Hitlery 12

Imagine just for a second, because it’ll only take that long to scare the crap out of yourself, that on November 8, 2016 the absolute unthinkable had actually taken place and Hitlery had been elected president.  And then consider the rather incredible level of corruption and yes, dare I say, collusion, on the part of the Democrat Party that would have never, EVER seen the light of day?  All of which, I must say, should lead most everyone to a much greater appreciation of the president we have.

Except for those who have been living under a rock, you would have to realize that it’s been for the past 18+ months that Hitlery has been in what can only be described as a perpetual snit.  “No, I’m not over it,” she recently confessed while turning Yale’s commencement into a self-pity pity party.  Anyone who is the least bit familiar with her personal history knows quite well how the “I’m a victim” shtick didn’t start with November 2016, and most certainly would not have ended even if she had won.

Hitlery has been a perpetual blamer and finger-pointer her entire public life and no doubt would have taken her woe-is-me attitude right into the Oval ­Office.  And that, coupled with her breathtaking sense of entitlement, makes it more than difficult to see her, as president, lifting the nation’s self-confidence, either at home or abroad.  In economic terms, how much higher would unemployment be?  And how much worse off would the stock market and median family incomes be with President Hitlery?

And I’m pretty sure we all remember how Hitlery promised, yes promised, to put coal miners out of work.  Now that’s a promise that she would definitely have kept.  And remember, it was she who also wanted to raise taxes, even on the middle class, instead of cutting them and no doubt she would have further loosened our already lax immigration policies instead of making ANY attempt to tighten them.  So try to imagine what the current state of our economy would be with Hitlery as president.

And remember, it was Hitlery who was also part of Barry ‘O’s team that tried to force Israel into making concessions that its leaders believed were dangerous to the Jewish state’s security. And it’s a cinch that the U.S. Embassy still would be in Tel Aviv instead of in Jerusalem and Palestinians would have kept a veto over our policy.  The Iran deal would have remained firmly in place by a Hitlery presidency, therefore leaving the Mullahs free to be ever more aggressive in their pursuit of regional power.

Now it is true that a President Hitlery would be far more popular in Western Europe than is President Trump, but that’s only because with Hitlery there would be no America First agenda.  And, as it was under Barry, Hitlery would continue the policy of allowing Europe to call the global shots which would ensure that appeasement would remain the default position.  Then there are the aggressions of China and North Korea.  Does anyone believe that Hitlery would have pushed back harder than Trump?

And among the any number of other consequences of a victorious Hitlery, consider the extraordinary political and legal aftermath of the election, ranging from the resistance to Robert Mueller’s investigation to the emerging evidence that the FBI and CIA conspired to SPY on the campaign of then candidate Trump.  And I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Hitlery would have fired James Comey even faster than did President Trump.  But then maybe not, depending what Comey may still have on her.

And along with a victorious Hitlery we would have likely had Loretta Lynch serving as attorney general and scumbags like Brennan, Clapper, Rice and Power now holding cushy government jobs instead of having to fight to keep their dirty tricks from ever seeing daylight.  Mueller would be in private law practice, the highlight of his bio the fact that he was the longest-serving FBI director since Hoover.  Instead, his legacy will be that he led a witch-hunt the purpose of which was to take the president.

But thankfully fate and voters stepped in with other ideas, and the truly remarkable fact is that President Trump’s stunning Electoral College victory came despite the rather impressive alliance that formed against him involving the White House, law enforcement, the intelligence agencies and 99 percent of the state-controlled media. In the coming days, I’m quite sure that we will likely come to learn more about that squalid alliance, giving us more reason to marvel at the resiliency of our republic.

And let’s all try to keep in mind here that even when it looks as if President Trump may have come off the tracks, we need to consider the alternative and remember that it all could have been so very much worse.  And so it is then that I remain as firmly convinced as I was on the day after the election that America dodged a very sizable bullet with the election of President Trump and the defeat of Hitlery.  The country would have never survived a president Barry followed by a president Hitlery.

I think we can all agree that President Trump still has much work ahead of him in his effort to truly ‘Make America Great Again.’  And while I think we can all agree that he is trying to do all that he can, we should also be able to agree that he was with left quite the mess to clean up upon the departure of Barry ‘O’, a mess that would only now be getting much worse if it was Hitlery who had been elected president.  But I firmly believe that if anyone can do it, it is without a doubt, President Donald Trump.



Hitlery 166

For someone so many people claim is so smart, especially those who profess to be proud Democrats, it’s been with each passing day for the last nearly 20 months, or since the last presidential election in which she was defeated, that Hitlery Clinton has continued to demonstrate that it’s just the opposite that would seem to be so very clearly true.  In fact, the old bat appears to be more unstable than ever, with early every word she utters being little more than complete nonsense and incoherent lies.  It has been nearly nonstop that Hitlery has tried to convince anyone who will listen that she was essentially robbed of something that was rightfully hers.  And she most definitely does not plan on going away quietly or anytime soon.

Which brings me to this past Friday at Harvard University where the former secretary of state, and failed presidential candidate, was to receive something called the ‘Radcliffe Medal.’  For those who may be unaware, it’s every spring on something called ‘Radcliffe Day,’ that the Radcliffe Institute for ‘Advanced Study’, which apparently is located there at Harvard, presents the Radcliffe Medal to an individual who they deem as having had a transformative impact on society.  It’s on this day that the group claims to celebrate their commitment—in the past, present, and future—to excellence and inquiry.  I guess my question to them would be, is Hitery someone who truly has had a transformative impact on society, and if so, how?

And it was at this event that Hitlery urged government employees under the Trump administration to stay in the State Department “as long as they can.”  She declared that it “shall pass,” and they will be needed to “pick up the pieces.” Hitlery said, “There is a real concern that borders on discouragement from entering into the civil service, or in the case of the State Department, the Foreign Service. So that has to be rebuilt. I’m hoping that the new Secretary of State, who told me and others that he intends to really try to rebuild the State Department—try to bring in, and maybe even bring back, some of the expertise and experience that has been lost—will follow through on that and will be permitted to follow through on that.”

Discussing why people should stay in the State Department, Hitlery said, “The State Department has a deep reservoir of people with experience who will say, ‘well if you say that, that sounds like what was said to his father and he’s going to immediately have a negative reaction.’ Now, who would know that other than people who have been immersed in the language and the culture of another country? So I’m hoping that people who are currently in the government who are not political appointees will stay as long as they can, fighting for facts and evidence and our values. And I hope that people if they are so motivated will still go into our government.”  Again we have a Democrat talking about ‘our values.’  But NOT American values.

Anyway Hitlery continued, “Because this too shall pass and we are going to need a vigorous, well prepared, well postponed federal government to try to pick up the pieces.” She seems oblivious to the fact that President Trump has been picking up the pieces that resulted from Barry’s presidency practically since the day he was sworn in. You know, pieces from her disastrous foreign policy legacy?  Or the many pieces left behind by eight years of failed economic policies, policies that she may not have created but for which she was most definitely a cheerleader. Hitlery behaves as if she remains ahead by 50 points in eyes of the American people.  But it’s even many within her own party that are now beginning to tire of her whining.

Personally I say we should quickly get to work utilizing President Trump’s new Executive Orders and proceed with firing all who refuse advance the Trump agenda, because that would be an excellent way to not only drain that swamp of traitors, but it would be a good way to send a very clear message.  Only those who are the real Americans and who do the job for America will be permitted to remain.  And President Trump can drain THIS Swamp WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  In signing the three orders, President Trump is acting where Congress has failed. During his State of the Union address in January, President Trump called on lawmakers to pass a bill that would expedite the firing process.  They’ve done nothing.

It is the president’s new rules that will “require all federal employees to devote at least 75 percent of their work hours for agency purposes, senior administration officials said. The administration estimates that these actions could save taxpayers at least $100 million a year.  And of course it was J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, who has made it quite clear that he thinks these new rules are actually against the interest of everyday Americans.  And of course we can thank a Democrat, John Kennedy, for issuing Executive Order 10988 on January 17, 1962 that recognized the right of federal employees to collective bargaining.  There is no way public employees should be unionized.

And it was a statement released by this dolt J. David that said: “Our government is built on a system of checks and balances to prevent any one person from having too much influence.”  And that statement went on to say, “President Trump’s executive orders will undo all of that. This administration seems hellbent on replacing a civil service that works for all taxpayers with a political service that serves at its whim.”  I find myself wondering that since it was by executive order that government employees were permitted to unionize, then why is it that the next Executive Order to be signed by President Trump would be one that very clearly states that that privilege no longer exists for those in the public sector. But I digress.

This recent desire of Hitlery’s for wanting these career bureaucrats to stay in the State Department “as long as they can” as nothing whatsoever to do with sticking around to “pick up the pieces.”  Sadly, it’s far more sinister than that.  Besides the fact that many remain involved in the covering up her many nefarious activities, she’s wanting them to remain in place until such time as they may be called upon to assist in bringing down a duly elected president.  A president whose only crime is that defeated someone who saw it as being her turn to be president.  And for that he, and all of his supporters as well, must be made to suffer every accusation no matter how baseless, no matter how false.  He was not supposed to win, SHE was!


biden 5

Even as the Democrat Party slides ever further to the left, it seems the louder Democrats claim that it is their ‘values’ that are to be considered ‘American’ values.  And it was this past Thursday at the New York State Democrat Party’s convention on Long Island, that ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden once again made the idiotic claim that the Republican Party in the era of President Donald Trump had abandoned ‘American’ values in favor of “phony populism” and “fake nationalism.”

‘Creepy Joe’ said, “This is not your father’s Republican Party. This is a different deal. They are not, they are not who we are. They are not who America is. But what they are doing is they sending a vision of America around the world that is distorted. That is damaging. That is hurting us with this phony populism and this fake nationalism.” ‘Creepy Joe’ seems to be rather torn between being the patriotic American he grew up as, and the radical leftist idiot that he would go on to become later in life.

Because it’s those who today refer to themselves as Democrats that are actually the ones who long ago abandoned those that could in any way be viewed as being ‘American’ values.  Those values that revolve around such things as family, faith, patriotism, hard work and personal responsibility.  Can anyone honestly say that these are the values possessed by today’s Democrat Party?  Of course not!  And to make the claim that Democrats hold such values is beyond being dishonest.

And you know, it goes well beyond the fact that Democrats simply no longer possess those true ‘American’ values, it’s that they have no problem whatsoever with ridiculing those of us who still do.  Remember, we’re the same ones who Hitlery enthusiastically referred to as being ‘Deplorables’.  And what ‘Creepy Joe’ was really saying on Thursday was not all that different from what Hitlery said during the campaign, except that he chose to leave out the part about us being ‘deplorable.’

Phony populism?  Fake nationalism?  ‘Creepy Joe’ has no idea who we are. We are the folks who buy homes, have families, pay taxes, and work hard. We love our country, and want the best for her. We care about other Americans, and want them to have a chance at the American dream and a better life. We love our children, and want them to have a chance to live in the America we knew as children, and we know that while America will never be like it was, it has to be made better than it is now.

Let’s face it, you would have to have been living under a rock for decades not to understand what sort of ‘values’ have come to be possessed by those on the radical left which, today, equates to the Democrat Party.  I mean among those who comprise the modern-day Democrat Party there is no sanctity for human life just as there is no work ethic nor is there any sense of personal responsibility.  Theirs is essentially a valueless, even soulless, type of existence where pretty much anything goes.

‘Creepy Joe’ is right when he says we are not who Democrats are.  Because we are not Marxists who favor an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy that seeks to run our lives from a centralized government in Washington DC, just like the Politburo ran the lives of Soviet citizens.  ‘Creepy Joe’s’ definition of National pride and Patriotism is allegiance to one’s party, not to the Nation.  And we can tell, because the leaders of the Democrat Party, like Joe, sell out our country every chance they get.

Trump supporters are as American as it gets. At least we are patriotic, love our country, respect our borders, respect our police and military, and believe that a family unit with a mother and a father is the healthiest way to live. What’s not American is open borders, anything goes, transgender bathrooms, homelessness as normal, working hard to pay taxes only to have some deadbeat suck you dry.  ‘Creepy Joe’ and Barry are the ones who are not American, at least as we know it.

And I’m curious, by ‘values’ does old ‘Creepy Joe’ actually mean the weaponizing of federal intelligence agencies to take down political opponents?  Or using the IRS for the same purpose?  Or does he maybe mean the destabilizing of the Middle East in order to install radical Islamist governments and trigger an invasion of Western Europe.  Or, could he be referring to the empowering of Iran in order to threaten Israel, or the support of American organizations that promote cop-killing?

What a moron ‘Creepy Joe’ is.  Barry &Co. had ZERO American values and worked for eight years to destroy any American values that were left. President Trump is taking care of all Americans whether Black, White, or Brown.  He’s taking care of all that Barry neglected for eight years.  Now the Democrats are going bonkers because Trump is doing what he said he would, he’s doing all that Barry said he couldn’t do, and President Trump is doing it while being ridiculed and obstructed by Democrats.

That the Democrats have become little more than Communists isn’t even open to question anymore. Democrats are the dregs of our society personifying all that is wrong with our society and America. If you’re a Democrat consider yourself the enemy. Democrats are lawless and out-of-control. They’ve taken it too far in their being unable to accept an election loss.  And frankly, I despise all who remain in the Democrat camp. Justice must be delivered in order for Justice to be restored.


Sen. Schumer attends a news conference on Amtrak funding on Capitol Hill in Washington

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) seems to be growing in intensity, one might even say growing exponentially, as the November midterms creep ever closer.  And as evidence of that I offer up a recent speech, more of a rant really, made from the floor of the U.S. Senate just this past Monday.  A speech made by someone whom we all know as someone with a reputation for knowing a bit about third world style politics, Chuckie Schumer.  It was during this speech/rant that Chuckie went so far as to claim that President Trump is engaging in “the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we’d expect in a banana republic, not a mature democracy.”  Where was Chuckie from 2009 to 2017?  Might he be suffering from selective amnesia?

Chuckie said, “The president’s behavior is the kind of grossly autocratic behavior we’d expect in a banana republic, not a mature democracy. By now, we should all recognize that President Trump’s latest demand is just another example of a relentless campaign to distract from the serious wrongdoing being uncovered by the Russia probe.”  I guess the thing that bothers me the most about these Democrats is that instead of being a legitimate opposition party and actually engaging on the issues, all they’ve got is Trump bashing.  They are even using Trump’s good economy to justify more immigration.  I mean they have zero plans to fix anything.  All they got is schemes for open borders and Trump bashing.

The bottom line here, as I think we ALL know, is that Trump was never supposed to be elected in the first place.  The Obama administration was corrupt to its very core and Hitlery was supposed to just let it all slide while moving forward with the progressive/ leftwing agenda.  After President Trump was elected, the Democrats’ only defense was a strong offense to have the president removed before he could hold them accountable for all their many crimes.  The irony of their antics is that if enough of them took the high-road, and stood up for the Constitution and called out the perpetrators of the attempted coup, they would probably fare much better with the voters.  Instead, Democrats have descended into pathetic self-parody.

For sure Democrats have their ‘True Believers’ just as they have their sizable army of race-baiters.  But who else do they think this infantile game plan of theirs is going to win over?  It would seem that Jim Carey is firmly onboard, as are many of his Hollyweird friends, but I’m not sure it will play all that well in those parts of the country that are a bit further inland.  When the Democrats ran a third world candidate, we got a filthy, corrupt administration that weaponized and politicized the highest law enforcement agencies in the land–and we, the American people, are paying the price.  There’s nothing more autocratic than a president who constantly bypasses Congress while saying things like, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone”.

And you know, speaking of “banana republics,” Chuckie apparently must  have missed the eight years of Barry’s negligence at Veterans’ Affairs, the “stimulus bill” that was simply a redistribution to unions (those “shovel ready projects” weren’t so shovel ready after all), the sale of uranium to the Russians, the lies about Benghazi, the Hitlery email scandal that was not prosecuted, the appeasement of the Iranians, even sending billions in cash in the middle of the night and bragging about how they lied to the American press and public, the use of financial penalties to fund leftist causes, the use of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to take property from Americans, and finally the criminal spying on the Trump 2016 campaign.

There is so much going right for the country right now that the Democrats are absolutely beside themselves.  There is the booming economy, low unemployment, major tax reform, potentially a nuclear free Korean peninsula, a re-sanctioned Iran, a nearly exterminated ISIS, a soon to be WALL, etc, etc.  Chuckie & Co. can complain about Trump’s style but that’s really all they have.  Democrats have become so used to being able to manhandle our wimpish Republicans that they don’t really know what to do with a guy who simply refuses to take their carp.  Granted there are things that the president may say that I, maybe, wish he hadn’t said, but it’s on the whole that I thoroughly enjoy watching him make Democrats’ heads explode.

And’s what is it that Chuckie’s really talking about?  Is President Trump governing by pen and phone?  Is he issuing new unconstitutional executive orders by the day?  Is he threatening to circumvent Congress through executive action if he doesn’t get his way?  Is he busy illegally nullifying immigration law after previously acknowledging he didn’t have the Constitutional authority to do so?  Is he illegally spying on reporters and political campaigns?  Or is he using the IRS to attack his political enemies?  The answer to all those questions is a pretty obvious one.  Nope!  And yet idiots like Chuckie continue to make these baseless and idiotic accusations.  And where has it gotten them?  Just a little bit further behind, that’s where!


Kerry 1

After years of watching this hapless boob make a complete ass out of himself on pretty much a daily basis, I’ve always found it more than a little amazing how John Kerry-Heinz was able to make it far as he has, especially since he’s never been known for possessing much of an intellect.  But, it was from Yale, to his spending a very brief, yet quite rewarding, four month tour in Vietnam, from which he returned heavily laden with bogus medals, to his going onto law school followed by a gig as an Assistant District Attorney in Massachusetts and then as Lieutenant Governor under Michael Dukakis that in 1984 Kerry-Heinz was finally elected to the U.S. Senate.

And it was during his 2004 failed attempt to become President that Kerry-Heinz took every opportunity he could to criticize President George W. Bush for the Iraq War.  And thankfully he and his running mate, then Senator John Edwards, lost the election, finishing 35 electoral votes behind Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.  And it was after his loss that Kerry-Heinz returned to the Senate.  In January 2013, Kerry-Heinz was nominated by Barry ‘O’ to succeed outgoing secretary of state Hitlery and was then confirmed by the Senate, assuming the office on February 1, 2013. Kerry-Heinz retained the position until the end of Barry’s tenure on January 20, 2017.

And now we fast-forward to as recently as this past Sunday when Kerry-Heinz was heard issuing a ‘warning’ to President Trump that the Democrats are not afraid to go against his “America First” policies.  Ok, so who exactly is surprised to hear that bit of news?  The opportunity came while Kerry-Heinz was in attendance at New York University’s Abu Dhabi’s commencement ceremony where he proceeded to take some rather obvious jabs at the president’s “America First” trade and immigration policies.  He said, “We won’t win, any of us, ultimately, by retreating within our borders, by focusing on our own nations only, or by going it alone.”

Kerry-Heinz lashed out against the president in early May for withdrawing from the disastrously flawed Iran nuke deal, calling the administration out for stopping a “working” strategy.  American politics has become “almost all accusatory and all bombastic,” Kerry-Heinz told those gathered, arguing we are at the point where we can’t even “agree on what the facts are.”  He said, “No matter how big or how many the challenges, I want you to leave here today confident about our ability to win that future.” Adding, “Every single problem we face is created by human choices. And to the best of my knowledge, those problems can also be solved by human choices.”

Now I’m sure many thought that back when Barry said, upon becoming president, his primary objective was going to be to “fundamentally transform” the United States there were some who actually thought that he was seeking to make the country stronger.  And I’m sure at least some were quite shocked when it was just the opposite that took place.  Because it was upon his departure that we came to find America much, much weaker that it was before Barry came into office.  Weaker militarily, weaker economically and much weaker when it come to the amount of influence we had over world events.  And Kerry-Heinz definitely played a part.

I love America, so much so that I served 24 years in her military.  And as near as I can tell Democrats, and I mean ALL Democrats, along with their many friends in the state-controlled media, hate America, and are still very much in favor of fundamentally transforming it from the greatest, most generous and prosperous nation ever to exist into a country that many of us would have a rather difficult time recognizing. The Democrats and their European leftist allies want desperately to destroy America and bring an end to any amount of positive influence it is still able to provide in a world that, thanks to Barry, Hitlery and Kerry-Heinz seems to be in chaos.

Kerry-Heinz was, without a doubt, an absolute disaster as our Secretary of State.  And were it not for Hitlery, he would very easily be considered the absolute worst Secretary of State in the history of this country.  And his past is not one of his having been a patriot, but quite the contrary.  Just consider the accusations he made against his fellow soldiers in order to build for himself a political career and more recently his willingness to undercut the foreign policy of a duly elected President of the U.S.  He has a history of meeting with foreign government officials in secret in order to undermine U.S. foreign policy.  He is a traitor of the highest order.

Very little has changed with respect to John Kerry-Heinz’s anti-America views, from his highly questionable service in Vietnam to his speech before the Senate when he came home, accusing and condemning his fellow soldiers of the worst atrocities imaginable, to his time as a U.S. Senator, presidential candidate, Secretary of State under Barry, to his life as a private citizen, doing what he is doing now in speaking out against America. John Kerry-Heinz has disgraced himself every step of the way.  Not only does Kerry-Heinz have delusions of power, he was not elected president and yet he assumes his policy ideas overrule those of our duly elected President.

It all makes pretty clear the fact that Democrats, and their voters, are a pretty pathetic lot as they continue to believe it’s the job of the government to put our own country and our own citizens first before helping others.  No one is saying we won’t participate in trade or give assistance to other nations, but it doesn’t help us one bit when we put other nations’ interests, profits, welfare, defense, trade and everything else far ahead of our own.  When America is weak and broke not only does it embolden the dangerous leaders of third world nations, but it puts us in a position where we cannot help others, yet the Democrats prefer us weak and broke.

And let’s face it, if the Democrats have their way America will be the low man on the totem pole and then who will be the superpower helping others?  What nation will others turn to for help, for trade, for innovation?  China?  Hardly!  Countries were formed to protect lands, people, religions, economies.  We don’t pay taxes so our government can ignore us and give our money and our jobs and our future away to everyone else in the world.  The left in this country, of which the Democrat Party has come to be a major player, has been on mission to take down this country for decades.  Think how bad things would now be if Hitlery had won.

And so while Democrats like Kerry-Heinz do not support President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda, what is it we’ve learned over just the course of the last few weeks that Democrats do seem to enthusiastically support?  Well we know for sure that the Democrats support MS-13 gangs over law-abiding Americans.  And we know that they seem to have no issue with a presidential campaign being spied on by the FBI, at least as long as it’s a Republican being spied on.  And we know that there is no tragedy they will not exploit in their effort to destroy our Second Amendment right.  And we know they hate Israel and do not support the American embassy in Jerusalem.

President Trump now has been placed in the rather unenviable position of having to correct, and/or undo, much of what came about during the eight disastrous years of Barry ‘O’.  And it was Kerry-Heinz who was far more than just a willing accomplice regarding Barry’s many failed policies the purpose of which was to both weaken American influence across the globe and to effectively set the world ablaze, Kerry-Heinz was a very active participant in what was a rather dangerous process.  He is a disgrace to his country.  And as such, he is the perfect Democrat.  And now there are rumors that he is now considering another run for the White House.  God forbid!



Well, it’s at least to my way of thinking that, as of this past Thursday, Nancy Pelosi has now pretty much made it official just what kind of politicians the American people would be putting in charge of Congress if they do choose to hand Democrats control of the House this November.  She did so by choosing to actually defend members of the MS-13 gang, one of the most vicious and deadliest gangs that operates under the motto of rape, control and kill. Does she hunger for a return to power to the point where she has no qualms about defending these savages?

Pelosi said these gang members are not “animals,” a term President Trump dubbed MS-13 members earlier in the week.  Pelosi first alluded to God saying, “Some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service” believe that “we are all God’s children” and “there is a spark of divinity among every person on earth, and we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person.”  God’s children or not, these gang members deserve one fate and only one fate, to be killed in the same manner that they kill others!

Anyway, Pelosi went on to say we must recognize that divinity in others, and it is our responsibility to do so because we have “divinity in us.”  Pelosi then took a soundbite that has been perpetuated throughout the media out of context from the president’s comments on MS-13 gang members and attributed it to all immigrants. “So when the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘These aren’t people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?”  Every person?

So I can’t help but be a little curious.  If not animals what is it, exactly, that Pelosi sees as being a more appropriate way of describing thugs who could to stab a man 100 times, decapitate him and then rip his heart out.  Or what she would call someone who could beat a woman who was being used in sex trafficking with a baseball bat, 28 times, indenting part of her body.  And I would really like to know what Pelosi would call someone who could kidnap and rape a 13-year-old Houston girl.  So where exactly is that elusive “spark of divinity” in any of these savages?

Or in Montgomery County, Maryland, where authorities charged a known MS-13 leader for ordering the beating of a 15-year-old girl with a baseball bat who had been forced into prostitution. Two other Salvadoran nationals are also named in the case.  Or the five illegal aliens who are part of the MS-13 gang were charged in connection with the brutal murder of a Maryland woman who was beaten to death and buried in June and unearthed in September.  Or the female MS-13 gang member who told her victim she would see her in hell before stabbing her 15-year-old victim 13 times.

Again, and again, and again the Democrats defend crime and even the most heinous of criminals.  It’s one thing to take the position that we are each innocent till proven guilty, even though no one in a court room treats a defendant that way.  But to repeatedly and loudly scream out in defense of their own criminals, Hitlery, Barry ‘O’, so many more, and then to defend MS-13, these people, these Democrats, these Socialist/Communists, Globalists or Totalitarians, whatever name you label them, they are enemies of everything that is good about this country.

As for the divinity of human beings, God the Father is Divine; Jesus Christ, the Son of God is divine. The Holy Spirit, being God as well, is divine.  Human beings are created in God’s own image and likeness. We have divine images; we are alike God who is divine.  Sharing God’s image and likeness is not tantamount to being divine. Man is not divine.  It takes the blood of Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, it takes God living inside us and through us that is divine. We as hosts or temples of the Holy Spirit are hosts of the divine one.  Divinity, like glory, is, of and belongs to God alone.

And as many of you will likely recall, it was just a few years ago that Pelosi was heard to say that those American conservatives involved in Tea Party protests were “Astroturf,” and it was the DNC that called these law-abiding citizens “terrorists,” “Nazis,” “racists,” and “gun nuts.”  And it was Pelosi who became all gushy and dewy-eyed over the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests across the nation, you remember, those leftist protests that were fraught with vandalism, violence, rampant thefts, assaults, and rapes, defecation in public, and arson.

Pelosi said she was “proud” of them, never once spoke against the Occupiers’ lawlessness, juvenile self-absorption, and blatant disregard for others’ properties or lives.  She is now bending over backwards to defend these law-breaking, violent miscreants of the MS-13. Anymore, Democrats would much rather obsess and nitpick over a word choice that President Trump made than to denounce the increasing violence of these blood-thirsty gang members, many of whom are illegal immigrants with little regard for other people’s property or lives.

You know, we can ridicule and chastise Pelosi until the cows come home, but for now the sad truth is that two million new Democrat voters are imported into this country each and every year.  And that will continue to happen unless, and/or until, Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act is repealed and the masses of Third World settlers it has brought to this country are sent home.   Minorities will become the majority of voters in one generation, which will mean permanent Democrat control of all three branches of government.  That’s what happened to California.

There are more than a few elected Democrats, just like Pelosi, and even more in the state-controlled media, who instead of speaking out against these gangs, are instead freaking out over Trump’s calling them “animals.”  This one act alone on their part should really tell people all that they need to know about anyone who chooses to run under the Democrat Party banner.  I mean, how is it, exactly, that any civilized human being could view it as being anywhere near appropriate to come rushing to the defense of those who truly are, for lack of a better word…ANIMALS!


Warren 4

In what has to be one of the more extreme examples that I think I’ve ever heard of, involving an incident where we have a pot calling a kettle black, it was just this past Tuesday at a gathering identified as being the Center for American Progress “2018 Ideas Conference,” that we had Elizabeth Warren, who just so happens to be up for re-election this year, accusing President Trump of lying “for sport.”

It was Warren, the senior senator from the ‘People’s Republic of Massachusetts’ who said, “The debates I see happening around me in Washington these days —they aren’t real. Most of them are just for show. The real deals get cut behind closed doors like the one and a half trillion dollar tax bill drafted in secrecy and rammed through without so much as a single public hearing, let alone a real debate.”

And it was then that this leftwing-kook-of-a-Democrat went on to say, “And the debates we actually do have are plagued with misinformation which is another part of the problem. The President of the United States lies for sport and gets away with it.”  I found this to be a rather bizarre statement coming from an individual who very rarely lets any day go by without making any number of false statements.

Warren is a demonstrable liar who, even at the request of the tribe from which she pretends to hail, has refused to take a DNA test to verify her longstanding, and rather absurd, lie.  I find it rather curious that this charlatan of the highest order has the temerity to label our president with the moniker for which she herself is best known, a liar for sport.  But nothing much about her surprises really me.

Warren is a total and complete fraud who knows full well that she criminally checked the Native American box on every school/job application she has ever completed.  Without remorse, she has gone about the stealing of jobs/opportunities from true Native Americans.  And despite the fact that she has been repeatedly confronted about her blatant dishonest heists, she has PERSISTED in her lies.

She screams accusations of racism and ridiculously spews endless idiotic yarns about how her family told her Native American tales.  She is the epitome of cultural appropriation.  But as is usually the case when it comes to those who vote for her particular brand of politician, none of the lies matter.  Because all that matters is the amount of ‘free’ stuff being offered up in exchange for one’s vote.

And it is this hypocritical clown, like her genital hat wearing ilk, who has the gall to smear Trump and scream racism and sexism. But many, I think, are able to see right through it, they both laugh at her and are nauseated by her. This unhinged, frightening quack is the poster child of the left and their media lackeys: they have nothing to offer except hypocrisy, corruption, fraud, hysteria, hate and rage.

They are proudly on parade daily as they go about screeching racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Trump hate and rage with every breath.  As their heads explode 50 times a day, the people simply laugh at them and hopefully will make them pay at the polls.  And although Pocahontas is a great name for this ignoble bozo, I think that ‘Screeches with Crazy Goats’ would be far more fitting.

And it’s in a weird way that she reminds me of somebody’s psycho grandmother.  I always half-expect her to whip-out a plate of cookies, home-made and fresh from the oven. But if you slip the mask off, just a bit, what who you find behind it is a lying, pandering, thieving, power-mad psycho, ‘Indian’ version of Hitlery. Remember them both up on stage looking like the twins from that movie, ‘The Shining?’

Look, what Warren is doing is exactly what liberals ALWAYS do, they accuse others of committing the very crimes that they themselves are most guilty of.  You gotta love ‘em.  Warren lies about being an American Indian and that creep from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, lied about serving in Vietnam and both supported the most corrupt and dishonest president in the history of our great Republic.

But you know, I’m thinking that what really has her panties in such a wad is the fact that President Trump has managed to keep a good many of his campaign promises unlike the lying Democrats, and many RINOs, who will lie about anything in order to get elected and stay in office.  She, for example, made up a ‘Victim Card’ to get an Affirmative Action Professorship at a swanky school.  Pathetic!

And whenever I ask people to point out what lies the president has told, they’re never really able to point to any.  Barry ‘O’, on the other hand, remains known for the many lies he told to the American people.  With Barry if his lips were moving, he was lying.  The only truth he EVER told was when he said that once elected his mission would be to “fundamentally transform” America.  And, sadly, he largely succeeded.

But anyway, in getting back to Warren, any Democrat pretending to value honesty is nothing more than a fraud.  Lies are their only stock and trade, it’s what they do.  And anyone who willingly trusts any Democrat will most certainly always live to regret having done so.  Democrats, like Warren, are a cancer of the worst kind, and together they form the greatest threat that we face as a free and sovereign nation.