The lunacy exhibited by those on the left shows no sign of letting up.  They seem to become a bit more unhinged with each passing day.  And it was another example of that that recently came from a guest on MS‘DNC’ who took it upon himself to describe those of us who continue to support our president, Donald Trump, as being members of a ‘cult.’  But let’s be real, if it’s anyone who can be described as behaving as if members of a cult it would be those on the left who supported, and very likely continue to support, none other than Hitlery or Barry ‘O’ despite the fact that they were perhaps two of the most corrupt individuals to EVER hold any public office.

It’s was during Friday’s broadcast of MS’DNC’s’ “Deadline,” that Los Angeles Times’ reporter Eli Stokols said, “The Trump base just doesn’t see Putin as the enemy the same way. If you want to understand why Republicans are looking the other way, why Pelosi’s argument ‘all roads lead to Putin,’ doesn’t resonate, doesn’t change public opinion, it’s because this base of voters is enthralled in this cult of personality.”  He said, “They look at Putin and they say what’s so bad about him because he supports Trump.” He added, “Supporting Trump, in this case, is more important to these voters than whether or not he advances or threatens democratic values around the world.”

I’m sure most will remember how it was, according to Hitlery, that those of us who dared to support then candidate Trump together formed what she referred to as being a “basket of deplorables.”  And it was more recently that ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, during a speech, once referred to supporters of President Trump as the “dregs of society.”  And now we are said to be members of a cult for no other reason than because we dare to oppose an obviously politically motivated vendetta that has the Democrats claiming President Trump is somehow in need of being impeached.  And in so doing we’re said to be ignoring what’s good for the Constitution and our country.

Now far from being a “Deplorable,” a “dreg of society,” or even a member of some cult, what I am is a veteran, as is my wife.  Both of us retired from the Navy and we both love our country.  I am also the proud father of a beautiful daughter who is a nurse who is married to a former Marine.  Personally, I don’t care for Putin, or his continued aggression, or his opposition to American interests.  But what I do care about is capitalism, freedom, religious freedom and our Constitution.  And oddly enough it’s all of those things about which the modern left has made quite clear that it not only opposes them, but is also very determined in its effort to destroy them.

So if supporting a president who insists upon putting ‘America first, who supports the Second Amendment and the Constitution, who supports our military and our police officers, who is increasing job opportunities for all and ensures that health care doesn’t punish people, has succeeded in making our NATO allies pay their fair share and is working to make trade agreements more fair, if that is what makes me a member of cult, then yes I, and my fellow supporters of President Trump are members of a cult. A cult for America and our families and one we ask all of our fellow Americans to join, standing against the Democrat Party and its leaders.

As I have said before I was initially very skeptical about Trump, and was late getting on the ‘Trump Train.’  He was not my first choice for president at the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign.  And when, over the course of the campaign, he came to be the last one standing, I, somewhat hesitantly, chose to vote for him.  I have been surprised at how good he has been on a number of issues, and in particular those issues most important to me as a voter.  To the point where that I will be very enthusiastically voting for him again, on his own merits and his spectacular record of accomplishment and of his promises kept.  This is far from a cult of personality.

What the Democrats and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media don’t seem to understand, for whatever the reason, is that fundamentally the number one reason why so many of the president’s original supporters remain strong supporters is because they, like me, view the Democrat Party as being the true enemy of freedom.  From their support of infanticide, to the level of their corruption, to their addiction to Socialism, to their plan to import replacement voters in what is their desire to bring about one party rule, to their plan to control every aspect of our life through a bogus ‘climate crisis,’ these are people who should never again be put in charge.

These Democrats view it as being their ‘right,’ dare I say their destiny, to rule over ‘We the People.’  And I am convinced that that is the reason they have become so completely unhinged.  Donald Trump, with much help from his supporters, denied them that which they thought was theirs by virtue of their inherent superiority.  They and they alone possess the level of wisdom, and intelligence, necessary to lead, which by their definition means to control.  And it in that effort that they continue to be willing to lie, to cheat, to undermine, to spy, to do whatever they deem as being necessary to achieve that for which only they, and they alone, are suited.


Trump 30

President Trump recently made a point that many of us have known for a very long time when he expressed his frustration with those in ‘The Swamp”, the Democrats, and the media in particular, for attacking his staff while giving ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ a pass for what was an obvious act of corruption in the Ukraine.  I suppose one reason for his growing frustration is the fact that he is new to the world of politics and all of the corruption, dishonesty and hypocrisy that it breeds.

Anyway, it was during a press conference in New York City, on Wednesday, that President Trump took the opportunity to speak about ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, saying, “If you’re a Democrat, you have automatic protection.”  And he went on to say, “That is years and years of people putting in certain people into positions.”  And, as I said, he’s was completely correct in his assessment of how things work.  Democrats, as we know, can actually get away with murder, just as did Teddy ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy.

President Trump pointed to the enormous pressure put on his administration and his staff by Democrats and the media, suggesting that ‘Creepy Joe’ and his family experienced nothing similar.  He said, “When you look at all of the trauma that these fakers have caused, and the press, look, much of the press is not only fake, it is corrupt.”  And he said, “These stories they write are corrupt. They’re so wrong and they know that.”  There is no longer a responsible ‘news’ outlet in this country.

President Trump said that House Democrats were vicious in their pursuit of his administration.  He said, “When you see little Adam Schiff go out and lie and lie and stand at the mic — smart guy, by the way — stand at the mic and act like he’s so serious, and then he goes into a room with Nadler and they must laugh their asses off.”  The Democrats know they can say absolutely anything they want because they will NEVER be called out on anything, no matter how false or dishonest, they say!

And President Trump is exactly right in everything he says.  And for anyone to claim, somehow, that he is not is to deny the reality of the situation.  Democrats have always gotten away, and continue to get away, with so much because of a complicit media that simply refuses to do its job by shining the bright light of truth on what has been a rather long list of Democrat misdeeds.  But truth is something that no longer exists in today’s ‘news’ media.  It long ago went the way of the dodo.

There is no doubt that the liberal ‘fake news’ media can safely be considered as nothing less than an enemy of the people.  They long ago went delinquent when it comes to what their primary responsibility is supposed to be, that being, of course, to be a watch dog over those involved in our government, not a lap dog of either party but an unbiased and objective provider to useful news and information.  Instead, they consistently use the talking points provided to them by their Democrat masters.

Now imagine, if you can, that we had an honest media that was aggressive in its efforts to hold both parties equally accountable.  But instead, the Democrats are continually allowed to operate with complete impunity, able to say and do anything they please. Laws and rules are for the little people. ‘Creepy’ is on video bragging about doing the exact same thing that Democrats claim, without an iota of proof, President Trump did.  Thus the reason we no longer take them seriously.

And despite the best efforts of those on the left to keep secret the many questionable activities, both legally and morally, surrounding the ‘Creepy Joe’ Crime Family, things are managing to get out and will likely continue to get out.  The only question that remains is, will any of it matter to those who so reliably vote Democrat?  Most likely it will not.  Because the left has now become so consumed by their hatred of the president that ‘Creepy’ could be guilty of murder and still get voted for.

Leftist bureaucrats hiding out of sight in the halls of the ‘Deep State,’ and Democrat ‘lawmakers’ continue to tag-team to play dirty.  Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers, for the most part, say precious little in defense of the president, who also just so happens to be a member of their own party.  And it’s scum like Romney who continue to do little more than to backstab the president.  Disgusting!  He might as well be a damn Democrat, as he is absolutely useless.   He’s simply jealous of President Trump.

And so the media exploded with all manner of claims of how it was illegal for the president to ask a foreign country to interfere in an election.  But ‘Creepy’ is not yet the president’s official opponent.  Democrat primaries have not yet even started.  ‘Creepy’ is however, due to his on air confession of threatening to Ukraine to not get aid unless they fire the prosecutor investigating his son as part of a shady company’s alleged crimes, a private citizen who may have committed crimes while in office.

I wouldn’t think that just because one is a potential candidate for president that that would give one immunity from any criminal prosecution.  But then, being a Democrat does improve the odds for old ‘Creepy Joe’ in that regard.  And the corruption that took place came before ‘Creepy’ had even decided to run for president, but did occur while he was our vice president.  And it’s those in the ‘fake news’ business who seem to be of the opinion that there’s nothing for which ‘Creepy’ should be prosecuted.

And can you possibly imagine the reaction to the uncovering of events where President Trump threatened to withhold $1 Billion of American taxpayer money unless the Ukrainians fired the prosecutor investigating his son for having received millions of dollars for absolutely nothing?  Or can you imagine what would happen if the president’s son had been given $1.5 Billion by the Chinese after going to China on Air Force 1?  What would the fake new media and the Democrats do or say then?

I wish I could say that what we are witnessing today is the beginning of the end for the Democrat Party. The Democrats are truly desperate. The only shot they have left in their effort to keep President Trump from being re-elected is their bogus ‘impeachment’ ploy based on hearsay, rumor, innuendo, a hope and, dare I say, a prayer.  Consider the perjury evidence against ‘Slick Willy’, who was impeached, but not removed from office versus the lack of evidence against President Trump.

The Democrats are banking on the fact that most Americans are just too stupid to recognize what it is that they are up.  And while a goodly number of Americans, especially those who habitually vote for Democrats, are pretty stupid, it’s far more who are simply uninformed and, frankly, are pretty content to remain that way.  They simply can’t be bothered by something as trivial as politics.  But by the time they realize they should have been paying attention it will likely be too late, for ALL of us!



Why is it, do you suppose, that a white Republican, and least of all someone like Donald Trump, can never criticize a black Democrat, no matter how corrupt, or incompetent, that said black Democrat may actually be, without then being called a racist?  Or, are we now to assume that black Democrats are NEVER to be considered as being corrupt or incompetent?  I only ask because President Trump recently offered up what I thought was a very fair critique of the House Oversight Committee chair Elijah Cummings, who he criticized for failing to help his district.  He could have also very easily mentioned how Cummings does a rather piss-poor job of “oversight.”

This very fair critique consisted of the president pointing to how Cummings was “shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border” during what was supposed to have been a simple hearing.   President Trump took the opportunity to point out how Cummings’ congressional district is “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”  The president tweeted, “If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.”  So how is it that telling the truth is something now to be considered racist when it is a black Democrat who happens to be the subject of the critique?

But let’s be honest here, it’s not the president’s fault that Baltimore homicides have exceeded 300 each year from 2015 through 2018, and that 2019 is pretty much on track to cross the 300 threshold for the fifth year in a row.  A 2016 report from the Baltimore Sun showed 344 homicides for the year 2015.  A ‘homicides counter’ maintained by the Sun shows 318 for 2016, 342 for 2017, and 309 for 2018.  USA Today reported that the 342 Baltimore homicides in 2017 represented a “homicide rate of 56 per 100,000 people.” The homicide rate in Chicago was less than half of that, at “24 per 100,000.”  And yet the president should not be allowed to talk about that?

And it was November 9, 2016, the very day that Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election, the Baltimore Sun published an op-ed. The op-ed, by Sean Kennedy, it reads in part: Donald J. Trump is known for his hyperbole, but not all of his ideas are a stretch. Our inner cities are a “disaster,” as he said in the final presidential debate — and they should be officially declared so. Mr. Trump said on the campaign trail that he would “empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities in order to initiate the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties and the increased presence of law enforcement.”  Now that he’s captured the presidency, let’s hope he follows through.

As of July 28, the Sun’s counter shows 191 Baltimore homicides for 2019, which means the city is well on its way to surpassing 300 homicides for the year.  At least five people were shot, three fatally, in Baltimore on July 27 alone. And on July 25, Breitbart News reported eight persons were shot in one night of Baltimore violence. One of the shooting victims succumbed to his wounds. The violence has been all-too-present in the years since Maryland implemented the Firearm Safety Act in 2013.  That act put in place an “assault weapons” ban and “high capacity” magazine ban.  It also implemented a fingerprinting/registration process for new handgun buyers.

And then who was it that came rushing to Cummings’ defense?  Well, it was none other than self-described Socialist, and presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.  It was in stopping by to have a chat with ‘fake newser’ Jake Tapper, this past Sunday on CNN that Sanders slammed Trump over the president’s tweets pointing out the dismal living conditions in Cummings’ rather dismal district.  Sanders told Tapper, “It’s unbelievable that we have a President of the United States who attacks American cities, who attacks Americans.”  And yet it was back in 2015 that it was Sanders himself who likened Cummings’ West Baltimore district to a “Third World country.”

You see, it was back then during a tour of the city in the aftermath of riots over the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray, an African-American man who died after falling into a coma while in police custody, that Sanders said, “Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you’re in a wealthy nation. You would think that you were in a Third World country,” The Baltimore Sun reported that Sanders toured the neighborhood where Gray was arrested “hoping to reach out to African-American voters in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.”  The neighborhood falls inside of Cummings’ congressional district.

Sanders’ 2015 “Third World” comments were not his only statements criticizing the living conditions in Baltimore.  Because it was in 2016, that he sounded off about Baltimore’s “poorest boroughs,” saying that residents have “lifespans shorter than people living under dictatorship in North Korea.”  But see, such comments are never considered to be racist when coming from the mouths of those who are brothers in arms on the radical left.  And I feel very confident in saying that conditions in Cummings’ district have changed very little other than that it’s likely worse today than it was back then.  Because that tends to be the way it works with ‘liberalism.

So I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is that whether we’re talking about Cummings role as the representative of his district, or as chair of the committee or ranking member, he has made a career out of being little more than your basic, everyday partisan political hack.  He regularly abuses his power for vendettas against the Trump administration and yet when Barry ‘O’ was in the White House, Cummings bent himself over backwards in his attempt to shield he who was the most corrupt, a dare I say racist, president in modern history from all manner of very justified scrutiny.  But again, that’s not something that anyone is supposed to point out.

During the Barry ‘O’ administration, Cummings worked hard to leave no stone unturned in doing all he could to stop Republicans from investigating the many, and very serious, abuses of power committed by he who would go on to be known as the worst president in all of American history.   Not only that but he was also Hitlery’s number one defender during the Benghazi scandal, for example.  At the start of the IRS scandal, Cummings admitted at first that heads should roll. Then he tried to stop the probe, declaring the scandal “solved.” And no wonder, since he was among the Democrats who had wanted conservative organizations investigated.  Imagine that?

And apparently corruption runs in Cummings family since it was recently reported that new concerns have now arisen that Cummings’s wife, who’s described as being a consultant who also runs a ‘non-profit’ organization that “has received millions of dollars from groups with interests before the congressman’s committee, potentially buying them favorable treatment.”  That little factoid was reported back in in May. Mrs. Cummings also reportedly refused to hand over nonprofit disclosure forms when requested, as required by law.  So I’m guessing congressional “oversight” would seem to have limits, especially when it’s a member of one’s own family in need of a little?

And to be expected Cummings pushed back against the president on Saturday, saying it was his “constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch.”  But Cummings does not actually care about the Executive Branch.  When he took over the committee, he changed the name from “Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (OGR)” to “Committee on Oversight and Reform (COR),” minus “government.” He is not at all concerned about government, his only concern is the continuing harassment of President Trump.  Cummings is a fraud in the truest sense of the word, and worse he’s a racist fraud and truly a waste of skin, regardless of color.

And of course it was Speaker Pelosi who wasted precious little time in accusing President Trump of racism for attacking the supposedly ‘honorable’ Mr. Cummings. The truth is that President Trump has also occasionally shown irritation with Republicans in Congress who investigated his administration, and his presidential campaign, even when they held the majority in both houses.  They, at least, took oversight seriously as a non-partisan duty.  It would seem that for Cummings and fellow Democrats, “oversight” now means targeting political opponents, protecting political friends and not much else.  They’re joke, and people know it!

Cummings is yet another on a rather long list of extremely unimpressive blacks in Congress who have, for decades, done absolutely nothing for blacks except to get them even more addicted to government.  The condition of their cities speaks volumes.  Yet many of these same ‘public servants’ have enlarged, rather significantly, their personal financial assets.  He who cries racism the loudest tends to be the most directly responsible for the crime infested poverty ghettos.  President Trump has nothing to do with theses messes created by black members of Congress who are more interested in illegal immigrants than they their own constituents.

Cumming’s continues to live the good life on the backs of his constituents and is nothing more than a career con man and criminal hiding under the cloak of public service. He is a complete and total loser when it comes to all of those in his district. The city, like most Democrat run cities, is just as President Trump describes it, a complete and total Hell hole!  Envision the worst possible scene you’ve ever seen in a movie of a downtown ghetto and you will be describing nearly any big city in America.  Cummings has never done anything in his entire career to help those he represents. He is in politics to help one person and one person only, and that is himself.

Finally, those who claim bad behavior should be ignored simply because the perpetrator’s skin color is black, and that white people should be condemned for merely pointing that fact out, are the real racists. Anyone who says that any race should be allowed to ruin our cities with impunity, and that we should pay them a Trillion dollars in reparations as a reward, is an enemy of our nation and has no place in elected office.  And those who are provided with all manner of public assistance, free of charge, and still see themselves as being mistreated, I would cordially invite to leave this country, return to where their ancestors came from, and stay there.



As I have said before, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the president and his apparent unwillingness to do what we all know is required to get ‘The Wall’ built.  But having said that, one of the biggest problems he faces, if not the BIGGEST problem, is the fact that many people continue to believe our ‘fake news’ media, even after they get caught lying time and time again. It remains easy for them to brainwash the masses out there because so many of America remain accept what they’re told and are simply too lazy to verify in some way what it is that they’re being told.

The following 11 reasons should be forwarded over and over again to ALL Americans until they are read them so many times that they get sick of reading them.

  1. $11 Billion to $22 Billion is spent on welfare to illegal immigrants each year by state governments.
  2. $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food Assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal immigrants.
  3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal immigrants.
  4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on Primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!
  5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for Education for the American-born Children of illegal immigrants, known as ‘Anchor Babies.’
  6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal immigrants.
  7. 30 percent of all Federal Prison Inmates are illegal immigrants.
  8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on Illegal immigrants for Welfare & Social Services by the American taxpayers.
  9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal immigrants.
  10. In 2006, illegal immigrants sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their Countries of origin.
  11. The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes committed By Illegal Immigrants in the United States.

The TOTAL COST is $338.3 Billion a year. Since there are approximately 135 million taxpayer in the United States, OVER $2,500 of your taxes go to funding those who are in this country illegally. These illegal then support the Democrat Party because it’s the Democrats who seem hell bent on making it far easier for them to come here, and if already here, to stay here.  So how stupid must we be to allow this sort of thing to continue, knowing that if the Democrats are successful we will be accomplices in allowing them to set this country on a path that there will be no recovery from.

It’s also important that we understand that we are not fighting the Democrat Party of the past, what we are fighting are those who are nothing less than modern-day Fascists. But make no mistake, it’s not just in the Democrat Party where todays’ Fascists can be found. Many, too, can be found in the Republican Party. Paul Ryan proved that during his tenure in Congress, and even more so as Speaker of the House. He gave Barry ‘O’ almost anything he wanted and would not speak out against him. Republicans seem only to have the courage to attack their own president. Nuts, right?

The time has now come for the president to employ a much more aggressive approach in using the bully pulpit to reign in the RINOs.  He must pull no punches, and threaten if necessary, that their continuing willingness to assist the Democrats will no longer be tolerated.  He must remind them, since that now appears to be necessary, that they were sent to Congress to do the PEOPLE’S business, not that of their donors.  And if they are unable to do that then he will do all within his power to ensure they lose that which they seem to crave the most.  Their highly coveted position of power.

And while I am not at all pleased with the president, at the moment, the truth is that things could be very much worse. The election could have gone to Hitlery right? And now, what happens over the course of the next three weeks will determine if President Trump will be re-elected. And make no mistake, that’s the true objective here, to make it that much easier for him to be defeated by whichever Democrat it turns out to be in 2020.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with illegal immigration, or ‘The Wall.’  And if ‘I’ can figure that out why is it the president seems unable to?

The president needs to build the wall, no more stalling. If he breaks ground in three weeks we’re fine.  But, his speech Friday was full of all the Pelosi talking points. “Walls are medieval”, “we can just use drones”, “we never proposed building an actual wall”.  Yes he said all that, go back and listen. For some reason nobody heard his speech.  I know what I heard on the campaign trail.  And I also KNOW what it was than convinced me to finally climb onboard the ‘Trump Train.’ I think it fair to say that the moment of truth has now officially arrived when it comes to ‘The Wall.’



It’s oh so simple and yet many Republican politicians still don’t get it.  Promising to build the wall on our southern border is why Republicans won and failing to make good on that promise is why they lost, and will continue to lose.  That said, support for building a wall on our southern border has now at its highest level on record, so says a Quinnipiac University released on Tuesday.  In reporting the results of its latest poll it said, “This is the highest level of support for the wall since the independent Quinnipiac University National Poll first asked the question in November 2016.”

Forty-three percent of voters now support building the border wall, while 54% oppose it, that according to the national survey of 1,147 voters, conducted Dec. 12-17, 2018.  The record 43% support represents a five-point jump from its August 15, 2018 level of 38% and is up seven points from its year-ago level of 36% (Dec. 13, 2017). Back on April 20, 2017, only 33% of voters nationwide supported building a border wall.  By party affiliation, Republicans overwhelmingly support building the wall, Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it, and Independents are divided:

  • Republican Support: 86%
  • Democrat Opposition: 90%
  • Independents: 47% Support, 51% Oppose

And it was yet another poll, the Morning Consult poll, that revealed Republican voters view immigration reform and the building of a wall along America’s southern border as being two of their top issues.  This as Congress faces a December 21 deadline to partially fund the government.  President Trump has demanded $5 Billion in border wall funding; however, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders suggested on Tuesday that they might accept something less than $5 Billion and would then look for what she described as an ‘alternative’ means of funding the border wall.

Forty-eight percent of Republican voters said that immigration is a “top priority” for Congress, 48 percent said reducing the deficit is a top issue, and 43 percent of Republican voters said building a wall was among the highest for Congress, and 43 percent of Republican voters ranked healthcare reform as a top priority.  Entitlement reform and infrastructure spending ranked 37 percent and 35 percent, respectively, for Republican voters.  They ranked the investigation into alleged collusion between President Trump and the Russian government as their lowest priority at 11 percent.

Republicans also listed finance reform, gun control, and amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal aliens, otherwise known as “Dreamers,” amongst their lowest priorities for Congress.  All of which, along with the impeachment of President Trump, just happens to be all of the items that are right up there at the very top of the Democrats ‘To Do’ list.  By handing to the Democrats control of the House in the last election, demonstrates, I think, a willingness by the American voter to bite their collective nose to spite their face.

Look, I can see why many folks may seem ready to give up on the president over this border wall issue, trust me when I say I’m none too pleased myself.  But the Democrats, and many RINOs, DO NOT want this border wall to be either funded nor built because they see it as a way of fracturing the president’s base and therefore his support.  So while we may be frustrated with the lack of progress, perhaps we should be a bit more focused in our determining at whom that frustration should be aimed.  As I have said before President Trump has delivered on much of what he promised.

We all knew ‘The Wall’ was going to be a difficult fight.  Perhaps if President Trump were to call for a national televised address during which he could show the American people the chaos taking place at our southern border.  And he could show why that concrete bollard wall works to help agents control the border and how stupid loopholes in the asylum laws are luring this growing number of immigrants, who get sent home anyway after tremendous expense and trouble. This is a national emergency.  If the wall goes unbuilt, Trump likely will not get reelected.

He might also want to take the opportunity to explain some basic facts.  Such as how Mexico is in a state of disintegration due to drug money and corruption, how 27,000 Mexicans were murdered last year, how over 70,000 Americans have died due to opioid overdoes, the cost of medical care, incarceration, border protection and related police costs inside the U.S. and welfare costs easily exceed 25 Billion a year.  Any American or politician or foreign citizen critical of the effort to build the wall and serious rework of our immigration laws is, in short, contributing to death.

Our Republican lead Congress has had two full years to get it done only to fail, and rather spectacularly so.  And so thanks to their inability, and/or unwillingness, to make good on the promise made to the American people, and because they chose to punt on this issue, we will now have a House controlled by the Democrats and whose Speaker will now be someone who is nothing more than a rabid leftwing political ideologue whose primary purpose in life will be to construct the necessary evidence to bring about the impeachment of our current, and duly elected, president.

And just like how we had Republicans, for several years, talking about doing away with Obamacare, until we had a Republican in the White House who could have made that a reality, we have long had Democrats talking about border security until we had that same Republican in the White House who could make it happen.  But it’s ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ on both sides that has become the chief impediment to achieving both.  Neither the ‘Never Trumpers’ nor the Democrats seem willing to allow President Trump the ability to claim any level of accomplishment.



If you get your information from watching CNN, MSNBC, or any of the major purveyors of ‘fake news’, or choose to read such rags as the New York Time or the Washington Post you were probably very surprised, even shocked, to hear that the president’s approval rating is not in the single digits.  But as they say, truth is stranger than fiction because despite the continued, and constant, hyper-hysterics from the anti-Trump state-controlled ‘fake news’ media over the course of the last 18 months, including the meltdown after President Trump said kind words to Vlad Putin, President Trump’s approval rating has, oddly enough, continued to rise since May.

According to Rasmussen President Trump’s approval rating now sits at 50%. And as difficult as it may be for his many devoted followers to accept, it was Barry ‘O’ who had an approval rating of 45% at the same point in his first term.  So President Trump is now 5 points ahead of where Barry was at a similar point in his presidency. But they’ll likely try to make the claim that it’s only because Barry was black, because with the left it must ALWAYS be about race.  Because they simply cannot bring themselves to admit that Barry did an absolutely horrendous job as president, and for the most part Trump has done much of what he promised to do if elected.

But as we all should know, if there is one constant in this ever-changing world of ours, it’s that you can always trust polls to be more than just a little unreliable. And this poll is likely wrong as well.  Because I’d be willing to wager that President Trump’s true approval rating is very likely much closer to being 60%.  After all, his approval rating among blacks and Hispanics has been reported as being much higher though most will never publicly, or even privately, tell their friends, coworkers or pollsters how they really feel towards President Trump or whether or not they intend to vote for Trump, or the Republicans, once they enter the voting booth.

Barry ‘O’ got what was 24/7 praise from his buddies in the ‘fake news’ world, as well as from his many friends in the entertainment world, numerous foreign liberals, academia, etc., while they have been relentless in their attacks on President Trump.  And yet this president still polls higher than did Barry, even taking into account how polls were likely very heavily tilted in Barry’s favor. If all things were equal, Barry would have polled 5% approval and Trump 95%.  After 8 miserable years of a Democrat administration working tirelessly to undermine the country, we now have a president who truly does love this country. The contrast could not be more stark.

As we all know, Barry came into office with a stated mission to “fundamentally transform” America.  Donald Trump came into office with the promise to “Make America Great Again.”  And much of the progress made by Barry toward completing his ‘mission’ has now been successfully erased by President Trump simply keeping his promises.  What’s amazing to me is how both the media and politicians still believe that polls are accurate in Democrats’ favor. Rasmussen is probably closest to Trump’s actual approval rating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually higher. The same goes for the generic GOP/Democrat ballot polls for this year’s mid-terms.

Now regarding this November’s midterm election, while I have no doubt that liberals may very well be motivated to get out to the polls, they only comprise 20% of the American electorate (Gallup) and are pooled in just a few states. People who self-identify as conservative compose 36% of the electorate (again, Gallup) and are the core of President Trump’s supporters. Even if all 20% of liberals vote in the mid-terms, Trump only needs a portion of his base to come out. While I know there has been much talk about a ‘blue wave’ this fall that will sweep Democrats into power, I can’t help but think that it’s little more than wishful thinking on the part of Democrats.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that those on the left hate President Trump for no other reason than because he’s lowering unemployment, increasing the GDP, getting companies to come back to America and creating future jobs, reducing the national debt, gaining American respect around the world, making America safe again.  In other words, everything the Democrats hate because Democrats despise individual freedom and need a lousy economy, which they got from Barry making it easier for them to encourage more Americans onto the government teat.  Remember that great Marxist philosopher Obama once said negative growth is the new norm.

So my fellow Americans, do you want our booming economy to continue? Do you want greater border security? Do you want a president who seems determined to put Americans first?  Then work as hard as you can from now until November to get out the Republican vote.  And the same goes for 2020.  Trump will likely go down as being one of the greatest presidents in history while Barry has already been identified by many as being one of the worst!  Trump has endured more sick attacks from the ‘fake news’ media than any other president in history. He has also endured attacks by those from within his own party, those we refer to as RINOs.

One of the greatest things to come from the president’s rising approval numbers is the unintended consequence of having nudged many of those on the unhinged left ever closer to the edge of the cliff.  Make no mistake, these left wing radicals will continue their campaign of violence against President Trump’s supporters while CNN stooge Jim Acosta and the NYT all snivel that the president’s legitimate criticism of the ‘fake news’ media encourages violence against faux journalists, of which there has been none to date.  These same ‘journalists’ have been accomplices in what has been numerous, well-documented, and quite violent, attacks against Trump supporters.



Hopefully, and with any luck, right about the time that President Trump is finishing up his eighth year in office it will be as if Barry ‘O’ had never been president.  And I think that’s the one thing that terrifies Democrats most of all about President Trump, and why there has been such a concerted effort by those on the left to do all that they can in their attempt to remove him from office.  But as has been mentioned more than a few times, of late, it’s in spite of ‘news’ coverage that has been over 90 percent negative practically since he took office that his approval rating continues to tick upward and is now higher than Barry’s was at the same point in his first term.

And might I say that never has there been a president who was more deserving of having his ‘legacy’ erased, and to make it appear as if his presidency never even happened, than Barry ‘O’.  The ONLY positive thing that resulted from his having been in office is that we ended up with President Trump.  Because, as I have said on any number of previous occasions, had Barry not been elected president I am very firmly convinced there would have never been a President Trump.  Barry set out to “fundamentally change America.”  And now Trump is fundamentally changing Barry’s legacy.  Barry is now being fundamentally erased, as if he was never elected.

And the decision by President Trump to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran is the biggest blow, but it’s only the latest. The elimination of the individual mandate and canceling the yearly bailout of insurance companies has left Obamacare in a precarious condition.  Young immigrants whose parents brought them to the United States unlawfully, the so-called dreamers, are losing their legal status.  This is historic. Presidents often vow to wipe out big chunks of their predecessor’s legacies.  President Eisenhower was going to take on the ‘New Deal’, Ronald Reagan targeted ‘The Great Society.’  Both backed down.  President Trump, so far, has not.

But Barry and Democrats made President Trump’s task a relatively easy one.  Barry, as you’ll recall, succeeded brilliantly in the first two years of his presidency when Democrats controlled Congress.  But once Republicans held the House, Senate, or both over the next six years, he ignored Capitol Hill whenever he thought he could get away with it.  He spared himself the unpleasantness of having to compromise with Republicans and instead governed by executive orders and regulations.  And as he is now finding out, actions taken by the president alone prove vulnerable to being erased by subsequent presidents. And that’s what happened to the pact with Iran.

Democrats went so far as to use the filibuster to block even a nonbinding vote on it. President Trump killed the deal with his pen. That was also all it took to quit the Paris accord on global warming.  There were two factors behind Barry’s decision to shun a treaty, which requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate. Winning that lopsided a vote appeared to be impossible. On the other hand, Barry had a backup, Hitlery. She was expected to win the presidency in 2016 and could then be relied upon to protect the nuclear agreement.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the inauguration, Hitlery lost the election.  And Barry’s legacy is now going up in smoke.

On immigration, Barry might well have prevailed had he sought congressional approval of legal status for young illegals, the dreamers. Again, Republican votes would have been needed.  He rejected that. And since Barry said he couldn’t legally act on his own, it looked like nothing would be done.  Then he changed his mind and simply announced the approach known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Neither a regulation nor a law, it’s simply a policy. With Barry gone, it lacks a presidential defender.  Trump abandoned it, though he’s offered a pact to keep the dreamers here: They’d be legalized and Trump would get his wall on the southwest border.

Which would seem to be a pretty straightforward exchange, except for one thing. Democrats remain stubbornly opposed to the wall.  It’s more important to them than even the fate of hundreds of thousands of dreamers, so Democrats declined.  Which leads to another problem they’ve created for themselves, one that further jeopardizes Barry’s legacy while making political life less of a struggle for President Trump and Republicans.  Democrats have adopted a strategy of resisting President Trump across the board.  It’s blind resistance, all anger and ideology with absolutely no amount of commonsense thrown in.  And there haven’t been any exceptions.

As much as Barry and Democrats are to blame, Barry’s incredible shrinking legacy isn’t entirely their fault. A good bit is the result of Trump’s success and canny choice of issues. On foreign policy, does anyone want to return to the days of appeasing North Korea? Should the American embassy in Israel be moved back to Tel Aviv at the earliest opportunity?  Should we go back to insisting that concessions by Israel provide a path to peace in the Middle East?  On domestic issues, Barry’s legacy has better prospects for survival, or at least for being revived by some future Democrat majority in Congress.  That’s because the Democrat mindset on taxes is locked in place.

Finally, Barry ‘O’ set out to fundamentally degrade America, internally and externally, and he was largely successful because our cadre of RINOs in Congress simply rolled over and essentially funded him 100 percent for eight years.  And what about the social fabric of our nation?  Look where the promotion of homosexual marriage/ adoption and transgender “rights” has lead us.  Look at the black racism in the BLM movement and in racial alliance with violent black thugs that Barry openly promoted.  President Trump needs to continue the dismantling of Barry’s legacy and to root out the pernicious residue left behind by this anti-America traitor!


Trump 24

If you happen to be one of the millions of folks who depend on our ‘usual suspects’ in the state-controlled media for their up-to-date political news and information, then you most likely feel as if America is on the verge of a complete meltdown and all due, of course, to the supposed chaos stemming from the Trump administration.  And of course by ‘usual suspects’ I mean: the state-controlled media complex, both print and broadcast; silly local news programming; or popular online newsies such as Yahoo, Facebook, along with any number others.  However, what’s important to keep in mind here is that the long term goal for all those involved in bringing to you what is being described as ‘news’, is to wear you down, if not wear you out, until you finally agree with them that President Trump must go.

And as the stakes rise with each new Trump achievement, the rhetoric from these sources of supposed news and information only becomes more extreme.  And as it does, the decibel level of its delivery also increases because apparently those who live to express outrage at everything President Trump says, feel that if they voice their outrage louder they will somehow be taken more seriously.  That’s what happens when your cherished assumptions are essentially disproven day after day.  It’s comical and yet also understandable.  No one likes to admit when they’re wrong.  Or that they are wrong on pretty much a daily basis.  It’s embarrassing and humiliating – especially if you’re touted as being some sort of a ‘journalistic’ expert, and for no other reason than because you’re on television.

That’s why you hear little or nothing about:

  1. The current NAFTA negotiations
  2. Kim Jong-un blinking
  3. China threatening a trade war and then blinking
  4. The U.S. becoming a net energy exporter
  5. Our diminishing trade imbalance
  6. The amazing rise to nearly 4% GDP growth in the 2017 third quarter
  7. Forecasters suggesting that GDP could grow to 5 or 6% annualized
  8. A rise in manufacturing investments in the U.S.
  9. More full-time jobs among the middle class
  10. The significant increase in black employment
  11. The continuing fall of ISIS in the Middle East
  12. Wall Street’s record highs as they turn to embrace Main Street
  13. The public’s opposition to the destruction of historic statues and memorials
  14. An abhorrence of radical and violent activists on all sides, most all of whom abide on the left fringe
  15. Russian collusion
  16. Immigration

And on and on…

And something else you’ve likely heard very little, if anything, about is the fact that to date President Trump has now nominated 44 federal judges and scored eight confirmations, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  Eleven of the president’s nominations are to circuit courts and 23 are to district courts.  The nine others are to specialty courts such as the Court of Claims, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and the U.S. Tax Court.  While the Supreme Court was a paramount issue during the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump entered office with about twice as many lower court vacancies as did predecessor Barry Obummer, presenting him with what can be described as a golden opportunity to reshape the federal bench in a very significant, meaningful, and positive, way.

By comparison, Obummer had nominated 15 district and 12 circuit nominees during his entire first year in office, as well as nominating Sonia Sotomayor to an open seat on the Supreme Court.  During that first year, Obummer scored 10 confirmations by the Senate, including Sotomayor’s.  In the first 200 days of 2009, he nominated only five appeals judges and four district judges.  So while President Trump has taken a certain amount of criticism for not filling executive branch jobs more quickly, the same cannot be said for the number of appointments he has made to the judiciary.  And it in that regard that is he is also surpassing Presidents George W. Bush and ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton in the first 200 days.  Personally, I’m thinking that’s it is those appointments that are the priority.

So make no mistake, despite all of the chatter from the left, President Trump is winning, and winning BIGLY.  It’s almost become too easy.  He’s focused on results, period.  The rest is just distraction, much of it orchestrated by anti-Trumpers who insist that you really can get a different result if you repeat the same experiment enough times.  They still don’t get it, because they don’t want to get it.  They have dug in their heels.  That’s why I find it funny.  Trump is playing them every step of the way.   The people who get it are the American workers – the ones who watch Dirty Jobs, follow Mike Rowe on Facebook, and are happy to find an extra two hundred dollars at the end of the month.  Soon enough, others will, too.  It just takes time.  President Trump is making it happen before our very eyes.

But even with all that said, it would seem that the further we proceed into the Trump presidency, it becomes increasingly obvious that those on the left remain unable to move beyond what they still view as being the unthinkable disaster they experienced in November 2016 – when Donald Trump, widely dismissed as the joke candidate, actually and rather decisively defeated their state-approved candidate, Hitlery.  The continued unraveling of those on the left reveals itself in more ways than can be counted and that would take up more space here to list than I care to sacrifice to their stupidity.  And what seems so bizarre is their strange desire to enter the fray against historical opponents long ago vanquished, using the recent “Unite the Right” rally and violence in Charlottesville as an excuse.

And while the warriors who defeated the South were able to make peace with ‘Johnny Reb’, even celebrating anniversaries with their Southern adversaries, the heroes of the Union, having rendered the emblems of secession harmless, did not strive to tear them down.  But the left, whose members have fought and defeated nothing, now want to wage war against inanimate objects.  Before long, they’ll be wanting to unearth all the remains of the Confederate dead.  The American Civil War and World War II were won a long time ago.  For sensible people, this fact tends to prevent declaring these wars all over again.  But for the left, the exact opposite is true.  These are the fights it longs for.  Its bogus battlers truly need to fight someone else’s old wars all over again.  It’s the only way that losers can win.

And it’s the Crappy News Network (CNN) contributor, presidential historian, and left-wing Democrat, Douglas Brinkley, who has supplied us with an actual number, claiming that it’s “10 to 15 percent of Trump’s base who are KKK white nationalists and alt-right racists.”  Really?  Given that Trump received about 63 million votes, that would mean that close to 10 million are Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members or racists.  The broader implication is that those of us who voted for Donald Trump and still support him are all racists.  As if calling us names will somehow make us change our minds.  Sorry folks, but I’m still of the opinion that Donald Trump, on his absolute worst day as president, would be far better than having Hitlery on what would have been her best day.  It’s just that simple!

And have you ever wondered just how big this racist Trump base might actually be?  Well, according to the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, it estimates that there are between 5,000 and 8,000 KKK members in the U.S.  Which would equate to roughly 0.003 percent of the entire population.  For comparison, Evan McMullin, you all remember him, received 700,000 presidential votes in 2016.  The KKK couldn’t even affect McMullin’s vote tally in any meaningful way.  The KKK as a voting bloc might influence a mayoral election in some small town but in the presidential election, they are far less than a rounding error.  Far more dead persons vote than do KKK members.  What about Nazis?  Hard to track but estimates are a few thousand.  Likely in the same range of the KKK.

And it’s also the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center that identifies 917 hate groups in the U.S., not counting, of course, the Democrat Party.  But that should be taken with a grain of salt as this self-denoted arbiter of hate chooses to identify “White Lives Matter” as a hate group but not “Black Lives Matter.”  I suppose hate can be said to be in the eye of the beholder and that a chant of “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” by Black Lives Matter represents cooking instructions rather than hate toward police.  But that said, let’s be generous and say there are a few hundred thousand various Nazi, KKK or white supremacists in America.  By comparison, I’m told that 16 million Americans believe Elvis Presley is still alive.  Now that’s a voting bloc that any presidential candidate would want in their camp.

And a few hundred thousand, assuming they all voted for Trump and none voted for Hitlery, influenced an election where 130 million votes were cast?  But did they all vote for Trump?  What about Hitlery?  After all it was a KKK Grand Dragon who actually endorsed Hitlery for president.  Never mind Trump-Russian collusion, what about possible Hitlery-KKK collusion?  Instead the media and the Democrats should be concerned that one of their own is part of this supposed Trump base.  Jason Kessler, organizer of the Charlottesville ‘white supremacist rally’ is rumored to be a former ‘Occupy Wall Street’ hooligan and an Obummer supporter.  Or that baseball shooter James Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter and left-wing activist.  Yes, when talking about the left, truth is stranger than fiction.

It’s the hard-core Democrat base that seems to be behind most of the recent violence, not Trump supporters.  But the state-controlled media complex wants to paint all Trump voters as Nazi-KKK-white supremacists in their effort to try to delegitimize both his presidency and his agenda.  All with the willing assistance of such RINO useful idiots as Romney, McCain, Graham and Rubio to name only a few, who never miss an opportunity to dump on Trump, going so far as to even embrace the Antifa thugs.  No wonder the White House has eluded all four of them.  So as I have said before the president is going to require some assistance in his effort to drain ‘The Swamp’, and that’s where we who support him come in.  And our chance to pitch in comes November of next year!


Swamp 1

So I’m wondering, can we now safely assume that draining “The Swamp” is proving to be a much bigger task than one man can undertake, even if that man is the President?  Because I gotta tell ya, I’m getting more than a little frustrated with those whom we now have in positions of leadership in our current Congress that is supposed to be under complete Republican control.  These days our congressional Republicans appear to be more of an opposition party than they were when Barry Obummer occupied the Oval Office.   And far from being united with their president to get things done, they seem far more interested in uniting with the Democrats in effort to make sure that absolutely nothing gets done.  And in so doing they seem to not mind at all that they are effectively cutting their own throats, politically speaking, in the process.

It is because of our ‘Establishment Republicans’ that we are now faced with the reality that President Trump is now nearly halfway through his first year as president and has yet to achieve a single legislative victory.  And I found it rather telling when RINO Senator John Cornyn, of Texas, in a radio interview during the recent recess said, “We just need to work harder.”  No ASSHOLE, what you need to do is to finally get to work doing that which you’re being paid to do!  Sadly, we’re stuck with this useless POS until 2020, and when that time comes it would be nice if the people of Texas would see the wisdom in getting rid of him.  As a member of the Senate leadership team he has proven himself, time and again, to be quite pathetic, and it’s rather disappointing that the people of Texas are unable to see that.

As of today, the Republican Party’s major agenda items remain undone, and that includes the repealing and replacing of ObamaCare and reforming taxes.  Although President Trump claimed in a recent tweet that his tax plan is ahead of schedule, critics, of which there are many Republicans, contend that it is unwritten and in dispute.  The time has come for Republican lawmakers to get moving on healthcare and tax reform as this year is quickly running out with, if you can believe it, only seven legislative weeks remaining.  Congress is planning to leave for a five-week August recess (vacation) during which they will likely lose whatever momentum that may have been gained on reform efforts and have to face frustrated constituents complaining that they have again not delivered on their many promises.

Overshadowing the Republican agenda is, of course, the ongoing, and very bogus, investigation into supposed allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign and purported Russian connections with the Trump campaign.  And the ONLY reason that this lunacy has been allowed to continue and to become the distraction that it has is because of our own limp-wristed Republican leadership team that seems to be more than willing to allow it to go on if for no other reason than because it provides to them a readymade excuse for the fact that they’ve done absolutely nothing since assuming complete control of Congress!  Control they told us that if provided to them they would then use it to assist the new president in moving the country forward and far beyond the dark years known as the ‘Obama Presidency.’

These idiotic Russia investigations have masked some notable Republican accomplishments to date including overturning numerous Obummer regulations, reaching compromise in May on spending legislation for the remainder of the 2017 budget year that featured a large increase for defense, and the Senate confirmation in early April of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  And yet as far as this Russia nonsense goes, if there was actually a true desire to get to the bottom of it all there would be far more attention being focused on Hitlery’s campaign team and their Russian connections.  The fact that there isn’t simply proves that the entire matter is nothing more than a means of trying to derail Trumps presidency and that it’s both parties that are in favor of, and very actively involved in, keeping it going.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that far too many of our Republican members of Congress have very little interest in getting anything done and far too many Republicans seem quite content to continue tolerating, and even encouraging, that which is really nothing more than a distraction at best and at worst a blatant attempt to bring down a duly elected president.  And they seem unable to concentrate on anything other than this completely bogus Russian investigation.  We are not just fighting to get past the Russia thing, we are fighting for our political lives and it’s not going well!  That said, Trump has actually managed to do some really good things in spite of the opposition and protesters.  But he’s accomplished nothing significant legislatively and, I would argue, through no fault of his own.

Those in our state-controlled media continue to expend a great deal of both time and effort in their attempt to convince us that what the American people really want to know is just how it was that the Russians were able to influence the last election and to what degree they may have been successful.  Inquiring minds, or so we’re told, want to know.  But they don’t!  I just wish somebody would ask me what I want.  Because thus far I think President Trump has done a pretty good job in spite of the many road blocks that have been set up by those in his own party.  He is for the people and for the American worker.  Get off his back and get over the fact that he won and start working together and not against.  And the Russia story is all lies, get off that track already because I don’t think anybody believes it is a real story.

What we need to do is to start calling our members of Congress in both the House and the Senate, and remind them, in the strongest possible way, who it is that they work for.  This is our government, and we need to make our presence known.  We need the Republicans in the House and Senate to grow a spine and to push legislation through and the hell with the Democrats.  The Republican Party has been in disarray for so long that it’s become pretty much unworkable.  There is so much controversy within the Republican Party instigated by establishment RINOs like Graham and McCain, right along with ‘RINO Paul’ Ryan and they don’t seem to be the least bit interested in coming together for the sake of the country.  Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats march in lock-step regardless of the issue or how much damage it does to the country.

I’ve been banging that drum ever since I first saw how determined the Democrat Party, with help from more than few Republicans, were going to be in their effort to obstruct President Trump in every conceivable way.  He can’t get squat done when he’s dealing with such a recalcitrant majority.  And while there are those who could prove instrumental in turning the tide of discord more in Trump’s, and the nation’s, favor, it seems much more important to diddle away legislative resources running down every rumor, initiated by so many unnamed sources, who are the real enemies of our Republic.  We don’t need to be chasing any more rabbits down anymore holes!  What we need is to have our ‘leaders’ working on those things they’re paid to work on, instead of blaming the President for a stalemated government!

I have heard many saying that if the Republicans cannot get their act together then why should we continue to vote for them?  Would we be any worse off with the Democrats in charge?  Well then answer to that is a very resounding, YES!  What we need to do, what we MUST do, at least those of us who remain interested in getting our country out of the ditch that Barry put us in, is to focus all of our efforts on getting as many of these RINOs out of office as we can and to replace them, not with Democrats, but with conservative Republicans who share our desire to “Make America Great Again!”  And while I would certainly not expect them to simply become a rubber stamp for the president, they must possess a commitment to working with President Trump in moving forward on the agenda that got him elected.

There is this train of thought being perpetuated by many in the state-controlled media that if Trump remains unpopular and if his unpopularity drags down the reelection prospects of other Republicans, as they claim this year’s special elections have thus far suggested, even though the Republican has won both contests that have been held thus far, then conditions will be especially ripe for Republican pushback. And, at the extreme, if Trump’s presidency at some point really does look like it’s going down in flames, Republicans might sense the chance to develop a bipartisan reputation for heroism by vigorously opposing him.  The ONLY thing that the Republicans will gain for themselves by opposing Trump, is a permanent return to minority status which is something, quite frankly, I think they secretly yearn.

And if the American people, have within themselves any desire for self-preservation and love for their country, then when next they are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate that they must vote out of office as many of those as they can who have continued to place obstacle after obstacle in front of President Trump.  And if “The Swamp” is in fact winning, then we the American people have but one, and only one, option available to us.  We can allow those who comprise ‘The Swamp’ to prevail in which case America will never be great again, or we can take it upon ourselves to join forces with the president and bring down as many of those as we can, regardless of party affiliation, and replace them with those who, like us, want to make American safe again, strong again and, most importantly, Great Again!


Trump 25

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for president I must admit that I never really thought he stood much chance of actually winning.  But I do remember thinking that at least he would make things interesting.  And then as the campaign progressed and candidates dropped by the wayside, while I started to pay him a bit more attention, I still thought that he would likely flameout before ever getting to the finish line.  And finally when it came down to just Trump and Cruz, I tended to side with Cruz, because my main issue with Trump was the question of ‘trust.’  But when Cruz finally dropped out, and Trump became, essentially, the last man standing, I was left with a decision to make.  I knew I was going to vote, staying home on Election Day simply wasn’t an option for me.  And there was no way I was going to be voting for Hitlery or that boob Gary Johnson.  And left me with just one option.  So it was then that I became somewhat of a reluctant passenger on the “Trump Train.”  But still, even then, I had that little voice in the back of my head asking me, “But can you trust him?”

And so, even while listening to that little voice, and praying to God I was doing the right thing, I went off to the polls and I voted for Trump.  And I will admit, that when looking at the alternative, I genuinely hoped he would win.  Because I felt, as I have said before, that Trump on his worst day as president would still be a better president than Hitlery on her best day.  I watched Trump’s inauguration speech and I while thought it was good speech I was more interested in seeing what he would do to follow up on it.  So I watched as things progressed through his first 100 days, and while there were plenty of peaks, there were also some valleys that appeared, and even though I saw them as being fewer in number, cumulatively they were more concerning to me.  I had hoped that on his first day in office he would have summoned the congressional leadership teams from both parties to the White House to ‘discuss’ his expectations going forward.  And I thought he could have been a bit more aggressive regarding the ‘discussions’ on repealing and replacing Obamacare.  He wasn’t and real progress has yet to be made.

Which brings me to the latest issue causing me some level of angst, which is the spending bill.  To say that I am disappointed would be quite the understatement.  And while I applauded Trump’s skipping of the White House correspondents dinner, he’s going to need to do much more than to make speeches during which he talks about doing great things, chief among them the building of “The Wall.”  President Trump has already indicated that he intends to sign this new budget agreement, despite growing dissent from his base that Congressional Republicans once again caved on important conservative priorities.  After an agreement was reached, Democrats crowed that they were able to save funding for Planned Parenthood and block funding for the wall, despite Trump’s campaign promises.  Trump admitted there were not any dramatic cuts, and that it still funded Planned Parenthood in the agreement, but seemed optimistic that he could fight those battles in the future.  And it was again that I heard that little voice.  And all I could do was to shake my head.

Trump blamed Democrats for being “obstructionists” in the process, indicating he was not looking for a showdown over government shutdown in the first months of his presidency.  He said, “Look, the Democrats are obstructionists; that’s all they can do is obstruct. They have no leadership. And we have to agree, and I think both — both sides agree, we have to keep government going, we don’t want to shut government.”  Now he can complain about the Democrats until the cows come home, but that will do nothing to instill any level of confidence in those who continue to support him, which I still do.  Because all I could think of was how it was that he got rolled and our RINO Republicans simply folded, again.  They ended up with nothing, really.  And I also had to admit that it was all kind of embarrassing. And not just for Trump or the congressional Republicans, but for everyone who voted for them.  This ‘budget’, if you can call it that, was nothing short of a total loss for those of us seeking nothing less than successfully getting our country back on track and headed in the right direction.

I used to pay a bit more attention to Charles Krauthammer than I do these days, before he became such an obvious ‘Never Trumper’.  But I kind of had to agree with his assessment of this recent budget disaster.  Because it was when discussing it that he said, “I understand the strategic idea, we’re halfway through the year, only a few months left, this has all been negotiated in the past. You save your fire for September when you do next year. That’s what they say every time. They save their fire, and they don’t use it the next time. Now, Trump has been wonderful, I think, in sort of throwing out a lot of ideas, starting with the gas tax. The Kim idea wasn’t a great idea, but there’s no denying the fact that this was not a win. He was not the winner he said he was or negotiator. This is a total loss.”  And I had to admit that he was right.  There is absolutely no way you can look at this, if you are a conservative, and make the claim that it is in ANY way a victory.  No way at all.  So the little voice that I’ve been forced to contend with got just a little bit louder over the course of the last week.

I did not vote for Trump only to have him compromise with the RINOS and the Democrats.  I voted for him to come in and kick some ass.  Instead, once again Republicans gave the Democrats everything they wanted and I’m sure they had quite the party afterward.  Planned Parenthood, funded.  Sanctuary cities, funded.  All government agencies, funded.  And, wait for it…NO MONEY to begin the wall!   It even has language that prohibits money from being used for a permanent wall or any part of its planning.  The closest thing the money can be used for is for fixing that border fencing.  We gave Republicans everything and still they continue to cave to the left like good little lapdogs. Democrats could not have gotten a better budget with Hitlery as president.  This spending bill should be vetoed.  Period!  This monstrosity is simply a giant FU to those who voted for Trump.  The Republicans in Congress have continually stabbed us in the back going all the way back to 2010 election.  We should have expected nothing less after the 2016 election!  And if Trump signs this bill, he’s telling all of us that he’s willing to go along with them.