So riddle me this…What exactly does it tell us about RINO Susan Collins that, over a year later, that she appears to remain very much in favor of keeping those behind bars whose only ‘crime’ is that they came to Washington to give voice to, and to take part in, what was, when compared to what we all witnessed during the entire summer of 2020, a purely peaceful protest against what many viewed, and still do, as being a blatantly fraudulently conducted election. Especially when what she should be doing is standing up for those innocent people who have not yet been provided their constitutionally guaranteed rights. She is a disgrace to her party and to her country.

It was this past Sunday, during an appearance on Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by former Clinton hack and supposed ‘journalist,’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos that Collins told yet another in what has become a rather impressive string of lies, saying that President Trump should not have said he would pardon those charged for taking part in protests at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. It was on Saturday during a rally in Texas that President Trump said, “If I run and I win, we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. We will treat them fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”

Stephy said, “Former President Trump is on the campaign trail suggesting he may pardon — if elected in 2024 — those part of the January 6th riots. Given that, can you imagine any circumstance where you could support his election?” And it was Collins who replied by saying, “Well, we’re a long way from 2024. But let me say this. I do not think the president, President Trump, should have made that pledge to do pardons. We should let the judicial process proceed. January 6 was a dark day in our history.” And Stephy, in typical fashion, replied, “It was, and you voted to convict President Trump. Why can’t you rule out supporting him in 2024?”

Collins said, “Certainly, it’s not likely given the many other qualified candidates that we have that have expressed interest in running. So it’s very unlikely.” The January 6 protesters have been in jail for over a year now with no resolution in sight. These people are clearly nothing other than political prisoners, right here in America. Who would have ever thought that that would have been possible? Collins is another of those that we have far too many of in the Republican Party. As I have said it’s they who represent the ‘Dark Side’ of the party. And her willingness to appear on programs such as Stephy’s and spew her endless drivel tells us all we know about her.

Collins is simply trying to have it both ways, just as she, and every other pathetic RINO always does. And what those who happened to tune in were again witness to was this fraud pretending to be a ‘conservative’ Republican while at the same time sucking up to a ‘liberal’ Democrat, and in so doing she is only playing the game she sees as being necessary for her to keep her cushy job as a U.S. Senator. She is the WORST of what the DC swamp has to offer. An ‘elected’ official who has no ideas, or convictions, of her own. Collins is an empty vessel who allows herself to be filled by whomever is willing to help her keep her job. In short, Collins is a political whore.

President Trump made no such pledge. What he said was that we will treat them fairly and ‘IF’ that requires pardons, so be it. The only person who should still be in jail regarding the events of January 6 protest is the murderous cop who shot an unarmed Ashli Babbitt. If the Antifa/BLM riots, that occurred all through 2020 and all across the country and that cost dozens of lives and billions of dollars, didn’t deserve mass public prosecutions, than it those who took part in protests in response to the 2020 election shouldn’t either. And then there is the question of why Pelosi refused the extra security that was offered and requested that day by the Capitol Police.

And why, exactly, shouldn’t President Trump stand up for these patriots who have been unjustly imprisoned over what is clearly a charade? Those like Collins certainly made it very clear that they have no intention of doing so! She voted for President Trump to be removed from office without any sort of an investigation. She, along with every other scumbag RINO, together form a band of brothers who ignore both what’s best for their country and those who love their country, and willingly join forces with the Democrats in advancing an agenda that benefits everyone but the American people. She remains as she has always been, a liar and a fraud.

RINOs, like Collins, are fully onboard with the fake ‘insurrection’ propaganda pumped out on a daily basis by the Democrats and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media. What actual evidence exists that supports the charges of insurrection? Every scrap should be made available to outside sources for examination. And it’s according to many reliable witnesses that these ‘political prisoners’ are forced to exist in a Hell worse than Gitmo. They’ve been deprived of their right to a fair and speedy trial and being able to face their accusers. ‘Creepy Joe,’ and his regime, are guilty of doing exactly what they have accused President Trump of having done, but didn’t.

And what does Collins think of BLM and Antifa rioters who have cost and/or destroyed 100s of billions of dollars in private property and the resources necessary to protect those everywhere these thugs show up? How about the violent criminals being released by Democrats in cities with no bail or with charges being dismissed by corrupt DAs? And where is Collins on the illegal alien invasion and human trafficking that ‘Creepy Joe’ is allowing to take place? What about the BLM and Antifa rioters who have all gotten a get-out-of-jail-free card regardless of the crimes committed? As with every other RINO, lies are her stock and trade, she’s unworthy of her office.

One can only hope that Collins will have assumed room temperature long before 2024 so that she won’t be around to support whichever RINO it is that thinks he, or she, is capable of defeating President Trump. As far as the “dark day” meme, screw her and every other RINO lightweight. It was many of our cities that saw much ‘darker’ days because of BLM and Antifa and other far leftists all during 2020. What remains ‘dark’ about January 6 is what happened afterwards: FBI and federal agents on video stirring the pot and not being prosecuted, stonewalling by our government, unconstitutional treatment of the arrested, and on and on. Dark days indeed, Ms. Collins!!

Once again, as is usually the case with this gutless RINO, Collins opened up her mouth before fully engaging her pea-sized brain. President Trump didn’t say he was going to give a blanket pardon to the January 6 patriots as she is inferring. He said, “…And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons.” What this RINO failed to hear, or perhaps willingly ignored, was the word “IF.” That changes the whole perspective of what she is claiming. RINOs, like Collins, are allied with Democrats and continue to call January 6 a dark day for America, but it was, in fact, a day of hope that patriotic Americans are NOT going to be steamrolled by the Party of socialism and communism.

Those in the establishment have known for a long time that they would not be able to keep President Trump down. All of these things presently being aimed at him are designed to prevent him running again, and they will most certainly fail. He scares them badly because they know he’ll easily defeat any of them. The January 6 prisoners are being held unjustly. Democrats are holding them in order to try before the election, that is illegal and every Democrats taking part should be jailed for doing it. Not only should all of these patriots be pardoned, but they should each get $450,000 for their false imprisonment, abuse, and denial of rights.

The overwhelming majority of those being held because of the events of January 6 should be freed with all charges dropped. This was clearly an act of entrapment perpetrated by government agents and agencies for the sole purpose of terrorizing conservatives into not protesting against what all knew to be a fraudulent election. This was set up by Pelosi along with the FBI and DOJ in part to scare Congress into a hastily called vote to certify the election without looking into obvious fraud. Numerous times Pelosi was offered aid to provide additional security, but she refused. They wanted it to happen, they made it happen, and now they have the gall to blame President Trump.


Much in the same manner as a musician attempts to stretch a ‘career’ out of what was their one hit, or actor who does his, or her, best to pose as a superstar after being the fluke recipient of some silly award, we have Carl Bernstein, that mediocre, at best, ‘journalist’ in the twilight of a life, that too has been pretty mediocre, doing his best to garner for himself some semblance of relevance. And just what does this clown view as being the best way for him to do that, and to get people to listen to him? Well, it’s by doing what it is that he does best. And it was Bernstein who again recently let loose with a string of baseless attacks directed at President Trump.

It was our one hit wonder, Bernstein, who stopped by to pay a visit to those hapless hags of ABC’s ‘The View’ this past Friday and wasted precious little time in getting to one of the more favorite topics of this cadre of pathetic, and borderline obese losers, which is of course, President Trump. You see, it was according to Bernstein, in yet another attempt to relive his glory days of old, that President Trump’s “big lie” that he won the 2020 presidential election is “far worse” than former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. What was heard was nothing more than mindless ramblings of a man who’s realized his fifteen minutes of fame long ago evaporated.

Anyway, it was during his visit with the Hags that Bernstein said, “This is far worse than Watergate. Let’s look at a couple of aspects of it. First of all, Richard Nixon was a criminal president of the United States who undermined the electoral system in this country just as Donald Trump has sought to undermine the electoral system in this country, but Trump has sought to do it in a much worse way. He tried to stage a coup so he would not leave office. He has told this big lie about what happened in the election.” He continued, “But more than that, we also have a situation in which we have in Trump the first seditious president of the United States.”

He said, “He has sought, you know, to bring about an insurrection to keep him in office. Whatever you say about Richard Nixon and his criminality, he left office peaceably. He allowed the peaceful transfer of power, which Trump hasn’t when he staged his coup.” Bernstein added, “But more than that, we have the fact that courageous Republicans forced Richard Nixon to resign. They voted for articles of impeachment. He was convicted in the Senate because Republicans were willing to convict him for his crimes. Compare that to Donald Trump, his crimes, his constitutional crimes, and what the Republicans in the Senate have done.”

He continued, “They have acquitted him twice. And we now have instead of a Republican Party committed to the rules of law and constitutional order. It has fallen to a kind of obeisance to Trumpism and its excesses.” All of which begs the question, when is this pathetic irrelevant little twerp finally going to quit riding the coattails of his past Watergate ‘glory’ days? What President Nixon did was clearly no worse than anything that FDR, JFK, or LBJ did, he simply had the misfortune of getting caught and then tried to cover it up. Everything we hear from the ‘fake news’ is Watergate on steroids, and yet we hear nothing of the corruption perpetrated by Democrats!

These boobs remain desperate in their attempt to prop up he who is the worse president in the history of our country and apparently think the best way for them to do that is to go after his predecessor? Seriously? President Trump has been out of office for over a year now, and we have ‘Creepy Joe & Co. busily running America into the ground and the only thing this loser can talk about is trashing President Trump and those of us who continue to support him. These are nothing but the mindless ramblings of a man who’s realized his fifteen minutes were up a long time ago and in his attempt to turn back the clock he has become increasingly unhinged!

Bernstein, the one hit wonder whose only song is ‘Watergate’ that no one’s listening to anymore. Nixon lied, but nobody died. And an industry was born within the media. LBJ lied, and more than 58,000 Americans died and the media fawned over him for ‘voting rights,’ sound familiar? And it’s only those like these hags on ‘The View’ who still bother to listen to this geriatric bobble headed shelf ornament. And his continuing to babble on about President Trump in all manner of wildly incoherent disaster scenarios really has grown rather tiresome. And he’s only succeeded in making himself less credible on an issue he is desperate for people to believe.  

Obviously, Bernstein is still living in the 1970’s and has convinced himself that he remains relevant in today’s political environment. But the ‘big lie,’ that ‘Creepy Joe’ was actually able to convince 81 million Americans to vote for him, and is far worse than Watergate. This one trick pony lunatic ought to be committed to the same asylum as ‘Creepy Joe’ as both relics of the 1970s! Bernstein is a has-been looking to be relevant, so his smears President Trump get more bizarre by the week. Bernstein needs help, professional help. He’s becoming a danger to both himself and all those around him. President Trump has broken him and so many others of his ilk.

Bernstein reminds me of that guy at the high school reunion whose best day was the winning touchdown he scored in the big game back in the good old days and that’s all he talks about because his life has been nothing since. Someone really should tell Bernstein that no one, again except perhaps those like the Hags of ‘The View,’ really cares about his only accomplishment that happened roughly 50 years ago. Bernstein is a disgrace to his supposed profession of ‘journalism.’ Constantly trying to reconstitute his glory days of Watergate. But the sad truth is that he has accomplished nothing more than to become a parody of himself. So predictable and irrelevant.

Finally, when it comes to President Trump it’s everything that must be described as being worse than Watergate, except, of course, for those things that truly are worse than Watergate. Such as a southern border that’s out of control, rapidly rising inflation, rapidly escalating energy costs, increasingly empty store shelves, the stealing of a presidential election and so much more! But we’re told that it’s none of those things that are anywhere near as important as making sure the Donald Trump is never again permitted to walk through the door of the White House. And it’s only after that has been accomplished can we spend time addressing any of those other issues.


I’m thinking that the good senator from West Virginia just might be suffering from a pretty wicked case of political whiplash after having completed a pretty significant 180-degree turnabout over the course of about 48 hours regarding whether or not whomever it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ nominates to the Supreme Court might be worthy of being rubberstamped. Because while on Wednesday Manchin declared that there should be no rummer stamp for any nominee put forward by ‘Creepy Joe,’ it was the very next day that he seemed to be saying something very much different. While begs the question, was he simply lying on Wednesday, or did someone perhaps get to him?

Either way, Manchin again makes it very clear that he most certainly is not the ‘moderate’ that so many in our ‘fake news’ media like to paint him as being. He’s simply confirmed what many of us have always known, that he is nothing more than your average garden variety liar. And he’s again made it clear just whose side it is that he’s on, and it ain’t the side of the good folks of West Virginia who overwhelmingly supported President Trump. He’s clearly on the side of Chuckie Schumer and the Democrat Party. Because, as I said, it was on Thursday that he sounded very much like a guy about to take part in the act of being a ‘rubberstamp.’

It was during an interview with West Virginia MetroNews’ “Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval” on Thursday, that Manchin said he wouldn’t be bothered if *president ‘Creepy Joe’s nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was more liberal, or much more liberal than he is as long as they are “sound in their thought process, has been sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law,” and have the right disposition to be on the Supreme Court. But it’s to my way of thinking that one cannot be a liberal and at the same time be “sound in their thought process”. Democrats are, by definition, psychologically impaired.

Liberals, regardless of the color of their skin, or their gender, are definitely NOT sound in their thought process, sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law. Look no further than Sonya Sotomayor when she recently made the blatantly idiotic and patently untrue claim that, “There are 100,000 children in the hospital right now with COVID and most on respirators!” What a complete MORON!! And where in the HELL did she come up with that number? There’s actually roughly 4,000 children in the hospital with COVID (not 100,000) and the number on respirators is UNKNOWN because that statistic is one that no one bothers to keep.

Anyway, it was Manchin who said, “Well, first of all, it’s not going to change the makeup of the court. The court right now is pretty much a 6-3 court. So, no matter what the philosophical beliefs of this person may be, that’s not going to change the decisions or the makeup of it. What you want is someone, forget the philosophical beliefs they may have, it’s basically how they have dispersed justice, their record, have they been outspoken, have they been fair, things of that sort, and do they have the disposition? The main thing about a Supreme Court justice being the highest court in the land, are they able to get along with the other eight justices?”

And he said, “Sit down, even though you might disagree, do you do it in a professional, civil way, coming to a conclusion? This is what we look for in all of our justices, but especially the Supreme Court, do they have the disposition to be able to work with their fellow justices to make good judgment and be able to disperse and use the rule of law as your guide. And that’s what I’m looking for.” And it was host Hoppy Kercheval that then asked, “So, Senator, it would not bother you, it would not be a — it would not bother you if the nominee was more liberal or far more liberal than you?” Manchin responded, “Well, it’s not too hard to get more liberal than me.”

Before then going on to say, “So, it would not bother me having a person who was sound in their thought process, has been sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law, just because of their personal beliefs.” Manchin’s constituents are 90 percent white! I wonder, does it bother him that no white person is being considered and that these stone-cold racists in the White House are using skin color and genitalia as the sole criteria for who gets interviewed?? Manchin will vote for whomever ‘Creepy Joe’ nominee who will likely be confirmed in record time. There’s really nothing much that the Republicans can, or will, do to bog down the process.

As I mentioned, it certainly didn’t take very long for Manchin to turn back into your typical liberal. I can’t help but wonder if the folks back home are paying attention. Likely not, as he seems to do just enough to keep those same folks convinced that he’s worthy of getting re-elected. That’s what career politicians always do. And there are usually just enough RINOs voting with the Democrats to allow certain players in the Democrat Party to, at least, appear tough on the important issues. RINOs are far more disgusting than the Democrats because they are backstabbing traitors to their party. Manchin is one happy to take advantage of the cover provided by the RINOs.

Anyone to the left of him has never really bothered Manchin. And while he pretends to be a ‘moderate,’ playing up to his base back in West Virginia, he always ends up voting exactly how Chuckie Schumer tells him to, with very few exceptions. He’s another of those who expose the myth that there remains in American politics today that ever elusive creature, the ‘moderate’ Democrat. How many times must it be said that this guy is not now, nor has he ever been, a ‘moderate.’ Manchin is a Democrat and votes like a Democrat 99 percent of the time because that’s what Democrats do. So can we finally stop with the I wish he’d switch to being a Republican crap?

It’s when selecting any individual to sit on the bench that the only thing that should matter is that person’s ability to interpret the Constitution as it is written, not how they might wish that it had been written. Our justices regardless of the court they are selected to sit upon are not supposed to be biased. It’s all about the Constitution. If the person nominated has a clear bias in their past decisions, then they are not fit to sit on the bench and shouldn’t even be considered, let alone confirmed. But such is not the criteria looked for by the Democrats. They search out those individuals who possess a willingness to read things into the Constitution that simply are not there.


Never in my nearly 70 years of life have I ever, in any of my travels, come across a Democrat that I felt I could trust any further than I could throw him, or her. And as I have said many times before it’s that species once referred to as the ‘moderate’ Democrat that long ago went extinct. And while we continue to have those who try to convince us otherwise, it is in the end that they always show themselves to be just as radical as are the rest of those in their party. So excuse me if I’m no rush to applaud Joe Manchin who recently declared that there would be no rubberstamp for any Supreme Court nominee put forward by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. I just don’t trust him.

You see, it was Manchin who, just this past Wednesday, said he would take part in acting as a rubber-stamp for *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s Supreme Court pick to replace Leftist Justice Stephen Breyer. Manchin claimed, “I take my Constitutional responsibility to advise and consent on a nominee to the Supreme Court very seriously.” And he went on to say, “I look forward to meeting with and evaluating the qualifications of President Biden’s nominee to fill this Supreme Court vacancy.” Manchin’s statement followed White House press secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki’s confirmation that ‘Creepy Joe’ fully intends to nominate a black woman to the court.

In 2020, ‘Creepy Joe’ himself foreshadowed he would do so saying then, “I’m looking forward to making sure there’s a black woman on the Supreme Court, to make sure we, in fact, get every representation.” The appointment of a black woman has only one real purpose, that being, of course, to make it troublesome for the spineless Senate RINOs to block ‘Creepy Joe’s nominee in an election year. Democrats currently hold a 50/50 split tie-breaking vote in the Democrat ‘controlled’ Senate. And so whomever ‘Creepy Joe’ nominates, she will need to appease all 50 Democrat Senators, including the so-called ‘moderate’ Democrats, Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Both Manchin and Sinema have proven a willingness to oppose ‘Creepy Joe’s radical “Build Back Better” agenda. It was Manchin’s home state of West Virginia that voted for President Trump in 2020 by nearly 40 points. Chuckie Schumer, also on Wednesday, announced that he would confirm ‘Creepy Joe’s nominee promptly, but deliberately. The Senate’s Judiciary Committee, chaired by ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, will conduct Senate hearings in the coming weeks. And I’m also quite sure that what further motives the Democrats in their desire to expedite these hearing is the possible role that the Court may end up playing in the approaching midterm elections.

Look, it’s everything that the Democrats have been doing, especially under our current fraudulent administration, that is borderline criminal as well as outright unconstitutional. Our southern border is being overrun by those who are then being flown to locations all across the country under cover of darkness. So pesky constitutional issues about choosing an unqualified person just because she’s a black, doesn’t really mean much in these days of total anarchy taking place in our cities! To them, it’s just a distraction that is to be ignored as they all move onto the next big thing to screw up after the affirmative action appointee is settled onto the Court.

There’s no doubt that ‘Creepy Joe’ already has his team beating the bushes for the most insanely radical individual they can find for him to nominate in the hopes that the enough Republicans, out of fear of being called racist, will vote to support his nominee no matter how radical they may be shown to be. They will play the race card to paint all Republicans as racists in an attempt to improve their precarious position regarding the looming midterm elections. Republicans need to grow a spine and approach the confirmation process methodically and systematically. They need to force the Democrats to explain why they need such a radical person on the court.

Manchin is all talk and no action. Except for ‘Creepy Joe’s ‘Build Back Better’ debacle, which he came dangerously close to supporting, Manchin has rubber-stamped pretty much everything in the Democrats’ far left agenda. He’s supposed to be voting in the manner that those in his very conservative state of West Virginia, a state that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump in 2020, elected him to vote. But he rarely does, instead voting the way that his party’s bosses tell him to vote. And let’s not forget that Manchin has also made it known, on more than one occasion, that he’s very much in favor of doing away with President Trump’s tax cuts.

And imagine the justifiable outrage by all Americans if it was any president who announced their nominee to the Supreme Court would come only from a list of those who were both white and male. America deserves a nominee, with NO consideration of race, color, gender or religious faith. They should be the BEST nominee based on talent, skill and merit, and must possess a full understanding of our Constitution in order to uphold the rule of law. And we mustn’t think for a moment that Manchin will allow ‘Creepy Joe’ to paint him as being a racist. That will never happen. Manchin will find any Black, female radical that ‘Creepy Joe’ chooses to be “highly qualified.”

Personally, I have no problem with any woman, regardless of race, being selected to replace Breyer, but by announcing that he’s going to make his appointment based upon such a narrowed pool of candidates, those who are black females, will forever cast doubt on whether or not she was the most qualified person for the job and was instead merely a diversity hire. So what ‘Creepy Joe’ is telling us that the next individual selected for the high court won’t be chosen based on merit. She will simply be chosen based on her race and gender. Yes, it’s a sad state of affairs. The nominee does not have to know anything, she only needs to be, black.

I’m sure that all of us who are old enough remember how the Democrats have treated every Republican nominee since Robert Bork. They’ve lied, made all manner of racist accusations, empty charges of sexual harassment, gender hate and on and on, doing everything possible in their effort to degrade every nominee. Now they expect clear passage with no questions asked of a Democrat nominee under threat of being called racist. Republicans must stand up, investigate, question and put the nominee on the spot. This is a lifetime appointment and if you’re afraid of being called racist by the most the most racist of politicians, the Democrats, you don’t belong in the Senate!

And we all know that it’s only the Democrats, driven by their need for power and their quest to control every aspect of our lives, who would think it’s ok to appoint, or to hire, someone based solely on their gender and the color of their skin which is, itself, blatantly unconstitutional. The only thing they should be looking at are a person’s qualifications, the soundness of their judicial opinions and, I think, most importantly when it comes to those nominated to the Supreme Court, how many times their decisions have been overturned by higher courts. That is what gives one a good understanding of how well they follow, and/or understand, the Constitution.

The Orwellian driven Democrats attempt to ‘rubberstamp’ all of their politically corrupt, criminal and treasonous agendas before they start their party before country crusades the purpose of which is to take and maintain their power. Wake up America, this will not end well if they are allowed to continue. Manchin surprised us with the ‘Build Back Better’ bill, and maybe he will surprise us again and by some miracle other Democrat may get onboard and actually do what’s best for America and the American people instead of what they think is best for their party. But I’m not holding my breath on that one. Americans need to wake up, the insanity has gone on long enough.


Common sense tells us all, at least those of us blessed with any amount of common sense, that once something, or someone, has outlived it’s, or their, usefulness the time as come to simply get rid of it, or of them. Which, of course, brings me to Mitch McConnell, a guy who long ago outlived his usefulness, if in fact he was ever actually useful to begin with. But that hasn’t prevented McConnell from making it clear that he intends to again run to keep his current leadership position in the Senate. Sadly, I cannot remember a time when I was actually glad that Mitch was our guy in the Senate. But I have no doubt that the Democrats were certainly glad that he was.  

McConnell has braced himself against those ‘America First’ Republicans who oppose renewing his Senate leadership position after the 2022 midterms. While at least two Republican Senate candidates have publicly stated they will oppose McConnell’s leadership bid in the new Congress, McConnell told CNN, on Tuesday, that he will wait to “see what happens” after the midterms before crowning himself leader. If he is selected to lead the Senate Republicans in 2023, he would go down in history as the longest-serving Senate party leader. But opposition has now mounted against McConnell from ‘America First’ Senate candidates in both Missouri and Alaska.

Missouri candidate Eric Greitens and Trump-backed Alaskan candidate Kelly Tshibaka have now both declared that they would not support McConnell for Republican leader if they win in November. Though McConnell has not yet actively fought Greitens with his PAC money, he was vocal about his support for Tshibaka’s opponent, RINO Lisa Murkowski. She, you’ll remember, voted to impeach President Trump and enabled ‘Creepy Joe’s radical agenda multiple times with McConnell in 2021. And he bragged to CNN about supporting Murkowski saying, “We’re going to be all in Alaska helping Lisa, and that’s one place where the former President and I have a disagreement.”

McConnell added, “All I’ll say about Missouri at this point is we’re keeping our eye on it. Missouri is potentially challenging depending on the outcome in the primary.” Not many ‘America First’ Senate candidates have said outright that they’d vote against McConnell, perhaps hoping to avoid McConnell’s PAC opposition in a Republican primary. But other Republicans have voiced frustration that during McConnell’s tenure, the nation has not fared all that well. Throughout McConnell’s ‘leadership,’ the national debt has ballooned by $20 billion, illegal immigration has continued, real wages for American workers remained stagnant and Obamacare was enacted in 2010.

And it was also during the tenure of our limp-wristed RINO, McConnell, that big banks were bailed out in 2008, social media companies have worked to silence individuals without fear of repercussions and Tony Fauci has yet to be held accountable for lying twice to Congress. It was a December poll that revealed McConnell’s approval rating among Republicans was 41 percent, while President Trump’s, the leader of the ‘America First’ movement, was more than double that at 83 percent. Overall, McConnell’s interview with CNN conveyed he does not oppose ‘America First’ candidates in Nevada and Georgia. But you can’t believe him, he lies like a Democrat.

McConnell’s jelly spine and desire for Communist Chinese cash are the reason we are where we are in this country; and why it is that we never get the pro-America change we demand whenever we hand Republicans control of Congress. There’s simply too many RINOs! IF the Republicans are able to recapture control of the Senate, they’re going to need an entirely new leadership team in the Senate comprised of genuine conservatives. We need conservative fighters, those who will call this criminal cabal in our White House in front of Congress for continuous criminal investigations for the remainder of this the single most fraudulent *presidency in our nation’s history.

McConnell is way too cozy with the Democrats, always willing to lend them a hand whenever needed allowing them the ability to move their anti-America agenda forward while hanging conservatives out to dry. Say what you will about ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid but he was a guy who acted in the best interests of his party, even though it meant acting against the best interests of the American people. Mitch is a feckless traitor who would not have won re-election without President Trump’s endorsement, yet he once again betrays him by supporting the RINO Murkowski. Mitch needs to go, it’s just that simple. He is no longer connected to the base of the Republican Party.

McConnell has long been out of touch with conservatives in this country and with the Constitution. And yet he continually gets returned to his leadership position by those who know better, but who are out for themselves. He continually undercut President Trump because President Trump showed the nation what a miserable bunch of lazy good for nothings our congressional Republicans truly are. President Trump did more for the country, in his first three years in office, than our cadre of RINOs, led by McConnell, had done in decades. He showed them up, as the good for nothings that they truly were, are and will always be if we don’t get rid of them.

And now it’s not until McConnell is removed from his leadership role in the Senate and McCarthy is removed from his in the House with both being replaced by REAL conservatives, will we have a chance to rebuild our once great nation. President Trump made some mistakes but, in my opinion, not demanding a change in leadership in Congress when first elected was his biggest and most damaging. Both McConnell and Ryan should have been sent to the bleachers. Both were corrupt, immoral career politicians who did everything in their power to thwart President Trump and his policies. McConnell may have an ‘R’ after his name but he’s no better than Pelosi.

With all of the positive things that the Republicans we can run on, McConnell chooses not to articulate any of them. McConnell has never embraced the ‘America First’ agenda, and during President Trump term did nothing but to assist the Democrats in setting up roadblocks to it. He never supported the plan to America being energy independent. He stands only for the status quo! He’s simply another of those ‘Republicans’ who claim to be a conservative while working on the inside for the Democrats. Mitch is a RINO, which makes him worse than a Democrat! We know Democrats lie, but we expect the truth from those claiming to be on our side.

True Americans/Conservatives have had enough of McConnell and his backstabbing. We deserve a much better ‘leader.’ If he is able to remain majority/minority leader of the Senate, it will tell us much about those who chose to keep him there and will be nothing more than one more nail in the coffin of the party. We’ve had quite enough of those Republicans in the Senate who are nothing more than worthless globalist/big government RINOs only pretending to be Conservatives in order to keep their jobs and increase their own wealth. Trump or no Trump, this party is dead with McConnell in ANY leadership capacity. The purge must start with the RINOs first.


You’re just going to have to excuse me if I sound a bit confused. You see, it was just this past Sunday that that well-known political hack, Donna Brazile, was out trying to convince anyone within earshot that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had much to brag about after completing his first year in office, and then it’s today that I read about a recent poll that would seem to indicate, if accurate, how it’s now only 19 percent of the American people who strongly approve of the job that he’s doing. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Because clearly something certainly does not compute.

Because either old Donna is once again talking out her ass or it’s a growing number of Americans who simply don’t recognize the greatness of their *president. But what they do recognize is the fact that he’s working to destroy their country! Earlier this week a new Rasmussen poll showed the percentage of likely voters who strongly approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s performance was down three points in just two weeks to only 19 percent. And it was during ‘Creepy Joe’s press conference last week that he was asked why 49 percent of voters believe he is mentally unfit to be president.

Apparently, it’s 49 percent who also now strongly disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s *presidential performance, a 30 point differential. Overall, it was 40 percent of respondents who told Rasmussen they approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance. Fifty-nine percent said they disapprove, a 19 point differential. Personally, I view anyone who approves of the job that he’s doing as living proof of that old adage that says, “You can’t fix stupid!” It was before his rather badly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, that 49 percent approved of ‘Creepy Joe’ and 49 percent disapproved.

‘Creepy Joe’s sinking poll numbers come as 40-year high inflation has taken hold, the supply chain continues to be badly broken, and the ‘Chinese virus’ has continued to do damage to the labor market. Last week, ‘Creepy Joe’ attempted to pivot away from domestic struggles and towards international matters. But his polling on foreign policy is not much better than his overall approval rating. Just 37 percent approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s management, or dare I say mismanagement of foreign affairs, while 54 percent disapprove. Everything this guy has touched has now turned to shit!

And keep in mind here that ‘Creepy Joe’s approval numbers remain in the toilet despite the ENTIRE ‘fake news’ media machine trying as hard as they can to prop him up. But Americans are simply not buying it. It would seem that they trust and believe those in the media even less than they trust and believe ‘Creepy Joe.’ And it’s rather so tragic that so many Democrat voters have to be physically separated from their money and their freedom before they begin to understand. They’re like children who have to touch a hot stove rather than simply be warned that the stove is hot.

And I very much doubt his strong disapproval is any less than 80 percent. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a senile old man and a pathological liar. And on top of all of that he’s a fraud who came nowhere near to winning the 2020 election. And yet, we continue to have those who are supposed to be on our side, like Willard Romney, who say ‘Creepy Joe’ is an honorable man and able to be taken at his word. And there remains to this day that we have far too many in the Republican Party who want us to think that ‘Creepy Joe’ got 81 million votes and that there is no evidence of any kind of election fraud.

We simply cannot continue like this for three more years. The so-called ‘thinking’ behind those who are willing to put up with this for three more years is ridiculous. To let it go on even one more day is sick. It’s DYSFUNCTIONAL. It is crazy. All because we must “respect the election,” respect “democracy,” and “work together.” It’s this sort of INSANITY that’s at the center of this lunacy. Our country is in the middle of a huge national EMERGENCY in that the current ‘administration’ is working to destroy it. And not enough see the urgency in stopping them. Dysfunction at its most dangerous.

While I’m not surprised by the poll numbers, that doesn’t put food on the table. There’s going to be so much more suffering before this guy is finally gone, one way or the other. ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats are systematically trying to destroy America from within while selling out Americans to our foreign enemies. ‘Creepy Joe’ is shaping to be the worst *president this country has ever had, backed up by the worst Congress ever. It’s been everything that they have passed or touched that has made America, and her people, worse off. The proof is as obvious as it is everywhere.

The man’s incompetence has reached a level that now makes him a danger to the country and the free world. The utter lack of foresight combined with the total lack of intellect is the cause. When feelings matter more than facts it means we are being led and controlled by an elitist group of ideologues who are the equivalent to a bunch of teenagers. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a bought and paid for traitor to this country. Everything he does weakens our people and our country as a whole. Truthfully, he is doing a great job destroying America, which is why the election was stolen to begin with.

Everyone knows the ‘Creepy Joe’ has the mental capacity of a head of lettuce. But it’s courtesy of this same poll that we now know that roughly one fifth of those who now populate our country seem to be operating with the very same handicap? Voting for ‘Creepy Joe’ is really just about as insanely psychotic as voting for Hitlery. But I’m not sure that even Hitlery could have done so much damage to the country quite as quickly as ‘Creepy Joe’ has managed to do. ‘Creepy Joe’ has done one Hell of a job in that department. And apparently it’s 40 percent of us who really don’t seem to care.


I suspect that one tends to think of oneself as being rather special when one is given the ‘freedom’ to lie about absolutely anything and to never have those lies challenged by those who’s job is to do just that. And such is the relationship between those in today’s ‘fake news’ media and the lying, rabidly leftwing, America-hating Democrats. Democrats, or so it would appear, are routinely given a platform from which to spew their lies confident in knowing that they will never be asked, by any of our esteemed ‘journalists’ to justify their lies in any meaningful way. Hence there’s no real need for them to ever worry about trying to keep straight all of the many lies that they tell.

Take for example the recent appearance of Donna Brazile with Martha Raddatz, someone described as being a ‘journalist,’ on this past Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week.” You see, it was then that supposed Democrat ‘strategist,’ Donna Brazile added to what has become her very impressive list of whoppers when she said, and with a straight face, that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had “a lot to brag about” after his first year in office. It was Ms. Brazile, you’ll remember, back when she was a ‘commentator’ on CNN, who shared topics for a CNN town hall with Hiterly’s campaign. It’s hilarious how these people just rotate from one network to the next.

Keep in mind that this is the ABC network, not known for reporting the truth, so this is about all we should expect. Then there’s guest Donna Brazile, a paid contributor and a Democrat hack never lauded for her honesty, integrity or for being truthful. As your typical Democrat, Brazile lies, lies and then lies some more. She never actually answers a question, she simply repeats standard Democrat talking points that are just more lies. And so, what we had taking place in this little exchange was really nothing more than one propaganda hack being interviewed by another propaganda hack. And it’s a partial transcript of this idiotic conversation that follows below:

Raddatz: Donna, I want to — I want to start with you: unity, unity, unity. That is what Joe Biden talked about in his inaugural address just over a year ago. That is not what he has gotten. And this week it’s clear he’s changing course.

Brazile: There’s no question that what the president called for last year is something that we should all aspire to. We want to be a united country, especially now, given the threats that we see abroad. He also said that he wanted to reach out. He has tried and, of course, we got — the result is the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But this is an opportunity for all Americans to really rally behind the president as we try to get this virus under control, keep this economy growing, keep our schools re-opened.

Look, I think the president has a lot to brag about. And, yes, I say ‘brag,’ because for the first time in my lifetime, we have a president who is going to eliminate lead pipes, a president that is going to ensure that every child gets a head start and a healthy start. But while we’re not celebrating all of his successes, we are basically focused on the next election. And we know that that’s 289 days away. So I give him high marks for the first year. He hasn’t accomplished everything he wanted to, but by the way he’s only in the first year of a four-year term. So this is going to be a key year for President Biden.

I am curious though, what exactly is it that ‘Creepy Joe’ has to brag about? I mean, we have the highest rate of inflation in 40 years and our country is no longer energy independent. And then there’s the fact that he continues to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood into our country in the middle of a self-inflicted ‘plandemic’ and forcing millions of American to get a ‘vaccine’ that not only doesn’t work but has some nasty side effects that are far worse than the virus that it is meant to protect us from. It’s none of these things that are anything to brag about and yet here we have this hack who is desperate to convince us all otherwise.

And for a guy who’s supposed to have so much to brag about, after a year of being in office, you’d think old ‘Creepy Joe’ would have an approval rating in the 90 percent range, and yet that doesn’t seem to be the case. And those of us outside the beltway know why. When was the last time Brazile put gas in her own car or actually made a trip to her local supermarket? Far from having much to brag about, ‘Creepy Joe’ has been a complete and utter disaster! Simply saying that ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing a bang-up job as *president doesn’t make it so. Not when real people are made to face the consequences of policies that ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats have put into place.

But then, Ms. Brazile is simply doing what all political hacks do. What exactly has ‘Creepy Joe’ accomplished that has had a positive impact on this country? In just his first year in office he has: shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, killing thousands of good paying pipeline jobs, made it so America is no longer energy independent and caused gas prices to escalate. He’s allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into the country before then distributing them all across the country. He surrendered to terrorist in Afghanistan, leaving Americans and $85 billion in military hardware behind. And he’s left Fauci in charge of dealing with the ‘Chinese virus’ plandemic.

Anyone who actually gives ‘Creepy Joe’ high marks for his first year of occupation is either brain-dead, patently dishonest, or both. She gets paid to lie and distract from the truth. A prostitute has more dignity and self-respect. The scary thing is that a lot of Democrat voters buy into this garbage. How is it that anyone could not know that ‘Creepy Joe’ has gone completely round the bend and is not fit to be *president. She’s not new to Washington politics where it has long been known that ‘Creepy Joe was the biggest moron in all the Senate, as well as being one of the Senate’s most corrupt members. They all just turn their heads and act as if they didn’t know.

These folks must really think the Republican and Independent voters are as stupid as are their loyal leftist voters. Why do they continue to shore up ‘Creepy Joe?’ Simple, because he does exactly what he’s told without question. He’s always been an empty suit. No matter how much destruction ‘Creepy Joe’ causes, he is accomplishing their long-term goal of taking apart our free and fair Republic from within. To Democrats, the truth is what they say it is. Fetuses are not babies, men can be women, masks can prevent covid, and on and on it goes. And if you dare to oppose their rather cockeyed way of looking at the world, then it’s you who are to be considered as the enemy!

And finally, it’s at the end of the day that all I’m really trying to say here is that we have now come to a point in our history where we have a political party in this country who’s focused is the amassing of political power and total control of the citizenry. When it comes to Democrats, they simply can no longer be trusted. Democrats hate this country, and it’s these days that they no longer even try to hide that fact. Everywhere you look it’s now become very clear that they see their mission as being one that has as it’s end goal, the bringing about of the complete collapse of this country, fiscally, socially, economically, morally and, yes, even militarily.


Okay, so now for the $64,000 question, have the Democrats themselves finally grown sufficiently tired of Hitlery to the point where the rest of us will never again have to worry about her ever crawling her way back into the White House? Well, if the latest rumors regarding a rematch of the 2016 presidential contest, it would seem that Hitlery has yet to convince herself that most Democrats don’t love her as much as we all know she loves herself. But if recent polling date is anywhere near accurate, it’s according to a McLaughlin poll, released this past Friday, that Donald Trump would crush Hitlery by double digits in a potential 2024 presidential rematch.  

Meanwhile, at the same time it’s many of those in the ‘fake news,’ along with a great many of those described as Democrat insiders, who seem rather “excited by the prospects” of Hitlery returning to political life. But if we can believe this most recent poll, it was the failed presidential candidate who again lost to Donald Trump in a 2024 hypothetical matchup. this time by ten points. And it’s among Independents that President Trump leads Hitlery by 15 percentage points. And even more bad news for the old girl is the fact that only 80 percent of Democrats favor Hitlery in the head-to-head matchup, while 90 percent of Republicans favor President Trump.

On a list of potential Democrat primary contenders, Hitlery ranked tied for the fourth most likely to win the 2024 Democrat primary if that election were held today. Other primary contenders included ‘Creepy Joe,’ ‘Headboard’ Harris and Moochelle Obama. And apparently Hitlery is not the only potential candidate President Trump handily trounced. Both ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘Headboard’ also had their asses handed to them by President Trump. It was also according to this poll that President Trump leads ‘Creepy Joe’ by five percentage points and ‘Headboard’ by nine percentage points. Again, that, of course, would be it the election were held today.

This polling comes as the Comedy News Network (CNN) and the Wall Street Journal both published op-eds written by Democrat ‘insiders’ who encouraged Hitlery to run in 2024. “What’s behind the Hillary Clinton ’24 talk,” Michael D’Antonio titled the CNN article, hyping the chatter about Hitlery’s potential comeback. D’Antonio wrote, “Among her supporters, there must be millions who have recovered from the heartbreak of 2016 and are ready to back her again.” And he went on to write, “Among those who oppose her, the chance to resume battle against the woman they love to hate must surely send hearts racing.” Wishful thinking, perhaps?

And it was the Journal’s article, written by two Democrat insiders, entitled, “Hillary Clinton’s 2024 Election Comeback” that called Hitlery an “experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking.” You’ll remember that back in 2016, Hitlery lost to Donald Trump by a sweeping 77 electoral college votes. And so once again we have those hard at work trying to portray Hitlery as being something she most definitely is not. She is not the “smartest woman on the planet,” she is a corrupt, money-grubbing psychopath who must NEVER be president.

But this far out from the next presidential election I think it’s more than a little risky for anyone, on either end of the political spectrum, to ponder such hypothetical matchups. For one thing I have no doubt that the Democrats have got something planned. They’ve painted themselves into corner, and that’s when they’re the most dangerous. I suspect there will be all kinds of terrorist events like those we saw in the run up to the 2020 election, and they’ll demand mail-in voting so people don’t have to be harm’s way standing lines. We’ll see manufactured threats to polling places and more. And Republicans are too inept to anticipate these things, or to take action now.

Just remember, Hitlery was who the Democrats wanted to run the country in 2016. Thank God Donald Trump won the presidency. And his victory rescued the nation from what was sure to be a fate far worse than we knew at the time. She is the despised, incredibly incompetent, contemptible, arrogant globalist whose every accomplishment has been a complete disaster. The dishonest, unindicted traitor and criminal. The delusional, self-absorbed, two-time sore loser of presidential contests who feels no shame or guilt about the damage she has already done to our country. The despicable power-hungry, political profiteer and constant complainer.

She is an ill-tempered, discourteous, deluded, shameless, uncharismatic, manhating shrew. The corrupt, condescending, disapproving, commie who does not have a conscience, a code of ethics or any sense of morality. The antisocial, ruthless, vile, obnoxious grandstander and nasty, doddering old crone who lacks values and has contempt for anything traditionally American and lies about everything. The ruthless, greedy, sociopathic harpy who was and is eager to spend the next eight years telling us all how we are failing to measure up to her exacting standards. The mentally unstable individual, distinguished for her failures with an inability to accept reality.

And it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media would likely work to make such a contest appear as a neck and neck horse-race. And as reliable shills for the Democrat Party, they would work to make such a race appear much closer as Election Day approached. And Hitlery, with the same corrupt system we saw in 2020, could certainly be made to prevail in such a ‘close’ election. Suitcases of ballots, voting deadline extensions, ballot harvesting, premature network calls for her, some new manufactured crisis that allows Democrats to change election rules and more. Do I really need to recount for you people the many ways Democrats can win close elections?

All I can say at this time is, “Bring it on.” If the Democrats do choose to run Hitlery against President Trump, they are truly desperate. It would be such a runaway for President Trump, one that even massive voter fraud would not be able to make an apparent contest of. The Democrats, at this point, appear to have completely blown their wad, blown their opportunity, over-reached, mis-interpreted the winds of change and American culture, underestimated parents and Independents, took minorities for granted, allowed the far left push them to the extreme edge, and are likely toast for both 2022 and 2024. With luck that will prove to be the case.

And finally, if we who love this country truly want things to change in America then we must band together in order to defeat the current political establishment. And that would include not only the Democrats but also the many RINOs in the Republican Party. Both collude with each other to do the bidding of billionaires to the detriment of the American people. So let the Democrats continue to self-destruct. And do not allow the RINOs to provide them cover courtesy of RINO led majorities in Congress. If the Democrats are no longer viable and the RINO Republicans are exposed as the frauds that they are, there may finally be room for something positive to happen.


It was earlier this week that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden spent roughly two hours telling everyone within earshot just how great and impressive he is and about all the wonderful things he’s done, before then proceeding to accuse the Republicans of trying to make him look bad. And it was right after he acknowledged that many Americans are concerned about the future of their country, he claimed to be leading it in the right direction. He said, “What is the trajectory of the country? Is it moving in the right direction now?” he asked. “I don’t know how we can say it’s not.”

Now while I realize we can take most polls with pretty much a grain of salt, there was an Economist/YouGov survey released just this week that’s at least worth talking about. Because it’s a poll that makes pretty clear that most Americans believe that America is on the “wrong track” one year into ‘Creepy Joe’s reign. And it was this survey that found 64 percent of Americans are of the opinion that the country is headed off on the “wrong track” one year into ‘Creepy Joe’s *presidency, while less than a quarter, 23 percent, say it is “generally headed in the right direction.”

And what’s more, it was nearly three-quarters of respondents who rate the current state of the American economy as either “fair” or “poor.” And of those it was 44 percent who said it is “poor,” despite the administration declaring victory on that specific issue. Those sentiments are shared in a recent Morning Consult poll, which found 65 percent of Americans saying the country is not going in the right direction. And, as I pointed out above, it was this past Wednesday, that ‘Creepy Joe’ made it pretty clear that he doesn’t share the view held by the majority of Americans.

The survey also asked respondents to indicate just how much progress ‘Creepy Joe’ has made over the past year in achieving a series of campaign promises. And it was across the board that a majority indicated that he had made either a “little” progress or “none” at all on key issues, such as getting the ‘Chinese virus’ under control or getting bipartisan support in Congress for economic relief. And it was 35 percent who specifically, said ‘Creepy Joe’ made no progress on getting the ‘plandemic’ under control, while 17 percent said he made “only a little” progress.

Similarly, it was 42 percent who said ‘Creepy Joe’ saw no progress on getting bipartisan support in Congress for economic relief, while 19 percent said he made “only a little” progress on that issue. The figures are similar on other issues as well, such as forgiving student loan debt, increasing the federal minimum wage, and putting the U.S. on track to have a clean energy economy. Obviously ‘Creepy Joe,’ or any Democrat in Congress, has no interest in being bipartisan. They define bipartisanship as being when the Republicans simply cave to Democrat demands.

Look, let’s be honest, America is not merely on the “wrong track,” it’s America that has been made to come off the tracks and ‘Creepy Joe’ is the engineer. Meanwhile, Democrats everywhere are cheering! ‘Creepy Joe,’ and his cadre, have run this “train” right off the tracks and we’re now headed toward a dark ravine, our only hope of survival is to somehow stop the train before it goes over the edge. It’s going to take a lot of heavy lifting, politically speaking, to get this train back on the tracks. All the damage the Democrats have done, was done on purpose.

So ask yourself, why would Americans be so down on ‘Creepy Joe?’ Might it be because he describes people simply returning to work as ‘creating new jobs?’ Or that chose to abandoned hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and generously gifted terrorists with $85 billion of weaponry and equipment, and billions more in military bases. Or, maybe it’s because he opened our borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants to flood into our country who are not required to get the ‘vaccines’ that he’s berating Americans into taking.

Or might Americans already be fed up with ‘Creepy Joe’ because his policies are responsible for a rapidly increasing inflation rate, skyrocketing gas prices, empty store shelves and what is now the worst crime wave in America since the days of that other Democrat, Jimmy Carter. And it’s most in the ‘fake news’ media who don’t even bother to question him about any of it. The only things he’s managed to build back better is the Taliban, Iran and, of course, ‘China.’ ‘Creepy Joe’ has no interest in putting America and Americans first, he’s simply selling us out.

All you have to do is to look at anyplace that is run by Democrats. Any big city, Democrat run states like California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, or any number of others, are all a mess, fiscally, morally and socially. And now Democrats are running the country. Everything they touch turns to sh!t, everything. Yet ‘Creepy Joe’ spent nearly two hours earlier this week telling us all how great, wonderful and impressive he is. You can’t make this stuff up. I wish Republicans would treat ‘Creepy Joe’ with one ounce of the respect that Democrats had for President Trump.

Was it President Trump who abandoned an untold number of Americans and $80+ billion worth of heavy war machinery, guns, ammo, and technology in the hands of our enemy? No. Biden did. And yet the left hates Trump. Fuel and groceries are skyrocketing directly because of polices ‘Creepy Joe’ is putting forth. Yet the left still hates Trump. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a pedophile a pervert and a creep. Yet the left still hates President Trump. We had historic employment across every single demographic just two years ago. Yeah, but at least there’s no mean tweets. Right?

The abuse of the people is not a diplomatic dispute. We now have an angry old man, with a pretty serious case of Dementia, who actually thinks it’s somehow within his purview to throw open our borders with no Covid requirements, for neither ‘vaccine’ or testing, while at the same time mandating that American citizens submit to an experimental injection or lose their freedoms and their livelihoods. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been, and undoubtedly will continue to be, nothing more than a complete disaster, which, after watching this fraud for the last 50 years, was totally predictable

Finally, I recently heard what is likely the best analogy for describing our *president. It was when I heard him described as being a ‘post turtle.’ For those unfamiliar with the term, which I was, it seems that when you’re driving down the country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post turtle.’ You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there, to begin with.


And so it was in ‘celebrating’ his first anniversary in office, this past Wednesday, that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden spent nearly 2 hours patting himself on the back for what he clearly sees as being a job well done. And it’s with a mixture of humor and disgust that I look at a man who has spent nearly half a century living off the taxpayers while doing absolutely nothing. And it’s now that he somehow wants us to believe that he’s somehow gotten the hang of things? Talk about living in denial. Clearly ‘Creepy Joe’ gives a whole new meaning to looking at things through ‘rose colored glasses.’

And so there he was, *president ‘Creepy Joe,’ proudly defending the first year of his presidency at a press conference at the White House just this past Wednesday. And it was in true Democrat fashion that he took zero responsibility for the mess that he’s created and refused to alter course amidst the record-low approval ratings of his job performance. And it was when asked by a reporter if he had overpromised Americans what he could accomplish as *president, ‘Creepy Joe’ replied, “I didn’t overpromise. And I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.”

‘Creepy Joe’ also claimed to not believe those polls reporting that 59 percent of independents disapprove of his job performance. He simply said, “I don’t believe the polls.” But he also pointed to similar modern presidents who faced low approval ratings of around 45 percent. He acknowledged his failed ‘Build Back Better’ bill might have to get broken up to get some of his future legislation passed through Congress. And he said, “I’m confident we can get pieces, big chunks of the Build Back Better law signed into law.” And that may yet be proven true.

And ‘Creepy Joe’ got a bit testy when a reporter asked why he compared many U.S. senators, including in his own party, to historical racists for opposing his bill to federalize elections. He expressed regret he had not done enough travel to hear more from Americans about their concerns and said he would do more in the coming year to sell his policies. And he struggled to sound a clear note on defending Ukraine from Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggesting it was almost a foregone conclusion that he would invade and saying, “[H]e will move in, he has to do something.”

And it was when he was asked to comment on his failures that ‘Creepy Joe,’ like any good Democrat, simply chose to blame the Republicans and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and accused them of not having an agenda and simply opposing his. And it was in speaking about McConnell that he complained, “He has one straightforward objective.” And added, “Make sure that there’s nothing I do that makes me look good in his mind with the public at large.” He also blamed the ‘plandemic’ and bad weather for empty shelves in stores and high inflation.

And ‘Creepy Joe was quite defiant when asked about his messy exit from Afghanistan, saying, “I make no apologies for what I did.” And he seemed to get annoyed what it came to questions regarding his stalled agenda and responded by asking, “Can you think of any president that has done as much in one year?” He acknowledged that Americans are concerned about the future of the country but claimed he was leading it in the right direction. He said, “What is the trajectory of the country? Is it moving in the right direction now?” he asked. “I don’t know how we can say it’s not.”

Now if ‘Creepy Joe’ is talking about how he’s done more to destroy this country than has any other president, then yes, he has outperformed every other president. And I have no doubt that America’s enemies are looking on in amusement and likely wondering how it was that the American people could have ever allowed such a man to become the leader of their country. Despite his idiot claim that he has somehow “outperformed” all those who have come before him, I haven’t seen him do anything other than to thoroughly screw up absolutely everything that he touches.

Of course, he outperformed many of those who come before him, just not in a good way. He threw open the southern border to illegals, caused inflation to rise and we are no longer energy independent. After promising to bring the country together, he has managed to divide it even more. And if you don’t do as he commands then you’re branded as an enemy of democracy. He turned his DOJ loose on parents because they wanted to protect their children while criminals are allowed to roam the streets. He remains determined to reverse all of the progress accomplished by President Trump.

‘Creepy Joe’ literally has done nothing positive, yet he claims to have made enormous progress. ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats engineered the largest LOSS of wage valuation in the history of the U.S. for any 12-month period. At a minimum, you’ve lost roughly 16 percent of your paycheck to ‘Creepy Joe’s insane inflationary spending. As well, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats who engineered the largest rise in inflation in modern history, even surpassing Jimmy ‘Americans are lazy’ Carter’s inflation figures. And gas is up 59 percent across the country because of Joe.

At least at this point there can be little doubt that ‘Creepy Joe’ will go down in history as the single most corrupt, most incompetent, most destructive and most mentally unfit human being to every lead, not only this country, but ANY country. He’s has very easily surpassed our previous two record holders, Jimmy Carter and ‘BO,’ who will both now be relegated to being nothing more than mere footnotes in American history, and will likely been seen as being geniuses when compared to the dementia riddled puppet who is now busily destroying this country.

We all have expectations on how life should be in America, the once free nation. We do not want foreign invaders walking freely across our borders before then being transported by the government to various locations all across our country. We do not want high taxes that support unfathomable spending. We do not want unelected, overpaid, arrogant bureaucrats controlling nearly every aspect of our lives. We do not want other nefarious world leaders to view our *president as weak. So yes, in his mind, he has outperformed, but the Republic has suffered badly in the last year.

With all that said the country is definitely moving in the direction Democrats support. They’ve created a ruling class which is above the laws governing the little people, record inflation and they continue to sell us out to foreign nations. ‘Climate change’ is a farce used to justify forcing Americans into having to rely on foreign nations for fuel, microchips, batteries, and solar panels – just to name a few. Let’s send all of America’s money to the #1 polluter on the face of the Earth to combat ‘climate change.’ They are destroying any means of accountability to American citizens.

Democrats have declared war on anyone who dissents, we are on a cataclysmic course with only one option for recourse. They are quickly ejecting all military and law enforcement who support the Constitution and not corrupt politicians. How are we going to address the massive shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare? Engineer a virus that disproportionately targets the elderly and then group them together with other infected elderly. How to address voting and the Constitution? Import illegals, give them the right to vote, and then mandate a deadly vaccine to American citizens.