Well, as they say, better late than never, I suppose. Because it would seem that more Americans are finally waking up and beginning to recognize the fact that old Tony Fauci is little more than a fraud and a quack. Too bad they were so slow to realize that or there might now be thousands, if not may hundreds of thousands, of Americans still alive today. But nope, it was this mad scientist who Americans allowed themselves to be convinced was the guy who was going to save them. But instead, this so-called savior of mankind viewed those very same Americans as being nothing more than lab rats and as a way to make for himself a great deal of money. 

But word now comes that some of the shine has now worn off of America’s favorite mad scientist. Some new polling numbers now that make quite clear that Tony has fallen out favor with many Americans. You see, it’s now a plurality of voters who believe that he’s nothing more than a liar who should be forced to resign. After the revelation last week that Fauci lied under oath about giving our mortal enemies in China funding for gain of function research, his public credibility landed squarely in the toilet. And it’s after all the other disgusting stuff that recently came out about this guy, that makes me wonder why he hasn’t yet been strung up by his gonads?  

Rasmussen recently asked 1,000 likely voters a series of questions about Fauci and his myriad of controversies. These two questions are the most revealing. Respondents were asked, “Do you believe Dr. Anthony Fauci told the truth about U.S. government funding for gain-of-function research?” To which only 33 percent said they believe that he told the truth, while a plurality of 49 percent say he lied. They were also asked, “Should Fauci be forced to resign?” Only 40 percent said no, while a plurality of 46 percent said yes. A third question shows that the government and media’s attempt to cover up the lab leak theory failed rather badly.

You see, respondents were asked, “How likely is it that COVID-19 was originated in a Chinese laboratory?” And it was 71 percent who said it is “very” (49 percent) or “somewhat” (22 percent) likely, while a mere 16 percent said it was “not very” (10 percent) or “not at all” (6 percent) likely. There is just no question the public has lost confidence in Fauci, the current head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and ‘Creepy Joe’s chief medical advisor. He’s been a walking punch line for months now, and the only reason the White House and media continue to put him out there is to dissuade Trump supporters from getting vaccinated.

You see, it’s the organized left that wants Trump supporters to die, to remain unvaccinated, and using Fauci as the face of the virus is the perfect way to kill off Trump supporters. The White House and Democrats understand that Fauci is the last person anyone on the right will listen to. After all, Fauci is a mad scientist who tortures and murders puppies and monkeys. He’s also a neurotic mess who said Christmas might have to be canceled, and on the following day said never mind. He also lied about being taken out of context. Fauci is a mean, little, lying piece of trash who should have been given the hook more than a year ago.

Fauci is responsible, at least in part, for millions of deaths around the world. He must be made to pay. But that said, I wouldn’t hold my breath that he will ever be made to pay for his many crimes. While he should be arrested, charged, tried, found guilty and incarcerated, it’s likely that nothing will ever be done to make him pay for all that he has done. He should also lose his golden parachute of a pension, but I’m pretty that that’s unlikely to happen as well. Criminals, like Fauci, will always be celebrated by Democrats and therefore will never be prosecuted. They are hailed as heroes, their crimes ignored while it’s their accusers who are treated like criminals.

I don’t think that Fauci ever viewed his job as one of providing actual facts to the American people. It was, and continues to be, about subterfuge. Fauci out and out lied and manipulated information from the very moment that this plandemic began. I often think his role was to create the most confusion possible. He knew what this virus was, and he knew exactly where it had come from on day one. It’s human nature to want to believe that people are basically good. So at first, most people genuinely wanted to believe the good doctor, but it wasn’t long before his statements seemed to contradict one another, causing many to question what they were hearing.

Fauci should have gotten out while the getting was good, but he got addicted to the spotlight and he got greedy. And as this plandemic continues, the more we’ve come to find out about this guy, with some of it being pretty unsavory. He had to have known his rather nasty side would eventually see the light of day, but for whatever the reason he couldn’t quite bring himself to abandon fame and fortune. He’s not going to go willingly, of that there can be no doubt. He’s going to need to be forcibly removed, but who is it in our current administration who supports to doing that? ‘Creepy Joe?’ Hardly. Does any Democrat support doing such a thing? No!

And so, America is now under the control of a bunch of very hateful people. Americans had better wake up and soon or we will lose our country forever. Most Americans just want to be left alone and so they tend to allow much of what those in charge are doing go unchallenged. But the madness that surrounds us must now be challenged, it can not be allowed to continue. And it is commanding those of us who want nothing more than to be left alone to take action. We must all try to alter the course of our country, and we can start by viewing this plandemic for exactly what it is. As means of control the likes of which we have never seen before.


Who would have ever thought, back in the beginning, that there would come a day when the network that not only claimed to be ‘Fair and Balanced,’ but actually was, would become unrecognizable to the point where it would be impossible to tell the difference between it and other supposed ‘news’ networks like CNN and MSDNC? But then again, with their current cast of characters I don’t suppose that it should come as that much of a surprise. And it’s one of those characters that is none other than Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera. As many already know old Jerry has a habit of shooting off his big mouth and proving he’s nothing other than a raging buffoon.

Anyway, it was on Wednesday that Rivers, the new resident leftwing loon on Fox News’ “The Five,” replacing Juan Williams, accused Republican senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton of being “nasty” and disrespectful to Attorney General Merrick Garland during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Rivers said, “I have to say, watching Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, they’re so nasty, so snarly. They make my skin crawl. It really is. The way they were so disrespectful. And Tom Cotton? That attack just now? That doesn’t make Tom Cotton look like a real serious senator. That looks like an ideological warrior trying to score a cheap point.”

Rivers went on to say, “I do remember. They were getting back at Merrick Garland, who had nothing to do with the Kavanaugh hearings.” And it was co-host Katie Pavlich who then said, “It makes my skin crawl the calling for the DOJ to be politicized to go after everyday parents for daring to question their school board members that they elect.” And it was Rivers who then whined, “What about children watching the Senate in action? Where is Jimmy Stewart? “as low down and dirty as it gets.” It was Jesse Watters who then piped up and said, “You have not been paying attention.” Rivers declared, “I have been plenty paying attention.” But clearly, he has not.

And isn’t it odd that whenever Democrats asked Garland a question, he knew all the details, but when Republicans asked him a simple question he fumbled and mumbled and said, “I cannot disclose information about this case, or I haven’t heard about this happening.” The same lying answers the liars always use, “I don’t recall, or blah, blah, blah.” Unreal he claimed he hadn’t heard about the rape of the young girl by the tranny. Now we know why ‘BO’ was so determined to get this Commie on the Supreme Court. He’s toxic to our nation. Hawley, Cotton and Cruz were spot on and showed America what a lying, usurper of our Constitution this creep really is.

And who doesn’t think that parents who pay property taxes that support their public schools don’t have every right to know exactly what their children are being taught? Perhaps those parents who don’t want their kids in public schools should not be made to pay those property taxes and be allowed to send their kids to private schools. Elected school officials need to be held accountable and they should be forced to answer to the parents who are paying their salaries. Rivers is as smart as he is tall. Direct questions, demand direct answers. Garland was not forthcoming. Government no longer respects the limits placed upon it by the Constitution.

And can I just say that the only thing worse than having this guy where he currently is, would be to have him on the Supreme Court. What a nightmare scenario that would have been. Garland’s daughter and son-in-law are in the business of pushing CRT education and publishing materials to push that propaganda in our schools. Garland knows about that case, and he should recuse himself from anything and everything about schools, because of that fact. He is enabling the destruction of children’s minds and self-worth, by promoting CRT through his own family ties. He needs to resign or be forced to resign. The conflict of interest is disgusting.

And he should be aware of why the parents, those he refers to as terrorists, are actually upset. Also, in that case, the father of the rape victim is being made out to be some kind of out-of-control parent they need to be protected from, when in actuality they were vilifying him to cover up for the rape of his daughter. It has direct bearing on the Garland’s DOJ falsely accusing parents of being domestic terrorists. These school boards don’t like the pushback they’re getting, and Garland should know why that pushback is occurring. That’s part of the facts surrounding the case. That didn’t happen in a vacuum and the rape case and cover up are absolutely relevant.

In getting back to Jerry, his ‘outrage’ is seriously selective to say the least. He gets very personal in his objections to words and actions of those who are not his fellow Leftists, but oh-so-general and limited to the specific words and actions of Leftists without ever criticizing those Leftists by name. A curious shading and devious favoring of the Left. For one who so seriously favors the Left, his sanctimony rings pretty hollow. Judge Kavanaugh was raked over the coals and accused of being a sexual predator in front of his wife and children. Asking Garland questions about his job is hardly the equivalent. Rivers and his selective virtue signaling makes ‘MY’ skin crawl!

Rivers apparently assumes that there are those who actually care what he thinks, not realizing that most people view him as a stooge. He assumes that what he has to say is important. However, it’s in my world, that he’s nothing more than a loudmouth. I could care less what he thinks. He turned on MY president, Donald Trump, and made abhorrent remarks about him after claiming that he supported President Trump. Rivers is a fraud like so many others who claim to be Republicans. He can go straight to Hell. He’s no longer credible regarding any topic he may wish to discuss. He spews nothing but nonsense, and he rarely, if ever, makes even a lick of sense.

And so poor little Jerry had his feelings hurt. While Garland is further weaponizing the DOJ and FBI into the strong arm of the DNC, a handful of conservatives finally take a stand and verbally lay into him. Apart from that tongue lashing, nothing else is going to happen because that’s all the Republicans can do. The Democrat Party is corrupt and the Republicans are pathetically soft and inept. And where was Rivers when the Democrats disrespected, impeached, assaulted and lied about President Trump, and continue to attack and blame him for everything wrong in America. They never gave him an once of credit for anything he accomplished, pretty much all by himself.

Rivers has a rather nasty temper combined with a big mouth. Garland deserved everything word he got. Jerry hasn’t had anything positive to contribute to anything, since he was kicked out of Afghanistan, during the period of heavy fighting, when he mapped out, ON AIR, in the sand, the location of the 101st Airborne, the military division, with which he was embedded. He has all the brainpower of a No. 2 pencil!!! Contrary to what Jerry would like us all to believe, Garland is a nasty, vengeful, little communist who is owed no respect from anyone. He is a disgusting human being, and one that has no business being in the position in which he has been placed.  

What is there to respect? Garland is nothing but your typical arrogant, hypocritical, leftwing bureaucrat who thinks he’s some kind of a genius who has all the answers. I cannot believe that Jerry genuinely believes that Garland would be impartial if he were on the Supreme Court. Garland looked to be a political hack then and he has been proven to be a hack today. We need to be able to trust our government. Many don’t and for good reason. This memo was meant to be a threat to the parents of our children. How un-American is that?  Garland is nothing more than a far-left appointed bureaucratic liberal hack with no concept of the definition of liberty or freedom.


So how about we just cut to the chase right here and now, and say what we all know to be true. That Democrats are nothing more than a pack of liars who cannot be trusted. And not only that, Democrats are incapable of telling the truth. And it’s not just one or two of them, or even a few, it’s every damn one of them! And they do it because they know they’ll get away with it and because there’s no one in our ‘news’ media who will ever expose them or their endless string of lies. And it’s whenever someone on the other side tries to expose the liars that they are then attacked with a vengeance by those in our ‘watchdog’ media. It’s all pretty disgusting.

And yet Democrats have the nerve to complain that the media somehow treats them so unfairly. Which brings me to our old buddy, ‘Little Dick’ Durbin. You see, it was ‘Little Dick’, during Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” who, in responding to a question on how Democrats are addressing concerns about the economy and inflation, complained about how he wished reporting would mention that the reconciliation bill is paid for. It was co-host John Berman who asked, “How are Democrats addressing what are growing concerns among the American people, A. about the economy, but B. about inflation and prices, just getting out of this pandemic?”

‘Little Dick’ responded, “Well, I wish that reporting would include the fact, as the president said in his visit to New Jersey, we’re paying for this. What we’re doing, a trillion dollars-plus whatever it happens to be, is being paid for. And we’re doing it by changing the tax code and making sure that those making over $400,000 a year are paying their fair share of taxes, along with corporations, which are immensely profitable and are not paying any federal taxes. Those are things –.” Berman then cut in to ask ‘Little Dick’ if he knows how the bill is being paid for. ‘Little Dick’ then proceeded to cite the two examples he gave.

Paid for? Seriously? That’s just too funny. Apparently, Democrats think we’re all so stupid that we will actually believe that they are somehow going to be able to magically pay for something like $5 Trillion in spending by making a few thousand people pay their “fair share?” Last year it was 61 percent of Americans who paid ZERO in federal taxes. Is that their “fair share?” And how is that in any way ‘equitable’ and ‘fair’? And why is it that those of us who make up the other 39 percent have to pay for the 61 percent who get away with paying absolutely nothing? I’m a firm believer that everyone should pay something, no one deserves a free ride, no one.

But ‘Little Dick’ is right in one sense, I suppose. The spending of $3.5 trillion will be paid for alright, by those of us in that 39 percent along with our children, and our children’s children, and our children’s, children’s, children. Despite a razor thin majority in both houses of Congress these recklessly out of control Democrats are on a spending binge of biblical proportions. A spending spree the likes of which that has never been seen before. And they have no compunction whatsoever about handing the bill to the next five generations to pay for because they’ll be long gone and couldn’t care less about the burden they’re placing on America’s future generations.

It’s important for everyone to realize that the federal government makes no money. It makes no product or provides no service that provides it with revenue. The government’s sole source in revenue is we the taxpayers. And no matter what tax level they make corporations pay, it will always be passed on to we the consumers who buy their products or purchase the services they provide. Corporations never pay taxes, they’re simply rolled into the cost of the goods sold or the cost of the services provided. It’s all pretty simply really. Democrats refuse to admit that in the end it’s the consumers who actually end paying the tax bill of corporations.

Only a Democrat member of Congress would ever say such an idiotic thing, and with a straight face no less. These people go to Washington and then proceed to suck everything they can out of taxpaying citizens. And of course, they exempt themselves from the laws we’re all forced to follow, they vote to give themselves raises, they make fortunes from insider trading from opportunities created by the legislation they create. They have no experience in running anything other than a campaign and collecting money from special interest groups. Our country is now over 29 Trillion dollars in debt and it seems not to matter to them! It’s reckless and irresponsible.

And it’s as funny as it is sad and pathetic. These politicians think they can convince voters that this monstrosity truly is ‘free.’ We don’t have a say in any of this and we certainly don’t get a vote on it. This is simply politicians lobbying other politicians. And in the end, all of the politicians win, just like they always do. The rest of us get screwed and then we’ll be the ones to get the blame when this whole “But it’s free…paid for…No Cost!” thing fails to materialize. If you’re a Republican, you’re blamed for voting against McConnell and his approved list of Republican politicians. And if you’re a Democrat, it was the even Republicans who sabotaged your plans.

Finally, career politicians don’t have a clue about the real world and what it takes to live within one’s means. It’s always easier to be spending someone else’s money. ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘Little Dick’ are exemplars of wishful thinking Democrats who want to spend so badly they wet their pants just dreaming about all of the programs they can fund or enhance with borrowed money that NEVER gets repaid. Whether it’s courtesy of wishful thinking on their part, the actual belief in this nonsense, or it’s a ploy to create more power for themselves, Democrats continue to claim that costly government programs can solve everything for everybody. But they can’t.


There lies at the bottom of shallow end of the gene pool, commonly referred to as today’s Democrat Party, a group of individuals who are not only dishonest, but who are also extremely corrupt, racist and known for being not particularly bright. And it’s nearly every time that any of one of them opens his, or her, mouth that they leave virtually no doubt about just how dishonest, how racist and how ignorant they truly are. All of which brings me to one of the lesser-known buffoons by the name of Bennie Thompson. Now granted, you may have never actually heard of this boob, after all I doubt very much that anyone outside of his district has even ever heard of him.

And for whatever bizarre reason he was brought on to make an appearance on this past Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” on the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) and hosted by Margaret Brennan, one of the many resident airheads at that network. Apparently, the thinking was that since Thompson currently serves as the chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol, he might actually have something relevant to say. But such was not the case as he did nothing more than to spew his well-rehearsed talking points and repeatedly claim that the attack was in some way premeditated by President Trump. No surprise here!

And it’s a partial transcript of the rather bizarre exchange that follows:

And it was in starting things of that Brennan said that she wanted her handful, or so, of viewers to listen to a portion of Steve Bannon’s podcast from the day before of what she called the riot. So, she played a clip where Bannon was heard saying, “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. It’s going to be moving, it’s going to be quick, and all I can say is strap in. The war room, a posse. You have made this happen and tomorrow it’s game day.” And it was at the conclusion of the clip that Brennan essentially set Thompson up in such manner as to make it possible to for him provide the answer that she sought, by asking, “How premeditated was this attack?”

And Thompson didn’t disappoint, saying, “Well, there’s no question. Clearly, the direction of the committee is to look at that premeditation, to make sure that we identify it, but the worst kept secret in America is that Donald Trump invited individuals to come to Washington on Jan. 6. He said all hell would break loose. Steve Bannon was part of the conversation and the promotion of January 6. Steve Bannon was in the war room and he was in the Willard Hotel doing a lot of things. So that’s why we subpoenaed him. That’s why we felt it was important for the committee and staff to depose him. And as you saw, he refused to participate.”

As I it’s doubtful anyone outside of his district has ever heard of Thompson, and it is easy to see why. The man is a stunning mediocrity, who substitutes hysteria for personal ability. And why was it that this boob was even asked to appear? Apparently to do nothing more than to spew his uninformed party line opinion and go completely unchallenged in doing so? Do they really think people will unsee the Capitol Police opening doors and motioning people inside? Or the released videos showing people walking around threatening no one? If anything about this was premeditated, it was by Pelosi and FBI operatives. Was Thompson channeling his inner Elijah Cummings???

There was nearly 14,000 hours of video that, almost exclusively, showed people peacefully walking within the visitor rope lines after being invited in by the police. One officer died, and of a stroke not as the result of any sort of injury. Two police officers would later commit suicide, probably because they were going to be treated like insurrectionists for helping the protesters into the building so they could raise their voices. If the people were there for an insurrection, why didn’t they take hostages or commandeer the building or make any demands? Why did they instead, do nothing more than to say a prayer before peacefully leave the building?

On the other hand, why was it that Pelosi chose to turn down repeated requests for additional crowd control when half a million people were expected at the ‘Stop-the-Steal’ protest? We have witnessed six years of the Washington insiders attempting to set up and destroy Donald Trump and his associates ever since he declared his candidacy back in 2016. We saw the Washington press act as a propaganda arm every step of the way. And we’ve seen the legal system abused over and over again for selective punishment of minor ‘crimes’ that are never prosecuted against anyone else but the targets go along with in order to make the legal bills and harassment go away.

Americans must understand that things are not normal, at least by American standards. The elites who are now in control of Washington have become so powerful and so entitled they barely even bother to cover their tracks anymore. The social media sites used to shadow ban conservatives. Now they ban them outright, even as they refuse to print stories negative to ‘Creepy Joe’ or their preferred Washington puppets. They are moving toward Soviet style control. That includes rounding up people who did nothing but take a selfie in the Capitol after being invited in by the police and have been sitting in Soviet style gulags for the last eight months.

The presidential election was clearly stolen. President Trump received more votes than anyone in our history. And President Trump got over 300 electoral votes on Nov 3, 2020. What’s now being perpetrated by the likes of this hapless boob, Thompson, as well as the ‘fake news’ media complex as a whole, is really nothing more than a massive effort to distract attention away from their blatant act of electoral theft. It’s nothing more than a desperate attempt to divert the discussion away from the massive chain of cataclysmic failures they have on their hands. And those like Thompson think we’re too stupid to see what they’re truly up to.

So yes, January 6 was premeditated, but not by President Trump or ANY of his supporters. It true guilty parties here are the FBI and the Democrats. There is clear case of entrapment here. People were naively enticed into criminal trespassing by people planted there to provoke a crisis. It was pretty lame protest and the biggest thing that happened was an overzealous police officer shooting an unarmed protester. Bannon was looking for a lawful rejection of the presidential election in the Senate, not some useless riot that could never going to amount to anything. What would that serve? What he was talking about–an investigation into the election—didn’t happen.

The Senate failed to live up to its Constitutional obligation. And looking at where we are now, I would bet that at least some of those Senators probably wish they could go back and change their vote. There is now a Hell of a lot of people who wish that ‘Creepy Joe’ had never become president. He hasn’t done one thing right and we have yet to endure the extent of what will be one of the worst administrations in the history of our country. And it’s starting to look provable that it was a fraudulent election, something we all believed but couldn’t get a fair hearing about. Most Trump supporters will never accept the legitimacy of the Biden *presidency. I never will.


So just how is it that we’ve managed to get this far into this whole ‘Chinese virus ‘plandemic’ thing and still have people willing to believe just about anything said by Tony Fauci. Now, of course, it’s understandable why those of a particular political persuasion, as well as those in much of the ‘fake news’ media continue to tout this fraud as being our savior from that which he, himself, played a pretty crucial role on developing. But those of us who are neither politicians, nor members of our ‘fake news’ media complex, should, since we have no ulterior motive for doing otherwise, be taking anything this guy says with a rather sizable grain of salt.

It was during an appearance this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by former Clinton hack, and today someone who claims to be a ‘journalist,’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, that Fauci claimed that he had never lied or misled regarding the research that was, or was not, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Stephy said, “The controversy on if the U.S. is funding risky covered research in Wuhan, was kicked up again this week when the NIH released a letter about that research that showed that the subcontractor had not disclosed some results in a timely manner. Some have seized on that to say you, and others misled the public.”

And Fauci went on to say, “The NIH says that is false. Our medical unit backs that up, but Senator Rand Paul steps up that criticism in the interview with Axios on HBO.” He said, “I obviously totally disagree with Senator Paul. He’s totally incorrect. Neither I nor Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the NIH, lied or misled about what we’ve done. The framework under which we have guidance about the conduct about the research that we fund, the funding at the Wuhan Institute, was to be able to determine what is out there in the environment in bat viruses in China. The research was very strictly under what we call a framework of oversight of the type of research.”

He said, “Under those conditions which we have explained very, very clearly, does not constitute research of gain of function of concern.” So, again, we’re supposed to trust this guy who hasn’t practiced actual medicine in decades, who’s obviously a fraud as well as a liar and who’s truly nothing more than a ‘Deep State’ conspirator. He thinks if he calls “gain of function” by another name, it absolves him of any and all guilt. Not so fast, he took taxpayer dollars and helped create this so-called virus. And now it’s those like Stephy who desperately try to rehabilitate the worst of the worst on his weekly show with its dozen or so viewers. I hate to tell him, but it’s just not working.

Now I think that we can all safely agree that Fauci has done nothing but lie or, at least, been less than honest, going all the way back January 2020 when he told the public that the ‘Chinese virus’ was going to be no big deal for the US. And it’s been one lie after another, one contradiction after another, ever since. Fauci claims he’s evolving, well no, not really. What he’s done is to guess at outcomes that are clearly way over his head and I’m sure everyone has noticed how his ‘sources’ are never his own. His ego won’t allow him to admit his own incompetence and to simply bow out accordingly. It’s a good thing for all of us that real science is not at all like Fauci.

It doesn’t matter if Tony chooses not to acknowledge reality and the truth. That’s the beauty of the truth, once it’s sprung free for all to see, it quicky becomes unstoppable. We don’t need Tony’s compliance or willing participation in order to have him dealt with properly for what he’s done. Prisons the world over are packed with narcissistic abusers who stone wall and continue to refuse to accept that they unscrupulous scoundrels. And if these were normal times, I have no doubt that Fauci would be thoroughly investigated and eventually tried for his crimes and put forever behind bars. But we don’t live in normal times, by anyone’s definition.

And so, Fauci will get to walk away from this clean as a whistle because he’s the Democrat’s star ‘savior’ of mankind from this deadly ‘plandemic.’ We all know Democrats have immunity to our laws. Sadly, nothing will ever happen to him but at least his credibility has been destroyed. I would hope further investigations will eventually lead to him to be put somewhere where he can no longer hurt people, but much damage has already been done. But nothing will happen as long as ‘Creepy Joe’ is *president. Fauci lied and people died, it’s just that simple. He conspired with the Red Chinese and those in the ‘fake news’ media continue to give him a platform.

And a common trait of all liars is that when caught they try to tell you there is something wrong with the way you recall the facts. There is a clear record of what Fauci actually said. The problem is the DOJ and FBI, also currently under Democrat control. will never hold Fauci accountable for anything that he has said or done that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the U.S. and of several million throughout the world. It’s probably going to take more than a Republican blowout in 2022, which is highly unlikely when taking into consideration the intelligence of the average American voter, to make any measurable corrections to how things are.

The media sinks to new lows everyday now. They still try to save Fauci several times per day and think we’re too stupid to see for ourselves the lies this egomaniac puts out into the public square every day. The guy does multiple television appearances a day, seven days a week. And it would seem that these corporate media companies are no longer after ratings, which is proven by the content decisions they continue to make that has caused them to hemorrhage viewers. So then, what are they after? It’s not the news. And if they can continue to lose viewers and barely make money it’s obvious what their motives are, to pump out nothing but pure Democrat propaganda. 

What Fauci is saying here is that because they didn’t intend the research create gain of function, it is not gain of function. How’s that? This is how they lie. The research made a franken-virus containing a single SARS antigen, infected mice to access the immune response compared to control mice that got a virus not containing the antigen. But the mice that got the franken-virus got sicker than the control mice. So, researchers, with Fauci funding, created a gain of function virus by definition, whether intentionally or not. To leftists, it is the intention of the act, not the consequences of the act that matter. This follows from their inability to think logically.

Fauci advocated for those policies that derided and ruled out the use of well-known therapeutics, that were both cheaper and more effective, from the very start of this ‘plandemic,’ and is therefore responsible of the needless death of millions all across the globe. The takeaway here is not that Fauci lied, it’s the sneaky way that the ‘fake news’ media, in this case Stephy, twists the facts to make it look like ‘there’s nothing to see here.’ If this was a Trump interview, Stephy would be grilling him and making him twist in the wind. We don’t need to concentrate on any issue other than putting all our efforts into getting the truth out to the masses here in the US.

This guy HAS been lying to us since the very beginning of all of this. Whether on the subject of wearing, or not wearing, masks, or on natural immunity or on cheaper, more effective methods of treatment, Tony has done nothing but to tell one lie after another. This country has made a corrupt doctor, who has used his position to gain celebrity status, into some kind of a hero. He has been caught in blatant lies and examples of blatant manipulation of the truth more times than the Comedy News Network (CNN). You have to wonder how somebody so evil can end up where he is. He should be forced to repay his huge salary before being locked up with the key being thrown away.

But finally, at this point never mind about Fauci, he’s only the symbol of a far greater danger. Our own government foisted this ‘plandemic’ upon us. They murdered our loved ones by the thousands, Republican and Democrats alike. It made no difference to them. This is something that will not be satisfied with simple elections to correct. A corrective election will simply only buy a little more time, maybe. This needs to be answered with a major event. Because that is what is warranted. This will call for something quite major. On a scale of when it’s over this kind of thing will never happen again. That is the correction needed. If we let this go on, what’s next?


So riddle me this, my friends. Why is it that anyone should now be so shocked to find out that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s approval rating is in the basement? I mean, after all, isn’t that where he spent almost his entire presidential campaign before then going on to get away with cheating his way to ‘victory?’ And how absolutely clueless, or patently dishonest, would someone have to be to actually approve of the way this demented old fool is performing as, not only the ‘leader’ of our country, but scarier still, but the ‘leader’ of the ‘free’ world, or least what remains of it.  

Which brings me to the data collected by the Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP). Data that seems to indicate that *president ‘Creepy Joe’s approval rating has now plummeted, by double digits, since May. You see, it was in May that the survey found ‘Creepy Joe’ enjoying a net positive approval rating of +9 with 51 percent approving and 42 percent disapproving. And then in July, it was found that his approval and disapproval were tied at 46 percent. And as months went on, it continued to dip still further, reaching an all-time low of 39 percent approval on October 6.

And it was as of October 14 that his approval remained underwater by double digits with 40 percent of Americans approving and 56 percent disapproving. Overall, his approval has now nosedived by 11 points since May, and his disapproval has increased by 14 points over the same period of time. His approval among independent voters has also taken a pretty significant hit in the past few months, dropping from 44 percent approval in May to just 35 percent approval in October. And yet, we have those working so very hard in trying to convince us he’s doing a great job.

This rather precipitous drop in ‘Creepy Joe’s approval ratings just happens to coincide with his announcement of his blatantly coercive vaccine mandates, as well as his administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. And it was earlier this week that the State Department finally admitted that it had been in contact with the 363 Americans that ‘Creepy Joe’ decided to leave stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. It’s a number, I might add, that is far greater than the 100 that our boob of a secretary of state, Antony Blinken, insisted on in September.

So I ask you, can anyone remember, during their lifetime, a President so despised by “We the people?”  I’m damn near 70 and I can’t think of one. Hell, even ‘BO’ wasn’t despised as intensely as is old ‘Creepy Joe.’ We have a puppet *president who clearly appears to be on a mission to purposely destroy our country and doing so courtesy of open borders, empty store shelves and skyrocketing inflation. It was only two short years ago that our economy was booming, gas was actually cheap and unemployment was the lowest it had been in decades. And now look where we are.

‘Creepy Joe’ continues to be viewed as illegitimate by the millions of us who voted for President Trump. We know there is simply no way that he got the 81 Million votes that those on the left continue to claim he got, the evidence to the contrary is massive. He never had that level of support at any time during the campaign. Yet all of the election fraud deniers still believe that this doddering old fool sat in his basement for a year and won by never campaigning. He couldn’t then, and still can’t, draw a crowd because there’s no interest in him or what he has to say.

This spectacular implosion that we seem to be witnessing here would be something to laugh at if the consequences of this clown’s policies weren’t so insidious! There is nothing funny about what those in this administration are not only trying to do, but what they have actually succeeded in doing. Incompetency from top to bottom. ‘Creepy Joe’ has not had an original thought since assuming office, it all comes from those who are still able to remain behind the curtain. ‘Creepy Joe’ is merely the front man, who, more often than not, has no idea of even what planet he’s on.

And you have to wonder how it is that people did not see this coming? And I must say that I’m honestly astounded at the people who actually chose to vote for this guy. Granted, it was nowhere near the 81 Million claimed, but it was, again, enough to make it possible for the Democrats to cheat their way to victory. Did they simply not see that ‘Creepy Joe’ was so obviously demented? And many of them either still don’t see what the media is up to, or simply don’t care. The real problem in this country is not the stupidity of ‘Creepy Joe,’ it’s the stupidity of half the electorate.

‘Creepy Joe’s rather precipitous drop is hardly amazing. You’re witnessing a plebiscite. The American people don’t want Socialism. We don’t want wind energy, we don’t want to pay people to sit home on their asses, we don’t want our children taught that their families are racists, we don’t want hyperinflation, we don’t want every animal, cartel or trafficker known to man invading our country, we don’t want to provide medicine and a roof over the head of everyone on the planet and we don’t want to our armed forces to be tested and pushed around by despots.

‘Creepy Joe is the epitome of what it means to be politically corrupt. He’s a man who has accomplished next to nothing after being in office for nearly half a century. Add that to his standard of extreme arrogance the fact that cognitively he just isn’t all there and you have the makings of a truly dangerous man. A man who has surrounded himself with others who are just as arrogant and just as corrupt as he and who are all preaching the same party line propaganda. And then we have those in the ‘fake news’ media kissing his ass and never once asking him a tough question.

Yes, elections they have consequences, but c’mon man, we all know this clown wasn’t officially or legally elected. The country is in shambles, the price of everything is through the roof, and America is an embarrassment on the world stage, but at least Donald Trump isn’t hurting anyone’s feelings anymore with his tweets. The plan is Communism for Amerika. The gloves are off and the Democrats don’t really care if you and I like ‘Creepy Joe’ or not. Approval ratings are no longer relevant. The elections are now captured. It’s a whole new game and they make all the rules.

And I guess what I find most troubling about the *presidency of ‘Creepy Joe’ is the fact that there are so many, even in the Republican Party, who, even after the last nine months, still prefer having this senile old dolt in office over President Trump. It’s absolutely mindboggling. And those who are still able to approve of the job that this man is doing are only succeeding in making one thing perfectly clear. And that would be that they apparently hate this country as much as he does. Of course, none of them will ever admit that, and will deny it with their dying breath.

And finally, there is one thing I know for sure. And that’s that we don’t live in the constitutional republic that we all thought we did. While we have seen some outright manipulation of the votes in the most recent election, for decades the political parties have forced us to nominate from a pretty unimpressive, even incompetent, hand-picked group of politicians in both parties. I don’t think I really realized that until Donald Trump came along and disrupted the whole thing. Now I realize that our elections have been controlled in one way or another by the elites for decades.


If only having as our *president a guy who is so obviously demented was a laughing matter. But it’s not, far from it. Especially not when the world has become such a volatile place and primarily because of that same demented *president. And frankly, I just don’t see the humor in having someone so completely clueless now in charge of running our country. And I wonder, are the ones who think this is all so funny the same ones who were so offended by President Trump’s tweets? If so, are we to assume that they prefer to have as their *president and guy who, on a good day, can’t even find his way to the bathroom?  

And I have to tell you, neither do I find any humor whatsoever in what our current *president, aided by those in his party, is so desperate to do to this country. Which is nothing short of burning it right down to the ground. Far from being even the least bit funny, I find it as being more than just a little scary. ‘Creepy Joe’ is probably the single dumbest person in American politics. I know it’s difficult when trying to choose the king of the morons in the Democrat Party when there seems to be so many to choose from. I just don’t know how anyone could spend nearly 50 years in government and be nothing but a blubbering idiot, it’s quite astounding.

So anyway, I’m quite sure that there are at least a few folks who either heard about or, perhaps, may have even watched the town hall put on by the ‘Comedy News Network’ (CNN) this past Thursday. And those who did happen to tune in likely heard members of the handpicked audience actually laughing when *president ‘Creepy Joe’ appeared to lose his train of thought. It was when ‘Creepy Joe’ was giving an answer to moderator Andy Cooper about the Democrats’ plan to expand Medicare, making it so that the program would cover dental, vision and hearing, and pivoted mid-sentence, apparently trying to reel himself back on topic.

Andy started things off by saying, “One of the other things that Democrats are looking to do is to expand Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing as well,” and asked whether those three items would survive the negotiations now going on within the Democratic Party. ‘Creepy Joe’ replied by saying, “That’s a reach. And the reason why it’s a reach, it’s not – I think it’s a good idea,” saying that he supported the idea but Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin opposed it. Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “As is I think Senator Sinema –” before appearing to come off the tracks. Andy quickly threw him a lifeline by asking, “Opposed to all of them?”

‘Creepy Joe’ continued by saying, “Opposed to all three. Because they don’t want – he says he doesn’t want to further burden Medicare so that – because it will run out of its ability to maintain itself in the next number of years. There’s ways to fix that. But he’s not interested in that part either.” ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “But look, Joe’s not a bad guy. He’s a friend. But here’s the point. We’re in a situation now where if you are in a circumstance that you’re not able to provide – let me cut to the chase. I’m taking too long,” then seemed to lose his train of thought as he tried to get back to the topic at hand, prompting laughs from the handpicked audience.

Look, at the end of the day, these Democrats think that all they have to do is to simply confiscate all of the wealth in America in order to pay for their schemes. They completely ignore the fact that people will simply choose to stop working when the tax burden gets too high. After all, why work and only to end up being forced to give all your money away when you could simply stay home all day and have others support you?  This is what happens every time socialism/communism is tried and the current crowd in Washington is no better than the any other Marxists who tried the very same thing in any number of countries across the globe.

And how long has it been that we’ve been listening to the very same line of BS that the Democrats have been feeding us and expecting us to believe? And to think it took the likes of ‘Creepy Joe’ to make people realize that the Democrats are actually full of sh!t. Imagine your ideas being so terrible that you no longer even TRY to convince people to join your side. You simply replace them and dilute their votes by importing, on what is a mass scale, millions of uneducated foreigners. Make no mistake here, that is the long-term goal of the Democrats here. And there is really nothing funny about any of it. If anything, it’s quite frightening.

Now also keep in mind, this is the guy who ran on bringing us together. To return us to normalcy. In fact, he was nothing but a ‘Trojan Horse’ the purpose of which was to allowing the radical left in to rule with the rest of the party marching in lockstep. There are only a couple of ‘moderates’ left in the Democrat Party. The trouble is that America didn’t want a radical loon as president. They rejected that option during the campaign and for good reason. Big Government Democratic Socialism is bad for the country. It’s clearly failing. Look at the border, Afghanistan, the economy and our public school system. This ought to be the end for the Democrat Party.

As Democrats serially decimate every aspect of America, and American life, and the polls continue to crater for their sock puppet administration, Democrats turn even more to institutionalizing their successful election theft of 2020. They are obsessed with complete and perpetual power, persuasion is a non-starter, and now even lies, gaslighting and projecting are coming up short for their 2022 prospects. So time to warmup the election theft machinery. Democrats can’t win without cheating. Now they want to change the laws they passed to win earlier elections, add more liberal judges to the Supreme Courts and remove states’ rights to hold honest elections.

And so it was during this supposed townhall that those watching again saw a ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who was totally uninspiring. He was able to speak fairly well, but the expectations are always very low in that regard. And as expected, he didn’t have to handle any challenging questions and yet he seemed to be all over the place with his answers and didn’t really formulate answers that people could actually relate to. Once again he was allowed to simply ramble on with the main task of the ‘moderator,’ in this case Andy Cooper, being to keep ‘Creepy Joe’ focused and on task in much the same way one would do with a child.

So, far from being a bona fide townhall, this silly exercise was nothing more than a commercial for the Democrat Party, put on for the benefit of senile Americans. There was not one question about the hundreds of Americans that were left stranded in Afghanistan and how he intends to get them out. No questions like, “Why did you lie to the American people when saying no one recommended leaving 2,000 troops in Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated.” ‘Creepy Joe’ is too senile, too weak and too dumb, to be our *president. And it would seem that even a growing number of those in the Democrat Party may now be willing to admit this.


Let me start things off by saying that the last thing I need is to have some senile old pervert like ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden or, for that matter, any scumbag Democrat reminding me that this is still the United States of America. This despite all that they have done in what has been, and continues to be, their very determined effort to destroy it. And it’s from where I’m standing that the only ones in need of being reminded of that fact would be ‘Creepy Joe’ himself and every Democrat politicians, as well as every brain dead moron who insists upon voting for any of these power-hungry losers.

Which brings me to *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ who, during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania this past Wednesday, appeared frustrated regarding the fact that his agenda has stalled in Congress. ‘Creepy Joe’ shouted, “This is the United States of America, dammit!” And then asked, “What are we doing?” ‘Creepy Joe’ spoke about a number of his priorities, admitting that it was a struggle to get his agenda passed through Congress, where Democrats control both houses. He also acknowledged the pessimistic tone of his media coverage regarding his multitrillion-dollar agenda.

Referencing the media, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “They have understandably believed there is no possibility of my getting this done. This has been declared dead on arrival the moment I introduced it.” And, of course, he took a shot at President Trump for failing to pass infrastructure spending. He said, “Last four years you’d hear every month is, you know, infrastructure month.” And he rambled on saying, “Didn’t do a single damn thing. Nothing. I mean, nothing for four years.” ‘Creepy’ continues to struggle to break the logjam in Congress, putting the future of his radical agenda in doubt.

‘Creepy Joe’ appeared nostalgic for the old days while appearing at an electric trolley museum to promote the future of America’s infrastructure. ‘Creepy Joe’ recalled his childhood days before his family moved to Delaware saying, “I remember riding the trolly, I lived at the end of the line.” And he also boasted of his history riding Amtrak, promising massive investments into the rail system to get more cars off of the road and more passengers on trains. He said, “We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road.” Millions of cars off the road, seriously?

‘Creepy Joe’ repeatedly insisted that his multitrillion-dollar bills would not add a dime to the federal deficit or add to our rapidly ballooning national debt. He claimed, “It does. not. increase. The debt,” despite widespread skepticism that both bills will be able to pay for his radical tax and spend agenda. He admitted that he avoided even talking about the spending numbers. He said, “When you talk about the number, we shouldn’t even talk about the numbers because it’s all paid for.” Democrats never want to fess up when it comes to the true cost of their very costly pipedreams.  

Right, President Trump did nothing for four years. I mean, after all, he only succeeded in making our country energy independent, succeeded in cutting taxes, he secured the southern border and got three Covid vaccines out to the public. ‘Creepy Joe,’ on the other hand, has, in just nine short months: brought about double digit inflation, allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to flood across our once secure border, has gas prices surging and the disaster with Afghanistan. Why it took Jimmy Carter three years to accomplish all this and ‘Creepy Joe’ did it in only nine months!

No one could possibly do this much damage to our Republic, in such a short period of time, unless it was intentional. And yet, this is the type of stuff that happens when those who hate this country are not only permitted to brazenly steal an election but are allowed to keep it covered up and to therefore get away with it. They don’t need to fire a single shot in order to, first, install their own special brand of tyranny and to then keep it going. The Democrats now own the entire apparatus of sustaining power through a collaboration of ‘fake news’ media, Big Tech and Hollyweird.

Yup, ‘Creepy Joe’ shouted at those in attendance, “This is the United States of America, damn it! What are we doing?” But which America is that? Would that be the one that leaves Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. Or the one that have people taking pictures but offer no assistance to raped women? The one that punishes people with loss of job because they refuse to be subservient. Or the one that allows government bureaucrats to dictate church meetings? Or the one that has schools where children are kept ignorant and the FBI treats parents as terrorists?

Or maybe the one that allows an unarmed women to be shot on the other side of a glass door and treats the murderer as a hero? The one where the FBI uses FISA warrants to spy on Presidential candidates? The one where illegals overrun our borders and are aided and abetted in their lawbreaking by Homeland Security? The one where ‘science’ is used to call men, women and to allow them to walk into female restrooms? The one where drug lords are in control of cities while working people are told to disarm and cower. Good Question, Joe. What are we doing?

I don’t know what he is doing because in the United States I remember as a kid, if you needed to replace an appliance you didn’t have to spend three days looking for it and then drive 60 miles to pick it up. The United States I remember didn’t have empty shelves in grocery stores unless they were predicting a quarter inch of snow. The United States I remember, car dealers were scrambling to move cars off their lots, not scrambling to find cars to sell. This is worse than the Carter years and I don’t think Joe will be building houses for poor people as penance after he leaves office.

Yes, I am old enough to remember the Carter years. Sure, he was awful, but at least we didn’t worry about the government censoring your speech or blacklisting you. That happened in the Soviet Union and their satellite states. Anyone under the age of 40 has very little knowledge or memory of Soviet communism and have been taught it was great by pro-Communist professors who used freedom of speech to eliminate freedom of speech. From the moment Donald Trump entered office, Democrats did everything thing possible to prevent Trump from exercising any authority.

‘Creepy Joe’ lied to get into office. He claimed he was the sensible one, the who would unite everyone, and make us normal after COVID. He has done none of this. In fact he went so far left that we don’t recognize what he wants to do as being what this nation is about. He blurred every border to make it wide open to those who would do us harm. He is lying about where he is sending all the illegals. He has forced the vaccine mandates, even though he said he would never do that. In fact, ‘BO’ was right when he said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f…k things up.”

‘Creepy Joe’ has totally screwed up everything he has touched. He has screwed up our energy policy, the ‘Chinese virus,’ the border, our economy, the Afghanistan withdrawal, by leaving Americans behind and turning over $87 billion to our enemies of the best and latest military equipment. And has messed up everything with our allies, while bowing to the Communist Chinese, and so very much more. ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is a demented, illegitimate, *presidential figurehead. He is a puppet to someone else who is busy pulling his strings. You have to know that!

Dammit, Mr. *president…the question is, what are you doing? The American people want to know! You’ve consistently overturned policies that had served us so well out of spite for your predecessor. You’ve managed to crush hopes and dreams for Americans now and for future generations. Your demands for equity, social reform and social justice has morphed our once great republic into something unrecognizable and unfamiliar. We will not be coerced, intimidated or threatened and will stand by our Constitutional rights and will thwart any further efforts to tear us apart.


So…it’s according to one of the supposed resident political ‘geniuses’ there at the Comedy News Network (CNN), Don Lemon, that it’s the Republican Party, and NOT the Democrat Party, that no longer stands for law and order. Meanwhile, it’s anyone with a brain, as well as 20/20 vision, who knows that it’s actually the Democrats, with all of their defund the police drivel, who are truly the ones very much anti-law and order. I mean, seriously, take a good long look at any of our largest cities, as they are quite literally being run into the ground, on a number levels, by Democrats and how so little law and order is actually taking place in any of them.

And it was Lemon, just this past Tuesday, who, during the handoff from Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, made his rather bold claim that Republicans used to stand up for law and order before former President Trump was the leader of their party. And while ‘discussing’ the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot voting to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress, ‘Fredo’ said, “The idea of privilege for Bannon, first of all, it hasn’t been asserted.” He continued, “But the bigger question, Don, you got nothing to hide. Why not come to the committee? Or at least if you want to show contempt for the committee, show up and plead the fifth.”

Lemon responded saying, “Because you want to – it used to be Republicans would say no man is above the law. No one is above the law. We should all be treated equally. Law and order until this fellow, this sort of shady real estate kind of person came along, and then changed all of that, the narrative for the Republican Party and showed that some people are above the law, and they’re actually are going to stand and are standing behind the right they believe for people to be above the law. And Steve Bannon is not. The former president is not, or should not be. But we haven’t really seen that Republicans stand by that whole law and order mantra or motto.”

‘Fredo’ said, “You haven’t seen the Republicans stand up for anything.” So okay, I will admit that there is a hint of truth in what ‘Fredo’ said, in that it’s a very rare thing to see Republicans, as a united front, stand up for much of anything. There always seems to be just enough RINOs that can be found that will allow the Democrats to advance their agenda the goal of which is, of course, the demise of America as we know it. And to be honest, until the party is able to come to grips with that little problem most of us out beyond the beltway will continue to keep our expectations low while keeping our fingers crossed that Donald Trump runs, and wins, in 2024.

But back to Lemon. The guy facing sexual assault charges and yet still allowed to go on and spew his lies to those few still watching. Typical of leftist loons to protect the dregs of society, the more they’re compromised the more they want them. CNN loves their sociopaths too, the sicker the better, to produce ‘fake news’ for the network. Lemon is a disgusting, bottom feeding, diseased parasite himself. Those are the prerequisites for working for CNN. For sure he’s no journalist. He’s just a talking head embellishing on what he’s been told to say. We all know how fake the news has become today. Especially when they all repeat the same phrase as if from a script.

Ah yes, words of wisdom from an individual whose ratings are quite literally in the toilet. Say what you will about President Trump but one thing is for sure, he gave Republicans the spine to tackle not only the Democrats but also the ‘fake news’ frauds, Hollyweird and ‘Big Tech.’ Speaking of persons being above the law, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and his crackhead son, that immediately come to mind and the entire Democrat Party as well. They bail their rampaging thugs out of jail, refuse to prosecute real crimes, open the border and force Americans to submit to taking an unsafe ‘vaccine.’ But when President Trump points that out, it’s suddenly all bad.

Only in the world of the crotch grabbing Lemon, does this ‘logic’ make a lick of sense. Where was the outrage for the violence perpetuated by Antifa? BLM? Oh right, there was none. As usual, these propogandists show only selective outrage with no foundational principles and when pointed out to them, their responses are either blank stares or straw man arguments. Like the people in Portland, they live in an echo chamber. And I must have missed those instances where President Trump was out raving about defunding the police and encouraging prosecutors to release criminals back into the fray to commit more crime. When exactly was that? Oh…NEVER!!!

Donald Trump has been gone from the presidency for nearly a year and still the scum on CNN continues to bash him every chance they get. That’s all that CNN knows how to do. CNN is no longer a newsworthy network, they’re nothing but propaganda wizards and Trump haters. CNN has the lowest rated viewing audience of all the cable ‘news’ networks! Meanwhile, it’s Hitlery who was, and apparently continues to be, above the law. The Biden Crime Family, too, seems above the law. And these CNN commentators love it. And illegals are above the law, and progressives are crazy glad. Oh, and how about those BLM mostly peaceful riots, lootings, mayhem and murders?

Boohoo, President Trump used Twitter and didn’t allow the ‘fake news’ media to control every narrative. Republicans lacked the gumption to fight back, their usual ‘tactic’ was to simply lay down and allow their voters to be labeled as racists, religious zealots, bigots, insurrectionists, white supremacists and all things bad without an ounce of pushback. They all got caught in lie after lie, and if that shady real estate mogul, Trump, hadn’t come along the feckless Republican Party would have allowed them to continue to control society via lies, Hollyweird mouthpieces, far left talking heads, and insane Socialist policies without so much as a fight.

After more than four years of non-stop attacks against President Trump you would have thought they would have found enough dirt, if it had actually existed, to convict him. Lemon is such a pathetic hypocrite. Where was the law and order regarding the riots of 2020? And where was the law and order regarding the blatant theft of a presidential election right here in the United States? Personally, I believe the entire staff at CNN, and every other fraudulent ‘news’ organization should be charged with treason. They are NOT ‘news.’ They are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. They are no better than the ‘news’ in China/Russia. Criminals is what they are.

The uber-politicized CNN anchor Lemon can’t stop himself from going low. Attack President Trump’s policies and programs if you feel the facts warrant it and if you think it will actually improve life in these dysfunctional semi-United States. Attacking a person, especially for telling the truth, is pretty low. And in answer to his rhetorical musing, a good reason for President Trump, or Bannon, to not appear before the very bogus House Select Committee on the events of January 6 is because, like Lemon, the committee will most assuredly go low and use the opportunity to launch personal attacks, slander and defame the man, not address programs and policies.

Lemon, and his idiotic sidekick ‘Fredo,’ are the perfect examples of the “Blind Leading the Blind.” One lies and the other swears to it. They make accusations daily against President Trump’s supposed illicit business dealings without ever providing even an iota of proof. It’s the Democrats who continue to protect their own: The Clintons, ‘Creepy Joe,’ ‘Mad Maxine,’ and hundreds of other criminal Democrats. It is the left who want to defund police and release criminals without bail. It’s Democrats who have opened our borders to illegal immigrants and even prevent many from being deported. I think we all know which side it is that refuse to stand for law and order.


Why is it that anyone who refuses to believe that which is so obviously nothing more than pure propaganda, propaganda that continues to be force fed to the American people courtesy of so many in our ‘fake news’ media on what has become now a daily basis, why is it we who are routinely lumped together before being so casually dismissed as nothing more than a bunch of conspiracy nuts? And because we refuse to accept at face value what we know to be nothing more than a lie, we’re constantly ridiculed by the very same liars who continue to try to shame us into supporting the lies they are so desperate to have believed as if they are true.

And it’s all rather ironic, don’t you think, that the real conspiracy nuts are the very same ones busily accusing those of us who continue to refuse to submit to their nonsense as being the real problem here. And so it’s now anyone who doesn’t take everything this man says as gospel is to be deemed as being something of a conspiracy nut? He has said as much, himself. Just this past Sunday while appearing with ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace during this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” it was Fauci himself who argued that those Americans who continue to think that he is a “polarizing figure” were people who chose to deny “reality.” Seriously???

‘Commie Chris’ asked, “When this pandemic started, it is fair to say you were generally regarded as the authority on infectious disease. As time has gone on, you have become a polarizing figure, and critics accuse you of sending mixed messages. There’s allegations that you helped fund dangerous research at the Wuhan lab. Two questions, why do you think you’ve become so controversial? And honestly, do you think there’s anything you have done that has contributed to that?” Fauci said, “I can’t think of anything, but I’m sure some people will.” And he added, “I have always stood for making science, data, and evidence be what we guide ourselves by.”

Fauci then went on to say, “And I think people who feel differently, who have conspiracy theories, who deny reality, looking them straight in the eye, those are people that don’t particularly care for me. And that’s understandable. Because what I do — and I try very hard — is to be guided by the truth. And sometimes, the truth becomes inconvenient for some people. So they react against me. That just is what it is. There’s not much I can do about that, Chris.” So says the man who has singlehandedly caused uncounted deaths, and economic damage, with his part in developing extremely dangerous, and very deadly viruses. And that is the reality here!

Fauci no longer has ANY credibility as a medical professional. But my problem with him is NOT because I’m “anti-science,” because I’m not. My problem is that HE isn’t “following the science.” Because “science” doesn’t support ANY of his pronouncements and dictates, but he makes them as though there were mountains of data behind every word that he says. A real scientist doesn’t make bold statements without data, but Fauci does. A real scientist doesn’t claim people who disagree with them are “anti-science”, but Fauci does. And a real scientist doesn’t bend and “cherry-pick” data to support a particular political viewpoint, and Fauci certainly does.

Withholding medicines known to work against the ‘Chinese virus’ is itself a crime against humanity. Japan, India, and other countries have all but eliminated the virus using Ivermectin. How many thousands of lives could have been saved had alternative medicines been allowed and not been banned as being ineffective. Which was more lies. Fauci is up to his neck in both the development of the virus and the development of the vaccine. Fauci views us all as being nothing more than lab rats necessary for the human testing. Fauci is also responsible for the political decision to restrict effective treatments for the virus that caused the death of so many.

Regardless of any argument about the vaccine, this man circumvented a ban to fund the virus, lied to the American people, lied to Congress, and tried to deflect from the real source of the virus to cover his own ass. He should be in prison instead of being allowed to continue to spew his obviously lies. He’s a delusional megalomaniac who’s high on the leftwing media’s adulation. It’s disgusting. Apparently, Fauci’s desire to infect as many people as he could, pushed him to convince important people to prohibit the use of these available medications, so billions of dollars would be channeled to pharmaceutical companies to develop better ‘vaccines,’ instead.

And it was Fauci who lied about AIDS just as he has continued to lie to us about the ‘Chinese virus,’ claiming we that needed to plan for it to run rampant through the heterosexual community. This resulted in countless deaths of gay men as funds were diverted to try to convince the world that this was not primarily a gay disease, and that gay promiscuity was not the thing that needed to be addressed. He got much madder about recovered Covid patients who don’t wear masks and get vaccinated than he ever did about the gay bathhouse culture at a time when AIDS was essentially 100 percent fatal. He was at the forefront of politics-driven ‘science.’

Far from denying reality, more and more Americans are accepting the reality that Fauci actually did collude with Communist China, he did secretly fund part of the research that developed the virus that killed 5 million people. That he did lie about the Wuhan Lab and deflected from the lab leak with the absurd bat transmission fable. That he repeatedly flip-flopped on masks. He continues to deny the harm caused by these vaccines and the 16,000 deaths and thousands more impaired from having taken them. He is a megalomaniacal little tyrant. A celebrity doctor liar. There is so much to detest about this horrible fake high priest of virological ineptitude.

And as long as we’re talking conspiracy theories, how about the huge conspiracy theory stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that continues to claim that Ivermectin is not for human use. That’s a complete lie. There have been four billion doses of Ivermectin given to humans over the past three decades. And yet we’re supposed to trust this completely incompetent FDA? They have ZERO credibility at this point. Look at these memos where they ‘high-five’ one another for the ‘horse dewormer’ misinformation they spread. How many people died because the FDA refused to promote the highly effective Covid-19 treatment option of Ivermectin?

Once when asked about natural immunity Fauci said that’s a great question, but doesn’t know. And yet the same guy who contributed to the origin of this virus is now to be considered as being both our savior and an embodiment of ‘truth?’ I don’t think so. This delusional, disgusting little creep. If this were a real pandemic the southern border would be closed and they wouldn’t be using our military to sneak illegal aliens across the border and whisk them away without any COVID testing or any mask mandates or anything but the expectation that they replace the American middle classes who they are purposefully taking down, along with our national sovereignty.