Hitlery 18

I’m beginning to think that never has there been a politician, anywhere, who has so stubbornly refused to accept defeat nor felt so justified in continuing to harp on the fact that were it not for the fact that her opponent essentially got away with cheating, she would have won the election that she both richly deserved and which she felt she was entitled to win.  Hitlery, in case there is any confusion here, continues to place blame for her defeat on everyone, and everything, while very conveniently leaving out the fact where the blame truly belongs.  On herself.

Let’s face it, Hitlery has proceeded to blame everyone from Russia to the DNC, she’s repeatedly claimed that sexism and misogyny played a crucial role in her defeat, she’s blamed Bernie Sanders, claiming his attacks caused “lasting damage” and made it all the more difficult for her to unify ‘progressives’ in the general election, and she’s also blamed Wikileaks and even Obummer.  Hitlery has also blamed those she identifies as low-information voters, women under pressure from men and, of course not to be left out, she has blamed former FBI Director, James Comey.

And, as difficult as this may be to believe, it was recently that Hitlery took things a step further by, believe it or not, actually comparing her loss to 9/11.  Yes, she is now actually comparing the people of the United States of America electing someone other than herself to be their president to the largest terrorist attack ever to take place on those same United States.  It was while speaking in London on Sunday, that she floated the notion that the Russian interference in the election was an attack of similar magnitude (for scale, 9/11 took the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people).

She says that in using that metaphor, she is quoting ‘unnamed’ security experts.  She said, “We had really well-respected security, intelligence veterans saying this was a ‘cyber 9/11’ in the sense it was a direct attack on our institutions. That may sound dramatic but we know that they probed and tried to intrude into election systems — not just the social media propaganda part of their campaign.”  Hitlery went on to warn the crowd that the threat remains: “The Russians are not done; this is an ongoing threat (with the) strategic goal that he has followed up on relentlessly.”

Hitlery said, “I think there a lot more connections that have yet to come to light.”  And she went on to say, “If I had been elected I would have called for an independent commission to get to the bottom of it.”  Indeed there have been more connections brought to light, such as the very inconvenient truth regarding how it was that the Clintons profited from an ex-president Obummer-approved nuclear deal with the Russians while Hitlery was secretary of state.  But the Trump/Russia blame-game has her way too busy at the moment to mention her own indiscretions on her book tour.

Hitlery also complained that an issue with her campaign was that then candidate Trump’s camp was busy raising doubts about her amongst the voters: “You’ve got Trump and his campaign chanting ‘lock her up.  You’ve got stolen emails being weaponized, raising terrible doubts about me.  A lot of people just didn’t vote, a lot of people stayed at home, a lot of people were turned away.  It just tipped against me in the end, thought I had weathered it.”  Can you imagine the nerve of a candidate who raises doubts about his or her opponent?  Who ever heard of such a tactic?

Oh, wait a minute, that’s right, Hitlery and every other political candidate who has ever run for public office!  Like in the ad where she attacks Donald Trump, or the one from 2008 in which she went after Barry Obummer.  Hitlery, you gave the voters cause to doubt you.  That’s what Happened.  Take some responsibility. This worldwide blame tour grows increasingly awkward by the day, and comparing her loss to 9/11 is about as desperate as she can get.  I mean who does that?  Imagine the uproar if Trump had lost and was now making such pathetically ignorant claims about Hitlery.

And you know, I could be wrong but I seem to remember Hitlery claiming if Trump lost the election his supporters would become violent and demand recounts, etc.  Well President Trump won and oddly enough it’s those who supported Hitlery who have become totally unhinged.  Hitlery has a mental problem and trying to whip up hysteria among her supporters.  Always keep an eye on the Democrats, the things they accuse Republicans of doing are typically those things that they themselves are busy doing.  Such as real Russian collusion between her and Obummer and Vlad Putin.

This most recent claim of hers is probably the most reckless, careless and blatantly selfish claim yet made by she who is the most corrupt candidate in recent times.  To accuse someone of pulling a cyber 9/11 on her “deserved” and “owed-to-her” election goes beyond the pale.  But..but..but, if she had been elected she would blah, blah, blah.  Hitlery, there is simply no possible way to convince you that you only lost your “deserved” election because you only deserve the maximum sentences for: dereliction of duty, mishandling of classified information, perjury and treason.



Hitlery 14

It only took five days after the New York Times first published explosive allegations of sexual harassment against him for failed presidential candidate Hitlery to release a statement distancing herself from top Democrat fundraiser and disgraced Hollyweird mogul Harvey Weinstein.  It was in a statement issued on Twitter by some former campaign flunky, Nick Merrill, that she is supposed to have said: “I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by the women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.”  And as is always the case, Hitlery would have never issued any sort of statement, even allegedly, about these sick allegations if she had not been pressured into doing so.

And it was according to the ‘Clinton News Network’, aka CNN, that Hitlery aides were described as being somewhat “confused” by her silence and were even asking why she had not said anything about the allegations.  The network also noted Weinstein’s long-standing connections with Hitlery & Co. going back to when he donated to ‘Slick Willy’s’ legal defense fund back in the 1990s.  It also pointed out how it was that Hitlery rented a home next to Weinstein in the Hamptons in 2015, while Weinstein acted as a big-money bundler for Hitlery’s 2016 campaign.  Hitlery also headlined a number of high-dollar fundraisers at Weinstein’s home in New York City.  CNN had also ramped up the pressure, asking just this past Tuesday of both Obummer and Hitlery: “What the heck is taking them so long?”

And then during an interview with Fareed Zakaria, CNN’s resident Moslem cheerleader, portions of which were broadcast on Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “OutFront,” that failed Democrat presidential nominee Hitlery was finally able to bring herself to officially denounce Harvey Weinstein’s perverted and disgusting behavior and announced that any money she has received from him would be “part of” the 10% of her income that she donates to charity every year.  What caught me a bit off guard was the fact that Hitlery stated that she actually gives anything to charity.  Who knew?  Personally I’ve always thought that the Clinton motto, when it came to giving money to charity, was, “Charity Begins At Home.”  And I’d be very interested to know how it is that she defines ‘charity.’

Hitlery said when she first heard the news about Weinstein, “I was just sick. I was shocked. I was appalled. It was something that was just intolerable in every way. And, you know, like so many people who’ve come forward and spoken out, this was a different side of a person who I and many others had known in the past.”  She added that she “probably” would have called Weinstein a friend.  Hitlery continued, “People in Democratic politics, for a couple of decades, appreciated his help and support. And I think these stories coming to light now, and people who never spoke out before having the courage to speak out, just clearly demonstrates that this behavior that he engaged in cannot be tolerated.”  Odd that this comes from the wife of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, whose behavior differs little from that of Weinstein.

Hitlery also stated that she will donate the money she received from Weinstein to charity, adding, “I give 10% of my income to charity every year. This will be part of that. There’s no doubt about it.”  And of course like so many in Hollyweird, and elsewhere, she also denied knowing about Weinstein’s behavior or knowing anyone who knew.  Exactly, and she’s singing the same song as those now throwing Weinstein under the bus, some of whom were the very same freaks who petitioned our government to pardon pedophile creep Roman Polanski and demanded his extradition orders be dropped. They’re all alike, it’s only the level of evil that’s different.  So we’re supposed to believe that over the course of the 30 years NO ONE knew what a scumbag this guy was?  Seriously?

But look, these revelations now coming out about Weinstein shouldn’t surprise anyone.  And have you noticed how it is now that the floodgates have opened regarding the behavior of other Hollyweird bigshots.  Accusations are now flying all over the place, from Ben Affleck being accused of groping an actress to a video of Jimmy Kimmel asking woman to guess what he has in his pants and to maybe put her mouth on it.  And yes that would be the very same Jimmy Kimmel who got all teary-eyed about the Republican attempt to scrap Obamacare and who came out being very much in favor of also scrapping the Second Amendment.  Democrats like to talk about values but it’s these people who demonstrate what those values really are.  And with Hitlery, it’s always been about the money.

But you know, what’s truly frightening here is when you stop and consider just how many morons and morally bankrupt people actually voted to make this woman our president.  But then when you realize that the majority of her supporters are made up primarily of bitter, angry feminists, black racists, illegal aliens, and career welfare trash all of whom are just as morally bankrupt as she is, it all begins to make a lot more sense.  And then there’s the fact that you’ve got what is essentially an army of big money donors, many of whom who aren’t really all that different from Weinstein and who are only too happy to support those candidates who they view as being much more sympathetic to the perversions enjoyed by this same bunch of what are really nothing more than average Democrats.

And just think for a moment about all the things that this guy, Weinstein, has done to an untold number of women which may never see the light of day.  And then think for a moment about all of the accusations, including one of rape, that have made against ‘Slick Willy’ over the years.  So just how ‘sick, shocked and appalled’ could Hitlery really have been?  After all, she’s been married to someone who is just as twisted as Weinstein, for 42 years.  And then think about all of those people, including Hitlery, who comprise the Democrat Party and much of the media, who knew all along about the perverted behavior of these two men and who then worked so diligently to keep it all covered up.  But then this is how these people, these Democrats, operate, it’s all about moving the leftist agenda forward.

And now that their cover may have finally been blown, this is what the left looks like when they’re caught with their pants down!  It’s like catching a group of kids doing something that they know they shouldn’t be doing.  They haven’t had time to compare lies, come up with a joint cover story, decide, as a group, who to blame it on, or any of the normal stuff we always end up having to deal with when it comes to those on the left.  And it’s because so many of them engage in essentially the same type of behavior that now has them at such a loss for words.  Because, more often than not, they appear rather conflicted because they are trying so hard to appear outraged over what is the very same type of behavior that they themselves take part in, or someone they know personally does.



If there is one thing that we learned over the course of that very dark span of time known as the Obama presidency, it’s that the man had a rather bizarre fondness for not only the sound of his voice, but also a level of pleasure that bordered on obsession when it came to the need to talk about himself.  And even after leaving office there still remains constant, in this ever changing universe, the need for this man to endlessly spew what is nothing more than toxic drivel while, at the same time, taking great pains to talk about little but himself.

And it would seem not to matter who it is that he may share the podium, or stage, with because, after all, HE is a former president.  Albeit the worst one we’ve had in modern times, but still a former president.  So even when appearing with someone who has been called ‘a revolutionary of modern society’, Barry Obummer still can’t help but to talk about himself.  A lot.  It was during an appearance at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “Goalkeepers” conference, that the former president referred to himself 42 times during his 18-minute remarks.

Obummer was so focused on himself that he couldn’t help but quote himself.  It was in praising the Gates’ action on ‘climate change’ that Obummer said, “We can figure it out. It can be done.  And that spirit, that spirit that says, to quote, I guess, myself, ‘Yes we can,’” triggered laughs and cheers from the crowd.  Obummer then went on a real stem winder of a response during a Q & A portion, and he wrapped it up by saying, “The last thing I’ll say so that I don’t sound like I’m still in the U.S. Senate and filibustering…” before offering a point, which he called a “profound one.”

While talking about his days in Chicago, Obummer recalled them in typical humble fashion.  He said, “My early work as a community organizer in Chicago taught me an incredible amount, but I didn’t set the world on fire.”  Obummer repeatedly talked about “my staff” and reminded the audience at least five times that he was president.  All told, he spoke of himself 96 times during the roughly 48-minute appearance.  He said “I” 78 times, and “me” or “my” 18 times.  It was not disclosed how much Obummer or his ‘foundation’ was paid for his appearance.

And it was during this same speech that the ex-president also took the opportunity to slam Republicans who are now trying to dismantle his signature ‘achievement’, Obamacare.  He argued that while the Affordable Care Act is “not perfect” and has “things that need to be fixed,” the Republicans are trying to “inflict real human suffering” with their efforts to reform or replace the law.  If we’re being honest, which Obummer never is, the true suffering came from passing this outright seizure of our healthcare by the Democrats for no other reason than because they could.

The Republicans are currently trying to pass a version of health care reform by Senators Graham and Cassidy.  Obummer said, “When I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage… it is aggravating.”  And he said, “And all of this being done without any demonstrable economic or actuarial or plain common sense rationale. It frustrates.”  He asserted, “It’s certainly frustrating to have to mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents.”

So it would seem that the whole commander-in-chief gig is pretty difficult for Obummer to let go of.  It’s pretty obvious that he wasn’t ready to be a civilian again and to give up his title.  And he’s likely so desperate to hear those words that I wouldn’t be surprised if he made his family and staff call him that around the house.  Despite what he tells himself, his eight years in office resulted in more damage being done to this country than anyone could have possibly imagined.  And the Democrats can deny that until the cows come home, but it changes nothing.

As a direct result of Obummer’s policies we had: 1. The lowest labor participation since the 1970s, 2. Nearly 95 million Americans out of the labor force, 3. The worst economic recovery since the 1940s, 4. The lowest home ownership rate in 50 years, 5. Nearly 13 million more Americans on food stamps, 6. Over 43 million Americans living in poverty, 7. A median household income lower now than in the 1970s, 8. 1 in 5 families without someone in the workforce, 9. 1 in 6 men ages 18-24 are either incarcerated or out of the workforce, and 10. More debt than all other presidents combined.

But things don’t stop there because for blacks in America Barry’s economic policies have been responsible for a: 1. 58 percent increase in food stamps, 2. 20 percent jump in those out of the workforce, 3. Home ownership 20 percent lower than the national average, 4. Unemployment higher than the national average, 5. Racial wage gap the worst in nearly 40 years, 6. Median household income $20,000 lower than the national average, 7. Poverty rate 10 percent higher than national average.  And yet blacks still support him and for no other reason than he’s black.



Why is that we should be willing to take serious the critiques of President Trump’s recent address before the Unite Nations now being offered by two of the most incompetent individuals to ever hold the title of Secretary of State?  First it was Hitlery we heard from as she referred to the speech as being “very dark” and “dangerous” and then it was John Kerry-Heinz who said the speech didn’t put America first, it instead put “America last.  Meanwhile it was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who assessed it as being the best speech he had heard given to that body in 30 years.  So who should we believe?  These two losers or the leader of a country?

When it comes to those comments made by Hitlery, it was during her recent return to late night TV, when she appeared for the first time since the election on Tuesday.  She voiced her displeasure to “Late Show” host, and fellow Trump hater, Stephen Colbert, saying that President Trump’s speech to the United Nations was both “very dark” and “dangerous.”  She said, “Not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering.”  Which begs the question, what does she, as a Democrat, know about being a leader?  Because when it comes to Democrats the primary focus must always be on appeasement never on strength.

Hitlery went on to say that it is in such speeches that, “you are both required to stand up for the values of what we believe in — democracy and opportunity — as a way to demonstrate clearly the United States remains to beacon that we want it to be.”  She said that the message also should be that “when you face dangerous situations, like what is happening in North Korea, to make it clear that your first approach should always be diplomatic.”  The thing is, Democrats are never willing to take the next step, and the only logical step, once diplomacy has been exhausted.  They simply make the claim that the objectives have been met and move on.

And apparently Hitlery also seemed to be none too happy to hear how President Trump made it very clear, and in no uncertain terms, that the United States would “totally destroy” North Korea if it is forced to defend itself or its allies in the face of a nuclear threat.  Nor was she pleased at how he chose to refer to North Korean ‘leader’, Kim Jong Un, as “Rocket Man.”  Because, as we all know, Hitlery’s idea of diplomacy, as it is with all Democrats, involves the United States essentially agreeing to be made subservient to every dictator and despot on the entire planet.  Which accomplishes nothing more than to make us even less safe here at home.

Which brings me to he who took the baton from Hitlery as Secretary of state, John Kerry-Heinz.  And as we all know, he was even more disturbingly unqualified to be Secretary of State than was Hitlery.  And it was Mr. Kerry-Heinz who did his best to make the argument that President Trump’s “America First” speech to the United Nations did not put America first, all it did was to put “America last and diplomacy last.”  Which, I must admit, had me wondering if he had watched the same speech that I did.  Because from what I saw there was nothing about the speech that put either America, OR diplomacy, last.  America was first and foremost.

It was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Kerry-Heinz described President Trump’s strong language by saying, “It pushes people away, I mean, this childish kind of, the rhetoric.”  He said, “If name calling was going to solve this problem, Donald Trump would have already solved the problem.  So, that’s not going to move anybody to do what you have to do.”  He went on to whine, “You have to ask yourself, is America safer because of ‘Rocket Man?’  Did we bring anybody to the table as a consequence of that language?  You don’t give a speech at the United Nations to talk to your base.  You have plenty of opportunities to do that.”

What Kerry-Heinz refuses to do, as do all of those on the left, is to recognize the United Nations as being one of most corrupt and dysfunctional organizations on the planet.  Kerry-Heinz claimed that China would shut North Korea down in two days, “but it won’t because it says it’s afraid of the stability issues that would happen if Kim’s regime collapses.”  But what’s truly at the heart of China’s reluctance to take any serious action is their fear that it might lead to a successful reunification, which in time could lead to the emergence of a new American-allied economic powerhouse, complete with U.S. military bases, right on China’s border.

Kerry-Heinz seemed to take offense regarding the claim that diplomacy has not worked with North Korea for the past two decades.  Furthermore, at least according to Kerry-Heinz, Trump does not need to “brandish” threats of destroying North Korea to make his point.  He said, “You don’t have to brandish that every moment so that it’s always the big stick and no talk, literally, softly or otherwise.”  And he went on to say, “You have got to have both. And there’s no sense here of diplomatic initiative or effort by them to bring Russia or China to the table to do this.”  By all means, it’s always better to pussyfoot around such the issues, or to lead from behind.

Kerry-Heinz also lambasted Trump’s call to end the nuclear deal with Iran, saying shredding the deal, which Kerry-Heinz helped broker, would endanger diplomatic efforts with North Korea.  It was on that topic that he said, “What does North Korea think, looking at the way he’s talking about shredding a deal that was made?”  And added, “If that’s the way America behaves in the world, throwing out something that works because you don’t like it, but it works, you’re actually inviting a much more active path.”  Regarding the deal with Iran, it doesn’t work, it never has.  And how many of those agreements made in the past with North Korea were kept?  None!

President Trump’s call against the Paris climate agreement is also something that didn’t sit too well with Kerry-Heinz.  Kerry-Heinz, who has been a big proponent of first bogus ‘global warming’ and then just as bogus ‘climate change’ for decades said, “Almost 200 nations came together, and all of them agreed simultaneously not to accept the burden imposed by any other country.”  Kerry-Heinz said, “Donald Trump has not told the truth to the American people about this. The burden that we’ve accepted is one we defined. He doesn’t have to pull out of Paris. He just has to change the targets.”  The entire ‘climate change’ theory is a scam and he knows it.

As is always the case with Democrats anytime the United States is facing a major security challenge, they can always be counted on to come together in a perverted attempt to divide our nation, politicize our nation’s survival decisions, and rip away at our President.  Any decent person with even a hint of patriotism, as well as ounce of intelligence, would be trying to unify our country behind our President right now, and show solidarity, but not our twisted cadre of anti-America Democrats. We are supposed to be stupid and believe their words over their obvious treasonous deeds.  Together with their media allies they succeed in fooling almost half of the people.

Hitlery should be ashamed to show her face in public talking about this issue. She was Secretary of State while Obummer dithered and failed to do anything to stop this and so many other despots and tyrants around the world, including Assad, the Iranian Mullahs, the Venezuelan dictator, and others.  I’ve been listening to Hitlery flap her mouth for decades and never heard her say anything.  This situation with North Korea is the direct result of attempts, going back to her husband, to kick the can down the road.  She had her opportunity to do something about it and did nothing but to leave it for the next guy to deal with.  Well, welcome to the end of the road, Hitlery.

As for Kerry-Heinz, what can I say about this classless and unintelligent boob?  A guy who spent four long arduous months in Vietnam, garnered for himself a few medals, of which at least two were for self-inflicted ‘wounds’, and then came home to accuse his comrades of all manner of atrocities and of being followers of Genghis Khan.  After which he went onto become a worse secretary of state than he was a U.S. senator.  And what does it say about this country when we have had as your chief diplomats, first Hitlery and then Kerry-Heinz?  Does anyone actually think that there was a foreign leader anywhere who took either of these boobs seriously?  Doubtful!


Senate Democrats Hold Briefing On GOP Attack On Social Security

Bernie Sanders, you remember him, the guy from whom Hitlery basically stole the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination, introduced a bill in the Senate this past week that promises Medicare for all.  But it’s through the miracle of video tape that we’re able to see that he felt quite differently about such an idea 30 years ago.  You see, it was then that he wasn’t feeling the same burn for the plan.  In 1987 Bernie said that such an idea would “bankrupt the nation”.  But he likely rethought that initial feeling because while he’s not stupid enough to buy into Socialism himself, he’s certainly happy to sell it to the uneducated useful idiots of the left.

Back in 1987 it was a slightly less dishonest Bernie who was heard to say, “I’m not an expert on it, but number one, you want to guarantee that all people have access to healthcare as you do in Canada. But I think what we understand is that unless we change the funding system, and the control mechanisms in this country to do that… For example, if we expanded Medicaid — everybody, okay. Give everybody a Medicaid card. We would be spending such an astronomical sum of money that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation.”  And it’s 30 years later that the prospect of bankrupting the nation doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal anymore.

And again it’s in fast-forwarding from that Bernie of old, that today’s Bernie still has no idea where the funding will come from to cover his utopian plan, nor does he seem to care.  The only possibly solution would be through yet-to-be-identified tax increases and even then, the money will have to be figured out.  That said, current analysis estimates that the proposed bill would cost $32 Trillion over 10 years, if it were passed.  So, get ready to hand over everything you’ve got just so you can say, “I have ‘free’ health care!”  And rumor has it that most, if not all, of those Democrats rumored to be potential 2020 presidential candidates now support it.

Realistically, what single-payer, Medicare for all or nationalized healthcare means is waiting for months to see the first doctor and then add another year to see the specialist and then you can add another 3 or 4 years for the operation or treatment.  That is, IF your condition is deemed necessary to be treated by the rationing board, death panel, and IF you will not be a useless eater after the treatment and IF you are a good party member that has made large and regular financial contributions then you will be taken care of. Doubt me?  See the example of Fred Baron versus Sarah Murnaghan or any of the veterans that have been put on the VA death lists.

In England it’s the government that is essentially killing off 130,000 old people or individuals with expensive treatments every year just to keep costs down.  And it’s here at home, in these United States, that the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed since the 1960s.  And why is that, you ask?  Well, if you said government regulations you’d be spot on!  And now the Democrat solution for this is, of course, to double down, and to try to make the situation even worse (which is what Obamacare specifically tried to do) by exponentially increasing the amount of non-productive work in order to provide basic medical services.

Once the government runs the healthcare of the nation, and the taxes become unsupportable, the only means of controlling costs is to ration healthcare.  But not to worry, your elected officials and top-ranking bureaucrats will still have a separate medical system to guarantee high quality healthcare for them, and at our expense. And in an attempt to make a long story short, single-payer isn’t magic.  The only way other countries make nationalized health care work is through government-imposed cost controls.  Whether that means imposing long waits, or controlling doctor’s salaries, or rationing care, or some other solution, and usually more than one.

If those on the left want to argue for these things, we can have a discussion about it.  But saying, “We’ll just extend Medicaid or Medicare and it’ll magically work without changing anything fundamental” is pure BS.  Medicaid and Medicare are already bankrupting us.  They’re the largest cause of growth in the budget deficit, and projections show this getting worse in the future.  Ignorance fuels the hysteria over this fake magic.  Even people with Medicaid plans are typically clueless about their plans limitations, having taken the hook of subsidized premiums, because they were warned they would pay a penalty to the IRS for not having a healthcare plan.

The same goes for many Medicare members.  They don’t know how bad it is until they have services denied and they realize they need backup with a secondary plan to pay for it.  Everyone is getting sold insurance with sunshine and lollipops and images of happy people and doctors.  Few people read the details of their plans or ask the right questions of the brokers or navigators selling these plans.  Most will be blindsided with the truth sooner rather than later.  Meanwhile socialists like Bernie keep harping on what are the blatant falsehoods about single payer systems, because they know the most useful idiots think socialism is Facebook and Twitter.


Waters 10

While I can understand completely why someone less intelligent and/or under-informed, regardless of race or social status, is able to vote Democrat with pretty much a clear conscience and absolutely no hesitation, I am still always amazed how those who I view as being pretty intelligent and reasonably well-informed can support those whom you would think they would be able see right through.  After all, while Democrats were once the party of white racists it’s these days that they’re the party of anti-white racism, and keeping the poor controlled and manipulated under the thumb of government assistance, regardless of color. They’ve become the party of power at all costs, so long as those costs are borne by others.

And those politicians who proudly wear the moniker of ‘Democrat’ have become more extreme in their views with each new election.  And it has become increasingly difficult to determine who is the most extreme among them since there now seems to be underway a contest, of sorts, among Democrats to see who can make the most outrageous claims about those who dare to disagree with them or about our president.  And these days nothing seems to be seen as crossing the line.  For instance, this past Wednesday at a House Financial Services Committee hearing on lone-wolf and small-scale terrorist attacks, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters went off on a rant about white nationalists and other people who she ‘claimed’ are seeking her demise.

It was in starting another one of her classic rants, ‘Mad Maxine’ said, “I’m worried about these domestic attacks. As a matter of fact, I was forced to focus on it a little bit yesterday when in my office in Los Angeles one of the people opening the mail opened an envelope, and a bunch of powder fell out with a note about me dying and killing Hillary Clinton and on and on and on. This is getting more frequent, and I know that we have privacy concerns and information sharing and all that.”  She continued, “But I’m wondering what can we do to get a handle, a fix on these lone killers, and not simply just say we throw our hands up and we can’t really do anything because of privacy concerns.”  As is usually the case, the old girl wasn’t making much sense.

But still she went on to say, “And I’m wondering particularly in our financial institutes and banks if questionnaires that do not invade privacy but simply ask questions about what the intentions are for the uses of certain money under certain circumstances. And these people can say whatever they want to, and they can respond in whatever way they want to, but if resources are used to go and commit killings they will have lied on the questionnaire and perhaps that can trigger some kind of actions to begin to prevent this kind of domestic terrorism.”  So this is her solution to solve the problem of domestic terrorism?  Seriously?  Who but a leftwing-hack-of-a-Democrat politician would come up with an idiotic idea like this?

She added, “I think we should focus on domestic terrorism also.  So I would like to ask again, given all that you have said about how difficult it is and about privacy concerns, do you have any thoughts about what can we do to begin to deal with the KKK, the white nationalists, the extremists, the alt-right?  They’re on the Internet; they’re Breitbart.  If you look at the YouTube, you see how much they want to kill me and others. What can we do?”  As is usually the case when it comes to those of her rabid political persuasion, you’ll notice that she was rather selective in the groups she identified as being in need of being ‘dealt with.’  There was no mention of Antifa or ‘Black Lives Matter.’  The reason being is that such groups are of ‘the left.’

Maxine knows no one’s out to kill her.  But what we do want to do is to “expose” her, and there’s a big difference.  But that said, Ms. Waters, with her IQ being much lower than her shoe size, her grade school vocabulary together with what is her own unique, and rather toxic, brand of racism, she’s doing a far better job at exposing herself than any of us on the right ever could.  Black racism is alive and well in these United States and on constant display by people like Jessie ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson, Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton, Whoopi ‘Black Kow’ Goldberg and the Grand Wizard of Black Racism, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters herself to name but a few.  So keep talking, Maxine!  You prove just how ignorant you are every time you open your big fat mouth.

‘Mad Maxine’ is proof how the ‘civil rights’ movement got co-opted by the Marxist-Socialists and essentially lead to the black “liberation” (read as “supremacist”) movement.  Democrats, like Waters, favor keeping blacks in the slums that are basically “sanctuary” communities of crime.  They’ve become so crime-infested that they’re safe for no one!  And yet you never hear her address the rampant everyday violence and murder committed against blacks, the destroying of black lives, black families and black kids committed by a group of people who are the most protected in America, other blacks. A virtual protected species, free to destroy with excuses provided for and taken for granted as being just the way things are gonna be.

What we need to start doing is to begin forcing our political ‘leaders’ to disclose the source of every penny they have received in the past, currently receive and will ever receive while in their government position.  As a public figure, they should have no expectation of privacy in that regard.  As a private citizen, what I do with my money is no one’s business but my own.  ‘Mad Maxine’ is a crazy, paranoid and sorry excuse for a human being who has not a clue what the citizens of this country are like, as evidenced by her generalization that conservatives are all KKK white supremacist domestic terrorists.  She’s trying to draw attention away from the left leaning Antifa terrorists and shift the blame to those who don’t agree with her.

Propaganda in the form of ‘fake news’ is being beamed at us every day and from every direction.  I don’t know why anyone would want America to fail, but the Democrats do.  President Trump, while I have not agreed with everything that he has done, does seem to be focused on making the country better.  Mainly on law and order and on the Constitution that has kept this country the beacon of freedom since it first came into being.  And a mere 240 years later and Democrats, like Waters, want to take it down the socialist/globalist road.  They are determined in their efforts to force upon us a political/economic system that has never bought about anything other than abject misery and inescapable poverty except for those in power.


Schumer 20.jpg

I’m really starting to worry about old Chuckie Schumer (66).  I’m thinking he just might be headed for a stroke.  And wouldn’t that be a shame? NOT!  Apparently Chuckie is still having a rather difficult time dealing with the fact that Hitlery lost the election that was almost 5 months ago.  Come on Chuckie, you just gotta move on, man!  And perhaps Chuckie should remember the old adage not to discuss politics or religion at mealtimes.  And especially not in fancy restaurants.  Because Chuckie, who has been pretty vocal in Washington about his dislike of President Trump, has apparently begun taking his beef with Trump on the road and well outside of is considered as being the usual political arena.

You see, it’s been reported that Chuckie instigated a bit of a ruckus at a swanky Manhattan restaurant just this past Sunday evening.  Chuckie allegedly ‘caused a scene’ at smart Upper East Side Manhattan restaurant, Sette Mezzo, when he began “yelling” at a prominent Trump supporter that the president is “a liar.”  Several witnesses said that prior to so badly losing his cool, Chuckie had been dining quietly with ‘friends’.  But then he encountered Joseph A. Califano Jr., secretary of health, education and welfare under Jimmy Carter, as well as domestic policy adviser to Lyndon Johnson, and his wife, Hilary.  Chuckie essentially became unhinged upon hearing the news that Hilary had actually voted for Trump.

And it was shortly after Chuckie’s little run in with the couple that things proceeded to go downhill.  Chuckie apparently let his hatred of Trump get the better of him, as he became ‘incensed’ upon hearing that Hilary had voted against Hitlery and for Donald Trump in last year’s election, even though her husband, Joseph, has a rather decorated history with Chuckie’s own party.  One of those who witnessed the encounter said, “They are a highly respected couple, and Schumer made a scene, yelling, ‘She voted for Trump!’ The Califanos left the restaurant, but Schumer followed them outside.”  And according to other witnesses Chuckie continued berating the couple on the sidewalk, saying: “How could you vote for Trump? He’s a liar!”

Afterward it was in speaking to one of the local newspapers that Mrs. Califano said, “Sen. Schumer was really rude… He’s our senator, and I don’t really like him.”  She went on to say, “Yes, I voted for Trump. Schumer joined us outside and he told me Trump was a liar.  I should have told him that Hillary Clinton was a liar, but I was so surprised I didn’t say anything.”  You have to wonder how, exactly, it was that Chuckie thought such rude behavior was in any way acceptable.  And what does such boorish behavior accomplish other than to demonstrate the emptiness of your position when the only way you have of ‘defending’ it is through hostility to those who may disagree with you.  Did Chuckie feel his behavior was somehow justified?

Now of course, and as to be expected, Chuckie’s team was quick to deny the reports that anything even remotely resembling an ugly incident took place, saying instead: ‘[He] and his wife ate at the café on Sunday, engaging in unremarkable conversation with patrons who approached their table.  ‘There were no heated exchanges with ‎anyone.’  A spokesman for Chuckie attempted to play down the encounter, remarking, “[He] and his wife ate at the café on Sunday, engaging in unremarkable conversation with patrons who approached their table. There were no heated exchanges with ‎anyone.”  But anyone who is the least bit familiar with Chuckie’s antics wasn’t surprised to hear that he became somewhat unraveled.

Look, we all know Chuckie’s preference in the most recent presidential contest was the PROVEN congenital sociopathic liar over Trump.  After all, Chuckie is the perfect Democrat.  He: 1) does nothing, 2) complains about everything, 3) makes “hyper-partisanship” the Democrat norm, and 4) is so ill mannered he cannot be invited to dinner with real people.  I’m worried age, he is just a few months shy of 67, may finally be catching up with Chuckie and it must be frightening to know that Trump was elected by the will of the people under the Constitution and that Trump refers to him as a “lightweight.”  And, also, that socialism was defeated again, this time inside the USA.  But Chuckie will continue to strike out, because that’s all he has left.

Repeating the same action over and over but expecting a different outcome each time is the definition of insanity, but so too is it a statement that can be used whenever referring to the actions of liberals.  They keep repeating, over and over, the same actions that got Trump elected, thinking each time that it will bring him down.  But in truth, it only makes him stronger, only deepens his supporters resolve and strengthens their support.  Yet they still don’t recognize this failure.  Their reaction to each failure is to double down, that is INSANE behavior.  But what do I know, I’m just an angry old conservative white guy who isn’t college educated, who voted for Trump and who happens to be very much in favor of ‘Making America Great Again’.

After all, Chuckie has to be nearly beside himself, because there was considerable effort on the part of everyone involved to get Hitlery elected.  But the fake poIIs didn’t work, the fake news didn’t work, giving debate questions to Hitlery didn’t work, the recount didn’t work, pus//sy gate didn’t work, pee-pee gate didn’t work, street riots didn’t work, Chuckie’s own tears didn’t work, witches praying to the DeviI didn’t work, angry Alec Baldwin didn’t work, smearing Melania didn’t work, smearing Barron didn’t work and trying to bankrupt Ivanka didn’t work.  And now Vlad Putin doesn’t seem to be working either. The Democrats now seem to be getting pretty desperate as evidenced by Chuckie’s most recent rather bizarre restaurant behavior.

As with most establishment politicians, Chuckie exemplifies exactly what is wrong with American politics today. While there may be room for interpretation of what Trump has communicated, there is zero evidence of any wrongdoing on his part or that of any member of his administration despite the rampant smear campaign by establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle, the state-controlled media or anyone else.  Loyalty, especially blind loyalty, to the party and not to the people who voted for these idiots to represent them has effectively corrupted our system of governance.  Exactly why so many voted for Trump in the first place, to drain the swamp of these cretins and restore a government of-for and by the people.

Chuckie, like so many others of his leftist ilk, lacks class and has shown his utter disdain for anyone who voted for the candidate of their choice with this sorry display of willful and self-righteous display of arrogance.  But then that is a common trait among liberals who while hyping their tolerance for “diversity” fail to tolerate anyone whose disagreement or vote does not conform to their demands or expectations.  The only offense committed by Mrs. Califano, which then resulted in the ridiculous outburst by Chuckie, was that she chose to vote for someone other than who Chuckie thought she should have.  Mrs. Califano is apparently a Democrat and therefore, in the eyes of Chuckie, has no other option than to vote Democrat.