At a time when we’re supposed to believe our so-called medical professionals when it comes to everything from the safety of vaccines, that aren’t really vaccines, to a stroke patient being mentally fit to hold political office, when to even the most casual of observers he clearly was not, we’re still somehow expected to believe that Joey B is up to the rigors of being *president. Anyone who has a relative of advanced age knows that that is just a bunch of BS. And there is most certainly nothing special about Joey that would somehow make him immune to the effects of advanced age.

And as someone who has never been particularly bright, even in his younger days, Joey was already starting out well behind the intelligence power curve. And so is it any wonder that according to a recent Harvard Cap/Harris poll, released Friday, that it’s a majority of registered voters who doubt *president Joey’s mental fitness to serve as President after he was pronounced “fit to serve” upon a recent physical examination. And yet it was the Democrats, the RINOs and those in the ‘fake news’ media who told us that Trump wasn’t “presidential material” because of some tweets.

The poll asked respondents, “Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his fitness for office?” Fifty-seven percent doubted Biden’s mental fitness to serve, while 43 percent said he is mentally fit. Notably, 66 percent of independents had doubts, yet 34 percent did not. Doubt about Joey’s mental capacity has ticked up over the past few months among Independents. In December, 64 percent of Independents doubted Joey’s mental fitness. Overall, 58 percent of respondents said they doubted his mental ability.

The poll also asked respondents, “Do you think Joe Biden is showing he is too old to be president or do you think he is showing he is fit to be president?” Sixty-three percent said he is too old, while 37 percent said he is not. Seventy-one percent of independents said he is too old, while 29 percent said he is not. The polling comes as the White House physician claimed on Thursday that the *president is fit to serve, going so far as to call him “fit for duty.” But Joey’s physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center appeared to not include a cognitive exam.

And so it would seem that the requirements for president have now been reduced to a test of Joe’s ability to stand, sit, have regular bowel movements, and to speak, albeit incoherently at times. If you can’t see that Joey is seriously demented, then you don’t WANT TO see that he’s seriously demented. There will always be a portion of the population that can be fooled most of the time. Anyone thinking that Joey is “fit for duty” falls into that category. Other world leaders are making fun of him yet people in this country can’t see the truth. What a pathetic life they must lead.

The fact that we’re even having this conversation is terrifying. The fact that such a large percentage of Americans are willing to lie to themselves that this man is in any way competent is a testament to public education. It is so patently obvious to the average person that Joey has some severe mental problems along with his physical disabilities, yet this ‘Doctor’ says that everything is fine with Joey. Joey, the man with the nuclear codes and who could authorize actions that could essentially bring an end to this country, no less the world, and this ‘Doctor’ says he’s “fit to serve.”

It doesn’t matter what you tell me if I don’t believe anything that you say. This was never about his ability to act as President, this election was stolen and a shuffling cadaver was installed as *president so that the ‘permanent bureaucratic state’ could continue its reign and wage economic and biological control over the middle class unimpeded by any elected representatives of “We the People.” And the fact that Joey not only intends to complete his term but run again in 2024, simply defies common sense and is an affront to the Office of President of the United States.

He should be checked by panel of physicians not affiliated with neither donors or the Democrat Party. Anyone who has watched Joey lose track of what he’s reading off a teleprompter, ramble incoherently or tell stories that were long ago proven to be false and still thinks he’s mentally competent to lead a Scout troop, let alone the U.S., needs to have their OWN mental competence checked. Many of his supporters argue that, “He’s always been like that.” Joey was incompetent as a Senator and amazingly incompetent as Vice President. And he is nor competent to be President.

If our government controlled public school system hadn’t turned us into a nation of simple-minded dumb-shits, Americans would have seen well before the 2020 presidential election that Joey B is not in charge of himself, he’s simply too stupid. Obviously, people with sinister agendas have been, and continue to be, manipulating him and they do not have the best interests of the American people, or of this ‘Constitutional Republic’ in mind. Personally, I’m embarrassed that so many Americans have become so stupid. But I seem to be in the minority in that regard.

But it should not be an age issue, it should be a competency issue. Joey is clearly not competent, and neither is Harris competent. Neither should hold the office that they currently do. The Democrats screamed that President Trump was incompetent and he took a cognitive test, aced it, and then made the results public. Why aren’t the Republicans now demanding that Joey do the same? I fear that the country will not survive another two more years under the shuffling, stumbling, press dodging confused grandpa that we currently have residing in the White House.


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