Ok, so riddle me this, boys and girls. Is there a self-respecting conservative anywhere who actually gives a flying fuck about anything that that fat tub of RINO Chris Christie has to say? And dare I ask if there is anyone whose opinion of President Trump matters less than does Christie’s? Apparently, Mr. Sour Grapes still has an ax to grind so he is clearly willing to say anything in his continuing effort to try to do damage to President Trump. Frankly, at this point he just needs to go away, far, far away and find a big fat rock to crawl under. It’s way past time for him to put on his big boy pants and deal with the fact that President Trump didn’t give him the job he so desperately wanted.  

And it was just this past Monday at an event in New Hampshire, that Christie, who has reportedly been considering a run for president himself, that took it upon himself to sharply criticize President Trump. It was during a town hall at St. Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics on his first trip to the state this year. And in what was clearly an attempt on his part to portray himself as a viable opponent, Christie said, “You know, Donald Trump said a couple of weeks ago, ‘I am your retribution.’ Guess what, everybody? No thanks. No thanks.” And he went on to say, “If I was going to pay somebody to be my retribution, I guarantee this, it wouldn’t be him.”

Christie continued by saying, “Here’s why it wouldn’t be him, because he doesn’t want to be my retribution. That’s baloney,” Christie continued, “The only person he cares about is him. And if we haven’t learned that since Election Day of 2020 to today, then we are not paying attention.” Christie, who ran in 2016, supported Donald Trump in his first election after dropping out himself and backed President Trump again in 2020. However, without President Trump being an incumbent and there being an open primary, he seems to view the former president differently. Christie alluded to making his decision to run by June since the first scheduled debate is in August.

Additionally, during this trip, Christie was heard to say that there was “no way” he would be able to help President Trump win. He said, “Look, I just can’t. When you have the Jan. 6 choir at a rally, and you show video of it — I just don’t think that person is appropriate for the presidency.” I’m thinking that President Trump is loosing a lot sleep over that, NOT! And if President Trump does ends up being the nominee, which at this point is pretty likely, he also noted that he could not support *president Joey, claiming that he and President Trump are just “too old” and “out of touch with what’s going on in the world right now.” Right, President Trump is out of touch.

Christie never really supported President Trump. Christie was nothing more than a hanger-on suck-butt begging for a place in President Trump’s administration. As if he was trying to weasel his way into Trump’s administration or some juicy post. And when that didn’t happen, he turned on President Trump. I don’t care what Chrisite has to say about anything. If he runs, he’ll have as much chance as does Pence. Which is zero. That is what so many of these political hacks/operatives do. They hang on to those who they think can move them up in the pecking order. They have no real affinity for that person, and most know that and they all continue to play this game.

Christie, like every RINO creep, did whatever he could to try to undermine President Trump. Christie likely wants nothing less than to see President Trump in prison thinking that once President Trump is out of the way he would have a shot at becoming president himself. But Trump or no Trump, no one is going to vote for his fat ass. He seems to have missed the part where we are sick and tired of RINO’s, especially sore losers who chose to act like spoiled brats because they didn’t did get the cabinet position they were after. He claims it’s time to move on from President Trump and he doesn’t understand that we have moved on from him.

And Christie is another of those who are just fine with peaceful protesters in jail for trespassing. He says President Trump doesn’t care about us, then criticizes him for playing the January 6 choir. President Trump doesn’t need Christie’s support, in fact he’s likely better off without it. I certainly don’t see him asking Christie for his support. I mean, who wants the support of some stinking RINO anyway. Nobody cares about Christie. He’s disloyal, stupid, a traitor and a fair weather ‘friend.’ He has zero following, and the vast majority Republican voters no longer trust him. Christie had his chance when he was popular and decided not to run for President and lost out.

I just love to hear all of these whiners complaining about President Trump’s character. And I’m curious, just how is it that any of them actually define character? Because for me, character is choosing to stand up to evil and that’s exactly what we continue to see President Trump doing. He’s taking on this war against the America people by the very same politicians who we elect as our leaders and who, in exchange, do nothing more than to sell us out to foreign countries. This is why President Trump has said he is our retribution, he is exposing the corruption at every level of our government and people are seeing just how corrupt our government agencies have become.

And by badmouthing President Trump I’m assuming that Christie sees it as perfectly fine for various politicians, and any number of those in our ‘fake news’ media, to endlessly slander President Trump as being a Russian, a racist, a fascist, a dictator or a white supremacist and expects him to do what, exactly? Just take it? As far as I’m concerned we’ve had quite enough pussies who have run under the Republican banner. President Trump has acted accordingly, he understands the American people have been at war with the establishment and that most people hadn’t noticed, until President Trump came into office to expose it all, just how bad things had become.

People bash President Trump because he is a little brash, yet they never seem to remember all the harassment that he’s had to endure for the past seven years! I couldn’t care less if President Trump acts in his own self-interest so long as our interests are aligned. President Trump’s critics have ridiculous standards. They are angrier at President Trump than they are at Joey even as Joey destroys the country. Energy independence, lowest minority unemployment, non-violent criminal reform, economic zones in minority neighborhoods, lowest illegal immigration in decades, President Trump’s list goes on. I would gladly return to that, over the horror show we’re living through now.


I have not spent a minute watching Fox News since election night 2020. And it has been with each passing day, since then, that they have proven to me that I made the right decision by simply going cold turkey. As I may have mentioned before, it was once upon a time that Fox News was on my TV in the morning and again from the time I got home from work until bedtime. But no more! After all, it’s these days that there is very little difference between Fox News and any of the other cable news networks. No matter what the issue, what’s now heard on Fox News these days tends to differ only slightly, if at all, from what’s being heard on either CNN or MSDNC.

And it was immediately after this most recent deadly shooting that we had Fox once again proving that they are neither fair nor are they balanced. They spewed pretty much the same talking points that were also being spewed by the boobs on those other ‘news’ networks. And does anyone seriously think that any of these supposed journalists actually care about those who were shot? Of course not. But in listening to any of them it becomes very clear, very quickly, that they do care about gun control. Those who died in this most recent shooting are treated exactly as those in every other shooting of this kind. They are a means to an end, nothing more, nothing less.

This time it was Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum who said Tuesday on her show “The Story” that “we have a serious problem in this country” with mass shootings. She said, “Let’s take a look at some of these numbers. We have a serious problem in this country, and we do see these weapons being used in these situations. We have a couple of things going on here, right? We have 30 percent have seriously considered attempting suicide rate among young women in this country. This young woman told a friend on a text that she was going to kill herself, that it was all going to be on the news. We have a serious problem going on in this country, and it has many layers to it.”

She added, “We need to have places where families can turn to when they have no more control over their young person and their family. And yes, we need to raise serious questions about whether this person should be able to purchase these guns. We’re saying it’s a number of factors, but you can’t leave the gun out of the picture either.” And it was co-host Jerry Rivers who then added his two cents into the conversation saying, “There are more guns than people in America.” MacCallum said, “We’re doing something wrong. We’re doing something majorly, majorly wrong.” Rivers added, “We can’t let it become something that we shrug off.”

MacCallum said, “We already have because, you know what, no one is going to talk about it in three days, and that is where we were, we are as people in this country.” And it was then that Fox host Brian Kilmeade chimed in saying, “Here we are again, in minutes, we’re hearing about the guns are the problem, no assault weapons. Go to your corner, and let’s play politics before we know the facts. We watched the president of the United States make sure it was clear that I want my assault weapons ban. If you don’t get it, you know who is the blame. To me, that is really inappropriate yesterday, along with his remarks about ice cream.”

Rivers said, “I disagree. Aside from grieving, Martha, the breathtaking majestic, awesome courage of those cops should be the blueprint from now on. It should have been before this but from now on. Think of Uvalde, think of all of the places where the cops hesitated or Parkland, where bureaucracy got in the way. ‘Go, go, go, let’s go, let’s go,’ that’s what I want from the cops on my beat. I think that the job they did was just awesome.” He added, “In terms of the weapons, what about Tennessee with a constitutional carry? This person could legally assemble that arsenal of seven weapons, including two AR-15s and a sawed-off shotgun.”

Rivers went on to say, “For God’s sake, if the Second Amendment shines on this person accumulating that arsenal, then shame on the Second Amendment. I think the assault weapons ban should be in place.” No, shame on you Jerry! You are despicable for shaming the Constitution of the United States. There is nothing more anti-American than that. It’s your First Amendment right to say it, but then you have no respect for that either. You can always move to China or Venezuela. The Second Amendment is not the problem. It hasn’t been the problem for 230 years. The problem, in this instance, is that gender make-believism is a mental disorder as verified by science.

Personally, I like facts, science, and evidence. And they say that 81 percent of the people who play at gender make-believism have personality disorders and 90 percent of those make it onto the autism scale and can’t properly assess consequences. We also know that there is an 87 precent success rate with therapy for curing this gender make-believism disorder. No need for puberty blockers that sterilize these people. No need to mutilate their genitals. No need to encourage them to continue practicing the disorder. Gender make-believism IS a disorder. It can be treated with therapy, and until it is treated, people who practice it should not be allowed to own firearms.

And as anyone noticed how all of these shooters get their guns by somehow subverting the system. And notice how it’s with all of these shooters there have been signs before tragedy struck and no one did anything to stop it. Notice how all of these shooters had mental problems. But the irrational alt-left wants to keep claiming gun owners are responsible, legal owners who don’t do things like this. Mass murderers say flat-out in their manifestos that they deliberately sought out and targeted these ‘gun-free zones’ because they KNEW the victims there were absolutely defenseless. They don’t want resistance. They want easy targets and helpless prey.

This is exactly why the Democrats, and now apparently a growing number of those who would have us believe that they are conservative, are so in favor of these ‘gun free’ zones. They want the murder, and they want the mayhem. Because they are then able to exploit these tragedies, as well as the victims, in their effort to force ever stricter gun laws down our throats. But stricter gun laws will do nothing, to see that look no further than Chicago. The ONLY reason why Democrats are so desperate to undermine the Second Amendment is to disarm law abiding citizens. They want a population that will have no means to resist what they have planned for us.

It’s most ‘developed countries’ that do not allow their citizens/subjects to carry guns for self-defense, therefore most of the gun murders that occur are, by definition, criminals killing innocent people whose government does not allow them the only effective means of defending themselves. And yet it’s these very same countries that are always thrown out as examples by those who support stricter gun laws, when it comes to what it is that they want this country to look like. But those other countries don’t have our Constitution and therefore they don’t have the God given right to keep and bear arms. A minor technicality, I know, but a technicality none the less.

And finally, on the subject of Jerry Rivers. This guy is an ignorant, arrogant, egotistical jerk. Banning assault weapons is a knee jerk reaction that does nothing to address the real issue. If he had a functioning brain, he would know this. The people behind these guns, or any weapon for that matter, are what we need to be looking at. Mental illness which is an ever-growing problem, especially since the pandemic lockdown, is the real problem. But for some reason our fools in power, and idiots like Rivers, are too scared to talk about the real issue. So instead, they continue to come up cockamamie theories that have absolutely no basis in fact. Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nadda!


So again it was he who once had the reputation for being this nation’s worst president has slithered out from under his rock to spout another on what has become his very long, and quite impressive, list of lies. This time around his lies are all part of his continuing effort to advance a political cause that we all know is very near and dear to his heart. His lies have been as numerous as they have been legendary, ranging from, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” to “Of course the election will not be rigged.” And now he’s back, telling lies in the name of gun control.  

On Monday evening, it was ex-president Barack Obama (BO) who tweeted his response to the Nashville Christian school shooting, as if there was anyone who was really all that interested in hearing it. And as is always the case with ‘BO’ he did so by repeating the left’s continuing claim that guns are somehow the number one killer of children. And it was earlier in the month that some Hollyweirdo by the name of Billy Porter made the very same false claim, screaming that “the leading cause of death in children are guns” during an appearance with the hags of ABC’s ‘The View.’

Porter’s claim, which now seems to be ‘BO’s claim as well, became a common one among leftists and non-fact-checking moderates in the summer of 2022 after a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was widely reported in late May of that year. Strange, though, but I would have thought that the leading killer of children was actually abortion, something that we all know ‘BO’ is a big supporter of as is likely this clown Porter. But these leftist scumbags never want to talk about that because it has now become a woman’s right to be able to kill her own child.

And it was Fox News who, in an effort to get on the bandwagon and in what was clearly an attempt on its part demonstrate that these days it differs very little from either CNN or MSDNC, ran a story titled “Guns now the leading cause of death for US children, per CDC.” The story noted that CDC figures show firearm-related deaths of people ages 0-19 totaled 4,368 in 2020, while motor vehicle deaths for the same age range totaled 4,036. And during a June 2, 2022, speech, *president Joey reacted to the CDC figures by claiming, “Guns are the number one killer of children.”

But the only way to ascertain if that is in fact the case is dig into the actual CDC figures. And in so doing one quickly sees that the only way to make the claim work is to count 18 and 19-year-olds as children. But if one does a custom search on the CDC website to adjust the category of children to include only those aged 0-17, only those below voting and military age, it’s then that the outcome completely flips. One sees that the number of firearm-related deaths for children aged 0-17 was 2,281 in 2020, while the number of motor vehicle deaths for the same ages was 2,503.

Look, the only thing that ‘BO,’ and every other Democrat, has any interest in is the total destruction of this nation; the destruction of President Trump. He is nothing less than a leftist lunatic. And he proves that by ignoring the obvious. Moral depravity is the root cause of all crime and all social problems, not guns or poverty. If we taught people to respect God and respect others, all our social problems would be much less. The Left wants us to respect others without the foundation of God’s moral code. The Left’s godless values enable popular depravity to thrive and increases social problems.

The truth of the matter is that it’s the Democrats that are the number one killer of children! From demanding that abortion be permitted up to and, in some cases, even after delivery, to robbing people of purpose and hope, to the perverse sexualization and exploitation of women, to supporting the sick twisted perversion and mockery of women and to the grooming of our children by obvious sexual predators it is no wonder that our nation has been stripped of its moral character! Again, it the Democrats Party that is leading cause of death of our children.

It’s important to keep in mind here that this is the very same guy who said ‘climate change’ is going to flood America within 10 years due to the polar ice caps melting, as he’s signing an $11M mortgage on an ocean front home in Martha’s Vineyard? ‘BO,’ like all Democrats, is a serial liar with little or no accomplishments before being elected with false praise by a corrupt media. ‘BO’ did nothing for ten years as an Illinois legislator except practice his speaking skills. As president he was a totally dishonest creep and worked hard to divide instead of bringing us together.

And finally, I think it worth noting that it was not some crazed law-abiding citizen who got the urge to venture into a known gun-free zone to shoot up a school. Instead, it was perpetrated by another leftwing kook who was very clearly in need of some psychiatric help. And how do we know that? Well, because he thought it perfectly normal to claim he was a ‘she.’ And what got me was how this loon was referred to as a ‘she’ all over cable news, even on Fox. But he was not a ‘she,’ he was someone who had he received the help he needed, we would not now be mourning our dead.


Well dress me up and call me Sally, who could have seen this coming? You see, maybe, just maybe, not EVERY Democrat is a raving lunatic sicko. Let me rephrase that, a bit. It would seem that it’s at least 46 percent of Democrats who may only be brain damaged and not completely brain dead. And I only say that because there seems to be a certain number of Democrats who actually seem to agree that the attempt by that Soros stooge of a DA, Alvin Bragg, to arrest and to indict President Trump is nothing more than a blatant abuse of his elected office. Imagine that!

Anyway, it’s even Democrats who now seem to be somewhat divided when it comes to the rumors of Bragg potentially indicting President Trump, as 46 percent would consider it as being an “outrageous abuse of power” at the hands of a guy who is clearly a radical leftwing DA. You see, it was a Rasmussen Reports survey, released this past Monday, that showed respondents were split, with 49 percent approving of bringing criminal charges against President Trump in the Stormy Daniels-related case, while 47 percent actually disapprove of the move.

And while 78 percent of Democrats at least somewhat agree with that move, 46 percent actually believe that a prosecution would be an “outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump.” And it was 59 percent, overall, who at least somewhat agree it would reflect an “outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance.” Meanwhile, 77 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of independents tend to agree as well.

Notably, 52 percent of Democrats disagree, as do 20 percent of ‘Republicans’ and 39 percent of independents. That said there have been many Republican politicians who have spoken out in favor of the former president. Sen. Rand Paul, for example, said last week the leftist district attorney should be jailed. While nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have this pompous toad of a DA thrown in the clink, that might be considered by some to be a little over the top. But at the very least he should most certainly be disbarred for his overt partisan incompetence.

And so just like that, Joey’s illegal possession of classified materials at his home and other unsecured locations disappears from the headlines. Abracadabra! Poof! Gone! That’s what this is really all about. It has nothing to with some petty wrongdoing on the part of President Trump, either real or imagined. If you’re too stupid to see that then I guess it’s safe to say that you’re amongst those Democrats, and/or RINOs, who thinks that this farce is somehow justified. If this scumbag is in such a hurry to indict someone, indict the Bidens they’re the real criminals, not President Trump!

Democrats should realize by now that every sham witch hunt against President Trump only make him stronger. The crowd asking Bragg to “INDICT TRUMP” says it all. They do not want him to stand in the election because they know that can’t beat him in a fair election. This only hardens the proof on the voter fraud. Every RINO, and swamp rat wants to stop him at all costs, this is clear evidence that the cheating did happen and happened on what was a massive scale. On the other hand, more people are lining up behind President Trump because they know what happened.

Nothing proves just how completely delusional those in the Democrats Party are than this sort of thing. They’ve been trying to find something to pin on President Trump for seven years. And in the process, they’ve made all manner of accusations, blaming President Trump for things he neither did nor said, and in the process they have failed on every attempt because, for the very simple reason, there was never any there, there! You would think they would have learned something by now. But nope, not the Democrats, as they are blinded by their hate of President Trump.

The left has pretty much proven, courtesy of millions of taxpayer dollars spent in name of investigating of President Trump, that he is likely the cleanest political figure to ever to enter the DC beltway in over a century. And despite their endless claims, President Trump has done nothing wrong. Even on his taxes, which they spent years trying to get their hands on, they got nothing. This entire exercise has been nothing more than a political lynching of a man whose only ‘crime’ has been that he loves his country and wants ALL who live here to be able to succeed!


So it’s become pretty common knowledge that, these days, there are not a whole lot of people who waste their time watching the ‘Cartoon News Network,’ aka CNN. I mean, let’s face it, what’s the point? After all, you pretty much know you’re going to be lied to, regardless of which ‘host’ you might be watching at any particular time. And it’s in that regard that CNN is much like MSDNC, both are really nothing more than spewers of Democrat talking points and anti-Trump propaganda. So, if you happen to be a leftist loser and someone who also hates President Trump then I would guess that CNN would be your network of choice for ‘news and information.’

And just for the sake of clarity, can we all agree that there is not one bona fide ‘journalist’ to be found anywhere on the entire network. What you have, instead, are boobs like Cooper, Tapper and Lemon, three guys that are about as far removed from being ‘journalists’ as you can get. None of them ever get tired of accusing President Trump of being a racist. However, the real truth here is that it’s they who are racist, and Lemon is ‘married’ to a white guy. And what’s kinda funny, in an unfunny sort of way, is that all of these guys actually fancy themselves as being somebody who’s actually worthy of being listened to when it’s just the opposite that’s true.

And it was Lemon who, just this past Friday, during CNN’s “CNN This Morning,” made the claim that President Trump’s “racist” attacks on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and New York Attorney General Letitia James were “really disturbing.”

And it’s a partial transcript of this particularly bizarre exchange that follows here:

LEMON: This is really disturbing to me because he’s been doing this for a while, and I think we can’t talk enough about it, where he’s been calling these prosecutors who happen to be African-American, saying that they’re racist. He called Alvin Bragg a Soros-backed animal. He’s turning to his old tricks here of, you know, being racist or racist-adjacent, using that type of language for people.

ABBY PHILLIP: Yeah. And as someone who’s, I covered Trump for years, if you go back and you read his rhetoric, I mean, this goes actually all the way back to the eighties. Trump has a very long history of calling Black people racist.

LEMON: Or dumb.

PHILLIP: Or dumb or using, you know, talking about Baltimore as being, you know, filthy, rat infested. The same thing with Congressman John Lewis district in the Atlanta suburbs. So he has a long history of that. These are I don’t know if we can even call them codes at this point, because I think that it’s pretty transparent. But they are signals to his base, who are much more prone to see Black people in positions of power, in particular in a racial lens, even though what the D.A. is doing at this moment actually has absolutely nothing to do with race. I think we’ve got to just stick with the facts here, wait for them to unfold and not get distracted by what Trump is trying to do, which is to rile up his his base from a political perspective on this issue.

And so as is usually the case with Lemon, as well as with every other ‘journalistic’ dipstick at CNN, he fails to understand that facts are, by themselves, not racist. And President Trump’s comments regarding the racist radical DA Alvin Bragg, and equally racist and filled with hate, Letitia James, are 100 percent accurate and appropriate. The truth of the matter is that Lemon is a moron and is just as racist as are both Bragg and James. Because, you see, Lemon is another of those who want us all to believe that it’s only those of us on the right who can be racist and that would only be because those on the left are far too sophisticated to ever be seen as racist. 

Now of course, when it comes to President Trump, we all want someone kinder and gentler. But we had that in candidates like McCain and Romney and despite their attempts at civility and decorum, where did it get us? Nowhere, that’s where! It certainly didn’t prevent them from being attacked by Lemon and his colleagues. But if you evaluate President Trump’s policies, you see clear results. Sure, there’s plenty of warts to point out and President Trump did little to reign in federal spending. But he appears to be the best candidate to preserve the Republic for maybe one more generation if we don’t first get nuked during the remainder of Joey’s stolen term.

And Lemon only views President Trump’s calling Bragg an “animal,” something he’s done to countless others, as a racial insult because Lemon views Blacks as being associated with animals. But that’s his problem, not President Trump’s problem, nor the problem of those who support him. Bragg deserves it. And if someone else had the courage and vision to implement President Trump’s policies, then we wouldn’t need him anymore. But four more years would be fine with ne. Four more years of showing Democrats and RINOs how it’s done. Perhaps we should act like adults and just focus on the good things President Trump’s policies brought about and forget his personality.

How dare President Trump actually choose to defend himself against what are nothing more than scurrilous, trumped-up charges. Doesn’t President Trump know that he’s supposed to confess to his alleged crimes before then begging for mercy? I feel it’s time for a little honesty here, no black Democrat, not even some two-bit, piece of shit DA is permitted to be criticized without the one criticizing being accused of racism. Meanwhile, conservative blacks are fair game because they’re traitors to their race. I hate to be rational in this day and age, but isn’t it genuinely racist to accuse people of being traitors to their race just because you disagree with them?

The words ‘race, racist, racism’ have now been completely emptied of content and have now been reduced to being nothing more than weapons to be hurled at one’s political opponents. No serious person any longer takes an accusation of racism at face value, they look below the surface to see the real reason why some rabid leftist, like Lemon, chooses to use the term. Democrats are incapable of discussion and debate so they use these word weapons as substitutes for thinking and analyzing.  And I assume the only reason Lemon keeps making these stunningly stupid remarks is for the attention. Lemon again proves he’s just another incompetent diversity hire.

Finally, while there are a variety of things you can ding President Trump for, racism is most definitely not one of them. He is likely the least racist politician I’ve ever seen. Personally, I think President Trump nailed it. All three of these individuals are extremely racist. Bragg and James are both Soros- backed socialist stooges. Lemon is in a league of his own when it comes to stupidity. This whole thing with Bragg and President Trump is designed to keep the criminal activities of Hunter and the Biden crime family out of the news and off the front pages. That’s all this is about, and if you think any differently, you’re spending far too much listening to those like Lemon.


So riddle me this, how is it that the Democrats spend their time when not thinking about President Trump other than, of course, when trying to come up with ever more inventive ways to destroy this country while putting a little coin in their own pockets at the same time. And as hard as they try to convince anyone who will listen that President Trump is somehow a very bad man, all they’ve really succeeded in doing is to paint themselves as a bunch of crazed individuals who will do, or say, anything in their attempt to prevent their primary political adversary, from being just that.

But the funny things is, it’s been since the very day that Donald Trump first became candidate Trump that the Democrats, along with their many media allies, have busily accused him of all manner of dastardly deed. But you see, it has been every single thing they’ve ever tried to pin first on candidate Trump, and then President Trump, that they’ve never managed to back up with any actual proof of wrongdoing. In fact, most of what they have repeatedly accused President Trump of being guilty of, are the very things that Democrats themselves have been, and continue to be, guilty of.    

And yet attempts to demonize President Trump, as well as his supporters, continue most recently with a bogus attempt to arrest of President Trump. For example, Jamie Raskin, Democrat, who appeared this past Thursday on MSDNC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” claimed the Republican Party had “turned into a messianic cult of personality around” President Trump. When asked about House Republicans requesting D.A. Alvin Bragg testify, Raskin said, “Let’s start with this, we actually have jurisdictional authority over the Department of Justice and the House Judiciary Committee.”

Raskin then went on to say, “But it’s very well-established that even there, with the DOJ, where there is real jurisdictional oversight responsibility, that we cannot intervene in an ongoing case. Then you take it from the federal level to the state and local level, where we have no jurisdictional power over the investigator and prosecutorial authorities, and this is unheard of and outrageous.” And he added, “It’s clearly an attempt to elevate Donald Trump completely above the law, completely above the Constitution. And that’s what’s so scary about this.”

Raskin claimed, “That is what is so scary about this.” Before going on to say, “The GOP has turned into a messianic cult of personality around one guy who has proven himself to be a one-man crimewave, and they have all wrapped themselves in their careers, their destinies around Donald Trump.” Raskin added, “The emperor has no clothes at any level. During the impeachment trial, the rhetoric of all the Republicans was, ‘Well, if there is a real problem, you don’t need to impeach and convict him. Just prosecute him when he leaves office.’ That’s fine.”

Raskin concluded things saying, “Now all the prosecutors are saying that there are these criminal offenses we want to investigate and they’re saying, ‘How dare you prosecute a former president. Someone that’s put himself forward to run for president again.’ They will devise any argument to try to guarantee the total immunity and impunity of one Donald Trump.” But, as is usually the case with scum like Raskin, there really is no there, there. Proving yet again that President Trump must be doing something right to have all these cockroaches so afraid of the light.

Just how naïve must one be to see this elaborate little setup as being anything other than what it is, yet another desperate attempt to take the spotlight off the shitty job Joey B is doing as * president as well as his many questionable dealings that are now slowly coming to light. And again we’re seeing how it is that the Democrats will always blame President Trump for their own wrongdoings. Meanwhile, it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media who wait breathlessly for the next serving of leftist political BS. But then this is how they operate, so we should expect nothing different.

And in speaking only for myself, I will take this one-man crime wave, a crime wave based on lies perpetrated by both Democrats and RINOs, over the crime wave now taking place in every Democrat controlled city and state. If Democrats, like this Raskin clown, were truly concerned about a crime wave they would not be allowing criminals to rob, to kill only to then be out on bail the very same day. Democrats use words for their emotional impact, regardless of the definition. And, if they don’t like the actual definition, they simply change it to suit their own specific narrative.

And you would think, as would any normal person, that Raskin would try to take a higher road and strike a lighter tone, as he approaches, at least potentially, the meeting with his maker. Oh but silly me, these people do not believe in a maker, they think they magically came from some primordial ooze and, considering some of them, there may be some validity to that. And I do think when one is so full of evil, it matters not how one’s thought of upon his exit from this world, at least potentially. He will go out like ‘The Maverick’ and seal his reputation as being 100 percent rotten.

And what we’re seeing here is Raskin very clearly describing the Democrats and their cult like behavior when it comes to prosecuting President Trump and those who dared to support him, first by voting for him and then to continue in their support of him. And his crime, as well as the crime of those who support him, to stand for American values and not with those working so hard to advance some new world order that we are seeing emerge from the pit of darkness. For years “criminal” has been the mantra of the left regarding President Trump. Yet no trials, much less a conviction.

So what we have here, in the person of President Trump, is a man who has had his home invaded, his personal records unlawfully seized, been made to endure two hyper-partisan impeachments, been spied on, and a man who just tried to do the best job he could as president, not just for those who voted for him, but for the entire country. A man who has essentially been hunted by hate-filled liars for nearly seven years. President Trump is the most investigated person in history and still they’ve been unable to pin anything on him. And yet the Democrats persist in their efforts.


So how about we just cut to the chase here. Just how far into the sand must one’s head be buried in order to become totally oblivious to what’s taking place in this country, and what’s been taking place for roughly 27 months. And what has us headed in a direction that, on its best day, does not even remotely resemble the ‘right’ direction. I ask because it’s once again that we have a poll that reveals that there remains a segment of our population that continues to think things are going swimmingly. And you have to wonder what it’s going to take to convince these people to understand the trouble this country is in, and that they bear some of the blame.

And so it was this past Thursday that results from a poll conducted by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research were released. And it was in this poll that Joey notched an approval rating of 38 percent, after 45 percent had said they approved back in February and 41 percent said as much in January. The poll also asked about Joey’s handling of the national economy and his ability to project authority as he charts the nation’s economic course in an increasingly troubled world marked by inflation and bank failures. Just 31 percent approve of Joey’s economic stewardship, hovering where it’s been over the course of the last year.

I’m sure most are familiar with how Joey has previously lashed out at those voters blaming him for inflation and economic misfortunes as if it is somehow his fault. It was a year ago, in a speech during a Democrat policy retreat about issues facing his presidency that Joey said, “I’m sick of this stuff… The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money,” adding “Simply. Not. True.” Despite his protestations, his handling of the nation’s economic fortunes has been a weak point at least since late 2021, when the inflation the administration had suggested was transitory became a bigger load for businesses and families.

The difference between Joey’s approval overall and his approval on the economy is driven largely by Democrats, 76 percent of whom say they approve of how he’s handling his job as *president while 63 percent approve of his handling of the economy. The problem with Democrats is they know, but they don’t care. Because the ends justify the means. Democrats under the age of 45 feel less positive about Joey, just 54 percent approve of the *president’s economic leadership, compared to 72 percent of Democrats older than 45. Similarly, just 66 percent of Democrats under 45 approve of Joey overall, compared to 85 percent of older Democrats.

Let’s be honest, anyone, and I do mean absolutely anyone, who agrees with the very purposeful, and ongoing, attempt to destroy this country must now be seen as being nothing less than this country’s ‘Public Enemy Number 1.’ And that includes every single Democrat politician as well as every single Democrat voter who chose to support them. Clearly Joey has been nothing less than a monumental failure and an unmitigated disaster on so many different levels. Joey now claims the title of being the worst President in U.S. history! What we need is REAL leadership, and a long-term ‘America First’ agenda. And we need President Trump to return to the helm!

President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda includes economic nationalism based on prosperity for all, not on politics! It’s built on the traditional and proven American values that made this country great and the envy of the world! ‘America First’ is immensely popular with middle- and working-class Americans, and not so popular with Democrats and their parasitic voters. It’s bigger than President Trump or anyone else. With traditional values, prosperity, and election integrity, America could be returned to greatness! But it order to accomplish that the American people, at least the majority of them, must want a return to greatness. They will be the driving force.

There is no one who can name one positive accomplishment of Joey during his strive for the destruction of our way of life that supports, one that defends and honors the rules of law and our Constitution. Are Democrats really that stupid or are they just loyal to the party that is destroying America? Let’s look back and remember what it was that American looked like when Joey took office just 27 months ago: Inflation was at 1.4 percent, a 30-year mortgage was 2.77 percent, gas was under two dollars a gallon, food was plentiful and cheap, there was no risk of being dragged into WW III, banks were not in crisis and our border was more secure than it had been in decades.

Fast-forward just a little over two years and America is now a combination of Cuba and Venezuela thanks to corrupt Democrats and their RINO allies. And just who are these people who approve of: High energy costs. High inflation. High food costs. Attacks on the First and Second Amendments. Wasteful spending on ‘climate change.’ Wasteful spending in Ukraine. Open borders. Sending millions to Syria for their border but not to Texas, New Mexico or Arizona. Fentanyl overdoses. Increased crime due to defund-the-police zealots. Rogue FBI, CIA interference with elections. Big Tech interference, and censorship with elections. And so on. Who are these people?

Joey effectively shut down our oil production, embarrassed us in Afghanistan and allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. He opened our border to thugs and drugs. Caused rampant inflation. He’s been an embarrassment on the world stage. Now he’s crashed our banking system and the Fed simply can’t keep up. He’s destroyed the Judicial system and allows a rogue Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI to run Amok. And he’s corrupted our election system and now we have moron Democrats who actually want to vote for him again. There is not a single word one can use to describe the level of stupidity that one would be required to possess to vote for him again.

Speaking only for myself, it’s difficult to believe that his approval rating is much over 20 percent. Depending on which poll, and what questions are asked. There is nothing good that this administration has done that would lead intelligent people to believe they have done anything good. There has been nothing but failure and weakness. Since the very first day, it seems that everything has been made to crumble around us. Everything! I know we’re all one ‘American family,’ but it’s become increasingly difficult to tolerate those who refuse to recognize the damage Joey is wreaking on this country. At this point I don’t know if we’ll ever recover. I really don’t!

And finally, do we really need some wackadoodle poll to tell us that Joey is doing a magnificently shitty job as *president? I mean, seriously! Never in my life have I felt so powerless as I do today. With so many of our ‘leaders’ hip deep in corruption and busily selling out our country to the highest bidder. Democrats seem determined to destroy this country on every single level, morally, fiscally, socially, economically, even militarily. And sadly, it’s our cadre of RINOs who seem all too eager to help in exchange for a piece of the action. So unable to trust our leaders and unable to trust our supposed ‘news’ media, we’re slowly being left with nowhere to turn.


So, I live in Florida and I love my governor, Ron DeSantis. But as we all know a great governor does not always a good president make. And while he has been very successful here in Florida, it seems his success has gone to his head causing him to suffer from what some would describe as being delusions of grandeur. I had hoped he would be one of President Trump’s more vocal supporters and I’m rather disappointed that he has chosen a different tack. And in so doing he makes clear that he cares less about the country than he does about gaining for himself a political promotion. Proving he is just another politician, and I’ve had a belly full of politicians.   

Now I’m thinking that he may smell blood in the water because of this pending arrest and potential indictment of President Trump and has now chosen to strike while the iron is hot. But I hate to be the one to burst his bubble because a recent poll would seem to indicate the President Trump has gained support while the governor seems to have lost support. Perhaps that loss of support is a result of his rather lame response to the ongoing attempt to railroad President Trump. A Monmouth University poll released on Tuesday shows that 41 percent of Republican voters want President Trump as the nominee, placing him 14 percentage points above DeSantis at 27 percent.

President Trump has gained eight percentage points of support compared to a Monmouth poll that was released back on February 9, when he and DeSantis were tied at 33 percent. Conversely, the Florida governor has slid six points. President Trump has also made substantial gains on DeSantis in Monmouth’s hypothetical head-to-head poll. Currently, President Trump leads DeSantis 47 percent to 46 percent, a net-14 point swing his way in just seven weeks. The previous poll, which was completed between January 26 and February 2, showed DeSantis with a double-digit lead over President Trump at 53 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

DeSantis weighed in on the expected arrest on Monday. He condemned George Soros-backed New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg but also said his administration would “not going to be involved” with a “manufactured circus by some Soros [backed] DA.” And he said, “But what I can speak to is that if you have a prosecutor who is ignoring crimes happening every single day in his jurisdiction, and he chooses to go back many, many years ago, to try to use something about porn star hush money payment,” DeSantis said, concluding that he has “real issues” to deal with in Florida.” Many conservatives were highly critical of DeSantis’ rather weak response.

And DeSantis’s stock now seems to be going through the floor after his weak response to President Trump’s potential indictment. And during a recent interview with Piers Morgan he took numerous swipes at President Trump. In a way I’m more than a little disappointed in DeSantis, the country has been made to hang by a thread and yet he’s content with playing political games. And regarding President, DeSantis just keeps reloading the shotgun and shooting himself in the face. Personally, I thought he was smarter than that, but perhaps he’s been blinded by ego. And it does make me more than a little suspicious that Jeb Bush has already endorsed DeSantis.

DeSantis would never have been governor without help from President Trump. As it was, in 2018, President Trump barely pulled his butt across the finish line. Five years later and we see DeSantis running his mouth against the person who did so much for him. I also don’t appreciate being scammed into voting for him for a second term as governor. If he wanted to run for the presidency, he could have let another republican who really wanted to govern this state run for his job. Instead, he figured he would get Florida law changed so he could run for the presidency and still keep his job when he loses. DeSantis is another establishment republican. I had hoped he was different.

You know, there’s an old saying that says, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” President Trump is America’s last best hope. Everybody else, including DeSantis, following the movement that President Trump started, are nothing more than second and third stringers. And the last thing America needs, if we are to survive as a free and sovereign nation, is not some second stringer as our president. President Trump is a proven commodity, and despite the fact that DeSantis has done an excellent job here in Florida, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be an equally good president. Personally, I’m just not willing to gamble. Are you?


I have said it more times than I care to count, and if anyone is tired of hearing it, then too bad. Because as bad as our Democrat politicians, and those who vote for them, are, it’s the RINOs and those who support them, both financially and electorally, that are even worse. Much worse! Because it seems that we have arrived at a point in our history where our country has come to differ only slightly from countries we have gone to war with in the past. And nothing proves that better than the fact that we now have a ‘former’ President who, while he is guilty of no specific crime, may actually be on the verge of being arrested and possibly even indicted. And his supposed crime? The exposing of many in his party who have made a career out of lying to their own supporters.

Now I suppose I could take the time to list the many RINO offenders that we’ve become forced to deal with for decades, but why bother. We all know who they are. After all, it has been ever since Donald Trump first announced that he had decided to run for president that these RINOs began to reveal themselves. You see, it was before President Trump that RINOs had the luxury of carrying out their treachery from deep within the shadows, and had he never been elected they would still be operating from there in the darkness. But President Trump was elected, and it was soon after that he began calling them out by name, and as we have seen that was something that was simply not to be tolerated. So an alliance was born, one that saw the RINOs joining with Democrats to destroy a common target, President Trump!

And so the time has now come for every Republican office holder, whether local, state or federal, to choose a side, to either stand with President Trump or to stand with the Democrats. To stand against what is very clearly a blatant abuse of power by Soros funded DA who has apparently taken on task of doing his part by hauling in the ‘former’ president on trumped up charges, charges that if made against any Democrat would be laughed out of court. And while some have come to President Trump’s defense, it has been far too few. This blatant miscarriage of justice, this sham of a potential indictment, this political circus is centered around the one thing that seems to unite Democrats and RINOs. And that would be to finally succeed in preventing President Trump from being able to run for re-re-lection in 2024.

And if those who love this country, were to see a little more support coming from our so-called Republican leaders perhaps Americans would be less likely to take matters into their own hands. This entire scenario is a farce and the majority of Americans know it. To see it as being anything else is to be either a Democrat or a RINO. Because that is where we are today. What has become the mission of so many of our ‘leaders,’ in both parties, has become one focused not on making America Great Again but, instead, on doing the complete opposite. And in so doing, the decision has been made that President Trump must be made an example of, if for no other reason than to keep others from getting any ideas. And that the American people can not, and they must not, view as acceptable in any way.

Personally, I am not really expecting to see much in the way of serious protests, my gut tells me that it’s many Americans who are sensing a set up here, much like the set up that was put into action back on January 6, 2021. Americans, at least those who do not wish to see their country turned into the world’s next banana republic style dictatorship, will likely keep their powder dry, for now. They will likely pursue other options perhaps choosing to approach things from an electoral direction. But never mistake their lack of protesting as being some sort of acquiescence regarding the travesty taking place in this country. We’re not stupid, despite what the opposition may think of us. We know what’s going on here, there will be retribution, you can mark my words.

In a way I can understand why Democrats and RINOs hate President Trump, he has forced them out into the sunlight. But what does tend to confuse me is why there are so many average Americans who actually hate the man. And, oddly enough, there are actually some who prefer the direction in which the country now seems to be headed to the direction it was headed for the better part of four years under President Trump. Because it was in four short years that it was President Trump who did much to ensure that every American regardless of race, gender or even political persuasion was better able to take care of themselves and those they loved. And it’s those who hate this country that are now trying to prevent this man from running for president again. That’s what this is really all about.

And finally, the American people now have a decision to make. They need to decide whether our politicians work for us, or we work for them. The priority now must be to reduce, to the greatest extent possible, the number of Democrats, as well as the number of RINOs, that we have in Congress. The American people must come together and refuse to accept as true all of the lies that continue to be told about President Trump. Simply look back at what this country, and the world, looked like a mere 27 months ago and then compare it to how things look today. If you don’t recognize the very stark difference, you’re blind. It’s time that we stop being Democrats and Republicans and simply be Americans. Americans who want the best for our country and the best future possible for our children.


So as in every third-rate, tin horn, dictatorship on the planet, what does one do when one must rid oneself of the primary obstacle to one’s ability to maintain one’s political power. Well, you locate a corrupt law enforcement official, in a known corrupt jurisdiction, where there is also a plethora of corrupt judges, and you then accuse the aforementioned political obstacle of some trumped up charges knowing that the seriousness of the charges don’t really matter when you have put into place the mechanism that, to the greatest extent possible, guarantees the desired result. That being, of course, that the political opponent ends up getting sent to prison.

Now transpose this concept on what is taking place in New York with the rumored looming arrest, and potential indictment, of President Trump by Soros funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The Democrats have tried everything, and I do mean absolutely EVERYTHING, in their effort to forever remove Donald Trump from being able to run for president, or for any other political office. And it has been every single time that they have come up empty. And so now they see this potential arrest and indictment as being their last shot. But as an outsider looking in, and as a complete novice in the legal arena, it would seem to be far from a sure thing.

George Soros, a name I’m sure most are familiar with, has invested vast sums of money in his goal of destroying this country. He stands to lose much if President Trump returns to office. By now, a significant number of American citizens are waking up and starting to become aware of Soros’ activities against this nation. If our elected president is restored to office, I expect a lot more details about the attempt to bring this nation to its knees will be revealed to the American people. I would expect a mass awakening would make Soros, and his co-conspirators feel unwelcome in this nation. Possibly even unsafe if citizens ever start enforcing our Constitution.

Joey’s corrupt Attorney General has, I’m sure, issued orders to various ‘Blue State’ Attorneys General to prosecute whomever it might be that is perceived as being a threat to the Democrat Party quest to maintain its political power. American patriots, regardless of party affiliation, must vote to overcome what has now become cheating that takes place on a grand scale. Our greatest threat actually comes not from the Democrats but from our many RINOs in both the House and the Senate. Words mean nothing, only actions. I will vote for President Trump, or I will vote for no one. Never underestimate the dangers we face from the coalition of Democrats and RINOs.

There will be no plandemic next time around to make it so easy for the Democrats to cheat with double mail-in ballots and all the illegals voting. Then, of course, there are all those dead who routinely vote for Democrats. Democrats need to get President Trump out of the way because after what has been made to take place in this country over the course of the last 27 months, even people that don’t like necessary care for President Trump are simply fed up with Joey B. and are saying they intend to vote for President Trump simply because they had a lot more money in their pockets during his tenure. Many are also tired of Joey’s lies and obvious corruption.

The country is falling apart at an ever-increasing rate, and yet the Democrats remain obsessed with getting President Trump. And what benefit does this have for the country as a whole? Does it lower inflation? Does it reduce the price of gas or lower the cost of heating or cooling your home? Do it is reduce crime in any way or make our Democrat controlled cities any safer? Does it make our border more secure? Of course, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no! But does getting rid of President Trump give the Democrats a better chance of actually winning the presidential election in 2024. Which proves what this is really all about.    

Democrats are so very fond of saying that “no one is above the law.” Unless, of course, your name happens to be Biden, Clinton, ‘BO’ or any other Democrat. President Trump has been rightfully identified by both Democrats and RINOs as being a threat. And they are correct in that assumption. President Trump is a threat to “business as usual” in our government and he is a major threat because even when he ‘lost’ his re-election bid he got the most votes for president of anyone in history. Giving the voters another opportunity to vote for him would be a major risk. Democrats know they must stop him, but they don’t know how. They’re about to fail again.

And finally, every attempt made by the Democrats to weaken President Trump has only served to make him stronger. So while the Democrats remain quite convinced that this latest ploy will succeed where every other attempt has failed, history tells us that in all likelihood it’s at best they have far less than a 50/50 chance of success. More than likely it’s only going to enhance President Trump’s chances in 2024 as we all, even Democrats, see this for what it is, another Democrat witch hunt. And would it not be the funniest thing if this turned out to be yet another bust on the part of the Democrats in the ongoing quest to finally ‘get Trump.’