I’ve always been a big believer in “what goes around, comes around!” And that would be for the very simple reason that I’ve seen it in action more times than I care to count. And rumor now has it that faux journalist, Chuck Todd, just might be living it firsthand. You see, it has been in his capacity as host of ‘NBC’s “Meet the Press,” since 2014, that Todd has acted as little more than a spokesman for the Democrat Party. He’s always seemed far more interested in spewing what were little more than Democrat Party talking points than genuinely reporting on any of the important issues of the day. Now comes word that all that may have gotten him is…fired.  

You see, it was recently reported that an executive for NBC News’s program “Meet the Press” may be in the process of deciding whether or not to replace Todd due to the show’s declining ratings. The former executive producer of “Meet the Press,” John Reiss, was given the boot after the show’s ratings fell by 21 percent in total viewership in comparison to last year, and it was Reiss who was replaced by long-time CNN producer David Gelles to revive the program. And apparently, it’s now from multiple sources that we hear Gelles is also considering replacing Todd. The move would force Todd out of his two-year contract extension at the network.

The new executive producer is reportedly planning to hire NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker to take over as the host and to have increasingly notable television appearances during the midterm elections. Also, MSDNC and NBC removed Todd’s “Meet the Press Daily” from their networks and switched it over to a streaming-only option in May. It was also reported that a “Meet the Press” source has claimed that Todd may be the primary issue of the program’s falling popularity and behind-the-scenes issues. And it was that same source who said, “At what point does anyone have the balls to say, ‘Maybe the problem is the face of it’?”

It was back in 2020 that the network moved “Meet the Press Daily” from the 5 p.m. to 1 p.m. time slot, again due to what was then referred to as, his “soft” ratings.” Todd reportedly has had a rocky relationship with several NBC executives. And in that regard it was someone on the inside who has said, “Chuck can be very difficult — he’s very opinionated — and that has strained some of the relationships internally.” Todd’s departure would follow another major cable news change since CNN canceled its longest running show, “Reliable Sources,” on August 21. The network’s decision forced the program’s host, Brian Stelter, to depart the network.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will certainly have no sympathy for Todd if he does get shit-canned by management, but Todd really brought this on himself. It’s a situation that could have so very easily been avoided. Perhaps if Todd had spent a bit more time telling the truth and a little less time doing something other than regurgitating the Democrat talking points of the day, his job would not now be hanging in the balance. I mean, there comes a time when people simply get tired of being lied to. But apparently Todd was under the rather misguided impression that he could go right on lying to his shrinking number of viewers with no fear of repercussions.

And you would have thought that if Todd really is as smart as everyone seems to think he is, the little light bulb would have gone off a long time ago. And yet it never did. But even with all that said, those in management are going to have to realize that changing the faces will not matter until there is a change the content. And if they fail to get that, then they’re really no better than Todd. And it’s actually telling the truth and more than just one side to a story would likely provide a big lift in the area of rating, but it’s always the last thing tried.  Viewers, subscribers, actual trust and respect, black ink versus red, the possibilities are really limitless.

But look who it is that we are talking about. Those people involved with our ‘fake news’ media, regardless of whether we’re talking about print media, broadcast media or electronic media, have been lying for so long it’s really all they know how to do. And we also know that old habits die hard. And let’s face it, it’s the vast majority of these very same people have virtually no interest in telling the truth. And in reality they are less journalists than they are activists. And it’s every poll taken on the subject of trust in the media, that the vast majority of Americans make clear that there is no trust. And yet there is never any effort made to change that. Why?


While am not normally one to put much stock in polls, neither am I someone who has all that much faith in the American people to simply ignore so much of what their being told by those who cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Far to often, I think, those taking these polls are in cahoots with the Democrats. The intent here is really quite clear. There is an effort underway to try to make it appear as if many of these races are closer than they really are so that there can be some plausible deniability that cheating wasn’t a determining factor in any surprise Democrat wins.

Which brings me to a ‘CBS News’ poll that was released this past Sunday and which would seem to point out that Republicans now lead Democrats by only two points on the generic congressional ballot. The poll found that of the 2,126 registered voters surveyed, 47 percent said they would vote for the generic Republican candidate. In contrast, only 45 percent of the respondents said they would vote for the generic Democrat. Four percent said they would vote for the Independent candidate, and four percent said they weren’t sure who to vote for in the coming election.

The continuous lead for Republicans in the poll comes as Democrats and many in the ‘fake news’ media believe they have a chance to keep the majority in the House. The poll also found that 11 percent of Democrat respondents would consider voting for the Republican candidate this year, while ten percent of Republican respondents said they would consider voting for a Democrat candidate, essentially canceling each other out. The top two “very important” issues for voters remain the economy, 81 percent, and inflation, 76 percent. Both of which the Democrats have badly mishandled.

Additionally, *president Joey B’s approval rating is ten points underwater, 45 percent approve to 55 percent disapprove, while more than half the voters said they would heavily base their vote in November on how they feel about the *president. Republicans in the House are looking for a net gain of at least five seats, which would win them back the majority. Much is on the line in both the House and the Senate. Republicans winning either one could mean the Democrats, and Joey B, would have a more difficult time advancing their agenda before the next presidential election.

This kind of poll is amazing to me. To acknowledge the obvious, you can’t take it at face value, because polls are both deliberately and accidentally biased. One reason for that is because conservatives tend not to talk to pollsters. And in taking it at face value, we have nearly half of Americans basically saying, “I hate everything that is happening now, but, I plan to vote for the people who are making the things I hate happen.” Now is that really how many Americans actually feel, I suppose that’s possible, but I just don’t see it as being all that likely. At least I hope not.

My primary issue with the Republican Party is the degree to which it has allowed itself to be infiltrated by those we refer to as RINOs. And it’s these RINOs who represent a far greater danger than do even the Democrats. But even with that being said, when Republicans were in office, we had low inflation, low gas prices, a booming economy, and no new wars. The only war was the one winding down in Afghanistan. Now we have just the opposite occurring, and it’s not Republicans who are responsible for causing any of them. That would, of course, be the Democrats and Joey B.

But we also have many Republicans in Congress who are, once again, working very diligently to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I’m sensing that many in our RINO contingency are working to put the brakes on things because of all the MAGA candidates. And it’s these very same RINOs who willingly support the Democrat agenda and want it to continue because they profit from it as well. No way do they want MAGA victories in either the House or the Senate. The only way we pull this thing off is to vote MAGA all the way, and vote like you’re saving the country.

Both the Democrats and the takers of these polls want us all to forget how it was back in 2020, when gas was $1.65, inflation was under 2 percent and no new wars were started. President Trump was bringing both troops and $85 Billion worth of guns and equipment home from Afghanistan. America was a net exporter of oil and gas and jobs were coming back from Communist China. Also, the southern border was more secure than it had been in decades. Fast-forward 19 months and hordes of illegals are flooding in, inflation is 12 percent and gas is $5.00 a gallon all thanks to Joey B.

And I have no doubt that the closer we get to Election Day the narrower the gap between the Democrats and Republicans will becomes until, on the day itself, when most of these ‘polls’ will show the Democrats have actually pulled ahead. But it’s all part of the plan. Because the closer these polls portray things to be, the easier it becomes for Democrats to cheat. From our national security to our economy, to our city streets, to foreign affairs, Joey B and the Democrats have destroyed every single thing they have touched. And still we’re to believe they’re within striking distance.


So riddle me this, just how is it that a guy who ran as Tea Party conservative has since managed to morph into someone who was able to vote to impeach, not once but twice, the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan? And too, how is it that he is one of only two ‘Republicans’ to sit on the Democrats’ January 6 kangaroo court of a committee? I mean, are we to assume that he lied to folks back home in his district in order to first get elected, back in 2010, and continued to mispresent himself to get re-elected ever since? Are the folks back home really that stupid?

And it’s this same man who should serve as an excellent example of how just because one has worn, or continues to wear, the uniform it doesn’t mean that one can be trusted if, or when, one is ever elected to public office. And it’s Adam Kinzinger who should serve as a warning to all that we need to look beyond the uniform when choosing whom we vote for. Kinzinger made that clear during an appearance on Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” when he declared that he will help “left-wing Democrats” win over Republicans who he believes do not respect democracy.

And it was during this interview that proverbial nimrod Chuck Todd asked, “I’m curious. Liz Cheney said in some cases. She may have to help a Democrat win against an anti-democracy Republican win. Do you feel that is what you will be doing the next couple of years or so?” Kinzinger said, “Yes. The biggest issue, not everybody agrees with me and certainly in my party and even Democrats like so say, but you’re still a conservative, yeah, I’m a conservative, but the bottom line here is the biggest threat to our country is democracy.” One thing Kinzinger is not, is a conservative!

Anyway, he went on to add, “If you have Republicans that are running against it even left-wing Democrats that believe in democracy and believe in voting, that person should be elected over somebody who would overthrow the will of the people and, ultimately, destroy this country. This country cannot survive outside of democracy. It will turn into a power struggle between groups of different races, ethnicities, and different religions. Take that away. The country is a mess. Republicans that are for that have no place in office. I don’t care what their policy position on taxes are.”

Someone really does need to remind this butt before he exits stage left that few care about his silly threats, and fewer still even know who he is. And clearly, he’s another that needs to be educated regarding the fact that we are a Republic, we are not a Democracy. But the Democrats, including this closet Democrat, use this message even though they know otherwise. They hate America as evidenced by the fact that their efforts to destroy it have now been made clear to anyone with a brain. He’s toast politically, so who cares what this moron says, his career in politics is done.

Kinzinger is not running again for Congress because his district was redrawn by the Democrats, and he was too gutless to run against another Republican incumbent who very likely would have mopped the floor with him. His next stop in life will likely be on MSDNC or CNN. He will be the one called upon to offer the ‘conservative’ perspective, while really doing nothing of the sort. He will allow whichever network he lands on the ability to claim to present both sides of whatever argument is being made when in fact they will offer only one side, the liberal, progressive side.

Clearly it’s the Left that despises our Republic. The anger over the reversal of Roe v. Wade proves that. They want their values guaranteed by government force, and they want all laws to be decided by Washington, not by individual state legislatures or governors. The Left demands that only their opinions are allowed to be heard in the public square. All opposing views are to be silenced by any means. The leaders of Democrat Left are nothing more than bunch of equality hating, Constitution hating, God hating, extremely arrogant supremacists. And Kinzinger supports them!

And there is something very stomach-churning about Kinzinger’s claim that he’s “still a conservative.” What exactly is it, in his view, that makes him a conservative? Is it his concern over growing government regulations and an effort by the left to control of all facets of our lives, the dream of these leftists? Or concern regarding out-of-control government spending on projects of a questionable nature not to mention filling the pockets of corrupt groups that support many of these leftwing Democrats that he will work to get elected? That would appear not to be the case.  

Then might it be his concern regarding the America-demonizing Critical Race Theory (CRT) ideology becoming prescribed not only in schools all across the country, but in our military as well? Or is his concern regarding how the country being swamped by illegal immigrants seeking to take advantage of our welfare system? Or about, Leftist lust for greater control of people’s wealth will further weaken the middle class, along with middle and small businesses, hurt hard working Americans in general. No, I think not. Kinzinger is clearly a believer in “better red than free and prosperous?”

And what remains worrisome is the fact that the Republican Party remains loaded with sleeper cell anti-Americans like Kinzinger. He and Cheney are only two of the more obvious ones. The Republican Party is chock full of elected officials, in both the House and the Senate, and bureaucrats who are working in stealth against the interests of the American people. And it’s a problem not only at the federal level. It’s problem that must be dealt with at both the state and local levels. And unless the American electorate understands this, and acts accordingly, our ‘Republic’ is doomed.


So you really do have to wonder, are the Democrats totally oblivious to the fact that in a mere 74 days we have an election or, have they now become so confident in their ability to steal elections that they no longer care what they say in their continuing effort to deny just how bad things have now gotten in this country over the course of the last 19 months that they have been in complete control of our government. And oddly enough, what has been made to transpire in that period of time it what transpires every time the American people are foolish enough to put these people in charge of running the country. And yet the American people never seem to learn.

Which brings to Debbie Dingell. Dingell is someone who is even less qualified than most to serve in Congress. You see, it was in their infinite wisdom that those in the same district that both her dead husband, and his father before him, once reigned over bestowed that same honor on her back in 2015 after her husband died. And it’s Dingell who was recently complaining about those she described as “armchair economists” when daring to criticize the masterful job that Joey B is doing to destroy our country. You see, we’re not permitted to complain as our country is being burned down around us. Because, of course, they’re only doing it for our own good.

As I mentioned, Debbie didn’t come to hold her current seat in Congress in the usual way. You see, the seat was once held by John Dingell Sr., who was first elected back in 1933, who held it until he died, at which time the torch was passed to John Dingell Jr. who held it until he died at which time the torch was then passed to his, 27 years his junior, wife, Debbie. And so it’s very clear that the vast majority of those who happen to inhabit this congressional district must also reside at the shallow end of the gene pool. But her lack of credentials certainly hasn’t stopped her from accusing those who dare to criticize those who clearly know more than she does.    

It was during Thursday’s broadcast of something called NBC’s “MTP Now,” that Dingell came rushing to the defense of *president Joey B and his decision regarding the student loan program. You see it was then that she said she was “really tired of these armchair economists who love to take the shots and get attention, but aren’t really working hard to try to solve some of our nation’s problems.” And it was host Kristen Welker who asked, “I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about the other big news today, which is the President’s announcement on student loans. He’s extending the pause. He’s giving relief of $10,000 to those who make less than $125,000.”

And it was this genius Welker who then went on to say, “Some economists, though, are warning that it could add to inflation, including Jason Furman, who tweeted, ‘Pouring roughly half [a] trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that is already burning is reckless. Doing it while going well beyond one campaign promise…and breaking another’ what is your reaction to what you are hearing from some economists who worked in the Obama administration who are concerned about inflation? Is this the wrong time to extend the student loan pause?” What is this bimbo’s reaction? Seriously? And this moron calls herself a ‘journalist?’

Anyway, Dingell answered, “President Biden made a promise and he is trying to help those most in need reduce the stress that they have on them about how they’re going to pay this debt. And it’s really keeping a lot of young people up at night. But I think we’ve got to do more real things, like, we look at other countries, we look at the state of Tennessee under a Republican governor that gives [two years of free tuition to community colleges]. And she went on to add, “We need to look at how we incentivize people to go into fields where there are real shortages, so that, perhaps, we pay for their tuition, and in turn, they give us their public service.”

Welker cut in to say, “Congresswoman, it sounds like you’re saying that the President hasn’t gotten to the root cause and root issue here.” Dingell responded, “We’ve got to work at it more. I agree with that. And you know what I think of these armchair economists who like to get a lot of attention? It’s really easy to take the shots. Let’s get something concrete. I’m really tired of these armchair economists who love to take the shots and get attention, but aren’t really working hard to try to solve some of our nation’s problems. And I think President Biden has done a lot in the last few weeks to address many of the problems that are facing us in this country.”

So tell me, just what is it that Joey B has done to solve any of our nation’s problems? And what have those like Dingell done other than to act as rubberstamps to Joey B’s continuing to wreak all manner of havoc. Look, Joey B has NEVER been a leader! He’s never been good at anything other than being a follower. Joey depends on those operating behind the curtain. But not to worry, because as I said, it’s all that the Democrats are doing, regardless of the border mess, their boondoggle when it comes to bogus ‘climate change’ or this most recent giveaway, that are all for own good, as they claim to have only our best interests at heart.

It was from his basement that Joey B first made clear that he intended to rob the treasury of $300 billion in student loan debt “forgiveness” in an effort to make sure that one voting bloc remained loyal to the Democrats. He made good on that promise as way to keep those effected distracted from our tanking economy and numerous other issues that might keep them from voting Democrat. The egregiousness of this on so many levels is off the charts. And those like Dingell seem to object that those who are going to cover the cost, as well as those who worked their asses off for years to pay off their debts as responsible citizens, are expressing their outrage over it.

And can someone please explain to me how a *president, without the consent of Congress, can simply write off $300-500 BILLION in debt owed to the government? If the *president has that power, then he could just as easily say that all those of his party need no longer pay taxes, essentially making tax law moot since the *president could change it will. Conversely, wouldn’t that same power let the *president say, “Any U.S. debt held by China is null and void?” Government is about processes, not outcomes. Whether you agree with student loan cancellations or not, the process created by this must be challenged, because it can, and will, be abused repeatedly.

When you are a responsible adult and support yourself, it’s by default that you become, as Dingell puts it, “an armchair economist.” You have to be! For decades we’ve heard Democrats complain about costs, and yet they’ve learned absolutely nothing. They continue to tax and spend, always acting as if they have an unlimited budget. And while I may not be an economist, I am, however, directly affected by fuel prices, inflation, tax rates, medical costs/insurances, unsecured borders, competition with foreign markets and many other related issues. And it is how I am personally affected that I base my political opinions and voting choices.

And just why is it seen as being acceptable by folks such as Dingell that I’m put in the position of having to choose between buying life’s necessities or being able to pay my taxes. Get out of my pockets, they’re empty and with so many hands in them, I can’t move anymore. I’m tired of these Washington elitist politicians who feel they have some right to steal from hardworking Americans in order to buy votes from their certain key constituencies and who think they are free to commit treason against the American people and the U.S. Constitution with impunity. And frankly, I’m tired of the economic illiteracy from those in this current administration.

And perhaps if those like Dingell had an interest in anything other than buying votes, perhaps they would first work to determine why it is that the costs of attending so many of colleges and universities has now gotten so ridiculously high. Maybe addressing the root cause would be a better solution. Handing out $10,000 loan forgiveness is only a band aid. Might they going to do another band aid in four years? In short, they’ve solved nothing. We peasants have a right to voice our concerns! We all know that the Democrats will NEVER address the high cost of tuition as these same institutions are major supporters of both the Democrat Agenda and Party.

Look, if there is one thing that I think all of us can safely agree on, it’s the fact that Democrats absolutely despise those of us who have worked hard to start businesses of their own and, in the process, have become wealthy without the use of taxpayer funded assistance. Remember ‘BO’ and his idiotic comment, “You did not build that?” What the Hell did that turd ever build. And here we have this imbecile, Dingell, sitting in the same seat once occupied by both her dead husband and her dead husband’s father. And yet she still feels somehow qualified to complain about those who dare to complain about getting ripped by those like her in government.


It would seem that the prospect of a Republican takeover of Congress, come this November, being what it is, Tony Fauci has now made it known that, come this December, he’ll be heading toward the exit and on to collect his 350 grand annual retirement. Just a mere coincidence, ya think? No, I think not. What I think helped Fauci to decide that the time was right to ‘retire’ is the fact that a number of Republicans have made it quite clear that they want to get to the bottom of all his rather shady shenanigans throughout the entire plandemic that resulted from his ‘Chinese virus.’ Clearly, a great many questions remain to be answered.

Especially when it comes to exact role Fauci played regarding the creation of the virus and involvement in the measures taken to essentially keep it going. Because it would seem that in both instances old Doc Tony was very much front and center. And it was the day after announcing he would be stepping down, that old Doc Fauci reacted to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy vowing to hold him accountable over his handling of the ‘Chinese virus’ plandemic should the Republicans succeed in their efforts to take back control of the House. According to McCarthy, Fauci “owes the American people answers.” And on that I would most certainly have to agree.

Anyway, it was during an appearance earlier this week on CNN’s “New Day” that Tony made the ridiculous claim that he actually welcomed oversight, before going on to argue that many Republicans had merely been engaging in “more of a character assassination” than oversight. But he added that he would be “happy to cooperate.” Fauci was asked if he would be willing to testify before Republicans even after his retirement. Fauci replied, “Sure, I certainly would consider that.” And he said, “But you’ve got to remember, I believe oversight is a very important part of government structure, and I welcome it, and it can be productive.” Sure he does!

Fauci went on to say, “But what has happened up till now is more of a character assassination than it is oversight. So, sure, I would be happy to cooperate, so long as we make it something that is a dignified oversight, which it should be, and not just bringing up ridiculous things and attacking my character. That’s not oversight.” But I can’t help but wonder, can it really be described as “character assassination” when it’s someone like Fauci who is involved, a man who is totally devoid of character? Somehow, I think we all can all safely assume that Fauci will resist appearing before those interested in asking those questions that Fauci has thus far managed to dodge.  

And if the Republicans do make good on their promise to haul Fauci in for questioning, those in the ‘fake news’ media will surely explode and do their best to describe any attempt to get to the truth as nothing more than a Republican political witch hunt. Unlike their approach to the ongoing Democrat and DOJ shenanigans, which they continue to both applaud and support. Fauci is a true narcissist. He has thrived on all the attention and publicity and power that he has acquired in the last couple of years. He is NOT going to give up being in the limelight as he’s drunk on power. He is conceited and he will most certainly refuse to go quietly into the night.

Fauci lied about his involvement with the Wuhan Lab. He lied about his funding gain-of-function research. He tried, desperately, to cover his tracks when his peers came to the rightful conclusion that the virus was engineered and not naturally occurring. He heavily redacted his emails before submitting them for review. He suppressed any, and all, therapeutic treatments that have proven to be effective in countries where he did not have a say. This dirtbag needs to be tried for crimes against humanity. And yet, it’s very clear that despite all of his, rather questionable, behavior, Fauci remains the darling of those in Hollyweird and those in the ‘fake news’ media.

People lost their livelihoods for refusing to be guinea pigs for his big Pharma and globalist master’s depopulation crimes. Pretty much the entire health industry, especially the hospitals, and the ‘fake news’ media either cooperated or were part of the deception from the start. And now he wants to be treated in a dignified manner? Dignified? Like forcing people to die alone while not allowing their loved ones to be with them in their final moments? That kind of dignified? Dignified like shaming people who decided not to take your “vaccine” because they wanted to make their own health decisions? Is that the kind of dignified Fauci is talking about?

And by “dignified,” I’m sure that Fauci means not being asked any hard questions about what it was that he actually did, and why he thought it was okay for him to do them. And however things turn out, I’m quite sure that any hearings involving Fauci will be at least as dignified as, say, the ongoing committee hearings regarding the events of January 6, 2021. Or just as dignified as the two bogus attempts to impeach President Trump. Or as dignified as any of the bogus attempts made by the Democrats over the entire four years of his presidency to remove a duly elected president from office. Those like Fauci should not be considered immune to the same treatment.     

And although I am quite sure that most Democrats will surely disagree, I think it fair to say that this man is nothing less than an accomplice to mass murder. And an accomplice to a highly coordinated, lethal, and conspiratorial attack on humanity. He deserves no quarter. When I think of all the people that were denied being with family when they took their last breath, the toll quarantine took on daily routines, the other diseases that went undiscovered and untreated, businesses closed forever, the disruption to our supply chain, people losing their jobs over a vaccination card, and the experiments conducted on man’s best friend, Fauci should rot in prison.

Fauci “assassinated” his own character courtesy of the many lies he told to the American people. We all witnessed them firsthand and in real time with none of them based on science. “Don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, wear two or three masks, better stay indoors, better not have any holiday parties, wear a mask at all times, even in your car, make your children wear a mask, not safe for kids to be in school, shut down the economy, well, except Walmart, Amazon. Then came the ‘vaccines,’ natural immunity wasn’t effective against the virus, but the vaccine is safe, the vaccine was thoroughly tested, blah, blah, blah, all lies! I could go on, but why bother.

Fauci continues to display a smug, self-satisfied look to match his actions. He has clearly become addicted to being in the limelight and the wielding of power and influence that he was permitted to possess. He was a major player in an agenda that chose politics over science when making, or influencing, decisions that only served to prolong the supposed crisis. We are now able to see the effects of government decisions from the federal to the local level, and the cure was clearly worse than the disease. I will be glad to see him leave though there are others who need to resign as well. The CDC and related agencies now acknowledge they handled it improperly.

At the end of the day, Fauci the fraud, played a part in creating a virus, lied about it, scammed millions to fund it, and intends to walk free to collect a ‘pension’ that most Americans could only dream about. Fauci’s only legacy is one that leaves many Americans, as well as much of the world, with a complete distrust of all public health agencies and agents. But in a very odd way, Fauci has also made people realize that their government is not here to protect anything other than the government. And it’s all rather unfortunate, and more than a little sad, that so many people had to die because of one man. A man who may yet escape the fate he so richly deserves.


I’m sure that anyone the least bit familiar with, Mr. ‘I-was-a-Republican-before-I-was-an-Independent-before-I-was-a-Democrat,’ Charlie Crist is clearly able to recognize him as nothing more than a blatant political panderer. A more pathetic individual you would be unlikely to find anywhere. And its now that this loser is once again trying to become Florida’s next governor. And it’s in that endeavor that Crist, who has a rather long history of promising to just about anything, has once again shown himself to be someone who will say whatever it is he feels he must to get somebody, anybody to vote for him. He comes across as being as desperate as he is stupid.    

Crist, of late, has been sounding the alarm, attempting to rally the left’s base here in Florida by claiming Gov. Ron DeSantis is the “biggest threat to democracy” since President Trump. Crist recently took to Twitter decrying Gov. DeSantis as a threat that must be avoided. Crist said, “We’re going to go up against the biggest threat to democracy we’ve seen since Trump: Ron DeSantis.” Crist continued, “Victory will only be possible if we show up in large numbers,” in what was nothing more than a cry for help hoping his followers would retweet his battle cry in an attempt to gain more followers ahead of Florida’s primary contest in which, as it turned out, Crist won.

It was throughout the primary contest that Crist attempted to out-radicalize his closest competitor, Nikki Fried, with him going so far as to declare Gov. DeSantis a threat to democracy itself. This despite the fact that the governor had risen to the national spotlight after standing up against big government mandates, making rules, and restrictions throughout and after the Chinese coronavirus plandemic. Notably, Crist said on the campaign trail that he would be open to forcing masks on Floridians if so-called experts advised it. He remains in like-minded company, however, as his primary opponent Fried has also described DeSantis as a “danger to democracy.”

In the months following the plandemic, DeSantis prioritized protecting children from woke indoctrination in our schools, signing the Parental Rights in Education bill, which bars inappropriate classroom discussions on the subject of gender identity and sexual orientation for children in kindergarten through third grade. At the time, Crist mourned the law, declaring it a “grim day” now that teachers could no longer inject transgender ideology into classrooms of young children. Further, Crist proudly announced, in June, that he would prioritize protecting the dismemberment of unborn children, under the guise of “reproductive freedom,” on day one in office.

Gov. DeSantis, on the other hand, signed a 15-week abortion ban bill back in April, and, despite legal challenges, the governor has continued to hold steady. And it was over the summer that the governor had said, “These are unborn babies that have heartbeats, they can feel pain, they can suck their thumb. And to say that the state constitution mandates things like dismemberment abortions — I just don’t think that’s the proper interpretation.” And Crist’s desperate plea for massive turnout was not an unwarranted cry. And unfortunately for him it is now that registered Republicans now outnumber registered Democrats in the state by more than 200,000 voters.

Those like Crist reveal their ignorance every time they speak of us being a ‘democracy.’ We are, in reality, a Constitutional Republic. The Founders specifically, and in no uncertain terms, made very clear that they did not want pure majoritarianism, aka, a democracy. Specifically, because a simple majority could become an emotional mob and trample on the rights of minorities. And either the Democrats truly do have no idea, or they are once again simply distorting the truth. And it’s amazing, considering that many of them are lawyers, that so many of them obviously have no idea of our founding principles or the reason behind them.

Crist is finished, he just doesn’t know it yet. After being a Republican, then an Independent, and most recently a Democrat, he’s reduced himself to being nothing more than a joke to most voters. What sane individual would choose to vote for someone who can so easily flip from one end of the political spectrum to the other? And who’s to say that the day wouldn’t come when he’d try to switch back, again in the name of political pandering and a change in political beliefs or a change in values. No self-respecting Floridian would ever vote for this political chameleon. He doesn’t even know what he believes in, other than power…he is a true loser.

And it’s strange how Democrats continue to whine about threats to Democracy while they scream threats to “pack the Court,” ignore immigration laws, complain about systemic racism, refuse to allow parents to have a say in their liberal indoctrination system and more. It’s those like Crist who see parents as terrorists and believe that sexualizing children and/or mutilating them should now be the norm. They believe that rapists should be free to rape again, in empowering the criminals and thugs while punishing the law-abiding. And every time they find themselves on a losing side of an election, they repeatedly accuse their opponents of being threat to democracy.

Crist is a career, incompetent politician who managed to get himself elected Republican governor of Florida. His performance was so poor he was not reelected, and Republicans criticized him. As a career, incompetent politician, he first switched to being an Independent and then to being a Democrat. He managed to use the state redistricting to get elected in a predominately Democrat district to the U.S. House. He even got married, but nor for very long, and the rumor that he’s gay seemed to be confirmed. Crist has never accomplished anything of significance. He’s a career politician now using baseless accusations in an attempt to win an election.

Contrary to Crist’s claims against Gov. DeSantis, the biggest threat to our Republic are scams such as mail-in voting and vote harvesting, both are scams employed by Charlie’s current party. You see, it’s the Democrats who are the ones who want to have mail-in voting nationally, to kill the Filibuster, to flood the country with illegal voters, to send even more jobs to Communist China, and to spend us into bankruptcy. But in going up against DeSantis I’m thinking Charlie is going to have to come up with a better diatribe. Charlie embodies the full meaning of the word LOSER, it’s a case of not having any convictions. And in short, DeSantis is going to eat Charlie’s lunch.


If I actually had to pick someone who I thought was one of the most useless individuals on the entire planet and is the perfect example of all that is wrong with American politics, it would be without hesitation that I would say Adam Schiff. The man who has provided us with dozens upon dozens of examples of why he deserves less to be a member of Congress than a member of our prison population for the many crimes he has committed in his effort to undermine our Republic. But, as we all know, since he is a member of the Democrat Party that would be something not likely to happen since Democrats are free to wreak whatever havoc they please.  

It was during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Deadline,’ that past Monday that Adam Schiff claimed that President Trump was the first president of the United States “without character.” Seriously? If we dare to look back at just the last 60 years we would find LBJ who was clearly a psychopath, who likely had Kennedy killed, ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton who was a known rapist and, of course ‘BO,’ who I have absolutely no trouble describing as being a psychopath as well. And then we have Joey B., who is nothing more than a political prostitute that can be sold to the highest bidder. But as they were all Democrats, character is never really all that important.  

Oh, and let’s not forget FDR, forever the icon of the American Left. It was he who openly intimidated the Supreme Court, went so far as to ban food and hold show trials, put tens of thousands of Americans into concentration camps while giving standing orders that they be shot if they got uppity, and then hid evidence of his involvement so he could get away with it, and solved the labor shortage he created by giving those that POWs free roam of the areas that he had spent years claiming were too sensitive for Americans who lived there for decades to remain in. But Schiff would have us believe that President Trump is the first without character. Not hardly!!!

Anyway, it was on Monday that Schiff said, “We have seen a pattern with Donald Trump, and that is when he’s not held accountable. He goes on to commit worse misconduct. He wasn’t held accountable for his Russia misconduct that led to Ukraine. He wasn’t held accountable for the worst misconduct in Ukraine that led to a literal attack on our democracy on January 6.” And he then went on to say, “If he’s not held accountable and ever given an opportunity to exercise power again, we can expect things that are worst still. We are forewarned about this man.” Never have I seen so many people in power being afraid of just one man. It’s quite amazing.

He added, “We always knew the importance of character in the Oval Office, but we didn’t really know until we had someone without character occupy that office. So, I have to think that whatever motivation brought those documents to Mar-a-Lago had nothing to do with the president wanting to do his homework or the national security needs of the country. There’s only one thing that’s ever been important to Donald Trump, and that is Donald Trump. And that’s just — ought to be an utter disqualification from office.” That’s funny, because I would say that President Trump has more character than at least the last four presidents put together.

Donald Trump went into politics starting out as a wealthy man. He wasn’t looking at how to go from grocery bagger (bar tender) to billionaire over a four-year span. It has been over the course of decades that many politicians have called for audits of the government, only to be ridiculed. President Trump was, and still is, the sugar in the gas tank about to blow it all up in their faces. Not all politicians are in on this crap, but far too many are, and many are recruited into it to keep the machine under the tables. The majority of those serving in government are essentially bought and paid for by the big money donors, or the Red Chinese. And they fear being exposed.

So how is it that one so totally devoid of character thinks himself able to judge the character of others? And how is it that anyone who calls themselves a ‘journalist’ allows him to so do?  Regardless of whether, or not, one likes his mode of speech or some of his past tweets, President Trump is a mensch. Schiff should know what that means, since he isn’t one. Schiff, whose most prevalent character trait is his pathological lying. And let’s face it, who thinks for a second that if President Trump was as dangerous a dictator as Democrat have made him out to be, that those like Schiff wouldn’t have long ago had their head separated from their shoulders.

This minion tries so hard to be relevant. The only time he pops out from his hole is when it involves President Trump. He’s another one, just like Cheney, who is obsessed with President Trump. Simply put, his obsession is just a different form of jealousy. You rarely, if ever, see him in the ‘fake news’ making a connection with anything meaningful to this country because he lacks the charisma and intelligence to be recognized as influential in politics. He does absolutely nothing for his base until it comes to election time. It’s only then, like his socialist colleagues, that he makes an appearance back home with his hand out begging for money to support his race.

And let’s address the ‘character’ issue of which he speaks. President Trump may have his personality flaws, or let’s call them characteristics that don’t quite fit the D.C. prototype, but his business acumen took this country to record heights in nearly every category recognized to measure prosperity. And although they can’t argue the numbers, they do work very hard in their effort to discredit his success by telling all manner lies and making up things that never existed and couldn’t be validated, and they invented ‘fake news.’ So, if you want to talk character, there you have it. When will they learn that the American public doesn’t want the swamp any longer?

And finally, Schiff is an absolute moron if he truly believes that. He certainly lacks on historical understanding. In politics corruption has now become the rule, not the exception. And it’s President Trump who might actually be one of a very small group of presidents who actually had enough character to try to keep their word to voters and to do exactly what it was that he said he would do, if elected. And so it continues to be those totally devoid of character who continue in their attempts to portray President Trump as being not only one that is lacking character but as one who poses some great threat to democracy, when it’s just the opposite that is so true.


So I ask you, what does it say about those who are able to look back over the course of the last 19 months and not be absolutely horrified at the amount of damage that has purposely been done to this country, in such a remarkably short period of time and not be thoroughly pissed off at those most responsible for inflicting so much damage, much of which may be irreparable. And yet, there seems to be millions of Americans who are quite content with the direction the country is now headed and are neither sufficiently horrified nor pissed off by what has been made to take place.

You see, it’s at the present time that while 100 percent of Americans should be of the opinion that our country is firmly on the wrong track, it’s oddly enough that that number sits at only about 75 percent, which means that there are around 25 percent of us who either think the country is doing just great or are too stupid to figure it out one way or the other. And need I remind anyone that it was 65 percent of Americans who believed America was on the right track during the Trump era, while at the same time Democrats were telling us how it was that the country was in the dumper.

All of which brings me to this past Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ during which anchor Chuck Todd said that according to a new NBC News poll, “Americans are angry,” with a graphic showing that 74 percent of those polled said the country is on the wrong track. Todd said, “We are less than three months before the midterms and our brand new NBC News poll paints a pretty bleak picture. Americans are angry. They are disappointed, and they are worried about the future of this country.” The ‘fake news’ media continues its attempt to drive public opinion.

The Democrats’ agenda of “diversity and inclusion” is anything but diverse or inclusive. Identity politics is tribalism and it’s fracturing our once great melting pot. Anyone who voted for Joey B., or continues to support him as he continues, with much help from Democrats in Congress, to wreak all manner of havoc upon our country needs to see a good shrink. Because it’s they who voted for all that we are now being made to live through, from the high price of gas that has now doubled, to rising food prices to our southern border that essentially no longer exists.

Anyway, Todd went onto say, “Just 21 percent of adults say we are headed in the right direction. Once again three out of four Americans say we are on the wrong track. In fact, this number never before in this poll has this wrong track number been over 70 percent for this long. It’s been nearly a year now. Fifty eight percent say America’s best years are behind us. That’s an all-time high in our polls.” Todd added, “So what is behind this rise in pessimism about our country’s future? Well, it starts with this., Americans don’t like either party and they don’t like anyone in power.”

Todd said, “Take a look at this, both parties are very unpopular, one slightly over the other. It is a similar story with both the current and former presidents. The former president’s negative rising a bit faster than we have seen since our last poll.” So even Todd is now forced to acknowledge what has become blatantly obvious to so many, that the country is severely screwed up and now seems headed squarely into the toilet. But Todd is a Democrat, after all, so he tries to spread the blame from those who hold all the levers of power, Democrats, saying BOTH parties are to blame.

Todd is lying about Americans blaming both parties. Joey B. is an abject failure and Democrats are a failure. It’s all on them. Polls shape public opinion, they do not reflect it. The only reason Todd stands there and admits what he’s admitting is because he simply can’t spin it anymore. For decades Congress and presidents ceded power to create regulations to the administrative bureaucracy, and as a result they have written themselves into power that was never legally delegated to them. Now we’re paying the price. They have assumed power and will do anything to keep it.

But the country is far more than merely on the wrong track! Even if President Trump does run, and gets re-re-elected, we will still be forced into fighting trench warfare against a very well-entrenched administrative state for control of America. The administrative state runs this country, and it has corrupted government and our ability to conduct free and fair elections. The bureaucracy is not an official branch of government, yet it exerts tremendous control over presidents and the legislature and the judiciary. We have become a fascist state run by unelected bureaucrats.

Keep in mind that it’s the Democrats who have successfully weaponized the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA and the NSA. They control our public school system and much of our municipal law enforcement. Democrats control the ‘fake news’ media, the teacher’s unions, and unions in general. They have shown themselves to be very adept at stealing elections, disenfranchising voters and have even infiltrated the Republican Party with those whom we call RINOs. On top of all that Democrats have created an army of street thugs by attacking, demoralizing and defunding law enforcement.

And as strange as it may sound, it’s not enough Americans who seem capable of connecting the dots. Ask any Democrat voter and they will tell you that this entire country being reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble under incompetent treasonous Democrat control is far better than having President Trump! They seem genuinely happy to pay twice the ‘Trump price’ for everything, as long as he isn’t in the Oval Office. That’s how utterly stupid these people are. Democrats could have us all in cattle cars headed to gas chambers and Democrats would still vote for them.

And just what has led to such pessimism? Let’s start with LBJ’s ‘Great Society,’ Carter’s misery index, ‘BO’s “leading from behind,” to name just a few. What’s missing in America? That would be nuclear families, decent non-partisan public education, respect for law enforcement, support for our armed services and Veterans and a judicial system that upholds the law and reflects the Constitution. With LBJ’s move toward socialism, the country stopped demanding citizens be personally responsible for their lives and demonized assimilation into our American culture.

Most Americans do not like the fact that their nation is being destroyed by those in charge! The flagrant disregard for our laws, and our borders fuels much of the anger. We’re being invaded by mostly innocent people simply looking for a better life, but at the same time there are many invaders who are coming here simply to commit crimes! EVERY American citizen who is victimized by an illegal immigrant should sue Joey B. and his enablers for their complicit cooperation and encouragement for the invaders to invade! We CANNOT remain the dumping for the entire world!

Look, there is only one party which has thrown our borders wide open, who left billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment and hardware in Afghanistan, and thousands of Americans behind enemy lines, is pushing the grooming of kindergarteners and first graders by fat old men in dresses in our public schools, teaching Reverse Racism in schools, corrupting our military with Reverse Racism, spending our country into oblivion, causing record high inflation, making fuel almost unobtainable for the average American and shutting down our energy industry.

And finally, there was only one president who worked tirelessly to bring businesses back home to America, one president who was responsible for making record low inflation possible, for record low gas and food prices and forcing NATO members to pay their fair share. And there was one president who moved our Embassy in Israel and created peace in the Middle East. In other words, he put ‘America First,’ just as he said he would. And the ones now hellbent on destroying America were the very same ones who put all manner of impediments in his path every step of the way.


So despite the fact that these days there are far more similarities than differences between CNN and Fox News, I have little doubt that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is much happier in his new venue. If for no other reason than because he no longer is forced to tolerate the likes of Tucker Carlson. Nope, it’s these days that Wallace gets to work with such legendary ‘journalistic’ all stars as Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper just to name a few. So I’m quite confident that old ‘Commie Chris’ is feeling right at home there amongst his own, able to do what’s he being doing for decades. ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. the weatherman of American journalism.

And it was this past Friday that Wallace took part in a little speculation, which is what passes for journalism at CNN, during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” saying that President Trump’s lawyers did not participate in the hearing to unseal the Mar-a-Lago affidavit because there’s “probably” a lot in the documents “that is very damaging” to President Trump. John Berman asked, “So, Chris, there was this hearing before a judge in Florida over whether to release the affidavit to justify the search warrant into Mar-a-Lago. Donald Trump had lawyers there for the arguments, but only there. Why is that important that they were there as observers and not more than that?”

Wallace said, “Well, it’s fascinating because, you know, he put out a statement saying that he wanted the entire affidavit released. The Justice Department, Merrick Garland, who said they don’t want any of it released because they think it will identify kind of confidential sources, that it will hurt their prosecution of the case, maybe jeopardize national security. Trump, in public, said that he wanted it all released. But when they had the hearing yesterday, even though, as you point out, he had a lawyer, Christina Bobb, in the courtroom, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t make a motion.” Says the guy who didn’t go to law school and is speculating.

Wallace went on to say, “She could easily have said, you know, ‘The person whose home was investigated here. He also supports release of the affidavit.’ But that case had to be made entirely by media people, people like CNN and other news organizations, to release the document. She didn’t say anything.” He added, “And that’s because I think, frankly, he knows that while it might help him a little bit in the defense, there’s probably a lot in that affidavit that is very damaging.” And he said, “Yes. It’s only allegations. It hasn’t been proven. Probable cause, not beyond a reasonable doubt.” If I speculate wildly out of thin air, can I be a journalist too?

Wallace said, “But, you know, he probably doesn’t want to have that affidavit released because there would be a lot of stuff in there that he wouldn’t like.” For sure that would be what Wallace is hoping for, he was nearly salivating at the prospect. The walls are closing in, it’s a bombshell blah, blah, blah. They never get tired of being wrong. Let’s face it, if it were truly damaging to President Trump, it would have already been leaked to CNN or some other ‘fake news’ outfit. It’s much more likely that it’s damaging to the FBI, CIA and Joey B. Once AGAIN, the Left is running headlong into the tunnel entrance, painted on the side of a mountain!

Delusional drunks who spend all their money on Lotto tickets and liquor have a better chance of hitting the jackpot than these morons, like Wallace, that we have in the media thinking they’ve got President Trump this time, not like last time, or the time before that, or the time before that. They are grotesque rotten evil meat sacks that serve no other purpose than to create division, fear, and smears on a daily basis, and all in service to their corrupt lying Democrat task masters. Wallace is once again spinning the story and creating straw arguments to support his theories. Wallace is a genius, and apparently a mind reader, and a legend in his own rather small mind.

I remember during the initial Kavanaugh hearing Wallace remarking that the evidence presented by Christine Blasey Ford was compelling and highly believable and a “disaster for Republicans,” before Kavanaugh even testified. Wallace wants you to forget that the Democrats have been making up lies and having their lapdogs in the FBI and intel community try to make it stick for the past seven years. From the supposed pee dossier, to the Mueller report, to impeachment number one, impeachment number two, and now the bogus January 6 committee. And what do they all have in common? No evidence of any crime committed.

Everyone around President Trump has been a target of our Marxist FBI. This is corrupt, and absolutely everyone knows it. The CIA has openly suggested that they have no interest in the Biden family corruption and is interested only in manufacturing crimes to stop President Trump, regardless of no evidence of wrongdoing anywhere. They manufactured Russia, Russia, Russia and they’ll plant and or manufacture anything they want to incriminate President Trump. If that isn’t corrupt, I don’t know what it is. Without evidence, Wallace makes baseless claims using his internal bias as his only source for wildly speculative, unsupported claims unlikely to be proven to be true.

So finally, if Wallace is to be believed President Trump doesn’t really want the affidavit released because it might, possibly, maybe contain very damaging information that would be detrimental to him. Were that to be the case, does he not think that Garland would be tripping all over himself to release an unredacted copy of said affidavit? What better way to finally “get” President Trump than to release the document to the public if it proves what they’ve been saying about President Trump all along? But instead, Garland is running scared! Why would he be SO reluctant to release that affidavit if it contained information that could bury President Trump?


For sure, it’s a strange world in which Democrats reside. And stranger still when one happens to be afflicted with what is very clearly the late stages of Dementia, as is our current *president.  And why do I say such a thing?  Well, you see, word now comes that Joey B. is planning a “unity summit” intended to bring together Republicans and Democrats at the White House after the FBI raided President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. In a statement released this past Friday, White House Spokesmoron Karine Jean-Pierre announced Joey B.’s plan to host the summit intended to “counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.”

And it was via this statement that she said, “The United We Stand Summit will bring together heroes from across America who are leading historic work in their communities to build bridges and address hate and division, including survivors of hate-fueled violence.” The White House stressed they wanted both Democrat and Republican public officials to be in attendance, as well as members of civil rights organizations, faith and community leaders, technology and business leaders as well as law enforcement officials. It remains unclear which Republicans will be invited to attend or speak although it easy to imagine who might be selected to attend.

Joey B. has a deep appreciation for summits, as he hosted a “virtual leaders summit” on ‘climate change’ at the White House last April and a “Summit for Democracy” last December. The announcement of the “unity” summit comes as a growing number of Republicans are outraged over the FBI raid on President Trump’s home. The priorities of the unity summit were outlined by Joey B.’s domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice. It was in a blog post on the White House website that Rice wrote, “Hate must have no safe harbor in America,” she wrote, noting the summit would “counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.”

And apparently, it’s Joey B. who will deliver the keynote speech of the summit, that should be interesting, if not hilarious. And according to Rice, the summit will also include roundtable discussions and panels on preventing radicalization and violence. Rice also wrote, “Even as our nation has endured a disturbing series of hate-fueled attacks, Americans of all beliefs and political affiliations remain overwhelmingly united in their opposition to such violence.” And she concluded by saying, “The United We Stand Summit will present an important opportunity for Americans of all walks of life to take up that cause—together.” What an absolute crock of shit.

This is nothing more than another lame attempt to vilify a large portion of the American population as extremists bent on overthrowing the government. Joey B. is incapable of uniting anyone, let alone a nation he has helped to divide over the last fifty years. No self-respecting Republican should attend such a dog and pony show, and I won’t vote for anyone who does. It’s all merely an exercise in damage control and a propaganda event, intended to show Joey B. as “reaching out to the other side” when in fact he’s busy demonizing and criminalizing his opponents. It’s a cynical ploy by a shameless and insincere liar, but it will likely pull in some RINO morons.

I always marvel at how the party that’s always so condescending when speaking to the rest of us about “tolerance” and “diversity” and “inclusion,” refuses to tolerate or include anybody who dares to have a diverse opinion, which is the most important “diversity” of all. Their entire political platform seems to be nothing more than, “Republicans suck. They want to murder your parents, and force your children to actually have a childhood, and oppose abortion even in cases of incest and rape! And they’re racists!, because they’re Republicans. They are evil, and the want to destroy our democracy! And Donald Trump is the Worst. Person. Ever. So, vote for us.”

Unity? Seriously? Joey B., the same guy who has been in office 19 months and has us more divided than ever. When it comes to dividing people, Joey B. learned from the best, ‘BO’ who was a master at it. This country is now more divided than ever, and it’s because of President Trump? How many genders are we now said to have? We now have an Attorney General who referred to parents as domestic terrorists. And it’s those who refuse to kowtow to the radical left who Joey B. routinely refers to as white supremacists, with some not even being white. Average Americans are now in the position of having to deal a weaponized Department of Justice and IRS.

Joey B. denigrates, silences and does his best to punish those Americans he disagrees with. He calls them white supremacists and domestic terrorists and then expects to improve his approval rating, and help Democrat candidates in the midterms, by hosting some ‘can’t we all just get along’ summit. These people aren’t our brothers, our sisters, our kin or even less, our countrymen. This is a ‘one-world’ CULT on the leash of Marxists on the other side of the planet doing everything it can to destroy this country, financially, culturally and destroying our long-held commitment to national sovereignty. Accept it, Democrats are bought and paid for by the Red Chinese.

And what a joke. The most divisive individuals in the history of this country plan to convene a summit, the sole purpose of which, or so we are lead to believe, is to bring us all, Democrat and Republican, together. Sorry, but I’m afraid I need to be throwing the BS flag on this one because this same ‘summit’ will be nothing more than just another forum to push more of their corrosive, perverse ideas onto American society, and criticize any and all who disagree with them. If Joey B. was serious about wanting to demonstrate a real commitment to unifying the country, then he’d start by firing both Garland and Mayorkas. Until then, Joey B. can go fuck himself!

And so Joey B. wants to have ‘unity summit,’ to agree on what exactly? That the 2020 presidential election wasn’t stolen? Or that the January 6 prisoners actually are insurrectionists, or that those parents who dare to complain to school boards about the garbage their children are being ‘taught,’ are extremists? That abortion isn’t murder, and LGBTQXYZ people aren’t mentally ill? How stupid does Joey B. think we are? The perfect way to “counter the corrosive effect of hate-fueled violence” would be for him to resign and slither back to Delaware permanently. America would now be a much better place had this man not spent nearly half a century in government.

It’s just a political stunt to try to boost his poll numbers and to help Democrats in the midterms. A stunt to counter “hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.” It’s all about the ‘messaging,’ never about issues being dealt with. Joey B. will go down in history as the president who was all about doing nothing while claiming that he did. Democrats don’t want to stop what’s happening, just act like they do and do the opposite. Even though he’s hated by the majority of the country just claim he’s supported by the majority of the country and keep saying it and have the media repeat it ad nauseam in a pathetic attempt to change the narrative.

Look, what this is really all about is Joey B. bringing Democrats and RINOs together in one place to, and in a ‘bipartisan’ way, attack and to blame President Trump and Trump supporters for all of the violence and cultural decay taking place in America. That would be like Hitler calling a ‘unity summit’ with Winston Churchill to blame Britain for the bombing of Germany even though Germany was responsible for WWII. The Democrats know they could be on verge of losing power and so are going to attempt to manipulate Republicans in an attempt to maintain the status quo and paint any opposition as extremists. Do not take the bait. Americans need to wake up.