-sided show trials that prevent opposition members from taking part, investigate behind closed doors, release only information that supports the elite narrative, and refuse to allow the other side to offer anything that disagrees with the narrative.

The ONLY reason it has become a “danger” is because if it wasn’t for the Electoral College, our nation would essentially be ruled by the four largest cities in America. Now, guess what these four cities all have in common. Yup, you guessed it, all are run by Democrats. The Electoral College was conceived to prevent just this very thing. The Founders, in their infinite wisdom, didn’t want only those cities and states with the largest populations ruling over people who lived in smaller towns and states. What do people in Hollyweird or New York City know about life in small town America? And don’t those folks in small town America deserve to have a say in things as well!

This leftist dolt misses the point entirely. The whole purpose of the Constitution was to establish liberty and to protect that liberty from tyrants and dictators, whether of the right or the left, from kings and aristocracies on the one hand, and from mob rule on the other. The Founders rightly feared democracy, aka mob rule. And the Constitution contains many provisions that do just that. For instance, the restriction of the authority of the federal government, with many powers reserved to the States; an independent Supreme Court; a legislature divided between two houses, the Electoral College; and the recognition of various individual rights to name just a few.

And it is a testament to the intelligence and the foresight of the Founders that the Republic they established has lasted as long as it has, despite the best efforts of those like Raskin, over time, to dismantle it. People like Raskin threaten the Republic by undermining the original intent of Constitution. And they work to chip away at that well-crafted document with their misapplication of the English language. Raskin knows all about the Electoral College hence his reasoning for wanting to get rid of it. This guy is a hardcore socialist, it’s in his genes, and he is hell bent on destroying America any way he can. But he’s a Democrat, and that’s what Democrats do.

Doing as he suggests removes the very idea of a republic. Each state is a democracy, thus they do a popular vote. If we had a popular vote nationally, the Democrats would win every election from now to the end of time. Our big cities are all cesspools of corruption and that is where the population is. Take a look at the color of the U.S. map after an election. Almost all red. In fact, take a look at how many counties were won by the Republican candidate compared to the Democrat. He is either a straight up, morally corrupt, liar or just plain stupid. He knows that what he is saying is not accurate and it is meant to incite rather than bring the country together. But hey.

It’s Raskin and his Democrat Party that pose the greatest threat to this country. The Electoral college has worked just fine for over 240 years. Of course Democrats don’t like it because it prevents the popular vote from deciding whom our President will be. Democrats in Washington despise our country, our Constitution and anyone who dares to disagree with them. There is no democracy when election malfeasance and corruption disenfranchise voters and standing election laws are ignored while a timid or politically corrupt judiciary absolves all transgressions to avoid controversy or defeat of their favors. Raskin has an ulterior motive, and that motive is very clear!


So there has been much talk of late about how there has been a sizable increase in the number of Americans relocating from Blue States to Red. And while it does make a great deal of sense, as one who lives in one of those Red States, I’m here to tell you that there is a definite downside for such an occurrence. Here in Florida it seems that there has been a massive influx of people who are nothing but rude. And then there’s the fact that housing costs have now gone through the roof, to the point where many native Floridians have simply been priced out of being able to buy a home.  

And while Blue states experienced the largest population declines in 2022, it was those referred to as Red states that topped the list with the most population growth, according to United States Census Bureau figures. This year, California saw more than 343,000 residents depart the state, which was more than any other in the nation, closely followed by New York, which lost nearly 300,000 residents, and Illinois who lost nearly 142,000 residents. At the same time, it was more Americans who chose to resettle here in Florida, more than 318,000, than any other state this year.

By region, it is the South that had the greatest increase in population and was the fastest growing region of the country this year, adding about 1.3 million new residents, nearly 868,000 of which were Americans who moved to the South and the other 415,000 who were newly arrived ‘immigrants.’ The West, likewise, grew in population, adding fewer than 154,000 residents. Meanwhile, the Northeast and Midwest both saw population declines this year, attributed to Americans moving out of both regions for other destinations in the South and West.

The Northeast, alone, lost nearly 219,000 residents this year, while the Midwest saw almost 49,000 Americans leave the region. In total, the U.S. population climbed to a record 333 million residents this year. More than 80 percent of the rapid population growth is driven by the nation’s legal immigration policy that brings more than a million foreign nationals to the U.S. annually and gives them green cards. Without immigration, the U.S. population would have stabilized at a comfortable 245,000 new residents last year as the result of new births versus deaths.

It used to be called “voting with your feet”. Hopefully most of those fleeing the Blue states and arriving in the Red states are conservatives. And while we can’t yet be sure, that is certainly the hope. But sadly, I think, many of those fleeing California, Illinois, and New York are likely lower income Democrats who can no longer afford to live in the places they voted Democrat. And will they continue to vote Democrat bringing about the downfall of their new state? Take Arizona for example. Deep red for decades now (as of 2022) purple and the way it’s going will be blue in 2024.

Democrats are like the worst form of a malignant cancer. Once they get established they then proceed to vote for those who seek to wreck the economy, raise taxes, increase crime, destroy businesses and increase dependence on government. They are like a swarm of locusts going from field to field. They seek fertile ground to destroy with the liberal politics they bring with them. They infest the schoolboards and get into local politics and turn their new ground into their old ground. Every Red state that is the recipient of these toxic hordes is the next potential victim.

Yet might this all be by some sick design? Enslave the poor and middle class and have the upper classes move to Red states and convert them to Blue states. These people vote for Democrats and then flee from the hellhole they helped to create to more fertile ground. They are little more than carriers, out to destroy the successful Red states with the same elitist and authoritarian policies that made their Blue state homes uninhabitable. Those moving from Blue states to Red States should be made to wait for at least a year before being able to cast their first vote in any election.

How do we send them back from whence they came? Rude, mannerless and self-centered are best descriptions for the vast majority of horn-honking new arrivals here in Florida. You can spot them a mile off, walking around like they own the place. They are destroyers and will lay waste anywhere and everywhere they go. And when there’s no longer a decent place to live anymore, they’ll be incapable of understanding how and why it all happened!! Most certainly not the smartest bunch but they’ll never change and will always think themselves smarter than us!

And finally, Americans are, slowly but surely, being replaced by ‘Third World’ illegals for the very simple reason that they are easier to control. They will gladly live on the measly government handouts/freebies, because it is more than what they had in the countries they left. They aren’t asylum seekers, they are invaders who don’t give a crap for hard working American taxpayer. Without an easily controlled population, the vile politicians can’t continue getting their wealth and power. America is quickly becoming the very third world cesspool that these people are running from.


It’s gotten to the point where the American people need to start doing a much better job when it comes to selecting those who we have agreed to be governed by. Because it’s become painfully obvious that we have chosen those who are neither the best, nor are they, apparently, the brightest of those among us. But still, that hasn’t seemed to prevent them from being elected to some of the most powerful positions this country has to offer and, more often than not because of the ignorance of their constituents, re-elected. A despite providing voters with more than enough reason to send them packing, voters continue to pass up every opportunity they have to do so.  

Case in point would be none other than the junior U.S. Senator from Delaware, Chris. You see it was this moron who, just this past Friday, during an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” stated that he is “proud to support” the recently passed debacle referred to as the omnibus bill, but freely acknowledged that due to the bill coming to the floor at the last minute, there wasn’t “enough time to fully scrub and understand what other members have put in it.” And he said, “I don’t know exactly what every other member of the Senate has put in the bill.” Coons stated, “I voted for the omnibus and I’m proud to support it, but I don’t like the process.”

Coons said, “And a bipartisan group of senators on the floor of the Senate were talking about how we can change this process going forward. Because frankly…when it all comes to the floor in the last few days and the last few hours, that doesn’t give us enough time to fully scrub and understand what other members have put in it. I understand that I’m responsible and so [are] my colleagues, the congressional delegation, for the congressionally-directed spending for Delaware, but I don’t know exactly what every other member of the Senate has put in the bill.” What this guy is responsible for is not wasting taxpayer money and not to spend it frivolously.

He ended by saying, “So, frankly, it’s important for us to change the timing, to get back to following what’s in the law in terms of having open hearings early in the year, not late in the year.” Coons is just like every other Democrat, vote in lockstep, as you are told to do, never question anything, no matter what is written. It’s all just so much easier when there is no actual thinking that’s ever involved. But then I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by anything this guy says. He’s the same guy who stood by and said absolutely nothing as he watched Joey ‘The Pedo’ molest his young daughter. What a sick creep this guy is. But then, after all, he is a Democrat.

Frankly, I do not know any ‘normal’ working class Americans who would have voted to give another 45 billion dollars to the Ukraine, which was actually 8 billion more than what Joey B. was asking for. Just as I do not know of any ‘normal’ working class Americans who do not support increased border security to keep all manner of third world parasite from getting into this country. AND, I do not know of any ‘normal’ working class Americans who would vote for any amount of additional spending at a time when this country is already over its head in debt. Our ‘leaders’ treat us working folk like peasants to be destroyed with ruinous inflation, taxes, and spending.

What a deal, we vote for politicians to represent us and yet they support bills not even knowing what’s in them! Is this the kind of “representation” any of us voted for? Our government system is collapsing and it’s our politicians who, besides doing nothing more than to expedite that collapse, are the sole reason for the collapse to be occurring in the first place. For Democrats it’s “party first, last and always!” Nothing else matters, you support what’s best for the party, even if it’s not what’s best for the country. And this moron is a prime example of the those who we now have ‘leading’ our country toward tyranny and oblivion! Disgusting!!!

So, just for the sake of argument, let’s say that this same monstrosity of a bill actually financed gas chambers for political opponents, or for religious minorities, would he still have been proud to support it? Just asking! Every last one of these people needs to get the very same treatment that ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters was calling for when she told her deranged ‘supporters’ to take part in against anyone who supported President Trump. You know, to find them and to let them know that they are not welcome. We need to start playing the game the same way they do and to give them a dose of their own medicine. These people are completely off the chain.

The 20 percent of Americans who pay 90 percent of the federal income tax that funds our increasingly bloated government should be outraged that their money can so easily be taken from them, and in such large amounts, and can then be so casually wasted, as if it truly did simply grow on trees. Americans work very hard for their money and thanks to politicians like Coons it’s everything that now costs much more than things did just two years ago. And yet, while many Americans have been forced into making difficult sacrifices in order to make ends meet, politicians, like Coons, can’t be bothered by making sure that taxpayer money is spent wisely.    

If only the American people had the will to CRUSH these evil people who have seized power in this country. They deserve the absolute worst, and they no longer possess any fear of passive, wimpy citizens. And if only our politicians spent less time passing useless bills, doing useless investigations, spent less time grandstanding, less time talking about trivialities, take less time off, spend more time in D.C., spend more time actually in session, start working on constitutionally required spending bills on Day One of the Congressional Session, go over them with a fine-toothed comb, and pass them by September 30. Such things would do much to improve the process.

These people are all idiots. They have NO idea what they are doing. They have been slowly destroying their own country and profiting from doing so. Just another example of why we’re headed for financial ruin. For one of the supposed ‘leaders’ of this country to make such a statement is equivalent to Pelosi once claiming that a bill must first be passed in order to see what’s in it. It’s frightening to see how they handle our money. The debt they incur and the arrogance and ignorance they show is mind-blowing. Coons fully illustrates the caliber of moronic self-aggrandizing filth that now inhabits the halls of Congress! Congratulations America! You win!

Given the level of violent and highly immoral societal conditions together with the economic carnage taking place in our nation today, all brought to us by Joey B. and the Democrats, and the fact that there was still no ‘red wave’ in last month’s mid-term elections, I’d say things are looking pretty gloomy. Sadly, most Americans live out their brainwashed lives in ignorance, ‘asleep at the switch,’ and regrettably that remains so. That is one of THE major factors in a great nation falling from its former greatness into eternal darkness. Americans better wake up soon from their collective coma and become intensely aware of what’s happening or all will soon be lost.


Once again we in the Republican Party have been screwed over by yet another ‘Gang of 18’ RINOs in the U.S. Senate. These RINOs had no qualms whatsoever when it came to again shoving a knife into our back by choosing to side with the Democrats, this time to pass the 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion, fiscally irresponsible, omnibus spending bill and to send it on to the House, where Democrats are salivating over their chance to get it Joey’s desk before Christmas. This legislative monstrosity passed the Senate by a 68-29 margin on Thursday afternoon with the help of our infamous ‘Gang of 18.’ Once again the RINOs have shown they are more dangerous than are the Democrats.

And it’s a casual glance over the list of these turncoats that one quickly recognizes names that we’re all very familiar with. The list contains those ‘usual suspects’ who have a long history of screwing over both us and the country. The names on that list: Roy Blunt, John Boozman, Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins, John Cornyn, Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Jim Inhofe, Mitch McConnell, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Mike Rounds, Richard Shelby, John Thune, Roger Wicker and Todd Young. All RINOs, all the time. And might this type of behavior be what prompted many Americans to not vote for more Republicans in the midterm elections?

We’re told that this massive $1.7 trillion debacle of a spending bill will fund the government through September 2023 and is likely to be the last piece of legislation this Congress will vote on, as members will most likely not come back this year after they leave for the Christmas holiday. In January, when Congress comes back in session, Republicans will take control of the House, which, while it should make it harder for Democrats to pass significant legislation, as we see by the actions of this ‘Gang of 18’, is certainly no guarantee. Personally, I don’t have much confidence in our Republican members in the House to act as much of a roadblock to the insanity.  

Anyway, this fiscal abomination passed by the Senate is absolutely riddled with thousands of earmarks, which lawmakers add to bills to advance their own narrow political priorities. And it’s the Congressional Research Service that defines earmarks as spending provisions that are included in bills to benefit “a specific entity or state, locality, or congressional district other than through a statutory or administrative formula or competitive award process.” Ultimately, they allow lawmakers to clandestinely add all manner of “pork” to bills that fund projects in their districts, but could also be used to reward their donors and various special interests.

And it’s this very same piece of legislation that ‘gives’ another $45 Billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine, which, added to the $66 Billion that lawmakers have already approved for that purpose, brings the grand total of what American taxpayers’ dollars have provided to the country to over $110 billion. American taxpayers have ‘given’ more aid to Ukraine in 2022 than was sent to Afghanistan, Israel, and Egypt combined in 2020. I’ve always been strangely impressed by the ability of Schumer and Pelosi to always guarantee 100 percent support for any bill they put forward. Meanwhile, that never seems to happen on our side.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment among those who thought it a good idea to side with the Democrats was Tom Cotton? Turns out he’s nothing more than another lying fraud! I have to admit, he put up a good front about being a conservative, but when push came to shove, he went along with the Democrats and McConnell. So from this point on I don’t want to be hearing any more about the time he spent as an honor guard at Arlington. As far as I’m concerned, he has no honor. And it would seem that he left is backbone on the floor a long time ago. If Cotton thought he was running for President, he should probably give that a little more thought. He’s dead to me!

Sadly, it’s the recapture of the House by the Republicans that will likely have the same result. All we have are turncoats and back stabbers and it’s none of these bastards that care about America. They only care about themselves. And with that many Democrats masquerading as Republicans, I just don’t see how there will never be a workable Republican majority. And I have no doubt that that is just fine with both McConnell in the Senate and McCarthy in the House. Traitors to the Republic the lot of ‘em. The very fact that they would vote to continue to fund the FBI given recent revelations regarding that agencies illegal activities is the tell. Bad guys.

Every one of these people, as well as more than a few not on this particular list, are shameless saboteurs. Lindsey Graham is among the worst, always pretending to be a conservative, and the rest at least we know they’re RINOs. Democrats are not hiding their intentions to destroy this country and they’re getting plenty of help from these gutless RINOs in return for a share of the profits. I also blame the useful idiots who continually return these RINOs to office. Are these constituents really that dumb? This is a horrible bill and conservatives, and well thinking and meaningful lawmakers, in the House ought to reject the passage of this monstrosity of a bill.

Once again, we have those who are supposed to be working for us, ignoring why it was that they were elected and simply ramming through whatever it is that they want, without care or concern of how it will affect Americans. My cost of living has nearly doubled since Joey took office and that seems to bother none of these people in the least. And yet we are simply supposed to just sit here and be quiet while these idiots run our country to the ground. We can no longer afford to sit idly by while these politicians continue with this reckless spending of money that we simply don’t have. Do these people really think we’re too stupid to see what’s going on here?

Our system worked well for two hundred years, but it doesn’t anymore. The politicians are wealthy beyond belief, far removed from the concerns of ordinary Americans. President Trump tried to break it up, but one man can only do so much. A new political movement, and Americans committed to it, is what is now needed. These politicians must be held accountable, and they cannot continually be re-elected so that they can simply return to business as usual. Voting for the same people and expecting them to somehow behave differently than they have their entire political ‘career,’ is nothing more than the definition of insanity.


It’s getting so you have to wonder just how more unhinged the Democrats have to become before enough Americans finally recognize that the entire Democrat Party has now been reduced to nothing more than a bunch of kooks. And that it is this same bunch of kooks that’s now running the country and who seem determined to run it into the ground. And yet, it’s this very same bunch of kooks, along with their allies in the ‘fake news’ media that continually accuse Republicans of being nothing more than a cult that poses a threat to our democracy and President Trump of being its leader.  

One of the more vocal of these unhinged, at least as of late, has been none other than that greasy creep, Jamie Raskin, Democrat from Maryland. And it was just this past Wednesday during an appearance on MSDNC’s “The Beat” that this creep went off on yet another of his imbecilic rants this time claiming that the Republican Party, under President Trump is “a paranoid cult of an authoritarian personality.” This moron would be doing himself a ‘yuge’ favor by simply shutting up. This sloppy commie, a man of consummate mediocrity, really needs to be put out to pasture.

Raskin said, “I felt, you know, a measure of closure and satisfaction about the question of individual accountability. And, you know, justice in an individual case like that, anybody who has suffered, you know, a crime or lost a loved one to a crime, that kind of justice never equals the sense of sadness and anger that you go through. This is not equal to the immensity of the crime against American democracy, the assault against our officers. It doesn’t equal up.” Raskin is nothing if not an absolute buffoon and he comes across as being little more than a court jester and a clown.

Raskin said, “So for me, you know, the work that I want to pour myself into now is the collective accountability.” And he went on to add, “Let’s fortify American democracy against the coups and insurrection and political violence electoral sabotage that’s coming from these people. Let’s hope that the criminal prosecution scares a lot of them off. But the truth is that Donald Trump’s party which alas is the same party that used to belong to Abraham Lincoln, used to be an anti-slavery, pro-freedom, pro-democracy party, and now it is a paranoid cult of an authoritarian personality.”

And Raskin continued by saying, “That party he thrives on anti-democracy, on voter suppression, on gerrymandering and the filibuster. We need to get democracy moving again. So we need statehood for the disenfranchised populations in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote. We need to repair The Voting Rights Act, which has been dismembered by the Supreme Court in the Shelby County v. Holder. We need to get democracy moving in the right direction, so we don’t lapse back into the authoritarian stuff.”

Authoritarian? Seriously? Just who was it that wielded the pen which arbitrarily halted the Keystone Pipeline, ending thousands of jobs. Who decided to try to buy votes by severely depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? Who decided billions could be given away by halting the interest and principal payments on student loans which were freely taken out, and to wipe out a portion of the principal due? Who was it that decided 87,000 new IRS agents, many armed, was a good idea? Who wants the IRS to monitor the transfer of as little as $600 between individuals?

And also, I might add, who decided to ignore existing immigration law and allow the flow of hundreds of thousands into our society? Who was busy dictating who had to be jabbed even if they had already had the Chinese virus or they would be dismissed from the military? Who signed the bill which prevents railroad unions from striking? I think we know on which side the true authoritarians reside. The sad truth here is the fact that there are people who actually believe liars like this and therefor it’s why our country has “leaders” like this, which is why our country is in the condition it is in.

If Raskin was correct about President Trump, and those who comprise the MAGA Movement, the 300,000 Trump supporters who showed up in Washington, DC on January 6th 2021, would have dismantled the Capitol building brick by freaking brick – and NOTHING could have stopped them. The FACT that the Capitol building is still standing proves Raskin, like most Democrats, has NO idea what the fu*k he’s talking about. He, as is every other Democrat, is nothing more than a liar. Period! Choose to believe them if you wish, but to do so is to endanger your children and their future.

The real story of January 6 is not what the protesters did, but what they did NOT do. They didn’t come armed. They didn’t use explosives or other destructive devices. They didn’t occupy and hold the building. They didn’t cut power, water, or other utilities. They didn’t try to burn it down. That said, I guess they didn’t learn anything from the West Coast leftist loons who took over city facilities during the previous summer. Or maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t really an insurrection at all. The raving Ratskin, the son of another raving communist lunatic, is merely projecting again.

I mean, think about it, I’m no expert on the subject but it would seem to me that it’s more than a little difficult to mount an “insurrection” without out being in possession of some rather significant weaponry, without threatening or harming anyone, with the Capitol Police ushering you through the door, nearly begging you to come inside. Raskin personifies sleaze. He is the face of the January 6th Committee that continues to hold prisoners without trials and hold in unacceptable conditions. So much for the Constitution that he claims to be such an ardent defender of. This guy is pathetic.

And so it’s according to this genius that the party that wants to protect the unborn, wants a secure southern border and to limit entry into this country to those who come here legally and have something to contribute, who want a return to American energy independence and return to the days when our children actually went to school to learn and not to be brainwashed, who want a military that is second to none in what has become an increasingly dangerous world in the last two years, thanks to those like Raskin, it’s they who are the people who are the ones causing all of the problems.

Finally, it’s always amazing to me that people continue to vote for someone like this. And how those in our ‘fake news’ media who claim to be ‘journalists’ NEVER challenge him, or those like him. But that’s because those in our ‘fake news’ media have all been given a part to play, and they’re playing to the hilt. Much to the detriment of our country. Imagine, just for second, if we had a news media that held people like this puke, Raskin, accountable. Just how differently might this country look today? And that is why they don’t. And it proves that they are just as sick as the politicians they protect!


Personally, I’m one of those folks who don’t trust Joe Manchin any further than I could throw him, and so I couldn’t care less when it comes to all the rumors about how he’s supposedly considering a departure from the Democrat Party. If that’s what he wants to do, so be it, it’s still a free country. Now if he were to, for some bizarre reason, chose to join the Republican Party, now that I would have a problem with, for no other reason we have enough Democrats, aka RINOs, in the Republican Party.

And it was just this past Wednesday, during an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead,” hosted by Jake Tapper, that Manchin touted his independence, differentiating himself from the Democrat Party. However, Manchin indicated that, for now, he is in no hurry to follow his colleague Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s lead and leave the Democrat caucus. Manchin said, “Jake, I don’t think there’s anyone more independent than me,” he said. “And that we have been voting in my entire life, over 40 years.”

And he went on to say, “I’m not a Washington Democrat. I have a lot of good friends who are Washington Republicans. This party tribal mentality is killing our country. People are sick and tired of it. I respect Kyrsten’s decision. She made her decision, and she’s very articulate in the way she pointed out of why she did what she did.” He added, “And I think that basically, I will make my decision whenever I make the decision, or if I do make a decision, I will do it, and I’m not in any hurry to do that.”

Manchin continued, “So, you know, the bottom line is I’m not changing how I vote. I’m not changing how I approach a problem. If my Republican colleagues have a good idea, I’m for it. I can go home and explain it.” He said, “If the Democrats have a good idea, I can support that also.” And he went on to add, “And I’m not afraid to say, I can’t support something that makes no sense at all to the Democrats or Republicans. So, people have gotten so. It’s what team are you on. I’m on one team.”

Manchin said, “I’m on the American team. I would like to think we are all on the same side. We just have different branches. That’s all. But the same side as the American side.” I hate to be the one to tell old Joe, but if one is on the side of the Democrat Party there is simply no way in Hell that one is on the American side. It’s just not possible in any way shape, manner or form. If you are a Democrat then you are very clearly an enemy of America, to think otherwise is to be nothing less than delusional!

In other words, what old Joe is saying is: “It depends on the polls. If I can think I can win as a Democrat, well then, I’ll stay a Democrat. But, if I think I’m going to lose, then I’ll either become an Independent or even a Republican, which also depends on what kind of a deal I might be able to get from Mitch.” Manchin has shown that he is a Democrat through and through. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he is not about freedom, liberty, the Constitution, or a fiscally responsible government.

This likely nothing more than a political stunt to stay elected. It’s not going to help the Republican Party or America. Manchin needs to be replaced with a true ‘America First’ candidate in 2024. He’s running scared and simply trying to save his job. He faltered when it mattered most, sold out the people of his state and this country, and should be fired for his cowardice. I don’t care how many spin doctors he’s got, no one can justify what he did in voting for legislation that increased our debt and inflation.

Now I will admit that there was once a time when I thought differently about this guy than I do today. I thought he was a serious man who cared about the country. I was wrong. Like SO MANY other professional politicians, Joe can be bought. Manchin is nothing more than a chameleon. In a state where President Trump won by 40 percent and Manchin’s counterpart won by 43 percent, the only chance he has be being able to win in 2024 is to switch to Republican. He barely won in 2018 by 3 percent.

In plain English what Joe is saying is: “I will make my decision when I make my decision and then I will change my decision when I make that decision, and if need be I will decide to make a new decision if that decision needs to be made. So for now, the matter is undecided.” This is Manchin being Manchin. He instills these nuggets of hope in his conservative supporters, then he caves to the radical Left. He’s far more interested in being a talking point than becoming a conduit for saving the country!

Manchin has gotten a lot of what he wants out of the Democrat Party by being that last vote they need. Now, with Sinema out, he’s in the same position again. There’s no reason for him to give that up. If Manchin truly wanted to do good for his coal-rich state of West Virginia then he would switch to Republican. But whether Manchin decides to join the Republican Party or chooses to identify as an ‘Independent’ it is of little import to the overall disgrace that Congress itself has now become.

Manchin is nothing more than a hypocrite who’s simply trying to straddle both sides of the fence. The problem he faces is his voting base that is more on the conservative side while his true convictions are far more on the ‘progressive side. West Virginia would be wise to dump him and to choose a Senator who has their best interests at heart. Manchin lost what credibility he might have still had when he voted for the bogus Inflation Reduction Act. It’s time for him to be put out pasture.