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We all know that because Donald Trump was able to win the last election those in our state-controlled media complex have had their panties in a twist ever since.  And it would appear that the fact the Republican won Thursday’s special election in Montana has only served to cause those panties to become just a bit more twisted.  Republican Greg Gianforte won Thursday’s special election for the U.S. House in Montana, defeating Democrat challenger, Rob Quist despite being charged with misdemeanor assault the day before the election.  Mr. Gianforte will now take over former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke’s House seat.  Zinke vacated the seat when he accepted the post of Secretary of the Interior in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

The election results, with Gianforte winning over 50% of the vote and leading by a seven-point margin, were a major blow to Democrats’ anti-Trump efforts, and to the media’s rather high expectations, after Gianforte had allegedly body-slammed a ‘reporter’ before his final campaign event on Wednesday.  So once again Democrats’ hopes of being able to turn the race into a referendum on President Trump’s performance as president, fell flat.  Because despite national attention and considerable outside funding, as well as Trump’s recent controversies in Washington D.C., Democrats were once again unable to turn the anti-Trump “resistance” into a victory at the ballot box, a bad sign for Democrat chances in the 2018 midterms.

Democrats had also been handed the gift of a last-minute controversy when the UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs was allegedly assaulted by Gianforte.  Jacobs said that Gianforte had “body-slammed” him in response to questions about the Congressional Budget Office score of the GOP health care plan.  An audio recording released by the Guardian showed Jacobs asking Gianforte a question, before a loud crashing noise was heard, followed by Jacobs saying Gianforte had attacked him and broke his glasses.  Gianforte’s campaign pushed back against Jacobs’s claims, saying that the reporter entered the office without permission and “aggressively shoved” a recorder in the candidate’s face.  So Jacob’s being disrespectful, likely got him what he deserved.

And as expected many members of our state-controlled media complex began placing blame where they thought it rightfully belonged and where else but squarely on President Trump.  According to several ‘journalists’ appearing on CNN, as well as on MS(LSD), President Trump is the one to blame for Gianforte’s bad behavior because of his negative rhetoric towards the media.  One such ‘journalist’, Matt Lewis, said “I think it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump has contributed to what I would call a hostile work environment for reporters.”  Before going on to say, “My fear was that there might be some person out there, like an unstable person, who might hear what Donald Trump was saying, hear this rhetoric, and do something stupid.”

And it was Fox News reject, and now CNN host Alisyn Camerota who went on to suggest, “We can look at [the incident] as sort of growing aggression against the press.” And then of course not be outdone it was Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjian who chimed in saying, “You’ve got this kind of culture, you know, the reporters are the enemy going on…you see a lot of Democrats pointing the finger at the president right now saying you’ve created this culture where people consider reporters to be the enemy.”  She finished up by saying, “It creates a culture where there is somehow okay.”  Never mentioned anywhere in the conversation is how this ‘reporter’ actually contributed to the events that took place.

And then we had MS(LSD) host, and supposed conservative, Joe Scarborough joining in on the action, arguing “you can draw a straight line” between Trump’s rhetoric about journalists and Gianforte’s body slam.  A rather unhinged Scarborough said, “When you have Donald Trump berating reporters…using the Stalinist term ‘enemy of the people…’ it’s dangerous for CNN reporters!”  And it was according to Scarborough’s inane theory that he went on to say, “Trump is whipping people into a frenzy. This is not a big leap from what the head of the Republican Party is saying and what happened last night in Montana.”  And it was MS)LSD) contributor Mike Barnicle who very enthusiastically agreed, saying, “it leads inevitably to something like this.”

And then of course there was CNN host Don Lemon who, to the point of being somewhat comical, literally exploded on his guest Paris Drennard Wednesday night when Drennard refused to assign blame to Trump.  Lemon said, “All of a sudden we’re having incidents like this now…you think it’s just a coincidence?” Drennard tried to explain that reporters have been assaulted since before Trump was a politician, but Lemon was having none of that.  He said, “I’m telling you I am [making a connection with Trump]. I’m just saying I can’t believe that you believe the words that are coming out of your moth.”  Before going on to say, “You feel that you have to defend everything about this particular person in office.”

Look, the fact is the American people have now grown tired of what many now view as being little more than ‘fake news’ we now hear coming from the media.  And it’s those in the media who seem determined to take no responsibility for the fact that we can no longer trust them to give us the honest and unvarnished truth.  And because we can no longer believe what they’re telling us, we have been left to our own devices, forced to ferret it out on the internet what these supposed ‘journalists’ refuse to tell us.  We are DONE with the slobbering press looking for the next “gotcha”.  Gianforte is simply our answer back, STAND YOUR GROUND does mean something.  I’d say the “body-slam” may have actually helped Gianforte win.

Today’s state-controlled media types differ very little from those who had nothing to say regarding ‘BJ’ Clinton’s perverted behavior in the Oval Office, as well as the numerous accusations of rape or the fact the Teddy Kennedy got away with murdering a young woman.  Today, Barry’s illegal wiretapping on citizens goes ignored, as do the illegal activities of Hitlery.  While I do not condone what Mr. Gianforte did, I can most certainly understand his frustration given the situation.  There was a time when the press actually reported the news rather than try to create it to serve the Democrat Party. When, if ever, we have a free press again, instead of the Democrat propaganda machine it has become, perhaps then we’ll talk about treating them more civilly.


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In the days before he chose to become, rather obviously, a ‘NeverTrumper’ I often found myself agreeing with Dr. Charles Krauthammer more so than I do today.  It would almost appear as if his ‘celebrity’ status may have now gone to his head.  Maybe he should see a good shrink.  Oh, wait a minute…  Anyway it was very recently that Dr. Krauthammer chose to lavish rather glowing praise upon President Trump regarding his trip to the Middle East, actually going so far as to refer to it as an indicator that “America is back.”  While he does come around, every now and again, it’s usually in short order that the good doctor reverts to what has become his rather pessimistic outlook regarding our president.  While I would like nothing more than to be able to agree with him, doing so has now turned into a rather slippery slope.  Rest assured, he’ll be back to his negative comments the moment Trump touches down in the good old U. S. of A.  He’s ‘Fair and Balanced’, don’tcha know.

The Fox News contributor joined in “Special Report” panel to opine about President Trump’s trip abroad, and said while he appreciated the stops in Israel and Vatican City, the shining moment of the trip was the time Trump spent in Saudi Arabia.  Krauthammer started out by saying, “Look, I understand the theme of the three great religions, trying to tie them all together to make it look somewhat nonpolitical, but the real story is not the Vatican, it’s not even the Israeli trip.”  And then he went on to say, “Getting these 50 Sunni nations lined up with Saudi Arabia behind us…this is a new day in the Middle East and it’s gonna have reverberations.”  And it was then that he that, “It’s a new Middle East right now, America is back, that’s the story and the consequences are gonna be immense.”  While I very much agree with everything he said, I question is, how long will it be before he begins painting the entire trip as somehow being nothing more than another opportunity lost.

Look, I’ve been listening to Dr. Krauthammer for some time, and in the past have found myself, more often than not, agreeing him.  However, it’s been more recently that I’ve found myself disagreeing him more often than I agree with him, especially on the subject of President Trump.  And I very much disagreed with what I view as being nothing more than his continuing anti-Trump agenda.  Again, while I agree with what he says in this particular instance, the question becomes is it now too late to bother paying him any attention.  Is he any longer worthy of being listened to?  I’m pleased that he at least appears to be supporting President Trump in his foreign foray which has been presidential, something we have not seen in the past eight years.  And from the outside looking in it’s in my opinion that what we are witnessing is the best foreign policy since Reagan.  But how long before he again joins in the choir of those who can only find fault with our president?

Dr. Krauthammer spent the majority of the last two years doing little more than to continually smear first candidate Trump and now, since January, President Trump.  I would label what he has been doing as, nitpicking.  And as near as I can tell his primary rationale for doing so was for no other reason than because he apparently views the president as not being as ‘polished,’ or as ‘sophisticated’ as he, Krauthammer, thinks he should be.  Dr. Krauthammer has done little more than to spew the same baseless crap that we continue to hear from most of those in the leftist state-controlled media complex, and that has apparently clouded his judgment when it comes to being able to make any sort of objective call on Trump.  While it’s nice that he finally woke up a bit on this one, as I said, might it now be too late to continue to pay serious attention to much of what he says.  I have little respect for talking heads who claim to be objective, but are anything but.

The Democrats, as well as the NeverTrumper crowd, are now absolutely terrified of the fact that President Trump may actually achieve some level of success.  Perhaps maybe more now than before his trip.  So we what we’re seeing is the Democrats and the RINOs essentially joining forces in an effort to make sure that that does not happen.  And so it is then, that WE the American people may need to work on doing a little swamp draining ourselves in the next mid-terms.  We need to remind ourselves that the president’s campaign promises that have thus far gone unkept has more to do with those we have in Congress than with the president.  Therefore, we need to focus our attention on getting rid of as many Democrats as we can and the RINOs who simply can’t bring themselves to get onboard and support this president.  We need to get started now finding contenders for primary contests!  We have to let the president know we have his back all the way as long as he keeps his promises.

And as a little side note here I would like to offer up to Dr. Krauthammer a little advice.  Perhaps he may want to keep his foot in the door, so to speak, if he’s going to continue with heaping any amount of praise on President Trump.  He needs to be ready to make another sudden reversal regarding just how far he’s willing to go in supporting President Trump, or his policies.  He should tread lightly since it has now become rather risky as any positive comments made about President Trump just might end up getting you fired.  There is now there at FOX News a need to tread lightly by those who tend to be more conservative especially now that the organization is being run by Rupert’s politically Left-leaning sons who, from what I’ve read, do pretty much whatever their wives tell them to do.  In fact one of them is married to a woman working for the Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative.  So it would appear that FOX News has now joined the media’s Fifth Column.


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So the fake news organizations’ vendetta against Donald Trump continues.  And it would appear that the folks over at the Communist News Network (CNN) seem quite determined to be the leaders of the pack.  Things have now progressed so far there at the network, that it pretty routinely comes across as being little more than an unfunny ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit.  I mean every time you watch these people, and I do mean every time, you can’t help but wonder if they’ve finally lost what little bit of sanity they might have once possessed.  Things have now reached a fever pitch.  The main players involved in just about any ‘news’ programming you wish to watch, or in any ‘news’ publication you may wish to read, are beginning to sound more and more as if they have come completely unhinged.

Which brings me to Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” where ‘Senior Political Analyst’ David Gergen, who served as an adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and ‘Slick Willy’, actually argued that “we’re in impeachment territory” with President Trump.  Really, “impeachment territory?”  This guy is as arrogant as he is ugly.  He said, “I was in the Nixon administration as you know, and I thought, after watching the Clinton impeachment, I would never see another one. But I think we’re in impeachment territory…obstruction of justice was the number one charge against Nixon, that brought him down. Obstruction of justice was the number one charge against Bill Clinton, which led to his indictment in the House, he won in the Senate.”  He ’won’ in the Senate?

Gergen went on to add that while he wasn’t sure whether Trump had engaged in conduct that met the legal definition of obstruction of justice, “from a lay point of view, it looks like he was trying to impede the investigation. He was using his power to do that, and when James Comey didn’t go along with him, when he wasn’t his boy, he fired him. Which, I think is also relevant to the question of what he was trying to do. So, from my point of view, this is of enormous consequence for his presidency. I think if you look at the three bombshells we’ve had, the Comey firing last week, then the sharing of this highly classified information with the Russians of all people, and now telling Comey to drop the case, what we see is a presidency that’s starting to come apart.”

Look, regardless of the picture clowns like Gergen, and their Democrat Party cohorts, are trying to paint here, the actual truth of the matter is that there have been NO impeachable offenses committed by President Trump. Just because the deep state continues to make it appear so, does not make it so.  And as much as they like to harp on the fact that Hitlery won the popular vote, it was ONLY because of California and New York, states where illegal and ineligible votes still count and the dead are still able to vote. The Electoral College is what matters.  It is unbelievable that our Founding Fathers had the divine insight to make the Electoral College the deciding factor.  If it wasn’t New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles would be able to nullify a dozen states voting because of their populations.

And while there would now at this time be enough votes to impeach Trump, if the Republicans don’t get their act together, and soon, working to provide voters with the necessary incentive to vote for them come 2018, you can bet if the Democrats regain control of the House, the Senate or, God forbid both, the entire last two years of Trump’s first term will be a disaster.  And not only for Trump, but for the entire country.  Too many of the Republicans in the House and Senate have long ago forgotten why it was that they were elected in the first place.  We had hoped that the election of President Trump would have been better understood as what it was intended to be, shot over their bow.  But it seems to have had little effect on the ‘Establishment’ types who feel they can still afford to ignore the people.

And it always amazes me how those on the left cease to form their own opinions the minute ‘experts’ are brought in.  Of course we all know that an expert, especially one like this boob Gergen, is really nothing more than a ‘drip under pressure.’  My only point here is that an auto-mechanic is an expert in cars and therefore we should allow them some level of input regarding what should be done to our car.  And that would seem to make sense.  But in a democracy you can’t simply nullify the ‘uneducated’ and non-expert people, in favor of supposed ‘experts’, as if their opinions don’t matter.  Yet I suspect that the left secretly wishes for this kind of relationship where we have oligarchs running this country and the people behaving more like little sheep doing only what it is that they’re told.

Democrats have yet to figure out why voters decided they wanted President Trump and not president Hitlery.  I’d like to think that this constant haranguing will bring nothing but even more losses to the Democrats in 2018.  Most voters aren’t blind, they actually demand proof, not just eight months of smears, innuendo, rumor and unsubstantiated accusations.  Democrats have been losing for eight straight years and, God willing, that won’t change anytime soon.  But what worries me is the fact that far too many Republicans seem to be far more interested in siding with the Democrats than with their president.  And if such behavior continues the majorities they now have in Congress could be in jeopardy.  They must work ‘with’ the president if we are to get beyond the failures of the past.

Anyway it is my fervent hope that there remains still in this country enough people who are able to recognize what is really underway here.  And are able to understand that what needs to be done, with the 2018 elections in mind, is not to elect one more Democrat to the House or the Senate.  Our top priority must be to replace every single Democrat that we can, as well as every single RINO, with a bona fide conservative Republican.  I would suggest electing some conservative Democrats as well, but was we all know that particular species became extinct a very long time ago.  Which leaves us with but one option.  But having said that, President Trump must also remain true to those who got him elected in the first place, if he can not then all is most certainly lost.


Trump 30

When it comes to what we commonly refer to today as our ‘state-controlled media’ I think most reasonably intelligent people are able to agree that this group of various organizations who while they may all like to call themselves ‘news’ organizations are in truth nothing more that creators of fiction, or “fake news”, that is always, or nearly always, focused solely in the direction of one political party.  And it’s many of these organizations, some of which have been around for a very long time, that have over time come to much more closely resemble purveyors of what is little more than pure political propaganda.  And as such they have essentially abandoned the American people who have now been left with an ever shrinking number of reliable sources willing to provide to them accurate and useful information.  As proof of that I would only ask if anyone genuinely believes that Barack Obama, the color of his skin notwithstanding, would have ever been elected president if those in our supposed ‘mainstream media’ had actually done their job and reported accurately when it came to exactly who this man was at the time.

And in reviewing the events that took place over the course of our most recent presidential campaign, who can deny the fact that it was this very same group of ‘news’ organizations that attempted to do everything within its ‘power’ to sway voter opinion and to create the false impression that the candidate they were so obviously supporting was nothing more invincible and her election was inevitable.  It would seem that their game plan was, through the use of bogus polls and patently false ‘news’ stories, to advance the notion that there was simply no way she could possibly lose and doing so in the hope that they would be able to convince enough of those who supported her opponent that theirs was a lost cause and that they might just as well stay home on Election Day.  They were determined to let nothing stand in the way of their effort to convince voters that she was without a doubt the most qualified person to ever run for president, and certainly more qualified than was her opponent who they portrayed as a mere novice when it came to such important matters as international relations, national defense and terrorism.

But as we all saw on Election Day, all of their hard work was, thankfully, all for naught because their favored candidate, the one they had tried so very hard to get elected, the one they had tried so hard to convince the American people was the best person for the job, came up short.  And while they persist, to this day, in their claim that she did win the ‘popular vote’ it’s always that they very conveniently leave out of their argument that the ‘only’ reason she was even able to accomplish that feat was all because of one state, California.  So once the loss of their candidate was confirmed it was almost immediately after that that the search to come up with what could then be used as a plausible excuse for the loss was launched.  Because there had to some sinister, some clandestine reason, some sort of foul play involved, to explain why their perfect candidate somehow came up short.  Because there could be no other reason that could possibly explain her loss.  They honestly wondered who it was that could not bring themselves to vote for such an highlyly qualified candidate.  Yet, millions of Americans did not!

So immediately after their candidate was declared the loser it became necessary, I guess, for those who felt that they had somehow been robbed of a victory because of some sort of shenanigans, was to come up with some sort retaliatory measures, or a Plan ‘B’ so to speak, that could then be implemented against the new president in order to undermine, to the greatest extent possible, his ability to properly execute the duties of his job.  Once the plan was properly formulated, it didn’t take long for all the players to get onboard.  So there now continues what can only be described as a very coordinated effort between members of the Democrat Party and their many minions in the ‘state-controlled’ media to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.  And it would seem to matter very little to them that despite having no facts or evidence to support any of their wild claims they continue to spew all manner of accusations the purpose of which is to destroy our president.  And it is out of some genuine concern for our country that they seek to remove our president?  No, it’s all about revenge, and nothing more.

Which brings to what I’m quite sure everyone is by now very familiar with as being the latest dustup involving the president and his decision to fire the Director of the FBI.  And as part of the ongoing campaign to unseat our duly elected president it was just this week that we had the Washington Post and the New York Times acting as partners in crime as they each published new versions of the story of how former FBI director James Comey came to be fired.  Each of the articles, published late Wednesday, seeks to explain more details about how President Trump arrived at his decision, and each aims to catch the White House in alleged contradictions between its official account of how the decision was made, and how it actually happened.  Now as is usually the case whenever dealing with any of these promotors of “fake news”, a certain degree of trepidation is always required.  One should always take anything that they may say with a significant grain of salt.  Truth is something that seems to be in very short supply whenever you’re dealing with anyone in either the Democrat Party or the ‘state-controlled. Media.

Anyway, it was the Post story that characterized Trump’s decision as a “sudden” one, driven by “anger and impatience,” and by a desire to stop the FBI’s investigation into supposed connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Post says that President Trump initiated a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein — not the other way around. It portrays them as anxious to fulfill “the boss’s orders,” and suggests that Trump felt events were “spiraling out of his control.” Perhaps the most startling claim is that Rosenstein threatened to resign after the narrative emerging from the White House on Tuesday evening cast him as a prime mover of the decision to fire Comey.” The Post relies on a single source — “a person close to the White House” for that rather sensational claim. Interestingly, the Post story also portrays the testimony of former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday as damaging to the White House — although there were no new details revealed about the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, the Times story is a bit more circumspect, saying Trump’s decision on Comey had less to do with fear of the Russia investigation and more with irritation at Comey’s political grandstanding. The article claims, “He was particularly irked when Mr. Comey said he was ‘mildly nauseous’ to think that his handling of the email case had influenced the election, which Mr. Trump took to demean his own role in history.”  Curiously, the Times story claims that White House adviser Steve Bannon was a dissenting voice — which contradicted earlier speculation by a Times reporter. The Times does not go as far as the Post in concluding that Trump initiated the Department of Justice review that led to Comey’s firing, leaving the order of events a bit more vague and including the White House’s explanation.  The two accounts agree that there was near-unanimity in the White House about firing Comey, and that the White House was surprised by the public backlash. Neither suggests an imminent FBI breakthrough on the Russia probe.

Operating under the Watergate template, and salivating over the prospects of a similar conclusion, those in our state-controlled media will likely endeavor to suggest that “the cover-up was worse than the crime”, even though there has been no cover-up, and no evidence of any crime.  What these leftwing zealots fail to grasp is that ”We the People” now pay very little attention to them and that we now consider them as being little more than the propaganda arm if the Democrat Party.  And of course what I’m referring to is anyone once referred to as the ‘mainstream media’.  But as most of us are now aware, sadly there is very little about abut modern day media complex that can, in any way, be described as “mainstream.”  They keep trying to tell us what to think not realizing we’ve moved beyond them.  There’s no direct evidence that Trump has any ties to Russia, yet the media has a hysterical obsession.  Yet there are stacks of evidence that Hitlery committed numerous felonies with respect to her email and secret information which the media couldn’t care less about.  And yet, there isn’t any bias, and no, they aren’t ‘fake news.’

Our ‘fake news’ organizations have spent more time on this non-scandal scandal than they spent on all of Barry’s bona fide scandals combined.  Remember the Benghazi massacre where four Americans dead, including the US Ambassador, Obama’s War in Libya WITHOUT Congressional approval, the great “stimulus” “shovel-ready” heist, Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress, the IRS Targeting Scandal with the destruction and wiping of servers and Lois Lerner’s testimony, ‘Fast and Furious’, the GSA scandal, the lies and deceit of ObamaCare, the Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment, the EPA Cover-up of the pollution of the Colorado River, the VA death-list scandal, Barry’s “Red Line” in the sand to Syria, and refusal to back it up which helped destroy US credibility, Hitlery’s e-mail’s and her Secret, Unsecured Server, Hitlery’s RUSSIAN Uranium deal, ‘Slick’ and Hitlery’s Foundation – Pay for Play, ‘Slick’s’ meeting Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix Tarmac days before Comey reveals his findings and conclusions about the Hitlery e-mail scandal, Barry holdovers illegally leaking the names of Trump associates to the press, and the list goes on!

So here we are seven months into the Trump presidency and still ZERO evidence of any collusion with Russia.  Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nadda!  We know that Trump didn’t collude with Russia, because if any evidence had been found our supposed ‘news’ would have wasted no time in making sure that it became a big problem for the president.  And yet nothing but silence and admissions that they have nothing.  Still I can’t understand how anyone would ever think that Russia would rather have someone like Trump over someone like Hitlery, on whom they likely possess all manner of blackmail ammunition.  So I find myself wondering how many of my fellow Americans remain able to take seriously any of these politicians and ‘journalists’ who are so very obviously suffering from what is a most severe case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’.  These people have now allowed themselves to become so consumed by such a level of hatred they come across as sounding completely insane.  And how does their bizarre behavior convince those who may disagree with them that what they’re claiming is anything other than some crazy leftwing conspiracy?


media 12

If you are anywhere near a reasonably intelligent person and are someone who seeks to stay as informed as possible regarding what it is that’s going on in your town, city, state, country, or the world, I think you would have to admit that doing so has come to require much more than simply watching the ’news’ or reading the local paper, especially over the last decade or so.  And I think it’s safe to say that going back at least as far as the days of the Vietnam War, the media has always had a leftist slant, and in the days when there were just three major networks, a dozen or so major newspapers and hand full of ‘news’ magazine, Americans were left to hope that the information they received was at least somewhat reliable and was also at least mostly true.  But in looking back we can now see that that really wasn’t the case.

And then came 2008, the year in which those who had once ‘appeared’ to have been a group of independent, and somewhat objective, ‘news’ organizations came to more closely resemble the ‘state-controlled media complex’ which now serves as nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And it was then that our supposed ‘news’ media appeared to come completely off the tracks, finally revealing themselves to be that which, for decades, we had long suspected they were.  It was in their pursuit to ensure the election of the first black president that they seemed to lose what little objectivity they may have once possessed.  You see, it really didn’t matter what sort of man Obama really was, what was most important, to them, was that he was black.  And it was that alone that made him worthy of being president.

And so it was then that throughout Obama’s first term, the media could be reliably counted upon to run all manner of interference for our first black president.  No matter how disastrous the policy, or how dangerous the actions, the ‘fake news’ media would work tirelessly to dress it up before then presenting it to an unsuspecting public in the very best light possible.  And those too naïve to believe they are being lied to, or too lazy to go in search of the facts in an attempt to verify that what they are being told was true, would typically swallow, hook, line and sinker, what was really nothing more than pure Democrat propaganda.  The media, by then, had officially become less a source of accurate information and more a cheerleader for the man who they were most responsible for getting elected in the first place.

And it was in 2012, when facing an opponent who, at least initially, actually had a chance of winning, that the state-controlled media once again came riding to the rescue for Obama.  And it was then courtesy of all manner of lie, rumor, innuendo and every slanderous accusation imaginable that those in the media succeeded in taking out Obama’s opponent while at the same time putting that final nail into their own coffin.  Trust in the media today is at an all-time low, in fact fewer people trust the media than trust members of Congress.  And yet the vast majority of those who identify as being a ‘journalist’ continue to argue that there is no bias in the media and that they only report the facts.  But what strikes most Americans as amazing, is that fact these supposed journalists can make such a claim with a straight face.

All of which brings me a new poll sponsored by the University of Virginia Center for Politics which finds that an overwhelming number of Trump voters agree with his statement that the press is the enemy of the American people.  The Center for Politics, founded by UVA’s Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics, Larry Sabato, recently sponsored a poll by Glen Bolger’s Public Opinion Strategies conducted between April 17 and 19 of 1,000 voters who admitted to voting for Trump in last year’s election.  The poll featured a long list of questions for participants. The president’s supporters have what the survey called a “jaundiced eye on the media.”  I’d say that’s putting things a bit mildly.  There are those whose opinions I once valued but no longer do because everything they say about Trump is negative.

Anyway, participants of this poll were asked, “When you hear the media being critical of Donald Trump, does their criticism make you question your support for him, or does it reinforce that he’s on the right track in terms of shaking things up in Washington, D.C.?”  It was a whopping 88 percent who said that the media’s attacks on President Trump actually reinforce their feeling that he is on the right track.  In contrast, it was a mere 12 percent who said that the media’s criticism makes them question their support for the president.  And it was one female Trump supporter who told the pollsters that the media is not being a “voice of the people,” while a male voter who claimed to have voted for Obama in the past said that the media spends entirely too much time “blowing things out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, it was this same poll which also found that a huge number of Trump voters either strongly or somewhat agree that the media has now become the enemy.  When the pollsters asked, “Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump’s statement that the press ‘is the enemy of the American people,’” another 88 percent said that they agree with Trump.  The 88 percent was closely split, with 42 percent saying they “strongly agree” with Trump’s heavily used stump speech claim, while 45 percent said they “somewhat agree” with the statement.  Only nine percent said they “somewhat disagree,” while a tiny four percent said they “strongly disagree” with Trump’s accusation, for a total of only 12 percent.  Frankly, you can definitely include me within that 42 percent who strongly agrees with the president.

Now just to be fair, as well as accurate, President Trump has never said that the media is the enemy.  What he has said is, “the Fake Media is the enemy”.  He has gone out of his way to make this point, since those involved in the ‘fake media’ keep claiming he said “the media”.  With that, they can then promote their other fake claim, namely, that President Trump is a fascist who wants to eliminate all sources of ‘news’ media.  Those guilty of journalistic malpractice, such as Jake Tapper and his Communist News Network (CNN), have come to take some measure of pride when it comes to pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people through their so-called ‘reporting’ of what is really nothing more than ‘fake news’.  And in that sense they truly have now become the enemy of a free and prosperous America.

Those in the media have this mantra that really equates to nothing more than, “Republicans Bad, Trump evil AND bad” and which they continue to spew ad nauseam.  President Trump doesn’t think like those who have essentially been continuously indoctrinated from kindergarten through Grad School to think that the only acceptable way to think is the Progressive/Socialist way, and then they end up as ‘journalists.’  They know next to nothing about how, or even why, America came to be founded, nor do they seem to care all that much what a bunch of “old white men” did in their effort to get our country initially off the ground.  And whether our country survives may now come to rest on the shoulders of those who know nothing of the history of their own country.  Which should really frighten everyone.

I would like to think that the Democrats have done some level of permanent injury to themselves in that it has not occurred to one them to call for nonviolence.  Left leaning now equals lawlessness and that appears to be just fine with the entire Democrat Party.  Civil discourse has become the order of the day.  Screeching, reasonless emotion is their signature response and violence, destruction, property damage and bodily injury to those who dare to oppose them are all part of their approved actions.  Left leaning equals lawless thuggery and nothing more.  Without the state-controlled media there would have been no President Obama.  In 2008 and 2012, they glossed over his deeply radical past, gave him a pass on missing records, worshiped his every utterance, and politically knee-capped his political opponents.

It’s impossible to list all of the devastation Obama inflicted upon this nation in eight short years, both domestically and globally. A few low-lights: More than doubling the size of the national debt, creating the Obamacare trainwreck that is fiendishly difficult from which to extricate ourselves, re-empowering Iran with pallets of American (borrowed) cash and a sweetheart deal, putting the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism on a glide path to nukes.  Stoking societal divisions of all kinds and using the government to shake down corporations and funnel the fines to radical leftist organizations.  The weaponizing of government agencies like DOJ, IRS, EPA as well as our intelligence agencies.  In truth, his abuses make Watergate look like child’s play.  So again I reiterate, with no state-controlled media there would have been no Obama.

Now that America has elected President Trump, and tasked him with bringing in a team of adults willing to get to work cleaning up the mess that was left behind, look who it is that now spends the vast majority of its time attacking and trying to thwart him at nearly every turn.  And so it is then that after being willfully derelict, for the last eight years, when it came to what their role truly is supposed to be, strangely it’s only now, with a Republican in the White House, that they once again view themselves as being a watchdog over what they claim is a dictatorial president.  So I’d say it’s pretty much a no-brainer, I now see the majority of America’s ‘news’ organizations as the enemy, and they represent a very clear and present danger to the freedoms and rights that we the American people have come to take for granted.

It is their refusal to accept the outcome of the 2016 elections, their refusal to acknowledge and respect the vote of the American people which led to the election of President Trump, their lies, their distortions to further Democrat propaganda, their bias, their hypocrisy, their rejection of ethics and professionalism, their continuing war on President Trump, their war on America’s police officers, their support for violence, chaos, and anarchy in America’s streets, their support for Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign during the election and their obvious support for the Democrat totalitarian police state that proves just how much the state-controlled media works to tear our nation apart and agitate against our internal security.  They most certainly have become the enemy of every law-abiding American citizen.



If I were to sit and ponder about whose opinion it is that I could not care less about, the one name that would almost immediately pop into my head would be none other than Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera.  Rivers is one of the members of Fox News’ own modern day version of ‘The Three Stooges’, with the other two members being Juan Williams, and Bob Beckel.  And together the three of them have never come up with anything that even remotely can be said to have ever made a lick of sense.  And yet there they are, night after night, week after week spewing to those who tune in that which is nothing more the purest of the pure left wing bullshit.

Jerry’s most recent trip off into the nether-region of left wing lunacy, a place where commonsense doesn’t exist, involves his calling out the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) for going against Speaker of the House Paul ‘RINO’ Ryan and President Donald Trump’s supposed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.  It was earlier this week that Jerry appeared on Fox News’s “O’Reilly Factor” where he attempted to explain how he believes the House Freedom Caucus formed a coup.  He argued that the failure of the American Health Care Act is not on Trump or Ryan’s shoulders, but is solely on the HFC.  At least that’s how Jerry prefers to see it.

Jerry said, “The health care, I don’t blame President Trump and I don’t blame Speaker Ryan for the failure of the health care bill.”  And he then continued his rant by saying, “What you have there was the knife being in the back, the treason, the treachery of the Freedom Caucus, what is the freedom caucus, 40 or so congress people.”  Spoken like the devoted left wing kook that he is.  I would love to have the opportunity sometime to ask Jerry, as well as his two fellow members of ‘The Stooges’, if he actually believes any of the shit that comes out of his mouth.  Because I gotta tell ya, rarely does he, or they, ever make much sense.

The HFC, led by Chairman Mark Meadows, proved themselves to be a formidable road block for the Republican leadership that was working very hard to shove through something they were trying to sell as a repeal of Obamacare, but what was in reality, nothing of the sort.  Leading up to the vote, Meadows was outspoken in his opposition to both the bill itself and the manner in which the leadership handled its roll out.  He said, “Our leadership is going to put forth a bill that does not address any of the concerns in a meaningful way and will dare us to vote against it.”  So was that treasonous?  No I think not, despite Jerry’s imbecilic claim.

Trump and Ryan decided to pull the AHCA just hours before it was scheduled to go up for a vote on the House floor last Friday afternoon. The HFC was able to convince conservatives into standing united against the bill, and that proved, along with unanimous opposition from House Democrats, to be enough to kill the seriously flawed legislation.  And let’s face it, polling data showed that only 17 percent of the American people were in favor of what was referred to by many as being nothing more than Obamacare 2.0.  That by itself should have been enough to prove that this thing was a nonstarter.  Again, treasonous?  Hardly!

And I would like to take the opportunity here to remind President Trump, the guy I voted for, of what I see as being a few very important facts.  First and foremost would be the fact that while ‘RINO’ Ryan was spitting on his candidacy, it was the members of the ‘Freedom Caucus’ who were solidly behind Mr. Trump.  And when Jerry was lying about Trump, in his support of Hitlery, the ‘Freedom Caucus’ was behind Trump.  And when the RINOs cursed Trump name and supported first Jeb and that ‘Crazy John’ Kasich, the ‘Freedom Caucus’ was there for him as well.  And now he makes threats directed at members of the ‘Freedom Caucus’?

In January 2016 RINO Ryan vowed to advance the repealing of Obamacare knowing full well that Barry would most assuredly veto it.  Now fast-forward fifteen months, Barry is no longer president and repealing Obamacare is no longer an empty gesture.  But now that that repeal actually means something, and is something that you would think is a real possibility no congressmen outside of HFC seems to be the least bit interested in keeping his or her promise.  So once again it’s despite Jerry accusations of treason and that some sort of coup was perpetrated here, it’s obvious who the real traitors are and it isn’t those who are the ‘Freedom Caucus!’

And why do you suppose Jerry feels so compelled to venture outside his own little circle of left wing lunacy to start meddling in the Republican Party!  Does he actually think we care what he might have to say?  And while I remain a supporter of President Trump, I do think his tweet about fighting the ‘Freedom Caucus’ in 2018 was more than just a bit out of line since Ryan’s bill did suck, and who really needs that.  Instead, pass the one sentence bill that has been submitted to repeal all of Obamacare no later than 12/31/2017!!  Too simple for Ryan to handle, he always has to have the deep thought bills that NEVER pass!!

Jerry asks, “What is the ‘Freedom Caucus’ but 40 or so Congress people?”  Well, it’s these 40 or so people who are the only ones left who aren’t bought and paid for by the special interests. These 40 or so people are the anti-swamp.  These 40 or so people are the ones who actually fight for the Constitution and all those people who voted for President Trump.  Trump is under the impression that those who voted for him voted for HIM.  No, we voted for him because he said he was going to fight for the American people.  This isn’t about loyalty to President Trump.  It’s about his loyalty to us and to the nation our Founders created.

And why is it that Jerry simply can’t bring himself to fade away?  As far as the position of the HFC on Obamacare is concerned, they do have a point.  RINO Ryan was pushing a bill that would make health care even worse than it is now.  There should have been more debate and more negotiation.  A mere 18 days is not enough for any bill.  Also, the Republicans should have had a specific bill already hashed out a long time ago.  But people still need to be given time to read and analyze it or else we end up with another Obamacare, only worse.  It is a mistake to pick a fight with the Freedom Caucus. How about fighting the Establishment RINOs?

The disgustingly leftwing Jerry demonstrates his ignorance in this mindless attack on the Freedom Caucus.  Jerry enthusiastically supported Ryancare because he knew that, if passed, it would continue government control of one-sixth of our nation’s economy.  He knew that Ryancare was simply Obamacare Lite.  Maybe he ought to check out what constitutes “treason” under the Constitution.  Jerry is a left wing blow hard who is pro open borders, pro amnesty and pro path to citizenship for the over 11 million immigrants in this country illegally.  Why Fox News continues to pay him, as well as his fellow stooges, is a complete mystery.

Jerry is once again discussing issues that are so completely over his head.  He says opposition to an incredibly flawed bill, a bill viewed as such by most Americans, a majority of Republicans in the Senate and almost all pundits, analysts, and experts was an act of treason.  If it hadn’t been for the Freedom Caucus we would have had a quick patchwork fix pasted over Obamacare rather than an actual viable solution.  And don’t give me, “well, phase 2 and 3.”  There would never have been other phases, PERIOD!!  Everyone would have stood around in a circle looking like a deer in the headlights saying, “Well, we did the best we could.”  NO, no you didn’t!

How is it that Jerry can be so wrong, so often?  Other than his other two left wing compatriots there at Fox News, Williams and Beckel, rarely will you find anyone who gets it wrong as often as Jerry.  If treason, in a sense, was committed it was done so by Ryan and his establishment cohorts.  They make the claim that the AHCA bill was passed by two House committees but they conveniently fail to mention the fact that no amendments to the bill were allowed by committee members, it was only RINO Ryan who could add amendments.  So don’t blame the HFC, blame RINO Ryan and his sad attempt to ram through a bill that did nothing to repeal or replace Obamacare!



The press long ago ceased being part of the solution, and instead chose willingly to become an increasingly larger part of the problem.  That problem being, of course, the slow but steady erosion of the freedom enjoyed by those of us who proudly call ourselves Americans.  And the vast majority of those who, today, refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ either don’t see that, or simply refuse to believe it.  And never had they so brazenly revealed exactly who they are, as well as what their motives are, than when Barry “Almighty” came along.  Because during the entirety of the 2008 campaign those in the media demonstrated time and time again that there was nothing they would not say or do in their effort to ensure Barry was elected.

Now let’s fast-forward to the campaign of 2016 to where the efforts to get Barry elected pretty much paled in comparison to the near herculean effort put forth by those in our state-controlled media to get Hitlery Clinton elected.  But despite their best efforts to hide the many flaws of the Democrat candidate, enough voters were still able to see through the smoke screen and recognize the fact that as the most corrupt and dishonest candidate to ever run for president, Hitlery was simply not worthy of the high office that she was seeking.  And in seeking some level of revenge or retribution they, the media, have continued what has been a near unprecedented assault on President Trump in an effort to undermine his presidency.

Which brings me to ABC’s Jon Karl who guest-hosted for George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, a former ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton hack, on ‘This Week’ over the past weekend.  It was in closing the show that Karl somehow thought it necessary and appropriate to close with a short ‘commentary’ in which he sought to defend the news media from President Trump’s tweet referring to them as being the “enemy of the people.”  It was during his little ‘commentary’ that Karl noted that there’s “nothing new” about presidents “criticizing and even vilifying” the press; it goes back as far as Thomas Jefferson, who got so fed up at one point that he declared, “Nothing can now be believed that is seen in a newspaper.”

As for Donald Trump, the New York mogul who was once “nothing but media-friendly… has taken presidential criticism of the news media to another level.”  Old Karl did his best to defend his colleagues in the media for what he described as being their “pursuit of the truth” and announced that, “We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news… As long as American democracy remains healthy, there will be reporters willing to pursue the truth, even if it means incurring the wrath of the most powerful person in the world.”  A free press isn’t the enemy of America,” Karl concluded, “it’s a big part of what makes America great.”

You know, that all really sounds quite wonderful, except for the fact that neither President Trump nor anyone else who frequently complains about the ever-present media bias and lies is referring to journalists who are passionate about getting to the truth.  What Americans are truly sick and tired of are those in the state-controlled media whose “truth” is in service only to a blatant leftist agenda.  Those are the so-called journalists like Christiane Amanpour who openly declare their activism. They are the supposedly trusted news sources like the Clinton News Network (CNN).  They are the news media that for eight years fawned over Barry “Almighty” as the Second Coming and now try to paint Trump as the Second Coming of Hitler.

Yes, of course a free press is part of what makes America great. But many in what has become our state-controlled media are now reaping the whirlwind of having destroyed the American people’s trust in a free and independent press through their undeniable, corrosive, and yes even toxic, biases.  They have now essentially become the enemy of the truth and therefore of the American people.  It has become, quite frankly, obvious that members of that which was once referred to as our ‘mainstream media, have been bought and paid for by the political left in this country and they don’t seem to mind in the least that a majority of the American people now view them as being little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

And please allow me to offer up a translation regarding what it was that Karl said and what he actually meant.  You see, what Karl said was: “We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news…”   But what Karl actually meant was: “We are not about to stop digging for any speck of dirt we can find or even manufacturing fake news out of whole cloth because a Republican president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news. Our job is to protect the Democrats and destroy the Republicans. D’uh…”  And let’s be clear here, Trump is not upset about what’s being said about him, only that so much of it is nothing more than ‘fake news.’

And Karl appears to have set the bar pretty LOW here with his rather silly claim.  And I would beg to differ with him in that America was not made great by a bunch of miscreants and malcontents who oddly enough considered themselves journalistic professionals.  I like to consider myself a professional and if I employed just a fraction of the crap that these supposed ‘journalists’ pull on what has become a daily basis, I would not only likely find myself an unemployed professional but my future prospects would also look pretty bleak.  Far from being professionals, a better definition for Karl and his many colleagues might be “hacks” or “wannabes”!  They are practitioners of what some have to come to term as, journalistic malpractice.

You see, it has been over the course of at least the last 30 or 40 years that that which was once referred as the objective, and noble field of ‘journalism’ has now been effectively reduced to a what has now become nothing more than a rather pompous little clique of individuals driven by ideology and which attempts to justify its existence courtesy of all manner or slander, deceit, innuendo and falsehood disguised as journalism.  This journalistic malpractice is typically attributed to those within what many still stubbornly refer to as the mainstream media, but not exclusively.  And it is the desire of this disingenuous little cadre of propagandists to willfully mislead, manipulate and distract the American public.

And yes a free press is one of those things that makes America unique, but what Karl doesn’t seem to realize, or is in complete denial of, is that most of the American media is no longer part of a free press.  They have fallen from the lofty perch that they may have once held into the mires of yellow journalism, and pure propaganda.  Maybe the relationship between Trump and the media would improve if our supposed journalists were to first apologize for what has become a never-ending smear campaign that they have engineered and were then to simply start ‘reporting’ the news in its entirety, without all of the bias or leftward slant, and reserve all of their opining for a tiny segment of their report with it clearly identified as being such.