And so it was, with more than a hint of disappointment in his voice, that failed presidential candidate Willard Romney told reporters, this past Wednesday, that it would appear that President Trump will likely end up being the Republican nominee for president in 2024, and that a potential wide field of candidates will only improve his chances. It was then that Willard said, “I think President Trump is by far the most likely to become our nominee.” And he added, “If there’s an alternative to that, it would be only realistic if it narrows down to a two-person race at some point.” Personally, I just don’t see that happening. I see President Trump winning in blowout.

Anyway, Willard’s comment came the day after that RINO Nikki Haley, who is essentially Jeb Bush in a dress, launched her 2024 presidential campaign, joining President Trump. Willard continued saying, “There’s always a personal interest on the part of the campaign — particularly the campaign staff, and consultants, as well as the candidate — to stay in. And to say, ‘Hey, look, I came in second. So I’m the person that really ought to get the nomination four years from now.’” And he said, “And so it really is up to the donors and and other influence people that know the candidate, his family or her family, to say, ‘Hey, time to move on.’”

Willard has been widely critical of President Trump for some time now, even going so far as to twice work with Democrats in the attempt to impeach him. If President Trump wins the nomination, Willard told reporters he will continue work against President Trump in the general election. “I won’t be supporting President Trump.” And who’s surprised to hear that. And it is that that is precisely the reason that President Trump will, in fact, be the 2024 Republican nominee for president. If President Trump wins the nomination, Willard told reporters he will continue work against Trump in the general election. “I won’t be supporting President Trump.”

And while Willard also noted that he would not support *president Joey against President Trump in a 2024 rematch, it would be by choosing not to support President Trump, in what will most likely be a very vocal fashion, that that’s exactly what he would be doing, and he knows it. I’m thinking that Willard has finally come to the realization that there is no RINO candidate wannabe who can beat President Trump. But what does worry me is the fact that one of these very same wannabe’s will choose to run in the general election as an Independent which would virtually guarantee a Joey victory. And I wouldn’t put it past Willard to do just that.

RINO Willard, always ready willing and available to speak about his hatred of President Trump. Perhaps a reporter should try asking him about what legislation it might be that he has authored, or worked to pass, that actually helps working class Americans. But that would likely make him run from the camera. Because short of serving as a great fool for the Democrats, he has performed no worthy service to American people. Not one! Willard is the most bitter and most jealous man on Earth. More so even than John Kasich. He would not have the slightest qualm about sinking the entire Republican Party, and the entire U.S. economy just so Trump wouldn’t win.

There can be no doubt that both Willard’s actions and criticisms of President Trump are both gratuitous and personal. But clearly, Willard resides comfortably inside the Washington DC bubble, another RINO clearly out of touch with the electorate. Like every other RINO he continues to miss the reason why President Trump resonated with the American people in the first place. Maybe the goal of those of us that are disgusted with Republicans should be to explain why they should set aside their petty differences and try to understand that they are endangering their very existence by continuing to subvert President Trump. Their fate as a party lies in their own hands.

Put simply, the American people want elected ‘leaders’ that have our best interests at heart. They want their politicians to adhere to fiscal conservatism, protect our borders, and commit to trade policy that doesn’t favor predatory Marxist and government subsidized socialist states. We are a debtor nation now on the verge of bankruptcy. President Trump understood that we the people are not stupid, and that we understand that basic fact. And so it would seem that RINOs like Willard have a decision to make, and it’s a rather simple one really. For the good of the country, as well as for the good of their party, it’s time to get onboard or to step aside.

I will be voting for President Trump in in both the primary election and the general. If for no other reason than to poke a hot iron into the eyes of all the government leeches like Willard. Look, we all know that Willard is UNIPARTY through and through. He is part of the DC cabal, and they hate President Trump who Americans elected as an outsider because they were tired of being lied to over and over again. And that is simply not to be tolerated. Joey was fraudulently installed as *president and was not the winner in 2020 over President Trump. And despite the fact that he’s destroying America, those like Willard would still rather have Joey then President Trump.


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