I usually find myself pretty much in agreement with Sean Hannity far more often than I disagree with him.  But I must admit there have been times when I thought that maybe he went a bit further in some of his positions than I was willing to go, and that some of his expectations were a bit less than reasonable.  It was during a recent interview that he was asked to discuss the establishment’s “nullification process” to undermine the Trump presidency.  And it was in discussing his position on that topic that Hannity said, “I think the only way to stop it is all of us and all of the people that mobilized in 2016 to get back, organized, fighting every day.”

And it was in this same interview that he went on to speak about the corruption of the “deep state,” which he defined as being “those people within the government, a sort of shadow government within the government that have been leaking,” as in the case of General Flynn.  And it was in referencing Gen. Flynn that he said, “They destroyed this man’s life.”  Hannity went through the various connections between all the players behind the scenes that have worked together to try to undermine the Trump presidency.  He said, “What we’ve now done is criminalize political differences.”  And he went on to describe it as being “a silent coup.”

Hannity also hit Republicans for their failure to repeal Obamacare, to push big ideas they led the base to think they believed in, and to provide proper oversight of the shady dealings of both Hitlery and the Obummer administration.  And while I find it difficult to disagree with his assessment, where I do tend to differ a bit is when he describes the Republican Party as being “a dead party.”  But I can certainly understand his frustration.  In speaking about the majority of our Republican politicians he said, “They are morally corrupt, they are weak. They are ineffective, they’re vision-less, and they have no identity.”  Again, who can argue with that?

Politically, Hannity said, “I do believe I’ve never changed. I do believe the Republican Party left me, and I feel it is heartbreaking to me, because so many people trusted them in 2010, 2014 – Give us the House, give us the Senate – then they get the White House and they turn on a man that’s advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail.”  Also, there is very little here that I can disagree with because I feel much the same way.  It would have been so easy for the Republicans, going all the way back 2010, to simply do what it was that they said they would do if elected.  And yet, they didn’t.

That said, what many now seem to be considering is how best to go about the creating of a ‘new’ political party.  But we don’t need a ‘new’ party, what we need to do is to take over the one that best suits our needs.  And no, it will likely not be an easy task, but even if we can only do it one congressman at a time it would be worth it.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to change out most, if not all, of the spokes.  The Republican Party once stood for true conservatism, for liberty and personal responsibility, and it can again.  We let our guard down and allowed the thieves to walk right in and steal it.  Now we need to take it back!

And to be honest it was the situation down in Alabama regarding Judge Roy Moore that ended up shining a very bright light on those faux conservatives who called on, and are still calling on, Judge Moore to drop out of the race.  And whether intended or not, they have now placed a sizable target on their backs, now we must work to expel them from our party.  And our first opportunity to shed as many of them as we can is now less than a year away.  We need to clean house and start over.  It’s totally ludicrous that these career crooks have no term limits and all they have to do is to serve five years to get a pension.  It’s a great gig if you can get it.

And you know, those of us who essentially sat idly by and allowed ourselves to be conned by these guys, and gals, must now all accept some responsibility for the abuse and injury dealt upon our great democracy.  Then we have all those who voted for Barry ‘O’ for no other reason than because of the color of his skin and it’s no wonder our democracy has slipped into disrepair.  We can only hope that it’s not too late, and that the damage that has been done is not irreparable.  But the situation in which we now find ourselves is what happens when you trust people to tell you the truth, and instead they’re telling you what they think you want to hear.

We must never forget, nor should we allow others to forget, that it’s the Democrat Party that is the official party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, racism, the Ku Klux Klan, failing union schools, political machines, crooked-socialist unions, corrupt cities failing in every regard, illegal immigration, Welfare dependence and on and on.  In short: a history loaded with failure and the worst kind of corruption.  The ‘party of slavery’ has been very good at re-writing its history.  To the point where blacks, and by an overwhelming margin, are essentially voting for those who differ very little from the slave masters of the past.  Lincoln would be disappointed.

I think it’s become painfully obvious that there now needs to be created a very clear distinction between the Republican Party as it presently exists and the Republican Party of Lincoln, Grant, Reagan, and now Trump.  And whether we like it or not, we who chose to accept at face value much of what we’ve been told over the last few years are at fault for the party’s current condition.  We failed to hold the RINOs accountable and did nothing to prevent the Democrats from remaining a force in our government.  And while the media may have acted to cloud our judgement by spewing propaganda, that’s no excuse for our lack of attentiveness.

While I would very much like to think that Hannity is wrong about the party being ‘dead’, there is one thing for sure, it is in desperate need of some fresh blood and of more than a little restructuring.  And I would also like to think that the Republican Party of Lincoln, is rising, although perhaps a bit slower than we need it to be.  Judge Moore is part of it.  And where was Hannity when the Judge needed him the most?  Crucifying him right along with others in the fake media!  All the naysayers are now crawling back into their holes knowing that the ‘Great Patriots’ of Alabama are having none of it, and will likely send Judge Moore to U.S. Senate!

In one respect I must admit that I was more than a little disappointed in Hannity because I thought he was just a little too quick in his decision to throw Judge Moore under the bus with no evidence, especially while it was at the same time appearing to be good friends with Geraldo who we now know drugged women and groped them. Fox News, with very few exceptions, is just as bad as the rest of the state-controlled media when it comes to being anti-Trump and anti-Trump agenda.  The Senate race in Alabama exposed a lot of RINOs, both in Congress and in the media.  Hannity fell down on Moore for a while, but he seems to be back.

I have never agreed with the premise of starting some new party.  Because in my eyes it would be a much simpler task to vote the RINOs out and to then fill the void left with conservatives.  To me that’s how we can take the party back, granted it’ll take a few election cycles, but it can be done.  What purpose would be served by coming up with a new party?  It would only split the votes three ways and allow the Democrats to easily ‘win’ back power.  The oldest tactic for achieving victory is to divide the enemy’s forces.  We need to concentrate on changing our party as it presently exists. Then we’ll be better prepared to go after the Democrats with all that we have.


Moore 3

I can’t help but think that the Republican Party might just have done Judge Moore a pretty sizable favor when they made to decision to cut off any and all funding they had been providing to his campaign because of these sex bogus charges.  Because it’s according to Birmingham, AL’s ABC affiliate WBMA, and the channel’s political reporter Lauren Walsh, that the Republican Senate hopeful has had a pretty significant jump fundraising since allegations first surfaced accusing him of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct earlier this month.

Judge Moore’s campaign chair Rich Hobson told Ms. Walsh that his campaign “raised more than $1 million in the last 10 days since the falsehoods came out.”  He went on to say, “And that’s without the support of the RNC.”  And he added, “We continue to ask for prayers and support to get us to the finish line on December 12 when the citizens of Alabama will elect Judge Roy Moore as their next U.S. Senator.”  Moore and Jones face off early next month in the special election for the seat formerly held by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

What this contest really needs to be about who is for open borders and mass amnesty and who is for securing our border, ending chain migration and enforcing existing immigration laws.  Period!  End of story!  Everything else is pretty much meaningless.  We should be using California as our canary in the coal mine.  We cannot let rapid and illegal importation of immigrants alter our demographics any more than they already have.  The Democrats are mining for voters in their quest for single party rule.  And we need to work to stop it now before it’s too late.

And it doesn’t help that those elected under the Republican banner have done nothing of what they promised us, effectively making the party appear to many as rather toxic.  And now with this obvious attempt to sabotage the Moore campaign, despite the fact that it continued to come apart at the seams, has only made matters worse.  It would seem that the RINOs would rather hand the Democrats a victory than to have Moore win.  They seem to favor Obamacare, Illegal alien invasions, abortion, destruction of our industrial and economic base.

And I gotta tell ya, it’s only by electing Judge Moore, and people of a similar mind, that we will have any hope of being able to yank control of the party away from the RINO Establishment.  There must be a vert stark difference between our political parties, something that does not now exist.  Then and only then will we be able to act as the antidote, so to speak, to Democrat treachery, sedition, and treason.  ‘The Swamp’ knows that if Moore gets in it truly is the beginning of the end.  They have shown they will everything they can to prevent that.

These ‘Establishment’ types have thrown everything but the kitchen at Judge Moore in their effort to derail his campaign.  Many see his candidacy as a bigger threat than Trump’s.  The Democrats and the RINOs hate Moore so much because he is a kind of rare political fighter that reveals their cowardice.  Moore hasn’t just spoken out against liberal activist judges he has actually defied their illegal unconstitutional orders.  Even Trump hasn’t gone that far.  Moore is a Vietnam vet who is not afraid of a confrontation when it is the right time to fight that war.

As for the RNC, I never donate to it.  Their treatment of Judge Moore makes very clear the contempt they have for conservatives.  It also exposes their cowardice in the face of these accusations.  Men need to take a stand if they are innocent because not all women are angels and more than a few will make false claims in order to extort money or notoriety from a prominent man.  The charges against Judge Moore continue to unravel a little more every day.  Voters in Alabama must not be fooled into allowing the Democrat in this contest to win.



While I will agree that there was much to cheer about regarding the election results in Alabama last night, with the victory of Judge Roy Moore over Luther Strange, there was also much to be concerned about.  The good news is, of course, that the campaign of Judge Moore, while it may have been overwhelmed by a flood of GOP Establishment political cash, it was still able to come out victorious.  The bad news is that there were, quite literally, millions of dollars essentially flushed down the toilet in the effort to beat back Moore, millions of dollars that could have been put to much better use against the Democrats.

Now the full accounting of just how much money was blown in the attempt to bestow the Republican nomination upon ‘Big Luther’ Strange will have to wait for weeks, as the campaign finance filings begin to slowly trickle in.  But it likely amounted to tens of millions of dollars, with some estimates going as high as $30 million, raised by the Chamber of Commerce, by Mitch McConnell’s political action committees, and by other political vehicles of the Republican political establishment.  And though it was all for naught there is little cause to cheer, because it was all a waste.  But as long as there some hope, the money continued to be spent.

Because for all of that flood of campaign cash, Strange still lost in a landslide.  In fact, it couldn’t have been worse if not one dime had been spent to promote Strange’s doomed candidacy.  So why didn’t all that money work?  After all, for all those many years, money appeared to be the most important deciding factor in American politics.  Whoever raised the most and therefore could spend the most would win.  And, as a result, the donor class rose to power and was able to direct the Republican Party to adopt its positions on key issues, even when it was clear these positions were largely rejected by Republican voters.

I suppose the answer might be found in the ancient wisdom of the advertising industry.  Because where advertising spending has its biggest effect is in places where the contest is between products that are so similar that only the advertising makes a difference.  That’s why some of the biggest expenditures on advertising throughout the years have been by companies making products that would be interchangeable under white labels.  For instance, Coke versus Pepsi.  One brand of cigarettes versus the other.  One brand of beer versus another.  Come to this casino rather than the other one.  On and on, but you get the point, I’m sure.

And as long as the Republican Party saw fit to offer voters that which was nothing more than a lighter version of the standard Democrat Party platform, one that was slightly slower and a bit more profitable, campaign cash mattered.  It was about presenting an image, a message, a product rather than a genuine alternative.  No longer.  It began with the Trump campaign, which was outspent by its competitors by unimaginable sums of money.  Let’s call it the Schaffley Rule: When voters are offered an echo, not a choice, money matters.  When voters are offered a choice not an echo, policy and politics matter.

But before we get too carried away with this grand notion that by electing President Trump we have now begun the long painful process back to normalcy, we need to keep in mind that, whether it’s for four years or eight, Donald Trump represents only a temporary shift back toward that universe where up is up and down is actually down.  And we need to keep in mind that it’s going to be up to us to make sure that we keep things moving in the direction that we started with President Trump.  And I would argue that we should have already begun the search for those candidates who will maintain that which was started with his election.

That said, I must admit that last November 8th was, for me, just as it was I would imagine for many others, more than a little bit of a happy day.  After all, it did my heart good to see that monster in human form, Hitlery, get her teeth kicked in, politically speaking of course.  It was, without a doubt, one of the most satisfying experiences I think I have ever known.  What so many still don’t get though, is that Obummer and Hitlery, and the entire Democrat/progressive cabal, made the classic mistake that all totalitarian, dictatorship minded organizations and individuals invariably make when they think they can’t lose, they got over-confident.

I think it safe to say that Obummer, the man who still never tires of talking about himself and how great he is, went one radical, anarchist, socialist bridge too far and thought he was the chosen one, you know, he whom we had all been waiting for.  The one to whom nothing would be denied, the one who would finally be able to show us all the error of our ways.  He said we could go on spending money that we don’t have and it wouldn’t be a problem because all that money was being spent on a worthwhile cause.  But we’re learning that there needs to be a limit to our generosity, and a point at which folks need to become self-sufficient.

It was back in November that I wondered aloud if we should actually send Obummer a thank you note for the great public service he did finally outing himself and his party.  And I made mention of the number of voices on the left that were then claiming how it was that Obummer’s first inauguration would be heralding in what was then thought to be 40 years of sold Democrat rule.  But it was in pretty short order that their dreams turned into what was little more than a nightmare as the Democrats lost first control of the U.S. House, then numerous governorships and state legislatures, then the U.S. Senate and then finally the presidency.

And now, while there is nothing that would give me greater pleasure than to say ‘RINO Season’ has officially begun, I fear it’s way too early to make such a claim.  For many years Americans allowed their voices to be usurped by the big-money donors because the politicians were clever at bait-and-switch.  Until alternative media emerged to do the job no American journalist was willing to do (hold politicians accountable to the people), there was not enough information available to the voter to really identify the liars for what they were.  All has changed and to the benefit of the American citizen over big money interests.

In order for money alone to be sufficient to win elections, first and foremost the voters have to be made and kept clueless.  And it has been a coordinate effort between the Democrat and their media allies to keep voters in the dark.  But the voters now know who ‘The Establishment’ is. The lies and treason against the voters by the Republican establishment is fresh in the minds of the voters.  We still don’t have ‘The Wall’ and Obamacare hasn’t been repealed.  Even the attempts at repealing Obamacare allowed 90% of it intact.  So from here on out, no more lies and broken promises from the Republican establishment. Throw them all out!


RINOs 16

After years of promising us that they would bring an end to one of most horrendous pieces of legislation ever to be forced upon the American people, and one that was ‘passed’ in the dark of night and by using some of most devious political tactics imaginable, we’re now finding out that many of those promises were made with there being no intention of them being kept.  Now I suppose we should have known all along that they were never serious about repealing Obamacare, and maybe we bear some of the responsibility for this current debacle because we believed them.  But that does little to alter the fact that Obamacare has cause far more damage than any benefit that it may have provided.  And I realize that there are many who are ready to throw in the towel when it comes to voting for Republicans ever again.  I would only ask that they resist from throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

So we know that Mitch McConnell failed to garner the support needed to pass the motion to proceed on the watered-down version of the Obamacare repeal bill just after 1:30 a.m. Friday morning.  The attempt failed because three RINOs, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, opted to identify as Democrats, joining with the other 48 Democrats in voting against the measure.  While the failure to get the necessary votes comes as yet another blow to McConnell, it once again demonstrates very clearly that he lacks any real leadership ability.  We’re told that he struggled for months to get members of his party to come to a consensus on replacement language.  But is that the action of a true leader?  And after months of negotiations, Republican lawmakers were unable to come to a consensus on key provisions, including how to handle cuts to Medicaid in expansion states and whether they should defund Planned Parenthood.

And what does it say about these three RINOs when you have someone like Chuckie Schumer heaping praise on them for their votes against the ‘skinny’ Obamacare repeal.  Chuckie said that he and McCain “have been friends for a very long time, ever since the Gang of Eight, which we put together. And I have not seen a senator who speaks truth to power as strongly, as well, and as frequently as John McCain. The very same courage he showed as a Naval Aviator in Vietnam, he showed last night, and has shown time and time again.”  He added, “And certainly not to be forgotten, of equal praise, are Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. They were amazing. And, women are, in so many instances, stronger than men. They brag less about it, but they are. And last night sort of proved that. And as somebody who is in a family of strong women, I very much appreciate their strength, their courage, and their dedication to principle, despite the entreaties.”  Gag me with a spoon!

The so-called “skinny repeal”, which was aimed at repealing the aspects of Obamacare that all factions of the conference agreed upon while leaving large portions intact — was a last-ditch effort by leadership hoping to use the bill as a vehicle to conference with the lower chamber.  Despite McConnell having long been lauded as being some sort of a legislative wizard, his powers of persuasion fell far short with this trio of his fellow RINOs, all of whom have been quite vocal about their issues with the process and bill text.  And sadly we’re saddled with both Collins and Murkowski until 2020 upon which time we will hopefully be able to get rid of both of them, McCain we will likely be losing before the end of the year, which still provides him with more than enough time to wreak much more havoc in his effort to cause trouble for President Trump.  McCain is another one of those who would rather side with Democrats than see Trump achieve any level of success.

It became evident around midnight, as the vote continued to be delayed, that leadership was struggling to convince hesitant members to get onboard.  While an increasingly-frustrated looking McConnell and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, another RINO, huddled on the floor, Vice President Mike Pence partook in a lengthy discussion with McCain on the chamber floor in an attempt to coax the Arizona RINO to vote for the measure.  And while this may sound cold to some, hopefully at some point in the not too distant future the governor of Arizona will have the opportunity to appointment a replacement for McCain, one who will be more of a conservative and less of a RINO than McCain has been for some time now.  It’s too bad that such an opportunity had not yet presented itself.  McCain and his trusty sidekick from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, have long been more of a roadblock to President Trump than they ever were for now ex-president Obummer.

Anyway, following its failure, McConnell expressed his disappointment on their failure to deliver on one of their top campaign promises.  Disappointment?  How does this vote in any way impact his ability to get quality and affordable health coverage?  In no way at all.  McConnell said, “From skyrocketing costs to plummeting choices and collapsing markets, our constituents have suffered through an awful lot under Obamacare. We thought they deserved better.”  And he went on to say, “It’s why I, and many of my colleagues, did as we promised and voted to repeal this failed law. We told our constituents we would vote that way. When the moment came, most of us did. We kept our commitments.”  ‘RINO’ McCain, who flew in from Arizona after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer earlier this week — told reporters, “I thought it was the right vote,” while exiting the Capitol.

And while I agree, to a certain extent, that electing Republicans to a majority in the House, then a majority in the Senate, and then the White House has not produced the outcome we had hoped for, I place a majority of the blame for this fiasco on RINOs like McCain who effectively stabbed every former supporter in the back as he again proved why he’s the Democrat’s favorite Republican.  This is just another example of the treachery committed by RINOs in ‘The Swamp’.  This should not be about Trump, which is what the RINOs and their Democrat friends are desperate to make it about.  What it needs to be about is the working middle class which can no longer afford healthcare and who are essentially being held hostage by the insurance companies and states that have only one insurance provider.  Obamacare has relied on government subsidies to make up for losses incurred by insurance companies, $669 Billion in 2016 alone. It’s not self-supporting.

All of these pathetic RINOs are nothing more than #NeverTrumpsters who clandestinely opposed the candidate of their party in favor of Hitlery.  And make no mistake, there are more than a few #NeverTrumpsters in Congress and oddly enough they have come to believe that their sole purpose is to bring to a screeching halt anything that President Trump wants to accomplish, including the Republican promised “repeal and replace”, which, as it turns out, was for seven long years nothing more than a scam to get votes.  And frankly, I find it rather sad that they seem to hate President Trump more than they love America and that they seem to care very little about their constituents.  Letting Obamacare implode on its own is nothing short of criminal, as  it punishes the working and middle classes the most.  Two groups that the RINOs hate for no other reason than because they chose to support Trump over Hitlery, the candidate they favored.

Sadly, the current crop of Republican leaders seem totally incapable of governing.  They are ‘SUPPOSED’ to be the party of smaller government.  And as such they are supposed to view the government as being the problem and never part of the solution.  They would NEVER even attempt to pass a healthcare bill because their ideology tells them that the government should not have any role in healthcare, it should be something handled entirely by the private sector.  However, this has not been the approach of our current governing party.  What this country needs in order to get headed back in to right direction is strong conservative leadership from those who are not afraid to be called ‘conservative’.  Democrats/Liberals/Progressives or whatever they may wish to call themselves must be relegated to permanent minority status and never again be allowed to achieve numbers that would allow them to gain any significant amount of political power.

Both McConnell in the Senate and Ryan in the House publicly act as if they are supporting President Trump, but behind the scenes they have both been working to undermine him practically since the day he threw his hat into the ring.  They both have spent far too many years up to their necks in ‘The Swamp’ and long ago ceased being part of any solution that would get this country back on the right track.  And I can’t be the only one who has ever wondered why it is that there is never a Democrat who dares to break ranks with his, or her, party on crucial votes, but we can always count on there being more than a few of these RINOs who are willing to stick a knife into the back of their president.  RINOs like McCain, Murkowski, and Collins deserve the Arlen Specter award for treachery.  Perhaps they could follow his example by switching parties and then dying.  But then, I suppose that’s just too much to wish for.

President Trump is a street fighter, and that was exactly what was needed in order to beat the corrupt Democrat machine, and it’s STILL what’s needed to clean house in our corrupt government.  You can’t hire a Boy Scout to deal with a John Gotti.  You gotta get someone that CAN deal with a John Gotti.  And Trump is no less honorable than the people calling him dishonorable, and those who insist upon trying to use prior administrations as a gage for his, are wasting their time.  President Trump is honest enough to let people know what he’s thinking, compared to those professional politicians who stick to messages scripted by focus-group analytics and advisors.  Trump supporters get it, those that have decided to hate Trump whatever he does either don’t get it or don’t want to get it.  I could do some complaining about Trump, but I wouldn’t do it while others are senselessly attacking him from every direction, and for the most inane reasons imaginable.

So far, I haven’t seen President Trump do anything that’s particularly worthy of negative criticism.  The economy’s doing reasonably well, the U.S. hasn’t experienced the refugee/terrorist nonsense that’s plaguing Europe, illegal immigration is WAY down, and there are other things which are genuine accomplishments, such as exposing those in the state-controlled media as frauds, exposing Democrats as frauds and criminals, and now exposing Republicans as being nothing but Democrat enablers, allowing themselves to be willingly pushed around by a party that has control of absolutely NOTHING.  The FACT is that the sort of “honorable,” polite person you’re thinking of would have accomplished NONE of that, and we’d still be totally ignorant about the criminal conduct of the “intelligence community” and the FBI which is now only slowly coming to light.

And on a final note, I just want to say that no matter how pissed off I know we all are right now, at many of our Republican members of Congress, the last thing we should be contemplating, and I mean the VERY last thing, is doing anything that will result in allowing the Democrats to win even one seat in the 2018 midterm elections.  What we actually need, come 2018, is a conservative revolution.  We must never allow the Democrats, or their RINO colleagues, to convince us to surrender.  We must vote for those under the Republican banner, and if those we elect to Congress refuse to fight for us then we must also replace them with someone who will.  Democrats must NEVER again be allowed to achieve any level of political power.  That, no doubt, would bring about the end of this great nation, and that is simply not acceptable.  So put aside the anger and frustration and focus.  Focus on electing only those who will make the people, and the country the priority.  Not themselves.


RINOs 13

Well as we all know the Senate voted Wednesday afternoon against a proposal that would repeal major portions of Obamacare without a replacement legislation.  Senators voted 55-45 against the measure in a procedural vote Wednesday, which likely signals that a full, clean repeal that conservatives are pushing for could not pass the legislative body.  Seven RINOs were among those who voted against the measure: Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, Dean Heller of Nevada, John McCain of Arizona, Rob Portman of Ohio, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.  Senators voted against a proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare Tuesday evening, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA).  The measure failed to pass the procedural vote litmus test, garnering 57 no votes.  So once again these swamp creatures have done little more than to stick their boney fingers right into the eye of conservatives.  And laughed while doing do.

Let’s be honest, shall we, what has been made to happen to our ability to purchase affordable health insurance, is exactly what the Democrats wanted to have happen.  And if any Democrat claims otherwise, they’re lying.  Which we know is something that Democrats excel at.  Because it’s why they came up with this disaster in the first place and used every piece of political trickery available to them in their effort to get it to Obummer’s desk.  This scheme was specifically designed to bring about the Democrats highly sought single-payer healthcare system with the government in charge.  And then we have these disgustingly dishonest RINOs who are only too happy to join forces with their Democrat colleagues to help them accomplish that very thing.  We, as voters, should never vote in such a way that results in more Democrats being able to achieve positions of power.  Nor should we choose to stay home on Election Day, as that is the worst kind of negligence.

So, there are currently three proposals lawmakers are weighing: the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the bill that would institute a full, clean repeal of Obamacare without a replacement and a drastically watered down version of Obamacare repeal, called the “skinny repeal.”  Thus far, two have been shot down by senators.  The “skinny repeal” is believed to be the only way Republicans can pass a bill through the Senate to send to the House for final negotiations. The bill is likely to include a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate and the medical device tax — a feature that has a great deal of support in the medical lobbying industry and could help get Senate ‘leadership’ some much needed backing.  Senate ‘leadership’, if you wish to call it that, is desperate to get to 50 votes on some version of health care reform.  Our ‘leadership’ is telling wayward Republican senators that they need to pass a bill, literally any bill, so they can get to negotiations with the House.

I’m as frustrated as the next person regarding how we were first told Republicans needed the House. Then when they got that it was “they need the House ‘and’ the Senate.”  Then when they got that it was, nope, what they REALLY need is the White House.  But because even that too was not enough, the RINOS have now put the ball back into our court.  And since these seven are far from being the only RINOs that we’re forced to contend with, we must focus on making all of them extinct.  Because they are really nothing more than Democrats in disguise.  I’m sure they all had a good laugh at us when voting those many times to repeal Obamacare knowing that it was all for show.  The RINOs were more than willing to REPEAL when they knew Obummer would veto the bill, NOW when we have someone who WILL sign it, the RINOs cannot pass anything that President Trump wants.  This is angering Trump’s supporters and hopefully the RINOs will come to pay for it in the voting booth.

So call me naïve but I still believe the ONLY viable option that we have left when it comes to wrenching power away from these pathetically dishonest RINO’s is to replace as many of them as we can, not with Democrats but with the most conservative Republicans we can find.  Because we simply cannot allow them to grind us down.  And we must also focus on taking out as many Democrats as we can as well.  And if those we elect also choose not to follow through with promises made, then they too will be shown the door.  So this is likely to be a rather long and painful process, to the extent which that it may very well be left to our children to finish.  And if that’s the case then we must be determined in our efforts to ensure that they understand the importance of the task.  So either we’re going to be serious about this, or we’re not.  We need to follow the old adage, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”  Because things are going to get tougher before the get easier.

And we can’t be having multiple Republicans competing in the same contest, because that accomplishes nothing more than to provide an easy path to victory for the Democrat in the contest.  We can try to primary them out but the primary loser may choose to run anyway and then we still lose the seat.  Which the RINOs are always quite content to see happen.  And let’s not forget that the Democrats, since they have more seats up in 2018 than Republicans, still provide a target rich environment.  So we do it in stages by replacing Democrats with conservative Republicans in 2018, and sadly the only one on the “no” list up for re-election in 2018 is Heller.  While we may want “instant” results, we must come to realize that it will take years to fix what the Leftist took decades to break.  Hence, we do what the Leftists did as they took over the Democrat party…incrementally.  Just because we don’t like the Leftists doesn’t mean we can’t learn from their successful tactics.

Because these RINOs seem to believe the American voters have no other option than to vote for them, they feel emboldened to do whatever they please.  But in truth, if their actions have convinced us of anything it’s that just because one has an (R) after their name it doesn’t mean they can be trusted.  And they are obviously of the opinion that they can continue to tell us exactly what we want to hear and by doing so can keep getting elected over and over.   So it is going to incumbent upon us, the conservative voters, to become a bit more diligent when selecting who it is that’s to be the recipient of our increasingly important vote.  Look, no one should think that this is going to be an easy task.  ‘The Swamp” is proving to be very deep, very toxic and full of all manner of critters whose only purpose in life, or so it would seem, is to ward off those of us who wish to drain it.  But we must not allow ourselves to be deterred from doing what we all know needs to be done.

And while I am certainly no expert on the subject of health insurance, other than being someone who has got to use it, but it would seem to me that the solution is a relatively simple one, it’s only when politicians get involved that it becomes complex.  We need to simplify health insurance, increase competition among payers by opening up business over state lines to bring down costs, Medicaid block grants to the states; and people don’t need to be using insurance to cover sinus infection visits, same as you don’t use your car insurance to pay for oil changes or flat tires.  The answer is not “giving” people coverage for everything whether they want it or not.  And if you are one of those who chooses not to buy insurance and you get sick, tough luck.  Same as if you don’t insure your house and a tornado hits it.  But at the same time you should also not expect the rest of us to come rushing in to cover your expenses.  Because that ain’t gonna happen!

And I guess what I find the most annoying, and more than just a little disingenuous, is how I keep hearing about that millions of people will wind up ‘losing’ their health insurance if we actually succeed in repealing Obamacare.  But I can’t help wondering since when is having health insurance that you can’t afford to use, because of either exorbitant premiums or astronomical deductibles, the same as actually having affordable health insurance that you are able to use?  And those supporters of this disaster keep telling us how poll after poll shows that support is growing for Obamacare.  Really?  I can’t help wondering if these polls are being conducted by the very same folks who told us, all so confidently, that Hitlery was going to win the election in a landslide?  And too, we are constantly being told how people will die if Obamacare is repealed, but there’s never any mention of all those who died BEACAUSE of Obamacare, were their lives any less important?



When it comes to politicians I can probably count the number that I actually trust, to the highest degree I feel comfortable with, on one hand.  Now that said, there are others that I can bring myself to trust, to at least some degree, dependent upon the issue that we may talking about at the time.  But there is one guy that I simply cannot bring myself to trust at all, regardless of the issue being discussed.  And that would be, of course, Paul Ryan.  Now throughout the last presidential campaign I was one of those slow to get onboard the ‘Trump Train.’  And again, that was based almost completely on my certainty of being able to trust Trump do to what he said he would do if elected.  In the end, after being left no other option, I decided to vote for Trump, because voting for Hitlery was just something I could not bring myself to do, nor was sitting out the election an option.

Now fast-forward to nearly 60 days into the Trump administration, and while I have no doubt that I did the right thing in voting for Trump, being someone who tends NOT to put all my eggs in one basket, it’s not yet that I trust him implicitly.  And I certainly don’t agree with him on everything.  For instance, I do not favor this new healthcare bill being advanced in the House, as apparently President Trump does.  And I can honestly say that I am with those registered Republican voters who, according to a recent CBS poll, are much more likely to trust President Trump than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Over the course of the last 8 years, Ryan promised time and again that he would work tirelessly in the effort to curb the ambitions of the radical individual who then occupied the Oval Office.  And not one of those promises, NOT ONE, was kept.  Ryan has earned no one’s trust.

Anyway, in getting back to this recent poll, apparently CBS asked respondents to describe their views about Trump.  Voters were given the option of describing themselves as either “believers,” (21 percent) “conditionals,” (22 percent) “curious,” (21 percent) or “resisters,” (36 percent).  Trump has overwhelming authority over those who described themselves as Trump believers — 75 percent reported they trusted the president as their sole source of political information, and only 2 percent said the same of Ryan.  Twenty-two percent of believers said they trusted both men equally.  Surprisingly, those in both the “believer” and “conditional” support categories agreed that Trump needed “to be his own kind of president,” although the conditionals were more likely to assert that, with 80 percent. Seventy-eight percent of believers reported the same belief.

However, neither group was especially supportive of the new Republican healthcare plan.  Thirty-two percent of believers, which I suppose is the group that I would include myself in, support the measure, and only 11 percent opposed.  Fifty-seven percent of all believers reported it was too early to say if they supported the plan.  Conditionals were less likely to support the plan, with 15 percent approving the bill; 5 percent of those who were curious about if Trump supported the measure. Forty-three percent of voters in that category opposed the plan.  Overall, those who were Trump’s supporters believe that Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped during the campaign are correct, with 64 percent believing Trump’s statements.  Only 14 percent of those who oppose Trump believe the wiretapping claims.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he had.

It’s not surprising to hear that Ryan has such a low trust factor.  And like I said, I’m not in favor of RyanCare no matter what the president may have to say about it.  And I won’t be even if Ryan’s side decides to concede a few small points to the Freedom Caucus in his quest for passage.  It would appear that they think we’re stupid and are trying to make it look like they’ve compromised on a couple of things to satisfy the opposition.  It’s still government run healthcare colluding with health insurance companies against the people.  Open selling across state lines and getting rid of the 30% mandate penalty you’re giving the insurance companies.  The fact there’s a $100 Billion bailout in the bill for insurance companies means when this scheme goes bankrupt, with the American taxpayer is expected to pay for government incompetence and failure yet again.

It goes without saying that those who consider themselves as being Trump supporters would trust the President over Ryan, as well as all the rest of our limp-wristed RINO’s.  Our dislike and distrust didn’t suddenly come to an end on election night nor did it begin at the onset of the last campaign.  And I would strongly recommend to our congressional Republicans that none of them should become too comfortable in their majorities, because come next Election Day, if they continue to put themselves above the people, they could very well come to find themselves on the losing end.  The bungled attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, their resistance when it comes to the border wall, the fact that they are already complaining about the modest budget cuts being proposed by the president, and the fact they did nothing to pushback against Barry’s anti-America agenda for eight long years, to the detriment of the hardworking taxpayers, makes them unworthy of our trust.


RINOs 13

Apparently promising to do everything they could to repeal Obamacare isn’t the only thing that the RINO Republicans have been lying to us about.  Because Kentucky Republican congressman Hal Rogers, who has spent more than three decades on the House Appropriations Committee, including six years as the chairman, is just one of many RINOs who have now rejected, pretty much outright, President Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget as Congress begins consideration of the president’s rearrangement of priorities.  It was this senile old fart who said, “While we have a responsibility to reduce our federal deficit, I am disappointed that many of the reductions and eliminations proposed in the President’s skinny budget are draconian, careless and counterproductive.”  So what part about the need to cut spending does he not get?

Rogers said he was ‘concerned’ about cuts to programs in Kentucky.  He said, “In particular, the Appalachian r Commission has a long-standing history of bipartisan support in Congress because of its proven ability to help reduce poverty rates and extend basic necessities to communities across the Appalachian region.”  He then went on to say, “Today, nearly everyone in the region has access to clean water and sewer, the workforce is diversifying, educational opportunities are improving, and rural technology is finally advancing to 21st Century standards.”  Now no offense to Mr. Rogers, but just in case he hasn’t noticed, our country is $20 TRILLION IN DEBT!!   So, at the risk of being obvious, the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are going to have to bite the bullet just like the rest of us.

Money needs to be cut and everyone is going to have some excuse why it is that theirs is simply too important to be cut!  This boob, Rogers, went on to say, “We will certainly review this budget proposal, but Congress ultimately has the power of the purse. As the full budget picture emerges in the coming weeks, I am optimistic that we can work with the Administration to responsibly fund the federal government, including those agencies which serve as vital economic lifelines in rural parts of the country that are still working to overcome substantial challenges.”  Well sir, let me put it to you this way.  Everyone, and that would include even those folks in Kentucky, are going to need to understand that if we are to save our sinking ship we’re all going to be required to give up something.

Another top House Republican and the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Rep. Mike Conaway, also took shots at the president’s cuts to the agriculture programs.  And it was this RINO who said, “At first blush, I am pleased that the administration is working to restore the strength of our nation’s armed forces to make sure that our men and women in uniform have the equipment that they need to defend our country and our interests around the world.”   And he then went on to say, “On the USDA budget, I am concerned that the cuts, while relatively small in the context of the total federal budget, could hamper some vital work of the department.”  First I’d like to inform Mr. Conaway that NO cut is too small.  And either he gets that or maybe it’s time for him to move on to other employment!

Anyway, it was also Conaway who said, “I think it is very important to remember that net farm income is down 50 percent from where it stood just four years ago. America’s farmers and ranchers are struggling, and we need to be extremely careful not to exacerbate these conditions. In fact, we need to do all we can to be there to help our farmers and ranchers. The work they do is critical.”  And he added, “I think it is very important to remember that net farm income is down 50 percent from where it stood just four years ago. America’s farmers and ranchers are struggling, and we need to be extremely careful not to exacerbate these conditions. In fact, we need to do all we can to be there to help our farmers and ranchers.”  While I have nothing against farmers or ranchers, need I remind them that our country is BROKE!

And still another RINO Republican taking on the president’s budget cuts is Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio).  It was Portman who said, “The Great Lakes are an invaluable resource to Ohio, and The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has been a successful public-private partnership that helps protect both our environment and our economy.” He added, “The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has been a critical tool in our efforts to help protect and restore Lake Erie, and when the Obama administration proposed cuts to the program, I helped lead the effort to restore full funding.”  And he also said, “I have long championed this program, and I’m committed to continuing to do everything I can to protect and preserve Lake Erie, including preserving this critical program and its funding.”  Again, WE’RE BROKE!

Look, these guys sound a lot more like Democrats than the conservative Republicans that they routinely profess themselves to be.  Everyone has an excuse when it comes to why it is that their funds should be spared the budget axe.  But if we’re going to be fair about the cuts that we all know need to be made, then we’re ALL going to have to give up something.  And if these RINOs can’t bring themselves to understand that, then maybe come the next election, they should be made to face a primary challenge from someone who isn’t actually afraid to BE a conservative.  President Trump is only doing what candidate Trump promised.  And if these RINOs in Congress either refuse, or are simply unable, to see what is the bigger picture here, then it’s going to require we the people to provide some proper encouragement so they do!

And to be honest, I knew months ago, that if, or when, Donald Trump won, these RINO Republicans had the potential to pose the bigger problem to him than even the Democrats. They’ve talked tough, all the way up to previous elections, then get what they want and then return to business as usual.  Republicans wanted the House, they got it, they wanted the Senate, and 4 years later it was theirs yet they still complained about needing the White House.  And now that that too is theirs, they have no more excuses.  And yet, that’s ALL they continue to get!  We now have a president who is working to actually fulfill his campaign promises and more.  So it’s time for all those Republicans who have been lecturing us about the need for streamlining our government and about our Founding Fathers, to step up!

These career politicians had better finally do something this year, and approving President Trump’s budget is a place to start.  It’s the least these do-nothings could do.  As I said earlier, we are $20 Trillion in the hole and everyone is going to have to take a hit.  It’s time for the Republican Party to make the tough decisions and to start governing.  Either that or risk being returned to that status in which they seem to be much more comfortable and, apparently, are much better suited for.  A word of warning to all those who may choose to simply dismiss the president’s budget proposal as not being serious.  Fail to pass this budget at your own peril!  It’s just that simple, really.  The time for action is now.  We simply can no longer afford to kick the can down the road.  We have wasted far too much time.


RINOs 06

So while those in government who claim to be member of the Republican Party continue to expand in number, more by default than as a result of any specific deed accomplished, it’s those who align themselves with the Democrat Party that continue to dwindle in number.  And yet, even with this increase in numbers there has been no effort undertaken to stop, or to even slow, the country’s steady movement left.  Such reluctance to act has only served to encourage the Democrats who, even though fewer in number, have met with much success in their mission to destroy this nation.

One can argue, I suppose, the fortunes of the Democrat Party changed with the arrival of Barry.  Although, at the time, many predicted something quite different would take place. The damage that Barry has inflicted upon the Democrats in Congress, as well as to those in a number of state legislatures, has been widely reported on over the last 7 years.  But of course it has been downplayed, or ignored entirely, by many on the left.  But this past Wednesday, and for the first time, it was nicely summed up nicely in just 140 characters (or less) what Barry has achieved.

This rather brilliant, and albeit quite brief, summation came from Republican operative Rory Cooper who managed to tie what can be described as being a rather nice little bow on the Democrats’ fall from grace with a Tweet that simply tallied up all of the many losses.  “Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats,” Cooper tweeted. “That’s some legacy.”  We all heard about the losses experienced by the Democrats but to see them written out in such a manner, the totals seem quite amazing.

And as election results began to come in after this past Tuesday’s elections we saw that the trend appears to be continuing.  That trend being, of course, that the Republican Party had again been quite successful in expanding on 2014 mid-term gains at the state level.  Republicans maintained their control of the Virginia senate, despite the best efforts of Gov. Terry McAuliffe and tons of money spent by the likes of Mike Bloomberg, as well as the New York senate.  Republicans also held on to their majorities in both Mississippi houses while picking up seats in Pennsylvania.

And in what’s being called a surprise by many, and a win reminiscent of Larry Hogan’s 2014 win as governor of The People’s Republic of Maryland, is how easily Republican businessman Matt Bevin handily defeated Democrat Attorney General Jack Conway for the governor’s seat in Kentucky, becoming only the second Republican to hold that office in the last 40 years. Bevin’s win makes a total of 12 Republican governor pick-ups since Barry first took office.  Again, a rather significant string of losses that are said to be all the fault of the one who we had supposedly all been waiting for.

Republicans took control of a record 67 state chambers in the 2014 mid-term elections, and they continue to control both chambers in 23 states.  Meanwhile, Democrats have complete control of just seven, which leave the remaining ones with power being divided between the parties. And Republicans of course hold majorities in Congress, where Democrats hold just 44 Senate seats and 188 House seats.  And yet despite the fact that their numbers have been increasing, the direction is which our country seems to be headed has changed very little, if at all.

And yet, what have the Republicans managed to do with this growing power that they possess?  Not much of anything, really!  Other than appearing to be only too happy to assist Barry “Almighty” in doing just about anything he wants to do in his ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform’ this country.  Now granted, while we have seen most of such assistance coming more from those Republicans inside the beltway, there has been more than a few out beyond the beltway who have also been willing to assist Barry in his mission to destroy our country.

And frankly, I’m a bit perplexed why it is that people continue to vote for Republicans, especially when we continue get little or nothing in return.  They make all manner of promises with apparently no intension of following through.  The tactic worked quite well for them in both 2010 and again in 2014.  In Washington there has been little or no push back against the rabid spending of Barry “Almighty”, and even less has been accomplished as far as reversing the course that this country has been on for decades, but especially over the course of the last seven years.

I’m at my wits end.  While it sounds encouraging to hear how it is that the Democrats have been getting their collective ass handed to them over the last few election cycles, what do we on the right have to show for any if it?  Jack shit, that’s what!  What, are we just supposed to walk around with our chests all puffed out because we own more states?  Or that we have more House seats than at any time since World War II?  Big deal!  How about we flex our political muscle a little?  How about we DO something for the country?  But nope, it’s just more of us to cower in the corner!