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Thank goodness we have Barry “Almighty” on the case, otherwise I might truly be worried about all these Muslims being allowed to stream in to my country.  But he’s got his finger on the pulse and will get to the bottom of it and finally put a stop to all this murder, madness and mayhem.  Sure he will!  Instead, he’s done his best to downplay the crazy notion that America and Western Civilization is under relentless attack from barbaric animals slaughtering humans in the name of Islam. About Orlando he said, “And there also at this stage is no direct evidence that he was part of a larger plot.”

And Barry went on to say, “It appears to be similar to what we saw in San Bernardino — but we don’t know yet.”  Appears?  Ya think?  Gee, for a moment there I thought we were in some serious trouble here.  I thought the savage execution of 50 revelers in Orlando might be part of a larger plot.  I mean, if that were the case and this were actually part of a “larger plot,” then it might kind of be Barry’s fault that this stuff continues to happen over and over again. It might mean that all these killings of innocent civilians from Boston to San Bernardino are, say, perhaps a national security matter. Maybe?

And if they were actually part of a “larger plot” it might also raise some seriously awkward questions about who exactly is doing all the killing and whom exactly it is that they are targeting and — oh, I don’t know — what exactly their motivations might be.  And it was to the reporters gathered there in the Oval Office that Barry said, “We don’t yet know the motivations.”  And what’s even more amazing, at least from where I’m sitting, is that the assembled reporters didn’t all explode into laughter when Barry said this.  Because is that any responsible journalist regardless of political persuasion take such drivel seriously?

Or, maybe one of these enterprising young ‘journalists’ in search of a big story could have spoken up or offered to pull Barry aside to explain to him the motivation here.  But instead, their reaction, or lack of any reaction, goes a long way in demonstrating just how far in the tank the media has become.  The biggest reason, of course, Barry remains the only person left on the planet who doesn’t know Omar Mateen’s motivations and refuses to accept the existence of a “larger plot” against America and civilization is that if he were to accept these plainly obvious truths, then he would actually have to do something about it.

And it’s there in that lies the rub.  The single worst thing Barry and his fellow Democrats could be forced to do today would be to take a very serious look at their blatantly insane immigration policy where anyone, literally even if they just crawled out of the Rio Grande, dripping wet, is welcomed with open arms.  And if you come from a country that is known as a hotbed of violent jihad, well that’s all the better.  Or at least it certainly seems that way.  Syrian refugees are streaming into our country and government officials admit they are not able to perform even the most basic background checks on to see if they have ties to terrorist organization.

This is why Barry really doesn’t want to see the “larger plot” or acknowledge how obvious the “motivations” are. He would rather use events like this to score partisan political points and make nonsensical complaints about gun ownership in America.  Barry said, “We are also going to have to think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to the people in this country.”   And he added, “And this is something that obviously I’ve talked about for a very long time.”  Really?  Been talking about for a very long time?  Does he really think we’re that stupid?  Apparently so!

Um, okay, so how about this, Barry: You go ahead and disarm every last terrorist now lurking in this country who is busy plotting their next jihadi massacre in this country and then maybe we can talk about those stricter gun laws that you seem to desperate to bring about.  But until you do that and, after 7+ years, finally start taking your job of keeping Americans safe just a bit more seriously, we the people are going to keep right on buying just as many guns as we fill we need to and stockpiling tons of ammunition so we can properly protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors in this red hot war on America and western civilization.

Because it’s now gotten to the point where it’s absolutely mind-boggling that we continue to allow into our country those whose only purpose in life is to come into our country and to kill us.  These Muslims want nothing less than to kill as many of us as they can and while half of the country continues to bury their heads in the sand the rest of us are doing our best to sound the alarm.  It makes you wonder just what it is that these idiots do not understand, especially after Orlando?  America does not need a president Hitlery if we are to have any hope of saving the America and to prevent it from being lost forever.  What will we tell our kids if we do nothing?


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If there is one thing that we have been witness to over the course of the last 7+ years, and will likely be throughout the next 220 days, it’s how our ‘Fearless Leader, our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’, ‘The One We Had Been Waiting For’, Barack Hussein Obama, is never, and I do mean NEVER, to be blamed for absolutely ANYTHING.  So while he sees it as being quite appropriate to take credit for an economy which he claims is doing so much better than it really is, better than it has in decades, he cannot be blamed in any way, shape, manner or form, nor should he be, for the continuing string of violent terror attacks that have taken place in this country, the most recent one in Orlando, that have taken place on his watch.

And this time around while refraining from simply blaming Bush, as has been his typical mantra since day one of his prancing his cool self into the Oval Office, Barry still couldn’t bring himself to accept any level of responsibility for the recent, and very deadly, terrorist attack in Florida.  Instead, this time around Barry set his sights on those stingy/racist Republicans in Congress.  Because according to Barry, it’s all their fault for “underfunding” his efforts to combat these violent extremists.  You see, it’s in that way that he’s able to absolve himself of any and all responsibility, or associated guilt, while at the same time implicating his opposition regarding the resulting carnage of such attacks as the one at an Orlando gay nightclub.

And so it was during the press briefing earlier today that the White house Spokesmoron, Josh Earnest, said, “The president’s been quite disappointed that Congress, Republicans in Congress have underfunded our countering violent extremism efforts.” Earnest was, I guess, attempting to make the point that Barry had requested an increase in the budget.  Earnest complained that Republicans wouldn’t even speak with Barry “Almighty’s” budget director to discuss budget increases.  He said, “Republicans have not fulfilled their responsibility to do everything that is necessary to protect the country from violent extremism.”  He added, “It’s time for them to step up to the plate and do their job.”

Republicans handed to Barry a $1.1 Trillion, and now he whines about needing spending increases?  And at the same time Earnest urged Americans to “take great confidence” in both the law enforcement professionals to keep them safe, but also in Barry’s leadership.  Barry’s leadership?  Come on, he’s kidding right?  And then Earnest proceeded to tell the biggest whopper of the day when he said, “They have a president of the United States who has made his No. 1 priority protecting our homeland, and our federal government expends significant resources in pursuit of that goal.”  And he added, “And that’s something that should give the American people great confidence to go on with their lives.”  Geez, gag me with a spoon!

I must admit, however, that I am more than a bit puzzled by Earnest’s claim.  Because it’s been Ryan, and Boehner before him, who along with any number of other RINO lapdogs have paid, courtesy of the $1.1 Trillion that I mentioned earlier, for everything that Barry has said he’s wanted.  The Republicans have essentially been in charge of the budgetary process since 2011 and therefore have just as big a role as Barry in allowing the national debt to balloon to nearly $20 Trillion. Or enough to effectively double the US government debt during Barry’s eight years in the Oval office. How much more cash, exactly, does Barry think he needs, or needed, to get the job done?  You’d think Barry was barely able to make ends meet.

Let’s face it, it’s been Barry and his band of pinheads over at the White House who has been behind the throwing wide open of our borders. As well as for the appeasing of any number of various Islamic groups, going around Congress in an effort to move forward their leftist agenda and spending assets on shortcut process to bring in thousands of unassimilated people from every third world hellhole that have absolutely nothing in common with a free society.  This country needs a giant enema to flush as many of these Islamist enablers out of office as possible.  But I’m not all that confident that the American people are sufficiently bright enough to be able to recognize what needs to be done, nor have the courage to do it if they were.

Look, it was upon entering office that Barry made a promise to the American people, well actually two.  One was he promised that his administration would be the most transparent administration in history and he promised change.  And it was under the guise of change that Barry stated his mission was to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.  And what we got has been the most secretive administration since the day of Richard Nixon, and an America in 2016 that bears little resemblance to the America of 2008.  Barry has been permitted to go unchallenged regarding his need to be secretive and allowed to transform this nation from a prosperous one to one little better than your average third world country.


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Now while I’m pretty sure that such news will not be all that well-received by a majority of Democrats, in that they apparently now view themselves as being the great defenders of Islam, a new study recently released by Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University has found that of the 452 suicide attacks it tallied in 2015, 450 were carried out by Muslims.  And yet, aren’t we constantly being told that these people belong to a “religion of peace?”  So it should then come as no surprise that Democrats now seem to be far more interested in ridiculing the research than in pointing out the need to adequately address its results.

So anyway, it was ‘The Times of Israel’ that reported: “Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning the religious element as the most significant factor that motivates the suicide terrorists throughout the world. Here’s the most dramatic statistic: 450 of 452 suicide terror attacks in 2015 were perpetrated by Muslim extremists. One of the remaining two attacks was carried out by the Kurdish underground. The other was perpetrated by a woman supporter of a leftist group in Turkey.”  While I’m sure that this comes as no great surprise to most Americans, it does seem to conflict with what the Democrats are constantly telling us about this so-called ‘religion’.

And apparently it’s also according to this same research that even the attack in Turkey, initially attributed to a “leftist group”, may have also actually been carried out by a Muslim.  According to media reports, police were investigating if the perpetrator was a Russian woman “radicalized by Wahhabi ideology.” If that turns out to be the case, that would mean 451 of the 452 attacks were perpetrated by Radical Islamic extremists. The research team included in its list only attacks it verified by two sources as being a suicide attack.  So, I wonder, how many more attacks could actually be attributed to these very same crazed Muslim fanatics?

Mr. Yoram Schweitzer, director the Program on Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflict at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, told the Times of Israel, “We do not count every claim of a suicide attack. In other words, it’s not enough if Islamic State claims a certain number of suicide attacks.”  He said, “Quite a few groups like to claim that they carried out suicide attacks to make themselves look more important and powerful. We always rely on at least two sources to determine that a suicide attack really did take place.”  He added, “Even then, every determination we make is always qualified because we can never be exact about the percentages, and certainly not in places like Syria.”

And yet we still have Democrats from Washington to Los Angeles, most recently the Democrat mayor of the “City of Brotherly Love”, rushing to the defense of those who continue to choose to affiliate with this murderous cult.  And do we really need some study to tell us that which is so painfully obvious?  That being, of course, that the blowing up of oneself is the preferred method chosen by Muslims when killing those viewed as being ‘infidels’?  And yet Democrats are ALWAYS the very first in the rush to enthusiastically defend these purveyors of hate, creating, at least, the perception that an alliance, of sorts, actually does exist between them.