Legend 8

Once again we’ve been exposed to yet another round of leftwing buffoonery and again from none other than John ‘Legend In Own Mind’ Stephens who recently defended efforts to defund the police, writing that “we spend far too much” on law enforcement and that “there should be significantly fewer police” in this country.  Stephens/Legend recently posted a rather lengthy series of tweets in which he defended the blatantly idiotic movement to strip funding from police forces around the country in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It was an in speaking like the true genius that he isn’t that Mr. Stephens/Legend wrote, “I know this word ‘defund’ has caused some controversy, even from some who are inclined to agree with a lot of the underlying arguments.”  And it was then that this genius went on to write, “Police funding takes up a huge portion of our local budgets. Budgets are moral documents which spell out in black and white what our priorities are. We have finite amounts of money to spend and right now we spend far too much on policing.”  You just can’t make this shit up!

Stephens/Legend argued that “defund the police” doesn’t mean eliminating law enforcement entirely.  He said, “It means there should be significantly fewer police and more professionals of other types with expertise in their fields, whether it’s social work, health care, conflict resolution, drug treatment, etc.”  Stephens/Legend added, “I’m almost 100% sure Biden won’t be tweeting #DefundThePolice. It’s the job of activists to push these politicians toward meaningful change.”  Meaningful change?  Is that what this imbecile calls defunding law enforcement?

Stephens/Legend’s tweetstorm was apparently in response to an ‘essay’ in Essence magazine titled “How To Keep Our Children Safe: A Mother Explains Why We Must Defund Police.”  The essay, by another kook by the name of Asha Bandele, contends that defunding police is “actually the only thing we can do if we want to ensure the safety of our children.” It was this very same moron who went on to write that the police represent a destructive force for black communities. “Their role is not heroic but harmful—when not outright deadly.”  Seriously?

I can’t help but wonder where the outrage is when it comes to blacks being killed by other blacks.  Look, every wrongful death on the part of the police is terrible but those numbers pale in comparison to the number of blacks who die at the hands of other blacks.   And yet we hear absolutely nothing from those like Stephens/Legend or, for than matters, like of Ms. Bandele.  So it would seem that their priorities are more than a little skewed to the left.  Stephens/Legend seems to fancy himself an expert on all matters having to do with public safety and municipal budgets.

How many trillions of dollars have already been wasted on the effort of trying to improve the black community, and with virtually zero success?  Thinking back to the late 1950s and early 1960s, blacks were better educated than today and were actually creating small black-owned/operated businesses on their own.  And it has been since hitching itself to the Democrat Party that the black community has been devastated.  And yet it’s morons like Stephens/Legend and this bimbo who writes her drivel in a magazine who continue to encourage blacks to remain on the plantation.

We spend way too much money here in the U.S supporting not those who can’t work, but those who won’t work.  What needs to be “defunded” is not law enforcement but all manner of public assistance and we need to then use that money to pay down our huge national debt.  The time has now arrived for those in the black community to step up and teach the importance of obeying the law to their children and to respect the police, the teachers and life.  And the time has come to quit whining about racism that does not exist, except that which is directed at whites.

And how much has trying to ‘fix’ the black community cost America?  Since 1960 the U.S. has spent $22 Trillion on all manner of welfare for the black community, and what has that money gotten us?  Well: It destroyed black families.  It destroyed 350,000 black babies every year.  It has greatly increased black crime. It greatly increased black-on-black killing.  It increased the black prison population to record levels!  The bottom line here is that the Democrat Party, willfully and very systematically, has done everything within its power to destroy blacks in America.

In Stephens/Legend we have another wealthy elitist calling for defunding the police while at the same time thousands of blacks die annually and NOT at the hands of police, but at the hands of other blacks.  Does he live in some poor, crime ridden, bloody neighborhood in Chicago or some other city where black Americans are made suffer?  No, of course not!  He lives in a mansion, with high walls and private security.  And he attacks President Trump and the Republicans, when it’s the Democrats who control our cities, allowing riots and looting to destroy these neighborhoods.

Stephens/Legend is a rather despicable human being who very obviously knows virtually nothing of what he speaks.  Now it may be stating the obvious here, but of what value is the opinion of any singer or actor?  Do they make decisions?  Do they know how to build things?  Do they treat people’s illnesses?  Or do they just stand on their soapbox and spew mob rhetoric?  As I have said before it’s every time that those like Stephens/Legend open their mouths that they prove how little intelligence their profession requires. Celebrities represent the most worthless profession of all time.

Perhaps Stephens/Legend, and his Hollyweird friends, should be very careful about what he, and they, wish for, since without the protection from law enforcement, millions of Americans who own guns, and millions more who will come to own guns, will be forced into the situation of having to resort to protecting and defending themselves, their families, their property and possibly their communities with the net result being that you may see less criminals, and likely black criminals, ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.  So, maybe there is an upside to this after all.

So I ask you, and with all kidding aside, how long will it be before blacks will be permitted to break into our homes with us then actually being prevented, by law, from doing anything whatsoever to stop them, and if we do take any sort of action against them it will us who are lead away from the scene of the ‘crime’ in handcuffs.  And not only will we be prevented from stopping them we will also be required, again by law, to actually encourage them to take whatever it is that they may want and to even help them load it into their ‘getaway car.’  What a deal, right?



You must admit that there’s not much out there more pathetic than a white guy who’s ashamed of his race and determined to make a fool of himself just to appease others.  But just such a loser is ‘actor’ Ben Platt, someone who I am told is the ‘star’ of Netflix’s ‘The Politician’ and the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen.  It seems that Mr. Platt is now urging white folks to donate their money to bail funds in order to keep those rioters who have been arrested out of jail.  And apparently he’s serious.

And it was to that end that over this past weekend it was this same moron who took the time to tweet, “White ppl at home pls keep donating to the bail funds below.”  It was also this same shit-fer-brains who voiced his support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) when he tweeted, “White ppl at protests, though we can’t control undue violence from police, pls dont perpetrate unrelated chaos that the media will blame black protesters & leaders for. Go to protect, support & listen. #BlackLivesMatter.”

I guess I’d be curious to know exactly WHAT “unrelated chaos” it is that’s supposedly being created by us white folks.  Oh right, we white folks should never do anything that might end up putting these poor rioting and looting black thugs in any kind of a bad light.  Heaven forbid!!  These Hollyweirdos make me sick!  Do they actually think there is anyone who actually pays them any attention?  I mean anyone other than the brain-dead leftwing nutjobs such as themselves.  These people need to be ignored.

And it was this very same hapless boob who also tweeted out a link to a Google document containing links to bail funds in major cities, including the Minnesota Freedom Fund.  But these funds have come under scrutiny over whether they are helping to bail out Antifa members and other violent rioters who have assaulted innocent bystanders and destroyed private property during the riots that have devastated major U.S. cities.  Even if so, I doubt it would really bother Platt.

President Trump announced just this past Sunday that the U.S. will finally designate these Antifa thugs as exactly what they are, a domestic terror organization. Individuals providing money to bail out Antifa members, such as our esteemed Mr. Platt, could very well find themselves in legal trouble for financing terrorism.  And wouldn’t that be a shame?  NOT!  And Platt is apparently far from being the only Hollyweirdo to support bail funds for rioters. But we shouldn’t really be surprised!

Bimbo Chrissy Teigen said she and husband John ‘Legend’ Stephens will be donating $200,000 to bail out rioters, while pop star Justin ‘Singin’ Thru His Nose’ Timberlake encouraged his social media followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Other leftwing luminaries giving bail money to rioters include such notable nutjobs as Seth Rogen, Don Cheadle, Olivia Wilde, Patton Oswalt, Nick Kroll, Janelle Monáe and Ben Schwartz.  And together these clowns form a band of leftwing brothers!

Personally, I’m one those who happens to be of the opinion that instead of bailing these shitbags outta jail perhaps we should be taking a slightly different tact, one that perhaps involves the shooting of these violent scumbags on sight.  I mean, you would think that watching their compatriots being carried out of the area in body bags might be sufficient to discourage at least a few of those now taking so much pleasure in destroying property that does not belong to them.  Just sayin.’

To suggest that I should spend any amount of my hard earned money bailing out these feral animals just so they can do it all over again the next day is idiotic to say the least.  I want to see these punks venture into Platt’s neighborhood and see if he still favors bailing them out.  I wouldn’t bail out my own family members if they were involved in activities like this!  The police need to use the guns they are provided with to show the rest these animals that there is a price to be paid for arson and looting!

You gotta love these arrogant Hollyweird types who think absolutely nothing of asking people, many of whom have no jobs and little money, to support these rampaging animals as they go about destroying what’s left of our cities.  Our message back to them should be painfully clear, go fund these scumbags yourselves.  They are the ones who have the money to waste on such an idiotic thing. The rest of us are still struggling just to put food on the table, pay rent, medical insurance, and utilities.

And anyway, Derek Chauvin, the guilty officer, is now in prison.  So what good does all the destruction do?  More lives lost or ruined.  And it’s now become quite clear that George Floyd is the least of these ‘looters and anarchists’ concern.  You don’t break windows and steal flat screen TVs and sneakers in order to honor a victim or improve race relations.  In fact, let the little thugs think about it long and hard in jail, where they can’t take selfies to broadcast to the world how ignorant they are.

Hollyweirdos don’t give a fat rat’s ass about anyone but themselves.  And I’m sick and tired of hearing about the ‘THOUSANDS’ of unarmed black men being killed by all of these white police officers for doing nothing but being black.  It’s a crock.  And yet where’s the outrage when it comes to the ‘THOUSANDS’ of black men killed every single year by other black men.  What a about them?  You’d have to be insane to bail out any of these anarchists, they’re endangering thousands.  They belong in JAIL!

On a side note it was over the weekend that I read about some dope in North Carolina who, in his effort to set one of the city’s municipal buildings on fire, succeeded only in setting himself on fire.  Now while I’m sure Platt and his friends felt quite sorry for this inept hooligan, I found the entire scenario to be pretty darn hilarious, after all, as far as I’m concerned this imbecile got exactly what he deserved.  And I sincerely hope that the rest of his life is long and miserable.  Because that’s all he deserves.

And finally, I do sometimes wonder if all this has less to with Antifa, liberalism or Socialism, and more to do with the very simple fact that blacks hate whites and always will.  One thing I know for certain is that none of what we are now seeing, or very little of it, has anything whatsoever to do with the death of Mr. Floyd.  Which makes this moron’s call for bailing these looters out of jail seem all the more ludicrous.  Their determination to destroy has earned them all a very long prison stay!

So at the end of the day I guess the question that has to be answered is, are we who love this country really going to allow it to be stolen from us all under the guise of some protest?  Because whether or not this country survives is going to depend not on our leaders, many of who seem uninterested in doing anything, but on how many of us will take a stand against those, and their supporters like Platt, who seem so desperate in their continuing effort to destroy it.  So on which side is it that you will be on?


De Niro 13

I must admit that I’m getting pretty tired of old Bobby DeNiro, the guy who has played virtually the very same character in every single movie he has ever been in and yet has managed to be hailed as being one of the greatest actors of all time.  But make no mistake, the man is nothing more than a pathetic fraud and a lair.  And wouldn’t it be a shame if we were to wake up tomorrow morning to news that poor old Bobby was another senior to succumb to the effects of the ‘Chinese virus?’  Yup, for sure that would bring a tear to my one good eye.  NOT!  As I have asked before, is there a more useless profession than that of being an actor?  Nope!

And it was while appearing this past Tuesday on BBC’s ‘Newsnight,’ hosted by Emily Maitlis, that we heard DeNiro attacking President Trump’s response to the ‘Chinese virus,’ going so far as to call the president a “lunatic” with no regard for how many Americans die of the disease.  Obvious when it comes to making movies Bobby is now way past his prime.  But wouldn’t you think that someone who makes their money from people going out to crowded theaters to see their movies would tend to approach this ‘Chinese virus’ by not sounding like a nut?  But they are so consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump that apparently it just doesn’t matter.

Maitlis asked, “Why do you think [Trump administration officials] are not speaking out? You think they can do more good if they keep quiet and help, scientifically, rather than putting their necks on the line?”  DeNiro said, “No, and I understand that. That’s, of course, the logic, the rationale.  But it’s like Shakespearean the whole thing. You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around. Whereas, at one point, and they are doing this in the hearings a little more, trying to say tactically that this is what will happen. Fauci is doing that. It’s appalling. He wants to be reelected. He doesn’t even care about how many people die.”

Maitlis said, “Trump has given himself a platform because he is the democratically-elected president of the U.S. and his fan base would presumably take issue with you saying he doesn’t care about deaths or about what happens to American lives, and they will vote for him again.”  And DeNiro responded by saying, “No, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care for those people and the people he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for, because he could care less about them. They might like to tell themselves that to delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”  In truth, it’s DeNiro and those like him who are the deluded ones.

When asked to explain President Trump’s support, DeNiro said, “Well, I think it’s a cultural thing. You know Spiro Agnew said these so-called elitists are elitists, so they are snobs. A lot of those people have good intentions, and they want to make the country better. They don’t have the intentions of Donald Trump, who is a con artist and a scam artist and doesn’t care about that stuff.”  Maitlis asked, “Why do you think your country can democratically elect someone that you call a con artist and a scam?”  DeNiro said, “The Apprentice had something to do with it because they set up this show with this guy to make him look like he’s a big shot and he really isn’t.”

I’m guessing DeNiro must think that those of us who still support President Trump don’t plan on going to the movies once all of this virus insanity passes us by?  Which it will, regardless of the nonsense that continues to be spewed by our so-called expert old ‘Doc’ Fauci.  But since the chance of his raggedy old ass ever being in anymore movies is likely pretty remote he probably doesn’t really care if people start going to the movies again or not.  He’s made his millions and is now free to shoot off his big fat mouth about those things which he knows absolutely nothing about.  Personally I haven’t been to the movies in years, long before the ‘Chinese virus’ came along.

Oddly enough it seems that there are many in the entertainment industry today who, for whatever the reason, actually see themselves as being more than sufficiently qualified to make public policy decisions.  Which, when you consider the fact that most of them barely made it through high school, seems to be more than a little ludicrous.  That these members of a profession that requires so very little actual intelligence can insist upon being able to dictate to the rest of us how it is that we must live out our lives while they are free to live as they see fit, makes pretty clear how they all seem to have a rather over-inflated sense of importance.

These Hollyweirdos fail to realize that no one with any amount of intelligence is paying them even the slightest amount of attention.  Other than, of course, those who somehow view these know-nothings as being more enlightened than the rest of us for no other reason than because they are able to act and/or to sing.  They appear not to realize, or to understand, that the majority of Americans simply do not trust them for the very obvious reason that most of them are, in one way or another, on the payroll of China’s Communist Party.  DeNiro is just another washed-up loser in search of some way, any way, to get and to stay relevant.

While I’m sure he was thinking that it would be more, Bobby’s legacy is likely to be one where he’s remembered for nothing more than what has been his ongoing angry, bitter, profanity laced outbursts directed at a president that he happens to dislike. He’s become so unhinged and fanatical in his hatred of President Trump that he’s become little more than a caricature.  And he’s only preaching to the choir, because when you come across as a nut it’s impossible to convince anyone with a brain of the justness of your argument.  And why is it that Hollyweird so hates Donald Trump??  Because, he doesn’t elevate them up on a pedestal and grovel at their feet.

Perhaps if he were intelligently outspoken, that would be one thing.  Consider if his childish and profane tantrums were directed against anyone on the left, what do you suppose would happen?  There is no doubt that he would be shouted down and accused of being guilty of uttering pure ‘hate speech.’  It’s difficult to understand how it was that the election of one man could have resulted in so many people being driven completely insane.  But that’s exactly what happened when Donald Trump, a complete political novice, defeated she who we were repeatedly told was the most qualified individual to EVER run for president, Hitlery Clinton.


Moore 2

According to he who has obviously never, and I do mean NEVER, managed to miss a single solitary meal, it’s Mikey Moore who has now attempted to chastise all ‘white’ all the guys who actually dared to vote for Donald Trump.  And he’s apparently also of the opinion that we have a Hell of a lot to apologize for.  But I must admit that I am more than just a bit perplexed.  I mean has the old ‘Chubster’ somehow earned a pass for being a white guy himself because he’s fat or because he’s another dumbass liberal telling everyone else just how stupid they are for voting to elect Trump?

Our supposed ‘documentary’ filmmaker and far-left political activist recent lamented the rise of Donald Trump, saying, in a recent podcast, that white males must be made to “make amends” for the current administration.  But I’m thinking that what ‘The Chubster’ really means is that whites, in general, need to abase themselves for daring to wrong-think.  But what if Mikey is the one who’s wrong, and voting Trump into office was the right thing to do?  In that case white men have a responsibility to re-elect President Trump, and not vote for his mentally defective, geriatric alternative.

But then I suppose I digress.  Because it was the ever brilliant Mikey who devoted a significant portion of his Thursday podcast, ‘Rumble with Michael Moore,’ railing against we who are ‘conservative’ white men.  And it was then that he said, “Men — especially white men have a big responsibility to make amends for the Trump era.”  He went on to say, “Those amends will happen. People will see the error of their ways.”  Now I think it worth noting that, in the 2016 election, Donald Trump won 52 percent of white women votes and 52 percent of the male vote overall.  Just sayin’.

Mikey also said the days of white men being the dominant demographic in the U.S. are numbered saying, “They will be the minority. They’re already the minority.”  And the ‘Chubster’ also touched on abortion during his rather meandering podcast, going to so far as to actually threaten certain members of the U.S. Supreme Court with removal.  He said, “It will have taken years to get some of these people off the Supreme Court. Some may need to be impeached.”  Mikey seems to take some level of joy in the fact that the days of white men being the dominant demographic may be numbered.

But Mikey needs to understand that dominance is not always driven merely by numbers, it’s also driven by productivity, inventiveness and creativity.  For instance, for eight long years we had, as our president, a man who possessed neither the necessary aptitude or, dare I say, the necessary skillset required for the job.  Enter a bona fide white guy into the same office and it’s in very short order that things began to turn around and remarkably so.  And were it not for a totally unexpected ‘crisis,’ the source of which does not involve whites, things would still be humming along.

Anyway, in getting back to Mikey, he also spent a portion of Thursday’s podcast mourning the demise of the Bernie Sanders campaign, doling out harsh words for Democrats who engaged in verbal smears against the socialist candidate.  He said, “Shame on all of you who would say those things about this individual.”  But he also offered words of encouragement to those who supported the failed candidate: “Don’t despair about this. Bernie has laid the groundwork for this movement, for a better life, a better country, a better planet.”  A better life, country and planet?  Seriously?

So in reality it’s in Mikey that we have someone who is very much a pathetic, misguided, hateful, prejudiced, and truly sick individual.  He has what are some truly twisted ideas, which should come as no surprise knowing, as we do, the caliber of people with whom he likely surrounds himself.  When it comes to people like him everything is always about race.  Personally, it’s people such as myself who couldn’t care less about his whiteness and we don’t even really care about his fatness.  The only thing that truly matters are his ideals which indicate that he’s quite nuts!

And to be perfectly blunt, we who chose to support this president and who intend on doing so again this November have no amends to make.  In fact we’re going to do everything we can to ensure that we elect President Trump again and then we’ll begin our search to find someone as close as possible in qualities such as his and work just as hard to ensure we elect him or her, next.  So Mikey might as well get used to it.  Or better yet, I understand Venezuela is nice this time of year. Why not burden them with his very ample presence since we’ve grown quite weary of his whining.

And frankly, as far as I’m concerned it’s everyone else, including Mikey and the rest of his Hollyweird clique, who should be making amends to we white guys.  We made this country.  Everything in it, they owe to us.  Slavery would still exist in this country were it not for white men while modern medicine or advanced technology would not.  White men owe absolutely nothing to anyone, but everyone else owes everything to us.  Much gratitude needs to be shown us for our not still living in the stone-age or for still having a life expectancy in the mid-30s.  I am just so damn tired of all this crap.

As I have asked on numerous other occasions, of what use to their fellow man are people like Moore?  It’s no one from that world who has anything to offer to those of us who live our lives in the real world and not in some make-believe world.  They spend so much time in their alternate universe that they’ve lost all connection with those in the real world.  They tend to equate stardom with intelligence, but that is hardly the case, since making a movie has no connection to intelligence.  We see that every single day.   Folks, these people need to be ignored, and ignore completely.

By the way, whites were 70% of voters in 2016 and Donald Trump won them, 58% to 38%. He also won a majority of folks over 40, folks who made $50K or more, married people and a huge percentage of those who live in suburbs and beyond.  These people are the backbone of America, the makers and not the takers.  And with luck President Trump is going to get even more of those folks in 2020, as many stayed home in 2016. But they have now seen his economic miracle and understand this virus is due solely to the globalism of and the selling out of America to China, by the left and the RINOs.

Self-hatred seems to be a prominent trait on the left and there is much to hate and be disgusted about in them, but you mustn’t hate them back ‘for hating,’ because that is bigoted.  Hate is only a virtue when it is ‘woke’ hate.   They are a mass of contradictions and generally ugly.  Mikey is a race hater. I will not use the trendy suffix provided because it is a superfluous concept.  Anyone can be a race hater, but, apparently, only white people can be racist, which is another sophism of the left’s race agenda, argued about not for the sake of clarity but to obfuscate and misinform.

It’s as a white man, but not as someone wanting to toot my own horn, that I would like to ask how many people today would be living in tyranny of one form or another, were it not for millions of ‘white’ men just like me?  And what great medical discoveries or advancements would have gone undiscovered, or unadvanced without ‘white’ men?  And what technological wonders would have never even been brought to the drawing board had it not first been dreamt up by a ‘white’ guy?  Sorry, like it or not, that’s just the way it is.  And saying it isn’t so doesn’t alter the fact that it is.

Our proud history is the resume that made this country free, and has kept it free.  It was primarily white men who first defeated British imperialists and who much later would defeat Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and, in a different way, the Soviet Union.   And if the country is to remain free, then the American people had better hope and pray that there are still enough white men around willing to do what’s necessary to keep it that way.  This is a very dangerous world and becoming more so with each passing day.  And our enemies must realize that we’re not afraid to take them on.



As I have said on numerous occasions, the most useless members of the human species are those whose only ‘talent’ is that of being able to pretend they are someone else by reading words written not by themselves, but by others for them.  And with that said, what is it about has-been Hollyweird types who see no other way for them to regain some measure of the spotlight they enjoyed during their long ago glory days, than to constantly attack President Trump.  And we see this kind of crap all the time.

Case in point is John Cusack.  I know, John who?  Mr. Cusack, for whom I am currently unable to name a single movie which he has ever been in, is now calling for the impeachment of President Trump in the midst of the worldwide ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak, declaring that the president ‘must’ be removed from power in order “to save lives.”  And as is usually the case with these mental midgets, he provides no basis for his declaration, only that by removing the president we will save lives.

Cusack is another of those ‘brilliant’ actors who, with no more than a high school education, somehow sees themselves as being so much smarter than the rest of us.  But not to judge him too harshly he likely comes by his leftwing lunacy honestly by way of parents who too were likely tilted more than a little to the left.  His father, Richard Cusack is described as being a writer-actor-producer and his mother, Ann Paula Cusack, is/was apparently some sort of political ‘activist.’  Leftwing no doubt.

And so, it was just this past Tuesday that our esteemed Mr. Cusack apparently felt the need to take to Twitter and in so doing tweeted out that he wants to see labor strikes as well as the impeachment of President Trump.  He wrote, “We need to remove Trump from power to save lives.”  And added, “Impeach him again.”  Yup, spoken like true leftwing Hollyweird nutjob.  These people crack me up, they possess not the intelligence of your average ice cube, and yet feel they must be listened to.  Nope!

Cusack joins such other leftwing ‘luminaries’ as Rob ‘Meat Head’ Reiner, who has also called for President Trump’s removal from office as the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ outbreak continues to be touted as a ‘pandemic.’  It was ‘Meat Head’ who tweeted earlier this month: “We will get through this. But unfortunately not with the help of this President. First he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over, then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.”

You may also remember that it was Cusack who, last May, in what was a bizarre series of rather idiotic tweets that saw the has-been actor pushing for the president’s impeachment, as he ‘demanded,’ yes demanded, President T rump’s ouster. It was then that Cusack said, “Trump needs to be removed from office.”  These Hollyweirdos fail to see how it is that they tend to have an effect that is just the opposite of what they intend.  All they do is to convince more people to vote FOR President Trump.

Honestly, Cusack’s speech is really little more hate speech directed against all Americans, but especially at those of us who remain supportive of this president.  I’ve never really understood what it is that makes people like Cusack think that regular people view people like him as being all that smart.  And if nothing else, it’s all the badmouthing of the president coming from people like Cusack that only makes me more determined than ever to vote for the president again.  Which I intend to do!!

Anyway, it was in my own little way of attempting to familiarize myself with what I can only assume has been Mr. Cusack’s stellar career as an ‘actor’ that I went in search of his IMDb.  And imagine my surprise, because it seemed to indicate that it’s these days that Mr. Cusack is lucky if he manage to get a bit part.  Apparently his ‘career’ must really be on the skids if he has resort to tweeting insults about our president just to land a job.  But hey, like they say, any publicity is good publicity.

His is nothing but another ridiculous claim made by an even more ridiculous Hollyweirdo. The Democrats chastised President Trump and called him a xenophobe and a racist for halting travel from China in late January. The Democrats and their ‘fake news’ media cohorts downplayed the entire concept that this virus was even something we needed to be all that worried about, perhaps in an attempt to make it worse in order to be better able to exploit it in an attempt for political gain.

Leftists all across the globe tried, and succeeded, in only making this ‘pandemic’ worse.  In Italy, people were encouraged to hug a Chinese guy in a downtown square.  And now, because of such blatant recklessness, it is Italy that has amassed the highest death toll. And it was the exact same thing here at home with officials in New York telling people to go out to shows and to ride the subway.  And it was Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown and told everyone it’s “perfectly safe to be here” in Chinatown.

And you have to wonder if any of these second-rate, has-been actors really think that any of their tweets actually make any sort of an impact on ordinary, God fearing, hardworking Americans.  Speaking only for myself, they most certainly do not.  And have you ever noticed how it is that these clowns never really say what specifically it is that gets their panties in such a bunch regarding the president’s actions, only that they do, or why they think just about anyone could do a better job as president.


Legend 5

And so it was Trump-hater John Stephens, aka John Legend-In-His-Own-Mind, who recently heaped praise on Democrat presidential wannabe Elizabeth Warren, referring to her as “brilliant” while stumping for her in South Carolina earlier this week.  He told a crowd that we “cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed.”  And as is usually the case with morons such as Stephens, I mean Legend, he was a little vague when it came to just what evil and corruption the president has actually unleashed.   And from what I can see, the only true evil and/or corruption now taking place is sponsored by those on left, like Warren.

And so Stephens/Legend, who also publicly voiced support for Warren back in October, hit the campaign trail for Warren in the Palmetto State on Wednesday, just days ahead of the state’s Democrat primary.  While he said he had planned to stay quiet and “work my butt off to make sure Trump was a one-term president” regardless of the nominee, he said one candidate “stood out from the rest,” one candidate which inspired him to speak up.  And just who was that candidate?  Why, none other than Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren.  Personally, I don’t give a squat who this moron supports, let him waste his time and money on Warren’s losing effort.

And it was to an audience gathered at South Carolina University, in going on about his confidence in Warren, that Stephens/Legend called her “brilliant.”  He said, “We cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed in the last few years.”  Stephens/Legend said, “I know the bar is really low right now. We have a president who embarrasses this country. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a woman of Senator Warren’s brilliance replacing him?”  And it’s Stephens/Legend who should know a thing about a bar being set low, because were it not for a low bar having been set in his profession, he would be just another nobody.

But be that as it may, Stephens/Legend told the crowd assembled that he was “happy” to report that he had already cast his vote for Warren in California, telling the audience, “I already marked my choice” and adding that Warren is running to “give democracy back to its rightful owners.”  He said, “She supports creating a commission on reparations for the descendants of enslaved people.”  And in what was an apparent shot at Bloomberg, Stephens/Legend said, “Unlike Mayor Bloomberg, she knows that housing discrimination through redlining has been a national tragedy.”  And he said, “She doesn’t spend time wining and dining billionaires.”  Right!

Stephens/Legend is part of a long list of Hollyweirdos who have also backed Warren’s bid, including that well-known ‘nasty woman’ Ashley Judd, Trump-basher Patricia Arquette and, most recently, that flaming imbecile Jack Black.  They are all members of a rather unique little clique the combined IQ of which comes out to be lower than the average shoe size of this very same group.  These people are absolutely delusional if they think people of even average intelligence will pay them any mind.  They are morons who, courtesy of a God give talent, and despite possessing very little actual intelligence, have been able to make for themselves a great deal of money.

And as I mentioned earlier I’m still wanting to know exactly what “damage” it is that they think President Trump has done?  Is it trying to curb illegal immigration?  Or has it something to do with the fact that he has instituted policies that resulted in a booming American economy?  Or perhaps they were not in favor of regular Americans having to pay less in taxes.  Or maybe they all oppose the measures the president has taken in an effort to bring industry back to America, or the fact that he has done much to promote job creation.   I really would like to know, where’s all this damage?  Basically these people, these frauds, are doing little more than to talk out their butts.

Or perhaps what Stephens/Legend views as being evil is the record employment now currently being experienced by minorities or the increase in opportunities for those people who have been struggling and have essentially been ignored by the Democrats.  Or perhaps he’s one of those who sees as being evil the strong support this president has for Israel?  Or maybe it’s prison reform that been enacted under this president that Stephens/Legend see as being evil.  He really is going to need to be a bit more specific with his claims if he hopes to have any luck getting anyone other than the many nutjob Democrats who are out there to take him seriously.

But I must tell you though that it’s from where I’m standing that those who are committing what can only be called true evil in this country often turn out to be the very same ones that Stephens/Legend and the Hollyweird crowd tend to spend so much time and money supporting.  Because it’s those on the left who advocate for what is the dismemberment of the unborn, while at the same time fighting to allow/force little Timmy or little Sally to become whichever gender they want to be.  So in choosing to support such immoral behavior I can only assume that Stephens/Legend possesses a rather odd definition of what he considers to be evil.

No doubt it’s those in most of the country who are often left wondering just what the Hell it is that Stephens/Legend is even talking about.  Are we to assume that he somehow views as evil the act of enforcing our laws?  Quite literally it’s much of what these Hollyweird elites are against that comes down to how President Trump is enforcing the law and how his Democrat predecessor did not.  That doesn’t make the president evil, he is simply adhering to what is his oath of office, something that Barry ‘O’ took as being more of a “set of guidelines” than as an actual oath of office.  As we have seen our current president takes his job far more seriously.

I love how these clowns, like Stephens/Legend, continue to out themselves as being nothing less than complete morons.  They should pay a bit more attention to that old adage about how it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and let people think you’re a moron than opening your mouth and proving it.   But nope!  President Trump is doing great things.  He’s keeping his promises and doing a good job.  Democrats are not only jealous, they hate that he’s actually undoing much of the damage done by his predecessor, a Democrat.  Why is it, since they seem to hate this country so much, that they just don’t leave, jetting off to their preferred totalitarian state?

I suspect it’s likely too much to ever hope for that these Hollyweirdos, like Stephens/Legend, will ever come to feel about our country the same way that regular Americans do.   After all, they owe much to those folks who willingly purchase their music or tickets to their movies and yet how is it that those folks are treated in return?  More often than not, they’re treated as if they’re stupid.  Just because one can sing or act, or has been blessed with athletic ability, doesn’t make them any smarter than those folks who are not able to do any of those things.  As a form of retaliation I don’t go to movies and it’s a rare event that I buy someone’s music.

Stephens/Legend should get down on his knees and thank God for whatever musical talent he has blessed with because one thing is for certain, he was not blessed with possessing any amount of commonsense nor intelligence.  I mean, calling Warren brilliant is akin to saying Harvey Weinstein was very respectful of women.  For some bizarre reason these idiotic entertainment types continue to think that their opinion matters and to pay any amount of attention to them only serves to reinforce their already bloated egos.  We might be doing ourselves a huge favor if we were simply to pretend that these bellicose boobs, like Stephens/Legend, simply don’t exist.


Baldwin 3

When trying to point out just how out of touch those in our ‘entertainment’ industry really are with those of us living in the real world, there is simply no better way to put it than in the way Ricky Gervais did very recently, during his recent stint as host of the Golden Globe Awards.  And while what he said in his remarks was spot on, it seems to have had, as expected, very little impact, if any, on those at whom his remarks were directed.  But then, we shouldn’t be surprised by that as these entertainers, merely by virtue of them being able to act or sing or whatever, still see themselves as being so much smarter than those of us who can neither act, nor sing.

For instance, it was Mr. ‘Anger Management’ himself, Alec Baldwin, who just this past Monday chose to once again take it upon himself to target supporters of President Trump, this time going so far as to argue that the “desecration of those ideals and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters.”   Now, personally, that would seem to be rather odd thing to be hear from someone whom we all know to be very comfortable at the far left end of the political spectrum as well as someone who has virtually no problem whatsoever supporting hardcore leftist positions when it comes to everything from abortion to illegal immigration.

It was this past Monday that Baldwin began what was a pretty longwinded, and quite disturbing, social media rant by saying, “American democracy has always been a struggle between the misaligned protections of specific freedoms and a raging, at times intoxicating, 12 cylinder economy.  It demanded vigilant/consistent regulation, compassion for the disenfranchised and the periodic display of a necessary sacrifice that allowed for the long term health of our society at the expense of short term whims.”  And so it is that once again we have someone lecturing us on a topic that they know virtually nothing about yet feel entitled to lecture us all just the same.

Baldwin said, “The desecration of those ideals and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters, as opposed as opposed to Trump himself, who is merely what psychology labels the ‘objective negative function.’  He continued saying, “Like fire, floods and earthquakes, it destroys, and only destroys, by its very nature. Without prejudice.”  He said, “It is Trump voters, particularly those who would re-elect him who bear the blame.”  And he then went on to say, “For the undeniable and colossal destruction of everything that matters to us as Americans that cannot be merely monetized.”  “Monetized?”  He’s serious?

Most are likely familiar with Baldwin’s rather long history of lobbing personal attacks at both the president and his supporters.  It was just last July that he claimed that “our friends in other countries” now believe that a “mass of Americans are outright racists.”  He then followed that up roughly a month later by saying Trump supporters “have swallowed the poison pills of racist hatred, election fraud, a revolving door of semi-competent or outright awful appointees” because money is all they care about.  And it was a few months later that Baldwin appealed to the president’s supporters and asked them to “get rid of him,” presumably in the 2020 election.

Baldwin ended 2019 by joining with many other rabidly left-wing Hollyweirdos in encouraging people to take to the streets for protests in support of the House Democrats’ bogus attempt to impeach President Trump.  Yup, these are the people who now curiously view themselves as representing the moral compass of our society. Is that not weird?  The very same people who so enthusiastically support the murder of children, all manner of perversion and debauchery and the very things that most people in this country find repugnant at best, now claim to be worried about a moral collapse?  Perhaps they may want to look in the mirror to see who’s really to blame.

To have someone on the modern left claiming to be concerned over the “near moral collapse” of our society seems more than a bit bizarre.  Especially when we have a Democrat Party that: quite literally hates America, is very much in favor of murdering the unborn up to, and in some instances after, the moment of birth, supports allowing illegal immigrants to flood into our country, and who seeks to remove all mention of God from the public square.  And yet, according to Baldwin, the blame for the “near moral collapse of our nation” is to be laid directly at the feet of those who actually oppose all of those things instead of where it belongs, at the feet of people like him.

And it’s the very ones who spend the most time lecturing us on the evil of ‘our’ ways that are most responsible for some of the worst living conditions in this the most prosperous nation on the planet.  Let’s face it, it’s every time you visit any major city in this country that is under the control of those in the Democrat Party that you always find that there is a very high crime rate, very high unemployment, a high level homelessness, a rampant drug problem, and tons illegal immigrants all taking full advantage of their sanctuary status.  And it’s the rest of us who are forced to pay the high taxes required to cover the bill for what we’re told is all our fault.

Chicago is just one of the many examples of a city being run into the ground after decades of Democrat ‘leadership.’  But it is far from the only one.  A list of other stellar examples would include such cities as Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and any number of others.  And I can only assume that those on the left, like Baldwin, must feel that if just given the opportunity most Americans would love nothing more than to live in the same squalid conditions as those who live in most of these very same cities.  But when we make it clear that we have no interest in doing so, somehow it’s we, and not those who have ruined our cities, who are chastised.

Baldwin is yet another self-centered, short-tempered, foul-mouthed, privileged jerk who now thinks himself as being somehow qualified to sit in judgement of those who disagree with him. According to him, the quiet, hard-working, church-going, anti-abortion majority of the nation are to be seen as responsible for the moral decline of this country. If it weren’t so pathetic, it would be funny. He ignores completely that it’s the Hollyweird culture that is essentially responsible for the cheapening of human life and the loss of moral compass that has become the default setting for so many. He has absolutely nothing to support his decree, other than his own vapid delusions.

In truth, morality went out the window when we started allowing babies to be killed for no other reason than convenience, allowed bad language and pornography to become normalized and lastly, allowed our supposed leaders to remain in elected office after having sordid affairs with their junior employees and to then lie about it.  We, as a people, have been gradually losing our moral compass over time, and it shows in what we are expected to condone.  And it is those like Baldwin who are far more than merely a symptom of our popular culture, he and those like him have been prominent players in the overall degradation that has taken place in our society.



One of the side-effects, and one rarely if ever discussed, of Donald Trump being elected President is the fact that so many on the left have now been driven to a level of madness that seems to have made it virtually impossible for them to continue with what had been a masquerade, of sorts, where they had created this illusion that they’re not really insane at all but are, instead, regular patriotic Americans just like you and me.  However, it would appear that the election of Donald Trump has made it impossible for them to resist, in any meaningful way, the voices in their head.

And it’s whenever I catch myself listening to their never-ending rants about how they hate President Trump, or that he is a danger to our country or how he threatens our democracy, or how stupid we who voted for him are, I can’t help but wonder how they think that by sounding so completely unhinged, they will persuade anyone.  I mean, you can’t convince someone of the soundness of your argument when you come across like a complete nut.  If anything you sound like someone who should be locked away in a padded room for your own safety, as well as the safety of others.

And such was the case again, and just recently, at what was described as being an impeachment rally in Los Angeles on Tuesday night when that well-known Hollyweirdo and rabid leftwing activist, ‘Meathead,’ aka Rob Reiner, promised those in attendance that President Trump will be “impeached” and “removed from office.”  The rally, sponsored by the left-wing and partisan Democrat organization MoveOn, was attended by approximately 500 ‘protesters’ before today’s scheduled vote in the House of Representatives on supposed articles of ‘impeachment’ against President Trump.

‘Meathead’ said, “Fact, he has abused his power by attempting to bribe a foreign country for his own personal political benefit. Fact, he has obstructed Congress in covering up all of his wrongdoing, and fact, tomorrow, he will be the third president in the United States ever to have been impeached.”  And he said, “We all care about the rule of law. We care about our Constitution. We care about our 243 years of self-rule, and we care about it. We will make sure that not only is he impeached, but he will be removed from office. Thank you. I love you all for coming. Thank you!”

And it was ‘Meathead’s’ fellow Hollyweirdo Alyssa Milano who was also a ‘featured’ speaker at this rather bizarre little event.  And it was this bimbo who promised, “We will vote them all out,” while describing herself as “premenopausal” and “angry.” Milano led attendees in a chant of, “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!”  No, actually it’s not, you moron.   As is always the case with these imbeciles, most of whom have very little actual education, they all see themselves as being so much smarter than the rest of us, and as ‘experts’ when it comes to the Constitution.

And it was the signs held by many of these rally goers that clearly demonstrated that none of them were particularly bright.  These signs included such messages as: “Impeach and Remove”; “Trump Is Not Above the Law”; Impeach 45″; “Fuck Cheeto Voldemort”; and “Make the Asshole Go Away.”   And a rubber prop depicting Trump’s head was seen on the end of a pike held by a man at the event who said he wished it were Trump’s actual head.  Nope, nothing crazy about that!  And yet these people actually think those outside their little ‘circle of lunacy’ will take them seriously.

And it was ‘Meathead’ who derided Trump as “the most criminally corrupt president in our nation’s history” via Twitter prior to his rally address.  ‘Meathead’ regularly frames both President Trump and the Republicans as being agents of Vlad Putin.  It was just last month that ‘Meathead said, “Every elected Republican knows that this President is guilty of countless Impeachable offenses. But they, along with many White Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin.  But unlike a pact with the Devil, this one can be unsigned.”  What a genius this guy is, right?

This guy, ‘Meathead,’ thinks he’s somehow qualified to tell us, the American people, how to vote, what to think and insists upon calling us stupid for having voted for Donald Trump in the first place!  Which is pretty rich coming from a guy who got where he is today because of a famous daddy.   So who’s the real idiot here, ‘Meathead?’  Let’s face it, those who do nothing but make movies or sing songs are some of the most worthless individuals you’ll ever meet.  Nothing they do requires any great intelligence.  And most of them are nothing if not flat out ignorant.

And what they fail to realize is that just because one has a lot of money it doesn’t make what one has to say any more important than what anyone else has to say.  They think that just because they’re rich we need to pay attention to what it is that they’re saying.  But it’s just the opposite that’s so true.  Nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing, they have to say is of any value and it’s simply not worth the time it takes to listen to them.  And regardless of why one may become famous, fame in no way equates to intelligence.  However, that’s not how most famous people see it.

And have you ever noticed how none of these Hollyweirdos are ever asked about the policies that they and their Democrat favorites support, or how those same policies would come to affect the American people?  President Trump has accomplished a great deal for all Americans, and all in a rather remarkably short period of time, and in spite of the ongoing Democrat resistance.  Perhaps the Hollyweirdos are never asked because those who do the asking know what the policies Hollyweirdos are in favor of having foisted upon the rest of us always bring about, poverty and misery.

After all, we need look no further than the progressive utopia that was once referred to as the ‘Golden State’ to see what those policies have wrought.  Things such as rampant homelessness, human excrement and needles all over public sidewalks, the highest taxes in America, unaffordable housing, unlimited illegal immigrants who get government benefits paid for by taxpayers, high energy prices and more.  Somehow their policies are said to be better than those of President Trump that have brought about the greatest American economy and lowest unemployment in recent history.

So I have a prediction:  On November 4, 2020 what we will have seen is that President Trump will have easily won his re-election and the Democrats will have lost control of the House as well as additional seats in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi will have issued a statement that she will be leaving Congress claiming family and health issues.  Also, out there in Hollyweird, several high profile Hollyweirdos will have chosen to simply commit suicide rather than be subjected to another Trump inauguration and another four years of President Trump in the White House.  So what do you think?



So, who better for nut-job Democrats to be taking advice from than good old Danny Glubber.  Seriously, it’s in Glubber that we have a fella who hasn’t made a decent movie in decades and so is now seeking whatever time on the spotlight that he can in his waning years.  He is also one of the many Hollyweird loons, such as Sean Penn for instance, who have made numerous trips off to Venezuela to meet up with their then BFF, Hugo Chavez who, as we all know, is now no longer among the living.  Glubber has also paid a visit to the new ‘leader’ of that same cesspool, Nicolas Maduro.

And it was just this past weekend, on Sunday, during another idiotic broadcast of MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” that Glubber actually touted his support for Bernie Sanders regarding those on the Democrat side now vying to run against President Trump in 2020.  Glubber insisted Sanders was a true believer in his message and pointed to his journey to the 2020 Democrat presidential primary contest. He insisted that based on that, Sanders was the only one who could challenge President Trump.  His support for Bernie should come as a surprise to absolutely no one familiar with this boob.

Glubber said, “[A]ll these candidates are good candidates.”  And he said, “We can certainly look at their records and them and understand they provide a great deal of knowledge and character in order to perform this work that has to be done. But there’s no one that can challenge, I believe, Donald Trump. And there’s no one who has been on the road and on the path that Bernie has been throughout his whole life as a citizen, or as a legislator, as someone who has been in front of the public.”  I would recommend to Glubber that perhaps he lay off the booze and or the drugs.

Glubber said, “He’s been consistent with his messages his entire career.”  He continued by saying, “And, certainly, we have to take that into consideration. I was here with the Senator in 2016. And basically, people didn’t know who he was. You know, they hadn’t come to know and really follow his trajectory of his life and his work, as well. But now we’re here — right here in 2019, and it’s a different story. And certainly, momentum is building. He’s worked hard of the staff whether they make it in New Hampshire or in Iowa or be in South Carolina has been very strong.”

The trajectory of his life, is he serious?  Glubber must somehow be unaware of the fact that old Bernie has been sponging off the taxpayers for his entire adult life, and yet he’s managed to become worth millions. And what is it, exactly, that Bernie can present to the voters as being his claim to fame after having spent decades in the U.S. Congress?  And I mean anything serious?  Let’s face it, Bernie has done little more than to take up space, and has done absolutely nothing for which he will be remembered for any longer than 5 minutes after he has finally departed this world.

And you’ve got to ask yourself, since President Trump continues to screw things up so badly and things are going so absolutely swimmingly in that Socialist utopia, Venezuela, to the south, one wonders why it is that he and the rest of the Hollyweird elite don’t simply choose to relocate.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Venezuela is less a utopia than it is yet another unmitigated disaster that socialism continues to be for humanity and one where citizens of the country must walk to the neighboring countries to buy such luxuries as toilet paper.

So we know that Bernie is a Marxist, in fact he’s been bragging about it as being a reason people should vote for him.  He defends this lunacy despite the fact that Marxism was responsible for the death of over 200 million people in just the 20th century alone, while at the same time also putting hundreds of millions into poverty and misery.  So how many more dead and victimized people does Glubber think is needed before those like himself come to realize that Socialism is not a good idea and has never truly worked anywhere.  I mean Glubber truly can’t be that stupid, can he?

Glubber exposes his serious lack of knowledge when it comes to the history of our nation, and therefore the fact that we are a constitutional Republic.  Our Nation has thrived for 240 years.  Meanwhile, every communist nation, and I do mean every single one, has failed and rather spectacularly so.  Red China, who some will point to as being a success, is a hybrid of sorts, and while for the time being it may have an expanding economy, it remains one of the most oppressive countries on the planet, and as such is not a country that Americans should want to choose to emulate.

A list of Bernie’s heroes would likely include those who are known for little more than being leaders of various failed communist states.  You know, great guys like Castro, Chavez and now Maduro as well as any of those first ruled the Soviet Union and those who have since ruled Russia.  Why would you want to change from what makes our country the envy of every nation on Earth, and why would any American citizen want to give up their freedoms that make us who we are?  Bernie is a crackpot, to say the least.  He believes people are too stupid to make life’s truly important decisions.

Glubber, clearly, doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.  But then he is an actor, so we need to keep our expectations rather low.  After all, his is a profession in which people get paid for doing nothing more than to read words that were written by others.  They need to restrict their cockamamie opinions to that which they may actually know something about, that being, of course, acting.  Their opinions on anything that is in anyway related to politics or to the running of our country, have about as much value as a plumber’s opinion on proper brain surgery techniques.

And let’s just say for the sake of argument that there will be enough Americans who agree with Glubber and Bernie not only succeeds in getting the nomination but also, through some bizarre stroke of luck, also succeeds in defeating President Trump to become the next president.  What is it, exactly, that Glubber expects to see happen?   Well here’s a little clue for you, Mr. Glubber.  Between Election Day and inauguration day, Americans would likely get to witness the greatest transfer or flight of money leaving this country that has ever been witnessed before during any civilization.

In the wake of a Bernie election we would see all manner of small businesses simply closing up shop with hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost as a consequence, causing more Americans to once again become dependent on government.  Which would suit Bernie just fine.  As for the health insurance industry, it would render the largest bankruptcy in American history after Bernie gets through with them which would likely end up sending foreign stock market exchanges into chaos and a world-wide depression will hit the likes that has never been experienced on this planet.

There are few things more pathetic than washed up, unemployable, has-been actors who spent their entire working lives playing ‘Let’s Pretend,’ frantically grasping for publicity of any kind.  The communists have always been able to count on the weak-minded who call Hollyweird home.  Hollyweird, home to those who were, and remain to this day, only too happy to use their influence to assist in what is nothing short of a communist takeover of this country.  Either they don’t know they’re being used, or they simply don’t care, as they continue in the proud tradition of all useful idiots.


Stephen King Portrait Session

There was once upon a time, back in his early days that I was actually a fan of Stephen King, but it was after his third or fourth book that I realized they were beginning to sound pretty much the same, and as if written not so much for the enjoyment of the reader but more with perhaps a movie in mind.  In short, his books got boring.  And it’s these days that he’s become less of a writer and more of just another out of touch Hollyweirdo elitist seeking the ability to dictate to folks in middle American how they must live their lives in a manner considered ‘acceptable.’

And so it was on Wednesday of this week that Steve joined the skanks of ABC’s “The View,” and in so doing naturally took the opportunity to criticize President Trump’s immigration policy by saying it imitated his horror novel.  Skank Sunny Hostin said, “You are scaring us all again in your new book, ‘The Institute.’ I only read your books when it’s light out. It’s about a group of people—these people are nodding— supernatural children who are abducted by a mysterious organization, and as you were writing, it started to parallel reality. I’m afraid to even ask, but how so?”

To which Steve responded by saying, “When I started this book, I just wanted to write a story about defenseless children who were locked up and had to kind of band together in order to fight these cruel adults that are performing tests on them. I was thinking a little bit about the CIA experiments in the early ’50s, and I was also thinking about experiments that were performed on people in the camps during World War II. And the thing is, you write, and I try to keep my politics separate from the stuff that I write, the stories because I think people like story.”

He added, “People want the story. And if they want the news, they want the stuff they can go and get on MSNBC, or they can go on Fox or whatever. But sometimes, life comes along and imitates art instead of the other way around. And as I was re-writing this book, all at once I find out we’re locking little kids up in cages on the border, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘This is like my book.”  Right, it’s all about the kids, right Steve?  What about the millions of babies who have been butchered every year by the very people that YOU support?  That’s the true horror you POS!

Hollyweirdos, like Steve, have come to think of themselves as being God-like.  And while every day black children are killed in many of our Democrat run large cities, it’s nary a peep that’s ever heard from leftwing hypocrites like old Steve.  The mere fact that one possesses a God given talent does not mean one is somehow more deserving of being listened to, nor does it mean they are particularly bright.  Add to that the fact that they are an odd assortment of atheists, alcoholics, drug addicts and perverts and it becomes very clear very quickly that the best thing to do is to just ignore them.

And too, it’s Hollyweird that is the biggest pusher of violence in the world.  The average young person grows up watching all manner of violence in movies as well as video games and on TV to the point they become desensitized to it.  And yet these Hollyweirdos dare to blame politicians who favor upholding the Second Amendment.  Hollyweirdos are consummate liars, their entire life is a lie.  And it’s these same virtue signaling Hollyweird hypocrites who rail against gun violence as they make millions on violent movies, all the while being protected by armed bodyguards.