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The beginning of the end for that which we were once able to call our “mainstream media” was officially kicked into high gear back in 2007-08 when every effort imaginable was undertaken to ensure that Barack Obummer was elected president.  And it would seem that the death spiral has only managed to increase in both rate of descent as well as velocity as the media’s reputation for accuracy plummets toward the deck.  And it would seem that with each passing day of the Trump administration those in what has now morphed into our ‘state-controlled media complex’ reveal themselves to be a bit more unhinged and in so doing lose more of what little credibility they have remaining.  They insist upon focusing on those issues that most Americans simply have little or no interest in.

So there’s apparently a new Bloomberg poll out that shows that while healthcare is the top issue for the majority of Americans, the network newscasts have spent the vast majority of their time doing little more than to continue to relentlessly hammer their viewers with coverage of Democrats’ accusations about Russia and President Donald Trump collusion.  The Bloomberg National Poll reveals that 35 percent of Americans say “Health Care” is the top issue today – nearly three times the 13 percent who cite “Unemployment/Jobs.”  Only six percent cited “Relationship with Russia” as the most important issue.  And I’d be willing to be bet that the majority of that six prevent are, more than likely, brain dead Democrats.  Because they just love ‘fake news’, especially when it’s about President Trump.

A recent analysis our ‘friends’ in the media and what it came to show was that network news programs spend far more time covering Russia-Trump than they do on any of top issues that the American people actually care about or see as being the most important.  In the five weeks following the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller (May 17-June 20), networks devoted 353 minutes of their total 640 minutes of airtime (55%) to the Russia-Trump probe.  Thus, even though nearly six times more Americans cited “Health Care” as being their top issue, networks devoted more than 20 times more coverage to Russia. The other issues in Americans’ top five were cited roughly twice as often as Russia – yet, networks devoted up to 71 times as many minutes to covering Russia.

Here are the top five “most important” issues cited by Americans in the Bloomberg poll, followed by the relative amount of time networks spend covering them, compared to their Russia-Trump coverage.

1 – Health Care 35%:

  • 5.8 times more people cited Health Care than Russia (35%-6%),
  • Networks devoted 20.8 times more coverage to Russia than to Health Care (353-17 minutes)

2 – Unemployment/Jobs 13%:

  • 2.2 times more people cited Unemployment/Jobs than Russia (13%-6%),
  • Networks gave 70.6 times more coverage to Russia than to Unemployment/Jobs (353-5 minutes)

3 – Terrorism 11%:

  • 1.8 times more people said Terrorism than Russia (11%-6%),
  • Networks spent 12.2 times more time on Russia than on Terrorism (353-29 minutes)

4 – Immigration 10%:

  • 1.7 times as many people cited Immigration as cited Russia (10%-6%),
  • Networks spent 70.6 times as many minutes covering Russia as they did covering Immigration (353-5 minutes)

5 – Climate Change 10%:

  • 1.7 times more people cited Climate Change than cited Russia (10%-6%),
  • Networks devoted 7.5 times more coverage to Russia than to Climate Change (353-47 minutes)

It’s upon closer examination that one discovers that there is more than just a slight disconnect between what the American people want covered and what the networks, both cable and broadcast, see as being far more important and therefore spend the majority of their time reporting on.  And it explains why public trust of those in the media has continued to decline due to what is a very obvious leftwing media bias.  The media’s obsession with the Russia investigation flies in the face of what the public says it actually cares the most about. According to a Harvard-Harris poll, ‘a majority of voters believe the Russia investigations are damaging to the country and are eager to see Congress shift its focus to healthcare, terrorism, national security, the economy and jobs.’”  Yet both the Democrat and their media partners persist.

The media/propaganda wing of the Democrat Party has obviously decided that convincing the people that President Trump somehow colluded with the Russians is far more important than anything else that it could be doing and is therefore headed full steam ahead in that direction despite having no evidence that such collusion exists. They have committed themselves to that proposition and have stubbornly stuck by their claims that such collusion does exist.  And doing so in the stark absence of any actual proof has accomplished nothing more than to cause people to question their motivation.  Given the disconnect, it should be no surprise that half of all voters see the media as biased against Trump, compared to only four percent who think the media are pro-Trump, that according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

In recent months, even hardcore leftists like Diane Feinstein and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters have said there has been no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and Comey said, three times, that Trump wasn’t under investigation. Even a Crappy News Network (CNN) exec got caught recently saying the story was a “nothingburger” but they keep running the stories anyway.  It is interesting to note as well that a year ago Obummer was aware of possible interference from Russia and yet chose to do nothing about it because everyone was so sure the old Hag, Hitlery, was going to win the election.  And today the only ones still buying this collusion nonsense are the most very simple-minded.  They claim concerns about Russian interference, yet are wholly misleading with the propaganda they spew.  The media truly has become our enemy.


Wallace 3

Except for the hour or so in the morning that I’m able to watch ‘Fox & Friends’, and then Tucker and Hannity later on at night, I’ve pretty much given up on watching Fox News.  Most of the other programming has come to differ very little from what you’d expect to see on MS’LSD’ or the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN).  And while I wasn’t home to watch the Comey circus, and likely wouldn’t have even if I had been, Thursday on Fox News Channel’s special coverage of the much heralded testimony, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said while Comey’s testimony was good news legally for President Donald Trump, “politically” he thought it was “very damaging.”  Frankly, I’m not sure how it is that Wallace ever came to be thought of as someone worth listening to.  Granted, he’s been around a long time but since when does longevity equate to knowing even the slightest about the topic on which you are speaking?  It’s like every time he opens his mouth, shit falls out.

Anyway, it was in discussing Comey and his rather bizarre testimony that Wallace said “If I were Donald Trump’s lawyer I’d be pretty happy, because he repeatedly said up to the day he was fired, Comey said that there was no evidence that led to an investigation of Donald Trump.  He was not under investigation and on the question of obstruction of justice, while he said that was an open question, that will have to be decided by the special counsel Robert Muller. He certainly didn’t indicate that he viewed it as obstruction of justice or at least a prosecutable case. He said he had no doubt that Trump was directing him to end the investigation, but as I say, as a lawyer, I would take some solace in both of those. My guess is when Marc Kasowitz, the president’s lawyer comes out sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 today, he’s going to declare victory and say Comey cleared Trump. And in a legal sense, you could say that he did.”

Wallace then continued by saying, “Politically, I thought it was very damaging to the president. As has been pointed out by Shannon repeatedly, James Comey called the president a liar, said that he lied about the FBI was in disarray, that he defamed him and the FBI, said that the reason he kept those kinds of notes in the first place is that he thought that this was the kind of man who would lie about those kinds of things. It’s not good stuff to have said on national television. And as been noted before, I think the strongest point about Flynn and why it what was so improper what the president said about Flynn in that Oval Office meeting on February 14, as you said, why on earth would you kick out the attorney general, the vice president, and the chief of staff if it was going to be something innocent? That was a very strong evidence.”  Wallace is taking what Comey said as being some kind of recording of the actual events, which it is not.  He is a leaker and a liar.

Evidence, Chris?  Evidence of what, exactly?  That Trump took Comey out behind the woodshed?  Let’s not forget the FBI director works for the Executive Branch and Trump is the current head of the Executive Branch.  I think we can now all agree that Comey is nothing of not a liar.  The FBI can have a three hour meeting with Hitlery with, apparently, not take a single solitary note being made despite the fact that Hitlery has the reputation of being a congenital liar?   Oh, and ask the boys of Benghazi about Hitlery’s truthfulness.  And yet he feels the need to take notes during his Trump meeting because Trump might not tell the truth.  President Trump can legally fire and hire anyone he chooses and is well within his right to stop any investigation.  Yet President Trump didn’t stop the Flynn or the Russian investigations!  There is no crime and there is no obstruction of justice.  Fox seems to be increasing its liberal slant to how it presents the ‘news’ with fewer and fewer exceptions.

Look, what this was was nothing more that Comey exercising some CYA!  Wallace is another one of the ‘NeverTrumper’ crowd currently in the employ of Fox News.  He has had nothing but contempt for Trump from the very beginning and was quick to give Comey a pass.  I mean after one meeting and Comey felt that Trump would lie?  And yet he says the Trump did not try to influence or stop the investigations.  Trump said he hoped he would let it go?  Oh and by the way Trump was never under investigation.  What a fraud Comey is!  What a bunch of bull.  Wallace differs very little from those old ‘Barbie’ dolls with the little string you pulled that made them talk.  I was disgusted when listening to the Fox crowd who were generally promoting the idea that it was a total disaster for Trump and there was clearly more evidence in need of being investigated.  CNN and MSNBC were far less confident of the damage and generally they felt it a victory for Trump.

Fox News is headed down the tubes and Wallace is out front leading the way!  He ran one of the Presidential Debates and, if I remember correctly, it was a debacle!  I can only watch a couple of ‘commentators’ without wondering what the hell they’re talking about.  Wallace denigrates Trump every chance he gets, and has been, essentially, ever since Trump first announced he would be running.  But Trump is far from the only Republican that Wallace enjoys attacking.  Whenever he has any conservative guest on his Sunday show, he tries to destroy them.  When he moderated the debate he closed by asking Trump if he would accept the election results.  Why didn’t he ask Hitlery the same question?  Because he thought Hitlery was going to win in a landslide.  As it turns out it is Hitlery and her basket of deplorable followers who are refusing to accept the “peaceful transfer of power” our country has been recognized for since the very first ‘passing of the baton’ to the successor.

Wallace sprang straight out of the state-controlled media cesspool, the son of a well-known liar and master practitioner of ambush journalism, and has apparently now gotten to the point in his ‘career’ where he no longer feels the need to hide the fact that he’s little more than a left wing, Democrat Party hack.  And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear that he voted for Hitlery.  He’s the perfect example of how it is that Fox News is no longer interested in being ‘fair and balanced’.  His ‘analysis’ of Comey’s testimony only makes sense in a world where Comey would have some level of credibility.  Instead, he revealed himself to be a liar while simultaneously unmasking himself as a leaker, admitted his predispositions to the sitting president, and also displayed both his politicization and lack of understanding of his authority under two administrations.  And Wallace thinks this was damaging to the president?  Good grief.  And he calls himself an objective journalist?

As I said, Wallace is most certainly his father’s son.  He couldn’t find a tree if you parachuted him into the middle of a forest.  But he does appear to be what the ‘new’ Fox owners want as they form ‘another left-wing liberal outlet’.  It started some time ago, I no longer even watch Wallace’s Sunday show, I stopped when he had 3 of 4 very hard left liberals on his ‘panel’ with the 4th being an ‘ think I’m a conservative’.  This is just more of the same, I don’t believe Fox any longer.  Wallace is really no more than a mouthpiece for his new bosses at Fox.  He’s nothing but a tool for the ‘establishment’.  From what I’ve seen there was nothing in Comey’s testimony that was damaging to Trump.  The fact that Lynch was covering up for Hitlery is something those like Wallace in the state-controlled media don’t want to talk ablout, but the Russians?  That’s something they’re willing to report on 24/7/365!  Reminds me of the many times when the media said that Trump’s campaign was dead.

Fox News wonders why they are no longer #1 in the ratings.  Here’s a hint:

Wallace (Democrat)

Smith (Democrat)

Perino (Bush/NeverTrumper)

Williams (Democrat)

Rove (Bush/NeverTrumper)

Rivera (Democrat)

Harf (Democrat)

Emanuel (Democrat)

Vittert (Democrat)

Stirewalt (Bush/NeverTrumper)

Baier (Stealth NeverTrumper – We decide what to report so you can’t decide, unfair and unbalanced)

Cavuto (Globalist NeverTrumper)

Bartiromo (Democrat)

Krauthammer (Neo-con NeverTrumper)

NeverTrumpers, Democrats, RINOs, Neo-cons and Globalist Shills all.  They’ve lost us and they shouldn’t expect us back anytime soon.


media 07

Over the last few decades that which we were once able to refer to as the ‘mainstream media’ has been experiencing a metamorphosis, of sorts, to the point where it now operates as a single organization that spews the same ‘news’ often using the very same language in a manner reminiscent of the old Soviet ‘news’ agency, Pravda.  The sole purpose of the media today is to assist in advancing the agenda of the Democrat Party.  What ‘news’ it presents is always slanted to the left, to one degree or another, and equates to little more than ‘fake news.’  Today’s ‘news’ media is little more than a caricature of what our ‘news’ media should actually be.

Which brings me to a HuffPost/YouGov poll released this past Wednesday which found that 83 percent of Trump voters believe the media is hostile towards them, with 60 percent saying the media is “enemies to people like” them.  The Huffington Post reports that’s an uptick from February, when 51 percent of Trump voters thought the media is “an enemy to people like you.”  And while I’m sure there will be those who claim that such a sentiment is directly related to President Trump’s constant calling out of those in the media, it really isn’t.  And by the way, it was 68 percent of Hitlery voters who say media are an “ally” or friendly to people like them.

And it is also according to this very same poll that we find that men are more likely to see the press as being hostile to them, with nearly half, or 49 percent, saying the media is unfriendly or “enemies” to people like them, including 28 percent who agreed media outlets were “enemies to people like you.”  And it was forty percent of women who also saw the media as being biased against them.  Over half, or 57 percent, of Americans aged 65 and older, said the media is “unfriendly to people like you” or “enemies to people like you,” as did 35 percent of respondents between 18 and 29.  It has become increasingly difficult to take those in the media seriously.

And it should come as being no great surprise that Black respondents had a more positive view of media.  It was 45 percent of blacks who believed the media were allies to or friendly to people like them, compared to 26 percent who said the media is “unfriendly to people like you” or “enemies to people like you.”  Half, or 50 percent, of white respondents thought the media was unfriendly or outright enemies of people like them, while 29 percent viewed media as friendly or allies. Only 18 percent of Hispanic respondents thought the media was positively inclined towards them, while 39 percent thought the opposite, and 43 percent were unsure.

And not surprising, only 12 percent of Republicans saw the media as friendly towards them, while 44 percent believed the press was an enemy and 68 percent said the press was opposed to them overall.  Meanwhile, it’s 60 percent of Democrats who thought media was “friendly to people like you” or “allies to people like you.”  Only seven percent thought the press was an enemy.  Overall, 25 percent of respondents said media were “enemies to people like” them, while another 19 percent said they were “unfriendly,” for a total of 44 percent who believed the media was hostile towards them. Only 30 percent said media were friendly to or allies of people like them.

You’d have to be a moron not to have noticed that the coverage of Trump’s brief time in office has been relentlessly hostile.  A Media Research Center (MRC) study released in early March found 88 percent of Trump administration coverage from ABC, CBS, and NBC was overwhelmingly negative, with “anchors and reporters often [injecting] their own anti-Trump editorial tone into the coverage.”  And despite the fact that a growing number of Americans no longer trust those in the business of providing them with their ‘news’, there has been little impact on either the volume of ‘fake new’ being presented or the enthusiasm with which it is being delivered.

And it was according to a study released by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center back in May that found 93 percent of Clinton News Network (CNN) and NBC’s coverage of President Trump was negative, as well as 52 percent of Fox News’ coverage and 70 percent of the Wall Street Journal‘s.  According to the study: “Trump has received unsparing coverage for most weeks of his presidency, without a single major topic where Trump’s coverage, on balance, was more positive than negative, setting a new standard for unfavorable press coverage of a president.”  Those in the media are motivated by nothing less than their hatred of President Trump.

In truth, the media is a lying machine focused 24/7 on fomenting all manner of radical dissent.  And it is because of those in our state-controlled media complex that nearly 50% of our population believes President Trump is racist, misogynist, bigoted and guilty of treason.  These same people believe that Obummer was, and Hitlery would have been, the two greatest presidents this nation ever had.  The media continues to spend all their time attempting to convince we ‘deplorables’ that we are racist, misogynist, bigoted and guilty of treason.  They are angling that it is we who must be dealt with, and harshly so, because it is we who stand in the way of their utopia.

And it’s important to keep in mind here is that those who comprise our present day state-controlled media differ very little from of those media types who repeatedly sided with the Soviets, the ChinaComs, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Chavez and countless others all of whom were guilty of robbing, beating, raping, torturing, and murdering hundreds of millions of their own citizens.  Violence is being committed because weak minds are acting upon the impulses that the ‘Left’ has implanted, nurtured and who have done their best to ensure there be no consequences forced upon the perpetrators.  They have sought to blame the victims whenever violence occurs.

Sadly, what we have today is about as far removed from being a reliable ‘news’ media as you can get.  And to refer to it as being ‘mainstream’ implies certain level of professionalism, respect, and adds a certain degree of legitimacy to those who profess to be ‘journalists’ that they neither possess nor deserve.  Because, in truth, they are practitioners of ‘journalistic malpractice’.  They are the same ones who vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrat candidates and do their best to convince us that we need to as well.  Half of this country is made up of those who are ignorant to the point where they are increasingly susceptible to the propaganda they are fed.

The media is quite literally beside themselves over the fact that, despite their very best efforts, they were not able to get Hitlery elected, therefore they have now embarked on what is nothing more than a scorched earth campaign when it comes to President Trump, working to not only subvert the administration, but to actively encourage it’s overthrow.  Using classified information from the malcontents within the intelligence agencies and the holdovers from the Obummer regime, they plan to co-ordinate with the anti-Americans in Congress to impeach President Trump.  The conspiracy to commit treason is in full swing and the media is its leader.

I think it’s safe to say that the so-called “mainstream media” is essentially waging war on those of us on the right.  We are constantly being told that we can’t win, that we are wrong and that we should just give up and do what they tell us to do.  Look who populates the TV screens on these so-called “news” channels.  These ‘journalists’ are nothing more than professional actors and actresses.  Their expertise lies in how they ‘read’ the news, and what ever made us think that we needed them — or anyone — to ‘read’ it to us?  Are we children getting read bedtime stories?  No, we’re being spoon fed propaganda by well-dressed actors and actresses.  Don’t watch, don’t listen.

What I find amazing is the level of hatred that those in our state-controlled media and the Democrat Party feel toward America.  And they will stop at nothing to destroy our Constitution, our free market economy as well as anyone who stands in their way. They see Middle Americans as caricatures, not real people with real problems that were made much worse by Obummer’s agenda. Maybe if they had to struggle with paying their heating bill or lost their job without being able to find another or had a child murdered by some immigrant they would better understand the masses. As it is, though, they think their job is to save Trump voters from themselves.

Those in the media, the Democrat Party and in Hollywood are the enemies of the working and middle class. They live in their big expensive mansions and penthouses, have lavish parties, snort endless mountains of coke, are showered with all manner of praises and money and offering zero value to society.  And yet they have the audacity to go on television all day and all night and do nothing more than to ridicule the working and middle classes as ignorant racists just as they have for the last eight months.  Apparently they are under the impression that at some point they will be able to convince us that we made a huge error in electing Trump as our president.

The way the media has been non-stop in their negative coverage of Trump you bet we see them as the enemy. The see their job as not reporting the news but instead to do everything in their power to bring this President down. Their bias is on full display.  In the future this period of time will be used to make clear what happens when all the checks and balances our Founding Fathers put in place were neutralized by the banding together of those in control in order to fulfill a political agenda and grab permanent control of the country. It reminds us that human tendencies to do evil can thwart the best of plans. Free people must always be on the guard.



What if after all of the hoopla, and the wringing of hands over some supposed involvement in our last election by the evil Vlad Putin, to the point where he who was supposed to have had no chance of winning, actually won, there ends up being, as so many have already said, no there, there?  What then?  Is there any chance that those in our state-controlled media complex, as well as within the Democrat Party, who have been, and very enthusiastically so, offering all manner of conspiracy theories be held to account when they all fall apart?  While I would like to think so, I doubt many of our proud Democrats would likely give them a pass.

Actually what is far more likely to be found out here, if we actually have an honest investigation taking place, is just how it was that Hitlery’s campaign team and the DNC, were far more involved in election chicanery than was anyone onboard the ‘Trump Train.’  And am I the only one who finds it more than a bit odd how it was that a guy in the employ of the DNC, of whom it has been said allegedly fed a rather substantial number of emails to WikiLeaks, suddenly winds up dead under what are some rather curious circumstances?  And yet the focus of any investigation regarding collusion remains almost entirely on the Trump campaign.  But I digress.

The fact is that President Trump had barely returned home from his first trip abroad as president, than those supposed ‘journalists’ there at the Clinton Broadcasting System (CBS) began to get very busy suggesting how it is that he can’t possibly win a long fight with the ‘fake news’ media.  It was this past Sunday that CBS reporter Errol Barnett quizzed “Face the Nation” host Johnny Dickerson, saying, “Trump is back to tweeting his unedited opinions this morning, telling people among other things, ‘Many of the leaks coming from the White House are fabricated lies coming from the fake news media.’ Are his supporters still buying that same excuse?”

For some reason we’re simply supposed to believe every politicized story, loaded up with all manner of anonymous Trump-trashing government officials as being nothing less than absolute gospel.  It doesn’t matter that people leaking these stories are unquestionably driven by a political agenda.  Time and again, these leaked stories have collapsed.  And yet, none of that seems to matter much to our supposed unbiased and objective ‘journalists’.  These people have become so blinded by their hatred of a duly elected president, one they had virtually guaranteed would never be elected, they are now involved in nothing less than journalistic malpractice.

And so it was in responding to Barnett that Johnny Dickerson said, “His supporters that buy that line is a shrinking group. A lot of the things he’s calling and has called fake news are now things that have either been supported by officials and members of both parties. The things he said were fake and made up are now the subject of a special counsel investigation. It`s hard to make the case that this is a fake set of inquiries.”  So why is it that those issues which have now become the subject of the special counsel are automatically to be considered something other than ‘fake news’.  This assigning of special counsel is all about politics, not the facts.

So you see, this is now the kind of weird logic that passes as rational thought these days among those on the ‘looney left’ and, frankly, has for quite some time now.  A story is not considered as being fake if it’s still being investigated.  If I tell you that it’s raining and you set out to investigate that claim and it is sunny, is our story not fake because you’re still investigating it?  It’s not a question of evidence as much as it is a question of political power and momentum.  The ends must always justify the means.  From the left’s point of view, character assassination in order to diminish and hopefully eradicate the adversary, is always a good thing.

And then it was on the Clinton News Network’s program ‘New Day’, this past Tuesday that reporter/co-host, and Fox News reject, Alisyn Camerota asked former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, “Is there anything about the Russia investigation connected to the Trump campaign that troubles you?”  Sununu said, “Yeah, the reporting that’s taking place and the exaggeration of veniality at the suggestion – look, it’s now seven months since the election. And to this day no one has cited a single piece of evidence. … There is nothing there.”  He said, “Look, you’re asking hypotheticals on hypotheticals.”  And then added, “You have nothing.”

Camerota then said she was trying to gauge Sununu’s “comfort level” with the allegations against the Trump administration that it somehow worked with Russian officials in some way to interfere with or influence the 2016 presidential election.   Sununu responded by saying, “My comfort level — the only discomfort I have is with folks in the media trying to create a veniality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the veniality that I should be concerned about is. I don’t have — I have not identified a veniality. Have you?”  Camerota replied that Sununu “should be concerned if there was collusion.”

He said, “I don’t see any evidence of collusion. Do you?”  It was then that Camerota had to admit that she does not, and she said, “Nope.”  Sununu then replied, “Okay. So that should end your reporting right there. You should put an exclamation point after your ‘no’.”  But, of course, Camerota then went on say that the Robert Mueller investigation has just begun, and Sununu remarked that the FBI has been investigating for seven months, along with recently launched congressional investigations.  Sununu then said, “Okay. Can I ask a question? If Mueller comes out and says that my version is correct and yours isn’t, how much crow are you going to eat?”

It was then that Camerota, not known for being particularly bright, replied, “Governor, I don’t have a version of events. I asked –.”  Sununu said, “Of course you do. The whole half hour [of CNN] I listened to is a version.”  Camerota of course objected to his assertion and made the claim that CNN is only asking questions, and Sununu remarked that no wrongdoing, no error had been identified.  Camerota then claimed that Sununu viewed the investigation as “silly,” and he said no, the story and investigation are “politically motivated by folks trying to rationalize a horribly run Democratic presidential campaign.”  And he’s right!

Our once ‘mainstream media’ has now become so dishonest and so corrupt that most now see it as having morphed into what is nothing more than a purveyor of propaganda and as our primary source of ‘fake news’.  If our liberal ‘news’ organizations, both broadcast and print, report a story, we the “deplorables” have now become conditioned to simply ignore it.  Hence, the liberal media, the leftist political agendas, Democrats, snowflakes, etc, have become taboo when it comes to electability and honesty among the majority of conservatives.  In short, even the common person now has the media’s number.  And it’s zero.


media 12

We all know that because Donald Trump was able to win the last election those in our state-controlled media complex have had their panties in a twist ever since.  And it would appear that the fact the Republican won Thursday’s special election in Montana has only served to cause those panties to become just a bit more twisted.  Republican Greg Gianforte won Thursday’s special election for the U.S. House in Montana, defeating Democrat challenger, Rob Quist despite being charged with misdemeanor assault the day before the election.  Mr. Gianforte will now take over former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke’s House seat.  Zinke vacated the seat when he accepted the post of Secretary of the Interior in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

The election results, with Gianforte winning over 50% of the vote and leading by a seven-point margin, were a major blow to Democrats’ anti-Trump efforts, and to the media’s rather high expectations, after Gianforte had allegedly body-slammed a ‘reporter’ before his final campaign event on Wednesday.  So once again Democrats’ hopes of being able to turn the race into a referendum on President Trump’s performance as president, fell flat.  Because despite national attention and considerable outside funding, as well as Trump’s recent controversies in Washington D.C., Democrats were once again unable to turn the anti-Trump “resistance” into a victory at the ballot box, a bad sign for Democrat chances in the 2018 midterms.

Democrats had also been handed the gift of a last-minute controversy when the UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs was allegedly assaulted by Gianforte.  Jacobs said that Gianforte had “body-slammed” him in response to questions about the Congressional Budget Office score of the GOP health care plan.  An audio recording released by the Guardian showed Jacobs asking Gianforte a question, before a loud crashing noise was heard, followed by Jacobs saying Gianforte had attacked him and broke his glasses.  Gianforte’s campaign pushed back against Jacobs’s claims, saying that the reporter entered the office without permission and “aggressively shoved” a recorder in the candidate’s face.  So Jacob’s being disrespectful, likely got him what he deserved.

And as expected many members of our state-controlled media complex began placing blame where they thought it rightfully belonged and where else but squarely on President Trump.  According to several ‘journalists’ appearing on CNN, as well as on MS(LSD), President Trump is the one to blame for Gianforte’s bad behavior because of his negative rhetoric towards the media.  One such ‘journalist’, Matt Lewis, said “I think it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump has contributed to what I would call a hostile work environment for reporters.”  Before going on to say, “My fear was that there might be some person out there, like an unstable person, who might hear what Donald Trump was saying, hear this rhetoric, and do something stupid.”

And it was Fox News reject, and now CNN host Alisyn Camerota who went on to suggest, “We can look at [the incident] as sort of growing aggression against the press.” And then of course not be outdone it was Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjian who chimed in saying, “You’ve got this kind of culture, you know, the reporters are the enemy going on…you see a lot of Democrats pointing the finger at the president right now saying you’ve created this culture where people consider reporters to be the enemy.”  She finished up by saying, “It creates a culture where there is somehow okay.”  Never mentioned anywhere in the conversation is how this ‘reporter’ actually contributed to the events that took place.

And then we had MS(LSD) host, and supposed conservative, Joe Scarborough joining in on the action, arguing “you can draw a straight line” between Trump’s rhetoric about journalists and Gianforte’s body slam.  A rather unhinged Scarborough said, “When you have Donald Trump berating reporters…using the Stalinist term ‘enemy of the people…’ it’s dangerous for CNN reporters!”  And it was according to Scarborough’s inane theory that he went on to say, “Trump is whipping people into a frenzy. This is not a big leap from what the head of the Republican Party is saying and what happened last night in Montana.”  And it was MS)LSD) contributor Mike Barnicle who very enthusiastically agreed, saying, “it leads inevitably to something like this.”

And then of course there was CNN host Don Lemon who, to the point of being somewhat comical, literally exploded on his guest Paris Drennard Wednesday night when Drennard refused to assign blame to Trump.  Lemon said, “All of a sudden we’re having incidents like this now…you think it’s just a coincidence?” Drennard tried to explain that reporters have been assaulted since before Trump was a politician, but Lemon was having none of that.  He said, “I’m telling you I am [making a connection with Trump]. I’m just saying I can’t believe that you believe the words that are coming out of your moth.”  Before going on to say, “You feel that you have to defend everything about this particular person in office.”

Look, the fact is the American people have now grown tired of what many now view as being little more than ‘fake news’ we now hear coming from the media.  And it’s those in the media who seem determined to take no responsibility for the fact that we can no longer trust them to give us the honest and unvarnished truth.  And because we can no longer believe what they’re telling us, we have been left to our own devices, forced to ferret it out on the internet what these supposed ‘journalists’ refuse to tell us.  We are DONE with the slobbering press looking for the next “gotcha”.  Gianforte is simply our answer back, STAND YOUR GROUND does mean something.  I’d say the “body-slam” may have actually helped Gianforte win.

Today’s state-controlled media types differ very little from those who had nothing to say regarding ‘BJ’ Clinton’s perverted behavior in the Oval Office, as well as the numerous accusations of rape or the fact the Teddy Kennedy got away with murdering a young woman.  Today, Barry’s illegal wiretapping on citizens goes ignored, as do the illegal activities of Hitlery.  While I do not condone what Mr. Gianforte did, I can most certainly understand his frustration given the situation.  There was a time when the press actually reported the news rather than try to create it to serve the Democrat Party. When, if ever, we have a free press again, instead of the Democrat propaganda machine it has become, perhaps then we’ll talk about treating them more civilly.


Krauthammer 1

In the days before he chose to become, rather obviously, a ‘NeverTrumper’ I often found myself agreeing with Dr. Charles Krauthammer more so than I do today.  It would almost appear as if his ‘celebrity’ status may have now gone to his head.  Maybe he should see a good shrink.  Oh, wait a minute…  Anyway it was very recently that Dr. Krauthammer chose to lavish rather glowing praise upon President Trump regarding his trip to the Middle East, actually going so far as to refer to it as an indicator that “America is back.”  While he does come around, every now and again, it’s usually in short order that the good doctor reverts to what has become his rather pessimistic outlook regarding our president.  While I would like nothing more than to be able to agree with him, doing so has now turned into a rather slippery slope.  Rest assured, he’ll be back to his negative comments the moment Trump touches down in the good old U. S. of A.  He’s ‘Fair and Balanced’, don’tcha know.

The Fox News contributor joined in “Special Report” panel to opine about President Trump’s trip abroad, and said while he appreciated the stops in Israel and Vatican City, the shining moment of the trip was the time Trump spent in Saudi Arabia.  Krauthammer started out by saying, “Look, I understand the theme of the three great religions, trying to tie them all together to make it look somewhat nonpolitical, but the real story is not the Vatican, it’s not even the Israeli trip.”  And then he went on to say, “Getting these 50 Sunni nations lined up with Saudi Arabia behind us…this is a new day in the Middle East and it’s gonna have reverberations.”  And it was then that he that, “It’s a new Middle East right now, America is back, that’s the story and the consequences are gonna be immense.”  While I very much agree with everything he said, I question is, how long will it be before he begins painting the entire trip as somehow being nothing more than another opportunity lost.

Look, I’ve been listening to Dr. Krauthammer for some time, and in the past have found myself, more often than not, agreeing him.  However, it’s been more recently that I’ve found myself disagreeing him more often than I agree with him, especially on the subject of President Trump.  And I very much disagreed with what I view as being nothing more than his continuing anti-Trump agenda.  Again, while I agree with what he says in this particular instance, the question becomes is it now too late to bother paying him any attention.  Is he any longer worthy of being listened to?  I’m pleased that he at least appears to be supporting President Trump in his foreign foray which has been presidential, something we have not seen in the past eight years.  And from the outside looking in it’s in my opinion that what we are witnessing is the best foreign policy since Reagan.  But how long before he again joins in the choir of those who can only find fault with our president?

Dr. Krauthammer spent the majority of the last two years doing little more than to continually smear first candidate Trump and now, since January, President Trump.  I would label what he has been doing as, nitpicking.  And as near as I can tell his primary rationale for doing so was for no other reason than because he apparently views the president as not being as ‘polished,’ or as ‘sophisticated’ as he, Krauthammer, thinks he should be.  Dr. Krauthammer has done little more than to spew the same baseless crap that we continue to hear from most of those in the leftist state-controlled media complex, and that has apparently clouded his judgment when it comes to being able to make any sort of objective call on Trump.  While it’s nice that he finally woke up a bit on this one, as I said, might it now be too late to continue to pay serious attention to much of what he says.  I have little respect for talking heads who claim to be objective, but are anything but.

The Democrats, as well as the NeverTrumper crowd, are now absolutely terrified of the fact that President Trump may actually achieve some level of success.  Perhaps maybe more now than before his trip.  So we what we’re seeing is the Democrats and the RINOs essentially joining forces in an effort to make sure that that does not happen.  And so it is then, that WE the American people may need to work on doing a little swamp draining ourselves in the next mid-terms.  We need to remind ourselves that the president’s campaign promises that have thus far gone unkept has more to do with those we have in Congress than with the president.  Therefore, we need to focus our attention on getting rid of as many Democrats as we can and the RINOs who simply can’t bring themselves to get onboard and support this president.  We need to get started now finding contenders for primary contests!  We have to let the president know we have his back all the way as long as he keeps his promises.

And as a little side note here I would like to offer up to Dr. Krauthammer a little advice.  Perhaps he may want to keep his foot in the door, so to speak, if he’s going to continue with heaping any amount of praise on President Trump.  He needs to be ready to make another sudden reversal regarding just how far he’s willing to go in supporting President Trump, or his policies.  He should tread lightly since it has now become rather risky as any positive comments made about President Trump just might end up getting you fired.  There is now there at FOX News a need to tread lightly by those who tend to be more conservative especially now that the organization is being run by Rupert’s politically Left-leaning sons who, from what I’ve read, do pretty much whatever their wives tell them to do.  In fact one of them is married to a woman working for the Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative.  So it would appear that FOX News has now joined the media’s Fifth Column.


media 15

So the fake news organizations’ vendetta against Donald Trump continues.  And it would appear that the folks over at the Communist News Network (CNN) seem quite determined to be the leaders of the pack.  Things have now progressed so far there at the network, that it pretty routinely comes across as being little more than an unfunny ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit.  I mean every time you watch these people, and I do mean every time, you can’t help but wonder if they’ve finally lost what little bit of sanity they might have once possessed.  Things have now reached a fever pitch.  The main players involved in just about any ‘news’ programming you wish to watch, or in any ‘news’ publication you may wish to read, are beginning to sound more and more as if they have come completely unhinged.

Which brings me to Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” where ‘Senior Political Analyst’ David Gergen, who served as an adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and ‘Slick Willy’, actually argued that “we’re in impeachment territory” with President Trump.  Really, “impeachment territory?”  This guy is as arrogant as he is ugly.  He said, “I was in the Nixon administration as you know, and I thought, after watching the Clinton impeachment, I would never see another one. But I think we’re in impeachment territory…obstruction of justice was the number one charge against Nixon, that brought him down. Obstruction of justice was the number one charge against Bill Clinton, which led to his indictment in the House, he won in the Senate.”  He ’won’ in the Senate?

Gergen went on to add that while he wasn’t sure whether Trump had engaged in conduct that met the legal definition of obstruction of justice, “from a lay point of view, it looks like he was trying to impede the investigation. He was using his power to do that, and when James Comey didn’t go along with him, when he wasn’t his boy, he fired him. Which, I think is also relevant to the question of what he was trying to do. So, from my point of view, this is of enormous consequence for his presidency. I think if you look at the three bombshells we’ve had, the Comey firing last week, then the sharing of this highly classified information with the Russians of all people, and now telling Comey to drop the case, what we see is a presidency that’s starting to come apart.”

Look, regardless of the picture clowns like Gergen, and their Democrat Party cohorts, are trying to paint here, the actual truth of the matter is that there have been NO impeachable offenses committed by President Trump. Just because the deep state continues to make it appear so, does not make it so.  And as much as they like to harp on the fact that Hitlery won the popular vote, it was ONLY because of California and New York, states where illegal and ineligible votes still count and the dead are still able to vote. The Electoral College is what matters.  It is unbelievable that our Founding Fathers had the divine insight to make the Electoral College the deciding factor.  If it wasn’t New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles would be able to nullify a dozen states voting because of their populations.

And while there would now at this time be enough votes to impeach Trump, if the Republicans don’t get their act together, and soon, working to provide voters with the necessary incentive to vote for them come 2018, you can bet if the Democrats regain control of the House, the Senate or, God forbid both, the entire last two years of Trump’s first term will be a disaster.  And not only for Trump, but for the entire country.  Too many of the Republicans in the House and Senate have long ago forgotten why it was that they were elected in the first place.  We had hoped that the election of President Trump would have been better understood as what it was intended to be, shot over their bow.  But it seems to have had little effect on the ‘Establishment’ types who feel they can still afford to ignore the people.

And it always amazes me how those on the left cease to form their own opinions the minute ‘experts’ are brought in.  Of course we all know that an expert, especially one like this boob Gergen, is really nothing more than a ‘drip under pressure.’  My only point here is that an auto-mechanic is an expert in cars and therefore we should allow them some level of input regarding what should be done to our car.  And that would seem to make sense.  But in a democracy you can’t simply nullify the ‘uneducated’ and non-expert people, in favor of supposed ‘experts’, as if their opinions don’t matter.  Yet I suspect that the left secretly wishes for this kind of relationship where we have oligarchs running this country and the people behaving more like little sheep doing only what it is that they’re told.

Democrats have yet to figure out why voters decided they wanted President Trump and not president Hitlery.  I’d like to think that this constant haranguing will bring nothing but even more losses to the Democrats in 2018.  Most voters aren’t blind, they actually demand proof, not just eight months of smears, innuendo, rumor and unsubstantiated accusations.  Democrats have been losing for eight straight years and, God willing, that won’t change anytime soon.  But what worries me is the fact that far too many Republicans seem to be far more interested in siding with the Democrats than with their president.  And if such behavior continues the majorities they now have in Congress could be in jeopardy.  They must work ‘with’ the president if we are to get beyond the failures of the past.

Anyway it is my fervent hope that there remains still in this country enough people who are able to recognize what is really underway here.  And are able to understand that what needs to be done, with the 2018 elections in mind, is not to elect one more Democrat to the House or the Senate.  Our top priority must be to replace every single Democrat that we can, as well as every single RINO, with a bona fide conservative Republican.  I would suggest electing some conservative Democrats as well, but was we all know that particular species became extinct a very long time ago.  Which leaves us with but one option.  But having said that, President Trump must also remain true to those who got him elected in the first place, if he can not then all is most certainly lost.