“Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away,” there were those politicians that could justifiably refer to themselves as being ‘Moderate Democrats.” They were Democrats of whom, while they were socially liberal, it could be said, loved their country. And they had names like Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson and Sam Nunn, to name just a couple. I have a feeling that today men like Jackson and Nunn would have a rather difficult time getting themselves elected in the Democrat Party of 2023. They, and those like them, who referred to as ‘moderates’ long ago went extinct, but that has not prevented Democrat politicians from trying to reclaim the moniker of ‘moderate.’

To be a member of today’s Democrat Party a politicians must demonstrate their commitment to the cause, and ‘moderates’ need not apply. And the ‘cause,’ of course, is the bringing about the end of the United States as we know it. And so while there are those who persist in calling themselves ‘moderates’ they most definitely are not. They all vote as they are told to vote, and while they may voice concern and/or opposition to certain legislation, it’s in the end that they always bow to the pressure from their leadership, choosing to abandon the American people, and vote for such legislation later trying to explain that in the long run it will be good for the country.    

One of those Democrats who routinely refers to himself as being a ‘moderate, is Joe Manchin, U.S. Senator from West Virginia. And it was this past Sunday during an appearance on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” that Manchin was asked if he still identifies as a Democrat, and he gave a rather vague reponse. Manchin said, “My main concern is how do we bring this country together? How do we make it work? How do we make Democrats, Republicans become Americans again and not just party affiliates? This is what’s happening right now. We’re pushing people further apart, making people take a side and rewarding for bad behavior.”

Anchor Maria Bartiromo said, “Real quick, I’ve got to ask you about your own public service. You’ve been in public service for 40 years. You told a radio interview this week that you will not be running for president. What are your plans? Will you run for re-election?” Manchin responded by saying, “Well, the bottom line is that was in talking back and forth to a dear friend of mine who said this minute, this time, and I said listen, my main concern to all of you and your viewers, how do we bring this country together. How do we make it work? How do we make Democrats and Republicans become Americans again and not just party affiliates.”

Bartiromo said, “Do you still identify as a Democrat?” Manchin said, “I identify as an American. I’m an American through and through.” Let’s be honest here, Manchin will identify as whatever it is that gives the best chance of getting re-elected. Bartiromo then asked, “Will you run for governor?” Manchin said, “I’m going to do whatever I can to help my country come together, and my state come together.” Manchin has demonstrated on more than a few occasions that he doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about working class Americans. We’re seen as being nothing other than a source of revenue to be tapped when needed to advance the leftist Democrat agenda.

Frankly, this country will never come together because Democrats have been working feverishly to divide us ever since ‘BO”s declared that it had now become necessary to “fundamentally transform the Unites States of America.” And in the process those who disagree have been called names, some have been arrested with threats being made against others, for simply trying to stand up to the destruction the Democrats have caused, and continue to cause, to this great country. We know that the Democrats lie just to push their agenda. They will never stop, and there is no way of communicating with them unless you go along with whatever it is that they say.

And why might it be that Manchin seems to be so hesitant about declaring himself to be a proud Democrat? Might it be because it’s his party than seeks to destroy our ‘Freedom of Speech,’ Freed of Religion as we all the right of the American people to ‘Keep and bear arms?’ And it is, primarily, his party that is flooding our country will millions of illegal immigrants and providing to them preferential treatment over the American people and replacing American workers with this cheap labor. And let’s not forget that he is also a member of the very same party that intent upon destroying this country’s energy sector. So, is that the kind of American Mr. Manchin is?

Manchin hales from a red state and as such must walk a tightrope where he says whatever he must to placate the folks back home, and votes as he is told to comfortable in the knowledge that when re-election time comes around the folks back home will have long forgotten his treachery. In the end, Manchin will vote with his party just like he did on the $1.7 trillion bogus “Build Back Better” after essentially being bribed to do so. A bill which was supposed to be for infrastructure. He was promised some pork by Schumer who only reneged on the deal, so again Manchin got nothing for stabbing the folks back home in the back. What a guy.  

Someone really does need to explain to Manchin that he can be either an American or a Democrat, he cannot be both. There are Americans, and there are Democrats. The two very rarely overlap, nor are they even allowed to. The commitment must be to the party, the country must always, ALWAYS, come second. Let’s just be perfectly truthful and clear, this country will NEVER be unified through, or because of, Washington, DC. The cesspool of corruption, back-room deals, and self-interests that is our nation’s capital is incapable of setting the example of working together. While some may go there with good intentions, they are nearly always corrupted.

And I would wager that out of the 535 members of Congress it’s less than 10 percent of them are true supporters of America. The vast majority are corporate and political prostitutes who long ago sold out the country for money and the allusion of power. Manchin is a fence straddler, a guy who votes like a Democrat, caucuses like a Democrat, and masquerades as a ‘moderate’ so the folks back home will keep him in office. In other words, he’s nothing more than your typical leftist liar. Party and Power comes first. Everything else, voting fraud, from fiscal irresponsibility, to immigration policy, to foreign policy, are all just the means to their tyrannical end.

I suppose it’s too much to hope for that the people of West Virginia can finally rid themselves of their blind loyalty to tradition and nostalgia. The kind that duped them into continually reelecting Klansman Robert Byrd. Manchin is next in line. They need to retire him and actually elect someone who represents them and their belief system. Manchin is only doing this because he’s facing re-election in a state that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. But don’t let him fool you, Manchin may sound a little less crazy than most in his party, but he is still very much one of them. All I need to know about this guy is how he caved when it really counted.


When it comes to those who have been working so very hard to convince Republican voters that anyone would be better than President Trump in 2024, it would seem that, for the most part, they’ve been lying low of late. Sure, a few diehards persist in arguing that there are better choices out there, but at least for the time being, most have either given up completely, recognizing that their ‘warnings’ seem to have fallen on deaf ears. But at the same time, I have no doubt that there are those playing what is nothing more than a wait and see game, waiting to see if President Trump actually does win the nomination before again popping out of their holes.

And the fact that President Trump maintains a double-digit lead in a hypothetical 2024 Republican primary field, according to a recent McLaughlin & Associates survey, may have something to do with that. The survey is said to have asked Republican voters, “Thinking ahead to the 2024 Republican primary election for President, if that election were held today among the following candidates, for whom would you vote?” Several potential candidates were listed, including Ron DeSantis, Willard Romney, Greg Abbott, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, and more. According to the survey, a plurality, 42 percent, support President Trump in the hypothetical 2024 primary.

And it was no other potential candidate that even came close. DeSantis falls 16 percent behind with 26 percent support of Republican primary voters. Nikki Haley, who announced her presidential bid last week, comes in at third place with just six percent support, Pence falls to fourth with five percent support, followed by Romney with three percent and Pompeo with two percent. No other potential candidate saw greater than two percent. Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who has also thrown his hat into the presidential ring, garnered just one percent support. When President Trump is taken out of the mix, DeSantis leads the pack with 35 percent support.

The survey also pitted President Trump against DeSantis in a head-to-head matchup and found President Trump besting the Florida governor by 18 percent, or 56 percent to 38 percent. The survey was taken February 17-23, 2023, and follows several other polls showing President Trump leading all of his potential challengers by double digits. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll survey, for example, showed President Trump leading DeSantis 43 percent to 31 percent, with no other candidate coming close. A January Premise Data poll also showed President Trump with a tremendous lead over his potential challengers: 59 percent to DeSantis’s 24 percent.

In 2020 President Trump set a record for receiving the most votes of any sitting president in U.S. history. Joey, in his multiple runs to be the Democrat nominee, had never gotten more than 5 percent of the vote until 2020. Look, we know Joey is a fraud, as well as a liar, and is not the legitimate *president, we just have to figure out a way to prevent Democrats from committing the same level of voter fraud we know took place in 2020, again in 2024. Even braindead Democrats must admit that President Trump has a proven track record as president. Comparatively speaking, Joey has been a zero. But then Joey has been a zero for half a century!

And I love it when I hear those claiming that if President Trump is the Republican nominee, Joey will ‘win’ again, and easily so. But clearly Joey didn’t ‘win’ the first contest, and if you still believe that he did then you continue to be part of the problem and will never part of the solution that America so desperately needs. Clearly Joey’s supposed victory was the result of what was voter fraud done on a massive scale and perpetrated by the Democrat Party with much help from our ‘fake news’ media as well as ‘Big Tech.’ There is no way that Joey would win a totally free and fair election. President Trump is the right man for the job!

And you have to wonder if the majority of Americans are even capable of thinking for themselves anymore? Our government-controlled public education system has produced multiple generations of ignorant, gullible ‘graduates”’ who possess neither a knack for critical thinking nor do they seem to possess any amount of commonsense. And it’s then that our so-called institutions of higher learning pick up where our public schools leave off. The result is that many of these graduates are today’s Democrat voters. The Left has, for decades now, been using public education and academia to brainwash our young into hating their own country. 

Finally, you would think that even the dumbest Democrat would be able to recognize the fact that this country is in dire straits. And you would need to be dumber still to believe that Joey got 15 million more votes than ‘BO’s record setting vote tally in 2008. He never had anything to offer America in 55+ years, other than deception. We don’t need talk, we need action. And we need someone who we know will do what he promises to do to address this country’s most pressing issues. We need a man who we know and trust. And the only man who meets that criterion, is President Trump. How much clearer can it be? Our enemies know him and our allies know him, no contest.


Nothing tells you better that Democrats, besides being some of the dumbest people on the planet, hate America and the freedom to all that it provides, than a recent poll that seems to show that Democrats are viewing a second presidential bid by Joey B more favorably. That’s according to a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll. According to this survey, 50 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents now believe they will have the best chance of winning the presidency in 2024 with *president Joey at the helm as the nominee. However, a significant portion, 45 percent, still believe Democrats are better suited with someone else.

And it’s according to this very same poll that 42 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents, if there is such a thing (which I doubt), believe that Republican’s have the best chance of defeating the Democrats in 2024 with President Trump leading the charge, while 54 percent believe they will have the best chance if they choose someone else. However, the 42 percent who believe President Trump serves as the best bet for Republicans to defeat Democrats in 2024 is up from the 35 percent in November. OK, just who is it that those among this 54 percent think would be better, when all we have to choose from the same batch of squishy RINOs?  

Joey is now 80, and he looks and acts like it. He’s a fucking embarrassment. And despite his having recently undergone a ‘medical exam’ with his ‘doctor’ deeming him “fit for duty” ahead of a prospective 2024 launch, he clearly is not. And I would question the medical credentials of any so-called medical professional who would make such an idiotic claim. He is, undoubtedly, a raving lunatic of a Democrat and likely supporter of Joey. I mean it has been in the age of the ‘Chinese virus’ that I have become much less likely to believe what I’m told by ANY medical professional. Where I once thought they genuinely cared about my health, now I’m not so sure.

And maybe Democrats seem to be warming up to Joey because at the end of the day the Democrat bench is made up of losers, liars, and thieves. But then the Republican bench is made up of nothing more than a bunch of RINOs who are, if we’re being honest, worse even than are the Democrats. Anyway, here we have Joey destroying the country faster than you would have thought possible, our economy is in a shambles, seven trillion more in debt, shooting down toy balloons with sidewinder missiles, millions pouring over our open borders, crime pouring out of the cities, on the verge of WW3, and we have Democrats saying, “Oh yeah!! I want MORE of THAT!”

Dopey Democrat voters seem completely unable, or unwilling, to connect the dots between Joey’s idiotic policies and our high inflation, high crime and open borders. Oh, and let’s not forget the nuclear war that this geriatric buffoon may yet start. But then with the job Joey has down so far, in the quest to destroy America, whom else would anti-American traitors, and haters of all things American, be interested in voting for? But then, as we have been told many times before, NEVER underestimate the ignorance, gullibility and JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY of the Democrat voter base. They are a rather unique group of brain dead people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Finally, I find it amazing that so many people would rather vote for the total destruction of this country than to vote Republicans. This country simply will not survive another four years of this! And what more proof do you need that being a Democrat is a mental disorder. The only people ‘warming’ up to Joey are the very same ones who want America to become nothing more than another ‘Third World,’ socialist, mob ruled ‘democracy.’ They held their nose to vote for him once, even knowing the Democrat Party platform was one of hate for America and her people. What Democrats promote now is ten times worse. The kicker? Many can’t wait to vote the same way again.


In clearly what was nothing more than a very weak attempt on his part to cover up his blatant ineptitude, Pete ‘Buttplug’ Buttigieg all but blamed President Trump for the recent toxic train derailment that occurred in Palestine, Ohio. But then why should we be surprised, after all, that’s what lying, scumbag Democrats always do. Buttigieg is another on what is a rather impressive list of those in our current administration who, from the top down, are not the least bit qualified for the positions that they hold. Joey’s entire cabinet consists of an odd assortment of leftist buffoons who seem to know not one iota about what it is that their current job entails.

All of which should make one wonder why they were chosen for their respective positions in the first place. It would seem that this entire administration is one giant clusterfuck. But I digress. So in getting back to Buttigieg, it was this past Thursday while paying a visit to MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by resident racist Joy Reid, that Buttigieg said that he thought it was rather “ironic” that President Trump chose to visit East Palestine, OH, in the aftermath of a train derailment that caused hazardous materials to leak into the environment, since it was he who had taken “down regulations” that we’re supposed to believe would have prevented this accident.

Reid asked, “You know, the sort of theatrics of Donald Trump being in Palestine were odd, but this is a community that voted overwhelmingly for him. The county that Palestine is in voted 71/29 for Donald Trump. I want you to reflect on the irony. In 2016, it was 68/26. This is a Trump county. What do you make of the fact he went there despite the fact the regulations he rolled back were partly responsible for this tragedy?” Buttigieg said, “It was definitely an ironic thing to do. You take down regulations, you water down regulations, you weaken the power of the administration to deal with freight railroad companies.”

He continued saying, “And then you show up wanting to be a great friend of the people who have been impacted by a rail disaster.” And he went on to add, “You know, this is somebody who, as far as I know, never went to a derailment site when one of those happens on his watch. And there were thousands — even ones with fatalities. Never even sent his Transportation Secretary to go. Now that it’s campaign season, I guess things are different. We were there to work. We were there to get things done.” I have no doubt that there will be those who agree with this twisted line of reasoning. Obviously, Ms. Reid is clearly eating this shit up.

So here we another attempt by a Democrat, with the aid of a supposed ‘journalist,’ to make it seem as if facts no longer matter. Because it’s these days that in politics (and this is most definitely political) it’s only the perception that seems to count. And the lie sets up the perception. Tell the lie often enough and loud enough, and before you know it the perception becomes reality. Democrats, starting with Bill Clinton, have long closely worked together with those in our ‘fake news’ media to perfect this little charade of theirs. Set the narrative. Get the talking points out to your ‘friends’ in the ‘fake news’ media who can then be counted on to spew them 24/7/365!

Someone really does need to tell Buttigieg he’s in his third year of being in charge. But then Democrats never take responsibility for their failed policies or their piss-poor performance. And this isn’t just one problem, it’s a trilogy of problems starting with the supply chains to canceled air flights to this train derailment with a whole town now feeling like they are being punished for having voting for President Trump. Buttigieg is an empty suit, hired for his gayness, and has no idea how to react in a timely way, other than to try to deflect blame. Buttigieg goes to Palestine to lie and make excuses, not to help solve the many problems associated with the derailment.

It’s absolutely shameful that it should take more than two weeks for him to even bother showing up for a rudimentary investigation and then try to cast blame because of his own ineptness. On top of that, who thought it was a good idea to dump these toxic chemicals into the ground without containment? These are the very things that fall under his purview, yet he chooses to make political attacks. And what regulations were changed that made things worse? How about some specifics, Pete! And at what point, I wonder, does this clown show of an administration become responsible for what happens on their watch, two years, three years? Perhaps never?

Instead, they seem to be saying that they’re powerless, which does not exactly inspire much confidence. And I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that if the shoe were on the other foot, and Donald Trump were President, if he didn’t show up the very next day in a HAZMAT suit and a shovel, those like Reid would have been on a 24/7 rant about how uncaring and incompetent he was. Reid epitomizes the way today’s ‘fake news’ media works. Instead of choosing to focus on actual facts, they base their ‘reporting’ on nothing more than rumors and innuendo. They toss softball questions to those like Buttigieg who have virtually no qualifications for actually doing their job.

This worthless little freak has a lot of nerve to criticize one of the few men in this country who has a record of many positive accomplishments as President, and continues his good works even now. And what is it that this pathetic little twerp ever done for anyone other than himself? He needs to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail and have the fear of God put in him so that he never shows his face in public again. Buttigieg is one of those slimy, arrogant, and utterly incompetent people who love their fancy job title and the prestige that comes with it, but he hates the actual task of doing his job. But then he is a Democrat, after all.


If I live to be 100 years old I will never be able to understand why it is that, after watching what Joey B has done, over the course of the last two years, in what has been his continuing effort to destroy this country, how there are still those willing to admit that they support the job he is doing as *president. And add to that the fact that even after watching Democrats in Congress aiding Joey in his effort to dismantle the very foundations of this country brick by brick, there are those who will still vote for them. I can’t help but wonder how anyone in their right mind remains willing to vote for ANY Democrat. It makes absolutely no sense to me. None!

The Democrat Party is an organization that counts among its members some of the most incompetent, corrupt, dishonest and, yes, evil people ever assembled. And yet, the American people continue to entrust its members with the running of their country. This despite the fact that, as a party, the Democrats have shown time and time again that they possess a very deep-seated hatred of it. But that seems not to matter in the least to many Americans for reasons I’ve yet figure out. I mean, how much must you hate your country to be willing to assist those who seek only to destroy it? What makes someone willing to live in misery just to assist the Democrats.

And why might it be that there remains so many Americans who seem to have virtually no qualms when it comes to willingly handing over to this odd assortment of sleazy characters the ability to dictate to them how it is that they must live their lives while, at the same time, those in charge are able to live their lives however they choose. Look, I totally get why roughly 40 percent of the American population vote for Democrats. The Democrats have been able to convince these people that the government is much better able to manage their dreary little lives and in exchange the government will gladly provide for all of their basic needs.   

As I have said before, the American people are literally surrounded by all manner of examples, right here at home, of what happens when you decide to put your trust in anyone who refers to themselves as being a proud member of the Democrat Party. For starters look at any big city in this country that is, and likely has been for decades, firmly under the control of Democrats. And when doing so what is it that you see? Do you see a thriving metropolis where citizens are safe, prosperous and happy, or do you see nothing more than a burned-out shell of a once proud city where people are afraid to venture out of their homes at night out of fear of not making it back.

And from our Democrat controlled cities we move to those states that are controlled by Democrats and we see that the nightmare only continues. For instance, look at the rather stark differences in how those states controlled by Democrats handled the ‘Chinese virus’ compared to how those states controlled by Republicans handled it. And then ask yourself which state you would have preferred to live in during the supposed ‘pandemic.’ If you have any amount of commonsense at all the answer to that question should be painfully obvious. I mean, simply compare how New York chose to address the pandemic to how Florida chose to address it.   

And from the states we move on to how the Democrats have impacted the country at the federal level. Look back at what has transpired in this country, over just the past 60 years or so, every time we have placed the Democrats in charge of running it. In fact, look how much the country has been made to change, and not for the better, over the course of just the last 26 months. On nearly every single level America has been made worse, and it has all been done by Democrats, and it has all been done on purpose. And still many Americans have simply chosen to look the other way. And why, do these Americans believe all that the Democrats say about this country?

So are there Americans who actually prefer to live in abject misery, ruled over by a collection of misfits who routinely call them names and who refer to their country as being the source of all evil on the planet? Clearly those in the Democrat Party hate this country and they want as many Americans as they can convince, to hate it too. And worse, the Democrats want Americans to hate each other as well, because that makes it all that much easier for them to control us, because that really is what Democrats are all about. Hate, Hate and even more Hate. Although, ask any Democrat and you be told it’s those who oppose Democrats that are the haters.

So in a time when Democrats should be laughed off from whatever platform they preach their hatred from, for some bizarre reason they are not, and many of them continue to be applauded. So much of the suffering that the American people are now being made to experience is self-inflicted. Energy prices remain high because Democrats want to leave oil in ground over ridiculous claims about bogus ‘climate change.’ And it’s the high cost of energy that adversely affects so many other things, from the cost of food because of transportation costs, to the ability to heat our homes during what has been an unseasonably cold winter, and so much more.

Democrats have all but ruined our public education system. No longer is the top priority the teaching of ‘the 3 Rs.’ Instead, the primary objective has become one of indoctrination, brainwashing our young into believing such things as the supposed dangers from bogus ‘climate change,’ that capitalism is bad and socialism is good, that just because you were born a boy, or a girl, that doesn’t mean that you are a boy or a girl. You can be whichever you want to be. That’s what’s being ‘taught’ in our public schools in 2023. And it’s because of the Democrats, and when parents voice their concern they are harassed by Joey’s Department of ‘Justice.’

And finally, it is not my point here to be an advocate for President Trump, and I only bring him up only because it was during his presidency that this country was shown to be the truly great country that it is. He made America energy independent for the first time in decades, his policies were responsible for a booming economy that brought about real wage growth to millions, especially for minorities and women. He rebuilt our military, made our southern border more secure than it had been in decades, he leveled the playing field as far as trade with China and had our NATO allies paying their fair share. And look where we are today under the Democrats.


And so, slinking out from his little hidey-hole, we now have yet another RINO declaring how it is time for us all to be moving on from President Trump but, as is usually the case, he is more than a little vague when it comes to, exactly, what we need to be moving on to. Most likely it would be moving back to a time when RINOs would tell us whatever was needed to get themselves elected before then doing whatever they wished once safely in office. And to that I respectfully say, “No thank you!” Perhaps all of these Trump hating RINOs should throw their hats into the ring and let the people decide if we need to be moving on from President Trump.

But no, as usual, they’re far too gutless to ever do something like that. They would rather spew their anti-Trump drivel while standing safely on the sidelines. And you really do have to wonder about the level of desperation exhibited by these RINOs when it comes to attacking President Trump. And the more they open their mouths, the less they make any kind of sense. Case in point would be RINO Governor, Chris Sununu. You see it was Sununu who, this past Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Special Report,” hosted by resident NeverTrumper Bret Baier, said that Americans were “moving on” from President Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

It was then that Sununu said, “The race for president hasn’t really started. No one’s really thinking that way. Remember, we’re just coming out of November of ’22. And, you and I are in this world talking about it all the time, but the average American, they’re dealing with inflation, they’re dealing with high housing prices, record debt at the household level.” He continued, “And look, my message to, about President Trump is we thank you for your service. Great, but we’re moving on. Americans are not in the mode of just settling. Right? We’re never going to say, ‘The best opportunity for tomorrow’s leadership is yesterday’s leadership.’”

He said, “We want the next generation. We want the next big idea.” I just don’t get this warped mentality that we see coming from these RINOs. So Sununu wants to go back to what, exactly? Trade deals that screw American workers? Wide open borders like we have now? So it would appear the Sununu prefers to keep things as they are right now! Anyway, Sununu went on to add, “The former president is kind of baked in. Either you are with him, or you are not. I don’t think anything’s going to get his poll numbers up. And as this race actually heats up and people start paying attention, there’s just going to be a lot of other options on the table.”

And then it was Baier who said, “And for the people who say the more candidates get in – if you choose to – the more the chances are that the former president shoots the gap and becomes the nominee?” And Sununu responded, “So here’s the key. I don’t care how many get in. You got to have the discipline to get out. And that’s what a lot of folks did not have in ’16.” Note to Sununu and the rest of the country club RINOs: Don’t include us in your editorial “We’re” crap! Many of us have already folded our tents and moved on from your kind. President Trump didn’t trample on people’s freedoms, and had effective policies that actually helped ALL Americans.

RINOs, like this jerk Sununu, like to call themselves conservatives but they most definitely are not. They do nothing more than push progressive policies, albeit a bit slower than Democrats on everyone, whether they’re wanted or not. RINOs like Sununu seem to have taken a page straight out of the Democrat playbook; repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and the sheep will eventually come to think it’s true. President Trump isn’t going anywhere. He will be the Republican nominee. And the Republican patriots on the ground (not in inside the beltway) are going to have to do everything in their power to see that the election process is as fair as possible.

Out here in the real world it’s going to be up to the citizens to decide for themselves as to whether, or not, it’s time to move on from President Trump. To be a RINO is to be blissfully delusional regarding your self-importance and relevance to those the real world. You can move whichever way you want Mr. Sununu, But WE are not moving anywhere. It is YOU who we are moving on from. We are fed up with you lying faux Republicans. Without a man like President Trump in the Oval Office our nation will continue to regress both economically as well as morally. And it’s become quite clear that the Democrats have no problem with that as do, apparently, the RINOs.

And those who make the claim that President Trump, as the Republican nominee, only increases the odds of Joey winning paint a pretty bleak picture of the American people, because if that is in fact the case then this country is already lost. President Trump, the man who made America energy independent, created a prosperous and growing national economy, secured our southern border, evened the playing field when it came to international trade and so much more. The Democrat agenda to hamper fossil fuel production screwed that all up. Inflation is the result, and the economy cannot sustain any meaningful growth. Is that what Sununu wants?

I feel pretty confident in saying that supporters of President Trump are not going anywhere. President Trump has already demonstrated what he can do and it is the removing of his policies that has put America in peril and making it into a shambles. He only has to show the plan, which he is doing, he doesn’t have to pump himself up or make promises because he’s already shown us that he keeps his promises. He not only keeps them, he kept in touch with us all though his presidency. The RINO power brokers are throwing everything out there in the hopes that something will finally stick. They just can’t deal with President Trumps connection to the people.

So, Mr. Sununu is free to move on if he wishes, that’s entirely up to him. But that said, there are MILLIONS of us who understand that President Trump is the only person who can destroy the rampant corruption in our government. People like Sununu who think they’re somehow entitled can go pound sand! For me, we have two choices; elect someone that will fight like Hell to get this nation headed in the right direction, or let the Democrats maintain power and increase the pain the nation feels to the point they are ready to standup and put an end to it. And those like Sununu do not speak for me, or the American people. I will be voting for President Trump.

All of these NeverTrumpers are the same, they think they can decide when President Trump is done. For folks who have been in politics their entire life they really have no clue about the political landscape. President Trump will be done when his supporters decide he’s done. Not when political punks like Sununu, Christie, Hogan or any other RINOs say so. Those buffoons have zero hold on the Republican Party. They have screwed over their constituents one too many times and their days are numbered. The shear audacity of these clowns that has them thinking they’re actually in a position to determine in which direction the party is going is laughable on its face.

And finally, I feel confident in saying that President Trump is not yet done. He earned his Presidency fighting in front of the American people. His second term will defeat the enemy from within and give the Republican Party a path forward. President Trump will show our children that freedom is NOT social justice but is, instead, the opportunity to succeed or fail according to the Constitution. He is the ONLY American that can get America back on track. It’s clear that 2016 was his time and his place just as 2024 will be. Others will choose to run, but they would better serve the county they claim to love so much by simply choosing to get behind President Trump.


Let me just say that I have never been a fan of Nikki Haley, I consider her to be nothing more than another backstabbing RINO not worthy of being trusted. She has never shown me that she is the conservative that she has long professed herself to be. Sure she has long managed, as she still does, to say all the right things but her words have not always matched her actions. And my opinion of her has not changed since she has declared herself to be a candidate for president, I’m just not that impressed by her, and certainly would never consider voting for her as president.

And I seem to recall that she once said that she would not run for president if President Trump chose to run, and yet here she is running for president against President Trump. So clearly, she is a liar, and if there is one thing we certainly do not need, it’s another president who is a liar. She has, with her own words, proven that she cannot be trusted and is running again a man, President Trump, who has demonstrated that he can be trusted. It’s no contest, and yet she persists. She is not what America needs at this time in our history, we need someone we can trust.

And so it was during an appearance this past Monday on FNC’s “The Story,” which hosted by another of the network’s NeverTrumpers, Martha MacCallum, that Haley, said she would “kick back” if attacked by President Trump, who is also a declared candidate for the nomination. MacCallum said, “All right, so you — I know you say that you’re not going to kick sideways, but we have seen Donald Trump on the debate stage, and I guarantee you he will kick sideways, and he will come after you.” And she said, “So — and you’re going to have to stand up to that.”

Haley replied saying, “And when I’m kicked, I kick back. When I’m kicked, I kick back.” Which prompted MacCallum to ask, “And what will your argument against him be?” Haley said, “Well, let’s wait and see if he’s got a criticism first,” Haley responded. ” He hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t said anything. So I know everybody wants to talk about Trump, but Martha, truly — and we had a couple of 1,000 people in South Carolina. We had packed rooms in New Hampshire. Not one person asked me about Donald Trump, not one. And now we’re in Iowa.”

And she went on to say, “People really want to talk about the issues.” And she said, “And I think that’s a lot of it. They’re done with the status quo. They’re done with talking about all the old-school things. They want to talk about how we’re going to go forward. And I think what we need to make sure we tell American families is, we’re going to stop this socialism creep that we’re seeing. We’re going to stop this defeatism that’s happened around our country. We’re going to make people stand for America again and be proud of America again. We want that for our kids.”

I can only assume that it must have been a pretty slow news day if Fox News was forced to once again attempting to start a controversy. Just another example of how they’ve turned into CNN. And Haley actually thinks President Trump is old-school and the status quo? Nothing like a RINO with TDS. When not playing the phony race and gender cards, Haley spews platitudes of gibberish. But I’m sure there will be those who try to ram her down our throats every day for the next year. And oddly enough, she keeps saying she wants to talk about the issues, but then rarely does.

And she claims that when she’s kicked, she kicks back. Would that be like when she caved to the scumbags of ‘Black Lives Matter’ over her state’s flag? She didn’t kick back then and, worse, she let them walk all over her. Haley needs to give it up. She ‘IS NOT’ presidential material. Haley will fold like a cheap suit to Communist China and the Left. And when she’s ignored as being completely irrelevant, she will attack and be sadly controversial and Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media will eat it up. And the Republicans that she needs will be annoyed and will dislike her even more.

And finally, for the life of me I just can’t figure out just what it might be that makes Nikki think she’s even qualified for the job she claims to want. Yes, she was a governor and President Trump did appoint her as an Ambassador to the U.N., an appointment she held for two years and then stepped down from. And as I recall she was another who chose to badmouth her boss on her way out the door. But anyway, beyond that what has she done that can be referred to as actual accomplishments? Because from where I’m sitting her resume is looking more than a little thin.


As someone who is now approaching the ripe old age of 71, I personally see nothing wrong with requiring those in public office to take some sort of competency test, when they reach a certain age, in order to either run for office or to remain in office once elected. Look, no one wants to admit that they’re getting older, and that they may not be quite as sharp as they once were. But it’s a fact of life, and no one is immune to the effects of age. Granted, there are those who are less affected than others and there are those who exhibit the ravages of age far sooner than do others.   

And it was during an appearance this past Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” hosted by bimbo Margate Brennan, that 81-year-old Bernie Sanders took great offense at Nikki Haley’s suggestion that politicians, over the age of 75, be made to take a competency test. He said such a suggestion was “absurd.” So according to Bernie, as long as you support the same things he does, you can be senile and incapacitated as and its cool. But if you’re someone like, say, Donald Trump then all bets are off and those like Sanders can demand that you prove you’ve not gone round the bend.

And it’s a partial transcript of the above mentioned exchange that follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Former ambassador Nikki Haley is running for President, as you know, and she said there should be a mandatory mental competency test for politicians older than 75. You’re 81. Do you take offense at that? Do you agree?

SANDERS: What did she mean? I don’t understand what- [laughs]. Yeah, no. I think that’s absurd. You know, there’s a level–

BRENNAN: Absurd.

SANDERS: Yeah, you know, we are fighting racism, we’re fighting sexism, we’re fighting homophobia, I think we should also be fighting ageism. Trust people, look at people and say, you know, this person is competent, this person is not competent. There are a lot of 40 year olds out there who ain’t particularly competent. Older people, you know, you look at the individual, I don’t think you make a blanket statement.

BRENNAN: Okay. So when it comes to the current president or the former president and their age range, it doesn’t concern you?

SANDERS: Look at what they do, what they believe in. What are they fighting for? What does Donald Trump stand for? Do you believe in that? Well, I certainly don’t. What does Joe Biden stand for? What is he doing? Has he accomplished- look at- look at him in that way, not on age.

Look, Joey clearly has some serious cognitive issues going on. He can no longer hide that fact and his family and handlers are doing him no favors by trying to square a circle. I find his expressions mirror that decline. It’s, more often than not, that he appears confused and a bit befuddled. For his family and staff to continually prop him up and speak in his behalf only confirms what the vast majority of Americans long ago concluded. He is not fit for the Presidency; he simply lacks the intellect to do the job. What few gains our country has attained are in spite of Joey, NOT because of him!

The American people deserve to know the truth when it comes to those in charge of leading this country regarding whether they are ‘all there’ or are suffering from some disqualifying medical condition. Sanders may think it’s absurd, but I wonder what all those who risk their lives under his command think about Joey’s mental health. And wasn’t Sanders one of those in the Democrat Party demanding that President Trump submit to a competency test? He did and he aced it. Bernie has been incompetent his entire life, which is why he’s been a politician for most of his adult life.

Of course Sanders doesn’t want any part of a competency test for politicians, he’s the poster boy of insanity and incompetency. If Sanders is so confident that Joey is in possession of all his marbles then why not just take such the test, if for no other reason than to be able to say, “There, I told you!” It’s like the Democrats claiming that the 2020 election was the most accurate in history and then turning around and fighting all the recounts? Why not allow all the recounts to take place to then be able to, again, prove that you’ve been right along, and that Joey DID win fair and square!

The U.S., as well as the world, are becoming more complicated. Social and economic issues are becoming more complicated. International relations constantly shift. I seriously doubt that few in our eldest generation have the perspective and the values to be able to shepherd the U.S. through this change. Granted, there are exceptions, but there’s nothing exceptional about Joey. His only strength seems to be his salesmanship because that’s what he’s constantly doing, selling Socialism. And mentally impaired people rarely know, or believe, that they are mentally impaired.

Competency tests could have prevented Joey from running for office as far back as 2008 and prevented Dianne Feinstein from running for election 10 years ago. Sanders worries that his mental competence is waning as it does for nearly every person of advanced age. How many people would be removed from government if we started expecting our politicians to be mentally competent, I can name about a dozen or two just off the top of my head. And oddly enough, they’re all Democrats. And I’m quite sure that it’s the very same names that come to mind for just about everyone.

And why should Sanders be offended? Politicians are, after all, employees, so please explain to me the difference between an employer demanding urine samples of its employees in order to prove its employees aren’t abusing drugs, and the government requiring mental competency of politicians over a certain age? It only makes sense. It’s like how some states require senior citizens over a certain age to take a driver’s test. If we had a mental competency test for older politicians, I have no doubt that more than a few who would like to run for office would be prevented from doing so.

Joey has destroyed the economy with his reckless, and inflationary, spending. He’s surrendered our national sovereignty by opening the southern border and allowing an invasion of 5 million illegal immigrants over two years. He has us on a path to WWIII in Europe. Not exactly the actions of a man who is not at least partially impaired. But then would cognitive tests be nothing more than a waste of time. Let’s say Joey volunteered to take one, would we be told the actual results of that test? Joey is clearly mentally deficient and yet was recently declared, “fit to serve.” Seriously?

Term limits would be an acceptable alternative,12 twelve years in the House and 18 in the Senate. That would eliminate many of these bums like Joey and Sanders. Being a member of Congress was never meant to be something made a career of. And it was not considered a mean by which someone could amass great wealth. It was supposed to be a means by which one could perform public service in the name of making America a better country. How many of today’s politicians, other than President Trump, seek election with the desire of making America better and more prosperous for all?


At a time when we’re supposed to believe our so-called medical professionals when it comes to everything from the safety of vaccines, that aren’t really vaccines, to a stroke patient being mentally fit to hold political office, when to even the most casual of observers he clearly was not, we’re still somehow expected to believe that Joey B is up to the rigors of being *president. Anyone who has a relative of advanced age knows that that is just a bunch of BS. And there is most certainly nothing special about Joey that would somehow make him immune to the effects of advanced age.

And as someone who has never been particularly bright, even in his younger days, Joey was already starting out well behind the intelligence power curve. And so is it any wonder that according to a recent Harvard Cap/Harris poll, released Friday, that it’s a majority of registered voters who doubt *president Joey’s mental fitness to serve as President after he was pronounced “fit to serve” upon a recent physical examination. And yet it was the Democrats, the RINOs and those in the ‘fake news’ media who told us that Trump wasn’t “presidential material” because of some tweets.

The poll asked respondents, “Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office?” Fifty-seven percent doubted Biden’s mental fitness to serve, while 43 percent said he is mentally fit. Notably, 66 percent of independents had doubts, yet 34 percent did not. Doubt about Joey’s mental capacity has ticked up over the past few months among Independents. In December, 64 percent of Independents doubted Joey’s mental fitness. Overall, 58 percent of respondents said they doubted his mental ability.

The poll also asked respondents, “Do you think Joe Biden is showing he is too old to be president or do you think he is showing he is fit to be president?” Sixty-three percent said he is too old, while 37 percent said he is not. Seventy-one percent of independents said he is too old, while 29 percent said he is not. The polling comes as the White House physician claimed on Thursday that the *president is fit to serve, going so far as to call him “fit for duty.” But Joey’s physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center appeared to not include a cognitive exam.

And so it would seem that the requirements for president have now been reduced to a test of Joe’s ability to stand, sit, have regular bowel movements, and to speak, albeit incoherently at times. If you can’t see that Joey is seriously demented, then you don’t WANT TO see that he’s seriously demented. There will always be a portion of the population that can be fooled most of the time. Anyone thinking that Joey is “fit for duty” falls into that category. Other world leaders are making fun of him yet people in this country can’t see the truth. What a pathetic life they must lead.

The fact that we’re even having this conversation is terrifying. The fact that such a large percentage of Americans are willing to lie to themselves that this man is in any way competent is a testament to public education. It is so patently obvious to the average person that Joey has some severe mental problems along with his physical disabilities, yet this ‘Doctor’ says that everything is fine with Joey. Joey, the man with the nuclear codes and who could authorize actions that could essentially bring an end to this country, no less the world, and this ‘Doctor’ says he’s “fit to serve.”

It doesn’t matter what you tell me if I don’t believe anything that you say. This was never about his ability to act as President, this election was stolen and a shuffling cadaver was installed as *president so that the ‘permanent bureaucratic state’ could continue its reign and wage economic and biological control over the middle class unimpeded by any elected representatives of “We the People.” And the fact that Joey not only intends to complete his term but run again in 2024, simply defies common sense and is an affront to the Office of President of the United States.

He should be checked by panel of physicians not affiliated with neither donors or the Democrat Party. Anyone who has watched Joey lose track of what he’s reading off a teleprompter, ramble incoherently or tell stories that were long ago proven to be false and still thinks he’s mentally competent to lead a Scout troop, let alone the U.S., needs to have their OWN mental competence checked. Many of his supporters argue that, “He’s always been like that.” Joey was incompetent as a Senator and amazingly incompetent as Vice President. And he is nor competent to be President.

If our government controlled public school system hadn’t turned us into a nation of simple-minded dumb-shits, Americans would have seen well before the 2020 presidential election that Joey B is not in charge of himself, he’s simply too stupid. Obviously, people with sinister agendas have been, and continue to be, manipulating him and they do not have the best interests of the American people, or of this ‘Constitutional Republic’ in mind. Personally, I’m embarrassed that so many Americans have become so stupid. But I seem to be in the minority in that regard.

But it should not be an age issue, it should be a competency issue. Joey is clearly not competent, and neither is Harris competent. Neither should hold the office that they currently do. The Democrats screamed that President Trump was incompetent and he took a cognitive test, aced it, and then made the results public. Why aren’t the Republicans now demanding that Joey do the same? I fear that the country will not survive another two more years under the shuffling, stumbling, press dodging confused grandpa that we currently have residing in the White House.


And so it was, with more than a hint of disappointment in his voice, that failed presidential candidate Willard Romney told reporters, this past Wednesday, that it would appear that President Trump will likely end up being the Republican nominee for president in 2024, and that a potential wide field of candidates will only improve his chances. It was then that Willard said, “I think President Trump is by far the most likely to become our nominee.” And he added, “If there’s an alternative to that, it would be only realistic if it narrows down to a two-person race at some point.” Personally, I just don’t see that happening. I see President Trump winning in blowout.

Anyway, Willard’s comment came the day after that RINO Nikki Haley, who is essentially Jeb Bush in a dress, launched her 2024 presidential campaign, joining President Trump. Willard continued saying, “There’s always a personal interest on the part of the campaign — particularly the campaign staff, and consultants, as well as the candidate — to stay in. And to say, ‘Hey, look, I came in second. So I’m the person that really ought to get the nomination four years from now.’” And he said, “And so it really is up to the donors and and other influence people that know the candidate, his family or her family, to say, ‘Hey, time to move on.’”

Willard has been widely critical of President Trump for some time now, even going so far as to twice work with Democrats in the attempt to impeach him. If President Trump wins the nomination, Willard told reporters he will continue work against President Trump in the general election. “I won’t be supporting President Trump.” And who’s surprised to hear that. And it is that that is precisely the reason that President Trump will, in fact, be the 2024 Republican nominee for president. If President Trump wins the nomination, Willard told reporters he will continue work against Trump in the general election. “I won’t be supporting President Trump.”

And while Willard also noted that he would not support *president Joey against President Trump in a 2024 rematch, it would be by choosing not to support President Trump, in what will most likely be a very vocal fashion, that that’s exactly what he would be doing, and he knows it. I’m thinking that Willard has finally come to the realization that there is no RINO candidate wannabe who can beat President Trump. But what does worry me is the fact that one of these very same wannabe’s will choose to run in the general election as an Independent which would virtually guarantee a Joey victory. And I wouldn’t put it past Willard to do just that.

RINO Willard, always ready willing and available to speak about his hatred of President Trump. Perhaps a reporter should try asking him about what legislation it might be that he has authored, or worked to pass, that actually helps working class Americans. But that would likely make him run from the camera. Because short of serving as a great fool for the Democrats, he has performed no worthy service to American people. Not one! Willard is the most bitter and most jealous man on Earth. More so even than John Kasich. He would not have the slightest qualm about sinking the entire Republican Party, and the entire U.S. economy just so Trump wouldn’t win.

There can be no doubt that both Willard’s actions and criticisms of President Trump are both gratuitous and personal. But clearly, Willard resides comfortably inside the Washington DC bubble, another RINO clearly out of touch with the electorate. Like every other RINO he continues to miss the reason why President Trump resonated with the American people in the first place. Maybe the goal of those of us that are disgusted with Republicans should be to explain why they should set aside their petty differences and try to understand that they are endangering their very existence by continuing to subvert President Trump. Their fate as a party lies in their own hands.

Put simply, the American people want elected ‘leaders’ that have our best interests at heart. They want their politicians to adhere to fiscal conservatism, protect our borders, and commit to trade policy that doesn’t favor predatory Marxist and government subsidized socialist states. We are a debtor nation now on the verge of bankruptcy. President Trump understood that we the people are not stupid, and that we understand that basic fact. And so it would seem that RINOs like Willard have a decision to make, and it’s a rather simple one really. For the good of the country, as well as for the good of their party, it’s time to get onboard or to step aside.

I will be voting for President Trump in in both the primary election and the general. If for no other reason than to poke a hot iron into the eyes of all the government leeches like Willard. Look, we all know that Willard is UNIPARTY through and through. He is part of the DC cabal, and they hate President Trump who Americans elected as an outsider because they were tired of being lied to over and over again. And that is simply not to be tolerated. Joey was fraudulently installed as *president and was not the winner in 2020 over President Trump. And despite the fact that he’s destroying America, those like Willard would still rather have Joey then President Trump.