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Whether those in our ‘fake news’ media really believe what they say, or choose to repeat something that they know to be false, I find it all rather odd that they continue to lie about something that remains so very easy to fact check.  I’m talking about how it is that those on the left continue with their propaganda when it comes to how the Democrat Party has somehow always been the great protector of blacks in America.  But to be honest, that they have been allowed to continue getting away with making such patently untrue claims actually rests with the very same blacks that the Democrat Party has long sought to keep on one form of plantation or another.

A case in point would be MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and how she recently claimed on her show that there is not today, nor has there ever been, a single “strain” of racism within the Democrat Party.  She made that rather bold, yet blatantly dishonest, claim while discussing the backlash Republican Steve King has faced after asking questions about white supremacy.  What took place here was nothing more than yet another exercise in ‘fake news’.  And the entire ‘discussion’ was based on, of all things, an interview in the New York Times that took entirely out of context comments made by Mr. King during the interview.  Again we Republicans are simply a bunch of racists!

Wallace said, “In the same way that the “Access Hollywood” tape, grab them by the bleep, set Republicans back a generation with women, I think Republicans are back twice that. I mean, you look at the images of the incoming, you know, I don’t know that there are many, but the incoming members of Congress on the Republican side, all white, all men. You look at just the incoming members on the Democratic side — they look like America. What is the Republican Party?”  It just never ends with these people.  They’ve become so consumed with their hatred of the president they don’t realize that they’re speaking to what has become an increasingly smaller audience.

Ms. Wallace was joined there on the panel by Rick Stengel and Elise Jordon.  And it was fellow panelist Stengel who said, “When did saying white nationalism or white supremacy become a bad word? I mean, the problem is there are voters who are thinking that, too, like, what is wrong with that? And that’s the problem with the Republican Party.”  And he went on to say, “That those people have nowhere else to go and they have a president who seems to endorse those views which are un-American.”  So here we have yet again, when they have nothing else they resort to referring to the president and his millions of supporters as being the racists here.

And it was then Elise Jordon who then piped up saying, “And it has been particularly empowered under Donald Trump. You were working for President Bush when Trent Lott made his statement that Strom Thurmond, how much better off would we have been if he had become president, and George W. Bush said this is unacceptable, no, and he resigned.”  It’s all bit disheartening how these supposed journalistic professionals can continue to look into the eyes of the American people and spew what they know to be false and is little more than pure political drivel. And yet they always seem offended when accused of being nothing more than propagandists.

And then it was in doing her best impersonation of what I assume she must think a journalist is that Ms. Wallace said, “Part of the problem is we think — this does not have a parallel on the left. There just — it doesn’t. There isn’t. There isn’t a strain of racism on the left. I don’t — so I think that this gets brushed under the rug. People sort of tolerate — it’s been normalized.”  And it was this same genius who then went on to say, “Like you just said, they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they attach to the Republican Party. The Republican Party doesn’t have to let them. How — how do — how do Republicans sort of get back to doing something decent?”

Now while I may hate to disagree (NOT), with our esteemed purveyor of ‘fake news’ Ms. Wallace, as is usually the case with these ‘media’ types she appears to be more than a little ignorant when it comes to the history of what I’m quite sure is HER party of choice.  She is either ignorant, or willfully blind, regarding the fact that it was the Democrat Party that singlehandedly destroyed the black community in America and turned many of our inner cities into what are little more than killing fields.  And it’s the Democrat Party that essentially sanctions the death of hundreds of thousands of black babies every single year courtesy of their rather committed support of abortion.

But the Democrat treatment of minorities goes well beyond what has been their continuing, and century’s long, mistreatment of blacks.  Because they also seem to be only too happy to use Central American immigrants as pawns to bamboozle and to indoctrinate, and to bribe with sanctuary in many of our cities all in exchange for their votes and loyalty. And then work to encourage many of those here illegally to take advantage of countless government entitlement programs while we, the taxpayers foot the bill.  And never mind how Democrats then work to convert them into racists against whites just like they continue to do in the black community.

And then of course there’s the fact that Democrats are racist against Asians so they try to inhibit their success and chances for a good education.  And finally their jihad on white men and married white women is off the chain. It’s the Democrat Party that the majority of racists in America call home.  I mean let’s be honest, something that Ms. Wallace has more than a little difficulty doing. It was her Democrat Party that fought for slavery, can be said to have assassinated Abraham Lincoln, created the Ku Klux Klan, lynched blacks by the hundreds, created Jim Crow laws, created Poll Taxes, gave birth to segregation and on and on the list goes.

And there are plenty of women and minorities on the Republican side, but liberals like Ms. Wallace simply choose to ignore them much the same way they choose to ignore the racist rhetoric of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jessie Jackson, Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and others.  Democrats think that because there are many blacks in their party, theirs is somehow the party of fairness.  But all of those black racists who reside so comfortably on the Democrat side are ok because, well, because they’re black.  Democrats have succeeded in fooling minorities for so long because they’ve been assisted by those in the media who proudly repeat what they know to be lies.

And I really don’t see the point in trying to educate this woman about how her party is the one with the racist history, especially when she likely knows far better than I do just how racist her Democrat Party has been, and continues to be to this day.  And if she truly is ignorant of the facts then she has absolutely no business whatsoever in accusing the president and/or his millions of supporters of being either racist or white supremacists.  And she demonstrates her ignorance, when puts forward her idiotic argument that the Democrat Party is somehow guiltless when it comes to matters of racism especially with what it continues to perpetrate against blacks in America.

Wallace ignores completely that it was the Democrats who voted against both the Civil Rights Act in 1964, which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  And that it was Democrats who crafted what was comically referred to as the ‘Great Society’, a set of domestic programs the stated goal of which was the total elimination of poverty and racial injustice. However, in reality, it was really nothing more than a way for Democrats to enslave blacks and to, as LBJ himself was once quoted, keep blacks voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

If those in the media are tired of being called ‘fake news’ then there is a really easy, and dare I say obvious, solution.  All they have to do is to stop the lying, stop the fabricating of stories, and start doing what it is that has long been the supposed mission of the press, that being to act as the public’s watchdog over government corruption and malfeasance, regardless of which party may be the offender, and to start providing to the American people with what is useful, and honest, information.  It’s really not that difficult.  But I really don’t see things changing anytime soon, these people have grown far too comfortable in the telling of lies.



There are losers, and then there are LOSERS!  And it’s these LOSERS who continue to think that calling folks racist, who most definitely are NOT racist, is still somehow a viable political tactic.  They fail to see that when everyone is racist, in effect no one is.  And these same people actually think that just because one chooses not to vote for a black candidate, that action in and of itself is sufficient for one to be identified, or labeled, as being a racist?  For instance, I live in Florida and I have no intention of voting for Gillum for governor.  But it has nothing to do with his being black.  It has everything to do with his being a hardcore leftist who wants nothing more than to raise my taxes and to allow those in this country illegally, to flood into my state.

But there are many now in our ‘fake news’ media who continue to make the claim that there can be only ONE reason why a guy like myself, a white guy in his mid-60s, would choose not to vote for a guy like Gillum.  And that one reason is, of course, because I’m a racist.  We saw that again on Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, when host Joe Scarborough predicted the 2018 midterm elections will go down in history as being “about racism” because President Trump continues to “attack brown people” in rallies rather than talking up the economy, jobs and tax cuts.  Now I’ve been paying pretty close attention and I’ve yet to hear the president make any statement that could be seen as an attack on brown people.

Scarborough went on to say, “The final several weeks of this campaign has been about racism.”  And he went on to add, “By the way, it will be written that way in the history books. It has been about racism.”  He claimed the president created a “story about an invasion of brown people” by talking about the migrant caravan that is headed for the country from Central America.  He said, “Donald Trump has made up a story about an invasion of brown people coming to the United States, bringing diseases.” And he said, “At every opportunity, he could talk about tax cuts, he could talk about the economy, he could talk about jobs. He has chosen to attack brown people. To attack the others.”  What a bunch of political BS.

And I will continue to use Gillum as my example, here, simply because it’s closer to home.  Why is it that anyone, regardless of their skin color, would ever choose to vote for someone who has as their stated platform the raising of taxes and the intent to make Florida into a sanctuary state?  Seems to me the racist ones would be those who refuse to vote for Gillum’s opponent who would seem to be the far better choice for everyone interested in having a job, living in a safe neighborhood and paying the lowest taxes as possible.  But because Gillum’s opponent happens to be white, the vast majority of blacks will likely vote for Gillum despite his disastrous agenda.  And is that not classic definition of racist behavior?

Apparently not, if you can believe people like Scarborough, because it doesn’t fit how they choose to define racism. The left is obsessed with racism, and ALL manner of other isms and phobia alike because they view the world through the Marxist lens of juxtaposed collectives where one must necessarily be the oppressor and the other their oppressed victim.  This is literally the only way these LOSERS are able to convince the uninformed and the less intelligent to vote for them.  Democrats were once be able to assess things based on the strength of a certain policy relative to overall positive or negative outcomes based on logic, reason and/or historically observed outcomes.  But that is not today’s Democrat Party.

Now with all of that said, President Trump has done MORE for minorities in two years than Barry ‘O’ did in eight!  And yet he is still called a racist, just as are those who continue to support him.  I did not vote for Trump because he was white anymore than I never voted for Barry ‘O’ because he was black.  As I mentioned earlier, I vote FOR those with whom I agree with on the issues and I do NOT vote for those whose position on the important issues differ from my own.  Race, quite literally, never even enters into the equation.  I support the building of ‘The Wall’, the keeping of taxes as low as possible and keeping the government away from how I acquire my healthcare.  Those are the reasons I do not vote Democrat, not anyone’s skin color.



With the arrival of Donald Trump onto the political scene, and something exacerbated even more by the fact that he managed to get himself elected president, there has been a growing list of those employed there at Fox News for whom maintaining the charade of being “Fair and Balanced” has now become next to impossible.  You know, folks like Dana Perino, John Roberts, Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Geraldo, Shepard Smith and Juan Williams.  And to that list we can also now apparently add Martha MacCallum.  While I have never viewed her as being an actual Trump supporter she, unlike Megyn Kelly in the past, has usually managed to keep her dislike of the president a little better under wraps.  But apparently that’s no longer the case!

Because during a recent interview with Politico’s “Women Rule” podcast which was released this past Wednesday, MacCallum stated she finds President Trump’s labeling of some things as “fake news” “disturbing.” She also said that the media oftentimes “doesn’t cut him a break.”  Personally I see nothing wrong with the president placing a label on that which it so very obviously is.  Sadly, a very large percentage of what is, today, presented as being ‘real news’, is ,at least as it may relate to the president, is ‘fake.’  There’s simply no other way to describe it.  And I also have no problem with the president’s description of ‘fake news’ as being the enemy of the people.  Because those who spew pure propaganda ARE the enemy of the people!

MacCallum said, “I find it disturbing. I think it’s a mistake. I think there have been mistakes made on all sides of this equation. I think that often, the media doesn’t cut him a break. I think they, many times, don’t give him credit for anything. … On the other hand, when he points at the press in the back of the room and calls them the ‘enemy of the people,’ that is wrong. And it exacerbates the situation, and I think it inflames the media towards him. And unfortunately, we’re all human, so people’s feelings get hurt. And — but I think it puts all of us in a bad place. I think it makes some members of the media unfair to him. And I think it makes him unfair in his broad strokes about ‘fake news.’”

I do find it all rather interesting that the one party that seldom deviates one iota from their socialist/hate-America agenda, the party that quashes all freedom of thought when it comes to minorities in this country with the sense that they should believe nothing other than what they’re told by Democrats, the party that seeks only to ‘redistribute wealth in the name of the greater good’, and who routinely calls out the opposing party as being fascists, racists, white supremacists and Nazis, is seen as being somehow above criticism, while President Trump is not.  Democrats have perfected the art of accusing the Republicans of everything Democrats really do. And the obedient, hypnotized, thrill up the leg masses sing right along with their masters.

Up to know I had always thought that Martha was a bit more objective and therefore less susceptible when it came to falling for the type of fiction we see being spewed on CNN, MSNBC and the alphabet networks and by those who insist upon referring to themselves as ‘journalists.’  They are not, and should be called out for it. President Trump is exactly right in doing as he is doing.  He is a man of the people and we the people are disgusted with the media.  The perpetrators of ‘Fake News’ ARE the enemies of the people and until they are able to see the error of their ways they need to wear Trump’s moniker of ‘fake news’.  And a well-earned it is.  And it’s one they will continue to be made to wear until they change their ways.

As we have progressed through the Trump presidency it would seem that McCallum’s dislike for Trump has now gotten to the point where like so many others on the network, it simply oozes out of her. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even watch her anymore.  I don’t even turn the channel on until eight o’clock, when Tucker comes on.  From there I watch Hannity followed by Laura Ingraham and then go to bed.  Perhaps Martha and Megyn Kelly, now that she’s out of another job, might want get together and start up their own Trump hating network.  But then with the number of Trump haters growing there at Fox News there may be no need to start a new network.  Hell, maybe Megyn will come back and join the Hate-Trump crowd.

And finally, what I find as being “disturbing” is that by saying that she’s “disturbed” by President Trump’s “attacks” on the media, MacCallum and your fellow corporate sell-outs there at Fox News are essentially adopting the CNN/MSNBC meme, instead of choosing to maintain that which once set Fox News apart from the ‘faux news’ organizations in the first place. The larger point here is President Trump has been, and continues to be, viciously attacked from the very moment he announced he was going to run by all of the networks and nearly 24/7. The man was accused of colluding with Russia, cavorting with hookers and tax cheating, and his family has also been viscously attacked. And yet because he’s president he is not permitted to fight back?


Scarborough 2

I just don’t understand how it is that those on the left think that they will convince me to see the sanity of their position on nearly every issue, or will somehow instill in me the ‘wisdom’ of voting for ANY Democrat by simply calling me names.  I’ve been called deplorable by Hitlery, a dreg of society by ‘Slow Joe’ Biden and now I’m being asked what kind a degenerate raised me to be the moron I am today.  A man who is obviously a racist if for no other reason than because I wish to prevent those coming into my country who are seeking nothing more than to live off the U.S taxpayer!

It was MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough who, in once again choosing to attack those of us who are President Trump’s supporters, went so far as to question what it is that’s wrong with those of us who applaud his “lines that they know are lies.”  Scarborough said President Trump will tell an “obvious lie” and his supporters respond by cheering like he just delivered a “punch line” or scored a touchdown.  Really?  If we’re going to talk about someone who had a reputation for telling lies we need look no further than Barry ‘O’.  The same guy old Joe responded to by cheering.

It was in demonstrating just how much of an imbecile he truly is that Scarborough asked, “Who raised them? What church did they go to growing up? Do they still go to church every week? Do they go to church on Sundays and then Mondays they applaud somebody beating up the press for asking a question about healthcare reform? What do they tell their children at night about the type of character they want them to have?” Scarborough asked. “You see, you can’t cheer about somebody committing assault and battery and beating up somebody and throwing them to the ground.”

And if that weren’t enough, Joe went on to say, “You can’t cheer on lies that you know to be lies and then go home and try to teach your child anything. You just can’t. Because they will see that you are the hypocrite standing behind the president, cheering him on and laughing as he applauds assault and battery, as he lies about the most basic facts, as he tears to shreds one constitutional norm after another.”  Again I bring up all of the lies told by Barry, all of which I’m quite sure most reasonably intelligent Americans remember, and remember very well, as if it was just yesterday.

Anyway, Scarborough continued, saying, “I’m just wondering what do you do when you go home from that rally, applauding what’s going — applauding of the lies, applauding the assaults, applauding the abuses, applauding the vulgarities. It’s a question, Mika, that I think we need to start asking a lot more.”  And it was then that Joe’s less than stellar co-host, Mika Brzezinski, piped up saying, “It’s fair enough.” Scarborough then added, “Who are the people that continue to applaud things they know to be lies?”  We are the people who genuinely love our country, that’s who!

Because Joe, my Mom and Dad raised me, and they knew the difference between a man and a woman.  And until Democrats admit that their fake world is just that, reasonable people are not going to vote for them. There ‘is’ a difference between a man and a woman, just as there is a difference between an unborn child and a lump of tissue, a difference between a sovereign nation and a geographic region and a difference between law and lawlessness. Democrats like Joe can herald the coming of a ‘Blue Wave’ all they want, but I remain convinced they’re in for a rude awakening.

And even ‘IF’ President Trump were to do nothing but lie to us nonstop every single day he would still not be able to hold a candle to Joe’s hero, ex-president, Barry ‘O’, the same guy that Joe Schmo was cheering for.  Deep down he knows why we cheer our president, he has too.  But he just can’t get over how President Trump has been so successful.  Unlike Joe, my parents raised me to think for myself. They also taught me to detect BS from a mile away. There is nothing on the left that appeals to me. When your platform is murdering babies and open borders I just can’t get on board.

The Democrat and Republican elite, and their many media allies, have NEVER gotten over the fact that Trump was able to beat them.  Ninety percent of the news coverage of President Trump has been negative and yet they still haven’t managed to separate Trump from his supporters. They say more nasty things about Trump than they ever said about Barry.  Barry the guy who supported helping the BIGGEST sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, get nuclear weapons, and supported American Terrorist groups, Antifa, BLM, and foreign terrorist groups, Hezbolah and Hamas.

When you watch a President Trump rally, what you see is a crowd of normal American people.  When you watch a leftist march or demonstration all that you typically see is little more than a bizarre freakshow consisting of every manner of freak.  And it’s every time that I see one of these mob actions that the very first thing that crosses my mind is, “Who is it that raised them?”  I’m quite sure that their mommy and daddy are just oh so proud of them.  And you know, what further proof do we need that there are those in this country who simply should not be allowed to reproduce!

Scarborough and his ilk are despicable to their very core. I can tell Joe who these people are that continue to believe and to applaud all of the lies. They are Democrats, that’s who they are.  They applauded the lies about Judge Kavanaugh. They continue to applaud all of the lies about Russian collusion.  They applauded all the lies about Hitlery’s ‘LOST’ e-mails.  They continue to applaud the lies about socialism.  I could go on but you get the point. Perhaps Democrats are so willing to believe these lies because they are the ones perpetrating them.


media 23

Try to have a civilized discussion on the subject of leftwing bias in the media, or ‘fake news’, with just about anyone on the left and what you will most certainly be met by is nothing more than a rolling of the eyes.  And maybe, if I were they, my response would be much the same, since ALL of the ‘fake news’ would be slanted in favor of those whom I support.  But that said, it’s whenever seeking to demonstrate the degree to which our supposed “objective” news media is filled with little more than Democrat partisans, the best place to start is scandals, as in “Have you heard all about the latest Republican scandal?” versus “What Democrat scandal?”

For instance, back on August 8 it was Republican congressman Chris Collins who was indicted for insider trading and lying to the FBI.  ABC, CBS and NBC all played up this story to the hilt, with 18 minutes and 24 seconds of coverage in just the first 24 hours.  CBS devoted the most coverage, pounding away for 7 minutes and 6 seconds. ABC came in second, offering 5 minutes and 41 seconds, and NBC was right behind, with 5 minutes and 37 seconds.  Not exactly what you could call fair and balanced, but then these folks long ago stopped being interested in providing to their viewers that which continues to be anything other than pure leftwing propaganda.

And then it was on August 21 that prosecutors indicted California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter on charges of wire fraud and campaign finance violations.  The morning and evening ‘newscasts’ on ABC and CBS spent a total of 4 minutes and 44 seconds covering the story within the first 36 hours.  And it was those doing the ‘reporting’ on these two scandalous politicians who were absolutely beside themselves that these two men, Collins and Hunter, were the first congressional endorsers of Donald Trump for president.  So it should come as no surprise that that somehow multiplied the “newsworthiness” of their situation.

And why is it that that’s such a loaded, unsubstantiated conclusion?  Well, it actually isn’t!  Because what is it that happens whenever a Democrat, any Democrat, is indicted, tried, convicted, and then sentenced.  Nothing!  Consider that these same three networks, these champions of public integrity, were bored to tears by the indictment and trial of former Democrat Congressman Chaka Fattah.  During the year and a half between his 2015 indictment and 2016 conviction and sentencing for misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal, charitable and campaign funds, ABC, CBS and NBC offered up a measly 68 seconds of ‘news.’

In other words, Collins received 16 times as much coverage as Fattah in just one day. But wait. It gets worse.  Because there’s former Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida, who was sentenced to five years in prison in 2016 for using an alleged children’s charity called One Door for Education as a personal slush fund for herself and several aides. She used it for more than $300,000 in personal expenses, including tickets for NFL games and a luxury box for a Beyonce concert. “Brazen barely describes it,” the judge, Timothy Corrigan, said of Brown’s sham charity. Never heard of her? There’s a reason. And yet network coverage was Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada!

Both Fattah and Brown were members of that blatantly racist little group commonly referred to as the Congressional Black Caucus and both were defeated in 2016 primaries by other black Democrats after the national whisper of their indictments.  Both had been in Congress for two decades and faced no serious general-election opposition for most of that time.  There are other House Republican scandals the networks have taken notice of since Fattah and Brown. On Dec. 13, 2016, NBC’s ‘Today’ featured a nearly two-minute-long ‘report’ on former Republican congressman Aaron Schock’s arraignment on corruption charges in federal court.

And finally we have that resident moron at NBC, Chuck Todd, who proclaimed on this past Sunday’s episode of ‘Meet the Press’ that charges of a liberal bias in our ‘news’ media are nothing more than an old Roger Ailes tactic “not based in much fact.”  But he is far from being the only member of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media to downplay that which has now become so obvious to anyone with a brain.  Folks like him actually see themselves as being bona fide ‘journalists’ when in fact that are little more than stooges of the Democrat Party and very happy to be so.  The truth to these people is like sunlight to vampires.  It is to be avoided at all costs.


CNN 10

You really gotta kinda feel sorry for all those poor little picked-on snowflakes at the Communist News Network (CNN).  They just don’t get the respect they think they are so deserving of, not that they actually deserve any.  As some may recall it was earlier this week that President Trump attended a rally in Tampa, Florida, and there to provide ‘coverage’ of the event for CNN was none other than that perennial ‘snowflake’ himself, that proud purveyor of ‘fake news’, Jim Acosta.  And apparently it was during the evening festivities that ‘Little Jimmy’ felt threatened.

And it was in describing the event to one of his CNN cohorts, S.E. Cupp, that Acosta went so far as to say that being shouted at by Trump supporters, “felt like we weren’t in America anymore.”  So having people in the crowd chanting “CNN Sucks” somehow made Jimmy feel like he wasn’t in America anymore?  Actually, what should make him feel as if he’s not in America anymore is hearing ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters telling her bat-shit crazy followers to harass those who either work for the present, or simply chose to support him, wherever and whenever they may find them.  But I digress.

Anyway, it was then on the very next day, and also on CNN, in what was really nothing more than a blatant attempt to create a little ‘fake news’ regarding the events of the prior evening that CNN ‘political analyst’ April Ryan said that she believes Acosta’s life may actually have been in danger at President Trump’s Tuesday rally in Tampa.  And it was to her fellow snowflake, Don Lemon, that she said, “That’s a serious moment and a serious place. And Jim Acosta’s life, in my opinion, was in jeopardy that night.”  And she went on to add, “There was a safety issue.”

And needless to say there was any number of others at CNN, like media reporter Brian Stelter, who has accused Trump of leading a “hate movement” against the mainstream press.  And David Gergen has gone so far as to say that blood will be on Trump’s hands if there is violence committed against mainstream media journalists.  But strangely enough, it is ALWAYS upon closer inspection that one ALWAYS discovers, and very quickly so, that ALL of the hate being generated has but one source, the left.  Those like Lemon, Gergen, Acosta and this hapless twit, Ryan.

Things then took a turn toward the ridiculous when Ryan made the idiotic comment that reporters like herself need security like the Secret service detail White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders received after a rabid left-wing Virginia restaurant owner kicked her out of his crumby little eatery. The restaurant owner than promptly followed the White House press security to her next destination and harassed and organized protests against her family.  Ryan, though, said Trump “has stoked the flames for reporters to feel like they are in jeopardy.”

Ryan said, “Their lives, their safety is in jeopardy. Their lives are in jeopardy at these rallies.” Adding, “And something has got to stop.”  Lemon said “many journalists” need security now because of Trump’s rhetoric and Ryan replied: “I am raising my hand. I am one of those.”  It’s has now become impossible to take anything these people say with anything other than a grain of salt.  You have to assume that anything and everything they say is a lie.  And unfortunately for them, they have no one to blame for this than themselves. And yet, it’s our fault we no longer believe them?

So, apparently, simply shouting “CNN Sucks!” is now all that’s required for these boobs at CNN to feel that their lives are somehow being put at risk.  Seriously?? Meanwhile, they actively support, even encourage, a coup, they protect criminals such as Antifa, illegal immigrants, MS-13 and even the Mexican cartel.  And they REFUSE to report the truth when it comes to the vitriol spewed by ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters or any other left wing kook who hates Trump and those who support him. They ARE the enemy of the people, to be sure.  And they are a threat to our Republic!

Those in our state-controlled media, with CNN leading the charge, have become determined in their efforts to fill their followers with all manner of lies and propaganda, radicalizing them as best they can and causing their unstable basement-dwelling dweebs to feel justified in attacking not only verbally, but physically well, any Trump supporter they may come across.  It’s obviously on purpose, it’s shameful and it’s going to get someone killed.  This is what happens when a supposed ‘news’ organization essentially comes under the ownership of a political party.

It’s not only CNN, but the entire American ‘news’ media as a whole, that has now become, quite literally, nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  Their role today resembles that once played by Pravda as it related to the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union. And it as such that they truly have become the enemy of those who it was once their mission to keep informed regarding the shenanigans of their leaders.  And when people know that you are constantly lying to them, they tend not to take it well.  Especially when you’re lying about their country.



It should come as no surprise that several members of our illustrious state-controlled ‘fake news’ media were determined to blame President Trump for a shooter who killed five ‘journalists’ on Thursday at a newspaper in Maryland.  And the fact that this shooter had a longstanding dispute with the newspaper dating back to before Trump even declared his candidacy for the Oval Office was apparently not worthy of being mentioned.  And it was Brian Karem, a Communist News Network (CNN) contributor and the White House correspondent for Playboy, and CNN’s Don Lemon who suggested on the same day as this shooting that being a ‘journalist’ has now become far more dangerous than being in a war zone.

It was Lemon who began what was a rather silly exchange by saying, “Well, it shows you the dangers of this job.”  Lemon went onto say, “So many people throw out terms about journalists and say really derogatory things about journalists, but our jobs are very dangerous and many times we go into a war zone.”  And he said, “This turned into a war zone today without anyone having to go overseas and put on flak jackets.”  Karem then chimed in saying, “I’ve served in a war zone and it didn’t feel like this. I got a couple of of threats today after the shooting. People saying I don’t deserve to breathe air and that — why am I alive.”  Does this stooge really expect us to believe that there is someone out there sending death threats?

And this boob then continued saying, “And they send it to our newspaper and they send them to other newspapers. And that’s the new reality in which we live.”  Karem then compared journalism in the United States to “the ranks of Russia and third world nations where reporters lives aren’t safe.”  Personally, I’m of the opinion that most of us would be rather hard-pressed to come up with any sort of a list of any bona fide journalists that we might have these days.  Because while clowns like Lemon may view themselves as being ‘journalists’, they are, in reality, nothing of the kind.  Not even close.  What they are are paid propagandists.  They are paid to do one thing and one thing only…Lie to the American people at the behest of Democrats!

What a slap in the face to our brave, honorable military personnel actually serving in war zones, past and present.  And what an idiotic claim to make.  A war zone?  These boneheads, whether or not they can bring themselves to admit it, are protected everyday by soldiers who willingly put themselves in harm’s way, and give their lives if necessary, in order to protect the life of every American citizen. These self-important douche bags need to be slapped upside their head for thinking that what they do is in any way considered dangerous!  Let’s face it, a day in the life of these so-called journalists consists of sitting at a computer and typing ‘fake news’ for their next column of broadcast. Their lives are just so dangerous.

It would seem that those involved in our state-controlled media complex are experiencing increasingly twisted panties.  The Left has a real projection problem. When Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter and an undeniably conservative hater who was incited by the media, they said nothing to see here…Move on.  In fact they were downright content and, dare I say, glad that it had happened.  I firmly believe that they actually thought those who got shot were getting what they truly deserved.  Because that has become the mentality of those who present to you, on a daily basis, what is supposed to be usable ‘news and information’ but that is in reality, nothing of the sort.

And I find it difficult to believe that any of these pathetic losers are on the receiving end of any credible death threats.  If so, they need to be providing some kind of proof that they have.  Show us the emails, the texts, or the letters they’ve received. Or, show us the police reports that were prepared when they notified the police of the threat.  If I received a credible threat, the second thing I would do is contact the police.  The first would be to make sure one is in the chamber.  But as is usually the case with such claims made by those on the left, these supposed threats were either never made in the first place, or were made by someone known by the person supposedly being threatened.  In other words, they’re bogus.

And let’s be honest, these self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ long ago lost any comprehension of what it takes to be a bona fide ‘journalist’, or what the job of those in the press is supposed to be.  And I know this to be true because a real ‘journalist’ does not behave as if they are an agent of a particular political party, nor does he, or she, collaborate with that party to spread a false narrative for the specific purpose of bolstering the party’s position on a specific issue.  There is a reason that so much of what we hear from supposed ‘mainstream news’ sources is described as being little more than ‘fake news.’ Because that’s what it is!  Which is why those in the media are trusted even less than those in Congress to tell the truth.

And I can’t help wondering if those involved in the creating of all this ‘fake news’ genuinely think that the majority of Americans are really that stupid.  Because, personally, I’m pretty pissed off to think that these morons see me as being stupid enough to believe whatever they tell me.  Over that last decade or so, and to some degree even before, it’s become increasingly difficult to see any of these self-proclaimed ‘journalists’ as being anything other than a parody and the nightly news programming as anything other than a bad SNL skit.  And yet, they keep peddling the same crap night after night, week after week and year after year.  They just don’t get that a growing number of people no longer believe them.

Words and actions matter. Truth matters.  And yet it’s the truth that most often tends to be the first thing sacrificed and all in the effort to get the story out.  And if the president throws the ‘fake news’ flag, via Twitter or by some other means, all of these faux ‘journalists’ have a cow.  If they don’t want to be accused of spreading ‘fake news’ then they shouldn’t spread ‘fake news.’  It’s pretty simple.  But the sad fact is that they hate this president to such a degree that there is nothing to which they will not stoop in what has been, and continues to be, their effort to bring down our duly elected president.  As I said, words and actions matter, but it’s the truth that now no longer seems to matter to these people.

And the fact that they continue to appear as being totally unhinged doesn’t really help their cause or encourage us to believe anything that they have to say.  It would seem that they’ve become desperate to have us believe them.  And when we don’t, instead of toning down their rhetoric, and trying to sound a bit more sane, they tend to only ratchet things up to the point where they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  You can’t convince someone that your argument is worthy of being listened to when you come across as a raving lunatic.  President Trump is not a Nazi. Nor are those of us who support him, Nazis.  And yet every single day that’s what we are accused of being.  It’s a lie and it’s nothing short of crazy!  And yet…



So I guess the big question out there in state-controlled media land is, just how low can the ratings for the Communist News Network (CNN) really go?  Because, apparently, CNN’s ongoing ratings crisis has now reached the point where the far-left anti-Trump network was unable to place a single show in the top 25 throughout the entire month of May.  Worse still, the network didn’t have a single show that managed to attract an average of even 900,000 total viewers, much less a million.

As was reported earlier this week, the overall picture at CNN has become pretty gloomy. Because even as Fox News climbed in the ratings, the hate-spewing CNN has virtually collapsed just since last year with a rather calamitous drop of -25 percent of primetime viewers.  CNN is now doing so poorly it doesn’t have a single breakout star.  Every hour is a ratings disaster.  CNN’s best showing in May was Anderson Cooper 360, but his primetime hour placed at #26 with an average of only 888,000 viewers.

It was with the exception of Fox & Friends First that every single show on Fox News, every single one, regardless of the hour it aired, beat CNN’s highest rated show.  Other than Fox & Friends First, the left-wing Shepard Smith has the lowest rated show on Fox, but even his average viewership of 1.35 million was still able to crush Anderson Cooper’s 888,000, Erin Burnett’s 818,000, and Jake Tapper’s 793,000. Those folks are what is comically referred to as being the TOP three shows on CNN.

Other than CNN’s ‘Early Start’, which airs before 6 a.m., CNN’s lowest rated show was ‘New Day’, which was co-hosted by far-left kook, Chris Cuomo. New Day managed to only average 584,000 total viewers, while its timeslot competition at Fox, Fox & Friends, averaged 1.58 million.  Nevertheless, Cuomo still managed a promotion to CNN primetime.  The news is all good for Fox, which appears to have fully recovered from its primetime shake-up that came with the loss of Bill O’Reilly and others.

Sean Hannity, who has consistently beat MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow throughout all of 2018, widened the gap considerably in May.  Hannity averaged 3.3 million viewers to Maddow’s 2.6 million.  And it was Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham who were also right there in the mix with 2.1 million, respectively.  Of the top 20 shows, Fox owned 15 of those slots, with MSNBC claiming the rest. The only Fox show not in the top 20 was the aforementioned Fox & Friends First, which airs at 4 a.m.

Overall, Fox News pretty much humiliated both CNN and MSNBC with an average of 2.381 million total primetime viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.384 million and CNN’s 835,000.  And in the advertiser-coveted 25 to 54 age group, Fox soundly beat MSNBC, 461,000 to 329,000, and left CNN in the dust (265,000).  In all of cable, in total primetime viewers, Fox News came in second behind TNT, MSNBC came in fourth, and CNN limped into 12th place behind HGTV and Investigative Discovery.

In total day viewers, Fox News was number one in all of cable with an average of 1.4 million total viewers.  CNN bottomed out in total day viewers with a pathetic average of just 654,000.  All of which begs the question, why is it that CNN chooses not to follow the Fox News model?   Why continually allow yourself to be humiliated and refuse to do anything that could improve things?  There can be no other explanation than that the network continues as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

And if CNN’s failure proves anything it’s that a steady stream of what is nothing more than fake news/propaganda, no matter how expertly delivered, simply doesn’t sell, or at least doesn’t sell well enough to be able to keep the bills paid.  Unless, of course, there’s a certain amount of subsidizing that’s taking place by those whose talking points are constantly being spewed and presented as ‘news.’  CNN will never again be considered as relevant. They have been forever branded as ‘fake news.’



I’ve never really been one to pay all that much attention to Chris Matthews, nor have I spent any amount of time watching his silly little program on MSNBC, hysterically entitled, ‘Hardball’.  Especially ever since that weird little incident from a few years back when Barry ‘O’ apparently caused some sort of strange sensation to go up Chris’s leg.  But be that as it may, he does tend to be, every now and again, good for a laugh.  And Wednesday’s episode provided a least couple of instances that must have provided at least a few of those tuning in a bit of a chuckle.

You see, it was during Wednesday’s program that our esteemed Mr. Matthews apparently saw fit to attempt to make his case of just how it is that President Trump is “doing everything he can to destroy this country and its government so that he gets off scot-free.”  Matthews read from an Associated Press (AP) report that the president “told one ally this week that he wanted ‘to brand’ the informant a ‘spy,’ believing the more nefarious term would resonate more in the media and with the public.”  Matthews’ using the AP as his source automatically calls his theory into question.

He said, “I mean, you create a conspiracy, vast conspiracy and use words like ‘Spy’ and ‘Spygate,’ trying to distract the jury, which is his basically, 40% of the country, have them sort of learn the music, learn the lyrics, start to say ‘Spygate.’ In fact, today, he was like Jimmy Two-Times in ‘Goodfellas.’ He was teaching his people on the air today, on-camera, outside the White House how to say the word ‘Spygate.’ He’s teaching everybody that, so that in the bars this weekend they’ll all be saying it.”  I’m confused, what else would you call an ‘informant’, if not a ‘spy?’

Anyway, Matthews then went on to say, “It’s horrible. And he’s doing everything he can to destroy this country and its government so that he gets off scot-free.”  And then in what I can only assume was an effort on his part to bolster his argument against the president, it was during this very same show that Matthews played a clip of one of his many go-to RINOs, soon to be ex-Senator Jeff Flake, criticizing President Trump at a commencement address to Harvard Law School graduates, where I think the ONLY reason he was invited to speak, is that he too hates the president.

And it was during this clip that Flake said, “Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division, and only a passing familiarity with how the Constitution works.”  He continued, “Our Article I branch of government, the Congress, that’s me, is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily.”  I think it has now become pretty common knowledge that Flake is a ‘Swamp’ creature, and as such is no friend of President Trump.  Which is the main reason he’s soon to be an ex-senator.

Personally, I see those in the media, like Matthews, as being little more than a gift to President Trump, AND one that keeps giving and giving.  They all seem to have lost whatever objectivity they may have once possessed and have now become completely consumed by their leftwing ideology.  The more the media goes after the president, the more the people seem to come to his defense.  It’s on a daily basis that we see more talking heads exploding all across the various ‘news’ outlets as they become increasingly desperate, and fraudulent in their effort to undermine this president.

Matthews is but one in a crowd of many voices of evil that exist in the media today. His level of dishonesty and his support for corruption has become all to obvious.  I used to wonder how these people were able to look themselves in the mirror knowing exactly what it is that they are doing, fully aware of the lies they tell.  But for them the ends always justify the means, especially since their hatred of America remains so intense.  In the end though, they are no better than a common whore, selling their soul and whatever dignity they once had in order to advance their sick agenda.

And if by “destroy this country” Matthews means; enforcing immigration law, bolstering the economy, allowing Americans to keep more of their money, eliminating the Obamacare personal mandate fine, decreasing the National debt, creating jobs, all- time lows in unemployment, rebuilding the military that Barry gutted, then yes, he’s destroying the country.  The Trump presidency demonstrates just how dangerous the Left, as well as ‘The Establishment’ on both sides, has become.  There is nothing that they will not do to acquire power no matter what the costs to the country.

And regarding this moron, Flake, he has proven on more occasions than I care to count that he is little more than a back-stabbing hypocrite.  He’ll look the people dead in the eye and lie to them with a straight face.  And he’s another of those, like McCain and Graham, who can be counted on to always be waiting in the wings, willing to go in whenever some Republican is needed to attack the president.  Flake attempts to portray himself as being a conservative, but in reality he’s a fraud of the worst kind and nothing more than a loser and a quitter who knows when he’s beat.

And you’ll notice how he’s getting out of politics because he knows he has no chance of winning.  But does he go out like a man, of course not.  He has made it quite clear that he’s against what’s good for America.  President Trump has shown that he cares about the American people and American workers especially.  That’s the difference between him and loser Flake.  Like the immoral Democrats, Flake projects his own faults and crimes onto others.  Today, his reputation has eroded into what some would consider a “man lost in anger” with little to no definition.

Flake’s visceral disdain for first candidate Trump and now, to even a greater degree, President Trump has been consuming.  Rather than rationally serve the needs of his constituents and the country during current budget and historic immigration debates which are threatening government shutdown, Flake again simply chose to abandon his elected duties to rehash, regurgitate and propagandize his self-righteous disposition. Trump has enraged the establishment because he emphasizes the importance of keeping your campaign promises.  Something that Flake never managed to do.

Doing what you say you will do is a true sign of integrity and of real leadership, traits which the establishment disdains precisely because it places the people ahead of its frivolous charade.  President Trump proves almost on a daily basis that someone elected to higher office CAN actually keep many of the promises that got him, or her, elected.  The president has chosen to lead by example, but unfortunately, we have far too many in government who continually choose not to follow his lead.  And it is those individuals who we must focus on replacing with those who will.

These brain dead politicians and media types just don’t get it that the American people have had quite enough of their rigged system and we are going to take back America either at the ballot box or, if the elites resist by using their rigged system to try to thwart us, we will take back America by another, perhaps more violent, means.  And the Democrats, RINO’s like Flake, as well as those in the media like Matthews, will not like the outcome as many of them will most likely find themselves swinging from the end of ropes, figuratively speaking of course but swinging just the same.


media 27

Recently those wonderful folks who comprise what I like to refer to as being our state-controlled media got what, I can only assume, was some pretty bad news.  It was news that made pretty clear how all of their hard work over the course of the last couple of years has essentially been all for naught.  You see, it’s according to the Real Clear Politics ‘poll of polls’ that President Trump’s average job approval rating sits at a relatively healthy 42.9 percent, a high he has not reached in nearly a year.  The last time the president eked into the 43 percent range was early May 2017.

So what we have here is yet another bit of proof that the media is no longer able to sway public opinion or move the needle.  While Trump’s job approval sits at 43 percent, trust in the media sits at just 41 percent.  But even that 41 percent is skewed. It’s only Democrats who support the media at a respectable level of 62 percent.  But, of course, they do. Now that the media is 24/7/365 anti-Trump and keep the left on the hook waiting for the smoking gun of impeachment (that will never come), why wouldn’t Democrats trust in the media to pull off a coup.

Meanwhile, it’s only 14 percent of Republicans that believe those in the media get the facts straight.  More telling still is the fact that only 37 percent of independents say the same.  In other words, outside of the far-left kooks, mainstream America no longer trusts what they hear, read, or see from those in the media, and why would they?  The media of the last decade, maybe longer, has become little more than a ‘fake news’ factory that for nearly two solid years has told us lie after lie about Trump’s colluding with Russia, and now, we have learned that was a big, fat hoax.

Credit for his improving numbers also goes to President Trump himself as he has not allowed the media plot to undo his election to distract him.  From the economy to North Korea to Syria to trade to immigration and taxes, the president has managed to keep his eye on the ball, and concrete things are happening.  Real things are getting done.  Bottom line: what Americans want more than anything are peace and prosperity, and after eight years of the Bush wars and eight years of Barry’s hideous handling of the economy, Trump’s presidency so far epitomizes peace and prosperity.

And in the end, that’s what voters will judge Trump on. They can see through the smoke of the endless stream of media lies and mischaracterizations as well as all of the pundit hysteria, and they are starting to understand that “sources tell us” is really nothing more than Greek for “this is fake news.”  It has been time after time that those in the media have continued to demonstrate how it is that they are increasingly desperate in their attempt to take down our president any way they can.  There is not one issue today that the media has any measurable level of credibility.

Personally, I happen to be of the opinion that President Trump’s approval is likely much higher.  The notion you can somehow average erroneous polls together and get an accurate and valid outcome doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  I’m not saying these loony “poll of polls” should be stopped. I want the Democrats to live by them, completely deluded into thinking Trump isn’t popular.  WE on the other hand should ignore polls and follow Trump’s leadership.  Trump thinks ahead for the long term.  Everything he says is for a reason, and we need to tune into that.

The Leftist buffoons in the media either don’t understand, or they refuse to accept, the REAL American culture.  Historically, we have ALWAYS sided with the underdog. When the left vilified Trump, slammed him every day, committed blatantly ILLEGAL transgressions against our civil rights and the Constitution in order to “get” him, they accomplished little more than to create a hero, of sorts.  We understand it is not so much TRUMP they hate but those of us who voted for him and support him, despite their foul attempts at slander and sedition. And trust me, there WILL BE a reckoning.

Look at the mess Barry ‘O’ left us. What was once a relatively peaceful Middle East is now an inferno.  Our national debt was doubled on Barry’s “watch.”  Our national credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history.  And the list of Barry’s “accomplishments” is nearly endless.  If he wasn’t given a pass because he was the first ‘black’ president, he would already be relegated to the ash heap of history, but the progressives won’t open their eyes and look objectively at the facts. The results of the Barry ‘O’s presidency makes the Jimmy Carter years almost look good.

Liberalism is becoming a coastal party with but a few enclaves in between, primarily our larger cities.  Democrats only push identity politics and most people have become sick of hearing how everyone is a homophobe, xenophobe, sexist, racist, etc.  There is no clear message the Democrats have other than to hate Trump and to resist.  What are they doing for people of color?  What are they doing for the economy?  They want to completely gut the First and Second amendments because they are losing the information war as more and more realize how those in the media lie.

Yes, the media loved how our historic ‘first black president’, Barry, lived to denigrate America on foreign soil in front of foreign audiences, bowing deeply in subservience to foreign despots, generally blaming America for all the problems of the world and apologizing for our pride in our exceptionalism.  Yes and they loved him for fanning what had been the dying embers of racism into what would become a roaring blaze that we haven’t seen in decades.  The only ‘fight’ Barry ever engaged in was making America look bad and keeping all his background hidden and sealed.