When was the last time you heard a Democrat, any Democrat, say, despite their political differences, that they were actually proud of President Trump’s many accomplishments as president? Such as, his making America energy independent, or his success in making the Middle East a far more peaceful region, his success in securing our southern border and, of course, how he created the strongest economy in decades that resulted in the lowest unemployment rate for minorities EVER! And yet, Democrats seem bursting with pride when it comes to ‘Creepy Joe’s uncanny ability to blissfully roll on from one debacle to the next. In just eight short months of being in office ‘Creepy Joe’ has managed to make Jimmy Carter look like a flipping genius.

And it’s none other than ‘Pocahontas’ who is of the opinion that we should all be very proud of *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ especially when it comes to his abysmal handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. You see, it was during Tuesday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The Last Word,” host by that imbecile Larry O’Donnell, that Warren said that her takeaway on the evacuation of Afghanistan from the Senate’s hearing earlier in the day was that the evacuation “was actually an amazing undertaking” where “our military was able to get about 124,000 people out.” And oddly enough she also claimed that there had been no American-owned equipment left behind, which we know is a lie and “we should be proud of President Biden and proud of our military.”

Larry asked, “What was your takeaway from the hearing about the evacuation from Afghanistan?” Warren said, “That it was actually an amazing undertaking. It was done under chaotic circumstances. Because the government had collapsed. Because the army had melted away, the Afghan Army, and that, even in the midst of all of that, our military was able to get about 124,000 people out. They left no American-owned equipment behind. They managed to execute that. And, yes, it was at risk. I’m working now on trying to get the Congressional Medal of Honor for the people who we lost right at the end. But we knew it was a risky undertaking and the military performed. We should be proud of President Biden and proud of our military.”

&How can she be “proud” of a disastrous and deadly withdraw thar caught our allies completely by surprise? This woman is nothing of not a lunatic. Apparently, 80+ Billion dollars-worth of the best military equipment on the planet doesn’t count for much in her mush-filled head. We left behind 216,000 fully automatic assault rifles, hundreds of attack helicopters, armored vehicles and night vision goggles, body armor, and uniforms all paid for by taxpayer and this moron claims “no American-owned equipment” was left behind. Every day this illegitimate administration tops itself for its buffoonery. There has not been one success story that ‘Creepy Joe’ can point to since he assumed office. And it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ us the single greatest threat we face.

She is a pathological liar. Billions of dollars-worth of equipment was left behind. We saw the video of the Taliban entering American hangers after the last American flight left the Kabul airport and we all saw the equipment and parts left behind in those hangers. Personally, I can’t tell if Warren is deliberately lying or if she’s simply delusional. It is absolutely remarkable that these people can lie as easily as they breathe and demonstrate no shame, whatsoever, in doing so. They know they’re lying. We know they’re lying. They know. that we know, they’re lying. Their love affair with lying will come to an end when, or if, they ever face the realities caused by their deceit and horrendous policies that the rest of us have to live with.

Warren is likely trying to do nothing more than to claw her way back from the political wilderness and back into the news. She has made it very clear that she has no core and will say absolutely anything. This is more proof, as if any more was actually needed, that the Democrats have a dangerously grotesque view of what constitutes pride in their leader. And not merely content with launching her entire career and living a bare-faced lie based on her non-existent Native American ancestry, Pocahontas has sunk to new depths. And it’s all who choose to join the entrails of what constitutes the Democrat Party that must possess a masters degree in “spin-doctoring” before being admitted to this cesspool of a political party.

And you have to ask yourself, must one have a mental disorder in order to be a successful Democrat politician? Is it something that is considered mandatory? It certainly seems that way when looking at all the fraudsters, dossier forgers, hoaxers, slanderers, clowns, pathological liars, plagiarizers, race baiters, gender baiters, class baiters, simps, psychopaths, lowlifes, Marxists, fascists, Jihadists, restroom confused, Spirit Cookers, infanticidel maniacs, atheists, sadists, quislings, felons, fake Indian princesses, fake Vietnam veterans, fake hombres, fake gladiators, and fake natural born citizens in the country have gotten together and formed the demented anti-American coalition speciously known as the Democrat Party.

The United States is experiencing what is now clearly nothing less than a hostile takeover executed by domestic terrorists who are merely posing as government officials, some elected and some not. These traitors are destroying all that this country has stood for all across the globe, for as long as we all can remember. The woman is so ignorant. Everyone knows this evacuation was done back-asswards. The military always assume things can go wrong and have a plan for every possible scenario. Infiltration of the Afghan people and the Taliban must be assumed. Liberal logic: I set my house on fire and then after it burned to the ground, I poured some water on the smoldering ashes. I guess that makes what I did an amazing undertaking.

People like Warren believe the Democrats make no mistakes, they are perfect, even though they are responsible for leaving $80 billion worth of military equipment and weapons behind. Their mental disorders include malignant narcissism, psychopathy, and the schizoid personality. The Democrats demonstrate how far-reaching insanity is in America. Imagine her feigned horror if this debacle had been carried by a Republican president. Left no American owned military equipment behind? Now she’s trying to get congressional medals of honor for those needlessly lost in the debacle? Yes we should be proud of those rank and file who do all of the grunt work, as the adults in the room prove to be incompetent. Warren is doing what she does best, lie.


So when was it that most of those in our ‘mainstream news’ media lost interest in providing us with bona fide ‘news,’ only to then become preoccupied with shoving down our collective throat all manner of that which is nothing more than pure leftwing propaganda. And when was it that those who still stubbornly refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ ceased being the watchdogs of our government and became, instead, its most enthusiastic cheerleaders. Which, of course, brings me to one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders of them all, CNN’s Don Lemon.    

And it was Lemon who, this past Monday during the handoff from fellow moron ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, said that supporters of President Trump were not in “reality” and should face consequences for the damage they’re doing to our democracy by believing that President Trump won in 2020. It was then that Lemon said, “There is one political party in this country that is working on reality, and that is the Democratic Party. But even in that, they’re not governing very well at the moment. They are not performing the duty of being good politicians in the moment.”

And he said, “They don’t see the urgency of what is happening across the country with voting rights, the urgency of what is happening with the big lie. They are still operating on thinking that ‘Oh, everything is normal. You know, we’ve got to play politics, as usual.’ It’s not politics as usual. What is happening of the right is not politics as usual. What is happening on the right is not right. It’s wrong. They should pay the consequences for what they’re doing to our democracy, the damage they’re doing to our democracy, and the damage they’re doing to this republic.”

He continued, “We listen to the fringes too much. The fringes have the loudest voices. The fringes all the way on the right have the loudest voices. The people who are not, you know, playing with reality, the Trumpers, we listen to them too much.” Lemon added, “I’m telling you, if you’re Republican and you care about what is happening in this country, you need to get on the Democrat side to get your party in order. That is the only way to fix it.” On the contrary, if you genuinely care about what is taking place in our country, you should never again vote for ANY Democrat.

Lemon is voicing what the Leftists support, the destruction of anyone, personally, who refuses to take a knee to their hate and bullying. No one has the authority to dictate to me what I must think, believe, or do and to then threaten to punish me for thinking in ways that they don’t like. And anyone who believes that they do is a threat and a danger to all. And everyone should be concerned that this blatant racist is advocating such concepts in a ‘free’ society. Does he have the right to voice this? Yes, in our society he does. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept it, and I won’t.

The unbelievable hypocrisy of these people. Twenty years later it’s clowns like Lemon who still think Gore won in 2000. Should ‘they’ now be made to face consequences for that? What about those who still believe Donald Trump won in 2016 only because he somehow colluded with the Russians? And then there’s Hitlery, whose campaign actually did collude with the Russians. She’s still out and about screeching about how she was really the ‘legitimate’ winner, after suggesting, in the debates, that President Trump not accepting the election results was tantamount to treason.

The damage being done is being done by those like Lemon who oppose the audits. If ‘Creepy Joe’ really did get 81 million votes, then why do they oppose the audits that would prove that ‘Creepy Joe’ actually did win the election fair and square? What do they have to hide? It’s hard to accept ‘Creepy Joe’ winning the election when he ran his campaign from his basement, and when he had a rally he was lucky if 20 people showed up. Now compare that to over a hundred thousand or more showing up at many of the Trump rallies. Voter ID laws are the only answer to fair elections.

Lemon should be one facing consequences for believing ‘Creepy Joe’ won. The minute the windows were covered up it was obvious something nefarious was going on. Why hide a fair election? Why remove observers? Why stop counting at 3 am and restart after observers left? Why pullout suitcases of ballots? Why did election workers start filling out ballots on their own? Why no signature verifications? Why the broken chain of custody and “lost” envelopes? Why? Because, ‘Creepy Joe’ stole this election. And if Lemon actually believes this drivel, he’s more of a moron than even I thought.  

I see FEAR in everything that those geniuses on CNN say, they can’t argue that the fringe is fake when they’re the ones who enthusiastically pushed every single anti-Trump story that’s been proven false. You can’t fix stupid. Lemon is just another leftist clown commentator making asinine accusations because he’s afraid he will be ignored and lose his job at CNN. Any idiot with an IQ in single digits knows full well that ‘Creepy Joe’ is the one who is outright destroying our democracy. Lemon is obviously not very bright, but he’s following the course the Left wants to chart.

Eight months after leaving office President Trump is still living rent-free in the heads of those like Lemon. They continue to spew this kind of nonsense instead of reporting the news. News like how it was that ‘Creepy Joe’ ended American energy independence, is now responsible for the greatest growth in inflation since the Jimmy Carter days, allowing untested and unvaccinated illegals to cross the border while trying to mandate Americans to be vaccinated, how he screwed up the Afghanistan pull out, and so much more. They are consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump.

So basically what Lemon is saying: You’re not ALLOWED to think differently, therefore you must be punished. Yet we still have political prisoners in jail from January 6. And sadly we have a substantial number of Americans who seem ok with political prisoners being jailed for no reason, ok with forcing medical procedures upon people and unconstitutional home searches, marking a group of people to be separated from jobs and society and use the media to focus hate on a group the government has identified as the target. If it sounds like 1930s Germany, you paid attention in school.


If I remember correctly, when I was younger, there was an old saying that went something like: “Even a crazy person will run out if a burning building.” Which, of course, brings me to that faux journalist, and crazy leftwing kook, none other than ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. You see it was this past Friday, during an appearance on Fox News Radio’s “The Guy Benson Show,” that ‘Commie Chris’ actually admitted that it was time to build a border wall while reacting to the flood of Haitian migrants.” He said, “I was hearing the clip of the president. He was talking about. This is embarrassing. It’s wrong. And it sends the wrong signal to the world.”

And ‘Commie Chris’ went on to say, “I was thinking he really should be saying that about our immigration policy and the fact that 15,000 people came across this dam into Del Rio, and they were had to spend days more than a week in squalor under this bridge. I mean, to me, that is the real shame here is our immigration policy and that it allows people to come over and doesn’t, just stop them. And that’s what I think the real focus ought to be on. Yes, the horse story, the Border Patrol, CBP on horseback has become a story. I happen to think it’s bad. Forget the whipping for a second.” So I guess I’m just not understand exactly why it is that that might be bad.

He said, “And I understand that’s one of the allegations. And there doesn’t seem to be true. And the president shouldn’t have talked about strapping as he did because that’s another word for whipping. I don’t think that that the Border Patrol, they ought to be able to find a way to keep people from coming across the border. Build a fence.” Benson said, “A wall, maybe?” To which ‘Commie Chris responded by saying, “Yeah, I was going to say build a fence, build a wall, have some kind of a gate so they can’t walk across that dam over the Rio Grande into Del Rio. I don’t know that.” Yes, for sure we must have a gate, Chris, and likely a very big gate!!!

And he finished up by saying, “I think the idea of guys on horseback stopping migrants from coming by, rushing out the bull, rushing them with the horses. Forget whether there were whips or not. I don’t think that’s right. And either I find that I find that offensive.” Adults like ‘Commie Chris’ have the emotional maturity of small children. Their hatred of President Trump has so clouded what they know to be right, that a nation needs borders and immigration laws have to be enforced, otherwise it simply ceases to be a nation. Which, I can only assume, would be just fine him. ‘Commie Chris’ has zero credibility. It’d obvious that he’s nothing but a shill for the DNC.

‘Commie Chris’ is a boob. And it wasn’t all that long ago that he was busying himself by condemning any sort of a wall being built. Now he’s in favor of one being built, as long as it has a gate?  He’s a nutcase. He just can’t bring himself to say that President Trump was right about ‘the wall’ and had the right policies to deal with illegal immigration. Go figure. Talk about having real estate in one’s head, President Trump owns this dweeb. ‘Commie Chris’ can go to hell. He asked President Trump to denounce white supremacy at the debate with ‘Creepy Joe,’ but did he also ask ‘Creepy Joe,’ the segregationist, to denounce white supremacy? Of course not.

I suppose it’s always a good idea when one finally comes around, sort of, to spew something other than, “Orange man bad.” I mean, how many more times does President Trump need to be proven right before fools like ‘Commie Chris’ decide to go after ‘Creepy Joe’ with even a fraction of the intensity with which they went after President Trump just for being right? We haven’t even gotten to a year after the election, much less a year after ‘Creepy Joe’ was inaugurated, and he’s done more harm to this country than Jimmy Carter who he makes look like a genius by comparison. Fools like Chris are part of the problem not part of the solution.

So ‘Commie Chris’ finds horses offensive? Well, I find ‘him’ offensive. What’s more offensive, someone illegally breaking into your country to take advantage of hardworking law-abiding people, or blocking them with a horse? Chris says the border agents on horses were mean to the illegals trying to hop into the country, even if they didn’t use whips. ‘Commie Chris’ is an unequivocal hack. He and the other leftist propagandists, who have been operating under an umbrella of “fair and balanced,” must be having quite a time coming to terms especially after having helped to get this senile loon ‘elected.’ They should be very proud of themselves! NOT!!!

Promising to build the wall is what got Donald Trump elected in the first place. And it was the Democrats, and their RINO allies, that did everything possible to stop his efforts. The Democrats primary objectives are open borders and gun control, all so our society is overrun. They are liars, traitors and insurgents who want us neutered so they can then more easily destroy us. This only shows how dumb ‘Commie Chris’ and those like him really are. They have allowed their hatred of President Trump to cloud what little good judgement they may have once possessed. And it’s that hatred that is responsible for the precarious position in which we now find the country.

Personally, I don’t give a flying fart what ‘Commie Chris’ says. He can’t spend five years trashing Donald Trump, spreading misinformation about President Trump while covering up for the DNC/Biden disasters during the last election and now ask the senile clown in the White House to build the wall that President Trump had well under construction and that the ‘fake news’ media, including ‘Commie Chris,’ called him a racist for building. So shut up Chris, you are a day late and a dollar short. Nothing you say is relevant. Might ‘Commie Chris’s ratings headed in the wrong direction and he’s trying to prop them up? Does he think people trust him? Sorry Chris, too late for that.

And as far as I’m concerned, it’s too late for any sort of a change of heart, if that’s what this really is. America is being destroyed by ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats. They are Hellbent on destroying our national identity and our sovereignty and all for political gain and while feeding the greed of multinational companies. This is nothing less than suicidal for our nation. This is dereliction of their ‘oath of office’ and the American people have every reason to rebel and to insist that our Constitution be upheld and to remove from office those who refuse. And it’s Chris and his many colleagues in the ‘fake news’ biz who are at least partially to blame.


The more the Democrats, along with their many allies in both the ‘fake news’ media and the Republican Party, try to convince us that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden actually did win the 2020 presidential election both fairly and squarely, the more I am sure that President Trump won the election and by a wide margin. And that would be for the very simple reason that, their actions speak far louder than do their words. I mean if they are so confident that their guy won then why all panic over the audits? And it’s the latest attempt to convince me that Trump’s victory simply a pipedream comes from yet another fat-old-cow-of-a-former-senator, and a Democrat, Claire McCaskill.

Friday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘The ReidOut,’ hosted by racist homophobe Joy Reid, McCaskill, who is now, believe it or not, an NBC News ‘contributor,’ claimed that most of the Republicans in the Senate were privately embarrassed at President Trump’s “big lie” that he won the 2020 presidential election. McCaskill said, “Most of the Republicans in the Senate are privately embarrassed at the big lie and the fact that all of them are too timid to take on what is now, without any doubt the controlling base of their party.” She continued, “I think everyone gets what is going on. I think there is frustration because we have such an evenly divided Senate.”

She went on to say, “We have an evenly divided Senate and have a majority because we have a couple of people elected that frankly, especially those in states that Trump won by more than 20 points. I mean, they are Democrats, but they are there because they have always campaigned as somebody who was more moderate than the Democratic Party. So we have this horrible conflict of trying to get to 51 on things or trying to reform the filibuster to get at this.” And it was then that she said, “That’s why it’s so important, and by the way, even doing this stuff in Washington doesn’t necessarily take care of the state and local level.” What a moron she is!

Anyway, she went on to add, “So take a chill here and real lead if we did away with the filibuster, that doesn’t fix this problem. You got to fix the problem at the local level so start paying attention to who your local recorder is, who the county clerk is, who your secretary of state is, get involved in those elections.” So I can’t help but wonder which Republican senators it might be that are talking to the fat, ugly, pro-abortion Ms. McCaskill. But I’m quite sure it’s those like Willard, Cassidy, Collins or Sasse, to name a few, who would be willing to say such things, but they’re not actual Republicans, they’re all Democrats operating under the guise of being Republicans.

Even if you take this pathetic old cow at her word, I would argue that any Republican in the House or the Senate who is actually embarrassed by President Trump should be among the first to be put out to pasture and at the earliest possible time, just as McCaskill was. But sadly, many likely won’t be, they rarely ever are. The elections are bought and paid for and it’s most Republicans who would never let their dear RINO lose to a Socialist, so they vote for them every single time. And all that ends up being done is perpetuating the problem instead of trying to fix the problem. We need to let them lose so someone else can then be run the next time. Get rid of these traitors.

The ONLY ‘Big Lie’ is the ‘Big Lie’ that ‘Creepy Joe’ won. And this cow, McCaskill, talks as if the base controlling the party is actually a bad thing. But isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be. For a has-been, she’s pretty arrogant. And it’s more than likely that “most of the Republicans in the Senate” that she’s supposedly been speaking with aren’t really embarrassed at all. What they are, is scared sh!tless because they were in on the steal and now don’t want their applecart to be upset. Throughout his entire time in office it was extremely difficult to determine just who it was that hated President Trump more, those in his own party or, the Democrats.

McCaskill too is a bit of an embarrassment. Instead of berating President Trump, perhaps she should be supporting him and demanding investigations in every state. A fraudulent election isn’t about Donald Trump, his time will pass. Our precious rights are supposed to be forever. It’s about protecting every American’s right to vote, it’s about protecting our civil and constitutional rights. It is about freedom verses tyranny. In a way she speaks the truth, the RINOs in will do whatever they can to make sure President Trump is not elected again. It’s not close enough to the election for them to make their move yet, but mark my words they’re planning something.

And it’s those who we elected as our leaders that concocted what was a cost/benefit analysis of sorts, and they decided liquor stores and strip joints were essential services and we were encouraged to line up and keep the numbers of infected down while shopping for our booze. And yet we couldn’t line up to vote, giving everyone confidence that the vital act of participation in the life of our nation was as safe and free of corruption as possible? Only someone intent on disrupting the process for political gain supports mass mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and especially the ability to print a ballot at your home. This invites the eventual dissolution of our country.

The sad truth here is that most Republicans are really Democrats. Yet there are no Democrats who are Republicans. Very few, if any, Republicans are in politics to do much more than what the Democrats are in it for, and that’s to make themselves, their friends and their families rich. All while exempting themselves from any and all of the laws that they create for we, the unwashed masses. Convention of States and Term Limits for all of them. We already have term limits for the president, what makes these jackasses so special! People, the power is in our hands, but for some reason you seem very timid and cowardly in going about using it. Why is that?

It’s most of America, I think, that is embarrassed by the Democrats and their ‘Big Lie’ about the election, their Russia Hoax, their bogus impeachments, their constant bowing to Communist China, the irresponsible scheme that has thus far been used quite successfully, to elect a senile old man as *president , and many, many, many other things. So Ms. McCaskill can go screw herself. At the rate ‘Creepy Joe’ is busily destroying our country, Democrats may want to get on the bandwagon that ‘Creepy Joe’ stole the election. The alternative is to go down in history as supporters of the most incompetent *president and so called world leader in the history of the world.

And so we’re to believe that there are Republicans embarrassed by the ‘big lie?’ How quaint. Meanwhile ‘Creepy Joe’ lies like a rug, breaks everything he touches and blames everyone else for the damage that he has caused, and continues to cause. The country is in turmoil. People claim not to know if they are male or female and we dare not say the words, man or woman. And these snowflakes of the Republican Party are said to be embarrassed? They certainly should be. They are embarrassing. Who do they think that they are helping by creating this spurious narrative of embarrassment? How many might now be under the employ of the Chinese Communist Party?

And finally, the bottom line here is that the Republican Party so hated Donald Trump that it willingly assisted the Democrats with what was the greatest act of blatant election theft in this nation’s history. Anything to derail the populist agenda so they could then get back to work selling out the American people. And it’s the Republican Party that must now be made to face the direst of consequences. It’s going to be left to the people to not only convince President Trump that he must run in 2024 but to turn out in numbers so large that it will virtually guarantee that he wins, and wins big. Barring that taking place, this country will certainly be lost, and lost forever!


Clearly, RINOs are nothing more than Democrats who have successfully infiltrated the Republican Party under the guise of being advocates for freedom and staunch defenders of our Constitution when, in reality, they clearly represent a clear and present danger to not only the survivability of the party but, worse still, the survivability of our country. This insidious group of individuals, the names of whom we all know very well, always seem able to worm their way into the good graces of the naïve and then, through what is nothing more than pure political deception, into public office where, far too often, they are able to remain for far too long.

And it’s these very same people who, now more than ever, represent the most serious threat that this country has ever been made to face. More so even than those in our increasingly ‘fake’ news media and more even than the radicals who today comprise a rabidly leftwing Democrat Party. These RINOs are as adept as the Democrats at accusing those who disagree with them of being guilty of what they themselves are guilty of. Take for instance ‘The Maverick’s’ 2008 presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt. This guy is a real piece of work. To the point where one has to wonder just how long he’s been on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

You see, it was during a recent appearance, just this past Thursday, where else but on MSDNC, during the network’s broadcast of ‘Deadline,’ hosted by one of the network’s many resident dim bulbs, Nicolle Wallace, that this genius, Schmidt, made the blatantly idiotic, and patently false, claim that the overwhelming majority of those in the Republican Party had “capitulated to a cult of personality,” which he went on to described as being “hostile to American democracy.” And I suppose the most remarkable thing about his making such a comment, was the fact that he was able to make it all the way through without so much as cracking a smile.

Schmidt said, “The overwhelming majority of the country wants to live in a democracy, though I would argue the intensity seems to be on the Trump side and the autocratic side of the movement. I don’t think it’s about this moment so much as it is about the country we’re going to live in ten years, 15 years, 20 years from now, and that moment requires us to understand it’s not some Republicans. It’s the overwhelming majority of one political party that has capitulated to a cult of personality that is hostile to American democracy and is filled and teeming with extremists and making more and more intimations towards violence every day that you choose to examine.”

And this ignorant dolt then continued, “What we have to understand is that despite whatever excesses you may see within it, we have one political party, the democratic party, that believes in democracy in the country, and there’s going to have to be the maintenance of an alliance that includes those disaffected Republicans, Independents, Moderates, all the way to Progressives that can stand for agreement on a compact that has always united the country on the question of how do we decide who’s in charge. The way we decide that is temporarily granting authority to people through an election where the majority gets to decide who the winner is.”

Schmidt added, “That is what they have broken, what they have shattered with their lies, with their rhetoric, that has poisoned faith and belief in democracy. That led up to an actual violent assault aimed to stop the counting of electoral votes that is now celebrated, and those insurrectionists are called political prisoners, including by some of the highest elected officials in the country, including a former president of the United States. So, the country’s in a lot of trouble. The reason the country’s in a lot of trouble is that we’re not looking clearly, and we can’t seem to understand that the Republican Party which existed in this state a year ago is even worse today.”

While we all know that the United States is a republic and not a democracy, this boob is 100 present spot on then he says, “It’s the overwhelming majority of one political party has capitulated to a cult of personality that is hostile to American democracy and is filled and teeming with extremists and making more and more intimations towards violence every day that you choose to examine.” But he’s 100 percent out to lunch when he claims that it’s those in the Republican Party. And he makes very clear just how truly delusional he is when he says that “we have one political party, the democratic party, that believes in democracy in the country.”

And how is it, exactly, that the Republicans are, in any way, hostile to American democracy? Which party demands that members of the other party lose their jobs or be shunned by family and friends? Which party demands members of the opposing party NOT be barred from social media and to be silenced? Which party demands members of the opposing party be assaulted, harassed and intimidated? Which party demands its members abide by all party agenda positions or else will be targeted by friends and family, silenced in public unless, of course, they retract their position? Which party runs ‘interventions’ to corral members back into compliance?

Schmidt is, of course, unable to provide any of those ‘authoritarian’ acts committed during the previous four years, so he doesn’t even try. But, hey, vaccine passports and need for permission to travel to another state are supported by the party that believes in democracy. Everything this idiot said about Republicans, is actually exactly what the Democrats, through thoroughly politicized intelligence agencies, their ministry of propaganda legacy media, Big Tech, Antifa and BLM, have been doing since before Donald Trump first came down the escalator. And what’s truly sad about all of this is how many sheeple buy into the BS spread by tools like this ass, Schmidt.

As a Republican, I’m hostile to America?? I was born here, like my Dad before me. I played Little League. I went to church and did pretty well in school and then I joined the Navy. And yet I’m the one hostile to America because I support the man who was the greatest president in my lifetime? Unbelievable. Hostile to America? Because I want our Constitution to be strictly adhered to? Schmidt is a McCain RINO and never was a real conservative. Prostitutes have more ethics than does this angry little man who can’t find work as a campaign consultant because he sucks at it. So he’s left with being forced to appear with the ‘fake news’ skanks like those on MSDNC.

It’s absolutely amazing how 180 out this RINO truly is. President Trump was transparent, ‘Creepy Joe’ obfuscated. President Trump cooperated with every court decision, even as he fought back. ‘Creepy Joe’ ignores everyone, even the Constitution, and yet demands to be obeyed. President Trump pushed for less federal control, ‘Creepy Joe’ pushes for massive federal authoritarian control. President Trump’s Executive Orders freed citizens, and protected them. ‘Creepy Joe’s dictate rules and victimizes citizens. President Trump loves the citizens of this country, ‘Creepy Joe,’ and the Democrats, think the government and they ARE the country.

It’s kind of funny, really, hearing Democrats accuse someone other than themselves of being a cult when they literally have an entire base of people that will form small masses, take a knee in front of standing BLM activists, and verbally declare their white privilege and their desire to be anti-racist with their heads bowed. Democrats are corrupt, incompetent, authoritarians abhorrent of democracy. Republicans treasure liberty and individual freedom, and love democracy. Political prisoners used to be something you only heard about in Russia, Communist China or Third world countries, but no more. Here in 2021 America, we now have some of our own.

Who are the ones hostile to America? The baby killers? The ones who want to lock up those who won’t take the vaccine? Those promoting open or no borders? Those who want to let non-citizens and dead people vote? Conservatives are very fond of this country, we love what we’ve built. Now the do-nothings want to give away all of our hard work to more do-nothings. I have no problem with the progressives being generous to strangers, just do it with their own money, not mine. I’ll decide who does and doesn’t receive my assistance. Charity begins at home. It should also be administered from the same location. Most people, including myself just want to be left alone to live their lives without government interference and intrusion.


Call me crazy, but wouldn’t you think that those who are present day members of the political party that was responsible for slavery taking place in this country, and that even went to war to preserve the ‘right’ of one human being to ‘own’ another, would not want to keep talking about it still today. And what I find as kind of amazing is the fact that more people, especially blacks, are unable, or unwilling. to see through all of the senseless babble that these very same lying meat sacks continue to spew. And what I find as being more than a little disingenuous are the connections these politicians attempt to make, no matter how great the reach, between those things that the oppose politically, and an institution that ended over 150 years ago.

Which, of course, brings me to one of the most racist, as well as one of the most corrupt, dingbats to found wondering anywhere in the halls of the U.S. Congress. And, of course, that would be none other than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who, just this past Wednesday, claimed that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents apprehending Haitian migrants illegally entering the United States through the southern border is “worse than what we witnessed in slavery.” It was during a ‘press conference,’ that took place a short distance from the U.S. Capitol, that ‘Mad Maxine’ declared, “What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.” And she was serious.

‘Mad Maxine’ added, “Cowboys with their reins in hand whipping black people, Haitians, into the water where they’re scrambling and falling down and all they’re trying to do is escape the violence in their country.” Democrats have seized on the images, accusing horse-mounted CBP agents of using whips to prevent migrants from attempting to cross from Mexico into Texas, a claim that agents say is patently ludicrous. And it was one agent who said, “With basic knowledge and two brain cells, anyone knows those agents use split reins. They do use them as a whip, on their horses. This helps get a quicker response from the horse to move out when needed, especially when the horse may be hesitant with groups of people or other animals.”

And so it’s once again that this racist moron makes it very clear that she cares absolutely nothing about truth, and she leaves virtually no doubt that the leftists are the party of race-centric, hate-centric plantation society mindset. ‘Mad Maxine’ doesn’t care about her constituents nor does she care about black Americans in general. They will be the ones most affected by illegal immigration. Especially now that so many small business are not coming back. Democrats are nothing if not pure evil and are busily working to turn this country into another third world shithole. The goal of the Democrat Party should now be obvious to even the most devoted of Democrat, and that goal is to destroy America as we have all come to know it.

In a way I’m kind of glad that these people as behaving as they are. Hopefully it has opened the eyes of those that have voted for those whose true agenda is, and always has been, to rob from all Americans, regardless of their color, gender, faith or sexual orientation, their freedoms and to place the government in charge of every aspect of their daily lives. It’s quite an instructive time in which we live. The Democrats are telling us that slavery wasn’t so bad, if CBP riders herding illegals is worse. Every time ‘Mad Maxine’ opens her mouth, she just proves that she is one of the dumbest people on the face of the Earth. She is dumb as a box of rocks, but her constituents have got be even dumber, if that’s even humanly possible! She is flat out nuts.  

I realize few really care what this woman says. It’s all nothing more than incoherent rambling! She seems to be saying that slavery wasn’t really all that bad. It’s no wonder that blacks continue to be stereotyped as uneducated, stupid and dumb when they have ‘Mad Maxine’ out front, speaking on their behalf. She, as well as the entire ‘Congressional Black Caucus,’ personifies black stupidity and ignorance. And just like everything else that ‘Creepy Joe’ has touched, our border situation, too, has been made to turn to sh!t! And while ‘Creepy Joe’ allows these migrants into our country without any Covid test or proof of vaccine, he’s demanding it of all Americans. It is hypocrisy and it should not be acceptable. Hope none show up in my neighborhood!

The United States, as a sovereign and free nation, is being systematically destroyed by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and the Democrat Party through intentionally unrestricted illegal migration with the sole intent of changing the demographics of this country for the specific purpose of trying to dramatically decrease the influence of white conservatives. It is unfortunately beyond our ability to control. We can only hope that enough of people will eventually rise up and make it known to ‘Creepy Joe,’ and the Democrat Party, that he, and they, the need to reverse course or face the political consequences. If not, the United States will come to simply cease to exist as a self-governing sovereign nation of free citizens in less than 10 years.


Now I’m sure we’ve all done things, likely far more than any of us would care to admit, that if we were able to go back and undo them, we would jump at the chance. And as I’ve gotten older there are still those instances where I wish I had thought things through a little better, although these days it’s alcohol that is much less likely to have been a contributing factor. Although sometimes I wish it had been because at least then I’d have an excuse. These days some of my most regrettable actions come in the voting booth, after I’ve allowed myself to have been made a fool by someone who I had genuinely believed in, to the point where I was willing to vote for them   

Which brings me to ex-president George W. Bush who is apparently throwing his fundraising support behind RINO/turncoat Liz Cheney in the race for Wyoming’s single U.S. House district. And it’s in so doing that W. has chosen to back one of the ten gutless RINO House members who sided with the Democrats in voting to impeach President Trump. And thus we have a perfect example of one RINO traitor defending another. Cheney is little more than a one-trick pony. She a Trump hater to the point where it’s ridiculous as she has demonstrated a willingness to go along with Pelosi on the subject of impeachment as well as the bogus claims of insurrection on January 6.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday one of Bush’s first campaign events of the 2022 midterms will be a fundraiser to support Cheney. Meanwhile, it was earlier this month, that President Trump endorsed Wyoming property rights attorney Harriet Hageman in her challenge to Cheney. Cheney is one of the most outspoken critics of Trump. In return, Trump has called her a “warmongering fool” and a “horrible human being.” Cheney voted to impeach President Trump for incitement of insurrection following the January 6 Capitol riot, ignoring the fact the former president did not call for violence or lawlessness. Rather, he continually called for peace.

Bush turned out to be such a disappointment on so many levels as president and has only continued to be even more of a disappointment since leaving office. He and the rest of the RINO crew are disgusting. We all need to step up and find viable replacements for all those RINOs still in office, including Cheney. While we can certainly all agree that Bush was clearly a better alternative than the two dweebs that he ran against, first Gore and then Kerry-Heinz, it’s worth mentioning that he also appointed John Roberts to the Supreme Court, and he has been an abysmal failure as it relates to conservative causes. Now we’re starting to see why.

And those running as “spoilers” in the Wyoming contest need to be forced to drop out to prevent Cheney from simply winning by default. If Republicans run a bunch of no-names against her to split the vote in the primary I hope this time the voters will not fall for the trap, having learned from their mistake in the past. Look, Republicans can do nothing anything about who the Democrats choose to run. However, they can do something about who the Republicans choose to run, by not voting for them. But sadly, there are always a great many Republicans who always drink the Kool-aid that the RINOs prepare for them at election time. It’s a Republican election principle.

Flooding the primaries is a time-tested tactic. After the primaries the selling point is always that ANY Republican is better than ANY Democrat. But any RINO is never better than any Democrat, if for no other reason than because they are one and the same. But too many in the Republican base never seem to figure that out. The more things change the more things stay the same. The replacements are there and always have been. But, at election time the RINOs always say those things that the base wants to hear. And they have lots of campaign money. The base always takes the bait and the RINOs keep getting elected. That formula has always seemed to work.

What we need, what the country needs, is a Republican Party of fighters. But we have instead, is a party of pussies who are afraid to stand up to the extremism of today’s Democrat Party. Moderate Republicans, aka RINOs, lack the gonads to stand up and fight for our values. They cave to the Democrats and are now more concerned with fighting Trump’s supporters than the Democrat opposition. And it’s these same RINOs who are completely useless. RINOs have had plenty of years to be in control, they’ve had their chance, and they f*cked it up, royally. We can not afford to return to the days of the milquetoast candidates like McCain, Willard, or Bush. Never EVER again.

I can’t be the only one to see how it was that George W. refrained from using criticism during ‘BO’s presidency but was quick to criticize a president from his own party practically out of the gate. I have no doubt that it still bothers him that Donald Trump made his little brother look like the wimp that he is while getting himself elected in the process. I realize there has never been a true presidential choice in my lifetime until Donald Trump. Every election our choices were either bad or worse. The ONLY presidents who actually stood up for our American values were Reagan and Trump. The Bushes, Romney, Dole and McCain had everyone fooled for years.

George W. is going out of his way to prove to any Republicans who are not already disgusted by him that he’s worthy of nothing but contempt. These RINOs stick together no matter what, and they all hate President Trump for exposing them. If George W. wants to double down on being the ‘Captain of the Titanic,’ that’s fine with me. And the entire premise that Cheney somehow deserves to be saved is ludicrous. She made her bed, and she deserves the removal the voters hopefully will deliver. The idea that prominent Trump hating elites can simply fundraise and buy her preservation is both an insult and a spit in the face of Wyoming Republican voters.


So, since when is it that any of us would need a poll to tell is that President Trump is a far more popular guy then the demented meat-sack who now occupies the Oval Office? And why is it that we should be shocked by news of a newly released poll that shows President Trump being more popular that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden? But it was on Monday that a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, released by the Hill, made just that point. But then, let’s face it, President Trump was also far more popular with registered voters on Election Day in 2020 than was ‘Creepy Joe.’ Just sayin’

And so, it was according to the Hill that, “Forty-eight percent of respondents say they have a positive view of Trump compared to 46 percent who say they have a favorable opinion of his successor.” In addition to respondents’ more positive view of President Trump than ‘Creepy Joe,’ 51 percent believe President Trump was actually “a better president than Biden.” Frankly, the ONLY thing that I find in any way shocking about this poll is how it indicates that it’s 46 percent of registered voters who, after all that has taken place over the last 8 month, still have a positive view of ‘Creepy Joe.’

It was during President Trump’s tenure that the United States succeeded at hammering out fair and equitable trade deals, constructing historic Middle East peace agreements and created a booming economy that resulted in real wage growth occurring for many varying demographics. In striking contrast, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’s presidency that has been defined by the deadly evacuation/retreat from Afghanistan that left hundreds to thousands of U.S. documented residents stranded behind enemy, skyrocketing inflation and threats made against those who remain unvaccinated!

The Hill, which we all know is nothing other than another establishment ‘fake news’ media outlet with a pretty hard left bias, actually admitted the poll’s numbers are “remarkable” for ‘Creepy Joe,’ “who repeatedly out-performed President Trump’s favorability numbers throughout the early months of his presidency.” The publication asserted the “bruised public perceptions of Biden” are due to his mismanagement of the ‘Chinese virus’ and virus messaging along with the Afghanistan hostage crisis. But those things are, in reality, only the tip of a very sizable iceberg of incompetence.

Regarding the ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Creepy Joe’ implemented vaccine mandates on medium to large size businesses while choosing to scold the unvaccinated for refusing to get the “effective” ‘vaccine,’ and suggesting the unvaccinated are causing the vaccinated ill health. His confusing communication on the vaccine’s effectiveness has resulted in only 48 percent of U.S. adults approving of his ling of the ‘Chinese virus’ with 49 disapproving, according to polling by Quinnipiac University. In August, those numbers were flipped, with 53 percent approving and 40 percent disapproving.

We had the greatest president in recent memory and the media fought him every single day. And now that we have the worst president in all of our history the same media carry his water every day. After all, it would be hard for anyone, let alone President Trump, to match the eloquence and the grasp of international affairs possessed by ‘Creepy Joe.’ ‘Given how well the problems with immigration, the ‘Chinese virus,’ inflation and crime are being managed now, I can see why so many refuse to entertain the possibility that the election may have been compromised.

None of this is news to anyone with an IQ above room temperature. Everyone knows President Trump won the 2020 presidential election. I seriously doubt anyone genuinely believes that the senile old dolt now occupying the White House actually received anywhere near 81,000,000 votes. For sure, there are a lot of stupid people out there able to vote, but nowhere near THAT many. We most certainly can chalk it up to Democrat cheating and Democrat lying. In China they have communists. In Afghanistan and Iran they have Moslem terrorists. In America we have Democrats.

Assessing ‘Creepy Joe’ after eight or nine months, and comparing him to President Trump, is not an accurate reflection of how bad this is very likely going to end up. This is just a brief snapshot into a four-year term he will either stagger through or hand to a ‘BO’ sock puppet. ‘Creepy Joe’ & CO. made their intentions clear from ‘Day One’ regarding the direction it plans to go in terms of disrupting our entire way of life. We are headed on a steady, rapid and downward trajectory with NO END in sight and the sure promise of more rigged results in the next two elections.

So, what might be the solution to our current dilemma? Use the 25th Amendment to get rid of ‘Creepy Joe?’ Then what, with ‘The Giggler’ in the wings who would be far worse than ‘Creepy Joe?’ And getting rid of ‘The Giggler,’ we get Pelosi. So I don’t really see an up side here, the problem now is that there is no good alternative. Work to take back Congress in 2022 and then we can at least shut down the crazy spending and slam the brakes on what ‘Creepy Joe’ mission to destroy America. There’s no real solution until 2024, and by that time the U.S. will be Cuba without the good weather.


So it’s once again that I find myself asking the question the answer of which is, or at least should be, painfully obvious. And that question is: “Just how stupid do these Democrats think those of us who disagree with them, truly are? Obviously, they think we’re all pretty damn stupid. Also, they apparently think we all live in some sort of vacuum, totally oblivious to all of the political bullshit that they continually perpetrate against us on what has now become pretty much a daily basis. Which brings to that racist, know-nothing of a Democrat politician, ‘Little Jimmy’ Clyburn.

Because it was just this past Sunday, during the broadcast of CNN’s “State of the Union” hosted by ‘Mr. Fake News’ himself, Jake Tapper, that Jimmy made the claim that California’s recall results are to be seen as a bellwether in which the “American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be.” And the most remarkable thing about Jimmy making such a comment, was his ability to say it with a straight face. Which begs the question of just how long he had to practice saying it without bursting out in laughter? I’m thinking it was quite a while.

Jimmy said, “You know, they made some political calculations that paid off last year in many parts of the country. But I think the American people in the last several months have begun to look at exactly what’s going on here, and they are rejecting that. Now I know that people talk about California as being the left course of whatever they may call it, but California’s result, I think, shows that the American people are sick and tired of the posturing. They’re sick and tired of the lying.” It’s so easy to spot these liars when they can’t back up their lying with any actual proof.

And he added, “They want to see this country in a place that they can leave something for their children and grandchildren as being left for them. That’s where we are. So I think that what you saw on Saturday is a reflection of that. What you see with these Republicans not choosing to run again, some switching parties, all of those things are reflections of the fact that the American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be and where this country can go. I believe you’re going to see that time and time again.” Does he really believe that?

And his gauge for making such a comment? Well, Jimmy uses a Democrat politician elected in a majority Democrat state. Jimmy was likely never at the top of his class, but then he didn’t need to be. You see, he’s got the whole black privilege thing going for him. And he displays his monumental ignorance every single time he opens his mouth. Clyburn, Johnson, Waters, Jackson-Lee, if not the entire Congressional Black Caucus represent only 150 years of being civilized, and it shows! Perhaps our prospective politicians should not only be thoroughly vetted, but also given an IQ test!

And so, let’s just say for the sake of argument that Jimmy is spot on when he says, “American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be.” If that’s true, then ask yourself why is it that the Democrats are so desperate to nationalize our elections? Plus, why are they so desperate to kill voter ID laws? Of course, the primary reason would be because they know that if those laws succeed, the odds of them winning every election in the future greatly increased. So just why is it that Democrats feel that the American people cannot be trusted to vote ‘properly?’

Does he seriously think that the future which the Democrats wish to inflict upon this country is one which we want to be forcing upon our children and grandchildren? Is Jimmy totally in the dark?! For the first time in modern American history, our future generations are guaranteed to have a future worse, far worse, than that of their parents. Let’s see; High crime, homelessness, increased drug use and associated violence, increasingly higher taxes, a failing energy grid and that’s just for starters. Yes sir Jimmy, that is certainly the vision every American has for our future.

This moron, and his ilk, control 95 percent of all the media, most of the internet, our public schools, most of corporate America, the military, much of law enforcement and a big chunk of our judicial system. Those of us on the right have ignored these wackos for too long. They’ve been describing what they want to do to America for decades. And they intend to raise taxes, leave your children with unpayable debt; import millions of immigrants for our children and grandchildren to support. They want to enslave the entire, existing and future, population of the United States.

Jimmy has grown to love the acreage that he has been granted there on Democrat plantation, and therefore will do, or say, whatever he must in order to keep hold of it! Jimmy has apparently now gone through the looking-glass so it’s easy to believe anything when viewed from inside the ‘beltway bubble.’ This guy is living in a world that doesn’t exist. If the Democrats get their way and pass that egregious $3 Trillion economy killing socialist spending bill, there won’t be anything left to leave our kids. They’ve climbed the ladder of success and seek to burn it down for the rest of us.

And just what was it that President Trump did that makes him so hated by those on the left? Was it making America energy independence? Or perhaps getting the border under control? His real steps toward peace in the Middle East? His actual plan to leave Afghanistan honorably, safely and smartly? What about low gas prices, low inflation and job insecurity? Seriously, what was it that President Trump did that was so terrible? ‘Creepy Joe’ has had a dozen self-inflicted catastrophes, and nobody with two braincells to rub together thinks he has any idea how to solve any of them.

So while ‘Creepy Joe’ goes on yet another vacation, illegal migration remains out of control, fifteen thousand illegal migrants (the numbers increase every hour) are living under a bridge in squalor in southern Texas at the border, inflation is now over eight percent and businesses are folding in every part of the country all because of ‘Creepy Joe’s baseless COVID restrictions. Violent crime rate has now quadrupled in every jurisdiction run by these Socialist/Democrat tyrants while Democrats like Jimmy support defunding the police. And Jimmy thinks Americans support such things?

And it’s all thanks to the Immigration Act of 1965, a creation of Teddy Kennedy’s, that Jimmy may actually be right on this issue. The goal of the Democrats is to make all of those third world immigrants now invading America, American citizens. And it’s the vast majority of them who will, of course, be Democrat voters. Democrats, like Jimmy, seek to dilute the votes of middle, and working, class white folks. And it’s those same white folks who are not doing all that they can in raising their children and instilling within them the importance of never voting for ANY Democrat.

Contrary to what Jimmy may say, what many Americans see is a radicalized Democrat Party and an administration busy creating crises at every turn. They see a dementia-riddled *president and continue to question the integrity of the election that resulted in making him *president. They see a Democrat controlled Congress proposing lunatic levels of spending while at the same time creating what is a record level of inflation. They are seeing all this, Jimmy, even though the corrupt ‘fake news’ media is trying to hide it all and run interference for these blatantly incompetent Democrat buffoons.

I believe the Democrats are now capable of stealing any election they want. Take for instance Gavin Newsom’s recall. Newsom has screwed up California like no governor before him. The problems in California are well documented, and yet he survived the recall. So, was this a fair election? If Republicans are unable win back control of Congress, even after the Democrats have made such a complete mess of things, can we really believe that it would be because it was the will of the American people? Democrat should never again win any election based on their corrupt performance.

Jimmy remains confident that the American people view the Democrat Party as representing “the future of what this country ought to be” despite an inept foreign policy that only further weakens us in the world; a total inexcusable mess on the southern border that was completely avoidable; skyrocketing prices thanks in part to their cutting down domestic energy production and then importing more of the same; support for racial divide masquerading as CRT/diversity and complete confusion on covid measures, thanks to politicization of the pandemic. That’s not much of a future.


If nothing else President Trump continues to possess the rather uncanny ability of being able to cause those who many of us, naively or not, have long thought of as being genuinely conservative to reveal themselves and to make clear that they are NOT conservatives and likely never have been. They are, quite simply, like so many on the left, enemies of this country and cheerleaders of a sort, for its demise. Which brings me to MSDNC political commentator George Will. Will said Friday on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that President Trump demonstrated how rapidly one man with a “lack of conscience” can change the entire tone of public life for the worse.

Mitchell said, “In your new book, you write that it has been well said that the United States is the only nation founded on a good idea, the proposition that people should be free to pursue happiness as they define it. In recent years, however, happiness has been elusive for this nation in which too many people think and act as tribes and define their happiness as some other tribe’s unhappiness. How do we get out of this predicament?” Will said, “Well, the good news is inherent in the bad news. The bad news is that Donald Trump demonstrated how to rapidly one man with feral cunning and a demigod’s lack of conscience can change the entire tone of public life.”

And Will then went on to say, “But if one man can change it for the worse, another person can come along and change it for the better. That’s the challenge for some Republicans to step forward and say to the country, deep breath, we are not enemies, and we must not be enemies. That’s the language from Lincoln’s first inaugural.” And Will continued by saying, “I think the country would sigh with relief and be so happy to find the politics that they can shove to the side of their lives and not have consumed with all this kind of nastiness that percolates into their living rooms by this wonderful medium of television.” So we see that Will is nothing if not delusional.

It has been unprincipled hacks like George Will using fake ‘intellectual snobbery’ to deride Donald Trump since before he was even elected. Just because he wasn’t like them. Forked tongued political hacks who will say whatever they’re told to say by those who cut their checks. How Will’s mind went to rot is a sad thing to behold. His glasses have assisted his viewing most everything that isn’t so. And it’s in looking back that we see that Will was likely never really a conservative as he seems to have always found a way to support and defend every liberal policy and/or political move. Hearing of his hatred for the one man who was reuniting our country is not surprising.

I wonder if Will would be upset if one man had this list of accomplishments in less than a year: Create Massive inflationary pressures thru fiat and not actual laws, Allowing the killing of 13 soldiers by apathy, handing enough military equipment to a terrorist group to make it the 26th largest armed force in the world, allowing diseased illegals to flood into the country while proclaiming the citizens are required to get a shot to fake fix a ‘virus,’ spend the country into debt at a faster pace than every *president before him and attempt to kill southerners by limiting supplies of medicine. A short list to be sure but still one George seems to have taken a liking to.

President Trump was called a “fascist” even though he was actually reversing years of actual fascist unconstitutional wars. The left criticized President Trump for daring to say America needs to improve on its own issues before addressing any of the ills around the globe. It was President Trump who concluded a historic U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA, reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports, imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to protect our national security and imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices.

Net exports were on track to increase by $59 billion this year. President Trump stopped funding terrorists and did not start a war in four years unlike the war monger with a peace prize. And America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant, America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who have become millionaires while being public servants: ‘Creepy Joe,’ the Clinton’s, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and Nancy Pelosi, just for starters. In a ‘banana republic’ corruption investigations lead to impeachment charges. President Trump didn’t create the hate of the left, he just exposed it, and continues to do so.

Those who have cried racist, today appear to be the largest bigots, those who once begged for tolerance, today are the least tolerant, and those who scream for equality, today continue to scream for absolute power, and servitude to their way of thinking, or you are met with threats – personal, professional and physical. Those in America’s political class hated Donald Trump because he wasn’t a member of their exclusive club. They hated the fact that they couldn’t control him. And the fact that he was able to accomplish so much while they busily tried to unseat him only added fuel to the fire. Democrats and RINOs are a miserable lot, and they hate our country.

That Will can so casually ignore the fact that things were getting better every day when President Trump was in office diminishes considerably whatever credibility that he may have once possessed. And his outright refusal to acknowledge President Trump’s ability to get things done, and to keep many of the promises he made to voters, despite the Democrats constant obstructing of every single thing he tried to do, diminishes him even further. President Trump thought outside the box and got stuff done, unlike ‘Creepy Joe’ who can’t even find the box. Anyone who voted for ‘Creepy Joe’ likely has buyer’s remorse. And they should, he has been a disaster!

First Will lost his gig at ABC, then Fox, and now he’s been relegated to MSDNC. It won’t be too long before he’s the newest regular on The View. And you know, it was after seeing so many breakdowns by these leftists that I realized that there is one thing that President Trump has accomplished, something that gets very little attention, aside from making leftists hold back tears all day and cry themselves to sleep every night. One important thing. And as I touched on earlier it’s how President Trump has brought the mental illness that so many leftists suffer from, out into the open. I believe psychiatrists even have a name for it: ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder.’

It’s leftists like Will in the media and in Hollyweird who have divided this country, not President Trump. They beat on him every day 24/7 with negative stories, negative opinions and blatant lies about the man. They even changed positions they may have held in common with President Trump, to be the complete opposite. Border walls, immigration, crime, free trade – all changed their positions just to be anti-Trump. Even to the point of helping illegal aliens with violent records stay in this country, or supporting the ‘Defunding of the Police,’ and allowing, and even supporting, daily rioting in cities across the country and bailing out arrested perpetrators.

Will, of course, has it all wrong. President Trump didn’t ‘change’ anything, but he did expose everything. These people make me sick. They put themselves up as being the beacons of truth when all they are doing is stabbing us in the back. President Trump didn’t cause any of the problems we’ve been made to endure, the “resistance” did. If the Democrats were so sure President Trump’s policies would fail, they would have allowed him to proceed unhindered. But instead, they, with the help of the RINOs, obstructed his agenda at every turn. Why? Because they knew he would succeed. Thus, Democrats consider their success as being more important than that of America.