Those on the left are becoming more unhinged with each passing day.  To the point where they are becoming not only a threat to themselves, but to the country.  And to be honest it would be comical to watch if it weren’t so dangerous.  Dangerous because if these elected officials actually believe the absolute nonsense they spew, what might it be that their braindead supporters can be convinced of?  The Democrats have now become so consumed by their hatred of President Trump they are now incapable of behaving rationally.  It’s gotten to the point that every single thing that President Trump does is somehow said to violate the Constitution.

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal said President Donald Trump revoking former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance is an “illegal” violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of United States of America.  Blumenthal said, “This is not only an abuse of power it is illegal.”  Blumenthal, as you may or may not recall, is the very same guy who, in an attempt to bolster resume when running for the Senate, falsely claimed to have served in Vietnam.   And even after it was discovered that he had lied, the brain dead Democrat voters in his state still had no problem electing him to the Senate.

Anyway, this boob, Bluementhal went on to say, “To use this kind of punishment is a violation of the First Amendment. It is the reason we have the First Amendment. This kind of criticism is core protected speech. When the Founders of our great nation decided on the First Amendment, it was because the king of England would retaliate against critics by punishing them. So it is a clear violation in my view of the First Amendment.”  He added, “He has the authority to do a lot of things, but not in a way that violates the law.”  Punishment?  Blumenthal is either a complete idiot or simply hopes that his many retarded voters won’t bother to look up the facts.

This is nothing more than political BS designed for the consumption by your average, dumbed-down Democrat.  I’m going with the assumption that they’re all retards, because you’ve got to be pretty retarded in the first place to vote for a guy you lied about serving in Vietnam.  And since I’m not a graduate of Yale Law School and not the expert that Mr. Blumenthal is on the Constitution, I’m going to need him to point out where in the Constitution it says one has the right to possess a security clearance.  He makes up a nonexistent Constitutional right just like he made up his nonexistent service in Vietnam. Notice how the fake news calls him out on neither.

Brennan is still permitted to speak freely, without fear of being incarcerated for it. He simply no longer will have the ability to speak freely about classified information.  Why am I not surprised that a Democrat, any Democrat, has no clue what freedom of speech entails?  I’m sorry, but it should be painfully obvious even to a dishonest boob like Blumenthal that National Security trumps Brennan’s free speech and that the First Amendment does not guarantee you a security clearance especially after being fired AS a security risk.  If follow this moron’s logic, the government wouldn’t be able to revoke anyone’s security clearance.

Since this guy now thinks having a security clearance is a Constitutional right, I should not have been forced to give up my security clearance when I retired from the Navy. Such nonsense comes from the same dirtbag who thinks law-abiding citizens have no right to modern sporting rifles or standard capacity magazines, who despises the Second Amendment, who thinks illegals have the same rights as citizens and that citizens must bake the cake.  Yet the state he represents is bankrupt, crime is rampant, drug use is through the roof and businesses are fleeing, and yet he’s more concerned with Trump than with improving the lives of the folks back home.

Democrats are a soulless bunch. They try to undermine the Constitution at every opportunity that presents itself in their continuing effort to implement their Utopian agenda, yet whenever they’re cornered and exposed, they try to wrap themselves up in its protections. This is what evil looks like. They will stop at nothing to control our lives and our future.  Our First Amendment is barely hanging by a thread and the Second comes under multiple attacks every single day.  Kind of sad that we can some elected to high office who does not possess even the most basic understanding of the vary Constitution that he has sworn to protect and defend.