Trump 22

I think that most of us knew going in, maybe even more so than did President Trump himself, that draining ‘The Swamp’ was going to be no easy task.  And even those of us who thought we knew what we were headed for likely had no idea the level of ferocity that would be involved in not only ‘The Swamp’s’ refusal to go quietly, but also in its retaliatory effort to remove a duly elected president.  And starting the day after the election, and on every day since, we have been made to realize that this is not a battle that the president will likely be able to win by himself.  There’s just no way.  So regardless of how you may feel about the man, and based solely on the need to ensure that our country survives , the American people now have a very important decision to make.  What’s best for our country going forward from here?

And at the end of the day we who love this country and who wish to safeguard ALL of its history, good and bad, can either sit idly by and do nothing but watch as those who comprise ‘The Swamp’ set about doing all that they can in their effort to maintain their grip on power, or we can rise to the occasion and do what we all ‘should’ know NEEDS to be done.  We, the current generation, have been charged with the responsibility to protect this republic of ours so that future generations will have the opportunity to experience true freedom.  But sadly, it would appear that we may not have been up to the task.  And while we did elect a man who promised to do just that, many of us have been content to sit on the sidelines as the enemies of freedom continue to do all that they can to prevent him from making good on his promises.

So, we now have mobs of leftwing malcontents, who are being actively cheered on by members of the Democrat Party, more than a few RINO Republicans, and nearly the whole of our state-controlled media complex as they set about trying to erase our nation’s history and to place at risk the very survival of our country.  And why?  Because the left thought that they had things pretty much under control.  And that no matter who got elected they would be able to maintain the status quo.  That there was absolutely nothing, or no one, able to stand in their way or who could prevent them from achieving their goal.  But sadly for them there were still enough people who thought differently, and who were willing to take a chance on man who, while he had never before been in public service, believed in the things they believed in.

The latest ploy by those on the left to bring down President Trump is to accuse him, and all of his many supporters, of being racists or ‘white supremacists’, and to use their defense of Civil War monuments as a way of proving the accusations of racism are true.  So you’ll notice that nearly everywhere you turn these days there is now all this talk about how these monuments glorify this nation’s racist past, and how those who defend them only do so only because they’re racists.  And you’ll also have noticed that much of the talk about Russia, Russia, Russia has now been replaced with a new mantra of Racist, Racist, Racist, every time the president’s name is mentioned by our increasingly dishonest media.  So who should we be listening to?  Is it those who remain unable to move beyond last November 8?  Where’s the sense in that?

But then I suppose that, in a sense, it’s a good thing that maybe those in the Democrat Party may feel at least some sense of guilt about the long list of vile things that they have perpetrated against people of color throughout this nation’s history.  But destroying these reminders of our history and renaming others is not going to right any of these past wrongs and can only be considered as being a superficial gesture at best.  The right thing to do, if they are truly serious about owning up to the numerous atrocities they have committed, would be for the left to abolish the Democrat Party altogether and start over with a new party that doesn’t have such a racist past.  Because as long as the Democrat Party remains active those who make up the party will continue to defend the party’s past racist behavior.

Now according to most recent polling data it’s still a pretty solid majority of Americans who continue to support their president.  The only outrage I see is coming from those in the Democrat Party and their traitorous RINO allies like McCain, Graham and Rubio, and that’s being steadily fanned by those in the state-controlled media from Fox News to MSNBS, from ABC to NBC and from The New York Times to the Washington Post.  Why not just introduce a bill to make Hitlery president?  It’s just as stupid and just as doable as are the efforts to whip up the demoralized Democrat base.  And surely, I’m not the only one who’s lost count of the numerous times Obummer and his henchman, Eric Holder, fanned the flames of racism with their race baiting?  And yet that was viewed by many as being justifiable “moral leadership”.

For those who voted for President Trump, including myself, we must keep the faith. This President may not be perfect but he’s our only hope against the pure evil that is attempting to change and control our lives.  That evil is ‘The Establishment’ in Washington, the anti-American movements sweeping our nation, and the foreign money sponsoring these groups determined to remove our freedoms.  And where we will be able to be the most help to him will be next Election Day when we must march off to the polls in the greatest numbers possible and proceed to boot out of office every single Democrat and every single RINO that we can, and replace them with folks who cherish our history, love our country and who are serious about wanting to preserve it for future generations.  Only then can we move back from the edge.

And it’s only the most ignorant among us who are unfamiliar with those pesky historical facts that those in the Democrat Party would like nothing more than to have us all forget.  You know, like that troublesome little fact about how it was that the Democrats in the South created the Ku Klux Klan, and also how it was that that same Democrat Party devised Jim Crow and segregation.  And how it was that the Democrats were so desperate as a party to keep slavery alive, that it was important enough for them to go to war to do so.  And how they’ve been very successful in their efforts, of course with the help of many black community insiders, to keep blacks on what is really nothing more than a modern day version of the old cotton plantations.  The being of course, the modern Democrat Party.

And to President Trump I would only like to say:  Millions of Americans put their trust in you because they saw in you someone who loved this country as much as they do. ,, They saw you, and still see you, as being a fighter, and as such someone willing to fight for the country they feel that they remain so close to losing.  You, President Trump, are now like Obi-Wan Kenobi, in that you are our only hope.  And as long as you are willing to fight, we will be willing to stand with you.  The task that lies ahead is not an easy one, and while there may be days when you may think you have bitten off more than you can chew, remember that the vast majority of those who voted for you are still here and still behind you.  We will stand with you, and we will pray for you to succeed.  All you must do is to stay strong and never surrender.



Have you ever noticed how it’s always those on left, in their effort to portray themselves as being the only truly civilized ones, always seek to underscore their nonsensical arguments by claiming that because of their willingness to speak out they are frequently made to be the target of death threats, and that these supposed death threats ALWAYS come from those of us on the right?  But oddly enough it’s more often than not that it’s just a short time later that word leaks out that the supposed victim is actually the perpetrator.  And rarely do such revelations make it into the headlines.  So it becomes much the same as the little boy who cried wolf.  More often than not these mythical death threats are nothing more than theatrics thrown in to make the story more ‘compelling’.  Such nonsense only serves to further reduce the credibility of those making the claims.  And it is in that department that most in the media are already sorely lacking.

Why I mention this is because ‘Fox News’ host Eboni K. Williams is now claiming to have received death threats after she criticized President Trump.  Williams harshly criticized Trump on Monday for his response to the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend, which she said was too soft on white nationalists.  Following that segment, Williams told Variety Magazine on Wednesday her inbox was inundated with death threats from people furious with her criticisms of the president.  Williams said the comments included things like: “I should meet my maker soon, I shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets of New York.”  I’d be willing to bet that before long we’ll be finding out that either no death threats were ever actually made, or they came from Ms. Williams herself.  Either way, it’s likely nothing more than an attempt on her part to garner some sympathy for herself!  However, she is deserving of none.

My problem with Ms. Williams is that she harshly attacked Trump, when he was very clear that he did NOT support David Duke and his ilk.  However, she made no mention whatsoever of the BLM and especially the very vicious Antifa group, that showed up with ball bats and helmets.  This is the same vicious group that beat up Trump supporters who went to his rallies during the campaign.  I rarely if ever watch her, and there’s a reason for that.  And like so many on the left she typically does little more than to spew, ad nauseam, the Democrat Party talking points.  She’s becomes just one of the many reasons that I watch very little Fox News these days.  The network seems to be quite determined in its effort to become little more than a clone of the Crappy News Network (CNN) or MS’LSD’.  They’ve become nothing more than another bunch of NeverTrumpers and as such they’ve all become rather tiresome.

Maybe I’m just becoming cynical in my old age, because I’ve now gotten to the point where I take most things that I hear from those in the media with a rather sizable grain of salt.  I’ve spent the last seven months watching as President Trump has tried to make good on those things that got him elected only to see those in the state-controlled media, like Ms. Williams, as well as the many NeverTrumpers from within the president’s own party, do everything they could in their continuing effort to make that all but impossible.  The news media today has been reduced to little more than a bad SNL skit, and has become much less about presenting the ‘news’ and more about spewing pure leftwing propaganda or ‘fake news’.   Add to that how we’re now forced to contend with the many RINOs we have in Congress, those who are little more than eunuchs who would rather switch than fight, and it’s all become rather frustrating to say the least.



If at first you don’t succeed in getting enough people to vote for you, offer up more ‘benefits’ that accomplish nothing more than to allow the government to control more of our lives, all disguised as being some benefit that we’re told we need.  Because there are always going to be some who are actually gullible enough to believe that the Democrats actually care about the little guy and they government is only there to help.  So it is then that what John Garamendi, Democrat Congressman from California, appears to be trying to unite Democrats around the idea that the first thing Democrats would do, if and when they recapture Congress and the presidency, is to pass “Medicare for All.”  Call me skeptical but just how ignorant must one be to fall for something that is so obviously nothing more than a political scam?

The Democrats’ leaders have continued to confidently declare that their losses in every special election during President Donald Trump’s first 200 days were not due to any middle-class problem, economic problem, national security problem, religion problem, illegal alien problem or any other policy problem.  As Paul Waldman claimed in ‘The Week’ last month, the only reason Democrats have a problem is that they “don’t have a bunch of simplified messaging and pithy slogans that describe their agenda.”  Yup, that’s what sank Hitlery, as well as every other Democrat running in every special election conducted since President Trump was inaugurated.  Yup, Democrats keep losing all because of shitty messaging.  That they actually think that shows just how out of touch with really Democrats truly are.

With 43 years of government experience, Garamendi served in the State Assembly and State Senate; was California Insurance Commissioner and Lieutenant Governor; and has been a congressman from Northern California since late 2009.  During Garamendi’s entire political career, he has constantly pushed for a single-payer healthcare system — but that message has gone nowhere.  Garamendi was an original cosponsor of H.R.676, known as the “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act,” which was introduced on January 24 and now has 111 Democrat cosponsors, as well as the support of Bernie Sanders.  You remember old Bernie, he was the guy who got shafted by Hitlery in the last election and then after being paid a substantial amount of hush money then went off and bought a nice new big house.

Hysterically, Garamendi and Bernie put forth the argument that Medicare is more efficient than private insurance companies, because the tax system would automatically collect the money and there would be no need to pay for private commissions, advertising, or profits.  But seniors over 65 years of age, who know Medicare best, are strongly opposed to ‘Medicare for All’, according to polling data. That opposition comes after Obamacare robbed Medicare by cutting $220 billion in payments to health care providers; raising premiums by $136 billion for the Medicare Advantage program; and requiring $36 billion in premium increases for higher-income beneficiaries.  So what we really have here being perpetrated by Garamendi is nothing but smoke and mirrors in the hopes that enough people will fall for it.

The Democrat Party may have been able to drive President Trump’s favorability down to 43 percent, according to Rasmussen polling.  But a similar Rasmussen poll also found that only 15 percent of registered voters believe Congress is doing a good job.  Garamendi and Sanders want the Democrat Party to stand for something positive.  ‘Medicare for All’ likely has sufficient opposition to prevent it from ever being passed by Congress.  However, its simplified message and its pithy slogan may give the left something around which to unite.  But if that’s all it’s going to take to bring those on the left together, then I would argue that the left is further gone than even I thought.  That just means that the rest of us must be all the determined to stand together in opposition against those seeking to drive our country even further into bankruptcy.

Look, I think most of us are pretty able to recognize what’s really being promoted here, and it’s nothing more than a “single payer” system, which is exactly the same sort of system that has come to deliver inferior service to the masses in every socialist country where it has been put into practice. They’ve simply decided to call it by a different name so as to be confused with a highly popular entitlement program for the sole purpose of deceiving the masses.  But don’t allow yourself to be fooled!  They are depending on the ignorance of the masses to push through even more government control over your lives.  These people are nothing more than the very worst kind of snake oil salesmen.  If they’re not then why do they insist upon exempting themselves from a system they are all too eager to force on us?

And anyone stupid enough to believe that the goal here of the Democrats is to create anything other than a two tier healthcare system, deserves to be a Democrat.  And by two tier system I mean one healthcare system for the masses, where all of the doctors, nurses, and other staff have their pay slashed by at least 50%, where the number of facilities are slashed, where months long wait lists are a feature, not a bug.  And then another which would be the elite private system for those who can pay more so they don’t have to wait in line behind the help to see a doctor.  Get luxuries like second opinions (the masses will not be allowed to appeal a denial of treatment nor sue for malpractice).  There is no way to afford the level of health coverage that the Bernie Sanders plan promises. It’s simply NOT possible.

To be honest, I think you would have to be rather naïve to think that this entire Democrat scheme is about anything other than control.  Because it most certainly is not about any concern regarding our ability to obtain healthcare.  We the American people must all now stand together against this continued government invasion into our private lives.  This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s something that affects everyone, and we know just how much the government screws things up already.  People are now paying more for health insurance than they do their house payments in many cases. That means they can’t buy a bigger house or even a new car, most times, and that will eventually destroy what’s left of our economy.  So just say NO to government healthcare…PERIOD!

This latest plan won’t save anyone any money.  It’s nothing more than the equivalent of shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.  The purpose of insurance is not to save money.  It never has been about saving money.  It’s about simplifying the payment process and having money set aside in case of a true financial catastrophe.  The best way to demonstrate this is to compare auto insurance (which is still real insurance) against what we are calling public health insurance (which is nothing more than a series of payment transfers turning tax payments into medical payments and supposedly forcing the rich to pay more – hint, they won’t).  Auto insurance covers you if the car is in a major accident or it is stolen. It doesn’t pay for oil changes, tune ups, minor wear and tear repairs, incidental damage, etc.

And finally, if the Democrats want a simple message, how about this:  We are the Democrat Party.  We are going to spend money we don’t have until we completely bankrupt the country.  We are going to flood the country with illegal immigrants until the entire middle and working class is out of work and on welfare.  We are going to initiate single-payer health insurance with death panels.  We solicit campaign contributions and kickbacks from all foreign and domestic companies and organizations equally.  We will whip minorities into a frenzy against the white majority while keeping them dependent and living in poverty.  We will use social justice and environmental protection to run manufacturing out of the U.S. and into the hands of multinational companies.  We will find new ways to raise taxes. We will redefine education until it becomes worthless yet expensive.  We will protect our own from prosecution for their crimes while we vilify others for nothing.


Democrats 54

Now it would seem to me that the Democrat Party has become, in recent years, much less the party of white working class Americans and more the party of the non-white and non-working folks who do little more than to simply reside within our current borders.  And I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that I’m going to be called out as a racist for coming to such a conclusion.  But what other conclusion is there to come to when nearly whole current batch of Democrat ‘leaders’, as well as more than a few RINOs, seem to be very much in favor of throwing those same white working class Americans under the proverbial bus and doing away with those afore mentioned borders altogether, allowing anyone into this country who might want to come here?

And it was once again, just this past Monday while making an appearance on the Crappy News Network’s “The Axe Files,” podcast that we heard Rep. Luis Gutierrez, leftwing Democrat, making the claim that Democrats must now fight against what he referred to as being the “immoral” U.S.-Mexico border wall.  He called for consistency on that issue as Democrats have routinely opposed defunding Planned Parenthood and have been advocates for same-sex marriage.  Gutierrez said, “The Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives and the U.S. senators would basically have to turn their back on a key constituent group, right, which are Latinos, and on fairness and justice because it’s immoral to talk about that wall.”

Old ‘Screwy Luis’ then went on to say, “Democrats have to be consistent. You know, if this were over defunding Planned Parenthood, we wouldn’t even have a question of Democrats sitting down and negotiating for that budget. If this were to eliminate same-sex marriage, we wouldn’t have a conversation as Democrats whether we were going to vote for that budget. You know what if it’s for deportation and splitting up families and destroying the ‘Dreamers,’ Democrats have to say that’s a line we won’t cross either. That’s a key fundamental value of our Democratic Party. I think we’re going to meet that challenge. I really believe we are going to meet that challenge.”  So destroying America has now become a fundamental value of the Democrat Party?

Let’s face it, the Democrat Party, as well as the state-controlled media complex, is all in when it comes to the throwing open of our borders. But anyone who has spent time going over Mexican immigration laws knows that it’s actually tougher to immigrate to Mexico than the reverse.  Mexico is much tougher on illegals, deports more and makes it very difficult for foreigners to immigrate legally.  Mexico rejects immigrants from Latin America and allows mainly people from white countries to immigrate.  Not only that, Mexican government has been pushing their people to move north for decades. Mexican politicians are huge hypocrites as they complain about Trump’s policy on Mexican illegals.

I suppose another way of looking at it is to call it the Obummer affect.  Blacks were advancing in the work places of America before he made them believe the lie that they were not!  They were all Travon Martin-like victims of this racist society according to his venomous lies.  Black Obummer screwed the blacks in this nation and sent them back in time.  Any farther back and they would be rebuilding their old plantations instead of being relegated to the present day Democrat plantation.  There are also more than a few RINOs who favor open borders as well.  Both political parties are working AGAINST what’s best for America.  Take a look at what the McConnell wing of the Senate and Ryan’s cronies in the House want.  No different than the Democrats.

Did you ever think you’d live to see the day when the Democrat Party would be fighting tooth and nail to prevent criminal illegals from being deported, or would oppose the building of a permanent barrier to keep them from repeatedly breaking our immigration laws, or giving preferential treatment to criminal illegals who, after entering this nation illegally, commit crimes on our soil against our people, and then have the Democrats shelter them from deportation?  But even more mindboggling is the number of Americans who are being adversely affected by the presence of these illegals in our nation and yet totally agree with these corrupt Democrat politicians.  It’s absolutely mind-numbingly ignorant on what is the grandest of scales!

Guttierez is without a doubt one of the more sleazy little shits that you’ll come across anywhere in government and is a dedicated enemy of the American people.  It’s obvious that he hates this country and would like nothing better than to see hordes of destitute and needy people streaming across our southern border.  And because Mexico cannot provide for its people even the most basic of services, leftwing kooks like Luis are all in favor of bringing them to this country so we can take care of them in exchange for them voting Democrat.  Other Central American countries are even worse.  They total 140 million ready to pack their meager bags and move to El Norte, the land of milk and honey and Obamacare and every other form of government ‘assistance’.

And let’s not forget what state he represents, the cesspool known as Illinois.  They’re in great shape too, thanks to the policies of the left.  Who wouldn’t want to live in the murder capital of the planet?  Who wouldn’t want to work all their life for retirement and that great pension only to have it snatched away from you because the state can’t make the payments they promised you.  And what is it about wanting to keep people from illegally entering your country that can be considered as being immoral?  Ignorant Gutierrez doesn’t seem to be able to answer that question.  He’s just another corrupt Democrat politician, regardless of where you find them.  We have them by the truckload in this awful Democrat infested country.

Every time this fool opens his big, fat pie hole he proves once again just how truly anti-America, and anti-American, he truly is.  True Americans would do all that they could to defend their borders and to protect their culture and language.  We are watching with horror what unfettered immigration is doing to Europe.  This is what this nation will become because of its penchant for foreign labor that amounts to cheap labor.  It’s a multicultural mess which amounts to a nation of tribes, each one pursuing its desire for domination and control for its own people.  To call their aims and goals efforts for equality is way off the mark. They want to make this country like the one they left culturally, but they also want to take full advantage of the prosperity.  In short, they’re economic refugees who want to take over this country.

I suppose that Theodore Roosevelt, himself a ‘progressive’, can be said to have put it most succinctly when he said:  “In the first place, we should insist that … the immigrant… comes here in good faith [and] becomes an American and assimilates himself to us…this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.  We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Blacks want the same thing only they want to control everything so they can then force whitey into the cotton fields to pick cotton.  Payback is what’s most important to them.  And then we have a coterie of flakes, oddballs and incompetent globalists here and in Europe who are trying to create a one world paradise, because that’s what is allowing them to continue to inundate, illegally and legally.  And it is these miscreants and their childish, immature efforts who are responsible for the rapid deterioration we see throughout our culture.  Notice anything about Mr. Gutierrez? Does he come across as frantic and desperate to inundate us with his tribal kin?  If he gives that impression, that’s EXACTLY what carries him onward.

And you have to ask why is it that all of these people flooding into our country can’t manage to create a society like ours in their own countries?  Why is it that they feel the need to come here and fuck up what we’ve made for ourselves?  But, apparently, try as they might, they just can’t seem to do it.  They’ve tried now for a few hundred years, and still keep coming up empty.  So why waste any more time on the effort working toward a goal they have no hope of ever being able to achieve when all they have to do is walk across the border steal this nation and then pretend it was them all along who actually founded it, settled it and built it into what it is today.  And they have Democrats like this slime Guttierez encouraging them to do it.

And look, you’d have to be a complete moron not to understand exactly why it is that the Democrats are working so hard to encourage them to do so.  It’s simple really.  It’s because they need them as voters.  Which should be considered as further proof that the Democrats obviously care far more about achieving, and then maintaining to the greatest extent possible, political power far more than they actually care about those of us left vulnerable by both the words and actions.  And I find it all quite baffling how blacks continue to be so willing to tolerate this sort of electoral behavior.  But Hell, you certainly can’t accuse them of being all that bright.  Because for whatever the reason, they seem more than willing to go along it.

Finally, the whole notion of a border wall quite literally terrifies all of these open-border liberals.  Why does a simple wall actually bother these people so much?  They are simply afraid that a wall will be too effective in keeping all those many millions of perspective Democrat voters on their own side of the border.  Eight long years of Obummer wrecked this country, all thanks to stupid Democrats and the other idiots who voted for him.  What’s more moral than building a wall to keep the non-citizen lawbreakers out?  What role would it play in reducing violent crime in this country as well as reducing the number of people who take part in all manner of welfare fraud? What better way than to build a very high and very long wall?


Trump 30

Well it would seem that ‘The Swamp’ continues its full-frontal assault in its effort to overturn an election that they thought for sure their candidate had in the bag. They’ve tried recounts, they’ve tried turning Electoral College electors against Trump, and of course, for the last year and a half, they’ve pushed the charge of collusion between now President Trump and old Vlad Putin.  Now we who voted for Trump in the last election are to believe he is in reality, a white supremacist.

Again, in this past Sunday’s episode of ABC’s “This Week” that network ‘contributor’ Cokie ‘Kookie’ Roberts declared during a panel discussion about President Donald Trump’s reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, VA that Trump had to “share responsibility.”  Kookie said, “Well, the president has to share responsibility. The fact is, is that through hat campaign, he blew all kind of whistles that those of us who grew up in the Jim Crow South, like I did, recognized immediately.”

Kookie went on to say, “It was just calling out to these white supremacists who then felt empowered by it, and the president now not calling them out — you know, he should listen to Nikki Haley, his now UN ambassador,” she continued. “She’s the person who started bringing down Confederate monuments. And she did it so graciously and exactly the right tone after the killings of Mother Emmanuel Church.”  Personally, I for one, am against destroying any part of this nation’s history.

Kookie seems to ignore the fact that Jim Crow was the vehicle invented and used by Democrats, to control the freed black population, following the Civil War…it wasn’t Republicans who were upset the slaves were freed, that would be her favored Democrats.  And it would seem that if we follow her rather bizarre ‘logic’, Obummer and Hitlery can be said to be responsible for Rep. Scalise getting shot.  This is really nothing more than yet another classic example of a Democrat Party false flag.

Let’s face it, Kookie is a dinosaur, but still somewhat impressive is in her 70s. Although I would have sworn that the old girl was in her 80s.  She’s always been a lightweight intellect.  And as I have heard said about so many others of her particular political persuasion, “She’s lucky her parents were born first.”  The same could be said about many other news and political types who owe everything to the prominent parents who preceded them.  She needs to crawl back under her rock and die.

There are any number of videos available on Youtube of nearly every “protest” by those who identify as Antifa.  You know, those paid political goons who always show up to “protest” every conservative speaker and politician.  They are the modern brownshirts who show up to agitate and foment violence. They have their masks, helmets, sticks and chains. They bring their pepper spray. They attack anyone who disagrees with them, assault the police and destroy private and public property.

Amazingly, few are ever arrested, or even charged with a crime, and why do you think that might be?  More than likely it’s because all of the big city mayors are all liberal Democrats who support Antifa and their actions!  Yeah, I think that’s it. What you don’t see are conservatives attacking liberals when they are marching or protesting. You don’t see conservatives destroying property or assaulting the police. You don’t see conservatives chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!”  Nope!

You certainly don’t see conservatives murdering police officers. Try to remember everything is on video and on the internet. That is proof that cannot be denied, there is no argument when people can see it for themselves. Remember, “actions speak louder than words.”  We know what is going on, no one is fooled.  And yet I saw some moron, Judy Miller, make the idiotic claim while on Fox News the other night, that right wing groups are FAR MORE violent than those groups on the left.  REALLY?

Look, at the end of the day it can only be the American people who will be able to stop the madness.  But first they must come to understand that there is absolutely NOTHING that those in ‘The Swamp’ will not say about our duly elected president.  No accusation that they will not make against him, no name they will not call him and no claim they will not make about him.  If we understand that then we go into this battle armed with everything we need, because we will have the truth on our side.


RINOs 05

As I have said before, it’s these days that I watch very little ‘Fox News’ but, having said that, I did recently catch wind of something that was said by one of the hosts of a new program on that network, one which I am very much in agreement with.  This new program is called “The Fox News Specialists”, and the host to whom I am referring is Eric Bolling.  And it was his statement calling out those who are opposing President Trump and his agenda that I very much agree with.  These individuals who like to refer to themselves as being ‘conservative’ but are, in realty, nothing of the sort.

Bolling pointed out how RINO Sen. Jeff Flake – who is up for reelection in 2018 – is now busy writing an anti-Trump book.  And he noted that Flake’s fellow RINO, Arizona senator John McCain, has also been very outspoken in his criticism of the president.  Bolling also pointed out how RINO Sen. Lindsay Graham is delivering his own brand of Russia-related “anti-Trump venom,” adding that Graham is up for reelection in 2020.  The focus of the 2018 election and every election thereafter must be to replace as many of these RINOs as possible with those who ‘are’ conservative.

Bolling said that attacking Trump might not be the best campaign strategy, because once you get out of the swamps of Washington, D.C. and New York City, you see that the American people love Trump.  Bolling said, “The DOW is 22,000, a record 153 million Americans are employed, Neil Gorsuch is on the high court and illegal immigration is falling like a rock.”  And added, “Tough to run against that.”  He said that “real conservatives” want the country to prosper, while many ‘Establishment Republicans’ egos are too bloated to admit the president is succeeding.

He suggested that the Republican Party might be better off without these “bad hombres,” and it might be time to “repeal and replace” them in Congress.  Bolling concluded, “Let’s make RINOs an endangered political species.”  And I could not agree more.  The focus, at least for those on the right, should be to act as that last line of defense between ‘The Establishment’, both right and left, as they do all that they can to prevent President Trump from doing those things that got him elected.  Our response MUST NOT be to elect more Democrats, but to elect MORE conservatives!

Sadly, our current batch of congressional Republicans are creating the impression that they have absolutely no idea how to govern.  And by doing so they are placing in jeopardy why we elected President Trump.  And it would seem that party unity is a concept that is completely foreign to them.  They are obsessed with getting favorable press, getting re-elected, enjoying their perks, and maintaining their ‘gentlemen’ status.  They pay more attention to RINO elites than they do to the people.  Republicans have apparently not gotten the message from the people who are really pissed off at Washington.

And let me make something very clear here, unless they make some rather significant changes in how they conduct the peoples’ business, I worry that this could very well be their last chance to govern for decades.  And while many Americans are saying that now may be the time for an Independent Party, one that is built on protecting the Constitution and providing for our national defense, I would argue that what we need to do instead is to use the leftists as our example and seize control the Republican Party in the same way that the left has now seized control of the Democrat Party.

Because even after the voters delivered the House in 2010 and 2012, the Senate 2014 and the White House in 2016, all of which the Republicans said they needed in order for them to make the changes demanded by the people, they have still refused to act.  Therefore the time has come for President Trump to begin to call these RINOs out by name.  He needs to go directly to the people and point out in very clear terms just how it is that these RINOs are now working arm in arm with the Democrats in the continuing attempt to prevent him from doing what we, the American people, elected him to do.

And the RINOs had better listen to the people or they will soon be made to become extinct.  With all things considered I feel that President Trump is doing a good job.  All Republicans in Congress have a choice to make, support the president or be replaced with someone who will.  Come 2018 we the voters must get rid of as many Democrats and RINOs as we can.  We must act on our disgust with Washington as we did when we picked as our leader a man from outside the beltway and tasked him with draining ‘The Swamp.’  He can’t be stopped if the American people are behind him.

Frankly at this point I’m not sure if there is anything I can say that would prevent what seems to be a growing number of my fellow conservatives from simply giving up on the Republican Party.  I would only ask that they reconsider and, if their district or state is currently sending a Democrat or RINO off to Washington, become a recruiter, or sorts, to convince potential conservative candidates to run against those currently in office.  We the People do still control our own fate, but if we are to have any chance of succeeding, we must get off the bench and onto the field.

Call me naïve, but we can’t afford to simply throw up our hands and complain about how many times we’ve been lied to by those who have told us that they believe as we do, only to find out later that they don’t.  What we must do is replace them with someone else, and if that proves too, to have been a mistake then we try again.  What we must NEVER do is surrender to those on the left, because that is exactly what they want us to do.  And who knows, in the end the left may still come to win but we must do all that we can to make them know that they have been in a fight!



Word now comes to us that ex-president Barry Obummer and key members of his sinister ‘inner circle’ are now apparently urging former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to run for president in 2020.  Democrats would be wise to follow that old adage that says, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”  I would like to think that this country, and perhaps even the Democrat Party, would have at least learned a little bit from the experience of having elected a black man who was a really nothing more than a rabid socialist as president, but maybe not.  As we have seen so many times in the past, those on the left tend to be rather slow learners.  What else can you say about those who, after witnessing the failure of Socialism across the globe, still want it here in America?

So we’re hearing from Politico how it is that Obummer’s top strategist and former message guru David ‘My Mommy is a Commie’ Axelrod, along with confidante Valerie Jarrett, David Simas, the CEO of Obama’s foundation and former Patrick deputy chief of staff, and even Obummer himself have all been encouraging the former Massachusetts governor to run.  Patrick, whose name was floated as a potential Supreme Court pick during Obummer’s time in office, told Politico, “I’m trying to think about how to be helpful, because I care about the country, and I’m a patriot first. It’s way, way too soon to be making plans for 2020.”  Going on to say, “So I’ll just leave it at that.”  Odd that Patrick refers to himself as a patriot, his definition must differ from mine considerably.

To my way of thinking, the most racist act one can commit is to vote for a ‘black’ man as President knowing absolutely nothing about him other than the fact that he is black.  A man who had no working background to speak of, never owned a business, and had no real achievements of any kind.  And yet people did.  So please, no more affirmative-action stooges for president.  But with there still being more than just a few idiot-voters out there, anything is possible.  But it’s my hope that no matter which of their socialist twits the Democrats may choose to run in 2020, their efforts will crash and burn.  America is watching Europe with great interest.  And the left is still embracing identity-politickers, politically-correct-extremists, and open-borders-obsessives like Obummer, and I’m hoping America has had enough of that crap!!

Question, the damage done to this country over the last eight years, why is it that anyone in their right mind would even consider voting for a Democrat?  The Democrats have made it quite clear that they want to control every aspect of your life, they want to control the level of healthcare you’re able to receive through a single payer system, they love illegal aliens, they love high taxes (except for themselves), they are in favor of sanctuary cities, they stubbornly support Obamacare, and they support releasing criminal illegal aliens into our cities and towns, sometimes even in the dark of night.  And they have no problem with illegal aliens voting, or those who passed away. The Democrats like that and support that.  Do you like all that?  Then vote for Democrats.  If you don’t support all that, vote for Republicans.

Look, I think we have all known, and for a very long time, that Obummer was, and remains to this day, a racist.  It’s became increasingly obvious over time that he hates us white folk.  Let’s face it, anyone who could spend 20 years listening to what was nothing more that pure hatred being spewed from the pulpit, has got to be a racist!  So naturally, he backs only blacks for office.  Except during his time in office he did little more than ignore blacks, but they were too stupid to see it.  And, I suppose, as long as Patrick passes Joe Biden’s “clean and articulate” standard like Obummer did then maybe he stands a chance.  Biden’s “clean and articulate” standard is code for “won’t remind white people of Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton or Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson” who ‘Slow Joe’ and many others regard as dirty and unintelligible.

And it getting back to Mr. Patrick, it was while serving as governor that he came to be known as Obummer’s ‘Mini-Me’.  Another ‘Affirmative Action’ candidate that as Governor, did as much damage to Massachusetts as Obummer did to America.  The two think so much alike that Obummer once used one of Patrick’s speech’s talking points verbatim.  And Obummer’s boy spent a ton of taxpayer money on himself and his cronies (sound familiar?) and he threw out the curriculum and student performance requirements of the number one Public School system in the country in favor of Common Core.  He also threw out the reasonably successful Romney Care in favor of Obamacare (and they are NOT the same), and that’s just the beginning. I guess if you like Obummer, you’ll LOVE Deval Patrick?

But you kinda have to ask yourself, when it comes to Obummer, why is it that he feels so compelled to remain in politics, especially when he could hit the lefty speaking circuit and very easily make himself a ton of money.  Of course I think we all knew that he wouldn’t leave the scene just because he was termed out.  After all, he’s watching his ‘legacy’ go up in smoke.  He’s delusional and to this day thinks he was a great president.  But then he was quite delusional while he was still in office.  He’s too misguided to understand that he only looks good to some people because of all the false propaganda about Trump. “He enjoys cutting off the head of Trump to make himself look taller.” Obummer is a complete narcissist. Obummer is/was one of America’s worst mistakes.  If he would only go away.

Obummer was an absolutely horrible president, and one who proved to be little more than a complete embarrassment to the country and an insult to the office that he held.  He hated America, the Constitution, and free market capitalism.  He destroyed our economy with measures like Obamacare and immigration amnesty.  His Obamacare has been nothing short of a train wreck of epic proportion.  He was anti-police, anti-white, anti-church, anti-everything-good-and-wholesome!  He’s a piece of dog squeeze, and frankly I’d be happy if I never had to see the man’s picture or hear his voice ever again.  But sadly, he’s like the piece of dog sh!t that gets stuck on the bottom of your shoe that you never quite get completely scraped off so the smell is always there.

In a way I pray that the Democrat Party actually does run some ethnocentric socialist like Deval Patrick or some other racist black, hate-filled bigot like Kamala Harris or ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters.  The economy is finally improving, the illegal aliens are finally being deported, and we’re told than more millennials are getting married and starting families.  And God willing President Trump will win in 2020 in a landslide over whomever it is that the Democrats put up against him.  So you go, Obummer, you keep advising the Democrats!  And with your track record for assisting your party in achieving electoral success I don’t have a thing to worry about.  Let’s not forget that half this country is sucking hard on the government teat.  That’s why many would vote for another victimhood leader like the king of tokens.

And you know, this is a perfect example of just how arrogant and out of touch the Democrats, those in the state-controlled media, and the RINOs are with law abiding Americans. They actually believe the American people will vote for someone who is little more than an Obummer puppet.  Everybody knows now that if we are ever unfortunate enough to have another Democrat in the White House, they will throw open up our borders and destroy everything our country was built on.  Sadly, we will now forever be just one election away the complete and utter destruction of the American way of life, which is exactly what those on the left are trying their best to do.  That has now become their number one goal above all else.  And We the People are the only thing standing in their way.