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Let’s face it, for someone to actually believe anything that they’re told by just about any Democrat, but by some more than others, it requires that one possess a rather excessive amount of what can only be described as being that very special kind of stupid.  And one of those Democrats for whom much of that special kind of stupid is always required is none other than ‘Little Dick’ Durbin from Illinois.

I recently read somewhere that the late Sen. Fred Thompson was once asked who it was that he considered to be the most disreputable member of the Senate, and it was in pretty short order that he replied it was this guy Durbin because he would never keep his word.  Everything he says ought to be instantly disregarded.  And after all that I’ve seen from ‘Little Dick’, I’d have to agree with that assessment.

Anyway, the only reason I even bother to bring up this turd, ‘Little Dick’, has to do with his recent appearance on the Communist Broadcasting System’s ‘Face the Nation’ and what was his very obvious attempt to squelch all of the talk now circulating about how there was somewhat of an ulterior motive behind the Democrats’ decision to finally give Al Franken the old heave-ho.

‘Little Dick’ did his best to portray the decision as being nothing more than a much needed attempt to do the right thing, and I found it quite remarkable that he was able to get through his entire spiel with a straight face.  He even went so far as to describe it as being painful to see Franken announce his resignation last week, after ‘Little Dick’ and a few dozen of his ‘friends’ had urged Franken to get out.

‘Little Dick’ said, “I can tell you, it was a painful process because of our personal friendships and relationships with Al and his family.”  And he added, “There was no political calculation in here. It was just a painful moment when we made a decision, moved forward on the Democratic side. I hope the Republicans will face that reality as well.”  Give me a break!  What a bunch of idiotic leftwing drivel.

‘Little Dick’ said it’s up to Alabama voters to decide who they send to the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s special election, but he said, several times, he hopes Alabama voters will “do the right thing,” which, to Durbin, means voting against Republican Roy Moore.  He said, “And I hope that they will do the right thing in terms of defining their standards and values when it comes to people representing them in Washington.”

And since being provided with some cover from his RINO colleagues there in the Senate, ‘Little Dick’ said, “But we have heard from Republican senators first who have suggested that, if Roy Moore ends up being elected to the Senate, he would face close scrutiny, investigation, even removal from the Senate once he arrives.”  Here we have yet another reason to thank our cadre of pathetic RINOs.

‘Little Dick’ said Democrats “faced the reality” last week.  He said, “I have known Al Franken for over 20 years. He is my friend. He was on the floor of the Senate announcing his resignation.”  He added, “I sat just a few feet away from him. He said it was the worst day in his political life. It was a somber feeling. It was a reality. And I hope the voters of Alabama appreciate that reality when they make their decision on Tuesday.”

Look, anyone who views this little exercise in deception as being anything other than a TOTAL political calculation is either a complete moron or a hardcore-leftwing-kook-of-a-Democrat!  Because, plain and simple, it was nothing less than a very feeble attempt to gain the “moral high ground” by claiming Democrats have cleaned their house and now they expect the Republicans to do the same.

And I think it’s also worth noting that Franken hasn’t actually resigned yet.  And if Judge Moore does lose the election in Alabama, who among us will be shocked to see Franken sticking around after all?  Franken is simply waiting to see of the Judge loses before announcing that after much prayer and reflection he’s decided to stay in his job in order to continue being a champion of women’s rights!

Let’s face it, the Democrats want nothing less than for President Trump to be driven out of office by baseless accusations of misconduct because NONE of their other schemes have worked.  This pabulum coming from ‘Little Dick’ is nothing but pure hogwash. There is nothing that the Democrats do that does not involve some level of political calculation.  That’s simply how they operate, and always have.

It’s the Democrat Party that has tolerated for decades the same sort of behavior that Franken has been accused of.  And with all their talk about the Republican “war on women”, it’s the Democrat Party that’s responsible for the only casualty in that war, at the hands of Teddy ‘The Drunken Pervert’ Kennedy.  So deciding to send Franken to the locker room does nothing to expunge decades of atrociously bad behavior.

And on the subject of Judge Roy Moore, I think over time the attempt by the Democrats and their many allies in the media to cast him as being some sort of letch has pretty much fallen flat.  Perhaps if they had waited until a bit closer to the election their sick ploy just might have worked.  His accusers have been shown to be liars and hopefully the good people of Alabama will see that and elect Judge Moore.




I suppose we shouldn’t have be too surprised to have heard how it was on this past Tuesday night that ex-president, and he who was without a doubt the worst president in the history of our great nation, Barry Obummer did the inevitable when speaking at the Economic Club of Chicago.  It was there that he dropped the worn out “Trump is Hitler” comparison much to everyone’s enjoyment.  But the whole Hitler comparison has been so overused that it’s become ignored except by those on the hard left.

And also it was no surprise to hear that Barry apparently spent a great deal of time talking about being a “citizen of the world.”  The ex-president boasted about saving “a million lives” thanks to his efforts in the Ebola outbreak in Africa.  And it was in demonstrating the same rather juvenile behavior we saw from him while in office that he said, “Things don’t happen internationally if we don’t put our shoulder to the wheel.” Which of course was an obvious retort to Trump’s “America first” mentality.

Obummer also weighed in on how a “free press [is] vital” to the country’s survival, noting how the U.S. came through communist Joseph McCarthy and President Richard Nixon.  And of course what Barry was leading up to was, of course, his perceived danger of “grow(ing) complacent.”  Barry said, “We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly.”  He seems to forget how it was that things fell apart, socially, economically and internationally, during his tenure.

Barry said, “That’s what happened in Germany in the 1930s, which despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolph Hitler rose to dominate.”  And he added, “Sixty million people died. . . So, you’ve got to pay attention. And vote.”  What continues to be so very odd about the whole comparison to Hitler, is that it’s Barry himself who bears a much closer resemblance, politically speaking, to Hitler than does President Trump.

Also during the evening, Obummer expressed “regret and disappointment” that he didn’t get tougher on guns as president.  It is noted that his voice seemed to wobble with emotion as he talked about the Sandy Hook shooting.  He said, “Something is broke.”  Obummer was a busy boy on Tuesday in Chicago, also attending a conference of mayors with his buddy ol’ pal Rahm Emanuel who has declared his city a “Trump-free zone.”  But nothing was mentioned about the city’s escalating murder rate.

And as someone who has never been shy about patting himself on the back, even when it came to those things that he had absolutely nothing to do with, Barry actually credited himself with the soaring economy occurring on his successor’s watch.  He said, “As we took these actions, we saw the U.S. economy grow consistently. We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far, a streak that still continues by the way.”  And he added with his trademark smirk, “Thanks, Obama.”

So, here we have the president who presided over the largest increase in our national debt in history, presided over the most anemic economy “recovery’ in recent history, and the largest mass-migration onto public assistance now taking credit for the Trump Boom?  Dream on, Barry!  As they say, victory has 100 fathers, but defeat is an orphan. And why wasn’t he on the south side of Chicago strutting his narcissistic self?  Was it because he and Rahm don’t want to take credit for THOSE grim statistics?

And something that I always find worth noting is how it is that in so many of what have become essentially Republican-free zones, or those locales where Democrat politicians and their policies have prevailed for decades, it’s only poverty, urban blight, intergenerational welfare dependency, and homicides that have run rampant.  You would think that with all of these examples of what comes from decades of liberalism, Democrats would never get elected.  And yet they do.  Go figure.

And lastly, it is in my humble opinion that our pathetic ex-president really should think about curtailing these pathetic attempts of his to remain relevant by taking credit for the successes of others.  And am I the only one who sees the irony here in that we have this pathetic boob who spent the entire eight years of his presidency blaming EVERYTHING that went wrong on the guy who came before him, and is now claiming credit for the primary accomplishment of the guy who came after him.



Well, it’s beginning to sound more and more like old Doug Jones, down there in Alabama, thinks that he just might have this try for a Senate gig pretty much in the bag.  Of course, if he does pull it out he’ll have his soon to be BFF Mitch McConnell to thank.  But when you’re a slimy Democrat it matters not how you go about getting one in the ‘W’ column, only that you do.  And I make that assumption only because that up until recently he’s kind kept those things which he supports, as does any good Democrat, pretty close to the vest.  You know, things like his support for abortion on demand right up to the time of delivery, or for men being able to use share the women’s restroom with our wives and daughters and well as for supporting those municipalities who violate federal law by calling themselves sanctuary cities.

And since he’s feeling a bit more comfortable these days about his chances, again thanks primarily to McConnell and cadre of RINOs, Jones has also been a bit more open about his position regarding our southern border and his willingness to leave it wide open in the hopes, I assume, of bringing in as many potential Democrat voters as possible.  He has now come out firmly against President Trump’s plan to construct a border wall along the United States-Mexico border.  It was in a statement to Fox News that Jones slammed Trump’s most prominent immigration initiative, the building of a border wall on the southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration, Mexican cartel activity, and drug flow into the U.S.  When asked if he supported the construction of the border wall, Jones said, “No, I do not. I think it’s too expensive.”

And it was in blasting the whole notion about the border wall that Jones continued by saying, “I don’t think we need to be spending $20 billion dollars.”  And he went on to say, “I want to put it on healthcare, I want to get tax cuts for the middle class.”  Now of course in stating all of his supposed concerns regarding the cost of the border wall he failed to make any mention about the annual cost of illegal immigration that, while benefitting multinational corporations and the wealthy, upper-class, has been a detriment to America’s working and middle-classes.  The most recent estimates by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), reveal that an illegal alien costs each American taxpayer approximately $8,075, totaling a burden of roughly $116 Billion annually.  All of which seems to be rather unimportant to Mr. Jones.

Jones likes to claim that he was not an “ultra-liberal,” a claim made by his opponent Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla.  You see, it was just last week that Mrs. Moore said of Mr. Jones:  “Our opponent—who is an ultra-liberal, who was an Obama delegate, who is for full-term abortions, who is for more gun restrictions, who is for transgender bathrooms, who is for transgender [people] in the military—is against everything we in Alabama believe and stand for.”  She puts forth a very strong argument for not voting for someone who, to put it quite simply, is nothing more than another example of what we already have far too many of in Washington, a run of the mill America hating and Constitution shredding “ultra-liberal.”  And it should be very clear why it is that there had been such a concerted effort against Judge Moore by ‘The Establishment!’

Jones has also continued to make it very clear, and on more than one occasion, that he is one of those “ultra-liberals” who believe that every right enumerated in the Bill of Rights is limited, and the Second Amendment is certainly no exception.  And it was according to the Alabama Political Reporter that Jones described himself as “a Second Amendment guy,” but stressed that some gun control is necessary.  He said, “We’ve got limitations on all constitutional amendments in one form or another.” This position is contrary to the clear language of the amendment, which states that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”  He stressed that he loves to hunt but still believes in “smart” gun laws.  “Smart” gun laws?  Is he like talking about the same kind of “smart” gun laws that they have worked so well in Chicago?

And let’s not forget how it was that, during a September 24, 2017 appearance on ‘Meet the Press’, Jones said, “The biggest issue, I think, that’s facing the Second Amendment right now is that we need to make sure we shore up the National Crime Information System, the NICS system for background checks, to both keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but at the same time, cut down on error so that law-abiding citizens can get those.”  New gun control focused on background checks has been introduced by a couple of ‘The Swamp’s’ more sleazy individuals, RINO John Cornyn and Democrat Chris Murphy since Jones made that appearance on ‘Meet the Press.’  And just like Jones, it’s Democrat Chris Murphy who has himself made it quite clear that he too believes that the Second Amendment has certain ‘limitations.’

And we know that because it was during a May 2013 appearance on MSNBC Rachel Maddow’s ‘Lean Forward’, that our esteemed leftwing kook Mr. Murphy said, “The Second Amendment is not an absolute right, not a God-given right. It has always had conditions upon it like the First Amendment has.”  So it’s “not and absolute right, not a God-given right?”  Says who?  Another one of those “ultra-liberal” Democrats who apparently hasn’t got a clue when it comes to what the Constitution actually says?  One of those who is of the opinion that it’s those in government who know far better what best for the rest of us?  Are we really willing to allow ourselves to be convinced that it’s a good idea to elect another one of these “ultra-liberals” to Congress?  I thought the whole idea here was to drain ‘The Swamp’ not to replenish it.

And so it’s on that note that I will continue to pray, every single day until the election, that the good people of Alabama will tell this Marxist Democrat (oops, I repeat myself) that there is no cost too high for the sovereignty of a nation, and no cost too steep to do all that we can to ensure that our sons and daughters are free from rape, murder, and all manner of the such by those that Democrats insist upon allowing into our country in unprecedented numbers.  Jones apparently desires that we have it as bad in this country as they have it in Europe, where our police warn our women to stay inside at night or risk getting raped by the invading and unchecked ‘refugees’ and immigrants.  While those in government seem determined to take from us the best way we have of defending ourselves.  That makes absolutely no sense.

I have no doubt that the Democrats, as well as more than a few RINOs, think that the people of Alabama are a bunch of uneducated, empty-headed rubes.  Doug Jones wants to deprive the people of Alabama of their Second Amendment right, he wants to kill their unborn babies, and thinks the good folks of Alabama are as dumb as a loaf of bread.  What’s truly sad is that it’s this creep that the Republicans would rather have as a colleague.  I hope the good folks of Alabama are able to see through all of the garbage.  But if the people of Alabama do elect this guy, Jones, I can’t help but wonder if they will ever again be able to look into the eyes of their children or their children’s children confident in the knowledge that they did the right thing.  Because once this guy is in office it’s going to be too late!  Vote wisely, Alabama, please.



It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how far off the tracks the Democrats become, they rarely ever seem all that interested in doing anything other than to get even further off the tracks.  And it was just this past Sunday, and again on MSNBC, that those tuned in witnessed Democrat Al Green spew much the same ‘drivel that we’ve heard from Mad Maxine’ Waters and rodeo clown Frederica Wilson.  You see, it’s according to Al that voters have now become “fed up” with the “hurt and pain” President Donald Trump’s behavior is causing.  But I have to be honest, I’m more than a little confused about exactly what ‘pain’ Crazy Al may have been talking about.

It was in this his latest appearance that Green said, “I will vote for impeachment, and I will do so because this president is unfit. He has taken discourse to a level that we’ve not seen. He called a member of congress whacky, the member of Congress from Florida, Ms. Wilson. The president does these things, and he goes back to the White House, where he’s protected. Ms. Wilson has had to suffer threats. There was a prayer vigil with reverend Al Sharpton there just recently to support her. These things are a detriment to the fiber and fabric of our country. Calling people who are racist, known racists who are bigots saying that they’re nice people, this is not America.”

‘Crazy’ Al then went on to say, “Our country is much better than this, and the way for us to remedy this is with impeachment. I don’t guarantee results, but I guarantee you that there will be a vote.”  And he added, “I think that President Trump is creating a backlash. This is not celebrating what happened in Virginia and other places. It’s a recognition that people are fed up with this behavior, the kind of hurt and pain that he’s causing.”  Someone should have warned old Al that he doesn’t do much to reinforce his credibility on this particular topic when he brings up Al Sharpton and Frederica Wilson, both of whom are little more than your basic run-of-the-mill racists.

Now this is just my own personal opinion, but I’m thinking that old Al has things more than just a bit backwards.  You see, Mr. Green, President Trump was hired by ‘We the People’ of this country because we were tired of the ‘hurt and pain’ that you and your progressive buddies have been inflicting upon our country for decades.  And to be clear, Democrats winning elections in states that are heavily populated by leftwing parasites, proves absolutely nothing when judging the sentiment of the entire country regarding how most Americans feel about President Trump.  Our country has been placed in serious danger because our military was gutted by leftist Obummer.

And what Green seems to have forgotten, or simply chooses to ignore, is the fact that it was while under the stewardship of Obummer that this country come to too closely resemble one of those Third World countries that Obummer always seemed so fond of as he also proceeded to view himself as being some tinhorn dictator.  That was essentially the price those of us who played no part in first electing, and then re-electing, a devout Socialist were forced to pay because morons like Green thought it would be such a great idea to have a black president.  The damage done to this country by this one man is something we may never be able to fully recover from.

What we have here, in the person of Mr. Green, is someone who is your typical leftwing kook.  A guy who is maybe a bit too quick to go about blaming others for his own personal failures, of which there are many.  He’s another one who has no problem at all with lying, cheating, calling his political opponents racist, engaging in obvious slander, and making false accusations in an attempt to destroy the credibility of innocent people who happen to disagree with him.  He likes to pretend that he is morally superior when in truth he most often behaves like someone accustomed to living in a sewer.  It is people like him who voters are truly fed up with.

And oddly enough if our elected officials, at both ends of the political spectrum, put as much effort into doing their job as they do in complaining about the way President Trump does his, they just might actually accomplish something.  Unfortunately we the people are paying the price for these buffoons acting like children instead of adults. But then again I guess when your gravy train is in danger you get defensive and act out. They’re starting to see that we the people are fed up with their job performance and are not going to put up with it anymore.  The only defense they have is trying to get rid of the person we elected and tasked with draining ‘The Swamp.’

And I must admit that I’m a bit confused when it comes to just what “hurt and pain” Green might be talking about.  After all, employment is up, GNP is at 3%, which is something Obummer never once accomplished during his eight years in office, companies are beginning to move back to the U.S., housing is showing a significant recovery, and Trump is deporting illegals and lowering ‘refugee’ numbers, so there will be fewer for the rest of us to support.  If Green was being honest, he’s admit how it was that Blacks suffered greatly under Obummer.  Yet that seems to have been a price that blacks, like Green, were willing to pay to have a black president.

Look, it should have become painfully obvious, by now, that this guy is nothing more than a certified nut case which, I suppose, doesn’t say much about the morons who have been sending him back to Congress every two years since he was first elected back in 2004.  He’s now become little more than a one trick pony in that he rarely speaks about anything other than the impeachment of President Trump.  And while I’m quite sure that he and his fellow Democrats realize that you can’t simply impeach a president because he happened to win an election, that hasn’t kept them from continuing to spew their never-ending stream of political sewage about Trump.

And it’s the majority of those involved in the state-controlled media who have now lost completely what little objectivity they might have once possessed in their reporting about our president, his supporters and those seeking to remove him from office.  And their attempts to one up each other regarding the level of their vitriol have now become completely out of hand.  They continue to resort to the making up of what has come to be accepted by most as ‘fake news’, complete with made up sources and name calling, as well as threats.  The other tactic they’ve begun using is to leave unreported what successes the Republicans have been able to achieve.

And finally, what I personally am now fed up with is how all of the liberal idiots like Green, Waters and the rest of the typical leftwing cast of kooky characters remain so intent upon lecturing us day after day on why it is that they feel President Trump is so badly in need of being impeached.  Yet when one stops to consider the fact that we put up with eight years of Obummer’s blatant corruption it was none of those now calling for the impeachment of President Trump who uttered so much as a single word about the need to impeach Obummer.  I’m tired of those who never shut up and do everything they can to prevent President Trump from doing his job.


Campaign 2016 VP Debate

To say that Democrats are bending themselves into pretzels in their continuing efforts to create the notion that they played no role in the continuing ‘Russia scandal’ would be an understatement.  And they continue to be provided with all manner of political cover by their devoted allies in the state-controlled media by pushing the narrative that this is somehow a Trump only problem.  However, as more and more information comes to light, Mueller’s recent indictments notwithstanding, it’s becoming all the more clear that it’s a Hitlery & Co. only ‘scandal.’  And am I the only one able to recognize the fact that it’s the Democrats who always accuse the Republicans of doing what they themselves are buried hip-deep in.

Which, of course, brings me to our failed candidate for vice president, ‘Little Timmy’ Kaine.  You see, it was during a recent interview that Timmy saw fit to falsely accuse the ‘Washington Free Beacon’ of being behind the funding of the Russian dossier when it’s quite clear they stopped paying Fusion GPS before the firm began working on the dossier.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hitlery & Co., of which Timmy was a primary player, were revealed as funders of the dossier that alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Timmy tried to deflect from that fact during a Tuesday interview on the Crappy News Network (CNN), instead incorrectly blaming the ‘Washington Free Beacon.’

It was CNN anchor, and former Fox News reject, Alisyn Camerota who asked Timmy, “Do you see these things as equivalent–of the Hillary campaign looking for dirt from Russians and Russians offering dirt to the Trump campaign?”  To which Timmy responded by telling little more than a big fat whopper.  In responding to Camerota, Timmy said, “If you’re asking about the dossier, that was funded by a conservative, online news publication–the Washington Free Beacon.”  Timmy went on to say, “And they hired a British secret service agent and then when they decided to drop it, apparently…some of the funds used to continue the investigation were used by the Clinton campaign.”  And Timmy knew he was lying.

Because recent reporting would seem to indicate that Timmy’s rather unique version of events is very clearly incorrect.  Because while the ‘Free Beacon’ did in fact pay Fusion GPS for standard opposition research, Fusion GPS did not contract with ex-British agent Christopher Steele until after the conservative news outlet stopped paying the group.  The creation of the dossier also did not occur until the ‘Free Beacon’ had completely removed itself from the equation.  Thus, the DNC along with Hitlery & Co. were the ones solely responsible for funding the creation of this sleazy dossier.   It’s odd that Timmy, who was Hitlery’s running mate, remains so uninformed about this particular timeline.

Which can lead us then to one of only two possible conclusions.  Either we believe that Timmy is one of the most ignorant dupes on the entire planet, or he is purposefully lying.  Which as we have seen, seems to be standard operating behavior not only for Timmy, but for Democrats in general.  And Camerota is no better because I’m quite sure she views herself as being a bona fide journalist, and as such she should, by this time, know the timeline of the Fusion GPS story.  But, as is usually the case with these journalistic wannabes, she made no attempt to correct Timmy’s blatant false, and very dishonest, assertions.  Just one more example of why we view CNN as being the “fake news” organization that it is.

And can we all agree that it would appear that Timmy clearly does not have a very tight grip on reality?  I mean seriously, he’s like the crazy old uncle who lives in the attic and only comes down whenever the family needs a little comic relief.  He’s also the proud father of a member of Antifa, we found that out when his son was arrested not that long ago, along with other members of Antifa, and forced to remove the mask over his face, how proud Timmy must have been.  What we have is yet another case of where the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  But I digress.  My point is that he’s a liar and he knows he’s a liar.  That’s what is so confounding about the Democrats, lying has become second nature to them.

And finally, can you possibly imagine this dolt being a heartbeat away from the Presidency?  He is dumb as a brick, and no offense to bricks everywhere.  He likely would have had a very difficult time understanding his role as vice president and we know this only because he makes ‘Slow Joe’ Biden look like a Rhodes Scholar.  So here we have Debbie Wizzerman-Schultz who has said she didn’t know, John Podesta who said he also didn’t know, Hitlery who said she had no idea and now Timmy attempts to make the point how he didn’t know either.  Now I may have become a little cynical in my old age, but I’m thinking that at least some of these boobs just might not be telling the truth.


<> on December 7, 2016 in Washington, DC.

As I am not someone who makes his living as a political advisor, please excuse my confusion regarding how it is that the Democrats can obtain “information” from foreign nationals with it being nothing more than normal everyday ‘opposition research’, but if the Republicans even speak to a foreigner it’s collusion.  And how is it that no one at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or among those in charge of Hitlery’s campaign, or even the candidate herself, didn’t know anything about this “Russian dossier?”  Do they really expect anyone, other than their kooky voter base, to believe that they would spend $8 to $12 Million and not have a clue what it was being used for?  I can understand their idiotic voter base falling for that line of BS, but I would hope that enough of us regular folks still have this thing called commonsense.

Which brings me to this past Sunday’s rather bizarre episode of MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” during which host Kasie Hunt asked deputy chairman of the DNC, and well-known supporter of the Moslem Brotherhood, Keith Ellison if he thought it was a mistake for the DNC to pay for the so-called Russia dossier manufactured by Fusion GPS about Donald Trump.  Ellison dismissed it as part of the political process in a “modern American election.”  But it is also rather apparent that Ellison is of the opinion that the ONLY candidates that should be permitted to conduct such research are those running for office under the Democrat Party banner.  And what I found as being most remarkable about this entire exchange was the fact that Ellison was able to keep a straight face during the entire thing.  That makes very clear what a skillful liar he is.

And it is a partial transcript of that rather nonsensical exchange that follows:

Ms. Hunt: So, I want to start with the news that we’ve all been focused on this weekend, and that is, of course, the Russia investigation, and what has been unfolding there. And one issue … that Republicans have zeroed in on is the Steele dossier and what we learned from The Washington Post about who paid for that. Now, this happened before you were elected to your position at the DNC but do you think paying for that dossier was a mistake for the party to make?

Jihadi Ellison: You know, opposition research is commonly done by both parties. The real question is, are the statements in the dossier true or are they false? I mean, that’s the real issue. At the end of the day, the findings in that research are things that Trump ought to either deny or and there should be investigations about. That’s the real question. But asking me whether a political party did some background research on a political candidate is like saying, ‘Did you buy lawn signs? Did you buy flyers and literature?’ It’s just part of how campaigns are run in a modern American election.

Now to my way of thinking, manufactured content purchased with the specific intent of smearing one’s political adversary doesn’t exactly fall under the heading of ‘opposition research.’  I see that as being nothing more than a hit job to get someone out of the political picture.  The left doesn’t seem to think that accountability and responsibility apply to them, and they definitely operate under a different set of standards that also seem to be reserve strictly for themselves.  You see, you’re not supposed to simply create it out of thin air and you’re not supposed to lie, pay for ‘research’ you did not disclose, or pass it on to be used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on your political opponent.  And this boob, Ellison KNOWS this, and yet he’s out there lying to the American people in an attempt to obfuscate and deceive.

I mean how it is that Donald Trump Jr. going to listen to some Russian who had ‘information’ about Hitlery can be defined as Treason, and yet when Hitlery uses the Russians who supplied a fake dossier in order to sway the American voters to vote for her it was defined as being nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill ‘opposition research.’  Opposition research is legal. Paying a foreign agent that is working with the Russians to produce ‘fake documents’ to be used as a basis for FISA court warrants on the opposing candidate, not so much.  Ellison is just another liberal hypocrite who simply can’t bring himself to admit what went on here, by the Democrats.  And don’t forget, the FBI then went on to use that bogus dossier as their reason to FULLY investigate then president-elect Trump, his family, and campaign staff.

And while I may be wrong about this, though recent events seem to confirm it, I thought elections originally had something to do with having positive reasons to vote for a candidate, not reasons to destroy the other candidate.  Elections used to be about choosing the best candidate, not the mud-spattered survivor of what was nothing more than a political food fight.  And I know that slander, in one form or another, has played a part in virtually every presidential rate since Thomas Jefferson, including Jackson, Lincoln, Goldwater and many others.  But in recent years, that’s all it’s been about.  I’m trying to recall anything positive in Hitlery’s campaign and I keep coming up empty.  Might that have been the real reason, or at least one of them, why she lost a contest to someone who was a complete outsider?

And finally, are John Podesta, Fusion GPS and other political attack dogs really how we want to go about choosing our national leaders?  And let’s not forget that for 12 months, George Stephanopoulos, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, and the other ‘Globalist Media’ whores at CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have paralyzed America, demanding the impeachment of Trump for imaginary collusion with Russia.  We now know Hitlery, the DNC and Comey’s FBI colluded with Russia, paying $12M for Russian spies to produce lies about Trump for the sole purpose of effecting the election, and since, to paralyze Trump’s agenda, and to overthrow democracy with their 12 month campaign to impeach Trump.  Now the same bunch at CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC insist Russian interference in America’s elections is standard ‘opposition research?’


Electoral College 1

What it is about those in charge of the Democrat Party and a lack of possessing even a most rudimentary understanding of our Constitution?  I mean do they really not understand what it says, or is there something a bit more sinister underway here?  For instance, do they truly possess no understanding of it, or are they simply betting on the fact that those who tend to vote for Democrats don’t understand it or even know what it is.  Personally, I’m thinking that those in charge of the party have a pretty good grasp on what it is that our Constitution says, and they’re pretty confident that the vast majority of those who proudly vote for Democrats haven’t got a clue.  And that’s how those in charge prefer it.

Which brings me to another example of where we have a high ranking member in the Democrat Party attempting to take advantage of that significant ignorance regarding our Constitution.  Now I’m sure most of us are aware that genuine American History is very rarely taught in our public schools today.  And dare I say that there is a specific reason for this.  Because if the true history of our nation was actually taught then it would be common knowledge that the Electoral College has a purpose and was established by our Founding Fathers, in the Constitution, as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.

Frankly, I can’t remember another time in my sixty five years of being on this planet where I’ve ever seen such a dedicated and concerted effort by those in the Democrat Party to convince their followers that the Electoral College is nothing more than something dreamt to somehow rig the system against them.  The most recent attempt came from none other than Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez who falsely claimed, yet again, that the Electoral College is not “a creation of the Constitution.”  During a lecture at Indiana University Law School, Perez said the Electoral College “doesn’t have to be there,” asserting that the national popular vote should be the principal standard.

And it was in lying through his teeth that Perez said, “The Electoral College is not a creation of the Constitution. It doesn’t have to be there.”  And he went on to say, “There’s a national popular vote compact in which a number of states have passed a bill that says we will allocate our vote, our electoral votes, to the person who wins the national popular vote once other states totaling 270 electoral votes do the same.”  You know, it’s the fact that he knows he’s lying is what makes his actions all the more disgusting and, dare I say, even more than just a little sinister.  But this is the type of behavior that we have now come to expect from those in charge of the Democrat Party and others one the left.

Perez’s claim that the U.S. Constitution is not a part of the Electoral College is, however, completely false and he knows it.  Because he knows as well as the rest of us that Article II clearly outlines the electoral process, dictating that states must appoint electors who meet and vote for the president.  Article II very clearly states, “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.”  Pretty cut and dry.

Perez has made statements in the past implying that that President Donald Trump actually “didn’t win” the 2016 presidential election because Hiterly won the popular vote.  That’s just one of the many reasons that I have such a difficult time taking anyone in the Democrat Party seriously.  Because they’re nothing but a pack of unprincipled liars.  You can’t tell me that Perez actually believes any of the shit that is constantly coming out of his mouth.  And yet he’s hoping that those to whom he is speaking, will.  And it’s obvious that many of them do, which only encourages losers like Perez to spew even more of their rather toxic and blatantly incendiary rhetoric adding to our era of political incivility.

Look, the Founding Fathers created the Constitution, which was then approved by the people, and it’s the Constitution that makes very clear the purpose of the Electoral College and the role state legislatures play in shaping it.  Where Perez practices to deceive is when he pretends not to know that every election we have ever had has been won by the candidate with the most Electoral College votes, regardless of popular vote.  Hitlery lost in the very same fashion as has every presidential election loser that came before her, and Trump won the election in the very same way that every other presidential candidate won.  If Perez wants to change the way candidates win the presidency, there’s a process.

Nothing known to us thus far would change how the outcome of the last election was arrived at, Donald J. Trump is the constitutionally elected president of these United States.  And it’s only those afflicted with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder, or (TARD), which apparently includes Perez, who refuse to accept that fact.  For those unfamiliar, TARD is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8, 2016, and seems only to have increased in severity ever since.  Those afflicted with TARD often exhibit a rather pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of rage, uncontrollable crying, suicidal ideation, and extreme butt-hurt.

Typically, those diagnosed with TARD are characterized by the possessing of a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to “Make America Great Again,” and an overwhelming need to say just about anything in an effort to undermine, discredit or delegitimize our duly elected president.  Individual sufferers can be expected to display signs of paranoia and delusion; and in acute cases psychotic episodes have been observed.  Those afflicted go beyond being simply upset about the results of the 2016 presidential election, it’s those afflicted with TARD who are either completely unwilling or unable to accept reality, and very stubbornly so, despite irrefutable evidence.

And when it comes to those afflicted with this condition, the only known treatment that can be said to be in any way effective is regular exposure to some sort of psychiatric therapy.  The patient must be repeatedly exposed to heavy doses of political reality, and should be made to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat for as long as they are able to tolerate it, with each exposure increasing in length.  And it should be after no less than a week that the patient should be encouraged to be seen in public wearing the ‘MAGA’ hat.  And ultimately, the goal should be to get the patient to where they are comfortable wearing the ‘MAGA’ hat 24/7 without experiencing any outbursts of ‘NeverTrumpisms.’

Be aware that patients with TARD are typically very resistant to any form of treatment, and should always be considered as being rather dangerous whenever they are present in large groups (usually any number over 5).  Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from their hive-mind support apparatus since they cannot begin the process of accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and irrationality.  Separation may require the assistance of law enforcement.  And if you have a friend or loved one who is suffering from TARD, urge them to seek treatment.  We must help those who can’t help themselves, and together we can beat this scourge, TARD.

But seriously folks, all joking aside, I can’t help but wonder just how many people actually understand all of the unintended consequences that would go along with the Electoral College being made to go away.  Now granted, the Democrats’ wish to scrap it notwithstanding, we’re still a very long way from abolishing it, courtesy of a Constitutional amendment.  But people need to be made to realize that if that were to ever happen the nation would essentially end up being run by little more than a hand full of states, all of which are of the very deepest shade of blue.  And why should the folks of, say, Nebraska be left to have what would essentially be no say in who it is that would be elected president?

Or to put it in such a way that even those in the Democrat Party can understand, there are 3,141 counties in America.  Donald Trump won 3,084 of them and Hitlery won only 57.  It would be ludicrous to suggest that the vote of those who encompass a mere 57 counties should dictate the outcome of a national election.  And yet we still have to listen to morons like Perez who continue to harp on the fact that because Hitlery won the popular vote, it’s she who should now be our president.  Why should I, as one who lives in one of those 3,084 countries that Trump won be forced to live in a country shaped by those who live in the 57 counties that Hitlery won?  Come on people, this ain’t rocket science.