Bernie 15

While I don’t want to sound too gleeful about any potential prospects, it would seem that many on the Democrat side may have been, perhaps, just a bit too quick to make their predictions regarding how it was going to be the Republican convention which was destined to be little more than a political free for all.  Because as the Democrat Party primary process continues to lurch along, it’s beginning to look more and more like the gathering in Philadelphia will be far more ‘entertaining’ to watch that will be the gathering in Cleveland.

It wasn’t all that long ago that no matter where one happened to look you saw gleeful Democrats almost salivating over what was then predicted to be a party splitting brokered Republican convention and the mess that it was likely to produce.  But fast forward only a couple of months and it would appear that it’s now the Democrats who may, in fact, end up with having a much bigger mess to deal with.  Which is a bit uncharacteristic for Democrats, since they’re usually pretty quick to fall in line behind the chosen candidate.

And who knows, that may yet happen but I must admit that their current situation is becoming rather interesting, besides being quite entertaining, to watch to say the least.  And I can’t help but wonder how many Democrats out there are now kicking themselves in the butt for not running and how many are having second thoughts about their front-runner.  And while I am not a Democrat, I thought it pretty bizarre that the party was so quick to settle on Hitlery as their first choice.  But in a sense I’m glad they did.

And with Bernie now warning that he fully intends on taking his campaign all the way to the July convention in Philadelphia, even if he’s trailing Hitlery in pledged delegates, rumor has it that Democrats are growing increasingly fearful that the melee that occurred in Nevada could very well be repeated just as the party is struggling to unite after a rather ‘spirited’ primary.  Democrat Senator ‘Little Dick’ Durbin of Illinois said “of course” he’s concerned that the same tactics would be replicated in Philadelphia.

It was during an interview in the Capitol that ‘Little Dick’ said, “We saw what happened at the Trump rallies, which broke into violence, people punching one another. I don’t want to see that happen at the Democratic Party.”  And he went on to say, “I call on Bernie to say to his supporters: be fervent, be committed but be sensible. Don’t engage in any violence.”  Top Democrats now say that it will be incumbent upon Bernie to make sure his supporters come into the fold, if he’s not wanting to risk electing Trump.

And then it was fellow Democrat, and Hitlery supporter, Jeanne Shaheen who said she has never before dealt with more aggressive supporters than Sanders’ voters.  She said, “It’s been interesting to me because I’ve never experienced that before and I’ve been involved in every presidential campaign since 1976.”  And she added, “We’ve had lots of people who have supported different candidates, and I’ve never seen that kind of behavior before.”  Really?  Because I seem to recall seeing just this kind of behavior from the left on more than one occasion.

Shaheen recalled an event days before the New Hampshire primary in February when Sanders supporters were “very aggressive,” “heckling me and others as we spoke.”  She said, “That has never happened before.”  She added, “In this campaign, (Sanders) has gotten a lot of people engaged, he should be able to go through the primaries as he’s committed to do — Hillary Clinton did that in 2008.”  She said, “Hopefully, once the nomination is done, then he will endorse the nominee.”  I don’t know about that, old Bernie seems to be pretty determined.

You know, it’s pretty sad state of affairs for the Democrats when the best presidential candidates they could muster up are the career criminal, Hitlery Clinton, and the admitted Communist, Bernie Sanders.  And they are now shooting at each other to drive one lethal and perverse ideology over the other.  The level of hatred and contempt the Democrats harbor for America truly knows no bounds. We need a wall not only to keep illegal aliens out but to protect normal people from the far left extremists in the Democrat Party.

But still I gotta tell ya, if I was a Bernie supporter and had watched him win primary after primary only to then see Hitlery get handed the nomination, I would be pissed me off too!  But since I’m a big believer in karma, I would be the last one to wish ill on the Democrats as they seek to come together at their convention out of fear that ours would become the circus that everyone ends up laughing at.  But that said, it wouldn’t exactly break my heart if after all their badmouthing about our candidate they were made to squirm a little.



Bernie Tax Plan

It would seem that 2016 Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders‘ has quite the economically destructive tax plan in mind.  One which has been, and continues to be, the subject of much conversation across the country.  But now that he seems to be gaining some level of traction in the polls it might behoove the rest of us to start taking a look at exactly what he has in mind.  And we should start by asking, “What would it mean for my paycheck if this boob actually manages to get himself elected?”  And while this self-described Socialist said his economic proposals would provide free college, Medicare for all and a slew of other new welfare programs, the cost of his grand expansion of government would likely be far steeper than he’s letting on.

Bernie has said that moving people out of poverty is absolutely crucial for the success of our country.  And he seems quite comfortable with taxing Americans from top to bottom in order to carry out his plan. Indeed, with Bernie in the White House, every income bracket – including even the lowest bracket – would lose at least 7 percent off of their weekly take home pay.  Gee, what a deal!  Just when we thought it had gotten just about as bad as it could possibly get with Barry in the White house, along comes Bernie who would make matters even worse.  So why allow us to keep anything of what we work for?  It would seem that instead of moving more people out of poverty, Bernie’s objective here would be to move far more people INTO poverty.

Anyway, Scott Greenberg is an analyst at the Tax Foundation, which is, I’m told, a nonpartisan Washington, D.C.-based think tank.  And it was Mr. Greenberg who recently took a closer look at exactly what Bernie is proposing here, and in so doing he focused on a hypothetical single filer with no children using the standard deductions.  And what he found was that in the bottom 10 percent of earners, an American making $18,870 a year would see a $45 drop – or, 7.3 percent reduction – bringing their paycheck from $616 down to $571 every other week.  An individual in the lower-middle income range taking in $23,430 would take a 7.6 percent hit, with them seeing their checks falling from $751 to $694 every other week.

And then he found that someone like myself, a middle-income earner now taking in $36,200 a year – placing those like me in 50th percentile, when looking at 2015’s wage data, I could expect to see an 8 percent reduction, with my bi-weekly income slumping from $1,131 down to $1,040.  And it would be those who are in the 75th percentile, with an annual salary of $58,900, who would be hit with a 7.9 percent reduction in the amount they are allowed to take home.  And I can only assume that Bernie is under the impression that most Americans will be more than happy to hand over to our increasingly wasteful government even more of our hard-earned money.  This is nothing less than sheer socialist madness!

And as expected it’s the high-income earners who are set to be hit the hardest, with Americans with an annual salary of $92,110 seeing their checks fall from $2,609 to $2,391 – a whopping 8.3 percent, or $218, drop in their bi-weekly pay.  Those in the highest income bracket, which is not reflected in the graphic at the top of this post, would face a colossal 17.91 percent reduction in annual income due to additional taxes placed on top earners.  It never fails how socialists like Bernie have very little trouble when it comes to ridiculing supply-side economics. That idea being that with a lower tax burden and increased investment, business can produce (or supply) more, increasing employment as well as boosting worker pay.

But the socialist model is, as we can very plainly see, is based more on the trickle up of poverty theory, focused on bring everyone down.  Mr. Greenberg said, “Crucially, these calculations do not take into account the effects of eliminating employer-sponsored health insurance, which would increase workers’ paychecks significantly.”  And he cautioned, adding numbers do reflect the 6.2 percent employer-side payroll tax, the 2.2 percent individual income surtax and the 0.2 percent employer and employee-side payroll taxes.  He said, “This is because there is no way to tell how much workers would value their new, federally provided health insurance under the Sanders plan, compared to their current health insurance from their employers.”

And still these numbers don’t fully depict how incomes would be affected by the projected, and rather significant, drain on the U.S. economy that Bernie’s plan is projected to cause.  Because according to those who are seen as being the experts in such matters, the GDP would drop by an estimated 9.5 percent, capital investment would plummet by around 18.6 percent, wages would be reduced by roughly 4.3 percent, and just under 6 Million more full-time jobs would be lost.  That’s according to the Tax Foundation’s analysis.  Also under Bernie’s proposal, all taxpayers would face a new 2.2 percent tax on income, and a 6.2 percent Social Security payroll tax would be applied to incomes over $250,000.

A financial transaction tax would also be put into place with rates of .5 percent on stock trades, 0.1 percent on bonds, and 0.005 percent on derivatives, which many economists say could hinder Americans from investing.  The death tax would also be increased, using graduated rates: 45 percent for estates worth $3.5 million or $7 million for couples, 50 percent for those valued between $10 million and $50 million, and 55 percent for those over the $50 million threshold. A new, additional 10 percent surtax would be imposed on any estate over $500 million, or $1 billion for couples. And oddly enough, it’s even some left-leaning economists who have now gone as far as to say Bernie’s plan for the economy is all “puppies and rainbows.”

It’s absolutely amazing how, that despite all the proof that should make it crystal clear how Bernie’s favored system of governance never works, there remains those people who think it’s the perfect solution for what ails America.  But all one has to do is it too look at any European country to see what an abysmal failure it is.  And if that isn’t enough, take a look at any big city here at home or any state that is under complete Democrat control.  And Hitlery isn’t all that different from Bernie, because Hitlery has said that it is her intent to raise taxes by $1 Trillion.  This is complete insanity and yet millions of Americans either don’t understand what’s being proposed here, or they simply don’t care, being blinded by the promises of all that ‘free stuff’.