Democrats 77

Never in my life, and I’m 67, have I ever witnessed, from either political party, the level of pure unadulterated, insanity that has essentially been spewing forth from the Democrat Party, nearly nonstop and pretty steadily so, since the very night it was announced that Donald Trump had handed to Hitlery a stunning, totally unexpected (by the Democrats), and humiliating defeat.  The loss was nothing short of spectacular and sent shockwaves across the entire political establishment.  And it has been something that neither Hitlery nor her party have been unable to move beyond.

And too, it has been since that very same night that the Democrats have been swinging and missing in what has also been a nonstop series of attempts to remove President Trump from office.  And while the Democrats may have ‘succeeded’ in impeaching the president it all came across as being little more than a piece of rather bizarre political theater, and even more so when the Senate failed to convict on what were the ‘trumped’ (pun intended) up charges that were provided by Pelosi & Co. over in the House. Democrats were made to suffer a second humiliating defeat.

And you would have thought that perhaps, just perhaps, the Democrats had embarrassed themselves quite enough but, apparently such is not the case.  Nope, not by a political long shot.  Democrats give us a whole new meaning for what it means to be a “glutton for punishment.”  Because apparently Democrats are not yet ready to abandon their efforts to remove President Trump from office prior to the next election, which is now a mere 218 days away.  Which, as far as I’m concerned, means only one thing.  They know, with some degree of certainty, they can’t beat him.

And so, it was during an appearance over the weekend, on Sunday, there at ‘fake new HQ, aka the Communist News Network, aka CNN, on something called “State of the Union,” and hosted by ‘faux journalist’ Jake Tapper, that we saw Speaker Pelosi take the opportunity provided to her to accuse President Trump of fiddling while people died of the Chinese coronavirus.  Pelosi began her idiotic little diatribe by saying, “First let me say how sad it is that even since the president’s signing of the bill, the number of deaths reported has doubled from 1,000 to 2,000 in our country.”

She went on to say, “This is such a very, very sad time for us. We should be taking every precaution.”  True enough, it is a very sad time, but it’s made all the sadder still by the likes of Pelosi and her merry band of political dipshits.  Anyway, the 80 year old ‘Botox Queen’ then said, “The president, his denial at the beginning, was deadly. His delaying of getting equipment to where it — his continued delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly. Now the best thing to do would be to prevent more loss of life rather than open things up because we just don’t know.”

And it was from that Pelosi said, “We have to have testing, testing, testing. That’s what we said from the start before we can evaluate what the nature of it is in some of these other regions as well. I don’t know what the purpose of that is.”  And then she added, “I don’t know what the scientists are saying to him. I don’t know what the scientists said to him, when did this president know about this, and what did he know? What did he know, and when did he know it? That’s for an after-action review. But as the president fiddles, people are dying.”  How disgustingly evil can one person be?

Host Tapper then asked, “Speaker Pelosi when you say the president’s denial was deadly, he obviously downplayed the risks of coronavirus for several weeks, and it wasn’t until I think about two weeks ago that he started acknowledging the gravity of the crisis. Are you saying his downplaying ultimately cost American lives?”  This is now what passes for the type of useful information that one can expect from the dweebs there at CNN.  They bring on hack politicians, like Pelosi, allow them to spew all manner of drivel, and NEVER challenge any of the lunatic accusations that they make.

Pelosi responded, “Yes, I am. I’m saying that because when he made — the other day, when he was signing the bill, he said, just think, 20 days ago everything was great. No, everything wasn’t great. We had nearly 500 cases and 17 deaths already. And in that 20 days, because we weren’t prepared, we now have 2,000 deaths and 100,000 cases. So again, we really want to work in a unifying way to get the job done here. But we cannot continue to allow him to continue to make these underestimates of what is actually happening here.”  Pelosi is nothing more than a fraud and a liar.

Pelosi wrapped things up by saying, “This is such a tragedy, and we don’t even know the magnitude of it because we do not have the adequate testing. Our first bill was about testing, testing, testing. The second bill was about masks, masks, masks. Of course both of them were about addressing the emergency.”  All of this coming from the very same bitch who just couldn’t bring herself to allow a completely clean bill, the purpose of which was to help AMERICANS who through no fault of their own found themselves without a job because of this virus, to pass in the House.  PATHETIC!

It’s this kind of petty partisan political bullshit that should make every single American understand that if we are ever again foolish enough to allow these Democrats to gain complete power of our government, we, as a nation, will be nothing short of doomed. President Trump was actually doing something while the Democrats were 100 percent focused on what is still a continuing impeachment farce.  Most polls would seem to indicate that a majority of the American people are of the opinion that the president is doing a very good job in dealing with this Chinese virus.

And at a time when we as a Nation should be working together, regardless of party affiliation, we have Pelosi continuing with her impeachment delusions!  This woman appears to be badly in need a mental health intervention!  This President has been focused on this problem for over two months and has been deploying resources at the National level as quickly as they can be mobilized!  He has brought in all of the best experts to work on this problem!  And yet, what is it that the Democrats have managed to do to help anyone other than themselves?  Virtually nothing.

The President has continued to be focused on this problem while at the same time Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the impeachment maniacs have been focused on nothing other than coming up with ways that they can better use this most recent ‘crisis’ to their own advantage.  And now this old battleax is once again calling for the president to be investigated over his handling of the ‘Chinese virus.’  If there is anyone who is in serious need of being investigated for their continued dereliction that would of course be EVERY single Democrat sitting member of Congress.

In January, as you’ll recall, it was Pelosi who was calling President Trump’s reaction to virus an overreaction, and she also went to so far as to label President Trump’s travel ban on those coming from China as being racist.  Meanwhile it was Pelosi & Co. there in the House who persisted on pursuing their bogus impeachment through February.  Now that President Trump has been proven right, the ‘fake news’ media is trying to say, wrongly, that President Trump called the virus a hoax, and Pelosi is claiming that the president essentially sat idly by while people died. It’s all a crock!

Look, I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  If Democrats are hoping for anything it’s that the death count from this Chinese virus goes through the roof.  Because to them it’s as the death count rises that so will their political fortunes.  It matters not that Americans are dying, all that truly matters, to Democrats, is that a lot of them die, because that will then allow them to be better able to hold hostage any future legislation the purpose of which is to help Americans make it through this ‘crisis.’  But then that is the kind of people we’re now dealing with in today’s Democrats Party.


Hitlery 40

So riddle me this, my good friends…who is it that we can safely say is the more demented?  Is it Hitlery or, is it ‘Senile old’ Joe?  Because to be honest it’s become increasingly more difficult to tell.  After all, it’s ‘Senile Old’ Joe who actually thinks he’s ready, willing, able and qualified to be president.  But on the other hand, it’s Hitlery who apparently believes that she IS president, and how truly nuts is that?  And it was just yesterday that we witnessed yet another example of her delusions of grandeur when she attacked the ‘REAL’ president amid the left’s ongoing ‘Chinese coronavirus’ fearfest as she called for the country to be shut down for two months.

Meanwhile, it was President Trump who chose to express a little optimism during this week’s Fox News town hall during which he said he would like to reopen the country by Easter.  The president had said, “I would love to have [the country] open by Easter.  It’s such an important day for other reasons.”  And it was shortly after that, just like clockwork, the Trump haters began crawling out from wherever it is they reside and started calling for a total lockdown of America for at least two months.  Even ‘BO’ popped off earlier this week in what appeared to be a rebuke of President Trump’s remarks as he told Americans to stay home for the foreseeable future.

We have now, I think, gotten to a point where these Democrats simply can’t help themselves as they continue to ratchet up the hysteria and then only because they see it as way, at least potentially, of doing some level of harm to President Trump.  For instance, that leftwing loon-of-a-mayor, Eric Garcetti, out in Los Angeles actually warned of mass deaths, condemned President Trump’s “false hope” of the country reopening soon and said his city will be on lockdown until at least May, maybe even longer. Garcetti made his idiotic, and rather self-serving, remarks to Business Insider after 12 deaths were confirmed in Los Angeles due to the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’

And then into the fray once again entered Hitlery, fresh from her return from the ‘Outer Limits’, and who, as I said, apparently thinks that either she’s the president, or that people actually care what it is she has to say.  It was in linking to a piece in the New York Time that he old girl sounded off by saying, “Before sending anyone back to their jobs, President Trump, you should try doing yours.”  A statement that once again proves just how lucky we truly are that Hitlery is NOT today perched in the Oval Office!  To say that I feel much better about our country’s chances of making it through this ‘crisis’ with President Trump at the helm would be an understatement.

And I do think that perhaps Hitlery’s definition of “lockdown” differs greatly from what it is that President Trump has in mind for the country.  I have no doubt that what she means by a “lockdown” would be just that, a virtual “lockdown” that would       include having the police go door-to-door confiscating everyone’s weapons, or at least attempting to!  I mean, look at what some of these jackbooted left-wing mayors have done in a few cities in America!  Look, this is how Democrats behave when placed in positions of power.  The people become nothing more than subjects, who are to do exactly what they are told, or be made to face some pretty nasty consequences.

And frankly it’s more than a little weird, don’t you think, to be hearing calls to shut the country down from ankle biters like ‘BO’ and Hitlery, who were, not that long ago, all calling for open borders and the allowing in of all manner of illegals and ‘refugees’ who brought with them their wildly infectious, often drug-resistant diseases that had been eradicated in America nearly a century ago.  All allowed free flow back into our country with absolutely zero pushback?  Not to mention the re-emergence of BED BUGS!!!  Democrats are filth who beget nothing but even more filth.  It’s the Democrat Party, along with this virus, that needs to be eradicated!

Now I would like to hope that there are enough people able to recognize how these nutjob Democrats, along with their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, are behind all this weaponized hysteria about this it being some kind of a “pandemic.”  Granted, it is a disease that kills people, many of whom are older and those with certain preexisting conditions.  But are we now going to be putting Americans out of work during every flu season?  We have to be rational about this, and there is absolutely nothing that can be considered as rational when it comes to how the Democrats are seeking to deal with this virus.  Their political agenda of theirs has got to stop.

The single reason for Democrats wanting to keep the country closed for two months is to allow as much damage as possible to be done to the economy that President Trump already has zero chance of seeing any recovery from before the next election.  The Democrats believe that if they can get the unemployment rate back to up to ‘Great Depression’ levels they can then usher in some new ‘FDR’ type, although they fail to recognize that it was FDR’s economic policies that accomplished little more than to extend the great depression and kept people unemployed for decades.  And had it not been for WWII, the country would’ve collapsed economically by the mid-forties.

It really doesn’t take all that much of an imagination to recognize that Hitlery and the Democrats are determined in their effort to destroy the economy and, even more importantly, the country.  Now I’m no medical expert, but I can read and also I’m not blinded by any hatred of the president.  But two months does seem a bit excessive.  After all, the data is beginning to show that this virus may be nowhere near as bad as these clowns in the Democrat Party and the ‘fake news’ media are working so hard to make it out to be.  Their message is to appear united in thought, repeat ad nauseam, to persuade the sheep among us to jump on board the crazy ‘virus’ train.

But Democrats don’t care about you, they care only about power and using any crisis they can to enhance that power.  For instance, we have now Democrat governors in two states, Steve Sisolak in Nevada and Gretchen Whitner in Michigan, who have now made illegal any use of the one drug, Hydroxychloroquine, that is both safe and has tested to 100 percent positive in treating the virus that was first cooked up and unleashed upon the world by their friends in Communist China.  So what’s the rationale for that?  So how stupid must the people of these two states be if they actually believe that these people actually care about their health and wellbeing?

I still can’t help but wonder if this isn’t all some grand con job dreamt up by Communist China, with plenty of help from the Democrats, and all in an effort to destroy our economy.  I mean what we have here is classic hysterics combined with ‘science’ that falls right in line with the world coming to an end courtesy of ‘climate change’ and every other lunatic theory.  It’s all a form of drama the purpose of which is to gain control and power because they’re all just so much smarter than everyone else.  I know science and I believe this is a virus to be taken seriously and respected but not at the level of destroying the country and the common man in doing so.

Look, we all know that there is literally nothing that Democrats won’t do for a buck. The people who would do this are not leaders, they are nothing more than traitors to our country.  After all, Hitlery has yet to be held accountable for her many illegal actions and now she is continuing her crusade of criticism and resistance.  And had this crazy bitch become president can you possibly imagine what the sad state of our country would be right now?   We know that the economy would have long ago been made to crash, which does cause me to wonder that if it had been Hitlery who won in 2016 would Communist China still have felt the need to unleash their virus upon us?


obama 1

If we search through our old memory banks is there anyone among us who is able to recall the unabashedly masterful job that now ex-president Barry ‘O’ did during the H1N1 ‘pandemic’ of 2009, and how it was that he set the standard by which ALL other president’s would be measured in the future if they were ever to find themselves in the same sort of situation.  And also, is there anyone who is able to remember those daily press briefings that ‘BO’ gave, back in 2009, warning Americans to stay at home during the then swine flu pandemic?  If you don’t, don’t worry about it, neither do I.

It was over 60 million Americans who ended up contracting the swine flu (H1N1) and over 12,000 Americans who died from it and yet I don’t seem to recall the same level of hysteria being generated by those in the ‘fake news’ media that we are constantly being exposed to today.  It has gotten to the point where I don’t even watch the news anymore. But then I suppose we shouldn’t really be all that surprised considering the then lovefest that existed between the now ex-president and the literal hatefest that exists today between many of those same people and our current president.

And so being of the opinion that Americans were very much in need of his supposed wisdom, who is it that should slither out from under his rock but old ‘BO’ himself.  It was just this past Wednesday that he apparently felt the need to pop off again as he called on Americans to stay home for the foreseeable future and to maintain social distancing.   Once more we have ‘BO’ injecting himself into the national conversation in what appears to be a rebuke to President Trump’s remarks during a Fox News town hall where he had said, “I would love to have [the country] open by Easter.”

President Trump has also tweeted that the cure cannot be worse that the problem, suggesting that he is gearing up to put Americans back to work, and soon.  Not exactly something that we would have expected to heard from old ‘BO.’  But then, where one man wants only keep any damage done to the economy, because of this latest ‘crisis,’ to a minimum, the other seems to almost be on a mission to wreak as much havoc as possible and to exacerbate the situation to the greatest extent possible all in an effort to encourage as much damage to economy as he can possibly be done.

I think most of us realized, even back then, that ‘BO’ was running for president with one very specific purpose in mind, he was on a mission, of sorts, and driven by a hatred of his own country never before seen in a candidate for president.  And his mission was, of course, to weaken America in every way conceivable; financially, militarily and morally. He told us on the eve of the election back 2008 how we were then on the verge of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  And there were actually those who enthusiastically applauded him for saying that.

‘BO’ proved himself to be all that the Socialist/Communist haters of America had hoped for.  And his eight year reign was made possible by almost 100% of the ‘fake news’ providing him cover, his opposition were kept pretty much mute out of fear of being called ‘racist,’ and the massive voter fraud in 2012 that ensured his Republican opponent would lose.  And it was the next step in the plan that failed only because Hitlery lost in 2016 and ‘BO’s’ biggest nemesis, Donald Trump, won. The result has been the still on-going and absurd attempts to remove President Trump from office.

And let me just say that the last, and I do mean the VERY last, guy I need, or want, to be hearing from regarding the effects our current ‘Chinese virus,’ is having on our country, is ‘BO.’  I love how he, like every other scumbag Democrat, tries to portray himself as someone who gives a rat’s behind about the plight of the American people.  Which they don’t!  Americans want to keep their jobs and have a successful economy as well as to remain healthy.  We don’t want to go back to a zero growth economy. You know, like when ‘BO’ told Americans that their jobs were never coming back.

And if I had but one word of advice I could offer to ‘BO’ it would be for him to just crawl back into his hole and shut up.   And to stay out of site because he remains, at least by those who love this country, the most hated man in America.  He continues to do NOTHING more than to tear down this country.  And now he’s again slithered out into the open to once again to do nothing more than to attempt to undermine his successor and to try to act like a leader by warning people to stay inside, to be afraid, very afraid.  In truth, ‘BO’ is in no position to offer any sort of advice to anyone.

After he has dedicated himself to the complete ruination this country, who does he think it is that would be stupid enough to take any advice that he may have to offer?  He is the first president ever to so aggressively criticize his successor.  And yet, President Trump enjoys an approval rating that has remained consistently higher than achieved by ‘BO’ at the same stage of his presidency. ‘BO,’ who essentially left the country far worse off than what it was when he was handed the key, in simply in no position to be criticizing ANY president who came before him or AFTER him.

‘BO’ comes across as being quite desperate in his desire to do all that he can in an effort to make sure that our economy comes to more closely resemble the economy that he left behind for President Trump to contend with.  And keep in mind that it was to have been by now that the Democrats had very much hoped to have succeeded in turning this country into what they had hoped to be yet another a third world shithole with Hiterly acting as the head turd.  But a great thing happened on the way to making their dream, our nightmare.  Donald Trump was elected president!

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Democrat agenda as we head into  this next election has as its primary goal that which is nothing more than to sabotage President Trump’s chances of being re-elected.  Even as recently as six months ago Democrats were claiming that we were heading for a recession.  Now they and their ‘fake news’ whores are working overtime to insure that it happens.  Democrat states like California and New York delayed any response in addressing the ‘Chinese virus’ in the hope it would spread.  This was an intentional, planned, and coordinated attack.

Democrats have made it quite clear that there is nothing they will not do in their effort to ensure President Trump loses his re-election bid, and that obviously includes to purposely cause our economy to crash.  Democrats want our country to fail.  They want Americans to have no place to turn, but to them.  And, make no mistake, the Democrats seek to possess complete control over the lives of every single American.  And just as the Democrats have always said: 1) “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and 2) “By any and all means necessary.”  We are now watching both playing out.

And finally, Democrat behavior during times such as this ‘Chinese virus’ should make it painfully clear how it is that they never focus any amount of effort on assisting those affected, but instead on how best to exploit the ‘crisis’ at hand in such a way that allows them to be better able to advance their anti-America agenda.  Democrats force upon the American people those things that, in the end, only serve to make their lives even more difficult.  That is not what we should expect from ‘responsible’ leaders, only from ‘irresponsible,’ power-hungry political hacks.


biden 70

Ok, so I know Democrats hate Donald Trump, but do they hate him so much that they are able to look at ‘Senile Old’ Joe Biden and see him as being the better man to have out front as the one in charge of leading the battle in this country against the ‘Chinese coronavirus?’  I just have to believe that even they are not that crazy!  And I gotta tell you, I am certainly very much relieved that he is not the guy now in charge of ANYTHING!  And that sense of relief became all the more intense just yesterday after viewing a rather bizarre little ‘interview’ ‘Senile Old’ Joe did on MSDNC.

It all came about on yesterday’s episode of MSDNC’s “Deadline,” when ex-vice president, and current 2020 Democrat frontrunner, ‘Senile Old’ Joe had what were several rather awkward exchanges with host Nicolle Wallace while apologizing for his wording.  It was in watching the video that ‘Senile Old’ Joe seemed more than a bit confused regarding his surroundings.  And he didn’t really come across as instilling much confidence that he is in firm possession of all his faculties or as someone who should be entrusted with being in charge of something on the scale of this virus.

When asked how he would handle the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ if he wins the election, ‘Senile Old’ Joe responded by saying, “Way back in January 17 I wrote a piece, maybe the 15th. I wrote a piece for “USA Today” saying that, you know, a pandemic is coming. We have to be better prepared. We should have been in a position, I called for a while ago. I would enforce, enforce the defense production act. I would be surging equipment and personnel.”  Now if he had been paying attention he would have realized that all of that has been underway for some time, maybe he just forgot?

And ‘Senile Old’ Joe then went on to say, “I would be moving in a direction where we had the United States military, which I call for several weeks ago building hospitals like finally happening in the National Guard helping in New York with, you know, at the Javits Center. We have this capacity. Most of all, I would be protecting our docs, nurses, and first responders because if we lose them, we are in real, real trouble. We should be making those masks, moving on those ventilators. We can do that. Why doesn’t he just act like a president?”  So says the guy who is the least presidential!

And then it was later in the very same interview that our ‘faux journalist’ Wallace asked him, “Mr. Vice President, what do you say about the reporting in The New York Times and it’s been reported at a local level for as long as this virus has been something that people have been anxious about, that’s discrimination against Asian Americans. Donald Trump, I think, tried to put something back in the toothpaste tube yesterday but saying he wouldn’t tolerate discrimination, but that was after weeks and weeks and weeks of calling coronavirus the Chinese virus.”

‘Senile Old Joe said, “Well, I — no matter how he got there, I’m glad he finally got there. It was long overdue to say he won’t put up the xenophobia. Strange coming from him, but I’m happy he did it. Happy, he did it. The irony is you may recall in the beginning when this started there were folks like me and others calling for him to make sure that he contacts Xi, he get engaged and send people to — our experts to China to find out at the source what was happening. There was a federal employee that worked for the president in China to watch this and either got fired or quit.”

And as things continued ‘Senile Old’ Joe seemed far more concerned about President Trump’s treatment of Communist China than about his handling of the virus.  He said, “Not sure how it happened. At the time, he was out there, praising how things were going. China was doing all these wonderful things and everything was going on, but we didn’t know what was happening precisely. Now all of a sudden, he is being tough on China. He is making sure — now he is being soft on his xenophobia in the past so I just, I just can’t figure the guy. I don’t know. It’s like watching a yo-yo. ”

So now ‘I’ have a question for ‘Senile Old’ Joe.  If China is not responsible for this virus nor the epicenter of it, then why did he suggest we send experts there?  But the thing is, either he’s unaware, or he forgot, we did OFFER to send them and his pals in China REFUSED!  ‘Senile Old’ Joe continues to be allowed to speak nonsense while rarely being challenged.  He said we need to put the federal government in action, when that is exactly what has been done. There are two hour briefings each day, perhaps he’s unaware of them because they take place during his nap time?

‘Senile Old’ Joe is clearly far older than his years would seem to indicate, and is obviously suffering from pretty severe cognitive decline.  But the leaders of his party continue to prop him up in front of the cameras because, quite frankly, he is all they have.  And let’s face it, if he does win it’s not important if he survives all that long after his inauguration, all that’s needed is to get him across the finish line.  But I must say, it would appear to me, as someone looking from the outside in, that their task of keeping him on task in becoming increasing difficult, yet they continue to try.

‘Senile Old’ Joe says he tried to warn us, courtesy of a piece written for that rag USA Today, back in January of a coming pandemic, and how we had better be prepared.  And yet when the president cut off travel from China on January 31, who was it that then called him out as a racist and a xenophobe for doing so?  ‘Senile Old’ Joe!  And ‘Senile Old’ Joe has accused President Trump of not acting like a president.  Odd coming from the same stooge who stood next to Barry ‘O’ for eight years.  Barry, the same guy who very rarely, if ever, acted in a manner considered to be ‘presidential.’

‘Senile Old’ Joe exudes impotence, and he comes off as being both physically and mentally exhausted.  If there are enough people in this country willing to vote for this dolt, even when knowing full well that he’s unlikely to be in office longer than six months after his inauguration then, my friends, this country truly is done.  If people are willing to destroy their own country out of what is nothing more than their hatred of President Trump, then the left has officially won and it’s only a matter of time before we become the country formally known as the United States of America.

And you know, there was once a small part of me that once kinda felt sorry for ‘Senile Old’ Joe.  I wondered how those close to him could allow the party to keep him out ‘campaigning.’  But over time I came to see a guy who likely has just enough left to know that he’s losing it but is willing to allow himself to be used by his party just long enough to hopefully win back the White House, after which he will go quietly into the home, feeling good that he served his party right up to the end.  And I have no doubt that the Democrats have promised him and his family a big payoff if he pulls it off.

And now, in going slightly off topic, I would like to mention how it is that the stock market is now back to where it was when Barry ‘O’ and ‘Senile Old’ Joe were running things, unemployment could go back to 20%, which was the true unemployment number, again when Barry ‘O’ and ‘Senile Joe were in charge, and which we were told was the new norm that we all could expect.  And the very same Democrats who are now pointing this out as being all bad news were the very same ones who were busy praising Barry ‘O’ for his being nothing short of an economic genius.  Go figure!


hitlery 39

Let me start by just saying that it is in my humble opinion that had Hitlery been elected president back in 2016, this country in which we all live and that many of us still very much love, would, today, now be known as the nation formerly known as the United States of America.  Those who have spent any amount of time listening to this leftwing crackpot who, more than three years later, has yet to move on from her humiliating defeat, knows that to be very true!  Yet, she simply refuses to go away.

And so it was then that everyone’s least favorite two time loser in the arena of presidential politics, Hitlery, on Monday actually accused the Republicans of pursuing a “#SelfDeal” and even blamed the president for the lack of immediate economic relief for the American people during the coronavirus ‘pandemic’, even though it was the Democrats who ‘chose’ to block bipartisan legislation and who have since packed a swath of demands, totally unrelated to the issue at hand, into their own proposal.

So that can only mean one of two things, either Hitlery is currently experiencing the same sort of major brain malfunction that has afflicted ‘Senile Old’ Joe, or she’s simply lying, and it’s in knowing her as we all do that it’s either of these two scenarios that could prove to be true.  Because as we ALL know, unless we’re one the few brainless dolts who continue to view  CNN or MSDNC as being reliable sources of information, the Republicans played no part in this latest delay in providing relief.

It’s members of Hitlery’s own party who are now blocking a bipartisan relief package and instead are now pushing a pork-filled proposal in lieu of the original measure. ‘Crazy Nancy’s proposal, which reportedly spans some 1,400 pages, contains a plethora of leftwing policy agenda items that are totally unrelated to the ‘Chinese virus’ and the economic pain that it has inflicted on millions of Americans across the country.  Democrats seek to exploit that same pain to the greatest extent possible.

Oh, and let’s not forget how it was that Democrat/Racist ‘Little Jimmy’ Clyburn recently, and very enthusiastically so, told roughly 200 of his Democrat colleagues during a caucus-wide conference call just last week that they should view the upcoming legislation not as an opportunity to help struggling Americans, but as a “tremendous opportunity” to push their agenda.  He told his fellow sleazebag Democrats, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Mitch McConnell blasted Democrats regarding this latest tactic of theirs mocking the “Democrat wish list” on the Senate floor on Monday.  He said, “Here are some of the items on the Democratic wish-list over which they choose to block this legislation last night. Tax credits for solar energy and wind energy, provisions to force employers to give special, new treatment to big labor, and listen to this, new emissions standards for the airlines. Are you kidding me?”  Unfortunately Mitch, they’re not kidding!

And it was from there that Mitch then went on to say, “This is the moment to debate new regulations that have nothing whatsoever to do with this crisis? That’s what they’re up to over there. The American people need to know it.”  And he added, “Democrats won’t let us fund hospitals or save small businesses unless they get to dust off the Green New Deal.”  But this what Democrats have always done, they’re just much more blatant about it these days.  This can no longer be accepted behavior.

And it’s this time around that we’re going to be needing a bit more than just ‘tough’ talk from the old Mitch-ster.  This time around the old boy is actually going to be required to grow a pair and to be willing to call out Charlie Schumer and ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi for being exactly what they are, a couple of rabidly leftwing political hacks trying to move their cockamamie leftwing agenda forward on the backs of those Americans now being made to struggle because of this ongoing ‘Chinese Virus!’

And he’s going to have to it make it very clear, and in no uncertain terms, that either they focus on the task at hand, that being to help the American people, and to forget their attempt at political slight-of-hand or he’s going to shove their bogus piece of legislation they claim provides ‘coronavirus relief’ right up their collective ass and break it off.  But can he do it?  Well, that remains to be seen!  But if he can’t, then President Trump is going to have to be the one to do it.  But it needs to be done!

But in getting back to Hitlery, it does tell us a great deal about her when she’s often heard bragging about the fact that the two people who have influenced her the most over the course of her already-too-long-life were men like Saul Alinsky and Robert Byrd.  And just as a reminder, one was a lying Communist and the other was a high ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan.  So Hitlery is far from being any sort of role model unless the only criteria one has for a role model is to be disgustingly corrupt.

And let’s be honest, it’s in the big scheme of things that Hitlery is really little more than a failure.  Granted, she’s been able to become very rich, but how is it that she came by her wealth.  Was it courtesy of making some great medical breakthrough?  Or perhaps did she invent something that improved the lives of millions?  Nope!  She married a pervert who became president and from there was able to ‘work’ herself into positions that proved quite lucrative for someone willing to sell out their country.

The sheer audacity of this crooked, malicious, duplicitous old bitch never quite ceases to amaze.  It was not once, but twice that she demonstrated zero aptitude for being able to run a successful presidential campaign and despite all that still seems to feel that she was robbed in the last go around.  Also, she has played a very prominent role in multiple scandals dating all the way back to 1992.  And now she attempts to gloss over all of that incompetence courtesy of her worn-out brand of identity politics.

But that said, Hitlery still remains a Democrat through and through.  And as we all know, Democrats love to blame others for what they themselves are essentially responsible for. Democrats can never be faulted for having ‘good intentions.’  But still, I do continue to hope that more Americans will come to wake-up to the fact that for the Democrats it’s always their agenda that comes first and foremost above all else, even above the saving of American lives and/or the American economy.

I mean, for crying out loud just look around you, people!  Look at any state or any big city now being run by Democrats or that has been run by Democrats for what likely has been decades.  More often than not they are a complete mess; fiscally, morally and socially.  Crime tends to be through the roof and they can’t afford to pay for anything other than public service pensions.  It’s absolutely crazy!  Stop hurting yourselves Americans.  STOP voting for Democrats, the true traitors of this country.

And while I know it may be rather difficult for many to hear, the only way forward from here that makes any amount of sense, if you are truly interested in saving this country for those future generations yet to be born, is to never, EVER, again vote for ANY Democrat.  To be honest it’s all of us, regardless of party affiliation, who need to break from all of the political correctness, the identity politics and the anti-America Democrat agenda. Save yourselves, save our country and NEVER vote for a Democrat.


Democrats 95

I find it to be rather disheartening that I even have to ask such a question of those responsible for leading my country, but again it’s because of their own actions that I feel I must.  Because it’s yet again, through the actions they have taken, that the Democrats have made it abundantly clear that there is virtually nothing they will not do, or refuse to do, in their effort to do damage to the presidency of Donald Trump.  Once again they have put their vendetta against this president above the health and wellbeing of the American people.  Democrats actually believe that by denying relief to Americans, and therefore worsen this ‘crisis,’ they can and will win in November.

And so the Democrats chose to block that which was the most recent coronavirus relief package this past Sunday, one that would have provided economic relief to businesses and Americans suffering from the impact of the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak.  The Senate Republican package failed, with 47 votes in favor and 47 against, 13 votes short of what was necessary to advance the legislation.  And it was Charlie Schumer who said, “I want everybody to fully understand if we aren’t able to act tomorrow, it will be because of our colleagues on the other side continuing to dicker when the country expects us to come together and address the problem.”

It was from the floor of the Senate that Charlie actually blamed the Republicans for advancing legislation without an agreement.  He said, “The majority leader was well aware of how the vote would go before it happened but he chose to go forward with it anyway even though negotiations are continuing. So who’s playing games? But our caucus is united to deliver a bill that addresses this health and economic crisis quickly and we’re committed to working in a bipartisan way to get it done.”  Let’s face it, if there is one thing that the Democrats are committed to, and it ain’t addressing “this health and economic crisis” quickly, but only in exploiting it as much as they can.

The likely reason behind this lack of support coming from the Democrats was the fact that the bill apparently contained not near enough funding for some of their favorite recipients of taxpayer dollars.  Some Democrat aide was reported to have said that the small business provision was drafted to exclude non-profits who receive Medicaid from being eligible for Small Business Administration assistance offered under the bill.  That, according to the aide, would impact the abortion-mill Planned Parenthood, although for the life of me I can’t quite figure out what the Hell abortion has to do with this ‘Chinese virus?’  But if there’s anyone who can connect the two, it’s Charlie.

And then, something that should surprise virtually no one, is the fact that it’s been reported that Democrat, and well-known racist, Jimmy Clyburn told his fellow Democrats just last week that the bill was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  That’s just what we do not need, an America based on the sick and twisted vision of Democrats like Clyburn.  Apparently Clyburn’s very cynical  comments came on a Thursday call featuring more than 200 House Democrats, during which members laid out a list of provisions they wanted to be included in the Senate’s trillion-dollar ‘Chinese virus, package. These Democrats are some truly sick people.

And it’s both Charlie and ‘Crazy Nancy,’ along with every other Democrat, who want to see lots, and LOTS, of chaos, suffering, and, yes, even death.  And the more the better!  They figure that if more people die it will allow them to then blame President Trump as being cruel and heartless, when, in fact, it’s the Democrats who routinely demonstrate such character flaws.  The welfare of American citizens means absolutely nothing to Democrats!  This is exactly their ploy to destroy President Trump, even if it means bringing down the entire country in the process.  They are consumed by a hatred of President Trump which actually borders on psychotic.

Mark my word, there is absolutely no stone that will be left unturned when it comes to the Democrats and their desire to expand their power by destroying liberty and freedoms.  And it’s important that we not be scared into allowing Democrats to foist upon us anything which would then permit them to further limit the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  Because once lost, those freedoms will likely be gone forever. This bill would have bolstered the market and given confidence to the country, both of which Democrats are desperate to destroy through fear and panic.  They view this virus only as an opportunity to do damage to both the country and the president.

Often in the past, when speaking about the Democrats, I’ve compared them to the shepherd boy who when bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep would amuse himself by taking a deep breath and shouting out, “Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!”  The villagers would come running to help the boy drive the wolf away.  But when they arrived, they would find no wolf. The boy would laugh at the sight of their angry faces.  And it has been the Democrats with their accusations against this president, of collusion, of campaign payoffs to a bimbo and inappropriate behavior regarding Ukraine, who have only served to piss off the villagers.

If there is any one individual, or group of individuals, in desperate need of being punished this next election, it should be whomever it is that represents the Democrat Party in the presidential contest, as well as the Democrat Party itself.  To seek to use something like this virus only as way to do damage to one’s political adversary is nothing short of unconscionable.  And where there was once a time when such things were considered to be above politics, that no longer seems to be the case.  But then, that was a different time, a time when you could still find Democrats who did not hate their country.  Such is not the case today, ALL Democrats now hate America.

It’s the Democrat plan regarding a ‘Chinese virus’ relief package that is really nothing more than a wish-list disguised as a ‘relief package.’  Because they view it not as way to help struggling Americans, but as an opportunity to push their party’s agenda that consists of carbon penalties, abortion, government control and much more.  Meanwhile it’s the Republican plan that consists of a $1.6 Trillion economic rescue package, which includes $350 billion for small businesses support and $250 billion for unemployment insurance. It also includes billions in relief to distressed industries like airlines, and billions more to help hospitals address the influx of patients.

So yes, there is a very clear difference when it comes to how our two current political parties view as being the best way to address what it is that is currently underway in our country.  And it truly is a sad day when our political leaders choose advancing their own agenda over assisting those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a very precarious situation.  The very same folks responsible for these elected officials now holding their high office.  Anyone who votes for a Democrat, ANY Democrat, is nothing but a fool, a moron, a useful idiot, and a willing accomplice in the destruction of their own country!  That is, unfortunately where we are today.

The ongoing behavior that we’re now see coming from Democrats, regarding this ‘Chinese virus,’ should make it apparent to every single American, regardless of their political affiliation, the true priorities of the Democrat Party.  Priorities that do not include bringing this ‘pandemic’ to a swift end and to keep the number of deaths, as well as damage to the economy, to an absolute minimum.  Instead their priority is to do everything within their power to make it last as long as they possibly can to ensure that as much damage as possible is done to both the country and to the president as we head into the next election which is now just a mere 225 days away.


Hitlery 20

Declaring that, because she’s a woman, she would be capable of doing a far better job than any man ever could, but especially Donald Trump, when it comes to both running the country and in doing battle against the Chinese virus, failed presidential candidate Hitlery recently chided President Trump for his handling of the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak while giving a day-to-day running commentary on his job performance.  Her advice included directing the president to fully implement the Defense Production Act, a measure that increases executive power to direct the private sector to produce needed supplies in a national emergency.

It was earlier this week that Hitlery let fly with a series of tweets, tweeting, “Let’s try this again, @realdonaldtrump:, Hospitals are already running out of ventilators and beds. Nurses are using bandanas as masks.”  And she also tweeted, “If you’ve already ordered more with the Defense Production Act, tell us now.  If you haven’t, you’re failing to lead and failing Americans.”  Had the old bitch been paying attention she would have known that the president announced on Wednesday — before Hitlery’s idiotic and rather pointless tweet — that he was indeed invoking the Defense Production Act at a coronavirus press conference at the White House.

It was on Wednesday that had Hitlery been focused on something other than perhaps taking another walk in the woods with a bottle of wine safely tucked under her arm, she would have heard the president that very same day when he said, “I would like to begin by announcing some important developments in our war against the Chinese virus.”  And when he then went on to say, “We’ll be invoking the Defense Production Act, just in case we need it. In other words, I think you all know what it is, and it can do a lot of good things if we need it.”  And when he added, “And we will — we will have it all completed, signing it in just a little while.”  And he did just that!

Ya know, it’s sad that the old bitch still seems to think she’s qualified in any way to offer advice to the guy who handed her her ass in 2016.  And it’s kind of funny, really, coming from a two time loser, who deleted 33,000 emails during an investigation into her private server, stood by while 4 Americans were brutally butchered in Libya, then lied about it to their families and who financed a smear campaign against her political rival.  She is a disgusting and vile creature who does not deserve to air her opinions on any media outlet, she should be shunned.  I can’t imagine how much worse things would now be had we been foolish enough to elect her back in 2016.

So what if Hitlery had been elected president and was now in charge of how the government handled this pandemic?   Keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation sucked up millions from the Communist regime in China, so wouldn’t it then be safe to assume that rather than to stand up to China she would now be bending over backwards to absolve them of any and ALL blame?   Also, might it also be safe to assume that she would likely institute a national shutdown and take measures to postpone the 2020 election, using the virus as an excuse for total and complete government control which we would likely never be able to get out from under.

But taking Hitlery out of the equation entirely, can anyone possibly imagine how bad things would now be if ANY Democrat were president?  And to take that nightmare scenario a just a step further, try imaging that the Democrats were also in control of both the House and the Senate?  There would have been no travel bans ordered, the borders would have been thrown wide open and likely little would have be done to address, in any meaningful way, a tumbling stock with the hope of bringing about not merely a recession, but a new Great Depression.  Democrats would now be addressing this ‘Chinese virus’ in what would be an entirely self-centered manner.

And so it is with some level of confidence that Hitlery apparently continues to see your role as one where she is to interfere with President Trump and his administration even during this crisis.  Which is further proof, as if we really needed any, that she does not possess the necessary demeanor, the necessary aptitude or even the necessary intelligence required of one to hold the office she so desperately seeks.  And while there are some Democrats who are reserving judgment and holding off criticism to pull together as one nation, it is she who continues with her badgering, spewing her anti-Trump rants to the detriment of everyone in America.

Perhaps Hitlery should stick to those things on which she is an expert.  You know things like illegally wiping servers, getting ambassadors butchered and taking millions of dollars from foreigners through a corrupt foundation.  Instead of being able to walk around free, she should be rotting away in federal prison with hubby ‘Slick Willy’ in the next cell.  But sadly, such is not the case.   But make no mistake, the karma bus is most definitely headed her way, and her day of reckoning will come.  And I’m here to tell you that that is a day I will very much enjoy.  I look forward to the day that she departs from this world, it will cause for a great, GREAT celebration!


Kaine 3

So what do you suppose it is that really has folks such as the failed candidate for vice-president and current U.S. Senator from Virginia, ‘Little Timmy Kaine, the most concerned?  Might it be the fact that there are more Americans who are likely to die from the ‘ChiCom virus,’ or might it be, instead, that the leaders of the Communist regime in China might get their feelings hurt when President Trump refers to, and rightfully so, this virus as the “Chinese virus?”  Never mind, that’s really a rhetorical question because most anyone who is the least bit familiar with Kaine’s rather shady past associations with known leftists already knows the answer to that question.

But for those who are not all that familiar with this man who finds it so easy to attack our president and to defend a communist regime, it might be worth it to take a look at Kaine’s little ‘mission/field’ trip to Honduras back in 1980 during which he embraced the Marxist-based, heretical strategy of ‘liberation theology.’  In so doing we would discover Kaine’s political formation wasn’t pro-American or pro-Catholic, what it was, was pro-Soviet.  And as we set about in our effort to connect the dots buried within Kaine’s personal history it’s a rather alarming picture that soon emerges regarding his ‘adventures’ with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.

It was then that Timmy embraced not some reconstituted, post-Marxist version, but the hardcore, Cold War variety, an avowed Marxist ideology detrimental to the institutional Catholic Church and to the United States.  So I would argue that we have more than sufficient reason to call into question the ease with which Timmy willingly chooses to side with the Communist regime in China over our sitting U.S. president, as well as the American People.  So the more we find out about the man the less we are all that surprised by his behavior.  Behavior that should not be considered as acceptable when coming from a U.S. Senator, and would not be if he weren’t a Democrat.

Anyway, it was during a speech on the Senate floor earlier this week that Kaine said, “One more thing, quit the inflammatory China-bashing. Did this virus originate in China? Yes. But Mr. President, that does not excuse your weeks and weeks of tweeting lies and misinformation about the virus, while the leaders of other nations were taking steps to make sure their populations could be safe. The fact that the virus originated in China does not excuse the massive missteps that have led to the United States being so far behind other nations in the world in the ability to provide testing, basic testing to citizens, including citizens who have serious signs of illness.”

And he said, “The president’s decision to call this China virus or Wuhan virus or other epithets that he and members of his team use are a crass effort to deflect blame away from the acceptance of responsibility that a president should do. The buck stops with you, Mr. President. You cannot blame this on anyone else. You have to own responsibility and you should stop inflammatory China-bashing that is exposing Asian Americans in this country to prejudice.”  I fail to understand what’s wrong with calling this virus exactly what it is.  This virus started in Communist China and had they chosen not to hide it for as long as they did things would now be very different.

And of course Kaine laid all responsibility for any delays in America’s response at the president’s feet.  But also, as expected, Kaine made virtually no mention of the fact that in mid-January, both Communist China and the World Health Organization were still emphatically assuring the rest of the world that the ‘Chinese virus’ could NOT be spread person-to person.  And Timmy also failed to mention Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim that President Trump’s early decision to close off travel from Communist China, and later Europe, may have bought the U.S. time in dealing with the crisis that other nations did not have.  But hey, why would Timmy bother to mention such things?

Timmy is nothing but a stooge in every way imaginable.  Personally I am very much in favor of President Trump calling things exactly what they are.  I don’t see any reason to ‘sugar-coat’ the obvious.  The world needs to know that Communist China did everything possible to keep anyone from finding out about or learning of this virus that began in Wuhan.  Because they delayed, many lives have been needlessly lost.  Communist China should have much to answer for when this is over.  Calling this the Chinese virus or ‘ChiCom’ virus or anything else that ties it to the Chinese doesn’t bother me in the least. President Trump is simply calling a spade, a spade

Bootlickers like ‘Little Timmy,’ who have a rather long history of siding with repressive governments wherever they are, have got virtually no business criticizing this president over anything, least of all when it comes to the terms used by the president when discussing the ongoing coronavirus that, whether or not Timmy wants to admit it, has its origin in Communist China.  And before he chooses to criticize President Trump, or anyone else, for using inflammatory language perhaps he should first look a little closer to home at those who have spent the majority of the last three years directing nothing but inflammatory language at this president.

Kaine is the perfect example of those on the left continue to hurl all manner of accusations about how President Trump did not respond appropriately or timely and yet they are never able to cite exactly what his specific ‘missteps,’ might have been.  What I see coming from the president is his handling the crisis far better than any other leader, while all I see coming from the Democrats is the same old, tired ‘Orange Man Bad’ routine.  And it continues to disgust me that they seek political opportunity instead of uniting behind the President.  And I’m also getting tired of these claims of racism when we all know where it was that this virus originated, in Communist China!

And it tells us all we need to know about the Democrats that they are now, nearly en masse, out in force determined, or so it would seem, in their effort to protect the regime in Communist China against what we all know is fact.  The very same regime responsible for unleashing what has become this massive pandemic affecting, with few exceptions, the entire world and all courtesy of its carelessness, its dishonesty, and what was a near complete suppression of all information regarding just how truly dangerous this ‘coronavirus’ was and remains.  That Democrats can find it within themselves to defend such behavior should cause even their supporters to pause.

This is the very same Communist China that harvests organs from political prisoners and that continues to steal from us our intellectual property, including secrets from both our military and private businesses. The same Communist China that keeps its people living in fear. And yet, it’s Democrats, like Kaine, who continue to worry more about offending Communist China than forcing the regime admit responsibility for being behind what has led to this global ‘pandemic.’  I find it nothing short of unbelievable that there are people who continue to vote for them.  Democrats continue to make clear what’s in America’s best interest does not concern them.

Kaine is nothing more than a disloyal American which, for a Democrat, is standard operating practice.  To chastise the president for daring to criticize Communist China, a country which clearly steals our technology and our secrets and IS the country which lied over and over while this virus grew, really is beyond the pale.  Kaine is a waste of skin and needs to stop bashing the president, who is doing a fantastic job, far better than would Timmy’s former running-mate, Hitlery, been able to do.  He has gotten rid of all manner of red tape, to help the American people get the medicines they need.  What has Kaine, or ANY Democrat, done thus far except to criticize?  NOTHING!



So while the vast number of Americans are simply trying to cope as best they can with this ‘Chinese coronavirus’ “pandemic” and the impact it has had, and continues to have, on their everyday lives, the Democrats react to it very differently.  You see, they view it only as an opportunity to be seized upon in their effort to remove President Trump from office and to, also, seize complete power over our government in the coming election.  And make no mistake, there is virtually nothing the Democrats will not say or do to in their effort to ratchet up the hysteria if they think that it will in any way assist them in meeting either of their previously stated goals.

You see, for Democrats the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ provides them with what they view as being a golden opportunity to infect America with their own unique brand of deadly virus, the virus of radicalization and of hate.   Democrats continue to accuse President Trump, and any others who choose to point out that the coronavirus originated in Communist China, of being “racists” and “xenophobes.”  Seeking to perpetuate their identity politics to divide Americans even at a time when we should all be uniting against a common threat, the Democrats continue to repeat what are nothing more than talking points issued by the Communist Chinese government.

And it’s ‘Democrat’ candidate for president Bernie Sanders who has repeatedly used the coronavirus to push his Socialist ‘Medicare-for-All’ plan.  Dismissing the efforts by the pharmaceutical industry to quickly come up with effective therapeutic treatments and a vaccine, Sanders has said the industry is run by “crooks.”  And it’s some nutjob of a leftist professor by the name of Jeffrey Sachs, who appears to be a rather big fan of Sanders, who has actually praised Sanders as being “a great man and a great leader and our most honest and direct politician in this country who has been calling it straight and right for decades, and whose policy positions we need to win.”

And turning to the coronavirus crisis specifically it was also this same loon, Sachs, who also claimed that the response to the coronavirus ‘crisis’ illustrated the failure of the private sector.  He has repeatedly parroted Sanders’ attacks on the drug industry and our nation’s private health system.  And Sachs, who is a big supporter of Sanders’ socialist prescriptions, loves Communist China’s economic system more than America’s free market economy.  And it was during an interview just last year that he said, “I fear that the Trump Administration has been trying to make China seem like the US’ enemy.”  He praised the ‘success’ of China’s so-called ‘reform’ path.

And it was also in an article that Sachs authored just last year, entitled “China is not the source of our economic problems — corporate greed is,” that he made the claim, “The real battle is not with China but with America’s own giant companies, many of which are raking in fortunes while failing to pay their own workers decent wages.”  The Chinese government and companies have stolen U.S. technologies and intellectual property, a fact that Sachs makes light of.  A few days ago Xinhua, China’s state-run media agency, suggested that “China could impose pharmaceutical export controls which would plunge America into “the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

Something that I personally was unaware of is the extent to which the U.S. has become almost entirely dependent on Communist China for the supply of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used by commercial sources to produce finished products such as antibiotics and generic drugs.  If China were to shut the door on exports of medicines and their key ingredients and raw materials, U.S. hospitals and clinics would cease to function within months, if not days.  But why should we worry about Communist China’s intentions when Sachs assures us that Communist China is not our enemy and that we should be more concerned about the greed of our own companies?

Sachs called President Trump “a psychopath and the most incompetent and dangerous person ever to hold this office in the history of the United States.”  But he might want to read up on the spread of the deadly Spanish flu in 1918 and how Woodrow Wilson ignored his chief physician’s advice and facilitated the virus’s spread by sending thousands of infected soldiers on crowded transport ships to the front lines in France during the latter part of World War I. Wilson hid the truth about the Spanish flu from the American people and did virtually nothing to address its spread. President Trump has done the exact opposite with decisiveness, bold actions and full transparency.

Look, what should be pretty common knowledge by now, after having watched Democrats over the course of the last few decades, is that Democrats hate America’s current political and economic system.  Add to that the level of hatred that they now possess for President Trump and you have a political party comprised of those who will resort to absolutely anything to not only remove the president from office but also to forever alter the political and economic makeup of our country.  And so we can count on them to continue in their effort to exploit the current ‘Chinese coronavirus’ crisis in an effort to undermine Americans’ faith in this great country.

There is nothing that I despise more than hype, the purpose of which is to instill fear.  It’s one thing to disseminate useful information.  But the constant over-reporting is reprehensible and I hope those in the business of propagating what is really nothing more than ‘fake news’ will come to pay dearly for having done so.  But I doubt it.  The overkill has been, and continues to be, pretty nauseating.  In 2009 the Swine Flu infected nearly 61 million Americans, some seriously.  Does anyone recall anything being shut down or panic-driven fear being created like today?  Oh, that’s right, it was back then that our first black president was enjoying his first year as president.

Nope, the 2009 Swine flu was just another day at the beach under the inept ‘leadership’ of Barry ‘O’ Co., of which presidential candidate ‘Senile Old’ Joe was a proud member. That epidemic began in April and not until October, only after 1,000 Americans had died from it, was it recognized as a threat. Strange, that when Team Obama woke up in October 2009 and finally recognized there was a problem and did something, were they then PRAISED by the Democrat-controlled media for their “swift” action.  There was NO panic, nor any concern, at any time during the entire year from April 2009 to April 2010. “No big deal, nothing to report, move along.”

Some things should be considered as being above partisan politics. But as we have seen so many times before such is not the case with Democrats.  And their willingness to essentially weaponize the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ shows just how far Democrats are willing go in their continuing effort to destroy the president.  The equation is all too simple, just ask yourself two questions:  If the virus gets worse, which political party does it help?  Which one does it hurt?  And then do the same math with regard to who benefits/suffers if the virus is effectively contained.  It takes a brutally cynical mind to think like a politician, but sadly it’s our very survival that may now depend on it.

And finally, let’s just say that this ‘Chinese coronavirus’ truly is as dangerous as we have been led to believe.  Has the ‘fake news’ media really done us all a favor by spending the last three years sounding like the ‘little boy who cried wolf’ regarding everything related to President Trump?  I only ask because it’s according to a new Pew Research poll that 62 percent of Americans now believe that the ‘fake news’ media has greatly exaggerated the threat the virus actually represents.  So why is it that anyone would then take seriously ANY of the many recommended safety precautions if they believe that the entire thing is little more than a bunch of hype?



Nothing, other than their rabid devotion and passion for the barbaric act of abortion, demonstrates more clearly that which is the Democrats’ rather twisted preoccupation with death than does their disgusting behavior during our most recent “pandemics,” first H1N1 and now the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’  We witnessed Barry’s inaction during H1N1 and how his party and the ‘fake news’ media both gave him a pass.  And more recently we’ve seen how the rapid action taken by President Trump has resulted in little more than a rampage of endless attacks directed at him for having done so.

And word now comes that a Democrat Party-aligned super PAC is planning to spend $5 million on what is described as being a coordinated advertising attack directed at President Trump’s handling of the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak, even as the nation struggles with what we’re told is a growing public health threat.  Apparently the thinking is that it’s critical for such outside groups to exact a political price on President Trump as his possible Democrat opponents, ex-vice president ‘Senile Old’ Joe and ‘Commie Bernie, aim to “project leadership by staying above the fray.”

Now it has been quite clear that neither ‘Senile Old’ Joe nor ‘Commie’ Bernie have stayed “above the fray.”  Neither has offered any support to the president, and both have been scathing in their attacks.  ‘Senile Old’ Joe called the president’s January travel ban on China both “hysterical” and “racist,” criticized the president and released his own plan, while opposing travel bans from China, Europe, “or any other part of the world.”  ‘Commie’ Bernie called for the president to be replaced on the coronavirus issue by “experts” and Congress, and said he should be “shut up.”

Meanwhile, it was failed Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang who chose to take a slightly different approach on Tuesday, by offering his support to the White House as it considered a temporary, emergency version of his signature campaign idea: $1,000 per month to each American household.  And it was another failed candidate, ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg,  who pledged $40 million on Tuesday to the fight against coronavirus, although a rather pitiful amount when compared to what ‘Nanny Mike’ spent on his failed presidential campaign, which was over half a billion dollars.

And this specific $5 million ad buy is but one of several similar efforts now planned by various left-wing groups to capitalize on and/or to exploit the coronavirus outbreak.  But this should really come as no surprise to those familiar with how the Democrats operate.  They’re not interested in doing anything that will reduce the loss of life, because in order for them to succeed they NEED the death toll to be as high as possible, thus making it far easier for them to exploit.  And there will always be those sheep among us who are willing to believe whatever it is that they are told.

Today’s Democrats proudly stand hip deep in dead babies in their fervent support of abortion.  Democrats also proudly stand on the dead bodies of those killed in senseless gun violence in their continued efforts to prevent law-abiding citizens from owning a gun.  Now the Democrats are cheering for as many Americans as possible to die by the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ in order for them to be better able to attack President Trump.  Everything the Democrats do is for political gain.  It can never be about what’s best for the country, it can only be about what is best for their party!

It’s my hope that by so obviously politicizing the ‘Chinese virus’ that the Democrats will ultimately come to do themselves more harm than good, but I supposed we’ll have to wait and see on that.  From my perspective President Trump, and his team, have continued to keep us informed regarding what they are doing to deal with the ‘Chinese virus.’  They have been reassuring in their responses.  Far more so than I seem to recall that Barry ‘O’ & Co. was back during the H1N1 outbreak.  But that seems to have been forgotten by many of those now criticizing President Trump.

This is all just another excellent example of how the Democrats truly do not give a rat’s-ass about the American people nor about America and how, quite frankly, they never have!  The Democrats primary goal is now, just as it always has been, the obtaining, and then maintaining, of complete political power, total control and complete dominance over the lives of every single American!  We are creeping towards the slippery slope of ‘Socialism’ and if we’re foolish enough to follow then I very seriously doubt we will ever be able, or permitted, to regain what was lost.

I would like to think that what the Democrats are doing is to make themselves more unelectable with every passing day.  After all, they have nothing to offer but petty partisan bullsh!t no matter what the circumstances.  Democrats are to be shunned, despised and NEVER to be voted for. They have made it abundantly clear that they hate America.  They must be purged from our system at every level of government, local, state and federal and strongly informed that their pathetic services are no longer required.  They are the enemy from within; a very clear and present danger.

As we have seen on any number of previous occasions our toxic Democrats have never had a problem dancing on the corpses of Americans if the result was that they would be better able to advance their leftist, anti-America agenda.  So why should we now expect them to behave any differently regarding the ‘Chinese coronavirus?’   Theirs is the behavior of traitors and fools.  I hope regular folks remember this kind of crap in November!  They attack the president’s handling of the ‘Chinese virus’ while their own candidates advocate for an open border and for deporting absolutely no one.

Throughout its entire history the Democrat Party has never once done anything constructive for this country, or for its citizens.  And it’s today that they are expending all of their energy on hating President Trump.  The Democrat Party is less of a political party than it is a hate group.  I only hope it comes to bite them in the ass come election time, but you never know.  In the meantime we have the ‘Chinese virus’ and the economy to worry about and I trust President Trump to tend to these issues.  The Democrats would simply let the economy crash and allow many to die.