Not even the loss of roughly half their viewers has convinced those in charge of the ‘news’ network formerly known as being ‘Fair and Balanced’ to reverse course, and to return to what it was that attracted so many of us in the first place. But the network remains determined in its effort to attack President Trump 24/7. And it was in demonstrating that he’s a team player, it was just this past Tuesday that Bret Baier brought fellow ‘NeverTrumper’ Stephen Hayes onto his “Special Report” where Hayes then proceeded to describe President Trump’s demands on the coronavirus stimulus as a “temper tantrum from the president who’s trying to steal an election.”

It was during what was a supposed panel ‘discussion’ regarding increasing the amount of COVID relief checks to $2000 that our esteemed Mr. Hayes said, “This is much more about Republicans having to respond to a temper tantrum from the president who’s trying to steal an election, basically.”  And it was from there that Hayes went on to add, “If you look at what President Trump is saying, this is about Donald Trump, it’s not about the future of the country. It’s not about the future of the Republican party. It’s not even really about COVID relief. If relief were so urgent, one suspects that the president would’ve made this happen months and months ago.”

Hayes claimed that President Trump could have made the stimulus bill happen months ago, but in so doing he ignores completely the fact that Nancy Pelosi deliberately held it up until, as she said, “we now have a new president.”  So was Hayes in favor of President Trump acting like the autocratic dictator that so many have been calling him for the last four years. Someone needs to remind Hayes that the attempted theft of the 2020 Presidential election is not of Donald Trump’s doing.  President Trump is simply working to do all that he can to ‘Stop the Steal.’ This coup d ‘tat must not succeed. Hopefully, the treasonous perpetrators will end up going to prison.    

Mr. Hayes is someone who has long referred to himself as being a conservative, and yet he has been very willing to join in with the Democrats in accusing the Trump administration of being guilty of exactly what it is that the Democrats themselves have been guilty of having done and of continuing to do.  And sadly it’s losers like Hayes who have been only too eager to pitch in wherever and whenever they can. And if there is one thing that those involved in our ‘fake news’ media are all so very good at doing, it’s ignoring, or just flat out denying, any and all evidence of the election shenanigans, especially if doing so advances their preferred political agenda.

One of the rather unexpected benefits resulting from the Trump Presidency has been how most, if not all, of these frauds and journalistic phonies, like Mr. Hayes, have essentially been smoked out from under their rocks and forced out into the open and fully exposed. Look, anyone with a brain now knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, who all of these blatant propagandists are. And, apparently, it’s this idiot Hayes who is somehow under the impression that it’s President Trump, and not ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, who’s trying to “steal” the election that we know he actually won.  Proving that, for whatever the reason, he hasn’t been paying the slightest bit of attention.

Hayes is another of those who seems to be trying his best so sound convincing in his attempt to portray the president as being responsible for what has turned out to be somewhat of a fiasco of the network’s own making.  But I hate to be the one to tell him, it’s just NOT working. ‘Fox News’ now has a rather sizable problem on its hands, in that the management has apparently lost its mind and has now pushed the network so far left as to make it into another CNN and/or MSDNC, which we don’t need. The result has been rather striking in that once reliable viewers are now leaving in droves and as fast as they can locate OAN or NEWSMAX on their cable channel guide.

It has been since Donald Trump defeated Hitlery in rather humiliating fashion back 2016 that ‘Fox News’ has been becoming increasingly anti-Trump, and it was election night 2020 that, at least for me, was the final straw.  They could not have been more obvious in calling the various state races prematurely in order to justify their claim that ‘Creepy Joe’ was actually succeeding in defeating the man they all loathed.  And now they continue to portray the president’s effort to expose what any rational person views as being massive cheating as simply sour grapes, as they advise the president to simply move on. But it’s nothing that could be further from the truth!

What’s worst of all is that there has been mass dereliction of duty by elected, judicial, and other government officials who have refused to investigate blatant cases of election fraud such as non-legislative changes to election law, videos of fraud or obstruction of observers, missing truckloads of ballots, ballot dumps, statistically impossible vote counts and more.  Hayes’ attitude is detrimental to maintaining the integrity and fairness of our nation’s election process. To simply accept the 2020 election results borders in depravity and definitely demonstrates dereliction of duty by those sworn to preserve and protect our institutions and election process.

What kind of moron must you be to watch video evidence of election fraud taking place and still say there was no fraud that actually took place? It’s like watching your house burn down and claiming you don’t need a water hose. What kind of complete dullard do you have to be to see it but to then deny that it happened? Hayes is trying to be intelligent without using his brain or any common sense. Another self-righteous, pseudo intellectual ‘journalist.’  He claims, “If relief were so urgent, one suspects that the president would’ve made this happen months and months ago.” If it was so urgent, Pelosi would have cooperated and worked with President Trump.

Even if what President Trump is doing is a “temper tantrum” I’m okay with it. I’m also okay with him “stealing the election” because he would simply be ‘stealing’ it back. I have no time for Hayes’ temper tantrum or for Fox News’ and the rest of the media’s tantrums. I’ll take a Trump tantrum any day of the week, because the right things get done with him. And I’m curious about how it can be said that President Trump is trying to steal an election by merely complaining about an election that was stolen from him?  I see how the game is played. And no, legitimate anger does not equate to a “temper tantrum,” and to make such a claim is nothing more than moronic.

The election was stolen in states by those changing elections laws outside of the constitutional/legislative process. At a minimum, you’d think that Hayes and his fellow ‘Fox News’ cronies would be ranting and raving about that, but nope.  This fact is undeniable. And their silence on this matter only makes it easier for the left to steal more elections. Stop ranting about President Trump and show some real spine. Without free and fair elections, we have no country. None of this is about Donald Trump. The evidence of massive election fraud is crystal clear, and Hayes is just one more on a long list of many who has been bought off. There’s no other explanation.

And if the Democrats truly believed this election was on the level, does Hayes not think that they would be busy trying to prove to the world just how decisively it was that ‘Creepy Joe’ had defeated President Trump and too, how the Republicans are now trying to steal the election?  But they’re not. They’re continuing to stonewall all attempts to examine even obvious illegalities such as state election boards and courts changing election laws. This election was nasty. It stinks only in swing states. And it’s going to be exposed. Even if ‘Creepy Joe’ is inaugurated, Democrats will spend the next four years trying to explain the corruption away, they must not succeed!


So, it was just this past Sunday that, in his continuing effort to land yet another Trump-hater he could then bring onto his weekly program, ‘Crybaby Chris’ Wallace went trolling to find a willing RINO, likely one in the employ of Communist China, who would come on his program and there, in front of what I’m quite sure must be his rapidly diminishing number of viewers, proudly declare that the time has now long since passed for President Trump to finally concede the 2020 presidential contest in favor of ‘Creepy joe’ Biden.  And it was in Sen. Pat Toomey, RINO from Pennsylvania, that ‘Crybaby Chris’ found exactly the RINO Judas that he was looking for.  

And it was the stellar Mr. Toomey who said during this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” that President Trump should accept the outcome of the 2020 election.  Toomey said, “I think the president should accept the outcome of the election. And he added, “He had every right to challenge these votes, he had every right to recounts and to litigate. He has done all of those things in my state of Pennsylvania. He’s drawn conservative Republican judges who’ve dismissed these cases for a lack of any credible evidence.”  Nearly all of these judges who have simply refused to hear any of the evidence of voting irregularities, have been appointed by Democrats.

What these RINOs are likely to find out, hopefully the hard way, is that it’s not President Trump who will be raising the most Hell when it comes to all of the blatantly obvious voter fraud that we ALL know took place. It’s going to be the American people, the millions of those who went out and voted for this president. And I know these political elites have grown comfy in their positions, but ‘We the People’ are now DONE with them. The cheating could not have been more obvious or universal. Dominion Voting Systems, servers receiving votes in Venezuela, Barcelona and finally Frankfurt. Why did our vote tallies need to leave the country?

Hopefully the will of 74+ Million people will not end up being circumvented by our ‘fake news’ media complex or those in our corrupt political establishment.  Because if it can be, and we allow it to happen, then, I’m afraid, we deserve the outcome. We aren’t the America that I was taught we are.  McConnell continues to trot out more of these gutless RINO cowards every day. They are openly carrying the water for the Biden Crime Family and their stolen election.  The McConnell led Republican Senate never laid a glove on a single corrupt Democrat for their blatant crimes against America. Untrustworthy professional politicians are ripping America to shreds.

Now of course it goes without saying that Democrats think President Trump should concede, and to do it now.  And yet wasn’t it they who protested, in every conceivable way, his 2016 election for four years!  Now, they want him to quit before the Electoral College vote certification process.  We better settle the disputed 2020 election by re-electing Donald Trump!  If Republicans fail to defend Donald Trump, and go along with this Democrat fraud, Democrats will pass amnesty for illegals and add 20-30 million Democrat voters. After amnesty, they won’t have to cheat, they’ll win every national and statewide election in America forever!

Many of the courts the Trump Team has attempted to go before have seemed unable, or unwilling, even to be bothered with reviewing any of the massive amount of evidence.  And that would also include the Supreme Court.  And it was in denying to hear the suit brought by Texas, and those states who joined with it, against the four battleground states who ran illegal and unconstitutional elections, by claiming those states did not have standing, the Supreme Court simply took the easy way out. Those who voted for President Trump DO have standing, and by choosing to simply declare they do not the Court chose to shirk its constitutional responsibility.

President Trump won the hearts, minds and souls of the American people because he was willing to work for THEM. He worked to bring back their manufacturing jobs that so many said would never come back, he worked to protect them from being robbed by building the wall, he worked to stop the ‘endless wars’ that the political establishment, on both sides, is so fond of and his most heinous crime was to refuse to be bribed, bringing an end to the typical way of doing business in DC, that of taking bribes to pass legislation. No wonder the elites’ hate him, but the people love him.  Sadly, the same cannot be said of those like this RINO turncoat, Mr. Toomey.

President Trump clearly won the 2020 Presidential election in what was nothing less than the most spectacular landslide in all of American history, easily eclipsing ‘BO’s election numbers.  President Trump increased on his 2016 vote by more than 10 percent. He won an overwhelming majority of counties in the U.S., it was, quite literally, a sea of red. The American people were, however, defrauded and robbed by a corrupt cabal of Democrats, RINO’s, corrupt judges, the ‘fake news’, those agencies and individuals who comprise the dreaded ‘Deep State,’ and the super-rich.  All of these culprits are captive of the left as a result of Marxist infiltration of education.

And you know, I think you can tell a lot about a man by the level character, or lack of, exhibited by his children. And it’s all of Donald Trump’s children who, in spite of growing up in conspicuous wealth and privilege, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have criminal records and who are all highly successful people in their own right.  Now, contrast that with the loser Hunter Biden, son of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, and the money-laundering drug addict who ended up getting booted out of the Navy. The differences could not be any clearer.  And yet it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who we are constantly being told is the only one capable of safeguarding our American Values.  Seriously?

Rumor now has it that Toomey will not be seeking reelection when he comes due in 2022 which, if true, made him a rather easy mark for old ‘Crybaby Chris.’  He could come on with ‘Crybaby Chris’ and be free to say whatever it might be that ‘Crying Chris’ might want to him to say without fear of any retribution from any of the folks back home. Toomey is a political opportunist and a self-promoting phony!  ANYONE who believes there was no fraud in the November election is either deluded, a liar, or part of the conspiracy. So take your pick of one or more of the many reasons (there are so many more, but dead people can’t talk) he would look the other way!

Clearly this is not the America most of us were taught that it was. When an aspiring dictator can be elected to the Oval Office, not once but twice, can debase that office in almost every possible way for eight long years and can avoid impeachment simply because of the color of his skin, all while still having many declaring that he was the greatest president in our history, America is clearly in trouble.  And then when a man whose only crime is that he wished to “Make America Great Again” can be so vilified by those who hate this country with little or no defense coming from those within his own party, I do wonder how much longer our country can survive.  

This willful blindness that there was somehow no election fraud is beyond myopic. At this point, there are at least 1000 people who have signed sworn affidavits that they witnessed election fraud. The Fulton County, Georgia footage with suitcases of ballots being pulled out from under covered tables, is damning evidence no matter how many excuses the Democrats are able to concoct.  And then there were the truckloads of ballots that were transported across stateliness. No, I’m sorry Mr. Toomey, you seem to suffer from the same disease that many Democrats and a goodly number of RINOs do. You don’t like President Trump and that’s all that seems to matter to you.

Finally, I think it’s fair to say that Donald Trump was elected, at least in part, as a little payback to our Republican Establishment. He was used to show our repudiation of them. And the actions that they are now taking are essentially a repudiation of us. Remember when ‘The Maverick,’ and a good number of other RINOs, disparaged the Tea Party?  They see a lot of unfinished business here.  Toomey shows himself to be another gutless RINO. I don’t see these Republicans, now throwing President Trump under the bus, as doing themselves any favors when it comes to being able to extend their individual political careers.  And that, I think, is a good thing.


And so how is it that, one who views himself as being both a stellar ‘investigative journalist’ and a very dear friend of Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera chooses to describe the greatest exercise of provable election theft in American history?  Well, he says it’s sometimes that “shit happens.”  But it was this past Saturday that he went even further with his critique of his ‘dear friend,’ claiming that President Trump has been acting like an “entitled frat boy” since the November 3 election.

You see, it was just this past Saturday that Rivera chose to pass on to his longtime friend what I’m sure he saw as being some heartfelt advice when he tweeted out, “For almost 4 years I’ve supported @realDonaldTrump who was assailed by leftist creeps who conjured the Russia Hoax to wreck his presidency. Nevertheless he prevailed.”  Rivera then went on to add, “Sadly he lost a bitterly contested election. Shit happens. However since he has behaved like an entitled frat boy.”

Rivera, who has long counted the president as being a personal friend and who claims to have supported him in both 2016 and 2020, has said on several occasions in recent weeks that it’s time for President Trump to walk away and concede the race to ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. But, has Rivera not been paying any amount of attention since the election?  Or, is he another of those who thinks that because some leftist judges have refused to hear any of the evidence, no fraud took place?

And it was just before Christmas that old Rivera tweeted, “Clearly Americans are anxious to resolve election anxiety,” Rivera tweeted just before Christmas. “@realDonaldTrump it’s really up to you to recognize reality. You’re a winner-Father of Vaccines-Now be a gracious former president, honor the constitutional process.” Yes, by all means, now is the time for being gracious.  A time when those who hate this country may now be on the verge of installing their puppet as president.  

It sounds to me like perhaps President Trump may have managed to somehow treat Rivera in a manner that he viewed as being unfair, perhaps he refused to accept Rivera’s phone call or something else that Rivera’s bloated, fragile ego simply couldn’t handle. Rivera praised the president pretty consistently until President Trump ‘appeared’ to no longer be in a position to benefit his “very good friend.”  I just don’t see this as being advice one good friend would offer to another.

Rivera is simply looking out for his old friends in a post-Trump universe. He’s one of those guys who when he says he has your back, most likely turns out to be the very same guy who stabs you in the back.  He’s also just about the last person I would listen to for advice or truth!  He is nothing but a showman, no depth, no dignity, only a lot of empty words.  And a far as I can remember he’s never been right about anything which is why it strikes me as rather odd why he continues to be sought out.

If Rivera truly did want others to see him as being the ‘investigative journalist’ that he sees himself as being, there is a very easy way for him to do that.  He would work as hard as did in revealing Al Capone’s empty vault to prove how it was that his longtime friend really did won the election and to reveal the massive amount of voter fraud and corruption surrounding this election and involving the Democrats.  But he won’t do that because Rivera as much of a fraud as ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is.  

Since it is in some respects that he still does view himself as being an ‘investigative journalist’ he could easily return to his ‘glory days’ by doing what no major media outlet has yet done, and come out with ‘anatomy of an upset’ explaining how it was than an obviously senile ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was able to engineer a statistically impossible upset in the early morning of November 4, 2020. And he could show how only massive fraud explains it.  Simply declaring that “shit happens” doesn’t cut it.

I can only assume that Rivera has come to believe his own press. He actually thinks he is important and that what he has to say actually matters! He has never been loyal to the President. These comments are both immature and unfounded!  Every American should be thanking President Trump for what he was able to accomplish for us in what was, politically speaking, a very short time. And guess what, it was been every time that he has challenged an issue (including this election), that he has been right!


Election night was the very last night I that watched Fox News and I have not watched it since, not even Tucker. I had been a faithful viewer of the network since it’s very first broadcast. Brit Hume and Chris Wallace were so arrogant and sickening. I’m so thankful that I never have to listen to neither Hume nor Wallace ever again, since I will never watch Fox News again!  President Trump won a landslide election in November and had it stolen from him by a guy hiding in his basement, hours after midnight, in at least five swing states.  The evidence of fraud remains undeniable.

But the Republican elites (RINOs), the liberal ‘fake news’ media hacks, the tech giants, the Communist Chinese and the cheating Democrats all want President Trump to fold and, if we’re being honest, are all praying that he will.  But it’s in their approach to Donald Trump that they are ALL using as their guide, behavior seen by any number of Republicans from the past, those who, I have virtually no doubt, would have been only to glad to concede on election night.  These would be the very same ones quite willing to wait for the next Republican to maybe win an election.

But in getting back to Fox News and my decision to leave it behind, there was a time when I actually thought Brit Hume was someone who was basically pretty nonpartisan and fairly objective. But he made clear on election night that I had been foolish to ever think he was anything other than just another hack.  And he has continued to demonstrate that fact.  It was Hume who recently tweeted this out, “With apologies to Shakespeare, it will be said of Trump that nothing in his presidency became him less than the leaving of it.” Hume thinks the president is embarrassing himself.

Hume doesn’t need to wait on history to see how people regard this election, all he needs to do is look at Fox’s cratering ratings to understand where the people, including myself, now stand. Look, we had ‘Creepy Joe’ winning less than half the counties in America than ‘BO’ did and yet he somehow succeeded in getting 12 million more votes than ‘BO’ did and it doesn’t take genius to explain what happened. It’s all pretty obvious and every person with a functioning brain knows what happened.  And to deny what we all know took place, is simply the actions of a traitor!

It’s none of those in the ‘fake news’ media we have known for years who should NEVER be trusted again. And it’s with each passing day that those on ‘Fox News’ work only to dig the hole they’ve created for themselves even deeper, sealing off any apology they could ever save what might come to remain of their network.  Democrats knew they had no chance of defeating President Trump with ‘Creepy Joe’ as their candidate. The original vote fraud had been well-planned to be subtle and concealed and if they had been able to stop there, I think it just might have worked.

But it was pretty early on that they knew the original plan was going to have no chance against the sheer SIZE of the Trump Red Wave. The vote fraud was getting CRUSHED as the evening unrolled. Hence the emergency plan of extreme ballot stuffing was activated. They probably knew at about 8 pm they’d have to take some extreme measures if they were going to have any hope of winning. But the emergency plan was as blatant as it was obvious, and left lots of tracks. Anyone with half a brain and an ounce of integrity, which leaves out Hume, knows the election was stolen. 

I’m curious to know what it is that makes any of these idiots think there will ever be another free and fair election conducted in America. If Democrats get away with this obvious fraud, which was fare more blatant than the 2016 fraud, there will be no holding them back in the future. Just like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia and a whole host of others. I doubt that there is even one voter in all of those countries combined that thinks their elections are even remotely fair. Of course, Americans are way more gullible and it will take a couple more for the more naive to catch on.

As near as I can tell Fox News has now pretty much ended altogether any reporting on anything that is even remotely related to voter fraud in this election.  Fox News seems to have made a conscious decision to not even offer occasional updates on the fight against the vote fraud. How can they now be considered as being any different than CNN or MSDNC?  If, like me, you’re angry that your vote has been stolen, you need to quit Fox News because of this betrayal. Personally, I’ve switched to OAN pretty much fulltime and found their coverage very good. My favorite is Dan Ball.

Because voting doesn’t work, the courts don’t work, the House and the Senate don’t work, those agency’s entrusted with the running of government don’t work, because the Constitution doesn’t work, the people have a tool, when all else fails, to force all of them to work.  Like it or not, Americans not only have the right, but the moral obligation to rid themselves of tyranny, it’s what made this country what it is.  When all peaceful means have been exhausted then it’s time to go back to the basics and remind those who have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around!

So, answer me this, can one be determined to be the “loser” of an election that was stolen from him?  Well according to those at ‘Fox News,’ other members of the ‘fake news media, certain RINOs and the entire Democrat Party, the answer is a resounding yes!  Especially when it comes to President Donald J. Trump.  We all know the identities of the major players involved in what was this blatant act of election theft perpetrated on the American electorate. They make everything about Trump to hide the fact they care nothing about integrity, transparency or the will of the people.

To sit idly by and say nothing about something so blatantly obvious as the theft of an election or to, worse, act as if the election was completely aboveboard, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that those whose job is supposed to be to keep the American people informed about those in government now seem to be far more concerned with keeping secret what those in our government are actually up to. And where we might have once been able to trust ‘Fox News’ to be “Fair and Balanced” I now find myself wondering if that was EVER really the case.  Including Brit Hume!


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, these Establishment Republicans, these RINOs, have proven time and again that they represent a threat to our Republic that is more serious, and very much so, than even the one posed by the Democrats.  And nothing, and I do mean absolutely NOTHING, has made that more painfully obvious that than the presidency of one Donald J. Trump.  Think about it.  When looking back at the last four years, with a truly unbiased eye, what President Trump managed to accomplish is truly remarkable.  He showed himself to be the most conservative president in the history of this country and I say that with no reservation!

Meanwhile, it has been our cadre of congressional RINOS, right down the very last one, many of whom in the past have claimed to be ardent supporters of the conservative agenda have stood in way, and very proudly so, in the way of President Trump as he worked tirelessly to make good on those promises what got him elected.  We all know the names of these ‘usual suspects,’ and these traitors to their constituents and, even worse, to our country.  President Trump has spent four years trying to advance those causes, many of which, these very same traitors have promised to support if we elected them.  They chose not to keep those promises.  

It’s one of those RINOs, Sen. Ben Sasse, of Nebraska, who recently released a short, and rather terse, statement in which he chose to bash President Trump for doing nothing more or less than what the Constitution allows him to do as president. That being to grant pardons and commute sentences.  President Trump chose to do so for 29 individuals, including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, both men who I have always felt were essentially railroaded for no other reason than because they chose to support Donald Trump for President.  And where it would seem that President Trump agreed with that assessment, it’s quite clear that Sasse most definitely did not. 

And how do we know that Sasse was less than enthusiastic when it came to these pardons?  Well because it was shortly after the pardons were issued that Sasses office released a statement that made that sentiment very clear. The entire statement from his office said: “U.S. Senator Ben Sasse released the following statement after President Trump exercised his constitutional power to issue pardons to another tranche of felons like Manafort and Stone who flagrantly and repeatedly violated the law and harmed Americans. ‘This is rotten to the core.’” “Rotten to the core?”  How so, exactly?  Well Sasse provided no reasoning or rational for his claim.

President Trump pardoned 26 individuals, including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and George Papadopoulos, who were investigated by the FBI as part of its probe into the Russian collusion hoax but ‘convicted’ on charges completely unrelated to collusion. President Trump also commuted part or all of the sentences for three additional Americans.  One of the individuals was Topeka Sam. Sam served three years of a 130-month sentence she received in 2012 after pleading guilty to a conspiracy to process and distribute cocaine, but has since dedicated her life to helping other women towards a path of redemption and founding Ladies of Hope Ministries.

It was back in October that Sasse reportedly held a call with several of his Nebraska constituents during which he slammed President Trump, saying he “mishandled the coronavirus response, ‘kisses dictators’ butts,’ ‘sells out our allies,’ spends ‘like a drunken sailor,’ mistreats women, and trash-talks evangelicals behind their backs.”  It has been reported that Sasse sees himself as being a potential 2024 presidential hopeful.  Good luck with that, Ben! And, you may recall that it was Sasse who also incorrectly predicted a “blue tsunami” on Election Day — despite historic turnout for a Republican president as well as sizable gains in the House for Republicans. 

President Trump criticized Sasse as a “RINO” back in August, after Sasse bashed him for issuing executive orders to halt the government’s collection of payroll tax and provide $400 federal unemployment checks to Americans. And it was then that Sasse said in a statement: “The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop…President Trump does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law.”  If I remember the president took that action because of those, like Sasse, in Congress essentially refused to do much of anything to help those Americans struggling under the weight of the ‘Chinese Virus.’

Sasse’s complaints would likely be considered a bit more credible if it was any of us who could remember Sasse whining as loudly as he is now back when ‘BO’ was busily pardoning some real scum bags, genuine criminals, and more than a few sex offenders.  But it was then that Sasse was remarkably quiet.  By the end of his second and final term on January 20, 2017, ‘BO’ had exercised his constitutional power to grant the executive clemency—that is, “pardon, commutation of sentence, remission of fine or restitution, and reprieve” to 1,927 individuals convicted of federal crimes. Now I don’t recall Sasse, who was elected in 2014, making any such accusations.

If the Democrats do end up succeeding in installing their man in the Oval Office it will be because they were aided and abetted by all of the many spineless RINOs, of which Sasse is so obviously one. The Republicans could, if they so desired, put a stop to all this madness currently going on regarding our recent presidential election, and in so doing save the Republic.  But because they are nothing more than a bunch of political cowards who put their ‘job’ above the very survival of our country, they choose  to refuse to stand with our president.  They are banking on the fact that we will come to forget their treachery, but I’m hear to tell them, “We will never forget. EVER!!!”


Yes, I freely admit it, I am a proud Republican, as was my father before me and his father before him.  It’s in my blood.  And as such I can say without reservation that there is nothing, not one thing, that President Trump has said or done that has caused me the least bit of embarrassment.  On the contrary, I am proud of having voted, not once but twice, for a man who so obviously loves this country as much as I do.  But that seems not to have been enough for many of those in Washington.     

You see, it was John Bolton, another of the many turncoats who are always standing at the ready for whenever they may be called upon to shove a knife into the back of the president they despise, who was recently summoned to ‘fake news’ HQ to appear on Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” hosted by Wolf Blitzer. And it was then that Bolton put forward his claim that President Trump’s criticisms of the coronavirus stimulus agreement were little more than an embarrassing “stunt.”

Blitzer said, “The president also blindsided a lot of Republicans, almost everyone, including his own senior staff, by railing against the COVID relief deal at the very last moment. Is it about policy? Is it about punishing Republicans to not give more support on his attempts to overturn the democratically held election?”  Bolton said, “Yeah, I think this is another appeal by Trump to this base he sees out there.”  Frankly, I care very little about what Mr. Bolton might have to say about President Trump.

Bolton went on to say, “He has now embarrassed many, many Republicans, including the two Republicans running in the runoff election in Georgia on January 5, who supported the bill after signals from the administration that it would support the compromise.”  He continued, “It shows why Trump is not a conservative. Just to come out and say, ‘Let’s go to $2,000 payment per person, $4,000 for a couple.’  Look, Trump doesn’t care what it does to the deficit or the national debt.”

Bolton said, “It’s not his money. It’s like the socialist formula, giving away other people’s money. It’s a stunt. He hasn’t actually said he would veto yet. Maybe he can be talked of it. But it’s the kind of destructive action on his way out of the presidency that shows why he was never fit for it to begin with.”  It says much about Bolton’s mental state that he can look back over the last four years and make the idiotic argument that Donald Trump was unfit for the job of ‘President.’ 

When you stop to consider how it is that he has been made to deal with those like Bolton for the last four years, it’s really quite remarkable that President Trump has been able to get so much accomplished, more so than any other president I can remember in my lifetime.  It’s those like Bolton who were constantly trying to get this country involved in more pointless wars.  President Trump, unlike his many predecessors, ignored them.  Hence he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bolton complains about a direct benefit to citizens as the President calls for $2,000 single and $4,000 married, and yet Bolton has no problem with the fact that we were giving billions of dollars to foreign nations, giving billions to the likes of Harvard and the Kennedy center all under the guise of a Covid 19 Relief Bill. And it was President Trump who threw the bullshit flag, and rightly so. He recognized this 6,000 page fiasco for what it was, just another leftwing raid on the federal treasury.

I really have no use for people like Bolton.  I mean, just how pathetic must one be to try and settle a score against a President simply because he chose to ignore bad ‘advice’ that he was given before choosing to inform Bolton that his services were no longer needed.  Bolton thinks President Trump should have politically protected Republicans and not stood up for the American people.  He thinks money given to other countries is acceptable but money to U.S. citizens is fiscally irresponsible.

And if it’s anyone who should be embarrassed, it’s those who make up ‘The Swamp!’ President Trump has repeatedly shown how both the Democrats and the Republicans do not look out for the American people!  Why it is that they don’t have our backs. They’re working for other countries, not for America.  And these RINOs are more dangerous than even the Democrats.  And if they allow ‘Creepy Joe’ to cheat his way into the White House, forcing President Trump from office, they will be very sorry.

So it’s now that Bolton and the other swamp rats are concerned about the deficit. All the money for illegals, foreigners and foreign countries, foreign wars, doesn’t seem to worry anyone about the deficit.  But give Americans some of their own money back after the government has destroyed their jobs, marriages, education and pushed millions into poverty and all of a sudden everyone’s hair is on fire about the deficit. I might believe them if it was 25 trillion dollars ago!  Now they just make me sick.

And I listen to these people bash President Trump, saying how he is not fit to be President, and I just shake my head. He is without a doubt the best President in my lifetime by far. Even with all of the opposition and hate he’s had to contend with on our behalf, he has gotten more accomplished in his first four years than any number of his predecessors combined. You never hear about that in the news though. You have to do your own research to find out all of the good things he’s done for America.


Oddly enough we have yet another Democrat who has now stepped forward declaring that the time has come for President Trump to admit his defeat. Someone who was himself once elected to the U.S. Senate, back in 2008, courtesy of a few thousand fraudulent votes cast by convicted felons, the dead and others who were not legally able to vote.  This despite the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ has been declared the winner and the fact how it becomes clearer every single day how there was a massive amount of voter fraud that lead to his ‘victory.’  And of course the Democrat of whom I speak of, now calling on President Trump to concede, is none other than Al Franken.

And so it was ex-U.S. Senator Franken who was recently lured out from under his rock, this past Tuesday, in order to make an appearance on MSDNC’s “All In” hosted by one of the many faux ‘journalists’ there at the network, Chris Hayes.  And it was during what was a rather pointless exchange that he referred to President Trump as “a grown man who can’t admit he lost” the 2020 presidential election.  Well, I’m thinking that would depend entirely on your definition of, “lost.”  Because when one is obviously cheated out of a victory, does that actually constitute a loss?  Apparently in the world of Democrats it does, at least as long as the Democrat comes out on top. 

So anyway, it was the imbecilic Mr. Hayes who started things out by saying, “I’m curious your reaction to this. Part of what has made this entire negotiation maddening from everyone — I’ve talked to and reporting on it is here you’ve got this president who can basically make Republicans do anything who hasn’t lifted a finger on these negotiations, hasn’t pushed them on anything, has totally checked out. If he wanted to from the beginning right —he’s got these people doing Stalinist self-criticisms on camera— he could have had them probably deliver a $2,000 check, and he’s been nowhere. Now at the last minute, he blows the whole thing up.”

Franken responded by saying, “This is not the time you threaten to veto a bill. First of all, he should have been there negotiating the whole time. And you’re right. He’s just been completely AWOL. Not even just since the election but pretty much AWOL before, certainly on these talks. I mean, Mnuchin kind of participated in them.”  He added, “You know, this guy’s been awful the whole way, but he’s just gotten worse and worse and worse and worse. And this, what he’s doing right now is a travesty. He’s a grown man who can’t admit he lost.”  Franken should go back under that rock from which he was lured out from under since he has nothing worthwhile to say.     

And I’m thinking that Franken would better serve his party by simply remaining quiet since, as I mentioned earlier, he too was once declared the winner of an election through purely fraudulent means.  In 2008, the day after that election Republican Senator Norm Coleman led Franken by 725 votes. Did Franken just admit that he lost?  Nope! Instead, Democrats simply kept counting and recounting and finding ballots for 8 months until they got the result they wanted. Franken finally won by 312 votes.   Among numerous reports of fraud, 1100 felons illegally voted in that election. As a known cheat, Franken has got some nerve taunting ANY legitimate candidate.

Democrats speak 100 percent hypocrisy and projection. Not a word they say is true in any way, shape, manner or form.  It’s usually just the opposite of what they say that’s true.  The problem is that the American people, collectively, have a very short memory.  Sadly, most Americans will follow a sports team far more closely then they follow their government.  Then when dealing with reality, the typical citizen is ignorant of what those in government are doing, what those in government have done, what TRUE rights are granted to the citizen, and where those rights come from. Elections have been stolen going all the way back to the Kennedy/Nixon contest.

To take part in cheating in order to win an election is the complete opposite of democracy.  People like Franken think it’s somehow cunning politically, to increase ones power in that manner, when instead it decreases the overall strength of the union.  Plus it undermines the rule of law, not that that bothers people like Franken.  It’s no different than transferring wealth from those who labor for it to those who see themselves as being above actually having to work for something.  But under the skin Democrats, like Franken, are Communists at heart.  And again, when Franken first entered the Senate it was because felons, and many of the dead, who put him there.

Franken, like so many others, has substituted for the truth that which is the ‘fake news’ media narrative.  And it’s those like Rove, Kasich, Christie and Romney who have done the very same thing! Their type lives and dies by the narrative, which in this case is that President Trump lost the election. They actually believe perception is reality! No, he didn’t lose, and the evidence backs that up overwhelmingly, but they refuse to see it because whatever opposes their narrative they ignore as being irrelevant. President Trump is looking at what’s true, not at the carefully constructed narrative. The truth will prevail because it must!  Or everything comes to an end.

Look, everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, knows the Democrats stole this election. The Democrats know it. The Republicans know it. The Supreme Court knows it. Hundreds of signed affidavits by those who witnessed the cheating.  Truckloads of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, across stateliness after deadlines had long passed.  Suitcases full of ballots pulled out from under covered tables, all caught on video. Hundreds of thousands of ballots, all for ‘Creepy Joe’. Come on!  If all this cheating is not vigorously pursed, we will never again have a free and fair election in this country. We will lose our Constitutional Republic, it will crumble from within.


First off, let me just start of by saying that when we start seeing the more rabid leftwing members of the Democrat Party starting to appear on Fox News, that makes pretty clear, at least to me, where ‘Fox News’ stands when it comes being any kind of a ‘conservative’ network.  Because if there is one thing we all know about Democrats it’s that they aren’t going to be showing up anywhere where they think there might be even the slightest possibility that they’re going to be asked any semblance of a tough question.  And it figures that when they do, they make sure that it’s on those shows hosted by any of the many ‘NeverTrumpers’ that now populate the network.

It was during Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” that host Neil Cavuto, one of a cadre of ‘NeverTrumpers’ that now resides there at Fox News, asked Jimmy Clyburn if Swallowswell should be booted the House Intelligence Committee “until we get to the bottom of these alleged ties to this Chinese spy?”  And it was in typical fashion that Jimmy answered by diverting the conversation to President Trump, saying, “I don’t know about the committee. But I know that this president has some ties to Putin. He has some ties to Russia. This president is so deferential to Russia until –.” Jimmy again showed us all just how stupid he truly is!

Cavuto then cut in to reiterate his question about Swallowswell and Jimmy responded, “I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You’re talking about appearances. Just because somebody said something doesn’t make it so. What — how many lies has this president told? And a lot of his minions are just making stuff up.”  So Jimmy expects us all to believe that he is either too uninformed or simply too stupid to know anything about the Swallowswell story?  Why am I not surprised?  And once again we have more lies coming from a racist scumbag who in defending a lying creep like Swallowswell can do nothing other than to spew Russia, Russia, Russia.   

Cavuto asked Jimmy if he thought Swallowswell should stay on the committee until something is proven one way or the other.  To which Jimmy stated, “Allegations are allegations. I have no idea what you’re talking about. And so, I’m not going to pass judgment on what Swalwell should or should not do when I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I took the president at his word. And when the president says he believes Putin over his own intelligence people, I’m taking him at his word. If Swalwell would tell me he believes Chinese over our intelligence people, I would say the same thing about him.”  He took the president at his word?  When was that?

It’s always rather stunning the lengths to which these corrupt Democrat useful idiots will go in their continuing effort to protect Communist China, and they make me wonder if 1) they’re really that stupid, 2) they’ve been bought off to look the other way, 3) they’re simply traitors who’ve gone full in on taking the country down or 4) they’re completely compromised with dirt.  All four are scary possibilities and their behavior leads me to no other conclusions.  Ask anything of a Democrat and what you get is Trump and Russia. Why do they keep going to that well that has no water? So it can only be that they’re, stupid, been bought off, traitors or compromised.

But let’s face it, to list all of those truly important things that this racist old dolt, Jimmy, knows absolutely nothing about would fill more pages than did the recent 5,593 page spending bill.  And this guy isn’t merely the village idiot, he pretty much has the franchise for every village all across the country.  And I can’t help but wonder just how truly stupid those who live in his district must really be.  I only say that because it’s been this district of morons who been sending this imbecile off to Congress since 1993, and if that doesn’t fit the definition of being a complete moron I’m not really sure what would.  You can’t tell me they can’t find someone better.  

And think about it, this moron is actually a ranking member of the Democrat Party in Congress.  But look, this is nothing more than one Leftist crook doing whatever he needs to, to protect another.  What else is new?  And you have to ask yourself, has this turd been living under a rock?  And of course he brings up Russia as a way to deflect the question.  So he doesn’t know of FACTS surrounding Swallowswell’s shenanigans with a Chinese spy but he does know about Trump colluding with Putin and Russia even though multiple investigations found nothing. This country is doomed if the American people continue elect individuals like Jimmy AND Swallowswell!

It should be obvious that our Republic is currently under attack from those here at home and abroad. Communist China is a modern-day version of Hitler’s Germany, complete with concentration camps, slave labor, the annihilation of dissent, killing political opponents, 24/7 surveillance and the crushing of religion. Democrats are clearly in bed with China’s leaders and none more so than ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  And if the Democrats are successful in pulling off what would be the greatest example of election cheating ever attempted and do get their guy ‘Creepy Joe’ into the White House, the Communist Chinese will most assuredly have their man on the inside.

And you know, it was once upon a time that we used to hang, shoot, gas, or fry those who chose to be traitors to their country, it served as a deterrent to those who might choose to betray their country in the manner that many of these people now seem comfortable in doing.  Our government has gotten so corrupt that we now have those in charge of a political party who see no need to remove one of their own from the Intelligence Committee where he has access to this country’s most important secrets, even after he has been compromised and open to possible blackmail by Communist China. Their failure to do this simple protection of the country is beyond belief.


I find it all rather disgusting, frankly, when it comes to how so many RINOs can so casually continue to make clear just how little they actually care about our country and they only seem to care about maintaining their over-inflated sense of importance.  And yet they all have the nerve to criticize our president.  How absolutely pathetic!  And as I have said before, it’s these RINOs who pose a far greater threat to our ability to remain free than do Democrats, for reasons that should be very obvious to all.

And so it was Willard Romney who recently made another of his routine visits to ‘fake news’ HQ, this past Sunday, after having apparently been summoned for yet another appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” which he was only too happy to do.  You see, his services were once again needed to bash the president, this time by claiming President Trump is acting “embarrassing” with all of his election fraud claims.  Claims that, according to Willard, have no basis whatsoever in any sort of actual fact.

Anchor Jake ‘The Fake’ Tapper said, “President Trump held a meeting on Friday in which he reportedly discussed with his disgraced former National Security adviser Michael Flynn this deranged idea to appoint martial law and force new elections in states that Biden won. They also discuss appointing conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell as a special counsel to investigate her baseless claims of election fraud and also issuing an executive order to seize voting machines.”  And this guy is a ‘journalist?’

Jake ‘The Fake’ said, “This is, needless to say, quite alarming and scary to a lot of people.”  And he then asked Willard, “What is your response? What will Senate Republicans to do to make sure this doesn’t happen?”  Willard said, “Well, it’s going to happen. That is going nowhere. I understand the president is casting about trying to find some way to have a different result than the one that was delivered by the American people.”  So he thinks the result was “delivered by the American people?”

Willard went on to say, “It’s really sad in a lot of respects and embarrassing because the president could, right now, be writing the last chapter of this administration with a victory lap with regards to the vaccine.”  And he added, “After all, he pushed aggressively to get the vaccine developed and distributed. That is happening on a quick time frame.”  Actually what’s truly embarrassing is how the Republican Party continues to allow into its ranks those who are disgusting turncoats like Willard.

Willard continued by saying, “He could be championing this extraordinary success, but instead leaving Washington with conspiracy theories and things so nutty and loopy that people are shaking their head wondering in the world has gotten into this man? I think that is unfortunate because he has more accomplishments than this last chapter suggests he is going to be known for.”  Frankly, I find it quite hilarious that Willard feels, in any way, qualified to lecture Donald Trump.  Willard is the ultimate LOSER!

So according to Willard, the possibility of fraud in an election where there were numerous instances where there was neither ID checks nor signature comparisons is a “loopy” conspiracy theory?  But spending three long years on a goofy Cold War fairy tale about Russian collusion should be considered as being completely believable?  I still say that Willard remains upset because Donald Trump took him to school on how to win a presidential election.  But then again, Donald Trump actually set out to win.

To me, what’s “loopy” is ignoring sworn affidavits provided by hundreds of people who worked inside the elections and witnessed irregularities. And “loopy” is ignoring that an entire truckload of ballots left New York and ended up in Pennsylvania. Also, “loopy” is ignoring videotape evidence of five election workers in Atlanta telling everyone to go home and then pulling out and scanning tens of thousands of ballots that just so happen to time sync with a massive surge of votes for ‘Creepy Joe.’

The more of these RINOs, like Willard, who continue to join with the Democrats in denying that the outcome of our recent president election was in fact altered by a massive amount of fraud that took place, the more we can be absolutely certain that it did.  Willard chooses not to put much stock in such things as signed legal affidavits from eyewitnesses of the voter fraud, or the videos of the vote counters, or the pulling out the boxes of secret ballots after clearing the counting area of monitors.

Willard, in much the same manner as ‘The Maverick’ did, hates Donald Trump for no other reason than because he won.  Winners do what it takes to win while losers, on the other hand, simply whine and play the blame game while trying to win over a ‘fake news’ media complex that simply uses them whenever it’s convenient. In other words, old Willard is nothing more than the epitome of a ‘useful idiot.’  This turd has really turned into a total jackass, and I’m embarrassed that I ever supported him.

The Democrats, along with their many allies all across ‘fake news’ media, including many there at ‘Fox News’, were sure that if they were all willing to act in concert, and very quickly so, in declaring ‘Creepy Joe’ the winner, then the chances of any of their shenanigans ever being discovered would be remote.  But it didn’t quite go according to plan.  We are now approaching Week 7 since the election, and the longer things go the more evidence of the cheating that took place is discovered. 

So much is now known about the massive amount of cheating, on the part of the Democrats, that took place in several key battleground states.  And that Willard can so easily disregard it makes quite clear just which side it is that Willard is on. And he isn’t on the side of our country.  He lacks honor, values and ethics. He is cowardly, bottom feeding trash. With his immoral and cowardly lies, he’s really a Democrat in Republican garb.  There is no room for such cowards and traitors as he in our party.

And, while I’m quite sure that it goes without saying, we must rid ourselves of these traitors if we are ever going to have any hope of being able to preserve our Constitutional Republic. We will not have an honestly counted election ever again if we do not fight the electoral fraud that took place in this presidential election. We are at a tipping point in American history. The Democrats have said they will stack the U.S. Supreme Court with political hacks and do away with the Electoral College.

Willard claims to be a conservative and yet seems to be doing all that he can to derail a president who has worked tirelessly to advance the most conservative agenda in decades.  It’s the Trump agenda that is all about fair trade, secure borders, self-reliance, fair taxes for all, enterprise zones, a strong national defense, keeping America free from pointless wars, secure elections and a whole lot more.  And yet it’s those like Willard who are constantly seen as siding with the Democrats.

Willard is another of those ‘usual suspects’ with names like Kasich, Flake, Christie and a whole host of others, who seem to take an inordinate amount of pleasure in opposing President Trump at every opportunity.  They have now become little more than proud members of the ‘resistance’ by demonstrating what has been a very obvious willingness to aid the Democrats in tearing the country down while, at the same time, doing all that they can to further undermine the president!


While I still do not want to admit it, I am, at least, beginning to think that, yes, the Democrats may actually end up succeeding with this attempt of theirs to pull off what will be the most blatant act of election theft in all of human history.  What they were able to do was something that was never supposed to be possible in the United States, and yet it was.  Americans were supposed to be above such behavior.  And if the Democrats do succeed in this endeavor, while there will likely be some short-term gains, I can only hope that over the long term they will ultimately be made to pay.

And even as the president’s legal team continues to dispute election results in numerous battleground states, with large numbers of questionable mail-in ballots and election anomalies, Establishment Washington is busying itself with the pushing of Donald Trump out the door. What it failed to accomplish through four years of Deep State sabotage and bipartisan efforts at thwarting the Trump agenda, they may have finally succeeded through good old-fashioned vote fraud.  But will it prove to be a victory the cost of which the victors never really saw coming. We can only hope!

It is my fervent hope that forcing Donald Trump from the presidency, while over half of all likely voters (including a stunning one-third of Democrats) believe the election was stolen from him, will eventually come to backfire on the Democrats, and rather spectacularly so.  President Trump is too ferocious a competitor and too powerful a cultural force to simply disappear into a retirement not of his choosing. At least 75 million Americans voted for the president because, among other reasons, he is seen as an “outsider.” Now Democrats seem insistent upon making him a martyr, as well.

So what is it that might happen when or if President Trump is forced from office come January 20?  There can be no doubt that he will instantly become the most consequential and powerful ex-president Americans have seen, dwarfing even ‘BO’. Making Donald Trump a one-term president could prove to be the Democrats’ biggest nightmare.  In a way it was ‘BO’ who set a new precedent for former presidents.  ‘BO’ has been the most vocal ex-president to date, both questioning Donald Trump’s judgment as president, as well as fanning the flames of the debunked Russia hoax.

And I just don’t see Donald Trump choosing to quietly retreat from public life, leaving his successor to lead free from any future criticism.  And I think we can all be pretty confident that there will likely be no shortage of opportunities for the former president to criticize.  ‘Creepy Joe’s commitment to re-enter the Paris Agreement and backtrack from America’s energy independence achieved under President Trump will take an American economy struggling to recover from a year of pandemic lockdowns and kill it overnight. And Donald Trump will loudly blame his successor.

‘Creepy Joe’ has also made very clear his intent to breathe new life into ‘BO’s failed Iran Deal after the Trump administration has spent four years working to weaken Iran’s influence in the Middle East and has helped to foster peace in the region by securing trade deals between Israel and many of her longtime adversaries that were nothing less than historic, with President Trump having been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. And should ‘Creepy Joe’ lift up a vulnerable Iran and harm Israel in the process, Donald Trump could again loudly blame his successor, and rightly so.

President Trump has made cutting illegal immigration into the United States a top priority. He’s made renegotiating trade deals that have tended to benefit Communist China at the expense of American workers a priority. He’s made bringing troops home by ending “endless wars” a priority. He’s made protecting Americans’ First and Second Amendment rights important priorities.  Meanwhile, ‘Creepy Joe’ has promised to expand immigration and refugee resettlement, to end trade confrontations with China, and to leave foreign policy to the so-called ‘experts.’

And in direct conflict with any oath of office, ‘Creepy Joe’ has also gone as far as to promise to confiscate Americans’ guns while supporting the same Big Tech companies that have undertaken campaigns of outright censorship against conservatives’ speech.  Donald Trump will, I have no doubt, loudly blame his successor for the resulting harm — in all its forms — to the American people. The former president and his millions of supporters will amplify every misstep made by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. “Monday morning quarterbacking” will become a 24/7/365 priority for the former president.    

And if the RINOs believe they will be able to reclaim their party once President Trump leaves office, I believe they are taking part in some serious wishful thinking. Donald Trump just won more votes than any sitting president in history. Even before the 2020 election’s outcome has been decisively concluded, recent polling shows that 54% of Republican voters are ready to back President Trump in 2024.  Even more striking is that nearly 70% of Republicans view the president as standing up for their beliefs, as opposed to only 20% who see congressional Republicans as doing the same thing.

If Donald Trump does decide he’s running again in 2024, I believe that it will be his nomination to lose. Donald Trump has shined a bright light on Establishment Washington’s failures to secure America’s borders and to protect America’s blue-collar manufacturing workforce. That bright light is not going to fade, and any Republican who thinks the party can return to propping up free trade’s twin mantras of endless immigration and overseas slave labor by proxy is simply denying reality.  For sure, if “globalism” wasn’t a dirty word before, President Trump has made it one now.

Now I do fear that if President Trump is forced from office courtesy of what was a grossly tainted election, it still won’t be enough to satisfy either the Democrats or the many NeverTrumpers that we have in Washington. There can be no doubt that it will be very shortly after leaving office that every liberal legal hound will be unleashed upon the former president, instructed to dig up and/or to manufacture, all manner of supposed ‘crimes’ that can then be used to prosecute him, if for no other reason than to dissuade him from even considering another run in 2024.  We must stand by him!